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This platform was created in 2012 with a manifesto to update all things “new age” for life in the Now Age, and is widely credited with spearheading the current renaissance of all things mystical. The word numinous means, “that which is unknown, or unknowable.” For us, it speaks to everything within the realm of human experience that cannot be quantified, explained, or contained. Our intuition and our feeling states. Our connection to the cosmos, to each other, and to the Universe within.

After eight years operating as an online magazine, with regular events and retreats and a popular weekly newsletter and Instagram account, The Numinous re-launched in the summer of 2020 as a boutique self-publishing imprint. With a goal of publishing six books per year by 2022, we are working with emerging authors in the Now Age space to concept, create, and market their books. You can learn more about our publishing services HERE.

As the outside world continues to evolve at warp speed, we are committed to producing content that offers solace, support, and inspiration, while challenging and shaking up the status quo. Our guiding principals in this work are to always be:

ETHICAL. We always do what we believe is the right thing—which means the honest thing and the humane thing.

INCLUSIVE. All are welcome here—and while not every book will be for everyone, we will always do our best to ensure nobody feels excluded.

INFORMATIVE. We help our readers discover more—about themselves, the world we live in, and the roles we are each here to play.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY SAFE. We are committed to doing our own work — to keep this a safe place for you to do yours.

Thank you for being part of our story.


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Ruby Warrington // Professional Bio

Ruby Warrington is Founder of The Numinous. Creator of the term “Sober Curious,” her books Sober Curious and The Sober Curious Reset have helped spearhead a global movement to reevaluate our individual and collective relationships to alcohol. Other works include Material Girl, Mystical World and The Numinous Astro Deck.

With 20+ years’ experience as a lifestyle journalist, Ruby is also an editor and book doula, and is known as a true thought leader in the Now Age space. She also hosts the popular Sober Curious podcast. Learn more about how you can work with Ruby HERE.