Today’s Aquarius new moon marks the Chinese New Year of the Horse. What kind of energy will this usher in for 2014? And how will this vibe with the numerological Seven Universal Year? Astro Style’s Ophira Edut and Practical Numerologist Felicia Bender weigh in…

Image: Truong Buugiam’s Seven Horses

Saddle up! The lively Chinese Year of the Horse is upon us, and the message from the cosmos is to get ready for ACTION. Energetic and frenetic, the Horse year is a big departure from 2013′s internal, and sometimes insidious, Year of the Snake (think about Sagittarius versus Scorpio energy).

Last year was all about transformation and exploring the inner landscape. And now that we’ve shed all that skin and shape-shifted into wiser, worldlier versions of ourselves, it’s time to share this with the world, loud and proud.

This year brings us the Wood Horse, which is said to be the tamest of the five elemental Horses (the others are fire, earth water and metal). While there may be an overall vibe of stubborn determination in the air, it will be milder than in other Horse years (think back to 2002, year of the sociable water Horse, and what was going on for you then). The last Wood Horse year was 1954, while anybody born in Horse years 1966, 1978, 1990 and 2002, can look forward to a twelve months of good fortune and new beginnings. The Horse year is also said to be good for travel, the global economy and romance.

Here, a few tips for staying in the saddle in the months to come:

Throughout 2013, ‘control’ was a dominant theme with the cunning Snake at the helm. Now, the unbridled Horse year invites us into wide-open spaces and new terrains. Explore as widely as you can, and extricate yourself from arrangements that feel too confining. Couples or business partners dealing with jealousy, trust issues and possessiveness will need to overhaul the relationship to survive this cycle. During a Horse year, we are especially sensitive to people crushing our spirits and trying to rein us in. Let creativity be your compass.

If you sat lotus or played armchair philosopher all the way through 2013′s serene Snake year, you may be all the more enlightened for it. But now it’s time to emerge from that sheltering cocoon and DO something. Apply all your newfound insights to a tangible project. Put your talents on display. Spread the word about what you’re up to instead of jealously guarding every idea. In a Horse year, you need to act quickly and decisively. However, you’ll have to walk a fine line not to act rashly. When in doubt, feel it out—a little crowdsourcing or opinion never hurts. Horses are collaborative animals, and teamwork makes the dream work.

It can be easy to feel scattered during a Horse year. Yes, we just told you to keep moving, but you don’t want to gallop too far off the trail either. With so many ideas and exciting offers, it’s tempting to race off at the sound of every starting gun. During a feisty and restless Horse year, we need to pay extra attention to the due diligence that we’d rather just skip over. The Year of the Horse may be great for getting us into action…but what are we acting on, exactly? Discipline yourself to plan, research and prepare. Work with an expert. Hire a coach or a mentor, especially if you’ve got flashy ideas but your skills are a little rusty. Behind every winning horse, after all, is a masterful trainer. Before the big event, you must practice, practice, practice, and learn to trot before you can gallop.

Vanity is a hallmark of the proud horse, so pay extra attention to your appearance and don’t be shy about spending a little extra in the salon. With Jupiter moving into theatrical Leo for a whole year on July 16, the second half of the Horse year should produce some interesting looks on the SS15 runways. The 1990 Horse year was the year we discovered Kate Moss, when she appeared for this amazing shoot in cult Style magazine The Face, and the year grunge culture spawned a whole new way of looking at fashion. If you’re decorating or entertaining, aim for cheerful and bright colors, minimal clutter and an arrangement conducive to spirited conversation. Oh, and make sure the sofas can be pushed aside for an impromptu dance party. Your gatherings could also give way to a few love matches or serendipitous business connections, and whenever you attend a party, always dress well and have your business cards at the ready.

While the Snake year was an introvert’s paradise, the Year of the Horse is tailor-made for extroverts. This means we can expect lively conversations but also a lot of big talkers and inflated promises (or “sparkle ponies,” as we like to call them). Enjoy these characters for their entertainment value, but know that they might not be able to deliver much more than a good show. On the flipside, check your own ego at the door. Pride can be a stumbling block during the Year of the Horse. People will insist that they’re right even when it’s obvious they’re actually digging themselves deeper into a pile of horses**t. Others will insist on doing things THEIR way, even when it’s the hard way. If you catch yourself caught up in such an act, pull in the reins and check yourself before you stampede over your own success.

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Now look before you leap… Image: Ryan McGinley

As we often find in life, the Year of the Horse and the Seven Universal Year appear to offer us a clash of energies in 2014. And yes, these energies have the power to both compliment and complicate our lives this year.  How so?  If the Year of the Horse is a “gitty-up” year, full of action-oriented energies, then the Seven Universal Year allows us the space for introspection which will help us assimilate all that’s taking place on a soul level.

This will involve some “parallel play” – meaning your focus will shift from outside influences (the rip-roaring, get-out-there-and-DO-IT energy of the Horse) to what’s going on inside (the energy of the Seven Personal Year).  As long as you’re aware of this duality, you can really tap into the power of this dichotomy.

Also understand that while the Seven Universal Year indicates a more reserved and contemplative energy, it doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly find yourself dropping everything and crawling into a cave.  Your world will move at its usual pace – and yet on the inside you’ll be able to process what’s going on at a deep and profound level. The Year of the Horse will provide you with ample opportunity to truly question who you are in a raw and authentic way.

Let’s say you land a new job offer (active, Horse energy). This year you actually get to decide if it’s speaking to your true self, the passionate you. Is it reflective of your authentic life purpose?  You might be more likely to decline the offer on these grounds this year, rather than jump on it because it’s offering you a hefty raise. Just one example of how these two seemingly conflicting energies will work in tandem with each other to make 2014 a red-letter year for your personal evolution, both in the material and spiritual worlds.

For the full lowdown on what the Seven Universal Year means for YOU click here.

But how can we all optimize our successes and find satisfaction in this Seven year?

Some DOs and DON’Ts for 2014:

DO understand that this is a year that you get a Free Pass to contemplate your own navel.

DO anything that relates to spiritual growth, including (but not limited to) taking a retreat, reading (and reading some more), taking classes that are job related or spiritually minded (or both), and saying yes any opportunity to expand your sense of your authentic self.

DO take the extra time and energy to take care of your health. This can mean scheduling an outstanding surgery, going to the dentist for the first time in hoever long, or starting a new exercise routine or nutritional program. It’s a great year to practice meditation.

DON’T hit the ground running and think that 2014 is the year to launch your new business or take on lots of extra hours at the office. If you do, you’ll feel as though you’re hitting your head against a brick wall. Wait until next year (2015) to pump up your business life. This year: gathering knowledge. Next year: implementation.

DON’T ignore anything emotional that comes up for you this year. If you face down your feelings in a fume of denial, you’ll have missed out on exponential personal growth.

DON’T dig your heels in and resist the call to expand yourself. If you do, you’ll win a Victim of the Year Award for 2014. And you’ll deserve it.

Felicia Bender is The Practical Numeroligist.


Beyond green juice for fashion’s sake, transcendental fasting could take your detox to the next level, says Ruby Warrington. All images Karolina Daria Flora.

In the late summer of 2013, yogi, healer and spirit and lifestyle coach Raquel Griffin designed for herself the ultimate spiritual detox. Negotiating changes in various areas of her life, she found she’d hit a roadblock in her personal development, and so she embarked on a week-long juice fast.

But she didn’t stop there, also incorporating transformative daily mind practice and physical activity, a self-help blast, a daily ‘conversation’ with the Universe (putting all the big questions out there), and what she calls a ‘negativity diet’ (“avoid negative people like the plague, skip the trash talking at the water cooler and leave the rag mags at the checkout”).

“7 Days to Transformation (7DT) was a seven day mind, body, spirit boot camp that I created to generate massive shifts in my life…And boy did it ever!!! Kind of like a giant cosmic reset button the MASSIVE shifts I’ve experienced on 7DT are nothing less than ASTOUNDING,” she wrote on her site Granola Glamour at the end of the week. More than your average detoxer’s high, “I’m talking SEISMIC changes in the landscape here, people…and this coming from someone who’s meditated with the best of ’em and gone on MANY M-A-N-Y a mystic/yoga/health/wellness retreat….”

As Vanessa Grigoriadis noted in an in-depth report on juice fasting for New York magazine later last year, “you will, perhaps, meander down the road to transcendence. When you see people at the end of a long juice fast, they reach a special kind of accommodation with their bodies. It’s out of this world.” And beyond a desire to lose weight, experience increased energy or align yourself with the funky philosophy at Juice Press, 2014 is about fasting for a spiritual experience.

But taking your fast to the next level isn’t just a case of drinking greener juices for longer. “People are juice fasting every day of the week in America and not everyone is having a ‘spiritual’ experience,” says Griffin. “Heck, I’ve been fasting for seven years and it was only until I added intention, energy work, meditation and a serious negativity diet that I had these amazing results. Fasting opens you up but it’s what you do with that opening that really makes the difference.”

She has since been coaching clients through the same process she went through, with similarly enlightening results. “By cleansing my body and releasing anything negative, I was able to consciously choose what I put back in,” says Jillian Villafane, who embarked on 7DT at the beginning of January. “Fasting with conscious intent allowed me to change and transform without limitations, which resulted in a deeper connection to my true self.  As a result I have a clarity and awareness that I don’t remember having since I was a very small child.”

But transcendental fasting does still begin with the physical – specifically with decalcifying the pineal gland, or third eye. “Our ability to connect to higher frequencies is related to the openness of our pineal gland – and it’s when we clean it out that it starts to awaken,” says Griffin, who also points out that it was only last year that scientists reported finding DMT – the consciousness expanding psychoactive molecule in ayahuasca – in the pineal gland of rodents.

Drain your body of toxic mucus the theory goes (or “mucoid plaque” if you want the technical term) and you drain your third eye – which exists in the sinus cavity. From there on in; “you begin to tune in to the fact that miracles are happening all the time. That’s what blew me away – it’s like a constant conversation with the Universe! It’s answering all your questions – mundane things like ‘what shall I have for breakfast, should I sign into this business deal’ – ALL THE TIME. But most of the time we can’t hear the answers, because our pineal gland isn’t open enough.”

On a deeper level; “Having all this input from your angels, your guides, or even God, whatever you want to call it, you realize, ‘I’m not alone.’ And that the Universe is always trying to give us the information that will lead us to the life of our greatest good, which is essentially our purpose.”

Heady stuff – and an idea Elizabeth Gilbert explores in her latest novel, The Signature of All Things. One character, Ambrose Pike, describes his experience of living for several months “on sunlight and rain alone.” “I met he divine,” he says, “Or, I believe I did. I had the most magnificent thoughts. I could read the language hidden inside the trees. Also, there was a full fortnight when I could hear people’s thoughts. I was kept joyous by exalted feeling, by rapture.”

Which sounds not unlike the experience of Matt Monarch, founder of The Raw Food World and something of an expert on extreme fasting. Over Skype, he describes the physical sensation of his third eye opening following an extreme 7-day psyllium bentonite cleanse, after his first year of eating 100 percent raw; “As soon as all this stuff came out of me I started to feel this magnetic vibration right here (he gestures at his brow point) almost like 2 magnets opposing each other. The sensation is bliss…it just feels really, really good, it’s almost orgasmic.”

For the stinky details of what exactly a psyllium bentonite cleanse involves click here, but suffice to say; “it’s designed to take out all the mucoid plaque, and really scrape out your small intestine.” Monarch believes that the only way to “get over the hump” of fasting, and take it into the transcendental, is with intensive colon therapy; “it’s not the raw food or the juice that increases your spiritual experience, but the removal of all toxicity.”

Is it any wonder that yoga preacher Seane Corn joked to attendees of a “detox flow” session at Wanderlust Vermont last summer that; “you know you’re a true yogi when you can openly discuss your bowel movements,” or that there’s an exercise called “Unblock Your Bowels, Unblock Your Life” in Gabrielle Bernstein’s upcoming book Miracles Now? “I believe that the flow of our bowels has a direct correlation to the flow of our life,” she writes. “Skeptical? Ask yourself if when you’re feeling super stopped-up, your life is stopped up too.”

This could be because, as Clean Gut author Alejandro Junger puts it; “Your body has two brains: one in your head and one in your gut. While your first brain serves as your intellectual hardware, your second brain—the gut—is your spiritual and emotional GPS. Without it, you’re lost.”

Authors of the website Astro Dream Advisor, where you can find information on different ways to clean the gut, advise; “While doing (a psyllium bentonite) cleanse it is helpful to imagine that with each elimination you’re having you’re getting rid of any old outworn, un-needed thoughts, ideas, feelings…”

Which comes back to Raquel Griffin’s approach. “Our emotions are stored in our tissues, so when we detox we start to shift all those cell memories – which in turn can change the way you relate to the world and be a building block towards a ‘spiritual experience.’ Because once we remove the emotional lens through which we see the world, we’re able to see how it really works.”

For Monarch, this meant the beginning of a lifelong spiritual journey; “And trust me I’m not religious, but once you realise that god is in everything about our existence…then he has the ability to bring you through that door, and up and up and up.”

To experience 7-Days to Transformation with Raquel Griffin visit www.granolaglamour.com


Embroiled in a love-hate relationship with your refrigerator? Time to set some boundaries, show some respect and radically shift the negative vibes, says Feng Shui expert Elana Kilkenny.

Chances are you’ve already spent a lot of time this year making (and breaking?) resolutions around your relationship with food. What if I told you that the state of your refrigerator plays a contributing role to your goals? Here’s how to Feng Shui your fridge, aka “where your food spends most of its time hanging out,” to powerfully shift the energy around it and bring you closer to your 2014 vision.

Cluttered refrigerator = cluttered relationship to food. So mindfully clear out your refrigerator and freezer by making a habit of throwing out what is no longer fresh and what no longer gets you closer to your desired feelings about how you are feeding your body.

Take a symbolic look at what’s on your refrigerator door.  Does it look chaotic, filled with things from the past, stressing you with to-dos? Take off anything that is not fully inspiring to you and re-invent this space as a vision board for how you want to feel.

Caution note: before you put up a picture of a perfectly toned actress or yourself when you were at a “better weight” ask if these images inspire you or depress you. Reinforcing negative feelings about your current weight will only push you further away from your positive intentions and deeper into self-sabotage. Choose instead to put up pictures, words or quotes that remind you of how you want to feel about your health, food and body. Sexy, vital, satiated, luscious…

Most trainers suggest stocking your refrigerator with cut-up vegetables and washed fruit, so that you have a healthy choice at your fingertips. Elevate the mundane into a feast for your senses by storing these items in beautiful vessels and containers. This further raises the chi of not only your refrigerator but also your energy around food.

If your refrigerator is the first thing you see when you enter your kitchen, it could condition you to eat more. Don’t roll your eyes thinking I’m going to tell you to embark on a costly renovation. Create a pretty distraction to draw your energy away from the refrigerator. Decorate the surrounding area with art, a funky chandelier, or a bold kitchen rug. Be creative.

Practise going into your kitchen with laser focus on what you DO want, with the use of a positive affirmation about food. “I desire to wake up feeling energized,” “I desire to feel beautiful in my jeans,” “I desire to love myself and trust my food choices.” Eventually your desired feelings will be so potent that they might just be a stronger draw than that pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Elana Kilkenny is a Feng Shui Designer, Intuitive Counselor, Empowerment Psychic and Healer. To book a session please contact [email protected] or 877-858-2100.



Over six years of teaching yoga, Erica Jago has developed her own practical yet deeply intuitive methodology for designing a sequence that will heal the body, open the mind and touch the soul. She shares her process here – which can be used to design a group class, or a solo sequence just for you.


sankalpa – Begin by writing three to five sentences in the form of a sankalpa that can be used at the opening of your sequence to set to the mood.

anatomical focus – Next, define the anatomical focus in a short bulleted list. For example, if I want my class to land in the heart, I would instruct this: “Lengthen the sides of your waist upward,” “Fearlessly move the heads of your arm bones back,” “Bring the tips of your shoulder blades to the back of your heart,” “Expand your collarbones.” This becomes the alignment you will cue in every pose.

sequence – Next comes the sequence. By drawing out the sequence using Asanaglyphs you can record the progression of poses you want to flow through over the course of the class.

three wave grid – That progression of poses is mapped out over a three-way grid that 1) warms you up, 2) takes you to the peak pose and 3) winds you down for shavasana.

peak pose – consider what you want to be the point of highest activity.

talking points – Lastly, I further develop the theme by writing down bite-sized talking points that can be used sporadically to help deepen the meaning of the poses.

Yes. I don’t teach a sequence unless I’ve fully embodied the language of those truths within myself. This has taught me how to listen to the tone of my voice, remix inspirations and to choose themes based on what has momentum in my current situation. The themes I choose come from a deep desire to master a concept more fully.

Hilariously, yes. And I’ve even filmed myself, which was horrifying! But this methodology ensures a sense of clarity for me, even before I step into the classroom, because I’ve contemplated it, practiced it, and experienced it first hand.

A Sankalpa is the  mood you want the experience to be infused with. This feeling and intention is what you return to again and again as you design your own yoga sequence, to reiterate the teachings at the cellular level.

The chakras. Feeling for what’s happening at these energy centers in our bodies that will bring about magic every time. Concentrate on one of these channels at the start of your sequence and continue to tune into that frequency, pose after pose, and you’ll find that you are opened up to deep seated memories and even spiritual experiences.

I believe setting an anatomical focus is a methodical and logical way to learn how to serve and nourish our own hearts. Using a series of arm balances or backbends, for example, with simple, relevant cues, grants us access to those areas of the body that can otherwise be merely esoteric. The clichéd concept of “love yourself” is more easily grasped when you align the architecture of your body and attention of your mind with the latitude of the body that’s known for generating and broadcasting love.

Absolutely not. If you can draw a straight line you can draw them, while grid paper will help with the scaling. The Asanaglyphs are scaled three squares wide by four squares high. Most yoga poses are set at 90°angles, and I’ve learned over time that the figures look better when you keep the heads small (no pun intended!)

That depends on the style of yoga you’re practising. Vinyasa will include more poses, with cues to “pulsate” between them, while Restorative or Yin will feature less. I’ve begun to study and value a slower, more cooling practice. A 30-minute flow that I do before bed includes forward and backbends that stimulate and nourish the kidneys and adrenal glands. Sphinx pose, Saddle pose, Seal, Butterfly, Half Butterfly, Caterpillar, Reclining Twist.

Occasionally, if this is what inspired you to design the sequence. The peak pose traditionally happens in Wave Two and gives you a starting point to work backwards from to create Wave One. Think; what needs to be open in order for you to come into the full expression of the peak pose? And with Wave Three; how can I counter the peak pose and gradually bring myself back down? After some thought and contemplation, notice if these series of expansions and contractions change your perception of the pose and how you practise it.

Traditionally, Peak Pose means the most challenging, but I would love to think that by using this creative process, it would allow for both options to be true.

That is the only way to do it! Spread your mat on the floor, grab a cup of water, your Jambox, your timer, your source of inspiration, a pen and two sheets of 8.5 x 11 grid paper. On one sheet sketch out the three wave grid and keep the other sheet for writing out your talking points. Begin by moving your body and breath, stopping to take notes as you go, and recording the poses with Asanaglyphs. Give yourself one hour of uninterrupted time, meaning no getting up to check your mail or do dishes, but staying close to the earth, candle lit, and letting the design of your sequence be an intertwined act of creativity and spirituality.

The best part is that by recording it this way, your sequence becomes a work of art. I can come back to the sequences I’ve designed again and again, and so eventually each one becomes part of my DNA. You can find some of these drawings on my Pinterest and Instagram accounts: @Jagoyoga.

Contemporary Yoga Sequencing will be held at Noelani’s Studio in Haleiwa, Oahu on January 31. Erica Jago will be speaking at Wanderlust Oahu on Feb 27th.



On a mission to shape up? Forget blood type diets and fitness for your body type – work out what otherworldly realm you’ve incarnated from, and find a sweat session that truly feeds your soul says Madeline Giles.

A few years ago, a psychic told me I am an incarnated mermaid. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I obviously wanted to learn more. Were there more incarnated mermaids – or was I the only one on earth? How come I decided to leave merworld? Was it possible to develop a relationship with the mermaids in current space and time?

I somewhat obsessively Googled these thoughts for weeks, but at the time there wasn’t much information on the Internet about this. A few months later, however, I discovered Doreen Virtue’s book Realms of the Earth Angels, which pretty much changed my life. I learned that the realm we come from shapes our personality traits, physical characteristics, likes and dislikes, career, the people we hang out with and beyond.

To my surprise, I also found out there are multiple realms people come from, including incarnated angels, incarnated elementals, incarnated starpeople, the wise one’s (reincarnated witches, wizards, etc.) and various hybrids of the aforementioned. Needless to say, it seemed I had accidentally discovered my passion – and thus have been studying, writing and teaching about realms ever since.

In the spirit of our collective New Year leaning towards personal transformation, I got to thinking what workout with wings would be most motivating based on the unique magical flavor of each specific realm.

But first, find out what realm you’re from by taking the free quiz here.

Pure-hearted incarnated angels tend to be total givers, and thus need a workout that encourages both self-care and, let’s say it together now, RECEIVING! Cue Qoya, which integrates yoga, dance and sensual movement in one magical session. Thanks to free online classes, over-giving incarnated angels can clear stuck energy by hip swaying through all their troubles, their friends’ troubles, their family’s troubles, their neighbor’s troubles, and yes – even the world’s troubles in the comfort of their own home. Incarnated angels who make Qoya a regular priority will find it much easier to give those in need proof of heaven on earth.


Image: Anja Verdugo

INCARNATED ELEMENTALS (includes incarnated fairies, pixies, brownies, elves, tree spirits, crystals, etc.)
Earth-loving elementals are happiest while outdoors. Since getting you to follow the rules is near impossible, you’ll have the most fun making your own plans, which will invariably include lots of fresh air and play. You’d enjoy outdoor sports and regular hikes in the woods – just make sure to bring a recyclable bag so you can pick up trash along the way! Your elemental family will be seriously stoked and might even reward you with a gift or wish. If, however, the weather really isn’t conducive to play outdoors, plan to attend a high-vibe freeform dance class (such as 5 Rhythms or Journey Dance). You’ll definitely meet fellow fairy friends who will be so down to go hug some trees with you after class.


Earth life can be awkward for you, sweet starperson, but you’ll feel right at home at a Kundalini yoga class– where otherworldy experiences are not only encouraged, they’re expected. Chanting, chakra cleansing, and meditations that sync you with the planets may sound woo woo to some, but to you it feels peculiarly familiar. After you get the hang of Kundalini kriyas, don’t be surprised if you spontaneously start receiving cosmic messages from your galactic family.


Image: Daniele & Iango

THE WISE ONES (incarnated sorcerers, high priests/priestesses, witches, wizards, etc.)
Been there, done that is your mantra, oh wise one. You’ve lived on earth so many times, it seems nothing can surprise you. Though some may mistake your wisdom for cynicism, you are the true wayshowers of our world and thus really don’t want (or need) anyone telling you how to best work your muscles, or live your life for that matter. But in case you’re open to suggestions (hold the eye rolls please), a combination of high-intensity classes like kickboxing balanced with routine walking meditations will keep you connected to your powerful healing energy.


Darling…isn’t it better down where it’s wetter? Mermaids LOVE water and feel most connected to their true essence while swimming (with wild dolphins), surfing, – or my personal favorite – mermaiding! Many mermaids are quite sensitive to the chemicals in chlorine, so whenever possible, choose natural water sources over swimming in pools. Since you tend to get cold easily, be sure to heat up a sea salt bath post-swim to relax and recharge with the magic of your element.



As an Atlantean, you thrive in like-minded communities where conversations about crystals, pyramids and sacred geometry are the norm. You love your tribe and want to work and play together as often as possible, so starting a belly dancing troop or taking a class with synchronized routines will leave you feeling fulfilled. While tightening your tummy and strengthening your spine, you’ll also get connected to the primal healing energy of Atlantis, which is so what the earth needs right now. Get to it!


Nomadic Aladdin, you love all things fire. The desert is your playground, sunsets make you melt and super spicy sauce is a must at every meal. In other words, Bikram yoga was pretty much made for you. You might even consider becoming a teacher, so you can squeeze in serendipitous storytelling (one of your realm gifts) during the 20-second savasanas.


We know, dear shapeshifter, you’ll have one of everything! Since the thought of doing the same exercise everyday (or every week, for that matter) makes you cringe, you’d fare best by joining a gym that offers a variety of classes. That way you can aerobicize in the pool, lift weights, flow into Vinyasa, chant affirmations at intenSati, and sweat through spin class all in one day if you really wanted to!



If you are what you eat, the same can be said for what you speak – this is the all-empowering philosophy of NYC fitness guru and motivational speaker Patricia Moreno. She shares an inspiring podcast on making 2014 the year you become the Master of Your Mouth, and explains how this will help you create the life you are here to live. Portraits by Sumner Dilworth. Styling by Victoria Case. Hair and makeup by Takako Yamamoto.



The philosophy that you are what you speak is key to Patricia’s teachings as a fitness professional. Her cult workout, intenSati, begins with a ten minute sermon on our attitude to the challenges we face in life – the idea that each and every one, be it a cardio drill that feels like it’s going to rip your lungs out or a difficult relationship with your mother, should be embraced as a powerful agent for change. That living in your comfort zone is like denying your soul it’s chance to evolve.

Recently, she’s been taking this message out of the studio and into the wider world – she even gave a TEDx talk last summer on the subject of Living With Positive Discipline. Here she explains why we self-sabotage, and how talking ourselves into our personal power becomes its own spiritual practise.

Lauren Zander, founder of the Handel Method, played a big part in helping me understand the power of personal integrity. When I started coaching with her in 2004 I learned something that to this day is the single most powerful lesson I know; the ability to keep my word to myself and get myself to follow through on what I say I will do as well as tell the truth and be transparent. Most recently I have been studying under Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, who has a PH.D in metaphysics and is the founder of Naam Yoga. In the shortest amount of time he has made the biggest impact on my life. He’s mentoring me on evolving the intenSati method in ways that will significantly improve the results people will see from participating in my classes and workshops.

I believe that we sabotage our efforts unconsciously. When we decide we want to lose weight, start a new business, have more success etc, we are making a conscious decision to change. Usually we want to make these changes because in some way we are suffering, or we feel we don’t have enough of whatever it is we say we want, so we set a goal for ourselves. Pain is a great motivator. After we get inspired to set a new goal and we take action and we feel better, because taking action and actually doing something about the so called problem relieves some of the tension or suffering. But then we drift back to our old unconscious habits, the habits that got us where we are in the first place – overweight, struggling or unsuccessful in some way.

The way to create positive and lasting change is to work on a physical, mental and spiritual level. We often focus on making physical changes, which is only 10 percent of who we are. Unless we add mental and spiritual exercises to evolve our whole self we will find ourselves in an endless cycle of two steps forward two steps back. Adding meditations, visualizations, affirmations, prayer, forgiveness and gratitude practices to your action plan will insure that you affect the shift you want in your total being.

The quality of our life is directly related to the quality of our thoughts. The more time we spend complaining, talking and sharing about what’s wrong, what we don’t like, or what is missing from our life, the more time we are spending in a state of feeling lack, unsatisfied or like a victim of life. “Sati” means “mindfulness,” which is the basis of all my teachings, the idea that making conscious choices and exercising the power we have to choose what we think, say and do.

It is easy to be negative, to complain and to be pessimistic. First of all it gets us off the hook of having to take any action and possibly failing, getting uncomfortable or facing our fear. We have to train ourselves to wake up to our power and realize that that we have thoughts, but that we are not our thoughts. By relating to our thoughts and our words as powerful and life changing we can use our words to transform our life instead of using words to describe our life.

Be grateful for what most people take for granted. This is a big theme of intenSati and Sati Life teachings. When we become more grateful we realize how blessed we are with what we already have. How often do we stop to realize what a miracle and blessing it is to simply be alive? The Dalai Lama teaches that to have a human incarnation is very rare, and just contemplating this will help us value life more. Most of us spend more time wishing things were better, wishing we had more and in the process we forget to start by appreciating and using what we have.

I believe everything is a spiritual practice – because we cannot separate the physical, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves. When we expand our awareness of ourselves and see that how we do anything is how we do everything, we can make buying groceries and doing dishes our 9-5 spiritual practice, by doing it with the intention to serve others, to be present and appreciate being alive.

Our kids do what we do not what we say. They learn by copying our behavior, our words, our expressions and our choices. As we change how we interact with life, each other and the world we are showing them, and that is the most powerful way to teach, by being the change we want to see in our children. One of the most powerful things I heard in regards to raising our children is that our voice becomes their inner dialogue. When we are constantly pointing out what we don’t want them to do, what they are not doing enough of or what we are disappointed in then their inner dialogue becomes a recording of that. Point out what is right with them, what they are doing well, what options they have and, most of all, make sure they know on a daily basis that they are loved no matter what. Never assume they know you love them, tell them and show them.

I have declared 2014 the year of being a Messenger of Love, and devoting ourselves to being of service. If each one of us takes on being of service in small and bigger ways, in one year we would see a significant change in the world. Being of service to me begins at home. Instead of wishing your husband, wife, child or parents would understand you more, help you more, love you more or give you more, focus on what you can do to make their daily life better. Do the dishes more often, say I love you more often, show your appreciation on a daily basis, and go out of your way to make life easier.

Then expand that to your community, school, gym and work life. Look for opportunities to volunteer, help out a co-worker, motivate a gym friend, help someone with homework, uplift and acknowledge others daily. Then focus on how you can use your talents and gifts to help on a bigger scale. How can you serve more people with your business, how can your work serve more people on a regular basis. What difference do you personally want to make in your world?

This is important to me because my teachings are about how to live a life you love in a body you love. The access to this is by being loving, grateful, compassionate, kind, generous and authentic. When we are focused on being of service, we are looking at what we have that we can give, and so we are fulfilling our soul’s work and divine mission to make the world better a better place – because here we are! Our service is the price we pay for living on the earth and it is what will lead to us all being more fulfilled. At the end of our life, the difference we made in people’s lives is what will matter most.

For information about upcoming talks, workouts and workshops with Patricia Moreno, visit www.satilife.com


We all have access to the sixth sense – so will this be the year you work on developing your intuition? Doing so could be key to creating a life that’s aligned with your highest purpose in 2014. Ruby Warrington reports on a growing trend.

When I interviewed Alexa Chung for the UK Sunday Times at the end of the summer last year, she told me a few stories about what she felt were her natural psychic abilities. Like the notebook she’d found recently in which she’d written, aged 16; “I’m going to be a TV presenter, but I don’t want to be.” About how when she first walked into her apartment in NYC’s East Village, a voice in her head told her; “I live here,” and how she often has to ask people what’s up “because I can feel all their shit, and it’s like ‘you have to tell me what’s going on because it’s killing my mind!’”

There was also a recurring pre-cognitive dream (where you dream something and then it happens) about escaping the 2006 Tsunami in Thailand. She described how, as events were unfolding, she thought she was having the dream again – only to realise that it was actually happening. A double Scorpio with Pisces ascendant, Alexa’s chart shows something of a natural mystic – but actually, haven’t we all had similar experiences? Isn’t everybody “psychic” to some extent?

Yes, says Louise Androlia, the gifted intuitive responsible for our monthly Tarotscopes. “The 6th sense is for us all – in fact we’re all very tuned in as kids. Having had an imaginary friend or pet as a child is a classic example of somebody just being very energetically sensitive. I think whether this carries on into adulthood just depends on the rate we forget.” Lisa Rosman, a Brooklyn based intuitive, agrees; “it’s our natural birth right to be able to tune in on deep levels to each other as well as what yogis call the ‘divine intelligence’ of the universe. But the less we have to communicate on that level, the less we do.”

She believes our reliance on modern devices – from computers to clocks – is partly to blame. “Rather than merely using cell phones or the Internet as shortcuts, we’ve been using them as a substitute to true communion with ourselves and each other. And yet in our dreams and disorders our deeper wisdom is still, always, clamoring to be heard.”

So will 2014 be the year you work on developing your psychic abilities? Betsy Cohen, a.k.a. Psychic Betsy, hopes so. This month she launches a six-week course titled Trust Yourself: Intuitive Development through Awareness, designed to “help you become your own psychic. The whole class is centered around the fact that your body is an instrument through which your soul speaks.” The goal, rather than learning how to read for other people; “is about learning to trust your own higher voice, because if you want to create anything – abundance, good health, relationships – it’s about bringing that awareness and taking action from the inside out.”

We’ve all said it a million times; I should have listened to my gut. When I attended a psychic development workshop last year, the tutor pointed out that; “often the only time we know our intuition was right is when we don’t listen to it and everything goes wrong.” And, as Lisa puts it; “Really, what I do is direct my clients to who they truly are – where they’ve been and where they’re going; what their natural strengths and challenges are – so they can step on a path that really works for them.”

With even the Mail Online reporting on the rebranding of psychics to “intuitive therapists,” the idea of tapping into our own inner knowing is very much in the zeitgeist. “The conversations about psychic ability now are all about healing ourselves and helping others,” says Louise. “The idea that it’s about predicting the future is very outmoded, and not at all productive because the future is totally fluid anyway.” The point of attending a class says Betsy, “is about getting confirmation in a group setting that what you think you’re hearing, seeing or feeling is valid. It’s about building your confidence, so that outside of class you’re more likely to trust yourself.” I had a taster of this when I attended the weekly Willamsburg Spirit Séance Betsy hosts each Thursday – where she explained to the group how messages from spirit might appear to us, and encouraged us to share anything that came through.

Louise studied Psychic Development and then Tarot at the College for Psychic Studies in London. Founded in 1884 to facilitate formal investigation into the psychic and mediumistic phenomena that were such a topic of debate in the Victoria era, far from a real life Hogwarts, she describes the collage and her fellow students as; “as ‘normal’ as it gets. People expect me to say that it was full of women in cloaks, but as a lingerie designer I was definitely the most ‘crazy’ person there.” Instead, she was surrounded by “teachers, social workers, GPs, accountants. A group of amazing people aged 25 to 75.”

That the idea we can all tune in to a higher power and affect each other’s energy with our minds alone should seem in any way weird, is baffling to Louise. “The fact we live on a gigantic living, breathing circular mass, in a totally infinite and pretty much unknown space surrounded by other planets and moons is actually the most ridiculous thing I can think of! The idea of being skeptical of ANYTHING is so odd to me, since the fact we even exist is so bonkers. So why not learn about the energy that’s around us and allow it to help us?”

Numinously put, but still, many people shy away from delving into their psychic or intuitive abilities – “mainly because they’re afraid to look inside themselves,” says Betsy. Alexa Chung even joked that; “if you spend enough time with me, it is creepy” – but that’s because, as Betsy points out; “We’re all afraid of dark places. I was scared of my abilities in the beginning, but going to classes myself was like getting headlights, so I could actually see the road I knew was in front of me. And driving in the dark is not a good idea!”

The idea of encountering ‘evil’ spirits or visions of horrific future events can also deter people from tuning in; “but it’s all about intention. Are there darker forces? Absolutely. But you’ll only attract them to you if you’re fearful of them. I always think about Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, and how he can transform a dog’s energy with his energy, which is always calm and assertive. It’s about a shift in thinking towards; ‘I have the power’. Which, in the spirit world, we always do.”

And owning this power can be key to affecting positive change – both in your own life, and the wider world. “We can feel very helpless in the face of events that are seemingly out of our control, from the people we’re dating to the fact we can’t exactly write to President Obama and tell him to take all our troops out of Afghanistan,” says Betsy. “But by taking responsibility for our own lives, based on what we know is for our highest good, we’re automatically empowered and actually in a position to change the world in one of the only ways we can.”


Psychic Betsy’s six-week class, Trust Yourself: Intuitive Development through Awareness, begins January 11 in New York City. For more information click here.

Louise Androlia shares five ways your soul may already be speaking to you.

  • Smell – Have you ever suddenly had the scent of, for example, your grandmother’s perfume waft into a space? This is called “clairolfaction,” and is a way of connecting to people who have passed.
  • Knowing that someone is about to call before they do – This is you being tuned into the energy of friends and family, so you have just picked up their intention.
  • Collecting a mood or feeling from a person or a space – This is an example again of being tuned into a person’s energy, which is all a psychic ability is.  When you feel sad because your friend is, that’s a perfect example of ‘tapping in.’
  • The ‘gut’ feeling – This is your intuition, or your inner voice, at work. When you really know that you ‘know’ something, it’s the energy of the Universe that is outside of you and inside of you.
  • Songs – Often when you get a song in your head from nowhere, it’s a useful gift – making a point of listening to the lyrics often gives you a useful message that you needed.



A new year might just be another pinprick in the infinite now, but still, it brings with it the energy of change and transformation. What will this mean for you in 2014? The Astro Twins look at how the planets have been shaping our resolutions, and how your sign can be a better, more brilliant person in the year to come.

Ready, set, goal! The first day of 2014 featured a new moon in driven Capricorn, the master strategist sign. Before the champagne flutes have been emptied and the calendar pages turned, many of us will have already set our sights set on a major milestone or two. Amplifying the future-focused effect, the Sun, communication planet Mercury, romantic Venus and penetrating Pluto are also circulating through Capricorn. There’s nothing light or casual about the dreams we’re weaving for 2014. But watch out: lest we become too ruthless about it, there’s a cosmic intervention from fiery Mars in Libra, which will form a tense square (90-degree angle) to the new moon and heavy-hitting Pluto. Libra is the sign of relationships, so perhaps Mars is sounding the alarm—don’t steamroll others in your quest for your holy grail.

Looking for a deadline for your dream casting? Mark your calendar for July 12, 2014, when a Capricorn full moon will bring the seeds you’re planting as the year opens to fruition or a turning point.

FIRE. Image: Matt Malloy (via @Liberatum)

With the new moon in your tenth house of career and long-term goals, you’ve had your eyes on the corner office, a lifetime achievement award or a prestigious coup in the year to come. You want 2014 to be about recognition for your hard work, to be known as an expert or leader in your field. And why shouldn’t you? But Mars in your partnership house reminds you that behind every star is a best supporting cast mate. Your lesson this year? Don’t let naked ambition overshadow that devoted person who’s been the wind beneath your gossamer wings. Resolve to make room in the spotlight for two.
Your resolution style: Your hotheaded approach means you’re first out of the gate when it comes to stating your intent for the year ahead, but with so much fire-starter energy at play your good intentions can quickly run out of steam. Try to accept that you can’t manifest everything overnight, keep focused on your long-term goals and success will be yours.

Practicality? Bah humbug. Yesterday’s new moon illuminated your expansive ninth house, giving you a thirst for adventure and new horizons in the year to come. Travel, publishing or study will appeal to you more than security for once in 2014. But stressful Mars in your detail-driven sixth house reminds you not to throw ALL caution to the winter winds while you’re mapping out our hopes and dreams for the year to come. There are administrative details to address before you pack your carry-on and race off for a standby flight to Burma. The cosmos is urging you to take a leap of faith…but pack your parachute!
Your resolution style: The best things come to those who wait, right Taurus? Slow to embrace change, world domination is all about the long game to you. On the flipside, it can be hard for you to shift negative habits – the key is to focus on creating healthy new ones instead.

Peel and reveal. With the new moon having shone a light on your eighth house of intimacy, as 2014 begins you’re dissolving false layers and delving into the deeper realms of emotion and spirit. The eighth house is all about merging, so you could have set your sights on an engagement, a pregnancy, a joint financial venture or something else entwining for the year to come. But knock knock, Gemini: are you getting lost in that cozy cocoon a deux? Mars in your playful fifth house reminds you not to get SO caught up in your private world this year that you stop expressing yourself. How boring the world would be if Geminis went radio silent. Speak up—the world needs to hear your novel ideas this year, too!
Your resolution style: Your variety-seeking nature means you’ve no doubt started the year with a to-improve list as long as your arm – you’re open to every idea the cosmos has to throw at you! But this scattergun approach can be your downfall. Instead, try to focus on one or two big shifts you truly want to affect this year.

WATER. Image: Pietro Canali (via @Liberatum)

Make it a double. The Capricorn new moon opened the year with a pileup in your relationship house, which has you thinking in twosome terms. Your plans for 2014 center around collaborations, for business or love, and you’re ready to make it official. Or, you might be particularly pressed to create goals that mesh with those of your mate. But red-hot Mars in your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations waves its flag. You can’t take care of everyone else if you don’t nurture yourself. Some Cancers might even feel a twinge of baby fever, while your partner is less keen on the stork stopping by. Stand up for what YOU want in 2014, too, Cancer.
Your resolution style: Your personal goals are often ruled by your emotions – which, of course, can change overnight. What felt like exactly the fresh start you needed yesterday, could be totally off today. So try a more practical approach instead, and focus on the external things that could change your life for the better.

With yesterday’s Capricorn new moon in your health and organization house, you were no doubt up early on New Year’s Day, ready to hit the gym, de-clutter your entire house or tackle some other narrowly-focused goal. In fact, you may be all business this year, with your sights set on exactly what you want. But while precision is important when you’re trying to manifest, don’t forget to let the universe be your co-pilot. Mars in your third house of kindred spirits and communication reminds you to step back and let others play a hand, too. Instead of trying to control situations in the year to come, or do it all yourself, open a dialogue and even team up. Just because you CAN do it all alone, doesn’t mean you should.
Your resolution style: All change! Big and dramatic is the way you do everything in life, including your approach to personal development. Your heart is in every promise you make yourself about the year to come – but the only way you’ll stick to your guns is by keeping it light, and bringing a healthy dose of playfulness to proceedings.

Express yourself! The new moon in your outspoken and passionate fifth house has gifted you with a playful and dramatic flair as the year begins. Will 2014 be the year you step into the spotlight and let your dazzling personality take center stage? Virgos get a bad rap as being boring pencil pushers, but your natural wit means can actually be quite hilarious. What else could be in store for 2014? Romantic adventures, a creative renaissance and more fun. Just watch your budget. With aggro Mars in your money and work sector, duty won’t just drunk-dial you…it will blow up your phone. Make this your priority as you map out the year ahead, even as you let yourself be spontaneous.
Your resolution style: You always have a plan, don’t you Virgo? Resolving to make things better comes as naturally as breathing to your analytical sign, but this can also manifest as undue anxiety about the future. Instead, try focusing on how you’d like to transform your world one day at a time.

AIR. Image: Alexandre Buisse (via @Liberatum)

In the mood for nesting, anyone? The Capricorn new moon in your fourth house of home and family opened the year with a cozy and domestic vibe. Your resolutions for 2014 might center around family, babies, self-care and creating more security overall. You might even search for a snug retreat to call home. But before you zip up that onesie and bid the outside world goodbye, check your priorities. Go-getter Mars is in Libra until July 25, reminding you that you’ve got a big public role to play in the year to come. Resolves to nurture yourself and your loved ones, but not at the expense of your star power.
Your resolution style: You live a fairly balanced life Libra, and don’t really vibe with the all-or-nothing energy that can surround resolutions season. But sometimes we need to take a stand if we want to evolve. If this is you, try not to let the opinions of others sway you from the path you know is best for you.

You’ve got a lot to say about 2014, Scorpio, thanks to yesterday’s Capricorn new moon in your third house of communication and ideas. In fact, you your head (not to mention your inbox) could be spinning with all the ideas you have cooking for the year ahead. Just don’t forget to carve out room for rest and healing. With Mars in your sleepy twelfth house of closure, you’ll also need to honor your limits and set healthy boundaries with all the colorful (but sometimes exhausting) people you’ll meet. It never hurts to check references, too, as there could be a couple of flaky or even shady ones in the bunch. Resolve to screen ‘em carefully before inviting anyone new into your private life this year.
Your resolution style: When you decide to do something, it can quickly become your latest obsession. Great for sticking with the program, but perhaps not always the healthiest approach? To keep things in perspective, try giving yourself a cut off point to take a step back and see where you’re at.


The year began with a Capricorn new moon in your second house of work, money and stability. You may be the zodiac’s adventurer, but it looks like this year’s goals will center on financial security. You want to build a nest egg, simplify your schedule and prioritize. Indeed, that will line the path to a more predictable life, which (perhaps for the first time ever) sounds pretty enticing. You’re also eager to regain any lost confidence, and this new moon sees you remembering your value. Just don’t get so mired in the day-to-day that you stop dreaming in 2014. With Mars in your visionary and free-spirited eleventh house, you need to plant one foot in the present while the other dips a toe in unchartered waters.
Your resolution style: Why would you not succeed in bringing about the life changes you desire? Full of optimism, you’re the master of positive intentions – but don’t forget, you need to back this up with some hard graft too. Stay enthusiastic by continually seeking to learn more about whatever it is you’re ushering in.

EARTH. Image: Xiao Yang (via @Liberatum)

Take the crown, Capricorn—2014 belongs to you! With a new moon and a planetary powwow in your sign as the year begins, it’s time to put your personal goals and agenda center stage. The stars align for you to put yourself first, and don’t you dare feel guilty about that either, o’ dutiful one. But alas, as you enjoy a more “carpe diem” vibe, you’ll still need to attend to your responsibilities. Go-getter Mars in your house of career and long-term goals could turn the spotlight on your professional life. Just don’t slip into total “company man” mode. Aim for that brass ring or coveted title, but this year’s theme is to step into being the star player, not just the dutiful soldier.
Your resolution style: No stranger to structure, your hardworking approach means “resolve” might as well be your middle name. Yes, discipline you can do – sometimes to extremes. Try to let yourself off the hook a little if you slip up. You’re only human, after all.

A mystical and healing year is in store, as the January 1 new moon lit up your twelfth house of the subconscious, creativity and closure. A good part of your work in 2014 will be letting go of limiting beliefs, toxic influences and shabby or shopworn parts of your life that no longer serve you. This could be the year you visit an ashram, or just enjoy more solitude at home. But don’t disappear into your bubble. With motivator Mars in your ninth house of travel, adventure and learning, you are being urged to maintain contact with the wider world—and the curious part of yourself. In between holing up in the studio or tending to the needs of loved ones, plot some mind expanding getaways for the year to come.
Your resolution style: You’re always full of ideas about the changes you want to manifest, some of which can be fairy radical. Finding a group of like-minded individuals with whom to map uncharted territory will be key to your success – just don’t go zooming way of piste for the sake of being different.

The more the merrier: that’s your mantra for 2014. With yesterday’s Capricorn new moon lighting your social eleventh house, the New Year smells like team spirit. Look for ways you can join forces with avant-garde thinkers now, both in person and virtually since technology is highlighted, too. The cucumber-cool eleventh house also helps you detach from drama, rather than getting sucked into its quicksand. Sound familiar, Pisces? You will also feel the urge to take a break from the crowds (and social media) to reconnect with your spirit in 2014. Is there a retreat that’s got your name on it? Mars in your intense and inward eighth house warns that you’ll need regular escapes to detox from the intensity of the year to come.
Your resolution style: You let your intuition be your guide when it comes to mapping the course ahead, and vision boards might as well have been invented for your creative sign. Which all looks great in your mind’s eye – but remember you have to put the peddle to the metal and knuckle down to actively making things happen sometimes too.

For an in-depth look at what 2014 will hold for your zodiac sign, download The AstroTwins’ 2014 Planetary Planner. Use the code ‘numinous’ for 15% off your purchase.




Happy Birthday Capricorn! We kick off this new calendar year with a good old dose of healing. I feel that you might need it – in fact I’m encouraging you to prolong your holiday into January if at all possible, or at least stay with the theme of relaxation. The Strength card does bring you strength, yes, but it’s about the strength you have is within, which gives the ability to heal yourself and to calm your own ego. If you look at the imagery in the classic Rider Waite deck, you can see the angel slowly and gently closing the mouth of the Lion, who succumbs and allows this to happen. The scene is serene and the skies clear, giving a wonderful example of our ability to work on releasing our own fears. The infinity symbol above the angel’s head is mirrored in the Magician card, reminding us of our life force and that we have all the tools we need within. Now you aren’t always typically the ‘go within’ type, often choosing instead to thrash things out in your head or try and practically tackle your challenges like breaking a puzzle. This type of healing though really does require you to dive a little bit deeper. In order to tame your ego mind, first you must recognize it – so listen for the shouting voice that chatters in your headspace, the voice that will speak negatively and tell you that you can’t do things or aren’t good enough. It’s loud and probably very familiar. Your intuitive mind is more loving and nurturing, and is expressed as the voice that will tell you home truths without pulling you down. In simple terms, your intuition is Love and the ego is Fear. Your goal now is to let the voice of Love become louder, by choosing to channel your energy and thoughts from a positive mindset. It can be hard to do this when you feel drained, which I think some of you sure are, but know that it will lead you to a higher place. Start this year off with the intention to go beyond your fears. You don’t need to bring them with you, but you do need loving care. If you are able to have a little extra time to yourself this month then spend it giving to yourself and others, as you also have the ability to heal yourself via healing others. Recognize that every person is a mirror for you, and that perhaps the advice you like dishing out needs to come back home? Go and get a massage, try a new type of energy healer of even just spend a day on the sofa (with your laptop OFF, okay!) and think of January as a month to recalibrate so that you can return to your glorious powerful form in the months ahead.

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


I always see this card being like the game of pick up sticks – The Five of Swords represents a piecing back together of the self, a self that has been scattered. I suggested you went on a bit of a journey at the end of the year to really reshuffle your morals and beliefs and perhaps get some external guidance. Did you? It makes sense that this card follows on from that theme, as now you need to recalibrate and start out afresh with a new and clearer mindset. The Swords are the Air element, which of course is no stranger to you, but saying that, Air energy can be your help and your hindrance. I want to remind you that you are the one in charge of your thoughts – even though a situation or challenge can create a certain feeling within you – and it is still totally up to you how you choose to perceive it. Try not to see everything as an attack on you, step outside the situation and be realistic. This card will always advise you to pick your battles carefully and I feel that is important advice for you. Do you sometimes find yourself kicking off a conversation by moaning about something from your day? Think about the energy around you and make a big choice to focus on a positive aspect rather than go straight for the negative. It might be that there are a host of stress factors around you – possibly due to challenges in the workplace or a set of friends with a LOT to gossip about. I want you to weigh up and pros and cons of bothering to get involved or let it affect you. Sometimes it can really help to just remind ourselves that stress is a day-to-day occurrence and that it will always dissipate. We don’t need to jump into the fray and go to town with it. I would rather your focus go on getting your energy back in one piece as you to bring some kindness and grounding back into your life. With this card present you may feel very floaty and ‘lost in space’. Check in with the Earth element by eating foods that grow in the earth, as well as less sugar and more water. Go for a long walk or run and stamp your feet, visualizing roots coming out of you and anchoring you to the center of the earth. When dealing with situations that are making your head ache, you must work with compassion rather than anger. Yes it can be so easy to just want to shout back and throw fire balls at what’s bothering you, but it won’t help you in the long run. In fact it will cause you more stress! Try and be compassionate where you feel conflict, which I know can be hard but boy does it work. It’s time to check back in with your life and be present!

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


I feel so happy to draw one of my favorite cards in the deck for you my fishy friend, as I know you went on quite a journey last year. Now, the Three of Wands represents a different kind of expedition, one of adventure and positivity. I love this card because I see the figure looking out to the distance and the world is his oyster. The Threes speak of collaborating and expansion and paired with the Wands – our Fire element – this represents a massive boost for your creative talents. The Two of Wands before this shows you contemplating putting things out to the world and this is the moment when you start to see something coming back in. It might be that at the end of the year you started making plans, and that January is when you get to see some ships roll in. You still have to maintain focus though. You can be prone to shaking your fist at the Universe for giving you trouble whilst you sit back and refuse to participate in your own life. This card holds a very positive vision for the future, but it’s about how you choose to look at it. You want to be prepared for twists and turns in your plot and open to the fact that things will change, uncertainty is certain after all! The Three of Wands offers you the gift to receive more opportunities the more you can surrender to letting your life flow. There is a call for you to act fearlessly and see this month as a time of growth. If we go about our day-to-day lives with the knowledge that we are on a journey, then it all makes a lot more sense. You may be physically travelling this month – either back home after the holidays or setting off on a grand adventure. This is again your chance to look at your life as an educational experience, know that you are about to get schooled in a whole new set of possibilities. Think excitement and expansion of your horizons. Keeping yourself in a box is like putting on a blindfold. I want you to commit to change and a new attitude. Along the month you may have opportunities to collaborate creatively with others, and this is going to be really beneficial for you. Again keep your mind open because you may find help in extraordinary places. Swim freely Pisces.

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


Of course this card has come up for you Aries! You have probably been dying to get back to your office after the holidays because you have 101 ideas to bring action to. Okay fine, you can do it, because now you have an Ace of Pentacles in your hand – and the Universe is bestowing on you a whole host of new ideas and opportunities for your working month ahead. The Aces always represent the beginning of a new cycle, so you might be really figuring out how to step up a level and push your project a little bit more towards the golden glow of success. You totally have the ability to gain new insights this month and have a glimpse at future success whilst you’re at it. It is a positive month for you to throw something new into the pot. You might be blasting out some new articles on your blog or starting a new job. This is definitely a card for the independent characters among you as this it’s about solo success – so even if you are in a crowded office it’s your month to stick your foot in the door and be heard. I know you have no problem with that Aries. Everything is new and shiny in January and so it’s also a good time to just try out something new in all areas. It will certainly be a month that you might want to check in on your current health plan – this is a very energetic card so if you don’t feel particularly well right now then it’s your signal to tune in to your body and give it some serious respect and nurture. You should also be feeling pretty a-okay on the financial front, but remember that you don’t need to be rolling in cash to be grateful for what you’ve got. In fact practice some gratitude for everything you do have to give a nice wink to the Universe that you’re present and ready for more. Of course this is also an awesome card for manifesting. My method of ‘Intention – Action – Surrender’ is perfect for your January. First, get your intentions clear – what do you really want? How do you want to feel? Be unapologetic about the plans you have but be compassionate about your journey. Don’t set yourself tasks purely so you can punish yourself if you don’t fulfill them! Instead get excited about all the possibilities this year could bring, then, when you are ready – go get ‘em!

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Did you notice the energy of that Tower card come in last month? Any dramatic changes or lightning bolt style moments of clarity? January arrives with The Six of Pentacles, which is usually a sign that things are on the up, so if you did have a hard time in December this is a spark of faith that you will pull through. This card holds generosity and I want you to explore what giving and receiving is present in your life. Firstly, it’s a good start to check in with your sense of balance, especially around other people and your day-to-day. If you’re feeling drained and unfulfilled, perhaps you’re giving too much of your energy out to those who aren’t reciprocating? A sure fire way to turn that around is to spend as much time as possible this month with the friends and colleagues who uplift you to bring a little positivity back in and remind yourself what it feels to be surrounded by like minded people, or even those who you just seem totally relaxed around. I have been making an effort to do this recently and I found that a few days spent with ‘my people’ really fast-tracked everything around me for the better – this might be apparent for you this month. This is a good card for work and finances and can often show you having an input of cash in an unexpected way – it might be that you’ve applied for a bank loan or are seeking a mentor, and this person may show up soon to be able to give you some sage advice. You’re also in a fine space to share your knowledge so if you had plans to start setting up a business or launch a new website then this card shows the Universe agrees you have a message to get out! Don’t feel shy about standing up and speaking about the types of experiences that have taught you along you way, others will love your practical and real advice, and your words could be the turning point of change for many others. Health wise, just remember to give some love back to your inner self, stopping to get a manicure or ever just allowing yourself some sofa time will get you back in check and enable you to be the super awesome being that you are!

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I spoke with you in December about clearing your files, sorting through your stuff and taking it away to heal. Did you find that this reflected through your month? It might even be that you had a sudden onslaught in the last week of the year, as all your biggest fears reared their heads at once. I say this because now we have the man himself – The Devil – present at the start of the year. Now don’t run away screaming, for this card doesn’t signify the world falling apart! He is simply a manifestation of your ego as if this card is the devil on your shoulder showing you all the restrictions that are in place in your life. The message is that it’s your job to remove these setbacks – and this feeling you have of being totally out of control right now can be freed up by you accepting some flow back in and actively choosing to not listen to the ego voice of Fear. The Devil could also represent a person that you are struggling with in your life right now, someone who is pushing all your fearful buttons. This can be a serious challenge and your goal is to not let the fears have the power. If we feed our fears they will appear to grow bigger and bigger – instead, it is our job to acknowledge them, say hello, and keep on going about our business, paying more attention to love and compassion, particularly for ourselves. Know that while it’s entirely possible to feel restricted by someone else, you can’t change other people, so you have to just flip back again to you and not follow in their footsteps. Your fears can be very strong with this card and can be very much focused on the future outcome of a situation – what will happen? I can’t tell you that and you can’t know either, but don’t dismiss your inner capacity for joy because of any anxiety you’re experiencing. It’s very easy to feel let down by life sometimes, but try to only allow that to be a passing moment, purely because you know that energy is contagious and right now you need the strong support that a positive attitude brings. Fear is a battle for all of us, but working with the present moment more and more you will see the power that fear has over you diminish rapidly as you accept things as they are right now, instead of flinging your energy all over the place. January will be a big month for you and the year ahead is showing a real breakthrough in mental clarity, so hang in there!

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Hello adventurer! I hope you had a creative and expansive end to the year, with perhaps some fun and games thrown in. We start the year off with quite a big strong and intense card and I feel the Universe is trying to catch your attention here. The imagery in the Judgement card shows an angel trumpeting from the heavens as a collection of figures climb out of the ground and come to the surface. The message is certainly one of rebirth, and a big push for you to stand up and be counted! This often comes if you feel like you’ve slid a little off your path or become a bit wishy-washy with your intentions – that blaring trumpet says ‘wake up!’ I have seen this card come up a lot for clients recently with the energy around us really signaling for us to be serious about our passions and accept our calling cards. Because of this element of rebirth you can expect to feel the winds of change during the month, some of them motivated by the actions you intend to take while others may be the Universe sweeping in and getting rid of what you don’t need, so trust that there is a method within any madness and that everything happens to get you to be where you should be. Now this isn’t a card of swift action, it represents the opening of your eyes and a period of evaluation before you make your moves. So don’t feel like you need to charge off your starting block – in fact it’s a good idea not to be hasty, but spend the beginning of the year really making some solid plans. There is also a sense of spiritual awakening here as the rebirth can be you stepping into a different energy space. You may have been researching and experimenting with some new ways of thinking recently, and found yourself having a bit more faith that you can bust through your blocks. So you may find yourself making a commitment to a period of healing, because you know that the future will benefit from you being at your finest. You might feel like joining some group therapy sessions to help understanding that others are experiencing similar fears and that you’re not as alone as you often think. This card is a positive sign that you can continue your journey and get to the bottom of those demons and shift them out, making way for all that is new, exciting and frankly much, much more interesting.

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Happy New Year to you! I hope that you managed to indulge a little over the holiday season and get the rest you needed from a recent work slog. The Five of Pentacles is urging you to not sway off your highest path this month. The Fives always come up to teach us about the human experience and this card is a real mix of the material and spiritual worlds. It can show up when you suddenly feel a bit abandoned by the environment around you and so in turn you abandon the world within – when of course you need to do the total opposite! This feeling isn’t entirely accurate, as you may feel alone but in fact you have a wealth of support around when you need it – but you do have to check in and call it in! So if you suddenly feel really out of whack this month, ask for help! It might be that you check in with your closest friends or take yourself for a massage with your favorite therapist – either way you must allow yourself to be nurtured so that you can see the light again. Be careful not to get into the mood where you think that everyone ‘has it better’ than you – that can be you turning your fire element back on yourself and others, which can easily missfire leaving you angry at the Universe or the people around you. It’s not the time to start throwing out mysterious tweets that talk about you being ‘all you’ve got’ because it cultivates a judgmental attitude which is very negative and also closes you off to brighter thoughts. Your take home is that all is not lost, there is brightness ahead of any stressful moments that you may experience along the way. Change your tune so that you sync back into a positive mental attitude and avoid settling into a lack mentality. If you believe that you don’t have what you need then that’s what you will always see. Practice some gratitude for all the little blessings in your life right now – I bet there are so many – as this can be the start of you returning to a spiritual practice. Give it a shot, even simply closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing for a minute while you’re on the bus, you are committing to an investment in your wellbeing. You are worth the life that you dream of, so don’t hang around recycling your sadness because there are a million more awesome things round the corner for you.

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Stay in the holiday groove Virgo, as you still need some rest. The Four of Swords feels to me like the calm before the storm – not a destructive one, but it might be that February and onwards is going to be all Go Go Go, so you want to sail the calm seas for as long as possible. The imagery of this card shows a figure lying in bed with these swords around him, and I used to think that this card was signalling some kind of anxiety. But the more I’ve worked with it, I’ve learned that it’s merely a reflection of recent anxiety and stress giving you the go ahead to slow down and rest up. It often arrives as a little warning to us that if we over work and over dramatize things, then our physical body may end up feeling the stress. If you felt rather beaten down in December, make January a month of good health. You don’t have to dive into a restrictive detox but be mindful that you want to feed yourself well so that you have energy for what’s ahead. You have a pretty action packed year ahead with all sorts of success, so please accept this moment of retreat. If you can take extra time off work then you could benefit from some time out in nature or away from the buzz of your laptop, somewhere you can find actual silence. If you can’t get out of town, meditation will be key – you might enjoy some guided meditations where you can jet yourself off to some golden fields in your mind and receive some divine healing. This is also a time of contemplation for the year ahead, a little bit of intention before you put in the action, so enjoy some daydreaming and visualizing. Be light and airy in the best possible way, and avoid using your down time to have a little dance party with your fears – we know how easy that can be! Let yourself have as much alone time as possible – there is positivity in solitude so don’t feel guilty about turning down any party invites, as your wellbeing is the priority. With all this in mind, don’t be afraid of the spaces that appear in your schedule or of a quieter financial month; remember the ebbs and flows of life. You know that it’s important for you to take this breather so stop arguing about it in your head. You aren’t being unproductive if you have a day off work – okay!

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


We’re back on the work train for you my little Libra. The Seven of Pentacles has a lot in common with The Hanged Man – both share elements of patience and surrender. Your mood is that of a gardener that has just planted all of his favorite flowers and is dying to see them bloom. But this isn’t a time for instant gratification and you must allow things to mature. Our ability to be patient and let our ships come in in their own time is very important, and an exercise in our own personal confidence. It can be easy to see periods of waiting as some sort of failure – but this is far from the case, in fact the signs all point to positive returns on your investment. So in the career and material world you may be waiting on emails, article approvals, or confirmation of a pay raise. You may even be waiting for legal matters to be sorted out. You won’t be waiting forever though, do not fear, you will probably see things moving along within a matter of weeks, so you can be calm in this surrender and, in fact, enjoy it. In another sense this card shows things coming back to you that you have put out, so if you took a bit of a wild adventure in the spirit of rhe holiday season then you could be feeling in need of a serious detox. No problem, you are totally up for the job! Just get on it fast so that you boost your energy levels for later in the month when you find yourself needing to put in some major work on all those opportunities that have suddenly come back around. It’s also important to allow things to have their flow and not freak out if something doesn’t work out how you planned. If one flower amongst seven doesn’t blossom then this is no major loss to have a hissy fit about – instead, see it as creating a space for something else to grow. Please take this mindset as gold dust as it can really free you up from causing yourself a lot of inner anguish. This way of thinking actually opens more doors and takes off the blinkers. Remember, life is good, so settle in and enjoy what you have right now. Be thankful for a new year and know that a bunch of magical opportunities await you.

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


You’re back on form this month Scorpio – more power to you! December carried a rush of healing along with a few ego flares, and as January comes in you’re really on top of it and ready to be the brightest and shiniest you! Please prepare to go for gold as The Star gives you the ability to rise above your challenges and rebirth any time that you need to. You have been caring for your health and so your energy is on the up, and if you haven’t then please don’t waste time punishing your body. You absolutely have to draw that line and respect yourself so that your outer world can reflect your inner being. Be loving to your body and your life will call in sunbeams. The Star is a beacon of positive energy and a pioneer for clicking yourself into a truly magical mindset. It’s also a serious shout out for you to keep at your spiritual practice – remember that it should be fun! The last thing we want is to punish ourselves about whether we’ve meditated long enough today. You know what works for you – just keep at it. You must not hide in the shadows this January; it is the right time to keep throwing ideas and projects out into the cosmos. Your wisdom must be shared and you will do yourself and the world an injustice if you hide away and are afraid to share what you know. This card gives you the ability to be a shining light for others, so never underestimate your ability to uplift someone with the tiniest of actions – even a smile. You also might want to check in with some of your own ‘star people.’ Whether this means friends who always uplift you or a new therapist or coach, seek any advice that you need to be able to hone your skills this month. Be grateful – be grateful for your past, your present and very much for your future. I like to thank the world for the joy I have ahead and acknowledge the faith I have that I am on the right path. Do this for yourself, and also recognize your talents! I always see the stars showering across this card like medals for all that you’ve achieved so far, so pat yourself on the back. The stars also reflect all the new projects and passions you have around and in store. The year is no doubt going to be a big one for you and so your only job is to be unapologetic about stepping into your super powers and enjoy the ride.

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I am here to tell you that all that water energy from the last year…is here to stay! Welcome to a brand new you, as there’s no escaping your feelings or your intuition so you may as well embrace it, baby! I really love the transition from the King of Cups to the Queen this month, as you get to relax a little more as you familiarize yourself with a change in your energy. This is a much more feminine and divine source for you this January. I also feel this is a really positive card to kick off your year and, having just completed your year ahead forecast, it’s looking pretty celebratory. So let’s get started! The Queen of Cups gives you the ability to see the world through a lens of love, compassion, intuition and nurture. You will continue to practice thinking from your heart space and trusting that your gut has some gusto. This Queen is perfect to help you redefine any fiery moments that leap up this month, perhaps unexpectedly you know right away that you must treat fire with a big wet kiss of L.O.V.E. You also may find yourself the healer of the bunch this month as people seem to line up to ask you for help with their problems – and you delight in doing so. Make sure you watch your energy, and don’t forget your boundaries. Visualize a bright and shiny bubble around you so that you feel protected in your space. Make sure to balance this by spending time with your power posse – you need the support of your gang around you especially as you flow into this New Year. I’ve spoken to you a lot about self care over this past year, so keep it up. You have noticed it working and seen your body and mind respond well to a nice dose of good food and more sleep. You are sitting secure on your throne as you set off into this new year and you are right to be confident about your plans – just keep going at everything in your life from a heartfelt place. The moment that you start making decisions from fear, then you will notice a headfirst turn in the not so awesome direction. You now know from experience that that way of thinking just won’t cut it for you anymore – plus we all know that you are too intent on getting your own way to risk fear de-railing your success!

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!

Cast using the Rider Waite Deck.