Want to understand your deepest emotional needs on a totally cosmic level? You need to know your Moon sign, says Ruby Warrington

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“The Moon sign is a gateway to the ‘subtle realms’ of being”

2014 was the year I learned to love my Moon sign. With a headstrong Aries Sun and outgoing Sagittarius rising, there’s been a tendency in my life for my sensitive, comfort-loving Cancer Moon to get torched by all that fire and bravado. NOT COOL. Your Moon sign holds the key to your deepest emotional needs – so ignore what it’s telling you at your peril.

The Sun, Rising and Moon signs are usually the first place any astrologer goes when they’re interpreting a birth chart – and I like to think of them as representing the mind / ego (the Sun), the body (Rising) and the soul (Moon). Viewed this way, the Moon sign is a gateway to the “subtle realms” of being, and is also linked to the subconscious and our instinctual patterns and habits. It’s where things get DEEP, man.

As a being invested in the concept of personal development for TOTAL SELF ACTUALIZATION (as in, getting to a place where you are fully primed to bring your unique gifts to the Universe), you can see how Moon signs have become my latest astro obsession. Know your Moon, know your potential on a truly souful/cosmic level.

To find out your Moon sign, you first need to do your birth chart – which you can get for free by entering your date, time and place of birth at Astro.com. And don’t worry if you don’t know your precise time of birth, your Moon sign can be calculated with just the date and place. Ready already? Here’s a brief overview of how your Moon sign could show up for you.

Moon tarot card to illustrate post on Moon Sign astrology. Read more at Thenuminous.net!
“Know your Moon, know your potential on a truly souful/cosmic level”

You want it all and you want it now. Instant gratification rules, and there’s a sense of always needing to keep moving forwards. When emotional stuff comes up for you, it rises quickly to the surface to be torched. In fact, you’re so ready to face uncomfortable situations head on, to some people it might look like you actually enjoy conflict. Rather, it just doesn’t phase you – and seeing as you experience your emotions in the moment, kind of like a two-year-old, these flare-ups are just a way of processing emotional energy out of your body. Your gift is to not hold onto a grudge. Your friends and family get what they see. Satisfy this Moon sign by constantly seeking out new experiences. But beware – not every new thing you “want” (new Marc Jacobs bag, new toy-boy) is also a soul-serving “need.”

It’s all about the creature comforts. Lunar Taureans need to feel connected to their “stuff” to feel secure, and will be driven to create a solid “home base” in every area of life. Relationships, career, money – you’re in it for the long-haul. This steadfast energy can come across as being a bit “stuck in your ways,” and for sure, change is something this Moon sign will avoid like visit to the dentist for a root canal. Emotional outbursts are a rarity – when things stir you up you prefer to take a practical approach. Oh, and you’re probably familiar with the whole “emotional overeating” thing, as you find comfort in being grounded in the world through your physical senses. Evolve this Moon sign by working on creating a solid core within. Who knows – then it might feel okay to let go sometimes.

Information overload? Yes please. The Gemini Moon needs constant stimulation to keep up with its restless, analytical nature. When emotional situations come up, talking therapy was made for you. Your mind refuses to butt out, and your instinct is to talk it out, and out, and out. As soon as a situation is broke, you’ll want to fix it – in some cases before it’s broke, too. Making constant tweaks to your life (and living situation) is a way of feeling into your soul needs – but this scattered approach can sometimes see you taking two steps forward, one giant leap back in your emotional evolution. Super sociable, you find comfort in crowds and love anything that connects you emotionally to other people. To soothe this Moon sign, amp up your meditation practise and commit sometimes to simply: “Let it be.”

Nurturing or mothering, of the self and others, is a natural impulse for the Cancer Moon, as both the planet and the sign represent “mother” energy in the birth chart. Situations involving any kind of upset (an argument with your mother, the wrong take-out order showing up) can leave a deep imprint on your emotional body – meaning you really need to embrace “feeling feelings” as bottling things up is particularly dangerous for you. Also supremely sensitive to the moods and emotions of others, you seek security, familiarity and comfort (to the point of OCD) to cushion yourself from these energetic knocks and bumps. Life without emotional boundaries can be scary – hence the urge seek safety at all costs. Having women in your life that you feel deeply bonded with is a non-negotiable. Ditto a regular self-care regimen on both a physical and and spiritual level.

Moon tarot card to illustrate post on moon sign astrology. Read more at Thenuminous.net
“Your Moon sign holds the key to your deepest emotional needs”

Opposed to Sun in Leos, where a life out of the spotlight is a life half lived, Lunar Leos prefer to take center stage behind closed doors. An audience of close family and friends is going to be wayyy more forgiving after all – and likely to shower you with the adoration you crave. It’s not like you won’t love bomb ‘em right back. Playing fair and cleaning up your side of the street is a matter of pride. And as much as you like to be demonstrative with your affections, you can be prone to emotional outbursts if you feel your generous heart has been taken advantage of. When you’re not playing the superstar, you also get an emotional charge from stepping into a more directorial role. Mentoring others is nourishment for your magnanimous soul (you’ll even forgive the ones who try to tell you you’re just being bossy). Practice radical self-love with this Moon, and watch your heart swell and your soul sing in return.

Can you be of service, please? Virgo Moons have a deep-seated need to be useful, coupled with an ability to find security in the small practicalities of daily life. Even better, show you sufficient appreciation (we love you, we do!) and the emotional satisfaction you find in getting everything neatly lined-up extends to helping us sort out the lives of the ones you love, too. It’s actually how you express your tender feelings for others. And if you can be reserved when it comes to showing your own emotions, your calculated approach to problem solving means you get a kick analyzing what you see swimming in other people’s sentimental soup. When you’re feeling insecure, there’s a tendency for nit-picking and perfectionism – even if it’s mainly aimed at yourself. The trick is to pick a routine where you get to excel, and stick to it. Keeping things simple and living a spartan life, and the sense of efficiency this brings, is a balm for your soul.

It’s all about your plus ones. Libra Moon needs partnerships to feel complete – in love, life and work, the world opens up and becomes an altogether friendlier, safer place with your wingman (or woman) by your side. Which means you’re often the one doing a lot of the compromising in relationships. Your deepest soul yearning insists that maintaining the cosy status quo is way more important than any psychological point scoring. In fact, a harmonious home life is essential to your emotional wellbeing – bet you’ve got a GREAT relationship with your parents, right? (On the surface at least). Weirdly, the flipside of this can be perfectionist tendencies when it comes to your closest relationships. Life must be a “beautiful” experience, and you expect the same high ideals from other people. Anything less than a total commitment to doing the “right thing” can feel painfully unjust. Accepting that life just isn’t fair sometimes is your emotional chill pill.

Total emotional intensity or bust. Scorpio Moons have zero time for frivolity and need to experience a sense of complete soul bonding in their relationships to feel secure. Evidently very psychic to those who know you well, your intuition is rooted in an innate understanding of human nature – what makes us tick, our motivation and desires. And pushing these buttons in the name of forcing emotional honesty can be a favorite pastime. Ouch – there’s that famous “sting.” Emotional upheavals are welcomed, as they often lead to or accompany periods of intense transformation –Viagra for the soul of a Scorpio Moon. There can also be a tendency to want to control the emotions of others – for their own good, of course – using a killer combo of seduction and manipulative tactics. This power play can be awesome to watch too, which is what makes Scorpio Moons so damn seductive. Make using your considerable powers for good the goal.

Moon tarot card to illustrate post on moon sign astrology. Read more at Thenuminous.net
“Your Moon sign is where things get DEEP, man…”

Sagittarius Moon will feel threatened wherever there is a lack – even a perceived lack – of personal freedom. Security comes in knowing where the Cosmic escape route is, and so long as the exit is clearly marked this easy-going Moon sign is set to happy-go-lucky by default. It’s all about having the wiggle room to go wherever the mood takes you. “Home” is almost an abstract concept – the consummate rolling stone, you actually feel most comfortable camped out on the side of a mountain or under the desert sky. In fact, Burning Man? MADE for your Moon. As for commitment issues? It might look like that to some people. When the emotional going gets tough, lets just say you’re not the most likely to stick around to “work through stuff.” Your MO when dealing with any dramas is to just look on the bright side. Yes, optimism can be a strong suit, but not when it comes with a set of blinkers attached. Evolution lies in overcoming your fear of the dark.

Everything is under control. No matter how flamboyant the external self, behind the scenes the Capricorn Moon has got your emotional life on lock down. Self-discipline in the face of unruly feelings is a way to stay safe, and putting your own emotional needs second to those of others is a natural instinct. But opposed to simply bottling things up, this speaks more to a need to earn respect from the people you love and an ability to compartmentalize emotions to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently on your own time. Due diligence in every area of life is essential for Capricorn Moon. Putting strategies in place and working with tradition creates a sense of security, especially in situations where there’s a perceived risk of appearing vulnerable or lacking in control. The need to create a secure base will likely be reflected in the way you handle your finances – retail therapy for you looks more like investing in a piece of prime real estate or a private pension.

My emotions feel very different from your emotions. Aquarius Moon is overtly aware that each individual experiences the world according to their own unique perspective. There is comfort to be found in expressing your own uniqueness, like; “this is how I feel.” There’s an instinct to stand out, even to shock others in the name of shaking up the status quo. Sentimental situations that threaten to keep you stuck in the past are shunned in favor of grand emotional designs on future events. A deeply rooted humanitarian urge stems from this broadminded, liberal worldview, which also sees you determined to “rise above” petty emotional situations that cloud your vision of the bigger picture. Floating above all that earthy, human stuff is a way too feel safe too – even if it means you can appear to be quite detached from the realities of everyday life. Actually your friendships here on Earth are your soul support system. Nurture them.

Your inner knowing is all you need. An unwavering faith in your own intuition is what Pisces Moon calls home. If it feels right, it’s right. If it feels wrong, you just won’t go there. What could be safer than that? Your ability to feel feelings extends to the emotions of others too, and coupled with your natural instinct to heal every wounded soul you encounter it can be easy for you to get lost in who needs what. As a result, learning to clear and protect your own energy is essential for this Moon. Time alone with your own thoughts and visions (a.k.a. daydreaming) is also a self-care must. It’s how you restock your vast emotional reserves. Ditto your spiritual practice. Regularly communing with the divine creates a sense of security about your place in the grand scheme of the Cosmos, and confirms what you already know – that we are all connected. In fact, it’s completely instinctual for you to swim in and out of other people’s experience of the world, and then report back through your own artistic endeavors.

Ruby Warrington

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