Dive into this month’s medicine for your sign with our Numinous Tarotscopes June 2018, cast by Melinda Lee Holm using the Starchild Tarot …

The Numinous Tarotscopes June 2018 Melinda Lee Holm

Knight of Crystals

Happy Solar Return, Gemini! Your birthday present from my Tarot deck this month is the great gift of active grounding. Knights represent the Fire of their suit, and in the case of Crystals, we get the absolutely mythological-sounding Fire of Earth. Are you swooning? If not, get into it. The Knight of Crystals someties gets a bad rap in his incarnation in other decks as the Knight of Pentacles, but I don’t buy it. Any figure that urges us to find a way to be grounded while remaining active and dynamic is cool in my book. You know that feeling when you’re in a good groove on the dance floor and you feel the weight of your body holding you to the Earth even as you remain in constant, elegant motion? That’s Knight of Crystals stuff right there.

So how (besides dancing) can you take advantage of this energy in your daily life? Look for ways that you feel comfortable and “at home” without feeling tied down. As the mutable Air sign of the zodiac, this is no small task. Your inherent flexibilty and ability to see (be?) all sides of any situation bring you many perks, but feeling naturally grounded is not one of them. Start small. Go to your favorite restaurant alone so you can stay as long as you want, spend time in nature, eat root vegetables. Follow your instincts – the fiery nature of Knights makes them act from the gut – just make sure that your compass is tuned Earthward.

Your stone for June: Moss Agate


Oppression (The Devil)

We’re in this together, Cancer (my natal Sun also falls under the spell of the Crab). I know this is one of the “scary” cards of the Tarot, but I have a confession. When I pulled this card for us this month, I was stoked and I want you to be too. We feel things deeply, sometimes painfully deeply, and sometimes we don’t even know why. A heaviness can set in like a dark cloud and we simply sit and wait for the mysterious storm to clear. Not this month. This month we are being given the opportunity to uncover what is holding us back and to find that we alone have the power to lift those energetic chains. And this card does not deal in the small things. I am talking about huge life-shifting changes in perspective that allow us to step into our power like we never knew we could.

Will it be pleasant? Absolutely not. Whenever we discover we have been our own oppressors (or agents in our oppression) all along, there is going to be some sorrow, probably some guilt and shame. And for you and I, Cancer, this can be a terrible trap. Do whatever you can to lift yourself as you uncover these truths this month. It’s a balancing act – go see the Shaman, meditate, journal, light black candles – and then let a friend cook you dinner. Make sure you spend at least as much time making yourself feel loved as you do sawing through those chains. And remember – manifesting up is just as easy as manifesting down.

Your stone for June: Howlite


Eight of Cups

My dear leonine friends, your version of getting in shape for summer this year revolves around your emotional body. It’s time to get very clear about your long term emotional needs and make the changes needed to ensure these needs are met. This doesn’t mean confrontations or fireworks – really. I know your planet is the Sun and you like to be seen, but this month is a covert operation. Take this time to take stock of what is truly serving your emotional life in a lasting and sustainable way. Make lists and check them twice, spend time with people and see how you feel afterwards, and consider that any feelings of discomfort may have more to do with you than with your company. This is the low-hanging fruit. The true gift of long-term emotional stability can only come from within.

This will be more enjoyable and easier by carrying the metaphor of getting the emotional body in shape. How do we get and keep our physical bodies in shape? We make small, managable changes to our routine and we remain consistent. What is your current emotional health regimen? What do you do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to ensure the continued health of your energetic heart? What healthy habits can you put in place that you can commit to keeping up with regularly? That’s the key here. Just like a couple days of spin class will not make you a world class athlete, a couple days of journaling will not transform your emotional life. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Your stone for June: Green Tourmaline


Three of Cups

Time to put all those emotional connections you embraced last month to work, Virgo! June is bringing you a gorgeous pool of heart-centered collaboration to dive into. Gather your most prolific besties and see what magic you can make together.  Whatever you get into, it is sure to be fulfilling. Will it be lucrative? Popular? The start of something grand? Eh, maybe. That’s really not the point. The goal here is to train yourself to believe that it is ok to make practical decisions based purely on your feelings. I am not suggesting you quit your day job to run away and join the circus because you feel close to your friends in trapeze class. But, I’m not NOT saying that either.

Emotional collaboration should not only pull you out of your comfort zone a bit, it should also pull you out of your reality. The wonderful thing about working closely with others is that they provide us with a window on a whole different world – the one they see through their eyes and experience. These windows allow us to see out into other worlds and also to see our own reflection in the glass – we learn about ourselves by learning about those who are different from us.  Are you seeing how important it is to really follow your heart in this project? Your very identity can be transformed by your work with these collaborators. So if you do decide to run off, make sure it’s a really good circus.

Your stone for June: Rhodonite


The Magician

Halleluljah, Libra! Now that you’ve completed the task of staring sorrow in the face, you have earned the opportunity to advance your manifesting game and not just a little. The Magician is major (pun intended). You are on a quest this month to gather the power of the Four Earthly Elements of the tarot suits (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) and to align with the 5th Element of Spirit to create your world anew. We often think of manifesting in terms of specific things – getting a job or a home, increasing income, calling in a lover. These are small potatoes to The Magician. What you are called to manifest now is a whole paradigm of existence that allows these things to grow naturally.

What do you want to feel like? Free, satisfied, rich, happy, loved? What is the unique mix that is you? How do you want to think about yourself and your role in the world? What do you know in your gut is the most important thing to your overall feeling of accomplishment? How can all of this materialize in the three dimensional world? Got it all? Great. Now make sure that everything you have conjured up served not only you, but the whole Universe. As above, so below. Aligning with Spirit ensures that your personal mode of manifestation will be a beautiful reflection of the Divine. Be brutally honest with yourself on this. Staying on the up and up with Spirit and your Earthly neighbors ensures you will maintain support for your vision.

Your stone for June: Nuumite


King of Crystals

I have a confession, Scorpio. I have a huge crush on the King of Crystals. His Air of Earth vibes have his intellect so finely tuned to what is truly best for growing Earthly bounty that he never ever worries about being provided for. This dude has never known lack, but he has seen it and stepped up and filled the needs of others. Get into this energy by taking a step back and finding where you may be trying to force something to grow in a way that is not natural or is in conflict with its inherent strengths. This requires a very healthy dose of trust. It is so easy to fall into patterns of worry and anxiety when waiting for material abundance to grow, particulary for someone who feels as deeply as you do. Resist this urge and force yourself to be annoyingly optimistic.

What do you do when you identify where you are pushing in unfruitful places or in unproductive ways? Judging yourself for it will get you nowhere. The task is simply to identify, redirect, and repeat. A great method for this work would be to list out your Earth-bound goals (anything having to do with the material world and finances) and assess your daily patterns by whether and how effectively they are moving you closer to achieving these goals. Are you taking advantage of your body’s natural rhythms? Are your inherent strengths and gifts being cultivated and put to work to support the life you desire? To build the kingdom, first be the King.

Your stone for June: Peridot


Knight of Swords

Are you feeling good, Sagittarius? Feeling loved, feeling open? If not, dig in and get close because you have something to say this month and a need to get it out, and we want those words coming from a place of love and confidence, not fear and resentment. The Fire of Knights tends to give their energy an urgency that can be difficult to contain. This is why the Knights are so often described as havng a teenage quality to them – they remind us of the overwhelming urgency to act we felt as adolescents. This can be exhilerating or terrifying depending on where you are. Since your cards for the past few months have fallen heavily in the uplifting/opening realm, I am hoping this falls on the exhilerating side.

The need to speak your mind will be most noticable when you feel compelled to express your thoughts to others, so keep your ear tuned to messages you need to hear yourself. So often the flaws we perceive most clearly in others are smply there as mirrors to show us where we have internal work to do – either an adjustmant or acceptance of these same flaws. This is where your real work comes in this month. I want you to focus on directing all of these urgent communicatons you feel at yourself first. It’s going to seem silly and even crazy sometimes, but go with it. Take a breath, open your heart and mind, and hear what you have to say yourself before saying it out loud to others.

Your stone for June: Larmiar


Nine of Crystals

You’re on an Earthy roll, Capricorn! And after the big push of grounded planning last month, you should know just where to put the high-achieving practicality of this month’s energy. I have to admit, the Nines are my sweet spot. Reaching beyond the long-term stability of the Eights, not satisfied to be simply sustained, wanting to grow and develop further from a place of relative comfort, reaching a high level of wisdom, but still knowing there is so much left to learn. It’s a goregous energy in any suit in my book (though you wouldn’t know it from the illustrations in some decks!), but in your native element of Earth, it’s particularly lovely. You have an opportunity here to reach for the stars with your feet on the ground to create what could become a legacy.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet. The pip cards ask us to step into the daily work of the real world. So, rather than focusing on legacy, focus on what you have the power to grow right here and now. Where in your life have you reached a good level of achievement and stability? What tasks or skills are you pretty good at already? How can you make those things bigger and better? If you’re a skilled artist, try a new technique or medium, refine a process you’ve wanted to branch out into. Take a class in your field, learn something new about what you already know and do and love and succeed in. You’re ready to reach beyond what you previously thought possible.

Your stone for June: Optical Calcite


Eight of Swords

I am pleased to inform you, dear Aquarius, that this month brings you one of your very favorite passtimes: thinking about thinking. The Eight of Swords asks us to find a place of lasting stability in the realm of Air and there’s no better way to do it but to think, think about those thoughts, talk about them, and then think some more. And seeing that the one thing you can count on for the distant future is that you will be there with yourself, the best person to work this out with is you. Take as much time as you can to sit and ruminate this month, focusing on examining how patterns of thought and communication can or cannot sustain your long-term health and wellbeing.

I know it can be stressful to look this closely at your own interior dialog. Keep it light, refrain from judgment, and take breaks to go into full-on daydream mode when needed. The goal here is not to stress you out, but to get to a place where you have an internal system in place that automatically gets you back on track when you hit bumps in the mental road. This energy is about setting up your patterns in a way that serves you now and well into the future. I recently figured out I could set my online scheduling system to see my calendar and I suddenly had SO MUCH MORE SPACE in my head. That’s what I’m talking about. Bonus points if you close loops that keep you from taking risks to grow.

Your stone for June: Magnesite


Five of Swords

Ok, Pisces, I’m just going to get right into it. You’ve got a bit of work to do this month. Not in the active way that lets you see your accomplishments and feel good about being of service in the world. This is interior work. It is time to stop wondering what people think about you, or worse – assuming you know what they think and what their intentions are. Chaos in the realm of Air is familiar to all of us, but to you it can become a place of dark comfort. Break those chains that bind you, Pisces! It’s not even that you can’t know for sure what other people are thinking about you (no matter how much you wonder or even ask), it’s that it doesn’t matter.

I can feel you tensing up. Hear me out. How people treat you is the metric you want to go by. Think about it – if you have a friend who thinks you’re AMAZING, but cannot keep a date with you, you have to manage the relationship based on their behavior. You can’t keep making dinner reservations hoping that their opinion of you overrides their deficiencies in punctuality. Besides, you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to be a mind reader. All month, I want you to notice when you get caught in traps of swirling thoughts and just stop to make note of what actual evidence you have. Be Olivia Benson and Alex Cabot rolled into one – follow your gut, but make sure the evidence is there to back it up.

Your stone for June: Hematite


Serenity (The Hermit)

Dear Aries, you are kicking off the summer months in enviable fashion. You are being called to pump the breaks and take a well earned break from your drive for achievement. While this isn’t exactly your comfort zone, I think you’ll have little trouble talking yourself into it. This month, stand ready to do just that – stand ready. No need to move forward, get new clients, accomplish goals or complete tasks. With the year you’ve had, I’m guessing you have things at least adequately lined up to support your daily life, so sit back, take a deep breath, and turn inward. It’s time to do some solo exploation on your own energetic backyard.

If you’re able to actually take a little sabbatical or a vacation, that’s wonderful. But even if your work routine can’t change, you can priorotize solitary time. Be your own dream date. Take yourself to movies you want to see, explore parks you’ve never been to, go to a museum, listen to that record you used to play on repeat, reconnect with parts of yourself you haven’t hung out with in a while. The grind of modern life can run us ragged and conflicting priorities can force us to neglect aspects of ourselves and the world that were once important to us. This is a wonderful oppotunity to focus on gathering up those pieces and trying them on again to see what we want to bring forward and share with the other people in our lives. But not quite yet. This month is just for you.

Your stone for June: Peach Moonstone


Four of Crystals

I love this narrative, Taurus. Trust the timing of the Universe, trust yourself, find stability. And for you, dear Fixed Earth friend, stability in your native element is deeply comfortable and comforting. Spring may have kept you on your toes, but you’re starting summer in the energetic equivalent of lounging in a hammock in a gentle breeze. If you’ve felt uneasy or unsure about your standing in a situation, June should clear that up and have you putting stakes in the ground for the future. Trust your inner compass (well-honed by now) to tell you when and where it is safe to lay your claim. I only ask, nudge, urge you to be sure that you are thinking big and thinking scalable.

I always get the tiniest bit nervous when this card comes up. Stability in Earth is just a little too easy to lean a little too hard into. It can get sticky, stagnant even. That’s why we have the Fives to come along and shake things up. To avoid unintentionally drawing any chaos into your life, enjoy the comfort without getting too attached to the container. You are the true source of the cozy security you long for. The more secure you are in yourself, the more comfortable in your own body, the more support you will naturally draw. My greatest hope for you is that this month you turn this energy inward and get so grounded in your own physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies that you alone are the living embodiment of the Four of Crystals. Make me proud, Taurus!

Your stone for June: Rhodochrosite


The Justice card asks us to expand our views about fairness, take steps towards stillness, and strike a bigger balance that honors our place on Earth, says Melinda Lee Holm


The 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon is a powerful invitation to stand in truth, while remaining open to challenge our patterns. Define your mission statement and celebrate a brand new point of view, says Sandy Sitron

ruby warrington sandy sitron sandra sitron the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 sagittarius full moon
Photo: Samantha Sophia

Full Moon :: May 29 2018 :: 10:20 am EDT :: 8 degrees Sagittarius

The archer locks in on the target. The alignment of her body determines the trajectory of the arrow. Note—there must be alignment and there must be a target.

A Full Moon pulls back the bowstring into a state of tension just before the release of the arrow. There is a heightened build-up of energy.

This 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon is opposite the Gemini Sun. With Gemini we weave together our thoughts and perceptions. And with Sagittarius, we form the beliefs that are the result of these repeated thoughts and perceptions. One cannot exist without the other.

Remember the archer bringing her body into alignment? This is the Gemini side of things. This is where you examine the mental patterns that make up the foundation of your beliefs.

The target is where Sagittarius comes in. The goal. The philosophical mark you are shooting for. Your higher thought process. Your mission statement. Your truth. And the freedom to aim for that truth.

The purpose of the 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon is to help you understand not only how to drive your energy forward, but where to direct it. What is your truth? What do you believe? What makes you feel passion and purpose?

If these questions feel overwhelming for you, now is your time to find a new approach. The key to your new approach is to examine your form and bow, aka your self-worth. How’s your posture? Is there a flaw in the bow? Do you believe that you are enough? Do you know that you are already whole?

The message is to find a way to become more grounded and less self-critical. To become active and not get stalled in self-flagellating

If you feel overwhelmed, define a small and simple task you can dedicate yourself to. If you feel angry, assert a boundary. If you are frustrated, talk about it. Talk with someone who can hear you and reflect back how you are feeling without trying to fix anything. If you feel stuck, find something to celebrate.

Change the pattern. 

At this 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon, there might be something that you need to fight for. With contacts between this Moon, Mars, and Saturn, asserting yourself and firming your foundation are key. Yet a serene grand trine between Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, is also a soothing balm if you find yourself needing to be right at all costs.

Imagine the Sag Full Moon as a dial. On one side of the dial are the words “I Need to Be Right.” On the other side is “My Truth, Our Truth.” Tune the dial. Notice when you are more on the belligerent side of things—“I need to be right.” Dial yourself over to the side of things where your truth exists alongside the truths of other people—unique, necessary, powerful, but not zealous.

As you lock into the higher vibration of the dial, this receptive and expansive frequency will help you transcend fear …


Full Moon semi-sextile Saturn
First you throw the stones, then you build a tiny castle.

You could use this energy to throw stones at yourself or others. You could look for all of the things that are “wrong.” Or you could get super honest with yourself and determine where you need to show up. We can all take more responsibility without compromising our integrity. This aspect reminds you to do the work.


Full Moon sextile Mars
A bugle plays in a marching band.

Action will remind you that there is hope. Take action first. It will help you sift through the thoughts. You can be your own bugle player, encouraging yourself to wake up and get in the game. Give yourself a call to action. We can’t deny that there is fight in this Full Moon.


The below conversation starters for each sign are designed to help you dive deeper into the energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon. Gather with a trusted friend or friends, and each take turns using the sentences below to begin to share an experience that is currently front and center for you. Allow each person to speak without interruption, questioning the speaker further after each share to get deeper into the heart of the matter.

For the most accurate insight, find the sentence for the House that holds 8 degrees Sagittarius in each of your birth charts. Don’t have that info? Do you chart for free HERE.

Aries // 9th house
“The teaching that’s had the most impact on my worldview lately is …”

Taurus // 8th house
“I close myself off to intimacy by …”

Gemini // 7th house
“The relationship that currently feels the most supportive to me is …”

Cancer // 6th house
“I feel healthiest in my mind and body when I …”

Leo // 5th house
“The creative project I am ready to begin birthing is …”

Virgo // 4th house
“I am learning to take better care of myself by …”

Libra // 3th house
“The most interesting thing I read about this week was …”

Scorpio // 2nd house 
“Beyond financial rewards, I feel most valued in the world when I …”

Sagittarius // 1st house 
“I feel most confident expressing myself when I …”

Capricorn // 12th house 
“The part of my life I am most ready to focus on healing is …”

Aquarius // 11th house 
“My vision for myself five years from now is …”

Pisces // 10th house 
“The career goal I am setting for myself is …”

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here. And check out our Numiversity digital course MERCURY: YOUR COSMIC VOICE COACH with a special Mercury guided hypnosis from Sandy, plus symbols and activations for each Mercury sign. 


Get this week’s symbol for your astro sign with Sandy Sitron‘s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

Light on water pink Numinous weekly horoscopes May 28 2018 Sandy Sitron The Numinous

Gemini // Gemini Rising
Reflection in a pool. The reflection is far away. The light blurs. The ripples crest and dissolve. You may never know if you don’t say. You have to share if you want to be heard. Get to know who you are by reaching out. You don’t know everything already. There’s more to learn and you can learn it through relationship and communication. Reach out to touch your reflection.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Cancer // Cancer Rising
Building a sandcastle. You keep trying to put everything in order. Getting the details and the logistics lined up. It’s an excellent attempt, but you need to make the process more receptive instead of controlled. Allow your day to unfold. Maintain a simple structure. Understand the materials you’re working with— life, time, plans. These things are inherently uncontrollable. The waves come and wash away the sand, but you don’t have to stop building.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Leo // Leo Rising 
Stepping out from behind the curtain. You want to burst out onto the stage. The expectation is high. Find a way to sustain this excitement. Although you yearn for the big reveal, it can’t all happen at once. Pace yourself. Determine how you want your trajectory of achievement and self-expression to feel. Express yourself and be patient.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Virgo // Virgo Rising
Tending to the garden. Everything hinges on your self-respect. Do you respect yourself enough to nurture yourself? Or will you run roughshod over your own needs? Slow way down and help the baby version of yourself cross the street. Hold out a hand and make the connection. If you can’t help your baby self, you can’t actually be of service to the world. Be gentle and tender.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Libra // Libra Rising
Walking on stilts. You’ll get there somehow. You’ve got to lift yourself up to a higher perspective. The issue you are unraveling is resistance. Instead of blocking yourself mentally, rise above the old mindset pattern. Notice what you’re resisting. Do you have access to a new way of thinking about it?

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
The smell of yeasty bread. Rise up. Connect with your body to understand the next thing you need to do. Operating from a purely mental approach doesn’t work. You are more than just a brain, you’re a body too. Connect with your senses and your physicality. Get physical. Pay attention to sensory information. That will help you know what to do next.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
You are in a library and every book is the story of you. Take one off the shelf. This is one facet, one chunk of time, one moment of memory, one subset of identity. Now burn all the books. Who are you without your stories? Are you still yourself? Question these stories that you tell. What matters is the “you” who exists before and after. If you remember that the stories are changeable, you’ll be better able to assert yourself now.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Writing the computer code. An emotional culmination is occurring that may be currently hard to understand, but will set the stage for future development. Some quiet time to slow down and process things will be helpful. A state of exhaustion is a sign that you’re recalibrating on subconscious levels. Allow yourself space to be busy on multiple dimensions.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
A busy restaurant. There’s a lot going on and you might feel worn thin. Keep working with the underlying structure. Don’t stop the program but recognize that your priorities are changing. It may be a slightly frustrating moment as you keep to the old routine while dreaming of a new one. Change is on the way. You are getting ready to affirm fresh new directions.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
Raising your hand. You can show up in your career exactly the way you want to. Don’t settle for a watered down version of what you desire. Now is the time to set your sights on a target. Prime yourself for recognition. It’s okay to be successful. It’s okay to be seen. Raise your hand and announce your presence.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Aries // Aries Rising
A limerick. The message is conveyed as a joke and a rhyme. Find a different way to get where you want to go. Embrace your creativity, passion, and uniqueness. Have fun and be playful. The more upbeat you are, the more gold you’ll find along the way. This isn’t about forcing the fun or the joke, it’s just about remembering that it’s an option.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Taurus // Taurus Rising
A deep exhale. Exhale and let go. Whatever you are holding onto is taking too much energy. When you release your grip you’ll be surprised at how comfortable and relaxed you can feel. Because it was never necessary to hold on so tightly in the first place. It was just habit. Let yourself unwind and relax.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.


The Page of Cups asks us to sink into our heart space, harness imaginative powers, and freshen the approach to our feelings, says Melinda Lee Holm


Overwhelmed by the nuts and bolts? Maha Rose founder Lisa Levine shares 6 ways to get real about growing your business without losing your magic mind …

lisa levine maha rose ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world growing your business
Photo: Kinga Cichewicz

QUESTION: I am super creative and intuitive but have major blocks when it comes to planning, structure, and managing the financial side of my business. That stuff literally makes me fall asleep! How much of this should I try to do myself, and what should I try to outsource? I also want to allow my business to build organically, and worry that too much planning will get in the way of this. What’s a good balance to strike?”



#1 Let it grow organically. You can’t rush spirituality. You can dedicate yourself to building your business but there is still a natural evolution that you must flow with.


#2 To partner or not to partner. When I had my jewelry business, I really wished I could have had a business partner so I could focus more on the creative side of things. But in the end, I never found that person. The same goes for Maha Rose. I have lots of amazing people I work with but at the end of the day, I am the end of the decision making chain.

But it all depends on how you work. I love working with people but I also like having the final say. Actually, God(dess) is making the decisions and I am putting them into action. If I had a business partner, what would happen if the message they were receiving was different from the guidance I was receiving? A business partnership is like a marriage, and I’m in one of those already! So I choose to work on my flexibility and compromise in my personal life instead of at work.


#3 Get help! Definitely and no matter what. We can’t and don’t need to do it ALL alone. So think about what that help could look like. Try to get as organized as possible and really visualize where you need help so you can ask for exactly this. This is actually still a challenge for me. I know I need help and lots of it all the time, but because I do so many different things I’m not always sure where to ask for help first. Sometimes it seems like it may be more work to train someone else rather than just do it myself—but this is rarely the case. Help can also be someone who assists you in structuring it all. Every type of help exists.


#4 Get MORE help! I have a few very talented healer and artist friends who operate so much from their right brain (the non-logical side) that it would be hard for them to really succeed on this earthly realm without help. If this is you, it’s good to recognize this without judgement, and to allow people help you in all areas requiring left-brain logic. So may differently-minded people are embracing spirituality now, you don’t have to be a one person show. Operating within a bigger structure means you can focus on the parts you are good at.


#5 Engage with your community. This is another reason healing centers exist. In this day and age of social media and online connections, real life experiences are still so powerful. Sometimes when we are engaging in just the digital side of things it is hard to find inspiration and connection to the people who can help us grow the most.


#6 Have fun and eat the frog! No matter what your business is, and even if you are choosing to focus on the creative side, there will still be a certain amount of “nuts and bolts” things that you have to do. Eat the frog, means … do the thing you are avoiding doing! Do it first thing in the morning to give you the feeling of having accomplished something big. Once you’ve done that one difficult thing, you can play in the magic for the rest of your day …

Got a question for Lisa’s monthly “Ask a Spiritual CEO” column? Email [email protected] with the subject line: “Spiritpreneur Questions.” 


A new book, Applied Empathy, says it’s time for feelings to flow into the workplace. What type of business empath are you?

applied empathy business empath The Numinous Michael Ventura

“Empathy” is where we are at in the Now Age. Thanks to social media, we have more contact and communication with people of all different backgrounds, cultures, and POVs, than ever before. And never has it been so important to cultivate an understanding of ALL the different perspectives, experiences, and needs, of the people we are on this Cosmic journey with.

Cultivating empathy—literally the ability to understand how life looks and feels for others—is an essential component of creating future solutions that cater to the true diversity of the human experience. But when it comes to doing business, one arena where these innovations have the power to take root, empathy is often a dirty word. A “weak” word, since it’s associated with “feelings” and “intuition,” versus profits and progress reports.

But feelings and intuition are the hallmark of the kinds of leaders we need now. It’s what we teach in Moon Club, and it is a core tenet to lean into as we set about manifesting the matriarchy. It’s also the subject of a new book, Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership, by Michael Ventura, founder of NYC branding agency Sub Rosa.

You can read more about Michael in Alexandra Roxo’s interview with him, HERE. Below, in an excerpt from his book, he shares the role of seven different empath styles in the workplace. What type of business empath are you?


1// The Sage
Be present: Inhabit the here and now.

We discovered the Sage when we realized that deep insight can emerge when we are fully present in a space together. During one project, we had a few ground rules that helped us to remain fully present in our SoHo space: no phones, no computers, no cross talk. Those simple behaviors led our team members to be respectful, contemplative, and fully in the moment with one another. We saw how those simple behavioral adjustments created an environment in which deeper understanding could be attained.

The Sage represents wisdom and the ability to be fully in the moment, sensing truths about the mind, body, and surrounding space, examining what is brought into the moment and what is meant to be taken away. Look to the Sage when a situation becomes untethered from the present and disconnected from reality. Relying on this archetype will help you bring people and their ideas back to the here and now.


2// The Inquirer
Question: Interrogate assumed truths.

The Inquirers on our team are deeply curious question askers who don’t stop at the first response but probe deeper, looking for more complete understanding. We saw this emerge in an assignment when we began asking why hospital examination rooms were so cold. By asking this over and over, going deeper down the rabbit hole, we eventually reached an opportunity for improvement that was a key to our success.

The Inquirer is one part reporter, another part therapist. This archetype challenges preconceived notions and pushes for deeper, more authentic truths. Inquirers neglect small talk in favor of “big” talk: deep questions that demand contemplative responses. Always intrigued by the “why” behind each answer, Inquirers dig and dig until they reach the root.


3// The Convener
Host: Anticipate the needs of others.

The Conveners on our team knew that establishing a sense of community would bring out the truth from everyone with whom we interacted. Everything from the furnishings to the food and drink was selected to inspire a sense of safety, security, and comfort. That provided all of our colleagues the comfort they needed so they could drop into deep conversation quickly. From that we got loads of information—both verbally and nonverbally—that helped us design a better overall experience.

The consummate host, the Convener understands the importance of space and space holding. Recognizing that every detail is critical, the Convener creates a purposeful, appropriate setting for the work at hand. The space we share is an active member of the experience. The Convener anticipates what you need before you do and brings the space surrounding you to life.

Applied Empathy Michael Venture The Numinous


4// The Alchemist
Experiment: Test and learn at all costs.

The Alchemist emerged in a project where we built waiting rooms and prototype exam rooms. They were spaces where we were able to experiment and test different ways in which women experience a mammogram. Such behavior is prevalent in many of the projects we analyzed in developing the empathy archetypes and is a powerful tool often used in many innovation and design firms. The willingness to test and learn is an empathic behavior that delivers powerful understanding and impactful solutions.

Never afraid to fail in the pursuit of knowledge, the Alchemist tests everything, confident that the best work comes only from countless hours of experimentation. The Alchemist is curious, persistent, and patient, takes a chance on a new approach, and closely studies the results. Turn to the Alchemist when the only path to a solution lies through the brambles of resistance.


 5// The Confidant
Listen: Develop the ability to observe and absorb.

Creating a sense of confidence is paramount to the work we do. The space we work in is covered by the Convener, but we still need to show up in the space and listen. Our team brings a sense of patience and a willingness to open up. We listen fully and absorb every ounce of information shared with us. In many ways, this is a strategist’s first and primary skill: to shut off the inner dialogue and purely listen.

Your trusted ally, the Confidant hears to listen—instead of simultaneously planning what to say next. The Confidant embodies stillness; listens, observes, and absorbs. Keeping what you hear safe on behalf of another is what gives them a sense of integrity and strength. Look to the Confidant when asked for advice or when others need to share something of importance. The Confidant provides emotional security and comfort.


6// The Seeker
Dare: Be confident and fearless.

Seekers are daring. They are confident and fearless. The Seeker gives us the assuredness we need to take on a daunting challenge and be unafraid to do things differently. I have discovered in my own self-work that I often operate from this archetype. Entrepreneurs are inherent risk-takers, and they must dare in order to be successful.

A boundless explorer, the Seeker bravely sets out on new adventures. The Seeker lives outside his or her comfort zone, acts with confidence and self-assurance. Embody the Seeker when embracing new experiences and daunting challenges, knowing that unfettering your pursuits will eventually lead you to the answer.


 7// The Cultivator
Commit: Nurture with purpose and intentionally grow.

Cultivators have powerful vision. They understand that we commit to things today as a way of getting what we want in the future. Most people get so caught up in the day-to-day that they lose sight of the long game. The Cultivator remembers to maintain a state of empathy for the point he or she is working toward, even if it’s far out on the horizon. In our work with GE, we constantly reminded our team that the work we were doing was bigger than selling more machinery. It was about improving the overall patient experience and potentially having an impact on the lives of those involved.

The Cultivator is committed to developing ideas and is intentional about every action. Through the Cultivator, you can connect everything you do to the development and maintenance of your thoughts and work. When something feels daunting and protracted, look to the Cultivator to provide perspective and leadership. Naturally gifted at seeing the greater purpose, the Cultivator knows what it takes to reap what he or she has sown.

**Excerpted from Applied Empathy by Michael Ventura. Copyright © 2018 by Seed Communications, LLC d/b/a Sub Rosa. Excerpted with permission by Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.



Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron‘s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

Numinous weekly horoscopes May 21 2018 Sandy Sitron frog lily pad

Gemini // Gemini Rising
A frog on a lily pad. Fins turn into legs. The tadpole turns into a full-fledged frog. You now know more. You’ve lived in the water and you stand on land. You have experience. You know who you are. Let yourself stand tall in the knowing that you are allowed to be yourself. You don’t have to hide. Stand your ground. You are becoming more confident. This is a subtle change that is still developing. Confidence is a super power.

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Cancer // Cancer Rising 
A scuba diver. You can float on the surface of the water or you can safely sink into unexplored depths. Kick out, away from solid land and let your mental state submerge. Your curiosity can lead you down into the depths of your intuition, emotions, and to the edge of your spiritual boundaries. There’s more for you to learn about yourself. You are ready to explore other realms, so dive.

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Leo // Leo Rising
A palace made of mirrors exists up in the clouds. If you’re lucky you’ll get a glimpse of the palace on your next transatlantic flight. But when you do, all you’ll see is your own reflection. Look for yourself in everyone else. Look for the truth of your experience in the clouds, in the jet stream, in a new way of thinking. It’s time for you to ascend to a new way of thinking. You’ll have to raise your gaze to find yourself.

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Virgo // Virgo Rising
A hearth fire. Yearning to know your sacred vocation, to know your next steps, to know your plan. Look at the hearth fire that is already burning. The Latin word focus meant hearth. You built this fire, you built this focus. You placed the logs, you lit the match. You can enjoy the heat. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your dedication and focus. And when you’re ready you can begin to plan your next hearth fire.

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Libra // Libra Rising
Perched on a tree branch with binoculars. Scanning and searching. It’s good to seek new information. But don’t let your curiosity topple you out of the tree. Some things you know are solid. Some things you know are already known. And some other knowledge is developing slowly. You can’t have total control over your thoughts, so don’t try for that. But trust that your mindset is changing. You’re rooted and expanding simultaneously.

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Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
The surface of the Earth rolls. Allow for a seismic shift. Your emotional body is flexible. It can stretch to encompass more of your experience. You don’t have to break open. You can adjust open. You might feel emotional. You might need to cry. Nudge yourself to a state of mind that helps you encounter your emotions. The spotlight is on transformation now. As you sift through your deep feelings, you’re sifting through information. You’re learning about yourself and your experience.

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Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
A holy chalice. You can hold a bigger container. You can push yourself past habit and into a mindset of holding more space. Take space for yourself if that’s what you need. Then hold the container for a partner even if it’s not what feels easy. Your worst enemy right now is distraction. It’s imperative that you push past distraction and lean toward attention.

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Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Churning butter. Keep hold of the handle and keep churning the butter. Your attention needs to be on the chores and errands that help you feel organized. That’s when you feel grounded. You’re building a stable foundation so that you can be more productive. Go with the flow. Don’t fight against what needs to be done to maintain. If you fight time, you’ll feel exhausted.

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Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Making a quilt. You are ready to piece together a new creation. Find yourself in the squares of fabric. Find yourself in your creativity. There’s an awakening taking place. To know more, you must follow your interest. Your passion has a purpose. It’s there to fire you up and get you to sing. Center and express yourself somehow. It’s not logical to wait any longer.

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Pisces // Pisces Rising
A checkered pattern. Nothing is black and white. Nothing is extreme opposites. Adjust to see the nuance. Look for the in-between. You can wait and be patient to see how things develop. The decision you will end up making is less extreme than you might imagine now.

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Aries // Aries Rising
A gate flies open. Something is stirring. The gate opens and the promise of movement declares itself. At first, it’s a stampede. Then the herd settles into a jog. You can attend to the rapid thoughts that are stirring within you now, without feeling stampeded by them. Create extra space in your mind through meditation. Activate your curiosity. You’ll need room for the quick and rapid thoughts that are moving now.

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Taurus // Taurus Rising
The bookshelf is full. Your heart opens and you make more room. There are some things that you’ve held onto. Now it’s time to either own them, take full responsibility for them, or let them go. Think about what you own. Your physical objects, your habits, your commitments. Reaffirm that these are your habits, these are your talents, these are your fears, these are your stories. These are your possessions. Then with new mental awareness, either hold or release.

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Gemini season 2018 invites us to choose our own adventure—and with Venus in Cancer and Mars in Aquarius summer begins with a nurturing, humanitarian vibe, says Bess Matassa

Rainbow hair in the wind Gemini Season 2018 Bess Matassa The Numinous
Photo: Keenan Constance

Prepare your lightning rods, Numiverse. Gemini Season 2018 asks us to slip, slide, and shimmy to catch every available angle of prismatic light. ‘Tis the cosmic season for loosening our grasp and rising softly to meet the magic moment, exactly as it is with exactly what we’ve got.

Sensitized by Venus moving through seashelled Cancer, the eccentric electrical empowerment of Mars in Aquarius, and a sweet aspect between dreamboat Neptune and wild pony Jupiter, Gemini Season 2018 offers us the chance for an entirely different relationship to change. Rather than a burn-it-to-the-ground, all-or nothing tornado, can you simply shift yourself into a new feeling tone, a more saturated shade of sensation? You’re ripe and ready to taste the rainbow. Step outside to greet the shifting weather, and let it wash you clean …

Listen to the full Gemini Season 2018 report from Numi astrologers Bess + Sandy HERE in our new Astrocast podcast—and use the below cosmic crib sheet to get the quick and dirty on the season’s 4 key astro events.

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Rainbow puddle Gemini Season 2018 Bess Matassa The Numinous
Photo: Jesse Bowser

Sun in Gemini (5/20-6/20) // Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books

Remember those endless, sunbaked afternoons, hidden inside your proverbial treehouse, with dogeared paperbacks in sky-high stacks? Conjure the energy of middle school field trips and library walkabouts with a voyage through multiple endings. Gemini energy reveals the tender threshold, the in-between, the “what ifs?” of every situation—and also shows us that no matter what we choose, there is a rightness and alignment to the precise place on the path we’re walking. Where are you ready to open yourself wide to a surprise ending?


Mood Ring Gemini Season 2018 Bess Matassa The Numinous
Mood Ring, $40, Etsy

Jupiter trine Neptune (5/25) // Mood Rings

These two mystically-minded outer planets conjure images of ice cream swirls and psychedelic desert caravans. The zodiac’s dreamboat seekers, their energy asks us to come completely undone and let ourselves skinny dip into the unseeable, the unprovable, the “numinous” itself! Channel the shapeshifty spiritual call towards infinite expansive possibilities by sporting an old-school mood ring. Feel into your sensitive, responsive layers and shades, and then release into pure fascination without needing to understand exactly what all these colors “mean.”


Mariah Carey Gemini Season 2018 Bess Matassa The Numinous

Venus in Cancer (5/19-6/13) // Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy”

Conjure the tucked-in protection and sugared shelter of pleasure-seeker Venus tripping through salty Cancerian waters, with this classic R&B jam. Venus in Cancer reminds us that we have the right to feel 100% safe in partnership, and that our pleasure center should be a deep wellspring of endlessly tasty nurturing. Mixed with Gemini’s penchant for sampling every shade of experience, it’s a recipe for a romantic rollercoaster that’s curiously joyful rather than painfully manic. Let yourself wish for the happiest of endings, all while keeping it loose and riding the wonder wheel.


Willy Wonka Gemini Season 2018 Bess Matassa The Numinous
Photo: Naomi Tamar

Mars Direct in Aquarius (5/16-6/26) // Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Get ready to believe in edible wallpaper … and your own power to remake the everyday into a utopian landscape that will feed the masses. Powerhouse Mars traveling direct through outer space Aquarius takes us to the edge of what we know, so we can radically rupture with the outmoded, fly in the face of the naysayers, and give birth to a deliciously strange hatchling that will change the course of history. In the wise words of Wonka: “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it; want to change the world … there’s nothing to it.”


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With the recent cosmic uproar caused by Uranus’ game-changing sign shift, the 2018 Virgo Waxing Moon is so welcome. Use this earthy energy to lean into your desires, allow for easeful progress, and make your dreams real, says Jennifer Racioppi ….

jennifer racioppi ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 virgo waxing moon
Photo: Sarah Diniz Outeiro

Waxing Quarter Moon // May 21 2018 // 11:49pm EST // 1 degree Virgo

Each Waxing Quarter Moons offers a moment to reflect on what has been seeded since the last New Moon. Think back to the most recent New Moon in Taurus on May 15th. What have you been growing?

With the Sun now in curious Gemini squaring the Moon, the 2018 Virgo Waxing Moon marks an opportunity to tune in to your desires, allow for ease, and gracefully overcome obstacles that stand in the way of manifesting your dream …


// The Cycle //
This Waxing Quarter Moon hollers back to the Great American Eclipse of August 21 2017. It’s been nine months since that massive eclipse shook things up—the appropriate gestation time to see the fruits of intentions set then. Just like babies in utero, Moon intentions have gestation periods as well. So look back to the Great American Eclipse, and ask yourself what intentions have been budding since then.


// The Transits //
Given the recent disruption caused by Uranus exiting Aries, the earthy trine between Uranus, now in Taurus, and the Virgo Moon is a welcome, supportive aspect. Use it to your advantage to help solidify progress and gains.

With Mars now in Aquarius, making a perfect angle to the Sun in early Gemini, allow for ease, motivation, and progress. In the days following the Virgo Waxing Moon, good-luck Jupiter makes an applying trine to Neptune, the planet of dreams, to support the manifestation of our desires. This aspect perfects on 5/25—lean into the winds of growth and abundance!


// The Square //
This Virgo Waxing Moon provides a stepping stone from curiosity (Gemini) into service (Virgo). While the Moon in Virgo might lean in the direction of perfectionism, now’s not the time to let the pressure to be perfect win. Instead, allow the Sun in the earliest degrees of Gemini to inspire curiosity and creativity, and lean into the Virgo Moon for support and devotion to your exploration.


// The Opportunity //
After a drama-drenched exit from Aries into Taurus, Uranus aligns perfectly with this Virgo Waxing Moon, inspiring you to lead your most revolutionary life.

Now’s not the time to fall into the trap of perfection (a Moon in Virgo tendency after all). Instead, go after what you most desire and allow Mars, who trines the Sun in Gemini, to support your ambitions. Despite the Moon traveling in fastidious rule-abiding Virgo, permit yourself to step out of the box and into your authenticity.

Think back to the Great American Eclipse of August 21 2017. What intentions did you plant then that you see sprouting now? How can you add even more positivity and mojo to your intended results? Allow this Virgo Waxing Moon moment to uplift and inspire. It hasn’t been easy (at all!) so lean into the plentiful support now at hand and claim make your dreams a reality!

For more Moon wisdom, or to book a coaching session with Jennifer, visit


The Eight of Pentacles (Crystals in the Starchild Deck) asks us to create sustainable change and craft stable systems to avoid burnout, says Melinda Lee Holm


The 2018 Taurus New Moon arrives just before revolutionary Uranus shifts signs for the first time in 8 years. The medicine amidst this transformative earthquake? Find stability in your beautiful body and create sustainable change, says Sandy Sitron

Woman thinking Taurus New Moon 2018 Sandy Sitron The Numinous
Photo: Hadis Safari

New Moon :: May 15 2018 :: 7:49 am ET :: 24 degrees Taurus

In subterranean gardens, crystals branch, bristle and grow. Layers ripple deep underneath the surface of the earth. Hidden away from light, the crystals are orderly, cool and safe. And it remains this way for many years.

When the earthquake hits, the gardens do the thing they were never meant to do. They move. And a new pattern of rock is formed. A new stability is attained.

Taurus is your stability, sustenance, and sustainability- the subterranean crystal garden within. Your inner knowing that with patience, trust and determination, you can create diamonds out of carbon.

Uranus, the Great Awakener planet, which finishes its 8 year cycle in Aries and moves into Taurus just after the New Moon, is the earthquake— the change that you were waiting for. Or the change that you didn’t anticipate. An awakening.

At this transformative New Moon, tectonic plates of your self-worth may be imperceptibly shifting. You have an opportunity to seed new visions for how you want to do Taurus. You might be readying yourself for a new way of thinking about how you want to live your life in a body.

Taurus reminds you that it’s your birthright to be safe in a body. Your self worth is inherent, natural, and fixed. It can be abundant if you trust in it. And knowing your worth will help you revel in the abundance of Mother Earth.

Set intentions for Uranus’ entry into Taurus. Let these intentions focus on changes that help your life become more sustainable, whatever that means to you. A revolutionary experience of your own self-worth. Breakthroughs around being present in your body and stimulated by your physical senses. Shocking yourself into slowing down and getting into receptive mode. A new way of viewing the energy of money.

Uranus in Taurus will shake you, prod you, and poke you until you welcome yourself home. Home to your body, home to your receptive nature and home to your self-worth.

Use this New Moon as a bridge to the other side of the crystalline chasm …


New Moon opposite Jupiter
The plant evolves.

A better philosophy can take you places. You can change the direction of your growth with some positive thinking. Nothing about this is easy. Sometimes evolution doesn’t leave any space for the old way. And the old growth has to fall away. Set intentions that will help you feel more free and more trusting. You’ll grow into it later, in the same way that the plant seeks out the sun.


New Moon trine Mars
A boat runs along an underwater track at Disney Land.

You’ve got somewhere to go and you can plan out the path. The more systematized you make it, the less friction you’ll find. Part of the plan involves crafting a sense of fluid stability. This is the kind of stability that can follow you. It doesn’t keep you stuck, but it helps you feel safe wherever you go.


New Moon trine Pluto
The snake is on the move.

Transformation is supported. Follow the snake and let it lead you toward the powerful next phase. When you put your ear to the ground and listen, what do the vibrations tell you? Get present in your body, slow down and notice what is ready to change.


The below journal prompts are designed to help you dive deeper into the energy of the Taurus New Moon. For the most accurate insight, find the reading for the House that holds 24 degrees Taurus in your birth chart. Don’t have that info? Do you chart for free HERE.

Aries // 2nd house
In what area can you root down to claim more of  your territory?

Taurus // 1st house
Write a list of all the things you’re good at and that only you can do.

Gemini // 12th house
Ask for a dream that will show you the path to abundance and journal about it in the morning.

Cancer // 11th house
Which of your friends are most inspiring you? List the reasons why.

Leo // 10th house
What have been your biggest career wins and what do you need to repeat them?

Virgo // 9th house
Describe the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of your next big adventure.

Libra // 8th house
Write a poem to a part of your body you would like to know more intimately.

Scorpio // 7th house
Which close relationship is most valuable to me? Why?

Sagittarius // 6th house
List 10 ways you can be of service with your work.

Capricorn // 5th house
Name five artists and the ways you are inspired by them and their work.

Aquarius // 4th house
What self-care practice make you feel most at home in your body?

Pisces // 3rd house
Write a 10-step action plan for the Big Idea that won’t leave you alone.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here. And check out our Numiversity digital course VENUS: YOUR TOTAL GUIDE TO THE PLANET OF LOVE with a special Venus guided hypnosis from Sandy, plus symbols and activations for each Venus sign. 


Stuck under layers of conditioning and aching to break free? Alexandra Roxo shares 5 ways to liberate your spiritual essence …

alexandra roxo ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world moon club holy fuck holy f*ck spiritual striptease
Photo: Caitlin Mitchell

I’ve been doing stripteases since I was 12. In 1996, in Marietta, Georgia, my friends and I dressed in Victoria’s Secret matching leopard-print bra and panties sets, and knew all the moves to Elizabeth Berkley’s routines from Showgirls.

But the striptease I wanna share with you here is FAR sexier. FAR juicier. FAR edgier. It’s one that will have your heart racing. Your panties wet. Your knees trembling.

Because it’s time for us to bring it back to basics and get spiritually NAKED. We live in “apart”ments. We stare at screens most of the day. The way we eat, shit, talk, walk, dress are all programmed for us by the dominant schema that we are born into. A return to our spiritual essence is a deep call for each of us. One that could possibly change the course of history. Of Mother Nature’s well-being. Our grandchildren’s lives. The health of the ocean. The future of fashion magazines. Of culture. Of REALITY as we perceive it.

This means peeling away, layer by layer, of all the baggage we have inherited. The stories. The conditioning. The things that weigh on us everyday. Stripping this away and getting down to our spiritual essence is part of our individual and collective awakening.

You began taking on your family’s shit in utero. Your mom’s anxiety. Depression. Her busyness. The way her heart sank when your dad didn’t come home til late or just flipped the TV on after work. The pain at seeing her old body slip away. The abuse she endured perhaps. Or her mom’s or her grandma’s. From the moment you were the size of a pea in the womb you began to be clothed in layers. Your spiritual essence began to be shrouded.

When popped out you inherited a specific culture. The pressure to look a certain way, talk a certain way,  dress a certain way. Coats and veils of other people’s ideas and customs and ways of being.

As a teen, this led you to feel confused about your body. Why did it not look the way it was supposed to? People were mean at school. Boys touched you. You weren’t allowed to be gay or queer. So you put on some more layers. You hid yourself. You were too weird. Too much. Too sexy. Too fat. If people didn’t notice you they couldn’t hurt you.

Perhaps there were traumas. Date rape. An eating disorder. Abandonment. Neglect. Health issues. Things that forced you deeper into hiding. Further masked your wild, loving, utterly unique spiritual essence.

And now here you are today—wearing enough layers to survive an antarctic freeze of the soul! True healing? The ultimate liberation? Learning how to peel them back, one by one, until you are bare. Naked. Vulnerable and WHOLE.

Below are my tried and true tips for freeing yourself from those layers and living in alignment with your spiritual essence …

1// Learn to feel your feelings. You may think “Well of course I know how to do that!” But we all have days where we think we’re feeling but are actually THINKING, which prevents us knowing our soul’s truth. To learn to FEEL more, breathe into your belly all day. Stay soft. Pull your car over to cry when you need to. Start sentences with “I feel …” instead of “I think …”  and before you make a decision FEEL into it with all your being. Soon you will start to feel more of YOU.


2// Begin to hunt for your true essence. Look for it in books, works of art, libraries, operas, films, museums, national parks, oceans, fields, and albums. As you do these things, BREATHE into your heart and FEEL. Did that book make me wanna jump for joy? Scream? Did it feel like a wildfire broke out in your veins? Then THIS my dear that is a KEY to your TRUTH and your ESSENCE! Keep it close.


3// Speak up when something hurts or doesn’t feel right. This may seem obvious, but it’s the microhurts that betray our soul’s essence. If someone cuts you off in line for the bathroom than say “Excuse me. I’m in line.” If you’re in a class and the teacher says something inappropriate, stand up and say, “Excuse me. That didn’t feel appropriate to me.” This demand for integrity will tell your soul you are SERIOUS about your devotion to yourself. You’ll notice how often these little things happen. You think “Oh whatever. No biggie.” This puts you into complacency and is literally like an ice pack for your JUICY fire. Once you stop you doing it, you’ll begin to feel a POWER beyond words emerge from you.


4// Dare to pave a new way. Notice how many times a day you do and say things because that’s what others do. Now try something new. If all the other wellness people on Instagram are taking photos with white backgrounds and green plants but it feels more “you” to do it in a vintage car on a deserted highway, then why not? Notice where you follow the status quo out of habit. When you feel afraid to shake it up, look to people who have not followed; Frida. Anais. Albert Einstein. There is a huge payoff for taking a risk that’s aligned with your truth.


5// Surround yourself with Souls who are unafraid to bare their love and truth to the world. You are who surrounds you. Your community should feel like Butter Love, Fire Love, Honey Love, warm tea, firecrackers in your Soul. When you leave hangouts notice: Do you feel more YOU? More alive? More loved? If not, find the community that does make you feel this way.

**Bonus: Take this a step further with an actual striptease class or simply strip in the mirror with your sexy self. As you remove layers of clothes, imagine that you are removing “Mom’s catholic shame,” “my fear of being too big” or “society’s gender impositions” so that you’re stripping on all levels at once—multitasking your way into your Soul’s Grand Reveal to humanity.  


Alexandra offers one-on-one transformational coaching programs globally online, and in NYC and LA. She also is the co-founder of Moon Club where she guides group coaching, leadership training, and mystical moon school.  Find her @alexandraroxo and


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron‘s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

Numinous weekly horoscopes May 14 2018 Sandy Sitron Fireflies

Taurus // Taurus Rising
A firefly lights up. There is an illumination. Electrical currents are being stimulated within you and it might not feel normal. Notice the new ideas that are coming in. You are ready for real change. Change is unpredictable and that might not be very comfortable for you. Set intentions that direct the changes. Remember, you are the conductor. The energy is coming through you and you can tell it where to go.

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Gemini // Gemini Rising
Rolling out a carpet over the mud. Don’t ignore what’s happening underneath the surface. Remember that there is a time and place for staying clean and pretending that everything is status quo. But there’s also an opportunity to roll in the mud. You don’t need to hide anything from yourself. You don’t need to hold back. Get into the muddy emotions and find out what’s real.

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Cancer // Cancer Rising
Riding on an elephant. Looking for a new way to move through the world. The old way didn’t give you enough perspective. You have to lift up your mind a little higher so that you can see things with fresh eyes. You are allowed. You’re allowed to be different and do things in a way that surprises everyone. Where do you feel trapped? How can you break free?

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Leo // Leo Rising
Hands cupping spring water. Refreshment and nourishment are so close. You have everything you need, so you can hike as far as you want to go. Aim for the summit. Cleanse your mind and body so that you can reach your goals without blocking yourself. You have what you need to make the journey successfully. Keep it simple and notice when your ego gets in the way.

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Virgo // Virgo Rising
A cat plays with a ball of string. Keep chasing those strings. Follow the thread to a bigger and better way of thinking about your world. You can breakthrough. You are making adjustments and a new mission statement may be the result. Become a seeker. Look for clues. Hunt. You could experience an minor existential meltdown because your concept of the universe is changing. Finding new meaning will be helpful, and over time, it will all start to make more sense.

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Libra // Libra Rising
The mouth of the cave is covered with rocks. The old relationship patterns and neediness stand in your way like a fence. It’s time to convince yourself to break it down. You’ll have to use dynamite. Change your patterns by knowing that you are enough. You are worthy. You can be vulnerable. You’re not a victim. We hold on to a myth that we are “separate” because we think we have control that way. Control is not an option or an answer. Break open and go deep.

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Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A surfer in the deep sea. Can you let yourself want what you want? Especially in relationships? You don’t have to change anything right now. (And if your knee-jerk emotional reaction is to try to “fix things,” it’s definitely time to slow down and listen). In relationships, ideas are coming to the surface and they will need time to integrate. Surf the waves while you look for real balance and harmony.

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Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
A mouse in a little house. Notice the details. Get micro. There is new change happening. There are breakthroughs around your daily details. How you use your time. How your abuse your time. How you manage yourself, attend to your health, organize your mundane world— all of these are under massive review. It might even feel as if they are ready to explode. Take care of all the tiny details and see where you are ready to refine. If your workflows or health go into momentary disarray, you’ll have new information about how you want to put the pieces back together.

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Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
A field of wheat ripples. Is the ripple from the wind or an earthquake? Change is coming from inside or outside. This energetic shift could amplify your creativity. It might also feel destabilizing. You are being called upon to stand with the microphone and share your creativity with the world. You have an abundance of gifts. They stretch out to the horizon line. Honor your creative gifts and make them an offering. You can’t contain your self-expression anymore.

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Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
A gingerbread house. You’re on the brink of something that doesn’t feel natural or necessary, but it is. It’s time to invigorate your concept of “home.” It’s time for an echoing change to vibrate through your psyche. How you feel at home, how you tend to your deep emotions, how you trust in love. All of these are busting open. Your emotional base is due for renovation. Take care of your inner child so that they feel at home wherever you go.

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Pisces // Pisces Rising
The prism shatters light into rainbows. You may be shattering an old way of thinking. You might have to bend your mind and find some way to make things make sense. This could be enlivening. It could be confusing. It might even feel shocking. If you open your mind to the changes that need to come, you’ll make brilliant mental connections. It’s something to keep your attention lightly focused on. How can you learn even more right now, without freezing up? Look for rainbows.

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Aries // Aries Rising
The horse chomps the bit. Chomping down on a piece of metal. Maybe the horse finds it to be familiar and reassuring. Someone else has the reins and the horse goes where nudged. But what happens when the harness comes off? You might be breaking free of an old sense of security. It might be a mixture of terrifying and exhilarating. Free your mind so that you can build a new kind of stability. The old way felt safe, but it was actually separating you from your personal power.

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The “special bond” we have with our moms can also feel like the most challenging relationship of our lives. Here six Moon Club members share what’s been the most healing thing for them and their moms …

Moon Club NYC members Ruby Warrington Alexandra Roxo The Numinous
Alexandra and I with our New York Moon Club members. Photo: Caitlin Mitchell

The last time I went home to England to visit my mom, things were tense. She was upset that work commitments meant I was unable to visit at the same time as my brother and his baby boy. With me in the US and him in Berlin, she loves nothing better than having us all together like a normal happy family.

But our family has never been “normal” (whatever that means). I’m not going to write all the details here, but tragic circumstances, as well as emotional and geographical distance, mean that and my mom, and my brother, and I are kind of it.

Now I have a little nephew, our unit has grown by one, and time together is even more precious. So, I get why she was upset. Upset which spilled over to me, and which found us, barefoot and in our bathrobes, engaged in a 2.5-hour deep-dive in her kitchen the second morning of my visit.

We hadn’t even had our morning tea. But when she asked me, “are you okay?”, I decided not to reply with the grumpy shrug or tight-lipped smile that I have used throughout my life to avoid getting into a fight. I decided to tell her the truth of exactly what I was feeling. Which was pretty pissed that I was getting all the blame for apparently messing up our family time.

This opening led us on a journey of tears and rage and resentment, and into the depths of our family history. I learned things about my mom, and her mom, and the lineage of women in my family that I had never known. Mental illness, lost children, abandonment. I was also able to see how different we are, my mom and me, and how we were playing out old, outworn family patterns without even realizing it.

I said my piece and she said hers. All for it. And it hurt so much. But, finally, it was the TRUTH. We stood facing each other afterwards, two human women, like we were seeing each other fully for the first time. Ragged and scooped-out, but also complete and whole. Healed.

In astrology, our mother is represented by the Moon. Also showing how we mother others, the Moon is a reminder that our feeling self is sort of like the mother of us—sometimes fierce and frightening, but always guiding us towards what’s best for us. Not that it always feels that way.

In honor of Mother’s Day, and the conflicted feelings we often have about this most intimate of relationships, six Moon Club members share what has been the most healing thing for their relationships with their moms. PLUS we’re offering 50% off annual memberships through midnight May 13th 2018. Click HERE for more.


// Jerico Mandybur, Editorial Director, and presenter,the Self Service podcast
I think Gloria Steinem said, “the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” For my mum and I, the truth first almost broke her. It was only when I was in my early twenties and suffering severe depression that one truth from my childhood emerged; one of sexual abuse, neglect and violence. It hit her hard—the complicity, guilt, my anger, all of it. Everything was instantly cast in a new light. But standing in the light of the truth intrinsically changed us. Our mistakes were laid bare and there was nothing left to do but forgive ourselves and start over. We’ve been walking a healing path ever since. The healing never really ends, but that’s not the point. It’s imperfect, like all of us.


// Chantelle Brown, councillor and meditation coach,
The most healing thing for me and my mom has been our ability to reconcile past hurts. About a year ago, I was visiting her back home, sitting in the kitchen, and talking about the work we were doing with Moon Club. At the time, I was working to deconstruct all the systems I had put in place to tuck away my inner most feelings. Growing up, I always had the impression that I felt things too deeply. I would weep at Feed the Children commercials and ask my mom what we were going to do to solve the hunger crisis in Africa. She always seemed baffled! Eventually I learned how to suppress these intense emotions, but now I wanted to work on my ability to live comfortably within my own skin as a woman.

As I spoke about how empowering it felt to begin to accept myself fully, my mother told me that she never found anything wrong with the feelings I expressed as a child. She went on to open up about the sorrow in her own life. How, experiencing the loss of her grandmother meant she encountered tremendous grief at a young age, going on to conditioned herself to be emotionally closed off. Bearing witness to the story her early life was the biggest gift. It has transformed our ability to be vulnerable with each other. Now I’m happy knowing I’m not the only person in my family who feels things deeply. In fact, I can proudly say “I get it from my mama!”


// Ayesha Ophelia, Founder, The Girlfriend Manifesto
Laughter. Just like many mothers and daughters, we could annoy each other with our silence. But when we found something funny the roar of our laughter connected us so deeply. Although my mom passed away three years ago, I can still feel her presence the strongest when I cackle about something inappropriate. We healed through our laughter. We remain in each other’s consciousness through laughter to this day. ***Ayesha’s Symposium of Wild Hearts is launching June 1. Click HERE to learn more!



// Marine Sélénée, Family Constellations therapist
Writing my book The Movement. I had never found the strength and courage to tell my mom about the sexual abuse that happened in London when I was 13. I guess I wanted to protect her. My mother is a strong woman, but often doesn’t know what to do with her emotions. Her way of dealing with difficult situations was either to lock herself in a room or to go silent. It drove me crazy! As a result, I’ve always held back from telling her the truth about my life.

I think this helped me to become strong, to learn to count on myself. But, that’s another topic! Writing and self-publishing my book allowed me to get closure with this trauma. I knew she was going to read it but having worked on my own healing for ten years, I also knew that no matter how she reacted, I would be able to handle it. Finally, my mother knew what happened and I felt safe to share it with her. I was her daughter again.


// Gabriela Herstik, author, Craft: How to Be A Modern Witch
“Taking our own time and growing and finding space within ourselves has allowed us to communicate with honesty and compassion, out of a place of stillness and not reaction. Writing my book about witchcraft has also been really healing for us because she’s been able to learn and understand my spiritual practice and how it’s such an important part of my life. Not only have her misconceptions about the craft cleared up, but she’s been more understanding of my journey, and adopted some of my practices into her own life. The internal work we’ve both been doing has let us get closer to one another and allowed our relationship to deepen. We’ve always been close and now it’s at another level and I’m so thankful for it.


// Sabrina Crockett, Queen of Operations, Moon Club
My momma and I have grown together, held each other up when we both needed it, leaned on each other in light and dark times. Like any relationship though, it has not always been EASY—oh no! I did not grow up in the healthiest of households, and I felt myself becoming resentful and angry as I moved into early adulthood. I could have kept walking down that path, blaming my mother for everything. For my childhood circumstances, for passing on generations of trauma. I could have chosen to see what was lacking, instead of all the love that was also there.

But I didn’t want to! So I picked up a copy of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life and started on my own path of healing, forgiveness and love. It has been a journey! There have been tears, purging, hugs, laughter, happiness and more with my momma. Whenever I feel feelings of anything but pure love bubbling up, I now remind myself “she did the best she could with what she was given.” And WOW what a game changer. Feel free to use this over and over as I do to remind yourself that we are ALL doing our best.

Check out our Moon Club community HERE and get 50% off all annual memberships through midnight May 13th 2018 HERE.