The 2019 Taurus New Moon is an invitation to accept exactly who, and where, you are, and to give your body exactly what it needs, says Sandy Sitron

Photo: Daria Litvinova

New Moon // May 4 2019 // 6:47 pm ET // 14 degrees Taurus

A frog sits motionless. A tiny glistening teacher, poised in the shadows. It moves only slightly, to catch a wandering fly. And then it returns to froggy meditation. Settled and grounded. Present and alert. Waiting without being stifled by a conscious sense of time.

This amphibious zen master holds the message of the 2019 Taurus New Moon: Be present and connect with the abundance that is all around you.

On Saturday May 4th we have a New Moon at 14 degrees Taurus. When the Sun and the Moon line up in the same sign, it represents a cosmic new beginning. This is a chance to set intentions — on a New Moon the soil is very fertile so your intentions can take root and bloom brightly.

The 2019 New Moon in Taurus sets up perfect conditions for you to begin to get settled and present in your body. To be with yourself and love yourself and from that stable center connect with the abundance that is inherent in nature. Instead of seeing the glass as half empty, see the glass morph into a wellspring of continuous potential and life force.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, representing the physical body, the container that houses the effervescent spark of life. Placing your attention on the subtle sensations that you feel in your body can help you be more gracious with yourself. Feel the sensation of your socks against your toes. Stretch and breathe deeply. Drink in the sight of a flowering tree. Listen to the spontaneous rhythms of your environment.

The call to action is to create space within yourself to be with yourself. Taurus is the least judgmental of the Earth signs.

It wants you to simply revel in yourself.

Since Taurus rules the body and the senses, start with your physical sensations by accepting your body. Accept what you have built for yourself. Accept your current state of being, whatever it is. From this place of acceptance you can recharge both spiritually and realistically.

Taurus holds stabilizing and receptive energy which says, “You don’t have to do or go or push, you just have to be.” It is from this slow place of simply being that you create the space to receive abundance. There is a balance of action and receiving in nature. When you can create this balance within yourself you activate true pleasure.”

So much of our lives are spent striving. Responsibilities in the world ask you to leave yourself and attend to things that are out there. But that energy will get you nowhere right now. If you try to reach too far out of yourself, you will topple like an overgrown tomato plant! When we are scattered and ungrounded we can’t get much done.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t still have goals. In fact, with this New Moon making a supportive trine to goal oriented Saturn, the wisdom is that the more that you embody your current state of being, the stronger the foundation for your future development. You can get closer to who you want to be by accepting who you are now.

This message is repeated everywhere in nature, but almost nowhere in society. So you will have proactively prioritize self-acceptance. Begin to …

Ask for your energy back.

Ask to become reacquainted with yourself.

Slow down and be gentle with this body that you are now.

Caress this body that you have, attentively.

Be with yourself in a new way.

Meet yourself where you are.


2019 Taurus New Moon trine Saturn
A beanstalk.

Grounded and still climbing. How high can the beanstalk climb? Does it ever feel as if it’s gone too far? Does it ever have a build up of resistance and start procrastinating or self-sabotaging? No. And neither will you. From your secure and stable foundation, you are being assisted. You can climb without fear that you are not enough. Instead, just continue to build upon what you’ve already done. Rather than judging yourself, focus on your dreams for the future. Be grateful for what you have and don’t look down. Just keep going step by step. It can be so simple.


2019 Taurus New Moon sextile Neptune
Glittery confetti.

There is a chance to live in a more magical world. A place in which you’re the honored guest at the surprise party of your dreams. This supportive aspect is a subtle reminder that it can be easy to interrupt monotony. Imagination and intuition are your avenues to deeper enjoyment of your life, and to finding a whole new world in your everyday reality.


As we move into the stability and riches of Taurus Season 2019, Sandy Sitron has a weekly astro symbol + reading for your sign …

Pink sky mountains Numinous Weekly Horoscopes Sandy Sitron April 22
Photo: Gauravdeep Singh

Taurus or Taurus Rising
Pulling a cart.
You may need some reassurance. Yes, the path ahead is uncertain. Yes, the weather is changing. But you are still on track. You’ve prepared your cart, and you are still pulling it along. Things are already in motion, so just keep going. It’s easier to continue once you’ve already started. So continue on into the unknown. You’ve got what you need.

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Gemini or Gemini Rising
A little spark of light.
The spark represents a deep inner knowing. Yet, the idea is half-formed. You are seeking new information and new certainty, but you have only so much to go on. A feeling. A glimmer of an idea. A tiny spark. Tend to your spark until it becomes a flame by creating an environment for self-discovery. Journal, visualize, reflect. Decisiveness will follow.

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Cancer or Cancer Rising
You are blasting your mind open so that you can welcome new ideas. These ideas can bring you a sense of freedom. What is real freedom? And when do you feel trapped? The edges of those old mental restraints are ready to crumble. Help the walls (aka mental blocks) come down by spending time with encouraging people and visualizing your hopes for your future.

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Leo or Leo Rising
The focus is currently on career and a lot of change is taking place. It’s easy to get caught up in your ego by comparing yourself to others and wondering if you’re good enough. The antidote is playfulness. When it comes to work, make it a game and be creative. This is a “jumpy” time. Instead of jumping out of reaction to fear or ego, turn it into a game of hopscotch.

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Virgo or Virgo Rising
North star.
Study your direction. What are you headed toward, philosophically? What do you believe in? What do you value? It’s possible that these things are changing and that is okay. Maybe you are making small adjustments. Or maybe you are adjusting your whole mission statement. But either way it’s important to do so consciously so that you feel empowered and connected to your purpose.

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Libra or Libra Rising
Tall stalks of corn.
You might feel like you are lost in the cornfield. Something important about relationships has changed and you are making sense of your new reality. Over time you will be able to contextualize your new story. The trick is to keep showing up. Raise your level of self awareness and communicate your truth. Self-inquiry will guide you.

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Scorpio or Scorpio Rising
Balancing on a surf board.
You may have felt like you were dragging your feet through water, but now you are riding on the surface. Fresh flashes of insight are breaking down your resistance. You are breaking open on so many levels, but especially when it comes to your relationships. Keep the channels of communication open. A lot is changing and you are finding new balance in partnership.

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Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising
Choreographed dance moves.
The sequence of movements is already defined. You are following the plan but you are bringing your unique sense of precision and artistic expression. Don’t try to reinvent the whole program. Fine tune the process. What process in your daily life needs attention? Give it a step-by-step plan and follow through religiously. This is how you’ll find your breakthrough.

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Capricorn or Capricorn Rising
You’ve been plugging along and working hard. You need to inject new and vibrant colors into your monochrome landscape. Variety! Excitement! And especially joy. Where has your joy been coming from? How can you create an atmosphere that fosters more joy? Remember how to play, dance, love and have fun. You may need to surrender a bit to allow this to happen.

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Aquarius or Aquarius Rising
A cozy nook.
You need to awaken by feeling emotions that you have bypassed. Maybe you’ve become disillusioned in some way. If you are feeling flat or hopeless in some area of your life, you need more nurturance. You can let the emotions flow and you won’t fall apart. Find some container that can support you in feeling your true feelings. That will enliven you.

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Pisces or Pisces Rising
Popcorn popping.
Funnel your energy into many small projects and stay busy. You are making mental adjustments and in the process you will unearth intellectual surprises. This is a mentally electrifying time. It would be easy to feel scattered. Your brain is popping like popcorn. Get enough alone time so that you create an emotional buffer to support your mental growth.

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Aries or Aries Rising
Roots of an oak tree.
It’s time to deepen your roots so that you feel more stable. The trick is that in order to feel more stable, something must change dramatically. So welcome change and stability at the same time. The more grounded you feel the easier this will go. What makes you feel grounded? What simple mental, physical or emotional adjustment would help you feel secure?


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron‘s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

Numinous weekly horoscopes May 14 2018 Sandy Sitron Fireflies

Taurus // Taurus Rising
A firefly lights up. There is an illumination. Electrical currents are being stimulated within you and it might not feel normal. Notice the new ideas that are coming in. You are ready for real change. Change is unpredictable and that might not be very comfortable for you. Set intentions that direct the changes. Remember, you are the conductor. The energy is coming through you and you can tell it where to go.

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Gemini // Gemini Rising
Rolling out a carpet over the mud. Don’t ignore what’s happening underneath the surface. Remember that there is a time and place for staying clean and pretending that everything is status quo. But there’s also an opportunity to roll in the mud. You don’t need to hide anything from yourself. You don’t need to hold back. Get into the muddy emotions and find out what’s real.

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Cancer // Cancer Rising
Riding on an elephant. Looking for a new way to move through the world. The old way didn’t give you enough perspective. You have to lift up your mind a little higher so that you can see things with fresh eyes. You are allowed. You’re allowed to be different and do things in a way that surprises everyone. Where do you feel trapped? How can you break free?

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Leo // Leo Rising
Hands cupping spring water. Refreshment and nourishment are so close. You have everything you need, so you can hike as far as you want to go. Aim for the summit. Cleanse your mind and body so that you can reach your goals without blocking yourself. You have what you need to make the journey successfully. Keep it simple and notice when your ego gets in the way.

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Virgo // Virgo Rising
A cat plays with a ball of string. Keep chasing those strings. Follow the thread to a bigger and better way of thinking about your world. You can breakthrough. You are making adjustments and a new mission statement may be the result. Become a seeker. Look for clues. Hunt. You could experience an minor existential meltdown because your concept of the universe is changing. Finding new meaning will be helpful, and over time, it will all start to make more sense.

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Libra // Libra Rising
The mouth of the cave is covered with rocks. The old relationship patterns and neediness stand in your way like a fence. It’s time to convince yourself to break it down. You’ll have to use dynamite. Change your patterns by knowing that you are enough. You are worthy. You can be vulnerable. You’re not a victim. We hold on to a myth that we are “separate” because we think we have control that way. Control is not an option or an answer. Break open and go deep.

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Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A surfer in the deep sea. Can you let yourself want what you want? Especially in relationships? You don’t have to change anything right now. (And if your knee-jerk emotional reaction is to try to “fix things,” it’s definitely time to slow down and listen). In relationships, ideas are coming to the surface and they will need time to integrate. Surf the waves while you look for real balance and harmony.

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Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
A mouse in a little house. Notice the details. Get micro. There is new change happening. There are breakthroughs around your daily details. How you use your time. How your abuse your time. How you manage yourself, attend to your health, organize your mundane world— all of these are under massive review. It might even feel as if they are ready to explode. Take care of all the tiny details and see where you are ready to refine. If your workflows or health go into momentary disarray, you’ll have new information about how you want to put the pieces back together.

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Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
A field of wheat ripples. Is the ripple from the wind or an earthquake? Change is coming from inside or outside. This energetic shift could amplify your creativity. It might also feel destabilizing. You are being called upon to stand with the microphone and share your creativity with the world. You have an abundance of gifts. They stretch out to the horizon line. Honor your creative gifts and make them an offering. You can’t contain your self-expression anymore.

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Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
A gingerbread house. You’re on the brink of something that doesn’t feel natural or necessary, but it is. It’s time to invigorate your concept of “home.” It’s time for an echoing change to vibrate through your psyche. How you feel at home, how you tend to your deep emotions, how you trust in love. All of these are busting open. Your emotional base is due for renovation. Take care of your inner child so that they feel at home wherever you go.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
The prism shatters light into rainbows. You may be shattering an old way of thinking. You might have to bend your mind and find some way to make things make sense. This could be enlivening. It could be confusing. It might even feel shocking. If you open your mind to the changes that need to come, you’ll make brilliant mental connections. It’s something to keep your attention lightly focused on. How can you learn even more right now, without freezing up? Look for rainbows.

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Aries // Aries Rising
The horse chomps the bit. Chomping down on a piece of metal. Maybe the horse finds it to be familiar and reassuring. Someone else has the reins and the horse goes where nudged. But what happens when the harness comes off? You might be breaking free of an old sense of security. It might be a mixture of terrifying and exhilarating. Free your mind so that you can build a new kind of stability. The old way felt safe, but it was actually separating you from your personal power.

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Taurus season is time for getting grounded and knowing your worth. Eunice Lucero reveals the best beauty luxuries for indulging your celestial senses …

ruby warrington the numinous best beauty luxuries for taurus season material girl mystical world eunice lucero
Empress Perfume by Stephanie Crystal Pierre

1// Sun in Taurus: Empress Perfume, from $7.00. Infused with the trademark voluptuous hallmarks of your ruling planet, this natural, artisanal Venusian blend of Turkish rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and honey all linger around a heart of cardamom, a.k.a. the “Fire of Venus.” And as it is with you, the fragrance has a mellow, comfy cacao baseline that pleasantly lingers and gently grounds.


2// Moon in Taurus: Kindred Skincare La Femme Body Oil, $60. Beauty and the pursuit of sweet and juicy sensuality is the name of your game, and this certified organic, award-winning, illuminating floral-scented body oil is just the cozy, sexy little thing to envelop you in all the things you love: femininity and bodily luxuries. Best yet? Partial proceeds benefit the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), the world’s first organization to fight human trafficking internationally. How’s that for honoring the Goddess?


3// Ascendant in Taurus: LAFCO New York Reed Diffuser in Champagne, $115. Step into my gilded/decadently decorated/sinfully comfy parlor, said the classy Taurus Rising! Pamper both yourself and your beloved guests with a warm yet sparkling room scent made of citruses and rose named after the celebratory drink that, like you, tenderly brings people together.


4// Mercury in Taurus: Joyōme Illuminating Day Serum and Intensive Overnight Repair Serum, $153 for duo. The ultimate witty connoisseur, you gravitate towards quirky yet effective beauty finds that embody sensible chic. A simplified, expertly curated two-step routine that not only lightens up your everyday glam but makes you rethink old imprints about skin (by working with our natural microbiome and not hate-scrubbing against it).

ruby warrington the numinous best beauty luxuries for taurus season material girl mystical world eunice lucero
Joyome Day & Night Serum Duo


5// Venus in Taurus: NEWA Anti-Aging Skin-Tightening Device. With Taurus in Venus, the goddess is in her castle! You happily elevate your daily glam time into an actual, sacred, physical ritual. A skincare device that mimics the effect of high-end procedures, all while in the comfort of your own home, is a quality investment fit for a queen like you. Bonus: The device uses RF technology to tighten problem areas like the jawline, putting the spotlight on true Taurean beauty points—that sexy neck and throat.


6// Mars in Taurus: Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin Nipple Cream, $8.79. Your formidable inner strength gives you a patient, determined approach to getting ahead, which sometimes results in a bit of wear and tear along the way to the top. A single-ingredient, preservative-free product that acts as a catch-all for a myriad of concerns (it ingeniously moisturizes cracked, dry skin apart from soothing mama’s breastfeeding nips!) is a perfect companion for busy, goal-oriented people like you who’ll appreciate its straightforward formula, and also delight in a good beauty hack.


7// Jupiter in Taurus: UNI Organics Exfoliating Face Scrub, $44. Jupiter in Taurus goddesses go about life armed with an infectious combo of wide-eyed optimism and a solid, realistic foundation based on total integrity. You’re happiest when you’re a bit extra but always for a good cause; donating part of your hard-earned moolah to charity, or investing in sustainable skincare, gets your mojo rising. This certified organic exfoliant chock full of all plant-based ingredients gives you the conscientious fresh start that exuberant bosses like you crave each morning.


8// Saturn in Taurus: Kama Botanicals Skin Superfood Serum, $99. A few drops of this nutrient-rich, 100 percent natural and organic wonder oil is said to do everything from repair damage to minimize stretch marks and plump up skin. A tall order? Its roster of powerful botanicals were tried and tested by the proprietor herself ,and created to heal her own scars and blemishes. It’s those trustworthy, proof-is-in-the-pudding results that appeal to those with Saturn in Taurus, who put a lot of stock into responsibility and dependability.

ruby warrington the numinous best beauty luxuries for taurus season material girl mystical world eunice lucero
Kama Botanicals Skin Superfood Serum


9// Uranus in Taurus: Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Everyday Unscented Natural Deodorant, $8.95. Environmentally woke Uranus in Taurus babes come alive with organic/gluten- cruelty/nasty-free/vegan alternatives, and this winner checks all boxes—while also being unisex, because true beauty is universal indeed! This winner uses arrow root, and not baking soda or aluminum, to absorb moisture, transforming your post-shower ritual into a more natural, chemical-free experience.


10// Neptune in Taurus: BioSphère Naturel Lumière Crème Jour, $44. Your emotive, lovestruck, artistic nature finds balance in a healthy obsession with material possessions, most notably with a luxurious French cream that has a clean, elegant sex appeal. Since Taurus tempers that famous Neptunian illusory vibe, something that imparts actual visible results is key. Not only is it no-nasty cruelty-free and vegan, the moisturizer also has organic rice powder to mattify, as well as organic bamboo extract to protect from environmental stressors—super clutch for the pollution-sensitive soul that you are.


11// Pluto in Taurus: Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara, $24. Stubborn and hyper-focused Pluto in Taurus people don’t take too well to compromise … and with this power-player mascara, they don’t have to. A revolutionary move of replacing beeswax with cannabis oil gives this hydrating, vegan, 100 percent cruelty- and paraben-free formula an edge among others in the market, while staying on-brand for the adventurous game-changers with this Taurus placement. Heart-shaped fibers also help reinforce that famous Plutonian stare by allowing for more intensely volumized and curled lashes.

ruby warrington the numinous best beauty luxuries for taurus season material girl mystical world eunice lucero
Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara


12// Chiron in Taurus: Apotheca Zincuta Ointment, $12.5o. It’s no fun avoiding risk all the time, so a cure-all ointment that helps ease physical insecurities or alleviate anxieties about stepping out of your comfort zone can be a crucial addition to your go bag. Be armed against most skin afflictions—from bug bites to eczema—and know that you’re a goddess to be celebrated in your own skin, with and without all the liveries.


With game-changer Uranus primed to shift gears, the 2018 Aquarius Waning Moon wants us to lose the ego, work together, and boldly lead from our authentic core, says Jennifer Racioppi

jennifer racioppi ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 aquarius waning moon kyle loftus
Photo: Kyle Loftus

Waning Quarter Moon // May 7 2018 // 10:08pm // 17 degrees Aquarius 

We finds ourselves amidst massive change …

The Waning Quarter Moon is that sacred point in the lunar cycle when it’s time to let go. To surrender that which we no longer need.

Aquarius represents ingenuity, self-expression, freedom, creativity, progressive qualities, change, and the betterment of society.

Uranus, the planet of revolution and surprises that rules Aquarius, is getting ready to move into Taurus on May 15th (the same day as the Taurus New Moon). With Uranus in Aries for the last seven years, we’ve been living in an era defined by individualized innovation. In one week, we enter into a new paradigm that massively shifts the cosmic curriculum. We’re ready for enormous lessons around how to use our leadership capabilities fairly and justly, and in absolute alignment with what we value most.

Tuning in this Waning Quarter Moon will allow you to review your progress in all areas, and tune into self-care needs to navigate this transition with ease.

This Waning Moon wants you to stand in your authenticity … 


// The Cycle //
This Waning Quarter Moon brings to fruition seeds planted back at the Aquarius New Moon on February 8, 2016. Think back to over two years ago and consider what has ripened in your life since then. Can you remember intentions you set for this particular New Moon?

Review and discern; what’s come to fruition now that relates to goals set then? What feels complete? Take time to wrap up loose ends now. Then, prepare!


// The Transits // 
With the Sun opposing lucky, expansive Jupiter, there might be a tendency to overdo it. So be careful to set appropriate limits and boundaries.

Because Jupiter travels directly opposite the Sun at the time of the Quarter Moon, the Moon forms a fixed T-square with the Sun in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio. While this could feel like astrological gridlock, this aspect asks you to break free. The release point of this T-square, Leo, guides you to find the joy and play in the process.

With Uranus gearing up to leave Aries, we’re asked to integrate and assimilate the revolution of self. Use this to refine your capacity to emerge authentically as a leader, in spite of astro challenges!


// The Square //
With the Sun in grounded and stable Taurus, and the Moon in progressive Aquarius, this fixed square might highlight stubbornness.

Yet despite the grounded rootedness of the Taurus Sun, the revolutionary Aquarius Moon asks you not to clutch too tightly to the routine or to your ego. Instead, lean into the evolutionary and progressive qualities of the Moon, and ask the ego to step aside.

Leadership requires humility, and this square asks you to acknowledge what you don’t know in order to lean into becoming your best self.


// The Opportunity // 
With Uranus primed to exit Aries, look at what you need to learn as it relates to your online engagement, offline leadership, and the ability to wildly and boldly claim who you are and what you love. Now’s not the moment to hide, but rather to learn and emerge, but to do so with honest humility.

Release the rigidity of needing to be right. In the words of the Beatles, it’s time to “Come Together.” And the only way to do that is to engage a practice of listening and mindful curiosity while maintaining your center and core.

The upcoming New Moon starts a massive new astrological chapter! Get ready, Numi-babes. The world is readying itself for a revolution …

For more Moon wisdom, or to book a coaching session with Jennifer, visit


As we move towards Spring’s peak, it’s time to delight in the playfully creative energies of the Goddess Maia, says Rebecca Farrar …

goddess Maia asteroid maja the numinous rebecca farrar
Photo: Mari Lezhava

From the flowers blooming (aka plant sex organs!) to the weather warming, May is a month for delight and desire …

Named after the Earth Goddess Maia, or Maja, who represents passion, wishes, and playfulness, the month of May brings a slow burn after Ostara’s April spark. With the same root as the word “majesty,” Goddess Maia represents the peak of spring’s fertility and blooming.

Throughout history, May has been a month of celebrations, and in Roman, Greek, and Celtic traditions, Goddess Maia has represented sexuality, creativity, and growth. In ancient Greece and Rome, the first and fifteenth days of the month were particularly sacred for honoring her. And in Celtic traditions, Beltane or May Day rituals focused on feeding the senses. During the holiday, unmarried men and women jumped over bonfires wishing for partners and fertility, and the Maypole was originally a tree tied with flowers and ribbons, which represented the wrapping of female energies around the phallus. 

Goddess Maia also has an asteroid named after her. Astrologically, Maja is currently hanging out in tight conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Making for a dreamy and romantic month ahead in May 2018 … 


Tap into your own playful and sensuous Spring nature by finding Maia in your own chart. Wherever she’s placed, you’re invited to offer your wishes for more blossoming this month.

Below are questions to consider for reigniting creative sparks and growth with Maia’s help …

**To find Maia/Maja in your chart, go to, enter your birth information, choose “Extended Chart Selection,” scroll down to “Additional Asteroids,” and type in 66.

1st house// Where do I lack purpose or intention in my life? How can I become re-inspired?

2nd house// What makes my heart beat faster? Is it specific people, activities, being outside?

3rd house// Which books, media, or resources provoke or scintillate me? Conversely, which ones dull my senses or excitement?

4th house// How do my emotions put me into contact with my artistic process? How can I use them as fuel for my own fire?

5th house// Where and how do I experience my creative spark? What makes me shine and light up?

6th house// What habits or routines help me stimulate my imagination? How can I add them into my day-to-day rituals?

7th house// Have I been putting aside my own creativity because I’ve been focusing too much on others? Instead, can this relationship put me in touch with my own muse?

8th house// What kindling is missing from my inspiration fire? Do I need more nurturing, community, or time alone?

9th house// How can I re-create my own life vision and come more into alignment? Are there places I need to expand into or explore physically or emotionally?

10th house// Where have my passions been left behind in place of responsibility? How can I commit more to my own passion projects?

11th house// When and where do I come into contact with my creativity in the world? Is it through others or alone?

12th house// How can I move out of wishful thinking and fantasy around something I care about? What concrete actions can I take?

may goddess guide rebecca farrar wild witch of the west maia the numinous ruby warrington material girl mystical world landovan
Photo: Caique Silva


And no matter where the asteroid is in your chart, here are ways to connect to the seductive Spring goddess this May …

// Style // Show some skin, or your favorite body part- whatever makes you feel sexy

// Food //Sensual and decadent foods such as figs, truffles, or dark chocolate

// Workout // Think playful and sexy … pole dancing or Zumba

// Home // Add a romantic touch with flowers, soft colors, candles, or fairy lights

// Healing // Sacred sex practices alone or with a partner


Dive into this month’s medicine for your sign with our Numinous Tarotscopes May 2018, cast by Melinda Lee Holm using the Starchild Tarot …

numinous tarotscopes may 2018 melinda lee holm the numinous ruby warrington material girl mystical world the starchild tarot


Seven of Crystals
Happy Solar Return, dear Taurus! There is a deepening of the lessons of April in store for you this month. The Sevens bring us opportunities to overcome doubts, and in the realm of Earth that generally equates to confronting ways in which we doubt the ability of our work to bring our desired results. While last month was more around trusting timing, this month is about finding ways you can more deeply trust in yourself and your abilities. The element of Earth is your safe place, so digging deeply into finding your true power within it is essential to living a truly fulfilled life. This means trusting not only in your ability to form the world you live in, but also that you have a place in it and are a worthy and necessary part of it.

How are you holding yourself back by doubting your own Earthly abilities? Are there things you are hesitant to even try to achieve because you have failed to see the results you desired in the past? Are you pushing yourself to keep refining your skill and methodology during the time spent waiting for work completed to ripen and blossom? This month, work on being your own biggest fan. Dare to believe in yourself like you never have before. Keep moving forward with the knowledge that the work you have completed was perfect and that it is ok to move forward and keep building upon it. Every day brings a new chance to create and grow.

Your stone for May: Red Jasper


Seven of Wands
How you holding up, Gemini? I’m guessing if you were to use the vernacular of my home state of MN your answer would simply be “uff da.” Last month was A LOT. Needed, transformative, world-shifting, but probably a tad exhausting. This month is going to bring a gentler breeze to your airy shores as you dive into the task of overcoming ways in which you doubt your intuition. Elemental Fire has a strong duality in action and intuition, but based on the energy you’ve been presented with these past couple months, my hunch is that the intuitive aspect is going to be more strongly spotlighted in May. Here’s the thing – when you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you, even if it served to bring you to a better place, it can be very hard to trust what you feel in your gut is true.

This month, all month, every chance you get, allow yourself to trust your intuition in small ways. Reach out to that friend that keeps popping into your head, take the route that avoids an intersection you are inexplicably leery of, throw those leftovers out that may or may not have sat out a little too long. Build your relationship with your inner voice back up in small ways and work your way up to higher stakes stuff. Just as with relationships with others, there is no shortcut to earning trust. Sink in and do the work. You have enough trouble with decisions as it is, dear Twin Stars. You cannot afford to have your direct line to your Higher Self down for repairs for long.

Your stone for May: Lapis Lazuli


Nine of Wands
There is so much work to be done this month, Cancer! And you are well positioned and supported to complete it all. You were gifted this same energy in March and then went into a major shift and expansion in April. Now the Nine of Wands is back to show you how far you’ve come and present you with an opportunity to prove to yourself how much more you can accomplish. Think back to projects or ideas that surfaced in March. Now is the time to again push forward to see where you can take them. Whatever your work, whatever your goals, this month is your chance to double your productivity and clear out all the lingering chores taking up precious space in your brain and energetic field.

A major part of you getting all you can out of this energy is going to rest on your ability to not take things personally. As the cardinal water sign, you feel things more strongly than most and have a tendency to let your emotions lead the way when it comes to decision making. Not this month. When you feel that familiar rush of Water heightening your emotional reactions, let the Fire of the Nine of Wands turn it to steam and watch it float away – or even better, harness that Air energy to make practical assesments of the situation! Our reactions are not our reality, they are simply a way for us to cope and navigate through life. Take the reins and lead with your gut.

Your stone for May: Citrine


Two of Crystals
Dearest Leo, you are getting back to basics this month in the realm of Earth. The Twos bring us the wisdom of their suit, the promise of the possibilites held in their Element. You are being offered an invitation to reconsider what you see as possible in the material world around you, to perhaps see a new landscape unfold with the proverbial sound of two nickels rubbing together. It is time to dig down to the root and foundation of your financial plan, your physical Earth-bound framework for your life, and see whether there are places that are in need of an update or a change in direction.

I keep getting an image of a plant that is not doing as well as it seems it should be, hands digging in the dirt to uncover the roots and finding a manufactured object blocking the natural growth of the root and consequently stunting the growth of the whole plant. What unnatural barrier is interfering with the natural growth of your material abundance? Is it a physical thing, the choice of a type of bank account or corporate structure, a poorly planned work space, a simple accounting oversight? Or is it more emotional, ethereal, energetic? Is it an issue of perceived worthiness, leftover debts from past lives, or misplaced anxiety? Whatever it is, this month it is your duty to dig in to the dirt and find it. Take nothing for granted. Be ready to examine all aspects of your Earthly life to see how they support the expanive possibilites of the Two of Crystals.

Your stone for May: Quartz Crystal


Nine of Cups
Ooo la la, Virgo! It’s been a fairly work-focused year so far in pretty much every aspect of your life and now it is time for you sit back and drink in all of the lovely emotional support you’ve built up by being a wondeful friend, collaborator, co-worker, and individual (working on yourself always benefits everyone around you, after all). This month I want you to spend as much time as possible with those people that make you feel loved, secure, and seen. They are your mirrors. When you look at them and marvel at how wonderful they are, how smart and funny and talented, what incredible capacity for emotional understanding and supprt they offer, know that that is a direct releflection of you as well. Water finds its own level and this is especially true in the spiritual/energetic realm!

Your driven nature may make this actually feel like a frustrating task, to focus on emotional connection and reflection as opposed to “real” work in the areas of Earth or Air or even Fire. If that resistence comes up for you, remind yourself that this IS real work and that the element of Water is integral to the successful presentation of all of the other elements. Our emotional bodies need this attention and care to support us through the tough times and buoy our productivity. Doesn’t it always make it easier to push yourself in any type of work when you know people you respect and love care about the outcome and about your personal accomplishments?

Your stone for May: Pink Tourmaline


Five of Cups
I am going to ask you to be very kind to yourself this month, Libra. Allow plenty of time to rest, to be alone, be sure to feed yourself healthy, nousirhsing food, drink plenty of water, and get some exercise. May is bringing you a lesson in mourning. Mourning is often seen as a synonym for being sad following a loss, but that doesn’t really cover it. To mourn is to activley participate in the emotional processing of events that may cause sadness, it is an active verb, not a passive feeling. It’s time to face your feelings and to bravely step forward into the place where you can examine them, understand their origins and utility, and gather the lessons they hold to move forward.

Lean into the wisdom of the King of Cups that visited you last month. Integrating that ability to ride out rough seas of emotion will serve you well now. You don’t have to suffer. There are no extra points for unnecessary trauma or drama. This is simply a lesson in engaging with emotional rough spots in real time to fully experience life and grow and evolve with the passing of time instead of hiding from the hard parts in an effort to appear strong to yourself and others. I speak often of the profound strength inherent in vulnerability and I reiterate that for you now. Opening up to the unpleasant, the difficult, the challenging of the emotional spectrum is just as important as opening up to the positive. You’ve got this, Libra. Be kind.

Your stone for May: Chrysoprase


Six of Wands
May is bringing you a taste of victory, Scorpio! The sixes all indicate an achievement of some sort in their Element and this achievement in the realm of Fire should prove to feel very satisfying. Given your deeply intuitive emotional nature, it is likely that this will come in the form of a confirmation that your intuition about a person or situation was spot on. But why limit yourself to just one victory? Be on the lookout all month long for confirmations and celebrations great and small of your acute intuitive abilities and the fruits of your decisive actions. Let this victory inspire you to push even further and show you areas that are particularly rich for you to pursue greatness.

Seeing as this energy is coming to you hot on the heels of that Divine gift of the Ace last month, there is a great chance that some of your celebration will be around affirmation that you have used that gift wisely. Pay special attention to any messages around what you started forming last month. The places where you do not receive affirmation are just as important to note as those where you do. To NOTE. Take it as information, not judgment. Not every idea lands. Be careful not to get bogged down by despair or disappointment over a lack of energy around ideas or projects you considered your favorites. Keep the energy flowing to where it is most useful and keep your eyes on the prizes that manifest with the most grace and ease.

Your stone for May: Pyrite


Ten of Cups
Oh you are on quite an enviable roll, Sagittarius! You’ve had some major blessings in energetic/spiritual expansion the past couple months and now you are able to ground all of that personal growth and Divine connection into your daily emotional life. By now you should be pretty open to trusting in the Universe and now you can trust in your fellow humans. Look to those closest to you to show you how grand true love can be. I am not just talking about romantic love, though that is a good possibility. I am talking about a depth of mutual admiration and adoration that lifts everyone up together, people inspiring each other to be greater together than they could be alone. Love of family, community, in the full expansive definition of both of those words.

The Ten is the inhale to the Ace’s exhale. When we are graced with the broad support of the Ten, it becomes our duty to look ahead and begin to prepare to do our part to pay it forward by pushing that energy back out as a gift to others in collaboration with the Divine. So as you drink in this beautiful emotional fulfillment, be on the lookout for ways that you can inspire others to recognize and accept the pure gift of Water the Universe provides. Practice random acts of kindness. Be a leader in love and radical acceptance. This would be an excellent time to volunteer your time to help someone in need, whether caring for a family member, mentoring a child, or cooking at a shelter.

Your stone for May: Emerald


Queen of Crystals
Ok, Capricorn, the riches of big archetypal feminine energy that has been flowing your way all year honestly has me a bit envious. Between The Moon, The High Priestess, and now your second Queen in two months, I daresay you may be on your way to becoming a bonefide master of the vast power of receptivity. And now this month brings that energy to you in your home element of Earth. Queens represent the Water of their suit, they have a gravity and a determination to them, and in the realm of Earth they have a profound ability to inspire dedication to creative projects. What is the Water of Earth, after all, but the clay we were all formed from according to folklore from cultures and religions all over the world?

What will you form this month, Capricorn? What will you give shape to with your bare hands and build lovingly from the ground up? I bet you could find some clues in all that communicating you did last month. These energies follow one another for a reason. What we build almost always takes form first in our thoughts and then our words as we turn them over and hold them in our mouths to see how they feel. You now have beutiful support to bring those thoughts and words down into the physical world. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be building a physical object. Bulding a business or reforming how your home is organized would be in line with this energy as well. Find what is in alignment with you and set aside the time needed to do it right.

Your stone for May: Garnet


Queen of Wands
This month will show you just how much you learned from watching all that chaos unfold last month, Aquarius. And in case there was any confusion in the matter, it was A LOT as evidenced by your jump from the five to the Queen in the suit of Wands. Your intuition is sharp now as is your ability to act when action is called for and opportunities to use both will be in abundance all month long. You are naturally a dreamer, happy thinking through fantasy scenarios over and over until you fall into a decision, but now you will effortlessly intuit the answers and choices that will best serve your Highest Good and find yourself ready to execute on them immediately.

Since this is somewhat foreign territory for you, be sure to give yourself the best possible base to work from. Get enough sleep, make a schedule and stick to it, keep your home and workspace clear of clutter – everything you can do to remove distractions that could keep you from tapping into the inner voice yearning to guide you. Take time to reflect on chaotic events and situations April presented to you and how they looked and felt before, during and after they occurred. You can use that information to tune your intuition in to the signals you need to pick up.

Your stone for May: Sodalite


Transformation (Death)
Ooo, Pisces, you’re not done with April’s lesson of release quite yet! Last month was just a warmup for the main event. A much-needed warmup. Now that you’ve had some experience in purposeful, directed, mindful release of things that no longer work for you, it’s time to dig deeper. Way deeper. Ever thought about having a past life regression? This would be a great time for that. That’s how deep I’m talking – across time and space deep. This isn’t how I usually frame the energy of the Death card, but this isn’t a usual situation! When cards come in a certain order there is often a very clear shift or amplification in the energy. And then on top of it, you are the sign I can most count on to be VERY cozy way out in esoteric waters.

What are some other ways you can dig in to this expansive clearing? If you are unable (or unwilling, which is totally fair) to go in for past life regression or head out to a ten day silent vipassana retreat, you can still get the full benefit of this energy by staying alert to it and calling it in. Light a black clearing candle on the Full Moon, cook with sesame oil, spend more time than you normally would alone in reflection, and always always ALWAYS be taking note of what is enhancing your life and what is not. Be brutally honest with yourself. The likelihood that the things you need to release are originating from within is high.

Your stone for May: Charoite


King of Swords
Your Cardinal Fire directness will get a boost this month, Aries, with powerful Air energy lighting up your ability to think and communicate quickly and easily. Kings represent the Air of their suit, so we get a double dose of it here in the suit of Swords. If there’s a problem you’ve been trying to solve or an issue you’ve been struggling to communicate, you can clear it up this month. Your ability to sharpen your thoughts and articulate them outwardly will be enviable, just be careful that sharpness doesn’t extend to your tongue. Sometimes this energy can manifest in a directness that can be off-putting for some and get in the way of your true message. Consider the situation, modify language and delivery to the needs of the recipent, and reasses frequently. You’ll be able to do this at lightning speed, so don’t worry you’ll slow yourself down in the process.

I highly encourage you to do a LOT of journaling this month. When you have this level of Air energy on your side, you want to take full advantage. There may be things you need to communicate to yourself that you won’t have time to reflect on until later, so get everything out and down on paper that you possibly can. With your Solar Return still looming large in the rearview mirror and a fresh take on what’s most important on your hands, this is a wonderful opportunity to download information from your Highest Self that can help you set the agenda for the entire year to come.

Your stone for May: Fluorite



The 2018 Scorpio Full Moon is priming us to dig deep into our process, slough off the old, and imagine a re-birth, says Sandy Sitron

2018 Scorpio Full Moon The Numinouc Sandy Sitron

Full Moon :: April 29th 2018 :: 8:59 pm EDT :: 9 degrees Scorpio

A branch scrapes against a window. Long twigs and budding leaves comb the air. The tree reaches through space to get your attention.

Come out and play. Leave the world that is safe and predictable and go out into the dark night, the tree says. Out here there is a hint of magic in the air and an opportunity for connection.

Embrace a world that is more raw and more real. Dance naked around the tree in the gentle rain. Feel alive.

On Sunday at 8:59pm EDT we are lit up by a Full Moon in Scorpio, opposite the Taurus sun. This Moon in Scorpio is helping you understand your true power. Power that is built like a tree. Rooted. Grounded. Ancient. Naked. Regenerating year after year.

To encounter this raw, rooted power it is necessary to venture toward the unknown. Be brave enough to get vulnerable.

What is vulnerability and why is it so important? Dr. Brené Brown defines vulnerability as, “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure” and she says that “vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy courage, empathy and creativity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper or meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”

When I think of vulnerability, I think of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that yearns to merge with another person emotionally, sexually and spiritually. To truly connect with another person is often scary. So the less mature Scorpio tries to control the experience. However, the fully realized side of Scorpio urges you to build trust, and then challenge the knee-jerk reaction to try to stay in control. If you feel safe enough to do so, you can open up vulnerably so that you experience true connection.

The 2018 Scorpio Full Moon is the perfect time to stretch your tree branches to new levels of vulnerability. Go out into the dark of night and play. Scorpio urges you to merge and Taurus, the sign of self-worth and value, urges you to know your own strength. To be vulnerable you need to believe in your self-worth. As the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus face off, this is a chance to get clear about your self-worth and stability so that you can let yourself be vulnerable. Be naked. Be real. Put in the effort to build trust with another person that you can share. And from there you experience true connection, transformation and healing.

Part of your power at this 2018 Scorpio Full Moon comes from letting the old patterns fall away to make room for new growth. This is about letting go on every level. Letting go of control and letting go of old patterns. Scorpio rules the life cycle. Transforming from birth to procreation to death to rebirth. Be brave enough to evaluate that which is no longer serving you and shed. Release.

Does the tree grieve when it loses it’s leaves? Does the tree understand that they will come back? Maybe the tree can feel the promise of new growth even as the old is dying away.

Help your systems refresh at this time. This Moon is high energy as all Full Moons are. Make space and time for getting grounded. Connect with your senses so that you feel present in your body and in the moment.

A watery 2018 Scorpio Full Moon can bring on the feelings! If you are feeling heightened emotions be brave enough to lean toward the shadow. Look at the feelings that you might try to avoid. Feel them fully so that they can slough off like dead leaves when the time is right. New growth is blossoming already.


Full Moon sextile Saturn
Nailing down a board.

This Full Moon is propped up by a force of stability. Saturn is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun. These aspects say, if you’re willing to do the work, you can build anything you want. It should be as simple as an inhale. This moon can deliver the outline of your next steps. Use your energy in ways that are practical, yet deeply meaningful.


Full Moon conjunct Jupiter
A fireworks display

This is big expansive energy. Show up for yourself. Give yourself a lot of love. This Full Moon will help healing happen at a faster rate. If you invigorate this energy by thinking positively and celebrating your accomplishments, fireworks will explode all around you. Sometimes, this kind expansion can be uncomfortable, a little bit like growing pains. Lean into it and see where it takes you.


Full Moon trine Neptune
Bunnies with cotton puff tails.

Where do they go when they disappear from sight? There’s a hint of magic in the air. A possibility of getting swept off into another dimension. Like Alice you can get curiouser and curiouser. Follow the white rabbit all the way down and connect with yourself in a new way.

The energy that is building up with this Full Moon helps you feel stabilized enough to be vulnerable, so that you can expand into healing. With a soothing trine to dreamy Neptune, you can do all of this while connecting to your heightened intuition. This Moon offers you an opportunity to see the world in a more magical way and maybe even dream of impossible things.


The below study questions are designed to help you dive deeper into the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon. For the most accurate insight ready for the House that holds 9 degrees Scorpio in your birth chart. Don’t have that info? Do you chart for free HERE.

Aries // 8th House
What old pattern or belief are you ready to let go of?

Taurus // 7th House
How can you safely bare your soul in an important partnership?

Gemini // 6th House
What are you ready to refine in your daily habits?

Cancer // 5th House
When you feel happy, what can you do to feel the positive feelings fully?

Leo // 4th House
How is your home a reflection of your well-being?

Virgo // 3rd House
What are you yearning to learn?

Libra // 2nd House
When will you let yourself feel rooted?

Scorpio // 1st House
What would help you trust in the process of transformation?

Sagittarius // 12th House
When do you get dreamtime and alone time?

Capricorn // 11th House
What friendships need to be invigorated?

Aquarius // 10th House
What are your goals for your sacred vocation?

Pisces // 9th House
What inspires you and keeps you thinking positively?

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Finally! After the relentless work of retrograde season, the Leo Waxing Quarter Moon brings some positive mojo. Step up and step out dressed in pure joy and abundance, says Jennifer RacioppiArtwork: Seana Gavin 

jennifer racioppi leo waxing quarter moon the numinous ruby warrington waxing quarter moon collage seana gavin

Waxing Quarter Moon :: May 2 2017 :: 10:46pm EST :: 12 Degrees Leo 

On the heels of Beltane, a pagan holiday celebrating the earth’s fertility, the Leo Waxing Quarter Moon arrives to bring some serious positive mojo back to our game …

Finally … it’s time to conjure abundance! 

Loaded with retrograde activity, 2017 has brought massive reconfigurations of life. The year opened on Mercury retrograde. February ushered us into eclipse season– an intense time of change. And then just as we digested the eclipses, Venus stationed retrograde on March 4th (only recently turning direct on April 15th). On April 9th, Mercury stationed retrograde too (it will station direct on May 3rd, just following the Quarter Moon).

After all the hard work we’ve done this year, the Leo Waxing Quarter Moon signals a time when we can start to consider what’s next. We are spiritually ready to make good on what we’ve unearthed from within. And, fortunately, the time has come to execute!

Hell YES! 


:: The Sun ::  
Midway through steady, stable Taurus, the Sun sextiles Neptune in Pisces. A sextile suggests resources that are available to us, and this particular combo combines earth and water elements to deliver soothing healing qualities. Think of a luscious detoxifying mud bath that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Allow yourself to sink deep into your skin and relish in feelings of spiritually aligned embodiment.

(Hint: Cosmically supported, feel-good vibes abound!)

:: The Moon :: 
The Moon in playful Leo signals a time to step up and step out in joy and abundance. Immediately after the Sun and Moon square, the Moon begins to move into an applying trine with Saturn and Uranus, creating a legendary grand trine in fire. And all of this is happening between a fertile New Moon (which happened on April 26th in Taurus), and May 10th’s Full Moon in Scorpio. This bewitching combo signals power, strength, and favorable blessings!

:: The Square :: 
Waxing Quarter Moons urge us to course correct, handle curve balls, and eloquently redirect our focus as needed. The Sun in Taurus squaring the Moon in Leo asks us to look at any friction between our desires for practicality and our needs for fun. This Waxing Quarter Moon also refers us back to intentions set on August 2, 2016, when the New Moon occurred at 10 degrees of Leo. We should see things sprouting now that are related to plans made and desires stated then. Keep on the lookout, and don’t be afraid to pivot if necessary!

:: The Message :: 
Keep going! So far, we’ve worked hard in 2017 to come to a genuine place of truth within ourselves. Our egos have had to shed misaligned notions so we can step forward into a deeper resonance with our truth. Given that this Waxing Quarter Moon occurs one day before Mercury stations direct, this potent lunar moment offers a compelling opportunity.

Get ready to embrace the upcoming influx of abundance ahead of us.  With the Sun waxing towards the summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to actively create, pursue our dreams, and conjure our desires.

For more Moon wisdom or to book a coaching session with Jennifer visit To learn more about how to work with each Moon phase, join our community of likeminded spiritual activists at Moon Club!


The message of the 2017 Taurus New Moon is to connect to your inner stillness, be present for beauty, and trust in your true value, says Sandra Sitron  …

Binta Dibba for Nakid Magazine by Bethany Vargas Taurus New Moon The Numinous
Binta Dibba for Nakid Magazine by Bethany Vargas

New Moon :: April 26th 2017:: 8:18 am EST :: 6 degrees 27 minutes Taurus

Slow. Peaceful. Still. Serene.

The moment of thisTaurus New Moon opens a portal for you to connect with your inner stillness (aka inner serenity, the quiet mind, your essential nature, your higher self). When you access your “inner stillness,” you may notice a sense of true security. In this headspace of harmony and peace you have no insecurity. You trust in your value. You trust in abundance.

This portal is open for you. Move into it through meditation. Create space and stillness. Be patient. Be present to the beauty around you. Focus your attention on being grounded, registering the sensations in your body, and connecting to your inner worth.

Taurus is a powerhouse sign. On the Taurus New Moon, the Sun and the Moon meet here, to represent a new beginning. We can take this time to send our wishes to the moon. What new beginning are you ready for in your life? Craft your intentions now.

It’s especially powerful to center your intentions on Taurus themes, which focus on the physical body. The stimuli that makes the physical body feel good. The food, shelter, and water the physical body needs to exist. Money. Anything that is sustainable or of value that will keep the body going for a long time. Anything beautiful that the physical body will appreciate.

This Taurus New Moon entices you to find inner stillness. What does Taurus have to do with inner stillness? Taurus rules the body. When you can become completely grounded in your body and aware of the information that is coming in through your senses, you have acquired one way to arrive in a meditative state. You are present.

Inner stillness helps you discover other Taurus themes. It makes you aware of your inner worth and your inner value. Your security. Your sense of abundance. Your inner harmony. It brings your values into perspective. Inner stillness is grounding and secure.

There is a vibration of Taurus that can be completely concrete and stubborn. At this Taurus New Moon, it’s time melt any stubbornness and transmute it into stability. True stability creates space for security and openness.

As you create stillness within yourself, you are tilling fertile soil in which to plant your seeds. Your Taurus New Moon seed intentions should bring forth lovely blooms of abundance, harmony in relationships, security, physical health, and beauty. These themes can be very powerful for you now.


Moon semi-sextile Mars
The next move in a game of chess.
This aspect urges you to take action. Mars is in the zippy sign of Gemini, cajoling along the slow-poke Taurus New Moon. They may not agree on the correct speed. But they can decide to take concentrated, deliberate action. And that action can be potent. Center yourself and then move your chess pieces deliberately. Take your time. Make it happen. This is not time to push forward hastily. You can take slow and powerful, grounded actions that are based on your values.


Moon trine Saturn Retrograde 
Drinking your green smoothie.
The Taurus New Moon is in a wide trine to Saturn. Saturn’s energy here can help you find the structures that work best for you. What are your systems for optimal health and wellness? What are your best systems for quieting your mind? For exercise? For learning? For communication? For managing your finances? This is positive energy that will help you get everything into alignment. Think about what kind of support and structure you need and call it in.


Use the questions below to dive deeper into the lessons of the 2017 Taurus New Moon. For a more accurate reading, calculate your chart for free here and see what house holds 6 degrees Taurus…

Aries or New Moon in the 2nd House
This New Moon takes place in your house of security, money, values and worth. What support can you ask to receive?

Taurus or New Moon in the 1st House
This New Moon takes place in your house of identity. How are the circumstances in your life teaching you about who you really are?

Gemini or New Moon in the 12th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of the subconscious mind. What advice would your higher self give you about an issue in your life? Write down your issue, then write your higher self’s advice.

Cancer or New Moon in the 11th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of friends and future. What vision will you craft? What do you desire?

Leo or New Moon in the 10th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of career. Where can you push yourself a little further out into the limelight?

Virgo or New Moon in the 9th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of exploration. What do you need to see that you aren’t seeing?

Libra or New Moon in the 8th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of emotional union. What feeling is ready to change form? Write yourself a letter from that feeling. Let it tell you everything it needs to say.

Scorpio or New Moon in the 7th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of primary relationships. How will you let yourself get closer to another person? What will you say to encourage closeness?

Sagittarius or New Moon in the 6th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of health and habits. What is one small thing you can do every day to connect to your body? Can you thank your body for that connection?

Capricorn or New Moon in the 5th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of creativity and fun. How are you yearning to express yourself?

Aquarius or New Moon in the 4th House
This New Moon takes place in your house of home and family. What will you do to welcome in a new feeling at home?

Pisces or New Moon in the 3rd House 
This New Moon takes place in your house of learning and communication. Do you believe that a breakthrough comes to you or that you have to invite it in? What would you do to invite it in?

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here.


A luscious monthly exploration of the cosmic energies for Taurus Season by Cara George & Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising

Image: Astromatcha
Image: Astromatcha

Taurus season coaxes us off the battlefield and into the boudoir as we relax into wanting what feels good to want – while already having everything that we need. This Venus-ruled bovine beauty reminds us that Venusian pleasure seeking is never frivolous, and that fully inhabiting our desire is the gateway to an unshakeable belief in our own value.

It’s a month for languishing in the simple “this-ness” of things as you sink your teeth deeply into what you love. Your diamonds don’t need to be appraised. Your love needs no justification. And baby, you’re always, absolutely, worth it.

The keyword: Succulence.

The song lyrics: “They say our love won’t pay the rent/Before it’s earned, our money’s all been spent/I guess that’s so, we don’t have a plot/But at least I’m sure of all the things we got” – I Got You Babe, Sonny & Cher.

Check out our playlist, complete with country crooners, slow jams, and classic rock.

The color palette: Think beautifully basic yet voluptuous hues that mix Dallas rodeo with a feast in the Scottish highlands: camelback and denim blue paired with crushed grape, burnt copper, and emeralds.

Rodarte 2016
Rodarte 2016

The style: Comfortable luxury that molds to the body like a second skin: jeans and a silk blouse, linen dresses, leather jackets, faux fur in pale pink and tan.

Klydie Thomas
Klydie Thomas

The scents and flavors: Ripe, rich, and classically decadent. Freshly grated truffles, high-quality olive oil and creamy burrata or St. André cheese, full-bodied floral essences, mulled spices, slow roasts, and tobacco.


Sabatino (olive oil shot)
Sabatino (olive oil shot)

The healing: Taurus Season is about straightforward, sensuous engagement with the abundant world. Lay your body directly on the dirt in a park or botanical garden and trust in the hard ground and juicy sunshine’s capacity to deliver exactly what you need. Select fabrics that beg for tactile engagement and literally dive into them. Take a scent making class, celebrate with an elaborate tasting menu, or enjoy a night of poker or blackjack as you place bets while knowing you’ve got nothing to lose because there IS no limit on your value.

Sensuous Invitation of the Month: COSMIC MANICURES BY SIGN

By the end of April we’ll have five planets retrograde in earth and fire signs, and there’s no better moment for digging into our interior dirt and engaging in some emotional landscaping. This month asks nothing less from us than our radical faith in the earth’s endless cycles of sensuous generation and mercilessly loving deaths, and reveals to us that we always instinctively know when it’s right to root down and when it’s time to tear away with our gorgeously manicured hands to create anew.

Nails by @ciaomanhattan2012
Nails by @ciaomanhattan2012

:: TAURUS ::
Savor a brand of solidity that’s also buoyant and responsive. Try scented polishes that move you towards a dynamic sensual engagement that’s anything but dull, or experiment with how much nail art each digit can handle until they’re bursting with life.

:: GEMINI ::
Take a break from your endless information gathering as you settle into sweet sensations without having to ask why. Play with iridescent, prismatic shades that are also textured.

:: CANCER ::
Birth your inner fantasy life into the physical world. Ground your little mermaid visions with incandescent shell toned nails or midnight colored blues and violets, or meditate on a desirous inner vision of your nails and team up with a talented artist to bring it into being.

:: LEO ::
Marry your urge for illuminated recognition with an abiding trust that you’re always already enough exactly as you are. Affix luxe diamond and ruby nail gemstones, or sport a “fuzzy” coat that appears so fluffy that you could sink comfortably into your own nail bed.

:: VIRGO ::
Soothe your mutable Earth sign’s impulses towards ordering and discerning with a fixity of feeling that takes the world at face value. Try classic, metallic glittery shades or solid gold.

:: LIBRA ::
Pair your brand of high-minded, idealistic love with a more carnal flavor that doesn’t need to strive to capture the goods. Play with acrylics and release into the “realness” of the fakeness as you celebrate the infinite value of artifice and ornament, or try “opposite” colors on different nails.

Relax your urge to penetrate to the depths and instead relish the simple goodness of the luscious, flowering surface of things. Celebrate the steady unfurling of spring blooms with fresh green and pale rose shades, and choose a signature shade on your ring finger as you wed yourself to your own worth.

Sample an earthen rootedness that seeks depth over breadth. Fuse your Amazonian streak with bonfire colors and animal print decals, and practice blending into your animal pack with browns and russets that are equal parts expansive and fixed.

Engage in a different brand of “building” that allows the world to do its work upon you. Revel in the slow unfolding of a paraffin wax treatment, or activate your refined, sophisticated flavor of sensuality with a “velvet” manicure.

Drop back into your body as you swap out endless futurism in favor of the delectable present moment. Pair your eccentric, cerebral edge with Taurus primitivism by trying tropical neon nail art, or keep your nails clean and bare to get ready for dirt digging.

:: PISCES ::
Practice “landing” as you learn to value the material as much as the mystical. Commit to a monochromatic mani in a bright kelly green or chartreuse that marries your deep sea diving to the color of land vegetation.

:: ARIES ::
Fuse your action-oriented potency with a yin vibe that knows when to hold ‘em. Choose an in-your-face shade and then dial the color back just a notch; turn saturated magentas into peachy pinks or glossy corals that are equal parts emboldened and receptive.