Cast and channeled by Lindsay Mack, using The Starchild Tarot

Ace of Swords, rx

Ace of Swords reversed might not be the sexiest card to kick the new year off with, but it is arguably the most valuable. You are moving through some deeply important shifts this month, Capricorn, ones that will have an effect on the remainder of your year. Ace of Swords reversed is inviting you to get clear on where you might be self sabotaging, resisting your expansion, or letting yourself be swayed by negative, low vibrational energy. You are on the verge of a HUGE expansion, loves, one that will powerfully transform your life for the better. You cannot really move forward into that expansion without inquiring about whether your thoughts and impulses are in alignment. Even if the untrue thoughts continue to swirl around, it’s okay—you will be clear, and that will make all the difference.

It is time for an intentional pause in your life, one that will enable you to truly take stock of any areas in which you are living in fear as opposed to truth. To do so will be tough, maybe intense, but the fear is worse than the reality. In other words, Capricorn, your brain is taking you for a little bit of a ride. It might be whispering stories of fear or dread to help keep you smaller, or throwing you off the trail with projects, endeavors and collaborations that are just a distraction for what you really want to do, or from the discomfort of the unknown. You might not be able to see it, or even identify it until you take that pause. If you can give yourself the gift of that, you will be able to get off that ride sooner than you think, opening your life to clarity and expansion.

Ace of Swords rx is one of those cards that can be flipped from reversed to right side up very easily, as long as we inquire. Once you take that step, Capricorn, the month’s energy will shift; what was confusing will become extremely clear, powerful and abundant. Ace of Swords is really a lightning rod for clear connection with Source, allowing us to manifest our brilliant ideas. It is a place of great power, which is why it’s so important for us to be clear when we are in this card. No more forcing, pushing or fear based actions. Take the time to get clear, Capricorn, and everything will start flowing.

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Oppression/The Devil

Upon starting to write this Tarotscope for you, Aquarius, Spirit popped in my ear quite loudly and said, “They know what this means already.” So, there you go. I think all of you probably understand why The Devil has come to call on you this month. I think it is showing up for all of you differently at this time—some of you may in fact be lapsing into old addictions, some of you might be experiencing visits from your shadow self, some of you might be in a big cycle of brain chemistry contraction, locked in old thoughts, beliefs or anxieties. Either way, it’s not permanent; you are moving through a process of liberation.

The Devil doesn’t show up because we took a wrong turn, nor does it show up because we get sucked into a cycle of poor judgement and low vibe energy. Far from it. Even if you are engaged in some shadow behavior, there’s a root reason in there somewhere, a cry for that’s going unanswered. That cry might even be the desire to be free, to allow yourself to experience this shadow behavior without self judgement. You are going deep with The Devil this month, Aquarius. There’s nothing to fear—you will learn more about yourself, your brain, and the nature of your addictive cycles than you ever have before. Knowledge is power, so make sure you show up to class.

The Devil is a call to liberation, to free ourselves from the bonds of judgement, guilt, shame and self flagellation when we drift down an old path of addictive energy. The question isn’t, “How can I avoid this? How did I get back here?” The question is, can you let yourself be human? Can you answer the call of that cry within you? Can you forgive yourself? Can you honor the ebbs of flows of this human life, Aquarius? Can you let yourself be perfectly human? Can you allow yourself to be honest, raw, shining in all of your imperfection? If you can bow your head to the cycle that The Devil is highlighting for you, you are already free. The Devil is starting your year off with an incredibly powerful, soul level invitation to love, accept, and honor yourself as you are, Aquarius, however you are. Give yourself the support you need to move through any cycles of addiction, and cut the chain of identification.

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Six of Cups

You are moving into the new year on such a beautiful, tender energy, Pisces. Six of Cups has the potential to deeply transform the whole flow of your year—it’s invitation to you is to open your heart, speak your truth, and express yourself vulnerably and courageously. You might be called to revisit old memories, flowing back into a time of nostalgia, whether painful or beautiful. Be willing to look at everything that arises, gently and kindly taking care of your inner child as you do so. There is the potential for much healing and emotional releasing this month, which is wonderful. It can enable us to become even more intimate with ourselves and our inner children, as well as to free up space within us to receive new experiences.

This great wave of expression, truth and experience will dictate the flow of your month, Pisces. You may swirl back and forth from the present moment to the past—there may even be moments where the two seem like they are getting confused with one another. If things become unclear, you can always come back to your heart, to the truth that resides there. If you tune in with that place, the truth of your current experience will always be clear to you. If you withdraw, the month will be more difficult for you. If you lean into your heart and your truth, so much love, support, and abundance will flow your way. Be the fish that you are; go for a deep swim, come back to the shores of your life, reporting on what you’ve seen there, then dive back in.

Six of Cups is an emotional rebirth, in many ways. It can take us back down memory lane, but it’s true invitation is to return to the purity of a child’s heart: free, open, unafraid. It is the place we all lived before we were burdened with heartbreak, sadness, trauma, or grief. For you Pisces, the nostalgia piece is important; there will be a great wisdom in the emotions and memories that flow back up to the surface. Rather than closing up or letting them take you completely under, feel them and tune into what medicine or messages they might have to offer your expansion at this time. Become a deep sea diver of your heart and soul, bringing back treasures to share with everyone in your life.

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The Wheel of Fortune, rx

Happy new year, Aries! What a powerful month you have ahead of you. Simply put, Wheel of Fortune reversed is inviting you to stay centered in the present moment, supporting you in creating the best possible foundation for your intentions to flourish. If you can shift your focus out of the future and into the here and now, you will set the tone for an incredibly abundant year. When delays or confusions arise, consider them little mindfulness bells, bearing messages from Source. Try to find a lightness and curiosity with those moments.

Ask yourself, what needs my attention now? Before you make that million dollars, do you need to open a business banking account? Before you meet your soulmate, do you need to work on receiving? Don’t limit this to romantic love with a partner. What about receiving compliments? Receiving help at work? This isn’t about getting what you want, but rather preparing you for what you have asked for. The more you drift into the future this month, Aries, the more banana peels Wheel of Fortune will slip under your feet to attempt to bring you back to the present moment. The banana peels don’t exist to screw with you—they exist to help you see things from a different perspective. We go from walking on two legs to flat on our back in a moment! There is a treasure here; it is the Universe trying to get your attention.

Your biggest invitation, Aries, is to not miss these signs. If we don’t consider the gift of the banana peel, we will continue to get caught in delay and distraction, not to mention victimhood and story. If we can honor the initial feelings that arise as we lay there, then actually find a way to laugh about it—we have succeeded in working with the moment! Then, perhaps, we might open our eyes and see a beautiful sunset that we weren’t noticing because we were lost in the future. We might even fold our hands behind our head, silently thanking the banana peel for the reminder that we need to rest, opening up to the fullness of the moment. In other words, Aries, your response to the present moment is dictating your future outcome, so be here now. If you can work with the complex energy of the Wheel of Fortune reversed, you will have a very bountiful year on your hands.

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Knight of Wands

Damn, Taurus! What an crackling energy to set the tone of the new year! Knight of Wands is ruled by fire and air. This card’s electric energy brings with it a heart centered heat, leaving a trail of passion, sexuality and joy wherever it goes. This energy loves to be seen, to feel itself, to be front and center—to take action and look good doing it. Your invitation this month, Taurus, will be to plug into this frequency and allow it to permeate into your life. Knight of Wands energy could show up for you professionally, personally, and/or romantically. No matter what, don’t limit yourself.

Let this month be the alchemical shift it is meant to be for your whole sign’s expansion. Your only task, and it is a big one, is to blow past any fear or resistance to these energies and to courageously step up into your fullest expansion. No more playing small, being afraid to take up space, or dimming your light down for others. Blast off, Taurus—2017 is your year! Knight of Wands is a card of action, so no matter what area of your life this card shows up in, it is going to take you somewhere. USE this energy, Taurus. The medicine of the card showing up in the month of January is actually setting the tone for your whole year—it is important to embrace it’s power.

You can start by taking a gentle appraisal of all the ways that you keep yourself a little smaller, or in outdated patterns, whether consciously or unconsciously. It might be time for some big steps, might be time for small ones. Either way, expect some beautiful shifts to your life. Is it time to raise your rates, move across the country, or release certain people from your life? Is it time to launch the product, events or workshops you’ve been dreaming of? If so, do it fearlessly and joyfully. When and if discomfort or resistance arises, take it as a sign that you are on the right track—nothing aligned ever comes without contraction. Trust in that wise discomfort as you move forward this month, closer and closer to your dreams. Step forward, Taurus. Be willing to be seen in all your glory. It is time to shed the old layers that have so beautifully shielded you from shining in your fullness.

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The Empress, rx

The Empress reversed is getting real on you this month, Gemini. It is time for a change in the way you choose to move through the world on all levels—romantically, interpersonally, creatively, professionally, energetically and beyond. The Empress is divine feminine, divine Mother, divine receiving, the pure essence of Yin energy. She is comfortable, relaxed, dropped in with her sexuality, her creativity and her intuition. The Empress is also a Major Arcana energy, which is akin to a thunderstorm, or the curl of a wave; there is very little we can do to control these energies, and like the weather or the elements, it is best to bend with them, rather than against them. January’s invitation to you will be to surrender to this softer place within yourself.

It is time to evolve past the busy doing and over thinking that robs you of the wellspring of your vitality, and come back home to Empress energy. She has been calling to you for several months now, and I know a lot of you are feeling a lack of her in one way or another, whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. You will create and manifest a lot more through restoration and reconnection with your sense of play, receiving, and sensuality, Gemini. It is time to drop back into yourself, past the mind and into the body. The body is your refuge and your temple; you have to start treating it that way. 2017 is truly a year that isn’t going to let up on you until you are courageous enough to choose softness, rest, and a renewed sense of self care in the face of your mental contractions.

And by the way, this isn’t because you are doing anything wrong, or making mistakes. Far from it! The Empress reversed is here because you deserve better, and it is time to look at the old patterning and fear that keeps you from moving into this place of upgraded receiving. You can start by communicating your feelings, or moving into a willingness to accept help when it’s offered to you. You don’t have to be comfortable—you just have to be willing. Instead of getting swept away with your brain’s chatter, tune into what your body is communicating to you. A whole Universe of knowledge is contained within you, past the storm of your thoughts and patterning. Rest, listen deeply, come home to yourself.

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Ten of Pentacles, rx

January is a month of limbo for you, Cancer, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It fact, it’s powerfully aligned. If you can flow with the unknown and move into quiet, focused inner work, much will be manifested out of this time. This period of your life is best served by looking inward, rather than to material or external gains. The time spent in review will aid you in refining your goals, preparing you beautifully for where the next few months are going to be leading you. It will be immensely important to take stock of your aspirations during this time. You have to be willing to honest with yourself, to shift your life if some aspect of your path is no longer in alignment. Don’t let this scare you—these changes will only yield more abundance, joy and clarity in your life.

Ten of Pentacles when not reversed is a pretty perfect card. It heralds a time of completion, harvest, abundance, rich rewards for hard work. It also can be a time when we are birthing something new into the world. The reversal is a little heads up that some aspect of our lives is out of alignment, and thus is keeping us from this harvest, from manifesting all that we desire. Your job this month, Cancer, will be to clarify just what that is. It’s a little like driving a car that’s making a noise. It could be that your oil needs a change, it could be that your transmission is failing. The most important step is to cultivate the courage to go to a mechanic and have it looked at.

Either way, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Either your car will be good as few for a few bucks, or you could trade it in for a totally new car. The one thing you cannot do anymore is drive your car around while it’s making that noise. Muster up the bravery and come face to face with your truth. Hard as it might be to hear, it’s going to bring only better, not worse, to your life. Once you move through that, you are free to make the essential changes that can bring Ten of Pentacles out of a reversal and into it’s aligned place, flooding your life with the gifts that are hovering right above you, ready to flow into your life.

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Page of Wands

You literally could not get a more powerful, positive card for the start of your 2017, Leo! Page of Wands is joyful evidence that sets the tone for a profound shift in your life, markedly moving you from a year of hatching to one where you are fully out of the cocoon. You are ready to go, and the energy of the month is going to take you to your dreams and beyond. 2016 was a year full of ass kickings for your whole sign—profound, transformative, and full of blessings to be sure, but most certainly a tough ride in moments. This has been important for many reasons: to temper ego, to help you to trust life, to slow you down a bit, to get you more centered on the foundation than the outcome, to reconnect you with your intuition.

All of it was important and vital—but it is done. Whether you were aware of it or not, you passed the big tests. You waited. You paused when it felt excruciating. You trusted life even when it felt impossible to do so. You did the work even when you didn’t know it. You let yourself be lost and confused. You were willing, even through discomfort, to evolve. Evolution is exactly what’s been happening to you, Leo—moving from caterpillar to butterfly. The simplicity and the power of that is enough to crack your whole heart open. The truly, truly hard stuff is over, and what it’s left within you is a readiness, an openness, a richness and a wisdom of spirit that is priceless.

The Universe has been waiting for you to be open enough to receive the blessings, gifts and invitations that it wants to grace you with—you were so busy in your own stories and agendas that you weren’t able to do this until now. Bow to yourselves; you have come through a full rebirth. Page of Wands is your guide for this new era of your lives, lighting the flame, bestowing upon you a kind of grounded, rooted confidence that will propel you through your year ahead. This card’s energy has wrapped up the past, has shifted the impulsive way they used to do things, and is now moving in a way that is tethered to reality, allowing much to be manifested along the way. This month is the beginning of BIG transformation for you, Leo. You are ready—so leap.

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Five of Swords

You have choice this month, Virgo. With Five of Swords, there is always a choice. You can choose victimhood or empowerment, to get sucked into an old mental pattern, or to decline your brain’s invitation into contraction. You could go down the whirlpool of destruction, self sabotage, guilt, shame, rage or fury—or you could just recenter, calmly honoring the gifts of your situation and letting all of it unfold into a place of power and transformation. Five of Swords is a card that can have a sting to it, which is a part of it’s medicine. The sting helps to get our attention. This card is going to help you to see the ways in which you have locked yourself into a pattern or cycle of negativity or pain—once you see it, it will be possible for you to be liberated from it.

This is a month, Virgo, in which you are going to have to be on your toes with your brain chemistry. The fact that you’re in Five of Swords is a great thing and a good sign—the brain doesn’t really invite us here unless it knows that it is losing some measure of control over us. This is a month to practice extreme gentleness in the face of whatever arises—internally or externally. It is a time to go slowly, to make measured choices, and to drop any story we have about this cycle in our lives. If you are locked in a story about how you were wronged, or how life is unfair, drop it. Honor the feelings, and move into choice, into owning the truth of your situation. No more self flagellating or victimhood.

As foreboding as all this sounds, it will only hurt as much as you’re identified with your ego and victimhood. If that’s the case, you’re already in pain. You can only have more of what you’ve got, or to be liberated from the cycle. This freedom is exactly what’s possible for you this month, Virgo. To see yourself and the ways in which you’re staying locked in old, painful patterns, and rather than getting caught up in a story about that, to choose a recentering. If you are courageous enough to turn away from the brain’s invitation into victimhood and story, you will be clearer, wiser, freer and stronger than you’ve ever been.

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Nine of Pentacles

January is a time of sweetness before a big transformation. You are getting ready for some major, major changes this year, Libra—all hugely expansive and abundant. You have been through some unbelievably intense cycles in the past year, moved through major resistance and fear, and evolved like your life depended on it. January is the start of a fresh time, a brand new path of growth, blessings, and gifts, all of which will be borne out of the hard work and self love you’ve been cultivating and nurturing. Nine of Pentacles is the sacred guide that will lead you toward all that you are prepared to receive with open arms. You are ready—now let it flow in.

Nine of Pentacles is a beautiful energy, a sweet culmination of a time of committed efforts, and of knowledge and blessings gained through those efforts. Look around you, Libra. Are you anywhere near where you were at this time last year? My hunch for most of you is no. Even if the physical, earthly aspects of your life have stayed the same, YOU are different. You are not the same. Bless yourself, bow to yourself, give thanks, love, and gratitude to yourself. 2016 was an extremely intense year that came with so many challenges, invitations and contractions for your whole sign—you moved through that beautifully, whether you were aware of it or not. Now, it is time to reap the rewards of that hard work, and to step forward into your next level of expansion from there.

There is a two fold invitation for you this month, Libra—to bask in the glow of the gifts, abundance and blessings in your life as a result of your committed growth, AND to prepare to step onto a new path of mastery. The master’s path is the only option you have now, Libra. It is time to step into that new place of purpose, and of creation, to shed any aspects of your life that are keeping you locked in struggle, pain or resistance. Take a BIG leap this month, and it will pay off. There is no rug to be ripped out from under you. You are out of the dark and fully in the light, Libra. Expect to be showered with blessings, opportunities and gratitude this month. Absorb, trust and receive them—then begin to get clear on your next steps.

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Four of Wands

This is your second month in a row in Four of Wands, Scorpio! A first for these Tarotscopes! Whenever cards repeat themselves, especially in a setting like this, it is very special. Not only does it mean that there are still lessons to be learned, wisdom to be gained, and medicine to be absorbed from a card’s energy, it also means that your guides are trying hard to communicate with you. Some aspect of the Four of Wands is deeply important for you, Scorpio—it has to be to come up back to back. Beyond the channeled wisdom that I will go into here, I encourage you to go off book this month, and tune in with this card in a more personal way. Read everything you can about it, look at card imagery from lots of different decks, read about the numerology of the number 4, and consider what the energy of fire might have to bring to your lives. This is a beautiful practice to drop into whenever we get repeat cards. Something is trying to communicate with us, and it is lovely to open ourselves up to that in any way we can.

You are still moving through the beautiful invitation that Four of Wands brings, which is to celebrate and honor a cycle of completion in our lives. When we are in this card, it slices away seriousness, cools intensity and softens our focus. It transforms the tremendous fire exerted in the Wands, channeling it into joy and celebration. This card’s energy has come here for one of two reasons, Scorpio. See which one aligns most with you: 1) You have been actively ignoring the invitation of the card, plugging away at life on an empty tank, not truly taking the time to recharge and refill your well, or 2) You are taking the invitation of the card beautifully, and the continued recommendation is to keep moving through your life with that same sense of full hearted flow.

For those of you who find yourselves in choice one, it’s all good! Just drop into the energy of the Scorps who have been flowing in choice two—restore, realign, rejoice in your life. Blow off steam, laugh, honor the journey that’s led you to this point, and let the whole month be a celebration of all your work in the past year. You deserve it.

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Three of Wands

What a beautiful start to your 2017, Sagittarius! Your sign on a whole is on fire, truly stepping up as the powerful leaders that you are. It has been amazing to see this expansion blossom in all of you over the last few months. The energy of the coming year is only going to bring you higher, deeper and more fully into your mastery, and Three of Wands is helping you to kick off the journey in a truly potent way. The time has come to get clear, Sagittarius. Clearer than you’ve ever been. What do you want? Where do you feel called to live? Who do you feel called to be around? It might be time for some of you with tighter grips to let go of control, moving into a willingness to receive in a way that will ask you to surrender.

If you’ve been in the same situation for a few years, the latter is important medicine for you. In order for you to step up into this place of mastery, you have to allow January to help you clear out the old and plant anew. Three of Wands is such a powerful, potent, special energy. It truly heralds a time of transformation, shifts, and new groundwork. Your journey of expansion isn’t over—but you have leveled up. It will be very wise for you to take an inventory of yourself, your life, and the people with whom you teach, raise, serve and spend your time. Ask yourself if these relationships feel deeply nourishing to you, and how you could bring this higher level to the table for all of your relationships. The same goes for your job, your romantic attachments, your goals and dreams.

January is truly the start of a very exciting time for you, one that will ask you to really come forward with all of the gifts, knowledge and wisdom you’ve been quietly gaining over the last year. People need your wisdom now more than ever; it is time to share it at this new level. This may also be a time when you find yourself drawn to explore new avenues of service, learning, or experience. If you’ve been hungering for that, dive in. Three of Wands energy is all about new journeys, experiences, growth and knowledge, both gained and shared. Let it flow through your life and see how it effortlessly releases what doesn’t serve and brings more abundance in.

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In the face of heart-wrenching challenges that left many of us feeling very troubled (read: angry, confused, and afraid) we remained committed to the deeply magical acts of connecting and co-creating. From transforming difficult emotions into empowered action, to the pure pleasure of crystal dildos, we give you the Best of The Numinous 2016. Cause we gotta have faith, cosmic crusaders…


April Rose illustration, Lightcolorsound


1. A Message of Hope from Miki Agrawal: Thinx Founder Miki Agrawal shares her post-election thoughts for how to change hearts and minds.

Miki Agrawal, THINX, Period Panties, Best of The Numinous 2016


2. Dream Project: The Story of the Dust II Onyx Tarot: When Courtney Alexander couldn’t find a deck that spoke to her on a soul level, she decided to create her own.

Dust II Onyx Tarot, Courtney Alexander, Best of The Numinous 2016


3. How to Work with Your Spirit Animal—A Total Guide: Wolf Sister teaches us to tap into the animal kingdom by learning to work with our spiritual beasts.

Wolf Sister, Spirit Animal, How to Find Your Spirit Animal, Best of The Numinous 2016



4. Holy F*ck: Holding Space for My Shadow Self. “Just like our sexual self doesn’t have much space to roam in this world, neither does our shadow self…” says Alexandra Roxo.

Alexandra Roxo burning man shadow self The Numinous


5. Why Are All the Lightworkers Moving to LA?: Fern Olivia breaks down why life on the Left Coast is calling.

Fern Olivia, Left Coast, Lightworkers, Best of The Numinous 2016


6. Cosmic Calling—Astrology for Entrepreneurs: When it comes to astrology for entrepreneurs, it’s about knowing your cosmic career signature, and following a few hard and fast rules, says Rebecca Gordon.

Business Astrology, Astrology for Entrepreneurs, Rebecca Gordon, Best of The Numinous 2016


7. Empowered Action in the Face of Trauma: Recent world events have stirred up many intense emotions. Louise Androlia shares her wisdom on how to use our feelings as a catalyst for empowered action.

people hugging empowered action after trauma The Numinous


8. Fashion as Self-Love: The Story Behind KE7H3R: “Everything, even fashion, is a transference of energy.” Janelle Corpuz Hethcot talks sartorial style as self-love with Ruby Warrington.

Janelle Corpuz Hethcot, Self-Love, Fashion as Self-Love, KE7H3R, Best of The Numinous 2016


9. Hello Chakrubs: Yes, That’s a Crystal Dildo: Forget the battery-operated vibrator and pick up a high-vibe, soul-opening crystal sex toy. Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia shares her story with Gabriela Herstik.

Crystal Dildo, Chakrubs, Vanessa Cuccia, Best of The Numinous 2016


10. Casting My Spell—Confessions of a White Witch: “I see writing as a spell, decorating my home as a spell, singing as a spell. Whenever I express myself I am casting MY spell.” Shaheen Miro shares what it means to grow up and embrace being a white witch.

White Witch, Shaheen Miro, Best of The Numinous 2016

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The King of Swords is here to help us speak a necessary truth and declare our intentions for 2017, says Lindsay Mack


Elyssa Jakim sits down with her hero, the Goddess Venus, for some lessons in love, sex, and relationships for 2017…

Elyssa Jakim interview with the Goddess Venus The Numinous
The author channeling Goddess Venus

In the spring of 2012, I took a fated voyage to Italy. I toured Rome, Florence, and Venice for two weeks by myself without knowing any Italian except different variations of ciao and grazie. I had experiences that ranged in tint from enchanting to bizarre to intense to delicious to profound.

Of course, I visited the Uffizi Gallery in Florence: the must-see museum city’s must-see museum. After rounding a nondescript corner of this monolith, I found myself face-to-face with Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. The sight was astonishing. Instantly, tears sprang to my eyes at the golden masterwork. I knew Venus. I looked like her. I was her.

Chills ran through my body. Identifying with Venus bundled me in a new layer of self-acceptance, like a warm cloak. The sight of that painting changed something in me.

This all happened before I had discovered that I was a latent medium. But, looking back on my emotional response, I believe this meeting with Venus sealed my future work with her—and my eventual ability to hear her. Since that trip, Venus (and that image of her) has entered my life in countless ways—not least with my Temple Of Venus column for The Numinous, in which I have discussed many ways to work with the energy of the Goddess Venus.

As this column prepares to transition in the New Year (stay tuned for its next incarnation), I decided that a perfect way to pay homage to our Venus would be to let her speak. 

So as we close out 2016, I sat down with the Goddess Venus to get her tips on love and romance for the year ahead. And yes, by sitting down with the Goddess, I mean I went into deep meditation and had a conversation with my hero Venus!

boticelli Goddess Venus Elyssa Jakim Temple of Venus The Numinous

“Hello Universe! It is a pleasure to be heard by you. Numinous readers have deep sensitivity. I hope they can feel my vibration through these words.”

ELYSSA JAKIM: What can you tell us about relationships in the current climate, Venus?
GODDESS VENUS: Recently, I have found I want more from my lovers and my standards are elevated, which means you mortals too have been more demanding in your relationships. It’s good to have high standards. But like anything, these high expectations must be balanced. So here is my tip for relationships in 2017: look at your closest relationships, especially with those family members who you perhaps spent more time with during the holidays.

Ask yourself: are my standards fair? Am I being too hard on the people around me? How can I receive the love that they are trying to give, even if they lack the right words? How can I appreciate the effort my loved ones make, even when it doesn’t land quite right? This will free you up into compassion. 

EJ: Are the high standards also helpful?
GV: Yes! The shift into higher standards is very important for those wishing to break their relationship patterns and attract a new kind of love in the new year. If you know you are ready to change how you date and whom you date, start setting your new patterns without delay. Walk your talk. When the same type of person you always date with no positive results asks you out, decline. Cut a date short if you don’t feel honored. It is time to spend time with people who lift you up, enlighten you, who make you laugh, and who make you feel healthy. Be aware of the company you keep.

EJ: What’s your message to the world right now?
GV: Stay close to your heart. It’s easy to look outside of yourself to find the answers, and it is easy to look outside of yourself for despair too. But the thing that is truly sustaining is the energy of your own knowing. People know what is right for them so much more than they think. I see so many of you asking for advice when you don’t really need it.

Is it advice or is it permission you’re seeking? I give you permission right now to make your own decisions. Trust that you have all of the answers inside of you. Especially in this Internet age where there are so many answers. Before googling all the symptoms (physical and metaphysical) simply ask your self what you need. 

Interview with the Goddess Venus by Elyssa Jakim The Numinous
Artwork: Bea Toa

EJ: What are your tips for sensuality in 2017?
GV: Get into your body, and get truly sensual! Challenge your lingerie choices. If you always wear a bra, forget it for a day. If you’re always flying free, try something structured and see how it makes you feel. Notice your body’s sensory reaction to clothes. What makes your genitals a little excited when you think about wearing it? What are your sensual fabrics? Read a book of erotica or a book about tantra and practice by yourself. Get intimate and cozy and hot inside to offset the frost. Winter’s dark mysteries can be pretty sexy. 

EJ: Is January really a good time for a detox?
GV: We often indulge during the holidays, since emotions are running high, and being surrounded by family members can trigger this. A way to temper this is to make sure your self-care practices are also on high alert. In January, drink SOOOOO much water. Put crystals in the water to make it more fun! If you have a sweet tooth, perhaps try a spoonful of honey. It may be cold out, but fresh air will help you to re-group and re-ground.

This is not a time of denial. If you’re choosing to eat healthier in January, feel excited by this act of nourishment. Receive the sweetness you maybe crave from other things. From a warm hug. From a great wintery walk. From candles. From kisses in the snow. From romance.

EJ: You are the Goddess of romance, Venus. What does that word mean to you?
GV: It means saying your true feelings out loud. Whether this is a crush or a long-term lover, to me being bold can be really sexy. Remember when you wrote letters to people as a teen, Elyssa? I loved that! You might have been embarrassed, but I found it beautiful! Most importantly, be romantic for yourself. Light candles in your space and play music that feels sexy or heartwarming to you. Sit by the fire, take hot showers, seek heat and warmth. Put red roses or petals in your space. Write yourself a love letter. Cook yourself a nice meal. Take yourself out on your own perfect date. The ways to be romantic are limitless, it’s just important to remember to do it.

EJ: How can Numinous readers connect with you in 2017?
GV: My energy is awakening more and more on the planet right now and I invite any one reading this to spend time in meditation with me. And remember, I exist in many forms. I exist as honeybees. I am a planet, obviously. I am white buffalo calf woman. I am the earth. I am sensuality. I am the womb. I am your deep femininity. Please spend some time with me. Please put a red rose in your hair, light a white candle, wear something gold, anoint your body with oil, listen to music, sway, and think of me. I love you so much. Have fun and you will prosper!

Elyssa Jakim is available for intuitive readings that channel goddesses, guides, angels, ancestors as well as astral travel sessions, distance reiki, and more! Check out for details on how to work with her. And discover her on Instagram @temple_of_venus.


The Capricorn New Moon is here to fuel our resolutions for the coming year, and she wants you to succeed in all your goals, says Sandra Sitron

Capricorn New Moon 2016 shooting star new year resolutions The Numinous Moon Club
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New Moon :: December 29th 2016 :: 1:54am EST :: 8 degrees Capricorn

A New Moon is a time for fresh intentions. An old cycle has ended, and a new one begins. Imagine that you are planting seeds at this time. Over the course of the next two weeks the seeds will grow to full bloom. What seeds will you plant?

The Capricorn New Moon is achingly practical. She wants you to grow to your full potential. She wants you to use all of your skills, be responsible, be productive and be your own authority. This Moon reminds of the cold hard truth—if the foundation isn’t strong, there will be problems later on. And yet, the Capricorn New Moon message is empowering—make a good plan, cover all your bases and believe in your own ability to succeed. You can show up for this challenge by deciding what you want and making choices that align with your desires.

The Capricorn New Moon happens annually around the time of the New Year. As you set your 2017 resolutions, you are actually crafting a good old-fashioned Capricorn plan! Capricorn helps us structure and produce. So get out your calendar and start sketching out some goals. What will your focus be for each quarter over the next year? What will your focus be each month? Start with the big projects and break it down from there.

The Capricorn New Moon whispers in our ear with a firm and steady voice. She takes a serious tone, but know that she wants the world for us. She wants us to feel the satisfaction of achievement. She says, “I want the best for you. I want you to build something good. You have to do it on your own, but I am supporting you. So show up. Be consistent. Take responsibility. Shoulder the burden. Choose which mountain you are going to climb and then begin. Be determined and diligent. Integrity, responsibility and authority will help you climb your mountain.”


The Moon and it’s message
Exploring underground caves.

You’re a spelunker. You are moving through caves because it is time for you to examine the architecture of your life. This adventure requires bravery and diligence. As you assess the caverns, you must determine if they are stable before you venture in. The symbolic message of the caves is twofold; first, that you must make space for your deepest emotions. Without processing your deepest emotions, you won’t be able to make a conscious plan. Your choices will be too clouded by subconscious fear or anger. Second, that you are revisiting your past. You have to backtrack and rethink past decisions. New information will be revealed during this time. You will make discoveries that inspire you to form a new approach.

Moon Conjunct Mercury (Retrograde)
The rules of the game. The tendency is to be very exact. To know the rules of the game. By all means play by the rules, but leave a little room for adjustment, when necessary. It will soothe your mind to have some kind of “rule book” that you are abiding by. Structure is your friend. Just be careful not to be too rigid.

Moon Conjunct Pluto
The phoenix rises. You are ready to be born anew. An old cycle is ending. You must let go. You must let everything burn away. This requires bravery and trust. Let something die to make room for the new. Acknowledge the emotions that come up and give yourself empathy. Help the old pain heal.

Moon Sextile Mars and Neptune
The boomerang comes back. You are able to move forward and backward through time. What is time? Does it even exist? Return in your memory to your child self at different ages and shower them with unconditional love. This is a way to begin to heal yourself. Find ways to venture through “the veil” between the the physical and non-physical realms. Deepen your meditation practice. Practice shamanic journeying. Create art or music. In your daily life, take action only when you’re inspired. All of these practices will support your ability to be productive and help you meet your goals.


Summary: Although this moon is highly practical, there is a strong emotional tone to it as well. The message is to keep looking at any old fears objectively and see what you are ready to let go of now. Notice what you’re ready to set a new intention around. Be an architect. Re-design your life, based on your desires and not your fear, or what you believe is expected of you. You’re in charge now. You’re the grown-up.


The following suggestions for self-inquiry by sign are designed to help you get deeper into your Capricorn New Moon ruminations. You can get a more accurate insight by checking where 8 degrees Capricorn falls in your birth chart, and also reading for that house.

Aries or 10th house
What in your career is ready to shift? Spend some time journaling about your vision for your career, and list all the steps it will take to get there.

Taurus or 9th house
How can you actively inspire yourself? What practical things will help expand your sense of wonder about the world?

Gemini or 8th house
In what area of your life are you ready to let go of control? If you did so, how might that feel? What hidden desires rise to the surface?

Cancer or 7th house
What relationship patterns are you aware of? When you’re in this pattern how does it feel? How would you like to feel instead? Can you lean into this feeling?

Leo or 6th house
What healthy habits will you prioritize this month? In what ways might this inspire you to also be of service?

Virgo or 5th house
How would you like to expand your creativity? What idea has been on the back-burner that you are ready to begin work on now?

Libra or 4th house
How can you make your home more graceful and elegant? How would this affect your mood? And your productivity?

Scorpio or 3rd house
If you were going to take a class or attend a workshop, what would it be about? Is it possible to make that happen?

Sagittarius or 2nd house
What is blocking you from realizing your self worth? What limiting beliefs are behind any instances of poverty consciousness (“I am not enough / There is never enough”?)

Capricorn or 1st house
What is blocking you from saying “yes”? What is blocking you from saying “no”? List the thoughts or emotions that comes up, and then ask yourself, “is that actually true?”

Aquarius or 12th house
What is the dominant feeling surfacing for you right now? What’s it like to feel this way? Journal on this feeling and then ask yourself: What can I let go of in order to heal?

Pisces or 11th house
Which part of your life are you ready to share with the world? How have your unique experiences equipped you with the insight to make a real difference?

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The art of Laura Berger discovers communion in curious places. Below, she talks positive imagery, humanness, and making art as a healing practice.

the party's in here art of laura berger The Numinous
The Party’s In Here

Whether lounging under palm fronds or tucked inside rainbows, Laura Berger’s figures delight in their sheer nakedness. As they collide with the wondrous world and each other, they appear both freshly hatched and deeply wise. “I guess I’m often painting what I dream of,” says the artist and yogi. And what does she dream of? Chosen families, phones with cords, and the imperfectly perfect adventure of living.

On the healing journey: I think I’ve been on that journey for many years, ha! It’s an ongoing process for most of us, right? I think making things is a good way to generate natural healing vibes, and the themes I’m working with are very positive. So when you spend many hours working on positive imagery, I like to think it slowly, slowly sinks in and has an impact, both consciously and subconsciously.

On chosen families: My own family is now very small, so I have this very deep longing to be a part of a close-knit group of people who can fill in that void a little bit. Like a chosen family—a group where you can feel completely safe to be wholly who you are, and where you can experience a sense of true understanding and belonging. I don’t currently have that in my life, but I value it so much. I miss the old way of communicating. Let’s do handwritten letters and face visits and pony rides and get phones with cords that stay in our houses when we go out.

On surrendering to the experience: Life unfolds so randomly and imperfectly perfectly. I’m interested in the push and pull between trying to control our experiences and accepting what comes, and how this works. Questions that there’s no rigid answer to. I think a lot about death, ritual, adventure, and finding ways to honor ourselves and sit calmly in the center of all of these conflicting experiences that we have.

On discovering humanness: I feel like [making art and practicing yoga] just gets you closer to the experience of it: more aware of your own extremely complex human-ness and the equally complicated human-ness of others. Hopefully you find more compassion across the board, and more appreciation for and empathy towards this shared, insane experience of being a human that we are all swimming through.

On the most challenging part of the creative process: Sitting down and starting.

And the easiest: Anytime after I’ve actually started.

On the moments when you feel most alive: When I’m not trying to do anything but be alive.

crew art of laura berger
time to chill art of laura berger
Time to Chill
crowdsurfing art of laura berger
personal mountains art of laura berger
Personal Mountains
let's get cosmic art of laura berger
Let’s Get Cosmic

Discover more about Berger’s work at and follow her @_lauraberger_

This piece was adapted from Aligned Magazine’s interview with the artist, originally published October 10, 2016.


A weekly horoscope for your sign, with a symbolic message direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

strong eye astrology horoscopes dragon's tail The Numinous

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A dragon whipping it’s tail. You’re ready to go! A new start, a new world is yours. This is your annual reset. In the East, the dragon symbolizes self-confidence and power (among other things). It’s time for you to accept and affirm who you are. You have to do this for yourself. Nobody else can affirm you. Nobody else can convince you that you’re great, if you don’t believe it first. Envision yourself as the dragon, powerfully whipping your tail. You deserve to be here. You deserve to light up the world. Your individual spirit is a gift. Step into your own legacy with strength and a sense of wonder.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Pinewood derby. In a pinewood derby racing event, each cub scout receives a block of wood and is responsible for carving and shaping it into an aerodynamic car. It’s about building something out of basic materials and understanding simple physics. You need to do some carving too, but of your mental patterns. It’s time to go back to the basics and restructure your subconscious thought patterns. You’re responsible for the shape of your thoughts and the momentum of your feelings. Slow down your thinking. When you have a thought pattern that isn’t lifting you up energetically you can say “cancel” or “delete.” Forgive yourself and the thought pattern. When you have a low-vibration thought about someone, retrace your steps and make amends. This is reprogramming! This practice will give you momentum in a direction that is enlivening. It’ll put you on track.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Quilt squares. A quilt tells a story. Each fabric patch has a history and meaning. It’s time for you to share your story with a broader audience. There is meaning and wisdom in what you have to share. Your story can teach each of us how we are special. You can be a model. Remember that you are connected in your community. Your may have to bring your community together in a new way. You may need to be with friends. Share ideas with your tribe. Use this time as an inspiring chance to connect through stories. Make sure to keep the conversation positive and nourishing.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
The flame of a rocket. The rocket symbolizes success in career endeavors. It’s time to be noticed in your career. But, it’s also time to change your beliefs about what success is. Review your plans and update your agreements this week. These can be literal agreements or unconscious agreements. Is something ready to shift in your career? Are you ready for a different approach? If you aren’t sure, spend some time journaling. Become very clear about your vision for your career. It’s time for fresh intentions in this area of your life.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A deep belly laugh. How are you engaging with life? It’s time to practice being amused. This is your time to be in love with the life that you have. Look for ways to get inspired if you need to. Respond to life with a deep belly laugh. Create meaning even in difficult situations. All of this may be hard to hear, depending on the life situation you are working with. Notice resistance, give yourself empathy. And then laugh at life anyway. Practice a different kind of response. We are all just bozos on the bus. Clowns in the clown car. We are trying. Remember that you’re on a journey and it’s important to have fun in the moment. Laugh.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A few of your favorite things. Count your blessings. Be in a state of gratitude, some of the time. This New Moon positions you to forgive and let go. Acceptance is so close for you. But to get to this state, you also need to reckon with your need for control. This week, you may naturally find yourself reviewing the past. As you do so you will get a chance to feel feelings you weren’t able to feel before. Allow the feelings to flow through. Notice where you try to maintain control in order to keep yourself safe. Focus on gratitude and let go of the old stuff you don’t need to carry anymore.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Bracelets. A bracelet is symbolic of luck, prosperity and happy love affairs. This week’s New Moon lights up your house of relationship, so this symbol is auspicious. Lean into the feeling of comfort that prosperity can bring. Lean into the feeling of fulfillment that a drama-free relationship can bring. Without judging or questioning whether these are feelings you have right now, just imagine these feelings and relax into them. You might want to close your eyes and deepen your breath while you do this. Imagining that you feel a desired feeling is a magic spell. That’s it— magic! Why is this exercise important? Because right now you get a fresh start on your relationship patterns. It’s time to go back over old stories, process, release, and start anew. As you work with this process, remain aware of your vision for how you want to feel.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
The spotlight. Take care of your body. Your spirit is shining through so bright. Like a beam. Like a spotlight. Yet, you need to make sure that healthy habits are supporting your spirit. Eat regular meals, drink lots of water, exercise, meditate. This all supports your creativity, which is a light for the world. Another thing to consider right now is the quality of the thoughts that you’re entertaining. To keep your vibration high you must monitor your thoughts and your words. This is another kind of practice. Stay vigilant about the types of conversations that you get into. Thoughts become things. Develop healthy practices that support your mental and physical health.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Swimming laps. Reaching out to your full length as you swim laps across the pool. Stretch out an arm, kick out a leg. It’s graceful and rhythmic. You need to create a routine that supports your maximum expansion out in the world. Set intentions this week about how you want to expand your creativity. It may seem counter-intuitive to have to plan out how to have fun or be creative. But it really is something that needs it’s own lane in the pool right now. It’s important to funnel yourself in the direction of creativity, joy and lightness.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
A goddess in a shell. You are bringing elegance into your home life. Nest. Take care of your needs to be safe, rested and nurtured. It will make you feel good to bring a subtle awareness of grace into your daily life. Into your domestic life. If you are dining alone, light candles and bring out the good napkins. If you are working from home, set up a beautiful work space for yourself. If you are enjoying holiday festivities make your rituals both glamorous and comforting. On a deeper level, these practices remind your inner child that you are “worth it.” Being mindful of comfort and grace is deeply soothing to your spirit.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A kaleidoscope. Look into the kaleidoscope and see the colors and shapes morphing into a new arrangement. This is important right now because you are currently adapting. Your mindset is twisting into a new pattern of colors and shapes. Be ready to flow. You may be surprised by some of the changes. Invite them in. Throw open the door to growth. New, new, new. You can make your beliefs new and different. What belief is ready to get an update? (Clue, what part of your life feels stuck?) Just choose to believe something new. It will be amazing to see the images that emerge.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Fish eating leaves. The abundance of the Earth! The vast majority of the Earth teems with life. Deep in the sea there are strange creatures that are hard to even imagine. Animals live on the fringes of ice caps. There may even be life forms that inhabit sub-glacial lakes on the Earth’s poles. The creativity of life is endless. How does this affect you? You have this same abundant spirit within you. You are a creator and you are filled with possibility. The only thing is that your abundance can be hard to see sometimes, because it’s not always a concrete thought form. Now is the time to remind yourself that you are abundant and you are worthy. It might be hard to “prove it” to your conscious mind with “facts.” You may decide to feel it instead. Focus on the moment and feel your abundance now. Keep practicing. Keep focusing on the now and you will feel the abundance that you are.

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The Akashic Records card is a divine reminder of our free will. And it’s here to remind us that we don’t have to be slaves to tradition, says Lindsay Mack in her latest weekly tarotscope…

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In her final Holy F*ck column of 2016, Alexandra Roxo has 5 ways to jumpstart your love and sex life in 2017…Portrait: Alexandra Herstik

Alexandra Roxo Holy Fuck The Numinous sex life in 2017

2016 has been a wild year for the planet and for America. For me it’s been a year of change and growth and reshuffling and purging and mourning and planting seeds and learning. I also hadn’t been single in 10 years, and have spent this one being VERY single. I’ve used this time to have a giant rethink of ALL my ideas, values, and beliefs about love and sex.

I’ve done some dating, sure, but I put the brakes on things in the name of some deep diving and learning and observing of myself and my clients, which is hard for a Piscean princess who loves to dive into romance. My birthday is just days from Anais Nin (if that means anything to you you’re prob my tribe!).

Last week, in search of my culminating thoughts about love and sex and spirit for the end of this year, I called my friend Gala Darling, whose latest love story is one of my faves! After a divorce, Gala met her adorable boyfriend online a little over a year ago and I’d been swooning over them via Insta for a while. I wanted to hear the dirt…Did she believe in soul mates? Manifesting the man of your dreams with spells and rituals? Making a list of important things in love and meditating on them? I had a lot of questions for her.

Gala said many things but what stuck out the most was: “Relationships are not meant to be easy. Marriage is not easy. They are not meant to be comfortable. They are meant to push you to see things about yourself that are not actualized. Having a soul mate is not a party!” This sentiment is way too overlooked in the twin flame/soul mate discourse. Where’s the footer that says “Hey BTW this shit hurts”?

Gala Darling and her boyfriend Garnett Holy Fuck The Numinous sex life in 2017
Gala Darling and her boyfriend Garnett shot by Juliane Berry

She also reminded me that there is no certainty. Like ever. In marriage. In relationships. In any of it. People who are single think “Oh when will I meet that special someone?” And then people who are in partnership may be asking “Is this right? Is it supposed to hurt this much? Be this hard? Do I still love them?” There is no certainty but our devotion to ourselves, and our practice of keeping aligned with our heart’s needs.

So in order to do just that I’ve prepared some writing exercises for this column, to help you too rethink/ rewrite / jumpstart your love and sex life in 2017…

So get out your journal. Put on a kimono. Or silk PJ’s. Select some quiet tunes. Burn some incense.  Make yourself a cozy nest. I rec bed surrounded by blankets and pillows and some rose tea and a few candles.


We all make these grand lists of what we want in a partnership and we often forget that the human we imagine coming into our life will also be flawed. Just like us! Do you have some list you’ve been working on for years? Fantasies in your mind about how your partner should or shouldn’t be? This can change as you grow so def revisit every six months. So use this time to make a list of HARD YES’s and HARD NO’s, and to really meditate on them.

Ask yourself big questions like: “Could you be with someone who doesn’t believe in God? Or do you absolutely need to be with someone who wants kids?”



Do you have people in your life you have let see the whole spectrum of your madness and beauty? Your most ugly side and your most beautiful? I believe all the people who can hold all of us and push us to our edges are our soul mates. If you’ve never let your darkness come out with anyone I say deepen a friendship with someone who you can do that with. Not in an abusive way, but in a way where the connection can go deep under the surface. That will get you ready for partnership, and if you’re partnered it will keep you deep diving into yourself.

My friend Rebecca and I really did NOT like each other when we met. I thought she was a dirty hippie and she thought I was a stuck up goodie two shoes. 15 years later we are best friends. During that time we’ve hated each other. Not spoken for a year. Had the most heinous of fights.  But had the most enlightening and fun and hilarious moments together too. She knows me in a way no one else can. Our love is as deep as the ocean.

Ask yourself: “Who are my soul mates now? Who has pushed me to the edges and helped me grow? What can I learn from these relationships about myself?”



If you haven’t dated in a while, will you commit to a dating practice? Perhaps you and a friend can buddy up, open an online account, make a ritual of creating your profile (which Gala says is “like casting a spell!”) Practice connecting with strangers in a non-attached way. Go on coffee dates with no agenda except chatting with a stranger. Maybe 1 out of 10 will be someone you’re actually attracted to, so keep it chill. No expectations. Treat it like a morning yoga practice!

If you’re in a relationship commit to a growth practice. Is it seeing a relationship coach once a month to make sure you are growing? Does your sex life need a reboot? Can you commit to an afternoon every other week of sexual exploration time to keep expanding there? If your relationship has become too dependent can you commit to developing and nurturing solo space?

Decide what practice you want to commit to in 2017 and break it down over the months and weeks.



How do you like to be loved? (If you need some inspo you can do the 5 Languages of Love quiz.) I know I mostly need to be loved with touch and kind words, and if I feel I can communicate that to my next partner they don’t waste their time buying me gifts or giving me rides or cooking for me. I told Loulou (one of my besties) about this, and now we know that we both highly value a solid compliment we pay each other loving compliments regularly! It just takes knowing and asking.

Make a list of ways you like to be loved, either within a partnership or solo. Do you need more touch? Schedule a weekly massage or trade with a friend. 



Don’t make me quote Michael but um…he had a point! If you were a potential partner meeting yourself for the first time what would you think? What would you want more of? Less of? This is good to look at whether you’re single or attached. Would you prefer someone who is more available? Someone who is more financially stable? Someone in better shape? Someone who meditates daily? Well, this is a great way to see where you need to make changes on yourself.

For example, I was thinking I would just love a partner who can chop wood—so fuck it, I guess I’ll learn to chop wood in 2017 too! You can also be the partner you want to your friends. I mean, don’t make out with them passionately or anything (unless that’s how you roll!) but love your friends like you wanna be loved. Cook for them. Write cute notes. Romance your friends and yourself!

Set some goals for how you can become the best partner and self and friend.


If you want to go deeper with this work sign up for my Holy F*ck course where we will be using creative writing and storytelling to dive deep into our habits, tendencies, hopes and dreams in love and sex in a conscious way.  I also see clients one on one for six month periods of mentorship and on off coaching sessions. More info here.

Alexandra Roxo is a critically acclaimed filmmaker, writer, entrepreneur and mentor currently residing in LA. She recently co-founded Moon Club with Ruby Warrington (founder of the Numinous) and has been featured in Well + GoodNylon,  Out Magazine and more.


When the only altar you’re bowing to is busyness,  your soul wants you to unplug says Folk Rebellion founder Jess Davis. If not now, then when?

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, Folk Rebellion Retreat, Soul Unplug, Digital Detox Under the Aurora Borealis
Digital Detox Under the Aurora Borealis, Blachford Lake Lodge

Do you arrive at your bed each night wondering how you got there? Has your life become an endless sea of “Oh CRAP! I have to do ______” moments, and blips and beeps that leave your phone feeling like Grand Central Station? Raise your hand if you’ve been bowing down at the oh-so-exhausting altar of busyness.

Now, I can’t see head-nods because you’re reading this on a screen somewhere else in the world. The Internet is an AMAZING invention that allows me to share ideas with you by simply clicking a button. But the idea I want to share with you right now, is in order to profoundly connect with each other, we must use boundaries and rituals to balance our life both on and offline.

As a formerly plugged-in digital strategist and brand consultant, I learned this the hard way. After over 10 years of helping clients discover their digital voices, I found that I had lost track of real-life connection to my own higher Voice. To ensure you don’t end up burnt out and zombie-eyed like I did, let’s identify some warning signs that your soul wants you to unplug:

  1. You’re Wearing “BUSY” Like a Badge of Honor. Somewhere between the women’s lib movement of the ‘60s and current day #GIRLBOSSes, we started to mistake running around like a multi-tasking Jesse Spano on speed as something to strive for. Well, it’s not. Take a breath, log off, and know that you are successful even when you chill out, and that most things can always wait.
  1. Because. Eyes. Staring at a screen for extended periods of time (we’re talking even an hour, not eight) causes your eyes to lock into a position that only allows close-range vision. When you eventually look far away, spasms happen that cause blurred vision or twitching. Never mind how this affects your third eye!
  1. You’ve Forgotten What Trees Look Like. As more of our activities and communication pull us into screens, we are spending less time outside and in nature. Our brains aren’t tireless, three-pound machines; they’re easily fatigued. When we slow down, stop the busywork, and take in beautiful natural surroundings, not only do we feel restored, but our mental performance improves too.
Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, Digital Detox Under the Aurora Borealis, Folk Rebellion Retreat, Jess Davis, Soul Unplug
Blachford Lake Lodge—remember trees?
  1. Bedtime=Screentime. Blue-lit faces under the covers have become a common sight in bedrooms everywhere. The insertion of a device into your bed wreaks havoc on your circadian sleep rhythm, takes away from your rejuvenation time that happens when you’re reading a book or meditating, and challenges your connection with partners. Put. It. Away. You’ll sleep better, wake better, and love better.
  1. You’ve Left Planet Earth. While many of the emotional and physical effects of digital technology have been well documented, new research by health care professionals (especially those in the addiction field) is beginning to discover evidence that our devices may alter our brain chemistry, and that our brains simply cannot tell the difference between an actual and a virtual experience. Commit to a good 72 hours offline and bring your mind and feet back to earth.
  1. FOMO & FOMO’s BFF, Envy. If you know everything about your friends and acquaintances’ lives but haven’t seen them IRL in weeks, that’s a problem. 2D consumption often leaves us questioning our own lives as we feel like we’re missing out and not living up to picture-perfect standards. When you see someone laugh in person you get a boost of serotonin, and when they tell you a story about their vacation you connect with them on a deeper level. We simply don’t get the same biological benefits from seeing a party on Instagram as we do from hitting the dance floor live.
Folk Rebellion, Jess Davis, Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Digital Detox Under the Aurora Borealis, Folk Rebellion Retreat, Soul Unplug
Folk Rebellion’s Jess gets real
  1. All Your Hobbies Have Been Replaced By 2D. Researchers have found that experiencing memories on a screen versus in the physical world lowers the emotional reaction to a picture, a scrapbook, or a piece of communication by over 30%. As our devices become the gatekeepers to our books, love letters, music, calendars, diaries, and more, we lose touch with the physical experience of our lives. Fall back in love with 3D whenever you can. The smell of a book and the sound of the pages will make your heart go pitter-patter.
  1. Your Internal Compass Is Busted. Is digital noise keeping you from listening deeply to the Universe and to your own internal Voice? Is the world trying to talk to you but you’ve zoned out just like that one annoying friend does every time you try to share your deepest stories? If you’re noticing that your intuition is turned off or non-existent, it may be time to unplug for a few days.
  1. You Feel Generally “Unwell.” Memory loss, brain fog, fatigue, lack of focus, sore shoulders, wrists, and back are all symptoms of digital exhaustion. If any of these affects you, you may want to consider if your relationship to technology has gone from healthy to harmful. When you find yourself reading about wellness habits for hours online instead of brewing that cup of herbal tea or actually leaving your apartment to try out a new fitness class, it’s time to shut the screen and step back into your body.
  1. Work Life Balance Means Balancing it 24/7. Back in the day (um, eight years ago) when you left work, you left work. That meant you walked out of the office and generally didn’t have to think, act, or do something job related until you arrived back in the office the next day. Now our family dinners are cooked in between email checks and coffee with a friend often doesn’t even reach that deep level of yummy connection because of the omnipresent smartphone. It’s up to you to set better habits with your devices, create boundaries with your work, and let the ever-awaiting virtual world know you’ll get to it on YOUR terms. With healthy boundaries, your relationships, work, and play will all get that much juicier.
Folk Rebellion, Jess Davis, Folk Rebellion Retreat, Digital Detox Under the Aurora Borealis, Soul Unplug
Folk Rebellion’s Chief Rebel, Jess Davis, at Rest

If you found yourself nodding along to many of these, it may be time for a reset. You can plan your own unplugged mini-retreat, or go all the way and join me on Folk Rebellion’s Digital Detox Under the Aurora Borealis this February 17-24th in Northern Canada, where we’ll teach you how to better manage your technology, so it doesn’t manage you. PLUS, Numinous readers get $250 off using the code NUMINOUS (caps sensitive) at checkout. Together, we’ll build igloos, ooh and ahh under the Northern Lights from viewing decks and tipis, make friends over fireside chats, and reconnect to the world, each other, nature, and ourselves.

Folk Rebellion is a media-concept-meets-retail-outfit launched by Jess Davis in 2014. Through Folk Rebellion’s content, events, and products, Jess champions a return to the offline, personal interactions we’ve lost since the dawn of the smartphone.


Capricorn season brings the sweet satisfaction of a sumptuous, slow, climb to the top, say Cara George & Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising

Capricorn Season Mojave Rising The Numinous woman fencing fashion editorial

Capricorn season sends us straight into the blizzard as we snowshoe towards an unshakeable trust in our sumptuous self-sufficiency. The zodiac’s alpine survival school reveals that the striving and the staying with can be just as succulent as the arriving, and that there is incredible sweetness encased inside enormous difficulty.

So lay out your finest faux fur-lined vests and diamond-encrusted ice picks as you get ready for the slow, delicious uphill climb. And know that you can bear the weight of this world and brave your body against the bedrock like the majestic mountaineer you already are.

While you can’t always get what you want, the things worth wanting are worth waiting and working for. Your ability to hold on and hold out brings with it the invaluable gift of sticking around just a little bit longer to put another notch in your lipstick case. Just when you thought your chance had passed.


The keyword: Majesty.

The song lyrics: “Oh your road is dark/And there’s a thin, thin line/But I want you to know/I’d walk it for you anytime/So if you’re lookin’ for love/Honey, I’m tougher than the rest”—Bruce Springsteen, “Tougher than the Rest.”

Check out our Capricorn season playlist, complete with stately songstresses, rugged rhythms, and structured vogue-ing.

Capricorn season color palette Prada Mojave Rising The Numinous

The color palette: Old Hollywood hues fit for a self-sufficient starlet. Carmine red, jade green, aubergine, and ivory.

The style: Marlene Dietrich meets après ski. Smoking jackets, high-waisted trousers, shearling, silk dressing gowns, fine tailoring, and floor-length faux-fur coats.

Capricorn season style Mojave Rising The Numinous women's tuxedo suit

The scents and flavors: Mature, expensive, and lavishly timeless. Chanel No. 5, cave-aged cheese, dark chocolate, cigars, and Frankincense oil.

The healing: Luxe treatments and regally rugged empire building. Entrepreneurial courses, wilderness survival schools, fencing lessons, ice baths, elaborate manicures, the slow precision of acupuncture, and high-end spa days fit for a queen.

Chanel no 5 Capricorn Season Mojave Rising The Numinous

Want more juicy cosmic insights and sensory explorations? Arrange an astrology reading or private event with Mojave Rising here or follow them on Instagram


Sensuous Invitation of the Month: Boss Ladies In the Boudoir (by sign, below). With Mercury retrograde passing between Capricorn and Sagittarius, Uranus stationing direct in Aries, and Venus entering Pisces, Capricorn season 2016 brings a month for balancing between ski-lodge preparations and full-on mountain moving.

This Capricorn season presents us with a 24-karat opportunity to discover the potency of solitude as we retire to our dressing rooms and revel in the richness of our own resources. In an opulent boudoir selected from the iconic Madonna Inn’s palatial suites, each sign can channel its own brand of boss lady who’s equal parts badass survivor and high-end hedonist.

Capricorn season invites you to savor slowness and trust that your actions can unfold in their own sweet time. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Bette Davis chooses the Lucky Rock room’s Vegas meets Graceland bachelor stylings, and savors a slow and steady sink into a scrumptious bubble bath.

Capricorn season invites you to engage in a little mountaineering as you leave the shelter of your cabin without having to lose any feeling of security. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Penélope Cruz gathers kindling on the grounds and then settles into the wall-to-weather leather couch in front of the Pick & Shovel room’s rustic fireplace.

Capricorn season invites you to sample a flavor of maturity that feels potent rather than patriarchal. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Laverne Cox sips after-dinner liquor amidst the patchwork collage of the What’s Left room.

Capricorn season invites you to structure your flow as you infuse your rich emotional life with a cooler perspective. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Frida Kahlo precisely applies eyeliner in front of the privately shell-like Vous room’s vanity.

Capricorn season invites you to sweep your regal, pink mane into a delicious updo as you sample the sexiness that comes from a little restraint. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Betsey Johnson relishes the lavish bubblegum and pink rose explosions of The Madonna Suite as she straps herself into a lace corset.

Capricorn season invites you to experiment with some risky muscle building as you step into the gifts of badass solitude with both curiosity and self-containment. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Amy Poehler carefully selects the Desert Sands room for its subtly shifting, gold-tinted earth tones, and textured floor, and then dances it out alone and proud.

Capricorn season invites you to seize control and speak from your fierceness, even when you risk challenging your established image. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Annie Leibovitz shares a lusty glance in the Inn’s lobby and then precedes immediately to the idyllic, lavender romance of the Paris Violets room to consummate the affair.

Capricorn season invites you to harness your penchant for power moves in a publically facing way as you bring hidden impulses to the surface. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Hillary Rodham Clinton goes straight for the black lacquer and red carpet of the Crystal Room and strips down with an Indian clay face mask that brings her back to her essence.

Capricorn season invites you to corral your ponies as you delight in the process of preparation while awaiting your next adventure. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Nicki Minaj carefully applies a new coat of nail polish, lays out her party outfit, and channels future journeys by mounting the Pony Room’s carousel horse

Capricorn season invites you to settle in and look upon your kingdom from a secure position of creative competence. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Dolly Parton slips into satin loungewear and orders decadent room service in the Starlite room’s sophisticated seclusion, and then retires to her private outdoor balcony and surveys her estate.

Capricorn season invites you to land your experimental visions on solid ground as you step out of the space shuttle and into the boardroom. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Amal Clooney celebrates the electricity of her innovations in the lofted, high-flying Sky Room and then steadies herself with an ensuite massage.

Capricorn season invites you to experiment with the liberatory elements of limitation as you choose to check in rather than check out from challenge. Boss Lady in the Boudoir: Anais Nin discovers the golden cherubs and fairytale staircase of the Just Heaven room, and takes on the challenge of an early morning wake-up call with bold espresso and an invigoratingly cool shower.

Want more juicy cosmic insights and sensory explorations? Arrange an astrology reading or private event with Mojave Rising here or follow them on Instagram


The Virgo waning quarter moon brings a time for honest and compassionate self-reflection, says Jennifer Racioppi

Bethany Harper Walsh collage Virgo waning quarter moon Jennifer Racioppi The Numinous

Virgo Waning Quarter Moon :: Tuesday December 20th :: 8:56 pm ET

As the moon wanes, losing light each day between the last Full Moon and the upcoming New Moon, we find ourselves in a space of letting go. The Virgo waning quarter moon invites us to release what we can identify that we no longer need, so we can fully step into what is meant to be ours.

With the upcoming new year, and the next New Moon in Capricorn happening on the 28th/29th (depending on where you are in the world!) as well the current Mercury retrograde cycle, we find ourselves at a crucial moment to pivot. And all of this occurs just one day before the sun shifts from hopeful Sag into business-oriented Capricorn—also the Winter Solstice.

It’s time to discard what’s not working and let go of all we want to leave behind from 2016.


:: THE SUN::
As the sun moves through the final degree of Sag, and we live the last days of 2016, the encouraging influence of big picture Sagittarius abounds. However, in the northern hemisphere, the dwindling sunlight and the focus on the end of the year may feel more chaotic than calm, with tones of sadness. This is particularly the case as the upbeat light of Sagittarius shifts into the firm focus of Capricorn. The Winter Solstice, happening concurrently to the sun moving from 29 degrees Sag into 0 degrees Capricorn, invites us to reflect. On top of this, as the sun shifts signs, she makes a hard angle to the Moon, further emphasizing a transition, not only in seasons but in our emotional focus as well.

:: THE MOON ::
The moon in the last degree of Virgo has perfectionistic overtones, as well as an emphasis on making a substantial contribution of service to the world. The moon in Virgo pushes us to examine the details and find the flaw, so that we can improve our circumstances and contributions to the world beyond our self. Yet, under a Virgo moon we may fall victim of thinking we aren’t enough, we haven’t done enough, or that we aren’t deserving. Since this is the Virgo waning quarter Moon, rather than scrutinize yourself for what you haven’t done right, or well, take a step back and look at what you have accomplished, and let the disappointment go. Focus on where you feel guided to serve others and release the need to be perfect.

The Sun in bold Sag squares the moon in purist Virgo, possibly blurring sight of the big picture. With Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo moon, retrograde, it’s so important to embrace the vantage of reflection, yet, refrain from self-condemnation. Stay focused on your high-level accomplishments. Tune into the qualities of Virgo that represent being of service. Allow yourself to feel divinely guided rather than held back by your inner saboteur. Ask for clear direction on how to serve the world with more focus and less ego!

With Mercury retrograde and the Winter Solstice upon us at the time of the Virgo waning quarter moon, our need for reflection heightens. As we look back over 2016 and process the year, be careful not to be too hard on yourself. Try not to get too hung up on the details of what did or didn’t happen this year, and instead, assess your growth. How did you change this year? What did you learn? How are you better? Then take some time to connect with the truth of who you are: a spiritual, mystical, being. Forget about the details, stay true to you.

For more Moon wisdom or to book a coaching session with from Jennifer visit


Imagine if Mercury retrograde was actually here to help? Here are 5 ways to make Mercury retrograde work for you.

Mercury Was in Fucking Retrograde slogan print by Baron Von Fancy. Click to read more!
Image: Baron Von Fancy

Mercury retrograde gets a lot of bad press. In fact it’s kind of become like the “gluten” of the Cosmic calendar—we’ve been taught we’re all allergic and that the symptoms, as my friend Michael puts it, are basically a total “cluster flux.”

But what if Mercury retrograde was actually here to help?

I mean, how often to do you get things perfect first time around? How many people do you have “unfinished business” with? And how many situations have you pretty much given up on, assuming they’ll never get resolved?

Instead of counting down the days to the messenger planet’s next retro phase in a state of alternating panic and dread—how about you make Mercury retrograde work for you, and use it to shine a light on the areas of my life that are due for a do-over.

Okay, maybe it’s not the best idea to go hunting down the ex who totally sapped you of your self-esteem and left you feeling like an empty shell—some things definitely are best left in the past. The trick is to trust that anything it’s in your best interest to revisit will present itself to you.

As the brilliant Astro Twins always put it; “Think of the prefix “re-” as a guide for a smoother Mercury retrograde: rethink, redecorate, revise, research, reunite…and so on.”

Read on for five ways to take their advice and make Mercury retrograde work for you…

The Last Romance fashion illustration by Kelly Smith. Click to read more!
Illustration: Kelly Smith

Revise a passion project
Got a blog idea, or half-finished novel sitting in a folder on your overcrowded desktop? Now’s the time to dust that puppy off and make the necessary tweaks to fine-tune your vision. Just hold off on launching your project until the retro phase has passed.

Revisit a favorite workout
If you’re stuck in a workout rut (THIS spin class because it’s convenient, that particular run on autopilot) and feeling unmotivated as a result, cast your mind back to the last time you felt really inspired by your exercise regime. Revisiting a favorite instructor or YouTube workout could re-inspire you to get your sweat on.

Reconnect with the people you love
Life gets busy, and it’s oh-so-easy for weeks (hell, months) to go by without so much as a text exchange with the people you actually hold most dear. Take the Mercury retro phase as your cue to write those email and make those calls. Your heart will be so happy you made the effort.

Realize you can’t just erase your past
That niggling health issue you kinda just put a “band-aid” on hoping it would clear up by itself? That friendship you let fall by the wayside rather than have the “honest talk” you need to clear the air? The emotional trauma you stuffed in the closet, but that’s haunting your dreams at night? Now is the time to do the deeper work to address these once and for all, and emerge from the Mercury retro phase feeling lighter and god-to-go.

Revamp your actual closet
No shopping (and especially not online, as Mercury retro will probably mean techno fails and “RE”funds), but rather a re-evaluation of the contents of your closet. Use this post on the art of the psychic closet clear out for some tips, and once you’ve got rid of what’s not working you’ll be able to see what’s missing and THEN hit the stores to re-stock.

So there you have it—five ways to make Mercury retrograde work for you, and come out the other side a shinier, happier person to boot!

Was this article useful? Moon Club is a new monthly mentoring program from The Numinous and Alexandra Roxo that combines astrology with real time coaching on love, sex, work, wellness, and spiritual activism. Read more and sign-up here


A symbolic reading for the week ahead, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Cat crystal magnifying glass Strong Eye Astrology Horoscopes The Numinous

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Peering through a crystal magnifying glass. Analyze your relationship to money, self-worth and security. This analysis will take you down a conceptual path that will lead you to the true nature of reality. The crystal magnifying glass symbolizes that you are determined to make some progress and be organized about your approach. You’ve got to know that you are worthy. You’ve got to really see your true worth. This idea, in it’s essence, will solve all of your problems. It will give you basic security. Is worth something that you think you have to prove to yourself? If it is, how will you do that? How do you measure your worth? Or maybe you have determined that you are worthy just as you are. If so, congratulations. That is the road to peace and abundance. Just keep reminding yourself of it. Keep peering through the magnifying glass at your true, inherent worth. It is there in it’s infinite perfection.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Petting a horse’s face. You are ready to leap forward and take on the world. Notice that it is important to nurture yourself in the process. You must be gentle with yourself. You must shine love on yourself. Love yourself the most. This combination of ambition and gentleness will prove to be unstoppable. Regarding which area of your life do you need to speak to yourself more kindly? Where are you being hard on yourself? It’s a mistake to believe that you need to be hard on yourself in order to be successful. At the end of the week, it may be time to shake up some old feelings around family or home. Core beliefs are ready to shift. You’ll feel supported enough to make foundational changes.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Jumping and playing in a pile of leaves. There is a sense of exhilaration in this moment. And there is also a sense of going over the edge. Is that idea scary? Or is it freeing? What happens if you jump in the pile of leaves and then disappear down the hidden rabbit hole into Wonderland? Who is in control then? In this moment, you have so much power in your creativity and in your ability to connect with your emotions and intuition. The only thing that could possibly get in your way is your ego. You might have to let everything go so that you can grow. Your horoscope this week suggests that you should follow your pure joy. Don’t try to control where it takes you.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Homemade lasagne. Receiving nourishment from the ultimate comfort food. Your astrological focus this week is on social progress. Such a simple symbol (comfort food) for such a heavy theme (the future of human evolution.) What can it mean? It means that change starts with you. Your well-being. Your healing. Your internal stability. Really dig into this idea. You are linked into a web of people, and your vibration affects and is affected by everyone else’s. It’s up to you to learn how to hold the higher vibration of compassion so that you are part of the solution and not the problem. This requires a high level of awareness that can only come from true self-care. Meditation is your action step to get there.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Pounding clay into shapes. Molding. Forming. Building. What does it mean to “author your life?” You are the authority. You are the sculptor. There may be extra pressure right now to be successful or ambitious in your career. It could be that things start to come together and it’s easier to see what you have accomplished in your work.This is an optimal time to focus on what you are building. Keep pounding away at the clay. Make sure you are planning and designing as well. Your work should be in complete alignment with who you are. If that idea is overwhelming or seems impossible, it’s time to go back to that statement about being the “author of your life.” Think about your stories for why you can’t have alignment. Challenge them. Make sure that you are building something that matches your vision.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
An elephant lifting it’s trunk. The elephant is one of the best protectors of the spirit animal realm. When she comes into the picture, she’s probably there because she’s got your back. And then, there’s some jubilance in her gesture when she lifts her trunk. Feel supported and jubilant. With this powerhouse at your back, how far can you go? It’s time to expand and reach for a better philosophy. You are ready to install a new operating system. You are doing so because this ain’t no time to be stagnant. Here’s the summary: Know that you are supported. Get excited. Actively seek out higher wisdom that will support further growth.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Hugging a skunk. This is your time to get close to what frightens you. And then move past it. You may be so used to your limitations that they provide false comfort. No more. You are ready to burn them all up. How? Start turning over the stones in your psyche to see what lies underneath. Whenever you get triggered or feel yourself compulsively reaching for something, bravely ask yourself what lies underneath that habitual reaction. Make space for the emotions that reveal themselves, even if they don’t feel fun. It’s time to hold the unseemly, messy emotions close to your heart and get very friendly with them. It’s time to make your way through the stages of grief until you arrive at acceptance.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Many flowers opening at once. You are opening your abilities to love and create harmony. How does it feel to open? Is it a little bit vulnerable? Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. The more vulnerable you are, the better your conversations will be. You’ve got nothing to lose. The old ways of self-protection won’t work anymore. You can’t stay tightly bound up in a flower bud. Your season has come. It’s time to connect. It’s time to open up to healthy relationships. You can be vulnerable and still be shielded from harm. The key is to know your boundaries. And to be able to honestly communicate them. In summary: now is the time to know yourself and open up to communication even when it’s hard.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Leo :: Leo Rising
In prayer at the top of the mountain. There is a sense here that you must get it right. Exactitude is your focus. Your astrology shows that you want to fine-tune your daily habits and become a productivity guru. This may be so, but your symbol suggests that you are seeking spiritual expansion as well. So maybe the way around is through. Use the present moment (the now) to bring you closer to spiritual truth by focusing on your breathing and your inner being. Make meditation and yoga your best friends. Mindfulness practices will allow you the focus that you seek.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
The penguin tends the egg. An embryo of creative potential needs careful tending. Your mission is to share your creative light. Even if it’s hard. Even if it’s messy. The penguin spirit animal reminds you that you are adaptive and that there is underlying order in chaos. Be creative. Find an outlet. You’ve got some part of your psyche that you are ready to share. Maybe it’s time for a little recognition too. Create a little chaos in your life by thrusting yourself out into the spotlight. It’s time to shine.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Going around the loop-de-loop in a roller coaster. You are ready for an upheaval. Move fast and turn yourself upside down. But. And. You’ve got to be supported while you do this. It’s no good to throw yourself into a spin if your wheels aren’t fastened tightly to the tracks. Or if your engine isn’t primed to keep you moving at the minimum speed necessary for centrifugal force to kick in. So you need support. Aka emotional security. And you need more speed. And you need to shake things up. Well, go on out there and get those needs met. Sometimes, we have to begin by simply asking for help. Get creative. There is always another solution. An innovation as darling as a roller coaster. It’s time for change.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Walking down a slope into an underground chamber, while carrying a torch. As usual, you are going deep. The chamber you are entering is the chamber of the mind. How are your beliefs fueling your emotions and actions? It’s time for the connections to become clear. More awareness. More consciousness. In the symbol, you are carrying a torch. This means that a thought pattern is primed to become illuminated. Get ready because illumination isn’t always easy. Remember that old adage, ignorance is bliss? Well, illumination might be hard for a moment, but in the long run it’s way better than ignorance. Unconsciousness is a disaster. You are ready to get self-actualized, and the process of paying attention to your thought patterns will help.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.


Brand new sweats, getting sober curious in London, walking the human tightrope, and saying “goodbye 2016″…

Ruby Warrington My Mystical Life Broome St Temple gold sweatshirt The Numinous
Meeting different versions of me, and staying cozy in our new Broome St. Temple sweatshirt

:: MONDAY ::
Got interviewed by badass yogi Guru Jagat for her RaMa Radio show “Reality Riffing,” which was really kinda cool because usually I’m the one interviewing people! And luckily the moon was in Gemini and I was feeling extra chatty. We got through a bunch of stuff about spiritual activism, walking the wellness talk, and how “being in a human body feels like walking a tightrope right now” (her metaphor, but who isn’t feeling this one??). But guess what? Maybe the tightrope is the only way across the abyss. In which case, let’s keep calm, clear, centered, and never quit cheering each other on. You can listen to the full interview here.

First virtual Full Moon ritual for our Moon Club members, and we had people attend from Belfast in Ireland, Toronto, London, Mexico, and all over the United States. YES, this community is global! Since this week’s Gemini Full Moon was the last full moon of 2016, it has felt like a good week to take stock of a year that has brought so many harsh lessons, so much anguish (the tightrope, remember?), and, as a result, such tremendous opportunity for growth. What have you been through this year, and who have you become? This was the theme of Alexandra Roxo’s moving guided meditation, in which we journeyed to meet the different “selves” of 2016, and ask for their lessons, and their blessings. Intrigued? New members can access a recording of the session via the private Moon Club Facebook group any time you sign up.

Finalizing details for Club SÖDA NYC, the new name for my “sober curious” Club Soda events—which I am bringing to London on January 11 due to popular demand! And speaking of previous selves…when I left my home town five years ago for a new life in NYC, I was a full-on party girl, using alcohol and other drugs as a way to bridge the fulfillment gap (the abyss…?) that has since been bridged by creating The Numinous, and all the offshoot projects of this platform. London is also the kind of town where saying you don’t drink is often met with eye rolls and extreme pressure to “just have one,” followed by intense gossiping about how you must be a) in AA, or b) pregnant.

Off The Rocks sober curious event London The Met Bar Ruby Warrington The Numinous

So to say I’m apprehensive about how my new attitude to booze will go down, is kind of an understatement. But it seems that even in the UK, the conversation is changing. Ever since I announced the launch of Club Soda on this side of the pond, I have received messages from Brits asking me to bring the events to the UK—”because we really need something like this.” Not to mention loads of newly sober (and sober curious) friends offering to help me stage a London event. Which means…it’s happening! Read more and get your ticket here.


New sweatshirts, new sweatshirts! A couple of months back, Urban Yogis co-founder Eddie Stern approached me with the idea of creating a limited edition print of his Broome St. Temple tees (worn by people like, oh, Russell Brand and MADONNA). The Temple was Eddie’s iconic ashtanga studio in Soho, which he vacated earlier this year to set up the equally beautiful Brooklyn Yoga Club—the tees a riff on the logo for punk band The Ramones. Our version? Went went kinda glam with gold foil! As with our Chakra and Vinyasa shirts, a percentage of proceeds will  go to the Urban Yogis, to help fund the amazing work they do bringing peace to marginalized communities in the city. You can check them out and shop the collection here.

Broome St. Temple sweatshirts Eddie Stern The Numinous

:: FRIDAY ::
And speaking of Madonna, if you didn’t already then please, please watch her acceptance speech for the Billboard Woman of The Year award she collected this week. So many truths, such powerful vulnerability, and what a fearless statement about the need for true sisterhood. But above all a reminder, fitting in the final days of 2016, that: “in life there is no real safety, except self-belief.” The tightrope is real. You’d better believe.