What’s in the cards for your sign this month? Resident Tarot lady Louise Androlia dips into her deck…

Gemini – 3 of Cups
The energy of last month stays with you Gemini, and as the Sun moves into your sign you are still in the spotlight. But now you can relax a little, there are celebrations ahead. June brings in emotional expansion so this card could signify the further bloom of a new relationship or friendship, you may be walking up the aisle this month or starting kicking off a season of weddings as a guest. Celebrations come in all forms, and this is also about toasting to your successes in life, reminding yourself of what you have achieved this year. Be victorious, you ARE worthy! If you have been feeling stressed out or disconnected from your self recently then this is also a great card to remind you to be present in your life and enjoy it, it sounds simple but how often do you take your eyes off the five things you are currently doing and remind yourself what brings you joy? Rebalance and do something for yourself that isn’t draining those octopus tentacles of yours. Be open to reconnecting with old friends or family members and enjoy gathering with those who have supported you in recent times. On the flip side, if you feel like you have been overindulging recently then this card is here to remind you to look after yourself, and invest in some spiritual and holistic therapy instead of another glass of champagne. Either way Gemini, June is a chance to notice and reconnect with the joy in your self and your life.

Cancer – The Fool
A brand new start for summer for you cancer. I love this card, it’s a big flashing neon sign that says ‘GO FOR IT’. The Fool is the first card in the Major Arcana and represents the beginning and end of a cycle and the moment that we are first dropped onto earth. Don’t worry, this card isn’t about you being a fool, it is being aware of the naivety and uncertainty that comes at the start of a journey or mindset, and choosing to take a step into the unknown anyway. Our attitude to change is often fearful, but it’s only about perception. Have you ever considered that you can choose how to perceive what you don’t know, that surrendering control is liberating, and that being open to change is welcoming in a newly evolved mind. This is what you must do Cancer. Leap. This may relate to something that shows up for you this month – you could be changing careers, moving house, at the start of a new relationship. You can do it. But The Fool is about having the courage to step into the big adventure of self-discovery. Do you sit and moan about things in your life without making any effort to change them? Changing our habits and thought processes is far from easy but it is entirely possibly. Your only concern should be whether you are moving with good intentions for your physical, emotional and spiritual self. The presence of this card is always an indicator that the Universe has your back, so trust that and be brave. Potential and opportunities are unlimited this month Cancer! To not participate in your life? Now that would be foolish.

Leo – Queen of Wands
This card has been weaving its way through the signs each month, and now is your moment of a lift from the fire queen. The disappointment from last month is behind you Leo, or it certainly can be. The Queen of Wands is a fire sign like you, and her power is that she has harnessed her challenges and risen above, she has moved on to stronger ground, and it’s time to follow suit. Consider this a bright shiny ticket to dust yourself off and ride on. This card encourages fearlessness and confidence, so choose to place your energy on what is going to keep you on your path and help you move ahead from the static feelings of last month. The energy was all in your head before, so much thinking and worrying, and now it is time to channel the element of fire. Opportunities are awaiting you and it is important not to stay trapped in your anxiety and end up missing them. Synchronicities are going to be abundant this month so when you have an ‘oh that’s weird’ moment, know that the Universe is laying down clues for you to follow to higher ground. Stretch your creative mind and check in with your dreams, what do you want for the next six months? Place your foundations Leo, the time is now.

Virgo – 6 of Pentacles
Last month was hard work wasn’t it. You felt a rush of things happening and moving, but sometimes it was more the energy than the outcome that you noticed. June is about seeing some results and you may finally be feeling a little more relaxed financially, yahoo! The Six of Pentacles is about giving and receiving and if you’ve been putting in the effort then you should start noticing energy coming back in your direction and a little more of a harmonious feeling in your material world. The key this month is to be thankful. A healthy gratitude practice keeps us in tune with the Universe and puts out a positive energy that will continue to look after us. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you have nothing, be grateful for the tiniest thing, even if it’s just that you are present in this moment reading this right now. If you are feeling stable it might be the month that you start to share your wealth, weather that be your knowledge or actual material gain. Who around you may be in need of support right now? Can you help a friend get back on their feet by offering them some loving advice and guidance? Consider this month like a set of scales for you to find your balance within giving and receiving, when it come to money and love. If you feel that you are giving out more than you are receiving, it’s time to restore your energy with a practice of self love and self worth. Be mindful of your relationships and check they are equal, then see how this balance helps you evolve. Enjoy your June Virgo, you deserve it and it is ok to treat yourself.

Libra – The Tower
This card can bring a look of horror to many peoples faces but it has always been a favourite of mine. The Tower brings in big changes and flashes of insight, but if you see this as an exciting part of the cycle of your life then you will always be able to manage whatever swoops in. So June may arrive with surprises. The Tower can shake you to your core and that can come in any form, as internal and external happenings can forcibly change the way you think. The bonus we get when we feel like things have turned upside down is that we get a set of new eyes, an awakening and the option to rebirth, which can be very empowering and also surprisingly comforting. This lightning bolt may be coming to you in various forms. Do you feel like you are at rock bottom in a situation? Then this is your hint to make like a phoenix and rise up, step away from the fears that your ego is showering upon you and ask for help. If you know you need to make the changes yourself then this is the month to do it, or the Universe may step in and moves things for you. I find the former version the best, usually if we manage to get ourselves moving then the Universe helps us. If we are delaying that step then sometimes it feels a little more like a shove! Perhaps this flash is going to come in the form of new inspiration, it doesn’t have to be something destructive, the energy of this card purely means the arrival of a new structural energy. It could be the month that the love of your life walks in, or someone who makes you think in a way that you would have never dreamed. A flash of inspiration could move your from one career opportunity to the next. What is the key then this month Libra? Be fluid, be open, be embracing of change! Open the door to this month and be ready.

Scorpio – 2 of Swords
There is quite a link with the card from last month Scorpio and I feel you are on a journey of the self. In May you were working a lot on moving on from unhealthy habits and people and this card extends from here. You have chosen to move on and what can stop us again is that we often fear that we might make the wrong choice and go in the wrong way. What do we do when we face a crossroads? I have a new perspective for you; what if there were no wrong direction? Every moment takes us to the next step on our path, and some of our hardest situations are the foundations for our most powerful personal developments. Moving forwards is a beautiful thing, please embrace this as a mantra for June. So you may find a few decisions coming up to attend to. You might feel that you want to step back and find some peace before dealing with people and developments this month. On one hand this is good, but do it in a positive way, meditate and search for your own truths, don’t blindfold yourself and hide away. The 2’s always call for us to find our balance and with the swords this is mental balance. It may be that you are weighing up viewpoints and options, and if you are having a conflict with another person then it might be that you need to step back and see their side as well as your own. Consider this month as further development in your life education, you are moving on and every time you remove that blindfold and take a step, the further you are towards complete renewal. Scorpio you know that you are the master of regeneration right? It’s easier than you think.

Sagittarius – The 9 of Wands
Have you calmed down after last month? Did the winds of change arrive for you? I’d love to know how May was for you, and I also love the flow to this next card. The 9 of Wands shows you emerging from the battle ground, tired and a little bruised – but alive! You have come out on top of your struggles, or if you feel that you aren’t quite there yet, then this is what June has in store for you. A little enlightenment in some form, and rewards for standing your ground and facing up to your challenges. You are close to completing tasks, and with the Wands at play it’s likely that they are work and creative based and probably involve dealing with a big team or even just one difficult work contact. This card brings in hope and the message is to keep pushing on, even if you feel knee deep, you are en route to the light. This card is often thought of the card which brings in the ‘final test’, like the last bit of uphill before the plateau. There is a lot of comfort in recognising our stresses, being present in them. That way we avoid a build up or a break down. Know that the past does not have to be a blueprint for the future. Your mantra for June: ‘I now recognise that the challenges in my life are in put in place in order to lead me to higher ground.’

Capricorn – 6 of Cups
In June I feel you will notice the emergence of the final blockages that are in the way of your dreams and a more balanced mind. Did the end of May arrive with a sudden feeling of repeating the past? The 6 of Cups is all about nostalgia and June will be about locating what it is time to finally move on from. The thing about the past is that living in it or over romanticising it doesn’t move us forward, it in fact gives us a blindfold and a locked door to love, success and present moments. I believe our life is a constant journey and that we should only refer to what has been and gone as a way to learn, inspire and keep going, not as a torture tool. Sometimes when we face challenges we slip into this nostalgic frame of mind and swim around in our often-cloudy perception of ‘happier’ days rather than cracking into dealing with situations in our physical world or with our ego mind. If you are looking for love, then look forwards rather than backwards, what is the worst that could happen? Something new might work out, OH BOY! What about general happiness and work success? The 6 of Cups can encourage us to look to the past by connecting to our childlike self, so what was it that brought you joy when you were a child? Bring that energy into the present. One of the greatest things about a child’s mind is that fearlessness is abundant, the present moment is celebrated, and this is what to bring from the past, a new set of eyes and an open heart. Opportunities are really present for you this month and they are in front of you, don’t miss them by locking yourself back in time.

Aquarius – 10 of Swords
Last month I encouraged a practice of getting present with your feelings and this will help you with any challenges that arise now. The 10 of Swords is another card that is often greeted with a feeling of fear and it can show that you have been struggling recently. The very positive thing that I love about Tarot is that we work with cycles, no beginnings and no endings, when we reach the 10 we are prepped to return to the Ace. The Ten of Swords is about recognising pain that we might be suffering from and still choosing to get up and carry on. This card is actually the most powerful in the suit because it teaches us to learn from our challenges and cypher the wisdom to take with us on our journey. This card links a lot with the Death card which is about change and renewal so you can look to any Scorpios you know and see how they deal with challenges. Chances are you see them regenerating over and over again, and this is the mind-set to channel. Accept your suffering and be kind to yourself, you deserve love right now but notice the difference between healing and wallowing, as sometimes we prolong our own suffering! This card always arrives at the end of a cycle, and shows there is much to look forward to so don’t give up if you feel weak. What if you aren’t struggling at all? Could this be a sign to reach out to someone close to you who is? Never underestimate that you could be the bearer of change.

Pisces – 5 of Cups
Oh Pisces, the waters are always chopping and changing aren’t they? You are a sensitive soul and another emotional journey is present. Last month the Cups showed a new connection or a rejuvenated emotional experience. This June brings in another of the watery cards, and the 5 of Cups helps us cope with feelings of loss or regret. I feel the most important message with this card is to consider our views on our own life, the old ‘is the cup half full or half empty’ question can’t help but come into play. It is even present in the original artwork of this card, the figure is huddled and staring at fallen cups on the ground, his back to the full ones behind. This is a feeling that is present in all of us and it can be a real kick for us to reconnect to a gratitude practice, to be thankful for all that we have and place our energy on the positive and not the negative. This card can come up if you have been wallowing in the past a little, a common activity for many of us! Remember that the past should serve as a teacher, not a torturer. If you are feeling filled with regret or anger towards actions you have made or feel have been made against you then this is the month to start to take on a willingness to forgive. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things we can learn to do but so freeing. I love the quote that says that holding on to anger is like carrying a ball of fire and expecting someone else to burn. If last month’s reading resonated with you and you have met a new someone special then this card can also serve to remind you not to bring anxieties from the past into the present moment, what may have happened before does not have to repeat if you choose to learn from the things that hurt you. Try and recognise when a feeling is from the past or the present, a very useful tool that can prevent us from reacting with a loaded mind. You are loved Pisces, keep swimming on.

Aries – 8 of Cups
Aries! I love the transition from last month’s card, The Moon, to the 8 of Cups for June. At the end of May you may have felt that the eclipse season had really worked you dry and all that could emerge from the washing machine cycle of your life had been flung out. Now this card has come up to remind you to take that first brave step forwards. This is a card full of depth, and the meaning can spread across all areas of our life. But at the heart of the card is, well, the heart: this is emotional. You may feel weighted with feelings, this is great, feel everything. Use ‘I feel (insert emotion)’ as a mantra to help you be present in all that you experience. The card questions your attitude to our own life path, and brings up the option of ultimately moving to ‘higher ground’. Are you willing to let go of your fears? It’s time to harness your personal power and make choices that will serve you well. This month is about your internal choices related to your external environment. As we head towards the mid point in the year, what do you want to carry with you, and what can be left behind? Bad attitudes, habits, relationships, jobs that no longer serve you, anything that isn’t connected to your higher path, whatever it is, you know what I’m talking about. You racked them all up last month, so let’s go!

Taurus – 5 of Pentacles
The fives in Tarot show us a lot about the human condition and can bring in a chance to deal with some very real elements. The 5 of Pentacles arrives when we are feeling a little lost, often worrying about finances, often just feeling emotionally isolated. It could be extreme in that you are really going through a loss right now, even just a feeling of loss of self. Firstly, remember you are never, and reach out to those around you and ask for help. It is usually someone else that can point us to the end of the ball of string that we feel tangled up in. This card also reminds us to reconnect to our spiritual self – perhaps the reason we feel a little lost is that we have abandoned our path in some way. Have you left your light shining away in a corner somewhere? Go back and collect it! And remind yourselves that life moves in cycles, and that every situation is moving us towards something else. Especially the tough ones. Choose not to let fear guide you, and about the balance of what you wish for. This card leans toward the material, is the material world making you feel anxious? Try to not label yourself with your negative emotions, for instance ‘I am broke’ and ‘I am unsuccessful’ place the energy on the fear, change the ‘I am’ to I FEEL’ and notice the weight lift.

TAROTSCOPES Cast using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.


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