Cast by Melinda Lee Holm using the Starchild Tarot

Numinous Tarotscopes January 2018 Melinda Lee Holm jeweler


Hello friends! I am so excited and honored to be handed the baton from Lindsay to bring you this monthly Tarot guidance. I have benefitted greatly from her wisdom and it fills my heart to be able to now step up to pay it forward. In addition to my work in Tarot, I have an extensive background in crystal energies, so I am adding a stone for each sign that can help you unlock the power of your card for each month. I hope that my take on the cards will continue to be source of inspiration and comfort for you! Happy New Year! xoM


The Moon
Happy solar return, Carpicorn! With the Sun shinging bright in your sign, you are called to step into the darkness to get reacquainted with your inner voice. What parts of yourself have you been avoiding eye contact with? What distant voice beckons from deep within your psyche? How can you ready yourself to step forward into the role you have always known deep down you were born to play? The Moon not only calls on us to explore deeply our inner realms, she guides us in our quest, ever present in the darkest hours. There is an aspect of the Hero’s Journey in this card, a feeling that a uniquely personal task must be fulfilled, fear of the unknown overcome, the Hero returned changed, matured, better suited to serve as a member of the community.

If you have had a creative project taking form inside you, now is the time to confront it, to dive in and swim around in it, exploring options and angles. The Moon beckons. It does not demand immediate action, but it does demand the acknowledgement of the inevitable. This first month of 2018 is your time to lay low, dig deep, and accept the mission the Universe is presenting to you. You are important and the world needs what you have to offer. Pay especially close attention to messages you receive on the Full Moons (1st and 31st) and the New Moon (16th). Be prepared for major shifts to be clarified or solidified at the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 31st!

Your stone for January: Lapis Lazuli


Akashic Records
January will be a time of tapping in to the great cosmic library for you, Aquarius, and with your famously dreamy nature, this should feel like absolute heaven. Keep in mind that being a part of the Cosmic whole – the past, present, and future – comes with a healthy dose of responsibility. If we’re all here as one massive living, breathing organism, then how we care for ourselves ripples out to effect every other part of the great Universal beast. Keep track of how your treatment of yourself forms your interations with others. The wisdom you download may propel you to make some changes in your self-care routine to put you in better alignment with the Divine Whole.

This is a great time to expand your meditation practice, spend more time in nature, gaze at the stars, and engage in any other activities that make you feel more connected to the eternal Collective. Let your mind wander and explore places – within and apart from yourself – and see what gems of knowledge you find along the way. Eternal wisdom lives in everything, so you may find yourself receiving profound enlightnement in seemingly unlikely places. The Akashic Records are not accessed through a single Great Teacher, they are aborbed through our energetic field and discovered through connection with the world around us. Stay open to learning from all beings great and small and consider keeping a journal of your experiences so you can go back and expand on any revelations at a later date. Something that seemed small may turn out to be life-changing.

Your stone for January: Amethyst


Following the busy social scene of the holiday season, you are called to take a pause to care for your own physical, mental, and spiritual health, dear Pisces. With your mystical sensibilites and tendency to take on the emotions of those around you, the holiday season can sometimes be especially taxing. Now you have the great gift of Serenity at your doorstep, urging you to cozy up and settle down. Don’t be arfraid to say no to social obligations or to have strong boundaries around deadlines. This is your time to care for you. Take full advantage and wrap yourself up in the warm embrace of purposeful solitude!

I repeat – this is a PURPOSEFUL solitude. The energy of the Serenity card is not about just vegging out or slacking on responsibilities. The invitation here is to get quiet and nourished in order to gather wisdom to bring back out to your fellow humans when you are ready to emerge from your cocoon. So, when you are thinking of ways to get cozy, think more “books, spa days, yoga retreats” than “Netflix and junk food binge”. Though by all means, if a certain show or movie is sparking your creative interest, watch away! We all need some couch time now and again. Just keep an eye on whether your downtime activites are truly nurturing or leaning toward escapism lest you come out of January feeling even more depleted than when you started.

Your stone for January: Iolite


The Emperor
Rejoice, Aries! You’ll be right in your element this month with The Emperor at your side, stoking your firey nature. If you do not have a crystal clear vision of all you want to accomplish this year (complete with blueprints, color charts, a mood board, and detailed financial projections), now is the time to get focused and get all your ducks in a row. I do not see this being difficult for you. With your ruling planet of Mars in Scorpio for most of the month, you will have rare access to the deepest depths of your emotional self. Getting in touch with what truly makes you feel fulfilled will allow you to not only think but to feel out which long-term goals will best serve your master plan.

You know you have one. Aries always has a master plan and with The Emperor by your side, you can safely expand your scope, knowing you have the strategic prowess to execute your grand vision. What you put into play in January will set the tone and the foundation of all you can accomplish in 2018. This is a big month. But be mindful of stepping on toes. This is a LOT of bold energy, and both your cardinal Fire nature and The Emperor can have a tendency to overlook emotional concerns to get goals accomplished more quickly. Remember, it’s only January! Keep an eye on your long game and make sure to maintain relationships as well as you maintain strategic vision.

Your stone for January: Rhodonite


Three of Crystals
Collaboration is the key word for you this month, Taurus, and perfectly rooted in your native element of Earth. This month brings opportunities to make great gains toward goals of the material world. These can be financially motivated or simply personal passion projects, but they will revolve around changin the physical workd around you in some way with the help of others. Be on the lookout for people, places, or situations that offer you unique perspectives and provide resources or skill sets that are complimentary to your own. You may need to soften your stubborn side a bit to get the most out of your partnerships. Remember that collaboration works best with people who have skills, experience, and perspectives different from your own, so their viewpoints may be challenging at times.

If you have active ongoing projects, reach out to people outside your discipline to get their insights. If you have an empty plate right now, it’s a great time to get together with a wide variety of friends and collegues to talk about what you’re intested in making or accomplishing and wait for sparks to fly. The Three of Crystals will ensure that the right people and situations cross your path. With your dedication and work ethic, and passion for quality, you are naturally someone others desire to work with. You can afford to be a bit choosy. Get grounded in want you want and what you have to offer and get ready to step into some unexpected magic.

Your stone for January: Garnet


Striking a balance is imperative this month, Gemini, which may prove easy or incredibly difficult for you depending on the current status of your relationship with your inner twin. Make peace early in the month by forgiving yourself for any perceived missteps and move forward with a clean slate. Now is not a time to dwell on the merits of past behavior, but to take action to correct course. What this looks like will depend entirely on how your December played out. Over-imbibe over the holidays? Plan a month of clean eating and excercise. Been avoiding social engagements? Get out and mix it up to strengthen your social circle. You get the picture. Justice is by definition impartial. It seeks only the truth. Find the truth of your current patterns and balance the scales.

In your quest for the truth, make sure to refrain from judgment. The goal here is not to determine fault or guilt, but simply to see clearly and act accordingly. Sometimes what we find when we see the truth can make us uncomfortable. That is natural. What you’ll want to avoid is getting so bogged down in discomfort that you can no longer take impartial action. Fortunately, your Airey nature should help you to keep your reasoning clear and focused. Try to frame this as an intellectual more than an emotional process. If you do encounter discomfort, allow yourself to feel it and then allow it move on. Be extra kind with yourself and and be wary of taking too much advice from others. This is an inside job.

Your stone for January: Fluorite


Page of Wands
You begin the year with a fresh take on how to make magic. Throw out any old rulebooks you have on how to play with the element of Fire. It’s a new day! Time to experiment with new ways of opening and trusting your intuition, acessing your animal instincts and taking action. This is the seed of personal magic. With the first Full Moon of the year coming us on the 1st in your sign, you’ll be able to start things off with a bang. You are ruled by the Moon, Cancer, and you feel her pull more than most. Take this opportunity to really dive into that connection. She has ancient tools for expanding intuition – a key element of Wands energy. You are a part of the Universe. Explore what it feels like to access this power.

Afte the hustle and bustle of the holidays, this personal exploration should be a welcome invitation for some solo play time. Working with Page energy requires solitude to allow time and space to strip away the old ways of operating and discover what new possibilities await. This doesn’t mean being alone on a mountaintop – that’s more in the realm of the Solitude card – but more engaging in life solo. Go to the movies by yourself, treat yourself to a nice solo dinner, go ice skating, take a walk, hear the voice that is uniquely yours guiding you to new possibilities. Give yourself permission to retreat into your shell to conjure a happy and prosperous 2018.

Your stone for January: Orange Calcite


Get ready for a lighter New Year, Leo. This month you will find all sorts of things that used to seem incredibly important are just not holding their value anymore. I am talking true emotional, spiritual, energetic value. The Big kind. Everything in the Universe has a life cycle. The old move on to make room for the new to grow. This month you have an opportunity to look through your own system of habits of action and thought to discover anything you are ready to let go of, any area of your life that you would like to see transformed. Are there ways in which you are holding yourself back that you’ve been wanting to release? If so, now is the time!

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 1st is a wonderful time to kickstart this process. The gentless of your sister sign can help to set the tone of this transformation as a nurturing one. Consider lighting a black that day and feeling the detrius loosen and drift away with the waning Moon or simply meditate and set your intentions. This is your transformation. You set the tone and the pace. The beauty of this energy is that it works with you to find what you are truly ready to shed in order to step forward into your new self. Pay attention to any insights that came up around the Winter Solstice. With the Sun as your ruling planet, that longest night of the year can hold particular significance.

Your stone for January: Black Obsidian


Four of Wands
You reach a level of comfort and stability in the realm of Fire this month, Virgo, and with your Earthy nature, this is a great win! You worked so hard to stay on track in the roller coaster of 2017 and it paid off. With things moving so quickly, you had to get in touch with the fire of your intuition to guide you and your embrace of that flexibility has paid off. You should feel the urgency of action wane this month as you you settle in to a new, elevated pattern of manifestations that keeps you connected to your gut level instincts and able to pivot without straying off course. You can loosen your grip on the details, trusting that your instincts will keep you on the right path.

Your zodiacal ancestry as the caretaker of ancient temples plays into this energy this month as well, dear Virgo. Long before the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome, women dedicated their lives to serving their Goddesses and Priestesses in temples. This required a great deal of attention to detail to execute all of the duties of the station properly, but this was always in the servie of a higher principle of honoring the Deity. This 4 of Wands is here to help you reconnect to that larger sense of purpose as a guiding force, leaveing you free to trust in yourself, not your set process or program. It’s a new year. What temple will you dedicate yourself to serving?

Your stone for January: Pyrite


Two of Swords
What a gift, Libra! The wisdom of Air for the cardinal Air sign. Get ready to reach a higher level of mastery in your native element. This month will present a chance for you to unveil information about how you communicate – with yourself and with others – that will allow you to make some decisions about how you want to work with Air energy moving forward. Two energy is profound, but quiet and personal. It works to open us up at our deepest levels. After all, it’s only the very first step away from the primal energy of the Ace! You may encounter a decision that effects your entire mode of thought and communication or it may be a small shift that relates to your relationship with one particular person. The energy will go where you most need it.

Turn your attention to listening to your own internal and external voice as an impartial observer. What patterns do you notice? Are there things you say or words you use that are limiting you or blocking your communication in any way? Practice reframing the same idea in various ways to see what feels best. Maybe “I don’t like parties” becomes “I prefer one on one time with friends”. How do different framings of your words and thoughts change your emotional response or that of others? Discover and experiment early and often so you can be ready to make some decisions around your findings by the end of the month.

Your stone for January: Aquamarine


Put that deep, instinctual nature to work for good this month connecting to your true inner Strength, Scorpio. You have an enviable natural ability to keep your eye on the prize and speak up for what you want. The Strength card is here to teach you that sometimes the greatest power comes from co-creation and collaboration rather than strategy and confrontation. Your comfort in this paradigm is directly related to how easily you can trust and see the best in others and yourself. Put down your stinger, rest your claws, and put on some rose colored glasses. It’s time for a new approach.

Your key concept for this month is “with” rather than “at”. When you feel the need to communicate something urgently, follow that impulse but be ready to listen to the other side. Your statement is the opener, not the conclusion. This is not to say that January wil be a month of compromising your goals or ideals, quite the opposite! You will find that when you fold the goals and views of others into your own, your vision actually expands. You are not giving up your power, you are growing it. Pay attention to situations that make your tail start to tingle. These challenge points are going to be your best opportunities to dig deep into the wisdom of the Strength card and greatly expand your toolbox for accomplishing long- and short-term goals. If you play your cards right, you could rejuvenate your entire plan for world domination.

Your stone for January: Ruby


Ace of Cups
My loves. This is your heart’s month to shine! The Ace of Cups represents the primal energy of Water, the Divine source of our beautiful ability to FEEL. Melt away any ice that’s built up around your heart, Sagittarius, and let the love flow! You are being given a great gift to start your year, a fresh start to your whole emotional life, a chance to let these healing waters wash away any stagnant patterns so you can be truly prepared to welcome new relationships into your life. These may be romantic, platonic, or even familial. The message here is to carry an open heart. There is great strength in vulnerability. You have no need to be fearful when you open your eyes with your heart.

Being emotionally open means being willing to give and receive love and this month will provide ample opportunities for both. A side effect of the intensity and drama of the past year (and, for many, the holiday season) is that it has helped us to laser-focus on what truly feeds us emotionally, what makes us feel calm and loved and cared for. Tune in to what you can do to nurture yourself and those around you. Lend an ear to a friend who needs to talk. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you need a hug. Consider volunteering at a local food bank, soup kitchen, shelter, or LGBT center. You will find that the more love you give, the more you’ll feel returned to you.

Your stone for January: Rose Quartz


When we know how to listen, the Universe has a message just for us. We enlisted the help of mysti-cool, eco-conscious jewelry line Alex + Ani to help us tune into the magic symbols sending us cosmic downloads right now …

“Let go of coincidences and believe that the Universe is constantly trying to communicate with you”—Alex + Ani founder, Carolyn Rafaelian

The Universe speaks to us through signs + symbols. 
It could be a repeating number, a chance encounter, or seeing the same piece of graffiti everywhere you go. The first step to hearing the message, is to believe that this is true … 

Having based her (pretty freaking incredible) career creating powerful magic symbols infused with pure intent, Alex + Ani founder Carolyn Rafaelian’s vision is to help her customers tap into this cosmic conversation.

“If you quiet your mind and look around you,” says a spokesperson for the design team, “you’ll notice the signs. Sit with them. Let them resonate. Use them to course correct, or to be assured in your direction.” 

And to ensure accuracy, the company even employs a “Chief Symbologist” to research each new or redesigned symbol used in the collections. This can be a lengthy process—for example, the team’s new Buddha symbol was sent to Buddhist monks across the globe to verify the correct alignment.


So what message does the Universe have for you RIGHT NOW? 
Whether you’re drawn to the physical form of any of the symbols below, or by its intent, check out the descriptions of 13 magic symbols from let Alex + Ani’s navigational “meaning” wall help you work out the symbol that’s speaking your Cosmic language …

*Want to explore further? Use this personal blueprint tool, which uses astrology, numerology, and your intentions to curate a personalized jewel prescription just for you! 


The Feather: Ancient Egyptians believed a pure heart weighed as light as a feather. This symbol asks you to keep your heart light and pure, and let truth be your guide. Be honest with yourself, is there somewhere in your life where you haven’t been one hundred per cent upfront? Now’s the time to come clean.

Alex and Ani symbolism The Numinous feather


Crescent Moon: Ruler of watery cycles of change and transformation, this bright celestial body reminds us that light will always come, even when we feel like we’re totally in the dark. As we teach in Moon Club, life is about cycles, and the Moon symbol is asking you to trust that when you follow your intuition, you’ll be led into the next phase of your personal evolution. What is your gut guiding you to move towards in your life right now?

Alex and Ani symbolism The Numinous crescent moon


Wild Heart: Tap into animalistic intuition and fearlessness with this symbol for antimony, a silver crystalline element used in alchemy, emblazoned on a panther’s forehead. Where in your life does fear keep you small? What would it mean to take up some delicious space in your life and seize your power?

wild heart alex + ani universe has a message the numinous ruby warrington carolyn rafaelian material girl mystical world


Compass: North represents home and wisdom. South embodies passion and creation. East signifies new beginnings and inspiration. West symbolizes introspection and reflection. This symbol asks that you clarify what you’re seeking so the path becomes clear. Are your actions in alignment with what lives in your heart? What is your soul mission and how are you taking steps each day to achieve it?

Alex and Ani symbolism The Numinous compass


Unexpected Blessings: Symbolized by an acorn, never forget that the mighty oak grows from this tuny seed—and that sometimes miracles come when you least expect them and often in the smallest packages. Are you comfortable with experiential, process-based learning? What tiny steps could you take each day to start moving towards your larger dreams?

Alex and Ani symbolism The Numinous unexpected blessings acorn


Tree of Life: Like the tree’s powerful branches, we are all connected in an ever-evolving, mysterious cycle of life. This symbol encourages us to feel the eternal bond between mankind and Mother Earth, and to root down in order to grow towards the sky. What is your support system? What relationships and habits do you have in place that can let you grow wild and free?

tree of life alex + ani universe has a message the numinous ruby warrington carolyn rafaelian material girl mystical world


Endless Knot: Embrace love that defies time and space, and trust in the unfolding, with this eternal pattern. What is everlasting to you? This could be a relationship that’s endured, but could also be a part of your self, or your world, that you deeply believe in. What would it look like to recommit to an enduring belief in life as an eternal process?

Alex and Ani symbolism The Numinous endless knot


Healing Love: Harness the healing power of love for yourself and humanity with this symbol that makes the world go ‘round. What does healing look like to you? Have you been spending enough time on self care? Are you balancing between giving and receiving? How could you bring this exchange of self love and external love into greater equilibrium?

Alex and Ani symbolism The Numinous healing love


Pineapple: A symbol of hospitality, New England sea captains traditionally placed a pineapple outside their homes as a symbol of a safe return. Let a genuine sense of welcome forge lasting connections. When is the last time you gathered your tribe close? Or smiled to a stranger? Feel into moments during your day when you can open the doors wide rather than shut down.

alex + ani universe has a message the numinous ruby warrington carolyn rafaelian material girl mystical world pineapple


Fortune’s Favor: Find yourself in the right place at the right time with a symbol that fuses the horseshoe, heart, and shamrock, and channels the Roman goddess of good luck, Fortuna. How would you act differently if you truly believed that life was on your side? What chances would you take right now?

fortune's favor alex + ani universe has a message the numinous ruby warrington carolyn rafaelian material girl mystical world


Godspeed: Channeling the Old English blessing for the start of a journey, this symbol’s magical sincerity protects you on your path. What kind of journeys are you ready to take? Review the great adventure you’ve been on thus far and don’t be afraid to project that into the future. Mood board it and get excited about all of the paths not yet traveled!

Alex and Ani symbolism The Numinous godspeed


Cosmic Balance: Manifest your dreams by integrating the masculine and feminine symbols of the Sun’s light and Moon’s reflection. What does a balance of yin/yang, masculine/feminine look like in your life? How can you find a healthy equilibrium between acting and intuiting, between shining your individual light brightly and listening in to the subtler rhythms of the world as it is?

Alex and Ani symbolism The Numinous cosmic balance


Hand of Fatima: Originating from the Hebrew word hamesh, which literally means “five”, this ancient talisman channels feminine power and fosters miracles by deflecting the gaze of the evil eye away from the wearer. Where do you operate from scarcity versus an abundance mindset in your life? What kinds of “negative” influences sap your energy? Get crystal clear on where energy is leaking and how you can redirect it.

alex + ani universe has a message the numinous ruby warrington carolyn rafaelian material girl mystical world hand of fatima

Want more magical messages? Check out Alex + Ani’s customized cosmic jewels HERE, and follow them on Instagram.


Channeling the fiercely feminine ancient goddess Freyja in her brand new collection, YCL Jewels founder Fabienne talks ritualistic adornment, powerful women as modern muses, and the non-negotiable practice of self-love …

ycl jewels fabienne costa goddess freyja collection ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world

“Everything that we put into our body is literally the makeup of ourselves and our being. It’s equally important to think about what we put on our physical body (clothing, jewels), and to choose these items with just as much intention as what we eat”—YCL Jewels Creative Director, Fabienne 

The Numinous: How did Freyja become the muse for the collection—who is this ancienct goddess and what initially attracted you to her? 
Fabienne: Each collection is inspired in such different ways. Sometimes it will be a place, a feeling, or a person. In this instance, it was the name itself—Freyja. The name reflects great strength in women who are also able to trust in and embrace the feminine essence. 

Freyja represents a woman who is passionate, beautiful, and enjoys the finer things in life. This applies to our YCL women—they’re fierce, diverse, and passionate about life and the causes they support. They have an inner-strength, know who they are, what they stand for. This is real empowerment to me.

I feel like Freyja lives within all of us, just waiting to be activated. This collection caters to a woman whose days may be full and active, but who has a deep spiritual life that is meant to heard, trusted, and unleashed. 


TN: When did you first feel a personal connection to her?
F: While I was taking a holiday in Japan and able to step away from the daily running of the business, I started thinking about the powerful and passionate women in my own life, and in particular my mother and her influence on me. The “Mother hoops” in the collection are an ode to similar hoops my Mum always wore when I was growing up.

But I guess you could say the connection to Freyja in concept and name was an amalgamation of all the wonderful, wise, and powerful women I know in my life. 

ycl jewels fabienne costa goddess freyja collection ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world mother hoops
YCL’s Mother Hoops

TN: So how do you think can women channel the Goddess Freyja in their day-to-day? 
F: Channeling the Goddess Freyja means prioritisizing time for ourselves, every single day. When we’re able to cultivate a peaceful and loving relationship with ourselves, so much abundance flows from this space.

It doesn’t matter what form this takes—it’s about sitting in a space of awareness, so that all areas of our lives have the room to flourish and bloom. This allows us to adapt, and to pivot quickly and with ease through all of life’s wonderful opportunities for transformation.

I practice this through non-negotiable morning meditation, and rituals that include drinking rose quartz-infused water for unconditional self love. I also spend time doing what the Japanese call “forest bathing”—which means taking long meditative walks that actively engage all five senses in the forest near where I live.

ycl jewels fabienne costa goddess freyja collection ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world
Fête for Freyja

TN: What other powerful feminine idols are most inspiring to you?
F: Being a business woman is not something that comes naturally to me—I’m completely self-taught, and even four years in I’m learning to take charge in new ways and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

In this effort, I’m inspired by all women who are following their vision with strength and conviction. Whodon’t just follow what they may have been taught, or a path society has led them to follow.

This could be the women I spend my day with, who I get to work with, the woman who serves me coffee with a smile, or a local woman creating art that’s completely unique to her own vision. I am also my own inspiration.

ycl jewels fabienne costa goddess freyja collection ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world woman in the sky necklace
Woman in the Sky Necklace for your heart chakra

TN: Why is jewelry such an important conduit to the mystical realm? 

F: I’ve been making jewelry since I was 13 years old but it wasn’t until I got older that I began to realise the jewelry I wore held a deeper meaning for me. At that time, however, I found it hard to find jewelry that was both intentional, but also modern in design. From this space of searching, YCL was born.

Everything we put into our body is literally the makeup of ourselves and our being. I believe it’s equally important to think about what we put on our physical body (clothing, jewels), and to choose these items with just as much intention as the food we eat.

Is there anything more magical than choosing to wear an intentionally designed and crafted treasure that sits right over your heart?

The Numinous collaborated with YCL Jewels to create this post. Discover more about their pantheon of mystically modern pieces HERE. 


Buckle up, divination divas. As we prepare to take on the dark side of the year, let these tarot cards for October 2017 help you face your fears and break on through, says Melinda Lee Holm.

tarot practice for october 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world

As Fall brings a shift in the light, we are crossing through the veil into the collective and individual subconscious for some major breakthroughs.

October offers the opportunity to treat the dive into the dark side like a gift, as we expand our understanding, birth our passion projects, face our deepest fears, and learn to be better partners.

The energy this month is tailor-made to get you out of your comfort zone and into the fast lane. Buckle up!


:: 10/9 Indigenous People’s —9 of Pentacles :: 

Many cities across the U.S. have transformed what was formerly Columbus Day into Indigenous People’s Day, and this shift is the result of decades of work to raise awareness of and appreciation for the history and experience of the indigenous people in the land we now call home.

The 9 of Pentacles helps deepen our awareness of this experience. This card represents an accomplishment in the Earthly world, a recognition of the fruits of our labor, and an understanding of how we have been transformed by our experiences. But with this knowledge comes an awareness that what we have learned demands that we learn even more. We are driven to push ahead towards an ever more profound understanding of our world and ourselves.

Calling in the 9 of Pentacles: 

  • Use tea tree oil on your body or in your home – it clears confusion, in addition to being a great antiseptic
  • Read a work of non-fiction
  • Dress foods with mustard – mustard seed promotes the courage and perseverance needed to learn and integrate challenging information
  • Keep African violets in your home to attract grounded wisdom

tarot practice for october 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 9 of pentacles


:: 10/10 Jupiter Enters Scorpio—Queen of Cups :: 

As Jupiter begins its transit through Scorpio, we’re in for 13 months of majorly deep dives into the desires we wish to expand. This is BIG DEAL energy for pushing hard to get passion projects up and running. The trick is, with the potential sting of Scorpio’s tail, we have to be sure that what we pursue is truly in alignment with our hearts.

The Queen of Cups has a masterful devotion to her passion. She knows her emotional self completely and is comfortable with all aspects of her emotional field. This makes her able to skillfully identify what is in perfect alignment with her heart and leaves her free to dive completely into that project and care for it as she would a child.

Choose wisely and give of yourself completely. This is a potent time.

Calling in the Queen of Cups: 

  • Drink linden tea to fearlessly open the heart and follow its lead
  • Wear or carry Ruby to inspire passionate devotion to a goal or project
  • Eat legumes – plant the seeds of success in yourself via proverbial “magic beans”
  • Dress with intention – as the saying goes, fake it til you make it

tarot practice for october 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world queen of cups


:: 10/13 Friday the 13th—The Moon :: 

Getting a Friday the 13th in October is truly a gift for fans of the spooky and macabre. Long considered an unlucky day in the U.S., it is embraced and celebrated by those with a flair for the dark side. Today, take a cue from the goths and learn to love what scares you.

The Moon card is a great ally for stepping out of the day to day and into the murky darkness of the subconscious. This card is all about major growth through facing fears, and trusting our intuition and instincts to lead us safely through the wild unknown. It’s time to be brave and embrace the monster in the closet once and for all.

Calling in The Moon: 

  • Cook with Cumin to exorcise any superstitions holding you back
  • Watch a scary movie
  • Eat pomegranate seeds – they were Persephone’s key to thriving in the Underworld
  • Wear or carry Moonstone

tarot practice for october 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world the moon


:: 10/22 Mars Enters Libra—8 of Swords :: 

Mars, planet of action, drive, and desire, enters the sign of partnership on the 22nd and stays until December 9th, putting a focus on harmony in all our relations with others. But with Mars’ fierce determination, there is a danger of becoming so fixated on harmony that we’re willing to bend the truth to get it. 

Avoid sacrificing clarity for comfort with the 8 of Swords. This card brings a lesson in cutting out the chatter and getting grounded in what truly matters. This chatter can come from the opinions of others, societal norms, and internalized rules about how we should or should not think, feel, and behave. Get grounded, get clear, and be true to yourself in order to keep your relationships strong.

Calling in the 8 of Swords: 

  • Wear or carry Fluorite to maintain clarity in your intentions
  • Season food or drinks with lime juice – lime promotes fidelity and peace
  • Write ‘morning pages’ daily (3 handwritten stream-of-consciousness pages) to clear the internal chatter before you start your days
  • Burn myrrh resin or incense to create a peaceful atmosphere

tarot practice for october 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 8 of swords

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As we slip into the subtle fall energies of Virgo Season, it’s time to assess our relationship to the earth element and to our core beliefs, says Melinda Lee Holm. Let a tarot practice steer your ship as you navigate September 2017.

tarot practice september 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world

A shift in seasons brings profound change this month, as we celebrate personal and community connections, mirror the balance of the cosmos in our earthbound lives, and call in a strong challenge to our beliefs about what is true and eternal.

Let your deck lead the way into fall … 


:: 9/4 Labor Day- 10 of Pentacles :: 

While many of us associate this day with one last beach weekend, it was created to honor the courageous men and women who organized labor. We owe our weekends, 8-hour work days, overtime laws, and restrictions on work done by children all to the Labor movement and its belief that a healthy and happy workforce is the cornerstone of a properous community.

The Tarot teaches us that the greatest form of earthly abundance is found not in a single wealthy figure, but in a wealthy society. The 10 of Pentacles represents the highest material aspirations of the minor arcana. We see a thriving community represented in three generations of citizens and two white dogs in a well-groomed city.

Only through valuing every member’s role and contribution can the health and wellbeing of all be maintained.

Calling in the 10 of Pentacles: 

  • Eat maple syrup on pancakes, yogurt, or oatmeal – energetically it promotes wealth and longevity
  • Throw a block party or BBQ to connect with your neighbors and community
  • Shop local
  • Give Malachite as a gift – it’s a powerful stone of prosperity

labor day tarot practice september 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world ten of pentacles

:: 9/10 World Suicide Prevention Day- The Ace of Cups :: 

The world can be a very tough place for many people, unbearably so for some. Today we actively send our love and compassion to those who are struggling and those who have been affected by suicide.

The Ace of Cups is the primal power of Water, the element of emotion. Love is the root of our human experience of emotion, and the centerpiece of the Divine gift of an emotional body. The Aces all represent the pure unadulterated state of their element, the most exalted sense of what they represent.

What could possibly be more exalted in the emotional realm than pure unconditional love for our fellow humans?

Calling in the Ace of Cups:

  • Wear or carry a Rhodonite, the stone of outward-directed love and compassion
  • Drink Rose tea to open and expand the heart
  • Donate gently used clothing to a shelter – or better yet, sign up to volunteer!
  • Check in with those you love and let them know you care

world suicide prevention day tarot practice september 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world ace of cups

:: 9/22 Autumnal Equinox, Sun Enters Libra- Justice :: 

As the days and nights equalize in length before the night begins to take over, this cosmic event triggers a shift from the productivity of summer to the harvest of fall, in preparation for the winter.

Justice teaches us that just as truth, fairness, and order, in society and law, require careful weighing of information, achieving fairness and order in the Universe requires a constant careful balancing of energies. To enjoy the long days of summer, we must survive the long nights of winter. To have stamina to be active, we must set aside time for rest.

Calling in Justice: 

  • Carry Tiger Eye to promote energetic balance
  • Eat salty/sweet food combinations like prosciutto wrapped melon or potato chips and ice cream
  • Wear mixed metals – Wearing both the silver of the moon and gold of the sun connects us to the balance of the celestial bodies that influence us most
  • Donate to the ACLU
tarot practice september 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world justice autumn equinox libra fall equinox
Melinda Lee Holm’s Sigil Collection Suspended Pendant in gold, Ancient Echoes Ring, and Reversible Diamond Band in silver

:: 9/28 Jupiter Opposition Uranus- The Tower :: 

Jupiter opposition Uranus happens only once every 12 years and comes in pairs or trios due to apparent retrograde planetary motion. This is the second opposition in our series of two for 2016/17.

Expansive Jupiter in this aspect to rebellious Uranus brings periods of great change on an individual level, sometimes in sudden and uncomfortable ways. But this does not have to be a traumatic time. If we open ourselves up to radical change, we can make the most of this transit.

The Tower is generally seen as one of the most frightening cards in the deck – visually and energetically. It represents major change and teaches us to let go of ALL preconceived notions of the true nature and identity of ourselves and the world around us.

While it may be hard to see in the moment, these changes will always be in service of our highest good. We don’t usually think of The Tower as something we seek to call in intentionally, but with this transit, it is best to get ahead of the game and go with the flow of this potentially challenging aspect.

Calling in The Tower: 

  • Drink coffee – coffee beans are used in spellwork to clear negative thinking and assist in breaking through internal barriers
  • Carry or wear Herkimer Diamond to connect to Divine wisdom and strength
  • Clean your space with pine-scented cleanser, or bring pine branches into your home to promote a clean break from past beliefs and a strong fresh start
  • Burn a black candle – black candles are very effective for clearing energetic blockages and can be a huge help in loosening your attachment to any of your own personal Towers that are ready to come down
tarot practice september 2017 melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world the tower jupiter opposition uranus
Melinda Lee Holm’s Initiate Necklace in Herkimer Diamond Quartz on gold


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Channeling the Divine through the decadently bejeweled, artist and mystic Joy Smith is raising the mystical-material vibration ever higher with her transformational talismans.

joy smith communion by joy ruby warrington numinous material girl mystical world light sessions by joy

Sculptress and seer Joy Smith believes that adornment is an intimate conversation—between the creator, the wearer, and the Divine.

Inspired by nature’s potent mysteries, and the light of Divine beauty that resides in every being, the artist’s ethically sourced, recycled gold pieces spark an emotional exchange between the the universe and each of us.

For Smith, connection to the Divine is always available, and through our talismans we can bring our personal conversation with the heavens all the way down to Earth.

With her newly-launched Light Sessions, Smith is raising the material-mystical vibration even higher. During these custom experiences, she uses song, meditative chants, and Reiki to channel a one-of-a-kind talisman that supports your distinctive transformation and growth.

Spirit is absolutely everywhere. Why not dress her in radiant gold?

(Hint: Start decking out your Divine with some inspo from Joy’s jewel-drenched Instagram feed!)


Ruby Warrington: What are your own personal talismans?
Joy Smith: I wear pieces according to what I need—so I can beam my light out everywhere. I have different pieces that embody different feelings for me.

For example, I have a custom piece I made for myself that’s super special. In Milan, on a retreat with Deborah Hanekamp, we hiked to a pagan ritual place, where I found what looked like a piece of a ceramic vessel glinting in the grass. I could feel that it was infused with a spirit that wanted to help me with my healing work, and so I set it into a ring, which I wear when I’m creating pieces, and during my Light Sessions.

Even talking about it takes me back to that place. In the future, I’d like to go on pilgrimages to sacred sites to source similar pieces as part of my work.


my moon my light communion by joy joy smith light sessions by joy ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world
My Moon, My Light Necklace

RW: Your pieces have a strong spiritual essence. What’s your relationship to organized religion?
JS: The dogma of different religions can get messy, but the essence of spirit is what’s precious to me. I connect to the idea of the Holy Spirit, which I think of as our connection to the Divine—the spirit in us. My work is about activating that in others. I’m also super interested in world religions. I see the common thread and that’s fascinating to me. All the stories are the same, just different characters.

Having grown up Catholic, I still connect deeply to the iconography. I see the etchings in my designs as radiating light, and my goal is to elicit the idea of “heaven,” which I define simply as the place where great spirit lives … bliss.


guardian rustic shield ring joy smith communion by joy ruby warrington numinous material girl mystical world light sessions by joy
Guardian Rustic Shield Ring

RW: What do you see as the intersection between spirituality, craftsmanship, and art?
JS: I never thought I’d make jewelry. I knew I loved art history, and wanted to be a painter. I also connected to artists, as I felt they were connected to something spiritual with their work. I wanted that connection to come through in my work, too. I also love fashion because I see the spirit of the designer in it. It’s like art to me.

I fell into jewelry through the sculpture of making it. I initially wanted to be a fine painter, but didn’t think I was good enough and I couldn’t relay my message effectively at that time in that medium. Now, I express myself spiritually through my pieces as they relate to how I feel on the inside. I want them to be infused with feelings of beauty and light, and for this to be reflected in how I adorn myself on the outside.

I believe God, spirit, etc., created us as an expression of the beauty of the Divine. I make it a point to meditate and pray before I make my work. When we work in this way as creators, that’s spirituality to me.

joy smith communion by joy ruby warrington numinous material girl mystical world light sessions by joy
The artist at work

RW: What do the concepts of God and the Divine mean to you?  
JS: I believe God and the Divine are forms of the highest spirit, a spirit greater than ourselves that also lives within us and is part of us. That guides and protects us and loves us unconditionally. Neither are religious terms for me- I see them as a universal Spirit.

My own spiritual breakthrough came in my early twenties, when I had a very severe panic attack, and found myself debilitated by anxiety. My first teacher asked about my spiritual practice, and she gave me my first spiritual book, Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Prayer. I still read it every day. It helped me remember how to pray—how to connect to God—in a spiritual way.

joy smith communion by joy ruby warrington numinous material girl mystical world light sessions by joy

RW: “Light Language” is such a glorious phrase—tell us about learning to speak this language, and how clients experience it during your “Light Sessions.”  
JS: “Light Language” is how I describe my conversation with the divine, something that comes out in channeled melodies, or prayer. The term came to me via my guides during an Akashic records reading—and this really is how I feel about my conversations with God. The Light Language also comes through as automatic writing, which I carve into my talismans and artwork.

I came up with the Light Sessions since my work can be very solitary and I knew I wanted to connect with people on a deeper level. And my Light Language becomes vocal, as if I’m speaking in tongues, during one-to-one with my clients. I see it as the language of love, as expressed in my creations.

The Light Sessions are about channeling creations for transformation. We talk about stones and the style of the piece, and then my clients give me their intention and lay on my table, and I’ll either sing melodies of prayer or do Reiki and channel messages that come to me.

Afterwards, we create an intention candle together and they go home with their candle to pray / meditate with their intention in mind, and I go home and channel that energy while creating the piece for transformation. The plan is to also make this available to couples as a custom ring engagement ceremony.

joy smith communion by joy ruby warrington numinous material girl mystical world light sessions by joy

RW: Who is the “Communion Woman”? 
JS: Women who wear my jewelry have a strong sense of self. The common thread is that they have a connection to spirit, and that they’re all powerful in their own right. A lot of my clients have often been through a lot emotionally.

Having experienced challenges in their lives, they have been led to work on themselves spiritually, in order to connect more deeply to themselves and to the Divine. They’ve already found this connection, and want to explore more deeply what it means for their lives. A lot of their work is in service of the greater good. They have that depth.

Discover more about Communion by Joy’s sumptuously sacred jewels HERE, and book a custom Light Session with Smith in LA. 

joy smith ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world communion by joy light sessions by joy


With her custom jewelry prescriptions, Melinda Lee Holm combines her twin passions for crystals and the Tarot—with the wider mission of awakening her clients to a life of personal evolution…

Melinda Lee Holm Tarot jewelry The Numinous

The Numinous: What card and stone best represent your current life #goals? 
Melinda Lee Holm: The Empress and Pyrite. The Empress rules over a richly abundant world that she has created for herself by caring for everything around her with love and encouragement. She is the giver and the protector of life and she revels in her gifts by beaming love out all around her. I dressed as The Empress for Halloween this year, and am focused on actively working to embody her to create a world where we are all loved and treasured for our gifts and we are all safe and cared for.

This election threw me into despair and leaning harder into The Empress is helping to guide me as I step up to act to protect the rights and safety of women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, Muslims and the poor. And Pyrite is the gas to fuel this action. It supplies confidence, willpower, and motivation and it enhances our innate powers of manifestation. I invite everyone to print out a picture of The Empress and place her in your home as an inspiration and carry a piece of Pyrite!

TN: What came first, jewelry or Tarot, and when did you first combine the two? 
MLH: Tarot came first. I grew up in suburban MN and I was 13 when I got my first deck (the Thoth deck), the accompanying book, and a book on witchcraft. It changed my life. When I started doing readings for myself alone in my bedroom, I remember having this immediate access to a meditative, connected state. I would close my eyes and focus on visualizing white light shooting from my third eye and would be physically rocked by the sensation of being flooded with this magical connection. Looking back, I see baby me doing these vibration-raising rituals and I am so proud of that kid. I had a pretty rough childhood and finding this solace helped me survive with my soul intact.

20 years later I had a friend suffer a sudden and tragic loss. I went to my cards seeking guidance on how to help and as I turned over the cards, a strong aesthetic theme emerged. I felt called to make a necklace with natural stones in colors and numbers corresponding to the cards, and with energies for emotional healing and spiritual connection. As it turned out the colors and numbers were favorites of the loved one who had passed. It was incredibly moving. I knew it was the beginning of something great.

TN: Why does every modern woman need a talisman? 
MLH: Because self-adornment is an ancient sacred act. By wearing a talisman, we connect to our lineage of ancestors who adorned and anointed themselves with oils, scents, clothing, and jewelry imbued with magical power and purpose. In our contemporary culture, we are removed from this process and instead offered mass-produced items we have little to no energetic connection with. Wearing a personal talisman is a silent yet radical act of self-assertion and reconnection with the earth and with our ancestors.

Melinda lee Holm Tarot jewelry The Numinous

TN: What themes are most common among your clients, and what stones do you use to address them? 
MLH: The culture we live in means there are a lot of blockages around communication and balancing work and play, especially for women. So I often use Aquamarine to open clear communication with oneself and others and to soothe anxiety, Green Tourmaline to re-connect with the heart, and Garnet to ignite a passion for building dreams in a realistic, grounded manner.

I also work a lot on balancing the elements, which isn’t something I set out to do. For example, if someone has a ton of Fire and Water going on, but little Earth or Air, they are likely to feel exhausted from a lack of grounding, and frustrated and possibly even despairing that their message is being misunderstood. In this case, I would pay close attention to the elemental attributes of stones. There are so many levels to a reading. It’s what makes my work incredibly interesting and fulfilling.

TN: What’s your favorite way to cleanse and charge your crystals? 
MLH: I’m a huge fan of Selenite, a purifier and spiritual activator that I find to be extremely effective. I have big slabs of it in my studio and every jewelry piece I make gets a nap on the Selenite before it goes home. I also keep a piece with my personal jewelry. My pieces are also blessed with Palo Santo as I ask them to work with the client’s guides, angels, and ancestors to carry their energy to where it is most needed.

For my personal collection of crystals, I do a water rinse once a month on the Full Moon and then roll the cart (it’s a big collection!) over to the window to soak in the moonlight overnight. I also give them a really good smudge when I do my weekly house cleansing.


My label
I’m living for everything Michele Alessandro makes for Gucci. If I could buy it all I would, but instead I admire it from afar and buy vintage. I’m crazy about vintage clothing for stylistic and environmental reasons.

Gucci fall 2016 Melinda lee Holm The Numinous
Gucci AW16

My shoes
Oxfords and sneakers. I’m tall, I have foot issues, and I’m a HUGE fan of a butch shoe look.

Saint Laurent sneakers The Numinous
Saint Laurent sneakers, $595, Net-a-porter.

My fragrance
Tea rose oil – opens the heart and smells amazing.

Tea Rose Oil Melinda Lee Holm The Numinous
Tea Rose Oil, from $14, Body Time.

My jewels
I’m constantly making myself things depending on what I’m feeling, but I always wear the gold Sigil necklace from my collection, piles of rings, and a piece of Black Tourmaline somewhere to keep my energetic field clear.

Sigal necklace, from $175, Melinda Lee Holm The Numinous
Sigal necklace, from $175, Melinda Lee Holm.

My pampering
A soak, a scrub, and a hot stone bibimbap at the Korean spa.

My home
A purple house filled with crystals, art, music, and animals in beautiful Los Angeles.

My food
All of it. Everything. I love food. That hot stone bibimbap at the spa may be my favorite, but it would be really hard to choose.

dolsot bibimbap vegan Melinda Lee Holm The Numinous



My awakening 
It’s ongoing. I think we all need to focus on being in a state of constant spiritual awakening until we’re dead. Not doing so assumes we’ve gotten as close as we can or as we care to the Divine. I’m greedy. I want as much expansion and evolution as I can get in this lifetime.

My sign
Cancer Sun, Virgo Ascendant, Taurus Moon, year of the Fire Snake.

My mantra
“This time will pass”—it works to soothe during the lows, and as a reminder to really be present and soak in the highs. It relates very closely to the Wheel of Fortune card, which offers an additional comfort of being looked after by the Universe.

Wild Unknown The Wheel of Fortune Melinda Lee Holm The Numinous

My healer
As with all of us, ultimately myself—with and assistance from guides here on Earth and in the Spirit realm.

My reading
I always go back to Angela Davis, Joseph Campbell, and many, many metaphysical texts.

My mission
To empower and inspire as many people as I can to commit to a life of constant personal evolution.

Discover more about Melinda Lee Holm and her work, and schedule a Prescription Adornments consultation at


Jewelry designer Kirstie Gibbs explains the importance of finding a piece that speaks to your path. PLUS 10 high-vibe talismans we love! Main images: Jacquie Aiche Holiday ’15 campaign

Jacquie Aiche holiday 2015 high vibe talisman on The Numinous

Several years ago, in my role as jewelry buyer for Harrods department store in London, I was introduced to the idea of worn treasures being used for a higher purpose and energetic attraction.

It was around this time a friend gave me a symbolic ring and told me confidently it would bring me love. Having just come through a challenging personal period, I thought ‘why not give it a try?’ and wore the ring every day.

The year that followed was filled with bad dates and disappointments, but what never failed was my deep belief that when the time was right I would find love, because every morning when I slipped that ring on, it uplifted me and gave me new hope. I realized this was my modern day, rose gold and white diamond talisman.

By definition, a talisman is a physical object that is thought to possess certain magical properties and can provide positive and protective energy to the person who wears it. They are generally made of crystals and gemstones, and commonly worn as a necklace or other piece of jewelry.

Throughout history it was the role of the alchemists, shamans, witches and priests to create and provide these magical objects. Talismans ranged in value, material and craftsmanship, but were worn to protect against violence, illness and bad luck – the sorts of human problems that are still rife and troubling to this day.

Jacquie Aiche holiday 2015 high vibe talisman on The Numinous

And so it’s fair to say that talismans are still needed and embraced in our modern society. In fact, in our world of over-stimulation I believe it’s even more important that we awakening women stay tuned in to our own purpose and carry a personal, sacred object of our choosing.

Everyone from Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Heidi Klum and Rhianna have been spotted wearing the Hand of Fatima/Hamsa – an ancient symbol of luck and protection – so it seems that even these seemingly blessed individuals are still looking for an extra bit of magic in their lives.

And as more and more of us remember who we are and return to a spiritual way of living, we want to celebrate and support our commitment to this connection. When a woman wears her own talisman she charges herself with the energy of what she wants to attract and/or harness, be that protection, a successful Tinder date or a flow of creative ideas in her work life.

And while our core values and fears may not have changed much in thousands of years, our style certainly has. Recognizing this, is a new breed of jewelry designers are creating beautiful and meaningful pieces to take you from the juice bar to dancing on tables.

This was the inspiration behind my brand, The Alkemistry. Recognizing the desire among spiritually minded women for meaningful objects, I created a powerful online tool that harnesses the power of astrology and numerology to match-make women with the finest gemstone jewelry.

It is my hope and wish that all women can find the right talisman to help them manifest their desired intentions, just like the ring I wore for love. It might have taken a year, but once I slowed down, took a step back from dating and allowed myself to just receive, eventually love found me.

Orion bracelet, $600, The Alkemistry on The Numinous
Orion bracelet, $600, The Alkemistry




Lone Star ring, $1080, Rock & Raw on The Numinous
Lone Star ring, $1080, Rock & Raw


Multi-coin necklace, $490, Laura Lee on The Numinous
Multi-coin necklace, $490, Laura Lee


Journey Shield ring, $1025, Communion by Joy on The Numinous
Journey Shield ring, $1025, Communion by Joy


Blesslev keychain by Jacquie Aiche on The Numinous
Blesslev keychain, $245, Jacquie Aiche


Heart Chakra fragrance pendulum necklace, from $325, Unearthen on The Numinous
Heart Chakra fragrance pendulum necklace, from $325, Unearthen


Snake totem ring, $1320, Logan Hollowell on The Numinous
Snake totem ring, $1320, Logan Hollowell


Moon seal necklace, from $665, Jessica De Lotz x Louise Androlia on The Numinous
Moon seal necklace, from $665, Jessica De Lotz x Louise Androlia


Eye of Protection ring, $49, Satya Jewelry on The Numinous
Eye of Protection ring, $49, Satya Jewelry


Amethyst pendant, $185, Pound Jewelry
Amethyst pendant, $185, Pound Jewelry


Gabriela Herstik meets Goth queens Sisters Of The Black Moon, and delivers some style tips for dressing the part in the summer heat…


Sisters of the Black Moon first opened their “matte black gates” in February of 2010, when a road trip turned into an epiphany. Founders Sara Larocca-Ramm, Alecia Marcum, and Rachel Hunt found the path they were on was no longer serving them, they decided to shift course – and so the numinous universe of SOTBM was born.

With a careful edit of designers, all with an occult and metaphysical aesthetic, SOTBM has cultivated a community of like-minded people while creating an ethical shopping experience. Think everything from exaggerated black capes to quartz and moonstone jewelry and constellation candles.

But perhaps most notable is SOTBM’s own unisex label – the current theme of which is EMBERS, with the emphasis on more structural pieces than previous collections.

We love the Moon-white crop tops and floor length skirts with harness details, and the stark black cloak dresses and in sheer, airy tunics. For all the dramatic undertones, there’s a sense of ease and versatility to the collection, which is designed to take the wearer from day-to-day tasks to gatherings and rituals held under the full moon.

More than anything else, the goal of Larocca-Ramm, Marcum and Hunt is for the souls who cloak themselves in SOTBM to feel confident, comfortable and empowered – a nurturing energy that’s amplified when you learn all three women are mothers. Check out our edit of their online store below, as well as 5 styling tips for summer Goths!


:: Play with proportions ::
When it’s sweltering out, the last thing you want is layers of fabric clinging to your skin. Play with proportion instead. Shorts or a skirt with chunky black boots are a sure fire way to look dark and not overheat. A good pair of leather ankle boots or combat boots will look extra edgy, especially when you’re showing a little leg.

:: Go sheer ::
Goth doesn’t mean layering on the heaviest black fabrics you can find. Instead, try layering sheer fabrics over one another – a great look, especially when they’re both in airy black. If you’re feeling extra spunky, a sheer top with a sheer bra is an empowered look.

:: Light leather ::
Whoever said leather isn’t for summer was completely misinformed and needs a talking to! Leather looks sexy when the sun’s out; plus, it’s the ultimate form of fashion rebellion. A leather choker feels especially appropriate with 90’s inspiration in full swing, while a good pair of leather shorts is equally sexy-tough.

:: Makeup mania ::
If you really don’t want to cake on layers of foundation, commit to your summer Goth look with a bit of smudged black eyeliner, a slinky cat eye and some dark oxblood lipstick. If you’re more adventurous try a full-on black lip and some striking brows. Oh, and never tan. Meowww.

:: Always accessorize ::
Keeping your outfits simple and adding dark accessories is the ultimate way to stay Summer Goth. Tie some long black sleeves around your waist, grab a vintage black wide brimmed hat and load up on occult inspired jewelry. Think onyx and quartz, paint your nails black, grab your favorite pair of pointy black boots or heels and you’re off!

sotbm black crochet shroud dress on the numinous
Maude Nieblungen Shroud Dress, $264
branch eternity necklace by sisters of the black moon on the numinous
Paula Hagerskans Branch necklace, $466
Paula Hagerskans Cone Ring Moonstone, $340 on the numinous
Paula Hagerskans Cone Ring Moonstone, $340
Moonshine essential oil blend by Naked Eye Beauty for SOTBM, $34 on the numinous
Moonshine essential oil blend by Naked Eye Beauty for SOTBM, $34
Peg & Awl Constellation Candle Block, £23 on the numinous
Peg & Awl Constellation Candle Block, £23


Satya Jewelry is the ultimate high vibe jewelry line; it’s founder, Satya Scainetti, is the ultimate inspiration when it comes to working with your dharma…

Jewelry designer Satya Scainetti at home in Manhattan, featured on
Satya Scainetti at home in Manhattan

“The idea of stepping away from life to find all the answers…like Jesus and Buddha found enlightenment when they quit? There’s a lot to that…”

Satya Scainetti, a born-and-bred New Yorker, was gifted her spiritual name on graduating a 30-day yoga teacher training in 2000. Disillusioned with her career in social work, she found herself at a crossroads; gifted with a talent for reiki, “I was like, okay God, if this is what you want from me I’m good to go, but I’ve also got to make money…”

And so, perhaps the yoga training would lead to a bone fide practise as a healer. But on that same graduation night she also had a prophetic dream. In it, she learned that it was her dharma to create a line of spiritual jewelry also named Satya, meaning “all truth,” so she could then “donate money to children all around the world.” Within weeks, Satya Jewelry was born, and over the past decade has given over $1 million to countless children’s charities.

I first encountered Satya’s line at NYC’s Golden Bridge yoga studio (she was one of the original investors in the kunadlini institution), and was pretty much blown away by the downright numinosity of it all! Super chic pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of Vogue, but that also carried a deeply spiritual message.

The Mandala necklace: "a reminder of the sacred place we can always go"
The Mandala necklace: “a reminder of the sacred place we can always go”

“My whole intention is for people to find a piece that speaks to them – be it a symbol, or a healing stone they intuitively know they need. Which is mind-blowing, because we do know…I encourage my customers to trust that intuition, that knowingness. If you’re drawn to something, there’s a reason.”

The notion of dharma, life purpose that comes from a desire to be of service, is emerging all around as the resounding theme for 2015, and Satya’s story embodies this message.

“The awakening I had when this business took off was that that you can have everything – just make sure the intention is for the good of all. Then the Universe will open every door needed to make your dreams come true!” The key, then, is to think big. “We limit ourselves all the time. We say, ‘THIS is my goal, if I get THERE it will be enough,’ but we need to be open to what the Universe actually has in store for us.”

Satya, you are an inspiration among women! Read on for how this Material Girl totally rocks her Mystical World…

:: MA T E R I A L G I R L ::

I’m a clothes fiend. I love Club Monaco, BCBG, and I’m a big Zara fan. I have a tonne of DVF’s dresses. Max Mara. I love Donna Karan. Handbags? Marc Jacobs, hands down.

Donna Karan Summer 2015 featured on
Donna Karan Summer 2015

You put a pair of heels on, everything changes – I love what it does to my body, and it gives me confidence! My favorites are Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. I actually met him in Paris. I was there with a friend who went to school with him, and bought my first pair in the store on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. They were orgasmically beautiful. That same night we end up bumping into him and going for tea! I was like, do we get the friends and family discount now?

Christian Louboutin "So Kate" python pumps featured on
Christian Louboutin python “So Kate” pumps

Florabotanica by Balenciaga. We did a trunk sale at Bloomies and this woman had a bunch of samples. It’s musky but light.

Florabotanica by Balenciaga featured on
Florabotanica by Balenciaga

I’m a mala fiend because I believe in the power of the mala. I was wearing my black onyx mala around the time my kids were born, twin boys. Black onyx is the stone of endurance, and I was so drawn to it! It’s all I wore for two years. Starting the business I wore all green – which is the heart chakra – because it was all coming from there. I also buy a lot of ornate Indian jewelry, but it’s all at home in my box.

Mala by Satya Jewelry featured on
Mala by Satya Jewelry


I’m a Lumiere girl, I spend more money on that cream than I want to but I’m addicted! I must have a pedicure, even in the winter, every ten days, and I get a massage every week from David at Think Pink Nails in the West Village. I call him my Sumo wrestler. He does the energy work, the stones, and he’s so strong that one hour just puts it all back into place.

I’m a vegetarian…but I’m also Italian, so I love pasta! Yoga has helped me eat more mindfully, so I know when to stop – but at the same time I’ll totally binge on something like pizza when I want it. Italians are brought up that food is love, and I’m always telling my kids; ‘I put a little extra love and kisses in your dinner tonight, do you taste it?’

My home is beautiful. Everything is very zen, I have an amazing garden with Buddhas and a sun-room with a beautiful canopy bed. I’m into cosy homes, I’ve got one of those couches that puts people to sleep. For me, home is where I can take a breath and feel relaxed, where I can really not be ‘on’ – because I’m on a lot.

Golden Buddha snow globe from ABC Carpet & Home featured on
Golden Buddha snow globe from ABC Carpet & Home

:: M Y S T I C A L W O R L D ::

Everybody sleeps in my bed right now, the dogs, the kids…it’s a king, thank god, but it’s very crowded because they’re getting big! And before we get out of bed we start the day with gratitude, and name two things we’re grateful for – it’s so important to start the day that way, because from that place everything just gets better.

Gratitude journal featured on
Gratitude Journal from

I’m a Capricorn – strong, and one of the most devoted friends you’ll ever have. Truly, if you have me as a friend, you are blessed. I am very good at business, but I’m also ruled by the heart. I see astrology as a guide. I don’t have a therapist, but I do have an astrologer – when you’re aware of what’s happening in your chart, you can start being directed with where you put your energy. I have a great guy called David, who helped with the launch of this company. It was plotted down to the day.

Capricorn pendent by Satya Jewelry featured on
Capricorn pendent by Satya Jewelry

I have so many! But for right now? I feel like I’m at an exciting point of change, so it’s simple: ‘help me be open to what’s next.’

God! He’s it. I’m a believer.

I’m a big fan of Thich Nhat Hanh. His teachings are so user friendly for the real world, and simply show how to incorporate more happiness in your life. His book on relationships, Teachings on Love, lays out such a beautiful way to live your life, and if I could pick one book to start you on a new journey that would be it.


Right now it’s to build my brand to a place where I can really make a huge difference in the world. The $1m-plus we’ve given already is a drop in the ocean of what I want to do, so the next 13 years I’ll be amping up the work I do with my foundation, keeping the focus on helping children. The next generations will be the ones to make a difference in the world, and I’m going to help them do that.

My transformation is through my practise of meditation and yoga, and using it to really tap into God. Whatever you want to call it, I mean that knowingness that’s inside all of us.



Do we basically want everything from Numi contributor Louise Androlia’s new astrology jewelry collection? Well, what do you think…

Cancer Zodiac Hand ring by Jessica de Lotz and Louise Androlia. Click to read more!
Zodiac Hand ring, £165-£215

Let’s be completely honest – a lot of astrology jewelry out there is a little (okay a lot) on the cheesy side. So when Numinous contributor Louise Androlia (a.k.a. Louniverse, author of our spookily-accurate monthly Tarotscopes) revealed that she was working on a zodiac collection with British jeweller Jessica De Lotz, let’s just say it felt like something in the cosmos finally aligned.

With a vintage feel, the gold and silver pieces are each set with a precious stone and feature signature illustrations by Louise. Titled As Above, So Below, the collection includes necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles and brooches, as well as collar pins and cufflinks. Which means there’s something for everyone – of every sign!

As well as the signs of the Zodiac, the duo have created select pieces featuring the infinity symbol and the awakened eye – and each come packaged with an illustration by Louise and an empowerment sentiment. So if you were in the market for a new talisman for fall? Just sayin’…

Prices start at £65. View the full collection at

Small Sagittarius Zodiac necklace by Jessica de Lotz and Louise Androlia. Click to read more!
Small Zodiac necklace, £315
Zodiac earring with arrow stud by Jessica de Lotz and Louise Androlia. Click to read more!
Zodiac earring with arrow stud, £195-£259
Astrology jewelry zodiac pin by Louise Androlia and Jessica de Lotz, click to read more!
Zodiac pin, £95-£135
Astrology Jewelry Taurus Zodiac Oval Bangle by Louise Androlia and Jessica de Lot, click to read more!
Zodiac Oval Bangle, £235-£310
Awakened Eye Collar Pins by Louise Androlia and Jessica de Lotz. Click to read more!
Awakened Eye Collar Pins, £189-£255
Jessica de Lotz and Numinous Tarotscopes mistress, Louise Androlia. Click to read more!
The gorgeous designers themselves, Jessica de Lotz and Numinous Tarotscopes mistress, Louise Androlia


With her new collection, //minD//, award-winning jewelry designer Gina Melosi has found a way to connect with her family history on both the physical and the metaphysical plane. Photographer: Maya Art. Art direction/model: Gina Melosi. Styling: Tony Hortal. Makeup/hair: Myo Mint. Color: Jason King at Lily Maila. Photographer’s assistant: Alessia Palombo.

After a recent trip to explore the Montana mines, visiting small mining town Butte ­‐ home to her recently deceased Grandmother ­‐ //mineD// embraces raw metal materials, intensified by the setting of uncut Sapphires, Herkimer diamonds and other locally sourced minerals such as Pyrite and Covellite. Returning to a recurrant theme in her work, the beauty which arises out of destruction ­‐ the broken, abandoned and overlooked ‐ this time she was inspired by her family history and a wish to feel a closeness to lost loved ones…

Director / videographer: Joseph Eardly

Why did you specifically want to create a collection inspired by your Grandmother?
A few things came together at once. I was thinking about doing something more related to my personal heritage, when my dad asked me to work on a project with him for a new book (he’s an environmental historian). Around this period I had a chance to visit my Grandmother in Montana (she lived in the mining town of Butte her whole life) for her 97th birthday. I hadn’t seen her for eight years, and I knew it’d be the last time. I was reminded that some of my fondest memories had been of dressing up in the costume jewelry that she handed down to me when I was a kid.

Is that why you went back to Butte to research materials for this collection?
And having grown up visiting mining ghosts towns and taking photographs, panning for gold, collecting rough garnets and sapphires, admiring the copper-hued treats on offer in souvenir shops…I was also fascinating to revisit it now that I had my own jewelry business and know so much about minerals and precious metals.

So what did you discover there?
The town of Butte is sprinkled with discarded mine shafts from before the world wars. There’s a huge open pit mine called Berkeley Pit, which, although it’s been decommissioned for ages, is open to the public for viewing. It’s a massive toxic lake and one of the largest Superfund sites. Interestingly, some species have evolved to ingest the heavy metal waters, and compounds have been isolated which have cancer-fighting properties. The themes of destruction, abandon, and neglect began to surface for me here. So I began filming and discussing further with my father, and the narrative for //mineD// started to flow…

How do you feel like you connected with your Grandmother creating this collection?
There has been a physical and emotional reworking of materials which were entrusted to me that’s felt like a powerful means of communication with her spirit. I was also able to look into the heritage of my whole family through connecting with their surroundings, and make a link to what I’m doing now with some of these very same objects. In this way, the project also helped me feel like I could connect more to myself.

And in what ways do you think your ancestors are alive in you?
I think my Grandparents are of the reasons I became a jewelry artist. When my Grandfather on my dad’s side retired from banking, he became an obsessive crafter. I learned the art of cross-stitch and developed a penchant for sequins from him. My mom’s mom collected all the glamorous costume jewelry that was popular in her day, much of which has been passed down to me. These stories and memories from my youth helped shape my interests and creative endeavors today, and in this way I believe they live on through me, bypassing words and filtering through the elements.

How do you define “family”, and why is this such an important theme in your work?
Our families’ influence defines who we are and shapes our personal approach to the world. It’s through our blood ties that we first learn about love. I don’t think we can figure out where we’re going if we don’t understand where we’ve come from, both physically and metaphysically. / @ginamelosi



New York jewelry designer Jules Kim views the world through a unique lens, where pixie queens and pop divas wear her creations like they’re living, breathing creatures. She talks self-expression, sweating it out and the beauty of imperfection with Ruby Warrington. Photos: Annie Powers. Styling: Raquel Griffin. Hair: Sayo Takegami. Makeup: Deanna Melluso

Cut-out t-shirt, Raquel Allegra; Rings, Bijules.

The latest collection is a re-birthing of your signature pieces – when was the last time you felt re-born? Why?
It was just a few days ago in Paris. I walked from the showroom I was based in in Palais Royal to Rue de Rivoli, where I saw my pieces on display in the Louvre’s retail boutique…none of my contemporaries were there to share this moment with me – none of my family, none of my friends – it was just for me…It was an overwhelming and humble feeling to allow a success such as this radiate through me…

How did that feel, physically?
I had been running from appointment to rendezvous, so exasperated, and my heart stilled and stopped racing when I stood in front of the glass jewelry case with the Bijules pieces shining beneath it. Like little emblems of hope, I was so proud.

You must feel very connected to your creations…
Bijules has been a passion project and always will be, and I believe that to have had developed something so heart-driven means it will grow into exactly what I intend it to be.

It strikes me that you see things with different eyes to other people. How do you maintain your unique worldview?
It has something to do with being an open and honest human being with a great compassion for others, almost to a fault…

How so?
I often find myself leading others to finding something they love, be it a person, a place, or even a job. But sometimes I can give too much and not ask for anything in return, and karma is not a single player game!  As an artist, I search for and absorb beauty 24 hours a day, any place I am…and I believe humility will always enrich my view of the world and allow for my original ideas to take shape.

Blouse, YSL.

Where did you ‘learn’ this – were you the same as a kid?
I’d like to hope so. My mom showed my sister and I how real beauty is natural and cannot be preconceived. I am half Korean and not one of my childhood friends could understand that, so most of my childhood I was searching for different looking things. Knowing they were different made them akin to me.

What is perfect about imperfection to you?
Classic…I say that alllll the time! I find perfection completely unattainable, just as success is always subjective. But it is the pursuit of perfection that gives me satisfaction. Even if the end goal is constantly evolving to suit the actuality of the pursuit.

Somebody told me that in New York, no-body will take you seriously until you’ve tried and failed at something. Because real strength of character comes from picking yourself up and trying again. What have been the most useful mistakes you’ve made?
There have been a combination of repeat offences when I’ve tried to work overnight miracles for celebrities. I guess I’ve learned that unwavering honesty and real originality are what lay the groundwork for true success.

What other major life lessons have you experienced?
I was raised by a single mother who struggled to find her own happiness and I saw very clearly that life is more complicated than one might ever assume. I feel gifted and blessed to have the capacity to love and expand my own experiences into a tangible product. In that way, Bijules is actually a platform for expression and altruism.

Necklace, Bijules.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice or touchstone?
There’s no definitive deity to whom I pray, but I look deep into myself to provide as much stability and reflection as I am capable of. It is my environment and those who I choose to populate that environment who provide the most support. I also hit the gym, Russian spas and saunas for a good sweat three times a week. I’m an extreme kinda girl! (Read Jules’s report on her Icelandic sweat lodge experience here).

And what about any sacred rituals you bring to the design process?
I am a storyteller, and I use both metals and marketing to weave these faceted tales of life, love, failure, success, and happiness. But my creative process relies heavily on exchanges with my staff, production team, and clients.

But do you meditate or do anything else to bring about your best creative ideas or state of being?
I have to sketch and physically record my creative sessions. The paper trail then serves as a relic to refer to as the ideas evolve. I draw when I’m in the air, on planes. Being disconnected is true bliss.

You’ve used your own body in your designs, is this so your clients are literally wearing a piece of you?
It is. Some might perceive this as an ego driven thing but in fact, it is the exact opposite for me. My body is just a human body. We all have one. So the idea is to celebrate that by making jewelry for each and every one!

Illustration: Sian Jordan.

You design for hipsters, celebrities and…elves?
Haha, cute! Yes, when I made my gold ear tip, I decided to sell it with a little bag of gold dust. I imagined a hot ass elf chick walking into a club before exiting to the bathroom to apply her party. She opens her black box of pixie magic and inside is a golden elf ear with a bag of 3 pennyweights (jeweller’s unit of measurement) of gold fairy dust. She dips her Bijules ear tip into the gold mess and as she slips it over her own. The dust falls around her shoulders and into her hair. Now she is ready to get a drink…

So which alternate realm are you incarnated from?
I’m not sure, but I do feel like an old soul whose ideas seem to be way ahead of the curve – and I thoroughly enjoy being first.

Il futuro is….?
Il futuro is Italian for ‘the future’….and mine is paved in gemstones, semi-opaque black diamonds flipped upside down and lots of crazy pieces, made for a few good people.