Among more spiritual circles, alcohol is considered the lowest of the low-vibe highs. Facing two weeks of steady holiday drinking, Ruby Warrington considers what her attachment to booze really says about her.

Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid with the structural formula CH3CH2OH, often abbreviated as C2H5OH or C2H6O. It is also used as a psychoactive drug and is one of the oldest recreational drugs still used by humans. Ethanol can cause alcohol intoxication when consumed. In common usage, it is often referred to simply as alcohol or spirits.

I’ll be drinking alcohol tonight, and pretty much every night now until the new year. Happy holidays! But in two weeks time, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll look like crap, be feeling anxious, depressed and like putting myself into some kind of self-imposed rehab – in fact, I’m already looking forward to how I’m going to feel after my first ever Dry January. Yes, that’s some serious future-tripping right there, and so not reflective of my usual glass-half-full outlook on life. What about the thrills? The bonding? The laughs? The drunken fun times that await!

Sure, there’ll be all that. And all that used to be one of my favourite ways to pass the time. Being British (a nation of “high functioning alcoholics” according to this former NY Times London correspondent) and a journalist (one of the high-risk professions for alcoholism, I’ve been told), in my circles the fact I spent most Sunday nights in my twenties and early thirties mapping out my week according to my drinking patterns was nothing to shake an AA manual at.

And I learned to drink late – I was teetotal all through college. My boyfriend back then was a big-time weed smoker and by default so was I, but actually in the end it was alcohol that gave me the Dutch courage I needed to get out of that soul-destroying relationship. He was so anti-booze, considering it, along with cocaine, the lowest of low-vibe highs, that when I took up drinking I might as well have been having an affair right under his nose. Which in the end, with the help of some very strong cocktails, I did.

Talk about messy. But right off the bat, alcohol represented freedom to me. And I guess this was the real kicker, but I also found it helped me access a happier part of myself. No surprises there – isn’t this why most people drink, if we’re honest? Even if this means something different for everybody. In my case, I can be kind of intense and alcohol helped me loosen up and see the funny side of life. Felt like it got me out of my head and into in what was going on around me (you can imagine what a miserable pot-head I was).

This to me felt like magic. Here was a potion that sprinkled the world with actual freakin’ fairy dust. And if creativity is akin to spirituality (as the divine Elizabeth Gilbert suggested when I interviewed her recently), didn’t the fact that drinking helped shunt me into the right side of my brain also, in some way, mean it was helping me get closer to…God, the Universal oneness, or whatever? How did we think spirits got their name, anyway? The fact that alcohol had a dark side (the morning after) felt right, like karma.

But like a relationship that sours overnight, something shifted when I hit 35. Maybe it was the onset of my North Node return (a whole other story, but for the astro geeks out there I’m on the Taurus / Scorpio, material / mystical axis – go figure), but I began to fall out of love with my liquid crutch. The hangovers were lasting longer than the highs, and I noticed, as if coming ‘round from a stupor, that certain relationships relied on a steady flow of cocktails to really mean anything to me.

It was also interesting, and unsurprising, that a lot of the people I was meeting who described themselves as having “woken up” to a more spiritual connection with life (you know who you are, readers!) had kicked alcohol to the curb along with negative thought patterns and the majority of foodstuffs besides kale. This got me questioning the real connection between spirits and spirituality. Not least, what it said about my spirit that I still felt (feel!) the “need” to dink in certain situations.

If spirit is the oneness as expressed in each of us, then yes, there’s no doubt that spirits – in the form of a Ketel One martini with a twist, in my case – can feel like an Access All Areas pass to an audience with our higher self. Ego inhibitions slain, I know I’m not alone when I admit I only dance like nobody’s watching after martini number three. And actually dancing when nobody’s watching? Pretty much one of my favourite ways to party with my inner soul tribe.

But note the use of the words “feel like” in the previous paragraph. What my own experience of heightened spiritual awareness has shown me, is that a back stage pass is in no way a satisfactory substitute for paying upfront for the best seats in the house. In other words, sneaking in the back door with access to the free hospitality bar, you’ll probably miss half the show – and have a hard time remembering what parts did touch your soul in the morning.

Now note the use of the word “probably.” Some of the most spirit-affirming moments of bliss I have experienced have been under the influence of spirits. Singing my heart out (don’t you love that expression?) with my girlfriends on a rooftop bar in Ibiza at 2am, because the only other people up there just got engaged; any tear-jerk sunset viewed from the edges of that same mystical island; experiencing sheer, all-consuming love on the dance floor of any given wedding; knowing that the person I’m expressing my love to feels exactly the same as me.

Which goes back to my point about alcohol being a social drug for me. Sober moments of bliss are often the ones I experience on the inside – like the intense feeling of calm after a dead night’s sleep; being guided by a healer over Skype to meet my shamanic power animal; or experiencing a heart-wrenching psychic connection to my father during a deep Kundalini meditation. The fact that I’m experiencing both on a regular basis (veering towards the internal, for what feel like deeper reaching ramifications and for my vanity) feels to me like balance.

Among my more spiritual friends, the fact I’m still quite attached to the external kind – and the substance that helps me reach them – I sometimes feel like Paris Hilton lining up for a hug with Amma. But hey, I’m only human, still a material girl just beginning to explore the true depths of our mystical world. And the fact I’m preparing to drink my way through the holiday season? A couple of years ago I would have been planning the outfits. These days, like I said, I’m already planning the detox.


The author, under the influence.


1980s fashion publicist Lynne Franks, was famously the inspiration for the character of Edina Monsoon in the hit TV show Absolutely Fabulous. Now a self-styled ‘Women’s Empowerment Guru,’ she’s, like, the godmother of Material Girl, Mystical World. Based between Deia, Majorca, where her company Bloom regularly hosts retreats, and London, she talks altered states of consciousness and doing business with a cause to Ruby Warrington.

My spiritual journey has influenced my work immensely, particularly when it comes to understanding the basic karmic law of cause and effect. Plus my close relationship with the Brahma Kumaris has kept me very values-focused.

The first questions I always ask are; “is this of service?” and “Am I being true to my values?”

A happy life looks to me like one based on healthy, loving relationships; a close community of friends; health and wellbeing in all areas of my life; a beautiful view when I open my door in the morning; lots of walks with my dog in nature; the happiness of my children and grandchildren; living my life purpose of working with women and girls on creating a better world; lots of laughter and lots of fun; lots of dancing and great music; good food. I could go on…!

I don’t believe in techniques but I do believe in tools. A CIRCLE OF WOMEN for support and to share with. Staying true to your vision. Vision boards and books bring your project alive. Technological know-how. Reading everything relevant and keeping an open, enquiring mind. I also write poems, meditate, paint, dance, and love.

Daily self-care starts with meditation and chanting first thing, the earlier the better. A minimum of one 5Rhythms class a week. Working out and boxing in the park. Long walks with my dog in nature. Making green juices. Laughing. Sitting in my hot-tub first thing in the morning when in Deia. Sitting in my infra red-sauna when in London. They really clean me out.

My Bloom colleague in Deia Monika Evans for Reiki; Amanda at Spa at Home in Deia for craniaosacral work and Robin Johnson, also in Deia, for a brilliantly healing, Californian-style massage, as taught by the Esalen institute in Big Sur. These three all put me back together when I return to Majorca from the intensity of London life.

Probably drinking my own urine – although not so uncommon these days, and there’s a lot to be said for the results which makes it not crazy at all in my eyes.

Endless experiences have had profound effects on me – taking Ayahuasca in the Amazonian jungle; dancing with Gabrielle Roth at Esalen; experiencing altered states with Denise Linn’s meditation and seeing visions of the Great Mother; doing 4am meditation with the Brahma Kumaris at the top of a mountain in India. All these experiences have led to altered states of consciousness, which, at different times of my life, have had a huge influence on me. I consider myself very lucky. Also just being in my beautiful home in Deia – my personal piece of paradise – where I connect with nature and welcome other women to join me on retreats where we support and learn from each other.

I’m a very typical Aries – full of creative ideas, passionate,  and a self-starter who makes things happen. But can equally be very naïve at times in a child-like way, and definitely over-sensitive.

Deia is not the new Ibiza! It’s far more interesting, with a long-time heritage of writers and artists from Robert Graves onwards who have made this beautiful village one of the most interesting local and global communities in the world.  It’s much more private and community based. It certainly gets very fashionable in August, but it’s always been somewhere where celebrities, artists and hippies can enjoy each other’s company with no cameras in sight.

Only when there is equality and co-operation between men and women, boys and girls, human beings and the environment across the world will we see a balanced, loving and safe society for all. There is enough abundance available for everyone – food, shelter, education and happiness – and we need to ensure that all human beings on the planet have access.  Please, please let us change the desperately sad course we are currently on and create a sustainable future for the seven generations to come.

The Bloom 2014 retreat programme begins in Deia in March. For more information go to


Illustrator Kim Krans has gained a cult following as creator of The Wild Unknown Tarot deck. Launched in 2008, her mystical vision has since expanded to include zodiac prints, jewelry and even a kids’ alphabet book. As she launches her latest project, a collection of one-off paintings based on the cards, she explains her connection to the Tarot an invites us to take a trip into the wilderness within. Words: Ruby Warrington. Portraits: Daniel Arnold.

What was your first introduction to the Tarot and why did it resonate with you?
One night when my band was on tour we crashed at our friend’s house in Boston and I slept in a bed that had a beautiful woodcut print of the Magician hanging over it. I remember starting at it before I fell asleep and saying to myself; “someday I will draw the Tarot deck.” I was introduced to the Tarot well before then but I swear something happened that night…The Magician crept right into my bones.

The Wild Unknown Tarot deck

The Magician: When the Magician appears in a spread, it points to the talents, capabilities and resources at the querent’s disposal. Depending on the card’s placement in relation to other cards, the message is to tap into one’s full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something. There are choices and directions to take. Guidance can arrive through one’s own intuition or in the form of someone who brings about change or transformation.

What makes the Tarot so relevant in post 2012 life on planet Earth?
We all want a little guidance, right? We have lots of voices within us – some come from places of fear, doubt, low self-esteem, bummer things that happened in the past, etc. These voices get all tangled up and lead us to believe we are less amazing then we are. But underneath all that, waiting for us to hear it, is one super clear, resonant, calm voice that knows exactly what to do. It’s tough to hear it if we don’t consciously listen for it, but Tarot helps us get there… in that it helps us see ourselves and our patterns. If you wonder why after a good reading you feel “relieved” or “more yourself” (even if it’s a dark-ish reading) it’s because you made contact with that inner voice. Keep finding ways to connect with it, listen to it, and soon your path becomes golden.

Images from the new Wild Unknown “One of a Kind” series

What’s your favorite card in the Wild Unknown deck, and why?
The Moon card, for sure. The most important reading of my life had The Moon as the central card…that reading was a real turning point. It was just months before the deck came out. So I am ever-loyal to that card. The Hermit is a close runner-up fave.

The Moon: The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious. The Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun, yet this light is dim, uncertain, and only vaguely illuminates our path as we journey toward higher consciousness. When a path leads between two towers into the distance, it is showing the way to the unconsciousness. The astrological sign associated with this card is Pisces – psychic, receptive and mysterious.

Jewelry designer Pamela Love shows off her favorite card in the Wild Unknown deck. Image:

We discovered your Zodiac project on Pinterest. Will we see more of this? (Obsessed!)
Yes! The Zodiac series I drew just came out as a blank notecard set. All twelve drawings in one box…no more stressing to find your far-out friend a birthday card!

How do you connect to the Wild Unknown inside you in your daily life?
The best access point for me is meditation, yoga, and mantra. I also take walks on Zuma beach a lot. Singing also helps me.


Is that “Wilderness” the same thing as the guru they say lives inside us all?
I’m going to take a bold stab at this big question and say – the “wilderness” is not the guru but instead it is the place within where the guru can be found. It is the realm of the guru. But the wilderness is fluid, changing, wild, magical, creative and mysterious…while so far…the moments I have glimpsed the guru it is perfectly still. Perfectly, perfectly still.

And if it were an actual place on Earth, what’s the closest you’ve come to finding it?
In a small shrine in the Poconos.

“So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away, to the wild unknown country,
where I could not go wrong…” – Bob Dylan



Happy Birthday Sagittarius! For a Fire sign this sure has been an emotional year, almost as though you’ve had your feelings thrown in your face over the last few months, which has sometimes brought great relief and sometimes felt more like having an uninvited houseguest. If you are very typical of your element, it isn’t always easy to simmer down when you really just want to expel hoards of trapped energy, to stand still when you feel an urge to run away. Alongside this, an abundance of emotion sometimes feels a bit odd. You aren’t always one for tears, and recently you’ve had moments of feeling like a real crybaby. Now, at the beginning of your solar year, the King of Cups brings in a balancing energy that will enable you to feel much more at home beneath those waterfalls. The Fire and Water elements of your chart can now sit side-by-side, no longer aliens but with a modest respect for each other’s power. I’d like you to think of this card as your mentor this month. The King has learned how to equilibrate between the elements, meaning emotions no longer make him feel weak and thoughts do not feel out of control. So how can you too move towards this type of balance? Kindness and respect is the bridge here, for yourself and for those around you. If you truly feel connected to your own compassion compass then it is much harder to feel out of control with your emotions. Remind yourself of your own boundaries. Treat all situations, whether at work or home, with patience. Give yourself an extra few minutes with your thoughts, digging in to a calm and centered place, a safe place. When we act from fear, or emotions such as anger or jealousy, we will never feel okay with the results, and a few extra moments to process your emotional impulses mean a higher chance of moving forward with positivity. And don’t neglect your superb intuition – not always the first place you reach for guidance, but the right place to go. December is always very social and this card may also find you being the mentor and mediator for friends and family this month. In this case, you can apply what you’ve been learning about your own self to pass the love on to others. There is a real sense of fairness to this card and I feel it nudging you to sit and be grateful for your journey, with all its twists and turns. You’ve done pretty darn well and the sweet satisfaction of self development is here too. Combine your strength with honest compassion and feel the waters calming.

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Inspiration is abundant this December Capricorn, and you aren’t quite ready to curl up by the fire yet as your mind is buzzing with plans and ideas for adventure. It might be that your mind is already in 2014 as we arrive in the last month of the year. We are slowly shifting you out of a workaholic mindset and The Page of Wands widens your eyes and encourages you to set your spirits far and high. This card can be associated with new starts, and I would love you to take on a ‘leap of faith’ mentality. I know that’s not your usual style, but you will benefit by giving new horizons a chance this December. The Wands bring in a fearsome passion so you may be focused on one particular desire, be it a new career path, a building project or a certain someone. Your sights are definitely set, and the Universe will be supporting that vision. Now with this type of energy, it’s very easy to feel restless or completely impatient. With so many ideas raring to go, you want to act NOW. The best way to work with this is to celebrate and be grateful for these ideas, to communicate and collaborate. The Page can appear as a new friend or mentor, someone who shares your ideas and can keep you on your toes. There is a lovely youthfulness to your December, and it’s important that you shift out of your goat like routines and socialize. This childlike energy is perfect for this and totally supported by this card. If you read this and feel a bit lacking in this passion, then it’s time for you to reconnect to the simple joys of life. Take yourself on a few ‘me’ dates, remembering to check your attitude whilst out and about. If the spirit of Scrooge has possessed you, then crack yourself back into a lighter frame of mind. Be silly, where are your laughs? Time to go dig them out! You can see this card as a set of goals waiting to be made, who says you need to wait until January the 1st to make some changes? Start right now. The world is your playground, go and catch a break.

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After a month with a few notes of apathy, December sends you on a journey to rebuild some of your own personal structures, morals and boundaries. You may have been feeling an imbalance in giving and receiving recently, and to regain an equilibrium you will benefit from seeking trusted advice, both from others and your inner guide. The Hierophant appears as a mentor bringing in a new type of outlook and guidance. It’s up to you how you choose to discover an altered perception, but be sure to keep your eyes wide open for the help around you. As you look back over this past year and think about what you’ve learned, you will note a few patterns and thought processes that you know just have to change. In fact, they’re probably quite fresh in your mind having asserted themselves in the last few weeks. Now is the time to get ready to shift out what you no longer find beneficial or healthy in your mind, body and spirit. Whilst you may look for guidance with a Life Coach or healer, you can also really gain from and enjoy community and group discussion now. Some of the meanings of this card revolve around religion and spiritual groups, reminding us of the gain we can receive from gathering like minds together for support and inspiration. Giving and receiving guidance is key for you right now and remember that sharing love will up your personal energy bank to call in higher vibes for you. As a sign that can often get lost in your thoughts volunteering your time to somewhere that you feel drawn to could get you out of your head and into your heart this December. Be mindful of balance within your life and remember that we should always be learning, teaching and healing. Whilst sharing your knowledge, make time to actually hear people out so that you keep learning too. Occasionally you are so eager to share your stories that you can forget the joy of sharing a two-sided conversation. Slow down. More feeling and less thinking can return you to the present moment. I see this card as a turning point for you Aquarius, there is a definite shift going on and I feel it will come with a choice – do you want to evolve away from your past? Are you ready to let go of old fears when they rear their heads? Take a chance on grace and have some faith this December. Expect miracles.

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When I look back over the cards I have drawn for you this year Pisces, it’s impossible to not notice that you’ve been dealing with a serious amount of personal change. You may have seen relationships form or break, huge enthusiasm or total apathy for your career and a massive shove from the Universe pushing you to evolve and grow within your self. It has been a year of ups and downs, in all forms, and some of you will have been more aware of the highs and others only the lows. The thing is, none of these experiences are without meaning, and it’s your job to be aware that it’s all part of the journey. If you look at your perceived losses, you will probably find that they were essential moments of skin shedding. The Eight of Cups is the moment where you finally allow yourself to let go of everything that you don’t want to take forward with you into the years ahead. When I pick this card I sometimes feel so sad. Often it comes up to remind you that you need to cut final ties with an ex, or move on from a challenge that has been pushing and pulling at you. Over the years I’ve shifted this and grown to enjoy the message this card gives. It certainly fits well with the ‘out with the old and in with the new’ energy of December and January. Any card within the suit of Cups is very much about deep feelings. As a water sign you have probably been more affected by the skies of late as so many planets have been cruising through the water signs, creating an ‘ocean of emotion’ in 2013 as the Astro Twins’ Tali Edut wrote here. So feelings are by no means alien to you and nostalgia is certainly something you’re familiar with. Now it’s time to work on your own relationship with the past. It’s so important not to let it be a comfort blanket, to swoon around in ‘what if’s’ and ‘perfect moments’. Instead, let these experiences power you into the present, seeing the past as a useful bag of individual feelings, some that you want to replicate with new people and in different situations and others that you’d like to dissolve. The figure in this card is shown with his back turned, walking away from disappointments and on to a brighter future. The message is so simple, that if we keep moving forwards and leave what is not positive for us any more then our vision clears to see the light ahead.

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The wonderful way that you manage your Fire element is that you are very very productive; you always have a project, an idea and a strong inner force to guide you. When you notice a quiet period then the internal jitters set in, rendering you restless (and I can feel you shuddering at the mere thought of the word). It’s because the Four of Cups can bring in feelings of ennui and apathy that I’m reminded of what you can get like when you feel a bit impatient. Last month I was encouraging you to realign yourself after taking on too much earlier in the year and as you put the pieces of the puzzle back together, I feel that you have been noticing the push and pull of letting go and moving forward. When we expand into a new cycle, even if it’s by our own choice, we can still have moments of feeling a little unsteady. It’s easy to feel like you’ve done the work and now what? When is the shift you’ve prepared for going to take place? This December, feel encouraged when there are spaces in your schedule, understand that it was you that’s cleared the way, ready for new opportunities to arise. I always use these ‘scopes to try and flip you from the darker side of the card that turns, so with this potential apathy, remember that if things aren’t moving to your swift standard the answer isn’t to go into a place of ‘I give up’. Keep doing your thing and trust that the Universe will catch up with you. Of course December is a super social month, and so The Four of Cups could bring in a bit of an annoyance about making seasonal arrangements, perhaps purely because schedules haven’t been set and you actually don’t know the plans yet. This is okay! There are a million surrender opportunities each month and this can be one of them. Instead, think of those people you just know you want and need to see over the coming weeks, and tune your thoughts merely to ask the Universe to align you with inspirational and joyful moments for the end of the year. Instead of fearing what may come up just return to some tried and tested happy places. I very much feel this is a calm before the storm card for you Aries and that January is going to see you zooming ahead with excited intent, just how you like it!

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I have seen this card pop up over and over again in the last few months, for myself and in clients readings. It’s kind of become my secret best friend of the deck and I no longer look at that destructive imagery with a sense of doom. The Tower is our catalyst for change…and we love change! If you feel like you are still afraid of the unknown then I’m sorry to have to tell you again Taurus, but that big bag of ‘what if’s’ could contain a bright spark of something totally awesome ahead. This card is like a bolt of lightning bringing in energy to shift your direction, and it can really come in all forms. The Tower shakes our foundations, if we are really doing our best to go against our own flow then we suddenly find ourselves being flung in such a new direction that we have no choice BUT to move. This is a pretty good card for the end of the year, as you’ve probably already started thinking about the calendar cycle starting afresh with your diary already filling up for January. Think of it like having a fresh schedule, and consider how you would like to spend your precious time. Do you really want to fill your calling card with someone who’s an unhealthy match for you? Or how about a job you’re dying to quit? Think of the areas in your life that you know need a spring clean, and get a head start. If you really do see this Tower effect in your life, then bring in kindness and forgiveness to your self during a challenging time. Remember that old theory about things falling apart so we can rebuild them better? That is happening in our lives all the time so try and bring in a retrospective vision to your present moment. Know that whatever you are going through is taking your somewhere, and that while you cannot know where yet, you are always growing and learning. I also want you to get into a magical mindset, because The Tower card can bring its unexpected news in the shape of a life changing love interest or an exciting job offer. You may move house or even start working with a new therapist. To enable ourselves to accept the positive aspects of change we need to be able to see them. Remember to use that divine personal power and in consequence you can be your own magician.

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Last month I talked to you about your own trust issues and how you are feeling amongst others. I wanted you to reconnect back to your self, so that trust in the future would be much less of an issue. For December we follow on with that idea, and The Six of Swords suggests a very personal and solo journey. I want you to gather what you have experienced in the last few weeks into a bundle, like a pile of papers and you are going to sort and file. The energy for you at the end of the year is to prepare for the following months by really cleansing your mind from what you don’t need. This card can reflect physical travel but it is the idea of movement that is the inspiration for you. And even if you are off on a trip, remember your inner journey is also accompanying you! You must reflect in order to go forward but these needed shifts can come with a sense of sadness. There can be a fear of regret that comes with marching on, and you may feel a little waning of your spirit. If you find yourself a little confused right now then just remember how life twists and turns and how opportunities often appear suddenly with no warning. You must make the choice to keep participating in your life, not to throw your oar to the side or stop swimming. There is a sense of nurture that must accompany this message. A coziness that you can create for yourself, a safe, self-created space where you can recharge until you feel bright again. Remember that failure doesn’t exist and if you have fears about where the next year might take you, then remember your hidden powers. Combined with a push of your snappy intuition, any confusion can transform into an incredible rite of passage. I feel a sense of building strength for next year, you have a whole heap of dreams and ideas for the time ahead, and certainly the skills to achieve them. Put your energy towards reconnecting with that inner passion; remind yourself why you do what you do. If you feel like you aren’t on your right path, then be patient with yourself. Remember life is a schooling and that you must maintain focus on doing things for your highest and most loving intention. Hey presto, you are immediately back in the driving seat.

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The world is your oyster! I’ve turned one of my favorite cards in the deck for you sweet Cancer and it’s a perfectly positive inspiration for the last month of this year. The Three of Wands represents all of those ideas and passions you have bubbling up inside of you, and with this powerful preparation for a new year it feels like you certainly have your eyes on some big prizes. This month is all about thinking BIG, so big that I had to use capitals! There is a sense of adventure in your life, your eyes are wandering and travel is at the forefront of your mind. In a physical sense this card shows you as the explorer, with itchy feet making you want to go and see the world. It might be that you are wondering if you can take your talents to another place of residence, or even that you start collaborating and working with clients and friends further afield. The energy here has such a positive spin for expansion that if you are setting your eyes on an across the world jaunt then this is certainly a green light. You have the golden opportunity this month to see life through different eyes, and to really believe in your own possibility. This is not time to be spent feeling down on yourself or indulging in a pity party. You are bright and shiny and it’s time to take responsibility for it! Whilst it can be easy to fear what others are thinking of us, it is up to us to decide how we perceive those fears. I want you to approach life with a fierce confidence and not to waste your time on thoughts that are in any way restrictive. This energy is about just going for it and knowing that if you focus on your true passions you can never go wrong. Expansion will also come in the form of social events this month, as of course December is often a busy one. I’m encouraging you to choose to get together with those friends that truly uplift you, remembering that one person who brings you a sense of joy is better than a whole room full of energy vampires weighing you down. Team up and throw ideas around, as you sit and make plans for the year ahead. Armed with encouragement for each other you will find that friendships and relationships strengthen. On a final note, carry this vibe forward as your theme for 2014, I certainly am!

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This month sees you craving the comforts of home and the safety of your own throne. The Nine of Pentacles reflects the work you have done this year, encouraging you to be thankful for your gains and to allow yourself to enjoy some comforts in the material world. This is a very positive card for strengthening self-confidence and enjoying life. Your busy year may have found you in the office or at school much more than at home, and so now you’ll enjoy having a little more alone time. Your element really reflects that peaceful roaring Fire by the sofa this month, rather than a blazing push into the unknown. I love the idea that your end of year reflection comes from you learning to slow down and enjoy some quiet time. This is a very important time for your gratitude practice too; even if you have what you perceive to be only a little you still have much to be grateful for. Think about how you can serve others by being generous of spirit over the next few weeks; never underestimate how a kind word to a stranger could change the course of their day. Everything about your home is important right now and it’s essential that you create a safe space for yourself. You might want to experiment with some feng shui or redesign your room, anything that brings positivity to your environment. If you are currently moving house then this card reminds you to set your intentions on a place that will really reflect what you need from a home. Don’t get too caught up with exact dimensions and architecture, instead ask the Universe to guide you to the place that will be right for you. In December your social life is also much more likely to be around the home. Instead of flitting between bars, you will gain much more from gathering people together for a dinner party. Think about which friends of yours have never met, you might even end up being the matchmaker over the holiday season! Finally be encouraged in all that you are working on. The luxurious imagery of this card also contains a nod towards projects that you are currently involved in, suggesting that if you just keep working hard then you are likely to feel real joy from your hard work. There is much celebration to be had over the coming weeks, so use that as your guide. Choose not to weigh yourself down with fears and unnecessary anxieties, and put your focus on high vibe activities and people that strengthen your spirit!

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Hello lovely. I have so many Virgo friends I’ve been especially enjoying seeing your journey this year, quite the adventure and so much to be thankful for. Now December sees you raring to go, chomping at the bit we could say! The Knights are our action cards and it’s likely that you have a few new projects, possibly cultivated in the last few weeks, and you are so, so excited that you just want to get them out there as quickly as possible! The air element in this card shows your head buzzing with possibilities, hopes, fears, dreams and destinations. In fact, I’m quite tired just thinking about it. So your message is to slowwwwww it down. I know your natural way is to buzz about and fulfil your lists, but this December it’s time to give yourself a break, in fact I kind of want you to allow at least a couple of days to be – dare I say it – lazy. One of the reasons I suggest this is that you need to slow down to actually get these dreams off the ground. The speed at which you’re travelling won’t make for such productive actions. Your manifestation powers are pretty great I must admit, but first I want you to speak out loud about these new plans. It feels like they need to be shared for you to be able to pick them apart and get a much more Virgo-like action plan ready. I know your ambition is positive though and everything points to continued success, just make sure you don’t cut corners trying to get to the finish post too soon. Now December is of course a social month, and we also have to note the coming and going of people in the next few weeks. The energy of these encounters may be very heady, and on the plus side this will bring in lots of thought provoking conversations helping your brain feel positively expanded. On the lower vibe side, if you find yourself feeling nitpicked or encountering any aggressive, over-opinionated energy, then visualize a mirror between you and the other person to help keep your energy clear. And… breathe. Rest, rejuvenate, and just keep doing your do.

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Hurrah! Libra, finally I’ve turned over a card that isn’t all ‘work work work’ for you. In fact, this is the first card from the Cups suit that you’ve had all year. So let us usher in some EMOTION…welcome back feelings! Where have you been? What have you been up to? Let’s sit down with a nice cup of tea and celebrate the warm and incredible energy this means for you this month. The Queen of Cups sends you a powerful message of compassion, intuition and nurture for the end of the calendar year. It’s time to drop down from your head and think with your heart, get sentimental, get cozy and of course, a little bit magical. So for the following few weeks instead of a ‘practicality will get you everywhere’ attitude, your biggest gains will show up when you let your intuition be your guide. You are also now allowed to give thanks for all the hard work and settle down to enjoy a little of what you’ve achieved recently. Gut feelings are where it’s at, so the main thing is to try and fine-tune them so you know to trust what you feel. Remember that as an air sign it’s very easy to get whisked up into your head and let anxiety guide you. Working from a more intuitive place might feel a bit alien but this is a safe month to do so. You will also benefit from spending as much time as possible around those with a safe and warm positive energy. You might want to curl up under someone’s wing and this is okay too, the big theme this month is self nurture and I want you to get into the spirit of L.O.V.E. Planning social events? How about a new moon or full moon ritual? Get your favorite friends over and do some manifesting for the new year. Meanwhile, sharing your fears with others will allow them to be processed and escape. But be careful if you are already the person that everyone comes to with their problems. The only downside of this Queen’s energy is that she can forget her boundaries, so build yourself a glowing energy bubble and make sure the giving and receiving in your life is balanced. Instead of feeling that you have to fix everyone, make small acts of kindness rather giving so much that you feel weakened. A lovely way to round up the year is to give gratitude to yourself and what you have learned from the last months, so go inwards and give a silent thank you to the Universe for pushing you on with your journey. Then it’s time to get excited about the year to come!

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So last month we had The Fool for you Scorpio, who makes us very aware of beginnings, endings and the whole cycle of life. This energy can be extremely exhilarating but very tiring as change is always abundant with twists and turns. Uncertainty is uncertain and you now know that you just want to be present and participate in life, and most importantly enjoy it. I feel that December is very much a surrender and release month for you. The Strength card has a very strong healing energy and it’s really a very inspiring card to have in December as you part ways with another solar year. It’s here to remind you that you are strong, and that you are way braver and more powerful than you often give yourself credit for, and I know for sure that you can overcome any battles that come your way. You must be willing to though. I feel with any Scorpio who is feeling unable to overcome something, there is a tiny part of you inside that’s afraid to let it go. There has to be a leap of faith for healing to occur, where you choose to believe that you will be supported if you move yourself out of unhealthy habits. The Strength card sees you taming your inner beast and with that you are making peace with your ego mind, a job that you will benefit from. This is the perfect card to meditate with, envisioning your Water element washing away your fears. This is a very common card to pull for the healers amongst us and reflects the balance that we seek to achieve within our lives. If you are noticing the road to be a little rocky then check that you haven’t given too much of yourself away lately. Recalibrate by visualizing your solar plexus as a magnet that pulls in any scattered energy. Turn the love you put out into the world back on yourself and allow it to sink in. The Scorpio energy is so strong that it’s very easy to build up a wall high enough that no one can even see you need help. Don’t be fooled into thinking weakness is real – your vulnerability is actually a building block to strength and super powers. Let December bestow love upon you and be grateful for challenges you have faced this year, know they have been in place to lead you to a moment of surrender and that this time has come. This card really feels like it works hand in hand with The Fool from last month, where you realize that to make space for the incredible dreams and potential you have, you must absolutely release the fears that are sucking up your time and energy. Your goals are right there, waiting for you to grab them, so go get ‘em.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Rider Waite Deck