Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

Libra / Libra Rising – The Sun

Ok Librans, it’s time to unleash the GOOD VIBES. So it turns out that all it takes to be courageous is keep opening your heart, again and again, even when you feel desperate to shut the doors and lock everyone and everything out. Painful? Hell yeah, but that is what being a human is all about. Life is messy but there is joy hidden among every heartache. This is the month to start filtering and pocketing the gold.

Your birthday month is like your own personal new year, so forget waiting for January and gift yourself a brand new year ritual over the coming weeks. You don’t have to be a seasoned witch to get this going! Just carve out some sacred space for yourself as soon as you can, a good hour (or five) and dedicate this time to you and only you. First up, connect to your feelings, especially the ones you’d like to run from; never forget that your feelings are your superpower and the direct channel to self-empowerment and connection. Your feelings are your friends, they are not there to attack you. Write them down, should them out, say hello to all the dirt!

Next, connect to your gratitude. Thank your challenges, thank your enemies, and thank your destiny. Thank all of those people who have helped you this past year. Write these down too, should them out to the Universe, and feel yourself expanding. Now, surrender. What do you want to release, now and forever? Visualize your whole body covered in the muck that you want to blast away, and then bathe, scrub, body brush, shower, shake; get connected to the grime and wash and drain away all that you no longer need.
Then it’s time to call in this Sun energy, which is pure and vulnerable. Make a promise to yourself that you will move forward with an intention to be wide open to receiving all that you need in the coming year.

Commit to knowing that vulnerability isn’t a weakness, commit to knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Know that it’s okay to feel scared of the unknown, but remember that just because something is new, doesn’t mean that it’s bad – in the same way, when letting go, remember that just because something is familiar, it doesn’t mean it’s good! Gather all this super powered energy in your body; remember what it feels like to be energized by your own wisdom, by your own spirit. Finally, why not dance it out?

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Scorpio / Scorpio – The Ten of Cups

Let the love back in. You’ve been holding on so tight the last few months, anxiously awaiting that ‘shift,’ the big lightning bolt from the sky that drops down to Earth on a silky soft banner and softly whispers ‘it’s okay’. This month is about that softening. You are tough, brave and powerful, but that’s not all you are. It’s time to unravel and reveal on a deeper level. You know you’ve felt it coming, and the time is now. You know how you always see everyone? It’s time to be seen, and hell yeah, that’s scary! But it’s supposed to be, and being raw is being real will propel you to the next best place you need to be.

It feels like you may have experienced some lapses in your own faith recently, and you are now in a wonderful position to recalibrate, in a ‘new you’ sort of way. Remember that you are designed to evolve, so everything about your own self-care practice also is supposed to shift too. Trust that whatever you feel pulled towards is for you, because you are being looked after. Even if the only invisible force you can resonate with is the air that you breathe, then know that THIS is the Universal connnection you need, that it’s right there and it’s not going anywhere.

For those of you who are interested in diving deeper, then you may also find a special connection to your passed family members and your ancestral lineage over the coming weeks. Ask for their assistance with a deeper level of clearing, and request they guide you to stay expansive enough to recognize the symbols and signs along your path that always remind you of what you already know.

You see, this month is about a higher love, and you’ll be either feeling it or really NOT. But if you stop and think, ‘wait, I’m not feeling any love right now,’ then perhaps this is your opportunity to create it yourself. How can YOU spread more compassion? Perhaps you are the person being called to be of service; maybe it’s time to step up. Maybe it’s time to be kinder to yourself. In the raw material world, and in love, again, be open to being open. Allow yourself to be seen, even if it’s just starting with that one close friend. People want to be there for you. Let the love back in.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – The Queen of Cups

After last months smack down and shake up, you are being gently teased back to feeling your feelings again. Yeah that old trick; it’s like September was the filling in a feelings sandwich, so look back to August – where were you then? And what has changed? What has the opportunity to change? I feel this month brings a great exercise in perspective, and the gift will be in looking at your life through a new lens. This is always the choice we have, in any given situation, and it’s a superpower.

Yes, YOU get to choose how you see things. Your fears may show you a more low vibe picture, the more restricted option, the route with no potential. But that is never all there is. This month, you can either rise up or stay in your shadows. Which is it going to be? Now, when I bring this topic of conversation in, it’s important to know that s*** happens, and your pain is valid and valuable too. Nothing can take that away. This is where the compassion element to moving forward comes in, you allow yourself the pain and still choose to believe there is a new place, a blank space of possibility for you to move into.

Your choice over the coming weeks will be how you decide to view the stories you tell yourself. What are you blaming? Who are you angry at? Allow yourself to rage and tantrum, shake it out, scream it out, this fire needs attention. Then, consider how might you WANT to move onwards. Recognize those parts of you that feel victimized, and take it back to your intuition. How can you reformat your internal dialogue to empower those beliefs that feel heavy or weak? How can you add in or change up the wording that makes your situation seem a little more stretchy?

On the home front, your wisdom may be in demand – wisdom that you do have. Bring the same compassion and a willingness to see the other point of view to the table, but protect your energy as you do it – otherwise you’ll be no use to anyone, and that’s just not the point. The message is that you can be a great comfort to yourself and others over the coming weeks. And the result? A stronger connection to your inner soul system, more self-love, and a greater sense of empathy for those around you. Wade right in.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Emperor

I feel as though this month has a ‘coming home’ element to it, a period of time where you are able to truly embody the YOU that is you. I think the most interesting thing way to work with this theme, is to really acknowledge what you’ve been practicing or carrying around with you that isn’t honoring your most authentic or compassionate self. So there will be some clearing involved. An easy way to locate anything that isn’t on your best wavelength, is to check in with what in your life just isn’t working anymore.

Like all of us, you’ve been evolving recently and picking away at the edges of tired pages in your story. It’s time to peel away some of your lower level habits once and for all. Resistance may come in the form of ‘oh that’s just how I am’ – this statement is always a good indicator of our capacity to change, because nothing is forever on our journey, and usually the things we hang onto are being used as a self-punishing comfort blanket – or a ‘s*** blanket’ as I often call it! This month, you are invited to step OUT of control in order to feel IN control. This is true surrender, giving everything up and over in order to discover that letting go is what actually feels the most comfortable. That the power lies in the unknown.

Yes, I know that this idea sounds frankly hideous to you. Drop everything, WTF? Right? But trust that this is an act of self-love, this surrender practice. It’s calling in your ability to say; ‘you know what, I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know what to do, and that’s okay.’ The idea is to open up and learn new tools and rules for your life as it is unfolding now, because THAT’S actually what you need. We can’t keep reaching for old tricks when faced with new experiences, we have to change our mind, body and spirit to meet us where we are at.

I love this energy for you, a new empowered you that is also softer and less pressurized, raw but not weak. Standing in this beautiful state of surrender you are able to see more clearly exactly what you need; company or solitude, education or empathy. Finally, if you come face-to-face with a person or situation that feels restrictive, avoid fighting fire with fire. Be the higher mirror and allow others to meet you in that space.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Eight of Wands

The perfect follow on from the mojo reactivation of last month, you’re ripe and ready for some fast paced action and communication! Now, for those of you who panic about Mercury Retrograde, don’t sweat it, just use the last week of this Cosmic transit as a chance to be more compassionate and feel MORE empowered. This is your life after all and you can’t put things on hold if they are in the present moment waiting to be embraced.

Also, perhaps use this opportunity to get clear on whom you actually want to communicate with. You may notice some worn out connections in your ‘friends’ list that are entirely ego based. You know, anyone you want to be in contact with just because you want them to want to contact you? Any sense of urgency and panic around a friendship suggests the relationship isn’t usually based in love. You have to trust that the people that just keep showing up are the ones to be heard and seen, and nothing needs to be forced. Step back from any communication that feels like you are scrabbling to be heard.

Your self worth is not based on someone approving of you – you are worthy of love and attention all the time. It’s just something that you have to claim, daily, on repeat, over and over again. Meanwhile on the work front, this is a great month to prep time and a perfect opportunity for widening your network of high vibe collaborators, too. Release any sense of urgency around this by surrendering after you have spread the net out; for instance, if you are sharing you work on social media, then proudly release it and get on with what needs your attention in the present moment. You don’t need to refresh, refresh, and refresh again. Allow your projects to BREATHE and be alive, don’t squash them into a space of ‘needing’ approval.

You’ve been really working to dive into your most authentic self and passions, so don’t dampen your efforts with fears of being judged. You may find that YOU are active nearer the beginning of the month and the world around you is more active nearer the end, so if you get that ‘stuck’ feeling then commit to trusting the process and accept that life can be a humbling experience. Time passes as it should, which may not always be to your schedule. Use any gaps as an opportunity to check in with where you’re at. When things start to speed up it will serve you to have your self-care regime top notch and intact.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Ace of Pentacles

You are in a period of many new beginnings, and I’d love for you to trust in this new and possibly slightly overwhelming space. Whilst the new is truly an opportunity to be at our most expansive, it also brings in our deepest fears of the unknown. That sense of diving off the cliff may feel very real to you right now, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s also, beautiful, magical and full of exciting potential. So how many toes have you dipped into life recently? Or are you still meandering around the edge, making excuses for not allowing change?

This month brings a really great sense of Earth energy for you, and you need this influxes of solid grounding to balance out your frequent waves of emotional intensity. This is real world stuff and feels so good! So, how might this manifest? Well, in simple terms it’s a great opportunity to really scan your landscape and see what you want to plant. What do you WANT your world to look like? And also, what kind of wider world do you want to live in? In reassessing what you need know that you also get to to have an impact on a grander scale.

When we rise up to dive into the things that feel good to us, we give others the opportunity to reflect this too. When we make a point of becoming more self aware, we are in a better position to be an example to others. So, what do you want your world to look like and what steps can you take today, tomorrow, and the next? The energy this month is all positive for you, and that’s why it’s fun to explore and experiment with. It’s a great few weeks to practice some big positive ‘what ifs’ – ‘cos we’re sure familiar with the negative version of this, right?

Every time your spirit shouts out an idea and your fears knock it right back down again – come back with a new spin on it. You know…but WHAT IF! Call out that devil on your shoulder with another possibility. Remember that thinking positively doesn’t make you more likely to fall. This is the perfect time to get serious about your life and really start to take some empowered action. This is no time to be focused on blaming external circumstances, be compassionate to yourself and head within.

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Aries / Aries Rising – The World

Ready for your global takeover? Well this is the month is where you may feel like things are actually moving in that direction! Remember, this doesn’t always mean lightning bolts from the sky. Some shifts are so subtle, but it IS happening, and I’m feeling a link back to mid 2014 in regards to the projects, ideas and even intentions that you were working with back then. This is a power place for you, so it’s important that you rise up and own it. Last month was in place to get you all dirtied up with your anxieties and favorite methods of self-sabotage, but now, it’s time to shake it off and remember the vibe of the Phoenix.

Never forget that change is supposed to feel uncomfortable. Ignore this simple fact, and we end up in a perpetual state of confusion, or even considering that we might be going mad! Change comes in waves, and it’s totally fine to feel seasick. However, with this energy in place, allow yourself to be inspired by those around you who embrace the storms, because they have access to a few secrets in regards to the cycles of life. One being that when you skip confidently into the unknown you get gifted an expansive new vision, a sense of being able to see the past so clearly, the future as a gift, and the present as something that’s been supercharged with positive outcomes just for you.

So, these coming weeks are about endings AND beginnings, kind of like being in a constant state of surrender and opening. So just join the party, and don’t grip too tightly onto ANYTHING. Step into some sort of magical casual yet empowered attitude – there is no room for panic, it won’t get you anywhere! In fact, laughing a LOT will be helpful, especially at yourself, so allow the Universe humble you often.

If things around you seem to suddenly go off radar, trust that you don’t need them, and be ready to say YES to the new as the month draws to a close. Meanwhile, you are obviously still the fire starter, so action is inevitable and welcomed. Invite all brainstorming opportunities, and run any new ideas past your intuition first. Any ‘yes’ that comes straight from your head needs to check in with the body. How does this FEEL? Move forward here and you’ll step into a good flow, one that might just temper the tides of change and have you feeling more grounded than ever.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Temperance

October brings an opportunity for personal healing on a deeper level, and you are invited to be ultra kind to yourself. Not because anything uncomfortable is about to happen – there is always a need for kindness, for all of us. But I feel that your self-care practice can become an absolute, non-negotiable daily practice now, if you are willing to let it. It seems as though many of you have had to take on the role of carer and healer for others over the course of this year. Whether it’s the nature of your job or because circumstances called for it, you’ve been giving a lot.

When we have to expel a lot of energy it’s essential that we give back to ourselves, or at some point we get a swift and sharp warning that we are running on empty. If that red light is flashing right now, then this is your double sign to slow down and check back in with YOU. What do you really need this month? I will never stop promoting the idea that empowerment comes from self-awareness of your mind-body-spirit connection. Power does not come from the external resources, it’s always cultivated within us, whether we like it our not. And this means listening.

This is where the softening comes in. Allowing the gentle nudges from your intuitive voice to be stronger than the front that you’d like to put up, or the fear that you’d rather lean on. If you’re struggling, then you have to be willing to crack open and accept something totally new. It is in this place of receiving that the most empowering shifts happen, as you get more in tune you will absolutely feel better.

This is month four in a row of quite intense energy for you, but these weeks are full of love, so wrap yourself up in it. Who is on your team? Gather them and be with them, don’t give yourself to anyone you don’t need right now. Make space to laugh, cry and learn; take trust and comfort in the simplest things, and recognize that as you choose not to participate it ceases to exist. Step gently back from your self-imposed restrictions, and experiment with the unknown. You may also like to ask for help. Ha, YOU may also not like to ask for help, but try it out! Fall apart a little, even just as an experiment. The world won’t end I promise, but yours might begin.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Four of Pentacles

If last month saw you high on your own ideas, then these next few weeks are a chance to keep tuned in to this energy – particularly when your fears chime in. You see, when we are excited and positive, part of us will always wade in with the; ‘wait, NO you aren’t allowed to feel like that, it’s too expansive, it’s too open – SOMETHING BAD MIGHT HAPPEN.’ And then we start to grip onto things, we start to strangle our creative urges. If we let that fear take over, we lose confidence and we are halted on our path.

So just allow everything to breathe this month, especially your creativity. All of those plans, all that wonder and joy you’ve been tuning into, you get to keep it. Your creativity is a the purest expression of your spirit, it’s your life force – and this energy really needs to flow. Surrender happens when we trust that loosening our grip doesn’t indicate that things are going to slip away, but instead that things are going to grow and blossom at their own speed. Yeah, granted this process isn’t always timed how we would like – sometimes things fall into place on schedule, sometimes they don’t.

Choose to enjoy the randomness and perfection of the unknown placements in your life. Practice the idea of letting go daily, read about surrender, experiment with surrender – you can make it work for you. I’d also like you to check in with your suspicions and skepticisms. If you are being drawn way too much to what others are doing or might be thinking, then this is the biggest neon sign ever for you to head back home, back to just being you. Collaborate don’t compete. Jealousy comes from our fears of loss, but if you see others living your dream it’s because it’s right there, accessible and available to you too.

And, um, yeah it’s also not YOUR dream, it’s their path, and it’s perfect. So get back on your track focus on thinking about what you truly want to invest in, leading with those things you are most passionate about. Where do your intentions and your excitement about life meet in the middle? That is where your personal pot of gold lies. Trust that it’s okay to invest in the things that feel good; this is where you’ll reconnect to your magic. It’s not a luxury to feel fantastic about your own life. It’s a necessity.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – Seven of Wands

Put down your weapons my watery friend. Why are you feeling the need to fight and to prove yourself? A lot of this may be directed at yourself – have you been over challenging yourself recently to know all the answers? Reprimanding yourself for not having got it all figured out yet? Wondering when you’ll finally feel like one of those people who totally knows what they are doing? No one has a clue. Seriously, everyone is swimming in this big mess together, no one is exempt from these ‘what ifs’ or daily concerns. The gift that you have is that you are activated; you actually CARE about your thoughts, your path, your purpose. That’s pretty amazing, you are awake and this is where your focus can shift.

Instead of letting your eyes wander to what everyone else is doing, how elevated their plans are, how ‘good’ they have it – come back to the I AM and the I FEEL. Check in with your body right now; rub the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet together. Are you all here? Reel yourself back to the present moment, remembering there is no fight right when you are here right now.

On that subject of the ‘fight’ though, and that idea of proving yourself or standing up for yourself, think of it as an energetic thing, and a fear thing. They say we should ‘fight the good fight,’ so what does that mean to you? Think how about you lead by example, how you can keep throwing out love, and speaking from a place of compassion. You don’t have to belittle another to get your point across. You can be the light here. And as much as your feelings and thoughts are of value, how much to you need to prove them? That fight, is it worth your energy?

Whether it’s external or internal, check in with whether you really need a certain result, or whether it’s your ego that’s insisting on it. Allow your soul to guide you to the best place for you to direct your energy this month. I feel like it’s a time for checking out of social media, for getting grounded, and for less scattering yourself in all directions. Be uplifted by the simple things; food, kids, animals, the outside. Laughing, crying, feeling. Keep moving until you get to that place where you know that all you need is you. You are unique, but you aren’t alone. There is a bigger picture and you do have a voice. Use it for good.

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Leo / Leo Rising – Three of Pentacles

All the star energy that’s been building over the last few months for you is about to come into it’s own – and this I’m talking about you OWNING it. It’s time to really claim your place in the world as someone who has something to offer. You see, this month is all about mastery, education, wisdom and collaboration. You need to recognize that you have something special to share, but at the same time not to perceive yourself as better than anyone else. It’s an ego check of sorts, because sometimes when we get super excited we can drop into ‘know it all’ vibe.

I think the easiest way to frame it is; teach not preach. You can share your ideas and inspirations without stamping on anyone else in the process. You aren’t here to prove yourself, simply to get out there and live in your best self. Be the example that others can follow. You don’t need to correct them, just do you, and let everyone else be exactly where they are supposed to be.

So with your ego checked, let’s get excited about what you have going on! What are you really hyped up about right now? Whether it’s a work thing, a personal endeavor, your relationship, or just your breakfast, it’s all relevant. The wheels are truly turning for you and so it’s kind of worth showing up and soaking it all in. In addition, when you are in this loud and open space of expression, there’s always a little room to be made for receiving, a space to be guided and room to grow! So what do you need to receive right now?

It may be a straight up confidence kick for those of you who aren’t loving the limelight. It might be some TLC from your nearest and dearest, or perhaps you aren’t sure what it is yet! Well that’s often the case, so just set your intention to giving AND receiving and see what shows up. Finally, be careful not to try juggling too much. You are allowed to stop and take a break – everything won’t dissolve if you sit down for a minute. Your energy feels a bit like a race to the finishing line, so it’s another reminder to just trust that time is stretchy. Use the mantra ‘I have all the time that I need’ whenever you feel that panic set in.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Six of Pentacles

How are you feeling? Did you manage to shake yourself out of your head and back into your body? Even just a little bit? This month you are back to the energy that you know and love the best, the good Earth element, and the themes surrounding you are primarily to do with the topics of giving and receiving.

Now, the first thing I want you to tune into is anywhere in your life where you’re focusing a lot on what you are lacking in. What are you always saying that you don’t have enough of? Do you plant more energy on worrying about this than celebrating what you do have? If you’ve tuned into what that might be, then simply honor it. Say out loud, ‘I feel lacking in ***, and it’s okay.’ We must be present with our fears in order to work with them. Now tune into an area where you feel really full up, what is overflowing for you? Sometimes this is harder to grasp, but there is always something. So where are you feeling rich and thankful?

Then it’s all about the balance, the harmony of the give and take. Things are always shifting and flowing in this respect, and that’s how it should be; what’s important is that we remember to check in with where we might be giving too much, giving too little, receiving too much or receiving too little. It’s easy for us to dive into the task of getting rid of what no longer serves us, but how about what you need right now? Also, what can you give today?

Thinking about what you need, are you actually asking for it? Often we focus on lamenting the gaps in our world, but have forgotten to request help, and also love! Remember that vulnerability is one of your superpowers. Not to mention tuning in to check if YOU are the missing piece in your life. If so, then do everything you can to reintroduce yourself to, ummm yourself. Meanwhile this is a cracking time to feel very unapologetic about accepting complements about your skills and your work. After all, you’ve been working hard, right? Note how far you’ve come; especially if you feel like things just aren’t going fast enough right now! Earth energy you see – BE HERE NOW.

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Hit a bump in the road? Never fear, says Shaheen Miro. Your soul created a spiritual roadmap for you to follow in this life, here’s how to navigate yours…Images: Benoit Paillé via Behance.net

spiritual roadmap story on TheNuminous with images by Benoit Paillé

Life is filled with twists and turns, some that take us deeper into our soul journey, others that lead us off-track for a while. I have found on my own path that we are never truly lost, but that there will be moments of feeling like we’re in the dark. Usually this happens when we’re ignoring our intuition, and not honoring our spirit.

But before you came to this wild and crazy world, you created a map for yourself – a charted path your soul is here to live out. Nope, this doesn’t mean that everything in your life is set in stone. Rather, your spiritual map is a blueprint that guides you towards opportunities for growth, and chances to explore the deeper regions of your soul.

These key co-ordinates on your map are points of power that help to ignite your spiritual fire, so you can paint the world with all your unique colors. To experience your own divinity, and to live out your creative purpose.

Bumps in the road
Your map is filled with lessons and sacred moments. These may manifest as physical obstacles, dealing with health, safety, and security. You will also encounter moments of darkness, and depression. Maybe you will battle addiction, challenging relationships, a questioning of beliefs, upheavals, or fear.

At times you will even question your own soul purpose, and ask why the hell you embarked on this journey in the first place! But rest assured, you are here for a reason…and that reason is to simply dance, flow, and slow grind with the Universe.

Your map is also filled with strategically placed people, places and events. And like all geographic maps, you have created exit points, and alternate routes to help traverse any bumps in the road.

Now you’re probably thinking…damn, why would I make things so hard for myself? But you aren’t meant to struggle, simply to learn. The truth is you probably forgot you’re a total badass filled with enough light to outshine any darkness. Moments of opposition are here to remind you that you are living, learning, and that you are in control!

spiritual roadmap story on TheNuminous with images by Benoit Paillé

Navigating the Map
The fastest way to get back on track if you feel you’ve veered off course, is usually to literally stopping what you are doing with your life, and move in a completely different direction. This will invariably activate your spirit and lead you closer to a feeling of wholeness.

I know there is at least one area of your life that could use a good change. So how about you override your current plan, chose to link into your spirit, and experience something else? Ask yourself this:

Does this current path feed or deplete my spirit?

Hmm, now this can be a tough question. You may need to meditate on it for awhile, so talk to Spirit, connect with your guides, and carve out some time for stillness.

What to Do When You are Lost
Navigating back onto your soul path all starts with one small step in the right direction, but you must take action. Don’t just say: “I wish I could…” Begin to do it!

Fear is often the only hurdle. Fear that you will fail. Fear that you won’t be good enough. Fear that you might lose everything. Fear that you might actually succeed. Let me tell you a secret: fear is usually an indicator that you are getting close to something good.

So make love to your fear. Test your fear. Punch your fear in the face if you need to. The most brilliant adventures usually start off down a dark, ominous, strangely intimidating path. So take a few steps forward and see what happens. At which point feel free to say, “Hey Universe, give me a damn sign so I know where to go next!” – and just witness what shows up.

spiritual roadmap story on TheNuminous with images by Benoit Paillé

Know that it’s also okay to make a U-Turn. Maybe you went for something that felt right. Now it doesn’t. Say thank you for the experience, and move on.

Look for markers along your journey. Is there anyone, or anything that stands out on your adventure? Reoccurring events all bear significance…good and bad. Chronic situations are indicators that you aren’t paying attention. Anything that sends a tingle up your spine is an invitation to honor your spiritual artist.

How to Refuel on Your Adventure
Being low on fuel feels like depression, opposition and discomfort. You will feel drained, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…and most often physically. So how do we refuel?

Stillness. Prayer. Meditation. Creativity. Spiritual Cleansing. At our core we are all sensitive, fluid beings, and being inundated with the chaotic voices of the outside world will drown out your own navigation system, and lead you further and further from your destination.

Commit to a daily meditation practice of at least 10 minutes. Learn to listen to your breath, as this is the beat of your soul. When you follow the rhythm of your breathing you release toxins, and purge the “ish,” so you can see more clearly.

Prayer is a way to express to the Universe and your own spirit what you want and need in life. Prayer is also a sacred moment to give gratitude for the things you have. Gratitude that will active good energy, and allow you to flow with your highest good.

Creativity isn’t just painting a picture, or singing a song. Creativity is about all kinds of expression. So ask: what does your inner artist want to experience? What form of expression makes you feel alive?

Spiritual cleansing is the literal act of clearing away the debris from your Aura. Using sacred ceremony to release these stuck energies will allow you to glide forward, unencumbered by the weight of any unnecessary baggage. Burn sage. Take a sea salt bath. Use the Gypsy’s Aura Elixir!

spiritual roadmap story on TheNuminous with images by Benoit Paillé

Off-Road Adventures
If you take anything from this, let it be the affirmation that this is YOUR life, YOUR map, and YOUR adventure! Be a bitch if you have to. Say “no” to the things that wear you down. Say “no” to the relationships that are limiting you. Say “no” to the job that’s depleting you. Say “no” to the friends who aren’t vibing with you.

And then take this adventure off road. The destination isn’t the point, it’s all about the journey your spiritual map has in store for you.

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Consultant, Energy Worker, Artist, and Spiritual Nomad. Find out more about his work at ShaheenMiroInsights.com and @ShaheenMiro


How to fully embody the lessons of the Tarot? Play tarot fashion dress up of course, says Gabriela Herstik…Photography: Mary Decrescenzio 

tarot fashion series by gabriela herstik the magician featured on The Numinous


There’s a certain power that arises when you tap your own intuition, your spirit, and declare to the Universe that YOU are the one in charge of your own manifestations and actions. The Magician sings of this. She is inner strength, manifestation and power. And she uses all the elements at her disposal to create.

I wanted to feel alive, regal, and (my version of) colorful in this outfit. I wanted to feel cloaked, and protected and magickal. I wore the dress I wore for my 20th birthday layered under a big, knit sweater, and I added layered necklaces and a scarf I cinched around my waist. I wore two different mala beads around my wrist, wrapped my pentacle necklace into a bracelet.

I grabbed my skeleton hand chalice and figured I would find a wand in the forest and use my eyes as daggers to round up all the suites of the Tarot. I wanted to feel strong and powerful. I wanted to feel like I was magick manifested.

tarot fashion series by gabriela herstik temperance featured on The Numinous


Temperance speaks of working with opposing elements and using them to find balance. Battle water with fire, earth with air. Temperance is a card of healing, of renewal, a flowing stream promising something better, something easier.

I wanted to interpret this card surrounded by water, with pieces in sweet blue and just a touch of red (lipstick always counts). I picked up this wonderful vintage teddy from the place I work, Hip Wa Zee, and paired it with this sweet little robe I got from my friend Ivory who runs an incredibly curated vintage shop called Forgotten Feather Vintage.

I was feeling very “Secret Garden,” and I believe Temperance reminds us to find our own secret garden, our own place of peace. A safe haven to remind us that once we find balance, everything else will fall into place.

tarot fashion series by gabriela herstik the hermit featured on The Numinous


The Hermit speaks of vulnerability, of shedding your layers and moving inward. In the Wild Unknown Deck, the Hermit is represented by the turtle, and the symbolism is both obvious and profound – that underneath your shell, you are your own home.

My spiked leather jacket is like this shell, a barrier between me and the world. It gives me the confidence and strength to own my s***. Pieces like this are  my protection as I move through this life, especially as someone who can be passed over as vulnerable or weak because of my small frame.

I wore a vintage nightgown from Forgotten Feather, something really delicate, to represent the journey inward. Embracing The Hermit means dealing with your own issues face on – finding them, learning from them and hopefully growing from them. It also means picking up your shell, and continuing along your own path as you explore what it means to tune into yourself.

tarot fashion series by gabriela herstik the hanged man featured on The Numinous


The Hanged Man. This card reminds us to change our perspective, let go of ego, and embrace the sense of rebirth that’s available when we choose to see things in a new light. The Hanged Man is represented by a bat in the Wild Unknown deck, and just like the bat uses echolocation to see, we are reminded to use our intuition when our own sense of perspective is off.

I chose a floral shirt to represent growth and rebirth and a slick leather style skirt to represent how we must let judgments pass over us without resistance. The darker color pallet and oversize knit shawl were inspired by the aesthetic of the card, and the image of the bat itself. I was inspired by pieces that make me feel powerful, intuitive and strong.

You can check out Gariela’s full fashion tarot series at the link.

What card do you channel most often in your fashion choices? Comment below or tag us in your tarot fashion images on Instagram or Facebook!


The Prince of Pentacles brings some much needed Earth energy, says Louise Androlia. Time to knuckle down and make some hay!

You can watch last week’s weekly tarotscope at the link – did Louise’s message resonate with you? Share in the comments below, and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


On mainlining my flower essences, and why you have to see Pan the movie…

My Mystical Life September 25 2015 by Ruby Warrington founder of The Numinous

I experienced Floral Tapping. I’ve made no secret of how much I like to work with flower remedies. I’ve found them to deliver exactly the kind of gentle support and subtle shifts my system really seems to vibe with – especially during weeks like this! Seriously, the number of texts I’ve had from my Numi crew like; “WFT is going on, I feel very very strange right now, a combo of crazy excitement and totally can’t be a**ed.” Also, everyone is late for their period.

Well 1) Mercury Retro and 2) the freaking Aries Super Full Moon Ascention Wave! So let’s just hang on in there.

But back to the flowers, and thanks to my lovely friend Valerie Oula who taught me a new way to use them this week. Flower essences play a central role in her Luminous Shift series, a five-part workshop in which she creates a custom blend for each participant based on their intention for the month, combined with kundalini meditations and EFT to amplify their effects.

Cut to my favorite part. You usually take flower essences using a dropper directly into your mouth, but half way through Tuesday night’s class Valerie had us soak a tiny piece of tissue in our essences, ball it up, and then stuff it into our belly button! We then did a modified Body Talk tapping practice (by the way, the girl in this video is also AWESOME) to help activate them, followed by an 11-minute kundalini meditation to Expand the Physical Body.

Woah. 1) During the meditation, my mind played me two little movies of a certain situation I’d been feeling kinda paranoid about – one showing things as I was seeing them, the other just how easily I could see the same situation from a completely empowered and loving perspective. Pure gold! And 2) Totally. Blissed. Out. All the way home.

Yes, I will be mainlining the flowers this way again. Valerie’s next Luminous Shift series will take place over five consecutive Mondays 11/02. For more details email: [email protected]

I’m making Peter Pan my new power animal. Sometimes Hollywood gets it so right, Joe Wright’s new Peter Pan movie being a total case in point. I’d pretty much forgotten (or never really connected in the first place with) the downright Numinosity of the Peter Pan story – orphan child gets kidnapped by pirates to mine for magical fairy dust; escapes and discovers he can fly, but only once he “believes” he is part-fairy himself; in doing so, rediscovers his superpowers, overthrows the pirates, safeguards the magical Fairy Realm, and connects to his long-lost family / tribe.

If the underlying message to believe in your superpowers and the notion of a “fairy uprising” alone aren’t enough to convince you to go check out Pan the movie this weekend, here are five more cosmic reasons to see it:

The set-up. The story begins with Peter finding a letter from his long-lost mother in his “file” in the “records office” of his orphanage. Cue brilliant visual reference to the Akashic Records, in case you were struggling.

The psychedelic rainforest scenes. Seriously, the cinematographer has got to have been dabbling with some Amazonian plant meds…

The costumes. The wardrobe crew were most definitely checking out the Instagram account for the Spirit Weavers gathering when designing outfits for the tribe guarding the Fairy Realm.

The mermaids. Played by Cara Delevigne.

The crystal cave / fairy hive. Since the film is also in 3D, the final scenes are as close as you’re likely to get to fulfilling your fantasy of hanging out in an actual crystal cave, built by actual fairies, without having to take any Amazonian plant meds.


The Aries Full Moon Eclipse is an invitation to step into the most authentic expression of you. Hannah Ariel Eckhaus explains how this will manifest in your life…

Aries full moon eclipse rainbow full moon reading on The Numinous

“ Fire is the ultra living element. It is intimate and it is universal. It lives in our heart. It lives in the sky…Fire suggests the desire to change, to speed up the passage of time, to bring all of life to its conclusion. To its here-after. It magnifies human destiny; it links the small to the great; the hearth to the volcano; the life of a log to the life of a world… It is a renewal.” – Gaston Bachelard, The Psychoanalysis of Fire

On September 27th we will be experiencing the utterly transformative power of a super Full Moon, total lunar Eclipse, blood moon and full harvest moon all rolled into one fiery phenomenon happening at 5 degrees Aries. This will be the fourth and final of a tetrad of blood moons that have taken place across the Aries/Libra axis over the past two years, transforming how we take liberated action, both uniquely as individuals and in relation to the world beyond our self.

Anytime there is an eclipse the Nodes are involved (the points where the orbit of the moon cross the ecliptic); the South Node whispers of our past life while the North Node hints at visions meant to be experienced in this lifetime. On September 27th the Nodes will be aligned with the Equinox, and everyone on planet Earth is bound to experience a great sense of destiny being magnified.

This particular change of season also asks us to step directly into the axis of self/other with the courage carried over from past lives, in order to dignify our future relationship with the world we live in. EXCITING!

We are arriving at a divine moment in time, when the Earth, Sun and Moon line up in such a way that the Sun’s light does not illuminate the Moon – instead the Earth casts a red shadow across its surface. It may feel for a moment that you are swimming in waters you cannot name, and yet at this time you are being asked to trust in the next chapter.

This Eclipse will pull on us like an ancient memory that’s ready for our full attention. It will ask for your direct participation in life, and to trust that your deepest instincts on this day will be aligned with divine energy. No matter what shows up, emotionally speaking, there is nothing to fear. You are being given the opportunity to boldly answer the call – to confront and resurrect the root of what stirs within you, no matter how unrecognizable may appear.

As the Earth casts its shadow, be mindful that whatever is unearthed from your subconscious that may require re-rooting or re-routing. You are ready! Like an Aries you will feel as if you are born ready. Trust. And remember, as Aries is the first constellation in the Zodiac it speaks to the original impulse, the initial spark that sets the whole story aflame. React authentically from an empowered position of fearlessness, and trust in your destiny.

There is a certain soul-affirming nature to this Moon, as it will not only be conjunct the South Node but the also asteroid Vesta – Goddess of the hearth, protector of the flame, her energy is one of true devotion. Who or what within us is worth protecting? Where and how in your life can you renew your devotion to your soul’s desires?

What you experience on a personal level depends on your chart, in particular, where the Aries/Libra axis falls, and whether or not you have planets in any of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

Because Mercury is currently retrograde in Libra, this is a potent time to reflect on the relationships you are currently invested in. Remember too, that relationships do not just come in one form – observe your relationship to your thoughts, habits, a belief systems, health regimes etc. If you are trying to maintain a connection to something or someone you’ve outgrown, it will become very apparent at this time.

While the scales of Libra seek connections that create a sense of safety, a sense of “I know if I stand here then this (insert person place or thing) will be there,” at the other end of the spectrum, Aries asks what can you do to liberate yourself and transcend your current situation in order to manifest your highest destiny.

A passage of time is opening up for you to assert the Self you actually want to be. Again, in which area of life you are being asked to transform and absolutely re-invent yourself depends where this Eclipse falls in your chart. Aries rules the head, so you can also think of this as a time to quite literally blow your own mind and re-imagine who you can be in this lifetime.

For those who have been following the rhythm of 2014’s Cardinal Grand Cross, which shook many of us out of limiting self-perceptions, you will find this Eclipse to be a culmination and celebration – a moment to cross over once and for all from who you were into who you will be.

A moment to renew the original connection to your Soul and the destiny it is continuing to form a relationship with. Rest assured that wherever you are being encouraged to take action, or assert yourself in a way you never have before, is a call from your Soul’s inexplicable urge to be self-actualized, and ultimately to relate to your life in a way in the most authentic way yet!

Look to see where 5 degrees Aries falls in your natal chart to map out where you can begin to fearlessly take action and where you can begin to celebrate this culmination of energy in a way that will best support your future self:

1st house: show up for yourself in a way that honors how you would like to be seen

2nd house: initiate an empowered sense of your own personal resourcefulness

3rd house: speak your truth, and allow your words to reflect your most authentic thoughts

4th house: find where you feel most at home and know you belong there

5th house: recognize how much you shine, and realize how YOU want to enjoy your time

6th house: actively create a routine that sparkles with your individuality

7th house: your opinion matters; you do not have to be who others need you to be

8th house: transform the ways in which you evaluate your worth – individuate your magnetism

9th house: transform your relationship to the truth; tell yourself the story you know to be true

10th house: aim for authentic recognition out in the world, a personally meaningful reputation

11th house: focus on finding allies who help you shine in your community

12th house: give your longest held dreams a heartbeat of their own

To schedule a personal reading with Hannah, email: [email protected]


Be vulnerable, be real, own your pain and help somebody feel less alone. A big message from the Queen of Swords in Louise Androlia‘s weekly tarotscope…

You can watch last week’s weekly tarotscope at the link – did Louise’s message resonate with you? Share in the comments below, and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


This week, I learned a new way to say grace, and got some Spirit Junkie teachings…

my mystical life gabrielle bernstein spirit junkie masterclass featured on The Numinous

I created a rainbow blessing code. Last night I went to the official launch of my friend Raquel’s coaching program, 7 Vibrations. I was actually with Raquel the week she began testing the program on herself – and the methodology went something like this: We have all these amazing spiritual and wellbeing tools at our disposal. What would happen if we used all of them, at the same time, intensively and with intention, for a whole week?

As in do a juice cleanse (or similar), while you do daily affirmations + coaching + reading of spiritual texts, and you incorporate a daily mind-body-soul movement practice. The results create a state of what she calls “living vertically” – or being able to navigate life with “a Penthouse state of mind.”

She’s since refined the program a whole lot, and also created 7 Vibrations yoga, which is essentially a vinyasa practice that also incorporates affirmations, breath work, some kundalini kryas, and which is also customized for each and every client. Wowzer.

One fun takeaway from the night, which I will share with you here, was also the idea of creating a “blessing code” for the food you eat, to raise the vibration of everything you eat. A bit like saying grace, but WAY COOLER.

– First, think about all the parts of the process the food went through before it got to your plate. The people who produced it, the way it was transported, stored, and perhaps prepared. Some of this was likely pretty low vibe.
– So okay, now you want to spend a bit of time blessing every step of that process. Raquel suggests writing it down so you don’t miss anything.
– Next, because you’re not exactly going to wanna go through this every time you grab a quick bite at Sweetgreen, choose a symbol that represents, or becomes a sort of shorthand, for this extended blessing.
– Raquel gave the example of a star – and this then becomes your blessing code, to energetically be “placed” on your food every time you eat!

Love, love, LOVE IT. And since I’m still boarder line obsessed with them, I’m making mine a rainbow 🙂

Raquel’s intensive 7-day 7 Vibrations coaching program, including a custom high-vibe diet plat, custom yoga practice and daily coaching, usually costs $1350 – but she’s offering Numinous readers a friends and family rate of $995 if you sign up before September 24th 2015. Contact [email protected] and just quote “NUMINOUS”

my mystical life gabby bernstein spirit junkie rainbow on The Numinous

I asked what it takes to teach. So a lot of people I know have been doing my friend and spirit sister Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass – a course on how to become a leader, a teacher like Gabby, and set up your own spiritual business. Just like Raquel’s done with 7 Vibrations!

You can get a taste of the teachings from the Masterclass in this free video, in which Gabby explains what she considers the three essential elements that helped her launch her business.

And the message in the vid has really got me thinking – what does it mean to be a teacher in the Now Age? Well for starters, we can’t all be Gabby Bernstein. We don’t all – myself especially! – have what it takes to stand up on stage in front of hundreds of people and, well, preach. That’s Gabby’s gift, and she uses it to beautiful effect.

We can’t all express ourselves authentically, and with meaning in the written word (which is what I hope I am able to do); we can’t all guide others to elevate their yoga practice to another level; we can’t all heal using sound, or food, or the wisdom of our spirit guides.

But what we can all do is teach by example, right? It’s what I’ve heard Gabby call “being the light.” And to me this means working on ourselves to get clear of all the c*** and all the conditioning that’s stopping us from identifying our own unique and inspirational gifts. I’d love to know your take on this conversation – can we all be a teacher in the Now Age? Watch Gabby’s video and comment below, or connect with me and share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

my mystical life september 18


Meet Shiva Rose, Earth mother and holistic creatrix, and discover the fashion and beauty finds that rock her Mystical world…

Shiva Rose of The Local Rose featured on The Numinous

“We escaped Iran when I was ten years old, one cold winter night as the country was in the throes of a bloody revolution. We traveled to Germany, then London and finally to California, where my mother and her family is from. We settled in LA.”

So speaks actress, activist and curator Shiva Rose, whose lifestyle blog and online store The Local Rose celebrates her local community of artisan makers and mystics. And it was going from “a childhood nurtured on imagination and nature to life as a refugee,” that in fact fueled her passion for fashion and paved the way for her current incarnation as a woman dedicated to promoting a holistic, healthy and authentic lifestyle.

“I was a bit shy and awkward, and the trauma of escaping a revolution didn’t help. My refuge and escape from this reality was immersing myself in what I loved best, which was old European/Hollywood films and great books. I fell in love with story telling and being told stories,” she says. “I feel today I do this with each product I create and curate. The story behind the power of the ingredients rules me.”

Shiva Rose currently lives with her two daughters, Colette Blu, 19 and Charlotte Rumi, 10, in the Santa Monica Mountains, where the family is virtually self-sufficient. In itself an important part of her evolution as a woman.

“I feel like I have only become an adult in the last five years. There have been immense challenges and yet I have so much strength now that things that I couldn’t even dream of doing a few years ago are a welcome treat now. Things like fighting off a pack of coyotes that are trying to get my chickens by the light of the moon in my garden!”

The most vital lesson of all on her life path, however; “is that i have finally realized no one is going to make me happy unless I am happy, content and fulfilled on my own.”

Here’s a peek into the Mystical World of Shiva Rose, Earth Mama and Material Girl.


My label
“Clothes designed and made by my community like Awave/Awake and Rachel Craven.”

awave awake fall 2015 collection shiva rose for the numinous
Awave Awake Fall 2015 collection

My shoes
“Celine on a fancy day. Hand made moccasins most days.”

manitobah handmade moccasins shiva rose for The Numinous
Manitobah handmade moccasins, $149

My scent
“Faith Essential Oil (on my site shop) or Rose oil from Amma.”

Essential Faith oil from the local rose featured on The Numinous
Essential Faith Oil, $65

My jewels
“Tantric pearls worn through meditation to soak up the high vibrations.”

tantric meditation pearls shiva rose featured on The Numinous
Tantric Meditation Pearls, $595, Nine Treasures

My pampering
“Daily evening goddess baths with my handmade Moon Rose Salts and then my Nectar Body Oil.”

rose moon sea salt bath salts from the local rose featured on The Numinous
Rose Moon Sea Salts, $50, The Local Rose

My home
“Minimal astral treehouse!”

My food
“Organic and hand picked from my garden ~ fresh salads and fruit crumble with raw cream.”

organic garden salad shiva rose The Numinous


My Awakening
“I awake before my children and creatures so I can have a few cups of Living Tea in meditative silence. If I am bending time that day, I will do a few Kundalini sets.”

My sign
“Aquarius with a Scorpio Moon, thus the dance between light and dark.”

My mantra
“Wahe Guru” and “I am Love.”

My guru
“Mama Earth and Father Sky.”

My reading
“So much to devour and learn. At the moment Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams; books on bee keeping, and The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.”

My transformation
“So many, I’m always evolving and transforming ~ but the most recent when I got divorced 7 years ago, and my life broke apart and then open.”

My mission
“To raise compassionate daughters, to walk in beauty every day, to be a custodian of Mama Earth.”

Read more about Shiva Rose and shop her collections at Thelocalrose.com

Shiva Rose of The Local Rose featured on The Numinous


September 17 2015 is a QUADRUPLE 8 day. And 8888 numerology means time to step up and transform, says Felicia Bender.

8888 numerology on The Numinous


Are you feeling the burn this year – and particularly this month – in pretty much every area of your life?

Numerologically, everyone on the planet is experiencing an 8 Universal Year.

You calculate it this way:  2015 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8

The number 8 is the money and power number. The number 8 is an amplifier. Yet, here’s the rub. The energy of the 8 tests you in the realms of power. And not just some inconsequential quiz – this is like the comprehensive exams for your doctorate. And once you pass the exams, you must write your dissertation. Once you finish your dissertation, you must defend it in front of your committee. Once you defend it in front of your committee (and you pass), only then you get your degree. Ardous? Yes. Worth it? Damn right.

2015 is your year to develop and nurture everything related to money, power, control, and authority. There can be amazing gains, wonderful advancement, powerful achievement, and financial abundance. And there can also be losses, set backs, feelings of victimization, and financial slaps-in-the-face. The 8 is about resilience.

And since you’re a member of the Numinati, and pay attention to Astrology, you’ll also know that there have been – and will be – substantial planetary shifts and events taking place this year.  Eclipses, Blood Moons, Blue Moons – need I go on?

And now here’s a “red letter” day in numerology: September 17, 2015 is a QUADRUPLE “8” day.

·      2015 is an 8 Universal Year (2+0+1+5=8)
·      September 2015 is an 8 Universal Month (9+2+0+1+5 =17; 1+7=8)
·      September 17 is an 8 Date (9+1+7=17: 1+7=8)
·      And 17 is an 8 Day (1+7=8)

What’s more, this particular 8888 numerology shows up between two powerful eclipses!

So how to bring this energy down to earth?

The whole point of this intense time is to bring us back to our roots – to the foundational, authentic you. Your soul is being revealed to you now in all its beautiful truth, and wherever we are not aligned with our soul path this will itself to us as a rather loud wake-up call. And one that can come in all forms – from pain to euphoria (and everything in between).

September 17 is also a “portal” of sorts – an energetic opening where manifestation energy is at an all-time high. Dramatic changes and transformations are happening all around us and within us. The keys to working with the energy of 8888 numerology are:

·      To be open and receptive to rapid transformation.
·      To set your intentions with the utmost clarity around what you want (rather than what you don’t want).
·      To trust your truth and your intuition.
·      To take right action to manifest the next level in your life, whatever that might be to you.
·      To ready yourself to let go of old, old, old thoughts, habits, and programming.

Many people see the number 8 simply as the money number – personally think there’s more to it.  Metaphorically, I see the 8 as a really difficult personal trainer. Think Plutonian vibes. Working with the energy of the 8 in any aspect of your life isn’t easy. It always brings substantial tests – and like a personal trainer, it’ll make you show up even when you’re hung over, and work your ass off until you can barely walk. Yet as you step up, you’ll become strong, disciplined, and ripped.

September 17, 2015 (8888) will bring challenges to those who’ve been in denial or slacking in the “life purpose” department, and a huge breakthrough to those who’ve been doing the work and are prepared to leap into their next magnificent phase. Get ready for the ch-ch-ch-changes…

How will you work with the 8888 numerology this week? Share in the comments below and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


“It’s a tool to help us wake up” – and with her Sacred Tarot School, Lindsay Mack teaches how to read the Tarot for personal empowerment, says Elyssa Jakim. Images: Chase Voorhees

Lindsay mack on how to read the tarot for personal empowerment interviewed by Elyssa Jakim on The Numinous

As someone who identifies as spiritual, I had a secret. I spent a long time afraid of the Tarot. Reading cards on my own I often found their wisdom super harsh, and getting readings I was fascinated but uneasy. “Are the cards going to be mean?” I thought. And then it all changed because I met Lindsay Mack.

At our first reading, I felt completely held. I re-learned how to speak to my higher self, and was reminded to feel my big Scorpio-moon feelings every day. I got messages from my guides, and I forgot the cards were even there (plus she used a beautiful, gentle deck, the Motherpeace – and who could be scared of Motherpeace?)

I’ve since gotten about fifteen readings with Lindsay, and the fabric of my life has completely changed, so let’s just say I’m not so scared anymore. I offered to do an interview just to get to know her, her story, and what the devil she was doing with those cards (the Devil card included, sorry for the dad joke)

How did you start with Tarot?
I bought my first deck and its accompanying Tarot book at 13 years old, which was eighteen years ago. I loved it immediately and gave readings all the time: on the schoolyard, at the movies. I did them for free and for fun. I was a little afraid of the cards too, but I wanted a tool to help me understand things in the world. I found Wicca in the same way. On a whim, at age 13.

How do you describe the way you work with the cards now?
I read Tarot for people’s soul expansion – meaning I read in a way that helps them to wake up to the truth of their being. It’s a synthesis of energy healing, counseling and clear channel intuition, delivered with great warmth and gentleness. The Tarot being what glues everything together.

For me, the Tarot is definitely not a fortune-telling tool, and I feel very grateful to be part of an excellent generation of readers who are redefining that false notion. It’s a tool to help us wake up; it’s a perfect mirror for our lives, helping us to be present and empowered in this moment – and all in service of helping people to know that there’s nothing in their lives that’s not assisting their evolution on a soul level. I help people to understand things that feel too scary or too unfair to work out on their own, and to see these things as happening for them, not to them.

Lindsay Mack on how to read the tarot for empowerment interview by Elyssa Jakim for The Numinous

What makes you a gifted intuitive reader do you think?
I have survived huge waves of darkness, depression, fear, trauma and abuse in my own life, all of which has become the sacred fertilizer for the healing work that I do with people. It has informed everything about my work, and it’s how I’m able to help people who feel that they too are navigating their way through Hell. I’ve been there, and I know that the only way out is to come home to the truth.

Most of the time, when people come to a Tarot reader they are coming with some kind of trauma they have no choice but to face, and they are definitely coming with at least some degree of nervousness. For this reason, I believe that Tarot readers and energy healers have an absolute obligation to be kind to people’s nervous systems. On the first day of my Sacred Tarot School, I always tell my students this.

Can you give an example of what you mean by this?
Nothing in the Tarot is meant to be scary. When you learn how to read the Tarot and really understand this in your bones, every card, even the famously intense ones like Death, The Devil or the 10 of Swords, deliver an empowering message. It’s all in the understanding and the wording.

Also, when the parasympathetic nervous system (rest/digest) is relaxed and engaged, people can retain and hear information more clearly. If the nervous system is in fight/flight, the reading won’t really be useful or helpful to the client, no matter how amazing the advice might be!

My Sacred Tarot School definitely covers how to read the Tarot theory, but it’s a lot of this, too. In order to give really deep, healing readings, we have to be warm and watch how we phrase stuff. And my readings are RAW. They go there! But you can be deep and impactful while also helping people to relax.

Lindsay Mack on how to read the tarot for empowerment interview by Elyssa Jakim for The Numinous


For somebody learning how to read the Tarot, how does one choose the most empowering deck?
There’s a lot of lore on this, and some people say very strictly that you have to be given or gifted a deck. I don’t think that’s true, but it is true that your true deck will always find you.

The first thing I advise is to focus on the style and imagery. The colors, the shape of the cards, whether the art is abstract or very clear, traditional or modern. It all makes a difference. Having said that, I don’t think I ever would have chosen the Motherpeace for myself, so allow Spirit and instinct to guide you too. Be influenced beyond visual preferences.

So how do you know when you’ve found “the one”?
When you hold it, your deck should feel like an extra appendage, or a beloved pet. Mine feels like a golden retriever to me! We have such a beautiful relationship;when I give readings, it’s me, her and the Divine. There is no other one like her to me. That relationship does take time to ripen, but that’s what you’re going for.

It seems like the public consciousness about the Tarot has changed radically in the last few years. Can you speak to this?
The big answer is that the world as we know it is totally changing. Everyone is being invited to wake up. Everyone is being invited to serve, and to step onto their soul’s path, because the Earth needs it. It’s “go” time, cosmically, and as such, everyone is longing for a reconnection with magic, wildness, and with the Divine. Learning how to read the Tarot is a perfect conduit and a road home to that.

And as I mentioned before, perception of the Tarot reader is also shifting away from the notion of a fortune teller trying to fleece you out of money. Every reader I know is so beautifully and austerely committed to helping their clients wake up, to become empowered. We don’t predict the future. The future doesn’t even exist! As my beautiful teacher and mentor, Michelle Sinnette says, we are birthing our future in every moment. It is in the present moment that the greatest treasure and opportunity for transformation lives.

Lindsay Mack is the founder of Sacred Tarot School, a six, 12 or 24-week advanced Tarot training in NYC. The next six-week group intensive (limited to five places) begins Tuesday Sept 29th, priced $650, and the next 12-week group intensive (also just five spaces) begins Wednesday Sept 30th, priced $1200. PLUS email Lindsay directly to book, quoting the code “Empress”, and get a $100 Numi discount! [email protected]

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This week’s card chimes perfectly with the cosmic energy of the Virgo New Moon eclipse. The Eight of Cups is an invitation to let go, and move forward in your journey, says Louise Androlia

You can watch last week’s weekly tarotscope at the link – did Louise’s message resonate with you? Share in the comments below, and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


This weekend’s Virgo New Moon eclipse is an invitation to go big, or go home. Just have a little faith, says Chani NicholasPhotography: Dana Trippe. Model: Rachel Barnes

message for the september 13 2015 new moon eclipse words chani nicholas image dana trippe for The Numinous

It’s that time again. Eclipse season.

Things speed up. Choices come rapid fire. Life alters, and we either keep up or get left behind. Eclipses tend to bring themes of major openings and closings. Portals of opportunity beckon us towards them. Things get cut short. Endings draw near without warning. Experiences are stark. Stakes are high.

The Virgo New Moon eclipse on Saturday, September 12th at 11:54 PM PST at 20 degrees of Virgo is a solar one. During a solar eclipse, the light of the Sun is diminished, obscured and confiscated (though not for those of us that will be experiencing it during night time). Life depends upon the light of the Sun. We depend on the light of the Sun. When that light appears to be threatened, so too are we.

We realize there are things we have no control over. Like the planets. Like our lives.

This eclipse is in Virgo. Virgo wants to know the specifics, the design and the down-and-dirty details of the situation. Virgo over thinks, over stresses, and over analyzes. There is no one that I would trust more with any kind of job that required a sincere and honest effort than a Virgo. This sign is unparalleled for its ability to work diligently at a task.

The Virgo New Moon eclipse also occurs near the North Node of the Moon – the point in the zodiac representing what we strive towards and want to accumulate. As such, we could say that this eclipse is propelling us forward, opening us up to our appetites, asking or taunting us to push our boundaries and find our edge, while possibly calling us to fulfill some aspect of our destiny.

Minutes before the eclipse, there will be a New Moon in Virgo. Every New Moon marks a new beginning, energetically opening up the sign it occurs in, as well as any major planet that has recently entered that sign.

And Jupiter has just landed in Virgo. Jupiter’s influence expands what it touches, creates opportunity, makes magnanimity its monogram, flaunts blind faith as a virtue and enlarges whatever it touches. Jupiter’s year long stay in Virgo is asking us to spend some time considering how we deal with the organizational aspects of our lives, how to work in efficient ways, and what details to expand upon. But more importantly Jupiter is hard at work developing the house in our chart that it is transiting in a critical, thoughtful, discerned fashion. Jupiter was last in Virgo 12 years ago – what area of your life was expanding, and opening up, back then?

With this eclipse of the new Moon, Virgos the world over are getting extra bouts of growth-inducing game thrown their way. And all of us are being asked to pay special attention to the part of our chart that contains Virgo (you can do your birth chart for free here). These are the areas of our life to focus on at the eclipse, to be tended to, worked on, explored, opened up, expanded, brought into form and made into something.

Because Juno, Guardian of Women and Goddess of Marriage, is sitting next to the Virgo New Moon eclipse, we can also ask ourselves if we are willing to committo marry ourselves, to the most pressing issues this area of our charts holds for us. Because this eclipse is sitting with Jupiter the benefic, we can be certain that whatever the effects, they will be BIG. Because this eclipse is making a friendly sextile to Saturn, we can know that our efforts to stabilize and make real are being aided. Because this eclipse is making a trine to Pluto we are invited to go deep and be real, to get ready to embrace our power and use it for good.

But. And. Finally.

Mercury, the planet that governs both the Virgo New Moon eclipse and Jupiter’s stay in Virgo, is slowing down to station retrograde on September 17. This might muck things up a bit, or at the very least make for an extra strange eclipse season. One that urges us to take well-assessed risks, but one that can’t guarantee the outcome. One that wants us to have faith in what we know, but might not show us all the information. One that asks us to serve the design of our lives, while it conceals an important part of the blue print.

This eclipse calls for critical faith.

Read the full, unedited version of Chani’s message for the Virgo New Moon eclipse at the link. You can also purchase her Eclipse Season Survival Guide here.

What area of your life do you want to open up with the cosmic energy of this New Moon eclipse? Share in the comments below, and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


This week, 5 empowering tarot lessons that helped me past my fear of the cards…

I got over my fear of the Tarot. Confession. As much as I’ve always been attracted to the tarot, it’s also a tool I’ve shied away from as a lot of the time the cards I pull for myself tend towards the negative – if not downright scary! Anybody else with me on this?? It’s one reason I love Louise Androlia’s Tarotscopes, as no matter how “heavy” the message, she finds a way to put an empowering spin on it.

When my friend Elyssa told me she’d got over HER fear of the cards with a tarot lessons from her favorite reader Lindsay Mack (a.k.a. Wild Soul Healing), I decided it was time to move beyond my own pussy-ass position on the tarot, too. So I booked a session with Lindsay – and it was so, so awesome!! Here are 5 key fear-busting take-aways from our 90-minute tarot lesson:

  • Tarot is not a predictor of anything. Tarot is just a mirror, a bridge to an awareness of the answer that is for your absolute highest good – the Truth with a capital “T”.
  • The only thing all living beings have in common is that we all experience evolution. Which means there’s nothing that can come up for you, or happen to you, that isn’t for you. See the tarot this way, and you’ll see that every message in every card is an invitation home.
  • The Major Arcana in particular (The Fool through The World), contain an invitational energy from divine intelligence to ask us to evolve and to wake up. But since our nervous system and brain chemistry prefers the comfort of staying still, evolution and growth will always be accompanied by resistance and fear.
  • Evolution is a process of expansion (excitement about change) and contraction (resistance to / fear of change). “Negative” cards (like the Devil, the Tower) simply represent BIG contractions, to show us where we’re slipping back into old patters, and ask us to examine why this is.
  • Finally, when reading into a card, interpret the message as if you were reading for your five-year old self – with loving kindness, and a protective attitude.

Which is already making me feel way better about my future tarot lessons. If this is where you’re at too, Lindsay suggests a daily card pull to begin to get to know your deck better, with the enquiry: “Highest power, please can I have some more information on the truth with a capital “T” about (insert pressing concern of the day here).”

Oh, and read this book! Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom

Book a reading or tarot lessons with Lindsay at the link, and follow her on Instagram to find out about her Sacred Tarot School.

I reconnected to Lakshmi. My fave – the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. And no, not through meditation, prayer, a badass new Goddess deck, or any other sort of spiritual practice – I simply restocked my supply of Lakshmi fragrance oil from The Goddess Line! Which happens to smell a whole lot like an old favorite of mine, the now discontinued Rumeur by Lanvin…only it’s totally vegan (as in the “musky” element of the scent comes from a blend of oils, opposed to the glandular secretions of actual animals) and chemical free.

V important to me these days, since I had a facial with celebrity aesthetician Christine Chin. Known as “Mean Christine” for her take-no-prisoners approach to pimples, she told me: “perfume is poison to the neck!” As in, the alcohol in most mass market fragrance is what dries out the skin on your neck, causing a crepe-paper effect, enlarged pore and wrinkles. And Christine is Gisele’s go-to. I rest my case.

lakshmi fragrance oil the goddess line tarot lesson my mystical life column by ruby warrington on the numinous
The Goddess Line Lakshmi Roll-on Fragrance Oil, $30



Want to align yourself with every phase of mother Moon? Gabriela Herstik has a lesson in New Moon magick just for you…

a lesson in new moon magick featured on the Numinous

If you’ve ever wondered how you can use the energy of mother Moon to manifest or discard that which may or may not serve you, you’ve entered the realm of what’s known as ”Sympathetic Magick”.

Don’t let this menacing term fool you, it’s really not as scary as it sounds! To put it simply, it means working with the waxing and waning of the Moon, as it gains and loses light, to reflect what you would like more or less of in your life.

Here’s the lowdown on New Moon magick, to help you channel your inner witchy mamma…

What is it
“Sympathetic Magick” works on the assumption that there’s a secret sympathy that connects all energies. We may not be able to see this, but we feel and understand it. This concept can be broken down into two parts; The Law of Similarity and The Law of Contact.

The Law of Similarity
The Law of Similarity is the most relevant when it comes to working with the Moon. This Law states that magick works because like attracts like (as both the Buddha, and The Secret have taught us), and so in imitating the result you desire, you will cause it to happen by attracting it to you. This is also called The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Contact
The Law of Contact works with the idea that the energy of two objects continues to act on one another even after they’re separated. Voodoo dolls are a good representation of this Law! By hurting a certain part of the doll you’re following the Law of Similarity – by using some actual hair, or a piece of clothing belonging to the person the doll represents, you’re following The Law of Contact. (Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting you use Sympathetic Magick to hurt anyone, but this is the easiest way to explain the difference between the two Laws.)

How This Relates to the Moon
Okay, so some basic astronomy- when the Moon is dark it’s called the New Moon. As it then becomes more light it’s called a Waxing Moon. After the time of the Full Moon, it starts to lose light, known as the Waning Moon. The easiest way to remember this? Wax on, Wane off. In relation to Sympathetic Magick – as the Moon’s light grows, or waxes, you tap the Law of Similarity and perform some New Moon magick for what you want more of. When the Moon’s light shrinks, or wanes, you use the same law to perform magick for what you want to let go of.

a lesson in new moon magick featured on The Numinous

When the Moon is Waxing
As the Moon grows in size and gains both strength and light, focus on what it is you want to grow and manifest! In the two weeks from when the Moon is black, up until it’s full, there’s a really strong window of opportunity to attract more of anything you want an abundance of. The waxing Moon is a perfect time to think about (and perform magick for) communication, financial and legal matters, healing and health. For example, you could do this money spell. Think about what you want to increase and go for it.

When the Moon is Waning
In the time between the Full Moon to the Black Moon, or New Moon, there’s a strong window of opportunity to let go. This is a time to analyze what no longer serves you and to rid yourself of it, a great time to break old habits, relationships and addictions. The waning Moon is a time of release. Take some time to tune in to what speaks to your soul – if it isn’t letting you rise to your highest possible potential, is it necessary? If not then let it go, let it go.

When the Moon is New
Of all the Moon phases, the New Moon and Full Moon are the most potent. When the moon is completely dark, it’s a really strong time to work your New Moon magick and get rid of what you don’t want. It’s a good idea to retreat from the world, focus and think of what really does and doesn’t serve you. The energy of the New Moon occurs the day it’s marked on the calendar, as well as the day before and after. PS – If you need some ideas of ways to celebrate with more New Moon magick, we got you.

When the Moon is Full
Meanwhile, the Full Moon is a time of celebration! The divine feminine is amped, and it’s a good time to gather up your tribe and give gratitude. The Full Moon speaks of commitment, psychic ability and magickal acts of all kinds. Spells are especially strong on this day (as well as three days before or three days after) and you can tailor your spell to fit the coming New Moon, too. If you want to manifest, think of the Full Moon as the apex of this energy. If you want to perform a spell to let go, tailor it to the fact that every day after the Full Moon will assist in shrinking whatever it is.

Other Tools
If you really want to use Sympathetic Magick to its full advantage during each Moon phase, don’t forget about the other tools at your disposal. Affirmations, crystals, flowers, herbs, incense, trees… go crazy! The more ways you can state your intended desire to the Universe, the stronger the magick will be. Beyond anything else – believe in what you do whole heartedly, Magick flows the best when you completely surrender to it!