Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign in our Numinous weekly horoscopes, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—aka Strong Eye Astrology

Whale swimming Numinous weekly horoscopes Strong Eye Astrology

A whale swimming slowly. Progress. Dedication. Trust in a power greater than yourself. And at the same time, use your ingenuity to produce the result you desire. Move slowly yet continually toward your goal. Don’t worry about a timeline. Conjure up the feeling of accomplishment and then imagine that you already have it. Keep yourself in a slow and steady pace. Remind yourself that you’re supported.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Scattered petals. Joyful release. How can you lighten your load? How can you do it with lightness, ease and beauty? Revel in sensuality as you stop worrying about the heavier things in your life. Make a choice to let it be easy. Say, “I will focus on ease, lightness and beauty. I will make it fun. I will let go. It’s easy to let go. It’s natural.”

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A grid made of crystals. Protection. This is important for you now. Notice how you protect yourself. Is your method working? Is protection taking up a lot of mental energy or keeping you from getting close? Or is protection integrated, effortless and high vibrational? Using crystals and energy shields to protect yourself may be a fun practice for right now. See if these practices easy your mind. Protecting yourself should feel expansive instead of contractive.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
Individual rain droplets. You are unique. There is a whole universe of experience inside of you. It’s time to remember your intuition. Open the gateway to intuition so that your creativity expands. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Think of it as sharing. Make this equation true: Expression=Joy. Joy will be the thing that propels you onward and upward. Connect to intuition, express your unique self, be joyous.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A group gathering in the market. Community is important for you now. You need that human connection because you need support. Connect with your community to remind yourself that you are totally surrounded by support. This can be very soothing. Share ideas with your community. Philosophize and learn about what you think through conversation.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Pine needles on a forest floor. Your path winds through the forest. You need some forest bathing right about now. Cleanse your mind by being in nature. Let your mind relax so that you will be recharged for the path ahead. Just keep clearing things off your mind, off your schedule. Do daily grounded cleansing practices. This is all preparation so that you mental faculties get back up to speed.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Canadian Geese flying in a V formation. Work together to lighten the load. Be a leader in your field. Remind yourself that there is order in the world even if it doesn’t always feel like it. If things feel disordered right now, it is another cycle and it will pass. There is a linear nature to time on the earth plane and it will keep moving forward. Another cycle will begin. This cycle will end. Connect with nature to see the truth of these cycles and let that truth integrate in your mind in some way that brings you comfort and security. Be present and trusting.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Water in a stream trickling over smooth round rocks. Dance and sing your way forward. Look for meaning that spurs you forward. Look for connection that spurs you forward. Get ahead of your day and define how you want to feel in the morning. Connect to your sense of personal power in the morning. Don’t let responsibility burden you. Don’t become overwhelmed before you begin. Feel connected to your true self and move forward from there.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
On a diving board. You are ready to go deep. Stretch your arms out and take aim. You’ll be directed at first, and after you hit the water, you’ll be in a new element with less control. Think of your emotions this way too. Take aim by inviting your emotions forward. Then let yourself momentarily be in the flow of emotion. You can know that you will rise up to the surface at the perfect moment. But letting yourself really hold space for your own feelings is important.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Footsteps in a muddy path leading down a hill. It gets easier to complete your project if you recognize that you aren’t alone. Get curious about who shares your direction. Who is like minded? How can you connect with these folks more? How can you help them and make positive connections? Follow your curiosity to meet the other folks on your path. Create community because it will help you on your journey.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Hopping on a pogo stick. You are finding a new way to get some elevation. You are reaching for a new height in your life, a new level of success. Keep exercising your strength and balance. Your practice is helping you learn how to leap. Your practice is making you less afraid of falling. Don’t worry about the outcome right now, just keep practicing.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
Kneeling in devotion. Surrender yourself. Make yourself right sized. Feel devoted so that you remember to give gratitude. This kind of faith will help you raise your vibration to align with your goal. It will bring you mental ease and help you discover that your foundation is more secure that you may have known. Take the burden off your shoulders, and look to your higher self or your universal truth for support and a feeling of unity.

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Cast and channelled by Lindsay Mack using The Starchild Tarot.

Ten of Cups

Happy birthday, sweet Taurus! You couldn’t ask for a better card to kick your new year off with than the Ten of Cups. Ten of Cups is a harvest of the heart, an unfolding of our deepest wishes. Even in small ways, this card bodes a manifestation of great happiness and personal fulfillment. It is time to birth something new, to be open to major life upgrades. To truly embrace this beautiful energy, you will need to stretch out of your comfort zone a bit, and really ask for what you want. This process will be a little different for each of you.

For some, it might be time to practice deep gratitude for all the gifts and blessings you already have. This alone can be a huge leap of faith, because it requires us to release the belief that if we aren’t pushing or striving, nothing will change — which is not true. If you see yourself in that belief, Taurus, I promise that acknowledging the abundance of what’s already here will bring nothing but more goodness into your life. For some of you, it might be time to look around you at what needs upgrading. Are you seeking a great love or a nurturing community? If so, honestly look at how often you step out into the world, making yourself available to that. If you’re seeking light and expansion, how might you step out of the dark in order to receive it?

This month might be time to significantly raise your rates, speak your truth, quit your job, or start a new relationship. It all depends on how willing you are to honor your present circumstances, shifting anything that’s not in alignment. Lean into this energy, soaking up all of it’s goodness with a celebratory spirit. You deserve every moment of loveliness that it will bring.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


King of Cups

King of Cups is inviting you into tenderness this month, Gemini. If you have something on your heart, you are advised to share it. If you have a longing, feelings for someone, a wound, or a confusion that you’re holding onto, you are advised to share it. Some truly profound gifts will be able to flow to you this month as a result of speaking your deepest heart’s truth. You may finally get clarity, understanding, illumination or closure around something that has been causing you pain.

You may be able to begin a forgiveness process, to spark a relationship, to deepen an interaction — a profound liberation of the soul, all from simply sharing your inner experience. This is how King of Cups is flowing through your month. It is inviting you to honor your emotions and express them clearly, even if you find it particularly difficult or scary. King of Cups is a master of emotion in the best possible sense. He is able to share himself and receive from another in equal measure. When we get this card, it means that it’s time to level up in a very intimate way. It is time to share more of our deepest selves, to shed emotional weights that we are no longer meant to carry.

Speaking our truth during shaky moments enables us to step out into the world with our hearts soft and open, willing to receive all that life has to offer us. It is the most effective way of communicating to the Universe that we would like more honesty in our relationships, more commitment from those around us, and more soul centered connections all around. Be a mirror for what you desire, Gemini. Soften into your truth. Communicate what’s on your heart, and it will have a profound ripple effect on your relationships, your emotional well being, and your life path, all for the better.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Nine of Wands

You will be mastering the art of grace under fire this month, Cancer. Nine of Wands is a very powerful card, one that may propel you into lots of projects and exciting work in the coming weeks. This card demands that we rest and review in equal measure to our work, creating an interesting dynamic. The awesome opportunities and collaborations coming your way this month might be just as exhausting as they are exhilarating, so it will be essential to strike a sacred balance of give and take within the month of May.

One of the ways you can best facilitate this balance is by asking for help when you need it. A major teaching of Nine of Wands is to gently transition out of being an island, something that you can be prone to unless you’re careful, Cancer. Make sure you stay very honest in your communication throughout the month, and ask for the support you require in order to keep pace with your life. After each big expansion of energy this month, it will be important to take a breather in the wake of the activity to prepare for the next big hurdle.

This space will offer you the chance to refill your personal well, and to reflect on whether you would like to repeat the experience. You get to do a lot of work in the realm of empowered choice this month, loves — don’t be afraid to bow out of something if it’s truly not in alignment for you. Mainly, however, you’re going to be invited to keep up with the pace of your life, which is most certainly going to speed up in some great ways. Take advantage of every moment. Trust the process, ask for support, take breathers when you can, and enjoy the overflow of abundance in your life.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


The Sun

You’re on a roll, Leo! The Sun card in your pull for this month is a sign from the Universe to keep going; you’re on the right track. Take this as a beautiful confirmation of your hard work. Continue to walk forward, releasing what no longer serves and stepping into all that you are manifesting. Focus on repetition of the mundane. If you’re writing a book, for example, write every single day, regardless of whether you feel it’s good or not. Resist the desire to complicate or shake things up in your creative life too much.

This month is about cultivating an inner steadiness, moving from apprentice to master in some way. If you can continue to chart the course you’ve set for yourself, there will be an incredible payoff. The only thing to do is to keep moving as you have been, to chop wood and carry water, kicking ass and taking names as you do so. The Sun is an amazing energy, one that promises a reset, a rebirth, and clarity around what was once confusing. To this end, Leo, you’re being invited to trust yourself more deeply than ever before. Whether you know it or not, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Once you stop wasting energy on doubting the reality of your life, things will really start flowing! You have the potential to make some huge strides this month, but only when you are willing to consider that you already have everything you need. You are enough. It is up to you to level up and to honor the value in sacred repetition and inner trust — returning again and again to the drawing board until you’ve birthed whatever you’re working on. This practice will help you see the light in a space that was once just dark. You got this — just keep going.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Eight of Wands

Get ready, Virgo — things are about to start moving fast in the best possible ways. Eight of Wands can come in like a speeding train, propelling us into the next phase of our lives, seemingly overnight. What you’ve been dreaming of and wishing for is about to truly bloom open, fully manifesting itself in your life. The time is ripe, the path is clear and you are ready, whether you know it or not. It is time to take action.

If an opportunity comes your way, seize it and know it will take you far. If you have something to offer, to share, to say, the stage will be set for you to do so. You’ve put in the work, and you’re about to be rewarded for it. Get ready to move with this powerful pace! You’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern as of late, Virgo, something I’m sure you would agree with all too heartily. You have been asked to be patient, to honor divine timing, to keep stirring the pot on what you’ve been brewing. It’s all been in alignment, because the delays are about to vanish. Everything is going to be moving in a much clearer and smoother way, and you will be able to take full advantage of this flow in your life.

The big key to navigating Eight of Wands energy this month is to remember that this is what you asked for. You set some powerful intentions, dreamed really big, and the Universe heard you. Step up to your vision. Take care of your body and nervous system this month, say no to anything that might be a distraction. Channel this raw power into useable energy, keep busy and productive, and you will have an enormous amount of abundance to show for it.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Temperance, Rx

The month of May will present an incredibly important cycle of inner work for you, Libra — a deep spring clean for the soul. Before you can move forward in your life energetically, you will be invited to review a few things one last time before you’re ready to clear them away. Honor this — trust the process and the timing. It is a good thing, even if it might not feel that way. You are not falling behind or being delayed, merely being invited to check under the bed and in the cracks one more time before you step away from them permanently.

When we receive Temperance — a card of rebirth and soul surrender — in a reversed position, it means that we still have a little more work to do in the Death card, which is the card that precedes Temperance in the Major Arcana. You are still rebirthing, still leveling up and still moving forward in a very expansive way, just releasing a bit more before you can fully step up to that new place. As you prepare for this evolution, your job this month will be to embrace the releasing work — everything you’ll be letting go of this month cannot come with you on the rest of your journey.

Unworthiness, self sabotage, old addictive patterning no longer have a place in the driver’s seat of your life. It is time for them to get into the backseat, for you to say yes to your soul, embracing truth rather than fear. If you resist, it’ll just take longer. If you surrender, practicing presence in the face of any shadows that come up in order to be cleared, there will be a liberation. Birth, change and expansion lie on the other end of the tunnel, Libra. All you have to do is walk through it one last time.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


The Hierophant

This is a big month for you, Scorpio, all around upgrading old belief systems to follow the point of your own wise compass. It is time to take a deep inventory of where, if at all, old inherited beliefs are guiding your choices, instead of your truth. Look at your expectations of yourself around family, obligation, work, money, the whole nine yards. Are you placing your choices in the hands of someone else? Does your present state match the truth of your soul? If not, it’s time to make a change.

The work around this area is coming up so you can be liberated into a more aligned life — there is some major soul excavation to be done here. The Hierophant card will be helping you, highlighting any places where an untrue belief has taken root in your life. Your work this month will be to gently and repeatedly pull the old belief up from the dirt, planting new seeds of truth that will blossom in the garden of your life, nourishing you from the soul up. Within the energy of The Hierophant, you have the potential to make enormous internal shifts, which will then bring about welcome change in your external life. Inner work to facilitate outer transformation — that is what the invitation of May is all about.

You are learning that you are all you need to create expansion in your life. You’ve had the tools, power and gifts all along. The door has always been unlocked and open, ready for you to walk through. You don’t need permission. You don’t need a master, guru or teacher to tell you “when.” It’s always been you. If there is any part of you that doesn’t believe that, then right on — you’ve just uncovered the work to be done.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Seven of Wands, Rx

What is a warrior without her sword? What is a fighter without the fight? Where do we put our power and fire when there is nothing to defend against? This month, Sagittarius, you get to answer those questions. You are being invited to elevate the frequency of your inner fire, shifting it from fight to flow. You might experience some momentary setbacks, delays and frustrations this month. This is all to facilitate the releasing of old defenses, some so deeply buried they may feel prehistoric. Indeed, loves, your sign is arguably the most advanced of the fire signs, and thus, you have some of the most advanced and challenging work to do around your fire.

The repeated invitations into vulnerability — a space you’ve been called to many times over the last year — have all been building to this. Seven of Wands asks us to defend and move through setbacks. When reversed, it asks us to surrender. Rather than defend against anything, allow your walls to drop and the heart to soften in moments when you feel stuck or defensive. Instead of forging ahead, charging at a block, drop your weapon and look at the situation closely. In that space, you will find an inner fire within you that can never be extinguished, one that doesn’t need a challenge in order to burn brightly.

The gift of an unshakable trust will start to bloom within you, and you may find your attention being drawn more to the present, to to the gifts of patience and surrender. This is the essence of the medicine that Seven of Wands reversed is bringing you, Sagittarius — a powerful dose of peaceful warrior energy. All will happen in it’s due time, and within the space between what you desire and what you currently have, there are profound lessons to be honored.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Four of Crystals

Heed the call to go within this month, Capricorn. Decline the RSVPs and simplify your schedule. Your soul may be longing for a little space and time away from people this month, so give yourself what you truly need without guilt or explanation. Four of Crystals, or Pentacles, can manifest itself as a need to strengthen our energetic boundaries, to go deeply into ourselves to clarify our next steps. This card’s essence offers us the chance to purge and release anything we may be carrying that’s not actually in alignment for us.

Taking this time and space is going to help you to remember what’s really important. It may not look that way on the outset — you might resist this inner call at first, feeling that you “should” be showing up, doing more, ticking things off your to-do list. Honor your truth. Go within to get clear, not only on your next steps, but on what you value and where you’re placing your energy. You will be richer for it than if you denied yourself what you really need — a tune out in order to tune in.

Four of Pentacles is sometimes unfairly labeled as a card of materialism or greed. The image on the Smith-Rider-Waite seems to suggest this: on it, we see a man clutching four golden coins, dressed in finery and a crown. That is not your truth for this month, Capricorn — Four of Pentacles showing up in your monthly pull has nothing to do with wealth or financial patterning. It DOES have everything to do with making room for the new, as well as releasing any habits that are keeping you busy just for the sake of being busy. May is the perfect time to review your priorities. What do you want to spend your precious energy on? Go deep within and find out.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Three of Wands

If you’re bored, Aquarius, then do something about it. If you’re stifled, stiff, trapped in the same boxes you’ve been in for years, step out and try something new. If you’ve been longing for a sign or a reminder, this is it. You don’t have to throw the old boxes in your life away, but you can change what you bring to them, what you’re learning about, and the routine of your life. You can do this at any moment, something you’re being invited to remember this month. When we pay attention to our inner lives, the external will shift and transform to match it.

If you can empower yourself around your current circumstances, you simultaneously prepare yourself to leap into the new. This is the sacred energetic dance of the Three of Wands, which has arrived in your pull for the month with this very invitation. It is time to say yes to a new adventure, loves. Your soul is itching for new landscapes to see, horizons to explore, information to absorb. It might be time to go back to school, move to a foreign country for a year, or change your job entirely. Your spirit is hungry for something fresh and stimulating, so be sure to feed it as often as you can.

The tricky thing is that it’s not fully time to release the old, which is good practice for you. You’ll be stepping into the new as you outgrow your current circumstances, crowding out whatever you’re ready to let go of. This balance will help to foster inner trust, as well as assist in helping you to not make impulsive decisions from a place of boredom. Just remember not to rush the daydream phase — stoke the fire of your wishes and visions, then make your first move.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Akashic Records

This is a deeply powerful month for you, Pisces. Akashic Records is a rare and beautiful energy to receive in a monthly Tarot pull such as this. It is going to be guiding you to some very magical places in your expansion over the next cycle. Akashic Records is inviting you to drop into your dharma, Pisces — who are you (really), and what are you truly here to do? How are you meant to be of service? How are you being asked to show up in the world? The answer to these questions might look different from what you want, or what you might initially think.

You’re being asked to dive down past your preferences and limitations, open and available to see the bigger picture of why you incarnated here on this plane. The information you gather in the Akashic Records will be crucial for potential transformations you may make on your journey this month. This card will take you into some deep waters, but you’re used to swimming in depths such as this. You’re being invited to clean up even the smallest splinters of ego around your soul path this month, surrendering any aspects of your life that feel blocked and stuck. You are making room for sacred abundance to flow into your life, for God given gifts to come through you so you can help and serve others.

This level of dharma can only be attained upon surrendering to a higher level of truth within ourselves. What is the very thing you avoid looking at, Pisces? This is the key to not only your service, but that which you desire on this plane. Your soulmate, a career change, a conception, an expansion in intuition — all possible this month through this inner shift. You are the treasure you’ve been seeking, Pisces, so dive deep.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Ten of Crystals

Ten of Crystals, or Pentacles, is a glorious energy for you to be moving through this month, Aries. There will be much to celebrate, and it will behoove you to keep your focus trained on the present, and out of the future in order to be here for it. It’s not the easiest time for your sign right now, loves. You may be feeling ready to go, full of vigor and energy, but it might seem that the Universe keeps trying to slow you down. This duality is uncomfortable, but totally appropriate. The Retrogrades are bringing you into review, which is very important, while the building energy within you is asking to be channeled toward deep work, self care and joy.

This “push/pull” frequency is pretty intense, but Ten of Crystals is (thankfully) coming in for some big love this month. Your invitation in this card will be to honor all of your hard work, recognize how far it’s gotten you, and rejoice in all the abundance it’s brought into your life. Ten of Pentacles signifies major blessings, a glorious experience of truly recognizing that a lasting foundation has been laid with our repeated work and efforts. Now, you get to bask in the glow of it before you move onto the next great conquest. Of course, it won’t all be rainbows.

Will there be moments of discomfort this month? Yes. Will you occasionally forget about the joy and slip into worry and anxiety? Of course. Why would you believe otherwise? Anytime we reach a new level of soul joy, of goodness and abundance, the brain inevitably freaks out and invites us into contraction. No matter. You can find rest in discomfort. You can embrace joy no matter what. Celebrate all you are, all that you’ve worked for, and all that’s to come. Stay in truth and every moment will be a gift.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Born under a bad sign? Frederick Steinmann says so-called difficult placements are actually opportunities for greater awareness, acceptance, and transformation. Images: Veda Wildfire 

veda wildfire frederick steinmann ruby warrington the numinous born under a bad sign planetary states rulership detriment exaltation fall venus in aries 2017 steinmann astrology

Venus entered Aries on April 28, and the planet of love’s journey through this bold, assertive (and sometimes brash and selfish) warrior archetype is not always … smooth. In the sign of Aries, Venus is in its “detriment”- indicating one of the 4 states possible for each planet when placed in different zodiac signs (“detriment” and “fall” being more challenging, while “exaltation” and “rulership” the easier placements).

Rulership: Planets here are “at home” in their environment and easy to express.
Exaltation: A step beyond rulership, planets here have a chance to achieve their highest expression.
Detriment: The opposite of rulership- planets are in slightly uncomfortable territory, and the energy may need to become unblocked or unstuck.
Fall: The opposite of exaltation—energy is lessened and may need some invigoration in order to achieve expression.

For example, in Aries, Venus wants what she wants, now, and on her terms. Fiery Aries is quick with passion but not with compromise. Venus in its detriment could learn a thing or too about love from Venus’ ruling sign, Libra (the opposite sign to Aries). Venus in Libra naturally knows how to pause and apply strategy instead of just a quick reaction.

When in their detriment or fall, planets are challenged to adjust, to learn, and to further refine the energies symbolized by that planet. Below, a guide to these cosmic challenges …


**Discover your challenging placements by calculating your birth chart. No challenging aspects? You can still use the dates below to work with these energies throughout the year as the planet indicated spends time in that sign! 

:: THE SUN ::
Rulership: Leo // Exaltation: Aries // Detriment: Aquarius // Fall: Libra  
The Sun is the single most important point in a horoscope. He vitalizes Earth and the rest of our solar system, and relates to our “individuality”- who we are beyond our thoughts and emotions.

Detriment in Aquarius (2017 Dates: January 19-February 18)  
Aquarius energy is connected to the concept of humanity as a whole, but can sometimes struggle with the messiness of the individual. Aquarians circulate the solar force within the group by “fixing their will” in the service of group ideals. The Sun in Aquarius placement is all about learning how to balance group ideals with individual creativity, and sometimes learning to say “Yes, I really matter!”

Fall in Libra (2017 Dates: September 22- October 23
Because of their penchant for pursuing the perfect relationship, Libra Sun signs’ individual vitality can become diffused. Librans can learn how to vitalize themselves by developing some Aries energy in relationships. A good way to start is by noticing: “where am I holding back from asserting my individuality and just strategically reflecting what the other person wants to hear.” Assertion of individuality will rebalance vitality and allow space for creative expression.


:: THE MOON ::
Rulership: Cancer // Exaltation: Taurus // Detriment: Capricorn // Fall: Scorpio 
The Moon is the second most important point in the horoscope, and represents emotions, imagination, memories, and how we are nurtured.

**2017 Dates: Because the Moon changes signs every few days, check Planet Watcher for the current placement. We’ll have a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10th, a New Moon in Scorpio on November 18th, and a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9th.

Detriment in Capricorn
The Moon and achievement-conscious Capricorn are both related to security but they have opposing views. The ambition and drive to achieve success in society are energetically opposed with the Moon’s nurturing function (just think of those countless burnt out corporate ladder climbers!) Capricorn moons will benefit from reevaluating safety and security needs, scheduling time for self-care rituals like massage, and just feeling their feelings.

Fall in Scorpio
In fixed signs, the Moon wants to hold on to inherited patterns of nurturing, and in fixed Scorpio the art is in learning to let go. Scorpio Moons are nurtured through in-depth sharing that leads to transformation. Learn to honor your watery depths by getting in touch with more difficult emotions. You might try Jungian therapy, group counseling, or another form of therapy where you can share, transform, and release old habits.

veda wildfire frederick steinmann ruby warrington the numinous born under a bad sign planetary states rulership detriment exaltation fall venus in aries 2017 steinmann astrology

Rulership: Gemini & Virgo // Exaltation: Aquarius // Detriment: Sagittarius // Fall: Pisces & Leo 
As the ruler of thought, reason, and communication, Mercury is an androgynous planet that picks up masculine or feminine energy depending on the sign or relationship to other planets.

Detriment in Sagittarius (2017 Dates: November 5-January 11 2018, retrograde December 3-22)
With Sag’s philosophically expanded worldview, Mercury placed here can tend towards exaggeration, embellishment, boastfulness, or the zealous view that one’s personal opinion equals a universal outlook. To work with this energy, it’s important to notice when you’re blowing things out of proportion and to practice more discretion in speech.

Fall in Pisces (2017 Dates: February 25-March 13)
With the overemphasis on words and rational thought in Western education, Mercury in Pisces may feel that their imagination or creativity is “silly.” The key here is learning to believe that compassion doesn’t always need to be verbalized- a loving presence or hug can work. Emotional communication is a valid form of communication. Dream interpretation or a study of symbols like the Tarot could help bring out the best in this Mercury.

Fall in Leo (2017 Dates: July 5-July 25) 
Leo represents creative expression and Mercury placed here sometimes thinks they are an instant prodigy! In order to achieve the highest form of expression, this Mercury could use a dose of Aquarian objectivity to integrate their vision into society. Developing a meditation practice with a mantra like “thoughts are things, I am not my thoughts” will help with this process.


:: VENUS ::
Rulership: Taurus & Libra // Exaltation: Pisces // Detriment: Scorpio & Aries // Fall: Virgo 
Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and harmony. She also rules the Law of Attraction- how you value and feel about yourself ultimately manifests in both your relationships and your bank account.

Detriment in Scorpio (2017 Dates: November 7-December 1)
In Scorpio, the challenging call is to transform the Venusian areas of love, relationships, and money. Learning to value your own and others’ resources appropriately is a lesson for this Venus. Another challenge comes from dealing with intensity and learning when to say no to excitement and emotional thrills that may lead to financial or emotional problems. Find your own value and trust in the process of regeneration.

Fall in Virgo (2017 Dates: September 19- October 14) 
Virgo is a mutable sign associated with the process of improvement, and when attached to Venus this can manifest as sharp criticism and endless “fixing” in relationships. Learning to dissolve some of your hyper-awareness through loving self-acceptance (the Piscean end of the polarity), and editing internal and external critique is key.

veda wildfire frederick steinmann ruby warrington the numinous born under a bad sign planetary states rulership detriment exaltation fall venus in aries 2017 steinmann astrology

:: MARS ::
Rulership: Aries & Scorpio // Exaltation: Capricorn, // Detriment: Taurus & Libra // Fall: Cancer 
Mars rules the primitive side of our natures through the “4 Fs”: Feeding, fighting, fleeing, and … reproduction. The god of war is eager to penetrate the environment. A person’s humanness has a lot to do with Mars management- whether they are impulsive and brash or able to direct their will consciously and compassionately.

Detriment in Taurus (2017 Dates: March 9-21) 
When Mars is in Taurus, the desire for sensual experience is strong, and the challenge lies in overcoming and disciplining the heightened five senses. The drive and primal motive will be towards more concrete expressions of Taurus like money and sex. This placement will have to learn more about the unseen value of experience and presence. Try exercises like conscious, meditative eating where you pause gratefully for 5 minutes with a meal in front of you before diving in. Notice and observe what comes up without judgment.

Detriment in Libra (2017 Dates: October 22-December 9)
While Mars is all about fighting and assertion, Libra is about initiating relationships and this combination can lead to passive aggressive behavior. In Aries, it’s easy to fight our enemy but Mars in Libra has to sit at the table with them and negotiate. This Mars placement is learning how to evolve from an impulsive to a refined human being. Learn to balance instinctive reactions towards your partners’ moves with healthy self-assertion of your own desires.

Fall in Cancer (2017 Dates: June 4-July 20)  
Mars will always act out to assert himself as separate, and in Cancer the tendency towards cohesion and bonding leads to a conflict. Mars in Cancers act when they feel safe with their tribe and outside of this familiar context, the impulse to assert the self is repressed. This is a sign where Mars is learning courage. Courage comes through assertion of individuality in the world beyond the tribe (the Capricorn end of the polarity). Practicing action-oriented activities like martial arts will help build the confidence to express your desires!


Fred Steinmann is a New York-based consulting astrologer who advises entrepreneurs, creative professionals, leaders of thought and industry, and all those searching for clarity, guidance, direction, and inspiration during uncertain times. He bases his practice on training and study in Ageless Wisdom, and astrological techniques grounded in 10+ years of professional experience advising clients and colleagues on Wall Street.


Meet fashion creatrice Diana Wassef, one of the Moon Club members elevating the game with her poetically evolved approach to sustainable fashion as healing …

moon club members fashion as healing ruby warrington the numinous diana wassef emily cremona
Charles Cremona Photography for Diana’s Kao-Kabi Collection

With her eco-conscious “Kao-Kabi” collection for Emily Cremona, creatrice and Moon Club member Diana Wassef  is challenging the fashion community to dress our planet in sustainable threads. 


“From fabric selection to garment creation, these are healing garments disguised as ‘fashion.'” 

The Passion Project 
I wanted to create ​a sensory experience: one where you feel elevated and transformed … that feeling when putting on a robe after a Moroccan or Turkish bath. This is the feeling I imagined while creating the Kao-Kabi collection.

Kao-Kabi is Arabic for “my planet,” and with this collection I hope to meet the delicate needs of today’s modern wearer through garments that are kind to the skin and to our environment. I work exclusively with natural fibers, including bamboo, hemp, linen, and pineapple.

All the garments from Kao-Kabi have been bathed with Reiki light and love; from fabric selection to garment creation, these are healing garments disguised as “fashion.”

moon club members fashion as healing elevating the game ruby warrington the numinous diana wassef emily cremona
Charles Cremona Photography for Diana’s Kao-Kabi Collection

Dressing to Honor the Spirit 
When I was younger my style was very eccentric, layering my skin with lots of accessories and clothing that embodied a lot of mythology and symbology. This style reflected my fascination with the history of costume, and how each period influenced the image of how the self was portrayed.

After moving to Brooklyn in 2013, my transformative healing journey began: the cleansing and purifying process … shedding skin and tuning in to the core and essence of the delicious self. Now, I dress to honor my spirit by radiating the light within me outwards. In doing so, I find myself surrounded by similar radiant entities.

I really do enjoy wearing white, and a lot of that is influenced by my Kundalini practice. Yogi Bhajan’s idea about the color white resonates with me. Not only is white an auric color therapy, but wearing white is an exercise in awareness, as it takes more consciousness and care to keep white clothes clean!

The Futuristic Fashionista Vision 
Kao-Kabi offers a glimpse into the eco-conscious world I envision for fashion. Moving forward, I intend to create my own sustainable, innovative textiles from which my future collections will be designed—a sustainable material that honors our planet by being gentle to its resources.

moon club members fashion as healing elevating the game ruby warrington the numinous diana wassef emily cremona
Charles Cremona Photography for Diana’s Kao-Kabi Collection

The Moon Club Inspiration 
It has been a huge inspiration to be part of this community—Moon Club is a sacred space for all the Luna lovers out there. As the astrology fan that I am, I get an insightful dose of what’s happening astrologically, the Moon cycles, and their impact on us. Moon Club guides me with my creative process by reminding me to pause, clear my mind, and MEDITATE in order to dive deeper. 

We’ve had such incredible coaching sessions with innovators and healers, like Sah D’Simone sharing the “Happiness Equation,” and powerful female entrepreneurs like THINX co-founder Miki Agrawal—I’m all about the divine yoni power!!!!

I’d also like to share here the Forgiveness Mediation from Moon Club founding member Eddie Stern, which has been particularly inspiring for me in my creative process:

“For anyone I caused harm, knowingly or unknowingly, I ask for your forgiveness/For anyone whom has caused me harm, knowingly or unknowingly, I offer you my forgiveness/For any harm I have caused myself, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive me.”

moon club members fashion as healing elevating the game ruby warrington the numinous diana wassef emily cremona
Diana Wassef in Her Element

Feeling ready to up your manifestation game? Read more about Moon Club here and start working your own lunar magic! 


The message of the 2017 Taurus New Moon is to connect to your inner stillness, be present for beauty, and trust in your true value, says Sandra Sitron  …

Binta Dibba for Nakid Magazine by Bethany Vargas Taurus New Moon The Numinous
Binta Dibba for Nakid Magazine by Bethany Vargas

New Moon :: April 26th 2017:: 8:18 am EST :: 6 degrees 27 minutes Taurus

Slow. Peaceful. Still. Serene.

The moment of thisTaurus New Moon opens a portal for you to connect with your inner stillness (aka inner serenity, the quiet mind, your essential nature, your higher self). When you access your “inner stillness,” you may notice a sense of true security. In this headspace of harmony and peace you have no insecurity. You trust in your value. You trust in abundance.

This portal is open for you. Move into it through meditation. Create space and stillness. Be patient. Be present to the beauty around you. Focus your attention on being grounded, registering the sensations in your body, and connecting to your inner worth.

Taurus is a powerhouse sign. On the Taurus New Moon, the Sun and the Moon meet here, to represent a new beginning. We can take this time to send our wishes to the moon. What new beginning are you ready for in your life? Craft your intentions now.

It’s especially powerful to center your intentions on Taurus themes, which focus on the physical body. The stimuli that makes the physical body feel good. The food, shelter, and water the physical body needs to exist. Money. Anything that is sustainable or of value that will keep the body going for a long time. Anything beautiful that the physical body will appreciate.

This Taurus New Moon entices you to find inner stillness. What does Taurus have to do with inner stillness? Taurus rules the body. When you can become completely grounded in your body and aware of the information that is coming in through your senses, you have acquired one way to arrive in a meditative state. You are present.

Inner stillness helps you discover other Taurus themes. It makes you aware of your inner worth and your inner value. Your security. Your sense of abundance. Your inner harmony. It brings your values into perspective. Inner stillness is grounding and secure.

There is a vibration of Taurus that can be completely concrete and stubborn. At this Taurus New Moon, it’s time melt any stubbornness and transmute it into stability. True stability creates space for security and openness.

As you create stillness within yourself, you are tilling fertile soil in which to plant your seeds. Your Taurus New Moon seed intentions should bring forth lovely blooms of abundance, harmony in relationships, security, physical health, and beauty. These themes can be very powerful for you now.


Moon semi-sextile Mars
The next move in a game of chess.
This aspect urges you to take action. Mars is in the zippy sign of Gemini, cajoling along the slow-poke Taurus New Moon. They may not agree on the correct speed. But they can decide to take concentrated, deliberate action. And that action can be potent. Center yourself and then move your chess pieces deliberately. Take your time. Make it happen. This is not time to push forward hastily. You can take slow and powerful, grounded actions that are based on your values.


Moon trine Saturn Retrograde 
Drinking your green smoothie.
The Taurus New Moon is in a wide trine to Saturn. Saturn’s energy here can help you find the structures that work best for you. What are your systems for optimal health and wellness? What are your best systems for quieting your mind? For exercise? For learning? For communication? For managing your finances? This is positive energy that will help you get everything into alignment. Think about what kind of support and structure you need and call it in.


Use the questions below to dive deeper into the lessons of the 2017 Taurus New Moon. For a more accurate reading, calculate your chart for free here and see what house holds 6 degrees Taurus…

Aries or New Moon in the 2nd House
This New Moon takes place in your house of security, money, values and worth. What support can you ask to receive?

Taurus or New Moon in the 1st House
This New Moon takes place in your house of identity. How are the circumstances in your life teaching you about who you really are?

Gemini or New Moon in the 12th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of the subconscious mind. What advice would your higher self give you about an issue in your life? Write down your issue, then write your higher self’s advice.

Cancer or New Moon in the 11th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of friends and future. What vision will you craft? What do you desire?

Leo or New Moon in the 10th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of career. Where can you push yourself a little further out into the limelight?

Virgo or New Moon in the 9th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of exploration. What do you need to see that you aren’t seeing?

Libra or New Moon in the 8th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of emotional union. What feeling is ready to change form? Write yourself a letter from that feeling. Let it tell you everything it needs to say.

Scorpio or New Moon in the 7th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of primary relationships. How will you let yourself get closer to another person? What will you say to encourage closeness?

Sagittarius or New Moon in the 6th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of health and habits. What is one small thing you can do every day to connect to your body? Can you thank your body for that connection?

Capricorn or New Moon in the 5th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of creativity and fun. How are you yearning to express yourself?

Aquarius or New Moon in the 4th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of home and family. What will you do to welcome in a new feeling at home?

Pisces or New Moon in the 3rd House 
This New Moon takes place in your house of learning and communication. Do you believe that a breakthrough comes to you or that you have to invite it in? What would you do to invite it in?

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here.


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with our Numinous weekly horoscopes, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—aka Strong Eye Astrology

Numinous weekly horoscopes Strong Eye Astrology The Numinous April 24

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Gentle clouds at the peak of a mountain. There is a sense of dreamy focus to this symbol. In the same way, find focus within yourself— focus on your goals, identity, career. But let your attention be light. Let it be easy. Let it be spacious. Don’t stress or strain. Just ask for gentle alignment right now. Use your imagination to visualize yourself at the peak of the mountain— at the moment of completing your goal. Feel the joyous feelings that accompany your success.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Walking through strawberry fields. “Strawberry Fields Forever.” That song includes symbolism about escaping reality. This is where your astrology this week leads you as well. It’s a dreamy kind of escape. The kind that takes you on a journey into the depths of your own subconscious mind. Trading out the conscious for the subconscious. You may be working with your deep beliefs, dreams and feelings in new ways. Or you may simply be drifting and floating a little more than usual. Let yourself be a little gauzy, but take opportunities to work on deeper levels if you can. Gain access to your subconscious through hypnosis, shamanic practice, dream journalling, meditation, etc. Take a walk through strawberry fields.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Guppies swimming in shallow waters. Community is something you need to feel that you can count on right now. Gain a deep feeling of connection. Belonging. This is something that will support you in creating a new level of abundance in your life. You need to find your people. Your friends, your neighborhood, your online community. Find and feel that sense of support. Let it be your bedrock. It will help you feel enveloped by love. And that will enhance your growth.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Three scoops of ice cream balanced carefully on a cone. You need sweetness and lots of it. You need to be able to feel that it’s piled high. What is sweetness to you? It it support? Connection? Success? Creativity? Recognition? It might change all the time, but the important thing is to define what it is to you now. What would hit the spot? Now, in the symbol, the ice cream is carefully balanced. This means that you need to create the structure necessary to receive this sweetness. You need to be able to feel aligned in your life, so that the sweetness just flows in. So that it’s expected. Take simple actions that would help you have space for this sweetest that you want to appear in your life.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Hunting in the forest with a bow and arrow. It’s time to go after a new opinion. You have to learn some new truth and have a moment of epiphany. This symbol is about a hunter. What does that mean to you? Do you see yourself as hunting anything in your life? Is it a deserving purpose? Is it a conscious hunt? Is it what you really want? Does that pursuit help you feel directed or does it make you feel frustrated? There is no right or wrong answer here, I ask because it’s a good time to have a clear philosophy for how you want to use your energy. How are you directing, motivating, chasing, hunting, or going after your goals?

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Making hand-prints in wet sand. Allow for the transitional nature of things. Allow that the waves will come and wash everything away. You are working with pliable materials and it may be time to let go. Something is ready to be let go of. What is it? When you’ve identified it, begin to allow the process. Use a mirror to tell yourself that you are ready— tell yourself while looking into your own eyes. Use ritual to add symbolism to the process by writing down the thing you are ready to let go of and burning the paper. Release is necessary and it can be emotional. Welcome the emotion with the knowing that you are strong enough for the process. You are ready.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Crossing a glass bridge. It’s time for more transparency in your life. Especially in your relationships. In this symbol you are crossing (from your experience to someone else’s experience). And the bridge is transparency. The bridge you are building in a relationship is transparent— hiding nothing. You are open. What surprises will be revealed when you are brave enough to cross that clear bridge? When you are brave enough to make yourself vulnerable and say what is truly in your heart? The neat thing about this symbol is that you are completely supported on your journey. You are safe to be transparent.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A bear sleeping in a cave. It’s time for some self-care. The bear has a pretty efficient structure for self-care. It’s highly advanced. The system is perfectly adapted to the bear’s environment. In preparation for the winter, the bear eats. When the weather is too cold, the bear sleeps. For a really long time. The bear has adapted pretty well. What are your structures and systems? Are they connected to the external cycles that affect you? Are you ready to fine tune them so that they are working for you? Now is the time.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Small boats with colorful sails. Movement and joy. Call it in. If not now, when? So much depends on the approach that you choose. Choose to sail. Choose to ease joyfully through. No friction. Where have you been throwing road blocks on your own path? Well, the good news is, you are on the water now and those road blocks sank. You are ready for speed. All you need to fuel yourself is a big burst of creativity and a little recognition. Express yourself joyfully. Don’t stop yourself because you have a habit of overworking. Fill your sails with fun.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Licking peanut butter off a spoon. Food symbols are often about nurturance. Where do you need to be a little bit softer? How can you receive a little bit more? Cradle yourself. Be kind. Really— speak kind words to yourself. Surprise yourself with how much love you can show. Your self-love will give you deep emotional security. It will strengthen you. It’s a foundation that you can build upon.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A hamster chews his food. These tiny mammals save their extra food in their cheeks. Have you been preparing for the future as well? The symbol of the hamster and this week’s astrology show that your preparation needs to come from your ability to learn. You need to supply yourself with beliefs, knowledge and ideas that will bring you strength. So that you can grow in the exact way that you desire. Focus on your mindset this week and discover what you need to learn.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Playing ping-pong. If you have been feeling any defensiveness, it’s safe to let that feeling dissolve now. It’s possible that there is a part of you reacting to something from the past. Your true security won’t come from habitual defensiveness. Your security will come from a sense of inner peace. An inner serenity that is like a still lake. Now the question is, how to connect with that inner peace and love? Look at the symbol of ping pong. It can either represent a competitive game (defense!), or it can be a symbol of a conversation. Direct the conversation inward. Tell yourself how loved you are. How you are enough. Keep that conversation going.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.


Strung out on repressed feelings, a health crisis and mental break became an unexpected awakening for Meg Hartley, care of some spiritual shrooming…

how i lost all my fucks meg hartley ruby warrington the numinous spiritual shrooms mushroom tripping

“During my four-day break with the mundane, I connected to a bigger part of myself, which also happened to feel like an infinitely more stable part of myself”—Meg Hartley 

When I was 19, I wasn’t in a good place. I had lost my mother to suicide four years prior, and my once-successful “smashing down” of feelings had relentlessly resurfaced into every part of my consciousness.

I usually avoided the pain by staying busy all day, then intoxicated into the evening via copious amounts of marijuana or whatever else was floating around the dorms: ‘shrooms, ecstasy, and lots and lots of cheap alcohol.

But late at night, when I’d try my hardest to sleep and fail miserably, I couldn’t hide from the pain. I had taken to scratching at my skin until it bled because it hurt less than the storm that wailed inside. It was like there was so much unprocessed pain my mind didn’t know where to start. Agonizing thoughts just whipped around in my head, out of control and going nowhere.

I’d soon learn about meditation and mindfulness, which gave me a life raft to embrace during these times. But before then, I’d go home to Alaska for summer break and have a four-day experience a psychologist called a “mental break” and a philosophy teacher called “a preview to awakening.”

But to me, it simply felt like a very long dream that showed me true happiness was a real possibility … even for me, which seemed impossible at the time. This set the scene for my subsequent spiritual exploration and gave me a reason to commit to my emotional healing.


The year was 2002. My first year of philosophy classes in college had finally given form and texture to vague spiritual ideas I’d always had intuitive knowings about. The ideas that this life is an illusion, that humanity is currently experiencing a shift in consciousness, and that we’re each here to learn specific things, were presented by different religions and philosophers from all over the world.

This deja vu sense of remembering (that my teacher said was normal, but which sure felt like magic to me!) combined with all the partying left me ungrounded, spacey, and generally disinterested in “mundane” everyday life. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I also had a B12 deficiency that was hitting mental health symptom levels. In addition to this, there was a cyst growing on my pineal gland, which is known to augment spiritual experiences.

And so, not yet privy to the drawbacks of being ungrounded, and unaware of this explosive combination brewing in my brain, I celebrated my return home by eating yet more ‘shrooms with a dear friend.

The experience of taking psilocybin is different for everyone, but in my experimental days it was something that I regarded with reverence––like a really fun church. During every trip, the idea of “God” or a benevolent bigger something, seemed obvious and present to me. There was silliness and hilarity, but also times where I would leave my friends to go sit with my favorite tree for hours, my head filled with streaming thoughts that were ontological in nature- the answers to all of life’s big questions, more ideas I’d later study in ancient texts.

And this time, for four days after the mushroom trip ought to have ended, my thoughts remained consistently in the ontological realm––a far cry from my daily headscape at the time, which was mostly centered around losing my v-card and being “too fat.” 

In stark contrast, everything I encountered had meaning on top of meaning, and life felt so beautiful that I cried happy tears. From the inside, the experience felt like a blissful and meditative state where therapeutic dreams met real life. Colors became more vibrant as I released dark twisted pains from deep within like a long and satisfying belch.

how i lost all my fucks meg hartley ruby warrington the numinous spiritual shrooms mushroom tripping
Meg with a handmade lithograph about her experience

Of course, it’s not “normal” to weep from joy at the sight of a mountain that’s there every damn day, or to stare at everyday items babbling about “the language of the Universe” and “signs.”

Everyone in my world thought I had lost my marbles. When I finally noticed this reaction in others, I very suddenly snapped out of it, shocked at their concern and upset about making an ass of myself. That clouded my vision of the experience, as social acceptance was the form of surrender I was most familiar with at the time. But I now look back on it as being as helpful as it was hugely bizarre: the juice was totally worth the squeeze (it can be freeing sometimes to have people think you’re a little nuts, anyhoo!) 

I was immediately changed, and the depression didn’t return for many years (not until my B12 levels hit a fantastic new low and a whole new set of challenges revealed themselves). It was like I had been dusted from the inside out, I felt clear and centered in a way that I had never experienced. I carried on with the drug experimentation for a couple more years and nothing like that happened again- something that brought both great relief and a fleeting sense of disappointment.


During my four-day break with the mundane, I connected to a bigger part of myself, which also happened to feel like an infinitely more stable part of myself.

And that connection––and many times just the memory of that connection—brought a cherished light into the darkest nights of my soul. It also provided the motivation for my subsequent spiritual and emotional journeys: remembering that mental landscape, and knowing that if I stayed on the spiritual path then that sense of peace and connectedness would eventually feel like home.


Meg Hartley is an Alaskan artist and writer happily replanted in wonderfully weird Portland, Oregon. She loves really great trees, cashew ice “cream”, mysticism, and is totally obsessed with mindfulness. Her new book is called How I Lost All My Fucksa one-month experience that will have you losing all yours! Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  


The planet of power, transformation, and absolute intensity can make us want to run and hide. Fear not, says Patricia Clark Hippolyte! Pluto Retrograde 2017 is a super potent moment to embrace our shadow side and let it out into the light…

half woman half skeleton pluto retrograde 2017 The Numinous

Thursday, April 20th :: Pluto Stations Retrograde :: 19 Degrees of Capricorn

Thursday, September 28th :: Pluto Goes Direct :: 16 Degrees of Capricorn 

All retrograde cycles allow us to return to the scene of the crime, so to speak. “Why am I dealing with this again?!” you may wonder. That’s the point of a retrograde—any issue that comes up for you will have to be dealt with three times over before you can learn the lesson.

Picture it this way. You’re driving along and go over a speed bump. Then, you put the car in reverse and go over it a second time. And then, you put the car in drive and go over the bump a third time. Simple enough! Except when it’s a Pluto retrograde. This presents a considerably more challenging situation…

Pluto can have bad reputation in the cosmos. But this relates merely to the “lower octave” of the planet’s energy. For example, we’d all like to think we take the higher ground, but we also all have stress, jobs, family, and partners that wear on us. And sometimes we make decisions from a place of insecurity, and end up living a life of deceit rather than face the shit storm. Life is not as pretty as we’d like it to be. We don’t want to admit that it’s complicated and messy so we lie: to ourselves, and to others. This is unrefined Pluto energy.

But Pluto doesn’t lie, people do. You’ve heard the saying “the house always wins”? Well it’s the same with Pluto. This planet’s influence can lead us into shadiness OR it can invite us towards transformation by asking us to step into the darker version of ourselves, the shadow self.

With Pluto transits, it can feel as if the elephant in the room can no longer be avoided. And if you’re willing to surrender to Pluto’s challenges, you can harness his transformational edge. Pluto protects us, keeps us on our toes, and magnetizes us to objects of desire. And after Pluto has taken you down, down, down, there is an immense potential for personal growth.

Cause without the darkness…there is no light, right?!


To discover what lessons Pluto retrograde has for you, check out where Pluto retrograde is backing up in your birth chart right now. This means look to the house with 16—19 degrees of Capricorn. 

When Pluto transits a house, it makes for some interesting transformations relating to that particular area of life. Think change, regeneration, and perhaps a little bit of secrecy and subversion. Pluto digs up what we’ve buried. But don’t worry—these changes are inevitable and necessary. Embrace whatever is surfacing!


:: Capricorn Rising—1st House :: Changing how you see yourself and reshaping your personality. Getting a grip on unconscious drives and urges to control people, situations and, well, … EVERYTHING!


:: Sagittarius Rising—2nd House :: A value system overhaul—both psychologically and materially. Don’t buy the McMansion just yet. You may yet discover it’s not what “luxury” truly means to you.


:: Scorpio Rising—3rd House :: Intensified thought processes and conversations. Be wary of black and white attitudes that bypass the gray, and rule out the opportunity for productive discourse.


:: Libra Rising—4th House :: Grappling internally with problems from childhood and family … it’s always Mom, isn’t it! On the outside, changes in your relationship to home—repairing your living space or moving entirely.


:: Virgo Rising—5th House :: Intensified relationship patterns—either the beginnings of a magnetic new relationship or the break down of old patterns in a current relationship. If you have children, there may be some power struggles!


:: Leo Rising—6th House :: Transformation of your health and daily routine—physical regeneration through good dietary choices or a possible breakdown of poor dietary habits.


:: Cancer Rising—7th House :: Embarking on an “amazing ’til it isn’t” relationship or being challenged to change your present relationship. Seeing power plays in partnerships for what they really are.


:: Gemini Rising—8th House :: Be careful with any joint possessions or other people’s resources—think your spouse’s or employer’s. Also a time to get familiar with any unmet desires.


:: Taurus Rising—9th House :: A great moment for absorbing and learning from experience, and gaining new knowledge. What beliefs have you been blindly holding onto, and where are you getting woke?


:: Aries Rising—10th House :: If you know where you’re at with your career, there’s a good chance of success at this time. If you’re uncertain, there’s a high chance of a total change of path.


:: Pisces Rising—11th House :: A perfect time to seek out more like-minded friends who will aid you in your transformations. It’s also a good moment for prioritizing actions that truly give back.


:: Aquarius Rising—12th House :: A game of psychological chess with yourself! It’s time to deal with old patterns and behaviors that worked in childhood but don’t translate now (read: no more tantrums on the floor!)


Patricia Clark Hippolyte has been seeing stars for well over two decades. With international private readings and intensive three-day courses, she reveals astrological ciphers that help people work with their current and future planetary involvements. Though the stars often shine a painfully bright light on the realities of daily life, remember: starlight is better than no light at all.


The Eight of Wands suggests something is in transit energetically. Now it’s time to move with the shifts as they show up, says Lindsay Mack in her Numinous weekly tarotscope…


In keeping with their Sensory Guide to Taurus Season 2017, Cara George & Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising channel a slumber party for each sign…Main images: Satellite Paris SS17

Satellite jewelry ad campaign ss 17 The Numinous Taurus Season

Let it all burst into brilliant bloom! Taurus season invites us to fully feast at the lush, tropical table of our own unshakeable value. The zodiac’s buxom bovine bombshell asks no less of us than the sexy, stalwart trust that this Earth is on our side. So sit down, settle in, and savor the flavor of a dinner party with no end. You’re absolutely, ALWAYS, worth it and there’s always more than enough to go around.


The keyword: Flourish

The song lyrics: “The only two things in life that make it worth livin’/Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin’ women/I don’t need my name in the marquee lights/I got my song and I got you with me tonight/Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love”- Waylon Jennings, Luckenback Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)

Check out our Taurus Season Playlist, complete with earthy anthems, sensuous songstresses, and savory slow jams.

Valentino SS17 Taurus Season The Numinous Mojave Rising
Valentino SS17

The color palette: luxe, buttery, candy box shades of cream, caramel, deep pink, and pure gold.

The style: Caesar’s Palace meets West Texas roadhouse—bombastic medallions, button-down denim, voluminous Dallas dos, worn-in leather, malachite accents, and studded belts.

dark cherries cacao The Numinous Taurus Season Mojave Rising

The scents and flavors: overripe and headily hedonistic—tuberose, truffles, Mexican chocolate, dark cherries, sweet blonde tobacco, and musk.

The healing: directly embodied and sensorily complete—tasting menus, buffet brunches, love making, and horseback riding.

Image via Chakrubs

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Sensuous Invitation of the Month: Slumber Party!

Ruled by Venus, Taurus season invites us back into the boudoir to harness the pure power of private pleasure. Our Venus sign reveals both what we seek in relationship and what we must learn to value in ourselves. This month, just say yes to exactly what turns you on and let it lead you straight to the heart of your truest desire. Below, your sign-by-sign guide to snuggling between the sheets…

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Venus in Aries
Taurus season invites you to celebrate a fresh, minimalist approach to feeling good in your body. Slumber Party: Strip it down completely with naked solo sleeping on a Japanese tatami mat.

Venus in Taurus
Taurus season invites you to let luxury be totally necessary and lead you all the way back home. Slumber Party: Wrap yourself in a bearskin rug by a roaring hearth and lie down on a bed of rose petals.

Venus in Gemini
Taurus season invites you to delight in your desire for playful communication and curious encounters. Slumber Party: Deck out bunk beds with cartoon sheets and invite a bestie to join in a nocturnal gab fest.

Venus in Cancer
Taurus season invites you to savor the lineage of all your past loves while staying open to the present. Slumber Party: Sink into memory foam and let your emotional history feel buoyant and supportive.

Venus in Leo
Taurus season invites you to settle into luscious loyalty and commit to embracing and exposing exactly what you are. Slumber Party: Experience straightforwardly sprawling slumber with classic cotton sheets.

Venus in Virgo
Taurus season invites you to celebrate your desire for discernment and your romantic integrity that doesn’t give it away for free. Slumber Party: Rest on the interwoven intricacy of a well-fashioned hammock.

Venus in Libra
Taurus season invites you to fuse your clear-minded thinking with some more impulsively collisional romps. Slumber Party: Discover an unexpected Murphy Bed or pull-out couch with a new lover or friend.

Venus in Scorpio
Taurus season invites you to let your desire for intensely intimate encounters become your most potent gift to the world. Slumber Party: Enjoy a torrid roll in satin and silk, whether solo or partnered.

Venus in Sagittarius
Taurus season invites you to discover a sense of security even in your adventurous desire for transience. Slumber Party: Hit the road with the campfire containment of a weather-ready sleeping bag.

Venus in Capricorn
Taurus season invites you to completely trust in your 24-karat value with absolutely no proving. Slumber Party: Dominate a California King with sheets of the highest thread count.

Venus in Aquarius
Taurus season invites you to revel in your penchant for eccentric experiences while also pausing to process. Slumber Party: Take a nap on-the-go with a zebra print neck pillow as you prepare for the unknown journey ahead.

Venus in Pisces
Taurus season invites you to explore the limits of your physical body and lovingly embrace every last sensation. Slumber Party: Pull an all-nighter and take in the shifting light, sounds, and smells of the world as it rests.

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Clear any debris from the past to make way for new beginnings this Capricorn Waning Quarter Moon, says Jennifer RacioppiArtwork: Seana Gavin

Capricorn Waning Quarter Moon collage Seana Gavin The Numinous Jennifer Racioppi

Waning Quarter Moon :: April 19 2017 :: 5.56am EST :: 29 Degrees Capricorn

Like an elegant wine with unpredictable hints of licorice, cacao, leather, black tea and sour cherry, the complexity of this Aries Waning Quarter Moon challenges us to interpret complex aromas and flavors.

However, with the moon shifting from stalwart Capricorn into courageous and progressive Aquarius an hour later, and the Sun moving into stable and steady Taurus at 5:26pm the same day, the Capricorn Waning Quarter Moon lingers with complex, multifaceted nuances. Like a theatrical dinner, with a banquet of flavors to take in and digest, this is a vibrant and intricate transit.

Not only does the exact square between the Capricorn Moon and the Aries Sun, at 2 degrees of each sign, occur right before their ingress (entrance into new signs), this Capricorn Waning Quarter Moon occurs one day before powerhouse Pluto stations retrograde. Pluto rules our shadow, and when he commences his retrograde journey, he extends an invitation to look at how we relate to power and control.

Further, on April 20th, Mercury in retrograde will also form her conjunction with the Sun, signifying an intense moment in the Mercury retrograde journey—when the Sun and Mercury swap positions, the Sun is moving into Taurus, while Mercury slips back into Aries.


:: The Sun ::
With the Sun at the tail end of pioneering, bold and courageous Aries, preparing to move into salt of the earth (with a twist of divine luxury) Taurus, she wraps up her Aries story. Having traveled side by side with both Uranus, the planet of revolution, and Eris, the planet of feminine discord, in recent weeks, our egos and identities have certainly endured a few shake-ups. The full moon in Libra, which happened one week prior to this Capricorn Waning Quarter Moon, opposed the Sun and Uranus—infusing the lunation with a few unexpected results. Now it’s up to us to decipher what we need to release. Something needs to go.

:: The Moon ::
This practical and efficient Capricorn Waning Quarter Moon trines Mars in Taurus—a fortunate connection to the planet of action. This common-sense, down-to-earth influence brings stoic expediency when it comes to executing on the daily chores of life. Thank Goddess! With the recent emphasis in Aries, a focus on getting things started didn’t leave a ton of room for completion. Fortunately, the day leading up to this Waning Quarter Moon emphasizes the finishing point. That said, with the Moon renewing itself next week, a time that’s ripe for new beginnings, it’s essential to clear the debris of our past—and now! Cultivate the wisdom gained over the last few weeks to decide what needs releasing in order to to bring things to completion consciously.

:: The Square ::
With the Sun and the Moon in a waning square as they ingress into new signs (Taurus and Aquarius, also square) this Capricorn Waning Quarter Moon asks us to trust our feelings and to be assertive. Both Capricorn and Aries represent the Cardinal signs (or signs that initiate new seasons) asking us to take action. Now that we are a month deep in spring, it’s essential to evaluate how we are doing at both being true to ourselves, our hearts, and our power, while simultaneously staying mindful of others. This isn’t about being right; it’s about making space. Releasing what needs to go.

:: The message ::
We’ve gained so much knowledge and wisdom through our experiences over the last couple of weeks, especially while Venus took her retrograde spin. Now that she’s direct, and with Pluto getting ready to go retrograde (along with Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter) it’s essential to look at how we are using our power, as we likely need to make some changes. What better time than now?! This waning quarter moon asks us to decipher what needs to shift and encourages us to think for ourselves and be decisive. Only you know you best! So let go of that which doesn’t serve you.

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Get this week’s symbol for your sign with our Numinous weekly horoscopes by Sandra Sitron, a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

kayak sunset Numinous weekly horoscopes Strong Eye Astrology April 17 2017

Aries :: Aries Rising
Kayaking down a river. Coast downriver, but continue to steer the kayak. Remember that you’re supported by a greater current. You don’t have to do the work all on your own. But you do need to stay on course. And you’re responsible for keeping yourself on track. This means that you have to keep a clear mental direction. Choose your thoughts carefully. Each thought attracts the next thought. Try to summon up the image of coasting down the river. You’re supported. You’re in the flow. You are safe.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Eating flowers. In this image, you are nourishing your body and mind with delicate beauty. What is beautiful around you? To notice beauty, you must stay very present in the moment. Stay alive to the details. Look carefully. Quiet your mind so that you can be where you are. And make an effort to create beauty in your life. Create harmony, value and balance. You can do this in small ways or big ways. Make beauty- first in your heart, and then in the world.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Bats in flight. It’s time to use all of your senses. You are ready to have new information come in through unexpected channels. Turn up your ability to listen. Not just with your ears, but with your intuitive abilities as well. Ask to be given a sign, and then wait for it. Ask to know your innermost truth and then listen with your heart. Write yourself a letter with all of your questions. And then write the answers. Notice your dreams— there is special information there. Trust in a way that’s not purely logical. Open your mind.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Static electricity. Are you ready to be shocked? A little surprised? The surprising jolt of energy will help you see things in new ways. It will help you break out of your comfort zone. Examine your relationship with change. What feelings come up when you think about change? Maybe fear? Maybe excitement? Just notice and question it. If it’s fear, what do you believe about to be true about life that results in the feeling of fear? Is that belief something that you want to guide your future, or is it ready to be updated? Try to create a feeling of excitement within yourself. Imagine a very electrical future. What would that look like?

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Leo :: Leo Rising
Bowling balls rolling down the alley. In this image you are the bowling ball. Moving fast. Making an impact. Make yourself a little larger than life now. Take up space, especially in your career. Get yourself ready to shine. Maybe even polish yourself up a bit. And let your work feel like a game. You need to let things be fun. Be bold, move in a straight course to your goal, make an impact and have fun. Simple.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Attempting a high ropes course. Are you ready for adventure? Taking new leaps and bounds. The important thing to remember with this symbol is that you’re totally safe, but you’ll be doing things that seem quite risky. You brain is wily, and not ready to completely trust that you are supported. So you have to keep reminding yourself and take the leap. Walk the tightrope, way up high in the treetops. Nothing can go wrong. You’re completely held. This is all supposed to be fun. So explore. Reach out of your comfort zone. Go. Now’s the time to stretch.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Pulling water up from a well. You are being invited to look deeper. Notice patterns this week. Look for the underlying motivation. Look for the deeper story that informs your feelings and actions. Don’ be afraid to look. You’ll keep pulling up the rope, and eventually you’ll be rewarded with clean fresh delicious water. You’ll find that the nourishment you needed was within you along.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Dancing figures, colorful robes twirling in the air. Let a feeling of celebratory exuberance well up within you. Turn up the stream of energy that is your sexuality. Let your creative sexuality become a communication. A dance between yourself and a partner. Or between your body and your mind. Feeling connected to your sexuality can become a source of integrated power. This sense of connection can center you.

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Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising
Handfuls of leaves and branches. Get grounded. Connect with the Earth’s energy. Make every effort to get the details of your life sorted out this week. The details would be things like organizing your finances, home space and work flows. Checking in with your health. Setting up appointments and taking care of those persistent tasks on your to-do list. Getting all of your systems in place. Begin by meditating on the feeling of being grounded and support by the Earth’s abundance. All is well.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Dealing a hand of cards. It may be time to take charge. But not in your typical way. Right now, you need to be the boss of fun. You need to manage your ability to have a good time and be creative. Put “enjoyment” high up on your priority list. Make time to express yourself. Make space for your friends. Let yourself play. This will do more for your advancement than hard work right now. Give yourself some freedom to enjoy.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man…Look back through your childhood memories and see if there is something that applies to a pattern in the present moment. Remember your childhood home. Think about your family. And now think about yourself as a child. Give your inner child a little extra nurturance. Maybe he or she wants to be mothered. Can you be the best parent to yourself? Additionally, this is a great time to clean and nest at home. Feel cozy.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A folded fan. Fan yourself with inspiration. Let the fresh air rush in. You need a breath of fresh air. You are ready to learn new things. Remember that this is all self motivated. No one else can bring you the knowledge you need. You need to seek it out.You need to make an effort. Get active, with a zippy kind of energy. Socialize and find out what there is to learn in your community. Make new connections.

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As Venus goes direct, get active with your money manifestation and create an abundance altar in your wallet, says Ruby Warrington

Wallet altar from Re-Found Objects.

Several years ago, I found myself scouring Shopstyle in search of the perfect wallet. I was looking for one that was red, gold, or green, three colors that would make my wallet a money magnet. I had learned about this theory from my friend Gala Darling, and as an entrepreneur living in NYC (huge rent! no regular income!), I was like, “what the hell?”.

It took another year or so for me to find a red wallet that also fit my personal style—one by Philip Lim that was even embossed with a subtle dollar sign. Flawless! Whether it’s played any role in my never missing a rent check as I’ve juggled building this platform, writing a book, and launching Moon Club, I can’t really say. But what I do know is that a recent Skype meeting with a woman known as The Modern Money Witch (a.k.a. Lara-Rose Duong) took the concept of using your wallet to actively attract cash to a whole new level.

And OF COURSE she reached out to me during Venus retrograde! The planet ruling love and abundance has been in a backspin since March 4, 2017 (resuming direct motion today, April 15!), during which time all things concerning love, money, and self-worth have been up for review. And according to Lara-Rose, love is money. It’s the grown-up symbol for the nurturing (food, shelter, hugs) we receive as “love” when we’re babies.

Lara-Rose Duong, a.k.a. The Modern Money Witch

Step one in Lara-Rose’s system for receiving more money in your life is to create an actual abundance altar in your wallet. Fun! And what better activity to get active with your manifestation process?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an abundance altar in your wallet:

1. Take everything out of your wallet and smudge it with smoke from white sage or Palo Santo.

2. Hold your empty wallet with both hands and set an intention. Something like: “I am open to receiving abundance so that I may share it with the world,” would work great. Say it as you hold your wallet.

3. Choose a space for your abundance “altar” in your wallet—it can be an individual pocket or an entire section.

4. Place items in your abundance altar. Some classic things to include: an image of Lakshmi, or other abundance icon (I chose a card of prosperity Goddess Abundantia); a piece of citrine, a silver dollar, or an abundance spell, sealed with a pentagon sign. Feel free to choose items that are meaningful to you.

5. Also include a paper money offering to your abundance icon. This bill is not to be spent, but can be refreshed annually on a date that resonates with you (like the Spring or Fall Equinox, Beltane, or your birthday).

6. Toss our old receipts, business cards, etc., and return only the items you absolutely need to your wallet. Commit to regularly clearing out any unneeded items to keep energetic pathways of abundance clear.

Discover more about Lara-Rose Duong and her work at

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Feeling the Spring fever? Ysanne Spevack whips up an immune boosting pudding with chaga mushrooms that’s equal parts powerful and subtly healing. Main Image: Mariano Peccinetti 

magic ingredient for april the conscious cook the numinous ruby warrington chaga mushroom chia seeds pudding ysanne spivack mariano peccinetti yntegrity

April is an invigorating time of year, with spring’s changing moods inviting us back out of our homes and into the streets. The month also brings indecisive weather, from thunderstorms to sunshine. To face this fluctuating weather and to address the rising allergen percentage in the air, our immunity needs a natural boost right now.

Enter chaga mushrooms, a humble type of mycelium that grows on trees. More like a tree fungus than a regular mushroom, chaga is probably best known and most widely used for its scientifically confirmed anti-oxidant qualities that protect against cancer, and also for its use for people with HIV. Chaga doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to antioxidant qualities.

That said, chaga is equally powerful when eaten to reduce seasonal allergies, and it has a soothing effect on the respiratory system. What’s more, chaga mushrooms have a subtle flavor that lends itself well to sweet recipes. It has a woody taste with an undertone of vanilla, so blends well with anything containing vanilla.

Chaga grows right here in the US and is always wild, never cultivated. You can find it on birch trees anywhere along the East Coast that experiences a cold winter. And if you’re not ready for a trip into the woods, you can find it ready-powdered online at High Vibe or your local independent purveyor of high-quality medicinal superfoods.


Chaga Chia Pudding Recipe 
by Ysanne Spevack 

Makes 2 servings


2 medjool dates
1½ cup water
2 tbs hemp hearts
2tsp powdered chaga
½ tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup black chia seeds


Remove the pits from the dates using your fingers, and drop them into a blender. Add the water, hemp hearts, chaga, and vanilla, then cover and process at the highest speed for 45 seconds.

If you have a Mason jar, pour the chia seeds into it, and pour the liquid into the jar. If you don’t have a Mason jar, any kind of 2 cup lidded container will work.

Secure the lid, and shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds, to ensure the seeds are all thoroughly wet and aren’t clumping together. If you see obvious clumps, open the lid and break them up with a fork.

Set aside on the counter to gel for at least three hours. After that duration, it’s either ready to eat, or to refrigerate. Consume within 3 days.

Discover more about Ysanne Spevack HERE.