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Numinous Books is a boutique self-publishing imprint that works with emerging authors in the Now Age space to concept, create, and market their books. Whether your book is still a twinkle in the eye of the Goddess, you have a proposal that hasn’t found the right home, or you have a complete manuscript that is good to go, contact us to set up a 15-minute discovery call to see if publishing with Numinous Books could be the right path for you.

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Having been a hub for modern mysticism and self-healing since we launched in 2012, The Numinous has always been home to a diverse array of voices and ideas in the space. Now, Numinous Books takes this one step further. The concept is simple: you bring us your idea, and we help you write, edit, design, market, and sell your book.


Each Numinous Books project is completely bespoke, based on the needs of the author. Following a kick-off call with Founder Ruby Warrington, we will craft a scope and a time-frame for your project, which will typically include a pick ‘n’ mix platter of the services listed below. ALL Numinous authors retain full copyright of their work and receive personalized coaching throughout each step of the process. Check out some client testimonials below. 


A full-scale Numinous Books project will incorporate all of the below, and each of these services is also available á la carte. Fees for individual services range from $250 – $20K.

-Book brainstorming session. You have an idea … kinda … and we can work together to help you land that baby.

-Building the foundation. Now your book needs a title, a subhead, and a table of contents. With this foundation in place, the writing part will be so much easier. (*So important, we created a special Book Basics Coaching Package to help with this—click HERE to learn more).

-Developmental edit of manuscript. Typically a 9-12 month process, we will work closely with you to craft the content of your book.

-Ghostwriting services. Not a natural born writer? No worries. One of our experienced, published authors can take your ideas and spin them into manuscript gold.

-Copyediting and proof-reading. The icing on the cake: a.k.a. human spell-check.

-Cover and interior design. Work with our designers on a cover and interior layout that fits your brand and helps to tell your story.

-Consulting on self-publishing process. We’ll help you get set up on the platforms that print and distribute your paperback, eBook, and audio book.

-Marketing across The Numinous platform. Work with our team to craft a custom marketing plan for your book. Includes extensive exposure across the Numinous blog, newsletter, and social media platforms.

-Traditional PR. We will craft a bespoke PR campaign to pitch to print and online media outlets (including podcasts) to help promote your book.

-We also offer book proposal writing services if you have an idea you want to pitch to publishers the traditional route. We strongly advise you only invest in this if you already have a substantial platform and reach.

Check out our FAQs below for more info and contact us to schedule a chat about your project. You can also find details of our Book Basics Coaching Package HERE.




“Ruby helped me wade through a sea of ideas, selecting the most potent portals of insight. She then helped me organize and craft my completed manuscript in a way that could reach the masses.” 

Alexandra Roxo, F*ck Like A Goddess (July 2020)


“Working with Ruby and The Numinous on my manuscript has been invaluable. From helping me craft my ideas for the book, to editing and keeping me on track, I have felt fully supported through every step of the self-publishing process!”

Natalie Miles, You Are Intuitive (Sept 2020)


“Since childhood I have wanted to be an author, but my dream felt out of reach on so many levels—but Ruby created a sacred space for me, helping me uncover what was already inside me. The team was also able to create an artistic vision aligned perfectly with the feel of the book. Thanks to Ruby and her team, the book of my dreams has become a reality.”

Anna Wood, I’ve Had One Too (Feb 2021)


“I needed a team that was willing to support my long-term creative vision while respecting my process, and I found that in The Numinous. The team have been tremendously supportive in cultivating my voice, and integrating my boundary pushing ideas, writing and visuals.”

Susan Ashley Hunt, The Transcendence Code (April 2021)


Why write a book?

Write a book because you have something you need to say and that the world needs to hear. Maybe it’s a personal story of transformation. Maybe you have discovered a new healing modality, or a fresh of way of thinking about an age-old dilemma. Perhaps you need to tell your Grandma’s story because what she lived through will help future generations understand the world better. Your book is your space to have your say. It may also become a foundational part of your business or platform, establishing you as an expert and a source of inspiration and information in your chosen field. Above all, and whatever the desired outcome, writing a book is always a life-changing adventure. We’re excited to be on this journey with you!

Why self-publish?

Why not? The technology now exists for any author to get their book out into the world without having to jump through the hoops of the old-school publishing industry. From investing the time, money, and energy in building the necessary platform to get you noticed, to finding an agent, to working on your proposal, to getting a deal, the traditional publishing process can be a lengthy, expensive, and arduous process. With self-publishing, you can get your book in the hands of your readers in the time it takes to hone your idea, craft your manuscript, and design a cover.

Who owns the copyright of my Numinous book?

Our authors retain 100 percent of copyright for their books, which means you keep all revenue from sales, and own all merchandising and performance rights. In the case that you have been awarded one of our scholarships (see our FAQ below on this) we retain a small percentage of sales revenue for a fixed period of time.

Will readers be able to buy a hard copy of my book?

Yes. You will be able to create eBooks, paperbacks, and audio books as part of the self-publishing process. You will also be able to order author copies to distribute via your own website as well as specialty brick & mortar stores—and we can advise you on this too!

What is the actual process?

Each Numinous Books project is completely bespoke depending on your needs. We request that you submit as many details as possible about the book you want to write using the contact form on our site. If we need more info, we will schedule a 15-minute discovery call to learn more, and from there we will send you a complete scope of work for your project, including a proposed timeline and fees.

Why are the fees so expensive?

Publishing a book is an investment—and we can also work with you to find create a package that works within your budget. When we work with an author on a full-scale Numinous Books project, it is roughly a 12-18 month process. During this time you will receive personalized, one-to-one coaching and editing services (in-person and offline), as well as work closely with our marketing and social media team, designer, and PR. Given the scope of this kind of project, our fees are extremely competitive, and reflect the level of work for all involved. What’s more, you get to keep all revenue from sales of your book. With a traditional book deal, the author typically takes 10 percent of sales as royalties (minus agent fees of 15 percent), after they have “earned out” whatever advance was paid. An advance that is often spent on … editing, marketing, and PR services!

Do you offer scholarships or a sliding scale?

Yes. We acknowledge that not everybody has the means to pay full price for our services, and we will assess each request for reduced fees on a project basis. Please reach out using the contact form on the site and we can arrange a call to discuss your project.

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