Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot

Numinous Tarotscopes July 2017 Lindsay Mack Wild Soul Healing

The Moon Rx

The emotional waves run deep for you this month, Cancer. Between this card, and the already powerful frequencies of the upcoming eclipses in August, you are going to be diving into some very potent places during this particular cycle of your life. Trust every moment of it. It’s here to help you release what no longer serves your highest expansion. It’s also here to help you trust yourself more intimately, and to know that there’s nothing to fear from the dark, the power of our inner waves. There are some beautiful treasures under these waves for you, Cancer.

The key will be to bravely explore them without fearing that you will drown or lose yourself. In fact, the more you surrender to the waves, the more you’ll heal, expand and discover. The Moon card, even without the reversal, is one of the most advanced and profoundly immersive cards in the whole Tarot. Ruled by Pisces, it is the card that beckons us to travel out to the deep sea of our being, far past the shores of our comfort zones. It calls for us to swim below the waves of our ego, into the shadow of our subconscious. This card is aiming to teach you how to traverse the darkness with ease and grace, Cancer, floating with whatever arises.

The reversal of The Moon card contains an even more powerful medicine, because you may very well be moving through some big brain chemistry on top of the already intense frequencies. If that’s the case, it’s all good. There is no thing to fear; you were literally born for these experiences. Embrace the void this month and hang out with whatever arises for you. Move from the mind to the third eye, focus on dreaming, floating, surfing, rather than resisting. Jump right in and explore.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Nine of Swords

Imagine for a moment, Leo, a child waking up from a nightmare, or seeing a shadowy figure in their bedroom at night, believing it to be a monster. What is the only way to definitively prove that it’s a pile of laundry, instead of a monster? Light. We have to see to know. We can flick on a lamp, shine a flashlight over it, any source will do.

This is the empowering invitation of Nine of Swords for you, Leo—if you find yourself deep in any kind of fear fantasy, anxiety or waking nightmare this month, flick the proverbial light on. Don’t ignore it, or push it away. Don’t stay frozen in terror, your hands over your eyes. Practice inquiry, take deep breaths, and look deeply at the root of the fear. The only way to absolutely know the truth when the brain is inviting us into anxiety is to look directly at whatever the core fear is. If it’s a monster, we can deal with it. If it’s not a monster, we are relieved of the panic. Same goes for how we shake ourselves out of the webs of a nightmare.

A glass of water, a cup of tea and some deep breaths can be genuinely transformative to our nervous systems in moments like that, helping us to relax into truth again. We need to turn the light on to do this. Looking at facts, moving our bodies, asking questions, and emphasizing self care are all deeply potent ways to shift our inner landscape, making fear our ally, rather than something that paralyzes us. This is going to be a deeply important practice for you this month, Leo, because you get to clear away any big fears that have been holding you back from expanding. Be brave, turn on the light and look at the truth.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

The Lovers

This is a juicy month for you, Virgo! Things are flowing and grooving in a really lovely way, and I recommend embracing the energy wholeheartedly. You are starting to receive what you’ve wished for in a very tangible way, all because you’ve done such deep work on receiving over the last several months. The Lovers card has everything to do with this idea of receptivity and gifts. It’s invitation to you will be to trust the beauty and loveliness that surrounds you—it is, after all, a mirror for you.

What this means, Virgo, is that anything in your external world is a match for your internal world. Anything magnificent that you see, from the face of your lover to a beautiful sunset, is an aspect of yourself, one that you’ve forgotten belongs to you. The work for you this month will be to remember and reclaim the power of that truth. The Lovers is ruled by Gemini, and when it arises in a reading, it’s an invitation to love ourselves, and to see everything that surrounds us externally as a mirror for our internal life.

This card can be quite powerful, especially when something magnificent comes into our field, and we are forced to consider that the kind of light and beauty we are gazing upon exists somewhere in us. The Lovers is a great teacher, helping us to receive a level of love and truth that might even feel a bit uncomfortable in moments. If you are willing to embrace this idea, Virgo, it will be wildly transformative to your ideas of who you are, how beautiful you are, and how much you deserve love. If you are believing something that’s not a true reflection of your being, this card will come in and change that. Open your heart, open your eyes, and see what you can learn about yourself this month.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Five of Crystals, Rx

The skies are parting, sweet Libra. Once stormy and gray, they are making room for the sun to shine through. Whatever cycle of victimhood, heartbreak, or pain you’ve been moving through as of late is coming to a gentle close this month, liberating you to live your life from a place of trust, joy and abundance. In other words, things are going to start moving—finally! July is going to be a deeply powerful month for your inner life, and may very well shower you with tangible blessings. In other words, life is starting to unfold in the best possible ways, so prepare yourself for some really lovely expansions this month.

Five of Pentacles is a deep contraction card, one that can arise around money, abundance, forward momentum and victimhood. It can really bring us into a dark place of lack, believing that what we desire and have wished for will never happen or find it’s way to us. The reversal, which you have this month, Libra, is the exact opposite. It is the shift from dark to dawn, the loosening of the intensity of mental discomfort, and the softening of the brain chemistry that can keep us so locked in fear.

The door that was keeping you from leaping forward is now unlocked, so what will you do with it? This is a month to get real with yourself on your dreams. Do you still want what you wished for? Has the dream changed? If your heart now wants something different, or if something unexpected comes into your world, think deeply about it and really get clear on what you want. There’s lots of room for play and movement now, so you might as well refresh yourself on your desires. The path ahead is clear, Libra, just make sure you still want what’s at the end of it.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

King of Wands

July is your month, Scorpio. There is so much power and forward momentum possible for you during this cycle of time, especially in the areas of career, public image, and creativity. King of Wands is a trailblazer, a powerful leader and a passionate being, one who shares his gifts with the world his way—not the expected, typical way. This card is a dharma card in many interesting aspects. King of Wands is an invitation to finally give up the proclivity to do things the way we think they “should” be done, or the way it’s always been done, and do them in the way only we can.

It’s time to take leaps and risks, to show the world what you do—if you are willing to be courageous, it’ll pay off a hundred fold. Ask yourself where this idea resonates for you most. Is it time to quit your job and work for yourself? Is it time to own and honor a truth you’ve been swimming around, afraid to look too deeply at it? Perhaps it’s time to share your art and work with the world in a more public way. Whatever it is, you are ready. All you need is to believe in yourself, which is the deep teaching of this month’s medicine for you.

You have everything you need, Scorpio, your heart guiding the way. Trust that that’s enough. No one is going to tell you when and where; no one will give you permission. You must reach for what you want and know you are worthy, knowing there will be no tangible guarantees. It doesn’t matter. You must take the risks anyway. You have a deep offering for this world, something only you can bring. We need your gifts, so cultivate your courage and start sharing them boldly.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Queen of Wands

You are going to be invited to get better acquainted with your inner witch this month, Sagittarius. You are going to be invited to step more boldly into the fire, passion and sexuality of the Wands, and simultaneously, to swim deeper into the intuitive knowing and sensitivity of the Queens, which are ruled by water. Indeed, the Queen of Wands is considered to be the alchemist of the Court Cards, and the witch of the Tarot. She is ruled by your sign (Sagittarius), and by the elements of Fire and Water.

This is significant, because unless you are making steam, there is no practical or organic way to hold water and flames in your hand at the same time. Queen of Wands can do it, though, because she is a living embodiment of both the passion and the depths, the carnal and the gentle. These two things exist in you, too, Sagittarius, and July will offer you the beautiful opportunity to rebalance those two things within yourself. If you’ve been a bit too hard and hot lately, it would be wise to reach for what cools and softens you. If you’ve felt way too wavy and in the depths, it’ll be wonderful to come back to the flames a bit more.

The Queens in the Tarot are all about the inner landscape, and embodiment, so this month is less about what you are saying and doing and more about how you are living, what you believe yourself to be. It’s time to know you are a Queen, Sagittarius. It’s time to dance in the fire and swim in the waves, as witches do. It is important to reiterate that the thing within you that blends and binds these two elements together is alchemy. If you allow your inner magic to be expanded this month, it will be deeply transformative for you.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


It is time to take a sacred leap into the unknown, Capricorn. You are ready and there is no better time to take a chance. The old ways you have been living and moving through the world are no longer serving you—you have outgrown them. Expansion is your next frontier now, so know that this month is a perfect time to come fully into your light and fully into the next phase of your life.

In truth, I don’t think this card and it’s medicine will come as much of a shock to most of you. You have been ready, waiting, and preparing for this moment for months—doing your work and moving through big cycles of evolution and growth to prepare for this moment. Now it’s here. Everything in the Universe is fully supporting you, so what will you do with this golden moment? The choice is fully yours: ease and grace, or resistance and fear? Being at the edge of the cliff doesn’t mean the work is done for you — you will have to commit and take the leap.

Starseed is The Fool card, and The Fool is where it all begins. It is a leap of faith, one that births us onto a new path, one that is in deeper alignment for us than ever before. This card is both a beginning and an end—a new cycle beginning just as another ends. For this month, it’s all about showing your true self now, Capricorn, not hiding under the shadow of anyone else. It’s been deeply hard won over the last year or so, so let your colors and gifts shine. Show up as only you can. Take the leap and share your gifts with the world.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Six of Cups

This month will contain a powerful mix of emotional experiences for you, Aquarius, which is to be expected from a card like Six of Cups. This card has many colors to it, but mainly speaks of opening the heart to more intimate expression and greater receiving. There is often something to give away in this card, usually of an emotional nature. If you have something to say to someone in your life, it’s incredibly important to share it—even if it feels intense or vulnerable to do so.

If you love someone or feel passionately about someone, let them know it. Drop into the tender openness of a little child, and offer them what’s in your heart. If they receive it, great. If not, it has nothing to do with you. You will have acted from a place of deep vulnerability and courage, and that’s more important than any kind of validation could be. Another way this card is going to be showing up in your world this month is through a sense of nostalgia, partially because there are some big changes on the horizon coming up for you.

Whenever we leave something behind, or undergo a huge shift—internally or externally—the mind scrambles for feelings of safety and familiarity. If you find yourself dreaming of a particular person, of your childhood home, or of a place you’ve walked away from, trust that it’s absolutely appropriate to feel those feelings, letting them move through your whole body. Important to feel them, but to not take it as a sign to go back to whatever you’re longing for. It is only forward from here, sweet Aquarius. The biggest invitation for you this month is to stay close to your heart, to feel the big feelings and say anything that needs to be said, awake and alive in your body.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Four of Swords, Rx

You are coming out of some deep waters this month, Pisces—expect some true joy and lightness during the course of July. Any four in the Tarot is kind of a mini break in whatever suit it arises in—in the Swords, it represents a mental sabbatical. It’s a time when we might be called to step back into ourselves a bit, honoring solitude over socializing. The point of such a break is to clear the mind, releasing mental attachments, and coming back to ourselves whole and rested.

The reversal of the Four of Swords indicates that our time in this seclusion is over. The door is open, the mind is clear, and we are ready to go out into the world again, refreshed and renewed. This may show up for you in a few different ways, Pisces, all relating to wherever you’ve been called to keep an energetic distance as of late. If you’ve had a knowing to get off social media, or to drop back from a more public image, you might truly feel ready to be seen again, and to engage more deeply with others.

Four of Swords Rx may show up in your dating life, or in deep friendships, bringing in new people after a long period of being solitary. However it shows up for you will be beautiful. The only invitation being presented to you is to trust that it’s safe to come out of the little cave. It’s very much akin to taking the cast off of a broken bone that’s just healed. It is wise to move gently and slowly with a freshly healed bone. This is the same as when we come out of any four, especially the Four of Swords. Go gently and slowly, trusting that you are ready for the next step.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

King of Cups

You are being invited to up-level this month, Aries, specifically around the areas of emotional wellness, sacred leadership, and holding space for others. You will be called upon to step forward in these areas this month and beyond, expanding the way in which you show up in the world and how you care for others around you. King of Cups is a wise man with an all-knowing soul. He represents a leader and master, as all Kings in the Tarot do, but specifically in the psychic and emotional realms. He is the holder of space, and the teacher of healers everywhere.

The King of Cups is able to do this because he has learned to hold two experiences at once: his own, and another’s. It is the space we are in when we are truly in alignment with our guides, receiving what is in highest and best for ourselves or another without our own human perceptions bleeding through. King of Cups is a zen master, and has arrived in your cards to invite you to embody his way of moving through life this month, Aries. To be available to learn deeply from this card’s medicine will help you expand through those energetic teachings. Bringing them fully into the world into your own way is what July is all about for you.

Everyone holds space for another person in this life. Some do it for hundreds of thousands, some do it for one. Whether you’re deeply caring for a parent, a child, a patient, or you’re speaking at a conference of 900 people, King of Cups will be by your side, assisting in your channel opening more deeply, and up-leveling you in the way you care for and offer wisdom to others. Trust it, and go on the journey.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Page of Wands

The pages in the book of your life are turning, sweet Taurus. Change is on the horizon, and a new chapter is beginning. It is time for a whole new phase of your life to begin, birthed out of your courage, willingness, and worthiness. Page of Wands carries a dual elementation of Earth and Fire, a perfect match for you this month. When we receive this card, it represents an omen of change, but in a way we’ve never experienced before. The grounding of the fire in Page of Wands creates a beautiful blend, enabling us to be rocketed forward by our passion and desire for something new while being simultaneously rooted by the Earth element.

In other words, Taurus, you are fully completing the karmic lessons of the past and moving forward, renewed and ready for the next steps. Page of Wands is the medicine that will take you there. The kind of change that this card brings is deeply personal, as it represents the readiness to move forward energetically without being tied to the past any longer. It will be important to look deeply at any areas where you need to close a circle or a gap in your life. It could be with a relationship, or another person.

In that case, it will be important to express yourself, write a letter, do a cord cutting, anything that helps you release that person with love. If it’s a way in which you’ve been living your life that no longer resonates for you—poor communication or boundaries, playing small, charging less than what you deserve—do a deep dive on the beliefs underneath those choices, and gently start to rewire them. You are finished with these old patterns, Taurus. As soon as you’ve released them, you’ll be off like a shot.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Three of Cups

You are in your flow this month, Gemini! Three of Cups is the perfect card for your sign, and brings a simple but sweet invitation for the month ahead: enjoy the company of the people around you. Step out of your comfort zone. Collaborate, share, commune and dance with the people you love. It is not the time to be in Hermit mode. Even if you’re feeling solitary or broken-hearted, I promise you will feel nourished by group energy whenever you allow yourself to be a part of it. If you’re short on friends, this is the month to take actionable steps to change that. Join a Moon group, a book club or an improv group—whatever feels good to you.

Also, you are in your zone of genius when you are connecting people together, so instead of joining someone else’s club, why not start your own? These are all things to consider this month as you flow through this beautiful energy. The ideal situation for you would be to create something special with the people around you, something aligned, fun, lovely and nourishing to all. Three of Cups has this kind of collaborative spirit behind it—if you can let yourself have fun and enjoy, it will be an incredibly healing month for you.

The fun of this is what it’s all about, Gemini. Although you have the reputation of being social butterflies, it’s not always the easiest thing for you to loosen up and enjoy your own party. Practice letting go, being a little too vulnerable, laughing a little too loudly, leaping out of your comfort zone a bit. Those who get the honor and privilege of your company will only love you more for it, will only encourage you to laugh even louder and loosen up even more. Play this month, Gemini—it’ll bring lots of love your way.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


What’s worse, a broken healthcare system or the elitist wellness industry? One thing is clear—it’s time for a healthcare revolution, says Ruby Warrington

Seeing these two articles next to each other in my news feed this week really struck a nerve. The wellness industry comes up for yet more criticism and ridicule in a lengthy article in New York magazine … while mainstream America continues to medicate itself to death over conditions that can very often be treated successfully with diet and lifestyle changes.

As reported by PBS Newshour, over 50% of opioid prescriptions go to people with depression and mood disorders—prescriptions which have contributed to the incidence of death from opioid overdose having quadrupled in the USA since 1999. Of the 33,000 who died from opioid overdose in 2015, nearly half involved an opioid prescription.

“We’re handing them out like candy,” says an MD in the PBS piece. Candy, or rather poor diet in general, being another leading contributor to chronic conditions in this country. Heart disease still kills more Americans than any other illness (1 in every 4 deaths). Worldwide, 350 million people now live with diabetes—with 1 in 10 healthcare dollars spent on managing the disease.

All particularly resonant RIGHT NOW, as this was also the week that the American Health Care Act was predicted to raise healthcare premiums for the most at risk populations—in the name of reducing taxes for the wealthiest few.

With this in mind, I can see why it still feels cool to take Amanda Chantal bacon to task for peddling extortionately-priced miracle wellness “dusts.” But beyond the OMG-she’s-peddling-snake-oil witch hunts, Amanda and wellness industry pioneers like her are actually the forerunners in what basically HAS to be a healthcare revolution.

After all, if those increased health insurance premiums are only going to cover yet more prescriptions, isn’t the real “solution” to work on providing alternative “wellness” options to America’s most vulnerable?

Yes, $65 is a lot of money for powdered mushrooms that may or may not make your hair shiner. The fact the Goop Summit in LA last month appeared to be attended exclusively by white women with expensive blonde highlights and time on their hands to get high on vitamin drips also leaves a nasty taste (kinda like Stevia).

These people are not necessarily “at risk” of developing the chronic conditions that keep millions of low-income Americans enslaved to a healthcare system that does not serve them. (Although, let’s also not forget that “depression and mood disorders” tend to be pretty indiscriminate when it comes to the size of your bank balance.)

But rather than waste more time, cynicism, and column inches decrying the “haves” for making choices that, frankly, a lot of us might make if we had the resources—the time is surely NOW to dedicate more of our precious life force energy to figuring out ways to make the conversation about wellness more accessible to all.
After all, if being “well” is all our birthright, then isn’t it also all our responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of the collective? (Yes this includes you, cynical lifestyle editors.)

If you want to get inspired, check out what Numinous contributor Eddie Stern is doing bringing the tools of yoga and meditation to schools. Or my friend Jessica Murnane, on a one-woman mission to get America eating at least one plant-based meal a day.

And The David Lynch Foundation, who have taught transcendental meditation (proven to help with PTSD, for example) to hundreds of thousands of veterans, at risk kids, and women survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. (The part that gets overlooked when they’re “accused” of ripping off rich white people by charging those who can afford it for tuition.)

But you don’t have to be a celebrity or have a million-dollar fund-raising operation to do your part.

On a peer-to-peer level, one reason Alexandra Roxo and I started Moon Club was to make the sisterly emotional support and self-healing tools we had found at moon circles and workshops in NYC and LA available to everybody, regardless of location.

Meanwhile, a lot of our members are also awakening to their own innate desire to work as healers within their local communities, and are using the group to support them as they build their own businesses and side projects to bring this work to life. So beautiful to witness!

Bottom line? Taking responsibility for your own wellbeing, and modeling the positive effects of whatever choices this means you end up making to your own family, friends and colleagues is really where it’s at. To quote Rha Goddess from Monday’s post on spiritpreneurs: “To tip the world, it will take all of us.” Same goes for healing the world, too.


With a pack of planets traveling through the super feely sign of Cancer, emotions are running high right now. The Libra Waxing Quarter Moon asks us to find our center and witness our needs from a place of higher vision, says Jennifer Racioppi Artwork: Seana Gavin

Seana Gavin collage Libra Waxing Quarter Moon The Numinous Jennifer Racioppi

:: Waxing Quarter Moon :: June 30 2017 :: 8:51 pm EST :: 9 degrees Libra  

With the Sun, Mars, and Mercury traveling through the cardinal water sign of Cancer, emotions may get stirred up and complicated during this Libra Waxing Quarter Moon. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, desires safety and security. With a trio of planets passing through this complex sign, emotional needs trump logic right now.

Your job: take note of where insecurity is running the show, and swap immediate needs for a longer-term, higher vision of yourself and your life! 

Since both Mars and Mercury will oppose Pluto—the planet of power and shadows—I encourage you to stay in the place of observation and witness your needs (and insecurities) without diving head first into defending them.

Despite the profound emotional challenges emerging, take the lead from the Libra moon and strive to find equanimity within … 

:: The Sun ::
The Sun at 9 degrees of Cancer asks you to nurture your emotional world without surrendering your power to it.

Things might feel extremely touchy, emotional, and triggered. On a spiritual level, it’s so essential to tune into your intuition right now, particularly since the Sun forms an applying trine to the planet of spirituality—Neptune. In doing so, you open the potential for deep insight to pour through.

Feel the feelings without becoming the emotion, while simultaneously practicing great self-care. 

:: The Moon ::
With Moon-ruled Cancer governing three of the planets right now, it’s important to be with your emotions, and to get to know where, when, and how your insecurities get triggered.

The Sun, Mars, and Mercury are asking you to understand where giving into insecurity undoes you. On a positive note, with the Moon at 9 degrees of Libra on her way to meet up with Jupiter—the planet of good luck and good fortune—the lunar influence suggests abundance.

:: The Square ::
With the Moon in cardinal Libra, an air sign, squaring the Sun in cardinal Cancer, a water sign, chances are you feel a polarization between what you think and feel. Subconscious needs butt up against the needs of the ego, asking you to reconcile any sense of inner conflict by acknowledging it. With Mercury AND Mars opposing Pluto, we’re asked to look at our shadow and face up to power struggles.

But this is not the time to succumb to drama … 

We must work hard to dwell in equanimity. Nourish and nurture yourself and your needs without deviating from your higher self and sense of truth. Stay committed to seeing things for what they are and stay centered without overly indulging the dark.

:: The Message ::
Don’t let insecurity win. Utilize this Libra Waxing Quarter Moon to help you understand where insecurity throws you off rather than lifts you.

Things are intense. Mars opposite Pluto can get nasty.  With so much water in the sky, this is a very delicate week and you need to let your emotions out. Yet with the moon in Libra, there’s a deep need (and desire) to keep the peace. Let the feeling flows, but then practice coming back to center.

This isn’t the time to give up, deviate from your intended course, or surrender into drama. Instead, it’s time to become even more devoted to your intended outcome … 

For more Moon wisdom or to book a coaching session with Jennifer visit To learn more about how to work with each Moon phase, check out Moon Club, our community of cosmic creatives and lunar lovers! 


This month we’re entering a period of independence, expansion, and major growth, says Melinda Lee Holm. Find out how these tarot cards explain July 2017 …

rider waite rider-waite melinda lee holm tarot cards explain july 2017 tarot cards for july 2017 monthly tarot forecast 2017 ruby warrington the numinous

We’ve come to the long, hot days of Summer! After the fine-tuning inner work of June, which helped us gain clarity and perspective, July is set to help us move into the public realm.

We’re set for a month-long journey of independence, expansion, action, and collaboration. This can be a great period of growth, both personally and professionally, if we tune in to the energy and amplify the signal in our daily lives.


:: 7/4  Independence Day- Ace of Swords :: 

On July 4th, we celebrate the signing of the country’s Declaration of Independence, and it’s a great opportunity to declare our own personal independence. Let’s honor our chosen allegiances with all the bravado of a fireworks show – loud, beautiful, and unapologetically ostentatious.

The Ace of Swords has just the energy we need to pull off this grandiose project. As the symbol of the pure, primal power of the element of Air, the Ace of Swords promotes decisiveness, mental clarity and acuity, and effective communication – all incredibly powerful tools for gaining and lovingly asserting our independence.

Calling in the Ace of Swords:

  • Carry Aquamarine to promote clear communication of your needs and boundaries
  • Wear a Joan of Arc medal – the saint is not only a great representative of independent spirit, her coat of arms bears a single sword and crown
  • Eat garlic to strengthen the body’s physical and energetic immunity to sickness and negative energies
  • Listen to your favorite music while working or doing household tasks – create your own personal soundtrack!

rider waite rider-waite ace of swords melinda lee holm tarot cards explain july 2017 tarot cards for july 2017 monthly tarot forecast 2017 ruby warrington the numinous


:: 7/10  Nikola Tesla Day- Hanged Man ::  

Nikola Tesla was an incredibly gifted scientist who did not live to see his achievements recognized in profit or prestige. In many ways, he helped to expand our world, announcing proof of the possibility of wireless communication in 1893 and working for decades on a plan to supply power wirelessly – and free of charge – to the entire world.

His ideas were far ahead of his time. Some we have not caught up to even now. The world needed to wait and to slowly change its view of what is possible before it could understand Tesla’s gifts.

The Hanged Man carries the wisdom the world needs to catch up to those ahead of their time. Counterintuively, we don’t need to race to catch up, rather we need to slow down and shift our thinking so we can expand our realm of possibilities.

Like The World (that we looked to last month), this figure has its legs held in the shape of the symbol for Jupiter, planet of expansion. But the expansion here comes from a conscious shift in perspective and a major dose of patience.

Calling in The Hanged Man:

  • Rearrange the furniture in your home
  • Take a new – and longer – route to a familiar place
  • Sleep with selenite by your bedside to open up expanded consciousness in your dream state
  • Try a food you’ve never tasted

rider waite rider-waite the hanged man melinda lee holm tarot cards explain july 2017 tarot cards for july 2017 monthly tarot forecast 2017 ruby warrington the numinous


:: 7/20  Mars in Leo- Knight of Wands :: 

The entry of impulsive Mars into the fiery, confident sign of Leo can be extremely useful for pushing forward on big goals, especially those that have been delayed by overthinking or self-doubt.

Mars is the planetary keeper of elemental Fire energy – action based purely on intuition – and when coupled with Leo’s fearlessness, he can be an incredible ally in getting projects completed and promoted.

We have just over 6 weeks to harness this energy. To take full advantage of all it has to offer, we look to Fire of Fire, the Knight of Wands. Knights are the activators of the Tarot court. They seek to bring the energy of their element out into the world. The Kinght of Wands gallops boldly through life fueled by the pure conviction of his intuitive knowing and his unrelenting need for action.

Calling in the Knight of Wands:

  • Carry carnelian to promote the firey warrior spirit within
  • Eat spicy food
  • Go for a run or a brisk walk – get your blood pumping with forward motion
  • Wear warm colors to activate the lower chakras

rider waite rider-waite knight of wands melinda lee holm tarot cards explain july 2017 tarot cards for july 2017 monthly tarot forecast 2017 ruby warrington the numinous


:: 7/30  International Day of Friendship- 3 of Cups :: 

The International Day of Friendship was started in 2011 by the United Nations to promote peace and understanding between nations. This unifying intention can be honored in our personal lives as well by drawing our friends and collaborators near and expressing thanks for their presence in our lives.

The 3 of Cups is the perfect guide for this celebration of togetherness. We see 3 women dancing in a circle, holding their cups high, surrounded by the fruits of a bountiful harvest. It is a lesson in the abundance that comes from joyful collaboration.

Calling in the 3 of Cups:

  • Wear gardenia perfume – gardenias attract friendship
  • Give chrysanthemums – in Victorian flower language, mums say “You’re a wonderful friend”
  • Host a dinner party with your BFFs
  • Carry Rainbow Moonstone – it promotes harmony between people while protecting individuality

rider waite rider-waite three of cups melinda lee holm tarot cards explain july 2017 tarot cards for july 2017 monthly tarot forecast 2017 ruby warrington the numinous

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Feeling the call to put your heart and soul into work that makes a difference in the world? You may be a spiritpreneur in the making, says Ruby Warrington

spiritpreneur the numinous gabby bernstein spirit junkie masterclass
Photo: Jordan Whitfield

“To tip the world, it will take all of us.”

Cut to three weekends ago and I’m sat in the audience of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass. On stage, Gabby’s long-time coach and mentor, the incomparable Rha Goddess. Riffing on concepts like “massive collaboration” and “prophecy + strategy” in a lecture titled How To Step Up As A Spiritual Activist, Saturday morning sermon is ON.

When Gabby invited me to come check out her weekend-long spiritual business coaching deep-dive, I decided I would give the timing of my drop-in over to the Divine. I would not rush to be there in line at 8am, I would not cherry-pick which sessions sounded the most interesting to my logical mind. I would take my chances and trust that whatever seminar I found myself in, would be the one for me.

And here I am, with the Goddess herself proclaiming: “We are living in the Age of the Citizen. This is a unique moment in history when we get to have a say on the kind of world we live in.” Telling us how she’s named a certain orange-hued politician “The Accelerator,” since she believes that events currently unfolding on the world stage are compelling a new generation to call themselves “spiritpreneur” to do their dharma, and fulfill their “sacred duty.”

I get chillz even writing this now, because hell YES. Spreading this message has also become the bigger mission of this platform. It’s there in articles on How To Be A Spiritual Activist. It’s a guiding principal behind the teachings and community Alexandra Roxo and I have created with Moon Club. And it’s the golden thread running through my book, Material Girl, Mystical World—the chapter titled “Do Your Dharma, Fix Your Karma,” the one people tell me has impacted them the most.

Gabby and Rha Goddess at the Spirit Junkie Masterclass

In the words of all-time #basicwitch classic, The Craft: “Now is the time; This is the hour; Ours is the magic; Ours is the power.”

Feeling the call? Then read on for 6 signs you may be a spiritpreneur in the making …

1) You suspect there might be more to life than playing company politics in the name of climbing the corporate ladder. (Hint: THERE IS.)

2) You strongly believe that you have something very, very important to contribute to society. Even if this “something” is simply being the happiest, healthiest version of you—and in doing so inspiring others to be the happiest, healthiest versions of them, too.

3) You secretly want to become known (okay, “famous”) for the incredible work you do in the world. Even if this work is simply BEING THE MOTHERF*CKING LIGHT.

4) Your diet and workout regime is less about looking and feeling great, more about having the energy and motivation to make your dreams for a better world a reality.

5) Your main motivation for seeking financial abundance is … so you can hire an army to work on making your dreams for a better world a reality.

6) “Success” for you is a multi-dimensional concept, including, but by no means limited to: expressing your creativity; making your own schedule; working with people who feel like friends; making your family proud; financial abundance (so that you can hire an army to work on making your dreams for a better world a reality); having a voice; your work having a positive impact on the lives of others; being the mother*cking light.

Sound like you?

So here’s the thing. In my experience, stepping onto the spiritpreneur path has felt so so right … but is by no means easy. It might / will very likely mean a period of financial uncertainty (FYI, I’m still navigating this 4 years into starting The Numinous). It may mean pissing some people off (i.e. your parents, your partner, your boss). And it will most definitely require you to seriously up the stakes in the “self-belief” and “abilty-to-multitask-and-fake-it-til-I-make-it” categories.

Which is why, if you’re committed to making it as a spiritpreneur / making your dreams for a better world a reality, it makes sense to seek all the help you can get.

Which is where Gabby’s online Spirit Junkie Masterclass comes in—a digital training + business community based of her annual live event that you can access from anywhere, and that’s specifically designed to support you on your mission!

Gabby has been a HUGE supporter of The Numinous from the very beginning. She was one of the first people to befriend me when I moved to NYC, and was THE first person to tell me I should write a book. Thank you Gabby!!

Curious? Click HERE to find out more. PLUS, if you sign up via The Numinous using this link, you will also receive:


*And a disclaimer: Hell yes, The Numinous will receive a financial kick-back for every sale via this channel. I’m putting this out there in the name of transparency—AND ALSO to let you know that signing on to Gabby’s affiliate program this year is part of my own journey in overcoming blocks to being rewarded financially for my “soul work.” Supporting each other in this mission is an essential truth of the spiritpreneur—and Gabby, bless her badass-business-leader soul, knows it! See you out there on the road less travelled …

spiritpreneur the numinous gabby bernstein spirit junkie masterclass


What’s the cosmic symbol for your sign this week? Find out in our Numinous weekly horoscopes from Sandra Sitron, a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Numinous weekly horoscopes dressage horse strong eye astrology June 25

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Showing a horse in a dressage competition. It’s time to compete. Show off your skills. Shine. You are supported — it’s not just you out there on your own. Sit tall and sit high on your prancing horse. Look for a way to feel confident enough to put yourself out there. Is it scary to be seen and lead the way? If it is, that’s okay. But if you don’t do it now, then when? And what do you really have to lose anyway?

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Leo :: Leo Rising
Mowing the lawn. Do something routine that lets you get away from it all and have some time to daydream. You need to go inward. Allow yourself to recede. You can mask it by doing everyday chores, as the symbol suggests. But do break free from the mundane world and let your imagination take you on a journey. Too much time spent chained to the grind or the social media feed will suck the joy out of you. Replenish.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Writing in hieroglyphics. Ancient languages. Future languages. Early written languages were a huge breakthrough in communication, which had previously only been spoken. It’s possible that reading and writing even changed the way we humans use our brains, by helping us think more abstractly. You may be ready for a mindset shift right now. How can you advance into completely new thought territory? Get outside of your norm and communicate with a new group in a new way. Surprise yourself with innovative thoughts and ideas. Be inventive.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Jumping on a pogo stick. Higher and higher. You keep reaching for more, And it looks like you can have fun while you’re doing it! Don’t stop, you’re just getting started. If you keep jumping like this, you may find yourself on a new platform. And you may find that you have a new audience. Let it be a game and let it bring you lightness.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Fireworks—wheels of light spinning off into the air. Illuminating the sky? You? Yes. Do it. Get out there and light it up. Share your most fiery message — your spirit, your ideas, your philosophy. It’s not time to hold back. It’s time to light it up. Just take action. You know where you belong right now. Where everyone can see you.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Waves on the surface of the ocean and stronger currents below. What are the waves on your surface? Meaning, what are those minor emotional irritations that are easy to ignore or resist? If you ignore the surface waves, they will show up as bigger problems—procrastination, resistance or confusion. If instead, you follow the emotions down to discover the deeper emotional patterns below, you might experience a breakthrough. Learn more about your patterns so that you can heal. Experience calm, peaceful waters.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A ship with full sails. Can you find a way to communicate with love? Even when under pressure? Even when irritated or fatigued? Sail forward quickly. In astrology, the Air element represents communication (among other things). Let your communication propel you forward. Fill your sails with the desire to connect. Let nothing get in the way of creating harmonious partnership.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
You are a cannonball. Ready to fly. Position yourself well as you move into battle. What’s the battle? Think of it as your upcoming challenges. Now, what would help you position yourself to take that on? Do you need to carve out time? Get help? Take care of some details of your life, like nutrition, exercise, organization? A little planning and positioning can go a long way.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Instead of a bouquet of flowers, you hold a bouquet of dancing butterflies. Are you ready to become more dynamic? More joyful? Even more than you imagined possible? Look for the unexpected in everything. Look for opportunities to be creative, intuitive and playful. Find the people who will appreciate your zany, unique, individual, self-expression. Maybe they will even give you a little recognition, and wouldn’t that be refreshing?

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Aries :: Aries Rising
A child’s drawing. So innocent. So perfect in it’s fresh and unencumbered expression. That part of you is still there, deep inside. That pure, unconcerned and vital part of you. Connect with your inner child. Remind her that she is safe, that life is a blast. Let her remind you that other people’s opinions don’t matter. She knows what the opposite of self-conscious is. Let her teach you.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Skiing down slopes. Your curiosity helps you build momentum. This is one big learning adventure, are you ready to hit the slopes? As you slalom in your imagination, you groove lines in the snow. Those lines are the synapses in your brain, the connections of the dots. What do you need to learn about? What ideas do you need to connect? What neural pathways need to be formed? Do it with speed, adventure and finesse.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A hedgehog eating grass roots in a meadow. The hedgehog knows how to protect itself while keeping cool, calm and in control. This tiny spiny mammal has a built-in security system. When danger nears, it simply rolls into a ball and is protected by it’s spiky spines. How efficient. You are capable of taking care of yourself too, as long as you just keep things simple. Don’t stress out about money or let your self-worth tank. You are safe. You are protected. You are abundant. Call on protective and healing hedgehog medicine to help you feel grounded.

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With her Embrace The Light photography healing sessions, Moon Club member Tanya Alexis is helping others share the beauty of their energy with the world …

Tanya Alexis Embrace The Light photography healing sessions The Numinous Moon Club

A photography healing session is …
The aura adventure begins at a location where feel you are your most authentic self: in your home, at the ocean, in the woods … anywhere you feel joy! We will find a quiet spot and you will spend 15 to 20 minutes receiving Reiki channeled through me.

After your healing session, we will spend the next 40 minutes photographing you at your most peaceful, at your most joyful—meditating, dancing, twirling, moving your body in any freeing manner that makes sense to you in that moment. During this time, I will shoot 36 frames of film.

Following the session, you and I will sit together while I rewind the film, holding an intention of authenticity and love. When the time is right, I will open the bottom of the camera to let the light in, to let your light in.

One to two weeks following our session, you will receive three to seven beautiful color photographs. A completely unique mixture of film, you, me, and light, they are not to be photoshopped. They will be yours to keep as a reminder of who you truly are, your vibrant spirit.

Tanya Alexis Embrace The Light photography healing sessions The Numinous Moon Club

The inspiration for the idea …
My partner passed a few years ago, and on the anniversary of his death I went to the place we spread his ashes to pay my respects, to take photographs, and to grieve. The next day when I went to drop the film off at my lab, I opened the bottom of the camera thinking the film was rolled up. It wasn’t. I quickly closed the bottom, heartbroken that the images were going to be ruined. But they weren’t. Instead, I discovered something new to me, a way to create beautiful effects that expressed how I felt inside.

It would be another year before I used this technique intentionally. I was photographing a dear friend who happens to be a healer in Los Angeles. I felt compelled (as my intuition strongly suggested) to expose some of her film to light, to see if I could mix her energy visually onto the film. It created some incredibly powerful images, and I knew I wanted to create more work like this, perhaps find a way to incorporate photography into a healing session.

About nine months later, I photographed another incredibly powerful Los Angeles healer. This time, I wasn’t worried I was going to ruin the film. I just went for it, and after I saw her images—even thought my belly was filled with butterflies—I knew it was time for me to create a way to share this experience with others. It was time to encourage others to see their inner beauty, strength, and abilities, and to help them share these numinous aspects of themselves with others.

Tanya Alexis Embrace The Light photography healing sessions The Numinous Moon Club

The work as a reflection of a personal healing journey …
When I received a phone call telling me my partner had been in an accident and had not survived, I was heartbroken. But even during the earliest days of grieving, I knew his passing was meant to break me open. The love we shared was palpable, and I chose to honor him, to honor us, by putting in the work to heal from losing him, and perhaps more importantly to heal all the aspects of myself.

I began meditating more. I wrote to him every day. I began having weekly energy work. I began being kinder to myself, making self-care a priority. During this process, I would take photographs to work through the various emotions that arose. I was just getting to a point where I thought everything would be okay, and then … my father passed. And my heart broke again, but it was different this time. I knew from the beginning of grieving his loss that it was in my power to heal myself.

Tanya Alexis Embrace The Light photography healing sessions The Numinous Moon Club

Not long after my father passed, I took a Reiki 1 and 2 course, followed later by more advanced and Master Reiki training. I intended to use it solely as a way for me to continue to work through all that needed to be released and sifted through in me.

But the more I healed, the more I realized healing myself AND healing others was always meant to be a part of my path. And then, one day, I had lunch with an incredibly vivacious 91-year-old, and she asked me what I would want to do with my life, if I could do anything. I smiled, and in that moment, I accepted that this is my path.

The big mission …
Others judge us, we judge ourselves. If I can offer people a space to feel love and support for who they truly —solely from a place of love—and leave them with a reminder of how beautiful they are on the inside as well as the outside, my heart will be happy.

Tanya Alexis Embrace The Light photography healing sessions The Numinous Moon Club

The Moon Club inspiration …
Moon Club is one of the reasons I feel so comfortable sharing my Embrace the Light project with the world. Knowing that like-minded souls are here to cheer me on and support me allows me to step outside my comfort zone with confidence. It’s invaluable to me as a creative, but also as a human. I am so grateful to know that I am not alone in my experience on this Earth!


Tania Alexis is currently booking Embrace the Light sessions in Los Angeles, and building wait lists for sessions in NYC, London and everywhere. You can email here here and follow her on Instagram here and here. Sign up for Moon Club and join our tribe of cosmic change makers at

Tanya Alexis Embrace The Light photography healing sessions The Numinous Moon Club


Settle into your cozy zone and wrap yourself in a cosmic hug. The 2017 Cancer New Moon wants you to harness the power of your feelings and know that you are worthy of some super sweet loving, says Sandra Sitron.

Photo: Benjamin Combs

New Moon :: June 23rd 2017 :: 10:32 pm ET ::  2 degrees Cancer

This New Moon wants you to learn that you have emotional stability—you can feel your feelings, express your feelings, process your feelings, and move on.

Just as the waves of the ocean keep on coming, you can let yourself ebb and flow. The ocean tumbles and moves but it is vast and powerful. Allowing yourself to process your feelings can give you power and security too. 

Carry a basket. Fill it with nostalgia. A glass jar filled with a dream. A fragment of a memory. The outline of a kiss. A love note and sticky lollipops and glitter that won’t go away. Devoted puppies, a collection of ribbons, and a foggy window. Put your love for others and your love for yourself into the basket. Put the basket on your alter as an offering to the Moon.

The Cancer New Moon has got you gathering up the memories of things that help you feel close, nurtured and taken care of. Cancer collects nostalgia because it feels like home. It feels like nurturance. The metaphorical basket holds proof for your subconscious mind that you are loved. 

Let this energy help you set intentions for loving yourself, nurturing your family relationships, and settling into your cozy home zone. Learn to nurture your inner child. By taking care of that little one, you build up real emotional security within yourself. Bring your inner child to work with you. Bring her to yoga. Take him grocery shopping. Remember a time when you needed nurturance and visit that baby version of yourself with a kind word and a hug.

Let this moon phase inspire you to wrap yourself in a bear hug and hold yourself tight. You are dear. You are darling. Find a way to believe that you are worthy of nurturance and love just because you are alive.

Affirm this truth for yourself and let the gossamer moonlight of it shine out of the cracks in your armor … 


New Moon conjunct Mercury
A spider writes words in a web.
The nurturing New Moon is drifting close to quick-witted Mercury. This aspect inspires us to communicate the message of our heart. Speak what you feel.

Charlotte the spider from Charlotte’s Web is a maternal friend who nurtures Wilber the pig and saves his life through quick wit and well-placed words. What part of yourself do you need to rescue with your words or thoughts? What matter of the heart do you need to speak aloud? What emotion could use a little logical reframing?


New Moon conjunct Mars
Riding a zip-line.
Momentum is building. At this Moon phase you get an opportunity to set intentions in motion. The conjunction of the Moon with Mars is going to put some serious fire behind these intentions. Craft them well.

Stay focused on your goal, just as if you are riding that zip-line. There is one route to take, so fly! Don’t get distracted by unnecessary aggression or self-flagellation. There is too much energy that can be used to plant new seeds and help them grow.


New Moon square Chiron
Handfuls of cotton swabs.
The cotton is clean and you are ready to tend to those old wounds. The New Moon is giving side-eye to the wounded-healer Chiron. Chiron reminds us of our old wounds, so that we’ll remember to heal them. The sensitive Moon may not appreciate Chiron’s relentless assertion that the past must be healed. But she’ll agree that this Moon-phase of fluid emotion is a good time to get those feelings moving.

Seek out cathartic release. Find the energetic, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional support that you need. Remember that most kinds of healing — whether it’s a bruised knee, a broken heart, or an ancestral wound — are like peeling the quintessential onion. Take steps and allow it to happen in its own time. Let the New Moon energy help you nurture yourself in the process.


Use the questions below to dive deeper into the lessons of the 2017 Cancer New Moon. For a more accurate reading, calculate your chart for free here and see which house holds 2 degrees Cancer …

Aries or New Moon in the 4th house
What thought needs to change for you to feel more at home in your body or in your space?

Taurus or New Moon in the 3rd house
How can you activate your curiosity? Write down three questions you would like to investigate the answers to.

Gemini or New Moon in the 2nd house
Is anything blocking you from developing your self-worth?

Cancer or New Moon in the 1st house
What are your goals for leadership this year?

Leo or New Moon in the 12th house
When do you need to get out of your own way? What blocks are you allowing to confuse things?

Virgo or New Moon in the 11th house
What are you ready to contribute? How are you feeling called to be of service?

Libra or New Moon in the 10th house
What structure do you need to create for yourself this week?

Scorpio or New Moon in the 9th house
Make a list of the books, quotes, authors, philosophers, teachers and resources that inspire you. Keep it as a reference.

Sagittarius or New Moon in the 8th house
What are you ready to release? Find a kundalini yoga kriya online to help you divine the answer.

Capricorn or New Moon in the 7th house
Is there a relationship in your life that could benefit from more balance? Would it be helpful to set a healthy boundary in this relationship?

Aquarius or New Moon in the 6th house
What healthy habits are you ready to begin with a view to committing to?

Pisces or New Moon in the 5th house
What can you pour the heart and soul of your creativity into today?

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here.


The Strength card is back, and the invitation is to leap into something a little scary … but exciting, says Lindsay Mack.


Cancer Season 2017 invites you to dive into your deepest, sweetest desires, and dance into your own becoming, says Bess MatassaMain image: Ilse Moore

Dim all the lights, strip it down to bare skin, and get ready to become your heart’s own private dancer … Cancer Season 2017 marks the zodiac’s violet-colored midnight hour. The moment when our secret emotional treasures are revealed, and we learn to protect the soft, crab meat that lives inside our shells.

It’s a Little Mermaid energy of precious pining for the incarnation of our most tightly held fantasies, and the risky beginnings of living these vivid dreams on the land up above.

So slip on your water wings and prepare to wash all the way back home onto your own shores. You belong to the night. You belong to all your past lives and all the ones you’ve loved. But above all, you’ve got to belong to the longings that live inside of you. Surf’s up.


The keyword: Belonging.

The song lyrics: I never can forget those nights/I wonder if it was a dream/Those days are gone forever/I should just let ’em go/But I can tell you my love for you will still be strong/After the boys of summer have gone”—Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer”

Check out Mojave Rising’s Cancer season playlist, complete with nostalgic nuggets, classic crooners, and sensitive night movers and shakers.

SS17 catwalk looks

The color palette: Molluscular and crepuscular—midnight blues and shimmering violets, the opalescent insides of shells, and the darkness just before the dawn.

The style: Boudoir chic meets Ancient Greece. Underwear as outerwear, lace jackets, gold bangles, head dresses, dressing gowns, bedroom eyes, and fancy slippers.

Seashell clutch by Chanel
Seashell clutch by Chanel

The scents and flavors: Salt-kissed Mediterranean classics and tucked-in, pocket-shaped provisions—dumplings and samosas, mollusks, briny feta, milk & honey, succulent dark kalamata olives, black grapes, and the coastal black currant & cyclamen scent of Oribe hair products.

The healing: Homegrown, nostalgic, and nocturnal—pouring over high school yearbooks, revisiting old playlists, DIY salt bathes and clay face masks, storybook romances, and skinny dipping.


Sensuous Invitation of the Month: Summer Nostalgia For Your Moon Sign

Cher and Winona channel Cancer season in 90s classic Mermaids

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer season invites us to return to the private bedrooms of our souls at the witching hour; our Moon signs represents who we really are when no one else seems to be watching, and how we seamlessly slip into our own skin with comfort and ease.

Below, your sign-by-sign guide to plunging into those long summer nights and returning to your innocent lunacy …

*New to your birthchart? Discover your Moon sign here!

Moon in Aries
Cancer season invites you to find comfort in igniting creative explosions. Summer Nostalgia: Blockbusters. Load up on the buttery popcorn and quicken your fiery pulse with the biggest, most badass action flicks the season has to offer.

Moon in Taurus
Cancer season invites you to relish in the sweet sensations of your beautiful body. Summer Nostalgia: Sun Goddess Beauty. Go full-on St. Tropez with all the classic seasonal palettes and procedures- spray tans, bronzers, salty locks, coral polish, and highlights.

Moon in Gemini
Cancer season invites you to celebrate giving voice to every flavor of your feelings. Summer Nostalgia: Beach Reads. Stock up on juicy paperbacks and back issues of Cosmo to share with friends on the blanket.

Moon in Cancer
Cancer season invites you to plunge straight into your tenderness, and wear it like an empowered badge of honor. Summer Nostalgia: Skinny-dipping. Whether it’s in dangerously exposed afternoon light with friends or lovers, or a midnight solo plunge, embrace what your momma gave you.

Moon in Leo
Cancer season invites you to sink your teeth into the deliciousness of simplicity and practice radically innocent presentism. Summer Nostalgia: Amusement Park Revelry. Ride your way all the way back to the sheer, thrilling joy of living with classic coasters, costumed characters, carnival fortune telling.

Moon in Virgo
Cancer season invites you to discover divinity in all the details and soothe your nervous system with embodied acts of kindness. Summer Nostalgia: Ice Cream Truck Chasing. Delight in dazzling flavor choices and the sweetness of treating your body to a hard-earned reward.

Moon in Libra
Cancer season invites you to fully embrace your romantic ideals and the prettified pleasures of aesthetic beauty. Summer Nostalgia: Classic Sunset. Embrace the pure, straightforward glory of nature’s color palette, no matter how “cheesy.” While you’re at it, throw in a pina colada and getting caught in the rain.

Moon in Scorpio
Cancer season invites you to find soul security by fully acknowledging the power of your emotional intensity. Summer Nostalgia: Backyard Bonfire & BBQ. Turn up the flames and revel in primal, smoked flavors, tiki torches, and limbo poles.

Moon in Sagittarius
Cancer season invites you to let your expansively wild visions become your mobile sense of home. Summer Nostalgia: Roadtripping. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, or an all-out cross country voyage, lose the maps, and let it all unfold beyond the dashboard of your nomadic dreams.

Moon in Capricorn
Cancer season invites you to love up on your deep need for quality, standards, and the richness of emotional maturity. Summer Nostalgia: Yacht Cruise. Go luxe and live the good life with classic nautical wear, caviar, and self-sufficient ship steering.

Moon in Aquarius
Cancer season invites you to find your own eccentric sense of family and revel in the looniness that drives your spirit. Summer Nostalgia: Adult Camp. Collide with new besties and celebrate renegade utopian communities with everything from paintball to craft making and sing-a-longs.

Moon in Pisces
Cancer season invites you to dive into the fantasy life and find sustenance with boundaryless dreams of worlds unseen. Summer Nostalgia: Pool Party. Get your mermaid chic on and let the no-holds-barred dream time flow with slip n’ slides, giant animal rafts, and magical multi-colored blender beverages.

Want more juicy cosmic insights and sensory explorations? Arrange an astrology reading or private event with Bess Matassa here or follow her on Instagram


The longest day of the cosmic year, Summer Solstice 2017 is your time to strip it down and skinny dip straight back to your roots, say our resident Numi astro babes Danielle Paige, Jennifer Racioppi, and Bess Matassa

summer solstice 2017 ruby warrington the numinous jennifer racioppi danielle paige bess matassa mojave rising
Photo: Jerry Kiesewetter

5 Ways to Activate the Summer Solstice 2017 Energy Right Now!
*And make sure to read on for our resident astro babes’ full breakdown of this cosmic event … 

1/Go Skinny Dipping: This Solstice asks us to get deliciously stripped down and dip into our private lives. Whether you choose to risk taking the plunge at midday with friends or go solo at midnight, celebrate slipping back into your own skin and connecting with your internal world.

2/Throw a Slumber Party: Celebrate the longest day of the year by pulling an old-school all nighter. Break out the hot rollers and face masks, and channel those nostalgic Cancer Season vibes with Old Hollywood classics, high school yearbooks, and prom pop.

3/Spend a Spa Day with Your Patron Saints: Ruled by the Moon, the Solstice asks us to connect to our feminine progenitors, whomever this means to you. Who has held you close? Who has tenderized your heart? Who have you bowed down at the altar of as a f-ing serious force of nature? Honor those people, whether it’s with an elaborate spa day or a simple, home-cooked brunch.

4/Become Your Own Summer Lover: Light the candles, let the R&B jams play, and deck yourself out in a luscious romper and sky-high wedges. Get nocturnal with yourself- figure out exactly what turns you on in your most private moments and romance yourself with that.

5/Refuel Your Fantasy Life with a Blockbuster: The Solstice marks the Sun’s entry into the sign of Cancer and this little mermaid’s energy is all about the creative force of our fantasies. Whether it’s Wonder Woman or a juicy, romantic beach read, celebrate the unbridled potential of your inner visions by getting whisked away by fantastically real tales of heroism.


Danielle Paige 
More light means more consciousness

The Solstice helps us to define time and get in touch with the sacred rhythm of the Universe. It marks a point of transition from one energetic phase to another and as this is the longest day of the year, more light means more consciousness.

You’ve spent the last 6 months (since the Winter Solstice) in a yin state … lots of rejuvenation, inward processing, and clearing. Now, it’s time to open up and shine your light!

Visualize a seed being planted at the Winter Solstice. After the fertilization process,  it grows into a beautiful flower and opens its petals …. THIS is the energy in the air …. Ahhh yes, well hello there!

Moving forward, honor the fullness and richness of life that is tangible to you right now. The more you can honor this, the more you move into your heart space, which is how you attract your desires to you.

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Jennifer Racioppi
Get grounded, connected, and clear

With Eclipse Season just around the corner in August, use the Solstice and Cancer season to get grounded, connected, and clear. The New Moon in Cancer will follow this the Solstice by just two days, and it’s time to initiate new intentions, have fun, and enjoy those summertime vibes! 

At the exact moment when the Sun enters Cancer, the Waning Crescent Balsamic Moon in Taurus connects with Venus in Taurus. This fortuitous and auspicious alignment in the Solstice chart indicates that the seasonal shift bestows gifts of bounty. The Moon rules Cancer, is exalted in Taurus, and Venus, Taurus’ ruler, is dignified in this position! To compliment this even more, the Moon forms an exact trine, a supportive angle of manifestation,  to powerhouse Pluto.

We can expect this piercing and luxurious alignment to ground us as the Sun reaches his zenith, and we prepare to enter the season of Cancer. Cancer, a sign that loves to connect deeply with those it loves, opens the doorway to nourishing our connection to close friends and family as we reach into our roots for more safety, security, and abundance.

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Bess Matassa 
Skinny dip straight into your own heart

What does midnight feel like in your soul? This Summer Solstice, it’s time to dim all the lights, strip it down to bare, beautifully bio-luminescent skin, and take a naked plunge into your heart’s most private spaces  …

With Neptune Rx and the Sun and Mercury entering little mermy Cancer on the same day, this Solstice is a water queen’s dream. But this isn’t the treacherous undertow of Scorpionic and Plutonian storm surges. This salt-kissed Solstice is a homecoming invitation to wash gently, yet fiercely, back onto our own shores, to remember where we’ve been, and to let everything that’s lived in our heart-shaped lockets and treasure chests give us the strength to jet-ski into the future.

So burn out the bulbs and turn on the sea sparkles. Click your heels three times and bring it all the way back home. And trust that you carry your home on your back, nomadic hermit-crab style, because you belong absolutely everywhere and always, to yourself …

Summer Solstice Mantra: I bow at the altar of my most tender night moves.
Theme Song: The Commodores’ Nightshift
Style: Bond Girl Ursula Andress meets Dorothy on her way back to Kansas. Sweetheart necklined one-pieces, gingham print hot shorts, tan halters, stacked raffia wedges, coral and emeralds.
Flavors: Nocturnal snacks and homecoming helpings. Think nightshade fruits and veggies, cardamom-infused milks, and hearty, family-style pasta dishes.

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Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with our Numinous Weekly Horoscopes from Sandra Sitron, a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Numinous weekly horoscopes bunny in field The Numinous Strong Eye Astrology

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A bunny hopping through the field. A bunny can be a little skittish. It’s time for you to create a feeling of inner-peace and calm. Look for proof in your environment that you’re secure. Nestle into the present moment. Find serenity. The bunny also symbolizes fertility. From your calm, peaceful state of mind, what new intention are you ready to incubate? Create and cultivate a vision for your future self.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
A dinosaur making a smoothie. What has to become extinct for you to improve your health? What old idea has to be released? This is a time for you to make changes deep within. Set intentions for those changes. What is the new way of life that you are ready to create? Now look deep within for an old, archaic way of thinking that’s blocking you from making those changes reality. Let the old conditioning, belief or outdated thought pattern die away.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Exploring a cave. Going deep into the mind cave. Finding treasures— natural crystals, forgotten jewels, ancient rock formations. This is a time to incubate these crystalline new ideas. Explore your inner world with wonder and abandon. Find the inspirational idea you’re seeking and then let it develop. When the time is right you’ll be able to bring it forward and share it with the world. But for now it’s time to explore. Look for inspiration and hold space for new ideas.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Looking up at the trees and noticing the pine cones way up in the branches. Reach higher for the seeds. The seeds represent the power of your potential. To “reach higher” means to get perspective. Spend some time thinking about your trajectory. What are the big-picture goals, especially as related to career? Can you treat these goals like delicate and powerful seeds? Focus on the seeds and then get out of your own way. Don’t let fear of failure, doubt or self-criticism stop you from reaching higher.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Riding a jet ski over the waves. You may be going over bumpy waves, but you can still have fun. Stay focused on the fun. It’s tucked away in every corner of the world. There is a joke hidden in everything, if you can only find it. A sense of lightness and adventure will keep you progressing. It’s time to set intentions for adventure and exploration. Explore the world and explore your mind until you find a mission statement that will keep you afloat. The goal is to develop a lifelong philosophy that can carry you over any bumps life brings your way.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Gathering around the campfire. You need to open yourself up to others and develop true intimacy. Bring your sleeping bag over to the campfire and get ready to trust and share. Set intentions for trust. What does that mean to you? Let go of the pain of betrayal and restore through intimacy. Share your story. Feel the love and support that can come your way when you let down your guard. Stories can heal.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
An elephant drinking fresh water. An elephant can symbolize a memory, and the fresh water can symbolize a new emotional pattern. This is your time to create new patterns in your relationships. The elephant never forgets. But now this elephant is being refreshed. What memories of relationships need to be refreshed? What’s your vision for how you want relationships to feel? Set intentions to develop completely new, healthier relationship patterns.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Picking flowers for a bouquet. You’ll give the bouquet to yourself, which means that you are building up your self-approval. Help yourself feel grounded in your self-respect by stabilizing the details of your life. Pick the flowers one-by-one. Set healthy, beautiful habits one-by-one. Get every drawer organized. Set a routine for your health and wellness. Improve your life. Create beauty in the details.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
The spiky graphic lines of an EKG reading. Put your heart into it. What makes you feel truly alive? These are the things to focus on and set intentions for now. Your joy. Your self-expression. Your creativity. Make a pact to explore your central creative needs. Maybe that means more time in nature, more time resting and playing or more time making. Let your experience of joy spike to new levels.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
Making pancakes. Is there a craving for family time? This is your moment to crete new patterns with family, at home or in your connections with your ancestors. Find ways to nurture these relationships and spaces. Be yourself—don’t lose your identity—and at the same time feel very close to your place of origin. Healthy new intentions relating to home and family will help you expand your sense of emotional security.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Playing tag in the schoolyard. Connect with your ideal friends and community. It’s time to set intentions for positive personal influencers. It’s often the case that we take our friends or community for granted, but the influence of these people has a massive impact on the way that we think about things. The people in your circle, your friends’ circles and even in your friends’ friends’ circles can affect what you eat, what you think and how you speak. Take some time to dream up and create a vision for the kind of community you want to be a part of. And reach out to your friends to show your appreciation.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
The wheel on the riverboat is turning. This is time for continuity. Don’t stop. You’ll lose your momentum. It may not be completely clear where the river will take you, but keep churning through the water. Find your sense of security in the routine habits and movement that you make. Don’t look too far ahead, just stay centered on the moment. Dedicate yourself to the moment. To paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, too much future thinking can cause anxiety, and too much past thinking can cause regret. So stay present and stay in motion. That’s where you’ll find your joy and security.

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Since 2012, we’ve been in it for the cosmic long haul. The Pisces Waning Quarter Moon wants you to acknowledge the end of this cycle of soul-shaking change, and to courageously meet your life exactly where it is, says Jennifer Racioppi. Collage: Seana Gavin

Seana Gavin collage The Numinous pisces waning quarter moon


Waning Quarter Moon :: June 17 2017 :: 7:32 am EST :: 26 degrees Pisces

It’s been a tumultuous cosmic time, moon beams. And this latest lunation marks the culmination of some serious soul work …

In the midst of June 15’s Saturn-Sun opposition (a.k.a. one of the toughest days of the year), and just before Saturn’s June 18 opposition to Mercury (ouch o’rama), the Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces offers both a call to action, a clearing, and a point of culmination after a two-plus year cycle …  

Think back to March 20, 2015, when we experienced a solar eclipse at 29 degrees of Pisces—the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac. This eclipse occurred on the heels of the final of 7 exact squares between Uranus, who represents change and revolution, and Pluto, who represents power.

The Uranus-Pluto Square took place between 2012-2015, representing one of the most tumultuous astrological events of our entire generation.

These seven squares rocked life dramatically for all of us, regardless of our sign … 

And the final one of these squares happened just days before 2015’s Pisces Solar Eclipse, which opened up the Lunar Gestation Cycle that this current Waning Quarter Moon closes. The 7 Uranus-Pluto squares signify so much of what this decade represents: large-scale sociopolitical and religious change.

Now, this Pisces Waning Quarter Moon asks us to acknowledge the significance of this MASSIVE change on a global and personal level!

:: The Sun ::
With the Sun at 26 degrees of Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, and simultaneously squaring the Moon and Chiron (the wounded healers), our issues are up for examination.

In astrology, the Sun represents our identity and vitality. When the Sun opposes Saturn, as he did on June 15, we can expect to possibly feel under the weather, under pressure, or consequently extremely focused. When the Sun squares Chiron as he will on Monday June 19, our wound steps forward as a massive teaching!

Be bold. This is the time to meet life exactly as it is so that you can integrate and rise. If you do, you can make huge gains.

:: The Moon ::
Between now and the initiation into a new cycle that comes with the upcoming Cancer New Moon on June 23, we have some serious work to do.

Even though the Moon is in Pisces, a sign that loves to escape, it’s time to to conjure the courage to face everything and see it for what it is.

In doing so, you’ll reap the benefits of the seeds you planted in March 2015, and uncover new marching orders as they relate to your life purpose.

:: The Square ::
This Waning Quarter Moon packs a punch. It reveals both our wounding and our purpose, while simultaneously shining a light on karma set in place two-and-a-quarter years ago. Since this cycle corresponds with the ending of the Pluto square Uranus epoch, it’s been heavy to say the least! 

But here’s the good news: we also stand to reap massive rewards right now, as a very potent Lunar Gestation Cycle comes to a close. The karmic lessons of the past two years have strengthened us and shown us how to step into our power in radical new ways.

:: The Message ::
With pure chaos unfolding around the globe right now, many shades of sadness are present. Simultaneously, on an individual level we need to reconcile personal pain to step more fully into our power, passion, and purpose.

On this extremely potent Waning Quarter Moon don’t write anything off as coincidence. Instead, look backward and unravel the patterns unfolding in your life. Stand in your strength and commitment to the light. The world needs you more than ever, especially as our societal pain feels so razor sharp.

Don’t run and hide. Instead, be brave and look your pain in the eye. Next week, we move into an entirely new cycle. In the meanwhile, a new iteration of your life purpose reveals itself. Do NOT miss the significant power of this moment!

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