Cast by Louise Androlia using the Golden Universal Rider Waite Deck.

Scorpio / Scorpio – The Fool

As a fellow Scorpio soul, I felt a little spark of excitement when I turned this card over, especially as I’m personally doing my absolute best to embody ‘leap of faith’ energy right now. So here we are, at the start of the new cycle that I felt riding in last month. I always think of this card as if we are about to drop into human form, with full knowledge of everything ahead of us, and yet the second we slam into the body – zap – the knowledge gets hidden from view.

It is our job over the course of our days to remember what we came here for. And with this in mind I believe we must take life on as an adventure, to be explored and cherished, because to me that seems like I want to get involved in. I can show up for my adventure, can you? You’re at the start of your new solar year, which is basically your own personal New Year’s Eve (cue *fireworks*) and so I ask you to ponder now where you are being asked to take a leap into the unknown. Perhaps like me you are relocating, pulled by an itchy feeling from the soul that says ‘hey you, why not go and see some new stuff, meet some new people, go go go!’ Or you might be climbing out of a relationship and feeling fragile right now, and that’s okay you’re supposed to – let those wobbly legs carry you onwards.

Are you one of the many I see around me right now who is smack bang in the middle of emerging out into a ‘new you’, and feeling a little unsure of how to stand in your own truth and light? Creeping out ever so slowly? Know that you will never regret moving in the direction of your passions and dreams. That quest for something more, it’s real. And for those of you who are praying for change? Take whatever action that you can in the present moment and then surrender up the rest, this may just be the calm before the storm.

And since it’s your birthday month I’d like to remind you to have fun over the next few weeks. You are the only one who knows what can make you smile until your cheeks hurt. Make space for this because times of change can be a little brutal on the old bones, and the light seeps in when joy gets given a shot. Be grateful to yourself for standing here right now, you did it! Look how much has happened in the past year. The ups and the downs, they somehow wove themselves together to form a path didn’t they? Now take that knowledge and trust that the unknown is not to be feared, but embraced. Look at the month ahead with a sense of potential and enchantment. What do you now see?

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – The Emperor

Last month I mentioned a little bit of a crossroads, and as we move into a new month I feel you’ll be much more equipped to take action and get things in the order that you want to proceed. I feel quite confident that within you there is a really strong burst of self confidence brewing – whether or not you are aware of it is a different matter entirely! But I see you poised ready to burst onto your scene with a fresh outlook, a new idea and a hell of a lot of intention.

The next few weeks serve as a space for you to really work out where you want to place your will, as well as take the necessary steps to begin the process. Now, it doesn’t mean that all of you will find yourselves neck deep in a massive career project (though some of you definitely will) because if the area you want to focus on is taking some well earned rest, then that’s the way things will go! Your action might be getting up from your laptop and making a cup of tea. It’s all alright in my book.

For those of you who are still feeling a little on the chaotic side, you are reminded that the Earth element is your best friend right now. One step at a time, rather than embracing an overwhelming panic and you’ll get there. You may also be aware of prominent and maybe slightly aggravating external energy in your life at the moment. I want to remind you that you are the captain of your ship and whilst we can sometimes feel that others are making us feel a certain way, we still get to decide how we take on that information. If you are feeling intimidated, make the choice to stand upright in your own two shoes and place your energy in a more useful direction – and by that I mean taking an equal stance in a relationship, or just getting on with your work.

There’s no place this month for Fire breathing (unless you are super into Kundalini yoga of course) because your energy has to be directed in ways to benefit you, not punish others. I feel like I want you to imagine you are wearing a golden cloak for the whole month, to remind you to bathe in your highest energy and ignite that confidence spark I mentioned. It’s there; don’t doubt yourself this month, not for one moment.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Magician

Was the message not strong enough last month? Maybe I was being a bit airy-fairy with the ‘follow your intuition’ talk. But I’m not going back on that, because, yep – you still need to feel those feelings, trust them and keep on listening. However, I feel like you’ll appreciate the high impact energy of this month even more. How about you wake up and say hello to your life force? Yeah your whole reason for being, the shot of super powers you got injected with the second you arrived on the planet. It’s time to reintroduce yourself to this concept, because this is what will help you take action this month.

So, what do you really want? Hard question right? It gets a little easier when you take out the ‘what you think you should do’ and the bit where you try and please others. Oh, and the bit where you put too much pressure on yourself. Beyond all this, what message is your soul trying to shout at you? Because your journey isn’t about anyone else but you. This is your adventure and it’s time to lay down the law and grab it with both hands.

The month is frothing with creativity. It’s the perfect time to brainstorm ideas, get crafting, learn new skills, road trip, rest, you can have it all. And most of all, remember that YOU ALREADY HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES YOU NEED! How many times do you try and ‘fix’ yourself? You are not broken! I know, a total revelation. You have all the knowledge, and now it’s time to extract it. I don’t mean in a surgical way, Halloween is over, how about something more meditative?

That all-seeing-eye of yours is awake and ready to go. You are often quick to try and explain a synchronicity away or talk yourself out of your inner knowing. So over the next few months, instead of trying to make ‘sense’ of why you have a pull this way or that, just trust that it’s there for a purpose and a reason. Don’t second guess yourself, and just see where it takes you. I feel like you have this great energy at your disposal and I just want to make sure you direct it in a way that is towards something you feel super excited about. Life is yours for the taking. Be your own magician.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Two of Swords

Change has been hugely prominent for you recently, whether it’s been very obvious or just a quivering under the surface. Something had to change and it has. And as you continue walking into the wild unknown this month, I imagine you are going to stumble upon a crossroads. Yep, it’s decision-making time ahead. It’s one of the things that humans fear the most, the sense of ‘what if I make the wrong choice?’ Yeah, that old ‘what if’ such a hanger on-er.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a wrong choice, because everything is going to get you somewhere. However, often there is a more peaceful route than the one where you get a little sidetracked and feel a bit more challenged. So how about making your decisions from a soulful place, honoring your intuition and simply what feels right. Avoid making choices that are designed to impress others, or based on a ‘should’ format. Those kinds of thoughts take you too far out of a perfectly embodied state. Trust that you know what is going to be good for you, even if it does involve walking away from a familiar drama or two.

It’s also a perfect month for embracing all that is expansive. When we get locked into controlling habits and try to obsessively predict the space in front of us, we blindfold ourselves from our intuition in one fell swoop. Be open to the possibility that there may just be some more options than the black and white you see in front of you. As soon as you allow yourself that then opportunities have a chance to appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Now, the good thing is that while decisions are afoot this isn’t a frantic space or a sudden death, even if it seems as such. You are allowed to give yourself time to consider where to place your feet, and your will. This is also a reminder to you that you aren’t supposed to know what’s ‘going to happen’ or to ‘have it all figured out’ yet. With this release of pressure you can allow yourself to enjoy the experiences that the present moment brings in, continue to respect the changing tides and maintain faith in your ability to ride the waves ahead. The straightforward facts are that you are headed onwards and upward, just trust the process and be kind to yourself.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The King of Wands

A surge of energy so late in the year? Sure! Why not take what we can get, because this month you have a bright old dose of inspiration headed your way. First up I feel you have a chance to activate some major brainwaves that you sidelined in the more stressful times of the past year. Is there an idea that you didn’t quite give a proper shot? It may be something career related but I feel it’s more likely something that could quite simply be a bit of fun for you. No hidden agenda, straight up personal pleasure. So it’s time to get passionate about something. You will know what I mean; this is the fire energy after all…

Everything about this month holds potential action and your job is only to place that heightened energy somewhere. You see, when we misplace fire energy it gets trapped and manifests as frustration, anger or boredom. It’s important therefore over the coming weeks to really tune up and tune in to how your body and mind are feeling. The second you notice any niggles within, know that it’s a call from your soul to expand. It might be as simple as stepping up your exercise practice or finally signing up to that art class you always said you would. This month I want you to think big, and bigger, way beyond your usual hopes and dreams, right up to a place where fear of failure and judgment don’t exist.

This spot is where you get to design the months ahead, because this is also a prime few weeks for manifesting. It’s not always easy to know what we want though, and so don’t panic if you don’t feel like you have it ‘figured’ out yet. That isn’t the point. Instead you are reminded to get excited about the experience you are having right now, and to be grateful for the journey itself.

Finally, travel had been on your mind over the last month and so allow yourself to see if a little bit more exploration can fit into your current schedule. In fact, stretch some space to allow yourself out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be a jet set trip; even just a different route to work has the same effect. I feel that the most magical moments over this next month are to be found within the stumble upons, the second chances and the unpredicted. The weird and the wonderful await.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Strength

After the cascade of surrender that you’ve needed to perform over the last few weeks, think of this month as a chance for a major clean up. You are prepping for a rebirth of sorts and so before that it’s always good to do a bit of positive damage control. I feel that it’s really okay for you to take a big breath, perhaps for some of you it’s a sigh of relief at how, and yes, things did sort of weave together and make sense, didn’t they?

For those of you still feeling a sense of struggle, check in with how much of it is from a forced pressure on the self. Yeah, caught you out there didn’t I? Imagine if you could just turn a switch on the side of the mind and let some steam out, I feel more relaxed just visualizing that. So your clean-up can cover all bases. First it’s the mind and body that needs attention, and here comes a time period to shift up the things you need to get by. Life is an ever-evolving process, and our wellness practice should be the same. Maybe one therapist or stress release method was right for you for the past few years, but do you feel pulled in another direction? Allow yourself to spend some time in positive selfish mode. What do you need right now?

Within your career zone I feel like you have a surge of that familiar Arian power confidence coming back into play, because it wavered a bit recently didn’t it? Confidence comes from an inner knowing that you are okay, that you can trust yourself and that you are allowed to be guided by your feelings. I also feel like recently there were other people that you weren’t sure if you could trust in your space? As we move into this month, the dust settles a little and you return to a sense of clarity, as well as stepping into a bit of a ‘don’t **** with me attitude’ – which we all need once in a while.

As the month draws to a close I feel that you’ll have a much more solidified action plan for the New Year, because yes I know you are already looking ahead. As you move forward remember to replace your old worn out fears with a sense of excitement and adventure – it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Eight of Pentacles

As I suspected, there is a nice twist of energy for you now, almost like the flipside to the coin that you were viewing last month with all that anxiety and those ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. This month you get to put great use to all the most productive parts of your psyche, without the overhanging fear that sometimes accompanies it. You see, sometimes all it takes is stepping out and viewing yourself and your situation with fresh eyes, as if you were casting a view upon your most precious friend.

Acting as that other party now I look upon your month with excited eyes as I see so much potential and so many ideas! I know it’s really easy to get overwhelmed, so easy, but it’s also not that hard to choose a different route. How about you kick off the month with a wave of gratitude for how far you’ve come, and another wave for where you are going.
You may also be considering what you need to learn as you round up the rest of the year. Make sure to think of learning in the same light as everything else – another thrilling part of your journey, rather than feeling like you are lacking something and must fix it.

It’s also a good month for allowing others to offer you advice, even just to have the benefit of a different perspective. Someone from the past six months might hold the ‘ah-ha’ moment you’ve been waiting for. I repeat this often, and will continue to do so. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Don’t panic that you’re wasting time, but do make steps forwards in the present moment. If you try to tackle of everything at once, it will always seem like you’re getting nothing done. Break it apart and fuel some of your super powered ‘I can do it’ energy into your actions.

There is something that is being highlighted on the ‘to do’ list right now, and you know what it is – in fact it’s probably the one task you’re the most fearful of. Make that the one to get done today. Launch that product, make that phone call, forgive that moment, send out those emails, sign up to that class, do that paperwork, take that trip. Good fortunes await, so empower your actions and don’t attach anxiety to the future.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Nine of Swords

Panic stations! Do you feel like life has been a bit of a whirlwind of late? The to-do list has been constantly growing and you’ve really had to be on your ‘A’ game for a few months now. That’s not to say it’s been a dark time, because you’ve actually achieved some great things and also stepped into a more confident place. It’s more that the weight of the world has felt very much alive and present.

This is the month to shake it off and readjust how you perceive times of stress. I like to think of stress as an energy reserves thing – there are times that always need that extra burst, moving house for instance, and also for when things unexpectedly shift. Other than that, is it really worth worrying about anything and everything? No way! I want you to save that energy for a time when it’s really needed (which could be right now for some of you). There is no benefit to you to get caught up in petty dramas or to stamping your foot in line at the post office. Seriously, it’s a no brainer here. Sometimes it’s very useful to simply say to yourself, ‘nope I’m not getting caught up in that,’ and really follow that thought through.

You see, I feel that you have a lot of exciting things on the horizon and that some of those ‘shoulds’ on your to do list could actually be replaced with ‘would rather do’s’. How about blocking off some time in your diary for just you? How would you fill that space? It may mean just laying flat out on the floor or getting sore cheeks from laughing so much with your friends. You are allowed to occupy those spaces too you know. I can hear the ‘but I need to get this done’ come whispering already, and yes things need to get done, but there is time for it all.

Think of time as stretchy and as though you already have enough. Make that a mantra, in fact: ‘I have all the time that I need’. Rather than speaking from a place of lack, invite a sense of expansion into your life. Finally, make time to really listen this month. Meditation primarily is all about listening. Value your time enough to scan over your thoughts with a loving and non-judgmental eye.

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Cancer – The World

Last month I spoke about how you were at a significant point of change and this month, yes you are still there but I do feel a closing of the cycles. There are of course no endings and no beginnings, just a merging of chapters in your journey all joined up like a multi colored slinky, and this is a month to cast your eye back and employ a really powerful sense of gratitude. You did it!

You survived that challenge, you quit that job, you got that new one, you stepped into your power, you walked away from what wasn’t serving you, and you fought that fight. Well done, I’m proud of you and you must do the same for yourself. This act of personal gratitude helps us to appreciate the past and be less afraid of the future. As you acknowledge the point you are at and how you got there, you build up a pot of trust in the unknown. No, you will never know what’s in store, but at the very least open your eyes to receive it.

I sense a cascade of ‘aha’ moments awaiting you, and they might not all be easy. Sometimes, in fact often, those moments of clarity come after a rainstorm, when the water trickles away and suddenly you just ‘get it’. Trust that this inner awareness is always available to you if you make space for it. Look out for for the simpler and more gentle signposts, sometimes your highest self will simply send you an ‘it’s okay’ or a ‘yes’. Learn to trust that voice as real.

Anyway, now that you are stepping into a brand new space, what plans have you got hold of? I really want to push you to think bigger and brighter than you are perhaps allowing yourself. I’m thinking world travel and publishing deals, how about you? What if the world really is your oyster? What do you want to cast into that big open space? I feel really excited for you right now and also want to give you a burst of divine feminine energy.

You might like to see which goddesses you resonate with and take one on board to be your spirit guide for the month, as your connection to the divine is closer than you may even know. Finally, think as expansively as possible because the best solutions will be found in the space that lives way outside the parameters of your tunnel vision. 360 degrees, it’s all yours babe.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Queen of Swords

A rightful transition from last month as I encouraged you to get more practiced at standing within your own truths and raising your personal confidence. Stepping into the new month I feel that you might be doing a little bit of a yearly round up, and yes I know it’s not even December yet, but you’re a bit ahead of the game, right? What fantastic changes are you ready to bring in for the next rebirth of you?

As you ponder your journey so far, do remember that everything in the past is to be forgiven and nurtured. It got you here to the now and since the present is the only thing that is real, allow everything to be perfect in this moment. I also feel a bit more of a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude present for you, as you feel armed with a little more instinct about the directions that feel right to walk in. Now with that inner superpower, make sure that you don’t swing too far into no mans sass land and cut yourself off from the half of the world that doesn’t live up to your standards.

The great thing about having a clearer understanding of what and whom you want in your life is that it can give you a greater compassion for others. Know that as you allow yourself to have an experience of which you co-create, you also free up everyone else to do the same. Simply let them roam and do as they do, because their actions and experiences are of value for their journey. Stick to your own path and you will feel lighter and brighter as you walk on forwards.

Combining all that I’ve said above, you could find yourself being tempted to get a little obsessed about some old relationships or try and do a bit of a rewrite of the past in some way or another. I’m saying loud and clear – self-sabotage is a major waste of your time. You have far too many more interesting things to be working on right now – am I right? Yes. The world is waiting for what you are prepping in your shadows. It might just be time to strike up the match and get your fire lit. Your inner knowing is ready to come forth into the outside worth. We need you, so get to it.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – The Hierophant

The perfect card to follow on from the educating aspect of last month, as you now start to ponder your role as a teacher, and as a student. I feel that for many of you there has been a certain ‘upping of your game’ recently, and while you’re tempted to run and hide back in the closet, the part of you that is raring to go is just a little bit more alive. The conversation of how others might see you is strong, and with that comes a natural fear of being judged, or being hated.

This is a very common worry for pretty much everyone, but the way to work with it is quite simple. If you stay authentic to your own beliefs and personal nature then you will always feel okay. No, it doesn’t mean that everyone will like you – but it certainly means that you’ll have less of those ‘am I a fraud?’ moments. If you’re ready to stand up and share, whether it’s writing a book, talking your talk, speaking to that one special person or applying for a dream job, then the spark of excitement and willingness is all you need. Trust in yourself, that’s your main job – so work with your mind, body and spirit, and it will feel like your life is working with you.

As the teacher and the student are the mirror to each other, it’s also the month to consider where you are getting your sources of help. As evolving humans, our mentors and healers should also be subject to change as we move forwards. So adapt your support network to the moment in question. What do you need this month to help you feel the most authentic and embodied version of you? I feel many of you just need to reconnect with your nearest and dearest friends – even if they’re people you just met recently. Think soul family. Go to them with your questions and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions and advice. You are not a burden.

See this adventure into personal growth as a fun experiment in trying out some new therapies – sit in meditation and ask yourself who you need right now. Oh and by the way, I have to alert you that It may well be that you just need to spin that sage advice you’re so apt at dishing out back around to yourself, and suck it up loud and clear!

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Seven of Pentacles

A familiar slowness of pace that has come upon you, reminiscent of the beginning of this year. Nothing to be worried about though, and I feel that it is probably more a big sign of a cycle in your life wrapping itself up. You are entering cocoon mode. I also feel that some of you may be fighting against change and the unknown right now, and bringing up some old controlling habits? Of course I’m not going to encourage that so I’d better reintroduce you to the powers of SURRENDER. That old trick.

The most useful state of mind to entertain when you feel uncertain is to let everything go and encourage life to flow, as it should. In fact, know that it is flowing, exactly as it should, just maybe not on your time frame I’m sorry to say. This month is all about focusing on what you have and not what you lack. Yes it’s okay to have wallowing moments; we all need to feel our feelings, that is SO important. But avoid throwing yourself into a state of perma panic or burrowing down in the ‘what ifs’.

In those moments where you feel like there’s no way out, take a deep breath and request to see your situation more expansively, and then get on with the moment in hand. Repeat this as and when you just need to remind yourself that there may be a way around, above, below or through that maybe you just haven’t seen yet, or just maybe hasn’t appeared yet. Use the sense of stillness to your advantage and get in as much rest as possible. Our personal time is unique to us, so allow yourself moments to discover what relaxation means to you this month.

I feel that writing is certainly your friend over the coming weeks, so try my favorite ‘brain vomit’ method and just get it all out – no judgments and no thinking, just flow. Sometimes you just want to shut that book and walk away, but then you discover that your highest self has stepped in and written you a love note. Trust that maybe you do have the answers, and maybe you don’t need to wait around for someone to approve you. I believe life is an adventure that’s about remembering what we already know. It’s certainly something to ponder, right? Get ready to emerge into the light.

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