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Making the mystical mainstream since 2012, this platform seeks to establish a worldview that values feelings alongside facts and acknowledges that being human is an innately numinous experience. With our online content, live activations and retreats, The Numinous has been at the hub of a global shift in consciousness that is re-shaping our societies in real time.

The word numinous means, “that which is unknown, or unknowable.” For us, it speaks to everything within the realm of our experience which cannot be quantified, explained, or contained. Our intuition, and our sweeping feeling states. Our connection to the cosmos, and the Universe within.

This platform was created in 2012 as a place where “Céline shoes and the Celestine Prophecy” could exist in perfect harmony. With a focus on astrology, the mission was to update all things “new age” for life in the Now Age. Widely credited with spearheading the current renaissance in interest in all things mystical, since its inception, a lot has changed. In us, in what we value, and in the world.

Numinous founder Ruby Warrington wrote about her personal transformation using the tools and practices covered here in her first book, Material Girl, Mystical World. In the summer of 2019, in the grips of burnout following intense hype around her second book, Sober Curious, Ruby stepped back from publishing weekly content here to re-focus on her own material and mystical wellbeing.

She explains the reasoning for this in a series of three posts: 7 Reasons I’m Taking a Numinous Sabbatical; The Truth About Running a (Spiritual) Online Business; and Wisdom from a 350-Year-Old Tree.

And, behind the scenes, this platform continues to evolve.

We will be unveiling our next iteration in summer 2020, while our manifesto continues to be to create content that inspires, supports, challenges, and shakes up the status quo. To give a platform to the unseen and the unheard voices re-shaping our world. And to offer tools that connect you to your spirit, and activate your Soul.


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Ruby Warrington //
Professional Bio

Ruby Warrington is Founder of The Numinous and the voice behind the term Sober Curious. Author of the 2019 book of the same title, her work has spearheaded a global movement to reevaluate our relationship to alcohol. Other works include Material Girl, Mystical World (2017), The Numinous Astro Deck (2019), and the upcoming Sober Curious Reset (Jan 2021). With 20+ years’ experience as a lifestyle journalist, Ruby is also a sought-after speaker, book doula, podcaster, and brand consultant, and is known as a true thought leader in the modern wellness space. Learn more about how you can work with Ruby HERE.