It’s 6.45pm at Betsy and Bryan’s place, and Bryan is “taking care of the space” ahead of tonight’s Weekly Williamsburg Spirit Séance. The altar is set with a few crystals and a candle, and thick coils of smoke from some heady Copal incense mingle with the savoury scent of the sage “smudge stick” he is using to clear and prepare the space.

The event, which Betsy, a.k.a. Psychic Betsy, has been hosting on regular Thursdays since Fall 2011, begins at seven sharp. “On the email it says not to ring the bell before 6.50pm,” says Betsy, “and we pretty much keep to schedule.”

Betsy and Bryan on their terrace with Pie Pants.

When you read the word “séance” the first image that springs to mind probably isn’t a cute hipster couple dressed head-to-toe in white. In fact, most people I told I’d be attending tonight replied that they’d be “petrified” to be in my shoes. “Well most people have seen The Exorcist,” jokes Betsy, “but think about it. If you believe that Spirit is actually a benevolent force that connects us all as human beings, what is there to be afraid of?”

Even better, what might I discover about my own “magnetic and psychic powers” (as it says on the flyer) tonight? Describing the weekly séance as “like my pro bono work” (a $10 “suggested donation” sure beats her regular $270 hourly rate) Betsy says she established the event because she wants to encourage this kind of exploration in people. “I always wanted to teach psychic development, and the idea is for everybody in the circle to see what messages come through for them too.”

It’s safe to say that despite the butterflies gathering for a flutter flash-mob in my stomach, I’m now “psyched” for the event to begin.

Sage, Copal, a rattle and a sacred fan.
Crystals decorating the altar.

We all have the power
The séance is open to nine bodies each week, and once this evening’s group has arrived we are swiftly seated, ready to begin. Betsy kicks things off with a talk about the nature of Spirit and the different ways we as humans can all receive messages from the “other side.”

How we receive messages
Betsy tells us she is mainly “clairaudient” – “meaning I hear things, literally like a voice in my head” – and “clairvoyant”, meaning she also receives messages as images. But they can also come through as smells (clairscent), a taste in the mouth (clairgustance) or even just a feeling or sensation (clairsentience). “So how do you think you connect?” is her question to the group.

And how to interpret what they mean
So once you receive a psychic impression, the trick is to get into the feeling you associate with it. The image, sound, smell or whatever is just a symbol for the actual message that wants to come through, explains Betsy; “and then you have to share it, to see if it resonates.” In other words, don’t be shy, “or get embarrassed that you might be wrong. Because there is no wrong answer, you might just need to do some more interpretation.”

You can’t judge “success” on how a person reacts #1
Audience prepped Betsy begins with a short prayer calling in the spirits, followed by a guided meditation to welcome a more receptive energy. She then goes from person to person to deliver a short reading from whoever has come through for them. First up is David – likely, I’ve got “a feeling,” the least receptive person in the group. “I didn’t want to start with you, but Sprit had other plans,” laughs Betsy. As she explained before the session, “how the first person reacts tends to be how the group then reacts.” As she goes on to describe a distant dead relative, David, predictably, plays dumb.

I’m getting…the color purple?
As she goes around the circle, Betsy encourages us to share any messages we might also be getting – “learning to trust what you’re seeing is the hard part, but it’s all about practise,” she reminds us. And so, when a vivid curtain of purple unfurls in front of my mind’s eye as Sarah (who seems way more into it than David) is getting her reading, I dig into the associations that come up.

Firstly, it’s undoubtedly Silk Cut purple” – a very specific shade of magenta used to advertise the brand of cigarettes I smoked when I was trying to be cool in middle school. And as for my feelings about Silk Cut…well I always thought cigarettes looked chic, but were kind of gross at the same time. The sensation in my body is a conflict between wanting to smoke, and feeling disgusted by it. “Are you…trying to stop smoking Sarah?” I pipe up timidly. Is this how it works?

You can’t judge “success” on how a person reacts #2
Sarah shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head. Oh well, I tried! But it’s only after the event that another person in the group comes over to tell me that just this week they decided to give up smoking weed…interesting as Silk Cut was the brand of tobacco I first learned to roll a joint with. OMeffingG…I’m psychic!!

Bryan preparing to sage the space after the event.
Betsy can also bend spoons with her mind.

Manifesting fireworks!
Finally it’s my turn, and Betsy wants to tell me; “I’m seeing flowers turning into fireworks…” And as she says the word, what d’you know – a kick-ass firework display starts up outside the window. And it doesn’t stop. For my entire reading (in which my Grandfather, a renowned workaholic, comes through to tell me not to neglect the fun-and-family loving part of me – thanks Gramps).

We’re all kind of bowled over by the…coincidence? “You know it’s you doing that…” Betsy laughs at one point, as the swhooshes and whoops outside get almost too loud for us to hear her speak.

Who knows, but I’m sold. If there is something out there, the fireworks incident is enough for me to believe that I’ve connected with the Universal oneness in some way tonight. On the way home, I check my Instagram feed – and sure enough, people are all like “what the hell, random fireworks over the East River…” I want to comment to them all; “you’re welcome. Just another reminder that life’s a celebration, right?”

The Weekly Williamsburg Spirit Séance is every Thursday from 7-9pm. For more information and to reserve your space click here


New York jewelry designer Jules Kim views the world through a unique lens, where pixie queens and pop divas wear her creations like they’re living, breathing creatures. She talks self-expression, sweating it out and the beauty of imperfection with Ruby Warrington. Photos: Annie Powers. Styling: Raquel Griffin. Hair: Sayo Takegami. Makeup: Deanna Melluso

Cut-out t-shirt, Raquel Allegra; Rings, Bijules.

The latest collection is a re-birthing of your signature pieces – when was the last time you felt re-born? Why?
It was just a few days ago in Paris. I walked from the showroom I was based in in Palais Royal to Rue de Rivoli, where I saw my pieces on display in the Louvre’s retail boutique…none of my contemporaries were there to share this moment with me – none of my family, none of my friends – it was just for me…It was an overwhelming and humble feeling to allow a success such as this radiate through me…

How did that feel, physically?
I had been running from appointment to rendezvous, so exasperated, and my heart stilled and stopped racing when I stood in front of the glass jewelry case with the Bijules pieces shining beneath it. Like little emblems of hope, I was so proud.

You must feel very connected to your creations…
Bijules has been a passion project and always will be, and I believe that to have had developed something so heart-driven means it will grow into exactly what I intend it to be.

It strikes me that you see things with different eyes to other people. How do you maintain your unique worldview?
It has something to do with being an open and honest human being with a great compassion for others, almost to a fault…

How so?
I often find myself leading others to finding something they love, be it a person, a place, or even a job. But sometimes I can give too much and not ask for anything in return, and karma is not a single player game!  As an artist, I search for and absorb beauty 24 hours a day, any place I am…and I believe humility will always enrich my view of the world and allow for my original ideas to take shape.

Blouse, YSL.

Where did you ‘learn’ this – were you the same as a kid?
I’d like to hope so. My mom showed my sister and I how real beauty is natural and cannot be preconceived. I am half Korean and not one of my childhood friends could understand that, so most of my childhood I was searching for different looking things. Knowing they were different made them akin to me.

What is perfect about imperfection to you?
Classic…I say that alllll the time! I find perfection completely unattainable, just as success is always subjective. But it is the pursuit of perfection that gives me satisfaction. Even if the end goal is constantly evolving to suit the actuality of the pursuit.

Somebody told me that in New York, no-body will take you seriously until you’ve tried and failed at something. Because real strength of character comes from picking yourself up and trying again. What have been the most useful mistakes you’ve made?
There have been a combination of repeat offences when I’ve tried to work overnight miracles for celebrities. I guess I’ve learned that unwavering honesty and real originality are what lay the groundwork for true success.

What other major life lessons have you experienced?
I was raised by a single mother who struggled to find her own happiness and I saw very clearly that life is more complicated than one might ever assume. I feel gifted and blessed to have the capacity to love and expand my own experiences into a tangible product. In that way, Bijules is actually a platform for expression and altruism.

Necklace, Bijules.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice or touchstone?
There’s no definitive deity to whom I pray, but I look deep into myself to provide as much stability and reflection as I am capable of. It is my environment and those who I choose to populate that environment who provide the most support. I also hit the gym, Russian spas and saunas for a good sweat three times a week. I’m an extreme kinda girl! (Read Jules’s report on her Icelandic sweat lodge experience here).

And what about any sacred rituals you bring to the design process?
I am a storyteller, and I use both metals and marketing to weave these faceted tales of life, love, failure, success, and happiness. But my creative process relies heavily on exchanges with my staff, production team, and clients.

But do you meditate or do anything else to bring about your best creative ideas or state of being?
I have to sketch and physically record my creative sessions. The paper trail then serves as a relic to refer to as the ideas evolve. I draw when I’m in the air, on planes. Being disconnected is true bliss.

You’ve used your own body in your designs, is this so your clients are literally wearing a piece of you?
It is. Some might perceive this as an ego driven thing but in fact, it is the exact opposite for me. My body is just a human body. We all have one. So the idea is to celebrate that by making jewelry for each and every one!

Illustration: Sian Jordan.

You design for hipsters, celebrities and…elves?
Haha, cute! Yes, when I made my gold ear tip, I decided to sell it with a little bag of gold dust. I imagined a hot ass elf chick walking into a club before exiting to the bathroom to apply her party. She opens her black box of pixie magic and inside is a golden elf ear with a bag of 3 pennyweights (jeweller’s unit of measurement) of gold fairy dust. She dips her Bijules ear tip into the gold mess and as she slips it over her own. The dust falls around her shoulders and into her hair. Now she is ready to get a drink…

So which alternate realm are you incarnated from?
I’m not sure, but I do feel like an old soul whose ideas seem to be way ahead of the curve – and I thoroughly enjoy being first.

Il futuro is….?
Il futuro is Italian for ‘the future’….and mine is paved in gemstones, semi-opaque black diamonds flipped upside down and lots of crazy pieces, made for a few good people.


We all have our Achilles heel, that recurring something that seems to undermine our overall wellbeing. After a magic potion to fix it? Practical numerologist Felicia Bender has some insight into the underlying health issues that have got your number.

Beyond the ever-present headlines about the obesity epidemic in America and belly-blasting foods you shouldn’t eat, do you ever wish you could cut to the chase and focus on your own core health issues from a slightly different angle?

Looking into Numerology for health begins with the core emotional issues you may find yourself grappling with, which can in turn manifest in ongoing or recurring physical concerns.

There are many numbers that make up your Numerological chart, and yet if you only learn one, your Life Path number is the one to know. This number indicates your life’s purpose, while also providing you with some great information about the constructive and destructive qualities that you might work with along the way.

Here’s how to work our yours:

Write down your birth date.

We’ll use September 4, 1988 as an example.

So that’s 9/4/1988

Now simply add all the numbers together like a long addition problem:

9 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 39

The key to numerology is that you always digit down to a one-digit number.  So here we must keep adding until we get to a one-digit number.

3 + 9 =  12

1 + 2 = 3

This person has a Life Path number 3

*A note:  If you get a 10, 20, 30, you still digit down.  So 10 is 1 + 0 = 1 and so on.  You also must make sure and use the whole year, not just the last two digits of the year.  It’s not like writing a check!  You must use the entire 4-digit year for your results to be correct.

NOW.  Let’s look at a very brief description of how you might think about your health according to your Life Path number.


  • Who you are:  You’re all about being #1. You’re independent and a born leader. Your Mantra: “I march to the beat of my own drum.”
  • The core emotional issue:  Struggling with self-confidence. Stress. You can become cynical and overbearing. You can be a workaholic.
  • Where you feel it:  Shoulders, knees, insomnia, addictions, blood pressure, heart, liver.
  • What you can do about it:  Be aware of addictive tendencies that allow you to build a wall around your ego self – like a fortress for one. The 1 Life Path is a thinker, so it’s hard to turn your brain off. Therefore alcohol or other addictive sedatives can feel especially soothing to you. You’d benefit from added cardio exercise, while relaxation is also key – anything to get you out of your head and help you release some of that pent-up energy of yours. So get into a regular routine with yoga/meditation and regular massage as well as something that makes your heart race and your body sweat.


  • Who you are:  You’re all about balance and harmony. You’re emotionally sensitive. You live to give and receive love. Your Mantra: “I want you to want me!”
  • The core emotional issue:  Feeling everything deeply. You take things to heart. On the flip side, you can become overly aggressive and self-centered in your communication.
  • Where you feel it:  Depression (sadness), hypertension, joint pains, headaches, stomach issues, heart problems, overwhelming insecurity.
  • What you can do about it:  You benefit from Group Therapy (get it out!) or engaging in friendships where you can deeply express your feelings. You thrive with group activities (hiking, classes, and so on) because you’re all about service to group dynamics, so a choreographed dance workout where you become part of one big sweaty group expression, will greatly appeal to your energy. Also be aware that you can get caught up in emotional eating, and practise being really present about what your body actually needs to nourish you in the present moment.


  • Who you are:  You’re all about emotional self-expression, communication, and creativity. Your Mantra can be borrowed from The Who“See me,  feel me, touch me, heal me.” 
  • The core emotional issue:  Under or over-expressing your overflowing emotions. You need to be heard!  You can become emotionally damaged.
  • Where you feel it:  Weight control, throat issues, intestinal tract issues.
  • What you can do about it:  You need consistent exercise to aid metabolism and stress reduction. Be aware of your intestinal tract, as this is the place you most often process your emotions you can suffer from gastrointestinal distress. You might consider using a probiotic for good intestinal health. Cultivate healthy outlets for your emotions.  Keep a journal! Learn to express yourself in healthy ways. Cultivate healthy emotional detachment. Anything that keys into verbal or written expression is perfect for you.


  • Who you are:  You’re all about stability and security. Your Mantra:  “Slow and steady wins the race.”
  • The core emotional issue:  Rigidity. You can become stubborn and rigid, both physically and emotionally.
  • Where you feel it:  Joint pain, lower back problems, weight issues, intestinal distress, migraines, depression.
  • What you can do about it:  You need consistent cardiovascular exercise for metabolism, stress reduction, and joint mobility. You benefit from a lighter diet because you often have more of a solid, Kapha-like constitution. You thrive in nature, so any time spent with your “feet in the dirt” is relaxing for you. You’re in heaven when you can cultivate your own little organic garden, eat your bounty, and bird-watch while you’re weeding. You would also benefit from counselling surrounding childhood issues because as a Four Life Path, you’ll be challenged with working through childhood issues as a major part of your life’s journey.


  • Who you are:  You’re all about freedom, fearlessness, and adventure. Your Mantra: “Don’t fence me in!”
  • The core emotional issue:  You can become overly emotional and scattered. Or on the flip side, you can become the fearful “anti-adventurer.” You need your space.
  • Where you feel it:  Adrenal burnout, joint pain (especially knees and TMJ), addictions, emotional issues.
  • What you can do about it: Focus on regular exercise, meals and hydration (drink plenty of water – you can get dehydrated easily). Be aware of a propensity toward addictions, and find ways to express your emotions in a healthy way without being a Drama Queen or King! You’re meant to find a way to master the constructive use of freedom in your life, so you walk the delicate balance between fun and fearless or wild and out of control. If you’re running in high gear all of the time, you have a tendency toward adrenal burn-out. Over or under eating is also a temptation.


  • Who you are: You’re all about responsibility and nurturing. You’re a visionary; you see the bigger picture. Your Mantra:  “The world is perfect in its imperfection.”
  • The core emotional issue:  Self-righteousness and perfectionism. You can become a control-freak.
  • Where you feel it: Can experience weight issues – you often feel you carry the “weight of the world” and so that can become your physical reality; or alternately, you can over-focus on creating the “perfect” body. Also breast and/or reproductive health issues, accidents, migraines.
  • What you can do about it: You’re super-responsible, unless you’re working with the opposite end of your life’s purpose which  can lead to over-nurturing and meddling – so practice healthy emotional detachment in any way you can. Tapping, EFT, Byron Katie’s “The Work” are all good resources for separating yourself from your sometimes unrealistic expectation of yourself and of others. Because you’re The Nurturing One, you can have a tendency to take on the “weight of the world.” Limit sweets and dairy, as those are your comfort foods in times of stress.


  • Who you are:  You’re all about seeking the truth about the meaning of life. Your Mantra: “If we’re spiritual beings going through a human experience – prove it!”
  • The core emotional issue: Fear of being vulnerable. You’re here to develop trust and openness, so this will be a consistent issue for you. You need space and time alone.
  • Where you feel it:  Depression, addictions, insomnia, headaches.
  • What you can do about it:  You’re highly analytical and also highly intuitive, so meditation is imperative for you. Time in nature or interacting with water soothes your overly-active mind. Your Life Path is about learning how to acknowledge and connect with both aspects of yourself – the left brain data analysis part of you and the right brain intuitive side to you, so you need to take time alone to process and contemplate. Although all of us do best with “clean” un-processed food, you’re particularly sensitive to food and thrive when you consume a simpler diet.


  • Who you are: You’re all about financial abundance, power, and authority. Your Mantra: “Money equals freedom.”
  • The core emotional issue:  Aggression. You can become controlling and opinionated. You tend to be a workaholic.
  • Where you feel it:  Blood pressure, heart issues, stress-related illness.
  • What you can do about it: Laugh more! Dancing, comedy movies, a funny book. Anything that gets you out of your head and into the moment with some lightness and humor is great for you since you often are so hard-driving you don’t take the down-time. If you’re open to therapy, this could be a good way to achieve a more balanced view of yourself. If you struggle with the very real pressures of your Eight Life Path, you can default into drugs, sex or alcohol to escape the work and commitment it takes to forge your way to power and achievement. You would better benefit from some kinds of competitive group or individual sports activities that can help you move that energy up and out!


  • Who you are: You’re all about giving to humanity. You experience a lot of loss in your life. Your Mantra:  “It’s better to give than to receive.” 
  • The core emotional issue: You can become overly responsible and enabling to those around you. You experience a lot of deep family issues.
  • Where you feel it: Shoulders and neck, heart issues, autoimmune issues.
  • What you can do about it: You need yoga for strength and flexibility. You will benefit from consistent massage and/or energy work for stress reduction. You literally feel as though the world rests on your shoulders, so the shoulders and neck need TLC. You would benefit by learning to ask for help and support when you need it. You rarely (if ever!) seek assistance. A consistent cardio routine is greatly beneficial to strengthen the heart. You will also get a great health benefit by supporting your most well-loved causes or organizations – either as a volunteer or financial benefactor.

Felicia Bender, Ph.D. is not a medical doctor. The information presented is provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, examination, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider with any question you may have regarding a medical condition. Reliance on any such information is solely at your own risk.


“Nature sustains us, and is a living force to be remembered and to be honored. She clothes us in sunlight and shadows, leaves and sand, flowers and geometry. This is the beauty of life off the runway and beyond seasonal trends.”

Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg as the credit line.
Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg 

When I first saw Oliver Halsman Rosenberg at a party on the roof of the Standard Hotel this summer, I knew it was only a matter of time before we’d be featuring him on the site. The NYC-born artist and global nomad wore bones around his neck and silver paint on his face, and is the living embodiment of the consciousness-expanding message of his work, “body glyphs” which use the human form as a canvas for messages divined from the world of the unseen.

Described as; “vibrational mantras manifested on skin,” Oliver’s latest project, Ceremony, is a collaboration with the photographer Polina Sirosh. Begun in Tulum, Mexico, on the cusp of the Mayan calendar change in the winter of 2012, the project continued over the summer of 2013 in Berlin.

Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg
Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg
Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg

I was in Tulum as part of a Design Hotels’ “Pop Up Ashram” project at Papaya Playa, where Polina was living with her husband Claus and two kids (in an amazing home in the jungle right on the beach). She saw me doing my body glyphs at an event there, and proposed we do a shoot. At first it was for fun, but we got such magical results that I moved into her guest hut and we continued to work together for a few months; shooting on the beaches, in the jungle, on ruins, and in cenotes.

Polina lives in Berlin part of the year, and she invited me to continue working on the project with her there. We used her house as a base and a studio, and then we would drive out into the amazing forests and fields that surround the city. We both have an attraction to the purity of nature, and for this series we wanted to explore and be inspired by the landscape.

Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg
Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg
Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg

Each painting takes three-four hours. Because I never know how Polina will ask the models to pose, I need to cover practically every square inch. I used her rooftop as the studio. It had an amazing view of the city, and created quite a meditative space under the expanse of the Berlin sky.

The calligraphy I do on the body is a language, it’s poetry, it’s math, it’s energy, and it’s meditation all at once. It’s always unique and un-premeditated. Often I just sit with the model, and based on her vibration different patterns emerge on her skin. One model I started to paint with King Tut colors and patterns unconsciously, and it turned out she was part Egyptian. For me it’s just a precious gift I have that I am trying to take care of, and explore in creative ways with creative people. I think with this project, Polina and I both wanted to communicate to the world is that Mother Nature is precious, perhaps the most precious and magical resource we have. And that the body the temple where we worship her. So this project is a celebration of all things natural.

Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg
Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg
Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg
Photo © Polina Sirosh/Oliver Halsman Rosenberg

Polina often talks about a fantasy she has about being able to wake up in the future, and instead of wearing clothes, just step inside some machine that prints a fresh pattern of mine on her every morning. As far as seeing women wearing my pieces, I am really curious to see what the designers ThreeAsfour come up with for their next season’s line, which will be based on some textile patterns I created before I went to Berlin in Aug. But I guess the ultimate would be to see my future beloved wearing an otherworldly bridal dress at an altar out somewhere in nature.

Catch Oliver’s body glyphs in person as part of NYC fashion group threeASFOUR‘s PERFORMA 13 event on Nov 10th at The Jewish Museum (RSVP only). The glyphs also feature in the threeASFOUR Fall 2014 collection, premiering Feb 2014


Stephen Russell, a.k.a. the Barefoot Doctor has been teaching the way of the Tao for decades. Based in Ibiza, the author and global happiness guru also runs ‘conscious’ electronic dance music events around the world. Here he shares the details of a life that is deeply mystical but rooted in the material.

“I dream lucidly so I use the time to create adventures with happy endings – which probably indicates that I like adventures with happy endings.”

“I’d call it post-awakening, as I’m always too excited to be alive when I wake up to ritualize it. But a short while after opening my eyes, I do an hour or so training session in my martial arts practice, with a whole raft of bizarre moves to wake everything up, lubricate the engine, strengthen the flow of juice (chi), and meditation to reinforce the connection to Big Barefoot. I finish by telepathically broadcasting my good wishes to humanity and then cement it by flinging out a message or two far and wide on the Internet.”

“I’ve learned to stop bothering with favorites of anything as it’s all relative to lighting, camera angle and priorities at the time, and don’t actually eat breakfast anyway as I can’t eat before I train. After that and a shower the day’s begun, I wait till I’ve done whatever the morning requires and eat lunch instead. But if pressed on favourite breakfasts, porridge with full cream milk and white sugar – another reason it’s probably good I don’t eat breakfast.”

“I have so many positive notions running through my mind at any moment it’s hard to alight on just one, but if I had to it’d probably be that everything I’m experiencing, no matter how irksome or magnificent, is an expression of life’s absolute love for me and that everything I do, no matter how bumbling or adroit, is an expression of my absolute love for life.”

“The planet Earth.”

“I’m Virgo and aside from a caring nature and my work looking after multitudes of people’s states of mind on a daily basis, the writing aspect of the work involved, tying together an array of apparently disparate strands of knowledge and human experience into a single piece of fabric – that’s a Virgo trait more usually expressed as being fastidiously tidy at home (I’m not).”

“Leo ascendant, the performer on stage. Pisces moon, the psychic, trippy aspect. And it’s Venus in Scorpio that makes me sexy.”

“Me – I go to myself everyday as I don’t know anyone I relate to more or who has anything more pertinent to say to me than me. It’s a perk of the job when you’re a guru.”

“Me – for the same reasons as above.”

“In every way – that’s what my work is – sharing the Taoist cosmology, existential map, philosophy and methods that I practice myself.”

“I don’t deal with them, I just think them and watch myself think them then choose the positive option instead. On the rare but occasionally inevitable times I’ve gone into a momentary spiral and fancy a bit of external bolstering, I call various friends and have a moan till I feel better. But I rarely think negatively these days or rather rarely let fearful or angry thoughts get the better of me – I’m having too much fun just being alive to waste a moment of it not enjoying the show.”

“A momentary distraction from the existential process, and / or a gesture of appreciation for myself.”

“Whatever I’m wearing – my power comes from within, not from my clothes.”

“My training each day because it settles my spirit, makes me fit, increases circulation, beautifies the complexion, brightens the eyes and makes every action feel beautiful.”

“I never stop having a conversation with the universe – my whole life is this conversation – but the issue we were just talking about was that I’m free to believe whatever I choose and that I have it all and have nothing to loose. And I told it I’d revel in the ambiguity of that.”

“I’m witnessing it all the time. This entire existence is magic in action.”

“I don’t have vision boards – I just expect the best and surrender to destiny, knowing that given half a chance things tend to work out swimmingly.”

“To radiate the perpetual joy and delight I experience for being alive to as many people in the world as possible and to share as many of the methods that facilitated this state with as many people as possible, with a view to inducing the whole world to ease off a few degrees more. With just a bit more global relaxation, we all stand a far better chance of coming out of all this smiling.”

Barefoot hosts global ‘Magic Satsang’ meditation sessions online every Sunday at 7pm GMT time at Register at least one hour before, as numbers are limited to 200 globally. 


If the contents of your closet reflects who you really are, what to do when nothing’s working any more? Call in your friend Psychic Betsy to help intuit what should stay and what really needs to move on.

“Who IS she?” Photograph: Megan Gustashaw

The past two years have been a time of major transition for me. A move to NYC, a radical change in my daily working life and a slow and steady slide to the other side of 35 are the obvious, surface things. But internally, things have been shifting too. With Pluto (planet of transformation) squaring Uranus (the future, individualism, radical and progressive ideas) since June 2012, I get the feeling I’m not the only one (you can read more about THAT whole situation here) but one of the major tell-tale signs that I’m no longer the woman I used to be is that peering into the labyrinth that is my closet, I often can’t find anything to wear.

In fact, it’s more like taking a trip down memory lane in my Facebook photo archive. That dress I wore to rave the summers away in Ibiza. The jacket that felt so sharp when I landed my first proper newspaper job, but which I haven’t actually worn since 2007. If what’s in our wardrobe is really a reflection of the person we are, at times it’s been like grappling with a case of multiple personality disorder. I look inside, and it’s like…who IS she?

It had got to a point where I’d just wear the same things ALL THE TIME, waiting for precisely the right meeting, party or dinner date when a 1980s sweater covered with gold sequins would obviously be just the thing. In the meantime, with so many perfectly good clothes waiting to be worn (I mean we’re talking a lot of designer goods here too people) I hardly felt justified buying new stuff to bridge the gap. Clearly, it was time for the closet clear out to end all closet clear outs. But where to begin?

Ruby, are you in there?
It makes me look like Kate Moss, right?

Our personal style is ruled by Venus, and in my case that comes with a serious case of Pisces sentimentality, not to mention a heady dose of fantasy and self-delusion (of course I looked like Kate Moss circa Glastonbury 2005 in that vintage beaded vest). I was going to need external help with this – and who better than my friend Psychic Betsy? A gifted intuitive who specialises in finding practical tools to aid in your personal and spiritual development, I felt that with her help I would finally be able to cut the crap and find the real me.

Before she arrived, I did a brutal edit – anything I hadn’t worn for 12 months or more was up for the chop, as was anything that had been making me feel like an imposter in my own skin. Together, we then did a short meditation to set an intention for the session – basically, to make space in my wardrobe for the new, updated Ruby. We also visualized all the clothes I got rid of finding their way into the hands of women who would rock them like they deserved to be rocked.

And as we began working through the pile, several things quickly became clear. No. 1 – I am no longer the good time girl who danced her way through my 20s and early 30s in a blur of cocktails and fashion forward frocks. “’I used to wear this in Ibiza’ is coming up a lot,” Betsy pointed out. And having got deep into a decade-long love affair with the infamous party island (to the point I even edited a magazine there for two whole summers), there was obviously part of me that still felt very attached.

Taming my inner hedonist has been a conscious choice – mainly because these days I want to be more present for the highs that show up in my life – “but I don’t want to say goodbye to the fun times forever,” I whined. The answer from Spirit? “But you have fun in other ways now, and don’t you need new clothes for that?” Sayonara, frilly pink mini dresses and tiger print crop tops.

The old me: cocktails and frilly pink frocks

It also became obvious that in certain cases my “sentimentality” was masking some serious lack mentality. We unearthed numerous “placeholders,” things I was hanging onto for dear life because I might need them one day – rather than setting the energy in those particular items free to come back to me in new and frankly waaaay cooler form. Now this was a concept I could get my head around. But in some cases, saying goodbye to things that had been with me for years was as painful as kicking old friends to the curb. “So take a photograph. That way you can keep the energy of them close, but make room for new friends too!”

Anything I spoke about in the past tense was also a straight up “NO,” but of course there were some things I was seriously on-the-fence about. “So let’s do a little intuition 1-0-1,” suggested Betsy, who then had me close my eyes and picture another woman wearing and loving the item in question. “How does that feel, in the space right below your belly button?” Well good, actually, expansive and happy. “And now imagine yourself putting it on.” Stifled, stale and tight. This was getting easier by the minute.

As little as an hour later, virtually everything on the pile was ready to be packed up and shipped off to my local clothing exchange store – save for a few items I had got a very strong sense I should pass on to my friends Gabby and Gala (the three of us recently formed a sort of fashion maven holy trinity on an impromptu trip to Gabby’s favourite store, Reformation, on the Lower East Side). Maybe it was Betsy’s presence, but I just *knew* they’d love them.

The sense of clarity, lightness and relief I’ve been feeling since has been liberating to say the least – as a friend recently confided to me, “purging (as in, energetic purging) might be my secret favourite thing.” Of course there are huge gaps in my wardrobe that now need to be filled, but how much fun is THAT going to be? And of course, there’s a fittingly serendipitous P.S.

When I took my haul to the exchange the woman next to me was unloading a job lot of Helmut Lang samples, including just the black jacket to replace my faded “placeholder.” I walked out wearing it, with a cheque for $142 in my pocket for the rest of my swag. And when, the next day, I found myself with five minutes to spare in Soho, I wandered into the Jerome Dreyfuss boutique. I’ve been on the hunt for a new wallet, as Gala has a theory that an upgrade can help attract abundance into your life.


And what do you know, after weeks of searching (it had to be red and the right size for my mini Marc Jacobs handbag – not an easy score) it turned out they had just the thing. But it was from last season so they had to fetch it up from out back, and it also happened to be on sale. For precisely $142.

Betsy Cohen is available to assist with your psychic closet clear out too! To make an appointment, go to



Last week at the Golden Bridge yoga center in NYC, Gahl Sasson, a.k.a. the Cosmic Navigator, hosted an evening called Becoming Your Own Psychic. If “intuition is like a muscle, you have to strengthen it,” Ruby Warrington reports on a practical session that was sort of like a workout for the third eye.

The evening kicked off with a round of names and signs. Why? “We can’t do this without water. Intuition is ruled by the water signs, Pisces in particular.” In fact, wherever Pisces shows up in your chart, “is where you will benefit most in life from what your intuition is telling you.” For me (an Aries but with six planets in water signs throughout my chart), I have Venus (romance, taste, personal style) in Pisces in the 3rd house (communication, friendships, community). No wonder I just did a psychic closet clear out, and my friends often tell me they’ve just been thinking about me when I call.

There’s even a theory that Pisces was actually the first sign of the zodiac, and that all the others are just a figment of Pisces’ potent imagination. And in fact, any activity that gets you closer to your inner Pisces is a good way to get your intuition (“the ‘tuition’ that comes from ‘in’ side us”) flowing – “so go for a swim, take a salt bath (“a little temple of Pisces”), take a yoga class or read some poetry.” Particularly before bed. Pisces also rules our dreams, so tune in just before you set sail for the land of nod and expect much more clarity when you try to interpret whatever messages your sleeping psyche has for you.

And never forget, the opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo. By being fastidious with our daily habits and our analysis of the world around us, and working to maintain good health through diet and exercise, will we create the right internal environment for our intuition to flourish.

There follows a series of practical exercises, drawing on cultures from the Kabbalah to the Aborigines to the C.I.A. (yes, really) to flex your psychic muscle.

“Pose a question to your higher self while you’re asleep, and you brain is not impeded by logic.”

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol for three days prior to your quest
  • Refrain from eating food four-five hours before you go to bed
  • Right before you go to sleep, pose a very specific question to your higher self. Use the words; how, when, where, what…(as opposed to why)
  • Drink half a glass of water, and go to sleep
  • On rising, drink the rest of the water and immediately write down what you can remember from your dreams
  • If you find it difficult to remember what you saw, set your alarm for four a.m. to interrupt your dream mid flow, and write then
  • Repeat for up to seven nights, until your answer is revealed by the symbols in your dreams. Think, how do the images feel to you, and what do these feelings relate to?
  • For extra insight, find a poem that relates to the most potent symbolic messages by plugging them into Google

“Use this to allow your higher self to locate something that’s gone missing.”

  • Take one angel, and one glass
  • Holding the glass out in front of you, ask the angel to hop in, and then place it upside down on a table to trap the angel inside
  • Search for whatever it is that’s missing – your keys, your passport, your child
  • As the boundary of the glass creates “focus” for your psychic energy (represented by the angel) you will likely hit your target in record time
  • Release the angel and let it fly away

“How do you know if it’s your gut or your fear telling you to act? The sensations can be similar so train your body to tell the difference.”

  • Download some music you know you will really hate. For some people this might be gabber house, for others, anything by Justin Bieber
  • Force yourself to listen to it, loud
  • Take note; where do you feel the sensation of disgust in your body? What does it feel like?
  • Repeat with a piece of music you really love
  • Take note; where do you feel the sensation of pleasure and happiness in your body? What does it feel like?
  • Remember the difference between your physical experiences of aversion and attraction. This is your body’s way of communicating what you need to know

(N.B. this experiment can also be conducted using food)

“Named for the ancient Roman poet Virgil, when mystics would use passages from his Aeneid to predict the future.”

  • Chose a book you feel emotionally connected to, or that resonates with you in relation to your situation
  • Pose a very specific question to your higher self
  • Open the book at random, and select one sentence from the page
  • Using this passage,  work with your intuition to find the answer to your question


  • Take a blank piece of paper and a pencil
  • When you are very tired and by the light of a candle, spend five-10 minutes writing down the first things that come into your head
  • Without reading what you have written, go to sleep
  • Repeat for 30 days
  • Only at the the end of the 30 days, read everything
  • Circle the things you have no recollection of writing down, and string them together to create a message or poem from your higher self

“In 1995, President Clinton revealed records of a C.I.A. investigation into the validity of psychic activity by the intelligence community, instigated as a counterfoil to similar activity by the K.G.B.”

  • Close your eyes and relax deeply
  • Focus on a background
  • Focus on a colour
  • Focus on a symbol
  • Focus on a smell
  • Focus on a sound
  • Think, are there water, plants, people, food or animals in the picture you are creating?
  • Think, are there round shapes, patterns, hard edges, is the image soft, linear or cloudy?
  • Open your eyes and draw the picture your higher self has created. This is where you will find your mark.

Like any muscle, with your intuition it’s a case of use-it-or-lose-it, so practise these techniques regularly. Start an “intuition diary” to make a note of symbols, noises and smells that light a psychic spark in you, so you can track the daily workings of your higher self.  After all, who doesn’t want know how to be your own psychic?

You should also be aware that as you open up your own energy field and begin to blur the boundaries of time and space, you’ll become more susceptible to negative vibes sneaking their way in along with the insights you now have access to. So here are some practical tips for creating a cosmic force field to protect yourself as you delve into the unseen.


According to the Tarot, October promises a month of personal growth and renewed self-confidence for every sign. Resident reader Louise Androlia reveals what this means for you.

Libra – King of Pentacles

Happy Birthday to you. I’ve been talking frequently about work for you Libra, and sorry to be a bore but it seems like your professional life really has been the focus the last few months. I wonder if this has been leading up to events coming to a head now. It’s always nice to feel like your birthday month brings you an extra surge of power and October is going to be very much about summoning this personal strength and inner courage. This is your fourth Pentacle card in a row, again calling on you to channel the earth energy, especially when you are tempted to be pulled away by the clouds. The King Of Pentacles is a strong force and gives you another boost of confidence to really ask for what you want this month. This is a card of abundance and I feel another “GO” signal for any projects you’ve been working on this year. If you aren’t out there pushing your talents, then what are you waiting for? October offers an evolve or evaporate ultimatum. Which will you choose? The King of Pentacles also brings to me feelings of someone with a dominant energy around you. In business you may find yourself reaching out to a collaborator, someone that could inspire you with their mentoring approach. Alternatively, you may have been on a bit of a power trip lately or putting too much pressure on yourself. In which case, watch out for a burn out. To be blunt, CHILL OUT! Don’t let your health suffer…holistic massage alert! Because of the strength of this card please also be aware of anyone in your life that you feel has a negative dominant energy over you. This could be a lover or family member, and if you feel sometimes like you’re under the thumb then this is your chance to stand up for yourself and reclaim your voice. Try some meditations for the Throat Chakra. You may subconsciously be living out moments from your teenage years, where you felt like you weren’t ‘good’ enough or ‘smart’ enough. Remembering that your past is not a blueprint is so important. And nor is it a holiday destination! You know that you can choose how you view your life and path right? Channel some love to your inner child, say farewell to those ‘I’m not good enough’ thoughts, pack your bags and move forward.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – With dominant energy surrounding you, choose not to be intimidated by that certain someone. Rather, use this time to observe and learn.

Scorpio – Page of Pentacles

Change is in the air Scorpio. If this scares you then realign yourself with the fact that you are the master of regeneration, and that being afraid of change is really redundant for you, like packing your superhero cape in the closet and throwing away the key. No, no, no! Stand strong in the face of flux but be as fluid as possible. You were so busy last month, and things aren’t going to slow down in October. With the Page of Pentacles the entrepreneurial spirit of last month endures, and you certainly aren’t short of ideas. This is still Scorpio hour. What this October is really about though, is getting to grips with combining your elements. For a sign that’s so intuitive and deep you have been really aware of practicalities over the last few months, and have been feeling a new connection to the earth energy. Usually you are all ‘feelings’ and this earthy grip is good for you, encouraging you to make decisions that are going to work well for you long term, less emotional quick fixes. And you feel guided towards people and places that spell out F U T U R E for you. It might be in your nature to look for spontaneous love affairs, but right now, shock horror, the idea of a joint bank account doesn’t seem so terrible. If this doesn’t resonate, then have a think about your intentions. Are you complaining that the world is against you? Is your Facebook page filling up with ‘this terrible thing happened TO me’? Have you forgotten about your personal power? Begin shifting the way you see things, return to your gratitude practice, and GO! Meanwhile, back to those brilliant ideas. The Page of Pentacles is a dreamer, and October will find you aiming for the highest heights but this time you have an agenda. The imagery on the Rider Waite deck for this card speaks great volumes, and I see you clasping gently the pentacle in your hand, like you’re letting a Chinese lantern off into the sky, honouring all your biggest dreams before you set off on your mission…to do list firmly in hand.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – Don’t show off and don’t project aggression. Your voice is your expertise, so always use it with patience and kindness.

Sagittarius – The Magician

As soon as I picked this card I felt that October will be all about confidence for you, Sagittarius. It’s amazing how for someone who can be such a power house and a fiery force,  you sometimes have these little dips and start believing you have nothing to offer the world. They often come when changes mean you can’t necessarily see the way ahead, so you suddenly feel you could be failing somewhere. Good job I’m here to halt that thought and show you how to use this incredible card as motivation for the new season. The Magician is one of my favourite cards of the Major Arcana, helping you suddenly realise that you have absolutely everything you need to manifest your hopes and dreams, with all his mighty tricks at your disposal. Pretty cool, right? The Magician lays out the elements in front of him; mental strength, inspiration, feelings and practical skills. So what to do with your newfound toolbox? October brings a reconnection of the forces that drive you Sagittarius. You might find yourself digging back over the last ten years and making a ‘top ten’ list of the work projects you loved the most, or, linking to last months card, the times where you noticed the love around you the most. Writing yourself this kind of love letter is a great way to boost your self-esteem. Anyway, the reason you need this boost now, is that The Magician is a card that holds a strong force for success. Fame and success are very much in your energy sphere right now, which is why I don’t want you to miss out. Be social and communicative. This card shows you expressing your talents very well and really being heard. Anywhere you feel an imbalance then look to the elements and grab what you need. Feeling too emotional? Pull from the earth source and nourish your body with grounding root vegetables, or get outside for a run. Feeling burnt out? Pull from the water source and let a little of the hippie back in. You know your intuition is spot on when you tune in, and this could guide you back to your centre.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – The Magician is linked with Mercury so you can use this time to your advantage. Communicate kindly towards yourself and others, and practise your magic tricks ready to unleash them in your birthday month.

Capricorn – Three of Pentacles

You’re upping your game this month Capricorn, and I feel movement is finally coming your way. There have been a lot of stops and starts this year and something is about to click for you. The Three of Pentacles is an incredible card, with mastery and teaching being a key theme. I feel that you might need to be stretched a little, or a lot. You don’t work well if you aren’t occupied, you get bored easily and that can become a really negative space for you. And when you need a push, sometimes you have to push yourself. This card encourages you to step it up and always shows to me that the student is becoming the master. So I see you considering applying for a bigger role, or a promotion, somewhere with greater responsibilities that suits your specific talents better than recent times. There is a great teaching element to this card, and you may take on extra members of your team or employ some interns for your creative endeavours. Spreading your skills to a wider group will also give you a confidence boost that you might need. You often give off an air of complete fearlessness when inside you can feel totally directionless. So let others build you up. This card suggests that you should be open to receiving some mentoring yourself, who are your teachers? As they say a therapist always needs their own therapist, and this season it might be that you ask for some help to get you to where you want to go. The Threes are also always about expansion so socially this month you may find your best times are out with a gang of your closest friends, while sharing ideas and down time in a group setting will be very motivating. Collaborate with your nearest and dearest and you might be surprised with the awakenings that you have. And don’t dismiss anyone. The most unlikely person could be the key to unlocking an idea for you. In the love zone, more play dates! Think of your partner as your teammate and enjoy the feeling of duality. If you are single then meeting people in a group setting is likely to be a winner this October. Could be time to allow your friends to set you up on a blind date?

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – Be open to letting people teach YOU, sometimes you take on the leadership role too strongly and don’t let anyone help you.

Aquarius – Nine of Wands

You were busy last month weren’t you? Run off your feet even. The Nine of Wands offers encouragement in the face of a long slog, and as much as I want to ask, ‘are you okay there?’ I don’t feel like things are terrible. You’ve just been all systems go – no rest for the wicked as they say. There have been so many opportunities for growth recently and this card is a reminder to just keep going. It’s here to alert you to your resilience and to remind you that you are almost through your current challenges. Think of this card as an army of cheerleaders pushing you towards the finish line. I want to talk more about your personal life, so in regards career, all I want you to take on board is that if you don’t look after your mind, body and spirit then you won’t be able to do the work you want. It’s a two way street, and if you totally burn out you’ll feel useless. So keep that at the forefront, and let balance be your mantra. Okay, so does it feel like the road to L O V E is paved with more stress than strength? Again, you are inching your way there, but it would be nice if you didn’t have to learn an army of lessons every date you go on. So often we don’t find out what we want until we see what we don’t, but how about you draw some serious lines in the sand. Keep attracting the same ‘wrong’ person? Redefine what might be right for you and grab your personal power back. Sometimes we sit and complain but haven’t taken the time to acknowledge what we really want. I feel like you will resonate with this, so how about a positive game plan? Energetically you can also boost yourself with the same tactic, shifting your focus onto only what is really important and necessary. Self love and consideration go a long, long way. When you are ploughing up a mountain you don’t want to involuntarily knock yourself back, so use ‘movement’ as your mantra. This is a positive month and rewards are coming. I believe that challenges are in place to move us to higher ground, so aim REALLY high Aquarius.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – You know all about Mercury and that old crossed-communication problem – so think straight talking, no games. They aren’t worth your time.

Pisces – Nine of Wands

The magic card for you this month Pisces! The Nine of Wands is often known as the ‘wish card’ and I’m happy to turn it over for you after what seems to have been a lot of ups and downs this year. A theme that keeps coming up for you Pisces is about the choices you make, and I want to keep pushing you towards understanding and really working with the knowledge that you get to and HAVE to participate in creating your own life. You can be swept away with feelings and your wonderfully intuitive nature means you sometimes get lost in dreamland – then find yourself getting upset about why nothing is happening the way you imagined…and blaming it all on the Universe. This card always comes up to let you know that you have power in your thoughts and actions and that the energy around you is very strong for getting what you want. Create some solid intentions, without them then we can float around a little. Manifesting is about making positive and practical daydreams and then surrendering them and getting on with acting on our ideas. So this October, really notice how you live your life day-to-day. Are you someone that focuses on the negative? Who weighs the ups and downs of every day so you can write off the day as good or bad? Try as an experiment to only give your energy to the good, no complaining about anything for a week. Actively switch out entertaining your negative thoughts with a daily gratitude practice. And let me know how you get on. Back to your card, which is a water card, and so made for you. Let a little magic in. If you’ve already been putting in all the above work, then this month is about you celebrating the effort you have made and actually stepping back and noticing the shifts, even the ones that seem tiny, and taking on this new mind-set as a permanent attribute. Surround yourself with those who uplift you, it’s a simple thing but how often do we act on it? Collect your nearest and dearest together and have a new season intentions hangout. Make mood boards or even just have dinner and support each other as you talk about your intentions for the next few months. Enjoy life.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – Take a meditation class to fine tune your thought processes. Even if it’s totally ‘not you,’ do it anyway and thank me later.

Aries – Ten of Wands

Aries, I feel you might have taken all the excitement of The Fool last month, done WAY too much and now feel like you are wilting at the wayside? The Ten of Wands in a word is ‘Overwhelmed’ and I always find this comes up at that point when you feel completely burned-out. So as a theme for the month, try to use it as a way to just be aware. Often when we get to overwhelm, it’s because somewhere along our journey we haven’t noticed ourselves getting stressed, and then all of a sudden BOOM we drop like flies. This month I want you to ask for help, and I mean that. Spread your tasks out in front of you, because this card is about delegating, even when you don’t really want to. You have a team on hand, and so it’s a case of loosening your grip and not being such a perfectionist. Trust those around you and know that they can be of assistance, even if it’s just letting some boring tasks be done by someone else it will free you up to get your energy back. What you don’t want is to end up resenting your work because you are too tired. I feel confidence issues have come up for everyone this month, and for you, Aries, as much as you know you’re brilliant, sometimes you suddenly flip and freak out. Caught in the act, sorry! Once you get your health in check you’ll be back on track. I feel it’s time you re-introduced yourself to the term ‘rest’ – and remember, real rest isn’t running ten times round the block, it’s silence. True, positive nothingness. The thing I love most about the Tens is that they are always the tipping point back to the Ace energy, so if we look ahead to the Ace of Wands, we find a massive boost of inspiration and energy that can be your motivation. To be able to continue on your amazing journey you need your wonderful spirit! You know that if you are too worn out then you can’t get on with these stupendous plans and we need you on top form, Aries. It’s almost like you need to look at yourself from the outside, as if you were your very, very best friend. I bet you’d be reaching out with a hug, a dinner invite, flowers and love. This can be such a good way to realise what we really need. Your mantra this month? Nurture.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – Seriously use this retrograde to climb to a safe place and get some energy healing, you deserve it.

Taurus – Ace of Pentacles

And back on with the action plan Taurus. I hope you used last month to recalibrate a little because The Ace of Pentacles is an amazing go-getting card, with efficiency at the forefront. This Earth card will give you new insight and inspiration into all earth bound areas. There is an emphasis for you on the home front, which means you may be moving, buying or selling, and if so this is a chance for you to align yourself with a new area or city that feels right for you at this point in your life. I feel a very strong sense of a ‘new you’ moment occurring this month! The Aces are very personal cards, encouraging you to really honor your self and leap back onto your path. If my hunch that September was a bit wobbly for you, you will welcome this chance to reconnect to your beloved Earth. Career wise, this could bring a new type of energy around your finances, a chance to get on top of your taxes or gain some new independence. If you are looking to start your own venture then this is the card with the green light as it shows that the Universe has your back. So be bold, get out there and start looking for investors and the right people to team up with. This is a positive action card, Taurus, and above all a chance to grow. Let the past be only a teacher, and be inspired by what lies ahead. You can occasionally get a little stagnant and stubborn so you have to be the person who pushes yourself forwards. Get some inspiration from your fire sign friends, how do they approach change? You have the amazing ability to get things done and maybe just need a confidence boost to believe it. Either way you are headed in a good direction, keep going. Please apply all of the above to your health too, as it might be time for a new direction with self care, which means finding something that resonates with you now instead of your familiar routine. If the Ace represents beginnings then we also have to honor what’s ending, and as we move into the new month you may have found yourself having to part ways with a long-standing cycle. Maybe you finally let go of that on-off relationship or left a job that was no longer serving you. If so then YAY, I’m proud of you. You will likely find things will suddenly move forward with a stronger velocity.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – In close relationships watch out for a judgmental attitude just so that you can feel on top. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t be a pain in the ass just for the sake of it 😉 Practice fluidity with your stubbornness.

Gemini – The High Priestess

I love the journey you’re on this year Gemini. I feel you have been more in tune with your self and your intuition than ever before, and this month will be no exception. The High Priestess holds so much energy in the Tarot deck, and she is an amazing character to resonate with. It’s likely that you have made some changes in the past months to do with really getting yourself ‘together.’ By that I mean that as a Gemini we all know you can switch from this to that, and from feeling to feeling quite easily, but lately you’ve been craving a oneness, something solid and familiar, an inner home and I feel you’ve been making progress here. With this card, October will mean some more work on the balance of your subconscious. Maybe in recent months you’ve felt a little more confident in your work and relationships and now you want to curl up and redefine your inner self. I’ve been touching on self-confidence issues for everyone this month, and for you this is about learning to trust your own decisions and intuition. You are the unexpected psychic gem of the zodiac in my opinion, and always have the correct ‘feelings’ about things, which sometimes comes as a surprise to you. This card can come up if you have wildly shifted in the wrong direction recently, so if you are reading this feeling completely off balance then you are being called back to yourself. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with those whose energy supports you. Don’t feel guilty for not wanting to spend time with people who you have come to recognise lower your mood, but at the same time acknowledge why those people exist. If we are all teachers for one another, why is it that that one person gets to you? This is the kind of work you can do with this card. She is the perfect mentor to meditate with, and meditate you must. Check out this simple breathing exercise – even a couple of minutes makes a difference, promise.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – Make sure you don’t use this energy to turn your self love switch off and start negatively judging yourself. Only good intentions for you sweet Gemini.

Cancer – The Empress

Hello lovely! We had this wonderful, nurturing card for you back in March, so you must flick your mind back to then and see if you are feeling a similar energy. There may be a lesson that still needs to be learned or a project that is completing. Last month I encouraged you to watch and wait and surrender a little. It’s likely you found some movement happening in the last couple of weeks especially, and The Empress is calling on you to remember to TAKE CARE! Now I know it’s not rude of me to say you are a fan of life beneath the duvet, and I feel right now you’d rather like to crawl there for the entire winter. Go for it! Well at least, a little. You need some TLC and The Empress brings this in, as well as balance. It’s okay to slow down a little. I know you have things to do, but you definitely feel change in the air, a recalibration even? And you know that for that to happen you need to calm the buzzing in your ear. So what to do when you feel like you can’t stop? Rest can happen in just a moments, if you let it. Know that you won’t be able to do anything at all if you get sick, stressed or overwhelmed, so a day off will actually pay for itself because of the energy boost you’ll get. This card will encourage you to find the balance everywhere, in relationships as well as in matters of work and health. Check in regularly and notice the highs and lows. Then think to yourself, who can be released, and what stresses don’t really deserve your attention? The Empress is the mother, the Earth mother, the spiritual mother, so may usher in something as simple turning the love you give to your own children (or friends) back to nurture yourself. Let others help you, surrender to moments of joy around you, and keep your eyes up with the sun and the stars. Beauty is with you and within you, so get lost in the moment, be present and believe in Love.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – Watch out for emotional retrograde, and don’t cry over spilt milk as they say. Use the energy to close doors that should have been shut a long time ago and welcome in the new.

Leo – The Sun

How did the surrender practice go? I feel like you learned some lessons last month Leo, and now you deserve a little celebration. This will likely arrive with a renewed sense of self-confidence, and I definitely feel that roar about ready to come out. The Sun is a card representing total joy and positivity, and you’re encouraged to take those new intentions you set in September and act on them. Speak out, using your voice to spread a positive message. The difficulties of your past can be your strength this Winter, and there really is a new wave of power coming through if you let yourself really connect to life. I also feel it could be an awesome month for a detox or cleanse, to remember how your body feels in it’s natural state. You are prone to over indulging of course, so get your addiction on in the form of a positive attitude. Get totally dizzy over moving forwards and be energised by the spirits of those around you who inspire you. The Sun card always carries a little of the midas touch, and so your gab may be gifted let’s say. Energy is high and you want to get out there. You may end up packing a case and seeking this card out for real – remember travel can be physical and metaphysical, so what sun-kissed journey might you go on? This card will always link back to the inner child too, reminding us of the pure joy we arrived on the planet with, and you might want to do some work on your past to clear yourself of moments where you didn’t feel so loved. This might mean a solo journey, or experimenting with a visit to a hypnotherapist. If you can’t feel this sun energy in your life, then I encourage you to hang out with the most positive people you know. Look at their attitude to life and how they make things work for them, and don’t be too proud to attempt a change of attitude. It’s incredibly brave to start out fresh and be willing to look at things in a different way, and it’s never to late. Healing is abundant.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – If your ‘gab is gifted’ try not to get burned out, which means balancing your work with some serious sofa time.

Virgo – Five of Wands

Another Five for you this month Virgo. This number teaches us many very ‘human’ lessons, and if last month you felt a lot of energy around financial worries then this month we are addressing your energetic and creative side. As with all the other signs, self-confidence is a factor too. I always look upon this card as a tangled up ball of wool with you in the middle pulling at all the strings, feeling it get tighter. The trick is being to step back and pause, surrender, then allow yourself to really ‘see.’ This is when you find that suddenly the space is clear. Remember this analogy if you feel this way this month. The Five of Wands brings about elements of competition and mixed messages, maybe not the perfect combination for a month with Mercury going retrograde, but I know you can keep on top of it. I feel it’s more likely that this mix up will be in your surroundings. It may feel like you’re shaking your head back and forth in the office and feeling frustrated with other people. You might be observing conflict amongst your friends or family and it could feel draining. There might be a few difficult conversations to be had, but don’t be afraid. I know that you can move forwards if you manage to articulate what is important for you. This card also brings in some change. Nothing crazy though, all you need is to be fluid and excited about something different, even if it’s a faux excitement at first! It’s time to recognising the power of your own voice, and speaking up rather than sitting back and knowing you what you have to say has value but not being quite sure how to acknowledge it. Having said that, there are elements of this month where it’s actually just going to be better for you to slither on out of there. You can sometimes put a lot of pressure on yourself Virgo and there’s really no need. It’s more a case of not paying attention to the thing that feels a bit ‘meh,’ as there are 500 positives surrounding it. Cozy up with your loved ones and enjoy your favourite season, but just remember keep moving forward, step-by-step.

October 21st Mercury Retrograde Tip – Don’t be tempted to get involved in other peoples dramas, you have better things to focus your energy on.

Cast using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.