Cast by Louise Androlia using the Gypsy Palace Tarot Deck.

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Two of Cups

Happy Birthday! While you’re celebrating the start of your solar year (hooray) this is a great month for you to do some spring-cleaning of the heart – it’s going to be good for you. I want you to mop up any recent waterworks and really take a good look at who you’re currently spending the most time with. I feel like a few relationships, romantic and otherwise, could have left you feeling frazzled? No-one wants a burned out heart, especially not when right now you have all sorts of more powerful intentions to be spending your life energy on.

So, back to the people in your life right now. Who are the most frequent visitors to your chat list, inbox and roaming mind? And are the conversations lifting you up or pulling you down? I always believe it’s important to keep a regular check on the balance of relationships – not because we need to ‘rid’ ourselves of people, but more to do with the idea that if others are in our lives to help us grow, we want to make sure we are surrounded with the elements we need for that growth to cultivate.

Let’s work with the elements. Earth for the material world, work and practicality – Water for intuition and emotions – Air for ideas, personal power and thought patterns – Fire for passion, drive and igniting your spirit. Inner balance is about a combination of these elements, and often we find them in the people around us as well as within us. What element do you feel you need a top up of right now? And who might bring in that for you?

Equally, look to yourself and how you might seek the soul mate in your own soul. It does help to be your own best friend, so if you’ve been judgmental of yourself recently then it’s time to make self-kindness a non-negotiable. Is it that easy? It can be if you decide to be stubborn about remembering that your mind, body and spirit are the most valuable and magnificent tools you have. So how can you work with them more considerately?

Meanwhile this is a great month for new friends, new collaborations and new relationships – hence the need for a little clear out. Once you’ve realized what you no longer need and what might be on your wish list then you have a clearer space to notice those new folk when they come a knocking. Enjoy the process.

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Scorpio / Scorpio Rising – The Moon

I see you doing some final undercover exploration this month, but you are further out of the darkness than you think. Whatever you are currently struggling with, remember there is an answer already within you. It may be a long lost knowing, a letter direct from the past or a connection to your highest self that you haven’t become aware of yet, but it’s there.

You are nearing the end of a cycle and it feels like you are almost at the point of giving birth to the new self, because of course the highest symbol for the Scorpio is the Phoenix. In order to make the most of your given sign, you are advised to be unafraid of change and tto try to surrender to patience, recognizing that timing is diving and that things won’t always happen on your clock.

So, as you begin this new month the clear road ahead is beckoning and the Sun is ready to rise again. You are poised for a shift in your own spiritual awareness. For some of you it may be the first experience of really knowing and sensing what’s right for you, while others of you may be preparing for some truly magnificent new connection to the divine. Does that sound a bit dramatic? I don’t think so because I know you know what I mean! Your own interpretation and understanding of this will be exactly right.

Either way, that third eye is tingling and you might be getting ringing in your ears as you start the final shedding of your skin before your birthday month. While you navigate the busy to-do list that’s in front of you, keep the protection visualization that I taught you last month in mind. It will continue to be helpful as you perhaps feel more energetically sensitive than usual.

It’s also a key time for creativity – working with color in whatever way draws you in could be particularly healing over the next few weeks. This might mean painting a wall to gaze at, collaging to your hearts content or even just expanding out of your strict all black clothing policy. Fruits are ripening to be picked, and it seems you may also be nearing the end of a process of manifestation with the mist slowly clearing in order for you to receive some serious clarity before the month is out! A final word – be gentle with yourself and compassionate and kind to all the cobwebs in those darkened corners.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Six of Cups

A month of reflection is in order for you, as you continue to be propelled forward by the changes that have been taking place within and around you recently. I feel that you’ve probably come to a crossroads of sorts in how you are going to tackle the next phase of your life. If that sounds heavy, remember it’s a natural part of life when we look at our journey being made up of cycles. It’s important to regularly check in and see what needs to check out!

You can do this over the coming weeks by taking a small escapade into the past, but don’t pack your bags as you aren’t staying there. As you cast your eyes over days gone by, focus on the aspects of yourself that were or were not present, and remember the feelings that accompanied the experiences themselves. If you’re standing here feeling like a part of you is missing, can you remember a time when you felt slightly different? Consider what thought processes hadn’t you formed yet, or what anxieties weren’t present.

Look at your former selves as friends and companions helping to guide you ahead, as opposed to aspects of yourself that you perceive to have lost. It’s all the same journey. You may also experience a number of nostalgic appearances in the present day, a person from the past that you need to make amends with and an odd number of synchronistic moments. But – most of all – old friends or even acquaintances can really help you right now.

Whoever you feel drawn to will probably have some advice that you need, or perhaps someone in your circle has a unique way of looking at things. If so, ask them to reinterpret your thoughts and hand them back to you – it’s a great way of receiving that ‘ah ha’ moment more quickly than you can alone. Even if you don’t feel super connected to your intuition right now, always be aware of what you think your highest self might need – in other words, don’t reel in old worn out relationships just for some drama.

It’s also a great month to pick up old projects you left due to bad timing – make sure they still hold the original passion though, as if not, you have plenty more ideas waiting to spark up. Finally, enjoy anything that can calm you in an instant – a favorite song on repeat, comforting words, good food and tight squeezes.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Ace of Cups

I’m so happy to see such a light and bright card for you this month, and feel it really pulls on the new beginning that seems to have been only a hint in the distance for so long. This is a fresh start, especially from within. It feels like a shedding of skin for you, as if you are now able to release yourself from some of the pressure that you tend to put yourself under.

This is a month to explore a completely new aspect of yourself and you can discover what that might be by getting out of your comfort zone. To start with though, you need to make sure you have some clear space for yourself. I know you can tend to block up all avenues with to do lists and huge plans, so here’s a tip: Always leave a little breathing room, because then all your ideas can grow and be even more great that you’d even imagined.

So yes, this sense of space…I feel that there is a nice clear field allowing you to put more energy into your social life and relationships, and that includes the one you have with yourself. This is Water energy, which is all about feeling feelings and listening to your inner dialogue – without judgment. That’s when the breakthroughs will come (and yes, maybe the waterworks, but that can be entirely wonderful thing.)

Externally, the month is about surrounding yourself with the people you adore and welcoming in those whom you feel a positive gravitational pull towards. You’ve outgrown the part of you that magnetizes towards stress and it’s far better to have a few key soul mates than try and please anyone and everyone. It’s also a perfect time to allow yourself to lean on others for support – again, gently releasing that feeling of having to do it all alone.

Reframe what being vulnerable means to you. It doesn’t mean you are being weak, and it doesn’t even mean that you can’t do something. You don’t need to follow others advice word for word, but if you open up this space then some unexpected pearls of wisdom may appear.

Back to those feelings – use them for anything and everything, let your body tell you where to go and how to move forward. When you need to make a decision shout it out loud and see how your body responds – it’s kind of amazing.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The World

The next few weeks represent a significant shift into a new cycle for you and probably one that you are deeply aware of, or have a desire to bring in. It feels to me that somewhere within you there is a sense of boredom that needs to be addressed. I believe boredom, frustration and even general anger is a misplacement of the Fire energy – it’s a call from your higher self to expand in someway. How are you not giving yourself the best chance right now? In what ways are you standing in your own way? What is it about your environment that needs to change? It’s time to round a few things up.

You can take care of this by being your the master of your own life and not settling for what just doesn’t feel right anymore, especially if there seems to be an unnecessary struggle involved. You can find it easy to sink down deep into your own pit of despair sometimes, but it feels like right now even you aren’t so interested in spinning the same old story over and over again. Great news because it means you’re at the top of the mountain and able to receive clarity and take a few leaps of faith.

You know that I always like to work with feelings and when you are tipped ready for a new phase in your life it helps to be guided by and trust in what feels, quite simply, good inside. That can often be arrived at by just being present with what right now feels all sorts of wrong – I trust you have something, whether it’s a job, a thought process or a relationship to work with. Know that it’s okay to move forward. The leap of faith is sometimes just about saying “yes” to adventuring forth into a new chapter your story.

It might seem that you totally resonate with everything I’m saying but that you also feel very much stuck in a spider’s web, bound up and not sure how to make the first moves. It’s a good time to ask for help and guidance, from people you find interesting and those who make a living out of helping people make fresh starts, or even just thinking what the future you might like to see you take a chance on. As for some for simple day-to-day advice: Just show up and be present.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Queen of Swords

Are you feeling a little bit sassy right now? It feels to me like you’re stepping more into your own skin than you have this whole year put together – as if finally the dust is settling. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling amazing of course, but it does means that you’re present, and with that comes the air of being able to take a shot at anything. Welcome to a polished up version of your own experience.

Your past and recent past are a great source of power to you this month, and contrary to your ability to easily feel overwhelmed by what’s going on around you, there’s a great sense of you being able to take it in your stride. You get it: That relationship that recently ended, well of course it wasn’t right for you. The job you left, yep, same it was just a stepping stone to the ideas you have right now. Everything is woven together, always, it’s just whether you can view it that way or not.

Now you’re in a place to really own your story and be grateful for how it’s brought you to this moment. Clarity is a rather nice thing to experience, and I feel that this month will bring many moments of it. They could be those subtle ‘ah ha’ moments or total blasts from out the blue, where you feel like you’ve received information that has been waiting years to arrive. Enjoy these connective moments as you get to experience what personal empowerment feels like.

I also feel like you may have a lot more of the Fire element coming in, and it’s good for you because it’s going to balance out your Water rather nicely. Just make sure to direct the flames into something productive rather than any random blasts of jealousy, frustration or frantic panics about the past. Think of the scratchy feeling in your chest as a place to strike a match and get creative with how you can light yourself up.

Movement is good for you right now: Bikram Yoga might be a really interesting way for you to get grounded if you haven’t already tried it, and in terms of bright ideas, walking will help you get in tune with your intuition. So just grab your keys, head out the door and pound the pavements until you feel something shift. And there it is!

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Aries / Aries Rising – The Eight of Cups

A little more of an emotional month than recent times for you bold leader, but I feel it will make sense after all the epiphanies and changes of late. You see of course, the time has come where you’re ready to let go and be carried into a new phase. So are you ready to move on?

You may be feeling a little reluctant to close the curtains on some situations around right now, especially those involving other people. You like to reserve hope that everything will always work out, and so can be reluctant to do anything you deem as “giving up.” So how about just shifting the perspective here and honoring a bit of divine timing. If something isn’t really working right now, especially in the career stakes, then perhaps it’s just not aligned right? You aren’t giving up, merely surrendering to create a space for things to work out exactly as they are supposed to.

You see this month is all about movement and letting go is what creates that. And by the way, all these emotions I’m talking about don’t have to be tinged with sadness – you may well just be feeling all those feelings, up and down and round about the entire spectrum of being a human. Where there is elation that things have shifted but still a bit uncertain, just know it’s okay to keep walking. The ground will stabilize eventually.

I’d like to also remind you that you are never alone, even though you like to be able to look after yourself and be 100% independent All. Of. The. Time. Right now is a good time to practice your tools of vulnerability, because your fellow peers and work colleagues might have some sage advice ready to give you. Try surrendering to letting someone catch you or even snuggle in that little bit closer (cats and dogs do make good pillows btw). This doesn’t mean that you’re no longer in a safe place – it feels good to share and blast the dust off too.

I’d also like you to give laughter and fun a serious shot this month. It’s amazing how a well meaning giggle at the Universe often works wonders to lift you out of what seems like sinking sand. Sometimes as you roll your eyes and go “really?” you get the option to really see the bigger picture. In that moment, as you look up, you suddenly open a few doorways to new possibilities. Go wild!

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Eight of Swords

An almost comedic confusion is present for you right now as you declare to yourself that you are so stuck whilst not noticing that the wall in front of you is made of soft clouds that you can walk right thought. It’s called the art of getting out of your own way – and charming yourself away from your stubborn lower self.

I’ve tapped on this feeling a few times for you in the past year, encouraging you to really shed your skin and slack off the old fears and self-sabotaging entrapments. It’s funny how they appear right after a bout of success and celebration, right? Well it’s just because hopes and fears are the same thing, a lot like failure and success – they’re all parts of that door marked THE UNKNOWN. You’re tempted to stand there and not knock, because omg what if? But how about don’t even bother with that nagging fearful voice and you just go straight to your higher self and let it remind you why you are even at this point in the first place?

Yeah – we know why, because you’re seeking something new and exciting and adventurous. You want to feel creative, social and abundant. You want to have fun, you want to feel well, you want to explore. See how light and bright these things all feel? Let them be your guiding light out of the jungle within and around you.

There also might be a bit of waiting about this month, which isn’t a bad thing – because you still need some rest to calm your recently frazzled nerves. I always like to think of this as a calm before the storm, some reshuffling (yes into that shiny, sparkling new skin) before next month when I’m pretty sure there may be an acceleration of action. It feels like the light is bright and exciting ahead, even if right now it just seems to be coming through a crack in the wall.

You are ready for it, so just do all the clean up before launch time and know that even the wait is still a form of movement. Meanwhile as a final thought, avoid at all costs comparing yourself to others right now. Seriously, it’s so below where you need to be at! Sometimes you just have to trust in your own adventure. Stay on your own path, it’s a good one.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Hermit

A lovely card for you after a load of recent stress and change. This is your battery pack month! Plug in and recharge, yes please take a seat, in fact lie down if you have to. It’s time to release the pressure on yourself to “be fine,” and just be okay with whatever it is that you’re feeling right now. Challenges smooth themselves out a lot more quickly when they’re allowed to be free from you standing there judging them.

Allow October to be an exploration of your senses, rediscovering what it feels like to be you and reminding yourself of what makes you smile and feel alive. I’m always reminding you what a benefit it is for you to take up a meditation practice, just to get better at valuing your time, so really take some time to space and listen over the coming weeks, rather than fill up your days with chores and too many activities. The inner self needs a place to stretch, and often that means just plonking down on a cushion and taking one deep breath.

Meanwhile, when you are in this exploration of space, you can think about the changes that are still surrounding you in the present day and how you might like to move through them in a more peaceful way. Give up the paralysis of the analysis and adopt an “it’s okay” attitude, knowing that time expands if you let it. There are some moments of clarity up ahead as you filter through what’s coming and what’s going.

You may find yourself face to face with patterns that you’ve repeated over and over again. They could show up as stories you’ve always told yourself about your health and your body, or relationship dramas that you feel like you can’t escape from. While you’re in this safe and recharging space, consider that a lot of moving forward is about simply allowing yourself to. Give yourself permission to be free from past guilt, shame and anger, allow yourself to be free from worn out negative thought patters and allow yourself to be compassionate to your journey.

When you’ve rested up it’s time to emerge back into the daylight. This month isn’t about hiding away, so definitely do come back out and play. As you slot yourself back into a more usual routine, enjoy putting into play all the lessons that your inner self has taught you

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Cancer – Death

Change is upon you again, of which there has been a lot of it this year, but don’t worry no one has been exempt – it’s a time of spinning cycles for everyone. Mastering the art of change really is quite the feat, but also an elegant journey that can really change your life for the better. You might feel like you are allergic to change right now or recoiling at the idea of having to navigate a new space. It’s funny because I can feel that many of you have just stepped into a brand new and bright, more opportunistic and happy place, but it still feels kind of terrifying right?

This is totally normal. Just because something is new, different, or unknown, doesn’t mean it’s bad or that things might mess up at any moment. It’s just a new perspective to master! You can utter a sigh of relief right now, okay?

So yes, moving on – just think about your own personal transformation and what is hidden within you dying to be revealed. Are you hankering for a major career adventure? A move across country? Across the world? What do you want? How do you want to feel? Ask yourself questions but don’t put pressure on yourself to know the answers, because that’s where the exploration comes in. It’s only when we get wildly obsessed with thinking we “need to know” what the outcome is that the whole adventure itself becomes a chaos. What if the seas are just supposed to feel a bit wild right now?

You don’t need to be afraid of your fears, remember? In fact those guys, what jokers, can’t you see them sitting in the same room with all their crazy and restricted ideas? Your plans are a whole lot more interesting, exciting and expansive than what they have to offer you, so how about you give peace a chance.

It feels really nice to look after yourself you know, to put your mind, body and spirit first, to not seek drama and stress but to just think about what might work for you. Let this month be all about rekindling self-compassion and turning up the volume on your intuition so that you can really resonate with what is working well for you. Oh yeah and enjoy the process too. Just open your arms up and rise up fresh and new for another go at life.

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Leo / Leo Rising – Page of Swords

A fresh start and a brand new perspective is on the horizon for you Leo. This month is all about rediscovering your own truths and then stepping fully into them, willing to give the new you a shot. I’d love for you to continue to let go of any restrictions you might have put on yourself – I know it can be a trait of yours, to hold yourself back and judge your own feelings and ideas. Instead, think of this part of yourself as something that can flow, evolve and change – just as you are here to do.

I’d like you to spend time this month in meditation or just being quiet within your own company and to practice breathing in a new sense of self. It’s an act of heightening your senses: getting more in tune with your body and it’s feelings, remembering that they can be your truest guides. Then take a good look at your mind, and what kind of conversation is going on there. And finally your heart. What does it want right now? What will make your spirit light up?

Paying attention to each and every part of yourself is what will help you rise up and claim your experience today. Which means not dwelling on or obsessing with the past, not hanging onto anger and resentment of others and not practicing any extreme worries about the future. How can you work more in the here and now? The present moment is the only place that is active – stop and check it out.

I feel you also have some personal situations to work with now, which might be something to do with your personal power. Is there someone in your life has too much say about what you’re doing, or is unsupportive of your actions and ideas? Allow them to have their say, but know that you still can act on what feels right for you. They’re probably speaking from their own fears so be compassionate, but then move onwards with your own empowerment in mind.

On the flipside of this, it’s a great time to get connected with those who get your brain and intelligence activated. Even if it’s just one person you can have an expansive conversation with, allow time for them because it will give you a great confidence boost, not to mention uplift your spirits.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Three of Pentacles

A perfect follow on to last month’s back to school feeling. Where you were prepping, planning and brewing, now it’s time to launch! I assume you have something in the works – exactly when do you not, right? It’s a fantastic few weeks for collaboration and working with those who you find the most interesting and inspiring. Make sure to keep some space for learning though – in fact never assume you know everything, because there’s always a new string you can add to your bow, if you are willing.

In fact, some of you may have been stepping back into education itself – how’s that going? Or are you now in the position of being the teacher when you once were the student? It’s all part of the same cycle – a wonderful rotation of knowledge. You are certainly in demand this month, and your brains, talents and physical person itself are required. How? I’ll leave that with you for a moment to resonate with. It might be that as a parent or a friend you are experiencing having to be the bearer of kindness on the regular. It may be that you are blasting out a brand new passion project and waiting for people to line up to receive it. You may also be considering how you can teach and share more than you have ever done before.

Overall, I feel you are nicely aligned to work in new and wonderful ways and to definitely step quite far out of your comfort zone and your usual controlled habits. Yes, free yourself from the old restrictions that don’t seem to be working anymore because there is a new and better routine available to you.

Have you got some new notebooks to hand? I feel like your brain may be literally bulging and the best way is to open up a blank page, let it all fall out and treat it with a judgment free eye – no dissecting just appreciating the things that your subconscious feeds you. Then don’t worry about having to take action on everything right this second!

Let your passions breathe so that in turn they get a chance to evolve into exactly what is right. Finally, this has such potential to be such a great time for you so fully dive into showing up for your experience, let life be your guide and have fun exploring.

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