Luxury and laughter are the hallmark of Taurus Anya Hindmarch. Here’s a peek into the colorful world of this week’s Material Girl…

Fashion designer Anya Hindmarch in a blue coat featured on

Award for Best Fashion Marketing Campaign, In The Cosmos, Ever, goes hands down to Anya Hindmarch. Her What Planet Are You On? microsite invites consumers to enter their name and birth details, and then delivers a totally in-depth reading along with all kinds of cute details – like your birth flower, Native American Zodiac sign, celebrity birthday twins, and even the number of seconds you’re been inhabiting your current human suit.

It was actually launched last summer to promote the brand’s SS14 collection, but it’s still live and still totally addictive! And, in our eyes, it cemented Anya’s status as one of the coolest chicks in the industry. Remember, this is also the woman behind the iconic canvas ‘I Am Not A Plastic Bag’ tote, which was launched in 2007 to highlight the importance of sustainability in fashion – talk about ahead of the game!

anya hindmarch smiley face wink sticker charlotte stockdale
‘Wink’ sticker, $45

Anya’s latest project is equally uplifting – a super cute collection of leather ‘stickers,’ which she’s produced in partnership with super stylist Charlotte Stockdale. The idea is you pick your sticker(s), and use them to ‘sticker-up’ anything you like – from your purse to your gratitude journal – while the smily face (see above) is also featured throughout the current SS15 accessories collection.

Anya, for services to astro-geeks everywhere, and for making the world of high fashion an altogether happier place, we salute you!

:: M A T E R I A L  G I R L ::

My label
If not vintage, and I know I’m biased, but I love the Brits! Erdem, Stella McCartney…I also have a rather brilliant blouse from House of Holland. I smile every time I see it.

Erdem SS15 collection featured on
Erdem SS15

My shoes
Flats by Tabitha Simmons, heels by Gianvito Rossi, but ideally sneakers – Adidas Stan Smiths or Common Projects.

Sneakers by Common Projects
Sneakers by Common Projects

My fragrance
A perfume from 400-year-old scent shop Madini.

My jewels
My wedding ring.

My pampering
Sunday mornings in my bright blue bed, with the newspapers and a big mug of tea.

Lip Tease mug by Reiko Kaneko
Lip Tease mug by Reiko Kaneko

My home
London! With my husband and five (yes!) almost grown up kids.

My food
My husband’s roast chicken.

:: M Y S T I C A L  W O R L D ::

My awakening
A brisk walk around Battersea Park with a girlfriend.

My sign

Taurus drop earrings by Valentino
Taurus drop earrings by Valentino

My mantra
Fire yourself every evening and come back the next morning as your replacement!

My healer
Wine! But truly, laughter. At work we laugh every day, it’s our fuel – laughter and cake.

Vegan gluten-free carrot cake by The Hardihood
Vegan gluten-free carrot cake by The Hardihood

My reading
Sadly, being truthful, my email.

My transformation
I had been CEO and Creative Director of Anya Hindmarch since we started over 20 years ago, and a few years ago I fired myself as (and hired a brilliant new CEO!) so I could focus more on the creative side, which is what I love so much. I’m now Chairman and Creative Director. I’m OBSESSED with craftsmanship, and the magical process that happens behind the scenes when making beautiful things. It’s the reason I do what I do.

Have A Nice Day tote, Anya Hindmarch SS15
Have A Nice Day tote, Anya Hindmarch SS15

My mission
Happy parents make for happy kids. Brilliant advice from my mother in law. And I stand by it.

Shop the new Anya Hindmarch sticker collection at

HOLY C**P! How I achieved the perfect poop

Don’t get grossed out! The perfect poop (PP) is a sign that mind and body are working in perfect harmony. Ayurvedic practitioner Wolf Medicine says finding hers meant leaving New York City…

Image: Edward Edwards via
Image: Oh…by Edward Edwards via

Forgive the crude title, but the Ayurvedic practitioner in me can’t help but get real about bowel movements. After all, a good gut is the key to good health and lately I’ve become obsessed with poop because I know it’s about more than just taking a dump. When shit ‘ain’t right down there, it’s a sign that shit ‘ain’t right in the mind – and in the name of addressing both, I find myself on a quest to figure some stuff out in my life.

Essentially, my ultimate goal in Ayurveda school was to experience the Perfect Poop (PP) – which is what all the doctors and practitioners who taught me actually referred to it as. The PP occurs first thing in the morning upon waking. A friend of mine says the urge to poop is what wakes her up in the morning. It should be shaped like a banana or a coiled up snake (yes this is truly possible), and yellowish brown in color.

If you aren’t gagging or disgusted by now, congrats! You are an emotionally mature person. If this is grossing you out then you’d better read on, because once you realize how important it is to have the PP daily, you will be looking in that toilet and jumping up and down with glee and admiration when it finally does occur.

For me, achieving the PP is epic, a sign that I am truly taking care of my body. The thing is, it only ever happens when I leave New York (my home) for vacation, or if I take a day or two off work. Seriously, I once went to visit my mom in Texas and was pooping perfect poops for days. And recently, after being constipated for three days, I had a morning off and experienced a moment of PP glory that brought such a sense of calm and happiness I almost took a picture to show to my friends.

I had been eating Ayurvedic meals of root veggies, ghee, Kitchari, and all that good stuff, and drinking warm water in the morning and Triphala tea at night for several days in addition to taking ‘moments of silence’ (my phrase for meditation) each morning. Then, it happened: not just a nice, long, snake-like poo in the toilet, but proof that my body was responding to my good intentions. A sign that mind and body were working in perfect harmony!

Getting all the waste out of the body, not only physical but mental waste as well, is how we stay healthy. Put good food and thoughts in, and the kidneys, liver and colon will get the ‘bad’ stuff out. What happens if it stays in? Well, cancer for one thing. And migraines. And skin rashes and acne and a host of other ailments and diseases. If the crap isn’t coming out via the rectum, then it’s coming out in the skin, or festering in the colon, liver or blood, or wherever else the body decides to store it. Then it gets rotten and toxic, and then you got problems.

Which brings me to 2009. Back then I was in my late twenties and drank one to two bottles of wine a day. After months of my skin breaking out in either acne or eczema, I decided to change my ways for good. I didn’t really pay attention to poop then. I knew constipation was bad because I’d read it somewhere and that was about it. I was pretty regular but relied heavily on coffee to help me ‘go,’ which, I later learned, was also contributing to all the skin issues.

Image: Headcase Designs
Image: Headcase Designs

So I quit drinking coffee and alcohol (and ‘til this day I feel like if I can accomplish both those things, then I can do anything in this lifetime. ANYTHING). I cut out gluten, and later, much later, processed sugar (another REALLY difficult journey that’s a whole different conversation).

I also started reading about Ayurveda, and even went to an Ayurvedic doctor who put me on a diet of no onions, garlic, tomatoes, shell fish, cashews, peanuts, yogurt, fermented food, coffee or alcohol, along with having me take a bunch of Indian herbs and immune boosting vitamins. Meat was also off the menu, but I decided I needed at least one thing in my life that I could still enjoy. Was this hard for me to stick to? Hell no! I actually found I thrive off this kind of shit.

I love a challenge, and I’m so vain that if it keeps my skin clear, I will do it. For the next eight or so months I pretty much stayed away from partying and instead ate really well and read books at home. I actually don’t remember if I was having regular bowel movements at that time but I assume my digestion was better.

The bad news is, I was still getting eczema outbreaks every so often despite my saint-like diet. About two years into my new Ayurvedic life, a friend suggested I try meditation. I felt my body stiffen and my mind shut down (but not in the good, meditative way) as soon as she suggested it. Sit still? Not think? Quitting coffee is one thing…but for somebody whose made restlessness an art form, that shit is impossible.

You think checking your Facebook or Instagram non-stop in a problem? Well I laugh, ‘cause that is child’s play people. Try not committing to ANYTHING, ever, as your life’s work. Routine, consistency, commitment, stillness…all of it is like kryptonite to me. I’m amazed I’m still with my current girlfriend (it’s been nine months which is like nine years for me).

I have yet to join a club, organization or class, and stick with it for more than a month. I have also managed to avoid a permanent place of employment throughout my twenties and into my mid-thirties. The list of careers I have either attempted so far include, but are not limited to: joining the peace corps, working on a boat, becoming an ordained minister, being a massage therapist, homeopath, acupuncturist, psychiatrist, naturopath, bike mechanic, addiction counselor, hermit, herb farmer, stripper, dominatrix, queer porn actor, houseboy, dancer, choreographer, yoga teacher (that is still something I’m looking into) and many more.

I’ve also made several attempts at figuring out how to make a living hanging out in the desert or the beaches of Hawaii and Australia (I’m actually still looking into those). All of this is to say my passions and interests vary, and rarely stick. So if I can’t even choose a life path then how in the hell am I going to meditate even three minutes a day (my goal each morning when I wake up)?

People often blame New York, saying it breeds this sort of behavior in folks. I hear over and over that there is so much variety here – so many paths to choose – that people take on too much. I’ve come to believe it isn’t New York that makes people this way – rather, it’s a mecca for people who already have this monkey-mind-I-love-to-be-busy-and-do-as-much-as-possible quality in them. New York is where busy people come to get off on being busy.

How does this relate back to the PP? My digestion got really fucked up when I lost a long-term freelance job, around the same time my friend suggested mediation to me. And what I’ve learned about pooping, or lack thereof, is that if your mind isn’t settled, calm and in harmony with your body, then the rest of your body will not function properly.

This is an illustration of the direct link between mind and body. If your mind is scattered and frantic, then your digestion will be scattered and frantic and too – thus, constipation (and lots of other symptoms that come under the umbrella term IBS).
In Ayurveda this is called a ‘vata’ imbalance. Vata is ether and air. It is a quality within each of us that is light, cold, rough, dry and constantly moving. It is located in the mind and pelvis. You can’t always see ether and air but they are there.

So how to address this imbalance? I have learned to find a calm, grounded place for my mind through meditation and yoga. For me, sticking to routine as much as possible also helps. Any divergent from my morning or evening routine means no PP for me. I seriously need two hours each morning of quiet time – no talking, no rushing to get ready, no looking at lots of crap on the internet – in order to properly evacuate my bowels.

My girlfriend and I recently made an agreement to block Facebook from our lives and to have silence in the morning to either sip warm water or do pranayama, and that has helped a lot. When I still get eczema every now and then, I know the feedback my body is giving me is that a time of retreat will do me some good – in addition to upping my dosage of probiotics and blood cleansing herbs.

As for finally settling on a career as an Ayurvedic practitioner? Using the practice to heal myself and my poop has shown me that it’s my dharma to share Ayurveda with others. Oh wait. Or is my path simply to become a yogi, practicing svadhyaya in the mountains of northern India? For now I commit to listen to my body and follow its guidance.

Have you found a way to do the PP too? We’re all yogis here, so come share your stories on Twitter, Instagram (maybe not your photos tho) and Facebook

Find out more about Wolf Medicine here.


Looking for inspiration for your spring Equinox ritual? Why not make a prayer arrow, says Numinous founder Ruby Warrington…

Image: Karolina Daria Flora
Image: Karolina Daria Flora

Greetings from Rancho La Puerta! One of the (if not THE) original old-school ‘health farms.’ Open since 1940, La Puerta is located down in Baja, California, and is basically 3000-acres of orgasmically beautiful ranch where you come to workout, get pampered, and eat three clean, organic, plant-based meals a day, in the name of a total system reset.

Most of the ‘retreat’ type settings I find myself in these days also include a healthy, heady dose of cosmic healing. Just a couple of weeks back I was swimming with dolphins in the supercharged seas directly above the sunken ruby crystal of Atlantis, taking morning kundalini classes and getting high on raw vegan Tiramisu and cosmic breath work (a whole other story, which I will share in detail another time!)

No such numinous antics at La Puerta, where the schedule flips from cardio classes to yoga, and healthy cooking school to lectures on personal development. Sure there are daily meditation clases, and I sought out a heavenly crystal bowl sound healing session (which, judging from the snores, most people were treating more like a siesta), but the focus here is on good, wholesome mind-body alignment. None of that mystical mumbo-jumbo. Or is it?

One of my favorite workshops all week was called ‘Make a Prayer Arrow,’ taught by a local artist named Tim Hinchcliff. Taking from the indigenous traditions of Mexico, he described the act of making our arrows as “a direct communication of heart and spirit, conveyed to the higher powers of Nature.” In other words, a straight-up tool for magical manifestation – and just perfect for the day right before the vernal Equinox!

When I mentioned this, he gave me a look to say; “hell yeah missy, that’s why we’re here,” and carried on talking the group through the meaning of the “votive” arts (from the Latin votum – for ‘vow’). “It’s the same as when we light the candle on a birthday cake, and blow it out with a wish – which can also be seen as an eternal flame, placed in a sacred space, conveying a wish for health, happiness, and pursuit of our dreams.” LOVE. IT.

There was all sorts of crafty goodness laid out on the table in front of Tim, representing what he called the “Five Languages of the Dear” – all of which we would use to “express our focus in crafting our Votive.” And so I invite you to take from the below in creating your own Equinox votive, to birth a new intention for your cosmic journey!

How to make a prayer arrow for your equinox manifestation by ruby warrington for
My prayer arrow (and amazing vintage mukluk boots!)

1. RICE PAPER – for writing out your Votive / intention. This could be a goal, passion, or offering of gratitude, for ourselves, for others, or for humanity.

2. DOVE FEATHERS – to summon the spirit of the Dove to be your messenger. The Dove is a symbol of peace, love and spirit, and her “coo” is a call to a higher sense of awareness.

3. COLORED YARN – representing either the five directions (in Huichol cosmology), or the Chakras. “Your choice of color expresses you in all it’s pureness,” said Tim, and he explained the representations as follows:

North – WHITE for the clouds and sky realm
South – BLUE for water and growth
East – RED for the sacred mother and the new Sun
West – BLACK for the ocean and the dream world
Center – YELLOW for Earth regeneration and creativity

Crown – WHITE / VIOLET connection with infinite wisdom
Third Eye – PURPLE / INDIGO seeing within, devoted intuition
Throat – BLUE / TURQUOISE voice communication, clear thought expressed
Heart – GREEN soul heart awareness, love through action
Solar Plexus – YELLOW gathering of life force through positive work
Seat – ORANGE creativity, regeneration of self
Root – RED beginning and ending pulse, earth beat and balance

4. HERBS / SPIRIT PLANTS – oh the sweet smell of the fresh cut herbs from the ranch! “A small bundle attached to your arrow will both energize your senses as well as communicate your message,” said Tim. The basket contained:

Rosemary – “dew of the sea,” for remembrance and cheer
Lavender – “lavar – meaning ‘to wash’,” to find courage to let go of stress and fatigue, enhance intuition
Bay Laurel – “sprig of peace,” to gather strength to excel and celebrate achievements
White Sage – “wand of healing,” releases entanglements, brings wisdom
Rose Geranium – “hug of the hills,” home and memories, creativity and fertility

5. QUARTZ CRYSTAL – there was also a small dish of baby clear quartz crystals, presented by Tim with the following message: “With my clear thoughts and intentions I have crafted this arrow today, crystal clear and strong.”

Tim then showed us how to attach each of the above to a slim stick of wood, our arrow, starting with the rice paper intention, which we wound around the stick and fastened in place with a small piece of wax.

We then used the colored yarn to wrap the feathers in place, and continued winding yarn around the stick, leaving enough space at the bottom to “plant” the arrow in the Earth somewhere meaningful to us.

The sprig of herbs and the crystal were then tied to the arrow with more yarn, to create a colourful, fragrant totem of gratitude, love and positive intention!

I love any kind of ritual that’s designed to create a physical representation of my inner desires, for myself and for the world I inhabit, and was so grateful to find Tim’s workshop during my stay at la Puerta – where it turns out the magical and the mystical is all around, when you choose to look for it.

I plan to plant my arrow tonight, sowing the seeds of my hopes and dreams for the coming year and acknowledging the experiences that have brought me to this moment. 2015 – we got this!

What rituals do you use to honor meaningful points in your journey? Connect with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and share your Equinox stories.


In the latest instalment of Now Age relationship column Yogi Vegan Lez, Alexandra Roxo and her GF experiment with magic mushrooms as a form of couples therapy…


What do people usually do when they leave yoga class. Drink some water? Go for an egg white omelette? Take a shower? Well, on that Sunday morning my iCal sent me a post-Vinyasa reminder: “Spiritual Awakening. a.k.a. Magic Mushroom Journey!” complete with a mushroom emoji and a smiley face. And so walking home through Williamsburg’s leafy McCarren Park, my girlfriend and I whipped out our ‘shrooms and ate them right there and then. At 10am.

We had both wanted to do something special for our anniversary, and after a friend mentioned a beautiful afternoon she and her hubby had with some mushies, I was inspired! JUST WHAT I NEEDED. If women are scheduling their births these days, why can’t I schedule my DIY spiritual awakening? Plus, magic mushrooms are cheaper than a yoga retreat upstate and can be delivered directly to your house, so there’s really no excuse to not take them, right?

After sharing a vegan club sandwich on GF Rye, we sat and watched the dogs in the park for a moment. Then I was like “Umm, we should walk towards our house. Like Now.” My GF had never been on this kind of ‘journey’ so I also wanted to make sure she didn’t start tripping out while staring in the face of a Frenchie or…um, just crossing the street. Cos that could be dangerous.

I felt sort of like the person guiding the ship, the unofficial road woman or gatekeeper. When she kept saying things like: “When I do drugs I usually need a lot of water…” and “drugs make me feel…” I kept trying to tell her, “THIS IS NOT DRUGS. YOU ARE ON A PLANT MEDICINE ODYSSEY.” She finally succumbed to my benevolent dictatorship, and seemed to accept that a mushroom journey isn’t like a molly trip or a cocaine high.

As for me, this was the first time I’d done mushrooms completely sober of any alcohol and cigarettes. Not the first time I’d attempted an afternoon of mushroom-induced couples therapy though. The last time I tried bonding with my lover this way, we were holed-up in a dreamy Silver Lake cottage where got into a fight, I had a vision of an energetic cut between us where I saw our stars zooming off in opposite directions, realized quite viscerally we were poison for each other, starting having a panic attack, and didn’t sleep for two days.

So gee whiz, why wouldn’t I want to open this door with my new girlfriend of one year, on our anniversary, after an emotional month of me cleansing, quitting smoking, and doing all sorts of energy work?

But we had actually both been sober and clean and totally vegan for over two weeks, and I knew this quiet energetic state was essential to our ‘shrooming success. We continued wandering back towards our house as was the original plan: take a little bit, take a walk, just be together. I soon had to pee though, and we stopped in a cafe to use the loo. The bathroom walls were covered in a magazine collage. Who does that? And then the bathroom started to cave in on me.

I shut my eyes, ran out past the innocent bystanders (i.e. brunch crowd of people not on mushrooms) and what ensued was the most glorious and intense bonding session known to woman.

Magical Mushroom by Kaitlyn Fister via
Magical Mushroom by Kaitlyn Fister via

We held crystals (and FYI, holding crystals while on mushrooms is like holding an elephant or the sun or rain). We opened a book and could only look at one painting and then close the book. Then we had this realization that if we each balanced our Yin and Yang energies, we wouldn’t be searching for balance outside of ourselves. For someone who is bisexual and constantly trying to balance out masculine and feminine vibes I realized that seeking Yang outside of myself wasn’t necessary. I can align with someone else who has balanced energies and then we are each neutral!

This was our tripped out realization. Maybe we would all become androgynous beings again one day! Beyond gender! (I think I actually read that in some article about the next evolution of humans from a channeled entity…) Over the course of six hours, we laughed, we cried, we had profound healing conversations about life and death, and took quiet time alone.

The different phases of the trip were not too unlike my journeys with ayuhasca and peyote. There was a time of feeling physically unstable or unwell. Then there was some euphoria, the feeling of oneness. Then some darker challenges that came our way. That’s the ‘work’ part. The medicine comes in and gets shit done.

The result was what felt like a month of traditional couples therapy in one afternoon. There were no distractions. Except I kept wanting to eat dates and nuts because I felt I needed to ground myself, but was also afraid I might choke. But besides that it was cell phones off and in a drawer. Computers closed. It was magical.

Like everything in life, relationships take maintenance. As we change as individuals, we are altered as a couple. And sometimes these changes can cause a rift, a damn, a chasm, an avalanche, tidal wave. So if you’re tired of the traditional approach to processing your differences, here are our tips for a successful, and magical, couples bonding day on mushrooms:

PLAN AHEAD. The last thing you want is for your landlord to show up to fix your toilet or to have to take your dog out. If you’re opting to do the work at home, make sure your roomie isn’t planning to bake cookies to house music. If you can get away, get away. But why not try and tune into your own world instead of fleeing it?

UNPLUG. Turn off TV, computers, and cell phones. It’s unlikely you’ll even remember what Instagram is during your therapy session, but if you do find yourself tempted to check it – don’t. Just don’t. In your vulnerable state, do you really want to see a photo of Angelina Jolie’s chicken pox? You do not.

BE PRESENT. When you feel overwhelmed, listen to yourself. And if something comes up, share it with your partner. This is the whole deal with the ‘couples therapy’ thing. I asked my GF a few times: “What’s wrong?” She replied: “Oh, I don’t want to get sad or cry.” And I was like, “You can’t fight it! The whole point is to feel what you feel!” And so we were honest when things came up like, “Oh I was just thinking about when you die.” Instead of running from these things, remember you’re here to learn from them.

THE AFTERMATH. Plan to do something gentle afterwards. Light some candles. Have some soup. A bath perhaps. And WRITE IT DOWN. These lessons are invaluable, and it’s likely you will have been flooded with knowledge and wisdom so make sure you keep track.

And most of all, have fun and enjoy being together! And make your next Couple’s Bonding Day one that includes pizza in bed and SNL re-runs, cuz it’s all about the balance.


Have you had a healing experience on ‘shrooms? Connect with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and share your story…


In the age of the Divine Feminine…what about our men? On the eve of the publication of his new book on the subject, Ruby Warrington talks to David Harshada Wagner about his vision for empowered masculinity. Images: Rainbow Gathering by Benoit Paille via

rainbow gathering portrait series by Benoit Paille featured on

“It’s like a guidebook for men to be more happy and free, but in a way that’s still masculine. And part of it is by owning their role as a male.”

When did you decide to make men and spirituality a focus?
I’ve been totally steeped in the Eastern spirituality thing for decades, but the men’s work was always in the background. Then I got into my 40’s, went through a divorce, got into another relationship, and all of a sudden I’m having a son. And it all just came home.

How does spiritual work look different for dudes?
It’s about practicality. For most men there really needs to be some kind of pay off, where the rubber meets the road. Most men wouldn’t be caught dead in a meditation class or a retreat, unless they knew it was going to help them with their work, their relationships with their loved-ones. They just won’t even do it.

Don’t men sometimes just feel out of place? There’s so much talk about ‘divine feminine’ this, and ‘Goddess energy’ that. I kind of feel like men must be thinking, ‘okay, so are my urges and drives redundant now?’
I don’t think it’s so much that men have that whole thought, like, ‘where do I fit into this?’ I think they just think ‘this is not for me. I’m going to sit home and drink beer and watch the game while my wife goes to the yoga retreat. Because that’s just not something that would be of interest to me at all.’

rainbow gathering portrait series by Benoit Paille featured on

So part of it is about honoring the masculine energies as sacred too. On the Eastern spirituality scene the energy is predominantly feminine. And even anti-masculine, in the sense that it’s all mostly about peace, compassion, and softness. The average person, when they hear that I’m doing a spiritual book for men, they’re like, ‘Oh, good. You’re going to teach them to open their hearts.’ It’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to teach them to open their hearts, but the book is really about growing a backbone and balls.’

Ha! So should women be encouraging men to go on the yoga retreat with them?
I don’t think most men will necessarily get what they need from bending over in a room full of women. Of the 8% of men that will go, there’s an even a smaller percent of heterosexual men. It’s kind of like we have to go into our feminine to be able to be in that. Or at least fake it. And that’s when you get the yoga teacher who ends up in some sex scandal – because they feel like they can’t just say, ‘Hey, I think you’re really sexy, and you’re my student, but why don’t we go get a drink?’ Instead they feel they have to be like, ‘Yeah, I think you should come for a private session because I need to open your hips’ or something. You know? The heterosexual desire is made illegitimate.

So what are some spiritual exercises that you do with guys?
In my book there’s a big chapter on the ‘father wound,’ and it’s a real central thing for most men. He was my teacher on what it means to be a man, so did I learn from him? I also like to connect men to a sense of vision, because men without a vision are really lost. They need to have a mission. They need to know what they’re moving toward and be able to say, ‘Yes, I’m still moving toward it, I’m getting closer, or I’m going the wrong direction.’ So I try to help men find that. The other thing is to just get them used to being in a conversation with each other.

rainbow gathering portrait series by Benoit Paille featured on

Without any beer. Because that’s often what it takes, right?
Exactly. And in my experience, men tend to communicate a lot better shoulder-to-shoulder than face-to-face. I had one veteran that I worked with a lot, and often times I would go sit at the bar with him, with the bartender there washing the glasses or whatever, and we’d do a session. My office, with the chairs facing each other, felt awkward – maybe too intimate.

Who are your typical clients for this kind of work?
What I get a lot is the partners of my female students, and partners of women who are already involved with spirituality. They either see my stuff as a safe way for their man to get involved in it, or sometimes they want me to fix their man. At my Kripalu weekend last year, half the men were there because their wives had given them a father’s day gift, in hopes that somehow they would get fixed.

And…what happens if the wife is part of what needs fixing?
This is actually quite typical. A man comes because his wife tells him he’s too angry, and society has told him that he has an anger issue. So he comes, thinking I’m going to teach him to breathe and not be angry. But instead I break down anger from the point of view of the Bhagavad Gita, which says anger is there when a desire is thwarted. So then I say, ‘Okay, man, you’re angry, and that’s beautiful. What are you wanting that you’re not getting? Like at a deep level.’ And I unleash them to go after what they want in their life. And sometimes that means they go home and they divorce their wives.

rainbow gathering portrait series by Benoit Paille featured on

I know you have a theory about the difference between a boy, a guy, and a man. What’s that about?
The distinction I’m trying to make is that a man is someone who’s done some work on himself, and I think there’s definitely a sense of honor and sacrifice and strength. A man is ready to protect his world and serve his world, whereas a guy is just mostly about himself. A ‘dude’ is usually like a hipster, even more self-absorbed. Males in our society get into this really immature self-absorption thing.

How does that ‘man’ifest (ha)?
It looks like; ‘he’s not living his truths.’ He’s either living what his father wanted him to do, or he’s trying to live the opposite of that. He doesn’t really want to sit in this job and work in this job; he wants to be an entrepreneur, but he’s too scared. Or he doesn’t want to be in this marriage because he doesn’t get anything out of it, but he just doesn’t feel like he’s empowered to leave.

And so he makes excuses; ‘But I’ve got to bring home the bacon.’ Or, ‘it doesn’t matter. I’ll just watch some porn, beat off, just try to entertain myself a little bit.’ What I’m interested in is training men to be on fire with passion and vision, so they are bringing those values to their family and bringing that masculine energy to the house so that their woman can be in her feminine energy and not feel like she has to be the brains of the operation all the time.

You can be totally gluten free and only think nice thoughts, but if you’re a terrible lover or you don’t know how to make money, or you don’t know how to take care of your kids, all of that is for naught in my point of view.

What do you wish you could tell the average man in the street about spirituality, and how to tap into his spiritual power in a masculine way?
That they don’t have to do it alone. A lot of men just don’t have other quality men in their life in a quality way, and so they put all their emotional care in the hands of their women. And oftentimes they’re really isolated from other men. One of the first questions I ask any man who’s suffering, is; ‘Do you have good men in your life?’ And the answer is almost always no. Men need a network of other men that they can really talk to about their fears, but also about their strengths.

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Men's spirituality teacher David Harshada Wagner featured on Thenuminous.netBackbone: The Modern Man’s Ultimate Guide to Purpose, Passion and Power by David Harshada Wagner will be out May 5 2015. David’s next retreat at Kripalu, Wild, Deep, Masculine and Free: A Weekend for Men, will take place May 29-31 2015.



Tamara, a.k.a. Wolf Sister, shares how she followed her heart from hairdressing to healing…via a visit to shaman school. Images: Burn It All by Karolina Daria Flora.

Burn It All by Karolina Daria flora shaman school on

I would describe myself as empathic and creative, so in a lot of ways it was natural for me to fall into hairdressing when I was 16. It was never my first choice – I had aspirations of being a fashion journalist – but choosing to pursue it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Fourteen years later, this seemingly humble path has enabled me to fulfil some of my biggest dreams, mainly because one of the beautiful things about hairdressing is that it’s a portable trade. I can cut hair anywhere in the world, meaning I’ve been able to earn a living in the unlikeliest of places.

The last six years in particular, I have truly followed my wanderlust. Like many on a similar path, I travelled to ‘find’ myself, having experienced a strong disconnection with life in my hometown. Despite having a large group of friends, I’d never really felt as if I fully fit in or belonged, as if I was always holding part of myself back. So I went to work in Ibiza for the summer, in search of adventure and hoping to break free from the things I thought were holding me back. I then bought a round the world ticket to the Southern Hemisphere for a winter in Asia and Australia, bringing me back to Ibiza, and chasing the dream of a never-ending summer.

On my travels I met many kindred spirits, and collected experiences and memories like treasure. Island hopping and hitchhiking around Hawaii, sleeping under the stars in Australia, and making friends with liberated souls as we took sanctuary from the dust storms on the Playa at Burning Man. Living like this, I could be who I wanted without any attachment to my past. I was free from old thought processes that had held me back, and I found friends who seemed to be on a similar path, all in search of ‘something more’. My loved ones back home all seemed to want different things in life to me, and I think a lot of my anxieties came from trying to fit in.

But beyond the hedonism, I never felt any closer to finding myself. No matter how far I travelled or how long I stayed away, my shadow self was never far behind, and I realised I was trying to run away from rather than towards my true self. My epiphany came when I was recovering from a break up that had seemed to consume me. The experience led me to turn inward, and I realised that I needed learn to be happy in myself, wherever I was in the world. Home or away.

Burn It All by Karolina Daria flora shaman school on

People would describe me as bubbly and outgoing, but I have actually suffered from anxiety and depression most of my adult life. Until I connected with my spiritual path, that is. When I went to see my doctor about my epiphany (a.k.a break down) it was recommended I go on antidepressants. Of course, this didn’t resonate with me, and so began my mission to heal myself holistically. It began with yoga, and practising meditation regularly, finding tiny glimpses of inner peace that over time became a lasting sense of calm and clarity.

In my meditations, animals kept showing up for me, regularly enough that I began looking up the meanings of these beasts. A Wolf appeared most frequently in my visions, the message being that I was in the process of spiritual development, and developing my self-esteem and inner knowing. The Wolf was there (and still is today) to remind me that I was being protected. I discovered that the animals were my spirit guides, and their messages were so relevant that I couldn’t ignore their calling. So I began using these messages to guide me on my healing path – my first indication that I had an affinity with Shamanism.

The deeper into my spiritual journey I went, I experienced a conflict between my work commitments and my spiritual life. I was eager to learn more about healing, which manifested in a desire to help others with what I was learning, but I also needed to support myself financially. In the end, I decided to take the plunge and booked a two-month sabbatical from the salon I was working in at the time and travel to Bali. Being half Indonesian, it was one pilgrimage that I had always wanted to take. Now it was really happening, and for the right reasons.

I began to research my trip, my main priority to find a way to fully immerse myself in my spiritual development. I looked up retreats, workshops, yoga centres and healers, and emailed different leads to find out what my options were. A few websites caught my eye, but after quite a few unanswered enquiries, the search engines kept drawing me back to a Shaman called White Star. I took this as another sign, and connected with her on email – which resulted in her offering me a place on her apprenticeship programme. I was going to be a Shaman’s apprentice!

Burn It All by Karolina Daria flora shaman school on

I arrived in Bali two months later, and noticed that my energy instantly felt lighter, as if some kind of a shift had already occurred in me. I spent my first few days exploring my new surroundings, acquainting myself with the local customs, and trying to prepare myself for my first meeting with White Star. But how do you prepare to meet a Shaman? And one who is going to teach you her secrets?

When we finally did meet, I was full of excitement and anticipation. I had a preconceived idea that my new teacher would have an air of authority about her but when I met White Star, I was in awe. With all of her power and wisdom she is a humble woman with an unassuming presence. But it was also as if she had an ethereal radiance about her. I remember thinking she was at least 10 years younger than what she said she was – apparently there’s a healer in Bali who specialises in ‘spiritual Botox’, but I also think she’s living proof that living magically keeps you younger.

I had booked 40 hours of one-to-one lessons with White Star that were stretched out over 4 weeks, and I felt so blessed to have the time to immerse myself so deeply in my new education. I had expected to pay up front, but she was trusting and happy for me to pay cash as we went along. Our lessons took place at her home in the jungle, and were filled with practical experiences of Shamanic healing techniques, spiritual development exercises, meditations, wisdom and musings. White Star also taught me how to expand my consciousness using Shamanic journeying to tune into the spirit realms and earth elements.

Most magically of all, the more time I spent with White Star, I found that not only was I learning how to heal others, I was healing myself. I gained new insights into my past, which helped me make sense of what I always thought had been holding me back. I believe you need to learn how to understand your past and its purpose so that you can fully release it, allow you to move forward and heal. I gained a new sense of confidence and purpose, and felt myself surrendered to being my authentic self, releasing my attachment to needing to fit in.

Every day, I would walk past waterfalls on my way to my meetings with White Star, feeling that I needed to pinch myself, to check it wasn’t all a dream. It was as if my soul had found its home, and that all the life choices I’d made (including the ones I thought I regretted) had brought me here. This was real.

Burn It All by Karolina Daria flora shaman school on

In my Bali bubble, it felt so natural be fully conscious in the present moment. All my anxieties dissipated, as I learned to simply go with the flow. Time expanded as I took each moment as it came, learning to really trust my intuition. Synchronicities were a regular occurrence in my Bali life, because I took time to notice them. I felt I was constantly surrounded by magic.

Shamanism teaches us that there is a spiritual component in everything; that everything around us has a spirit, and that everything is connected. Flowers, trees, water, stones, animals, and humans. A Shaman walks the path between the seen and the unseen worlds, using altered states of consciousness to connect to what can’t be seen in our ordinary reality.

When we are disconnected from spirit, we fall out of alignment with our highest good. We experience states of negativity which can lead to anxiety, depression and other emotional and physical symptoms of imbalance. With Spiritual healing and Shamanic medicine, we are able to reconnect with our highest self, or soul, bringing us back into balance. Feeling calmer and happier, life becomes easy again. When we are spiritually aligned, we feel are able live from the heart; detaching from our ego, we are confident to follow our life’s purpose. Feeling empowered, there is no room for fear.

I returned from my Bali trip a little over a year ago, with none of the same ‘homecoming anxieties’ I used to feel, because I brought my Bali bubble home with me. Since then, my Shamanic alter ego Wolf Sister has been born, and I have been building my own healing practice, alongside working as a hairdresser. And the two actually go hand-in-hand.

When I am working with my hairdressing clients, I enable them to feel better about themselves on an external level. I still enjoy my work at the salon, but my true passion is to help people heal on a Soul level, helping them empower themselves. I feel that I’m able to do this more effectively through Spiritual healing than I am by styling hair, but still I infuse my Shamanic teachings into every moment of my ‘everyday’ life. Knowing always that my Bali bubble is there to be tuned into when I need it.

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Tamara is an Intuitive healer, Supernatural Potion Maker, Crystal enthusiast and Tarot reader. Find out more at


Here comes our monthly dose of intense lunar energy…but what does the Full Moon mean? Vedic (Eastern) astrologer Eve James unpacks the psychology (& why it make us cray-cray…)

Boho goth with orange smoke fashion shoot on

To understand the Full Moon energy, we need to first look at what it represents. Without the Sun, there would be no light or life on this earth. There would be no solar system period, and the time when the Moon is most illumined with the effulgence of the Sun is termed the “Full Moon.” She sits directly across from him, receiving his light. They are face-to-face.

Now, take into consideration what the Sun and Moon represent in astrology; the Light of Self, or Divine “I”, and it’s Mind, it’s expression.

To conceptualize this, imagine the Sun as the ocean and the Moon as the movement of the ocean. The Sun is the natural Atmakaraka in Vedic astrology – the divine drop of consciousness within the infinite ocean of Consciousness, the individual soul or Atma (as said in Sanskrit), the imperishable essence or substance of Self, the ever-lasting Light, or the infallible Truth of that which we all most naturally are.

The Moon is the movement of that same substance, and it is this movement that creates numerous thoughts and feelings, which, in turn, inspire actions. This so-called movement of the soul is what we call the mind.

So when the Moon is receiving direct light from the Sun, she is face-to-face with the source of her light. In this moment she is fulfilled, and yet still full of longing to unite with this source, as the Moon is the signifier of longing, and all feelings of separation.

Full Moons stir us deeply because of this, and can inspire action driven by desperation or other incomplete or unfulfilled longings within our minds. Full Moons can also feel very good to us, depending on the placement of the Moon at our time of birth, and how fulfilled we feel inside as an individual.

When the Moon is directly receiving this light of awareness, it can feel very unsettling to those of us who experience our independent self as fragmented, or overly dependent on an identity that isn’t working in unison with who we really are deep inside.

Full Moons heighten our awareness of what is within our minds, and how separate we have become from our source of light and truth. They can also be very illuminating and energizing when it comes to marriage or any other activity resulting in union, as this is the time when the Moon experiences union with the light of the Sun.

In Vedic astrology, we consider the Nakshatra of the Moon to be very important, which is the portion, or “lunar mansion”, of the sky the Moon is aligned with (there are 27 of these in Vedic astrology, named for the most prominent star in each). When the Moon is full and receiving illumination from the Sun, her cup is full and so she is considered ready to fully express the mood of the Nakshatra she is aligned with.

That portion of the sky is amplified with emotion and there is a palpable charge in the atmosphere. Let’s say the Nakshatra is kind of like a scented flower the Moon is wearing. During the Full Moon, the fragrance is very strong and motivates people differently according to how much they like or dislike that scent, or how it mixes with their unique DNA.


The Moon on March 5th will be 100 percent full at 10:05am PST, and she will be aligned with Purvaphalguni Nakshatra, which is a sign of romance, music, arts, creative activities, vacation, and romantic union. This is an interesting sign however, because even though it’s hyper-creative and is associated with blissful marriage, etc, it also signifies the waging of war, or going into battle and using deceptive war strategies.

So despite its feminine, almost bohemian expression, it is also considered potentially fierce and destructive. Purvaphalguni is associated with fire and now is a time to honor or respect this element and be wary of it. This is why it is a sign of poetic and romantic love, passion and pleasure, all things that ignite a fire within.

At this time, we must be very careful of the fires we ignite with other people – be it romantically, professionally or socially. This is also an intense Full Moon politically, due to its association with binding unions (contracts and marriage) and it’s fiery underbelly. It is however a beautiful time for making deeper commitment to a personal relationship, or creating stronger bonds with those we wish to keep in our lives. It is also very good for performance-related endeavors, such as music, drama and the like.

Purvaphalguni is literally considered to be full of vibration and potential, and it can work miracles for releasing inner intention into the Universe and gaining union with that goal. So for those of you wishing to release a creative project into the world, this Full Moon is excellent.

But for the hopeless romantics out there, be very careful and think twice before igniting a new flame! Even though this is an auspicious sign for marriage, it can be a deceptive sign when it comes to fulfilling our heart’s real longing for union. The energy of this Moon can be motivational and intensely inspiring, but that same motivation can be put out as quickly as it was ignited.

This is also a perfect time to pamper or treat yourself to something you desire. Self-care and healing are both highly supported by Purvaphalguni, whereas it’s sister-sign Uttarphalguni (where the Moon will align next), is about self-sacrifice and serving others. This reminds us that we have to take care of ourselves and love ourselves before we can truly uplift others. So this sign is seen as innocently and harmlessly selfish, in the sense that it reminds us not to neglect our own needs.

With that said, best wishes – and may the Full Moon aid in you feeling nourished, within and without!

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Move over astrology, I’ve got a favorite new tool / toy for personal development thanks to – the site where you can get your free numerology chart today. Images: Traugott Collection by Fluttuo.

'TRAUGOTT COLLECTION' BY FLUTTUO as numerology found on

It’s a little known fact that before Agyness Deyn became “Agyness, Supermodel” (and now Agyness, Actress, with two indie flicks under her belt and two Hollywood blockbusters in post-production), she was l’il old Laura Hollins. But luckily for our Aggie her mom was well-versed in the wisdom of numerology, and when it was suggested that a more noticeable name might be a good idea, she helped her daughter come up with something that would have a cosmic impact on her catwalk career.

Becoming Agyness meant going from an intellectually focussed Seven Expression Number, to a smiling, adventurous Three – aligning her outward expression with her sociable Three Life Path Number. Just perfect for a girl with her sights on charming the entire fashion industry and becoming the fun-loving face of her generation!

I knew about the name change but since a dude called Victor Temprano reached out last week to tell me about the free numerology chart calculator he’s just launched, I know know the details. And yes, I’ve been having all sorts of fun plugging in my names (I was born Ruby Shepheard) and birth deets, as well as those of my family, friends, and quite a few celebrities I have met or interviewed over the years.


Because you can begin to see how numerology is an intriguing tool to play with. Unlike astrology, where your chart is decided the minute you’re born and written like a cosmic blueprint in the stars, your numerology chart, when it comes to the numbers in your name at least, can go through many twists and turns.

Why do some people choose to change their name by deed pole? Why are some women adamant about keeping their maiden name when they get married? And what would going double-barrelled do for your numbers?

What’s interesting in my case, is that adopting my husband’s surname has meant my Life Path Number (a bit like your Sun sign in astrology) stayed an Eight. But the Four Heart’s Desire Number I was born with, the Four that craved stability and reliability, became a Nine once I found this in my marriage, making me more generous with my own time when it comes to helping others.

Ugh, endless numerological ribbit holes and HOURS-OF-F-U-N. So yes, dear Numis, you might want to clear your diary and check

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

Pisces / Pisces Rising – Three of Swords
Happy Birthday Pisces! You know where you are, and this month is all about letting go. As you know I usually recommend my Surrender practice, but right now the idea of letting things go seems more appropriate as I feel you are holding onto some deep seated emotions from the past, with perhaps a scattering of self deprecation as the icing on the cake. Which doesn’t sound like the best birthday cake to me, so how can you get yourself clear and uplifted?

As the last sign in the zodiac you are very energetically tuned in, and sometimes this works for you and sometimes against. Firstly it means your psychic powers are SUPER, if you aren’t already working with your intuition then WHAT ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME! Oh yes but the downsides. It means you can also easily act like a sponge and just suck it all up, meaning everyone else’s feelings get embedded in your own and you can feel frequently overwhelmed. This is never permanent though you know, and you don’t need to victimize yourself. It’s easy to use this kind of energy downer as an excuse, to blame others for their negative energy affecting you, when all you really need to do is protect your own.

I want you to think about all this for March because I want you to get committed to shaking off what you no longer need, along with releasing any paranoia you might be experiencing. Are you feeling a little like everyone is untrustworthy? I want you to learn to get your energy and intuition clear so you don’t need to be suspicious; you will just know (via a clarified connection to your feelings) what is good or not so good for you.

This is particularly important for relationships, crushes and all things in the love zone right now. All the old strings need to be cut, to clear space for something bigger and better, which may even be right in front of your nose in the form of an unanswered ‘hello.’ If you’re still tuned into your latest ex and obsessively wondering what they are doing, FREE YOURSELF. Seriously, you deserve it. Yes, the unknown romantic landscape is scary and who knows what is out there but you have to give it a chance. It’s okay to reunite with people from your past, no rolling over painful sticks and stones just to punish yourself. Magic awaits just outside your anxieties.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aries / Aries Rising – Nine of Pentacles
Dream home alert! I feel like you’re really reassessing your landscape right now Aries. You’ve put a hell of a lot of work into career in the past year – and good job, because things feel kind of hopeful right now, right? Which has got you really thinking about that ‘quality of life’ stuff people are always talking about. You just don’t really fancy being crammed into a box-sized apartment any more, when there might be big wide-open spaces, fresh air, and a place to really expand elsewhere.

This is a fantastic month for this kind of dreaming and it really ties in with the positive selfishness that I always go on about. It is okay to want nice material world things, don’t feel guilty for dreaming of new furnishings or a wardrobe switch out. What is prominent for you right now though, is a need to tune yourself in to what you need to feel good. For some of you this might involve a major spring clean – and the equinox (March 22) is the perfect time for this. Dust and cleanse your home and mind, in order to create the space to see what you really need and want.

Financially I feel like some good news is headed your way. It might not be the windfall you expect, but some sort of connection that’s been in the works for the last six months might reveal it’s gold…finally. Either way, something you’ve been manifesting is starting to show up in reality now, and it makes the human world seem that little bit more exciting.

So if you are wondering where you might like to lay your head next, try feeling into where your heartstrings are pulling you. Do you need a beach? The big city, or a forest wilderness? Take yourself on some mini vacations to reimagine your life in a new space. How does it feel? Also, enlist yourself a spirit messenger for this home hunt, asking for a symbol to show you the possibilities. It might be a favorite bird, color or number. I feel that synchronicity to do with location is quite big for you right now. Finally, it is a month of self-gratitude. You know exactly how to ‘keep on trucking’ so just stop (even those of you who think NO WAY I MUST KEEP PUSHING MYSELF!) and smile. Good job.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Prince of Swords
You want something to appear or be over more quickly than it is right now. This could feel like the big wait to meet the love of your life, a need for a period of deep sadness to just let up, or the fact you are waiting on news that never seems to come. In all cases, stop, breathe and know that it is okay. All these feelings and all that frustration, you are not alone and you don’t have to do this all on your own. You aren’t a huge fan of asking for help, much preferring to guess what you think others might need from you and then trying to act it out. But it’s time to be real and break down, fess up and move on in the exact way that you need. Okay?

You see, things are moving forward, but all in divine timing of course and not necessarily on your schedule. This month try not to force things into being by making rash decisions because you ‘think’ you have to or from pressure from someone else. You are allowed to stop and be intuitive, which you really are great at, when you part ways from your logical time managing mind for a moment. What do you need to do right now? Keep asking yourself that.

And if someone is on your case wanting everything right NOW, then simply don’t play the game. Yes, deadlines are deadlines, but getting into a panic doesn’t exactly expand time. Use ‘I have all the time that I need’ as your mantra for the month and watch how things stretch out.

Trust may be an issue at the moment, who to trust and how to trust yourself. Things are never going to be perfect if you deem perfection as an unattainable thing. Consider that perhap everything is always perfect in the moment, and that this moment is all that’s truly real. You are more ready than you think you are. You are allowed to trust yourself, and not assume that people are judging you. Remember that fear of being judged is just you judging yourself (and around and around again) – so work on the inner critic, know that you are valuable and you don’t need someone to tell you. It’s a month to tell your nastiest fears to take a hike, and then rise up – because we need your voice and your authenticity. All that is you.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Five of Cups
There is a fear of loss around you right now. Perhaps not even a fear, but with change happening all around you it can feel like everyone else is moving really fast and you are stuck. When are you going to catch up? Will they forget about you? What is your purpose right now? Well, it’s time to return home to YOU. When you’re preoccupied with what everyone else is doing, it’s so easy to feel like you don’t have enough. When actually all you’re doing is neglecting your path in favor or peering through someone else’s window. There are things for you to attend to right here.

If the classic ‘crying over spilt milk’ moment pops up for you, it’s okay. Feel those feelings, it’s normal and no one is exempt from remembering past disappointments and linking them to the present. However it is your choice to change the story. How about you don’t indulge in any ‘this always happens to me’ thought processes, and decide to look at everything in a new light RIGHT NOW. No, it isn’t always that easy…but actually yeah it kind of is. You are the master of your mind, remember? Try to not think of yourself as the loser, and consider the open space in front of you to be filled with all your gains.

Life is a series of twists and turns, it’s supposed to be like that, and everyone is going through it. Everyone you think seems to have it ‘easy’ just isn’t facing a bend in the road right now. Your path is perfect too, especially when it doesn’t feel like it is! It’s okay to miss people, situations, feelings, but it’s also okay to pull in new feelings and let your life develop in a new way. Different can be interpreted as potentially bad, but the odds also show that that potential can be good. What is there around you right now that feels inspiring and exciting?

If you’re still coming up with a big fat ‘nothing,’ then it’s time to honor your spirit and that means getting cracking on discovering what lights you up. Your purpose isn’t going to chase you down and stand in front of you with flashing lights. However, you can be that light by allowing yourself to discover and rediscover what makes you smile, and appreciate your human experience. Maybe you don’t know right now – and that you see, is half the fun.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Emperor
I feel as though you’re going to be called upon to get a little more serious and certain about your finances this month. If that sounds totally dull then it’s even more of an indicator that you need to do some money love work. Some of you may want to avoid the ‘money’ subject like the plague, not feeling ready to be that ‘grown up’ or worried because you just don’t understand what you need to do. Well, it’s time to educate yourself. Knowledge always brings empowerment as well as self-awareness, so it’s time to dive in.

I feel the reason behind this is a good one, as life might need a little more action and organization because things are pretty A-okay. You are way more sorted than you think you are, so how about accepting this energy and embracing it? I feel that in order to see more progression over the next six months, especially where career is concerned, it will help you to dive in and analyze what you really want. How many hours to you want to work? Are you feeling fulfilled? Is there room for expansion? (Note: recognize that boredom is a call from the soul to expand). What do you want to see in your day-to-day life that isn’t present right now?

It is time to call in some advice too; of course you aren’t supposed to have all the answers yourself. So ask friends, family or your social media tribe how they get themselves up to date and sorted. You might want to seek a business mentor, or even just call on the person who you deem to be the most ‘on it’ and ask them for some tips. You may also notice here that actually everyone feels a bit like they are winging it in life. The big secret is, we all do!

Meanwhile, on the subject of romance and suitors, because I know you are thinking about this too right now, you may surprise yourself by being attracted to people off par with your ‘type’. Remember that if your usual go-to somehow hasn’t worked out for you before, then this new and unusual attraction might be at the very least worth exploring. I feel that you are in the mood to be educated; I see you drooling all over someones brain waves. Let someone teach you something new, stop and listen, take it all in.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Leo / Leo Rising – Six of Wands
Was last month a little full-on and chaotic? It feels like 2015 has kind of got off to a shooting start. You already have things to be proud of and celebrate, so early on in the year. Who knew! Umm well, the Universe certainly did. Why do you find it so hard right now to stop and accept that you might be of worth? Have you been too busy comparing yourself to others of your age or in your field, that you literally forgot to stop and smell the roses? Bring it all back home and stand up and admire what YOU have been doing. It’s all good, you are building something and things are in perfect alignment.

You have a renewed or totally new sense of confidence at your disposal right now and I don’t want you to miss out on this energy. It’s actually a chance to harness the super positive aspects of the human ego and enjoy them. If you are on your spiritual quest you may have got used to thinking of the ego as the ‘big bad,’ but we do need it to. I want you to tune into your human self and admire your brain, your ideas and your ability to shift through different thought processes. Perhaps you want to also stop and appreciate some of your most recent fears and the gifts that they brought you. Am I right? Didn’t you have a few ‘ah-ha’ moments recently that were directly discovered from certain situations or difficult moments in your sphere?

And now, haven’t you gained some intellect and new practical tools? Yes, love and embrace those, and most importantly SHARE them. Your experiences are in place for you to learn from and then to fire out to the world. Nothing happens to you, it’s all for you, and all for your gain.

You may also feel sweetly surprised over the coming weeks as you experience a few personal breakthroughs. At first your lower self might think of you as having ‘won,’ but your highest self will recognize that it’s not about getting one up on others but more about embracing a higher level of empowerment and gaining some self-knowledge. You have however, been putting in the work and this is why you are seeing things start to flow more easily. Never forget that word – ‘flow.’ Embrace the tides and love where the stream guides you.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Virgo / Virgo Rising – Death
I feel like February was a bit of a hard one for you my earthy pals. Was it? You’ve been putting a lot of pressure on yourself, like seriously way too much. Whether it was trying to complete a million projects in half the time, placing a bit too much stress on your physical body or just generally expecting yourself to be ‘better’ – it’s time to let up. You see, March is a month of change for you and I want you to feel empowered by your ability to be the director in your own life.

I’m back on the word empowerment because YOU HAVE GOT THIS. The Universe is not about to start throwing marbles in your path to mess with you, instead I see you standing tall, sword in hand, totally getting things done and dusted. You probably realized, you see, that last month brought up a ****load of old fears and weird habits you’d rather didn’t hang out with you anymore. Now it’s time to do a clean sweep and free yourself. Forgiveness is key here, as that is the ultimate quick route to feeling free and expansive. Forgive yourself and everyone else – and nope, it doesn’t mean they have ‘got away’ with it. This is all about you, and you want to feel expansive again right? Well that means kicking anger to the curb. Right. Now.

You are on the brink of really beautiful and big horizons that will require your full attention and grace. You are being called to rise up to a lot more responsibility – in the world, but also from your own soul, and it’s time to deepen your own truths a little. Where are you wearing a mask? In what situations, professional and personal, are you still trying to be a ‘certain’ person? Why do you think you need to do that?

It’s time to rip off that mask and bare your soul – warts and all. I feel that someone or a collective really need to hear your voice stripped down right now. Whilst you are still a Virgo and do like to be all ‘put together’ – sometimes you just need to show how it really is. Shed a tear, write a blog, share (even if you think it’s so stupid and even if you totally know where it’s come from.) This is important for your own self-development, so don’t be afraid of judgment. Set yourself free.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Seven of Cups
Hi beautiful. Feeling a little swept up and confused right now? Lost in a daydream wonder vision? Feeling a little ungrounded or overwhelmed? Okay, good, totally normal and completely A-okay. You, like many of us, started the year on a big one, diving into a lot of newness, and February was a month where things started to settle and you were able to see how things fit. There may be a few places where you feel a little let down or disappointed, but the good news is that you are aware.

I feel that in regards to one particular situation you would prefer to bury your head in the sand, especially if this means hiding from a certain person or group of people. You feel a little lost in the crowd and distrusting of a group – this might relate to colleagues, or even a worry about a relationship or friendship. Anyway, please be kind to yourself FIRST, don’t decide that you ‘should’ have known better, or try and self blame for whatever you are worried about. Instead, get your head out of the sand. Why? Because then you can see the road ahead, and you can also shake everything off and start taking action.

Once you have visually located yourself above a situation, you can see more clearly how to deal with it. If this is difficult then seek help from your friends or therapists, to help you ‘see’ from another angle. You are probably going to be faced with a number of different options, ideas, and possibilities. This isn’t a bad thing! The only worry is the fear of making the ‘wrong’ choice. Remember: 1) if you don’t like where you’re at right now then, umm, of course anything else will be the right choice! And 2) there is no such thing as a wrong choice anyway, because everything is a pivot to take you somewhere.

Even this annoying situation right now holds a number of hidden guideposts. It’s your job to discover them. This might come in the form of a major epiphany, or perhaps just a cool little reminder of something you already knew, but you are being lead in a new and more wonderful direction. Just trust that it’s okay to leave behind the things that don’t work and to release any daydreams you are using as a way of procrastinating. Be kind to yourself and take action. It’s okay!

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Scorpio / Scorpio – The Magician
Oh, hello there you. You are on creative fire this month, and don’t you just know it. Whatever your day job or your regular commitments, you seem to be totally overcome by the callings of your soul. Hopefully the two are combined, and you’re getting to spend every day embracing that wild and active energy. If not, then of course don’t be mad about it, but please make sure to embrace that niggling itch inside. What is that? Well of course it’s your spirit shouting out to be FREED UP.

You need to create this month, in your own unique way. Don’t be afraid of trying everything new. Feel like painting and already have decided you ‘can’t paint’? Well, who cares – make a mess, throw some colors down, get dirty. However you can express yourself the most deeply this month, you must go there.
The next few weeks that are all about empowered life force, and I know you will feel it strongly, especially those of you who are super connected to their inner soul system. It may seem impossible to sit still because ideas are fast and furious. Be thankful, and don’t worry – they won’t disappear if you don’t do them RIGHT NOW.

This is certainly a time to practice presence and release self pressure to have it all done immediately. Trust in the process, one thing at a time, but also, yes – plan. Put the steps in place, leaving room for some fun.
I feel that your passionate energy will be on a high, whether your sex drive takes a soaring leap, or your third eye zaps you with a new and more powerful creative channel. You might feel called to get some guidance too, and by all means seek it out and LISTEN.

You are so independent that it’s easy to feel like no one can tell you anything new. Just know that it’s all a process of remembering – so sometimes you need to just hear what you know, but in a new language.
Oh and get yourself out there, with this sort of energy around you, you will be magnetic, whether it’s for dating or networking. Feel free to share and shout about your talents. It will be uplifting for others to learn about your passion projects and process. Be wild.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Two of Cups
March sees you pondering your ideal scenario, in all aspects of your life. What is the perfect relationship? How can you be the best mother, child, friend, and colleague? How can you finally be at one with your health and your body? How do you strike the perfect balance, and where does one purchase harmony?
Stick with these question, but release the pressure. Experiment with life, dance with your ideas and embrace a sense of wonder. All of this can be fun if you just let the light in.

You know how everything works the best when it’s unaffected by the should and the coulds and that what ifs, and you focus on the right now? THIS moment is always perfect as it exists, as well as the only reality that’s really real! So, what small steps can you take today to feel good? To be kind? To explore? Embrace? Learn? Forgive?

It takes two, baby…and this month is definitely about giving some compassion to your closest relationships, romantic and otherwise. It’s time to listen and know that it isn’t always about you. Check in with everyone and see how he or she is doing, and in turn let down that battle-weary force field in order to embrace some much-needed vulnerability. You may be feeling like you really need to be understood right now, and that does require you to break down a little. Express yourself in all the ways you know that suit you, just avoid playing the blame game. It doesn’t help you to put something that is yours onto someone else’s back. Instead, sit down with your big bads, say HEY, and put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

THEN allow your friends or your partner to see the real you, in that moment, and just be there, stripped bare. For all you maters and daters out there (umm, that sounds like the intro to a hot new romance radio show!) this IS a good month for getting your crush on, and a great time to surrender to just allowing things to move as they should. Don’t try and MAKE someone like you, it’s exhausting! You need to just be. You also need to allow for the unexpected, which means less planning, more flow. It will be fun, I promise.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Queen of Pentacles
This is a month for embracing the divine feminine and accepting the balance that you have been carving out for yourself. A massive sense of guilt used to descend upon you when you stopped, even for a moment. Were you being lazy? Did someone need you? Shouldn’t you be somewhere, doing something? Give it up. You gave it up! Wherever you’re at on this journey of releasing and managing pressure upon yourself, know that the dynamics have shifted, are shifting.

Why? Because you have shifted and what’s important differs slightly right now. Rising up, claiming your worth, honoring your body – these are what will work for you now. You are reminded that, well, you can have it all. You can have the career you want, and raise a family; you can still give time to your friends and partner, whilst still forging out passions for yourself. The way it’s done? Banish the guilt and embrace the intuitive needs that you know soooo very well (it’s just a matter of listening and believing).

You have new filtrations of wisdom coming upon you over the coming weeks, forcing you into a nurturing space; a lot of Surrender equals more feelings of peace. If in doubt, hand it over to your highest self and trust in your journey. You may feel humbled. Worried. But also proud. The merging of the spiritual and the material is quite an art, but you of anyone can do it. Seriously, it’s kind of your superpower. Remember that the earth is fed with water – which means that your experience is fueled by your intuition. It’s nature to be there with your feelings, so try to honor them, whatever they are bringing up.

Finances are also looking good – it feels like you’re seeing the rewards from the work you put in over the last six months. You’re almost surprised, but don’t you remember how great you are? Yep, it’s only natural that others are noticing too – take the compliments and the applause, even if you feel embarrassed. Make no apologies for doing your thing and being who you are. It might seem that any moment this great life you are manifesting is going to disappear. So just stop and allow it to be real.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Chariot
Last month meant lots of planning, wishing, manifesting…and hoping. And this month is all action, babe. PHEW I hear you utter! Yes, it’s good and things are moving, but you still have to be there, okay. You may feel like right about now it would be so nice if someone else just took over and sorted things out for you, so you could sit back down and feel good again. I wish I could cast that spell for you, but instead the wand is in your hand. And you know exactly the areas of your life that need the magic.

This is movement with serious intent, no bullshit, and a sense of powering on through. I imagine that something got you flailing recently, fired up, maybe even a little angry. You have a great desire to fix something up, show someone who you really are, prove your worth, and really be who you say you are. It’s all good, just stay on the more loving side of this coin. You are worthy, you aren’t broken, and it is okay to pursue what you need. No need to make it a battleground, but you are required to stand in your most integral self.

When you are seeking what your soul is truly calling out for, that is where you can muster the energy. You may recognize it as a scratching anxiety, a sense of boredom or a sudden rush of adrenaline. If you are unhappy you must not stick things out in the hope that they might change. While you can’t make everything different with the flick of a switch, you can take the steps to haul yourself onwards. But as things are moving, I’m pretty sure you already know all this. When you do take the leap, just keep holding on – not too tightly though. You are still practicing living in a state of surrender, right?

Decision making, this month will probably bring up your lightest and your darkest sides, and I don’t want you to be alarmed by either. Often our most pronounced moments of intuitive clarity can scare us as much as our deepest fears. Wait, WHAT? That’s it? Can it really be? Is that the answer? If the guidance is simple and peaceful, then it probably is. The voice that says ‘it’s okay’ or ‘you can do it’ – that’s the one to pay attention to. Now, listen again.

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