Got bikinis on the brain, beach babes? Ruby Warrington has the perfect swimwear style for your sign … Main image: Sam Burriss

swimwear style for your sign the numinous sam burriss bikini

Here comes summer! Whether I have actual beach time in my diary or not, something about the month of July always gets me fantasizing about days spent drinking watermelon juice reading a good novel with my toes in the ocean. Which mainly manifests as me trawling the Internet for a new bikini.

This year I will be heading to the beach, but not until next month. From August 19—24, The Numinous will be hosting a cosmic take-over of summer-long island musical and wellness festival Obonjan in Croatia. Come join!

If you’re in the market for a new beachwear situation this summer too, read on to discover the perfect swimwear style for your sign …

*when it comes to fashion, it’s always worth reading for your rising sign too—since this rules how we present ourselves to the world!





swimwear style for your sign the numinous Aries Melissa Odabash red swimsuit
$252, Melissa Odabash

Minimalist “no-fills” looks suit your slightly masculine style, and you’ll dig the sporty-yet-glam looks from Melissa Odabash. “Baywatch red” is ALWAYS a good color for Aries babes too.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous taurus vintage bikini modcloth
$49.99, Modcloth

Your sensual sign loves to flaunt what your mama gave you. Hello lady lumps! Think Marilyn Monroe in full 1950s bombshell mode and check out the vintage styles at Modcloth.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous Gemini yes way rose pink swimsuit
$49, Crowned Queen

You’re all about having some fun in the sun, and the current slogan swimsuit trend was MADE for you Gemini! Say “Yes way, rosé”, and head on over to check out the selection at Crowned Queen.



$295, Calypso St. Barth

Summer days wafting about in caftans are perfect for comfort-loving Cancer. Is there an easier way to get dressed and still feel like a total Goddess? NYC brand Calypso St. Barth has got you covered (literally).



swimwear style for your sign the numinous Leo black bikini buttons Lisa Marie Fernandez
$385, Lisa Marie Fernandez

Every day requires WARDROBE, right Leo? And that includes beach days. The, new collection from Lisa Marie Fernandez puts the swimming into costume, and will appeal to your inner diva.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous Virgo black swimsuit solid + striped
$168, Solid & Striped

Form and function are of equal importance to you Virgo, and the less fuss and frou-frous the better! The chic simplicity of preppy label Solid & Striped will appeal to your less-is-more mindset.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous LIbra Mara Hoffman suit ss17
$120, Mara Hoffman

Your life is your art Libra, and your beach retreat is no exception! As the curator of the zodiac, you’ll adore the collectable prints and chic shapes of Mara Hoffman’s summer 2017 swim collection.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous Scorpio black swimsuit Midsommar swim
$195, Midsommar Swim

Sexy and sophisticated … check and check! You want your beach look to be as elegant and mysterious as you, Scorpio, and hot new label Midsommar Swim ticks all the right boxes.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous Sagittarius red swimsuit Kiini
$315, Kiini

A woman of the world, your beach look is boho-gypsy-meets-Amazonian-adventurer. You’ll dig the colorful, hand-crafted styles from Turkish-born “world citizen” Ipek Irgit and her label Kiini.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous Capricorn bronze swimsuit Lonely
$94.04, Lonely

Cap has a rep for being the most “sensible” sign of the zodiac—but this doesn’t have to mean stuffy. Structural styles can form the foundations of a super sexy beach look, as found as Lonely.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous Aquarius black Cami and Jax swimsuit cutaway
$250, Cami and Jax

“Just individual enough” sums up your approach to beach style—you love to stand out, but also to feel like one of the gang. The simply style and pretty quirks at Cami And Jax got you.



swimwear style for your sign the numinous Pisces Mona Swims swimsuit
£150, Mona Swims

Hello mermaid! Beach life is your absolute FAVE, and of course you wanna dress the part. Get swept away with the modern romance of Irish print designer Carla Johnson’s line, Mona Swims.

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No more skinny jeans and tight waistbands. These days I prefer to let it all hang out, with some healing circle chic … Main image: Francis Catania

In my favorite drop-crotch pants

Skinny jeans, RIP. It’s official, the long-time reign of spray-on skinnies is officially ovah. Having been gradually edged out over the past few seasons, recent strolls around my hood in Williamsburg show the pendulum has finally swung. Long live the mom jean! And my belly, for one, is breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.

I actually stepped away from skinny jeans in a major way after I launched The Numinous, and began a deeper investigation of the modern spirituality scene. As a fashion writer in London, I’d amassed quite a collection—spray-on drainpipes by All Saints, hip-hugging micro flares by MiH, at least five pairs by J Brand. And peeling them off at the end of the day sometimes felt like being released from a Victorian corset. I actually think my skinny jeans habit might also have been a contributing factor to ongoing digestive issues during that period. For real!

But as days in high-pressure editorial meetings and nights spent trawling the celebrity party circuit gave way to Full Moon circles and sound bath sessions, more and more often the skinnies were relegated to the back of my wardrobe. Drainpipe denim and gong healing workshops do not make for happy bedfellows. As anybody who’s tried sitting cross-legged for extended periods in a pair of size 27 Cheap Mondays will know!

Free People Full Moon Ritual Ruby Warrington The Numinous
Rocking some Healing Circle Chic at at Full Moon ritual for Free People

Instead, I found myself seeking out clothing for my bottom half that allowed ample room for movement. For deep belly pranayama breathing. And which would not mean spending an entire Zen Buddhist meditation workshop trying to detach from thoughts about the pain of stiff denim cutting into my abdomen, hips, or the creases behind my knees. What I have come to term: healing circle chic.

My go-to look these days is a variation on yoga pants + sharp-shouldered blazer x chunky leather shoe situation (my friend Gabby Bernstein once coined my look “rock n roll yogi”!). But truth be told, even the yoga pants can get to feel kind of restrictive. As for the thong panties they require, let’s not even go there. My actual fave is a pair of drop-crotch Indian pants, with a loosely elasticated waistband positioned somewhere low down on my hips. Ahhhhhhh.

All the better for “letting it all hang out”—in a physical and an emotional sense. Because what I’ve also come to realize is, the more energy spent angsting over a waistband that feels too tight, the less headspace for deep and meaningful conversations with your higher self. The kind of conversations that are pretty much a non-negotiable for living your most cosmically aligned, high vibe life. Those loose-flowing robes favored by all the religious gurus? I totally get it now!

Celine SS17 The Numinous Ruby Warrington Healing Circle Chic
Celine SS17

Other faves for summer ’17 will be bias-cut slip dresses (for curves without the corset effect), kaftans (of course), and billowing outsize shirts, a lá Celine (above). Anything without a waistband, basically! (Which is ironic, btw, since also switching to a plant-based diet as part of my “spiritual awakening” means my stomach has never been flatter). And yes, of course I still do denim. In fact, I recently found a pair of vintage Levis mom jeans reckon I could sit for a 10-day silent Vipassana in.

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As Venus goes direct, get active with your money manifestation and create an abundance altar in your wallet, says Ruby Warrington

Wallet altar from Re-Found Objects.

Several years ago, I found myself scouring Shopstyle in search of the perfect wallet. I was looking for one that was red, gold, or green, three colors that would make my wallet a money magnet. I had learned about this theory from my friend Gala Darling, and as an entrepreneur living in NYC (huge rent! no regular income!), I was like, “what the hell?”.

It took another year or so for me to find a red wallet that also fit my personal style—one by Philip Lim that was even embossed with a subtle dollar sign. Flawless! Whether it’s played any role in my never missing a rent check as I’ve juggled building this platform, writing a book, and launching Moon Club, I can’t really say. But what I do know is that a recent Skype meeting with a woman known as The Modern Money Witch (a.k.a. Lara-Rose Duong) took the concept of using your wallet to actively attract cash to a whole new level.

And OF COURSE she reached out to me during Venus retrograde! The planet ruling love and abundance has been in a backspin since March 4, 2017 (resuming direct motion today, April 15!), during which time all things concerning love, money, and self-worth have been up for review. And according to Lara-Rose, love is money. It’s the grown-up symbol for the nurturing (food, shelter, hugs) we receive as “love” when we’re babies.

Lara-Rose Duong, a.k.a. The Modern Money Witch

Step one in Lara-Rose’s system for receiving more money in your life is to create an actual abundance altar in your wallet. Fun! And what better activity to get active with your manifestation process?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an abundance altar in your wallet:

1. Take everything out of your wallet and smudge it with smoke from white sage or Palo Santo.

2. Hold your empty wallet with both hands and set an intention. Something like: “I am open to receiving abundance so that I may share it with the world,” would work great. Say it as you hold your wallet.

3. Choose a space for your abundance “altar” in your wallet—it can be an individual pocket or an entire section.

4. Place items in your abundance altar. Some classic things to include: an image of Lakshmi, or other abundance icon (I chose a card of prosperity Goddess Abundantia); a piece of citrine, a silver dollar, or an abundance spell, sealed with a pentagon sign. Feel free to choose items that are meaningful to you.

5. Also include a paper money offering to your abundance icon. This bill is not to be spent, but can be refreshed annually on a date that resonates with you (like the Spring or Fall Equinox, Beltane, or your birthday).

6. Toss our old receipts, business cards, etc., and return only the items you absolutely need to your wallet. Commit to regularly clearing out any unneeded items to keep energetic pathways of abundance clear.

Discover more about Lara-Rose Duong and her work at

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