We’ve just experienced a powerful New Moon in multi-faceted Gemini, gifting us an opportunity to embrace the quicksilver side of ourselves. Nadia Noir gives an insight into a life spent searching for “the other me.” Images: Bela Borsodi for Document Journal.

When I was 10-years-old, my mother took me to a bulk retail store full of tiny sausages, discounted toilet paper, seven kinds of hummus before that was a thing, and kitschy forms of entertainment. It was coming up on my birthday so she told me I could buy two things. Anything I wanted. I went for a box set of every Disney song ever recorded and a giant astrology book with hundreds of pages of words, pictures of animals, gemstones, and a diagram for drawing out your natal chart.

I remember turning to the pages that talked about Gemini and seeing birds and monkeys inked across the pages, “yellow” being a prominent theme color, and descriptive words like “superficial,” “mercurial,” “intellectual” and “social butterfly” describing the tiny little Gemini creature that was me. I took the book home and with compass in hand, painstakingly drew out my chart. Eventually, months later, I thought I had solved the puzzle that was me. I was done. Everything about me was illuminated. Or, so I thought.

From that point forward, I told people that I was not a Gemini. There were other parts of my chart that described me and I was not, I was never a Gemini. I was something else entirely. An astrological amalgamation of all the other things in my chart. I was the diplomatic, regal drama of my Leo Rising. I was the lurid, panty-scorching nymphomania of my Scorpio moon. I was the warm campfire-scented sensuality of my Venus in Taurus which was also my Midheaven which was also in my tenth house and one time an astrologer I met at 3am in a coffee shop said I am basically ruled by Venus, which means I was definitely not a Gemini.

Geminis were bubbly. They talked a lot. They didn’t feel. That was the main reason I decided I wasn’t a Gemini. I had feelings. Massive ones that swung me up into the air like a father tossing his child into a sun-drenched sky only to forget to catch the child. I was a broken fairy, wings crushed against the pavement.

And for years I walked in this haze of what I perceived as Scorpionic darkness, sometimes washed over with emotions so cruel and body-crushing that the manic-pixie-dream-girl that was my Gemini side couldn’t survive. She would either choke on saltwater tears, sleeping in bathtubs and reading Victorian erotica, or she would rebel by taking my Moon out dancing in full-on drunken nymphette revelry, a sheen of lascivious Gemini glee captured mischievously through the stoic mask of my Leo features.

I called her the “Party Slut.” She would die the next day in a wave of pity or guilt or hungover misunderstanding. Her glitter, scattered across the floor in impossible rainbows, would be swept up into a tiny bottle with a stopper that was to be cracked open for “emergencies only.”

The emergency came half-way through my Saturn Return. I was red wine drunk at my friend’s clothing store. We were listening to Mariah Carey and in our perpetual, drunken Thelma and Louise-ish state, I was finally understanding what love might mean and I knew one day I wanted to find real love and instead of just flailing and weeping naked in a series of hot and cold baths that lasted for hours like I would usually do, my supposedly Scorpionic shell cracked. What I uncovered was a changeling, a creature so fierce and fluid that only the power of the wind (which I’ve always adored) could whip the edges into place after a few nights of unashamed shape-shifting. What I uncovered (or stopped negating, rather) was my Gemini.

That pendulum swing of moods? That was pure Gemini. Dancing around the Maypole. Dry humping the Maypole. Turning the Maypole into a stripper pole. And then, when the Maypole stopped being amusing, smashing and burning the Maypole into a sacred effigy of youth lost. The lack of the supposedly quintessential Gemini charm? That was my Gemini side analyzing, surveying, prospecting, dissecting, and poking at people. Pinching their souls until they were bruised and raw. I was writing an eternal, internal book on everyone’s every movement until I could find the two sides to them. I wanted everyone to have two sides. I wanted to see in them what I could not find in myself. It was then they became whole.

All that time that I was denying my Gemininess, I was being a classic Gemini. Trying to find another piece to make me feel complete, to solve the riddle, to cease the shifting, from light to dark and back again. Every time I switched my style from ’60s girl group to ’50s beatnik to sequin-crazy glam rock goddess to paisley goth to raw vegan yoga girl, that was me trying to find my other half. Every time I took a shot of Patron or a shot of wheatgrass or burned sage or burned bridges, that was me trying to understand the other me.

My Gemini search engine was constantly spiritually downloading all the information ever over the yin-yang network of life. And, I am not alone in this. Gemini Stevie Nicks may be the White Witch, but she twirls around in black fringe and scowls at the world through her mystical lyrics. Everyone adores her. Gemini Prince is the Purple One; he also scowls at the world through his sex-laden, dualistic androgyny. At one point, he even denied his own existence and renamed himself (something I also always do.) And yet, everyone adores him. Morrissey is a Gemini and he’s like the King of Scowling. For some reason, everyone loves Moz. Angelina Jolie, the world’s favorite altruistic sexpot who once wore her ex-husband’s blood in a vial around her neck? Much beloved Gemini.

Danny Elfman, who is known for his childlike yet dark and twisted music? Everyone’s favorite creepy Gemini. All these Gemini celebrities and musicians walk on the shadow side of life, communicating their dazzling talents through the erotic or the wanton or the esoteric and they do it in a way that perpetuates that primal, intoxicating buzz of teen lust. And that’s why a Gemini is so adored.

Just like me, they dance deliriously to the sound of the pan pipes leading them into a forest full of flower-strewn orgies and sequin-studded shoes, consummate teenagers in a state of angst or ecstasy. Dark fairies or genies ready to grant your every wish or impishly antagonize you until they get bored and give up.

But that’s the thing I learned about Geminis, that I should have learned that day when I was ten years old, drawing out my birth chart and plotting to succeed at it no matter how much it confused me. A Gemini never gives up. They pick up the broken skeletal remains of their wings, glue them back together with blood and stardust, and wink at the next person who passes by to hitch a ride, get a job, make-out, or maybe if they’re lucky, all three.

Nadia Noir is a writer that likes black tea, blackberry scones, black cats, the smell of black leather, and the sartorial combo of black and gold. She likes to twerk naked until she’s drenched in sweat and make love to the sounds of psychedelic sitar. She still cries a lot and goes into fits of possessive Scorpionic rage, but her Forever 16 Gemini just pushed her off the bed and told her to shut up and get over herself. She just now got over herself and totally forgot what we were talking about. 



Dealing with a situation that had left her feeling vulnerable and alone, when Ruby Warrington met her spirit power animal last year…it got emotional. Here’s how to connect with your own beast of the wild unknown.

Somewhere in the garden of my subconscious, a powerful black stallion is biding his time, waiting for me to call on him. The horse exudes the kind of strength that needs no armor. He’s as high as a house, and his sheer presence makes my body quake. But he’s also calm and loving, and will always, forever and a day, be loyal to me. How do I know? Because the stallion is my spirit power animal, and when I met him it was one of the most moving encounters of my life.

The story begins at a dinner in New York City, thrown by the publicist Kelly Cutrone for her client, fashion designer Raif Adelberg. Kelly’s been a long time supporter of The Numinous, so I knew something mystical was up when she told me I had to meet him. And sure enough, before long we were discussing the fact that Raif’s power animal is the orca, or killer whale.

Of course I was instantly intrigued. How did he know? Did we all have a power animal? How did the whale show up in his life? In response; he was given his animal reading by a friend, a Native American chief, after discussing with his wife (also Native) her butterfly power animal. Yes, we all have access to backup from the animal world. And in his case, Raif feels connected to his animal in many ways.

In a literal sense, “I live on an island (off the coast of Vancouver), where orca actually play in my backyard,” he told me. But the killer whale is also known in the animal kingdom for its steadfast family values. They mate for life and travel in packs, and in Raif’s case; “I feel most secure with the comfort of my family around me.” How cool that he even got a tattoo of a butterfly years before he met his wife.

My subsequent mission to meet my own power animal led me to modern shamanic practitioner Marika Messager, and a deep guided meditation – over Skype – that transported me from a still, Tuesday afternoon in my apartment in NYC to the dank depths of the forest that exists somewhere in the middle of my being where my stallion lives.

I met other animals – a hedgehog, butterflies, even a Unicorn – en route, but only when I found my horse did my skin prickle all over with goose bumps and the tears wet my face. They were tears of relief. I had recently experienced something that had left me feeling quite vulnerable and alone in the world, and the transference of strength, sheer power, from the horse to me, felt like being rebuilt from the inside out.

Before you embark on a journey to meet your own power animal, here’s what you Need To Know:

• To meet your power animal you need be relaxed enough to access your subconscious. This means shifting your brainwaves into a theta state (similar to a meditative state). Shamans use drumming to do this, but hypnosis can invoke this same sense of deep of relaxation.

• In shamanic tradition, it is thought that we have three power animals, from the air, land and sea. Although you may meet many more, depending what’s going on in your life at the time and the kind of healing they can offer you.

• Our animals are there to lend us their wisdom. To fully appreciate the message your power animal has for you, research how the animal lives, mates, socializes, hunts. What lesson is there for you in the animal’s habits? For example, an eagle might appear to remind you to view a difficult situation “from above.”

• Mythical animals – dragons, unicorns – may appear to you too. But all animals are equal; no animal is “better” than any other.

• The first time you meet your animal, first thank him for his presence. After that, you can ask him questions, to which he may reply with a vision, a sensation or a voice in your head. Be aware that his support may appear in any of the ways you usually connect with your intuition.

• Once you have met your animal, or animals, call on them in times of need. For example, the horse symbolizes freedom, so call on him whenever you are feeling restricted by beliefs about your supposed limitations.

• Finally, your animal may continue to appear to you in “waking” life – in iconography, conversations or popular culture – to remind you of his continued presence in your life. Acknowledge him with a wink when he does.

Marika Messager assists, advises and counsels people in all areas of their lives, through a blend of executive, life, career and transition coaching, mentoring and healing. She has developed an interest in indigenous healing practices and particularly the influence of consciousness and the mind on the healing process. In her work, she bridges and blends these techniques to encourage and empower her clients to find the answers they seek within.



In the second instalment of her brilliant column on sex and spirituality, Ellie Burrows takes a Tantric approach to online dating…

I’m pretty sure I discovered the secret to online dating.

And it’s Tantra.

I’m not talking about super-connected, total body orgasm, tantric sex. I’m talking about the energetic concept that makes that kind of sex possible: balance of the masculine and feminine energies. Let me explain.

After getting out of a very intense five-year relationship, I actually took a year off from dating altogether. At the end of the year, I met a lovely lawyer in LA who subsequently flew to New York City to woo me. The weekend was wonderful. He really had his shit together, but one night lying naked in bed he called me a “stallion” – and I knew as soon as he uttered that word that we weren’t a match.

The part of me that was also a mare shuddered. But to his credit, the dating experience was so positive it got me back in the saddle and over my fear of opening up my sacred sexual energy to a new partner. I wanted to repeat it many times over with all different kinds of men. And that the fastest way for me to accomplish this was to bite the bullet and get online.

Almost immediately my inbox was flooded with hundreds of messages from dudes who:

1. Hadn’t actually read my profile: “hey sexy ;-)”

2. Were clever but weren’t particularly attractive: “Multiple photos of you in leggings before 11am. Thank you.”

3. Were so totally wrong for me (and also crazy, with really poor grammar): “So I was reading your profile and then I was like goddammit…this always happens every time, I’m reading some nice girl like your selfs profile and then I remember I didn’t check your diet…Bam! I know I’m fucked before I even look, she’s going to be a god damned vegan, CRAP! Then by some magical stroke of luck or maybe the stars have aligned in my favor I see, I see: “Strictly Anything”…fucking finally a girl who isn’t a new age picky bitch, thank god! Hi I’m Johnny, its nice to meet you.”

Where was the quality? Where were the guys that I would actually want to meet and touch in person? The discerning, thoughtful men weren’t sending messages to every chick on the site. Then I remembered three very important things.

1. I’m a class act. And if I’m online, then my equal is probably online, too.

2. Insecurity is not gender specific, and rejection is scary.

3. We all have egos that need to be stroked once in a while.

As I browsed through the online shopping mall of men, I realized my approach needed to evolve. Big time. What if the right men weren’t reaching out to me because they thought they might get rejected? What if they needed me to reach out to them? After all, my profile status was set to “Replies Very Selectively”. This was going to require a serious shift in consciousness. So like everywhere else in my life, I decided to approach it from a spiritual perspective.

When it comes to love and sex, Tantra is my subtext. And Tantra embraces opposites, playing with concepts of light and dark, attraction and repulsion, hot and cold, and obviously, male and female.

As Osho writes in The Book of Secrets; “Tantra says that when the ultimate bliss and ecstasy comes inside you, it means your own positive and negative pole have come to a meeting – because every man is both man and woman, and every woman is both is both man and woman. You are born not only from woman or from man, you are born out of a meeting of the opposites.”

Now do me a favor and look between your legs. Seriously, look. Imagine what’s underneath those jeans…Now, completely forget what you just imagined. We’re all over the spectrum, people. There are masculine and feminine energies in all of us despite what our genitals tell us. Male energy is about focus, purpose, and drive. Female energy is about creativity, nurture, and radiance. ALL of those qualities are in EVERYONE. However, sometimes we get our energetic wires crossed when it comes to the dating dance and we can short circuit.

In 1995 the authors of The Rules, claimed that the male must be the sole initiator when it comes to dating. Yet according to ancient tantric rituals, the female is deeply revered and considered an initiator of sorts. She’s the creator. So you see, either the male or female energy can initiate. The feminine is always on the receiving side of the masculine penetration, but in Tantra “penetration” and “initiation” are two different things, and that’s where we get confused.

Having wrapped my head around this, I was now ready to send out some serious digital fuck me eyes.

My first online date was EPIC. A dreamy Vintner from Northern California (match 97%) was visiting the city and geo-locating attractive ladies using a feature called Quickmatch. Basically, the equivalent of telling me I was hot but not being bold enough to send a message.

I showed his photo to my friend Sarah who was staying with me for the week. Call it kismet, fate, even divine intervention, she responded; “Oh my God, I know him. That dude is amazing. I did some day-drinking with him a couple months ago in L.A. You need to message him.”

I dreaded sending my first message, but I knew it was all in the name of Tantra: “Small world moment of my day. Sarah was overlooking my shoulder when your face popped up on my quickmatch. She says you’re good stock.”

I gave no name. No mention of his profile. Didn’t ask him out. I wanted to rouse him out of his man cave, give him a little confidence, and let him know I was willing to play. Now it was up to him to show me his peacock feathers.

And boy, did he show me. He was only in town for two more days so he asked me out immediately. I was supposed to leave town but it was a blizzard outside and when I got snowed in, I agreed to meet him that night – which turned into a 36-hour first date. It included closing down two bars (Smith and Mills and a deserted Greenwich Hotel), dim sum (with his friend), sushi (just the two of us), two sleepovers (one at his, one at mine), and one flight change (his).

I can’t believe a computer told me I would like this person so much. So okay, online dating is kind of awesome.

Next, I tried my newfound strategy on a very handsome Corporate Lawyer with perfect abs and a brilliant mind whose profile I had been circling for a couple weeks (match 89%). We had also matched on Tinder, very equal opportunity in the cave-door knocking department. On OkCupid, we both had the same answer to the question “The most private thing you’re willing to admit?” which was that we both loved reading Missed Connections. I sent him the following:

“High percentages.

Tinder Match.

Missed Connections.

Nice Abs.

Your move.”

Again, no name. No overly thorough message. Just a little Tantric taunt.

Well, Corporate Lawyer asked me out immediately and told me that was the most effective message he had received to date. We went on a date and shared some steamy make outs and engaged in a pretty intense cerebral texting relationship. He also serenaded me with The Magnetic Fields’ “Come Back From San Francisco” begging me to return from visiting the aforementioned vintner. Timing wasn’t on our side; he got a new job, moved to Colorado, and although my body was back in New York the truth was that I had left my heart in San Francisco.

A key part of online dating is discernment. Over the course of four months I went on six dates, with five truly viable options. Only one was terrible. It was my first Tinder date and I didn’t vet him enough over text. Amateur hour.

But my point is, I didn’t go on hundreds of dates. I didn’t shoot twenty arrows and hope one hit a bull’s eye. I shot six and missed once. The men I met were of the highest quality and I had played my part in the courtship. It’s too bad I can’t have five boyfriends at once.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that in preparation for the this article I picked up The New Rules: The Dating Dos and Don’t for the Digital Generation to see how the game had changed with the advent of social media.Inside, I came across lines like “Don’t talk too much in the first weeks” and “Don’t write to guys first,” and “ignore winks.”

Yikes. I had to throw it across the room. It was entirely missing the opportunity for an open dialogue about the nature of our hearts and gave total disregard to spontaneity, two pretty important tenants of love.  More importantly, it diminished the equal power of the male and the female to ignite something.

At its core Tantra is about expressing everything that “comes up,” including all that you feel. It’s about allowing ourselves to feel and express everything between two polarities. It would never have you suppress anything for the sake of strategy or gain. It wants you to dance openly with everything and everyone you encounter. It’s all checks and balances, and I am glad I went with the ancient wisdom on this one.

Which makes me a rule-breaker I guess. But I expressed myself fully and created something magical.

NB: I had roughly 1000 words to make my case for Tantra as an online dating strategy, so I’ve seriously cherry picked my way through the infinite Tantric garden here. For a more in depth lesson, see the following reading list:

Ellie Burrows is a storyteller, seeker, mystic and guide living in New York City. Discover more at Ellieburrows.com
@ellieburrows (Instagram)
@_ellieburrows_ (Twitter)


Doula, yogi and author, Latham Thomas is the go-to birthing guru for New York’s most magical mamas (and definitely one of the city’s sexiest vegans). Having discovered her calling after a shamanic astro reading on an ashram in the Bahamas (as you do), here she goes deep into the details of a mystical life…giving life.

I wake up, give thanks, rising up to meditate briefly before waking my son and starting our day. Sometimes he joins me in my lap for a meditation.

My favorite breakfast is quinoa porridge in the winter and acai and granola in the summer months.

God is good all the time and always ordering my steps. Every encounter is blessed and I am learning every step of the way.

My John of God crystal teardrop ring.

I’m a true Taurus – I am romantic, thoughtful, nurturing, and grounded. I am also stubborn – I don’t quit things.

My moon is in Sagitarius and I am very much aligned with the energy of the traveling horse. It balances the grounding energy of my sun sign.

God is my go-to! I don’t have a person who I go to most. I love Gabrielle Bernstein and Terri Cole, who are dear friends, and if I am in need of sister support I dial them up ASAP.

Maureen Dodd at the Ash Center, who is a true mystic and able to intuit what my body needs. I love her energetic facials.

Spirit breathes into every aspect of my work, which is all about birth – and what’s more holy, precious, and divine than the miracle of birth?

You know, that’s such a good question. I let them come up, then I call a friend to talk it out if I can’t seem to shake whatever arises.

I’m not such a shopper – I get what I need and I am done. But I do love to shop for…teas!

A stylish boot, leggings, a well-tailored blouse and a fierce hat. I love a good lid.

I think my energy, my essence, the touch I put into my work, and my passion are what make me beautiful. I’ve endured challenges and that has moulded my character along with my smile lines 🙂

Dear God, please give me the strength, the inspiration and the focus to write something that will help others on their self-healing journey. Please make me a vessel for your will.

I have a Goddess I identify with who is called Oshun or Oxum, from the Yoruba tradition. I am not affiliated with the religion, but I really identify with the energy of this particular goddess. She is beautiful, lives in the sweet waters. She is vain, and courted by many Gods. She is benevolent, and a creatrix.

This morning – I woke up!

Sooo much! I always put everything on, so that when I focus on a particular area I draw those experiences to myself. I’ve been in a mode right now of attracting people and experiences that so much so that I can’t discern whether it’s de ja vu, or whether I conjured the whole thing myself.

My mission is to help women reclaim their queendom and heir bodies and be empowered in the birth process. We need to nurture ourselves so we can be powerful forces in the world.

Find out more about Latham and her work at Mamaglow.com



Stumped for how to honor your mamma this Mother’s Day? Ophira Edut, co-author with her sister Tali of Momstrology: The Astro Twins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars, has some ideas…

Aries mom: Diana Ross

The Aries Mom: Take her advice.
Supermom Aries wants nothing more than to hear these four words: “You were right, Mom.” So throw her a mother-knows-best bone. Aries rules the mind, and she wants her savvy smarts to be appreciated. Today, do things HER way. Take her out—to her favorite restaurant or a movie in her genre of choice…the one you’ve been resistant to try. You never know, she could be on to something after all.

Taurus mom: Audrey Hepburn

The Taurus Mom: Say it with flowers.
Nice ones from her favorite florist, please, arranged tastefully in a cool box (like these from Olive and Cocoa). Present them with a few impeccably wrapped high-end gifts: scarves, jewelry, nice accessories. Visual Taurus is ruled by aesthetic Venus, and this traditional mom loves beautiful presentation. This is one sign you can’t skimp on for Mother’s Day, so go designer—or at least, go decadent.

Gemini mom: Angelina Jolie

The Gemini Mom: Join in one of her hobbies.
Versatile Geminis have a million interests—books, music, films, trivia. Instead of tuning out, tune in. As the sign of the Twins, she loves to share information and discuss. Get two tickets for the show of her choosing, then analyze it over a fun meal afterward. Or, buy two copies of the same book you both want to read, and call her to discuss as you devour.

Cancer mom: Jerry Hall

The Cancer Mom: Book a family portrait session.
Say cheese! With the Cancer mom, you’re never too to pose for a professional shot of the family—the more generations involved, the better. To avoid being immortalized in a yuppie setup (everyone barefoot in jeans and matching white oxfords…you know the deal), arrange a sitting with a creative photographer. Or heck, you could even send a snapshot to an artist and commission a painting.

Leo mom: Madonna

The Leo Mom: Play dress-up with her.
Broadway, here we come! The Leo mama loves to hit the town with her lion cubs, so pull out the formalwear…and all the stops. Start with an early Mother’s Day brunch, then head to a Mama Mia matinee (or some other blockbuster musical). While you’re still humming “Dancing Queen,” finish with some disco fries and a giant hot fudge sundae at the diner—in your pearls or suit-and-tie—since she loves to do high and low in a single day.

Virgo mom: Beyonce

The Virgo Mom: Sit down for a real conversation.
The Virgo mom loves to talk—and not just idle chitchat either. She wants to know your hopes, dreams and opinions, and to share a few of her own. Book a day of undistracted quality time with her. Find a fancy hotel that serves high tea where you can hear her thoughts on life over petit fours and fragrant blends. Let her fuss over you a little—but grab the check before she tries to pay it, since the Virgo mom loves to give, but isn’t always comfortable receiving.

Libra mom: Kim Kardashian

The Libra Mom: Treat her to a day of beauty.
The lovely Libra mom savors all the pretty things in life. Treat her to all the traditional trappings: flowers, a spa trip, a special brunch, and all the Hallmark trimmings. Give her an occasion to get dressed up—and don’t forget the card! Sentimental Libra will treasure your Mother’s Day tributes forever. Tell her how much she means to you, and all the reasons why.

Scorpio mom: Goldie Hawn

The Scorpio Mom: Bond with one of your unique “me and mom” pastimes.
You know those favorite activities that you shared with your mom as a kid? Maybe it was taking a bike ride to your favorite little picnic spot, getting mani-pedis, or baking chocolate-chip banana bread and eating the whole loaf while it was still warm. Whatever it is: do that. As the sign of one-on-one bonding, the Scorpio mom cherishes those special things that only the two of you understand: inside jokes, little rituals, decadent splurges a deux. Remind her that she’s irreplaceable by re-enacting those beloved memories.

Sagittarius mom: Jane Birkin

The Sagittarius Mom: A day of adventure—with or without you.
The spontaneous Sagittarius mama is always multi-tasking, so take her away from her to-do list and off for a day of fun. Whether you head out into nature or go the “urban explorer” route, she’ll love getting away for an unstructured day of discovery. Hint: if she’s a newer mom, the independent Sag might appreciate having a few of those hours all to herself, where she can let her own inner compass guide her, and explore without having to answer to anyone but herself.

Capricorn mom: Kate Moss

The Capricorn Mom: Take over her duties.
The Capricorn mama works hard, so give her a day—or a week—off. Whatever task she toils over, take it out of her hands. Gardening, cleaning the house, walking the dog…maybe you do it for her, but even better, how about hiring a service to handle this chore for six months to a year? She may grumble for a minute, but when she comes home to crisp sheets or an impeccable yard, this dutiful mama might finally put her feet up and let herself enjoy some much-deserved rest.

Aquarius mom: Yoko Ono

The Aquarius Mom: Road trip!
Spontaneous and nomadic, the Aquarius mom loves the unexpected. Rent a car or pick her up, then go explore a town a couple hours away. Whether you collect shells on the beach then go to a quaint little crab shack, or drive into the big city, she’ll love being your co-adventurer on this Mother’s Day quest. Feel free to surprise her, too—Aquarius is the sign of the unexpected, so she’ll enjoy the thrill of anticipation.

Pisces mom: Cindy Crawford

The Pisces Mom: Gush a little, would you?
Stock up on the Kleenex and let the tearjerker moments begin! Raise a Bellini (or three) to your Pisces mom, and acknowledge all the sacrifices she’s made for you. Don’t hold back on the effusive praise because let’s face it, she’s been there for you like nobody else. It doesn’t take much to make this mushy mama misty-eyed. But go a little over the top anyway—the Pisces mom loves a glamorous setting!

Momstrology: The Astro Twins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One By The Stars is out now. For lots more on parenting and astrology visit Momstrology.com



With her new collection, //minD//, award-winning jewelry designer Gina Melosi has found a way to connect with her family history on both the physical and the metaphysical plane. Photographer: Maya Art. Art direction/model: Gina Melosi. Styling: Tony Hortal. Makeup/hair: Myo Mint. Color: Jason King at Lily Maila. Photographer’s assistant: Alessia Palombo.

After a recent trip to explore the Montana mines, visiting small mining town Butte ­‐ home to her recently deceased Grandmother ­‐ //mineD// embraces raw metal materials, intensified by the setting of uncut Sapphires, Herkimer diamonds and other locally sourced minerals such as Pyrite and Covellite. Returning to a recurrant theme in her work, the beauty which arises out of destruction ­‐ the broken, abandoned and overlooked ‐ this time she was inspired by her family history and a wish to feel a closeness to lost loved ones…

Director / videographer: Joseph Eardly

Why did you specifically want to create a collection inspired by your Grandmother?
A few things came together at once. I was thinking about doing something more related to my personal heritage, when my dad asked me to work on a project with him for a new book (he’s an environmental historian). Around this period I had a chance to visit my Grandmother in Montana (she lived in the mining town of Butte her whole life) for her 97th birthday. I hadn’t seen her for eight years, and I knew it’d be the last time. I was reminded that some of my fondest memories had been of dressing up in the costume jewelry that she handed down to me when I was a kid.

Is that why you went back to Butte to research materials for this collection?
And having grown up visiting mining ghosts towns and taking photographs, panning for gold, collecting rough garnets and sapphires, admiring the copper-hued treats on offer in souvenir shops…I was also fascinating to revisit it now that I had my own jewelry business and know so much about minerals and precious metals.

So what did you discover there?
The town of Butte is sprinkled with discarded mine shafts from before the world wars. There’s a huge open pit mine called Berkeley Pit, which, although it’s been decommissioned for ages, is open to the public for viewing. It’s a massive toxic lake and one of the largest Superfund sites. Interestingly, some species have evolved to ingest the heavy metal waters, and compounds have been isolated which have cancer-fighting properties. The themes of destruction, abandon, and neglect began to surface for me here. So I began filming and discussing further with my father, and the narrative for //mineD// started to flow…

How do you feel like you connected with your Grandmother creating this collection?
There has been a physical and emotional reworking of materials which were entrusted to me that’s felt like a powerful means of communication with her spirit. I was also able to look into the heritage of my whole family through connecting with their surroundings, and make a link to what I’m doing now with some of these very same objects. In this way, the project also helped me feel like I could connect more to myself.

And in what ways do you think your ancestors are alive in you?
I think my Grandparents are of the reasons I became a jewelry artist. When my Grandfather on my dad’s side retired from banking, he became an obsessive crafter. I learned the art of cross-stitch and developed a penchant for sequins from him. My mom’s mom collected all the glamorous costume jewelry that was popular in her day, much of which has been passed down to me. These stories and memories from my youth helped shape my interests and creative endeavors today, and in this way I believe they live on through me, bypassing words and filtering through the elements.

How do you define “family”, and why is this such an important theme in your work?
Our families’ influence defines who we are and shapes our personal approach to the world. It’s through our blood ties that we first learn about love. I don’t think we can figure out where we’re going if we don’t understand where we’ve come from, both physically and metaphysically.

Ginamelosi.com / @ginamelosi



MAY 2014: Cast by Louise Androlia using the Tarot of the Holy Light.

I can’t deny that I’m glad to send April 2014 happily on its way, how about you? It’s like the washing machine of life has been on a fast spin cycle and everyone has felt it. I hope many of you have made exciting leaps and bounds or navigated through your challenges, but if you feel that changes have been tough then I wrote a post with some ways that I keep on going when things seem uncertain – you can read it here.

Now the energy from the Cardinal Grand Cross is calming; hopefully we will all feel its grip loosen! Mars is still retrograde so nothing is about to happen at warp speed right away, giving us a nice chance to rebalance and take stock.

So begin this month with fresh eyes – no re-writing the past or dragging your dirty laundry to the party. This month’s tarotscopes show that new cycle and a new adventure is beginning, so open your arms to the unknown and trust in your journey. It loves you!

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Taurus / Taurus Rising – King of Cups
There is the need for a softening to come over you. Perhaps you’ve been being too hard on yourself recently, or struggling to gain control over something that you so desperately need to understand. But there comes a point when we need to let things wash through us so that we can recalibrate and feel our way back to a balance. It’s hard to feel better by just standing still and flapping our arms around.

Following on the advice from last month keep making self-care as a priority; you don’t always do that, do you? It can seem strange to think about putting your wellbeing ahead of something seemingly more important like work or helping others, but remember that you can’t build anything if you are in pieces.

You are seeking balance and that comes in all shapes and sizes for each of us. To start with you need to be in tune with when you are out of your natural state of equilibrium. Your mind-body-spirit should ideally all be aligned with each other, working like a perfect trio – your superpowers. If you feel like you have reached a standstill with your mind, with negative thoughts creeping in and out and old fears coming in – it’s okay. The regurgitating of old fears seems to be coming in swift and fast for many of us – but you in this moment are a different you, with the ability to meander into that headspace, wave hello to the anxiety and remind yourself that you can walk beyond it.

Aid an abundance of air (thoughts) energy by ushering in some creativity and passion – take a dance in the fire aisle and awaken your inner source of fun. Laughter might take you out of your worries, if but for a moment. Then – listen to your intuition, always. Never stop trying to hear and trust that loving voice.

Feelings – are you blocking them out or are they overwhelming? Perhaps the two go hand in hand. Even if you’re comfortable in the dependable and stoic mode, it’s good to crack open as and when you need. Let your moods wash over and under and get it out in the medium that suits you. Talk more, share often – ask for help if you need it. Writing, painting and inventing your own forms of therapy are going to work for you.

I feel that this month you can usher in a new sense of balance that works for you like never before. It’s exciting to me, to think that we are carving and curating our way to a form that stands us in our strongest empowered self. What you will find is that if you can register when you are balanced and embodied you will be able to make the best calls, judgments, decisions and moves – and that the main thing is to trust yourself to be present – now.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Four of Wands
This card only came up for you a couple of months ago and it’s a nice repeat – a continuing reminder of all that can be celebrated in your life. I want to approach the idea of how to find happiness in the face of uncertainty, change and fears. It may not be change that has affected you directly, perhaps you’ve been feeling well but have observed vast and chaotic changes around you? And are now wondering how can you possibly allow yourself to feel joy at this time, when others are at a loss?

It starts with valuing and nurturing your journey and your feelings as they flow in. If something feels unstable, whether it’s the ground you’re standing on or the space around you, it’s at this point that you dive in headfirst with compassion and kindness. It can be hard to have faith in anything sometimes, but you can always have faith in your story, and your own sense of moving onward.

There is one thread that can always be stable and be your guiding light, and it’s your ability to self-love and self care – two things that often get chucked out the window at points when we need them the most. If you need help or need to help others then start with number one, aka YOU. I will never stop returning to this point, of nurturing your mind, body and spirit (all.of.the.time.)

How do you begin weaving back this in? Get attuned to the everyday things. If you ask many people where they find joy it’s often in nature and the living world. I believe this to be true because it’s our fastest track to the present moment. Try practicing a walking meditation. Go outside purposefully or even next time you are walking from meeting to meeting, keep your phone in your pocket and observe. Look up and look down to the ground, feel the world you are standing on. What do you see? Examine leaves and branches, flowers and earth. Look at the people around you and connect to each one by noticing something about them. Notice how your body feels in response to what you are looking at.

By tuning in to your surroundings whilst moving you get gifted a very easy route to being embodied – and even better, it’s free and available any time. Whenever you feel stuck or blocked, grab your keys and just walk out side for a moment. It’s within this type of movement that you can create stillness.

This month joy surrounds you and there is much to celebrate – those things may be very obvious but you might also have to remind yourself of the tiny wonders. Rejoice in what you have and it will be enough.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Cancer / Cancer Rising – Four of Swords
You are again required to surrender to the moment this month. Perhaps you’ve been one of the ones feeling your way through change and chaos this last month, and are eager to see ahead to a place where things are a bit more predictable. You are after all at home when you know where you are and where you are going. However, your ability to evolve comes within a continuing practice of stillness. You will know where your rest needs to come in – perhaps it’s your body that needs you to stop punishing it or your mind that requires a break from anxious thoughts.

It may be that everyone around you has needed you so much that you actually need to close the door for a while. Everything is as it should be. Tune into your inner dialogue – are there a lot of “I should’s” happening? This is a surefire sign that you’ve jumped out of your energy sphere and are feeling overcome by the need to do things rather than a desire.

As a water sign, your element is the master of intuition and feelings, so I always say that if you aren’t working with them then you’re hiding from your super powers. Don’t be afraid of meditating in a way that works for you, don’t run from the idea of stillness because you’re afraid of what you might discover. It’s amazing how much less stressful your fears can be when you stop for a moment to introduce yourself to them, and then laugh at their small and restrictive ideas.

I like to think of you resting with intent this month, you aren’t giving up, but you are giving over. Spread out your worries on a platter and hand them over. To where? I like to hand mine over to the Universe, or to an energy I deem to be outside me and within me, but this is your story – perhaps you just give them to your adventure and allow the words to be written into your story inside of clutching and scratching at the sides of your mind.

There is a sun rising in the distance, for you, with a whole new world of opportunities. Life is full of infinite possibilities that are hidden within tiny moments, waiting for you to crack them open. This blooming land isn’t going anywhere, it’s just waiting for you to be ready, for you to step up and accept things in a different way. You will be okay if you edge away from the familiar worn down territory. It’s amazing how easy it is to be afraid of the good things; what if they get taken away? What if…your power is in this exact moment, for you to admire, love and work with. You’re all good.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Leo / Leo Rising – The Moon
You will find that the push and pull of your own mind is a continuing lesson, but the lessons wouldn’t be there if they weren’t an essential part of your story. You didn’t get served up as the king of the jungle for no reason you know! But it’s up to you how you play out the tale.

Following on from last month, the battle with the fear hoarding part of your mind might stay in full swing but you have the opportunity to tone it down now and move slower, after all you’ve got to grips with your own courage and super powers a bit more now, right? So how about having some fun in those shadows? I always think of the Sun as the front of the stage and the Moon as behind the scenes. It’s behind the curtain where all the work gets done and within your own theatre you can learn how the magic is made. You can of course also see the mistakes and the hiccups, but wouldn’t you rather look for the wonder? I’m just reminding you of how you get to choose the way you take in information and how you approach the tests and trials. I told you to avoid drama, so this month, admire wonder.

If you are in a time of high stress, it’s okay. It’s okay! You aren’t supposed to feel super chill and on cloud nine all the time, or expect to. It’s not how it is – it’s your job to get real and welcome in the entire spectrum of feelings and love them all, the weird and the wonderful.

Meanwhile be trusting of yourself but not suspicious of everyone else. When working with the shadows in our daily life it can be easy to assume the worst. The answer isn’t to assume the best, but instead to trust in your own decisions and movements. You don’t need to accuse anyone of having bad vibes but instead up your own good ones. If something around you feels a bit fishy, then go inwards and work it out for yourself. If somehow that YES isn’t coming out then trust that maybe the yes is a positive NO! You don’t have to sign yourself up for things that don’t feel right – yep feel.

The answer is in how your body reacts to everything, job offers, people, and places – if you tune in then it’s amazing how that powerful knowing inside you lurches to the surface and let’s you know what is going on. You might also feel like actually working with the Moon itself this month – the powerful Scorpio full moon on the 14th could be a great time to meditate on letting go of the old, filling up with gratitude for all that you have and setting your intention to connect in a new way to your inner soul system.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Virgo / Virgo Rising – The King of Swords
Time to stand up and into your own truth Virgo. This feels like a powerhouse month to me where you can really get s*** done! Woohoo, right? RIGHT. So how are you going to go about it? That truth I mentioned, well that’s just you standing fully in your own power and owning it. Sounds so great doesn’t it, but how often do we really do that? When you are fully connected to your mind, body and spirit you have everything you need to go about and get things done. So you can work on that connection by nurturing and empowering each part of yourself.

First up, the mind. The mastering of the air element can be tricky and you know exactly where you struggle and thrive. Did you know that you have the gift of being able to quickly serve yourself up a wonderful dose of clear and perfect clarity whenever you want? Yes, you just have to go there, and going there means dismissing the age-old obsessions and fears and embracing the shifts of change, and then you have it. Do this via journaling, meditating, desire mapping and nurturing your headspace. You always need to stretch your intellect so that it defeats any possibility of feeling boredom (a symptom of a mind that is craving expansion) – so dive in to new books, movies and documentaries to open your mind and feed those power cells.

Next, the body. This is about allowing your insides to thrive. Sometimes (ok, often) you can end up running on empty, trying to fill gaps and check off lists. Time to beat yourself at your own game by prepping for a busy month and making the necessary preventative moves NOW! So stocks up on your vitamins, make meal plans, create fun Pilates playlist and you’re all set. If you can avoid getting burned out then you have the golden ticket. What regime suits you and do you feel good on? Trust that your body will speak, just make time to listen.

Finally: Your spirit and your energetic self. Practice stillness as often as possible and mindfulness during whatever you are up to. Don’t have time? Don’t try that excuse with me, there’s always time to care for your inner guide, always. Often one breath is all it takes. Do you have time to inhale and exhale? Sure you do.

The thing that you don’t have time for in May is self-sabotage, so just keep moving, one step at a time. Face external stresses from others with the same holistic connection, breathe through it, don’t throw fireballs and treat any flashes of chaos with a double or triple scoop of self-love. You need to be on good form for all the adventures you’re going to be having, so saddle up and go and rule your kingdom!

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Libra / Libra Rising – The Ace of Pentacles
This month heralds the start of a new cycle in your life, which is something in itself to celebrate. The start of a new cycle doesn’t always come with a cheer though does it? If life is spun into a series of chapters, some longer than others, then there are often times when we don’t want to part ways with the words we’ve just read, and that’s okay. The wheels of change have been on overdrive over the last month and many of you may really feel those pages having been turned. Now it’s important to be still and allow the feelings you have to flow and settle. Every feeling is valid and it’s okay to not feel okay.

The gift you have here is to be able to accept the new cycle, and move forward even if something seems to be tugging you back. I feel that you might have been given a new sense of intuition, an all seeing eye that you hadn’t quite been aware of before. Now is the time to open it up and settle into a new energetic connection. Don’t be put off by what you might deem as too ‘new agey’ or you’ll miss the message – which is love and compassion. Allow yourself a healthy dose of nurturing over the next few weeks, as super fuel for the rest of the year.

Career wise you have opportunities knocking on your door, if you are keeping your eyes open to see them of course. Your Midas touch comes within realizing that you can say YES and NO as you choose. No need to accept every offer on the table – make your choices from what feels right for you, not what you think you should do. This extends beyond business too; make yourself prioritize that inner feeling. It might be that you are wondering who to spend your time with right now, so reach out to those who feel right – maybe they are your nearest and dearest, or maybe they’re just people you have a good feeling about for this moment. Be expansive and ready to grow, even if that seems scary – there are people around who want to boost you and help you out right now. I feel that you need a push of positivity or some meaning to the chaos, and it’s there for you.

Find your excitement and confidence in the moment; this is a beginning, so start small by thinking big. Your power lies in taking one step and just doing one thing, because you are paving and creating. If you jump too far ahead that’s where the anxiety sites lie, so instead just take a leap of faith in trusting the moment. The future contains bright skies and warm clouds, rainbows and shooting stars. Wrap up in a golden cloak and open the door.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Scorpio / Scorpio – The Page of Pentacles
Last month I was reminding you to check in on your faith in your journey and look for those little winks from the Universe. As May arrives you’re feeling intent on getting results from the material world and marching your dreams into reality. The frame of mind you need to get things going is formed again by faith and trust. Know that whatever is right for your adventure will be in play, and know that it isn’t always the plan you expected – often it’s way more interesting. Either way you are a tour de force right now, so make your posture strong and tall – there is work to be done.

Now I’m not suggesting that you’re about to suddenly be crazy busy and stressed – Mars is still retrograde so you’re probably not heading to the madhouse, it’s more your Intent that feels, well, intense! I feel that no one can stand in the way of you going out there and blazing your trail – the question is, are you ready? You had this card back in October last year so there might be a link to projects you were thinking of back then – perhaps reconnecting to or launching a new idea?

There is an air of education coming in so you might be prepping to start learning something new yourself or designing some sort of structure to share with others, it’s the right time to be expanding your knowledge to others – in whatever form feels right for you. The main thing is that the students and teachers and awaiting you. Try not to be overcome with the planning and stay as best you can in the present moment. The earth energy will suit you best this month, slow and stead and very importantly – GROUNDED. If you throw yourself too far ahead then it will be easy to get anxious. I keep a vision of just being reeled back into the moment I’m in and I’d like you to work with that. Whenever you find yourself hopping away from what you are working on or doing just say “reel it in” to snap yourself back to right NOW.

With a roar and a flutter you are on your way and it’s a fantastic month to be creating or re-creating your own manifesting practice. Say thank you for the things you desire and treat them as if they are already yours – then let the Universe catch up. On that note, up your gratitude practice. Hey you don’t even need to make a list, why not potter around your apartment speaking out those thanks as you go about your day.

The last month was quite a tough one and you may have been on high alert helping other people manage their energy – make sure to check in and clean yours up now. When you’re feeling truly aligned, those opportunities will come rushing in. Whoop!

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Page of Cups
Back to the water fountain for your Sagittarius! Last month came with a few (or a lot) of aches and pains and I want you to dive fully into managing your own flow of feelings. As a natural warrior you aren’t always one to let your guard down and be vulnerable but maybe it’s time to share it out a little? You will find comfort from any of your fears this month by opening that mouth and talking it out with a good friend, or a therapist if that feels right for you.

This is a month of rejoicing in the small wonders of life and this is exactly what you need to connect back to the present, I’m sure it will be a welcome gift. I feel that you are poised for a new journey – the last couple of months you were cracking open and piecing back together, maybe more times than you expected, and so it makes sense to start out on new footing, right? So how do you go about that? With a fresh set of eyes of course!

In the places where you feel jaded or afraid, fill up the gaps with gratitude and love. The month is housing a sincere dose of magic and miracles for you, so you may as well get attuned with what that might mean for you. Those moments of awe and wonder? They are closer than you think. We often search high and low for a bigger meaning to something, and often the lesson is just to be still and say thank you for what you see in front of you, after all that is the only thing that’s real, and precious.

Your relationship with your intuition is changing. Whether you’re just introducing yourself or you’re a hard practiced psychic, this is evolving into something more charged and clear. Your job is to welcome in your own wisdom and trust it, even if it feels a little odd at first, and to give the more loving voice a shot, especially in the face of the fears that shout out from your inner dialogue.

The energy around you is also very playful and childlike; if you are a mother then you might find those magical messages coming from your children. This is also a time to connect to your childlike self; sometimes I find the best advice comes from thinking what I might have done when I was age four! Everything about childhood is being powerful in the present, less “what ifs” and more just doing what feels right. What feels right to you?

Trust in yourself this month then you will have all the super powers that you need – it’s a nice thought, isn’t it? P.s If you need to clear your head, soothe yourself by the nearest body of water. A lake, river or even your bathtub will be your sanctuary this month.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Five of Cups
As you continue on this new journey of discovery and change it’s good to get accustomed to things coming and going – and how you perceive that. It’s not uncommon for you to get clutched by the idea of failure and swoop in to lessen yourself against others, but it’s time for that old trick to be put to bed. Remember all the talk of seeing your life as a journey? If you’re on an adventure then every single moment is exactly as it should be, it’s your book after all. I like to think in gardening terms here. If you plant a selection of seeds and they all flower apart from a few does that make your garden a failure? No, no it’s not – it’s still in bloom and so are you!

Crying over split milk and trying to rewrite the past or our mistakes is really a move that we want to avoid. “If I had only done this instead, then that would be different”. Maybe it would but we can’t unpick and re-stitch our story, as much as we want to, and time spent wishing is time that could be celebrating what we have or pausing to heal in the moment. Healing is essential to our journey, so even if you are feeling disappointment, sadness or loss right now, it’s not something that’s “your fault”. It’s your moment to allow your feelings to be valid and bring in compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others.

Remove the word failure from your dictionary. I’ve been thinking a lot about success recently and realize that like happiness it’s one of those things we’ll never find if we chase it, climb after it and scrabble for it. My friend Gabby Bernstein says that she bases her success on how much fun she’s having. Isn’t that an amazing way to rethink? Because if you’re having a good time you’re full up with joy, right? Try it.

Finally I want to make sure you aren’t giving too much of yourself away and neglecting (again) your self-care. This is a lesson you might see time and time again because of your ability to be everything for everyone and such a good caregiver and friend. Sometimes, when you spend a lot of energy helping others and don’t balance it out for yourself then you can suddenly feel apathetic towards others.

The last thing we ever want is to feel annoyed about being of service, so see where your balance lies. Take that Earth energy that you pass away and give some back to yourself, more of that embodiment that I mentioned last month. The Sun sets every day, but it always gets up. You have a lot to get up for – so embrace today.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Two of Wands
One of my all time favorite cards for you this month sweet water carrier. Things are still on the up, or at least the potential is right there for you if you seek it. There is a sense of duality, in perhaps a few areas of your life. Many of you have stepped into a new partnership, romantic and career wise – how is it going?

I want you to feel comfortable in your new adventures, even if they seem shiny and strange and unrecognizable. It’s important that you remember unfamiliar is very often, well – awesome! At least it’s a far cry from old, done over habits. If April was a bit of a chaos bringer then May reminds you of your ability to dust yourself off and keep on going, you are kind of a master of that you know. The world is your oyster – ahh what a sweet sigh of relief that reminder brings, doesn’t it? That you can shape the energy and view around you? This even speaks for the times when things seem at a loss and pretty down and out. The sun will rise again, after all it always does, and this is a strong message for us all this month.

You are feeling fiercely independent, and that’s not a bad thing. So what is the plan? You have an idea that’s on its way up and this is a great time to just finalize your trust in yourself before you get it out there. This is all about how you get your idea into reality – your problem is never the ideas themselves. So think about whom you might need to approach, send out those emails or call up those friends – there are avenues of help awaiting you, but you might need to go a-knocking.

Don’t worry about anyone butting in on your dreams though – you can welcome in advice and still make your final decisions. Trust is a big one here, in yourself – so remember your journey and have faith in that, if you’d rather not say hello to the Universe. But if you fancy it then say thanks for what you are working on and know that you are supported.

I have no doubt in your ability to plan so really these few weeks are just about the ground work and putting in a lot of positive fire energy. You feel pretty strong to me, even if you deem yourself as walking shakily, so charge yourself up with a lot of self care giving – plenty of sleep and ease off the sugar and processed foods. Energy givers not sappers are your body tools. Laugh at your fears and keep nurturing your intuition. Things are blooming – so keep tending to those dreams.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Hanged Man
Surrender! You know it, my favorite thing to teach. Letting go can sound like we’re spinning out of control so I’ve reclaimed it with a sweet “surrender” – so much easier to grasp, isn’t it? Okay no it’s still a tough practice and I know how you love to get obsessive about things and keep looking over that shoulder to try and rewrite the past. So how about what’s ahead? It’s a fine and beautiful place, waiting, just over there – see it?

Anyway no need to go there right now because May is a month of suspension, not the scary kind though, just the wait and see kind. Are you frustrated even thinking about that? Well it’s time to get comfortable with your stillness – again.You know I always bang on about your intuition being your super power? Last month I encouraged you to charge up and avoid dramatics and following on from that is about keeping yourself in that moment and resisting the urge to run back to old and tired habits. Right? Yes! Keep listening to the more loving voice in your inner dialogue, you’ll get there.

I love this card because it really teaches you to admire your surroundings. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. This letting go may be required for the projects that you’ve been investing in recently, or the relationships – wherever your desire has been planted. It’s time to hand it over. The reason we “give it up” is to allow things to expand, as they should. If you pop a jar over a butterfly it’s never going to go anywhere, so you don’t have to hover over your wishes to try and forced them into action. So just step back, even a little, in order to get a better vision. In fact the more you loosen your grip, the easier it will be to see peace and sense within your story.

I’m very familiar with this card and I often find it also appears to let you know that you can’t know the outcome because it doesn’t exist yet. So aggravating, I know, but I like this because it reminds us that the present is the only real reality and the best place to work from. If you only had to deal with today wouldn’t things be less stressful? Try and reel yourself back in to the moment you’re in whenever you waft off in all directions, your body with be thankful, as will your mind and energy.

Meanwhile, in this continued wait, use it as a chance to prep for a new perspective and cycle. Need to clear out anything from the past few months? Use the Scorpio full moon on the 14th as a chance to welcome in a new personal cycle. Perhaps also connect with your Scorpio pals for an intuitive power pull – they get you, always. (And p.s…Surrender!)

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aries / Aries Rising – The Seven of Pentacles
Like your Pisces pal this is a month of surrender. Yes that old trick. Are you tired of me telling you to slow down and create more space yet? I’m so sorry, but it’s all in the name of love and rebalancing so you are in your full power. Anyway this is surrendering with a purpose. You’ve been busy (as usual) changing the world and planning for the months ahead, and now you might have to wait a bit for things to bloom and burst. That’s okay though, right?

Because you know this system now, and if you’ve planned for something to happen soon you don’t need to babysit it. Get moving with something new, like maybe go and enjoy yourself, ideally partaking in something that doesn’t swoop in with a bunch of stress.

Your work is never in vain and you know it, because you don’t usually go for something unless you have a gut instinct that it’s a good idea. Even those leaps of faith have some action planning behind them. So this month take some time to be grateful for your journey so far – for all those adventures you’ve had because of the work you’ve put in. It will be a good reminder and confidence boost for your ability to keep moving on in the direction that you seek. If you feel very aware that you are “waiting” for something then this card is usually a reflection of the effort you’ve put in. So romantically – check in that the balance is equal. Are you expecting more but not giving your share? Or are you expecting someone else to open up and be vulnerable whilst you’re still hiding behind closed doors? It takes two to tango they say.

If you’ve been wondering if you are on the right path with an idea, relationship or a project then try tuning back into your original intention. Did you start something out with excitement and desire or was it a lack luster, “I should do this” kind of a deal? If something you didn’t really care much about doesn’t come to fruition then it will be no loss! Trust that what comes around is gonna be exactly what you needed, even if you didn’t know you did.

So, what else can you do over the next few weeks? Take stock of course! Maybe that’s going through your accounts or checking in with your health, you will know exactly where your balance isn’t aligned. Always make the goal to be that you feel embodied and empowered and you will never be walking on the wrong tracks. I also have faith in your ability to juggle, so don’t fear that you can’t do everything, only worry about whether you want to do everything. See the difference?

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse