In her new weekly tarotscope, Louise Androlia pulls the Three of Wands – which is about acting on all you’ve been manifesting. The time is NOW…

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

Virgo / Virgo Rising – Two of Swords

For your birthday month I’d love for you to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Recent events have got you over analyzing even more than usual, and yes I do know your mind is your precious power, but you can still access that power when you release your grip just a little. I’m seeing a few decisions coming your way – not neccesarily life changing choices, but the kind that scatter across your path almost daily. And you are being called to begin viewing things in a more intuitive way, rather than listing out the pros and cons of everything.

The reason you’re being asked to work on this shift in perception over the coming weeks is to help you handle the future and your feelings about the unknown. Have you been future tripping a little recently? Wondering what everything means? I’m so sorry, but I have to inform you that the future is none of your business. It’s not yours to see, because that would take you way away from the present moment, which truly IS where it’s at. When you future trip you put a blindfold over your ability to assess the right NOW, hence why it can lead to all sorts of confusion.

Over the coming weeks, practice the art of stepping back in these constricted moments. Just stop for a moment and consider how you might be able to view your situation with a little more stretch, and a little less replaying things over and over. On top of that, don’t expect yourself to have all the answers. Perhaps there isn’t a solution to this perceived concern, maybe you’re supposed to just allow things to play out. It may be testing for you to truly surrender and allow flow, but it’s going to be an awesome skill to add to your set of superpowers. If you can master the art of letting go, you will feel so much more relaxed AND empowered.

Meanwhile, it is your birthday month, so the overall theme is really to just be gentle with yourself, less punishing, and more playful. Get witchy, create a solar return ritual for yourself, manifest, tune in, work with the moon cycles. Lean to your watery friends for inspiration and advice, and go the Peter Pan route for a little while – get in kid mode to tap into what you really feel.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Libra / Libra Rising – Six of Wands

Woo hoo! Here comes the light after the latest shadow – this month feels accomplished, or maybe it’s just that you are truly a fan of September. I feel like you really LOVE that ‘back to school’ energy, and if so you can totally work it this month. The next few weeks you are being requested to turn any self deprecating or loss fearing thoughts on their head, and dive into a practice of self gratitude. It’s a ‘pat yourself on the back’ sort of month, and I feel like you need it as much as you deserve it.

You can work with this energy by simply shifting your perspective on ever-lingering negative thought patterns, beginning with your career and day-to-day life. If you’re mulling over something that appears not to have come into fruition (yet) or starting to judge yourself based on what other people are doing, then snap yourself back to the wealth of information you can get from the now. The reason you’re sitting here as we speak is because you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and you made it! You got to this point, which means you’ve already done plenty of work to be thankful for.

You may not be in a position where there’s someone to say ‘good job’ all the time, and yes, we all need this. But sometimes it’s up to us to gift this appreciation to ourselves. Take a positive scan of recent months and even years and admire what sequences and life events have lead you to this moment in time. Be proud of yourself for every time you moved through a challenge or put a daydream into action. It’s important that you don’t lock yourself up in the idea of wanting to ‘be successful’ because that ladder is never-ending.

Meanwhile, return your focus to some fun and energetic Fire energy – think: what is it that can fuel you forwards right now? You may be in that pre-birthday frame of evaluating the past year, hence why I wanted to dive in with the above. So as you celebrate your SELF, you can also celebrate the year ahead by choosing what kind of mindset to take forward. I have an idea for you – let it be an empowered one. Choose to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you the most. Choose to trust and believe that you are perfectly designed to be YOU. Choose to be on your own team, you are great, deal with it.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Scorpio / Scorpio – The Knight of Wands

Yahooooo, did you know that Saturn is about to well and truly leave Scorpio in the coming few weeks? YES, that’s why the last few months have felt like a bit of a fear festival, all that gunge had to be hauled up so you could set yourself free to march on. And move on you will, as September feels pretty active for you and it’s time to dive in, speak up and absolutely have your own back.

This card is Fire energy of the best kind, and ushers in a great sense of confidence. Have you been feeling a little down on yourself recently? Perhaps doubting your skills or even you baseline self? There’s no need for you to be procrastinating at all, but if you are it’s time to check in with why. Once you identify the fears behind this self-induced halt in proceedings, you will totally be able to get on with the task in hand. So do recognize those fears? The niggling ‘what if’s’ and ‘I can’ts’? Locate them, write them down, get them OUT and then look at them in the light of day.

You see? What were you thinking? Of course you can do it, whatever IT may be! Of course your voice is needed, your feelings of value, and your skillset worth something. Get back into that ‘there is NO other me’ mindset and do your work. This is me bullying you back into your body and reminding you that there is supposed to be fear present when you follow your dreams, when you put yourself out there, when you do THAT thing. It is supposed to be there, but so are you and we need you. The more you can be present in your mind, body and spirit, the more you will be able to bring forth your best self. Whether you’re in a meeting, interview, audition or date – just do YOU.

So, now you’ve shaken all that off you can maybe step back into a little manifesting. Just pursue what feels good, and that will guide you back to what you really want, what you need. You may also want to keep the company of your highest vibe friends this month; smiles are a great thing to manifest too, you know. Also watch out for someone unexpected rolling back into town to knock you with great gusto out of your carefully guarded comfort zone, who knows what might happen.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – The Tower

What changes do you want to make in your life? Because this is your red alert that the time is NOW. The alarm has gone off, the whistle has blown, this is it! Before you panic, this doesn’t mean you have to do everything all at once. It’s just about taking that first step. The thing about personal changes, those ones you feel niggling at you, pushing you from within, is that if we don’t answer the call then often the change swings around in a manner we may not have chosen for ourselves.

Have you ever had that happen? When you really knew you wanted or needed to make a shift in your life, but sidelined it out of fear – and then BOOM something kind of made it happen anyway? This is what I call the ‘divine storm’, the cosmic shift…and we do have the ability to beat it before the winds storm in. So this is what September is all about, taking empowerment over the decisions you want to make, taking empowerment over the fears that are holding you back. This is all about you babe, and you’ve got this!

Change is actually our natural state, and as you are a human being, you are designed to evolve! Your mind, body and spirit know deep down how to handle the shifts, it’s just up on the surface it can feel like WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON. And, again, this is okay. Metamorphosis isn’t supposed to feel super relaxing remember, there is a squeeze within the process, and there is work to be done. So, get your Fire on and start manifesting with great intention. You see, as soon as we set an intention the ball is rolling, hence the reason you don’t have to ‘do’ it all at once.

It may be that you finally just say out loud to yourself: “I’m going to leave this job” or “I’m ready to really let go of this pain.” In fact, stating your intentions to yourself is super powerful, because it acts as a release, suddenly that dream is freed up. Try this out and note how you feel even just a tiny release of stress. For some of you it might induce a massive sigh of excitement, to actually connect to that inner power cable. Meanwhile, another great reason to stay expansive this month is so you can receive the unexpected, which, remember, is just as likely to be all the good stuff! Stay open and ready to say “yes.”

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Hierophant

It’s not been many months since we last saw the great spiritual teacher come up for you, so what lessons are you still working through? This month is going to be a call back to the big things you’ve been taking note of over the last six months, and now it’s time to wind it all up. On this theme of lessons, you may like to ponder on the idea that life is just a series of assignments, being handed to you to complete and return. That the whole experience we are having is something to work with. Sometimes it feels testing and sometimes a breeze, but it’s always unexpected right?

You kind of know what’s coming now, but you don’t really know how it’s going to play out or happen in real time. Over the coming weeks I want you to surrender up any sense of needing to know what will happen and get enthusiastic about letting things happen. It’s a loss of rigidity that doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable to you, and that’s okay. This is why I’m always nudging you towards asking for help when needed, even if you are totally convinced that you have ALL the answers. Sometimes you just need the same information given back to you in a slightly different language.

You will love the unexpected insights that arrive so keep asking questions. Knowledge is power remember, gather up all the info, and then let it all go and live it out. At the same time, remember that you are also your greatest teacher so pay attention to what advice you’ve been dishing out to others recently. Whatever it is that you’ve been bringing forth, you also need to give back to yourself. So if you’ve been helping a friend up their confidence and reminding them of their worth, then perhaps you need some of that value yourself?

Maybe you’ve been encouraging your partner to rest and de-stress, but you need to as well. Realize that help and abundance isn’t hidden in the active bells and whistles, it’s in the open arms of your intuition. Anything that comes with a gigantic puzzle of struggle is often fear led, so even in the bewildering times choose to look upon situations with an expansive eye. Finally, just choose to just soak it all up – life that is. Be amazed by Mother Earth and by yourself. It’s all yours for the taking.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Magician

You have a lot of superpowers activated right now my friend, the only question is whether or not you are tuned and tapped into them. I’m always working with the theory that we always have everything we need, that the answers are always within and rarely outside of ourselves. Those times when you resonate deeply with something are the moments where you just remembered something that you already knew. This month I want you to work with the idea that you are in possession of an invisible tool belt with all you need to take on the coming weeks. What are you taking on? Oh just yourself, at your best and most brilliant.

Seriously though, you are in a time of creative genius over the coming weeks and I want you to really stop to consider what is your most powerful source of life right now, and of light. The strength of this card asks you where you are going to place your will. Sometimes it’s good to start in reverse, and consider where you need to pull back some of your energy – what are you giving to that isn’t working for you any more? If you are pouring your love and guts into someone or something you just know either isn’t good for you or you don’t even care about – well it’s time to give it up.

So what dreams or situations would you rather place your power upon? What about that one person that shows up for you, aren’t they worth the hundred who don’t? To get this all going might require you to step a little out of your favorite self-sabotaging comfort zone and consider yourself as an equal player in the world.

Meanwhile, early in the month is the perfect time to throw out some dream fuelled intentions, spin a few plates, and roll some ideas into action. Your intention is fuelled with magic so speak up, so share with others what you are going to do so you have a little accountability in place. Alongside all this talk of magic and superpowers, as always I remind you to be lead by your intuition, not your skepticism – in short trust your feelings not your fears. You have a great ability to run your life with a little mysticism, which works perfectly alongside your brilliantly idealistic mindset. If you just allow it, you have access to great clarity whenever you so choose.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Ace of Cups

After Saturday’s full moon in Pisces you may start the month out with, lets just say, a LOT of feelings, and that’s not a bad thing. Let the emotions roll in and through you, feel EVERYTHING but stop to actually see what you are learning too, because this month is about soaking it up and gaining some “ah-ha” moments. Often it can feel like you are just cascading through life, missing some of the signs and symbols around you. The little things, like why that particular person still registers on your radar, or why it is you hold yourself back from certain things.

This occurs when you are disconnected from your psychic self and from the great teacher that is your subconscious. It’s kind of your job to make the magic happen and to not run away from those feelings. If you get caught up in the judgment of yourself or other people, you’ll miss the undercurrent of what it all means, and that could mean that you miss the great love and the great insight. So this month, tune in, be present, FEEL each moment. Don’t turn your back mid conversation, be less slippery than usual – trust that if you are there, then you are supposed to be there and each has something for you. Every encounter has a lesson, so stick around to discover what it could be.

On the romance front, the first couple of weeks of the month are full of potential. You may find yourself tapping into the last of Venus retrograde and feeling that unexpected karmic tie to someone from the past, or you may really and truly see what it is you need to let go of. Allow your mind to be open to being surprised and the answers will be right in front of you. It is definitely a time for you to trust in the synchronicities and symbols, so what do you keep noticing?

Everything is aligning for you to feel expansive and alive this month, ready to receive the bright and lightest energy of the Water element. Even if you find yourself in the depths of despair, you have the choice to swim to a new level now. In fact, this is one of your superpowers, the ability to shift through all the layers, and be aware of what you discover in each space. Choose to settle in the most positive place for you – choose that over the layers of self-doubt and you will be all set.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Aries / Aries Rising – The Queen of Swords

This month you have direct access to all the wisdom that is held within your past. Are you ready to use it for your own empowerment? If you’ve been wavering around in victim mode recently then it’s time to check back in, and to stop waiting around for the sky to crack open and give you ‘a sign’. YOU are the sign, you’ve got it, and it’s all there waiting to be unraveled. Yes, it can be easy to obsess over that one thing, that one person, that one opportunity. But fluidity is really going to be your best asset over the coming weeks.

This fluidity is all in your internal world, because externally I want you to stand fully in your most confident and protected space. Think walls up, but not suspicious. You want to mean business and be able to totally trust in the important decisions you are being asked to make. Even if inside your confidence is wavering, on top you will totally have your shit together. So if there are any lapses in your strength, know that some situation from your past has the advice or learning you need. Perhaps you’ve had to deal with a similar type of person before, and this time you now know how to approach them. Maybe you can recognize that your worries are just linked to a past disappointment , but that right now in this moment, it’s actually okay.

Your shadows hold GOLD for you, so don’t be afraid to dig around a little and get comfortable in the uncomfortable. The only mistake you can make this month is to NOT own your story, because to brush aside your experiences or feelings like they mean nothing will only send you into anxiety or victim mode. Use this time as a chance to get really IN your body and embrace it for what it is and you for you, and to not put blame upon anyone or anything else.

You can check in with you fears by noting if there is anything that you always palm off on a memory or a person. For instance, “I’m like this because that happened” – think, how can you shift this sentence to claim the story back? How can you re-write these thoughts to something more empowering? It will do you good to stand right in front of some of your biggest fears and realize that you are more powerful than them. Don’t be afraid, dive in!

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Taurus / Taurus Rising – Justice

As life has gained a little more traction recently – albeit a little slower than some of you may like – it’s a good time to note any discomforts that have surfaced. The Justice card likes to unearth our discomfort so that we can reset the scales – so where are you feeling disempowered or uncomfortable right now? These are the areas to put your focus of surrender on. In fact, surrender should be a daily practice for you, keep at it and you’ll see the benefits, I promise.

Balance is obviously the theme here, but this doesn’t quite seem like a strong enough word to use, so I’m going to go with Karma. Now, it’s important to not misjudge this word, it gets thrown around a lot to no positive avail. Karma isn’t about being threatened by the Universe, or about people getting ‘what they deserve’ – Karma is the law of balance, reminding us that what we bring forth has power within our own lives. So, if you go about your life with a focus on the negative then that is what you will SEE. If you show up, dive in, accept your lessons and pay attention to the good stuff, then you are likely to experience something a little brighter.

So, with this as a theme for the month, think about any un-earthed discomforts of recent weeks and how you can cast a new light on them. What can you use to reset your balance, to help yourself, to educate your path? The things you really don’t want to face will of course be the most mind-blowingly wonderful for you. Remember that just because you’ve always done something a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the best way for you right NOW. If your body is calling out for nurture, then don’t disconnect from it. If your heart is shouting out for healing then don’t down play those feelings.

Fear is normal, change is natural, and you CAN feel better in whichever area you feel pain in. Something has to give, something has to shift for you to feel tapped into yourself again. Get stubborn about wanting to feel awesome and don’t back down! You are allowed to feel alive and aligned; but seriously, you have to believe it to see it. On a final note, watch out for spirit guides and medicine animals – what creatures are suddenly on your radar? They might have some wisdom for you to take forth for the coming months.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Ace of Wands

In comes a nice wave of fresh energy to throw you back into your body. If you really noticed the challenges over the last few weeks then know that the antidote to fear is…FUN. It feels nice to write that down and I am seeing it come up for a lot of people at the moment, a need for playfulness and a lifting of the spirit. It seems that we often sideline joy, deeming that we don’t have ‘time’ for it anymore, but the thing is that you need it to be able to do everything else! When we allow ourselves to do the things that make us laugh, that cause us to feel alive, we fill up our spiritual bucket. I think of it like a thread of desire that can gently pull you away from fear – if that thread doesn’t exist it’s easy for us to detour into our darkness at the drop of a hat.

So this month, use the coming weeks to fill up your spiritual bucket! Not exactly the worst task in the world, being to seek out the flames of desire. Start by asking yourself what strikes your internal match? This is can be found and thriving in every area of existance, so it’s not that you are taking a month long vacation from life. This is simply about making light the priority.

It’s also an exercise in opening yourself up to see the higher energy in all situations, to ask yourself what the most expansive viewpoint could be over a challenge, or simply “what is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?” Creativity and freedom are also themes that ride high over the coming weeks, and that kind of lightning bolt energy is yours to tap into. It’s easy to tell if you have some misplaced Fire energy as you may feel angry, bored or frustrated. This can be transformed by expressing it via exercise, passion, art or music.

But how can you express yourself in a way that is positive and NOT self-sabotaging? This creative lift is also wonderful for collaborating with those who are on your same wavelength. Could you do some co-working or brainstorming with the people who always light you up the most? You can multiply your own enthusiasm by hearing what others are excited about, and I encourage you to embrace this idea fully and with an open heart.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Four of Wands

After your recent intense healing phase comes a wide-open space to reconnect to a lighter and brighter energy. The sense of needing to tune back into innocent fun and playfulness is really strong for you this month, and I hope this will be something you are able to experience. I feel that you can start by tapping into some self-gratitude for what you’ve been processing recently, because it’s been pretty deep for many of you and you deserve to stop and recognize all that’s passed. Do you see how far you’ve come?

Even on a daily basis as you find yourself filtering through your feelings, learning, discovering, awakening. It’s all of purpose, all valuable and important, just in case you are in that “why why whhyyyy?” stage. Everything is taking you somewhere and with intent. You are wise, wonderful and inspiring – believe it. And back to the fun I was talking about? This is about celebrating life, and it can manifest in whatever way you feel you need it right now. Do you feel lacking in community? If so, this is the time to sign up for that retreat or take yourself to a group class, whether it’s dancing, meditation, a book wine appreciation club – anything that can get you out of your home space and speaking to strangers is GREAT. And recognize that getting out of your comfort zone will be an essential part of this.

You may also find yourself on the total flipside of this, and needing to hone in on the YOU zone, the internal awakening of passion and spirit. This may require a little internal inspection first, before you can emerge and take yourself to places that catch your spirit, light your brain and your body up. It can be so hard to find this space, but it’s there and an easy way is to just think about playing and getting MESSY. Make a mess, be spontaneous, experiment. Do things that are scare you a little, to get back into the idea of liberty and freedom.

What would life look like for you if you were able to truly embody freedom? Are there any major blocks to you feeling able to tap into the good stuff right now? Don’t ever think that joy isn’t available to you, it may just be that you are looking too hard rather than feeling. That sense of happiness not being a destination is important right now, so keep bringing yourself back to the precious present moment.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Leo / Leo Rising – The Star

Woah back to the star energy you firework! But for real, these last three months have been building and pushing you towards your highest self. Are you feeling connected to those super powers yet? I hope so, because it’s really time for you to show up for yourself. I want you to think about your inner Fire energy and the ways you bring it into your life. How often do you choose anger over compassion? How often do you choose self-sabotage over self-celebration? How often do you claim to be bored when you are just ignoring the callings of your spirit?

This month it’s time to take your toe out of the water and step fully in to the next stage of your ever-evolding life. Don’t be afraid of change, it’s here to assist you, so allow transformation to be your guide, and let yourself be lead forwards into the unknown, knowing that it’s safe to proceed. This is a magical energy and I’m not going to ignore that – you just have to get turn your inner pilot light to ON and start paying attention to it. There is no such thing as not being able to tap into your most wise self, and even your most psychic self; it’s only a matter of how practiced you are at it!

So, time to get schooled and start listening. Maybe you even want to consider taking some sort of spiritual schooling, a new meditation class, maybe start a coven…anything that gets you more into a daily practice of showing up and listening to your inner magic. Because now we’ve got that sorted, you ARE a magical being, and you have to own your super powers.

What next? Well we can touch on the darker side of things, because I can’t say that all of you are feeling incredible right now and that’s okay, it’s always okay. Amongst your shadows there is always golden light, and every tiny stab of pain has a purpose – to give you fuel to move forward. Don’t get preoccupied with finding the ‘reason’ for things or experiences, just know there always is one. By popping in some self-gratitude you create a torch for yourself that helps you in these dimmer times – even if there’s just one thing that you can admire about yourself right now, use it as a love beam to light the way ahead.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


This week, purging and clearing have been the themes of my mystical life…

my mystical life august 28 by Ruby Warrington of The Numinous

I experienced an energetic breakout. Okay, this sounds like it’s gonna be about some radical consciousness shift resulting from a mind-blowing new healing technique…but actually it’s the tale of an aggressive outbreak of pimples in my mystical life. Ew. Gross. I know. But please bear with me, as these aren’t just any old pimples – I believe they are the result of an ongoing energetic detox.

Because WTF. I’ve been eating cleaner than ever since going full vegan and cutting out all alcohol over a month ago. As a result (I’m just guessing here) I’ve been sleeping like a baby, and experiencing “perfect” digestion for the first time in like forever. I’ve also been taking my supplements, letting all kinds of emotional s*** go, and feeling light of spirit and supremely optimistic about life – all the ingredients, surely, for radiant skin. And yet, not since my early teens have I seen zits like these!

It felt like time to consult facialist to the Numinati, Britta Plug, who brings a deep level of energetic healing to her sessions. My question: could this bout of extra clean living actually be the cause of my skissues (skin issues?) In a word: Yes! “We know that trapped emotional energy can cause sickness and disease, so it makes sense that we might actually see or feel it coming out,” she explained. “And if it’s really deep stuff, this could get a little gunky.”

In Ayurvedic medicine, she said, it’s also believed that the skin is the final frontier for toxins leaving the system – “once it’s showing up on the skin, chances are it’s been going through an internal process for a while” (i.e. affecting digestion, sleep, mood, etc). All of which made me feel WAY better about my current pizza face. In fact, I’ve even been able to embrace the pimples as evidence the deeper emotional clearing I’ve been doing over the past few months is working! Here are some tips Britta gave me for speeding up the process:

– Dry body brushing and Epsom salt baths – to help the lymph system clear that shiz out faster
– A Manuka honey mask – mix half a teaspoon mixed with water, spread on the skin and leave for up to an hour to speed up the healing process
– Accupuncture and massage – to keep the chi flowing, and assist the energetic detox further

I went on a healing hang date. As in, rather than do dinner or a yoga class as an excuse for a gossip with my Goddess gang, we got together to do a Family Constellation. It was my friend Alexandra’s idea. “I need to do a Constellation very soon. Venus retro has been kickin’ my butt, forcing me to really clear out and rethink! I would love to do this with you strong lovely women…” went the email. And well, how could we refuse?

You can read about what a Constellation is here, but it’s basically a form of group therapy that gets deep into your family patterns in a totally mystical way. I’ve only ever done it with strangers (not as scary as it sounds), and the results have BLOWN MY MIND. But with two women I know, who know me and elements of my story already, and who I knew I could trust implicitly with whatever came up? Next level.

Of course we bought snacks (our facilitator Marine even baked a vegan lavender cake) and caught up about the other stuff going on in our lives, and the session ended up lasting four hours. Totally  recommended next time you and a gal pal are in the market for more than your average dinner date.

I finally Kondo’d my condo. I might actually be the last person on the planet to read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but since I’m about to move (for the fourth time in as many years), and since I <3 tidying up big time anyway (seriously where is the Virgo hiding out in my chart?), I figured it was time to just get on this bandwagon.

And I quickly realized that “magic” is the operative word in the title, plus the reason, I believe, this little book has resonated so strongly with so many gazillions of people. Yes, there have been all the practical benefits (cleaner, neater apartment + A LOT of credit to spend in my local clothing exchange), but here are a few of Marie’s more mystical life lessons:

On tidying as meditation: “The work of carefully considering each object I own to see whether it sparks joy inside me, is like conversing with myself through the medium of my possessions.”

On healing through tidying: “If you can’t feel relaxed in a clean and tidy room, try confronting your feeling of anxiety. It may cast a light on what’s really bothering you.”

On tidying as personal evolution: “To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose.”

On wardrobe reiki: “When we take our clothes in our hands and fold them neatly, we are, I believe, transmitting energy which has a positive effect on our clothes.”

Conclusion? Marie Kondo is a totally witchcore modern mystic. LOVE!



If you’re looking for a super potent time to work with the Tarot, the Full Moon could be the cosmic invitation you’re after. Gabriela Herstik has five ways to work some Full Moon Tarot magick…Image: The Starchild Tarot


Read For The Month Ahead
Perhaps the most obvious and direct way to incorporate the Tarot into your Full Moon ritual is to do a reading. The cosmic energy now is ripe for making decisions on whatever’s been brewing since the previous New Moon, so spending some time reflecting on what you now want to manifest can only serve you. Set up a sacred space, get centered, find a layout that sings to you and draw a card, any card. Reflect on the cycles of your life, and be open to what comes up in the card you’ve chosen.

Make A Tarot Temple
The Tarot is all about imagery and symbolism after all, so why not play with this? You can create a Tarot altar or temple by picking a card that resonates with you (or simply picking one randomly with your intention for the Full Moon in mind) and choosing objects and offerings that help you personify the card. Flowers, photos, statues of deities or animals, and anything else that taps the energy of your card can bring its message to life. You can even create a piece of art that relates to your card, and display it in your chosen sacred space. Focus on the feeling the card brings up for you – especially relating to what you want to manifest in the coming weeks – and channel it into your space.

Meditate on It
The day of the Full Moon is the perfect time to manifest the results of any intentions you’ve set in recent weeks. Once the moon starts to wane, aka lose light, it’s the perfect time to let go and surrender all outcomes to the Universe. Meditating with your card can intensify whatever intention is set. So whether you’re meditating on Death and choosing transformation as the result of any process you’ve been going through, or if you’re simply sitting with The Moon card and focusing on the divine feminine, you’re golden. Taking time to breathe, absorb the energy of the Full Moon and really channel it into your intention is simple, doesn’t take a lot of time, and is a sweet reminder to just be.

Spell It Out
The Full Moon is a strong time for spell or magick work and um, hello, why not incorporate your cards into your work! Whether you’re doing some sigil magick, candle magick or something in between, using the imagery from a card can help set the tone. There’s a whole realm of tarot magick out there, so do your research and get creative.

Dress Like Your Favorite Card
If you really wanna channel your favorite card, take some sartorial cues. Dressing for your Full Moon ritual in something that chimes with the imagery of card you’re working with is a super direct way of aligning yourself with its energy. Feeling the High Priestess this month? Why not wear some jewels or a dress that reminds you of your own connection to Goddess energy? Feeling kinda Two of Cups? How about you dress in something your lover gave you, or something red and sexy. Get creative and manifest, it really is that easy!

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Ready to meet your soulmate? Then leave your inhibitions at the door, and arm yourself with some of these spiritual ice-breakers, says Gabriela Herstik. Image: Kazel Lim via Behance.net


We’re totally for that cosmic connection you feel between other members of the Numinati. You know, that sweet vibration you get in your heart chakra when you meet someone else who just gets it. Yet the way in which we meet our soul sisters (or brothers) can be pretty funny. Read on and let us know – do any of these soulmate chat up lines sound familiar to you?

“Oh my god, your dogs a Scorpio? Mines a Cancer. Let’s plan a play date.”
It all takes a turn for the better when you astrologically analyze your pets.

“You have a really strong heart chakra. I can feel it.”
That moment two girls in the Trader Joe’s checkout become besties.

“That’s selenite, right? Aww, and you’re wearing it near your heart to raise your consciousness to a higher level.”
How did she know?

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but I’m getting a vibe like I knew you in a past life.”
And you thought it was just another lunchtime wait in line at Sweetgreen.

“Has anyone ever told you what a beautiful energy you have about you?”
No, but I’ve heard that about my aura.

“Did I just hear you say your spirit animal is a raven? Mine’s a crow!”
Welcome to the tribe.

“Girl, is your lucky number 13? Because you’ve killed me and shown me a new way to live…”
Death card pick-up lines are too cute.

“My third eye feels especially open when I look at you.”
I know, I’ve been working on clearing my psychic energy field

“Let me guess – you take your coffee black, iced, and bitter. Like your soul before your last past life regression.”
When your barista just gets you.

“Is the energy of this coffee shop just off to you too?”
Well, now that you mention it…

“You totally look like the kind of chick I need in my coven.”
It’s a summer goth thing, isn’t it.

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Want to feel truly ALIVE? Then it’s time to harvest your own spring water, says Alexandra Derby.


We are literally made up of water, around 60% of our entire body, just like that of Planet Earth. After breathing, oxygen, the second most fundamental element to our existence is water. And so the water we drink is one of the biggest contributors to our state of overall health, happiness and wellbeing.

The juiciness of our cells, our bodies ability to flush out unwanted toxins, the vibrancy and elasticity of our skin: all reasons why it is so important to drink the best water possible. But living in big cities we are given very little access to natural, unadulterated water. So if you are serious about pursuring the most vibrant life possible, then it’s up to you to take matters into your own hands!

I’ve been on a quest to drink the best water possible since the birth of my daughter three years ago. As a geeky Virgo, my search led me to the study of structured water – what Gerald Pollack describes as the ‘fourth state of water’ – as found in natural spring water.

We know from our science lessons at school that water can be solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (steam). In its forth state, the molecules of Pollack’s structured water form a crystalline lattice aligned in a Flower of Life pattern.


And spring water is naturally structured into a coherent crystal lattice by Mother Earth, who, left to her own devices, structures EVERYTHING into a coherent crystal lattice (including us humans!) so that all living things can vibrate together in harmony.

But what does this mean for our bodies? Well, in a word, coherence. The blood and cells in your body resonate perfectly with this state of crystalline unity. In effect, this means you can program your body with unity consciousness by simply drinking water!


Some things I have tried in my quest to quench my thirst for structured water:

Drinking spring water from bottles. Glass is best as plastic leaches into the water and adds to the plastic waste pile that will only end up polluting our oceans.
Filtering tap water. I’ve tried Brita filters (downside is the jug is plastic and you have to replace disposable plastic filters); an elegant glass water filter with Japanese charcoal (sadly discontinued from Design Within Reach); and Berkey filters (excellent, but made of metal – glass is always best container for water).
Charging my water. Combined with a filtration system, this really makes a difference to how the water feels in your body. I have tried tesla plates (a tuned anodized aluminum plate that works to bring bioenergetic fields back into balance and harmony); placing crystals in my water to structure it in resonance to their crystalline field; and giving Reiki to my water by cupping my hands around it before I drink it.
Blessing my water by saying: “Thank you. I love you.” As Masaru Emoto demonstrated with his hauntingly beautiful images showing how water crystals resopond to intentions, music and specific words, the most powerful coherence and greatest beauty was shown when the water was acknowledged with Love and Gratitude – “Thank you. I love you.”

BUT the day I convinced by husband and kid to drive upstate and harvest our own spring water, naturally structured water, was the day I fully understood what the saying ‘you can taste the difference’ really meant!


I knew I really had to do something more about the water I was drinking when I kept dreaming of how I needed to drink spring water. So, following my intuitive voice I found a website with just the information I was looking for.

Findaspring.com is an amazing resource mapping all of the natural springs accessible in your area, along with detailed directions. The huge and passionate natural spring water community keeps the comments updated for each spring with information about the quality of the water, accessibility, and whether the spring is dry or not.

Typing the address of our local spring into google maps, we headed off one Saturday morning with a couple of three-gallon glass bottles and a sense of adventure. As we drove further from the City, I began fretting we would never find the spot – but we kept going, and right on cue saw a car pulled over to the side of the road with a man lifting water bottles out.

There was a small gathering at the spring. An extended Polish family were filling up about 15 five-gallon bottles that would last them for months, they said. There are no legal limits on the amount of spring water you are allowed to harvest but it is recommended to harvest five gallons at a time.


Getting my first taste of the beautiful crisp water that was gushing out of the pipe from the ground can only be described as pure magic. I knew for sure then that water is Sacred. This water was so sparkling that mini rainbows were reflecting off the droplets on my cupped hand. My body tingled with delight, I literally feel ALIVE. This water had come straight from Mother Earth, unfiltered, untouched by any processes, straight from the Source.

The first week of drinking the water we harvested, some surprising things happened. We decided to focus on using the water for drinking, as we had not harvested enough to bathe in. And so we used it in all our smoothies, nut milks and any recipe that needed unheated water.

The first thing I noticed was that heaviness that I used to feel from water sitting in my stomach was gone, as if the spring water was being taken straight into my cells. I felt light! I felt vibrant! And then… all sorts of old emotional patterns starting rising to the surface.

I realised that in drinking such pure water, all the toxins I was carrying, not just physically but DEEP emotional toxins, were being pulled to the surface to be purged. It felt like I was being guided through a process of letting go of anything that no longer served me. I felt I was being ‘cleared out’, so as to be a vessel for greater light, and greater balance. Wow. What a reminder that water is Life.

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In her latest weekly tarotscope video, Louise Androlia says if change is our natural state…we’d better learn to embrace it

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Will I ever be hardcore enough to be one of the kundalini crew, asks Ruby Warrington?


I HUNG WITH THE KUNDALINI HEAVYWEIGHTS. So kundalini yoga is generally one of those things I do because I don’t want to. I figure anything that makes my ego flip-out the way this practice does has gotta be good for furthering my personal ascension goals – plus I’ve experienced some of my most profound life realizations on my sheepskin. Like full-on psychic visions about the best next steps to take in life. So when I learned that Guru Jagat (a.k.a. the woman spearheading the current kundalini global takeover bid) was hosting a retreat with her Rama Institute in Glastonbury last weekend, OF COURSE I extended my recent stay in the UK so I could go.

Here’s a sampling of the kind of stuff that went down:

Daily 4am sadhana. Literal translation: “spiritual exertion towards an intended goal”. My translation: “a battle of ego over sleep-deprived mind, and absolute evidence that kundalini yogis – who practise sadhana every morning – are the most hardcore of yogis.”
My first 2.5 hour meditation. About 4.30am on Saturday morning, Guru Jagat announced she’d had a download that we were going to do the “Master’s Touch” meditation that morning. Here’s a video. We did this for 2.5 hours (but faster, without music, and with our hands held in the ‘crossed fingers’ position). TF for her caveat that anybody “new” to kundalini was welcome to nap if needed.
Shopping for Jupiter rings. One think I love about the kundalini community is that they’re generally dripping with jewels – and the first opportunity we got we headed to Stone Age, a high-vibe crystal jewelry store in Glastonbury town. Wearing a ring on your Jupiter finger (the pointer finger) is said to symbolize power, leadership and authority…which is interesting since most women were saying they don’t like wearing rings on that finger because it feels “ugly” and “clunky.” Hmmm!
A trip to the top of the Tor. As in, the hill that presides over Glastonbury – and which is also the axis of the mythical Earth Zodiac (which, never fear, I will write about at length in another post!) Cut to bemused stares from the ‘regular’ tourists, as our 40-strong group moved from seated meditation in the grass (substituting sheepskins for black trash bags to protect our kundalini whites)…to insane selfie excitement in the natural wind machine created by the ruins of St Michael’s castle (see below).


I BOWED TO THE POWER OF SAGE. I actually had to leave the retreat early (which means I missed seeing Merlin’s Cave, the crop circle excursion, and the final 4am sadhana AT THE TOP OF THE TOR), because of an electrical issue that needed sorting in my London home. My shower had been giving off a *tingle* of electrical charge (eek), and the electrician had already been in twice to figure out what was causing it – to no avail. He needed to do a deep dive he said, and un/rewire my entire house to get the bottom of this one (see dollar signs stretching to infinity in my mind’s / third eye).

I figured I might as well do my bit, so I picked up a GIANT bunch of sage at Star Child Original Medicinal Botanicals in Glasto and smudged my place the night before – paying extra attention to the bathroom. I mean it could easily be an energetic problem, right? Ghost of tenants past making a watery plea for freedom? And what do you know, 15 minutes into the job, my man Shane had found and fixed the problem! He was scratching is head over how he’d missed it before…while I smiled inside cos I figured I’d essentially smoked that mo-fo out.

I RECEIVED A BOX OF TREATS. One thing I miss about my “old life” in the mainstream media is the constant stream of free beauty products I used to get sent. In fact, there was a whole other lesson in ego eradication when the supply dried up once I left my old staff job. But when I returned back to NY, I was amazed to find a box of beauty goodies from Blue Mercury awaiting me – and even better, the majority of them were all natural!

Perhaps they were a gift from Jupiter, planet of abundance, who just moved signs into my house of health and wellbeing. Or from Venus, Goddess / planet of beauty, as a thank you for honoring her with our Temple of Venus art project this past month. I mean, these are the kind of questions a girl has to ask when goodies appear from out of no-where. And my fave product in the box? A chemical-free nail lacquer from Smith & Cult in a shade of poppy red called Kundalini Hussle – of course.



Don’t know what to wear? Make your own fashion energy oracle deck for some divine style guidance, says says collage artist Monica Ruiz…Images featured are a selection of cards from Monica’s handmade deck


We were sitting on our friends lanai one evening last summer, listening to a single gal pal say what she was looking for in a partner, including good “fashion-energy…”. To which I replied, “omg yes! I am such a believer in fashion energy!”…to which she replied; “Oh, I said passion-and-energy…”

But what is “fashion energy?” I believe fashion goes beyond how an outfit or accessory can make you look, and taps into how we want to feel. Why do we gravitate towards a certain color (black), material (modal, denim) or print (snow leopard, moon-phase)? I believe it’s because we emit different energetic vibrations with what we choose to dress up in.

Our choice of outfit can cause us to feel nostalgic, sexy, modern, rebellious…We might wake up in the same body every day, but we become a different being through the way we spend our time, the moods we encounter – and the clothing choices we make.

On my “lazy” days I’ll put on a cropped tank, some high-waisted denim cut-off shorts and my converse, with my hair in a top bun and my Numinous Chakra sweatshirt tied around my waist.

Other times, I’ll wear my Urban Outfitters Kurt Cobain t-shirt as a dress, with black shorts underneath and my old Costume National moto boots. Last week I wore an old
flannel from the ‘90s with my Isabel Marant sneakers. I had to be at work at 5am and was too tired to think – but I knew my Marant’s would make me feel like less of a slob.


The key is to get familiar with how different aspects of fashion make you and your spirit tick. Stay inspired by trying new things of course, but staying true to your personal fashion energy means always looking and feeling your best.

There are definitely certain brands out there that I legit salivate over. Rodarte, Balmain, Liberated Heart. The sleeveless tops by the Wild Unknown, and the quartz crystal jewelry from aletheia & phos. But in the last year I have become entranced with Free People, to the point that I even started re-purposing my older FP catalogs to fashion my own “fashion-oracle” deck!

Inspired by a friend’s yoga workshop, these soul-cards help me tap back into my unique fashion energy whenever I’m having a nothing-to-wear moment – when this happens, I simply pick a card to help guide me through my closet or dresser drawers.

Feeling blah? When I look at my NATURAL or FREE card, this may simply translate as a no makeup or jewelry day, and instead I’ll my two favorite crystals in my pocket and wear cherry-flavored Chapstick along with my high-top leopard print wedge Vans sneakers.


My WILD AT HEART card reminds me to keep having fun in the concrete jungle, while my WILD ONES card reminds me of my sacred sisterhood, and the magic of long summer days feeling some tie-dyed bandeau vibes!

Over a Skype session, I recently pulled the I AM A TRAVELER card for a friend traveling through Europe for the summer. She’s also a believer in fashion energy, and this
card reminded her that she is able to re-create herself through different fashion cultures and tap into another side of herself.


Now it’s time to make your own fashion energy deck – here’s what you’ll need:

A selection of fashion and travel magazines, and catalogs
Exacto knife (key item)
Glue stick or rubber cement

1) Search the magazine and catalogues for images (clothes, background images and words / phrases) that resonate with your personal “fashion energy.”
2) Use your exacto knife to cut out your image as perfectly as possible. Breathe and stay zen for best results, cutting along the edges of the image as closely as possible. When you put your figure against your backdrop, it will/should look surreal!
3) Measure out the cardstock to the size and shape you desire for your deck, and cut into equal-sized pieces.
4) After cutting your cards, choose a background image for each and glue them onto one side of each card.
5) Now glue your main model / fashion image onto the background.
5) Finally, find a space on each card to glue an inspiring phrase or word. The only rule when combining background / image / words is to not over-think this process. This is about YOUR energy and celebrating all the elements of fashion YOU love.

You are now ready to start using and sharing your cards as your very own fashion oracle – have fun with it!

What defines your fashion energy? Connect with us and share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic” – Ellie Burrows is inspired by the classic line behind our most popular Instagram post to date…. Portrait: Mikal Marie Photography

Ellie Burrows shot by Mikal Marie for her Turned On column on The Numinous

“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic…”

This quote is often incorrectly attributed to Frida Khalo, but it’s actually a line from a poem called Frida Khalo to Marty McConnell by Marty McConnell. I guess I can sort of see how that would be confusing. You can watch McConnell perform it beautifully here, and if you’re really listening it becomes clear this poem is a reflection on a break up, rather than an ode to mystical love.

But no matter who said it, taken out of context this line never ceases to inspire those who read it. It pushes our internal heart button and causes us to double-tap the external one too – there are thousands of likes associated with it across Instagramland, the Tumblrverse and the Twittersphere.


One meaning of the word is “inexplicable things” and that’s the definition I want to focus on. But first, I need to clear a bit of smoke from the air, and throw out some mirrors.

Let’s pause for a throwback: When I was growing up and would get into trouble for hanging out with the fast crowd, my mother would say to me “you’re judged by the company you keep.” And although 15-year-old Ellie would call me a sellout for saying this, my mother was totally right.

So hey Magic, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have to stop hanging out with the word “trick.”

I can’t tell you how many people I know who are seeking meaningful relationships via suspect means. All around me I see people trying to conjure love, undoubtedly what feels like a rather tricky business of late. In the contemporary dating world, some of the newest tricks in the book are actually very old tricks called “illusions.”

She gives him the impression that she’s fine with an open relationship in order to make him stay.

He creates a mirage of interest and strings her along because it makes him feel less lonely while he gets all those oats out of his system.

And my favorite – she doesn’t respond to a text message right away because then it appears like she’s busy and indifferent. (The latter we call playing hard to get. Since playing is the operative word, it would indicate that she is just pretending and is in fact, easy to get. Just saying.)

The Magician card from the Star Child Tarot featured on The Numinous
The Magician card from the Star Child Tarot

While these tricks can deliver results, they actually involve zero magic. And they don’t usually add up to anything meaningful.

Friends, your act isn’t working. It is time to drop the top hat and the rabbit. If you are an adult and seriously looking for love, then why are you choosing to forget that tricks are for kids?

I’d like you to consider that the illusions listed above have nothing to do with magic. Instead, they involve another M word: manipulation. Definition: “control or falsification.” And when you think about it, a stage magician is really more of a master manipulator. He is highly skilled at fooling you, but no – that woman didn’t actually get sawed in half.

But a true magician? Well, that’s something else entirely…

According to the Tarot, the Magician, #1 in the Major Arcana, is considered the bridge between the spiritual and the material. With his right hand pointing a staff toward the sky and his left bringing our attention the ground, he can channel the power of the Universe and bring it into the physical plane.

You can see it on the table next to him, which holds all four suits of the Tarot (Pentacles, Wands, Cups, Swords), each of which corresponds to one of the four elements of the ancient alchemists (Earth, Fire, Water and Air). These symbolize the proper use of mind, heart, body and soul in the process of manifestation.

A real magician is not an illusionist, but a creator. This card is all about the best use of our highest self, turning ideas into actions with the power to make a difference in our own lives. This card begs questions like “Am I using my powers for good or evil?” and “Am I tapping into my fullest potential?”

The Magician from the Spirit Speak Tarot featured on The Numinous in Ellie Burrow's Turned On column on Magic
The Magician from the Spirit Speak Tarot

We are the magicians responsible for taking our abstract, sometimes inexplicable, feelings and bringing them through to the material plane. This is unbelievably challenging, since it requires the full engagement of physical form to lay our souls’ desires on the proverbial table.

When I’m building a relationship, I can feel my entire system using its “powers” to do so. My mind must ground the fears of judgment, rejection, and loneliness. My heart must glow with unconditional self-love, trust, and honesty. My body must swim against the current of its biological predisposition to fight or fly in the face of vulnerability in order to genuinely communicate my wants and needs.

We are all magicians who must work daily to create clear unobstructed pathways within ourselves in order to travel more freely in the confusing world around us. We are the magicians who must understand that our internal worlds are so complicated that we must endeavor to create external simplicity wherever we can.

But if instead we focus on crafting trap doors and smoke screens that are just there for effect, then authentic relationships and clear outcomes will be center stage when it comes time for the disappearing act.

So if what you’re looking for is, in fact, a real relationship, leave your bags of tricks at home. Instead, put something like the following on the table next to your drinks:

“I am going to be super natural with you.”
“I am looking for something serious.”
“I am looking for love.”

Because then you would be the fucking unicorn of the dating world, and then I guarantee your lover will look at you like maybe you are magic.


The Queen of Wands brings pure positive fire energy to the week ahead, says Louise Androlia. In our weekly tarotscope video, she share’s how to work this magic in your world…

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Another week without WiFi, and have I been suffering email apnoea too?


I heard the term “email apnoea.” If “sleep apnoea” occurs when the airflow becomes obstructed during the night, email apnoea is when your inbox makes you so tense, you forget to breathe. I was catching up with my friend Fran at Soho House in London, and she was telling me she’d been feeling so close to burn out, she was concerned it was affecting her health (duh, yeah) – triggered by the realization that her email apnoea was getting out of hand. Something I’d been experiencing myself, having spent the past two weeks living in a house with no WiFi. I mean Jeez, can you imagine?! My email sessions – a check-in at Starbucks here, an hour in an internet café there – have felt like an adrenalin-fuelled race against time.

Fran and I were actually at a talk by naturopath Dr Nigma Talib on how to eat for burn out. Top take-aways: no sugar, protect your sleep like it knows where the bodies are burried, eat regular meals, take B vitamins, Magnesium, and Rhodiola (Nigma’s favorite herb for fighting fatigue). Not exactly stuff we haven’t heard before, and actually I prefer Fran’s solution – a temporary move to Berlin! My brother lives in the German city, and I’ve seen first hand how the slower pace of life and more HUMAN approach to work (i.e. unlike our iPhones, there’s literally only so much our brains can process in a day), means people (how radical) actually have time to breathe.

I met the Flexi Foodie. A.k.a. Julie Montagu, the yogi and plant-based food author (whose book, Superfoods, will be out in the US next month), and star of that Bravo show Ladies of London – about American expats infiltrating the British socialite set. Based on the latter, I’m ashamed to say I had a few judgements about Julie before we met. After all, anyone who goes the reality TV route is a wannabe Kim Kardashian, right? Uhhh, SO wrong.

Julie might have married into the British aristocracy, but her story is one of throat-choking triumph over tragedy (plus she’d come straight from teaching a hot yoga class and ordered a white wine spritzer to re-hydrate, love it.) Julie got into yoga when her husband Luke suffered severe withdrawal coming off mis-prescribed anti-depressants – symptoms of which he still experiences daily, SEVEN YEARS LATER. You can read the full story when I write it up for November’s issue of Red Magazine, but, hello Numis, yet ANOTHER message to meditate before you medicate.

I bought the raddest sweatshirt. When I first heard about the label Aries Arise, obviously I was obsessed. I even interviewed the designers for the site – and then, I didn’t hear much about them. Until I swung by Liberty department store and found this baby! Emblazoned with yin-yang symbol, a little sequinned alien face, an awakened evil eye…and basically made by Aries, for an Aries like me.

New. Favorite. Thing to wear 24-7.

Aries Arise sweatshirt, £111, Goodhood
Aries Arise sweatshirt, £111, Goodhood


Have you ever asked the question “Am I an empath?” Lisa Barner shares an insight into what it means to be that girl…Images: Via Animhut.com


This is the story of a girl-and the woman she’s embraced becoming.

In her earliest memories, with films to prove it, they shook their heads at her. They’d say “Where could she have possibly gotten that from?” She told stories of places she didn’t know and things beyond her scope of cognizance. It wasn’t just a child’s imagination nor a dose of adult television, she was an old soul they’d say. She spoke with conviction. Her eyes were bigger and more penetrating than most – they took you by surprise and held you there. They invited you in, made it so that you were fully seen and offered great love.

She was adamant about things that mattered to her-to which she held close. She was the one others confided in and looked to for advice and nurturing. Whether or not by her choosing she often became the rock – the steadfast, grounded, reliable one, on which others could visit for their own replenishment. They came because she witnessed them fully. She allowed them to be stripped of any masks or concerned with judgments – she provided space for them to be. She spoke to their souls, sometimes with words and other times simply by being present. She was their remedy.

Extremely sensitive in nature, often sporting her heart on her sleeve, she always gave without thinking twice. And only now, with the awareness of the strength it takes to do so-does she recognize how brave the gift of giving is. For now that she understands fully who she is, it is a choice she must carefully consider – for her own wellbeing.



She’s a lightworker, an empath, earth angel and healer. She’s hyper sensitive to her surroundings – colors, textures, scents, physical conditions, energies. She feels emotions on a deeper level and a wider spectrum than most can relate to, and has given up trying to explain why or how she experiences this. She just knows its okay – no matter how trying some of the patterns are. It’s how she knows she’s not only alive but awakened 

She may not vividly remember choosing this course of life but when presented with it in gentle nudges, intuitive callings, serendipity and synchronicity, somewhere along the way she recommitted. She agrees to the purpose of her life, the value and power to influence this world for good. She embraces her gifts without fully knowing how they “work”.

She needs time alone. As a magnet for people’s physical energy, she literally can feel the worries, anxieties and concerns of others. She doesn’t always elect to hold them – especially not at the market, the gym, or at the end of her day. Nonetheless they find her. She has rituals to center herself. She sees nature as a sacred place and connects to the elements as a life source. She considers her word the clearest contract and expects that others treat is with the same sanctity. It is here she has been let down.

She knows of her divinity. She finds way to practice and celebrate it within or without traditional religious sanctions. She is always aware of its presence around and through her. You’ve heard it too- that you were created in the image and likeness of God, or the Divine. But that kind of duality of being, the power of an omnipresent force and the eradication of fear and limitations, isn’t for everyone. She though knows, deeply within, that she is infinite. She is brave enough to hand over her struggles, to surrender her doubts and to trust blindly the truth to unfold before her.


She struggles with the human stuff. She has trouble connecting to money, to sitting under florescent lighting in a cubicle. She doesn’t date well either because she sees love so differently. Though like others she desires connectedness and intimacy, she knows rather that she IS LOVE. That only a partner who is willing to meet her on all these levels can be a true match. She is patient because she has much else to keep her days busy and her heart beating with joy.

She struggles to remain relatable to her peers and her family – conscious of how different she feels yet how deeply she yearns for their acceptance. There may be times she disconnects from her spiritual self in order to appear“normal” – but in those times she is lost to herself. She retreats and is sad, knowing her authenticity is being compromised. She isn’t of much use to anyone in that place. Only when she reawakens to her reality can she thrive. She bravely chooses her higher self.

When she is with her tribe she can rest.They know what she’s carrying and silently give her permission. Their eyes are the same safe place. There she dances and plays, creates and sings from the depths of her soul. She laughs wholeheartedly from her toes up. She is protected with them, she is wiser because of their influence and deepened in her own knowing. She can stand in her power unapologetically. It is with them she is home. She is them and they are she.

A wide eyed dreamer, brave believer.

I am her.

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Yesterday, the planet of good fortune and abundance moved signs. In this insightful post, the Astro Twins outline what we can expect with Jupiter in Virgo…Images: E A R T H by Gyéresi Andrea Éva


Changing of the guard! On August 11 2015, expansive Jupiter exits dramatic and flamboyant Leo, moving into clean, green and analytical Virgo until September 9, 2016. Jupiter is the planet that rules luck, personal growth, travel, opportunity and risk. Along with Venus, it’s one of the cosmsos’ two “benefics,” meaning its influence is largely positive. The biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter represents abundance, so whatever you plant during a Jupiter cycle will grow into a cash crop.

As one of the slower-moving outer planets, Jupiter’s transits color the entire societal attitude and cultural zeitgeist. Jupiter changes signs every 12-13 months, meaning it only visits each zodiac sign once every 12 years. Its last trek through Virgo was from August 27, 2003-September 24, 2004. (Dial back to that era for themes that may arise again in your life.)

Here are few things we can expect while Jupiter tours Virgo through September 2016:

1. Walking the talk: Jupiter in Virgo.
Now that Leo’s grand speeches, public declarations and jaw-dropping debuts are over, it’s time for some follow up—the walk that goes with the talk. Jupiter in Virgo inspires us to roll up our sleeves and do the real work, to make change. In a telling pop culture example during Jupiter in Leo, Caitlyn Jenner filmed her reality show I Am Cait on the road with trans activists.

The episode revealed her ignorance about the struggles of transgender people who don’t share her wealth, fame and public support. While Jupiter in Leo brought Caitlyn Zac Posen gowns, tearful ESPY awards and Vanity Fair covers, Jupiter in Virgo will deliver the equivalent of a quick sociology degree. And we could all use some brushing up in that area, frankly.

Jupiter in Virgo cracks the integrity whip, making sure our own backyards are clean before we stand on our soapboxes. Do we wag our fingers at the world’s transgressions, then privately commit the same deeds? There will be no getting away with that while Jupiter is in Virgo. Beware the self-righteousness of this transit—change begins with ourselves.

2. Jupiter is in “detriment” in Virgo.
Jupiter is “in detriment” in Virgo, meaning it’s slogging through perhaps its least favorite shift – as if the celestial hedonist is doing community service to repent for his overindulgent ways. We just can’t act selfishly on every whim with Jupiter in self-controlled Virgo. Jupiter is the ruler of big-picture thinking and the higher mind, while Virgo is ruled by practical, sensible Mercury—Jupiter’s planetary opposite, in a way.

Jupiter and Virgo can be strange bedfellows, with the supersized planet pushing to expand, and fastidious Virgo fact-checking every little item along the way. It’s like a neurotic nanny trying to tame a hyperactive child on a sugar high. In the best situation, they will provide positive checks and balances for each other, ensuring that our grand ideas can actually go the distance.

3. Sustainability reigns: Earthy Virgo in charge.
After a people-focused year, our attention turns to our processes—and how they affect the planet. Climate change is an undeniable issue we face, and global ambassador Jupiter throws a giant spotlight here. As astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” The human race needs to cooperate with nature if we want to keep on keeping on.

We could draw some inspiration from New Yorker Colin Beavan’s film No Impact Man which documents his family’s efforts to spend one year making as little an impact as possible on the environment: no electricity, automated transportation or non-local food!

Virgo governs digestion so that rule extends to our palates. Bring on the organic produce and kale smoothies. Plant and grow food and put more greenery around your home. Vote with your dollar, opting for sustainably crafted goods that also support local business owners and keep the neighborhood economy thriving.

With Jupiter in Virgo, businesses in “green” industries could boom. You might just make time to hear your friend’s pitch on solar panels, vitamins or supplements now. Since Jupiter is the global truth-teller we can expect to hear more stories about egregious waste dumping and pollution from overseas manufacturers…and hopefully, to see policies and regulations change that.

4. Living in tune with nature, sharing our “stuff.”
No, you don’t have to trade your loft apartment for a yurt this year…but you might airbnb it out for a month while you go shack up in a tent. Jupiter in Virgo calls our culture of excess into question, and people will begin making real lifestyle changes to reduce accumulation. Jupiter in practical Virgo will fuel the cooperative economy. More and more, people are asking: Why own when we can rent, and use only what we need when we need it?

Commune-style living could make a comeback too, with a modern twist. Interestingly, the first-ever kibbutz—a collective community in Israel where people live, work, farm, grow food and raise their families together—was formed in 1909, while Jupiter was in Virgo. We can expect to see a rise in urban farming, shared living spaces and a boom in people unloading their stuff on Craigslist or eBay.


5. Drop the selfie stick; pick up the talking stick.
It’s time for more mindfulness, says Jupiter in Virgo—to put down the gadgets for an hour and get back to IRL encounters. While we don’t predict that the likes of, say, Snapchat will go anywhere, serenity could set in if we carve out technology-free spaces (both in public or at home).

We’ll be more present with the people in our midst; less worried about attracting a million random followers. We’ll find joy in being of service to our fellow humans instead of competing to be the biggest superstars. It sounds downright old-fashioned, but this wrinkle in time might just buy us another era on Planet Earth.

6. The “Internet of Things” takes over
If anything, technology will become more integrated into our lives. Virgo may be an earthy hippie, but it’s also a data-loving nerd (think: an early adopter of Burning Man going off the grid but rocking serious tech skills). The “internet of things” (ioT) could expand under Jupiter in Virgo.

More of our everyday objects will become embedded with sensors and electronics, a la “geek chic” wearable technology (an industry projected to balloon by the billions). We may even see an innovation that helps us detach from our physical gadgets while still remaining “wired.” Will our entire identities soon be stored on the cloud?

7. Taking it to the polls: Rocking the vote?
With a U.S. presidential election year falling during Jupiter’s tour of Virgo, we could be due for another “Rock the Vote” era of grassroots change and socially-aware constituents (interestingly, the splashy Rock the Vote campaign was founded in 1990, while Jupiter was in Leo).

Jupiter in Virgo will demand integrity and follow-through from any politician who hopes to make it through the rounds of debates and primaries. If we’re lucky, Jupiter in Virgo may also help to inspire record voter turnout before it leaves in September 2016.

8. Health, science and fitness industries soar.
Virgo is the ruler of health and science, so new trends in medical care and the wellness industry could arise. Buying “local and sustainable” could become more of a mainstream trend, as consumers become ever more savvy in their research about food and product safety. We may see amazing advancements in medicine, too—for example, technology that allows doctors to predict and prevent brain diseases (such as dementia) long before they reach their full-blown state.

Artificial intelligence, robots and other innovations that once seemed like grist for a sci-fi movie could become integrated into our daily lives. Geneticists are even working to bring back extinct species, such as the carrier pigeon, which died out in 1914.

9. Coaching and “how-to” businesses thrive.
Coaches and consultants might also experience a heyday, as Virgo’s perfectionism has us all in self-analysis overdrive. Analytical Virgo doesn’t skimp on the details, so people will be hungry for advice on improving their practical skills: budgeting, dressing, decorating, parenting. If you’re an expert, look for ways you can package your knowledge as helpful advice.

Jupiter rules publishing and broadcasting, so consider marketing your unique skills through a YouTube video series, a “helpful tips” podcast or a how-to ebook. For best results, focus on simplifying a difficult process or giving people basic instructions. Jobs in the service sector will also grow, since Virgo is the ruler of service. Everyone, pitch in now…

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Into the final prep for your first time at Burning Man? Look no further than our total guide to life on the Playa…Words and illustrations: Dani Katz. Photography: Soul on Fire series by Victor Habchy via Behance.net

SOUL on fire burning man series by victor habchy featured on the numinous

You’ve been wanting to go for years. Your biggest regret is not having gone back in ‘97, when those two surfer dudes offered you a free ticket and a ride in their VW bus. You almost went in 2003, but ended up at an Iyengar retreat on Maui instead. Whatever. No one cares. You’re a newbie, a Playa virgin, and you’re (finally) heading to Black Rock City to party like a fifth dimensional rock star, and see what all the fuss is about. And you only kinda, sorta know what you’re doing.

Not to worry, dear Burner-to-Be. I am a seasoned Playa veteran, and I have some tips for you:

While paying to crash at an established camp with showers and a meal plan and maybe even hot Tantric hookers seems to be all the rage these days, if this is your first Burn, please, please, please resist the urge to go the princess route. Burning Man isn’t just a ritual, it is an initiation, and there is something to be said for driving yourself to Gerlach with a carful of water, kale chips and camping gear, and finding yourself a spot. Hammering rebar into the hard desert earth, pitching your tent, and fashioning your shade structure. Spending the week getting dirty and staying dirty, and being responsible for keeping your nest clean and safe and welcoming.

It’s grounding, the act of making/maintaining your own camp, and it connects you to the Playa and to the festival in ways you’ll otherwise miss if you pay someone else to do it for you. Radical self-reliance (a foundational Burning Man tenet) doesn’t actually mean: Pay people to do shit you can’t be bothered to do yourself. Just sayin’…

For starters, Burning Man is a gifting economy, so be sure to bring offerings for your fellow Burners – the heartfelt kind that make people smile, and laugh, and feel delightful. Gifts are a great way to break the ice with strangers, as well as to seed the Playa with your energy. So, make sure your offerings are thoughtful, and high-vibing –handmade key chains, gluten-free hash brownies, extemporaneous odes to noteworthy brow arches – that sort of thing.

burning man illustration by dani katz featured on the numinous

The desert has an unquenchable lust for moisture, and thus spends her time sucking every possible drop out of your system. Dehydration can sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention, and slurping steadily. Plus, you have to factor in the toll the drugs and the alcohol are taking on your system, as well as the exertion from so many cross-town bike rides. Commit yourself to following the cardinal rule of hydration: if you’re not peeing A LOT, you’re not drinking enough. Period.

And lock it – even if you think you’re only darting into Center Camp for a quick chai. Time isn’t ever linear, but it’s especially un-so at Burning Man, where fourth dimensional synchronicities trump your iCal…and some people just suck. Oh, and be sure to put something glowy and instantly recognizable on it so that you can find it in the dark, while tripping your face off.

Literally. Take pride in helping to keep the Port-a-Potties clean, and don’t throw shit down the hole that didn’t come out of your body, or isn’t toilet paper. If you sprinkle and splatter, clean it up. Don’t squat on the seat with your Playa filthy shoes and not wipe it down after. Think of the person stepping in after you. Are you leaving the port-a-pottie cleaner than you found it? If not, what can you do to tidy up? This is your festival, Black Rock City is your town. Show some pride. Participate in its maintenance. Lead by example.

soul on fire burning man series by victor habchy featured on the numinous

Carry a bag with you at all times. Put these things in it:

Lip balm (with sunscreen)
Aromatherapy spray (You. Are. Welcome.)
Offerings for others
A ziploc bag for trash
Enough drugs to share with those in your immediate vicinity
Scarf or hankerchief

Prepare for Playa dust. It is everywhere and unavoidable, and will turn anything and everything white, including your hair and your car. This is what the goggles and the scarf/hankie are for – to cover your face during those impromptu dust storms that blind you in an instant. It is also why you must tie down everything in your that could possibly blow away. It is your responsibility to keep the Playa pristine. It is your responsibility to keep your fellow Burners safe from flying water bottles and feather boas.

Nights get cold. Wear layers. And shoes you can easily/comfortably dance/ride/leap/skip/run/dance/dance/dance in.

burning man illustration by dani katz featured on the numinous

Don’t even try to brush your hair. It will dread, and be disgusting. Sunscreen is your friend, as are wide-brimmed hats and daytime sleeves. I know plenty of gals like to go the naked/lingerie-clad route, and that’s just dandy, but do be mindful of the intensity of the sunlight on your skin, and take the necessary precautions.

Slather your feet in Dr. Bronners every morning to stave off the dreaded Playa Foot, and don’t even think about walking barefoot on the earth. Playa Foot is essentially a chemical burn caused by the very alkaline dust that comprises the hard, crackly desert floor. It hurts, and is gross; and you, my friend, want nothing to do with it. Trust me.

Bring biodegradable baby wipes with which to bathe yourself. Use them daily. Share them freely. Bring more than you think you need. Abundance rocks.

Even if you’re sure he’s your soul mate (or at the very least your twin flame) and every cell in your body is screaming Put it in!!!, you are still wise to avoid penetration during the festival. Even if you’re sharing a tent with your husband, and you’re both totally in the mood, you’ll still probably want to avoid penetration, because Playa dust mixed with sex goo is just straight up gross. Stick with foreplay. Plus, it’ll make the sex you have once you’re back in civilization all the better.

soul on fire burning man series by victor habchy featured on The Numinous


Spend some quality time with The Man, The Temple, and the art. Traditionally, we give The Man those energies, patterns and thought forms we are ready to release. Keep this in mind while paying him a visit. Carve out some time to acknowledge the things, people and energies that are no longer serving you, and offer them up; that’s what he’s there for. The Temple is a deeply mystical, feminine structure in which we honor our friends, colleagues and loved ones who have passed on from this realm. Do participate in these rituals. They are real. They are meaningful. They are the energetic architecture of the entire Burning Man experience. And the art? Well, the art is just rad. I mean, where else can you engage (i.e. poke, lick, caress, climb) a giant, flaming animatronic snake skeleton underneath a starry, full moon-lit sky?

Watch your judgments. Look at your contractions. Commit to assuming the best and focusing on the wonderful. Your every thought, gesture and comment absolutely shape the collective experience. So be your best. Radiate that stuff far and wide.

burning man illustration by dan i katz featured on the numinous

As long as we’re on the topic, if you happen to be going to Burning Man with your lover, do not stay glued together at the hip the whole time. Make proper Playa dates instead. Also, create clear agreements as to what sort of extra-relational canoodling is fair game. Arm yourself with emotional/relational tools to deal with what comes up. Jealousy happens, but it certainly doesn’t have to ruin your Burn.

Be sure to have some solo adventures – this will open you to experiences you might not otherwise attract/brave in an insulated communal cluster. Wander into the deep Playa by yourself. As well, take some quiet time to yourself each day. Allow yourself to receive and to integrate the magic you are co-creating. Rest. Replenish. Nourish.

Finally, remember that what makes Burning Man so amazing is that it is a safe and expansive playground in which you get to be you. Your favorite you. Your most open, authentic, real-deal you. Remember that this is who you really are – always – and that you don’t need to wait for a week-long freak fest in the desert to be it. So commit take this you home with you, and amplify it out into the world where it inspires others to be their own best, most authentic thems, as well. In the name of planetary service ‘n all.

I think that about covers it. Godspeed, my friend. Here’s to your best Burn ever!

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