What’s in the cards for your sign this month? Resident Tarot lady Louise Androlia dips into her deck…

Gemini – 3 of Cups
The energy of last month stays with you Gemini, and as the Sun moves into your sign you are still in the spotlight. But now you can relax a little, there are celebrations ahead. June brings in emotional expansion so this card could signify the further bloom of a new relationship or friendship, you may be walking up the aisle this month or starting kicking off a season of weddings as a guest. Celebrations come in all forms, and this is also about toasting to your successes in life, reminding yourself of what you have achieved this year. Be victorious, you ARE worthy! If you have been feeling stressed out or disconnected from your self recently then this is also a great card to remind you to be present in your life and enjoy it, it sounds simple but how often do you take your eyes off the five things you are currently doing and remind yourself what brings you joy? Rebalance and do something for yourself that isn’t draining those octopus tentacles of yours. Be open to reconnecting with old friends or family members and enjoy gathering with those who have supported you in recent times. On the flip side, if you feel like you have been overindulging recently then this card is here to remind you to look after yourself, and invest in some spiritual and holistic therapy instead of another glass of champagne. Either way Gemini, June is a chance to notice and reconnect with the joy in your self and your life.
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'Bondage Warriors.' Photography Steven Klein, styling Nicola Formichetti.
‘Bondage Warriors.’ Photography Steven Klein, styling Nicola Formichetti for Vogue Hommes.

Spiritual BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) doesn’t even appear in Fifty Shades of Grey, but according to dominatrix Claire Black, customers are increasingly requesting it. Black, who “likes to explore dark and dirty sexuality and bring it into the light,” was giving a talk last Tuesday at South London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern (a gay cabaret pub where Princess Diana once sneaked in dressed as a boy in the 1990s).


Imagine if you could read your own DNA, and use the information like an instruction manual for your soul. Welcome to the world of Human Design, which is a little like astrology – but supercharged. A Human Design chart is also cast using the positions of the planets at your time of birth, but then incorporates elements of the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra system and quantum physics to create what practitioner Cara Joy describes as a “whole language to help us understand ourselves and others, and become our happiest and most successful selves.”


What’s in the cards for your sign this month? Resident tarot lady Loulou Androlia dips into her deck…


Taurus – The Chariot
Everyone on board? It’s all go, action, adventure, work, love, money, play in the Taurus household this month. The Sun is in your sign and with two Eclipses this month there’s no holding you back. If you aren’t ready to grab the reigns of your life and start riding then The Chariot is your call to action. A wonderful and inspiring card that has a very determined energy, now is the time to really commit to all your ideas from the past few months and to maintain a focus on all that you wish to manifest. It is the perfect time to be very present in your own life, sometimes we stray from ourself and feel really out of control and all it takes is to step into our own personal power. Work wise it’s time to really be assertive and put your energy into the projects you believe in, if you are self employed look at teaming up with people who share your drive right now, even just a spirited conversation with a new face may set you off in a new direction. This card can indicate physical movement as well as inner action, so you may find yourself zapping around town or cross country on a work trip or to visit a new love interest. Make sure to take advantage of this energy boost by continuing (or starting!) a healthy eating regime and don’t forget to nurture your internal environment during this mad month.
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