I’m taking a Numinous sabbatical, to recharge my creative batteries—and also to review, refresh, and rethink what this platform stands for. Here are 7 reasons why …

Ruby Warrington Numinous sabbatical 2019

As of 7/7/19 I’m on a Numinous sabbatical—the dictionary definition for which is: “a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher or other worker for study or travel, traditionally one year for every seven years worked.”

Okay, I’m not a university teacher … but The Numinous is a place of learning. I’m not being paid to take this break … but this time-out is partly so I can focus on creating financial stability in my life. There will be travel, and there will be study. And while this platform was created seven years ago, I don’t yet know how long this sabbatical will last. Two months minimum … and maybe (although probably not) even as long as a year.

This means I am taking a break from updating the site, posting on Instagram, sending out newsletters, and producing The Now Age podcast. It also means no weekly horoscopes, Tarotscopes, and astro mantras from us. And since (hello, eclipse season!) this is coming somewhat out of the blue, I figured I would share my reasons for this below (all of which, coincidentally, begin with the letter M):


1. Mercury Retrograde
Because what better time to take a step back and review, rethink, and refresh what The Numinous stands for, and the content I want to use this platform to contribute. For one more mother*cking time: MERCURY RETROGRADE is not anything to fear. In an always-on, progress-obsessed society, it is an invitation into a very necessary moment of pause, to reflect, refuel, and regroup. Join me?

2. Mission Accomplished
When the idea for The Numinous lit a fire in my belly in 2011, it was because I wanted to make astrology, the Tarot, and other mystical practices more accessible to the masses. I was also pissed that people who “believed” in these ancient human technologies were routinely ridiculed and written off as deluded. So, I made it my mission to make it cool + smart #af to introduce yourself as “Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, Sag Rising.” Back then, all we had was Susan Miller and the Astro Twins. Fast forward to 2019, and the New York Times is writing articles about venture capital eyeing “big astrology” as the next boom industry. I’m like, job done: so, what next?

3. Meme Accounts
And also, a lot of the astrology content that has sprung up to feed the rampant appetite of a freshly mysicisized public, makes me die a little bit inside. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good astro meme as much as the next narcissistic human looking for a quick hit of validation or “feeling seen.” AND a lot of this content reinforces really unhelpful stereotypes (something, hands up, that this platform has also been guilty of). But what the world does not need right now is more and more lowest-common-denominator astro content. It might get the most “likes,” and for a while I got sucked into playing the numbers game (ahhh, loving the irony that I’m “quitting” IG the week I hit 100K followers)—but it’s not doing perceptions of the practice any favors. My goal for The Numinous has evolved from wanting to help popularize astrology, to wanting to help people use it as a tool for REAL emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. This is why I made The Numinous Astro Deck.

4. Making it Sustainable
I’ve never really felt “okay” about businesses (mine included) relying on unpaid interns (which I have had to at times), but I realized recently that creating and maintaining a FREE weekly content platform has been like interning for myself the past seven years. Yes, The Numinous has brought me tons of “experience” and “contacts,” which in turn have led to me getting book deals, events, retreats, and other bits and pieces of income over the years. But most of what I earn “on the side” goes back into maintaining this platform, which is just not sustainable. I want to write more books. I want to do more book doula work. I want to volunteer for organizations and causes that I care about. I want to craft and lead more life-changing IRL experiences. And to do all of this, I need to reclaim the roughly 70% of my unpaid time and creative juice that currently goes into … The Numinous.

Ruby Warrington Numinous sabbatical 2019

5. Mental Health
“Burnout” became an official “syndrome,” as recognized by the World Health Organization, on May 28 this year. Symptoms include: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativity or cynicism related to one’s job; and reduced professional efficacy. Um, this is me, me, and me. Looking at the work-life culture that social media + the gig-economy has created, no wonder it is also us, us, and us.

6. My Big Mission
I recently wrote another book, Sober Curious, about how the past seven years have also been the backdrop to a total 180 in my relationship to alcohol, to the point I no longer drink or have any desire to drink. I did this by bringing a questioning, beginner’s mind to all my interactions with booze, a process I called getting “Sober Curious.” Coupled with the emotional + spiritual healing I’ve experienced from embracing all things Numinous, the result is that I no longer “need” alcohol to either numb out, or fake feeling more confident. As I write this, the term “sober curious” is snowballing into what is becoming a global trend, and when I pitched the book, I knew it would reach a wayyyy wider demographic Material Girl, Mystical World. I also hoped this would make it a vehicle for mysicisizing wayyy more people—and in doing so, help normalize the many different paths to mental, emotional + spiritual wellbeing. Which is happening, and which is something I need and want to focus on more fully for now.

7. Marianne
As in, Marianne Williamson’s 2020 Presidential bid. Were you as mad as me at the media reaction to her appearance in the Miami democratic debates? Instead of reporting on any of the very intelligent points she made (not least the one about the current president not winning in 2016 on policy points, but on emotion—by harnessing FEAR for political gain), we got a good old #witchhunt, with Marianne and her work being being belittled and branded a laughing stock. UGH. My blood boiled! Maybe job of making the mystical mainstream not quite so done after all. Over the past year, I’ve committed more and more to talking about how we can look beyond our personal healing paths to ways we can help heal the world, with my interviews for The Now Age podcast in particular. Marianne has being doing this her whole career, from creating soup kitchens for HIV patients in the 1990s, to more recently enacting mass apologies for institutionalized racism in the US.

Why is her bid another reason for my Numinous sabbatical? Because 2020 is gonna be a s*it-show of opinions and fear-mongering, and never has Marianne’s mission to activate love, compassion, and, above all, HOPE, in the face of this been more important. I want to ensure that whatever I put out there contributes to this, whether or not she lands a candidacy—and, again, I need a break from churning out endless content to feed Mark Zukerburg’s algorithm to focus on how to do this.


So there you have it, my reasons for my Numinous sabbatical. Whether you’ve been a reader from the beginning, or are brand new, thank you for being here. I hope our work has been of benefit to you—and that you, too, are feeling ready to pay any healing and transformations you’ve experienced as a result of your own mystical explorations forward in 2020 and beyond. See you on the other side!

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The 2019 Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse is a chance to press reset on old emotional patterns, by bringing the light of awareness, says Sandy Sitron

Purple sky cancer new moon solar eclipse the numinous sandy sitron
Photo: Caique Silva

New Moon Solar Eclipse // July 2 2019 // 3:16pm ET // 10 degrees Cancer

Deep below the surface of the water, tiny fins catch the light. A school of fish darts through a coral reef. Instinct guides their synchronized moves. Tuesday’s Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse at might amplify your instinctual reactions as well. Emotions zigzag the same way the fish change directions. Do you know how to swim with your emotions?

Cancer is the sign of emotional intelligence and nurturance. A new moon solar eclipse is a chance to reset. A new pattern is forming around how you deal with your feelings, how you know that you are loved, how you relate to your family, and how you feel at home.

This is a moment to clear the residue and begin a new pattern. It is time to rewrite your reactions.

To do this, you need to shine conscious light on deeply subconscious patterns. But the fish are down near the ocean floor. The Sun is dark, blocked by the shadow of the Moon. The Moon is also dark, too close to the Sun to reflect light. So where do you find consciousness? How do you see what is really going on?

Know that the waters are choppy. Emotions are flowing, and ties to the past, instinct and gut reactions may be forming a rip-tide. You may feel as if you are being pulled into an ancient and familiar dance. But if you pay attention, you can interrupt the pattern. Do this by naming your emotions one by one as they flicker by. You can breathe into them. You can explore them with words. 

This Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse can break up the old dance. Your words and your breath and your attention can change the patterns. A square between Mercury and Uranus brings insight and surprises. Open up to unexpected solutions. Things really are changing, even if it feels like you are circling back to the past. This current moment is brand new, and it’s filled with potential. You could be the lone fish that jets off in a brand new direction.

Whatever you do, don’t try to get out of the water. If you avoid your feelings, your little fins will dry out. Just try to be an observer. Try to be the fish that’s swimming instinctively, as well as the person who is watching the fish swim. Think about what you are feeling and what you need. What do the other people around you feel and need?

Narrate your feelings and notice how these feelings loop in a pattern, probably connecting back to childhood. When was the first time you felt this feeling? Where is it located in your body?

Stay with the feelings even when it feels overwhelming. Do it by becoming the mom and dad to your sweet inner-child. Give yourself a hug and a kind word. Slather on the support you always needed. Show up for yourself now and this will become a pattern that repeats throughout the year.


Sun and Moon conjunct North Node and opposite Saturn
Walking through wet sand.

At this time you are keen to make a path in the sand and move forward. But it feels like you’re getting pulled back toward the past. Can you really move forward when you are sinking? 

An eclipse happens with the Sun and Moon get very close to the Nodal axis, as they are now. An eclipse helps you reset patterns. At any moment the ocean waves will come through and wash away your tracks. 

Throw Saturn in the mix and the desire to succeed becomes serious.  This eclipse is a conflicting combination of trying to make progress, feeling like you are pulled toward the past, while all the while starting over. 


Sun and Moon trine Neptune
A seashell forms a spiral.

Seashells and spiral shaped plants, weather patterns and spiral shaped galaxies. All of them connected in form. You can change your perspective and realize that you are connected to everything. Nothing is better or worse. Everything is made up of the same stuff.


Sun and Moon sextile Uranus
Mushroom releases spores into the wind.

The less you try to anticipate or control, the more productive you’ll be. Find a gust of wind and follow it. The surprises that come your way have a lot to offer you. Assume that the current is taking you to new places. 


In our Numinous Tarotscopes for July 2019, Bess Matassa shares the card for your sign with both an audio and a written reading. What’s in the cards for you this month?

Numinous Tarotscopes summer illustration The Numinous Prince Lauder


Where is the love? This seemingly simple question carries us through the watery astro energies of July, as we open up to all heart-shaped forms of human connection.

Forget your definitions of “true” love. Forgo your carefully constructed definitions of “healthy” and “toxic” when it comes to relationships. The 3 of Cups asks us to simply let the heart want what it wants, for as long as it lasts. Ruled by shape-shifter Mercury in the emo sign of Cancer, this card calls for subtle adjustments to how we relate. Maybe this means stepping away from swiping left to spend more time in solitude. Maybe it means catching a stranger’s gaze on the street and holding it steady. Or maybe it’s a raucous night with your soul family, swapping stories til dawn, content to feel truly seen.

Connected to the energy of the Empress, the Tarot’s 3 cards herald an unstoppable unfolding, moving us past shame and into the sensual aliveness of what just feels good to touch and taste. This July, there are as many shades and flavors of love as there are lovers to feel it.

Read on for the card, mantra, and cosmic audio reading for your sign …



“I’m hungry like the crab and I’m ready to ride the tide.”

After June’s invitations to step out from the crowd, you’re entering July ready to thrust the force of your feelings into the world without regret. Consider the inevitable momentum that’s building in some area of your life right now. Feel the push of your hips. The tensing of your muscles in eager anticipation. Ruled by mojo-driven Mars in the sparky sign of Aries, the 2 of Wands message is clean, clear, and directional. What’s appearing on the horizon like a delicious target? With a pair of potent Eclipses along your personal astro axis this month, there’s an all-or-nothing energy available to you, as you awaken your inner huntress and bee-line towards your next meal. Trust that the world is truly your oyster bar, and that if you’re hungry for it, it’s high time to reach out and grab it.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Standing my ground feels like second skin.”

Dig in Leo. Widen your legs and arms and embrace this as your land. After June’s invitations to pair your fire with earth, there’s a deeply settled quality to July. The Emperor wants us to claim our right to be here with naturalness and ease. To walk this earth like our incarnations were not accidental. What turf do you feel like you don’t even have to claim? This could be a literal space, or an energetic domain that you just organically possess. With Mercury retrograde rolling through your sign and the Cancer Sun igniting your arena of soul security, you’re being asked to look past external accolades and consider where you simply feel safe in your own skin. Surround yourself with the people and projects that feel like your natural element. Moving through your life should be as easy breezy as breathing.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Saying I’ve had enough creates more serenity.”

After June’s subtle shifts in consciousness, you’re poised to break major patterns in July, and this starts by laying down your weapons, Virgo. Where have you quite literally had “enough?” The 10 of Wands is the saturation point of fire. The level we hit with taking action where we just “can’t even” anymore. What if this prospect could feel like the aftermath of a really incredible orgasm, rather than a failure? You’ve reached the pinnacle. You’ve sweated it out. And now you get to lie back in your bed and bask. With the futuristic area of your chart activated by this month’s astro energies, you’re ready to roll differently, without your sometimes endless need to tweak and refine. Consider where you might be able to mine support and let someone else clean the dishes. Let the sense of enoughness taste like polishing off a completely satisfying meal. Lick your chops and curl up to sleep.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.


LIBRA OR LIBRA RISING: 2 of Pentacles Rx

“When I move towards what’s blooming, the rest falls away.”

June dropped you into the driver’s seat, Libra, asking you to take greater ownership over your decision-making and release from the steely grip of others’ agendas. And July invites you to make good on the promise of your own prerogative, starting to step out into the world towards the lush greenery that’s begging for your attention. The 2 of Pentacles can sometimes feel like a little death, as we’re invited to release and refocus, letting what we can’t carry any more slip away from our hands. But rather than mourn the loss of whatever’s receding, how can you bring your full gaze to what’s blooming, Libra? Put on your horse blinders and turn down the noise. Zoom in to what’s pushing through the soil. With Cancer Season energies activating the most public part of your chart, there’s no messing around right now, sweet one. Consider every move you make to be a part of your emerging legacy, and select bold choices you’d be willing to back as a permanent part of your bio.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Ready or not, I’m ready to unleash it.”

June awakened the exuberance of your fire, Scorpio, asking you to embrace your strut and let your whole life feel looser and more libidinous. With the King of Wands guiding you into July, there’s a rallying cry energy that’s lighting up your cells and asking you to take this libido to the next level. Drop the analysis. Release the maybes. Take a moment to remember a time when you “just did it.” Maybe it was an emergency where you had to rise to the occasion. Or a delicious risk that you bungee-jumped into just for the sheer joyousness. That energy is available to you right now in some area of your life. This month’s watery Cancer vibes want to return you to the sweetness inside of your feeling force. Even in the midst of catharsis, there is a seed of creation, Scorpio. Let whatever wants to come up and out unleash itself on your world, reshaping the landscape and reaffirming your very right to feel alive.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Life gets wilder when I loosen my grip.”

You’ve been moving through some watery energies this year, Sag, learning to love up on your lovability, and spend time in the inner sanctum of your heart without having to constantly chase the next fire. And after June’s call to more deeply consider where you’re putting your passions, July invites you to get low to the ground, content to let the Sun rise and fall of its own accord. This means release, Sag. This means actually believing in the magic and mystery you so often feel in the moments of formlessness when you drop the agenda and let yourself fly. The Wheel of Fortune is a roll and a turn. It’s an act of profound faith when we say yes to letting our lives simply unfold without us having to stick our fingers in the spokes. With this month’s astro energies crowding your underground house of intimacy and intensity, you’re refining your relationship to control. Where could you shift into autopilot right now, Sag? Drop the urge to pedal and roll down the windows instead.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Dropping into the flow helps me build new forms.”

June’s magic was major, Capricorn, as you learned to harness what was here and greet all kinds of weather with glee. After embracing your own brand of witchery, July’s invitation asks you to take this confidence in your crafting ability and carry it into a deeper kind of self-study. In the reversed position, the Knight of Swords sinks us beneath the buzz of the endlessly actionable head, and into subtler rhythms. You’re often given to divining how to insert yourself into existing structures, figuring out how you “fit” and rising to meet the role. But how could you let the inner actually shape the outer right now, Cappy? With Cancer energies activating your relationship axis, you’re recalibrating between form and flow, letting your sensitivities take the lead and take up some space. Rather than carefully constructing your sand castle, grain by grain, let your emo waters shape the shoreline, remembering that your own life answers to your very own call.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Deconstruction seeds the next creation.”

June found you diving into a pool of “me-first” medicine, as you learned to carefully interweave your capacity for contribution with closer attention to your own, sweet cravings. As July dawns, you’re asked to dig underneath the set agenda and trace the origins of your beliefs, embracing the credo that ‘the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.’ Connected to the sign of Taurus, the Hierophant is about claiming the right to our embodied beliefs, swapping book learning for the hard-earned personal philosophy of the open road. Where could you dive back into the fray, Aquarius? Where do you no longer need to be the careful teacher, keeping it all together? It’s a month to get messy and let yourself remain thoroughly in process, sidling up to the spontaneous awakenings that occur through street smarts. As the current astrological energies crowd your house of undoing the laces, it’s time to freshen up your copy books and apprentice yourself to whatever lesson is here.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Pushing past comfort awakens unexpected courage.”

June served up the stuff that dreams are made of, as you practiced focusing in on a distant vision and incubating it with tenderness. And now July’s energy is dropping you into open waters and teaching you how to swim. Before this sends you clamoring for a life jacket, take a moment to congratulate yourself on all your courage. Whether it’s a microscopic act of mojo or a triumphal marathon finish, something is coming to its glorious conclusion right now. The Chariot asks us to break out the banners and the bubbly water. But after the cup-runneth-over celebration, it’s time to push further, Pisces. Not out of a sense of “never enough,” but borne from the reality that as long as you live and breathe, your very cells are evolving. With cosmic energies dancing through your zone of exposure, where can you soften the fear that you won’t be able to sustain your shine? Challenge your concept of the success/failure binary and just choose the high dive that gets your blood pumping, Pisces. Push it, Pisces. Push it real good.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Getting back to the basics feels boldly beautiful.”

In the words of country crooner Waylon Jennings, “maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love,” Aries. After June’s invitation to befriend your whole feelings fam, you may find yourself spent, broken open and tender from the compassionate sensation that you deserve all the sweetness. July’s energy is here to wash you onto shore, blending all those soft feels with your original strength. The Aces are beautiful packages of their element, tied up with a bow and ready for opening. And in the Wands suit you’re being re-gifted your fire, Aries. What is returning to you right now? This could be a literal passion from the past that you’ve recently recovered, or a far more esoteric sense of knowing exactly what you have that can never be stolen. As Cancer Season energies activate the root system of your chart, you’re asked to lay down the welcome mat and invite yourself on home.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“Choosing what to absorb helps me find my center.”

If you dipped into last month’s Page of Cups energy, Taurus, you were able to soften the hard edges, remembering that you have the right to love again, even in the face of hurt. On the surface, July’s energy feels quite distinctive, as the 4 of Pentacles asks you to weather-proof your windows, creating energetic and emotional boundaries. But this exercise in hunkering down and drawing in isn’t about shutting anything out or playing it “safe.” Instead, it’s an opportunity to build integrity, noticing where energy leaks are leaving you spent, and sticking your skin back to your very bones. What is your center, Taurus? Maybe it’s an embodied practice of sweating it out to a thumping beat. Or an imagistic anchor that you use to focus when you’ve lost your bearings. With the current astro energies inundating your hard-packed earthy shores with water energy, you’re asked to consider exactly what you’re choosing to soak up.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.



“When I slip out of the spin, I slide into sweetness.”

Your birthday month of June invited you to loosen your hard concepts about love and widen your capacity for compassionate coupling, Gemstone. And as you step into July, you’re asked to build on this sense of renovated connection, as you explore how your partnerships and patterns of relating reflect exactly what you think about yourself. The 5 of Swords can send us into a bit of a spin, as we search for a “hit” from a situation that somehow always makes us feel “less than.” This is your opportunity to boldly interrupt that narrative, Gemini. You know exactly where this energy lives, whether it’s a person you keep expecting to treat you differently, or an internal storyline that shrinks you. You don’t need to strong arm yourself into immediate change, but just know that the 5s offer you the friction that makes evolution possible. With the current astro energies activating your house of worthiness, the time is ripe for using all that pressure to cut yourself into a brand new diamond.

Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.


Our Numinous Weekly Horoscopes from Sandy Sitron have a reading + cosmic symbol for your sign. Read for your Sun and Rising signs to get the full picture …

Numinous Weekly Horoscopes July 1 2019 Sandy Sitron
Photo: Irina Iriser

Cancer or Cancer Rising
Try to zero in on what really matters. All sorts of thoughts, feelings and emotions may be flying. Give yourself the truth you need to hear. If it’s difficult to access the truth, try a new approach. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself circle aimlessly. Zoom straight into the heart of what is important to you now. The result will be clarity and alignment.

Leo or Leo Rising
Holding onto a balloon and floating away.
You don’t have to work so hard. You don’t have to push yourself. Let yourself be carried. What would it feel like to stop straining and clawing? What if you could trust that your throne is secure? Did you ever learn to go with the flow? Teach yourself now. Trust yourself and find the current that can carry you toward your dreams.

Virgo or Virgo Rising
Expertly playing a piano.
Years of practice have added up. You are finding your groove. Now where will you take your craft? Often we feel was if there is so much more to learn, so much more to refine. Let go of perfection and bring your ideas, talents and skills to a larger audience. Allow yourself to feel inspired by other peoples’ input. It’s time to go public.

Libra or Libra Rising
You’re a jockey riding a racehorse.
After being pelted with wind and mud, you may feel like giving up. Instead, get into the sport of what you are doing in your career. You’re in the homestretch and the rules of the race may change before it’s finished. So keep riding and let yourself be surprised by the outcome. You can’t control everything, but you can choose a lane and stay on track.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising
Working on a Rubik’s cube.
You know how to dedicate yourself to something. Stay engaged. Keep chipping away at the issue even if you’re not sure how committed you feel. The most important thing is that you feel aligned with your values. If you do, you’ll find the stamina that you need. If you don’t, make minor adjustments.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising
Geese fly in a V-shape.
The thing to remember is that you are never alone. Start trusting that you are included. You don’t have to prove anything. Maybe it’s true that you’ve been denied or let down in the past. But right now you have a chance to start over emotionally and heal. It will take a load off your mind to trust your place in the world.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising
Sleeping in a cloud.
“A cloud” symbolizes water (emotion) that is held up in air (communication). “Sleeping” symbolically represents relaxation and restoration. This week the energy shows up in your relationship area. In relationship you need to relax so that you can find the right words to express your emotions. This communication will help you start fresh.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising
Making a collage.
You can fit the pieces together. Take a surprising new approach as you plan your day. It’s time to change things up when it comes to your daily chores, tasks, productivity and health. Add in new and unlikely elements to your schedule so that you create a whole new vision for your life. The magic is in the details.

Pisces or Pisces Rising
Playing in the sand.
It’s time to get messy and make masterful creations. This isn’t about perfection, the water will come and wash it all away. This is about being spontaneous. Being led by fun. Being instinctive. Begin to play and be surprised by your results. Take this approach with any issue you’re having, or in any area of life.

Aries or Aries Rising
A motorboat bounces against the waves.
Speed will help you get over and around any emotional swells. You may feel rather slow and sluggish. Do something quickly to snap yourself out of it. Once you’ve remembered how spontaneous you can be, you can return to your emotions and sit with them. Be very tender and gentle with yourself.

Taurus or Taurus Rising
A hamster in a wheel.
Your mind is racing. Make sure it’s gong somewhere. You can spin in circles or you can engage mentally in a way that feels curious, inspiring and invigorating. Mindfulness is key. Meditate to practice awareness. Follow your curiosity in a way that feels engaging instead of compulsive. And most of all, connect with friends.

Gemini or Gemini Rising
Gazing out over your vast empire.
Do you feel connected with what you are building? Find creative way to assess your resources and remember your successes. They are there. You do have them. Knowing that you have them will support you mentally. Connect to nature and get grounded. When you feel grounded and resourceful your self-worth amplifies.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.