Her juices have a cult following on the West Coast…and she’s basically a total babe. This week’s Material Girl is Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon, here’s a peek into her Mystical and super stylish World…

Amanda Chantal Bacon shot by Tasya van Ree featured on
Amanda Chantal Bacon shot by Tasya van Ree

What was your entry point into healthy food and juicing?
Healthy and body specific eating began around age five with a divine intervention by an ayruvedic doctor. The gateway to serious juice drinking was an apple lemon ginger green juice.

What’s been the most transformational part of your own foodie journey to date?
It really dates back to that doctor, who pulled me aside and had me stop eating sugar, wheat and cow’s milk when I was five years old. It turned out to be life defining. This has all been enhanced by working as a fine dining chef, traveling the world’s farmers markets, and experiencing peasant traditions.

How does this tie into your path as a spiritual being?
My meditative practice and life experiences are directly affected by the foods I eat. When I’m juicing and eating light sattvic foods, I can tune in and slip out to other dimensions within seconds. I don’t drink any more for this reason, but even eating heavier, cooked foods and meat just adds some time and pranic work to getting the cosmic high. I would have to say that there was a real shift in my spiritual perception when I made a deep commitment to clean eating and drinking.

What’s in your fantasy juice?
Love this question…It would be white peaches pressed into fig leaves drunk on a dock in the summertime on Lake Como.

:: M A T E R I A L   G I R L ::

My label
Black Crane

Black Crane AW14 featured on
Black Crane AW14

My shoes

Leopard print shoes by Celine SS15 featured on
Celine SS15

My fragrance
Rose oil from India

Roll on fragrance oil by Jurlique featured on
Roll on fragrance oil by Jurlique

My jewels
Pink opals

Pink opal ring by Max and Chrloe featured on
Pink Opal ring, $115 by Max and Chloe

My pampering

My food
Raw chocolate

Fine & Raw chocolate truffles featured on
Fine & Raw chocolate truffles, $28

My home

Earthy mid century modern

:: M Y S T I C A L   W O R L D ::

My awakening 
Breath of Fire

My sign
Aries sun, Aquarius moon, Scorpio rising

My mantra
Sat Nam

My healer
My son, Rohan

My reading
Pema Chodron is who I turn to when I need some grounded advice and a good strong shoulder

Pema Chodron quote featured on
The wisdom of Pema Chodron…

My mission
Bringing love and beauty to us all with plants

My transformation
Is a daily process, and I’m on a particularly ripe and juicy part of the ride…

Shop the full selection of juices and cosmic provisions at, and follow Amanda @moonjuiceshop


2014 has been a year of SELF-EXAMINATION, TRANSFORMATION and ADVENTURE! Here are 11 posts that made us laugh, gasp, cry…and take a good long look at our lives from the inside (listed in no particular order of awesomeness).


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Guru Jagat shot in Venice Beach by Lisandra Valazquez for
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Guru Jagat is the outspoken face behind the Ra Ma Institute, the only all kundalini yoga studio in California’s Venice Beach. She talks to Madeline Giles about her vision for the Age of Aquarius, life on the 33rd parallel and outsmarting the Global Elite. Conspiracy theories or conscious debate?


What it feels like to be a Gemini Image by Bela Borsodi for Document Journal featured on
Image by Bela Borsodi for Document Journal

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Cara and her coven, photographed by Richard Bush for i-D magazine featured on
Cara and her coven, photographed by Richard Bush for i-D magazine

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Orgasm as spiritual exchange...
Orgasm as spiritual exchange…

Empowering women’s movement, or de facto sex cult? Dani Katz gets intimate with the practise known as Orgasmic Meditation…


When can drinking a cup of tea make you feel like you’re “melting into kaleidoscopic clouds”? When it’s part of a Living Tea ceremony, says Madeline Giles. Images: Lisandra Vazquez Photography

Cups set for a Living Tea ceremony with Colin Hudon featured on
Setting the scene…

This time last year I enjoyed my tea bagged, bought from Whole Foods. I took jasmine green for breakfast, cacao yerba mate in the afternoon, and chamomile after dinner. If you asked me what I thought about tea then, I probably would’ve said: “It’s a cozy alternative to coffee. It tastes good. I like it. Yum!” And that would’ve been the end of that. Like most Westerners, I related to tea as just a beverage. A constant companion I told my life’s story to, but never considered listening to for a response. I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know there was more!

Then I moved to California, and by the grace of the tea gods, shortly thereafter I experienced my first taste of Living Tea during a love potion consultation. In one simple sip, the Tea pulled me out of my overly contemplative mind and into my body, where I felt transported into that magically meditative place where everything and nothing is known at once. It was heaven and earth alchemized in one simple swallow, and, as dramatic as this might sound, I felt I would never be the same.

“Really good Teas – that I call Living Teas – are from Old Growth forests in the high mountains and valleys of Yunnan, China and Taiwan, where the trees are hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old,” explains Living Tea founder Colin Hudon. We’re seated in his quaint Santa Monica cottage enjoying bowls of Purple Tea, which smells like wildflowers and makes me feel like I’m melting into kaleidoscopic clouds.

Madeline Giles enjoys a bowl of Purple Tea at a Living Tea ceremony for
The author enjoys a bowl of Purple Tea at a Living Tea ceremony

“If you think about a tree that’s 100 or 500 or 1,000 years old, it’s been gathering and concentrating a profound accumulation of chi – or energy –from the sun, the moon, the stars, the birdsong, the plants, and all the animals it’s encountered over that time. The roots of a Living Tea tree can grow up to 100 meters deep, so they’re pulling up trace minerals and phytonutrients that we don’t get in our regular diet – that most plants we consume don’t have. Then we process it in a certain way and bring it back to life with fire and water. It’s alchemy.”

Hudon began relating to Tea as a Tao when he synchronistically connected with a Taiwan-based Tea teacher during his travels through Asia in 2010. “I stayed for a whole month at [my teacher’s] home, which is also a center called The Tea Sage Hut. I was profoundly moved by my experience there – it really kicked off my whole deep immersion into Tea. Prior to that it was just a curiosity of mine, a hobby.” When Hudon returned to California, he began selling Tea, serving Tea ceremonies, and ultimately inspired a local tea community that’s been growing ever since. Here, he shares the wisdom of Living Tea…

The vast majority of Teas I carry are Old Growth, so they’re from hundreds to thousand-year-old trees in wild forests. Unfortunately, 99 percent of tea in the world today is industrialized plantation tea. These tea farmers deprive the soil of certain nutrients so the trees are forced to grow more leaves for sustenance. Then, they pick those trees eight to 12 times a year, sometimes more.

Really good Teas – what I call Living Teas – are only pruned once or twice a year, and sometimes even left for a couple years, to grow as wild trees in the forest. Also, drinking Living Teas and relating to them as medicinal botanical herbs is very different than sipping a cup of plantation tea from Starbucks, or even a bagged tea from Whole Foods.

Madeline Giles and Living Tea founder Colin Hudon photographed for
With Living Tea founder Colin Hudon

Oftentimes meditation is about shunning the sixth sense – the mind. In an attempt to turn inwards [various Eastern] traditions often refer to the five senses as distractions to that path. Yet ultimately, we exist in the world – and you still have to get up and pay bills and call your dad and you’ve got to walk the dog and do the dishes, you know? So the question is: How can we bring that degree of mindfulness, of presence, of awareness, of connection, of open-heartedness to the more humdrum, prosaic aspects of our lives?

Tea is one bridge from the inside to the outside, because if I can brew Tea and talk to you and have a daily practice of coming back to this awareness of my body, my being, and of my life through Tea, then I’m building up this energy of mindfulness. And the more you build it up, the more of it you have. Tea is just one of many tools, but it’s a very profound and powerful tool for this – especially if you come back to it every day. It’s also very accessible, whereas for many people, sitting in meditation and observing their breath – doing some form of meditation or yoga or whatever they do – can be very challenging.

I tell people you can relate to Tea like a person. Every person we meet, we have an impression of them. Some are aggressive, some are loud, some are abrasive, some are gentle and soft and quiet and introspective and creative, and on and on and on. We meet people from so many backgrounds, and you can’t meet a person without also meeting their education, their enculturation, their upbringing, their family – and the place they came from, which is true of Tea, too.

A lot of times when we do these Tea meditations or Tea ceremonies, it’s about the senses initially, but as you drink tea, if you really pay attention, oftentimes images will start to arise and people can see the place from which the Tea came. We say when She or It or the Tea starts to communicate with you, then She or It becomes the teacher. Soon, how long you steep a Tea, how many leaves you use, what type of Tea ware is the most appropriate – all of that is something that the Tea communicates to you, It’s not something you can read in a book.

“Start with just a bowl and a couple leaves…”

When a person starts to open the door to Tea beyond it just being an everyday beverage, it can be overwhelming. People will go, “Do I need to buy all this Tea stuff and do I need to learn all these traditions?” But the essence of Tea as a Tao, as a way, is simplicity. When my teacher, Wu De, introduces people to Tea, he says start with just a bowl and a couple leaves. Four to eight leaves of a large leaf Tea – because if it’s too small, the pieces get stuck in your mouth.

All you need then is just a way to heat your water, a big leaf bowl, and the leaves. Step two is more about the methodology and aesthetics of Tea, whereas step one – bowl, leaves – is about letting all of that go. You can do that alone or invite friends over and explore. It’s not about conversation, it’s about experience.

There’s a saying in our tradition that as the man seeks the man, so the leaf seeks the man. If a person has a profound respect and reverence for Tea as a path, if they create space in their life for it, then certain types of Tea will find their way into their lives. If a person relates to Tea the same way they relate to any beverage, then a different type of Tea will find their way into their lives – but that’s true of anything. In a sense, we get what we give.

To learn more about Tea as a Tao and tea ceremony, check out LivingTea.Net and Global Tea Hut. Numinous readers can also get a 10% discount on any purchases from Living Tea – just add the code “NUMINOUS TEA” at check out.

Madeline Giles with Living Tea founder Colin Hudon shot by Lisandra Vazquez for
Madeline Giles with Living Tea founder Colin Hudon


Amber Locke, a.k.a. @rawveganblonde has gained a cut following for her beautiful and unique farmers’ market art. We meet the woman behind the phenomenon, and ask her…what vegetable would you be?

Amber XXX, a.k.a. @rawveganblonde, at work.
The artist at work…

How long have you been a Raw Vegan Blonde, and what drew you to the lifestyle?
I’ve always been blonde, but only discovered the concept of raw food about 18 months ago! I first read about it on the blog of Ralph Lauren model Valentina Zelyaeva and decided to try it out as an experiment, but I was so blown away with how amazing it made me feel after just a few days, I carried on.

Eating raw gives me incredible energy, improved mental clarity and a general feeling of calmness, harmony and well-being. I’ve become far more in tune with my body and very aware of how what I eat can dramatically affect how I feel both emotionally and physically.

What makes you so passionate about vegetables?
For me it’s the fact that fruit and veg not only taste amazing, they’re visually fascinating and have the power to nourish and heal our bodies too. They really are super foods.

Zucchini Shadows print by Raw Vegan Blonde featured on
Zucchini Shadows print, £180 from

And why do you think they’re so beautiful to you?
I love the beauty of natural elements, and I’m constantly amazed and delighted by their different shapes, colours, textures, and character. So my designs aim to showcase their unique qualities and reflect the changing seasons of the year, as well as being a celebration of living a healthy lifestyle.

If you were a fruit or a vegetable, which would you be and why?
I think I’d probably be a candy beetroot. They look pretty much like a normal beetroot on the outside, but when you slice them, they reveal their amazing pink and white striped flesh and it never ceases to make me smile.

What’s the most out there plant-based experience you’ve had to date?
I’m not sure I’ve had an ‘out there’ experience…but I always get a sense of something greater at work when I’m composing my designs. I sometimes stand back and wonder how I did it.

:: M A T E R I A L  G I R L ::

My label
I love Hermes and although I only own a few pieces (mainly leather goods and scarves) they all have special memories and are so exquisitely made they will last a lifetime.

Hermes Zebra Pegasus scarf chosen by Raw Vegan Blonde for
Hermes Zebra Pegasus scarf, $1175

My shoes
I’m addicted to Belstaff boots as they’re so comfy, look great and fit my narrow shins well! I have several pairs and wear them almost all year round.

My fragrance
I’ve worn ‘Un Jardin Sur Le Nil’ by Hermes for years. I think the top notes are green mango but I love it as the smell reminds me of tomato leaves which are one on my favourite fragrances along with orange blossom. I’m still pursuing my quest to find the perfect orange blossom perfume and the closest I’ve come across so far is by Jo Malone and I wear this sometimes in the Summer.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes chosen by Raw Vegan Blonde for
Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes, $131

My jewels
I don’t wear much jewellery apart from my boyfriend’s old Breitling watch which I love as it’s so big and chunky on my wrist, and an antique silver fob chain given to me by my Mother which I wear as a charm bracelet.

My pampering
A trip to the hairdressers! I recently took the plunge and had 10” chopped off by the brilliant team at Richard Ward Salon in London, their colourist David Viner is a legend too!

My home
I live in a quirky house in a small countryside village. Its part Tudor, part Georgian, part Victorian and part Medieval so it’s a real mix of architectural styles.

My food
I love to eat a mainly raw diet so my kitchen is always full of fresh fruit and vegetables and I eat this way at least 90% of the week. I love green smoothies, as well as my beloved high-speed ‘Blendtec’ blender makes them super smooth, rich and creamy.

Stainless steel Blendtec blender chosen by Raw Vegan Blonde for
Blendtec blender, $649.95

:: M Y S T I C A L  W O R L D ::

My awakening
I have a very simple morning ritual; I drink a large glass of water (warm water and lemon if I have time) then take a walk with my dog before making a big green juice for my boyfriend and I. We’re really into stronger flavoured spicy juices now the weather has turned colder so I use a lot of ginger, lemongrass, whole lemons and sometimes a bit of green chilli for an extra kick.

My sign
I’m a Capricorn

My mantra
I don’t really have a mantra as such but I love the line in the Baz Luhrmann song ‘Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)’ which goes: ‘Enjoy your body… it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own’. I think so many people live unhappily with their body but if you can learn to love it and feed, nourish and exercise it properly the rewards of such team work can be incredible.

My healer
I think a balanced diet of fresh, natural food can be a great healer – physically, medicinally and emotionally.

Hermes-esque print, £180, Featured on
Hermes-esque print, £180,

My reading
I’m fascinated by food so for me it’s any book related to the subject (I have hundreds!) and I really love searching out vintage cookbooks and out of print titles.

My transformation
Trying out a raw food diet was a big transformation for me as I had no idea eating this way had the ability to make you feel so good. I think it should be renamed the ‘Happiness Diet’ as it’s almost like nature’s happy pill.

My mission
I love to share my passion for fruit and vegetables (through my designs and recipes) and if that encourages or inspires others to eat more of them then that makes me very happy!

Purchase one of Amber’s limited edition prints at, and follow her on Instagram @rawveganblonde


Empowering women’s movement, or de facto sex cult? Dani Katz gets intimate with the practise known as Orgasmic Meditation…


“I hate LA, and I hate my life,” I sputter in a flurry of tears, snot and spaz-out, as I drop my purse on the floor of Jamie’s kitchen, and freak way out.

“And my favorite pants are ruined,” I whine, gesturing to the stains dotting the hem, remnants from this morning’s explosion of glass and green at Moon Juice, where my Kundalini teacher dropped an eleven-dollar bottle of algae on my Birkenstock while lamenting the torment of her beloved’s non-monogamous tendencies. “…and everything would be easier if I were dead.”

“And how late is your period?” Jamie smiles, perpetually unfazed by my dark, melodramatic tendencies.

Why I can’t seem to remember that my every twenty-eight day despondency/bad hair day combo is related to the onset of my moon remains one of the more confounding mysteries of being woman. Well, that and our tendency to totally abandon ourselves for the crumbs of affection half-heartedly proffered by the man-children who don’t deserve us.

I reach for my iPhone, and pull up my Period Tracker app.

Period is 1 Day Late.

“I had a feeling,” Jamie nods. “Let’s get you stoned; let’s get you fed; and, let’s get your pussy rubbed.”

While this last zinger might seem wildly inappropriate coming from anyone else, Jamie is a One Taste devotee, an adept in the cult of orgasm, and – as such – her answer to pretty much everything is: Get your clit rubbed.

For those not yet hip to the casual stroking craze that equates orgasm with meditation, and mindfulness with turn-on, Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a practice focused on female orgasm. It involves two humans, at least one vagina, a timer, a dash of lube, a tightly held container comprised of a very specific configuration of pillows and limbs, and a very (very) precise stroke – a gentle, vertical petting atop the surface of the upper left quadrant of the clitoris with the tip of the left pointer finger, for fifteen minutes.

“Okay,” I sniff, wiping an errant strand of hair from my face. “Can we make that happen?”

“Pfft,” Jamie snorts. “Duh.”

I should probably mention that all three of Jamie’s roommates also OM. Like, religiously, and even then, fanatically, as in several times a day. It’s but a symptom of the One Taste organization’s culty-er aspects – outcroppings of community houses packed tight with pussies keen to be rubbed, and fingers eager to rub ‘em.

“Hey, Dani,” says Jamie’s roommate, Josh, walking into the kitchen all of two seconds later.

“Hey, Josh.”

While Josh and I exchange greetings, Jamie – not one for subtleties – mimes a diddling motion with one pointer finger, while directing the other one my way. She’s a Capricorn; she makes shit happen.

“Wanna OM?” Josh blurts.

For those not living in houses populated exclusively by Orgasmic Meditators, most folks go about finding vaginas to rub, and fingers to rub ‘em on the OM Hub, a private online network available to those who qualify (i.e. throw down the cash for the online course, pass a quiz, and then throw down more for network access; oh, and who aren’t registered sex offenders).

“Anyone near Mar Vista wanna come stroke my pussy today between 3 and 5:30?” reads a sample posting.

The community operates on an any finger/any pussy/anytime philosophy, and the extent to which the randomness of the OM hook-up icks me out has proven prohibitive in my developing any regularity around the practice. To this end, I barely even qualify as a practitioner. Dabbler is probably even pushing it.

“Oh, hi honey,” Jamie said, meeting me at the top of the stairs back when she was first inculcated into the Grand Order of Holy Diddlers. “I’m just gonna squeeze in a quick OM, and then we’ll go.”

I took a seat on the futon in the loft, and texted our friends to let them know we were going to be late for dinner. It wasn’t long before the telltale sounds of turn-on started seeping forth from the backside of Jamie’s bedroom door.


Ew, I thought, scrambling to untangle the earbuds I couldn’t get out of my purse and into my ears fast enough.


It’s not that I’m prude, or shy, or at all delicate when it comes to erotic expression. Still, I just don’t really want to know what my friend sounds like when she’s getting off, much the same way I’m not interested in smelling her used tampons. TMI – way (way) TMI.

Minutes later, a man wearing glasses and a Pokemon t-shirt came strutting out of Jamie’s bedroom. “You next?” he asked, waggling a finger my way – a finger I could only guess was coated in vagina slime.

“Ew,” I snorted, thoroughly put off by the creamy digit aimed in my direction, but moreso the assumption that my holy vag was this random guy’s for the stroking.

When it comes to touching my vagina, the list of those who qualify for the privilege is short, and contained – lovers, gynecologists, the occasional nurse practitioner, and the Russian lady who waxes my bikini line. Hired tenders aside, it’s a highly restricted area, reserved for those I deem special/worthy enough to handle both the sacred wonderfulness that is my labia, as well as my heart, because – like so many people in our culture and maybe on the planet in general, I am programmed to believe that the regions are inextricably bound. As such, unless I’m in a relationship, my pussy doesn’t get much play.

Thus is the beauty of the OM – once she who is grossed out by the culture figures out how to meander her way around its ickier aspects. Hanging out at Jamie’s, as I’m now realizing, is a fantastic method to this end.

“Yes, please,” I say.

“When?” asks Josh.


And so it is that I’m dropping chlorella-stained trou in Josh’s room, while he places a washcloth in the center of “The Nest” – which is really just a yoga mat surrounded by half-moon meditation cushions strategically placed for my head, my thighs and his ass, but which will be honored as holy, and thus entered with the implicit understanding that while so cradled, there will be no canoodling, and no reciprocity. Just pussy-stroking. For fifteen minutes, no more, no less.

“Are you comfortable?” Josh asks, pulling my leg over his thigh, and arranging his foot so that it’s flat against mine.

I catch myself before asking How are we defining our terms? Because, while sure, I’m enjoying a semblance of ergonomic ease, I am also naked from the waist down, lying with my legs splayed to reveal my six days un-groomed pussy as a relative stranger dangles his arm over my thigh. Which – while fine – has me feeling more than a little vulnerable. Plus, there is the matter of warm-blooded man hands touching my inner thigh, of palm against flesh, and – um – the novelty of the connection and the alchemy on this unique, raw and dense plane of purely physical exchange. Which is all to say, comfortable isn’t the first descriptive that comes to mind.

“Uh-huh,” I chirp, because now is not the time for heady unravelings of my mental state, and because Jamie got me stoned while Josh arranged the pillows, and I’m just blitzed enough not to give a shit what he thinks of my spread eagled lady bits.

“Okay, I’m going to ground you, now,” Josh says, mashing his palms along the surface of my thighs.

It’s standard, The Grounding, as is the practice of announcing whatever touch is about to happen. It lends a sterile, business-like vibe to the exchange, which I happen to appreciate. As impersonal as we can keep our interaction, the better, I say. Josh is not my lover. Josh isn’t even a friend. Josh is the guy attached to the hands that are right now mashing my thighs, and my pelvis, and is getting ready to—

Oh fuck, I think, just now remembering the sequence of events, because it’s been a while.

The Noticing.

Please don’t do The Noticing, I think, suddenly observing mild sensations of panic. Please don’t do The Noticing.

It’s my least favorite part of the practice, The Noticing, wherein the stroker ogles the vag in front of him and then shares his visual observation. Out loud.

“I’m noticing that you have one pubic hair that’s really straight, and poking straight up towards the ceiling,” a stroker once told me, as I wished a hole would open up in the ground beneath me, and swallow me at once.

“The outside of your lips are, like, a really dark pink, almost like cranberry juice,” noticed another, as my cheeks turned a similar shade, and I stared at the ceiling and wondered why any and all references to my vaginal “lips” creep me out so hard.

Please don’t do The Noticing, I psychically beg/command.

That Josh actually skips The Noticing is as much a testament to the anti-Noticing trend Jamie will later tell me is sweeping the community at large as it is to my psychic authority. No matter. Noticing isn’t happening. I’m golden, I think, grateful to have escaped the humiliation of Josh’s take on the whitehead lodged inside my inner thigh crease, as he starts the timer on his smartphone, snaps on a pair of latex gloves, and goes about sliding a hand underneath my ass.

Two Door Cinema Club

“I’m going to touch your introitus now.”

Safeporting, they call it, the resting of the stroker’s thumb against the vaginal opening. I guess it’s supposed to help the strokee to feel held, to quell any lurking fears of floating up and toward the ceiling, of slipping through the cracks of an air vent and being forever lodged in the crawlspace with no pants on. Jamie has developed this annoying habit of rolling the term into her everyday lingo to reference any sort of safeguarding.

Like the time we were invited to our friends’ house for dinner, after a particularly awkward series of texts and naked hot tub gropings, and she said: “I know Michael and Katrina keep trying to fuck you, but don’t worry. I’ll be right there, safeporting you the whole time.”

I appreciated the sentiment, but, the languaging? Um…ew.

“I’m going to touch your pussy, now,” Josh announces as his lube-globby finger makes contact with my clit.

They’re big on the P-word, these Orgasmic Meditators. On the one hand, it’s refreshing, especially given how many Tantra intensives I’ve attended wherein the words yoni and punani are tossed around like so much New Age-appropriated Far Easterly exotica.

Still, if one more soft-eyed dude wearing three-day beard scruff and a rudrakshra mala wrapped around his sacred geometry tattooed wrist greets me by mashing his hands together at his curiously hairless heart chakra, bending at the waist, and purring Namaste, I might have a stroke. To this end, I’m all for the P-word. And yet, I find something slightly confrontational about its ubiquity, as if those who OM are wielding the word in the hopes of inspiring discomfort, verily daring those within earshot to take issue with their languaging, and their lifestyle.

“Okay,” I sigh, narrowing my focus of attention to the point of contact between Josh’s finger and my clit, while expanding my awareness around all the sensation said contact is generating.

“Why can’t you just do it yourself?” my mother prods when I meet her at Pilates a week later, wanting to not be disturbed by this, yet another comfort zone-challenging ritual in which her daughter is dabbling, and yet still not getting it.

It’s not that I can’t; it’s that I don’t. I tend to forget that a) I have a bundle of nerves in my vagina that tingle when stimulated; and b) I can stimulate them whenever I want to. I’m a heady gal – “an upper chakra creator” as Trish, my go-to psychic, likes to say. More often than not, I forget I even have a body, let alone that caressing it is an option. But, even if I chose to remember, OMing and masturbating are not the same thing.

“Ooohh…” Josh groans, clearly navigating a surge of arousal as the tip of his finger waggles up and down and up and down and up and down along the top of my clit.

OMing is an exchange – of trust and vulnerability, and of grunts and desire, but mostly of the electro-chemical polarities that attract masculine and feminine.

“I felt this electrical jolt – like a lightning bolt – shooting out of your clit and into my finger, where it traveled up my arm, across my chest, into my heart, down into my cock, and out my other arm, like a circuit, and then it just kept circulating for the rest of the OM,” said Lance, a guy who once stroked me while I was crashing at Jamie’s, and we were Sharing Frames after the stroking part, which isn’t quite as cringey as The Noticing, but is sort of in the ballpark.

The point is that something larger, magnetic and infinitely more mysterious happens when fingertip strokes clit in this specific way and inside of this container – something that doesn’t happen when I’m jerking myself off.

It’s the electro-chemical exchange that inspired me to try Orgasmic Meditation in the first place, back when I was cozy in a monogamous love thang, and my partner and I read Slow Sex together at a Colorado hot spring, and thus grooved on Nicole Daedone’s whole down with stimulation, up with sensitivity/awareness philosophy, and took to a daily OM practice.

“Achoo!” sneezed then boyfriend.

“Wow!” I said, shivering, because I felt his sneeze in my own body as palpably as if it were my own.

I liken it to Vipassana meditation, wherein the prolonged practice of scanning the body for sensation strips away the walls and shadows that obscure our hearts and our light and our genius. The practice of OMing strips away the walls and the density that obscure not only our connection to our own feeling nature, but to the shared feeling nature that conscious sexual exchange inspires when we know how to work with it.

“Ooh,” boyfriend said, when he hit a particularly sweet spot with his tongue during a post-OM canoodle. “I felt that one in my toes.”

“Do…more…that…” I instructed, palming his skull, trying to catch my breath, “…hnnnh!…”


But, it’s not just instances of Freaky Friday-like feeling-sharing that differentiates OMing from diddling myself. Orgasmic Meditation isn’t goal-oriented – there is no race toward climax. In fact, it’s not even a destination. Sure, it happens; I hear. I’ve yet to climax during an OM, and I have all of zero interest in doing so, and not just because I think it would be thoroughly embarrassing.

The magic is at the edge, which is where all magic lies, and – for me – OMing is the perfect set-up to play with that edge, to redirect the energy that threatens to undo me in a fit of trembles, spasms, shrieks and sensation, and to instead redirect it up my spine and into my head, where it dances between my third eye and my crown, and animates my entire body with a thousand and one lightning bolts exploding behind my eyelids and across my every meridian in fractalized bursts of psychedelia.

“UNNHHH!!” Josh sucks in his breath at the very same moment a jolt of electricity explodes in my upper cervical spine, and then mutters a thoroughly floored: “Whoah.”

“And, what’s in it for the guy?” Mom presses.

I can’t really say, not being a guy or having ever stroked, but that doesn’t stop me from rolling my eyes, and snorting, and saying “Mom, I already explained this,” because even though I’m a grown woman, there’s something about sharing time/space with my mother that inspires adolescent histrionics. “It strips away the layers of calcified density, and renders them more sensitive and available to experience their own sensation through less and less stimulation.”

Also, a lot of the guys in the community are spazzy dweebs who, if it weren’t for One Taste, wouldn’t likely see much pussy, let alone get to touch any, unless they were paying for it.

“Two minutes,” Josh says, alerting me to the impending close of our session with a pronounced shift in his touch – Downstroking, they call it, which is totally applicable when spread eagle and doused in coconut lube in The Nest, but kind of annoying when chatting with my friend over kale smoothies.

“You probably want to downstroke her before telling her you don’t want to work with her anymore,” Jamie advises.

I roll my eyes and vomit just the tiniest bit in the back of my throat, not because it’s not good advice, but because I’m still having a hard time getting used to my friend’s tendency to talk like a cult initiate.

“Time,” Josh says with a massive exhale, removing his hand from very, very tingly pussy, despite my clit’s silent pulsing pleas for him to come back, to stay awhile, to keep doing that thing he was doing with his finger for – like, I dunno…ever?

I exhale as Josh grounds me back into my body, and into the room, again mashing his hands atop my only slightly trembling thighs. He helps me up to a sitting position where I drape the now damp washcloth over my lady bits, and avail myself to the grand finale – the Sharing of Frames.

“There was this moment, when I saw, like, a drop of – um…well, your juices on the edge of your pussy, and – uh, well – when I did, I felt a lot of sensation in my cock.”

I think the point is to get us in the practice of communicating our turn on, and our feeling experience. It’s gotten easier, the Frame-Sharing, minus the moments when I realize, mid-OM, that I’m going to have to do it, and then I retreat to my head, scanning the practice for something noteworthy to speak to. That, and the fact that I don’t love talking to strangers about my turn-on, but – whatever – I’m a grown-up; I can deal.

“There was a moment when you pulled back on the pressure, and I found myself wanting to chase it, but instead chose to inhale into my clit, and found the connection I was craving through my own breath.”




And with that, we are complete.

It’s actually my favorite part of the whole experience, the leaving, the absence of lingering eye locks, of nervous heart flutters, of carefully couched farewells that may or may not allude to a deepening intimacy, and to future dalliances that so often never come to pass. I love the none of that. It’s honest. It’s clean. We have accomplished the business at hand – the touching of my pussy – and now that we are finished, I will be on my (way merrier) way.

Back in Jamie’s kitchen, dinner is ready – kale salad with pumpkin seeds and tons of nutritional yeast.

“How was that?” Jamie asks, knowing smile hijacking her perpetually radiant face.

“Best. Friend. Ever.” I gush, proffering the world’s most grateful hug, feeling infinitely less suicidal and – dare I say – pretty darned good.

Dani Katz is the creator of the I Am Calendar 2015, a total astro/affirmation/badass birthday fest of all ’round awesomeness. You can find out more about her work here.

The I Am Calendar 2015 by Dani Katz featured on
The I Am Calendar 2015 by Dani Katz



A Unicorn among women, designer and textile maven Victoria Keen is among the most magical of the creatures in the Numiverse. From her high vibrational yoga line, to her encyclopedic knowledge of the esoteric healing arts, this woman walks the Numi walk – and then some. Here’s this week’s peek into a very Mystical World…

Victoria Keen shot by Natalya Nova for
Portrait: Natalya Nova


My Label
V-Keen is my label. I am a textile and clothing designer, among other things, and
I’ve been rocking my original hand drawn textiles since 2002, making printed everything from yoga leggings to wool cashmere suits to furniture. My ethos has been high vibrational clothing made in NYC since the beginning. And I love print. A LOT. Chisato Tsumori’s work does it for me – it’s fantastic, whimsical, over the top and amazing.

Victoria Keen leggings shot in NYC featured on The Numinous
Kaylee Boyer wears V-Keen leggings

My Shoes
I don’t get to wear them enough, but I just used my favorite Balenciaga’s in a recent Goddess Tribe  shoot I did. I got them in a Barney’s sale, and I had my son Zephyr in a front pack while I tried them on. The other ladies shopping were applauding, it was a pretty hilarious sight. I haven’t shopped that Barney’s sale again, but this winter I plan on making myself some hand felted boots in the style of the Mongolian Nomads.

Mongolian woman shot by Frédéric Lagrange

My Fragrance
For years now (like 10!) I’ve been obsessed with my friend’s hand made line out of Vermont, called Lunaroma. Her Neroli I can’t live without. It makes me feel powerful and reminds me of ancient Egypt in a way I can’t explain. In fact, I just read  that Neroli was a beloved scent of the priestesses of Isis….

My Jewels
Since I was a kid I’ve always been fascinated with the ancient human practice of body modification. I love unusual ear piercings with intricate set ups, and there’s a black diamond encrusted hoop for my daith I’ve been pining after.


My Pampering
I love a facial from Britta Plugg in Williamsburg when I want to pamper myself. Way beyond a facial, she uses the most incredible organic products along with heated salt stones and light therapy to induce an out of body state of relaxation. Love it!

My Home
My home is its own colorful universe. I share a live/work studio with my partner, our 6-year-old son, our Frenchie pug, a fish tank, a veritable jungle of plants along with my entire V-Keen inventory and samples, my library of books, a 28” wind gong and various instruments, my many collections of photographs, masks, crystals, travel treasures, and of course all of my fiber art and crafting supplies… We don’t have a couch or a TV, but it works somehow.

Chinese wind gong from
Chinese wind gong from

My Food
I am a total kitchen witch and elixir mixer, in fact I just made some saffron infused full moon ghee…and a love potion I’m digging lately is rose and tulsi tea with muddled raspberries and mint, aloe vera, lime, raw honey and sprouted chia seeds, with Rose Quartz and Opal gem essences. Beyond!


My Awakening
Morning rituals are my favorite. I have been evolving my own very personal dinacharya for a while now, with many specific steps I can do in under twenty minutes. Here is a simple morning offering I made last week. I lit a candle and connected with my ancestors, spirit guides, and animal totems.

Victoria Keen's morning mandala featured on
Victoria’s morning mandala

My Sign
Gemini Sun, Leo Rising, Scorpio Moon #hardcore

My Mantra
“All day you make because delight is in the making. You make because by making love comes in” –Ann Filemyr (from the We-Moon Calendar 2014)

My Healer
Making things with my hands is my personal Prozac for self-soothing. I’ve also done a lot of work with my biofield (aura). Some of the healing methods I’ve experienced and loved are Transformational Breath, Sound Balancing, DNA Potentiation, ThetaHealing, Past Life Regression, and Matrix Energetics to name some. Currently I’m doing Vikaz. It’s still mysterious to me what happens in each session and I can’t quite put it to words, but it has been incredible and a lifesaver this last year.

My Reading
I’m rereading Moon Magic by Dion Fortune (a celebrated writer of the occult from the 1940’s) while also in the last few pages of Dreaming Yourself Awake: Lucid Dreaming and Tibetan Dream Yoga for Insight and Transformation, and on the side reading the classic Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy by James Kent for a practical course I’m taking. Next up is my brilliant teacher’s new book Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Therapy by Eileen McKusick. But if there is a book I wish everyone would read it would be The Holographic Universe…It’s EVERYTHING.

My Transformation
This year I made a decision to take a pause with my clothing line, which I have been full on with since 2002, to pursue my love of sound and energy medicine. It was terrifying to go into that unchartered territory, but also hugely transformative to give up an identity I had carried for so long. In that space, so many new projects have sprung up I’m feeling more creative than ever.

My Mission
Ultimately, my mission in life is to weave together all of my widely different and disparate interests and life experiences into a living breathing form of art that’s completely unique to me.

Shop Victoria’s full collection at


Because astrology themed products = THE BEST Xmas gifts, here’s a tightly curated edit of some of our favorites this year! From the affordable to the total fantastical, each item featured generally comes from a selection including a version for each sign…Home page image: Sagittarius jersey by Astrology IRL ($150)

:: ARIES ::

SingleEarringWithArrowStud-Zodiac-Aries by Jessica De Lotz.
Jessica De Lotz Zodiac Earring with Arrow Stud, $300-$405 (depending on materials)

:: TAURUS ::

Valentino Taurus bracelet. Read more at!
Valentino gold tone Taurus bracelet, $620

:: GEMINI ::

Yeezus Was a Gemini Shirt.
Private Party Yeezus Was a Gemini sweatshirt, $83

:: CANCER ::

Solange Azgury Partridge Cancer ring.
Solange Azagury-Partridge Cancer ring, price on request

:: LEO ::

Chanel Mademoiselle Leo watch.
Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Collection watch with Leo constellation, price on request

:: VIRGO ::

Wild Unknown Virgo print.
Wild Unknown Virgo print, $40

:: LIBRA ::

Strange Invisible Perfumes Libra fragrance featured on
Strange Invisible Perfumes Libra fragrance, $125


Astrology IRL Scorpio shirt featured on
Astrology IRL Scorpio jersey, $150


Anne Garrison Studio Sagittarius print featured on
Anne Garrison Studio Sagittarius poster, $15


Capricorn identity ring by Louise Androlia and Jessica De Lotz featured on
Jessica De Lotz Zodiac Hand Ring, $258-$336


Satya Zodiac necklace for Aquarius featured on
Satya Zodiac necklace, $98

:: PISCES ::

Cashmere Pisces scarf by Amanda Wakely featured on
Amanda Wakely cashmere scarf, $352


In this month’s column on sex and spirituality, I’m showing my lover the same reverence as my altar says Ellie Burrows.

Ellie Burrows shot by Mikal Marie for

I have altared the way I see my partner.

A couple of weeks ago, Business Insider published an article titled Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down to Two Basic Traits. Numerous people posted it on their Facebook pages and at least ten people, men and women, forwarded the article to me. In it, the journalist showed how from The Gottman’s 1986 and 1990 studies of relationship “Masters” and “Disasters” to Shelly Gable’s 2006 study on the importance of the “active constructive response,” kindness and generosity emerge as the two most important components in a successful relationship.

If you’re a living, breathing human being, then this finding should make complete sense to you. But you also know that living, breathing human beings screw those two up all the time.

Every day I see couples treat each other poorly. They desecrate and decimate, creating a cloud of dysfunction. They drop the f-bomb when the other one fails to flag an available cab, hate on each other’s families, roll their eyes when their lover orders the wrong dish, or stomp their feet when they forget a simple task. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to lean over to the table next to me and tell the arguing couple to cut their losses, walk away, and start over again.

In relationships, I’ve also been guilty of some of the above (especially the f-bomb part). I can be cruel just like anyone else. There have been moments where I’ve brought out the worst in my partner and vice versa. But I don’t grow in a hostile environment and neither do my partners, so over the last couple of years, I’ve made a conscious effort to weed out my bad behavior. And when I read that article, I found myself nodding and agreeing as if I had done the research and written it myself.

Science and spirituality have a complicated relationship (some say no relationship at all). But to me, loving someone is a spiritual practice – and now it seems the science just proves my point. In practice I’ve made it simple: I approach my beloved as if they are an altar.

These days, I choose to see my partner as a symbol, an emblem of love, opposed to love itself. My partner is a physical representation of love in the same way a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is a physical representation of enlightenment. Love itself is infinite and eternal and cannot be contained by a physical body. But the way I treat that symbol or body, that somebody, is indicative of my level of reverence for the love between us. And like any devoted believer, I try to always approach my man altar, that constant reminder of the love consciousness, with humility, generosity and respect.

Altars are traditionally a place for sacrifice, and offerings used to be kind of messy – a slaughtered goat, perhaps. With this in mind, I’ve always found it particularly funny that we say we’re “leading someone to the altar” when talking about marriage. But dead animals and divorce rates aside, contemporary offerings come in the form of candles, money, incense, or prayer.

Altar by Ellie Burrows for
Ellie’s altar: “An act of devotion to the consciousness I’m seeking”

I have a beautiful altar in my house where Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, resides among treasures from my different spiritual journeys: a stick I picked up from the Tor in Glastonbury, mala beads from Bhutan, an ancient fertility Goddess necklace from my Auntie, a hamsa from Israel, and minerals ranging from clear quartz to emerald. When I’m having trouble writing or sorting through something, I often sit in front of it. I light some incense, quiet my thoughts, and deepen my breath. I concentrate on these meaningful symbols and connect to them as an act of devotion to the consciousness I’m seeking.

And echoing this practice, concentrating on your partner, regularly connecting to the way you treat them is act of devotion to the kind of love you are seeking. I cannot imagine anything more generous in a partnership than offering up your best self. An act of generosity, that also shows your appreciation. The writer of the Business Insider piece states that successful couples: “are scanning the social environment for things they can appreciate and say thank you for. They are building this culture of respect and appreciation very purposefully.”

Respect. Purpose. I like those words. They are words of reverence. Of course, sometimes shit gets hard and we say and do things we don’t mean. And just last night (the night before this article was due), I slipped. I found myself in a heated conversation in which I said something I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t respectful, and I didn’t do it on purpose. I was totally offering up my worst self. But the misstep was perfectly timed, as was the dream I just woke up from. I was kneeling at the feet of a beloved, heart full of love, repeating an important three-word mantra that we all know well.

And this morning, knowing I need to be generous, I also know exactly what I’m going to offer up to my altar:


Read more from Ellie Burrows at


The Cosmic energy this month invites an adventure to the ends of your imagination. This simple yoga sequence for Sagittarius is designed to create space in your mind and body for bold new visions to form, says Ash Baker. Images: Mara Hoffman fall 2012

Mara Hoffman fall 2012 to illustrate a yoga sequence for sagittarius. Read more at

:: SAGITTARIUS :: November 22 to December 21 ::

Ruler: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Modality: Mutable
Anatomy: Hips, thighs, muscles.

9th sign of the Zodiac

Expansion, possibility and the strength to go after all that you desire. Cue the visionary energy that is Sagittarius! We are now entering the last month of the calendar year, and a fresh new start is just around the corner. This is an opportune time to start meditating, processing, and dreaming about what you want 2015 to look like. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck is the king of Sag, so use this auspicious energy to create what you want.

We are also preparing to bid farewell to the Chinese year of the Horse, another symbol for Sag, so take some time now to honor and on reflect all the adventures of 2014 that have brought you to the turning point you now find yourself arrived at.

As Sag is the sign of higher education, whether that be university or self-study, use the longer nights now as an excuse to curl up with a book that expands your mind, or watch a documentary that informs your choices. Knowledge is power for these archers. The practice below is designed to create space in your body for self-inquiry, dream catching and some rejuvenating end of year rest.

Mara Hoffman fall 2012 - a yoga sequence for Sagittarius. Read more at!

:: Pigeon Pose ::
Come into Downward Dog. Inhale and lift the right leg up in the air behind you. Exhale, sweep your knee in towards your chest and place the right knee behind your right wrist. Bring the hips to the floor and lengthen your left leg out behind you. Make sure your left knee and the top of the foot are facing the floor. Sit upright for a moment and center your hips. If you find yourself leaning to one direction take a block or blanket under the drooping side. Once you find your center take your hands and place them down in front of you. You can use your breath to go deeper. As you inhale, lengthen the spine. As you exhale, sink further forward, walking the hands away from you. If you have the flexibility, completely fold forward and rest your forehead on the floor. Stay here for 30 seconds up to a few minutes depending on your level of practice. Press up to Downward Dog pose, walk the feet in place for a few seconds and then repeat on the left side.

:: Supported Bound Angle::
Sitting on a blanket, draw the soles of your feet together to touch. Take a block under each knee. Take your hands behind you and slowly lay on your back. You can take your blanket from under your seat and place it under your head if you find that more supportive. Let your arms relax at your sides with the palms up. Relax your whole body and rest for five whole minutes.

*Counterpose- bring your feet as wide as your mat, plant your soles on the floor and let your knees fall in. BREATHE.

Mara Hoffman fall 2012 - a yoga sequence for Sagittarius. Read more at!

:: Supine twist ::
Come to your back and draw your knees into your chest. Take a deep inhale and on the exhale drop both knees over to the right. Take your arms out to the sides like wings. Take your gaze to the left. With each inhale allow your spine to lengthen and your belly to fully expand. On the exhale allow your body to twist deeper. Stay here for a few minutes and then inhale the knees back to center. Exhale and repeat on the opposite side. Enjoy this detoxifying twist. Use your breath to emotionally release anything holding you back from moving forward with your goals.

:: Legs up the wall Meditation ::
This pose and meditation will create space in your mind, relaxation in your body and openness of the heart by resetting your central nervous system. Come over to a wall space and sit down next to it with one hip against the wall, or as close as you can get your hip to the wall. As you start to lay down flat on your back simultaneously begin to walk your feet sideways up the wall, until your feet are pointing straight towards the ceiling. The knees can have a slight bend and if you want extra support take a block or blanket under your hips. Your hips and seat should be touching the wall, so inch your way as close as you can get. Just rest your arms out to the sides or lay them on your belly/heart. Close your eyes and focus on the sensation of relaxing. Keep your attention on your breath moving in and out. The aim is to create a clear space in your mind in which to invent your future. Stay here up to 15 minutes.

Monthly Mantra: “I ask for, act on and receive blessings in divine timing.”

Read more about Ash Baker and her work at


Cast by Louise Androlia using the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

Wow – the end of the year already! How did this happen we ask ourselves, as if we aren’t constantly reminded of the cycles of time. Personally, I’ve been so excited about December as I finally get to bid farewell to my old pal Saturn, the taskmaster of the skies (my Saturn return in Libra followed by Saturn in my sign, Scorpio, ooof!) – and I’m totally planning a ritual to welcome the shift.

In this month’s ‘scopes, I’ll be touching on the things all of us might need to face up to and release in this last month of 2014, which, of course, is about clearing a nice clear for all that’s new and unexpected to show up. I’m also getting started on your 2015 Tarotscopes and artwork, which will be available to purchase from my site around Christmas time!

As always I love to chat with you about your ‘scopes, so find me as always via Twitter and Facebook.


Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Temperance

Consider this month a much needed clean up after the past four. You (and no you’re not alone, this feeling has been spreading like wildfire) have probably not only been more aware of the twists and turns in your life, but also of this creepy feeling spreading through your entire mind, body and spirit. A spot at the core of your being is demanding your attention, and for some of you this may be emerging as sparks of frustration, a lackluster vibe, or plain and simple boredom. You feel ready for something to expand, and now is exactly the right time as the start of your solar year is the perfect time to make heads and tails out of what’s going on inside.

If you’re feeling very sensitive right now, don’t panic. This is a given for the next few weeks – there may be tears and there may be tantrums. You aren’t always the first to reveal your emotions to others, often preferring to simply display them and hope/assume that everyone else will know exactly what you need. Of course, when they don’t decipher your secret Sag lingo straight away, it can be a massive disappointment. So one of the first things you can do right now, if you need it, is ASK FOR HELP!

Gasp, I know, really do you have to? Look, the art of being vulnerable is umm exactly that – an art. It takes practice and willingness. So surrender up any of your worries about being perceived as weak or stupid – they exist only in your own mind, and even the most unsuspecting of people might actually have some good advice to offer you. This is actually all about honesty, something you’re actually very good at. If attached, it’s also essential to let your partner in on your aches and pains, knowing that it’s safe to do so. Avoid playing the blame game though; this isn’t about finding something or someone to attack, simply about stretching out your safety net.

So as you allow your anxieties to flood out this month, know that you are making space to rebuild a more solid structure to live within. Even the most stubborn part of yourself that wants to hang on to an old betrayal or worn out way of thinking is ready to give in right now. Allow your moods to wash through you and over you and get ready for the bright sparks of clarity that will form as a result.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
. And shop my new Zodiac Talisman Jewelry Collection here!


Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Daughter of Cups

Since September you’ve been tiptoeing into a much more vulnerable and softer place, have you noticed that? The second half of the year has been testing for you as you’ve gone head-to-head with all of your fears – and then some! Think of this time as having been a recalibration of sorts, a chance for you to embody all that’s been unearthed. The end game being that you gift yourself a second chance and a rebirth of sorts. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This month will be a playful one, and I hope you could sense that building up over the last week in November as you felt the tugs of adventure nipping at your heels. Can you really, for real, let go of that internal pressure build up once and for all? Of course the answer is “yes”, and it’s actually essential you do so right NOW. If it causes a bit of panic within you to imagine life being completely out of your control, then I’m going to remind you of what that really means.
When you are clutching onto everything around you, you are actually suffocating your potential and strangling opportunity. Everything, you included, needs space to breathe. Ahhh…just saying that makes me feel better. You see, it’s okay to feel like a newborn, to have no idea what’s ahead – it’s enlightening and it’s childlike and that is hella good.

Take yourself to a space this month where you can view your life with fresh eyes. What would you like to bring into the world over the coming months? The best kind of manifesting is to get excited about the exploration of potential. I can see you stepping into unchartered space and it feels so good – yes, wobbly and a little unnerving, but so SO good. Remember that nervousness is not a sign of weakness. Showing up with all your worries and STILL going for it – now that is superhero behavior.
Finally, a little note on miracles. You know, just a side order of synchronicity. It’s rampant this month for you – so allow yourself to be completely guided by those weird feelings and strange guideposts as you see them clicking into place. Magic exists outside the constraints of control, and I know you want to experience it, even the most cynical of you. Clear out the trash and loosen your grip in order to make space to receive the unexpected. It’s there, ready and waiting.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse. And shop my new Zodiac Talisman Jewelry Collection here!


Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Eight of Swords

Recovery time ahead for you my friend. The last few months have been a to-and-fro from order and change to panic and excitement. Now its time for you to lay down – metaphorically and maybe even physically – and let the hard work sink in. You are due an awakening of sorts and you only get that when you stop to allow the process. As much as we would like to, we don’t get to just sit up and have everything suddenly be “fine” – it’s always a work in progress.

You may still feel trapped within the cages of anxiety and fear, the product of the recent events perhaps, but I feel that you are further out of the devil’s grip than you may feel. How can you calm your mind and body over the coming weeks? It’s time to put your hand to your heart and ask; “What do I need right now?” And then simply listen. More so than ever you have the gift of hindsight and are starting to see the web you’ve been weaving over the entire year. For some of you it will come with many “aha” moments, as you just about glimpse the purpose of the chaos.

For others, it may be that you’ve had to come face to face with some familiar and tired old habits. You can see the circles spinning and may not like it. However, this is the point in which you get to start a new story for yourself and stop leafing through the pages of the past. When I was designing artwork for you Aquarians I chose the symbol of a Thunderstorm because it’s what resonates with me most about your way of living and your abilities. You can be easily sucked into the dark clouds, and yet times of change throw you back out quicker than you ever imagine.

Your ideas and inspiration are like flashes of lightning, as are the unexpected surprises that await you. You have the ability to step up to look down at your life from a different angle now, and you can see the space around you from any vantage point you choose. Remember your choices this month, and empower them to remind you that you are co-creating with the changes in air pressure around you. The whole purpose of death and rebirth is to embrace a whole new you. Prepare for transformation.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse. And shop my new Zodiac Talisman Jewelry Collection here!


Pisces / Pisces Rising – Mother of Pentacles

Cast your eye back to February and March, as similar themes are likely to be served up over the next few weeks. I feel one of the things that’s going to be coming up for you is all about home and family life, and a desire to feel more stable and safe. You sometimes have to fight the urge to run from stability, which is funny as it’s the thing you seek the most. Remember that it’s all in your power to create the space you wish for, you don’t have to be trapped by or detached from people in order to be free. However, you will always feel that way if it’s the same story you replay over and over.

Now let’s change the channel for you. It’s time you allowed yourself to surrender and practice what things would be like if you just let them flow naturally – guided by your best intentions – with no self-imposed blocks. So what are your intentions? Is it that you feel finally ready to commit to a certain someone (you may not even know them yet but the idea still flies the same), or take a stab in the dark at committing to a permanent working contract of sorts?

For many of you your intention is going to need to be around something regarding your own well-being. How many of you are locked in some sort of self-deprecating or punishment routine? What old tricks are you playing on yourself or what dark corner do you keep creeping back into for safety? I want to challenge you to spin the tables and throw yourself into the light. Your highest and best self deserves a shot right now and self-forgiveness will play a part in that. Remember that forgiveness is a radical act of self-compassion; it frees you up to let life flow again.

It’s time to cut the ties to whatever situations are stopping you from feeling safe right now. You deserve to feel secure. Also, remember to care for yourself as much as you do for others, and see what a difference it makes to how you feel within.Finally, the reason I’m calling you back into the material world is that it’s a great month for career and friendship balance – if you keep your head up and eyes wide. Opportunities will continue to dance around you as long as you keep making space to receive them.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Father of Swords

Now that you’ve had a chance to surrender and settle, it’s a fantastic month for you to fully reclaim all that personal power of yours my friend – and with a few added ingredients. I use the term “reclaim” to remind you that empowerment is constantly available to you – like a book on your shelf that you can go to any time. It is about owning your story and standing fully present within it; so, are you interested?

In which case, it’s time to wise up and get really truthful with where you want to stand right now. It’s terribly hard to feel that power if we are wavering or fighting against ourselves. Yes, I must warn you about self-sabotage this month, because it’s kind of like the lame friend that hangs in the shadows of your highest self. Every time you feel fully ready to really dive in and make that change, open that conversation, or send that email, here comes a distraction that appears like a puff of smoke from seemingly nowhere. Get to KNOW that smoke – it’s just a fear spray that’s dampening your spirit. I promise that you will feel 100% times better if you’re honest with yourself and just bring forth what feels important and intuitive to you. Yeah sure it IS scary to exist in your brightest self, but it’s also sooooo much fun. That super power feeling you’ve seen sparking around you recently? That could be a permanent fixture.

I’d also like you to bring through some poise and grace this month, a sense of solidarity within your own challenges. You are the wise owl, not the wilted wanderer. Do not perceive yourself to have weaknesses, quit that “Oh I’m not good enough at blah blah blah” story and try on a new perspective. How about remembering that everything that you’ve felt and experienced this year has lined itself up perfectly to create the moment you’re experiencing right now.

Every step on path is of equal value, and will give you the strength to stand up and do what you need to do. Your plans for the months ahead can be paved by the decisions you make in the next few weeks. Clarity will arrive via a combination of intuition and self-awareness that I feel that this will be very much heightened this month. Be aware that spiritual insight doesn’t always come in the form of the out there and unusual – it may be sitting right under your nose, in the most human of forms.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Four of Wands

Taurus! This is a month for celebration and pats on the back. The energy from last month continues to lighten. It’s not that you aren’t still super busy or even that you’re free of challenges, but you just have the ability now to connect to a simpler flow. Perhaps you recently just decided that you simply couldn’t be bothered to run your life by the threads of your adrenals anymore? Or perhaps some things shifted to give you a bigger sense of what’s truly important to you. Either way, the next few weeks are paved with opportunity for you to really embrace everything you’ve achieved this year.

I can hear some of you saying. “oh, but I haven’t done anything!” or “but I feel like I failed.” Achievement isn’t about someone else giving you validation, or you climbing up some sort of ladder. It’s found via a sense of compassion and admiration for the self. I want you really give yourself a shot at being the light over the coming weeks. I feel that opportunities are going to come dressed in a social format, so dress up and get out there. Okay, so you don’t have to leave the house but try to put yourself in a social and networking mindset.

I feel like there are tons of people out there right now that not only need your insight and ideas but also want to enjoy your time. It’s a good energy for romance – both new opportunities, and reconnections with a current partner. As long as you look outside of the box – this is no time for playing it safe or being boring. Think spontaneous engagements and sneaking into swimming pools at midnight. Remember to simply play and check in with what makes you feel alive.

With this bright energy around you, I hope that many of you will see results from projects and plans that you’ve been working on. It may be an obvious turn of events or even just a spark that reminds you that you’re on the right track. No need to always be looking for the “big” things, when your sense of safety may arrive in a one-word format. Your intuition is heightened when you stop trying so hard – you see, you don’t have to try and be intuitive, you just need to feel it. Practice being guided in the direction of those flickers of insight that pop up for you, follow that gentle tug and know that everything is okay.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – The World

As the year draws to a close you are perfectly poised to appreciate the journey you’ve taken this year. Last month I spoke to you about managing stress and anxiety, so keep living that way of thinking in order to rebalance your system as things keep shifting. No need to panic now, as this month you’ll notice how many answers are finally reveling themselves to you, particularly to do with projects and ideas you birthed around August time.

You are fully immersed and swirling in a point of personal change, to it’s essential to remember that feeling ungrounded and a little off course is only “normal” right now. With this knowledge in hand, you can release the pressure you’ve put on yourself to have it all “figured out”, and consider what the cycle ahead may hold for you. In fact, what do you want it to hold?

Be grateful, yes for the things you have, but most of all for the work you’ve done this year. You’ve been busy, really busy, with many ups and downs. It might be easy for you to look back at the year and go “eeeeek!” – so instead look try to see your path with wide eyes and go, “wow, isn’t it strange how that lead to that, and that loss created that space – and BOOM, suddenly I’m standing here.” Who knows what could happen next? When you finally jump off the spinning hamster wheel – and I say “jump” because to fully arrive into a new space we have to be willing – there is a sense of light at the end of the tunnel.

You will be aware of the final ties that need to be cut and the processes that you need to perform. You might be changing staff members, moving home, or committing to a more nurturing wellness regime. Prepare to step into a new alignment – one that works more for you than against you. It might be hard at first for some of you to shift yourself out of familiar self-punishing habits, even to really believe that things can be different. Trust that you can receive the changes you desire if you value your time and your self. Create spaces for new opportunities by clearing out old anger and resentments. A forgiveness practice is your best friend this month – know that it will free you.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Tower

An equally intense energy for this month as recent times you’ve been experiencing recently – you’ve had three months in a row where change, and maybe for some of you even chaos, has been the order of the day. You have questioned EVERYTHING in this latter half of the year. You’ve re-thought you career, relationships, and most of all your wellbeing. It’s now time to take final action to propel yourself forward and cut the ties that are tripping you at your ankles.

The nest few weeks are about shaking your foundations so that the Universe doesn’t step in and do it for you – we all know what that feels like! How can you be your own bolt of lightning? What needs a sharp edge cutting through, around, or up? There is rarely a time when we don’t have some aspect of self or life that we want to work with, so it’s a given that something’s on your mind. I feel that you have the opportunity to really break an old habit right now, something that you’ve replayed over and over – whether in the mental or the physical space. Is it really worth it anymore? Are the effects of this habit nurturing or positive? How can you release the pressure right NOW?

With intention, of course. Your mind is a powerful thing, and even if you’ve managed to convince yourself that it’s working against you, it’s still you in the control room, with the ability to completely rewrite the rulebook. Meanwhile, I want you to be wide eyed and open, expansive, and full of space, because I feel that it’s also a month to welcome unexpected surprises. Now, it’s easy to be scared of the what “could” happen, but please consider that this bolt from the blue can just as easily mean a new love affair, a job offer or a financial windfall.

The unexpected has the power to shift us into a new cycle in the flick of the switch – let that become a potentially exciting thought. Be the person who strikes the match to light up your own year ahead. Make your “will” bigger than your “won’t,” and let your excitement for all that’s new overshadow the fears that arrive alongside them. Never forget your own strength and personal power. Open your arms every morning and say “I’m ready, bring it on!” If you live in the expectation of change, it will no longer have the power to scare you.

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Leo / Leo Rising – Judgment

This is what the past two months have been building up to…a total rebirth. No big deal right…are you ready?! I feel that you are sensitive right now, maybe even a little touchy, and occasionally hovering over the “why me” switch. This is all okay; we have to breakdown to breakthrough, right? Yes I am right, and no you are not crazy –but you are also not a failure and you are not broken. You are a human having a genuine experience, feelings and all. I know this can be a bit of a disappointment when you were all sure that you were the bravest kid on the block and didn’t need help from anyone.

BUT, and yes of course there is a but, what if there were an army of people waiting to help you sail through all this? Waiting to give you the tools and hold your hand as you trialed and tested new pathways? After all, this is often what you do for other people, right? Well this month, it’s all about you. How can you rise from the ashes and feel lighter and brighter than you’ve felt all year? I wish I had the ability to flick the switch and bring forth all your hopes in an instant, but it doesn’t work like that. Magic requires patience and surrender.

I know you can see the new you approaching, hence the frustration. But “surrender” doesn’t mean you have to stop – you can still dive in! A prominent theme for you over the coming months will be to question your thought patterns and familiar fairytales. Is there a familiar negative phrase that you seem to have on repeat? In fact we all do, and it’s time to become conscious of yours. It might be regarding your self worth, or health. If might be about confidence or your abilities. Often it’s simply that we’ve been busy convincing ourselves “it’s just how I am”, or repeating that we are alone.

These patterns, if embodied, become the belief structures that hold us back. So I want you to unearth the black spots and rise up to an open and unknown space. Surrender to change itself, and forgive the past so that you can stand fully in your most awesome self. It’s safe to let go, it’s safe to be scared, and it’s safe to be vulnerable. Breathe like you’ve never breathed before.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – The Ten of Cups

You have book-ended the year with really similar themes, as this month you receive a wink from early February and the lifestyle you were leading then. You may see the rewards coming in from seeds you planted early in the year, and for many of you some much-needed closure may occur. Over the coming weeks, emotions run high and you may feel quite overwhelmed with many of them. This may really annoy you, as you’d much rather have a spreadsheet of feelings timed and dated so you knew what to expect! But life has other ideas, and now it’s pushing you to embrace love, gratitude, surprise, and the unexpected.

Even the most cynical of you should know that it’s never too late to try a sample from the positive attitude buffet.
You’ve been weaving a web and there is a sense of bouncing back and forth happening right now. Like your moods, the energy around you is sparking and buzzing. In many cases, it’s extremely exciting to experience a sense that things are finally maneuvering into a space you can work with, especially those of you who have been playing the waiting game recently. For many of you though it might feel a bit like catching flies. You can see the potential, you can see the opportunities, but oh jeez can they just be grounded and solidified already?

Know that a pattern IS going to emerge, and all this dizzy energy has an end game. Things will settle. Meanwhile, this is a beautifully social month for you, and one filled with love. If all else seems to be hitting the proverbial fan, just zone in on that one favorite person and simply enjoy their company. If you are feeling like the life and soul of the party then this is also a free pass to run around and light up the room. There will be plenty of people around you who could use some of your party spirit right now. Even if you don’t feel full of joy, practice imitating the mood you want to experience.

But finally, do give yourself time to just be. It is the simple things that will earth you and so make sure to allow that rather than keep scrabbling around for more, or trying to force situations. Work with what you’ve got and you might just discover that it’s enough.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Ace of Wands

Hurrah! Action arrives, finally. The month of surrender you’ve just experienced has ushered in the energy of a brand new year one whole month early, and that’s exactly the right attitude to bring forth now. Creativity is key for you over the coming weeks, and a childlike eye will serve you well. There’s a sense of emerging from the gloom, a pull away from the dusty part of your soul. You’re ready to come back into the light and throw yourself fully into your experience.

This energy is all new, fresh, speedy and bright, and I want you to see how you can spark up your life this month. There’s an opportunity to play the part of the wizard, and brainstorm what you want to conjure up. I feel that you may find sudden moments of clarity, linking to days as far back as early 2013 – a chapter is well and truly closing and another opening up all at once. Spontaneity and fun are really important for you right now, especially if you’ve been having a hard time, so allow yourself to get into the holiday spirit. It doesn’t have to mean that you throw yourself into every party on the block (though if that sounds good then please do!) It may simply be that you allow yourself to wrap up in your own energy cocoon and listen to music, exercise or make art – anything that makes you feel alive.

What are your thoughts about the coming months and how can you make your attitude about them as positive as possible? Are there any areas of your life where you feel like you need a kick in the butt? If so, then see this as a prod from the Universe. Kick-start yourself into action by knowing and trusting that all change will evolve you to somewhere and that moving forward is essential.

Even if you foresee instability ahead, how can you care for yourself to ease the process? For those of you who are wavering when it comes to throwing yourself into the unknown, perhaps really putting yourself out that like never before, then this is your green light. It will never serve you badly to pursue a passion or twinkling idea. The only thing to do is remove your belief in the word “failure”; once that pressure is off, all that remains is the potential to truly bloom.

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Scorpio / Scorpio Rising – The Two of Wands

I feel like for many of you who have been in an up-and-down, in-and-out holding pattern recently, you’re finally going to be able to see a clear path ahead this month; much less guessing and lots more good, solid information. Even as you read this a few of you might feel a sigh of relief as you slot back into the present moment and your body. You have been pretty ungrounded recently, and as much as you love being up there playing with the spirits, you know full well that you need to be on the earth to work with it.

Getting back into your own fully-embodied experience requires you to really know that you are safe in your mind, body and your spirit. That it’s okay for you to trust the process and make decisions, even if you do still feel in “waiting” mode. Meanwhile this is also a month for major manifesting, whether you have a clear idea of where you’re going or not, you still have your free will, right? The will of a Scorpio is not to be taken lightly believe me – so where are you going to place yours? I feel like you are poking at the fire trying to light up an idea – keep working on it, it seems to me that you probably just need to shift some of the original formula to create that sudden “aha” moment!

Think of your ideas like jigsaw puzzles, and keep moving the pieces around until they fit. Don’t worry – you have everything you need, just trust that original soul recipe of yours. Reaching for the highest heights feels good to me, but don’t get drawn into that idea of “being successful”. Instead, reframe it as simply living in your most optimal self. Allow yourself to believe that your potential is limitless and remind yourself, as always, that comparison for others can be a redundant act. If you feel overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing, take a social media break and immerse yourself with your own creativity alone in order to reconnect to those burning desires.

Finally, a pre-Christmas break sounds nice. If you’ve got the opportunity to go and take a night in the middle of nowhere, do it! Create your own end of year Scorpio ritual – light candles, burn old stories, and look up at the sky to remind yourself of the infinite space that guides and compels you.

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