Cast by Louise Androlia using the Golden Universal Rider Waite Deck.

Scorpio / Scorpio – The Fool

As a fellow Scorpio soul, I felt a little spark of excitement when I turned this card over, especially as I’m personally doing my absolute best to embody ‘leap of faith’ energy right now. So here we are, at the start of the new cycle that I felt riding in last month. I always think of this card as if we are about to drop into human form, with full knowledge of everything ahead of us, and yet the second we slam into the body – zap – the knowledge gets hidden from view.

It is our job over the course of our days to remember what we came here for. And with this in mind I believe we must take life on as an adventure, to be explored and cherished, because to me that seems like I want to get involved in. I can show up for my adventure, can you? You’re at the start of your new solar year, which is basically your own personal New Year’s Eve (cue *fireworks*) and so I ask you to ponder now where you are being asked to take a leap into the unknown. Perhaps like me you are relocating, pulled by an itchy feeling from the soul that says ‘hey you, why not go and see some new stuff, meet some new people, go go go!’ Or you might be climbing out of a relationship and feeling fragile right now, and that’s okay you’re supposed to – let those wobbly legs carry you onwards.

Are you one of the many I see around me right now who is smack bang in the middle of emerging out into a ‘new you’, and feeling a little unsure of how to stand in your own truth and light? Creeping out ever so slowly? Know that you will never regret moving in the direction of your passions and dreams. That quest for something more, it’s real. And for those of you who are praying for change? Take whatever action that you can in the present moment and then surrender up the rest, this may just be the calm before the storm.

And since it’s your birthday month I’d like to remind you to have fun over the next few weeks. You are the only one who knows what can make you smile until your cheeks hurt. Make space for this because times of change can be a little brutal on the old bones, and the light seeps in when joy gets given a shot. Be grateful to yourself for standing here right now, you did it! Look how much has happened in the past year. The ups and the downs, they somehow wove themselves together to form a path didn’t they? Now take that knowledge and trust that the unknown is not to be feared, but embraced. Look at the month ahead with a sense of potential and enchantment. What do you now see?

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – The Emperor

Last month I mentioned a little bit of a crossroads, and as we move into a new month I feel you’ll be much more equipped to take action and get things in the order that you want to proceed. I feel quite confident that within you there is a really strong burst of self confidence brewing – whether or not you are aware of it is a different matter entirely! But I see you poised ready to burst onto your scene with a fresh outlook, a new idea and a hell of a lot of intention.

The next few weeks serve as a space for you to really work out where you want to place your will, as well as take the necessary steps to begin the process. Now, it doesn’t mean that all of you will find yourselves neck deep in a massive career project (though some of you definitely will) because if the area you want to focus on is taking some well earned rest, then that’s the way things will go! Your action might be getting up from your laptop and making a cup of tea. It’s all alright in my book.

For those of you who are still feeling a little on the chaotic side, you are reminded that the Earth element is your best friend right now. One step at a time, rather than embracing an overwhelming panic and you’ll get there. You may also be aware of prominent and maybe slightly aggravating external energy in your life at the moment. I want to remind you that you are the captain of your ship and whilst we can sometimes feel that others are making us feel a certain way, we still get to decide how we take on that information. If you are feeling intimidated, make the choice to stand upright in your own two shoes and place your energy in a more useful direction – and by that I mean taking an equal stance in a relationship, or just getting on with your work.

There’s no place this month for Fire breathing (unless you are super into Kundalini yoga of course) because your energy has to be directed in ways to benefit you, not punish others. I feel like I want you to imagine you are wearing a golden cloak for the whole month, to remind you to bathe in your highest energy and ignite that confidence spark I mentioned. It’s there; don’t doubt yourself this month, not for one moment.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Magician

Was the message not strong enough last month? Maybe I was being a bit airy-fairy with the ‘follow your intuition’ talk. But I’m not going back on that, because, yep – you still need to feel those feelings, trust them and keep on listening. However, I feel like you’ll appreciate the high impact energy of this month even more. How about you wake up and say hello to your life force? Yeah your whole reason for being, the shot of super powers you got injected with the second you arrived on the planet. It’s time to reintroduce yourself to this concept, because this is what will help you take action this month.

So, what do you really want? Hard question right? It gets a little easier when you take out the ‘what you think you should do’ and the bit where you try and please others. Oh, and the bit where you put too much pressure on yourself. Beyond all this, what message is your soul trying to shout at you? Because your journey isn’t about anyone else but you. This is your adventure and it’s time to lay down the law and grab it with both hands.

The month is frothing with creativity. It’s the perfect time to brainstorm ideas, get crafting, learn new skills, road trip, rest, you can have it all. And most of all, remember that YOU ALREADY HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES YOU NEED! How many times do you try and ‘fix’ yourself? You are not broken! I know, a total revelation. You have all the knowledge, and now it’s time to extract it. I don’t mean in a surgical way, Halloween is over, how about something more meditative?

That all-seeing-eye of yours is awake and ready to go. You are often quick to try and explain a synchronicity away or talk yourself out of your inner knowing. So over the next few months, instead of trying to make ‘sense’ of why you have a pull this way or that, just trust that it’s there for a purpose and a reason. Don’t second guess yourself, and just see where it takes you. I feel like you have this great energy at your disposal and I just want to make sure you direct it in a way that is towards something you feel super excited about. Life is yours for the taking. Be your own magician.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Two of Swords

Change has been hugely prominent for you recently, whether it’s been very obvious or just a quivering under the surface. Something had to change and it has. And as you continue walking into the wild unknown this month, I imagine you are going to stumble upon a crossroads. Yep, it’s decision-making time ahead. It’s one of the things that humans fear the most, the sense of ‘what if I make the wrong choice?’ Yeah, that old ‘what if’ such a hanger on-er.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a wrong choice, because everything is going to get you somewhere. However, often there is a more peaceful route than the one where you get a little sidetracked and feel a bit more challenged. So how about making your decisions from a soulful place, honoring your intuition and simply what feels right. Avoid making choices that are designed to impress others, or based on a ‘should’ format. Those kinds of thoughts take you too far out of a perfectly embodied state. Trust that you know what is going to be good for you, even if it does involve walking away from a familiar drama or two.

It’s also a perfect month for embracing all that is expansive. When we get locked into controlling habits and try to obsessively predict the space in front of us, we blindfold ourselves from our intuition in one fell swoop. Be open to the possibility that there may just be some more options than the black and white you see in front of you. As soon as you allow yourself that then opportunities have a chance to appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Now, the good thing is that while decisions are afoot this isn’t a frantic space or a sudden death, even if it seems as such. You are allowed to give yourself time to consider where to place your feet, and your will. This is also a reminder to you that you aren’t supposed to know what’s ‘going to happen’ or to ‘have it all figured out’ yet. With this release of pressure you can allow yourself to enjoy the experiences that the present moment brings in, continue to respect the changing tides and maintain faith in your ability to ride the waves ahead. The straightforward facts are that you are headed onwards and upward, just trust the process and be kind to yourself.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse. And shop my new Zodiac Talisman Jewelry Collection here!

Pisces / Pisces Rising – The King of Wands

A surge of energy so late in the year? Sure! Why not take what we can get, because this month you have a bright old dose of inspiration headed your way. First up I feel you have a chance to activate some major brainwaves that you sidelined in the more stressful times of the past year. Is there an idea that you didn’t quite give a proper shot? It may be something career related but I feel it’s more likely something that could quite simply be a bit of fun for you. No hidden agenda, straight up personal pleasure. So it’s time to get passionate about something. You will know what I mean; this is the fire energy after all…

Everything about this month holds potential action and your job is only to place that heightened energy somewhere. You see, when we misplace fire energy it gets trapped and manifests as frustration, anger or boredom. It’s important therefore over the coming weeks to really tune up and tune in to how your body and mind are feeling. The second you notice any niggles within, know that it’s a call from your soul to expand. It might be as simple as stepping up your exercise practice or finally signing up to that art class you always said you would. This month I want you to think big, and bigger, way beyond your usual hopes and dreams, right up to a place where fear of failure and judgment don’t exist.

This spot is where you get to design the months ahead, because this is also a prime few weeks for manifesting. It’s not always easy to know what we want though, and so don’t panic if you don’t feel like you have it ‘figured’ out yet. That isn’t the point. Instead you are reminded to get excited about the experience you are having right now, and to be grateful for the journey itself.

Finally, travel had been on your mind over the last month and so allow yourself to see if a little bit more exploration can fit into your current schedule. In fact, stretch some space to allow yourself out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be a jet set trip; even just a different route to work has the same effect. I feel that the most magical moments over this next month are to be found within the stumble upons, the second chances and the unpredicted. The weird and the wonderful await.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Strength

After the cascade of surrender that you’ve needed to perform over the last few weeks, think of this month as a chance for a major clean up. You are prepping for a rebirth of sorts and so before that it’s always good to do a bit of positive damage control. I feel that it’s really okay for you to take a big breath, perhaps for some of you it’s a sigh of relief at how, and yes, things did sort of weave together and make sense, didn’t they?

For those of you still feeling a sense of struggle, check in with how much of it is from a forced pressure on the self. Yeah, caught you out there didn’t I? Imagine if you could just turn a switch on the side of the mind and let some steam out, I feel more relaxed just visualizing that. So your clean-up can cover all bases. First it’s the mind and body that needs attention, and here comes a time period to shift up the things you need to get by. Life is an ever-evolving process, and our wellness practice should be the same. Maybe one therapist or stress release method was right for you for the past few years, but do you feel pulled in another direction? Allow yourself to spend some time in positive selfish mode. What do you need right now?

Within your career zone I feel like you have a surge of that familiar Arian power confidence coming back into play, because it wavered a bit recently didn’t it? Confidence comes from an inner knowing that you are okay, that you can trust yourself and that you are allowed to be guided by your feelings. I also feel like recently there were other people that you weren’t sure if you could trust in your space? As we move into this month, the dust settles a little and you return to a sense of clarity, as well as stepping into a bit of a ‘don’t **** with me attitude’ – which we all need once in a while.

As the month draws to a close I feel that you’ll have a much more solidified action plan for the New Year, because yes I know you are already looking ahead. As you move forward remember to replace your old worn out fears with a sense of excitement and adventure – it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Eight of Pentacles

As I suspected, there is a nice twist of energy for you now, almost like the flipside to the coin that you were viewing last month with all that anxiety and those ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. This month you get to put great use to all the most productive parts of your psyche, without the overhanging fear that sometimes accompanies it. You see, sometimes all it takes is stepping out and viewing yourself and your situation with fresh eyes, as if you were casting a view upon your most precious friend.

Acting as that other party now I look upon your month with excited eyes as I see so much potential and so many ideas! I know it’s really easy to get overwhelmed, so easy, but it’s also not that hard to choose a different route. How about you kick off the month with a wave of gratitude for how far you’ve come, and another wave for where you are going.
You may also be considering what you need to learn as you round up the rest of the year. Make sure to think of learning in the same light as everything else – another thrilling part of your journey, rather than feeling like you are lacking something and must fix it.

It’s also a good month for allowing others to offer you advice, even just to have the benefit of a different perspective. Someone from the past six months might hold the ‘ah-ha’ moment you’ve been waiting for. I repeat this often, and will continue to do so. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Don’t panic that you’re wasting time, but do make steps forwards in the present moment. If you try to tackle of everything at once, it will always seem like you’re getting nothing done. Break it apart and fuel some of your super powered ‘I can do it’ energy into your actions.

There is something that is being highlighted on the ‘to do’ list right now, and you know what it is – in fact it’s probably the one task you’re the most fearful of. Make that the one to get done today. Launch that product, make that phone call, forgive that moment, send out those emails, sign up to that class, do that paperwork, take that trip. Good fortunes await, so empower your actions and don’t attach anxiety to the future.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Nine of Swords

Panic stations! Do you feel like life has been a bit of a whirlwind of late? The to-do list has been constantly growing and you’ve really had to be on your ‘A’ game for a few months now. That’s not to say it’s been a dark time, because you’ve actually achieved some great things and also stepped into a more confident place. It’s more that the weight of the world has felt very much alive and present.

This is the month to shake it off and readjust how you perceive times of stress. I like to think of stress as an energy reserves thing – there are times that always need that extra burst, moving house for instance, and also for when things unexpectedly shift. Other than that, is it really worth worrying about anything and everything? No way! I want you to save that energy for a time when it’s really needed (which could be right now for some of you). There is no benefit to you to get caught up in petty dramas or to stamping your foot in line at the post office. Seriously, it’s a no brainer here. Sometimes it’s very useful to simply say to yourself, ‘nope I’m not getting caught up in that,’ and really follow that thought through.

You see, I feel that you have a lot of exciting things on the horizon and that some of those ‘shoulds’ on your to do list could actually be replaced with ‘would rather do’s’. How about blocking off some time in your diary for just you? How would you fill that space? It may mean just laying flat out on the floor or getting sore cheeks from laughing so much with your friends. You are allowed to occupy those spaces too you know. I can hear the ‘but I need to get this done’ come whispering already, and yes things need to get done, but there is time for it all.

Think of time as stretchy and as though you already have enough. Make that a mantra, in fact: ‘I have all the time that I need’. Rather than speaking from a place of lack, invite a sense of expansion into your life. Finally, make time to really listen this month. Meditation primarily is all about listening. Value your time enough to scan over your thoughts with a loving and non-judgmental eye.

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Cancer – The World

Last month I spoke about how you were at a significant point of change and this month, yes you are still there but I do feel a closing of the cycles. There are of course no endings and no beginnings, just a merging of chapters in your journey all joined up like a multi colored slinky, and this is a month to cast your eye back and employ a really powerful sense of gratitude. You did it!

You survived that challenge, you quit that job, you got that new one, you stepped into your power, you walked away from what wasn’t serving you, and you fought that fight. Well done, I’m proud of you and you must do the same for yourself. This act of personal gratitude helps us to appreciate the past and be less afraid of the future. As you acknowledge the point you are at and how you got there, you build up a pot of trust in the unknown. No, you will never know what’s in store, but at the very least open your eyes to receive it.

I sense a cascade of ‘aha’ moments awaiting you, and they might not all be easy. Sometimes, in fact often, those moments of clarity come after a rainstorm, when the water trickles away and suddenly you just ‘get it’. Trust that this inner awareness is always available to you if you make space for it. Look out for for the simpler and more gentle signposts, sometimes your highest self will simply send you an ‘it’s okay’ or a ‘yes’. Learn to trust that voice as real.

Anyway, now that you are stepping into a brand new space, what plans have you got hold of? I really want to push you to think bigger and brighter than you are perhaps allowing yourself. I’m thinking world travel and publishing deals, how about you? What if the world really is your oyster? What do you want to cast into that big open space? I feel really excited for you right now and also want to give you a burst of divine feminine energy.

You might like to see which goddesses you resonate with and take one on board to be your spirit guide for the month, as your connection to the divine is closer than you may even know. Finally, think as expansively as possible because the best solutions will be found in the space that lives way outside the parameters of your tunnel vision. 360 degrees, it’s all yours babe.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse. And shop my new Zodiac Talisman Jewelry Collection here!

Leo / Leo Rising – The Queen of Swords

A rightful transition from last month as I encouraged you to get more practiced at standing within your own truths and raising your personal confidence. Stepping into the new month I feel that you might be doing a little bit of a yearly round up, and yes I know it’s not even December yet, but you’re a bit ahead of the game, right? What fantastic changes are you ready to bring in for the next rebirth of you?

As you ponder your journey so far, do remember that everything in the past is to be forgiven and nurtured. It got you here to the now and since the present is the only thing that is real, allow everything to be perfect in this moment. I also feel a bit more of a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude present for you, as you feel armed with a little more instinct about the directions that feel right to walk in. Now with that inner superpower, make sure that you don’t swing too far into no mans sass land and cut yourself off from the half of the world that doesn’t live up to your standards.

The great thing about having a clearer understanding of what and whom you want in your life is that it can give you a greater compassion for others. Know that as you allow yourself to have an experience of which you co-create, you also free up everyone else to do the same. Simply let them roam and do as they do, because their actions and experiences are of value for their journey. Stick to your own path and you will feel lighter and brighter as you walk on forwards.

Combining all that I’ve said above, you could find yourself being tempted to get a little obsessed about some old relationships or try and do a bit of a rewrite of the past in some way or another. I’m saying loud and clear – self-sabotage is a major waste of your time. You have far too many more interesting things to be working on right now – am I right? Yes. The world is waiting for what you are prepping in your shadows. It might just be time to strike up the match and get your fire lit. Your inner knowing is ready to come forth into the outside worth. We need you, so get to it.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – The Hierophant

The perfect card to follow on from the educating aspect of last month, as you now start to ponder your role as a teacher, and as a student. I feel that for many of you there has been a certain ‘upping of your game’ recently, and while you’re tempted to run and hide back in the closet, the part of you that is raring to go is just a little bit more alive. The conversation of how others might see you is strong, and with that comes a natural fear of being judged, or being hated.

This is a very common worry for pretty much everyone, but the way to work with it is quite simple. If you stay authentic to your own beliefs and personal nature then you will always feel okay. No, it doesn’t mean that everyone will like you – but it certainly means that you’ll have less of those ‘am I a fraud?’ moments. If you’re ready to stand up and share, whether it’s writing a book, talking your talk, speaking to that one special person or applying for a dream job, then the spark of excitement and willingness is all you need. Trust in yourself, that’s your main job – so work with your mind, body and spirit, and it will feel like your life is working with you.

As the teacher and the student are the mirror to each other, it’s also the month to consider where you are getting your sources of help. As evolving humans, our mentors and healers should also be subject to change as we move forwards. So adapt your support network to the moment in question. What do you need this month to help you feel the most authentic and embodied version of you? I feel many of you just need to reconnect with your nearest and dearest friends – even if they’re people you just met recently. Think soul family. Go to them with your questions and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions and advice. You are not a burden.

See this adventure into personal growth as a fun experiment in trying out some new therapies – sit in meditation and ask yourself who you need right now. Oh and by the way, I have to alert you that It may well be that you just need to spin that sage advice you’re so apt at dishing out back around to yourself, and suck it up loud and clear!

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Seven of Pentacles

A familiar slowness of pace that has come upon you, reminiscent of the beginning of this year. Nothing to be worried about though, and I feel that it is probably more a big sign of a cycle in your life wrapping itself up. You are entering cocoon mode. I also feel that some of you may be fighting against change and the unknown right now, and bringing up some old controlling habits? Of course I’m not going to encourage that so I’d better reintroduce you to the powers of SURRENDER. That old trick.

The most useful state of mind to entertain when you feel uncertain is to let everything go and encourage life to flow, as it should. In fact, know that it is flowing, exactly as it should, just maybe not on your time frame I’m sorry to say. This month is all about focusing on what you have and not what you lack. Yes it’s okay to have wallowing moments; we all need to feel our feelings, that is SO important. But avoid throwing yourself into a state of perma panic or burrowing down in the ‘what ifs’.

In those moments where you feel like there’s no way out, take a deep breath and request to see your situation more expansively, and then get on with the moment in hand. Repeat this as and when you just need to remind yourself that there may be a way around, above, below or through that maybe you just haven’t seen yet, or just maybe hasn’t appeared yet. Use the sense of stillness to your advantage and get in as much rest as possible. Our personal time is unique to us, so allow yourself moments to discover what relaxation means to you this month.

I feel that writing is certainly your friend over the coming weeks, so try my favorite ‘brain vomit’ method and just get it all out – no judgments and no thinking, just flow. Sometimes you just want to shut that book and walk away, but then you discover that your highest self has stepped in and written you a love note. Trust that maybe you do have the answers, and maybe you don’t need to wait around for someone to approve you. I believe life is an adventure that’s about remembering what we already know. It’s certainly something to ponder, right? Get ready to emerge into the light.

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All Hallows Eve is about more than slutty costumes and tequila shots. Here, our favorite modern mystics share their ideas for a super spiritual Halloween… Illustrations: Natalie Shau

Beautiful girl with a skull for a spiritual Halloween by Natalie Shau. Read more at Thenuminous.net!

Oh, wait…what if Halloween wasn’t just about dressing up as a slutty ghost and getting slammed on tequila shots? What if it were actually an ancient Pagan celebration to recognise the passing of souls, at a time when the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest? Hmmm…

The way I’ve come to see it, there are two ways to get down and party with the concept of death. Laugh in its face (ridiculous costumes, booty shakin’ to Black Widow, copious amounts of alcohol), or look it calmly in the face and accept what you see.

Last year I chose option two. Dressed head-to-toe in non-costume black, I attended a séance on All Hallows Eve. The messages that came through for people were all supportive and loving, and afterwards we enjoyed a silent (pot-luck, mainly vegan) supper with our deceased ancestors.

Here, some of our favorite modern mystics share their ideas for a super spiritual Halloween. May the most fabulous phantoms be with you…

Girl dancing with death by Natalie Shau. Read more at Thenuminous.net!


Halloween is the time when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest, making it an ideal time for you to simply sit quietly and connect with your ancestors. Find some time to yourself on Friday to tune in.

To get into the right energy and to make sure you stay safe, I recommend you clear and protect your energy first. Now turn off all electronics and light a candle.

Using your imagination and all five senses, your ancestors will speak to you through symbols, so be sure to have a pen and paper nearby to record any psychic impressions that come through for you to be interpreted later. When it comes to deciphering the messages in these symbols, trust your intuitive voice – and focus on the feeling associated with what you saw, felt, smelt or heard.

Day of the dead illustration by Natalie Shau. Read more at Thenuminous.net!


To honour this step forward into the darker part of the year, perform this simple and insightful Four Card Tarot/Oracle reading to honour your own shadow side.

Card 1: What aspect of my shadow self needs some light shining upon it right now?
Card 2: What is holding me back from moving forwards?
Card 3: What actions will help me nurture and explore this aspect of myself?
Card 4: What secret message does my inner soul system have for me?

Girl in a rabbit mask with white rabbits by Natalie Shau Read more at Thenuminous.net!


In my opinion, animals are the bridge between heaven and earth, and thus act as messengers on behalf of Spirit. The below ritual is one of my favorite ways to intentionally ask for answers and see physical evidence of receiving guidance. Do not underestimate the simplicity of this exercise, it can produce many miracles as long as you are willing to trust and allow your intuition to take charge.

1. Prepare for a walk. Before you head out (or you can do this outside), center yourself by taking long, deep breaths. Call upon Divine source/angels/your guides/whatever resonates and the animal kingdom. Set an intention to receive a message, answer and/or sign from an animal who can help you with a particular situation for the highest good of all concerned.

2. Be Fully Present in your walk. That means no headphones, iPod, or cell phone. Really BE with each moment. Pay attention to the animals and insects you pass en route and assess your feelings about them. When you sense a true resonance with a particular animal or insect, accept that animal as your messenger.

(Note: you do not need to see the animal in flesh. If you spot an animal on a t-shirt, billboard, photograph, etc. – honor that. The animal is equally valid no matter the form it shows up in. This is why it’s extra important to pay attention!)

3. Once you’ve met your animal, ask what message it has for you and notice the initial feelings, impressions, and/or words you hear. Really feel into what this animal wishes to communicate to you before looking it up in a book or online. What feels true to you takes precedence over what anyone else says, including experts.

4. Express gratitude and continue to pay attention over the next three days. You can further synthesize this process by tracking your experience in a journal.

Goth woman with blackbirds by Natalie Shau. Read more at Thenuminous.net!


Many people forget that Samhain, All Hallows eve and Halloween (and all variations of) can be used to express your other archetypal natures. Yes, many people express that as being a ‘sexy kitty’ or a ‘slutty nurse’. But why not try meditating for a moment on what your soul truly wants to express instead? This will reveal aspects of your self that want to reveal their power as the doorway of Halloween opens.

For example: perhaps you feel as if this year has been all about endings and new beginnings. You’ve left a job or a relationship, and come to some realisations about yourself in the process. You can call on the power of rebirth and transformation to honour and solidify this, by dressing as something that symbolises, signifies or represents transformation – like a phoenix. After all, the true Magickian owns their every action as an opportunity to shape the forces of the universe.

Girl bleeding petals by Natalie Shau for a spiritual Halloween. Read more at Thenuminous.net!


I suggest running a hot bath, adding some delicious lavender Epsom salts, essential oils and some of my TLC Healing Remedy. Add a rose crystal and some rose petals. Light some candles and put them all around the bath and bathroom.

Lying in this special bath, meditate on your own death, the celebration of passing to the next life and the beauty of life and death. What would people say at your funeral? What you could be doing with your life now to create an epitaph that reflects the impression you’d like to leave in this world?

Meditate on your ancestors and on all lost souls and send them light and love. Send this all over the world. To end your meditation, spend a few moments in simple gratitude for all you have in this life now, for breath and for love.

Halloween ballet dancer with birds and a tutu by Nathalie Shau. Read more at Thenuminous.net!


The short video below introduces the basics of Custom Altar Design – i.e. how to create an altar for Halloween that’s specific to what you want to manifest in your life at this auspicious time.


As the nights get longer, Scorpio season is here to make us face our inner demons – all in the name of transformation, of course. Use Ash Baker’s simple yoga sequence for Scorpio like a physical prayer to take you there…

Madonna shot for her 2006 H&M collection to illustrate a story on a yoga sequence for Scorpio. Read more at Thenuminous.net
Madonna shot for H&M 2006

October 23 to November 21

Ruler: Pluto, Mars
Element: Water
Modality: Fixed
Anatomy: The nose, genital organs, blood, bladder and bowels.

8th sign of the Zodiac

Phew – we survived. Coming out of Mercury Retrograde and two Eclipses, now it’s time to transform and integrate what we’ve learned – and there’s no better sign than Scorpio as a backdrop. Symbolising re-birth and transformation on the deepest level, the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac invites us to do a deep dive and shine a light into the Cosmic cave.

Scorpio season knows it takes serious determination to kick out of our comfort zone and rise above the banal. As for the famous sting in the Scorpio tail? Sure, if you piss ‘em off you’ll feel it – but all of us possess that inner warrior, the loyal guardian of our deepest truths.

To harness this energy in the month to come, let us focus on the strength, wisdom and determination of the Scorpion. The poses chosen here are designed to ignite the energy to overcome that which no longer serves you, and to dig a little deeper into your own dark corners to bring your truth to light.

Mysterious woman hiding her face. Read more at Thenuminous.net!

Skull Shining Breath :: Kapalabhati Pranayama
This breathwork will help to eliminate toxins, amp up your energy, and get your blood moving. Find a comfortable cross-legged seat on a blanket to prop up the hips and lengthen the spine. Let your hands rest on your thighs. If you’re a tactile person you can place your hands on top of each other on your belly. Take a deep inhale through your nose. Exhale and quickly contract your belly inward pressing all of the air out. The next inhale should be automatic and passive. Aiming for 60 rounds of beath per minute, the contractions in your lower belly should follow in rapid succession. One minute is enough if you’re new to breathwork, otherwise try three minutes. When you’re finished take a deep inhale through the nose and exhale fully through the mouth.

*Avoid this if you have high blood pressure, hernia, heart disease or are a pregnant mama to be!

Boat Pose :: Navasana
Come to sit and bend the knees with the feet on the floor. Take your hands behind you with your fingertips pointed towards you. Press your hands and sit bones down towards the floor to lengthen your spine upward. Engage your pelvic floor by scooping the tailbone slightly forward and your pubic bone up towards your chest. This action will automatically engage your abdominals. If you’re a total beginner stay here and just breathe. If you wish to go further, draw your calves up in alignment with your knees, parallel to the floor. You can keep your hands behind you for support or take them behind your thighs. Keep lifting your chest up and keep the spine straight. Don’t let your lower back round at all. To move into the full pose, straighten one leg and then the other, reaching through the toes. Take your arms straight out parallel with the floor. Keep lifting the heart with each inhale and squeeze your pelvic floor (bathroom muscles) with each exhale.

Mysterious naked woman in the woods. Read more at Thenuminous.net!

Bound Angle :: Baddha Konasana
Find a comfortable seat. Imagine your spine lengthening with each inhale, pulling you up from the crown of your head. Draw the soles of your feet together to touch. If you need a little support or feel a pulling sensation in your inner thighs you can sit on a blanket or place a block under each knee. Take a hold of your feet and pull your chest through your arms to feel as much length in your spine as you can. Inhale your arms up over your head and begin to fold forward at your hip creases with a flat spine until you reach the edge of your stretch. Then place your hands down and allow a little rounding of your upper spine and neck to happen. Stay here and use your breath to help you relax into the pose more deeply. With each inhale lengthen out a little more and with each exhale sink deeper.

*Counterpose: Lay down on your back and bring your feet as wide as your mat. Let your knees fall in. BREATHE.

:: Sea Breathing Meditation ::
Come to lie on your back and drape a blanket over your body. You want to be fully relaxed so take a pillow under your head and a rolled up blanket under your knees if you wish. Imagine you are on the beach, warm and safe. Everything is calm and serene. Feel the heat coming from the sand beneath you and a slight breeze in the air. Scorpions are usually linked to fire but we often forgot that they are water warriors, so direct your attention to the ocean. Listen to it breathing, inhaling as the tide comes in, exhaling as the tide goes out. Now listen to your own breathing. Imagine your breath is syncing up with the tides. You are breathing the ocean. Think briefly about what you would like to wash away from yourself. Picture the vast amazing power and beauty that is the ocean cleansing that which you don’t need. Use the strength of the ocean to find your inner strength. Stay with this practice for as long as you like.

Monthly Mantra: “I am empowered by my own truth.”


Happy Friday! Here’s what went down in Ruby’s Mystical Week, and an intro to the magical Margaret Nichols, founder of NYC’s Urban Oneness Blessing and truly cosmic coach. Her mission? “I want you to be enlightened. Like Buddha. Like NOW”…

Margaret Nichols leads the Oneness Blessing in NYC. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Margaret Nichols: “A fashionista in kind trying to spread sparkle…”

Happy Friday Numis. So who’s counting the hours until Mercury goes direct at 2.17pm ET tomorrow? Despite going into this retrograde phase with some serious positive intentions, much like last week the past seven days have been characterised mainly by missed appointments and a total inability to concentrate on anything useful.

But it was also the week I attended a Dinner With The Dead, hosted by Mama Wolf Kelly Cutrone and spookily accurate psychic medium Thomas John :: caught up with the rest of the planet and started reading Lena Dunham’s brilliant memoir Not That Kind of Girl :: embraced the major drop in temperatures and got back into my local Bikram studio for my “winter” yoga season (my kind of central heating) :: and fell in absolute lust with Andrea Fohrman’s Moon phase jewelry (see below).

Moon Phase charm bracelet by Andrea Fohrman. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Moon Phase charm bracelet by Andrea Fohrman

I also interviewed this week’s Material Girl Margaret Nichols, and got a peek into her Mystical World. Margaret actually reached out to me about contributing to the site, sending a link to a post she wrote for the Huff Post titled Why Martinis and Meditation Mix. Hell yes! But when she talks meditation, this girl knows what she’s talking about.

A graduate of the Oneness University in India, Margaret has led a weekly Deeksha / Oneness Blessing in New York City since 2007. Billed as “spiritual solutions for your modern life,” Deeksha is a sanskrit word for gift. And the gift of the Oneness Blessing is a neurobiological change in the brain that, when complete, enables the senses to be free from the interference of the mind. Basically a different kind of Orgasmic Meditation, this is often accompanied by spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calm and a connection to the Oneness in everything. Yeah, you might want to check it out.

Margaret Nichols has led the Oneness Blessing in NYC since 2007. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Margaret Nichols has led the Oneness Blessing in NYC since 2007

Plus she’s totally gorgeous, and is offering a FREE 21-day guided meditation course starting next week! This is her stuff…


My label: I love my fashion to be an expression of my environment and how I’m feeling, with a deep bow to all being sacred and shining our light. Right now there is probably more Yumi Kim in my closet than anything else. Fun, fresh and flirty with some edge. Fantastic silks that feel great on my skin.

My shoes: My feminine is truly expressed within my shoe collection (which is a gentle way of saying I have far more pairs of shoes than I actually need). Two more pairs have entered my closet within the last month. Luxe leopard print classic pumps? I feel like I will have these forever. If I’m spending or being gifted something of exquisite quality, I want it to be timeless on all fronts. And for every day easy Sole Society has super fun styles.

Margaret Nichols's Jimmy Choo leopard print pumps. Read more at Thenuminous.net
Leopard print pumps, Jimmy Choo

My fragrance: 10 years ago I bought a black jasmine oil in a Mysore marketplace in India and I haven’t been able to find it again since. If you find some, let me know! Bvlgari Black Jasmine is the closest I can find to it. (This and Trident gum are probably the only chemical things I regularly put in or on my body.)

My jewels: I recently travelled to see John of God and was so taken by the experience, I immediately ordered some earrings infused with the “Casa” energy from Brazil. Daily, it’s a mix between my mother’s gold bracelets (vintage) and my tulsi mala beads, blessed from Oneness University that I give out when I teach.

Margaret Nichols gives out tulsi mala beads blessed at the Oneness University when she teaches in NYC. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Tulsi mala beads

My pampering: Yana Herbal Beauty. I’ve been going to Yana (as have many notable New Yorkers) for 14 years. She gives the best facials (Russian-style: NO joke) in the city, with all handmade, natural ingredients and has amazing small batch, local, natural products to take home.

My movie: American Beauty, Amelie, Avatar. What the Bleep Do We Know was also a game changer for me when it came out.

My food: At home, I’m 90 percent vegan, all natural everything. Green juice daily for the better part of the last decade. Years ago, my best friend used to call me the most cleansed person on Earth. But I also love to travel and love to eat out and have gotten way more relaxed about it than I used to be. In my fridge on an average day you are most likely to find: avocado, raw coconut water, all sorts of greens from the farmer’s markets and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Juice Press raw coconut water in the fridge of Margaret Nichols. Read more at Thenuminous.net
Juice Press raw coconut water


My awakening: Yerba Mate and some incense to clear the morning and say hello / tap into the Divine, before settling into Chakra Dhyana – a simple mediation that aligns all the chakras. I lead myself, depending on how much time I have.

My sign: Sagittarius. Through and through.

My mantra: In Sanskrit: Om Sat Chit Ananda – “I am existence, consciousness, bliss.” In life: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

My healer: Vikaz. Whenever anything goes wrong, I process it out as much as I can, and then these guys are my first stop. As in, halt life, do not pass Go, visit immediately. They are incredibly intuitive miracle workers. Definitely not your traditional chiropractic.

My reading: Right now it’s Wild by Cheryl Stayed. Although not a “spiritual” book, I think her Tiny Beautiful Things should be mandatory reading for everybody on how to be a generous, beautiful person. Oneness by Rasha and Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda are also always nearby to be picked up.

My transformation: Oneness University in India is where are my teachers reside. It’s literally the magic kingdom and led me to everything. In NYC, Ashtanga Yoga New York with Eddie Stern and his crew of teachers offers authentic Mysore style self-practice of yoga. It’s about as advanced as you can get if you need it, although they welcome every level. It’s also home to the only Ganesh temple in all of Manhattan – an incredibly pure and absolutely gorgeous space and a rare sanctuary in Manhattan.

Margaret Nichols visits Eddie Stern's Ashtanga New York. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Visit AYNY.org

My home: West Village, pre-war details, cozy meets glam with a touch of the Far East and dosed with Love 24/7. If I could afford him, my bestie Adam Hunter would do my decor.

Find out more about Margaret and her work at Margaretnichols.com and @magsnichols


Want to understand your deepest emotional needs on a totally cosmic level? You need to know your Moon sign, says Ruby Warrington

Moon tarot card to illustrate post on moon sign astrology. Read more at Thenuminous.net
“The Moon sign is a gateway to the ‘subtle realms’ of being”

2014 was the year I learned to love my Moon sign. With a headstrong Aries Sun and outgoing Sagittarius rising, there’s been a tendency in my life for my sensitive, comfort-loving Cancer Moon to get torched by all that fire and bravado. NOT COOL. Your Moon sign holds the key to your deepest emotional needs – so ignore what it’s telling you at your peril.

The Sun, Rising and Moon signs are usually the first place any astrologer goes when they’re interpreting a birth chart – and I like to think of them as representing the mind / ego (the Sun), the body (Rising) and the soul (Moon). Viewed this way, the Moon sign is a gateway to the “subtle realms” of being, and is also linked to the subconscious and our instinctual patterns and habits. It’s where things get DEEP, man.

As a being invested in the concept of personal development for TOTAL SELF ACTUALIZATION (as in, getting to a place where you are fully primed to bring your unique gifts to the Universe), you can see how Moon signs have become my latest astro obsession. Know your Moon, know your potential on a truly souful/cosmic level.

To find out your Moon sign, you first need to do your birth chart – which you can get for free by entering your date, time and place of birth at Astro.com. And don’t worry if you don’t know your precise time of birth, your Moon sign can be calculated with just the date and place. Ready already? Here’s a brief overview of how your Moon sign could show up for you.

Moon tarot card to illustrate post on Moon Sign astrology. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
“Know your Moon, know your potential on a truly souful/cosmic level”

You want it all and you want it now. Instant gratification rules, and there’s a sense of always needing to keep moving forwards. When emotional stuff comes up for you, it rises quickly to the surface to be torched. In fact, you’re so ready to face uncomfortable situations head on, to some people it might look like you actually enjoy conflict. Rather, it just doesn’t phase you – and seeing as you experience your emotions in the moment, kind of like a two-year-old, these flare-ups are just a way of processing emotional energy out of your body. Your gift is to not hold onto a grudge. Your friends and family get what they see. Satisfy this Moon sign by constantly seeking out new experiences. But beware – not every new thing you “want” (new Marc Jacobs bag, new toy-boy) is also a soul-serving “need.”

It’s all about the creature comforts. Lunar Taureans need to feel connected to their “stuff” to feel secure, and will be driven to create a solid “home base” in every area of life. Relationships, career, money – you’re in it for the long-haul. This steadfast energy can come across as being a bit “stuck in your ways,” and for sure, change is something this Moon sign will avoid like visit to the dentist for a root canal. Emotional outbursts are a rarity – when things stir you up you prefer to take a practical approach. Oh, and you’re probably familiar with the whole “emotional overeating” thing, as you find comfort in being grounded in the world through your physical senses. Evolve this Moon sign by working on creating a solid core within. Who knows – then it might feel okay to let go sometimes.

Information overload? Yes please. The Gemini Moon needs constant stimulation to keep up with its restless, analytical nature. When emotional situations come up, talking therapy was made for you. Your mind refuses to butt out, and your instinct is to talk it out, and out, and out. As soon as a situation is broke, you’ll want to fix it – in some cases before it’s broke, too. Making constant tweaks to your life (and living situation) is a way of feeling into your soul needs – but this scattered approach can sometimes see you taking two steps forward, one giant leap back in your emotional evolution. Super sociable, you find comfort in crowds and love anything that connects you emotionally to other people. To soothe this Moon sign, amp up your meditation practise and commit sometimes to simply: “Let it be.”

Nurturing or mothering, of the self and others, is a natural impulse for the Cancer Moon, as both the planet and the sign represent “mother” energy in the birth chart. Situations involving any kind of upset (an argument with your mother, the wrong take-out order showing up) can leave a deep imprint on your emotional body – meaning you really need to embrace “feeling feelings” as bottling things up is particularly dangerous for you. Also supremely sensitive to the moods and emotions of others, you seek security, familiarity and comfort (to the point of OCD) to cushion yourself from these energetic knocks and bumps. Life without emotional boundaries can be scary – hence the urge seek safety at all costs. Having women in your life that you feel deeply bonded with is a non-negotiable. Ditto a regular self-care regimen on both a physical and and spiritual level.

Moon tarot card to illustrate post on moon sign astrology. Read more at Thenuminous.net
“Your Moon sign holds the key to your deepest emotional needs”

Opposed to Sun in Leos, where a life out of the spotlight is a life half lived, Lunar Leos prefer to take center stage behind closed doors. An audience of close family and friends is going to be wayyy more forgiving after all – and likely to shower you with the adoration you crave. It’s not like you won’t love bomb ‘em right back. Playing fair and cleaning up your side of the street is a matter of pride. And as much as you like to be demonstrative with your affections, you can be prone to emotional outbursts if you feel your generous heart has been taken advantage of. When you’re not playing the superstar, you also get an emotional charge from stepping into a more directorial role. Mentoring others is nourishment for your magnanimous soul (you’ll even forgive the ones who try to tell you you’re just being bossy). Practice radical self-love with this Moon, and watch your heart swell and your soul sing in return.

Can you be of service, please? Virgo Moons have a deep-seated need to be useful, coupled with an ability to find security in the small practicalities of daily life. Even better, show you sufficient appreciation (we love you, we do!) and the emotional satisfaction you find in getting everything neatly lined-up extends to helping us sort out the lives of the ones you love, too. It’s actually how you express your tender feelings for others. And if you can be reserved when it comes to showing your own emotions, your calculated approach to problem solving means you get a kick analyzing what you see swimming in other people’s sentimental soup. When you’re feeling insecure, there’s a tendency for nit-picking and perfectionism – even if it’s mainly aimed at yourself. The trick is to pick a routine where you get to excel, and stick to it. Keeping things simple and living a spartan life, and the sense of efficiency this brings, is a balm for your soul.

It’s all about your plus ones. Libra Moon needs partnerships to feel complete – in love, life and work, the world opens up and becomes an altogether friendlier, safer place with your wingman (or woman) by your side. Which means you’re often the one doing a lot of the compromising in relationships. Your deepest soul yearning insists that maintaining the cosy status quo is way more important than any psychological point scoring. In fact, a harmonious home life is essential to your emotional wellbeing – bet you’ve got a GREAT relationship with your parents, right? (On the surface at least). Weirdly, the flipside of this can be perfectionist tendencies when it comes to your closest relationships. Life must be a “beautiful” experience, and you expect the same high ideals from other people. Anything less than a total commitment to doing the “right thing” can feel painfully unjust. Accepting that life just isn’t fair sometimes is your emotional chill pill.

Total emotional intensity or bust. Scorpio Moons have zero time for frivolity and need to experience a sense of complete soul bonding in their relationships to feel secure. Evidently very psychic to those who know you well, your intuition is rooted in an innate understanding of human nature – what makes us tick, our motivation and desires. And pushing these buttons in the name of forcing emotional honesty can be a favorite pastime. Ouch – there’s that famous “sting.” Emotional upheavals are welcomed, as they often lead to or accompany periods of intense transformation –Viagra for the soul of a Scorpio Moon. There can also be a tendency to want to control the emotions of others – for their own good, of course – using a killer combo of seduction and manipulative tactics. This power play can be awesome to watch too, which is what makes Scorpio Moons so damn seductive. Make using your considerable powers for good the goal.

Moon tarot card to illustrate post on moon sign astrology. Read more at Thenuminous.net
“Your Moon sign is where things get DEEP, man…”

Sagittarius Moon will feel threatened wherever there is a lack – even a perceived lack – of personal freedom. Security comes in knowing where the Cosmic escape route is, and so long as the exit is clearly marked this easy-going Moon sign is set to happy-go-lucky by default. It’s all about having the wiggle room to go wherever the mood takes you. “Home” is almost an abstract concept – the consummate rolling stone, you actually feel most comfortable camped out on the side of a mountain or under the desert sky. In fact, Burning Man? MADE for your Moon. As for commitment issues? It might look like that to some people. When the emotional going gets tough, lets just say you’re not the most likely to stick around to “work through stuff.” Your MO when dealing with any dramas is to just look on the bright side. Yes, optimism can be a strong suit, but not when it comes with a set of blinkers attached. Evolution lies in overcoming your fear of the dark.

Everything is under control. No matter how flamboyant the external self, behind the scenes the Capricorn Moon has got your emotional life on lock down. Self-discipline in the face of unruly feelings is a way to stay safe, and putting your own emotional needs second to those of others is a natural instinct. But opposed to simply bottling things up, this speaks more to a need to earn respect from the people you love and an ability to compartmentalize emotions to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently on your own time. Due diligence in every area of life is essential for Capricorn Moon. Putting strategies in place and working with tradition creates a sense of security, especially in situations where there’s a perceived risk of appearing vulnerable or lacking in control. The need to create a secure base will likely be reflected in the way you handle your finances – retail therapy for you looks more like investing in a piece of prime real estate or a private pension.

My emotions feel very different from your emotions. Aquarius Moon is overtly aware that each individual experiences the world according to their own unique perspective. There is comfort to be found in expressing your own uniqueness, like; “this is how I feel.” There’s an instinct to stand out, even to shock others in the name of shaking up the status quo. Sentimental situations that threaten to keep you stuck in the past are shunned in favor of grand emotional designs on future events. A deeply rooted humanitarian urge stems from this broadminded, liberal worldview, which also sees you determined to “rise above” petty emotional situations that cloud your vision of the bigger picture. Floating above all that earthy, human stuff is a way too feel safe too – even if it means you can appear to be quite detached from the realities of everyday life. Actually your friendships here on Earth are your soul support system. Nurture them.

Your inner knowing is all you need. An unwavering faith in your own intuition is what Pisces Moon calls home. If it feels right, it’s right. If it feels wrong, you just won’t go there. What could be safer than that? Your ability to feel feelings extends to the emotions of others too, and coupled with your natural instinct to heal every wounded soul you encounter it can be easy for you to get lost in who needs what. As a result, learning to clear and protect your own energy is essential for this Moon. Time alone with your own thoughts and visions (a.k.a. daydreaming) is also a self-care must. It’s how you restock your vast emotional reserves. Ditto your spiritual practice. Regularly communing with the divine creates a sense of security about your place in the grand scheme of the Cosmos, and confirms what you already know – that we are all connected. In fact, it’s completely instinctual for you to swim in and out of other people’s experience of the world, and then report back through your own artistic endeavors.


Regular new post alert! Every Friday we’ll be featuring a different Material Girl, and the things in her Mystical World. To kick things off, it’s me! Your Chief Numi Ruby Warrington. Plus a round-up of what’s been rocking my Universe this week. Portrait: Thomas Giddings

Ruby Warrington shot by Thomas Giddings for Thenuminous.net
Just chillin’ at home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Chakra shirt…coming back soon!

Has this been the weirdest week or what? On Monday I posted about how I like to use Mercury retrograde to revise and re-evaluate key areas of my life. But man, it’s been like scheduling spaghetti out there – for pretty much everyone I know. Head-spin!

I’m gonna blame my inability to concentrate on anything useful for the fact I had a total retail therapy moment on Matches Fashion. New Isabel Marant jacket, check. New Marant sheepskin-lined booties to match, check check (see below). I don’t shop that often since I found a more spiritual path to fulfilment, but when I do, I do it properly 🙂

This was also the week I totally cried at Under The Electric Sky, a documentary about EDM mega-rave the Electric Daisy Carnival (WTF) :: discovered THE most beautiful “intention setting candle” (and fell in love with it’s creator – watch this space for a collaboration!) :: picked up my lapsed meditation practise :: finally watched the Vagina Monologues :: and got stuck into Launch by Jeff Walker – essential reading for anybody running or starting a business online (thank you Gala Darling).

So what have you tried distracting yourself with while Mercury does it’s thing? I actually do wanna know, so Tweet me or connect on Facebook!

Isabel Marant Knowles bootie, available at Matchesfashion.com. Click to read more at Thenuminous.net!
Isabel Marant Knowles bootie, Matchesfashion.com

So here it is – all the things that make me a MATERIAL GIRL, living in a MYSTICAL WORLD…


My Look When I went to get a hug from Amma with Gabby Bernstein, I wore Lululemon yoga pants, a vintage rock-chick tee, biker boots and a Marc Jacobs bag. Gabby described my look as “rock ‘n’ roll yogi” – and I’ll take that, thanks. So lots of yoga pants from brands like Teeki, Vie Active and Vimea, and lots of fashiony, grungy tops. And I love a good Helmut Lang blazer.

Ruby Warrington's favorite Sacred Feather yoga pants by Teeki. Click to read more at Thenuminous.net!
My current fave Sacred Feather yoga pants made from recycled materials, Teeki.com

My Shoes Isabel Marant shoes (specifically boots, actually) consistently make me feel pretty special. My friend Psychic Betsy has this meditation where you meet your highest self, and you’re meant to visualize “the best version of yourself”. That’s how I feel in my Marant boots – sexy, cool and powerful.

My Fragrance My ego hates the fact it’s not “cooler”, but the one that gets me the most comments is Sensuous by Estee Lauder – I think it just mixes well with my pheromones. I also love stealing a squirt of my husband’s Patchouli 24 by Le Labo.

My Jewels I always wear the Numinous necklace my husband got me, and this summer I also acquired a pretty special ‘Lemurian’ crystal from Vega Jewelry. Buying myself my first pair of diamond studs (they’re about a millionth of a carat, but still) at ABC Home last year was also a pretty special moment for me.

Charging up the Lemurian crystal from Vegajewelry.com at Rockaway beach this summer. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
‘Dem jewels…Charging up the Lemurian crystal at Rockaway beach this summer

My Pampering I have one of those bodies that “needs” a monthly massage, and I go to Lorraine at Greenhouse Holistic in Williamsburg. She does the best deep tissue and barely speaks a word the whole time. I’m also deeply into my Theraputic Balancing Oil by Vered Organic Botalicals right now, which feels super special and nurturing.

My Movie Anything that makes me cry. Most recently that Electric Daisy Carnival docu (seriously, WTF…)

My Food I could eat salmon and avocado, prepared every which way, for days. Ditto the Montana salad at the Jivamukea café in Union Square. And a scoop of vegan peanut butter ice cream from Lula’s in the East Village for dessert.


My Awakening I wake up with my cat’s meow at about 6.30 or 7 am, make myself a HUGE mug of hot water with lemon and then “try” to meditate for ten minutes. After that I get right onto my machine to write, while my brain is still clean of email static.

My Sign Aries Sun and Sag rising with a Cancer Moon thrown in to cool things down a little. I read it this way: Sun = mind (self-directed and impulsive), rising = body (outgoing and active) and Moon = soul (super sensitive and security oriented). #confusing.com

My Mantra “You’ll never know unless you ask.” And most days, at some point: “I forgive myself.”

My Healer Acupuncture with the amazing Lisa Levine at Maha Rose in Greenpoint, custom flower remedies from very special Kerri Aab, and, recently, breathwork with Numi contributor Erin Telford. But some of my greatest healings have happened on my yoga mat, if you subscribe to the belief (as I pretty much do) that all healing begins at a spirit / emotional level.

Burning Man 2014. Image: Simon Warrington. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Burning Man 2014. Image: Simon Warrington

My Reading I wish I could say there was one book that really shifted my perspective, but maybe I just haven’t found it yet. I read every night before I go to sleep though, preferably fiction. It helps my mind shift gears from the material to the mystical realm (where sleep happens).

My Transformation The second half of 2014 has been ALL ABOUT transformation. Beginning July on a retreat with Taryn Toomey in Martha’s Vinyeyard, I then hit up Burning Man for the first time, did the Landmark Forum and also just completed Gala Darling’s Blogcademy. Each of these experiences has made me stronger and more resilient, more certain of myself and my place in the world, more comfortable expressing myself and more confident about my goals.

My Home Is wherever my husband Simon is, something I became aware of from the moment we first met. Past life connection for sure…




We know, we know…too much social media can be a recipe for the dreaded “compare & despair”. Life coach Lucy Sheridan shares why it’s so easy to fall for the filter factor, and how we can all fight back.

Supermodel selfies found on Harpers Bazaar. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Supermodel selfies found on Harpers Bazaar

This NU digital age means it’s easy for us to take for granted the power at our fingertips and how technology can make our lives more streamlined, where before there might have been effort and chaos.

Increasingly though, the “power couple” that is technology and social media, presents an interesting and complex counter dynamic to the no-brainer benefits of the digital world.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I think social media is amazing. It’s one of the best ways to keep in the loop with people we know and love (and people we don’t for that matter – ex stalking, anyone?)

It feels like geography and time zones no longer matter. There’s the arrival of a baby in one feed, and a stack of amazing paleo pancakes in another. The significant and the small sit side by side as we consume the constant updates we allow to flood our lives.

We’re also more accessible than ever. I’ll bet you’ve been found by, and searched for, your school buddies from your distant past as well as that cool girl you sat next to at that workshop last weekend. These connections have evolved our networks and with this our feeds fill with more and more “news”.

The irony is that these increased connections can create a feeling of acute and uncomfortable separation. There’s a sense that there’s lots going on “over there”, and yet when we look at our own lives it’s crickets and tumbleweed.

Cue the “compare & despair” phenomenon that’s so aggressively on the rise.

Beyonce getting a private tour of the Louvre...Read more at Thenuminous.net!
We can’t all be Beyonce getting a private tour of the Louvre…

If you’re like me, you may have looked at your feeds and thought everyone is basically:

• Having loads of amazing sex
• Building businesses overnight
• Living more spiritually than Gabby B
• Raising beautiful, perfectly behaved vegan children
• Moving into a home from MTV Cribs (Google it kidz)
• Eating only the most delicious food in exclusive VIP restaurants
• Enjoying luxury as standard when it comes to going on vacay

I fell deep into a pit of compare & despair after a high school reunion a couple of years ago, when my online habits and perceived place in my digital world began to have serious effects on my offline life.

More and more I felt disconnected from other people and, more worryingly, from myself. And I was supposed to be the Zen “life coachy” one in my gang? Uh-oh #Fail and #FML.

In short, my ego had been having a field day fixating and obsessing over all the areas I appeared to be falling short.

According to my feeds I wasn’t thin enough, clever enough, entrepreneurial enough, interesting enough – basically, just not “enough”. How that ego magpie pecked away at my confidence.

But waking up to what I call the “filter factor” snapped me out of my downward spiral.

Miranda Kerr posts a selfie with her new diamond encrusted watch. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Miranda Kerr posts a selfie with her new diamond encrusted watch…

After sitting uncomfortably with my negative feelings, I realized I was as much a perpetrator as I was a victim. After all, if I was over-thinking the angle, tone and words to use in my posts, then surely others were too?

Starting to notice, hone in on and stare my insecurities in the face was a difficult but necessary process to free me from my distracted ego state and make friends with myself again.

For me, this meant tuning back into the things I’d found it all too easy to tune out – i.e. my spiritual practice, spoken conversations and daily non-events that actually kept me grounded and in tune with myself.

Real connection happens in the spaces between our online and offline lives. The moments with #nofilter, where the failures, the poor choices, and the average, regular days are. Where nothing that interesting happens, and yet you still smile at someone in the street, laugh at a joke you heard or move your bag to let someone sit down on the subway.

I may still apply ‘Amaro’ to all my Instagram pics to make my skin look awesome but, when I do, I know I’m consciously tinkering with what people will see on the surface…just like everyone else is.

Supermodel selfie found on Harpers Bazaar. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
Supermodel selfie found on Harpers Bazaar

Here are six things to think about when fighting the filter factor:

Life is not a zero sum game. That is, just because you see someone else winning or succeeding does not mean you’re missing out or failing. Trust that you’ll get back what you’re putting in, whether that’s your parenting style, yoga practice or the new blog you’ve started. Stay focused on your own goals and remember there’s more than enough success to go round!

You never know the full story. What we see posted on Facebook and other channels is a snapshot of a result and does not show the hard toil and ugly tears that are part of the process of success.

Fine is fine: Most of the time life is fine. Only fine – and that’s okay! I can’t remember the last time my Wednesday afternoons were particularly epic, amazing or unforgettable. They’re usually just…fine.

Reality can have bite. Sometimes I make a point of posting stuff about the little things that make a day extra fine. A chalk drawing on the pavement in a not-very-cool-part-of town, a feather landing at my feet or finding the EXACT change for the parking meter in my pocket. Those little wins are the ones the prove the Universe has your back, boo! You don’t need to dress them up – they’re beautiful in any light and happen much more regularly than you realize. Be brave and post those every day miracles on your social media.

The power of an actual digital detox. This doesn’t mean deleting your Facebook STAT. How about just turning down your exposure to what’s distracting you, and reframing how you use your time. For example, if you’re rocking up to a job you hate day after day, instead of just scrolling Twitter on your way, perhaps use your commute to search job sites or tweak your CV. Or even stare out the window and be present, giving yourself the gift of a peaceful moment to help you decide what you really want.

Go back to basics. A “like” here and a retweet there can make us feel present and included in the lives of those we love. In fact it’s easy to forget that feelings of real connection are created and nurtured face to face. Taking the time out to really connect with those you love – whether it’s a meet up planned nine months in advance or a Skype call at the weekend – you’ll not only get the big news first hand and in detail, but you’ll feel the love of supporting your friends on their journey and vice versa.

Lucy Sheridan is a Life Coach hell bent on helping Gen Y girls overcome the comparison caused by social media and get what they want OFF-line.  Find out more at www.proofcoaching.com


Twitter & Insta: @lucysheridan


Who says there’s no comedown from a spiritual high? Erin Telford has some advice for rolling out the high vibes even once reality bites.

Blue watercolor illustration of melancholy woman by Cate Parr. Click to read more
Illustration: Cate Parr

You know the feeling. You’ve been living in a bikini and cutoffs and braids for a week, meditating and practicing yoga every day, eater cleaner than you’ve ever eaten before and you might even have broken your tech addiction.

You’ve been living off the land, having “paradigm shift” experiences. Who cares about showers? You woke up like this. You’ve got the glow that comes from roaming, discovering, and connecting with wild, uncharted territory ALL DAY.

You’re full of vitality and big plans! Fired up and high on life, your routine is completely revamped before you land back home. You’re totally getting up at 6am every day to move your body. You will finally commit to juicing! Your relationships are going to be so Zen.

And then…wah wah wahhhhh. Reality. Back to the grind. It feels almost like you never left, except for those great photos you keep flipping through on your phone.

We’ve all been there. The post yoga retreat/Burning Man/revolutionary healing session that feels like it will catapult you into a completely new existence. And then you return to “real life” and it feels so hard to hang on to all of those incredible insights.

Third eye illustration by Lauren Albert
Illustration: Lauren Albert

What happens when we have new experiences is that we’re flooded with dopamine – a.k.a. the pleasure center chemical, the neurotransmitter of DESIRE. Dopamine is the chemical in the brain that chases rewards – and as new things fuel us with perspective and possibility, it’s a thrill and a half to get your mind blown. We thrive on the sensation of every fresh beginning.

So how do we hang onto the high vibes as we return to life as we know it?

Here’s the deal, everything you’ve felt, transformed, and learned is still within you. There’s nowhere for it to go. The ecstatic dance, the peaceful quiet morning, the Reiki session that turned your world around. The after-effects are contained and imprinted into your psyche.

In Chinese medicine, they say every time your heart beats, it’s like a camera click taking a picture of your moment-to-moment existence. Your sweet heart stamps every bit of beauty and love that you move through into your blood!

Routine is a killer and can make us feel complacent and uninspired. Novelty stirs our souls and our creative spirit. So, to keep yourself in the groove, do something you’ve never done before every week! When they say that life begins outside of your comfort zone, they aren’t kidding.

Red fashion illustration of a woman with flowers by Belinda Chen.
Illustration: Belinda Chen

Grab the most beautiful vegetable you see at the green market and build a meal around it. Round up some friends to watch the leaves change at Storm King. Go all the way up to to Washington Heights to have dinner. Revel in a Gong Bath. Visit the Dream House.

When you decide to look at life through a new lens, this beginner’s mind can apply to literally anything. Can you use your newfound courage and sense of self to share your fears and insecurities with a friend for the first time? Can you translate the feeling of peace in your body into a more harmonious relationship with your parents or partner? Infuse your transformation into your daily life and extend the feelings of bliss indefinitely.

And remember, you also have no idea how different things would be if you’d just stayed home – because you didn’t! And you can apply this theory to every experience, every day of your life.

Every time something shifts one teeny tiny degree in your perspective, even if you only make the most infinitesimal change in your outlook…you will still be walking an entirely different, an entirely NEW path.

Fashion illustration of women with roses by Kelly Smith. Click to read more!
Illustration: Kelly Smith

So you really can’t ever go back to the way things were because you are different now. And now. And now…The wisdom you’ve gained about yourself, your desires, your ideals, and your truth will inform every choice you make for the future. It’s impossible for you to go backwards.

In other words, what goes up doesn’t always have to come down.

Erin Telford is the founder of Radiant Heart Acupuncture.



When Alexandra Roxo signed up for a peyote medicine ceremony, she forgot to tell her girlfriend this would mean a week of celibate dating. Uh-oh…Homepage image: Fab Ciracolo 


The night before my last peyote medicine ceremony, I was almost asleep when my girlfriend climbed on top of me and started a slow dry hump. I was jarred awake, shocked, and didn’t know what to do. No, not because she’s hideous or I’m no longer attracted to her or dry humping is gross. Not any of those reasons. But because I wasn’t supposed to be sexual / have sex for three days before my medicine ceremony! This essentially meant a week of celibate dating.

So I was faced with a dilemma. A) We’d been having a rough time and hadn’t had sex all week. B) I didn’t tell her I was supposed to be celibate for three days prior to taking the peyote and three days after. Woops. And C) Well shit, C is that I love her and she’s hot.

I found myself between a rock (or rather, a cactus) and a hard place. Also between 300-thread count cotton sheets and a hot bod. So I somehow justified that I’d let her masturbate on me or with me and it wouldn’t count. Not exactly rational but it was the best I could come up with. She finished quickly, I didn’t let her touch me, and somehow I felt no guilt about it all. Until. The next night.

I’d had two peyote ceremonies with the same medicine man before, which were both “deer ceremonies” in the Apache tradition, one in a teepee upstate and one in Mexico. Both times it was incredibly enlightening. I’d worked through deep parental issues that were a part of my Saturn return, and sung in the dark wearing a white muumuu as I released the pain of my youth.

Alexandra Roxo at a peyote medicine ceremony tipi . Click to read more!
Alexandra and her soul sister Natalia Leite at her first deer medicine ceremony

But this ceremony was different, in that I got a real ass kicking. I felt like I was gonna puke but couldn’t. I felt like I was having the worst period cramps in my life. I couldn’t lay down. And I kept seeing dark visions. Had my soul become a dark vault in the last few months? OR WAS IT THE SEX? (I mean, half sex really, but…)

Worse, after the ceremony the ass kicking continued for a full week. My GF and I’s relationship was pulled apart and rebuilt, like three times. Meaning I was crying in public again. At one point we were sitting on a bench in the park and I was crying and she put her hands over her head and commented that her shadow looked like a deer.

At that moment I got it. Everything came together. She was in on this ass kicking from the Universe too! She didn’t even know I had done the deer medicine but the plant had obviously used her lovely spirit and they’d been in cahoots all week to school and teach me.


This interconnectedness of my lessons has revealed itself again and again over the years, sometimes in a calm and magical/twinkly way, and other times in a more grotesque and “punch in the face” way. It still amazes me. This time, I’ve come to realize that managing sexual energy in times of spiritual growth can be very, very challenging.

Essentially, when I’m deep in some growth and lessons, the LAST thing on the planet I want is to open my physical body to some “poking.” To put it crudely. ‘Cause when I’m not in the sex zone, that’s kind of what it feels like. Like an intrusive visitor showing up at the very wrong time.

When I want to hold my energy close and exist in my higher chakras, I’m thinking about my angelic spirit guides and the work I’m doing here. And sex? Well, sex feels incredibly mundane. But how is this fair to your partner? And how do we navigate these moments as a couple?

I’ve also started meditating every night before bed recently. You know, releasing my day by doing visualizations and setting my dream time intentions. And lemme tell you…this can be a major buzzkill in the bedroom. The other night my girlfriend and I were kissing on the couch and when we moved into the bedroom I stopped the fun and was like: “Wait, just let me meditate real quick!” When I opened my eyes 15-20 minutes later and looked over, she was passed out and snoring with her mouth open. Dammit.

On the other hand, I find myself trying to turn the work I’m doing into “our” work. The other night, instead of meditating, I asked her participate with me as we shouted what we are grateful for. “Thank you Universe for coffee! Sunshine! An HBO Go password from a friend!” And then I guided us through some vibrational chanting.

I know this is sounding like a Christian teen sleepover or a day at a Waldorf school, but it was great. But we don’t live alone, so there’s that. Instead of that awkward moment in the kitchen, “Shit, did our roommate hear me cumming?” it’s “Did he hear us… doing vibrational chanting work and daily gratitudes??”

Thankfully, taking the leap into the land of heart-warming cheesiness can be just as bonding as sex. Sometimes we tackle the bigger questions in relationships like cheating, differences in values, or whether or not we want kids.

But the small ones can be the scariest to tackle. Like telling your partner you aren’t really feeling sexual, and them being able to respect that space and not feel threatened/slighted/or like you think they’re ugly now. Being able to say; “Hi. I’m wanting to not have sex for a bit ’cause I’m tryna connect with my guides and my third eye this week.” Or “Hey I can’t have sex cause I’m cleansing/grounding my energy before a ceremony.”

And them being able to accept where you’re at, and not go parading around in Agent Provocateur panties or send you nude selfies of them masturbating or watch porn beside you at high volumes while you’re trying to meditate.

If your partner is down to respect and accept where you’re at, then maybe during this time they can do something useful with their energy too, like work on their kickboxing moves or reorganize the fridge. And then when you’ve ridden out that wave and got what you need, you can come back together roaring and ready to meld energies, have sex all night and transcend together with some candles, wine and Kenny G.


Do we basically want everything from Numi contributor Louise Androlia’s new astrology jewelry collection? Well, what do you think…

Cancer Zodiac Hand ring by Jessica de Lotz and Louise Androlia. Click to read more!
Zodiac Hand ring, £165-£215

Let’s be completely honest – a lot of astrology jewelry out there is a little (okay a lot) on the cheesy side. So when Numinous contributor Louise Androlia (a.k.a. Louniverse, author of our spookily-accurate monthly Tarotscopes) revealed that she was working on a zodiac collection with British jeweller Jessica De Lotz, let’s just say it felt like something in the cosmos finally aligned.

With a vintage feel, the gold and silver pieces are each set with a precious stone and feature signature illustrations by Louise. Titled As Above, So Below, the collection includes necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles and brooches, as well as collar pins and cufflinks. Which means there’s something for everyone – of every sign!

As well as the signs of the Zodiac, the duo have created select pieces featuring the infinity symbol and the awakened eye – and each come packaged with an illustration by Louise and an empowerment sentiment. So if you were in the market for a new talisman for fall? Just sayin’…

Prices start at £65. View the full collection at Jessicadelotz.co.uk

Small Sagittarius Zodiac necklace by Jessica de Lotz and Louise Androlia. Click to read more!
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Zodiac earring with arrow stud by Jessica de Lotz and Louise Androlia. Click to read more!
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Awakened Eye Collar Pins, £189-£255
Jessica de Lotz and Numinous Tarotscopes mistress, Louise Androlia. Click to read more!
The gorgeous designers themselves, Jessica de Lotz and Numinous Tarotscopes mistress, Louise Androlia


With a Mercury retro period and two eclipses to navigate in the coming weeks, is the Cosmic joke on us? Ash Baker shares a grounding and balancing yoga sequence for Libra, to foster harmony and equanimity in the chaos. Main image: Brittany Alcorn.

yoga sequence for libra

September 23rd to October 22nd

Ruler: Venus
Element: Air
Modality: Cardinal
Anatomy: Kidneys and lower back

7th sign of the Zodiac

Venus, cosmic queen of love and the ruler of Libra will be energetically present throughout the heavens this month. This is a time to focus on cultivating harmony, balance and peace within your life. So much change is coming upon us. Mercury will retrograde from October 4th – 25th, during which time we’ll also experience a lunar eclipse on October 8th and a solar eclipse on October 23rd.

Now people tend to run for the hills when Mercury retrogrades, but personally I prefer to use this time to pause and deeply reflect on all the changes that may be occurring within you and around you. Those changes may come apparent as the eclipses also stop by to say hello.

Eclipses are known for removing something in your life, may it be a fear producing attitude, a toxic relationship, or whatever is blocking you from getting your dream job. Thankfully, all this cosmic drama is going down in the month of love and harmony. Use the Libran energy to find balance in the crazy, cultivating gratitude for what is, and peace with what isn’t.

The poses below have been chosen to help you find your inner calm and be your very own Venus.

yoga sequence for libra 3

Goddess Pose :: Utkata Konasana
Come into Tadasana, standing Mountain Pose, at the front of your mat. Step the right foot back as if you were about to do a lunge. Instead, turn your whole body to the right, making sure your torso is in the center, right above the pelvis.

Step both feet to a 45-degree angle, with the toes out and the heels in. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale bend your knees directly over your heels. Make sure your hips are in line with your knees. Bring your hands in front of your heart in prayer.

Allow yourself to feel the heat being created from the strength in your legs, and with each inhale imagine scooping up that fierceness from below and exhaling it into your full, gorgeous heart. Hold for up to one minute.

Warrior Two :: Virabhadrasana Two
Come back to Tadasana. Step the right foot back three-four feet. Turn your right foot to a slight angle with the toes out and the heel in. The left foot should be pointed forward.

Inhale and reach the arms up and out in line with your shoulders like wings. Your torso should be facing the right side, arms extended above your legs. Simultaneously exhale, and begin to bend the front knee so it lines up with the ankle. If you’re a beginner, lessen the bend in the knee but never take it further than your ankle.

Look directly along the length of your left arm, chin aligned with your left shoulder. If you gaze down, you should see your 1st/2nd toes. Make sure your torso is directly above your pelvis.

Reach your arms out wider and feel them lengthening. Press your feet down into the ground, gathering energy back into the body. Hold for 30 seconds, up to 1 minute. Come back to Tadasana and switch sides.

Cat / Cow Pose :: Marjaryasana & Bitilasana
Come to hands and knees. Make sure your hips are right over your knees and your elbows are directly above your wrists. Keep a slight bend at the elbows.

As you inhale, arch your spine and pull your chest through your shoulders creating an opening in your collarbones. The chest and the sitting bones reach upward.

Exhaling begin to tuck your tailbone, press the hands downward into the floor and round your spine. Feel your shoulder blades spread wide across the back. Repeat for five rounds.

yoga sequence for libra 4

Scales of Peace Meditation
Find a comfortable seat. Prop yourself up on a blanket so the hips are higher than the knees, creating a slight pelvic tilt. Take a moment to notice your natural breath, but don’t change it. Just soften into your energy.

After a couple of minutes start to deepen your breath by following a count of five seconds for the inhale and five seconds for the exhale. Really focus on expanding your belly on the inhale, and then drawing the belly button inward towards the spine on the exhale. Try five rounds of this deeper breath.

Now bring your hands to your heart and think of something in your life where you want to create balance. Hold that in your heart space for a moment. Then picture what it would look like if it were in balance. How would that feel? Keep breathing with that feeling.

Stay here for as long as you need and allow yourself to arrive at answers that may assist you in creating actual balance in your chosen issue. Try doing some journaling afterwards to create action-worthy ideas to help bring equanimity into your life.

Monthly Mantra: “I am the ruler of my own harmony.”


Cast by Louise Androlia using the Gypsy Palace Tarot Deck.

I love to chat with you about your scopes and how your month is going so find me on Twitter and Instagram @louniverse and facebook/louiseandrolia


Libra / Libra Rising – The Two of Cups

Happy Birthday! While you’re celebrating the start of your solar year (hooray) this is a great month for you to do some spring-cleaning of the heart – it’s going to be good for you. I want you to mop up any recent waterworks and really take a good look at who you’re currently spending the most time with. I feel like a few relationships, romantic and otherwise, could have left you feeling frazzled? No-one wants a burned out heart, especially not when right now you have all sorts of more powerful intentions to be spending your life energy on.

So, back to the people in your life right now. Who are the most frequent visitors to your chat list, inbox and roaming mind? And are the conversations lifting you up or pulling you down? I always believe it’s important to keep a regular check on the balance of relationships – not because we need to ‘rid’ ourselves of people, but more to do with the idea that if others are in our lives to help us grow, we want to make sure we are surrounded with the elements we need for that growth to cultivate.

Let’s work with the elements. Earth for the material world, work and practicality – Water for intuition and emotions – Air for ideas, personal power and thought patterns – Fire for passion, drive and igniting your spirit. Inner balance is about a combination of these elements, and often we find them in the people around us as well as within us. What element do you feel you need a top up of right now? And who might bring in that for you?

Equally, look to yourself and how you might seek the soul mate in your own soul. It does help to be your own best friend, so if you’ve been judgmental of yourself recently then it’s time to make self-kindness a non-negotiable. Is it that easy? It can be if you decide to be stubborn about remembering that your mind, body and spirit are the most valuable and magnificent tools you have. So how can you work with them more considerately?

Meanwhile this is a great month for new friends, new collaborations and new relationships – hence the need for a little clear out. Once you’ve realized what you no longer need and what might be on your wish list then you have a clearer space to notice those new folk when they come a knocking. Enjoy the process.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Scorpio / Scorpio Rising – The Moon

I see you doing some final undercover exploration this month, but you are further out of the darkness than you think. Whatever you are currently struggling with, remember there is an answer already within you. It may be a long lost knowing, a letter direct from the past or a connection to your highest self that you haven’t become aware of yet, but it’s there.

You are nearing the end of a cycle and it feels like you are almost at the point of giving birth to the new self, because of course the highest symbol for the Scorpio is the Phoenix. In order to make the most of your given sign, you are advised to be unafraid of change and tto try to surrender to patience, recognizing that timing is diving and that things won’t always happen on your clock.

So, as you begin this new month the clear road ahead is beckoning and the Sun is ready to rise again. You are poised for a shift in your own spiritual awareness. For some of you it may be the first experience of really knowing and sensing what’s right for you, while others of you may be preparing for some truly magnificent new connection to the divine. Does that sound a bit dramatic? I don’t think so because I know you know what I mean! Your own interpretation and understanding of this will be exactly right.

Either way, that third eye is tingling and you might be getting ringing in your ears as you start the final shedding of your skin before your birthday month. While you navigate the busy to-do list that’s in front of you, keep the protection visualization that I taught you last month in mind. It will continue to be helpful as you perhaps feel more energetically sensitive than usual.

It’s also a key time for creativity – working with color in whatever way draws you in could be particularly healing over the next few weeks. This might mean painting a wall to gaze at, collaging to your hearts content or even just expanding out of your strict all black clothing policy. Fruits are ripening to be picked, and it seems you may also be nearing the end of a process of manifestation with the mist slowly clearing in order for you to receive some serious clarity before the month is out! A final word – be gentle with yourself and compassionate and kind to all the cobwebs in those darkened corners.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Six of Cups

A month of reflection is in order for you, as you continue to be propelled forward by the changes that have been taking place within and around you recently. I feel that you’ve probably come to a crossroads of sorts in how you are going to tackle the next phase of your life. If that sounds heavy, remember it’s a natural part of life when we look at our journey being made up of cycles. It’s important to regularly check in and see what needs to check out!

You can do this over the coming weeks by taking a small escapade into the past, but don’t pack your bags as you aren’t staying there. As you cast your eyes over days gone by, focus on the aspects of yourself that were or were not present, and remember the feelings that accompanied the experiences themselves. If you’re standing here feeling like a part of you is missing, can you remember a time when you felt slightly different? Consider what thought processes hadn’t you formed yet, or what anxieties weren’t present.

Look at your former selves as friends and companions helping to guide you ahead, as opposed to aspects of yourself that you perceive to have lost. It’s all the same journey. You may also experience a number of nostalgic appearances in the present day, a person from the past that you need to make amends with and an odd number of synchronistic moments. But – most of all – old friends or even acquaintances can really help you right now.

Whoever you feel drawn to will probably have some advice that you need, or perhaps someone in your circle has a unique way of looking at things. If so, ask them to reinterpret your thoughts and hand them back to you – it’s a great way of receiving that ‘ah ha’ moment more quickly than you can alone. Even if you don’t feel super connected to your intuition right now, always be aware of what you think your highest self might need – in other words, don’t reel in old worn out relationships just for some drama.

It’s also a great month to pick up old projects you left due to bad timing – make sure they still hold the original passion though, as if not, you have plenty more ideas waiting to spark up. Finally, enjoy anything that can calm you in an instant – a favorite song on repeat, comforting words, good food and tight squeezes.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Ace of Cups

I’m so happy to see such a light and bright card for you this month, and feel it really pulls on the new beginning that seems to have been only a hint in the distance for so long. This is a fresh start, especially from within. It feels like a shedding of skin for you, as if you are now able to release yourself from some of the pressure that you tend to put yourself under.

This is a month to explore a completely new aspect of yourself and you can discover what that might be by getting out of your comfort zone. To start with though, you need to make sure you have some clear space for yourself. I know you can tend to block up all avenues with to do lists and huge plans, so here’s a tip: Always leave a little breathing room, because then all your ideas can grow and be even more great that you’d even imagined.

So yes, this sense of space…I feel that there is a nice clear field allowing you to put more energy into your social life and relationships, and that includes the one you have with yourself. This is Water energy, which is all about feeling feelings and listening to your inner dialogue – without judgment. That’s when the breakthroughs will come (and yes, maybe the waterworks, but that can be entirely wonderful thing.)

Externally, the month is about surrounding yourself with the people you adore and welcoming in those whom you feel a positive gravitational pull towards. You’ve outgrown the part of you that magnetizes towards stress and it’s far better to have a few key soul mates than try and please anyone and everyone. It’s also a perfect time to allow yourself to lean on others for support – again, gently releasing that feeling of having to do it all alone.

Reframe what being vulnerable means to you. It doesn’t mean you are being weak, and it doesn’t even mean that you can’t do something. You don’t need to follow others advice word for word, but if you open up this space then some unexpected pearls of wisdom may appear.

Back to those feelings – use them for anything and everything, let your body tell you where to go and how to move forward. When you need to make a decision shout it out loud and see how your body responds – it’s kind of amazing.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The World

The next few weeks represent a significant shift into a new cycle for you and probably one that you are deeply aware of, or have a desire to bring in. It feels to me that somewhere within you there is a sense of boredom that needs to be addressed. I believe boredom, frustration and even general anger is a misplacement of the Fire energy – it’s a call from your higher self to expand in someway. How are you not giving yourself the best chance right now? In what ways are you standing in your own way? What is it about your environment that needs to change? It’s time to round a few things up.

You can take care of this by being your the master of your own life and not settling for what just doesn’t feel right anymore, especially if there seems to be an unnecessary struggle involved. You can find it easy to sink down deep into your own pit of despair sometimes, but it feels like right now even you aren’t so interested in spinning the same old story over and over again. Great news because it means you’re at the top of the mountain and able to receive clarity and take a few leaps of faith.

You know that I always like to work with feelings and when you are tipped ready for a new phase in your life it helps to be guided by and trust in what feels, quite simply, good inside. That can often be arrived at by just being present with what right now feels all sorts of wrong – I trust you have something, whether it’s a job, a thought process or a relationship to work with. Know that it’s okay to move forward. The leap of faith is sometimes just about saying “yes” to adventuring forth into a new chapter your story.

It might seem that you totally resonate with everything I’m saying but that you also feel very much stuck in a spider’s web, bound up and not sure how to make the first moves. It’s a good time to ask for help and guidance, from people you find interesting and those who make a living out of helping people make fresh starts, or even just thinking what the future you might like to see you take a chance on. As for some for simple day-to-day advice: Just show up and be present.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Queen of Swords

Are you feeling a little bit sassy right now? It feels to me like you’re stepping more into your own skin than you have this whole year put together – as if finally the dust is settling. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling amazing of course, but it does means that you’re present, and with that comes the air of being able to take a shot at anything. Welcome to a polished up version of your own experience.

Your past and recent past are a great source of power to you this month, and contrary to your ability to easily feel overwhelmed by what’s going on around you, there’s a great sense of you being able to take it in your stride. You get it: That relationship that recently ended, well of course it wasn’t right for you. The job you left, yep, same it was just a stepping stone to the ideas you have right now. Everything is woven together, always, it’s just whether you can view it that way or not.

Now you’re in a place to really own your story and be grateful for how it’s brought you to this moment. Clarity is a rather nice thing to experience, and I feel that this month will bring many moments of it. They could be those subtle ‘ah ha’ moments or total blasts from out the blue, where you feel like you’ve received information that has been waiting years to arrive. Enjoy these connective moments as you get to experience what personal empowerment feels like.

I also feel like you may have a lot more of the Fire element coming in, and it’s good for you because it’s going to balance out your Water rather nicely. Just make sure to direct the flames into something productive rather than any random blasts of jealousy, frustration or frantic panics about the past. Think of the scratchy feeling in your chest as a place to strike a match and get creative with how you can light yourself up.

Movement is good for you right now: Bikram Yoga might be a really interesting way for you to get grounded if you haven’t already tried it, and in terms of bright ideas, walking will help you get in tune with your intuition. So just grab your keys, head out the door and pound the pavements until you feel something shift. And there it is!

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Aries / Aries Rising – The Eight of Cups

A little more of an emotional month than recent times for you bold leader, but I feel it will make sense after all the epiphanies and changes of late. You see of course, the time has come where you’re ready to let go and be carried into a new phase. So are you ready to move on?

You may be feeling a little reluctant to close the curtains on some situations around right now, especially those involving other people. You like to reserve hope that everything will always work out, and so can be reluctant to do anything you deem as “giving up.” So how about just shifting the perspective here and honoring a bit of divine timing. If something isn’t really working right now, especially in the career stakes, then perhaps it’s just not aligned right? You aren’t giving up, merely surrendering to create a space for things to work out exactly as they are supposed to.

You see this month is all about movement and letting go is what creates that. And by the way, all these emotions I’m talking about don’t have to be tinged with sadness – you may well just be feeling all those feelings, up and down and round about the entire spectrum of being a human. Where there is elation that things have shifted but still a bit uncertain, just know it’s okay to keep walking. The ground will stabilize eventually.

I’d like to also remind you that you are never alone, even though you like to be able to look after yourself and be 100% independent All. Of. The. Time. Right now is a good time to practice your tools of vulnerability, because your fellow peers and work colleagues might have some sage advice ready to give you. Try surrendering to letting someone catch you or even snuggle in that little bit closer (cats and dogs do make good pillows btw). This doesn’t mean that you’re no longer in a safe place – it feels good to share and blast the dust off too.

I’d also like you to give laughter and fun a serious shot this month. It’s amazing how a well meaning giggle at the Universe often works wonders to lift you out of what seems like sinking sand. Sometimes as you roll your eyes and go “really?” you get the option to really see the bigger picture. In that moment, as you look up, you suddenly open a few doorways to new possibilities. Go wild!

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Eight of Swords

An almost comedic confusion is present for you right now as you declare to yourself that you are so stuck whilst not noticing that the wall in front of you is made of soft clouds that you can walk right thought. It’s called the art of getting out of your own way – and charming yourself away from your stubborn lower self.

I’ve tapped on this feeling a few times for you in the past year, encouraging you to really shed your skin and slack off the old fears and self-sabotaging entrapments. It’s funny how they appear right after a bout of success and celebration, right? Well it’s just because hopes and fears are the same thing, a lot like failure and success – they’re all parts of that door marked THE UNKNOWN. You’re tempted to stand there and not knock, because omg what if? But how about don’t even bother with that nagging fearful voice and you just go straight to your higher self and let it remind you why you are even at this point in the first place?

Yeah – we know why, because you’re seeking something new and exciting and adventurous. You want to feel creative, social and abundant. You want to have fun, you want to feel well, you want to explore. See how light and bright these things all feel? Let them be your guiding light out of the jungle within and around you.

There also might be a bit of waiting about this month, which isn’t a bad thing – because you still need some rest to calm your recently frazzled nerves. I always like to think of this as a calm before the storm, some reshuffling (yes into that shiny, sparkling new skin) before next month when I’m pretty sure there may be an acceleration of action. It feels like the light is bright and exciting ahead, even if right now it just seems to be coming through a crack in the wall.

You are ready for it, so just do all the clean up before launch time and know that even the wait is still a form of movement. Meanwhile as a final thought, avoid at all costs comparing yourself to others right now. Seriously, it’s so below where you need to be at! Sometimes you just have to trust in your own adventure. Stay on your own path, it’s a good one.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Hermit

A lovely card for you after a load of recent stress and change. This is your battery pack month! Plug in and recharge, yes please take a seat, in fact lie down if you have to. It’s time to release the pressure on yourself to “be fine,” and just be okay with whatever it is that you’re feeling right now. Challenges smooth themselves out a lot more quickly when they’re allowed to be free from you standing there judging them.

Allow October to be an exploration of your senses, rediscovering what it feels like to be you and reminding yourself of what makes you smile and feel alive. I’m always reminding you what a benefit it is for you to take up a meditation practice, just to get better at valuing your time, so really take some time to space and listen over the coming weeks, rather than fill up your days with chores and too many activities. The inner self needs a place to stretch, and often that means just plonking down on a cushion and taking one deep breath.

Meanwhile, when you are in this exploration of space, you can think about the changes that are still surrounding you in the present day and how you might like to move through them in a more peaceful way. Give up the paralysis of the analysis and adopt an “it’s okay” attitude, knowing that time expands if you let it. There are some moments of clarity up ahead as you filter through what’s coming and what’s going.

You may find yourself face to face with patterns that you’ve repeated over and over again. They could show up as stories you’ve always told yourself about your health and your body, or relationship dramas that you feel like you can’t escape from. While you’re in this safe and recharging space, consider that a lot of moving forward is about simply allowing yourself to. Give yourself permission to be free from past guilt, shame and anger, allow yourself to be free from worn out negative thought patters and allow yourself to be compassionate to your journey.

When you’ve rested up it’s time to emerge back into the daylight. This month isn’t about hiding away, so definitely do come back out and play. As you slot yourself back into a more usual routine, enjoy putting into play all the lessons that your inner self has taught you

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Cancer – Death

Change is upon you again, of which there has been a lot of it this year, but don’t worry no one has been exempt – it’s a time of spinning cycles for everyone. Mastering the art of change really is quite the feat, but also an elegant journey that can really change your life for the better. You might feel like you are allergic to change right now or recoiling at the idea of having to navigate a new space. It’s funny because I can feel that many of you have just stepped into a brand new and bright, more opportunistic and happy place, but it still feels kind of terrifying right?

This is totally normal. Just because something is new, different, or unknown, doesn’t mean it’s bad or that things might mess up at any moment. It’s just a new perspective to master! You can utter a sigh of relief right now, okay?

So yes, moving on – just think about your own personal transformation and what is hidden within you dying to be revealed. Are you hankering for a major career adventure? A move across country? Across the world? What do you want? How do you want to feel? Ask yourself questions but don’t put pressure on yourself to know the answers, because that’s where the exploration comes in. It’s only when we get wildly obsessed with thinking we “need to know” what the outcome is that the whole adventure itself becomes a chaos. What if the seas are just supposed to feel a bit wild right now?

You don’t need to be afraid of your fears, remember? In fact those guys, what jokers, can’t you see them sitting in the same room with all their crazy and restricted ideas? Your plans are a whole lot more interesting, exciting and expansive than what they have to offer you, so how about you give peace a chance.

It feels really nice to look after yourself you know, to put your mind, body and spirit first, to not seek drama and stress but to just think about what might work for you. Let this month be all about rekindling self-compassion and turning up the volume on your intuition so that you can really resonate with what is working well for you. Oh yeah and enjoy the process too. Just open your arms up and rise up fresh and new for another go at life.

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Leo / Leo Rising – Page of Swords

A fresh start and a brand new perspective is on the horizon for you Leo. This month is all about rediscovering your own truths and then stepping fully into them, willing to give the new you a shot. I’d love for you to continue to let go of any restrictions you might have put on yourself – I know it can be a trait of yours, to hold yourself back and judge your own feelings and ideas. Instead, think of this part of yourself as something that can flow, evolve and change – just as you are here to do.

I’d like you to spend time this month in meditation or just being quiet within your own company and to practice breathing in a new sense of self. It’s an act of heightening your senses: getting more in tune with your body and it’s feelings, remembering that they can be your truest guides. Then take a good look at your mind, and what kind of conversation is going on there. And finally your heart. What does it want right now? What will make your spirit light up?

Paying attention to each and every part of yourself is what will help you rise up and claim your experience today. Which means not dwelling on or obsessing with the past, not hanging onto anger and resentment of others and not practicing any extreme worries about the future. How can you work more in the here and now? The present moment is the only place that is active – stop and check it out.

I feel you also have some personal situations to work with now, which might be something to do with your personal power. Is there someone in your life has too much say about what you’re doing, or is unsupportive of your actions and ideas? Allow them to have their say, but know that you still can act on what feels right for you. They’re probably speaking from their own fears so be compassionate, but then move onwards with your own empowerment in mind.

On the flipside of this, it’s a great time to get connected with those who get your brain and intelligence activated. Even if it’s just one person you can have an expansive conversation with, allow time for them because it will give you a great confidence boost, not to mention uplift your spirits.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Three of Pentacles

A perfect follow on to last month’s back to school feeling. Where you were prepping, planning and brewing, now it’s time to launch! I assume you have something in the works – exactly when do you not, right? It’s a fantastic few weeks for collaboration and working with those who you find the most interesting and inspiring. Make sure to keep some space for learning though – in fact never assume you know everything, because there’s always a new string you can add to your bow, if you are willing.

In fact, some of you may have been stepping back into education itself – how’s that going? Or are you now in the position of being the teacher when you once were the student? It’s all part of the same cycle – a wonderful rotation of knowledge. You are certainly in demand this month, and your brains, talents and physical person itself are required. How? I’ll leave that with you for a moment to resonate with. It might be that as a parent or a friend you are experiencing having to be the bearer of kindness on the regular. It may be that you are blasting out a brand new passion project and waiting for people to line up to receive it. You may also be considering how you can teach and share more than you have ever done before.

Overall, I feel you are nicely aligned to work in new and wonderful ways and to definitely step quite far out of your comfort zone and your usual controlled habits. Yes, free yourself from the old restrictions that don’t seem to be working anymore because there is a new and better routine available to you.

Have you got some new notebooks to hand? I feel like your brain may be literally bulging and the best way is to open up a blank page, let it all fall out and treat it with a judgment free eye – no dissecting just appreciating the things that your subconscious feeds you. Then don’t worry about having to take action on everything right this second!

Let your passions breathe so that in turn they get a chance to evolve into exactly what is right. Finally, this has such potential to be such a great time for you so fully dive into showing up for your experience, let life be your guide and have fun exploring.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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