Tarotscopes July 2015 cast by Louise Androlia using The Cosmic Tarot deck

Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Devil

Let the ego battle commence and may the command over your darkness forever win out. That old devil on your shoulder needs to be spoken to this month, and also respected. It’s not possible to cram any more fears or excuses into the cupboard, it’s bulging and the time really is now. Time for what? Deep, intense self-awareness, love and power healing. When everything comes to the surface it’s only because you are perfectly aligned to be able to work with it. “Working with it” – this is the most productive and empowering way to consider your internal dialogue right now. You aren’t broken, you aren’t ‘going mad’, you aren’t being attacked by your mind. It’s YOUR mind remember, and it needs to be connected with and cherished.

The first step is to address your dominant fears or addictive behaviors, as well as the ‘go to’ you have in place for them. For instance, maybe you have fears surrounding your finances but every time you notice this you panic buy things in order to try and feel more in control. Or perhaps your fears are about finding love, and come accompanied by self-deprecating thoughts. You may find that your natural reaction when approaching your anxiety isn’t to reach for some loving kindness.

To shift this, as you tap into the things you are anxious about, bring them into the present moment by inserting an ‘I feel’ in front – e.g. I feel anxious, I feel concerned about X, I feel overwhelmed. In this moment you are allowing yourself to be present with the fear, processing it with the mind and body and most importantly acknowledging it. Now, follow this statement with ‘and it’s okay’ – THIS is the loving action. You may find that you resist this phrase, not wanting to allow your negative thoughts and feelings to be ‘okay’…and that too is okay!

A final thought to work with alongside this; are you comparing yourself to others, and deeming them all ‘fine’ while you are not? Everyone is experiencing a challenge and everyone’s experience is valid and valuable. To focus on owning your challenges, ask for help, be open to guidance and absolutely keep loosening your grip on the comparison trap.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Star

Star power alert! I feel that this month is all about how you choose to channel your highest self. If you were a superhero (btw you are) would you be using your powers for the positive or negative? I feel as though recently you might have been really tuning into the shadows of others, and being a little judgmental with your thoughts or expressions. Now, it’s okay for that judgmental self to rear its head, it happens for everyone, but there’s no need to spend your precious time pointing out the flaws you observe around you.

Why? It sends you into a lower energy space and it dims your light – the part of you that is fueled by your self-love, passion for life, and appreciation of your own shadows. I want July to be all about you getting your glow back! The fast track way to this is to reconnect to yourself, especially if the above passage resonated with you – it might have been that you just hopped out of your journey and spent too much time staring through other people’s windows.

So reconnection to the self, it’s a simple trick that requires one major thing; a commitment to being kind to yourself, unconditionally. This means valuing your time, celebrating your talents and taking into consideration your mind, body and spirit. A connection to the self is merely an awareness of all parts of you. If you already have a neglected meditation practice then just pull yourself back there by reminding yourself that you deserve it. If it’s new for you to practice self-care then just commit to five minutes each day doing something that lifts your spirits and feels safe inside.

The reason I want to lure you back to the big Y O U is that the energy of this month is so bright and positive; you need to be present to receive and appreciate. This period of time is perfectly aligned for sharing your talents, launching new projects, asking for help, and deepening your life experience. To feel as though the world is appreciating you, you need to first pat yourself on the back and recognize yourself as worthy. Which isn’t about being better than anyone else, it’s simply about owning something that you always have access to. What if self-confidence was your absolute birthright, have you claimed yours yet?

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Six of Cups

July is a month where you can continue the work you’ve been doing on empowering the past. Nostalgia is a funny thing, and I want you to check in with the lens you’ve been using to look upon times gone by. Are you rose tinting experiences from before as an excuse to not participate in the present? Are you perhaps holding anger towards people and events from once-upon-a-time because you are feeling afraid to dive into your own self-healing?

Spend some time checking whether you feel as though there are any negative ties binding you down. It’s so easy to remain static when we are spending time dancing in days gone by. Too much regard for the past can also dim your view of the present and future, especially if you have fears of ‘cycles repeating’, conscious or not. Recognize that everything new is always different, even if it appears similar. Your job is to not bring old fears and place them on current events. Just because something happened once before, it doesn’t make it more likely to repeat. Know this to be true.

If you are seeking guidance from the cycles of life, then it’s important to go within and not obsess about the external. For instance, what have been your consistent fears or behaviors, and how can you change them?
It’s safe to move onwards, it’s safe to let go and it is definitely safe to be putting yourself first. You don’t need to know why something is the way it is, you just need to trust that the explanation will be revealed at the exact moment you need it. All you are required to do is show up for the present and take one step. Your empowerment comes from TRUSTING in the past and using the tools you’ve been developing as the days weave together.

On a fun note, when practicing the good time kind of nostalgia you can reach back into those shadows and pull forward all of the good stuff. Be inspired by visions of you with a smile on your face, allow memoris of magic moments to lift you up to greet your highest self and connect to your joy via as you tune in to your inner child. This month will no doubt end with a sense of clearing and lightness; enjoy shaking off what you no longer need.

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Emperor

I feel that July holds an element of stability you’ve been seeking for a while now. After ups and downs and feelings galore, there is a sense of order within the chaos. Also be aware that order and stability are not the same as rigidity and control. I want you to know that you can have order, whilst still existing in a full state of surrender. Really? Yes! You see, order doesn’t have to mean restriction. Your desk can be clear whilst your mind is expansive, and doesn’t that sound good?

So, over the coming weeks I’d like you to tune into where it is that life feels unstable. It may be your career or relationship or home, but it may also be your state of mind or connection to your body. Now, allow your thoughts around these challenges to be stretchy and opportunistic. Instead of just assuming no one can help you, consider what help it is you need, and shout it out! Instead of deeming yourself hopeless, be hopeful that you just haven’t discovered what the solution is yet. Instead of setting punishments at the end of uncompleted tasks, celebrate every small thing you do, including your ability to just keep going.

If you are having problems with an external source of power then it’s time to claim your self worth back. Any situations that just don’t feel good to you probably aren’t good for you. It’s okay to own your voice, to speak up, to share. You are not alone, especially in those times it feels most like you are. I really want you to have your own back this month! I see opportunities for reclaiming self-empowerment coming through for all signs, and you really need to re-appreciate yourself.

Can you practice this by celebrating something unique about yourself each day over the coming weeks? This may be harder for those of you who have been self-sabotaging of late, but that’s even more of a reason to do it. Self care is always the solution, especially when you think it can’t possibly be. The equation works that as you up your self-worth then balance will be more accessible to you, and there will even be potential in times of chaos. This is a positive kind of control, and you’ve got this.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Five of Pentacles

With Saturn dipping back into Scorpio for the next few months it’s no wonder us Scorpions are suddenly feeling dips and dives within and without. Is this the final test? Well, kind of, but think of it more as a clean up, than a challenge. Whatever is prominent in your stress zone right now is there for a reason, and it’s because you have an opportunity now to view the challenge in a different light.

I don’t want to just shout THINK POSITIVELY at you, because what does that even mean? It’s a throwaway inspirational quote and I’d rather you thought more deeply than that. It feels as though your trust barriers have been up and down recently, particularly between you and the world and the YOUniverse. Do you feel a little unsupported or ‘shut out’ in some areas of your life? Have you been feeling anger towards some aspect or yourself or the world around you? It’s okay to have these feelings, but it’s important to know they are workable too. This card often comes up when it feels like we have been left out in the cold, and only you will know where it is that this feeling belongs.

The answers all lie in fresh perspectives and new approaches. You may feel tired because a method you’d previously used to help yourself no longer seems to be working. How so? Time is always shifting and you are evolving, trust that you need different things at different times. Instead of feeling exasperated, as though there are no options, choose to feel inspired to seek alternative pathways. Your ideas may need stretching to help you get to that settled place; your meditation may need shifting to help you receive more clarity, your body may need a different method of self care to match your environment.

See how when you extend your thoughts to a wider space there suddenly seems to be MORE potential? I’m pushing you to up your self-care practice to maximum voltage, to not even consider feeling guilty for cancelling plans and being kind to yourself. You need to be connected to YOU right now in order to benefit from those Scorpio powers you know and love. There are wide and bright skies surrounding you, just be present for the clouds to pass.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Ten of Wands

Something has to give, starting now! All signs are seeing major opportunity for breakthrough this month and yours comes in the form of ending a period of feeling completely overwhelmed. Overwhelm comes in many forms, but there is always the need to surrender in order to receive a fresh perspective. In what areas of your life do you feel as though you just don’t seem to be able to make a breakthrough? And are you noticing your need to try and control things more and more, even when nothing seems to be working?

I’m going to ask you to drop all the stress to the floor. This is very hard to do in a state of overwhelm because it feels like you’re being pushed to just GET IT TOGETHER – but that just doesn’t work. Remember how I spoke about compassion last month? Now it’s time to shine that torch on yourself, release the battle and look after yourself. ‘But I’m doing everything I can!’ I hear you say, which is one more reason to surrender, give up a little, and consider that you may just need a new approach. This new way of looking at things also might require you to pull down a few walls and listen to some advice. I know you have ‘your ways’ of doing things, but this is a month to seek help from your friends, and guidance from those you are drawn too. Think expansively in your search for harmony and you will find it.

Meanwhile, this is Fire energy, which is your master and your superpower, so it’s also a strong message to be reconnecting to your spirit. This means really making some space to do the things you love, the everyday things that generate inspiration and excitement. Your frustration really needs diffusing, and that will come by pulling strongly from the other angle. What can you get excited about right now? Go there and bask in that energy a little.

It also helps to remember that after a period of overwhelm there has to be some release, and yours will come in the form of your mojo returning bit by bit, and your positivity creeping back in. Make sure to not close your mind, and to keep your opinions malleable. Acknowledge all your feelings, ask for help, receive help, be kind to yourself – and repeat FOREVER.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Ace of Cups

Still on the Water theme for you Capricorn, and I love this card! You are holding the brightest energy of all the signs this month, and also the most fluid – a far cry from the restrictive energy you’re more familiar with. Feelings this month connect back to November – can you see a link to that time? It may be that you are seeing the results of something you brought into play then, or a certain situation suddenly becoming prominent again, in person or maybe just in your mind.

This is an overflow of Water element and so it’s certainly not the month to stuff your feelings in any cupboards or try and swallow them whole. You have a wide-open space to just get it all out, especially the good stuff. You sometimes (okay often) feel guilty for taking time for yourself, but there can be no more of this. You know the cycle – too much giving and struggle = exhaustion and restriction. Only you can rewrite this story though, and so I ask you; when are you going to realize that YOU are the priority in your life? When you place your wellbeing at the center, you will notice life transform from inside out. Now is the time to really own this.

The month is full of freshness, so some new people may spring into view, people that are in place to complement the better frame of mind you are choosing for yourself. Know that as your story evolves you need different types of support networks. You will always have the deep layers, the ones you’ll keep by your side forever and a day, but on the surface there may be space to be uplifted by some new faces. You will be interested in those who are having similar experiences to you, as the conversation can be equal and supportive, with sharing and teaching from both sides.

Remember that this is what you need right now, to allow yourself to receive as much as you give out. I hope you’ll be surprised by some sweet spirits soon. Finally, in what new ways can you deepen your connection to your own inner pilot light? I feel that there is opportunity to pay deeper attention to the messages your body is giving you. Your senses are heightened and it’s truly time to listen.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Sun

July is all about seeking the light and playing within it. You are used to your shadows and you absolutely love playing in those, so how about balancing things out? Even though your to-do list may be a mile and a half long, you will notice how much more is achieved when you insist on taking positive spirit-enlightening breaks!

There is a strong theme of freedom coming through, so I’d love for you to really tune into that word and consider what it brings up for you. What does ‘personal freedom’ look like to you, and do you feel it’s accessible right now? If the answer is ‘no’, then in what small ways could you start to bring those feelings into your everyday life? It might be related to the way you plan your day, to what you do in your spare time (do you give yourself adequate time?), and to the people in your social circle. As you consider freedom you will probably become aware of its shadow, the restrictions and the limits. So, where do you feel restricted or limited? And how can you shift those restrictions or your perspective on them? This is just as important as actual physical change, in fact maybe even more so.

You are able to even choose not to take on stress if you like. Really? Yep, and it’s a practice I love – consider that you being stressed has to be a crisis only option. There are always going to be stressful scenarios – for instance moving house, or during massive change. But there are also points where we don’t have to take it on. Think about the pressure you put upon yourself, and the times you get involved in other people’s dramas, or common frustrations like traffic and waiting in line – all of which offer a choice about whether you want to raise your stress levels.

So have a feel around, both within and without, and note where you could release the pressure a little. Again, it’s as the small things start to weave together that you’ll notice a difference. This card also brings in the ‘adventure’ energy, and a free pass to take a holiday. This doesn’t have to mean a big flashy extravaganza, even camping out in your back yard can shift you into an explorative space. The Sun is your guide – so where is your source of light? Travels there unapologetically.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – Ace of Swords

July brings in a significant opportunity for you to shift your perspective and reclaim your personal power. Last month may have brought out your deepest shadows, and now you have a choice whether to be victimized by them or be willing to genuinely change your perspective for good. It doesn’t matter whether one thought pattern has reined high and mighty for you FOREVER, it can still be shifted with your willingness. This requires you getting out of your own way, taking off your masks, putting your ego to the side and truly surrendering to the fact that there might just be some good in the world.

A clear request for help within and without will help you gain some expansion on your challenges, and up your confidence to boot. The themes you will see coming through are of bright openings and sudden flashes of wisdom, intuition and clarity. Your ideas are sharp, but the clouds need to be cleared first – and the mist moves when you show up and take responsibility for your own experience, the ins and the outs. No, this doesn’t mean blaming yourself for anything; it means you get to decide not to blame anything or anyone externally.

The brightness you see is what you don’t want to miss, as your intelligence merges with your passion and creativity, which in turn blooms into fresh ideas and beneficial perspectives. Even those of you who really think there is no other way to see things, know deep down that there is. Your creativity and intuition is always your super power, so I also want you to check in with where those two aspects of the self are fuelled. If you believe your work can only be fuelled by your darkness, know that your light can match that. And if you are afraid to meet your fears, know that they have no roots.

Meanwhile, for those of you itching to spread the word then July is aligned well for you to own your voice and your talents – the path is being cleared for you to step into. Personal power comes from owning the moment, and allowing yourself to step into your ultimate authenticity. This energy links back to January and ideas that were forming then. Now is the time to own your talents, while not downplaying the work involved. So dive in fully – and absolutely do not put yourself or anyone else on a pedestal this month.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Four of Wands

And here we are again. With the same card coming out from last month, I feel like you are one of the lucky ones as you get to continue to marinate in the positive and active energy that you’ve been conjuring up for yourself. Nevertheless there is always room to expand and extend our experience and this month, for you, the theme is really about finding your perfect balancing point. You know that you have the ideas and the inspiration, and you also know how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed – so I want to ask you about what other things you need to make consistent, alongside your non stop spinning of the work wheel.

Last month, you may have tapped back into some of your passion and spirit energy, noting moments where smiles were abundant and times you felt most in your body. How can aspects of these moments be brought into your daily life? Recognize that the more you center your self, the more easy it will be to ground and focus on what’s buzzing in your career. Again, it’s that journey of self-care, of discovering and rediscovering what does and doesn’t work for you – from the people you spend time with, to the way you manage your own thoughts.

I feel a strong healing focus coming though, and would like to encourage you to try out a different or unusual type of meditation or wellness practice – it seems that there is something undiscovered that will suit you over the next few months. It doesn’t have to be anything totally wacky (although some if you will like that) – it could be a really simple shift in your diet or movement practice, or spending more time with someone you find interesting.

Keep your mindset expansive to have an expansive experience. Remember your internal always reflects onto what is going on around you, so don’t worry too much about micromanaging other people – just trust in the decisions you make. And on the subject of ‘what to do first’ – really know that if you always pursue the thing that makes you the MOST excited, then it’s definitely the ‘right’ thing to do. You’ll find it easier to stick with your projects when passion is riding high – and as for everything that seems to be floating without direction, just know that it’s not going anywhere. Believe in the bigger picture and divine timing.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Moon

After two months really considering your own restrictions, July sends you even deeper into the soul and what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m seeing this as definitely a good thing, as the back and forth of constantly fighting with yourself or your surroundings probably wasn’t getting you anywhere. It will pay over the next few weeks to go beneath the surface and sideline some of your Earth energy for the more fluid Water elements.

In more practical terms, I invite you to engage in a more soulful self-care practice. Instead of sitting and making a hundred lists, stop, sit quietly and listen to the workings of your inner dialogue. Then, reclaim your power over it. The Moon only comes up when we will benefit from a trip into our subconscious, but I don’t encourage you to go down there and wallow – instead, use your meditation practice to impact on the material world. The aim here is to heighten your own levels of self trust, which in turn will help you trust the world around you.

You may have been feeling flighty recently and less able to make decisions than usual, which may have led to suspicions about certain personalities around you, and cumulated in an all-round ‘meh’ feeling. While it’s easy to get locked in a stubborn pattern of restrictive thoughts (see May and June) – you know very well that you prefer how you feel when you are enlivened by your own ideas and creativity. Exploring one’s own subconscious also heightens your dreams and elevates your imagination – which can only help you with all those things you have to get off the ground.

You may also enjoy the company of your more watery friends this month, so reach to your pals allow themselves to be ruled by feelings, and see how they manage their time. As you sit and value your mind a little more, you can ask yourself questions in regards to your current challenges. The aim is to allow your mind to stretch, so that you are able to receive help from new angles. What isn’t working in your personal segment of the world right now? Are you at least willing to look at this from a different perspective? Know that your ego will encourage you to stay static, but that your soul knows help is at hand. Be open to getting out your comfort zone.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Nine of Pentacles

July brings some great strides in your career and material world, with more solid developments showing in the areas you’ve been placing your energy since the start of this year. You have really been assessing and reassessing your material world, so, how do you feel about your day-to-day life right now? How is your environment suiting you? Does you friendship circle feel stable? How are your anxieties about finances? Ultimately; are you feeling ‘at home’ or displaced? I want you to question all these things over the coming weeks, but with compassion. All roads on enquiry have to come from a source self-care.

With career in mind, the emphasis is on WHETHER YOU ARE HAVING FUN! So are you? Did you know you can love your work and feel fulfilled by it? Are you engaging with your days or wishing them away? If not, what subtle shifts could make a big difference to this? Don’t be afraid to want more, it’s okay to want nice things and to feel at home. You don’t need to feel guilty about wanting to feel comfortable.

Environment is actually everything. Everything. So how is your home life looking? And the people around you? How could there be more harmony? Spend time with those who lift you up and make sure you are lifting others too; communication should be elevating, so step aside from any pride, ego and dramatic thoughts, and return to loving kindness. Don’t feel guilty about giving less energy to situations that don’t feel good. Make your time the most valuable thing. Do you have a morning practice? If not, then the time to begin one is now.

Finally, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, so stick with it. I hope you are starting to see the fruits of some of your labor, and in turn can keep checking in with how things feel to you. Always be guided by the ‘feels good’. This is also a month to be proud of yourself for the adjustments you have been making, it’s important to pat yourself on the back! Especially those of you who don’t feel you have a cheerleader in life. Remember that safety comes from within; you are your own superhero.

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Check out this Elements of Life reading for July 2015 from issue no.1 of The High Vibe Guide – a beautiful new project from The Cosmic Collective

High vibe guide by the cosmic collective featured on the numinous

Based out of Australia and Santa Fe, The Cosmic Collective is formed of three witchy women you really just need to know about. Under this banner, artists Sarah Wilder and Jo Klima have joined forces with Aquarius Nation astrologer KV to bring you the High Vibe Guide – a seasonal handbook for empowered, high-vibrational living.

Officially launched on the summer solstice, the guide is a 100-page PDF containing all the cosmic guidance you need to take you right through to the fall equinox (September 23), when issue 2 will become available.

Think: high-vibe astro readings for each sign, New Moon coloring mandalas created by Jo, a “creature teacher” (spirit animal) reading for the season, and a calendar of key moon dates.

There’s also an Elements of Life reading for each month of the season by Sarah, with July’s reading extracted below to give you a taster!

To find out more and download your copy of The High Vibe Guide, visit TheCosmicCollective.com

Sarah Wilder, Jo Klima and KV of The Cosmic Collective featured on the numinous
Sarah Wilder, Jo Klima and KV of The Cosmic Collective

:: SPIRIT ::

So far this year, we have had to walk many paths and wear many hats, causing that ‘busy’ feeling to reach an all time peak. So many of us are running around simply living, sometimes our dream lives, but still feeling a disconnect from our spirit. In the times when it has been begging us to stay, to connect, to stop and enjoy every little moment, we have chosen action over reflection. This month comes the full realisation that this is not a way of living that we want to bring into our future, as we finally accept the much-needed help and support our spirit has to offer.

This may be a time of extreme break downs, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually – most of us will feel this in at least one of these areas, if not all. There is a sense of being completely isolated, alone, yet still proud of how we have managed and carried such baggage and burden. And with this comes an understanding that we had to learn this way, in order to change those things in our lives that were keeping from being lead by our spirit, and living in alignment with our highest good.

:: AIR ::

This month we will focus our mind energy on analysing the situations we are faced with. The inner critic will be harsh, telling us many things to keep us feeling insecure, unsafe and helpless at times. As we have seen above, July is also about us reaching a break point, and having to make decisions now that will serve us better in the long run – which sees us performing a bit of an overwhelming balancing act. Being mindful of the fact that all we are thinking and feeling at this time may be extreme, it’s important to remember that the message here is actually that what we are thinking (or overthinking) is pointing us towards how we truly feel about certain things. It is showing us the places to focus our energy, so see it as a source of inspiration to create the change we need. This energy can feel unpredictable, but listening to your inner voice as well as paying heed to your monkey mind may help you identify clues to how you truly want to be living and loving.

:: EARTH ::

This month brings an energy of tough decision making, of having to leave behind something you once (even up until recently) thought was a fool-proof idea or plan at work or home. During the last Mercury retrograde in May, some important considerations arose and now we are following through with the actions highlighted by these revelations and decisions. We are having to stay very strong and grounded as we move into these new, uncharted waters – there may a bit of resistance to leave the past behind, but know that it is for the greater good, and for the good of yourself and your family in the long run. This could feel like the end of a very significant chapter in our lives – maybe you’ll find yourself moving house again, or changing your role at work (which might feel like a bit of a step backwards). Whatever it is, go easy on yourself. Always follow your heart and know that this is important work to be doing for yourself. Making your life easier is key.

:: WATER ::

This month we may see some re-adjustments in friendships old and new. It’s finally time to cut the energetic chords with people who no longer serve our highest good. There may be some painful separations, as we can often get addicted to the drama and need a low-vibe outlet, right? We may initially feel we want to do this in a really abrupt and cold way, not wanting to really go into it very deeply with the other party, but know there also needs to be a bit of forethought and planning around this to achieve the best outcome for all.

After all, there’s no need to create negative energy towards people who simply don’t align with us anymore – we wish them no ill will. To serve both parties with respect, we must be firm, but also remain compassionate and take the ‘with love’ approach – without being condescending or passive aggressive. It has to be a heart expression for it to be deemed a successful journey forward. Around the July 31 full moon in Aquarius, everything will finally feel aligned in our personal lives – with our partners, family and friends. Everything will feel like it’s in the right place – for now.

:: FIRE ::

This month will feel (and be!) bigger than most others, because we have two Full Moons in July, which is an indication that we’re going to be feeling extra sensitive, doing extra shedding and releasing, and also making some bold moves as individuals. This month will feel a bit unpredictable, but know you are strong enough to handle it – hence why it’s all landing on our plate! There are endless opportunities this month to purge, throw away, realign, let go and move on from things that have been keeping us feeling small and weak. Know that you only really need to hold onto a couple of key things this month, and that you can choose exactly what to take on or not from what comes your way. In fact, this is a bit of a warning to keep things simple, for our own health’s sake!

How are you planning to make it a high vibe summer? Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and share your stories!

the cosmic collective sarah wilder fifth element life jo kilma the darling tree aquarius nation featured on the numinous


With this simple yoga sequence for Cancer, Ash Baker shares three poses to help you access the jewels of your subconscious…Images: Abby Wright for MF Jewelry

Image from MF Jewelry ss14 look book featured on The Numinous

June 21 to July 22

Ruler: Moon
Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Anatomy: Chest & stomach

4th sign of the Zodiac

Happy Solstice lovers!

We are now entering the sign of home, our roots and the subconscious realm of lady Luna. This marks a lovely midpoint to the year, regardless of your residing hemisphere. Expect to find yourself craving security, a sense of nurturing, and the desire to be surrounded by the people you call family.

We have some heavy planetary action going on in the heavens throughout the crab’s month-long sojourn. Saturn is retrograding back into the depths of Scorpio, as Neptune also retrogrades through ethereal Pisces. This equates to a high volume of water energy, and with two outer planets retrograding there is fertile ground to go within – for the ultimate benefit of the collective.

Utilize this energy to cultivate your intuition, check in with your soul DAILY, and seek the inner jewels that make you feel nurtured. The Cancerian is always looking for treasures to make themselves feel more secure and at home. This is a beautiful time to connect your mind to your body and soul, and to enrich your own inner sanctuary.


:: Plank Pose / Creating heat within ::
Come to your hands and knees. Make sure your shoulders are directly over your wrists and that there is a slight micro bend to your elbows. Straighten both legs out behind you and keep them zipped close together. Take a slight tuck in your tailbone and engage your lower belly. Spread the collarbones wide. Don’t let your bum/hips droop. Press energetically through your heels. Feel the strength and heat being created in your body. Hold for five breaths, up to one minute if you are more advanced.

:: Upward Facing Dog / Open the heart, collarbones and chest ::
From Plank pose lower down to your belly. Place your hands next to your ribs/torso so that your elbows are perpendicular to the floor. Keep your legs stretched out behind you with the tops of your feet on the floor. Inhaling, press your hands firmly into the floor and begin to straighten your arms. Lift your torso off of the floor while keeping your thighs firm and slightly rotated inward. Scoop the tailbone down and open the collarbones wide. Take three rounds of breath and flow back down to your belly and chest.

:: Child’s Pose / The ultimate surrender pose ::
From hands and knees, inhale and begin by bringing the big toes to touch. Gently exhale and sink your hips back to sit on your heels. Reach the arms loosely out in front of you and rest your forehead on the floor. Pause and breathe here for one minute. Then tent the fingers and lift up slightly. Walk your arms over to the right and sink down again. This will give the left side body a nice stretch. Stay, breathing there for a few rounds. Then tent the fingers, lift up slightly and walk the arms over to the left. Stay for a few rounds of breath before returning to center. Two minutes total.

Mantra for Cancer: “I seek the treasure only found within”

Underwater fashion image from MF Jewelry ss14 look book featured on The Numinous


Forget Marie Kondo and her Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – emotional clearing is the fastest way to super-charge your world, says Jody Shield. Images: Jennifer Medina


I’m so excited, I might just ‘bliss’ my pants. I’m writing to you about something very close to my heart:

C L E A R I N G (yes, it deserves caps…and lots of space)

Defined as: “removing obstructions and unwanted items to become clear”, in healing terms this translates as: “a deep clear-out of your old history – emotions, memories and trauma – stored within your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies”.

And it feels so good, those in the know are doing it at least once a month, don’t cha know.
But this is something we all need on a regular basis.

If you think about everything you’ve been through – as a child, in school, with relationships, and through injuries and trauma – some of it hasn’t been great, am I right? And it’s this stuff that hurts us, and keeps on causing us pain until we clear it.

We store the memories and emotions of the pain in our physical body. It then sits there, hanging out waiting to get triggered and picked at. Like an old scab, it then bleeds every so often to remind us it’s still there. When it bleeds, it hurts all over again, which is when we get sick, scared or anxious. It’s on US to give it the best chance possible to heal properly, without a scar.


Hello clearing; a great way to release the emotional baggage which can otherwise keep us heavy and blocked, stopping us from creating the miraculous and abundant lives we’re all entitled to.

Of course, the most important reason for clearing old hurt is that it creates space for everything new. New energies, new love, new creativity, new opportunities, new visions, new goals, new health, new relationships, new confidence, new powers, new gifts…need I go on?

I discovered clearing at an energy-healing workshop in Vienna four years ago. As I lay on my yoga mat, I was asked to surrender everything and simply open up to receive. Soon, I felt things moving around my body and a tingling sensation up and down my spine.I had no idea what was happening and my brain worked overtime attempting to process it. My friend was sobbing gently next to me, and yet somehow I knew something great had happened, even if I couldn’t put what it was into words.

After the session, I felt calmer and more relaxed, and I noticed I didn’t feel the need to control my life as much. It was as if I’d connected to an inner-knowing about everything that was about to happen, and excitement bubbled up inside me. I felt high on life and knew I wanted more. I was in flow.

I’ve been championing clearing as a practitioner of EFT and a therapy called Light Grids ever since, and even run my own monthly group clearing sessions in London.

I actually think clearing should be a standard, like hitting the gym, getting your five-a-day or clearing your email inbox. A healthy new ritual or habit, to amp your operating system and give yourself a boost.

In fact, to get you in the mindset, let’s get started now!


GET AWARE. Start to notice where you feel blocked in your life. In fact, what springs to mind when I ask you this question? Make a note of all the areas or things that come up without judging yourself!

GET IT OUT. Take each major thing and talk to yourself about it. Feel where in the body it contracts or feels tight. Move into this place of tightness, and open it up – literally. Simply honor the tightness, and ask it to open.

EXPRESS YOURSELF. If another person is involved or triggers you in some way, tell them! Don’t be afraid – it’s more harm to you stored up inside. Delivered in a calm and matter-of-fact way (again, no judgment or blame) the person will thank you for being honest. If you can’t get ‘in-person’ time, then find a quiet spot and close your eyes, take some deep breaths in, and imagine them standing opposite you. Connect from your heart to their heart and say what you need to say.

SPRING CLEAN. As in, literally de-clutter your outside life – just like Marie Kondo says. Clear out your wardrobe and bathroom cabinets. Throw away anything you haven’t worn for 18 months or so. Give it away to charity or friends. It’ll feel so good –trust me.

And when you’re ready to go deeper, come to one of my energy clearing sessions in London or New York (from Spring 2016). Commit to coming once a month, and you’ll shift, clear, and release big time. I’m excited for you.

Have you experienced energy clearing? Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and share your story

To find out more about Jody Shield and Light Grids, and for details of her next group clearing event, visit Jodyshield.co.uk


Be moved, be inspired…fall in love with MEN all over again. Aussie videographer Johnny Abegg shares an intimate personal film on what being a dad means to him


Imagine the heartache you’d avoid if you could just speak your truth. Numinous relationships expert Ellie Burrows examines the sacred partnership between our tongue and our heart chakra…Portraits: Mikal Marie Photography

Ellie Burrows writing on relationships for The Numinous

I believe in astrologers, tarot card readers, psychics and mediums. However, I do not believe my boyfriend is a mind reader.

Most people are the opposite. They don’t believe in astrologers, tarot card readers, psychics and mediums. However, they think their boyfriends, spouses, partners and lovers should be able to intuit what they’re thinking.

It makes my brain explode.

For clarity’s sake, I’m not talking about couples and friends who can finish each other’s sentences. Although sweet and impressive, that kind of reminds me of what happens when women live together and all start their monthly cycles at the same time. A bit of a stretch maybe, but I think we all can all agree that when you spend enough time with other humans you begin to adopt their mechanics.

No, I’m talking about when you lash out at your partner for not knowing how you wanted something done. For buying the wrong brand of organic milk, for not pleasuring you properly, or, most commonly, for not knowing why you’re upset.

Thinking about this, I reached out to a guy friend who writes relationship advice for some major publications. I asked him for a concrete example in which someone’s partner thinks he or she is a mind reader. He responded with a one liner email: “Uhm. Yeah. My life.” I quickly realized no one was safe from this issue and that it needed addressing.

Enter my friend, let’s call her Sage (this is The Numinous after all).

Sage and I had had a long, very tiring day running around outside the city for various obligations. For a few reasons that I promised not to disclose in this article, her emotions were at “an all time high, like freak out level.” And, unfortunately for her and her wicked attitude, she was scheduled to have dinner with her husband and another couple later that evening. All Sage wanted to do was cancel her plans, spend a quiet night on her sofa with her man and quite possibly have sex.

Cut to 5pm, us stuck in traffic on our way back into the city, and Sage astutely describing our state as “eternally stuck in midtown.” A bad situation was getting worse.

Meanwhile, in another dimension called Downtown, Sage’s husband had enjoyed a gloriously leisurely Saturday. Having spent all day at home, he’d decided to run some errands and notified her by text that he was headed out now and would meet her at dinner.

Oh no he didn’t.

Everyone. Run for cover.

The conversation escalated quickly. Sage couldn’t understand why he decided to leave just as she was coming home. She thought it was “rude and unnecessary, when they hadn’t seen each other all day. How could he be so thoughtless?”

But Sage was saying this to me. Not to him.

Ellie Burrows relationships expert for The Numinous

As if it was the most obvious thing in the world (because it was) I turned to her and calmly responded: “Why can’t you just ask for what you want, and tell him what you need? Ask him to cancel the plans and stay home with you instead.” But Sage wouldn’t say it. Sage couldn’t say it. She rolled her eyes, let out an “ugh” and told me that wasn’t the point. I felt pressure in my chest. My heart constricted a little.

Sadly, the story of Sage is a universal tale – and I believe it’s deeply tied to desire.

My first piece in this series was all about arousal energy, Qi, and how when we allow ourselves to open and soften it can circulate within and excite us. I wrote: “for me, arousal is really about accessing the heart and I use my whole being and all my senses to do that. If my heart isn’t activated and engaged, then I can’t be turned on.”

Now Sage had no problem accessing her heart. Her heart knew what it wanted, but was trying to reach her husband’s mind without going via the tongue. The energetic equivalent of: “do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.”

If in Chinese medicine the meridians are the paths or channels in the body through which the Qi flows, it’s no coincidence that the external part of the heart meridian is the tongue; this organ and this muscle are bound in sacred partnership.

Now let’s backtrack a little. As babies, communicating our needs to the one we love unconditionally (our mother) relies largely on the power of intuition, as we do not possess the ability speak. And in the beginning that works, because our needs are rather simple. But as adults we have more needs, and those needs are rather more complex. We also have an entire dictionary at our disposal. Yet sometimes, when we encounter what feels like unconditional love again, we regress and forget how to use it.

Put like this, it seems only natural to assume our loved ones should be able to intuit our needs. But the thing to remember is that their needs are often very different to our own.

Any time we use the word ‘should’ we are also creating pressure and strain. Probably not a good idea when it comes to our heart meridian as that’s how heart attacks happen, energetic ones at least. The kind that can take gallons of ice-cream, buckets of tears, and endless reruns of Sex And The City to heal. Luckily, simply expressing the want, calmly and without judgement, is usually enough to alleviate the pressure.

By the time we’re grown-ups, we’ve also hopefully learned that we don’t have to get what we want. But our body never unlearns the importance of expressing what we need.

Do you have trouble expressing yourself in relationships? Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and share if you dare…


What’s up with the Beyonce vegan backlash?! Body image expert and spiritual healthy eating coach Heather Waxman responds to the haters – and talks to Ruby Warrington about diet and spiritual development

Beyonce by Kei Nicolee via Behance.net

Beyonce’s fans were mad because they expected a tour or album announcement (to which I say, “Give her a break and get over it, people!”). Meanwhile, many in the vegan community are angry because they think she’s a hypocrite for wearing fur and “posing with captive elephants and tigers” as one person commented.

Here’s the thing: judgment doesn’t get us anywhere. And since I don’t know Beyonce personally, I don’t know her heart and I don’t know her lifestyle, so it’s not really my place to comment. But what I can say is that we need to appreciate how much publicity eating vegan is receiving as a result. Let’s celebrate that! It’s awesome.

But let’s also focus in on what she said in connection to veganism and positive body image. Here’s a direct quote from Beyonce’s interview on GMA: “I am not naturally the thinnest. I have curves. I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled since a young age with diets and finding something that actually works, actually keeps the weight off, has been difficult for me.”

From what I understand, Beyonce started to eat vegan after she had her baby as a way to lose the baby weight in a natural way – opposed to a quick fix. As a result, she said she experienced many other beneficial side effects – like better sleep quality, improved digestion, and a positive feeling that her vegan choices could effect the people around her and the environment.

Which is all great. But I will point to the contradictory of saying you love your curves, but also saying things like you’ve tried everything to stay a certain weight.

If we have true BODYpeace, we don’t feel the need to do something to “keep the weight off” because we can naturally live and eat in a way that allows us to experience peace with our body. As a result, weight becomes a non-issue. It’s just not something you’re concerned about anymore.

This has got to get way harder living in the public eye, and I’m not sure if this was just a poor choice of words or if she actually does still struggle with body image. But either way, I hope that we can all agree that a.) this is great for the vegan movement and b.) pray that Beyonce (and all women for that matter!) is peaceful and happy in her body and continues to make choices from an authentic and ethical place for her.

Read on for Ruby Warrington’s interview with Heather Waxman about spirituality, diet and body image…

Beyonce kale sweatshirt featured on The Numinous
Get Beyonce’s “Kale” sweatshirt here!

I feel like starting to eat ‘healthy’ like Beyonce is the beginning of a lot of people’s spiritual awakening. Do you agree? Why is this?
I absolutely agree. As we let go of foods that are not serving us, we notice that those foods were doing a really good job at numbing out a bunch of stuff we didn’t want to feel. So as we start to eat cleaner, our thoughts and feelings become cleaner too – and that can feel amazing and joyful, but also very intense depending what we were avoiding dealing with. And that’s usually when people turn to spiritual practice for help.

We also see a lot of ‘extreme’ diets in spiritual + self-improvement circles – why is this?
Whenever I see or hear the word ‘extreme,’ the concept of perfectionism instantly comes to mind. And that’s what causes problems, isn’t it? We’ve all heard the cliché “perfection doesn’t exist” – but we don’t live by it as a society, as Beyonce knows only too well. I think most people opt for extreme diets because they think looking a certain way will help them truly love themselves. But that’s not how it works.

I want to add that I actually think that the word “self-improvement” is also damaging, particularly for sensitive souls, because it implies we’re somehow not good enough, which only perpetuates the quest for perfection. What I’ve come to conclude lately is that we’re not necessarily here to improve ourselves. It’s more that embarking on a spiritual path the aim is to become more of ourselves. It’s more about an unfolding, a peeling back, layer by layer, of who we thought we were, only to allow who we really are to be revealed. Which can be messy, beautiful, and terrifying! But, I believe, it’s what we’re all called to do.

But discipline and asceticism have long been associated with spiritual development – do you see echoes of this in things like juice cleansing, etc?
I do, but I think we need to define “discipline” before we dive into this. The word has the same root as the word “disciple” – which means to be a devotee of a certain philosophy. But the word discipline has been turned into something that’s just not fun – so, I prefer to use…devotion.

I think when we lean into our spiritual development with a strong air of devotion…that’s when the miracles unfold for us. And so I also think we need to be disciplined with, or devoted to, things that we have discovered we need to do so we can show up for life ready to give love, receive love, and serve those around us.

This can include juice cleansing, if that’s what you feel called to do! But as every individual body is different, I think it’s important to first get to know your body and also to consider your own mental / spiritual relationship with the concept. I tried (and failed) so many detoxes and cleanses. So, when it came time for me to want to consider detoxing for spiritual purposes, I had to first heal the mental issues I had with cleanses and learn the real “why” behind them, before I was ready to check it out.

What are the warning signs for you as a coach that healthy has tipped into obsessive?
There are a bunch of warning signs, but these are the most common ones I have seen, and they’re always present in my clients.

– You know things have turned obsessive if you’re doing one or more of these:
– You’re constantly thinking about your next meal and counting calories
– You’re obsessed with counting your macros, or avoiding certain foods or food groups because you’re afraid they’ll make you gain weight
– You’re avoiding certain foods or food groups because you want to “fit in” with the fitness / spiritual community you’re a apart of
– You restrict your food all day and then binge eat at night
– You have to work out for a specific amount of time or you have to do a specific type of workout because you’re afraid of gaining weight…and if you don’t have a chance to do that work out, you feel depressed and like your day is ruined

So what do you think a healthy and spiritually aligned attitude to food really looks like?
Our definition of health and spirituality is very individual, but I do believe there is a common thread tying every version of a healthy relationship to food together, and it sounds something like this: “I eat for vitality, freedom, and pleasure.” (Notice how I said vitality – not vanity).

This is definitely where I’m at now, and it’s allowed me to feel the happiest in my body I’ve ever felt. Vitality, freedom, and pleasure are not exclusive, though! I went on vacation last week and vitality went out the window for me. I wanted to eat for freedom and pleasure. So, I ate a bunch of things I normally don’t eat when I’m home like frozen yogurt, sweet potato fries, and chips and guacamole. It was great! When I returned home, I couldn’t wait to return to feeling that vitality. It’s a constant dance.

And what role does taking pleasure in what we eat play in our spiritual development?
Do you have a year to talk about this?! I think one of the most volatile things we’ve done as a society is completely neglect food as a source of pleasure. For example, some of my clients – even though they enjoy eating healthy meals – still equate healthy eating with it being stripped dry of pleasure. Or they think of making meals as another annoying chore on their to-do list instead of an incredible act of self-care and self-pleasure. We’ve lost touch with our feminine relationship to food – which means that for a lot of us, our bodies and our souls are screaming at us, “I just want to feel pleasure!” Enter those “guilty” vegan ice cream binges.

When we hear the word “pleasure” we instantly think of sex. But to me, pleasure is about actively engaging all my senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, and intuition. When we can become devoted (there’s that word again!) to bringing all our senses to every meal, that’s when we really start to feel pleasure and come to a place of BODYpeace that allows to finally feel spiritually and physically nourished.

Has changing your diet connected you to your spiritual practice? Connect with us and share your story on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

If this conversation resonates with you, you can read more from Heather Waxman in her and Kasey Arena’s book BODYpeace: Release Shame and Discover Body Freedom
– a 30-day guidebook marrying the spiritual and the practical side of food and body discovery. To book a 1:1 session with Heather, click here.


Kimberly Peta Dewhirst of Star Sign Style checks out Caitlyn Jenner’s birth chart…because seriously, what ELSE is there to talk about this week

Image: Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair
Image: Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner was born on the 28th October 1949 at 6.16am in New York, with the Sun in Scorpio and also Scorpio rising.

People are fascinated with the Scorpio zodiac sign – the sign of mystery and darkness, of death, sex, power and regeneration. But there’s more to Scorp than ‘the dark side’. The mythology and symbolism of Scorpio also relates to the mythical phoenix who rises from the ashes. The phoenix is courageous, facing intense and inevitable destruction in its cycle of death and rebirth.

Water sign Scorpio is continually faced with its own powerful emotional nature, which is deep and consuming. Co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, she understands the darker shades of humanity, its thirst for survival and dominance, and the necessary process of endings, new beginnings, and returning stronger than before.

It’s said those born with a strong Scorpio in their chart (that could be someone born with the Sun, Mars or Pluto in Scorpio, or Scorpio rising – like Caitlyn) have the capacity to be a ‘master of transformation’, shedding their skin and seamlessly re-inventing themselves again and again in a lifetime.

In astrological speak, Caitlyn’s Sun is sitting on her ascendant, lighting up her first house of ‘self’, appearance and how she comes across. The Sun in this position it indicates a life in the spotlight – the star at the center of the universe!

True to form, Caitlyn has been center-stage throughout her life, as a sportsman (then appearing on cereal boxes across America after the Olympics), broadcaster, actor and, more recently, playing her part in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In her latest turn, as the person to take the transgender conversation mainstream, she has undergone one of the biggest transformations of all as far as appearances are concerned! So what else is going on, astrologically?

Image: Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair
Image: Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

When an individual has Scorpio rising, we look to the position of the sign’s planetary ruler (Pluto/Mars) for its significance in the birth chart. In Caitlyn’s chart, Pluto sits with ‘the Midheaven’ in Leo.

Positioned at the very top of the chart, the Midheaven is an indication of the impression we send out to the world – similar to the ascendant, but also close to the cusp of the tenth house it can speak of our career, our purpose, public image, even our place in society.

Leo on the Midheaven lends a bit of theatre and playfulness. They could perhaps be an actor or ‘seen’ by others as a thespian, both confident and dramatic. A Leo Mc could be viewed as a creative force, a ‘kindly King’, warm, proud, childlike and fun.

So, not only does Caitlyn have a spotlight put on her, she’s sending out a signal that says; ‘I’m comfortable as the star of the show.’

In the tenth house of vocation, powerful Pluto sits 18 degrees of Leo and a little further along Mars too. This adds another ‘Plutonian’ dimension to the reputation and public persona – it’s like even more Scorpio. Pluto is a mark of intensity, focus and determination.

It indicates someone with a strong presence and Pluto is another indicator of transformation – although not necessarily gender re-assignment. It could be someone that can shift careers or their direction in life. Mars here adds bags of stamina and wants recognition.

As for how the planets are interacting with Caitlyn now, as anyone who follows astrology will know, bountiful Jupiter is also currently transiting the constellation of the lion. This is bringing a certain boost to all the Leo Sun signs out there, Jupiter is also expanding everything it touches – which goes for Caitlyn’s public image. As well as her Pluto, also in her tenth house and quite possibly the most important planet in her chart!

Cut to that interview with Diane Sawyer.

On the April 24, Jupiter was in contact with Caitlyn’s Midheaven, and is touching her natal Pluto just as the Vanity Fair photoshoot hits the stands. Her Mars will be next, which sits at zero degrees of Virgo – meaning August could see a hat trick of significant public appearances.

Caitlyn was also born with the moon in Aquarius, a Uranian-ruled sign that can be eccentric, rebellious, quirky – even shocking. I like this lunar sign for her, as I suspect she’ll be right at home feeling like the oddball, at least for a little while.

What do you think about Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation, and the public obsession with her family? Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


Cast by Louise Androlia using the Tarot Of The Holy Light deck

Gemini / Gemini Rising – Three of Pentacles

I’m going to be blunt with you this month birthday babes. It’s time to step into those dreams, grab onto what feels good and holy cow it’s time to own your voice. Please. Your purpose in this life is not to be unkind to yourself. Your purpose in this life is not to not show up for your journey. The start of a solar year is like your own private new year celebration, a time to spin that wheel again. Last month I encouraged you to get clear about what you need, rather than want – so what came up for you over the last few weeks? It’s likely a few intense feelings, and that is GOOD. Feelings link us directly to our intuition, so do not de-value any of them.

Over the next few weeks I feel that you have the opportunity to step up, especially where your career is concerned. It feels to me that people want what you have to give, whether you are willing to own a sense of confidence in this or not. You have a voice and it is time for it to be heard! No, this isn’t a call to step up on your soapbox, but it is a time to own your talents and also consider how you might want to be of service in this world. Life is your teacher and as you learn and heal through the cycles you experience, you are called to share and teach from your experiences – in order to keep the circle turning.

This sense of stepping up is wide and expansive, and it might be that you need to step up and honor the feelings you’ve been having recently. It’s also a perfect time to ask for help (in fact it always is) – so please don’t be afraid. Recognize that your light and dark are always aligned perfectly for you to move forwards. Allow the sunshine to be your anchor, and let your fears be free to fly away.
This is a wonderful month for you to educate yourself and others, and I believe any time you feel stuck or disconnected this month you’ll be able to guide yourself back onto your path by reading and researching.

As an Air sign, your brain needs to be kept well oiled. You need to feed your intellect and respect your ideas. How can you design your days and your space to complement your internal landscape? Finally – congratulations on being you! How often do you stop to congratulate yourself on having made it today? Do it now. You are on target, keep holding your steering wheel.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Cancer / Cancer Rising – Nine of Pentacles

Last month was a huge learning curve, wasn’t it? You were flying free, travelling, exploring externally and internally. What have you learned about yourself? Where do your roots want to dive in and grab hold of the Earth? Where have your thoughts been leading you? Are you still in flight or are you seeking a new home? The self-exploration earthquake has become familiar territory for you recently – a sense of shifting and shaking, versus steady grounding. Which do you prefer?

I can’t assume all of you want to be rooted in one spot, but home is your theme for the coming weeks – so consider what that really means to you right now. The energy here speaks of material successes, hinged on a theme of accepting what you need to feel at peace in your environment. Some of us need our favorite furniture, a huge space, the sea, the city. Some of us feel safest on the move, around unfamiliar spaces and absorbing new scenes. Where do you feel you sit right now?

I am uplifted by the energy for you over the coming weeks as I sense there will be a few moments where you can’t help but take that huge deep breath as you truly drop into the moment. Sometimes we miss these feelings if we are distracted, so keep yourself aware of moments that bring a slight tingling in the chest, a tear in your eye, or the urge to smile and weep at the same time. At these points, something is connecting, something is hitting home. Don’t be afraid, just observe and take note.

Recognize that you will grow in the spaces that feel like home, even if only for a few passing weeks. If you are feeling displaced in your location, you’re allowed to explore alternate options. And there are always alternate options – so think expansively. The coming days are in place for you to shout about your ideas and your discoveries. You will find great peace from voicing anxieties, epiphanies and victories, so share abundantly. Everything becomes stronger when it is able to breathe – you, your passions, your voice and your relationships. Notice any parts of your life that are feeling strangled and ask yourself what you need to free them up? You might feel the need to physically stretch, a lot, so stand and spread your arms out wide, open your chest, or lay on the floor in a star shape. Be fluid.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Leo / Leo Rising – Six of Pentacles

I’m surprised you haven’t had this card come up in the two years I’ve been writing these ‘scopes, but perhaps it means that this message and theme wil hit you even stronger over the coming weeks. You are being pushed to honor the concept of giving and receiving and the knowledge that this is how harmony is achieved.

Firstly, in relationships – which means friendships and all other points of human contact. How do you feel your communication is aligned? Are you running on empty whilst giving and giving? Do you often step into ‘martyr mode’ and complain that no one is supporting you, that everyone is draining you? Our energy levels are OUR CHOICE. Stepping into the ‘everyone is an energy vampire’ mindset is to step into victim mode, and forget that you are the director of your experience. If you truly feel that someone is draining you, then it’s time to shift your boundaries and support yourself, not complain about the person in question. Empower yourself with self-care, it is always the answer.

Moving onwards, up your energy with either more time alone spent inwardly exploring, and also more time with those who make you feel like you can fly. Your time is valuable and precious; spend it with people who make you feel alive and inspired. In times of energy crisis visualize that bubble of light around you! Energy protection works via awareness, the more you discover that you are an energetic being the more easy it is to keep yourself in your brightest space.

In matters of romance and dating, you want someone who can show up in person, not just via an emoji in a text. Think about that and claim your self worth. Do you find it difficult to ask for help or accept love in your life? Practice the art of receiving with simple steps. Allow friends to buy you coffee, and say thank you without an excuse when someone pays you a compliment. Finally this month, feel empowered from learning to say NO to things that don’t feel good for you. This creates space for things you want to say YES too! You are not require to do things to just please others, This is your story, so ask yourself – does this work for me? And if not – what are you going to do about it?

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Virgo / Virgo Rising – Page of Wands

Last month there was a strong theme of loss for you. Some of you faced heartbreak in all it’s forms, empowered and otherwise, others of you moved onwards physically with environmental shifts and career highs and lows. As the energy blends and shifts over the coming weeks, I feel you will start to feel your Fire element rise back up, as you gain positive energy from the changes that have occurred.

It may seem crazy to think that strength can be what shows up after a dip in energy, but know that your shifts are in place to strengthen your energy and give you tools for moving forwards. So firstly, how are you feeling? Self-care should always be a priority, which means looking after yourself and valuing and nurturing whatever you are feeling in the moment. If you need to take a break, a hide away, or simply to lay down a little, it’s safe to do so at the start of the month. Take that break now to allow the Fire element to keep building – and don’t worry, things aren’t going to start zooming ahead without you!

The energy in place for you is more about the return of your life force, your mojo, that inner drive and will that you know and love. Your wish to manifest big ideas and fun experiences is creeping back to you, and you are beginning to feel the light emerge from the shadows. How to honor this energy? Dip your toe in. This means taking note of your creative ideas, your smiles, and your passions. Nothing comes into your consciousness without reason – these are things to work with. So what is on your mind? What is ready to explode from your heart? It is seed-planting time, and I feel you might want to nudge a few powerful soul urges out of hiding.

Your dreams may also be visionary this month, so keep a notepad by your bed and scribble away in the morning, enjoy un-puzzling the symbols into concrete ideas. Finally, choose your company wisely this month. It doesn’t suit you to downgrade your personality or try to ‘fit in’. Where are your soulmates at? Melt into good company and note how it expands not only your experience, but also your visions for your future – share your biggest ideas, let others support you until your wings strengthen again. Be powered from your darkness but catapult yourself towards the Sun.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Eight of Wands

This month brings in a brighter and more joyful energy for you, especially with many of you having been wading neck deep through quicksand recently. It feels like a lightning bolt effect coming in. It may be that you become very present with the lessons that have been chipping away at you since the start of the year, and some ‘ah ha’ moments just suddenly swoop in. These might be way more simple than you think too -often we expect (and sometimes desire) everything to be so complicated, but the answers we are yearning for are frequently so simple, it’s easy for us to miss them.

In moments of self-sabotage it may be hard to discover and accept that your goal is merely to be kind to yourself. How can that help me, you ask? Enlightenment is reached through self-awareness and knowledge; and you may need to try out some deep and loving compassion for yourself and your experiences to understand this.

On a creative and communicative level, this month is a good time to reconnect with others, especially if you’ve been hiding out in your hermit’s cave for a while. Just put the feelers out to those nearest and dearest, suggesting a coffee or maybe even requesting a shoulder to cry on. Career wise, how about returning to that project you abandoned, but still love? Can you infuse it with a renewed sense of positive energy and loving commitment? Don’t fear failure, only remember that there is no such thing.

Following in this vein, keep prepping for the rest of the year – but with no restrictions, and less pressure than you sometimes put on yourself. Just enjoy doing what you do, or discovering what you enjoy doing. The Fire element is very strong for you at the moment, so finding some time to put into fun and passion projects is encouraged, as well as the confidence to share them with the world. I always love the energy of this card because it brings assertive movement and is here to remind you that things are moving ahead, even for those of you who feel well and truly STUCK. In fact, have you considered how that stuck feeling is also a form of movement, as time is still passing, you are still learning, your thoughts are still valuable. Something is brewing, and everything is a perfectly aligned now to propel you into your superhero self.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Two of Swords

The Scorpio/Taurus axis is particularly strong this month, in regards to inner questioning and fear recognition. It feels a little like a whirlwind right now, and frustrating for you, because as an intuitive you aren’t so comfortable with so much thinking. Where are all the feelings? It’s time to work with your thoughts though, to respect that headspace, even if your brainwaves are pushing your limits at the moment and clarity seems just like a fuzzy idea you were familiar with once.

A practice of of patience within your impatience is going to be the challenge. To remember that perhaps the various crossroads you see in front of you are perfectly placed, and that any feelings of frustration are indeed of value.If it feels like you are at a crossroads, then there must be a sign post; whether you can see it or not is a different matter. It’s easy to feel unsupported or disillusioned when you aren’t sure where you are headed, and that’s okay. How about you start by remembering the web of the past and how it got you here today. Was everything predicted? Did it all go the way you planned? Maybe not – but was it perfect? Hell yes, and right now is no different.

How tight is the blindfold you’re wearing? Looser than you thought, I believe. It feels to me that the answers are right in front of you if you’d like to tune into them. This is where it’s time to blend what your head is telling you with what’s going on in your heart space, remembering that clarity is a combination of a perfect thought and a strike of intuition. So it’s time to open your eyes fully and reconnect. The last month may have sidelined you from your meditation practice, with a lot of being there for others and not as much alone time as you’re used to.

June is the month to reclaim your introvert, slam back down on that cushion, start journalling and get back to listening to all the guidance you know you already have inside of you. Remember there are no bad choices, so don’t be afraid to commit to one thing and just see where it takes you. You may find that all your other inspirations start to pivot and blend together, and it really isn’t the mess that you thought was taking over. Most of all, remember you’ve got this. This isn’t a crisis point, it’s a power shift.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Three of Cups

Did you know that compassion is pretty much the solution to everything? This month is about pouring love and kindness upon it all, you included. It’s also a chance for the most skeptical and morose of you to engage in an energy experiment. This experiment is about perception, and about choosing to see everything from your most loving place. For those of you who fear or sneer at the prospect of thinking positively, I’d like to reframe the concept of thinking ‘high.’

Approaching life or experiences with a wide-eyed outlook does not set you up for loss, or in some way lower your IQ. All that happens is that you are afforded the best possible viewpoint; to think positively is to view the world as if you have climbed that little bit higher. You get to see everything a little more clearly and with a wider lens. Which sounds GREAT to me. So yes, June is a rose tinted month, and with this in mind I hope you’ll be inspired to balance out any challenges with some serious fun. Again, you need to be of full creative vision to remind yourself to notice the small but great moments that sometimes pass you by every day.

A great example of this is PAWS. Cat paws, dog paws, animal feet in general – works of pure joy, right?! But on a more serious note, the Universe is quite interested in you diving into the good stuff and also patting yourself on the back. I feel a few of you have things to celebrate, even what you deem as a small victory is still a victory, right? On the romance front meanwhile, this is the ideal energy for a swoon alert to be sent out. Practice some good old-fashioned dates with your nearest and dearest, focusing on creating a no pressure kind of comfort zone. If you’re currently pursuing someone where even you can’t even force the spark to ignite, then it’s not worth your time. Be in love with yourself instead – it’s much more fun.

And on the subject of self-love and going hand-in-hand with this compassionate theme, you may find yourself in the throes of some nostalgia-induced waterworks at the start of the month. Don’t fear that this is a sign you’re going backwards, these feelings are coming up and out as part of a much needed clearing process – leaving an open space that’s now ready to be filled with new opportunities and connections.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – King of Cups

As you continue to be pushed out of your restrictive comfort zone, there’s no let up in June. These next few weeks feel to me as though they are going to bring a cascade of feelings, full on Water element waves and waterfalls. As a water sign myself, when I think of this I get uplifted and excited but I know as someone who likes to exercise a little more control can seem like you’re losing it when tears are shed or you’re experiencing feelings of overwhelm.

I’d love you to approach this part of being human in a new way. Think about adrenaline, and how we get a rush of it when we’re anxious but also when we feel the freedom and excitement of a rollercoaster. These feelings of fear and love mirror each other, and are therefore perfectly connected. If you feel waves of overwhelm, consider how you might be able to channel them into pure unbridled excitement. It is possible and you are totally able to experiment with that idea.

Mastering the water element also means employing a judgment free mindset, and being unapologetic about boundaries and desires this month. It’s important that you call in a positive selfishness and commit to following intuitively what you need. It’s not a time to keep putting others first, or to downplay your thoughts and feelings. In fact, it’s time to up the stakes, put the crown upon your head and own your worth. You see, when you truly value everything that’s within and around you anxiety dissipates. Rather than suddenly lose control, accepting yourself as a human with a full rainbow spectrum of vulnerabilities and emotional responses is to discover the true meaning of self-empowerment.

The experiences you have over the coming weeks are in place for you to connect to a deeper level of your soul and to finally shift yourself out of a more static place into a way of living and thinking that is more ‘in flow’ for you. Yes, change can make you insane, but it’s always a good thing. Never forget that you are designed to evolve, and that you aren’t supposed to know what the future holds. To have everything set in stone would mean that life – a place to explore and behold – would lose its purpose. Enjoy it all.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – Three of Wands

Following on from last month’s manifesting action theme, June brings in the magic of expansion along with some Fire energy, which are essentially the cogs on the wheel to all you’ve been pondering and planting recently. This brings the boost you need, along with an influx of fun. I always feel a deep sigh of relief when I pull this card because it is so expansive, so generous and so full of growth potential. This is how I would love you to see your life right now – and yeah, I know that may seem a little too full of the joys of spring, but still, I hold that thought for you.

Expansion has become such an important word for me, in fact it’s the word that I’ve allowed to become the master of my life. Along with a steady surrender practice, thinking expansively has the potential to turn most challenges into something you can work with and most blocks into a breakthrough. This is what’s in store from you this month, if you can be willing to switch to this mindset too. I’d like you to cast your eyes to the rest of this year and over some of the ideas you’ve been having. How many of them have you already sidelined because of a fear of failure or disappointment?

I want you to pick up any lost creative passions and see how you can infuse a sense of gallant excitement back into the game. Recognize that areas of your life that feel lack luster and stale require a different approach or perception. It’s no use repeating a tired pattern that you know doesn’t work for you. Whether it’s in your career, your health or your relationships, there is always a new way you could be looking at something; which goes hand-in-hand with an attitude of, well, why the heck not? Most things that could be beneficial are worth a try, right?

I always feel that if things aren’t feeling that great, or you aren’t feeling that well, then you may as well give change a shot, because chances are it will lead you somewhere better than the mud you’ve got stuck in.
So June is here for you to play with, to stretch out your fears and dream tremendously high, to expand your horizons, to travel, internally and externally. Open up the windows of your subconscious and let yourself loose. I’m excited to see what new opportunities might fly in when you set your default to ‘YES’.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – Ten of Swords

Oh yep, another shift of cycles for you my watery companion – do I say that a lot? Well that’s exactly as it should be when youre the most free-flowing member of the zodiac. You are perfectly designed to shift from one space to another; you just don’t always realize it. The month of June kicks you into a new energy that will carry you away from recent bumps and clunks. The feeling is that your lower level feelings will become a distant memory as something much more exciting and creative takes over your brain waves. I am feeling rainbows and light when I tune into you, and to receive this energy you do need to burst the restrictive bubble you may be sitting in right now.

It could be the Mercury Retrograde that’s at play until June 11, or just the old romantic in you, but it seems like some of you have been paying a little too much attention to the past, in a kind of rose-tinted lens kind of way. Know that if you chose to move forward then, you didn’t do so in vain. You made an empowered choice and it’s okay to stick with that. There are better things ahead, especially better than melancholy nostalgia trip. You also are encouraged to not replay events and try to rewrite them in your mind. There is no need to ‘fix’ a failure – everything aligned as it was supposed to. Trust in this.

Okay yes, I know you’re the master of the dream state and I’m not here to rain on that parade. I’m just pushing you to allow your intuition and artistic elements to step boldly into the future. Isn’t it more exciting to create the new than replay the old? This is the central theme of the month I feel, you having one eye on designing the months ahead as you intend them to play out; using a combination of super vision and concrete clarity.

I feel that you have the option to really shift what has seemed like never never land, into actual concrete form and I soooo love the sound of that. I feel that by the end of the month you will have received some serene clarity on the confusion of recent months, and along with that a big injection of confidence. I also feel that you have the opportunity to accept a shift in your relationship with your own subconscious, especially those of you who are out of touch with your own psychic gifts. A final thought: tune in = turn on.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Four of Wands

The perfect follow on to the ‘match striking’ aspects of May; as all those ideas are now expanding and developing into reality, perhaps even at quite an alarming rate. The energy you’re channeling right now is very much that of the juggler, and I feel that some of you might also be feeling a little afraid that everything is about to fall down on top of you? A LOT of deep breaths have probably been required in the last week. But do you know the very best thing to do when you feel like you’re holding everything by a tiny thread? Let it fall, give it up…surrender, of course.

Trust that releasing your anxiety-ridden grip won’t cause chaos, but rather will give you a chance to rub your eyes and see with a clearer and more expansive perspective. It does kinda make sense, right? Anyway the true essence of this energy is celebration! So it seems that some of what you have up in the air is pretty damn impressive and full-on exciting. You might not be able to see the benefits while your head is down in the trenches working away, but know that bit-by-bit your empire is building and things are coming into effect; yeah yeah probably not on your time frame of course! Blame Mercury Retrograde (until June 11) if you like – everyone else does!

So yes, June sees good times, parties, wellbeing, love and joy all flooding in, so I’d also like to float the idea of taking a mini break. Should I whisper that? I see your head bob up, ‘wait, can I really take a vacay and STOP FOR ONE MOMENT?’ Yes, in fact I’m encouraging it. When you have so much on your plate it can feel like there’s no way you are allowed to do something for yourself, but I promise you it will enable you to get even more done. You need these breaks and you are granted permission.

It’s also this little nudge to remind you that often you get your best ideas when you’re out socializing and chatting to people, right? Don’t some of your best epiphanies come in the midst of conversation, when your mind starts whizzing and you feel the need to grab your iPhine and make a few notes to self? So allow yourself those social prompts to get you into your best flow. It’s a win-win situation really, and I’m pretty excited to see what you come up with.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Eight of Swords

Okay so we have a repetition on our hands, as this is the same card as last month – so of course your energy is on a similar wavelength, and that is truly okay. You are going through a process and having some more time to work on this will be very beneficial. I feel lke things have moved into a new space though, as you’ve been getting present with your fears and may have experienced some inspiring nudges out of your comfort zone recently – which have been pretty eye opening, right? It’s very beneficial for you right now to be dipping your toes in all that’s new and unfamiliar, as it’s just so good for your self-development.

As you experiment with different ways of thinking and communicating, it’s likely you’ll discover new and maybe improved methods that enlighten and brighten your experience. I’d also like for you to think about the concept of ‘crossed wires,’ as this seems to be prevalent for you right now. In the past six months, have there been some major shifts based on to’ing and fro’ing via text and email? Perhaps even too much communication not in person. It’s easy to get into this habit, but it’s not always the best way to get your authentic voice or message across. Over the next few weeks it will help you to practice actually voicing your plans, dreams and adventures IN PERSON.

Sharing without fear of judgment helps you really step into a new type of confidence in your own personality and weird (but completely valid) ways. You may also discover that people aren’t as annoying as you thought; remember, everything is based upon perception, and assumptions truly can cause chaos. So with all this in mind, just keep going as you were, working on everything you’ve already got going on, but a little more open to new perceptions having redesigned a few of your own stagnant thought patterns.

You are still working on a few personal blocks, and by approaching them with new thoughts and new forms of expression you are bound to receive some sort of breakthrough. On the other side of your most bewildering blind spots is your own bright and beaming light, your own superpower and route to success. The intriguing discoveries you make over the coming weeks are fertilizer for your best self – keep remembering that this life is your schoolyard and playground. So what can you learn today?

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