Monthly Numinous Tarotscopes, cast by Lindsay Mack using The Starchild Tarot.

King of Cups

Are you ready to rise up, Sagittarius? Are you ready for the power and the activation that December will bring into your life? This month is a gateway to you fully and totally stepping up as the leader you are—holding space for the disenfranchised, standing on the front lines, being of service. If you are already a leader of service, again I say: get ready. If there is any doubt in your mind that you can help or make a difference in this world, it will be gone by the end of the year.King of Cups is lighting a flame in you that cannot be extinguished. The revolution and evolution of our collective will have an enormous amount to do with you, Sagittarius—yes, you!

The teacher, the archer, the sage. You are not without your flaws, of course, but this has to do with something much larger than ego and personal mastery. This is about transcendence, about transparency, about sharing your words and experiences so that others may be buoyed by you, healed by you, inspired by you. King of Cups has honored you with his invitation, and this card’s energy promises to transform and deepen you immeasurably. King of Cups is a leader for the lost, for the scared, for the one who is searching for a light in the dark. He is the one who can get people through crisis. He can hold his own experience, stormy, scared and raging as it might be, and be completely available to another, or multiple others. He has enough space within himself to hold both himself and others.

This is an energy that the deepest, most impactful healers are born with: the ability to hold two things at once without stuffing anything down. This is the stuff a leader of our times must be made of, and it is what you are being anointed into this month. You’ve always been able to do this, now you will really receive evidence of it. Watch closely around you for the service that is being asked of you. It might be with your social media tribe, with your clients or patients, with your child, with your ex, your friends, your family, or on the front lines, protesting. Wherever you are called, be prepared to answer. You are rising up, Sag, ready for a whole new way, a whole new level of service. You are ready.

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Akashic Records

You will be in some deliciously epic energy in December, all thanks to the medicine of the Akashic Records. This card is an extra Major Arcana card in the Starchild Tarot deck, one that the creator of the deck channeled. It is a very special card, very powerful, and truly indicative of the hard work you’ve been doing this year, Capricorn—getting a card this powerful to round out your year is most certainly deserved and bodes all things beautiful for your 2017.

So here’s the deal with this card. For those of you who do not know, The Akashic Records are a kind of universal filing cabinet, holding within them every thing that has ever been done, said, expressed or created since the dawn of time. Every being has access to this infinite knowledge and wisdom by virtue of their birthright: the key is accessing it. One of the clearest ways is to simply ask. One can get certified, one can read a book, but regardless of any official titles or experience, it is enough simply to remember that we were born with access to anything that is in our highest and best to know. This is where you come in, Capricorn. You are leveling up, evolving, and coming into the next phase of your life on this planet. This is a HUGE transition. It might not feel that way, but this card is bridging you into 2017, and it is not going to allow you to stay small and locked in old patterning. When we say “yes” to our soul’s path, we not only expand our intuitive abilities, opening us up to receive more clarity, but we actually start to heal our inherited family legacies, rewriting karmic law for ourselves and for them.

What this means for you, Capricorn, is that you HAVEs the chance to alter your legacy in some way—for the better. This is inexpressibly important, especially if you are carrying some big fears, insecurities, or resistance to your personal gifts, magic and abilities. Most likely, your parents did, too, and their parents before them. You will not only be committing more deeply to your true soul path than ever before, you are also shedding major blocks so that you can be free to expand past what your family did. Dive deep, tune in, open your eyes, reconnect into why you are here, and the legacy you are here to leave for the planet.

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Ace of Swords, reversed

This will be a very humbling and empowering month for you, Aquarius. Ace of Swords, the sacred lightning rod of the deck, is showing up reversed for you this month. That’s not a bad thing, but it will be something to acknowledge and pay attention to as December unfolds. In some way, there is a disconnect between what you are ready to create, to birth in your life, and the energetic means to do so. It will be important for you to clarify where this disconnect is, and bridge the gap. It will be deeply useful for you to buckle down and do some not so sexy work around this: talk to a therapist, create a business plan, work with a money manager, support your brain chemistry with meditation, food or medication, work on self sabotage—whatever you need, you will be energetically supported in undertaking.

It is really important that you disengage with any story that arises from this. Just breathe and take the first step toward self-support. As soon as you do this, everything you desire to manifest (and that desires to be manifested through you) will be able to flow into your life effortlessly. Ace of Swords is a divinely charged energy, a kind of lightning rod for the creative, mental process. It is a mini Magician card in many ways, connecting us to Divine so we are able and available to receive brilliance, new ideas, and inspiration from above. We rarely have to do anything to synch up to this frequency when Ace of Swords is right side up—it just happens, and we are always at the right place at the right time. When the card is reversed, as it is for you this month, Aquarius, it’s a gentle heads up that the Universal connection is turned on, but your volume is turned off in some way.

So, you may be feeling that you’re disconnected, when in fact, you just need some support to help you to turn up the volume on your channel of receiving. For some of you, this is in relationship to your career—for others, it relates to your personal life, specifically around love. If you invite in the right wisdom, so much abundance and clarity will be able to flow into you. Take the month to recalibrate, make a few adjustments, and watch what happens when the volume is turned up!

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Knight of Crystals

Slow and gentle is the name of the game for you this month, Pisces. There is no rush, despite what your feelings and your brain might be telling you. Knight of Crystals, or Pentacles, is the slowest and gentlest of the Knights. He is the mover and the action taker most likely to pause and aim before an undertaking. When he takes off, however, he never misses. It looks like he has fallen behind, when in fact he has just taken longer to make sure his aim is true, getting everything organized and aligned before he hits the ground running.

This is the most important medicine for you in December, Pisces, to truly align yourself with the archer—aiming your arrow and taking your time before you release. This is related to career endeavors, decisions, moves, love—across the board, you are taking what might look like a breather to the ego, but is really a preparation, allowing you to be fully clear, available and aligned in your life choices. Trust and embrace this time. You still need a little more aim time before you fully plunge into your goals and plans for 2017. But don’t mistake for a moment that taking the time to get clear before moving and shaking is a waste—you are not going to be just hanging around this month. You are getting poised and ready for action. Avoid expend all your energy before it’s time to take the first step.

The Knights, again, are all action oriented, and as I mentioned above, you will still be moving and hustling in your life in a big way this month. Expect lots of awesome opportunities, perhaps even some surprise ones. Just focus your energy and attention on HOW you are moving, rather than the amount of stuff you can accomplish. You have great ambitions, Pisces—one of the less talked about qualities about your sign. This is a wonderful trait, and Knight of Crystals is helping you to get organized so that your visions can be supported. This month, ground your dreams and manifestations with lots of deep breaths, clear plans, and earthly support. Clear your space, cleanse your home, get your affairs in order; take care of business. The more you embrace the preparation, the clearer, sharper, faster and more swift your actions will be once you take flight. Slow and steady truly wins the race here.

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Starseed/The Fool

December is a time of rebirth for you, Aries. Pure and simple. The Fool, or Starseed, is here to invite you to leap into the unknown, kicking off a journey into the next great cycle of growth in your life. This is not necessarily a physical, earthly shift— although for some of you, it might be. If you’ve been manifesting a move, a break up, a commitment, or a pregnancy, this may very well be your month to receive that, if it is aligned for your individual path. But beyond the earthly realm, December is really about saying a HUGE yes to your soul. This is about evolution. It is a whole new level of commitment to your path, one that will transform your life if you bow over to it.

The main directive of The Fool’s energy this month, Aries, will be to help you to release fear around failure. You are moving through this specific mastery right now. You know instinctively that it is time to come out of the birth canal, out of the warm womb of “playing it safe” and into the dawn of the unknown; from hiding to being seen, from dark to light. This light is your birthright, Aries. This light is never something you can be rejected from, nor it from you. The light comes from you. And in this light, there can be no more hiding. There can be no more playing small; no more resistance, no more self sabotage. The world needs you, whether you feel ready or not. The Fool is here to help you leap before you believe you’re worthy or ready. As I often hear from Spirit with The Fool, Aries, you’re as ready as you’ll ever be in this moment. Failure is not possible for you.

You’ve been in a kind of grinding, quiet death cycle these last 6 months or so, with lots of old shadow, insecurity and contraction arising. Don’t think for a moment that it is because you’ve been going backwards. It has all been aligned, all of it so that you could move into this next phase of your life without the old stuff holding you back. The old stuff had to die so there could be room for the new. The new is here, and it is rebirthing you. Take a deep breath, bow to the fear, and jump into the heart of the light.

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The Hierophant

This is going to be an immensely powerful month for you, Taurus. The work of The Hierophant is multilayered, and this card will be working on your sign in both big and small ways, internally and externally. The Hierophant, at its deepest essence, is an invitation into belief inquiry. It asks us to consider what we we truly believe in. Are these beliefs are serving us? Is it time for us to upgrade them in some way to match a more aligned truth for ourselves? Do not forget, Taurus: beliefs are very, very charged. They feel so true! This is partially because they have an emotional undercurrent—far more more than thoughts or feelings.

Look at the fervor with which people regard religion, their politics, family and cultural traditions. Its tough to see reason within those places—or to be brave enough to admit that the beliefs we may be living through might not aligned for us. The Hierophant doesn’t come to scare us, or create fear in our lives—the deepest medicine that this card will offer you is for you to be your OWN teacher, your own guru, to look to your own school of thought, rather than outside of yourself. Have you ever questioned what was told to you by your teachers, mentors, parents, culture, religion, or school? Do you agree with them? If not, don’t toss the baby out with the bathwater. Just come back home to your own truth; rewrite the laws of your life so they serve your soul. The more you do this, the more your life will change—more spectacularly than you could ever imagine.

The more you allow outdated and false beliefs in your life to die away, the more space can be made to birth a life based on your own inner wisdom. In some area of your life, Taurus, it is time for you to step up as the master and leader that you are, if even just for yourself. Do not give your power away. The impact you have on other people around you is greater than you imagine, and our beliefs can mightily sway our interactions. Let the whole month be a deep inquiry of beliefs; if anything or anyone does not fully match the frequency of your soul, be willing to upgrade. You are your own teacher, Taurus. Claim it, own it, know it. Believe it.

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Knight of Swords

You are flying in the energy of Knight of Swords this month, Gemini! Expect a whirling, fast-paced month in which a phenomenal amount of accomplishment, manifestation and goal-setting will be possible for you, simply by the sheer force of your effort and will. December is a month of results, getting shit done in a way that will most likely baffle your friends and family, wondering how you are still standing. You will not only be standing, Gemini, but thriving in this energy—it is the frequency which you were born to flourish in. The key will be to use Knight of Swords to help propel you into all that you desire to achieve, do, and accomplish this month. In this card, nothing is impossible.

Knight of Swords, often shown as a man charging at full speed on a horse, is a double air card. He is all head, no body. This isn’t a bad thing in this context—there are times in life when it is appropriate for us to just DO, to move without too much pausing and reflecting. You have had lots of invitations over the last few months to do exactly the opposite. You’ve been asked to drop into the body, be kinder to yourself, take more breaks, and reflect more often. This has been crucial for you to undertake; many of you have needed to make dramatic shifts in your life in terms of upping your self care. Knight of Swords is the antithesis of this invitation, but in a wonderful way. The presence of this card truly means that you have done the work, taken those breaths, made those adjustments, and are now nourished and energetically available to manifest all that you want in your life.

Your eye is on the prize, and you have enough flowing into your personal well to fuel your journey to seize it. This card will ask you to work for what you want this month, to move and hustle in a way that will, again, most likely yield those who love you to implore you to take a break. Take the breaks when you need it, Gemini, but know that this month might not give you much of a chance to—and that this is totally aligned. Make a plan, set a course, and fling yourself into what you want to create and accomplish in your life. You will be amazed at the results.

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Eight of Pentacles

Do you know the phrase, “chop wood, carry water,” Cancer? This is your mantra for the month of December. If you can come back to the energy of that phrase over and over again, it will transform your life in ways that appear subtle at first. If you continue to follow the trail of the mantra, the subtle changes become huge, beautiful and overt; these little words have the power to change us, just as 8 of Pentacles has the power to change both us, and our lives. This is a very specific month for you, Cancer: you are going into a kind of transformation, moving from an apprenticeship to a mastery. The only way to cross this bridge is through conscious repetition, doing the same thing over and over again until we can execute it flawlessly.

This is the step in life that is most important for our expansion—it is also the step that many people often skip, or want to rush past, claiming to be masters when they haven’t done their work. Know that this process isn’t sexy. It’s not really Instagram ready. It isn’t something one can even easily express or explain verbally—it is a kind of evolution of the soul, of the spirit, but in a way that looks like nothing is happening. We are chopping wood and carrying water. Looks like nothing, yields something alchemically transformational. In some way, whether tangibly or energetically, you will be moving through a big shift this month, Cancer. It isn’t going to look like much at first—especially not while you’re going through it, but trust that that is EXACTLY how you want it! That is truly where all the good work gets done: quietly. It is done through the voluntary surrender into mastery, even through resistance.

Eight of Pentacles is a transformation card. In any Eight in the Tarot, we go into the energy of the card one way, and we come out another way. The fire that sparks the alchemical transformation in any Eight is empowered choice. You must choose to be a master this month, Cancer. That decision involves a return to presence, to the minutia of the moment. So whether you are training to become a yoga teacher, working through something with your child, or changing your thought patterns, you have the power to deeply shift your life this month. Keep it simple, trust the process. Chop wood, carry water, transform your life.

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Page of Swords, reversed

Your invitation for the month of December is still very much aligned with last month, Leo. You have to get back to square one, to ground and center yourself. Many of you have been locked in a cycle of dead ends and surprise disappointments as of late. This isn’t because you’ve hit bad luck, or even that you’re off the mark in your life. Your ideas, concepts, and dreams are amazing and on point, but you still have not worked through the steps to bring them to life. That is the first helping hand that Page of Swords reversed is extending to you. To get clear on steps A B & C, rather than trying to jump immediately to X, Y & Z. If you don’t know what to do differently, consult with someone. A trusted friend, a business coach, a money manager, whatever feels the best for you at this time. Let the right counsel in, and you’ll be back in the zone in no time.

The second invitation of Page of Swords reversed is also helping you to heal and strengthen your confidence in yourself. The biggest and most tender wound that you are really mastering right now, Leo, is the disconnect between how amazing you know you are, and the feedback from the outside world in certain respects. Sometimes the feedback you receive is totally in alignment with what you know you are capable and deserving of. And then there are times when the results you were expecting are so disappointing, and you don’t know where you went wrong. Despair, comparison and doubt all begin to appear. It can truly seem like you are being left out, that you are not as spectacular as you believe yourselF to be.

You have been swirling around in this back and forth for several months now—December is when it finally shifts. Page of Swords reversed is here to help you KNOW your worth, that you cannot miss anything that is meant for you. If what you desire is not manifesting in your life, take heart: it is coming. It is coming at the perfect time, and you get to continue to refine yourself, and work through your insecurities as you wait. It is an energetic win win. Take this month to go back to square one—bring some trusted and helpful friends along with you for support and clarity.

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Ten of Swords

Rejoice, Virgo! Ten of Swords is truly here to transform your life. Ten of Swords is the most amazing card, full of so much promise and opportunity. It is not the horrific energy that most people believe it to be. It isn’t a nightmare, it isn’t necessarily painful, it doesn’t bode death, or breakdowns or even mental anguish—quite the contrary, actually. What it offers us is the opportunity for a profound shift of the mind, of the heart, of the body, of our lives. It is a mindfulness bell, chiming to let us know that our thoughts are causing us pain in some way, and that we need to become clear on this so we can change it.

It is important to deeply reflect on our mental cycles, how they are either serving us or keeping us locked in contraction. How are we relating to an aspect of our lives that we desperately want, but it’s not coming? How do we relate to the future? To our anxieties? To jealousy, comparison, or grief? To getting old, to our children, or our partners? Ten of Swords can crop up around any of these areas, flagging them for review and renewal. You get to profoundly alter the relationship to your thinking this month, Virgo, and only goodness will be born in it’s place.

Stay present, curious and light around this idea this month. Ten of Swords is, after all, a card of the mind, and we do tend to identify with our thinking. But thoughts do not equal truth; it will be important to remember that this month. There is nothing to fear. Ten of Swords is bringing some incredible gifts, but if we stay locked in fear or resistance, we will not be able to receive them and allow the full transformation to take place. Think of Ten of Swords as the wake up call. That’s the freedom it is offering you this month. From here on out, you are free to create a new life for yourself, one that must include a more gentle relationship to your thinking. It is the death of an old way of thinking, so that a new one may be cultivated. The old way is not serving you, now there must be an upgrade of the mind. The gift of this upgrade cannot be overemphasized.

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Oppression/The Devil

You’re going to be working through some very powerful energies this month, Libra, especially around—what else!—your thoughts. That is, after all, what you are here to master in this incarnation with your Sun or Rising Sign: to be in perfect balance even during times of imbalance, letting nothing shake your walk of peace. Bearing that in mind, you get to do some beautiful work in this mastery this month. This card has come at a crucially important time, Libra—it has shown up for you as December’s energy because you are actually doing everything RIGHT. When we are expanding, upgrading, and getting ready to be hurtled into an amazing new time in our lives, we can also get tossed into The Devil card.

Why? Because the brain is programmed to keep us in energies that are comfortable and familiar—it’s main directive is to keep us alive. Soul evolution and growth are NOT comfortable and familiar for the nervous system. The brain will actually work to trip us up and keep us in known, low-frequency territory by reminding us of that ex that treated us like shit, by encouraging us to get drunk every time we sit down to write, by keeping us locked in obsession with social media, or with self-doubt, self-loathing or self-sabotage. If this is happening to you, it is actually a wonderful sign! If the brain is working so hard on getting you distracted and unsure of yourself, it is a clear sign that you’re headed in the right direction. The primal part of us will fight expansion—yet the soul craves it desperately. It is in that sweet spot that we flower open like wild roses.

The Devil is not a card to fear. It would never show up for you if you weren’t ready for it. The Devil, or Oppression, is simply a mirror, offering you the opportunity to cut the chain of an addictive pattern of thinking, declining the brain’s invitation into staying safe and small. No more judgement, no more story, no more getting swept up into cycles that keep us locked in the very thing we are swimming out of. Once we stop the judgement, we are free to actually heal the addictive cycle, to give ourselves what we truly need. You are doing everything right, Libra. Keep going, and don’t let the brain screw around with your expansion. It can tantrum all it likes—you keep soaring higher.

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Four of Wands

December is inviting you to let go and shake your tail feather a bit this month, Scorpio—finally. It has been all work and no play for quite some time, whether it has looked like it or not. You are truly ending something huge this month, perfectly aligned with the closing of the year and this cycle in your life. Trust all that you have learned, created, released and moved into—now, celebrate. Honor the births, the labor, the effort, and soak deeply in the glow and results of your hard work. You deserve it immensely.

Four of Wands is a beautiful card, one that invites us to honor some kind of rite of passage in our lives. This invocation can be both amazing and challenging, the challenge being that our culture has a very finite collection of these transitions that we actively celebrate: marriages, births, etc. There is so much that goes unprocessed and unhonored in our collective culture: a girl’s first period, moon ceremonies, death ceremonies, divorces, the changing of the seasons, etc. Four of Wands is the heartbeat of the ancestral way, calling us back to this ceremonial acknowledgement of a transition in our lives, whether pleasant or heart wrenching. If we bow over to this card and her invitation to us, we come together, stop our work, rest in the moment and process all that has gone and all that is to come. We make ourselves ready to move into a new phase. Our ancestors lived this way, in tune with the larger waves that flowed through our lives, and through the seasons.

What does this have to do with you, Scorpio? Everything. It will be enormously important for you to honor the transition that this year has been for you. It has been one HELL of a 2016 for you—breakdowns, breakthroughs, huge labors of love, massive commitments, shifts and wakeups all around. Don’t just keep plowing through your life, half-acknowledging all that you’ve released and all you’ve birthed. Stop. Take a breath. Pause and sit with yourselves. Honor it all. Let the entire month of December be a ceremony of gratitude, of sharing, of grieving, of celebrating. This is a rejoicing! You did it, Scorpio. You made it through this year, whole and evolved. Remember to pause through December and remember all that you’ve expanded through, and all of the goodness that is to come.

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Tarotscopes December 2015 cast by Louise Androlia using The Cosmic Tarot.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising :: Princess of Wands

I think it’s only right that we should feel a little more super powered around our birthday, and for you there’s no exception. After all, this is your official new year, your solar-powered leap into a new and inviting space. So it may not be strange for you to feel more active than usual over the coming weeks, and I don’t just mean physically. That mind of yours has a lot to think about, which could be adventure enough.

The word adventure does feel fitting though, as it seems as you have your eyes on a prize, something ahead that you’ve been planning for or maybe are waiting for. For some of you this may involve a little future tripping that sees you just trying to wish yourself somewhere else, while for others this could manifest as a physical and very irritating wait. Either way, your power lies in your ability to trust the process and take action only in the present moment. Having goals and making plans is brilliant, but only if it comes without self-imposed restrictions.

So, at the start of this new solar year I want to ask you, what is it that you’re striving for? And how can you make your journey towards it more empowered and less anxiety ridden? Although we often decide not to believe this, we get to choose exactly how high our stress levels are. After all, you have the ability to decided how you react and respond to your every day encounters and thought processes. As you move through the month I want you to bear in mind that any situation that’s fuelled by drama really isn’t worth putting your mind, body and spirit on high alert for. Save your stress reserve for when you really need it, and instead work out how you can better channel your Fire element.

You are ruled by Fire after all, and it’s one of the best elements to learn to master. On a lower level setting it could see you getting angry, frustrated, judgmental and self sabotaging; but at a higher vibration, the same situation could find you creating, dreaming, imagining and in your ultimate manifesting space. Monitoring your mood over the coming weeks if you feel yourself spiraling downwards, consider how you could channel that Fire in a way that will work much more constructively for you. Just imagine what you might encounter in this higher energy.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising :: Judgement

And what comes after retreat? Rebirth. This is a big month for you, with your own solar year set to take off in line with the new year itself, I feel you’re going to be big on making PLANS and for once, instead of telling you to slow down I’m going to encourage you to stand up, pay attention and get involved. With your attention fully on your own life, it deserves to be grabbed fully, embraced and absorbed. You have the energy of transformation on your side so it’s certainly the right time to be preparing to make any big changes you’ve been inching towards.

So, what does this mean for you? Change is an interesting energy, whether the changes are subtle or life altering, great or not so, the feelings that come along with any sort of change are always the same – overwhelm, anxiety and feeling ungrounded. The power at your fingertips is to be able to empower the shifts you are going through as they arrive, as you create them. The Tarot teaches us that transformation is a natural part of life, and a constantly occurring process. The cycles of life spin frequently and we always, always have the opportunity to get actively involved.

So this month’s card is very much a WAKE UP CALL. What are you hiding from? What fears are you afraid to address? What do you want to quit? What do you want to call in? Your journey is sooooo on your side right now, and you are truly encouraged to scrape the sleep from the corners of your eyes and get up and get on it! It’s exciting to commit to a new day; it’s thrilling to commit to a new part of your life. We all know that the unknown can be a terrifying concept but, oh, isn’t it just beautiful too?

The sun is in the distance, rainbows surround you, your pains are waning, and your opportunities are arising. An important part of emerging from the shadows will be a sense of standing your ground, learning to really say NO to what doesn’t feel good, and getting rid of any people pleasing tendencies once and for all. Your priority is on valuing your time and being precious about spending it in ways that lift you into your higher powers. The next stage of your life is knocking at the door, go and introduce yourself

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising :: Prince of Swords

Reclaiming your power is the grand theme for this month, and some idea of what your power is in the first place will go hand-in-hand with this. Empowerment arises out of self-knowledge and self-awareness, hence the reason a strong self-care practice really is the key to everything. I mention “re-claiming” because there is a sense of rising up and connecting to your internal confidence in a new and more embodied way.

Our personal power is always shifting, due to our experiences and the emotions they give rise to. It’s likely that in the recent months you have experienced events or even just a shift in mindset that have caused you to rethink your place in the world and your place within yourself. The first step to embodying this new sense of self is to check back in and see where you’re at in your story, and how authentic you’re feeling. Okay so we get told to be authentic alllllll the time, but what does that really mean? To behave truly authentically we have to meet ourselves where we ARE. If you’re ignoring or rejecting any part of yourself or your story then it’s very difficult to really stand in your highest self, and your present moment shoes.

Part of being an empowered individual is saying, right this is what’s happened, this is how I felt, this is how I feel right now and it’s all okay. You are here, you are alive, and you are powerful, no matter how weird you feel inside! It’s about standing up and recognizing: “this is me, this is where I am today, I am not broken, I am an evolving human being.” Notice the sense of relief that washes over you when you just allow yourself to be where you’re at?

I want you to be considering all this because I feel you may need it during your interactions with others. There are lots of new ideas in the air, and it can be scary to share them with the world, and throw your opinions into the mix but know that when you speak from a place of compassion and self-knowledge, they are usually well received. Your fears are normal, but it really IS time to get yourself “out there.” Gift yourself a renewed sense of confidence by simply reminding yourself ‘I’m here’ – and you will always be exactly where you are supposed to be.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising :: The Hierophant

If you’re feeling stuck, ask for help. If you’re feeling sad, ask for help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. If you’re feeling heartbroken, ask for help. If you’re feeling unwell, ask for help. This month, guidance is abundant; it’s within every encounter, it’s in the body of your books, it’s in that internet black hole, it’s on the walk you take in the park, and it’s available via every wish and prayer you make. Although it’s normal to feel the opposite, the sense that you’re all alone is not true.

Whatever you’re feeling has been felt before, there are people all around you who feel alone too – especially the ones that you think couldn’t possibly! There is always a ‘me too’ whether you’re hearing it right now or not. This is a teaching month, one where you can receive help but also one where you can give aid, because you see, you have wisdom to share too. If you have a story, and we all do, then at some point it will help you to share it. There is, however, no need to feel you have to share it right NOW. You have to do your own healing first, and then you can be of service. Then you can be that ‘me too’ for the person who needs it.

So, what do you need to receive right now? Where are you feeling disconnected – what kind help would be appreciated? The Universe is throwing winks at you big time, so attempt to get yourself into a space where you can receive them. Synchronicities and numinous moments are for everyone, there’s no complicated magic trick to perform, but you do need to be able to see them. You can keep your eyes wide open by practicing a constant state of surrender, which instantly throws you into an expansive space.

Start each day by shouting, or whispering I SURRENDER into the open space around you. Make your intention that you want to see the full 360 degrees of life, the unturned stones and the dark corners. If you aren’t receiving it’s only because you aren’t seeing, and this is a fun exercise to wake yourself up to this simple truth, because we all fall asleep sometimes. Finally, write, write and write some more. You gain great inner voice direction when you put pen to paper and just let it all out.

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Aries :: Aries Rising – The Lovers

The past few months have required you to scatter your time and your attention in all directions, but now it’s time for a little more one-on-one. This is a month of reassessing what the idea of true connection means to you within your most personal interactions, and that includes the relationship with yourself. What if a full-blown gigantic love affair was the only option in every area of your life? Imagine if you had to have a big crush on every single thing you do, every place you go, and every person you choose to spend your time with.

With this visual in your mind, what needs to be cleared out? What things in your life don’t seem to have stuck in a good way? What seems frivolous? I want you to be aiming high for your mind, body and spirit and accepting no impostors – including how you handle your own sense of authenticity. For those of you who are in a partnership, don’t feel guilty about closing the door and committing to your relationship with each other. Retreat with each other, because it feels like there’s a deeper level of connection just around the corner – you just have to allow the space for it to occur.

Those of you who are single, think about what you might be wasting your energy on. You don’t have to be seeking a relationship to appreciate the people in your sphere. Who do you find most fascinating? Which individuals can teach you new things and hold your attention? You are a person of high energy and ideas and if your mind isn’t led to discover new things then you will get bored. In all senses though Aries, this is a month for intimacy and depth, rather than throwing yourself into group after group activity. Cherish late night phone calls, and cozy dinner dates.

Meanwhile, the same applies on the work front. Buckle down and focus your attention on the project that makes you swoon, the one that keeps you up at night. While on one hand it may freak you out to explore one thing so deeply, you have got this. There may be a big decision coming your way, and if you commit to following the signs that feel good, then even on the smallest level you’re all set to learn something that contributes massively to your overall transformation. So dive in, don’t play small.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising – Queen of Wands

Is this month going to rise up and match the intensity that you’re infusing it with? Unlikely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise up and march on if that is what’s calling you. As the year winds down, instead of feeling like all you want is to camp out on your sofa for days on end, you may find yourself at your most creatively active and abundant. The only annoyance might come trying and get others to meet you in that space, so don’t panic if you’re trying to push to get something off the ground and you’re met with out-of-office after out-of-office response; you can still be as alive as you like!

You see, I feel that a renewed sense of confidence is about to hit you head on, and after a year of ups and downs, as well as some bouts of major uncertainty, you are frankly thrilled to be feeling back in your power. I urge you to reflect on the story you are living; the patches that seem less active are only ever in place to teach you something, even if it was simply to rest before being radically awoken. Everything is in place to gift you something, whether you work it out now or you see it in ten years’ time – the Universe is ever abundant with her messages.

So, with your energy activated, feel free to use it how you please – with only one rule: it has to be for your highest good and from your highest energy. You can be prone to self-sabotage or restricted thinking on the occasions where you aren’t getting what you want and it’s essential to avoid this now, after all, your life purpose is not to hold yourself down, right? So get into adventure mode and into your most creative mindset – make things, brainstorm, invent, and enthuse.

This doesn’t have to be based in one area either; you can be passionate about everything that’s in your life’s container, love harder, be bolder, and think deeper. I love that you have this opportunity to end the calendar year with your fire energy high and abundant, it’s certainly the time where you don’t need to worry about being grounded, be your weirdest, shout your loudest. Have fun, celebrate everything, and don’t withhold your love from anyone. Be wild.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising – Five of Swords

Time to step into a major time of recalibration, especially if you really did end up in massive Gemini communication mode over the last weeks. You may feel overwhelmed and exhausted, downtrodden and energy sapped – and it’s okay! These moments are always a call for us to get back into our body and shift the focus to self-care. When we feel scattered, it’s usually because we’ve been pouring out more energy than we’ve been accepting in. The balance is off and – ta da – we feel sapped and irritated.

This can happen because of the people we spend our time with, the work we do, and the environments and situations we enter or observe – and especially if we don’t have the energetic tools to manage. So, I want you to begin a daily energy protection practice. Yes daily, non negotiable! Every morning, leave your home with a visual of yourself surrounded by an unbreakable bubble. Every evening, take long deep breaths whilst visualizing yourself underneath a powerful waterfall. With every outbreath, imagine dust and dirt draining out of your feet and into the earth.

Meanwhile, when you feel scattered rub the palms of your hands together and say to yourself: “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.” Visualize roots growing out of your feet and securing in the ground beneath you. Modern life is designed to throw you out of your body, and that it’s your responsibility to get back in. I also want you to consider anywhere that you are feeling restricted or penned in right now, and how much energy you are contributing to this situation. Where are you retreating when you could be rising up?

You are the only one responsible for your feelings, even when it seems to be the opposite, so show yourself some compassionate and give yourself the nurture you need. The end of the year is the perfect time to practice taking pressure off yourself, and off other people. Give yourself a break, you deserve it, you always deserve it. These times of retreat are always aligned to shift us back into an empowered space, and so the more connected you are to your mind, body and spirit, the more prepared you are the embrace your future adventures at their fullest.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising – Queen of Pentacles

I feel like the energy you’ve been just dying to receive is finally coming in – you know, something a little more solid and grounded, a little slower and less frantic. This month feels like a nice, long, deep breath, and with this a huge release of mind-based tension. This is the Earth element, and I also feel a theme of deep and nurturing mothering energy present for you. It’s not to say that you need looking after but you have needed support, and whilst you’ve been managing to pool it together from around and about, this time it’s coming from within. It’s like your legs are the roots of the tree now, and you feel way more confident in saying “I can do this” and “I’ve got this.”

In order to really ride the bliss of this idea of course, you also have to accept it by stepping away from any of your current self-sabotaging brainwaves. It’s very easy to down play yourself and it’s even easier to compare yourself to others. But why? What’s the point? You have to accept your unique brilliance to be able to live within its power, and now is a rather nice time to do so.

So, yes, you have talents and you can create stability. Whether you feel it right now or not, there is potential for that sense of feeling rooted within the world. Remember that empowerment and connection don’t come from external sources or from ticking goals off your life to-do list. You can be rich and successful and still feel disembodied and alone. You know it, so remember it.

As the year draws to a close I feel as though you are also going to be more needed, in every capacity of the word, and after feeling like the needy one for quite a while it will be thrilling to really be a guide to others for a while. Ask those who you think might need you if they require help and donate your time to causes and people that you believe in. This theme covers all your skills and abilities, and even though you might be hiding some of yourself in the shadows it feels like someone around you is going to be not so gently nudging you in the ribs saying, “it’s time, do that thing, it’s okay, you can do it.” Accept the proposal and be the ruler of your world.

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Leo :: Leo Rising – Four of Swords

There’s not such a huge shift in energy for you as the year draws to a close, I still feel a huge sense of stillness. With a double dose of this message however, it’s likely that next year is going to be quite active, so I encourage you to really marinate in this down time and keep practicing what it feels like to just be.
The other thing that’s really important when life has served up a pit stop is really check in with where you’re at.

Seek out any area of life that looks like it needs your attention, and then give it. For many of you I feel it will be close to home, especially in the self-care realm. This is also very important if you feel you’ve recently been recently tripped up. If something halts you in your tracks, it’s not for no reason; we are very often called to question the ground we’re walking on. This is a gift from the Universe in itself, as when we’re zooming along at 100mph we often forget to check in with where we’re even going, veering away from or true needs and our intuition.

So, grab a cup of tea and get out your life map – where are you headed and where are you on your journey? Scan all areas of your life, including your inner soul system, and check if the signposts are pointing in the right way. Are there any places where you’re trying to scrabble backwards? Any spots where the weather feels a little misty? Have you got enough fuel, water, and supplies? What needs your attention and how are you going to give it?

This energy also supports planning of course, especially in line with the new calendar year approaching, and I want you to try and keep yourself in a passionate heart space rather than a “what if” head space. It’s normal to get anxieties around the unknown, but nothing is more powerful than the dreams you want to realize. Allow your will to be stronger than your won’t and plan for success and adventure rather than fear and failure. All experiences are lining up waiting for you, and your job is to partake and receive, opposed to predict and dismiss. Timing is stretchy and if something doesn’t appear to be manifesting right now, then “now” isn’t on it’s to do list. Surrender forever.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising – Three of Cups

I always love being able to tell you to let loose and shake it out, and this month is no exception. In fact, over the coming weeks you are the sign most able to live in their surrendered energy. You’ve paid your dues for this year, you’ve worked hard, maybe even too hard, but most of all, you’ve survived. You did it! You are here, you made it, and if you look back I feel you’ll see quite the story unfolding. Isn’t it exciting?

Even if it’s also a little terrifying. But now is the time to allow yourself to celebrate, “allow” being the operative word because it’s not always easy to step 100 per cent into relaxation mode, is it? There’s always a little bit of guilt or a “but I should”, but seriously – that’s bullshit. You need down time and here is it, so go and embrace it. Trying to please anyone else will give you a zero on the fulfillment scale. So what do you really need? And how can you gift that to yourself?

I feel like your emotions are overflowing and so you must allow yourself to step fully into “feeling feelings” mode, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Especially if it makes you uncomfortable. To some of you, the idea of vulnerability really makes you cringe, the idea of someone really seeing you, ugh shudder. But it’s not that terrible really, is it? To receive love and to act from love does not make you weak, it makes you super powered and…a human being!

Celebration is your theme for the month, which may show up obviously or may be more subtle. You may have to invite it in or be the lighthouse itself, but whatever you do, don’t hide from any chance to be uplifted, even if your nerves take a hit. I love this energy because it’s silly and creative, just like natural child energy, reflecting that time in our lives when we hadn’t learned so much about fear and we played abundantly. What would it feel like to wake up and commit to a day (or a week, or a month) of NO rules – except what feels good? No self-pressure, no people pleasing. Game on.

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Libra :: Libra Rising – Nine of Cups

Do you have a pair of rose tinted spectacles? If so, I want you to put them on. This month is littered with synchronicities, unexpected opportunities and hidden lessons. What are you currently wishing for and how are you approaching the process? Begging for things from the Universe never seems to work does it? Or making threats – you know, those moments where you feel in crisis and you bring out the bargaining bag.

To manifest successfully we have to believe that we will receive everything we NEED, even if it’s not everything we WANT. A tough pill to swallow, but it does come with a bonus, because often what we get is much more suited to us than expected. Our opportunities to be humbled by our journey come thick, fast and never-ending, which is why showing up and joining the ride is always the most exciting option. So, back to your manifesting. Over the next few weeks I encourage you to pull back from throwing yourself into the future, to retreat from the goals you’ve set, and to allow yourself to see what’s right in front of your nose.

I guarantee that even in your deepest challenge, there’s something within the situation to love and be grateful for. The smallest things can always affect you in the deepest way, and often they are also the most familiar. What do you see or experience every day that has a positive impact on you? It may be a person or a feeling, something that shifts you up a level. It’s there, but can you see it? You are also given a free pass to start the holidays early, to slide into relaxation mode sooner than you’d normally allow yourself. Tone down the doing everything for everyone vibe you’ve been throwing down recently – it is not your job to fix them all.

But it is possible to be there without wearing yourself out. Step back and see how the world still spins but you feel more grounded. With the holidays approaching, I also want you to be generous with your love. Don’t hold back from appreciating those who are important to you, this is an instant energy lifter for you and it’s important, especially because there are people around you eager to return the favor. You deserve your cup to be full.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising – Four of Cups

You are not unaware of feelings of apathy, or, as I like to say, coming down with a case of ennui, but you’re more than equipped now to know what to do within these moments. This month, you may find yourself erring on the foot-stomping child version of yourself more than once, mainly in that kind of “I want this thing RIGHT NOW” type of vibe. Yeah, sure you want it right now, but can you accept it at a later date, or in a different format?

You know more than anyone that the whole point of transformation is not knowing what things will look like around the corner, and that you aren’t supposed to. The future is none of your business and you’re just going to have to deal with it, a.k.a get up and outta that bad mood! Okay lecture over, but really, if you’ve placed a pile of restrictions on yourself then reality will never match up to your dreams, because fear and ego don’t reserve any space feeling good – they just keep on telling you that you need more. And the thing is, you have everything you need. In fact, you have more than you need. It’s a classic case of WAKE UP and look around you – oh yeah look at that wonderful thing!

Look at all the talents you have literally bursting out of you. You have to be your own cheerleader now, especially since you’re enough of a spirit leader for everyone else already. It’s time for that energy to be reflected back to you, so lift yourself up and meet yourself in your true energy space, which is luminous, magical, and oh so bright. See it?

Okay, so now we have that covered, it’s just a case of patience and embracing all that the present is bringing you. Your journey isn’t stalled, it’s just taking some downtime. All your plans and the things you’ve been manifesting are unfolding at their own perfect pace, nothing has been averted (unless it really wasn’t for your highest good – trust that) and there are so many sunrises ahead. You clearly need to be where you are right now to receive the bounty of the present moment, so try and not think yourself elsewhere. Unfold your arms and repeat to yourself “I’m ready” – invite in transformation and movement and you’ll see it arise in the most perfect sequence of events. Prepare to be wowed.

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Happy Birthday Sagittarius! For a Fire sign this sure has been an emotional year, almost as though you’ve had your feelings thrown in your face over the last few months, which has sometimes brought great relief and sometimes felt more like having an uninvited houseguest. If you are very typical of your element, it isn’t always easy to simmer down when you really just want to expel hoards of trapped energy, to stand still when you feel an urge to run away. Alongside this, an abundance of emotion sometimes feels a bit odd. You aren’t always one for tears, and recently you’ve had moments of feeling like a real crybaby. Now, at the beginning of your solar year, the King of Cups brings in a balancing energy that will enable you to feel much more at home beneath those waterfalls. The Fire and Water elements of your chart can now sit side-by-side, no longer aliens but with a modest respect for each other’s power. I’d like you to think of this card as your mentor this month. The King has learned how to equilibrate between the elements, meaning emotions no longer make him feel weak and thoughts do not feel out of control. So how can you too move towards this type of balance? Kindness and respect is the bridge here, for yourself and for those around you. If you truly feel connected to your own compassion compass then it is much harder to feel out of control with your emotions. Remind yourself of your own boundaries. Treat all situations, whether at work or home, with patience. Give yourself an extra few minutes with your thoughts, digging in to a calm and centered place, a safe place. When we act from fear, or emotions such as anger or jealousy, we will never feel okay with the results, and a few extra moments to process your emotional impulses mean a higher chance of moving forward with positivity. And don’t neglect your superb intuition – not always the first place you reach for guidance, but the right place to go. December is always very social and this card may also find you being the mentor and mediator for friends and family this month. In this case, you can apply what you’ve been learning about your own self to pass the love on to others. There is a real sense of fairness to this card and I feel it nudging you to sit and be grateful for your journey, with all its twists and turns. You’ve done pretty darn well and the sweet satisfaction of self development is here too. Combine your strength with honest compassion and feel the waters calming.

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Inspiration is abundant this December Capricorn, and you aren’t quite ready to curl up by the fire yet as your mind is buzzing with plans and ideas for adventure. It might be that your mind is already in 2014 as we arrive in the last month of the year. We are slowly shifting you out of a workaholic mindset and The Page of Wands widens your eyes and encourages you to set your spirits far and high. This card can be associated with new starts, and I would love you to take on a ‘leap of faith’ mentality. I know that’s not your usual style, but you will benefit by giving new horizons a chance this December. The Wands bring in a fearsome passion so you may be focused on one particular desire, be it a new career path, a building project or a certain someone. Your sights are definitely set, and the Universe will be supporting that vision. Now with this type of energy, it’s very easy to feel restless or completely impatient. With so many ideas raring to go, you want to act NOW. The best way to work with this is to celebrate and be grateful for these ideas, to communicate and collaborate. The Page can appear as a new friend or mentor, someone who shares your ideas and can keep you on your toes. There is a lovely youthfulness to your December, and it’s important that you shift out of your goat like routines and socialize. This childlike energy is perfect for this and totally supported by this card. If you read this and feel a bit lacking in this passion, then it’s time for you to reconnect to the simple joys of life. Take yourself on a few ‘me’ dates, remembering to check your attitude whilst out and about. If the spirit of Scrooge has possessed you, then crack yourself back into a lighter frame of mind. Be silly, where are your laughs? Time to go dig them out! You can see this card as a set of goals waiting to be made, who says you need to wait until January the 1st to make some changes? Start right now. The world is your playground, go and catch a break.

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After a month with a few notes of apathy, December sends you on a journey to rebuild some of your own personal structures, morals and boundaries. You may have been feeling an imbalance in giving and receiving recently, and to regain an equilibrium you will benefit from seeking trusted advice, both from others and your inner guide. The Hierophant appears as a mentor bringing in a new type of outlook and guidance. It’s up to you how you choose to discover an altered perception, but be sure to keep your eyes wide open for the help around you. As you look back over this past year and think about what you’ve learned, you will note a few patterns and thought processes that you know just have to change. In fact, they’re probably quite fresh in your mind having asserted themselves in the last few weeks. Now is the time to get ready to shift out what you no longer find beneficial or healthy in your mind, body and spirit. Whilst you may look for guidance with a Life Coach or healer, you can also really gain from and enjoy community and group discussion now. Some of the meanings of this card revolve around religion and spiritual groups, reminding us of the gain we can receive from gathering like minds together for support and inspiration. Giving and receiving guidance is key for you right now and remember that sharing love will up your personal energy bank to call in higher vibes for you. As a sign that can often get lost in your thoughts volunteering your time to somewhere that you feel drawn to could get you out of your head and into your heart this December. Be mindful of balance within your life and remember that we should always be learning, teaching and healing. Whilst sharing your knowledge, make time to actually hear people out so that you keep learning too. Occasionally you are so eager to share your stories that you can forget the joy of sharing a two-sided conversation. Slow down. More feeling and less thinking can return you to the present moment. I see this card as a turning point for you Aquarius, there is a definite shift going on and I feel it will come with a choice – do you want to evolve away from your past? Are you ready to let go of old fears when they rear their heads? Take a chance on grace and have some faith this December. Expect miracles.

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When I look back over the cards I have drawn for you this year Pisces, it’s impossible to not notice that you’ve been dealing with a serious amount of personal change. You may have seen relationships form or break, huge enthusiasm or total apathy for your career and a massive shove from the Universe pushing you to evolve and grow within your self. It has been a year of ups and downs, in all forms, and some of you will have been more aware of the highs and others only the lows. The thing is, none of these experiences are without meaning, and it’s your job to be aware that it’s all part of the journey. If you look at your perceived losses, you will probably find that they were essential moments of skin shedding. The Eight of Cups is the moment where you finally allow yourself to let go of everything that you don’t want to take forward with you into the years ahead. When I pick this card I sometimes feel so sad. Often it comes up to remind you that you need to cut final ties with an ex, or move on from a challenge that has been pushing and pulling at you. Over the years I’ve shifted this and grown to enjoy the message this card gives. It certainly fits well with the ‘out with the old and in with the new’ energy of December and January. Any card within the suit of Cups is very much about deep feelings. As a water sign you have probably been more affected by the skies of late as so many planets have been cruising through the water signs, creating an ‘ocean of emotion’ in 2013 as the Astro Twins’ Tali Edut wrote here. So feelings are by no means alien to you and nostalgia is certainly something you’re familiar with. Now it’s time to work on your own relationship with the past. It’s so important not to let it be a comfort blanket, to swoon around in ‘what if’s’ and ‘perfect moments’. Instead, let these experiences power you into the present, seeing the past as a useful bag of individual feelings, some that you want to replicate with new people and in different situations and others that you’d like to dissolve. The figure in this card is shown with his back turned, walking away from disappointments and on to a brighter future. The message is so simple, that if we keep moving forwards and leave what is not positive for us any more then our vision clears to see the light ahead.

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The wonderful way that you manage your Fire element is that you are very very productive; you always have a project, an idea and a strong inner force to guide you. When you notice a quiet period then the internal jitters set in, rendering you restless (and I can feel you shuddering at the mere thought of the word). It’s because the Four of Cups can bring in feelings of ennui and apathy that I’m reminded of what you can get like when you feel a bit impatient. Last month I was encouraging you to realign yourself after taking on too much earlier in the year and as you put the pieces of the puzzle back together, I feel that you have been noticing the push and pull of letting go and moving forward. When we expand into a new cycle, even if it’s by our own choice, we can still have moments of feeling a little unsteady. It’s easy to feel like you’ve done the work and now what? When is the shift you’ve prepared for going to take place? This December, feel encouraged when there are spaces in your schedule, understand that it was you that’s cleared the way, ready for new opportunities to arise. I always use these ‘scopes to try and flip you from the darker side of the card that turns, so with this potential apathy, remember that if things aren’t moving to your swift standard the answer isn’t to go into a place of ‘I give up’. Keep doing your thing and trust that the Universe will catch up with you. Of course December is a super social month, and so The Four of Cups could bring in a bit of an annoyance about making seasonal arrangements, perhaps purely because schedules haven’t been set and you actually don’t know the plans yet. This is okay! There are a million surrender opportunities each month and this can be one of them. Instead, think of those people you just know you want and need to see over the coming weeks, and tune your thoughts merely to ask the Universe to align you with inspirational and joyful moments for the end of the year. Instead of fearing what may come up just return to some tried and tested happy places. I very much feel this is a calm before the storm card for you Aries and that January is going to see you zooming ahead with excited intent, just how you like it!

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I have seen this card pop up over and over again in the last few months, for myself and in clients readings. It’s kind of become my secret best friend of the deck and I no longer look at that destructive imagery with a sense of doom. The Tower is our catalyst for change…and we love change! If you feel like you are still afraid of the unknown then I’m sorry to have to tell you again Taurus, but that big bag of ‘what if’s’ could contain a bright spark of something totally awesome ahead. This card is like a bolt of lightning bringing in energy to shift your direction, and it can really come in all forms. The Tower shakes our foundations, if we are really doing our best to go against our own flow then we suddenly find ourselves being flung in such a new direction that we have no choice BUT to move. This is a pretty good card for the end of the year, as you’ve probably already started thinking about the calendar cycle starting afresh with your diary already filling up for January. Think of it like having a fresh schedule, and consider how you would like to spend your precious time. Do you really want to fill your calling card with someone who’s an unhealthy match for you? Or how about a job you’re dying to quit? Think of the areas in your life that you know need a spring clean, and get a head start. If you really do see this Tower effect in your life, then bring in kindness and forgiveness to your self during a challenging time. Remember that old theory about things falling apart so we can rebuild them better? That is happening in our lives all the time so try and bring in a retrospective vision to your present moment. Know that whatever you are going through is taking your somewhere, and that while you cannot know where yet, you are always growing and learning. I also want you to get into a magical mindset, because The Tower card can bring its unexpected news in the shape of a life changing love interest or an exciting job offer. You may move house or even start working with a new therapist. To enable ourselves to accept the positive aspects of change we need to be able to see them. Remember to use that divine personal power and in consequence you can be your own magician.

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Last month I talked to you about your own trust issues and how you are feeling amongst others. I wanted you to reconnect back to your self, so that trust in the future would be much less of an issue. For December we follow on with that idea, and The Six of Swords suggests a very personal and solo journey. I want you to gather what you have experienced in the last few weeks into a bundle, like a pile of papers and you are going to sort and file. The energy for you at the end of the year is to prepare for the following months by really cleansing your mind from what you don’t need. This card can reflect physical travel but it is the idea of movement that is the inspiration for you. And even if you are off on a trip, remember your inner journey is also accompanying you! You must reflect in order to go forward but these needed shifts can come with a sense of sadness. There can be a fear of regret that comes with marching on, and you may feel a little waning of your spirit. If you find yourself a little confused right now then just remember how life twists and turns and how opportunities often appear suddenly with no warning. You must make the choice to keep participating in your life, not to throw your oar to the side or stop swimming. There is a sense of nurture that must accompany this message. A coziness that you can create for yourself, a safe, self-created space where you can recharge until you feel bright again. Remember that failure doesn’t exist and if you have fears about where the next year might take you, then remember your hidden powers. Combined with a push of your snappy intuition, any confusion can transform into an incredible rite of passage. I feel a sense of building strength for next year, you have a whole heap of dreams and ideas for the time ahead, and certainly the skills to achieve them. Put your energy towards reconnecting with that inner passion; remind yourself why you do what you do. If you feel like you aren’t on your right path, then be patient with yourself. Remember life is a schooling and that you must maintain focus on doing things for your highest and most loving intention. Hey presto, you are immediately back in the driving seat.

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The world is your oyster! I’ve turned one of my favorite cards in the deck for you sweet Cancer and it’s a perfectly positive inspiration for the last month of this year. The Three of Wands represents all of those ideas and passions you have bubbling up inside of you, and with this powerful preparation for a new year it feels like you certainly have your eyes on some big prizes. This month is all about thinking BIG, so big that I had to use capitals! There is a sense of adventure in your life, your eyes are wandering and travel is at the forefront of your mind. In a physical sense this card shows you as the explorer, with itchy feet making you want to go and see the world. It might be that you are wondering if you can take your talents to another place of residence, or even that you start collaborating and working with clients and friends further afield. The energy here has such a positive spin for expansion that if you are setting your eyes on an across the world jaunt then this is certainly a green light. You have the golden opportunity this month to see life through different eyes, and to really believe in your own possibility. This is not time to be spent feeling down on yourself or indulging in a pity party. You are bright and shiny and it’s time to take responsibility for it! Whilst it can be easy to fear what others are thinking of us, it is up to us to decide how we perceive those fears. I want you to approach life with a fierce confidence and not to waste your time on thoughts that are in any way restrictive. This energy is about just going for it and knowing that if you focus on your true passions you can never go wrong. Expansion will also come in the form of social events this month, as of course December is often a busy one. I’m encouraging you to choose to get together with those friends that truly uplift you, remembering that one person who brings you a sense of joy is better than a whole room full of energy vampires weighing you down. Team up and throw ideas around, as you sit and make plans for the year ahead. Armed with encouragement for each other you will find that friendships and relationships strengthen. On a final note, carry this vibe forward as your theme for 2014, I certainly am!

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This month sees you craving the comforts of home and the safety of your own throne. The Nine of Pentacles reflects the work you have done this year, encouraging you to be thankful for your gains and to allow yourself to enjoy some comforts in the material world. This is a very positive card for strengthening self-confidence and enjoying life. Your busy year may have found you in the office or at school much more than at home, and so now you’ll enjoy having a little more alone time. Your element really reflects that peaceful roaring Fire by the sofa this month, rather than a blazing push into the unknown. I love the idea that your end of year reflection comes from you learning to slow down and enjoy some quiet time. This is a very important time for your gratitude practice too; even if you have what you perceive to be only a little you still have much to be grateful for. Think about how you can serve others by being generous of spirit over the next few weeks; never underestimate how a kind word to a stranger could change the course of their day. Everything about your home is important right now and it’s essential that you create a safe space for yourself. You might want to experiment with some feng shui or redesign your room, anything that brings positivity to your environment. If you are currently moving house then this card reminds you to set your intentions on a place that will really reflect what you need from a home. Don’t get too caught up with exact dimensions and architecture, instead ask the Universe to guide you to the place that will be right for you. In December your social life is also much more likely to be around the home. Instead of flitting between bars, you will gain much more from gathering people together for a dinner party. Think about which friends of yours have never met, you might even end up being the matchmaker over the holiday season! Finally be encouraged in all that you are working on. The luxurious imagery of this card also contains a nod towards projects that you are currently involved in, suggesting that if you just keep working hard then you are likely to feel real joy from your hard work. There is much celebration to be had over the coming weeks, so use that as your guide. Choose not to weigh yourself down with fears and unnecessary anxieties, and put your focus on high vibe activities and people that strengthen your spirit!

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Hello lovely. I have so many Virgo friends I’ve been especially enjoying seeing your journey this year, quite the adventure and so much to be thankful for. Now December sees you raring to go, chomping at the bit we could say! The Knights are our action cards and it’s likely that you have a few new projects, possibly cultivated in the last few weeks, and you are so, so excited that you just want to get them out there as quickly as possible! The air element in this card shows your head buzzing with possibilities, hopes, fears, dreams and destinations. In fact, I’m quite tired just thinking about it. So your message is to slowwwwww it down. I know your natural way is to buzz about and fulfil your lists, but this December it’s time to give yourself a break, in fact I kind of want you to allow at least a couple of days to be – dare I say it – lazy. One of the reasons I suggest this is that you need to slow down to actually get these dreams off the ground. The speed at which you’re travelling won’t make for such productive actions. Your manifestation powers are pretty great I must admit, but first I want you to speak out loud about these new plans. It feels like they need to be shared for you to be able to pick them apart and get a much more Virgo-like action plan ready. I know your ambition is positive though and everything points to continued success, just make sure you don’t cut corners trying to get to the finish post too soon. Now December is of course a social month, and we also have to note the coming and going of people in the next few weeks. The energy of these encounters may be very heady, and on the plus side this will bring in lots of thought provoking conversations helping your brain feel positively expanded. On the lower vibe side, if you find yourself feeling nitpicked or encountering any aggressive, over-opinionated energy, then visualize a mirror between you and the other person to help keep your energy clear. And… breathe. Rest, rejuvenate, and just keep doing your do.

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Hurrah! Libra, finally I’ve turned over a card that isn’t all ‘work work work’ for you. In fact, this is the first card from the Cups suit that you’ve had all year. So let us usher in some EMOTION…welcome back feelings! Where have you been? What have you been up to? Let’s sit down with a nice cup of tea and celebrate the warm and incredible energy this means for you this month. The Queen of Cups sends you a powerful message of compassion, intuition and nurture for the end of the calendar year. It’s time to drop down from your head and think with your heart, get sentimental, get cozy and of course, a little bit magical. So for the following few weeks instead of a ‘practicality will get you everywhere’ attitude, your biggest gains will show up when you let your intuition be your guide. You are also now allowed to give thanks for all the hard work and settle down to enjoy a little of what you’ve achieved recently. Gut feelings are where it’s at, so the main thing is to try and fine-tune them so you know to trust what you feel. Remember that as an air sign it’s very easy to get whisked up into your head and let anxiety guide you. Working from a more intuitive place might feel a bit alien but this is a safe month to do so. You will also benefit from spending as much time as possible around those with a safe and warm positive energy. You might want to curl up under someone’s wing and this is okay too, the big theme this month is self nurture and I want you to get into the spirit of L.O.V.E. Planning social events? How about a new moon or full moon ritual? Get your favorite friends over and do some manifesting for the new year. Meanwhile, sharing your fears with others will allow them to be processed and escape. But be careful if you are already the person that everyone comes to with their problems. The only downside of this Queen’s energy is that she can forget her boundaries, so build yourself a glowing energy bubble and make sure the giving and receiving in your life is balanced. Instead of feeling that you have to fix everyone, make small acts of kindness rather giving so much that you feel weakened. A lovely way to round up the year is to give gratitude to yourself and what you have learned from the last months, so go inwards and give a silent thank you to the Universe for pushing you on with your journey. Then it’s time to get excited about the year to come!

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So last month we had The Fool for you Scorpio, who makes us very aware of beginnings, endings and the whole cycle of life. This energy can be extremely exhilarating but very tiring as change is always abundant with twists and turns. Uncertainty is uncertain and you now know that you just want to be present and participate in life, and most importantly enjoy it. I feel that December is very much a surrender and release month for you. The Strength card has a very strong healing energy and it’s really a very inspiring card to have in December as you part ways with another solar year. It’s here to remind you that you are strong, and that you are way braver and more powerful than you often give yourself credit for, and I know for sure that you can overcome any battles that come your way. You must be willing to though. I feel with any Scorpio who is feeling unable to overcome something, there is a tiny part of you inside that’s afraid to let it go. There has to be a leap of faith for healing to occur, where you choose to believe that you will be supported if you move yourself out of unhealthy habits. The Strength card sees you taming your inner beast and with that you are making peace with your ego mind, a job that you will benefit from. This is the perfect card to meditate with, envisioning your Water element washing away your fears. This is a very common card to pull for the healers amongst us and reflects the balance that we seek to achieve within our lives. If you are noticing the road to be a little rocky then check that you haven’t given too much of yourself away lately. Recalibrate by visualizing your solar plexus as a magnet that pulls in any scattered energy. Turn the love you put out into the world back on yourself and allow it to sink in. The Scorpio energy is so strong that it’s very easy to build up a wall high enough that no one can even see you need help. Don’t be fooled into thinking weakness is real – your vulnerability is actually a building block to strength and super powers. Let December bestow love upon you and be grateful for challenges you have faced this year, know they have been in place to lead you to a moment of surrender and that this time has come. This card really feels like it works hand in hand with The Fool from last month, where you realize that to make space for the incredible dreams and potential you have, you must absolutely release the fears that are sucking up your time and energy. Your goals are right there, waiting for you to grab them, so go get ‘em.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Rider Waite Deck