As we dive into the measured medicine of Virgo season, the 6 of Crystals (Pentacles) invites us to find a balance between giving and receiving, says this month’s reader-in-residence, Lindsay Mack

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As Mercury prepares to station direct, the King of Swords urges us to speak a powerful truth that starts in the heart and rocks the world around us, says this month’s reader-in-residence, Lindsay Mack

Lindsay’s Soul Tarot School is now open for enrollment too. An 8-week deep-dive into a lifetime’s Tarot wisdom, learn to read the cards for your own soul’s evolution an take your practice to the next level. Class begins October 4—check out all the details and reserve your space HERE!


Dive into this month’s medicine for your sign with our Numinous Tarotscopes August 2018, cast by Melinda Lee Holm. Art: The Moonchild Tarot

Moonchild Tarot suits Danielle Noel The Numinous Monthly Tarotscopes August 2018

Three of Swords

Happy Solar Return, Leo! Now, I realize that if you’re familiar with the most popular image of this card (three swords piercing a red heart against a background of gray rainclouds) you are side eyeing me really hard right now. Stay with me. Three is the number of collaboration. Swords are the suit of Air, intellect and communication. Collboration in thinking and communicating is not an inherently bad thing. In fact, it’s generally quite positive. Bringing together different and even differing points of view can lead to some amazing breakthroughs for us as individuals and for our communities. The main things to remember are try not to take things personally and to check your ego – deeply related pursuits!  With Mercury retrograde for the first part of the month, it could be easy to fall into patterns of feeling slighted or misunderstood.

This month, I want to invite you to invite some new conversation partners into your sphere. Big bonus points for folks with inherently different points of view – people who come from different backgrounds, have different levels of work experience and education, prioritize their lives differently than you do. As you branch out, you’ll find that your internal thoughts and communications start to shift around a bit as well. The collaboration that began externally makes its way inward and you have new patterns of thought to play with and to hold your beliefs up against. Your greatest birthday gift just might end up being a brand new view of your place in the world.

Leo stone for August: Selenite. Selenite purifies the energy of all that surrounds it by flooding it with bright Divine light and Universal wisdom. It never requires cleansing and clears other stones.

Three of Swords Moonchild Tarot Tarotscopes August 2018 The Numinous Melinda Lee Holm



Seven of Wands

My dear Virgo, August is beckoning you to put that gorgeous Strength you integrated last month to work! And following the eclipse at the end of last month, you should have a much clearer idea of what projects and pursuits are worth the energy and which aren’t. If there was any emotional fallout from the revelations of that eclipse, spend the first part of the month running damage repair. Use the Fire energy of the Wands to intuit the most productive route back to your healthy self, then set your sights on creating. Communication with co-creators will need extra care until Mercury stations direct on the 18th. Allow more time that you think you need for all aspects of life outside of staying home and eating takeout in pajamas.

By the end of the month, you should really feel the Fire to fight for your place in the world. What is it that you’ve been longing to stake a claim on? Where do you feel you’ve not yet been recognized like you should be? What part of your life are you ready to push to the next level? Get ready to leave behind any doubt you’ve felt in the past about what you deserve, how your work is received, or the level of your abilities – especially your ability to lead. You had a great lesson last month in embodying Strength. Now you have the opportunity to prove to yourself how powerful you are when you choose to show it.

Virgo stone for August: Bloodstone. Bloodstone is a powerful ally for purification and health of the physical body and infusing all levels of being with grounded vitality and strength.



The Emperor

Well, Libra, your reign of awesome continues this month! Your string of powerful manifesting energies is so enviable that I keep re-checking my chart for more planets in your sign (still rocking only Pluto and the North Node).  You are moving through the greatest hits of power brokers of the Tarot and this one is the all time master of executing a precise vision. I hope the last couple months got you VERY in touch with your inherent connection to the Earth and the Heavens and to the awesome power of Love to move mountains. You’re going to need that altruism to balance the laser focus and drive The Emperor brings to your door in August. The insensity of this energy burns so hot that I’m not even worried about any potential retrograde hazards. You’ll see them coming a mile away and adjust accordingly.

So, what’s it gonna be, Libra? Which hot topic gets your attention this month? Choose wisely. The Emperor brings a ferocious appetite for construction, but his focus is narrow. Pick one big thing and let the rest sit on the back burner for a minute. If you have trouble knowing what this is or which one you should choose, think back over the past few months and try to remember what you were dreaming about the most, what themes came in, which areas of your life they dealt with. The Emperor is great for work, but the energy is just as useful for other areas of your life.

Libra stone for August: Orange Calcite. Orange Calcite opens our inner fountain of playful creativity, allowing joyful productivity and problem solving to burst forth without judgment.



Seven of Cups

Oh, Scorpio, I’m so excited to see what you bring to this energy this month. The Seven of Cups asks us to clear away our doubts about what our heart truly wants, and with your incredible capacity for inward reflection, this could be a chance to open up to desires you never dreamed were hiding out inside you. Pay special attention to any messages that come through at the Solar Eclipse on the 11th. You may have gotten clues during the eclipses last month. Mercury in retrograde until the 18th is actually a huge boon to you – the planet of communication will be combing over the past 3 months for anything or anyone that requires your attention. Make sure you know whether it’s for reconnection or for closure.

Try to spend more time than usual this month in solitary self-reflection. Take inventory of situations, places, and people that bring you joy and contentment. Consider what they have in common and how they differ. This should feel good. If you start getting into a zone of judging yourself or falling into obsessing over what DOESN’T make you happy, gently pull your attention back to the project at hand and float gently on those sweet waves of love remembrance, peeling back the what and when and who to discover the why and the how. Keep an eye out for something shiny sparking way down deep beneath the surface. You’ll know when to take the dive and what to bring back up for keeps.

Scorpio stone for August: Peacock Ore. Peacock Ore balances all of the chakras, pulling them into alignment to provide a stable place for pure happiness and joy for life to grow and thrive.



Page of Cups

Your work in July really paid off, Sagittarius! You shook off the shackles of doubt and are now ready to step forward into a month-long exercise in opening to new emotional experiences – both within and with others. The Pages invite us to forget everything we think we know about their element and to assess our surroundings and experiences with fresh perception. In the realm of Water, this often means letting go of the walls we’ve built up in reaction to past woundings so we can take people and situations for what they are, not for what we fear they might be. This doesn’t mean that we leave ourselves open to injury. Open hearts demand open eyes, unclouded by the past or the pressures of the present and future.

Find the power in vulnerability this month. Practice the art of radical self-acceptance and see how it changes your perspective of others and the power they hold. With Mercury retrograde until the 18th, I bet you’ll have plenty of opportunities to test out your new superpower with familiar faces from your past, back to hold up a newly polished energetic mirror to you. Let it be a game. Not in the sense of manipulation – I’d never suggest you “play games” with people in the colloquial sense – but in the sense of keeping it lighthearted. This work is about re-dedicating your heart to the service of bringing you joy and love. Self-judgment, dwelling in the past, and cold calculation have no place here.

Sagittarius stone for August: Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz opens and cleanses the heart to ease fear and blockages around both giving and receiving love from ourselves, others, and the Divine.

Page of Cups Moonchild Tarot Tarotscopes August 2018 The Numinous Melinda Lee Holm


Six of Swords

August has you feeling good enough about your patterns of thought and communication to settle in to some fine tuning, Capricorn, and it’s looking to be a great time for it. Between all the revelations that came to you last month with The Sun as your card, two eclipses bringing messages from the ether, and now Mercury dusting off your personal files from the past few months for review, there is a LOT to work with. Has it all been comfortable? Likely not. You don’t traditionally take well to change; eclipse season has been a bit nerve-wracking for most of us already and we’re not even finished. Start the month off with low-hanging fruit, tweaking patterns that are in obvious need of a slight adjustment, then move into more nuanced territory starting after the eclipse of the 11th and full on after Mercury stations direct on the 18th.

I’m using delicate language purposefully, Capricorn. The Sixes mark a moment of achievement, and with this achievement comes the opportunity to reflect and adjust. This is not the time for major overhauls. What you have been doing is serving you well. The project is to make it serve you a little better. Are there any statements you make to yourself or others on a regular basis that could be polished up to be just a little more open and supportive? Any mental frameworks that are just slightly obscuring your view of your full potential? Now is your time to polish them up and make them shine.

Capricorn stone for August: Moss Agate. Moss Agate is the stone of new beginnings. It inspires the strength needed to move forward with a clean slate, firmly grounded in the present, untethered from the past.



Ten of Wands

No retrograde or eclipse is gonna hold you back this month, Aquarius! The flame of Elemental Fire is here to ignite your passion and push you to the limits of what you thought it was possible to accomplish. If you’ve been avoiding doing some heavy lifting, this is the time. With your newly found stability in this realm, you’ve got a ground to stand on to move forward with things you’ve put off for some time. In this sense, the astrology this month is absolutely perfect for you. See if you can put this blast of productivity behind something that’s been neglected that comes back up at the start of the month, rather than putting it toward a brand new endeavor. Make a list of tasks and get to work.

These need not be conventional “work” tasks. Remember, Fire brings us the Divine gift of intuition as well as action. It is deeply related to magic, conjuring, and purifying. Mastery of this element at this level is more flexible in its use than it may seem at first. Take care to tune in to where you need it most. If the Lunar Eclipse at the end of last month didn’t make it perfectly clear, the solar one at the top of this month should. The Universe urges us to go where we can best be of service, where our actions can be most beneficial to ourselves and the collective. Don’t be afraid to let your idealism shine. Keep your eyes and your heart open and heed the call.

Aquarius stone for August: Citrine. Citrine lights up the Sun Center for a burst of confidence, feelings of well-being, and creative impulses, illuminating the way forward on the path of manifestation.



Ace of Cups

You are being rewarded greatly this month, Pisces! You’ve had about a six month cycle of lessons around independence, loss, trust, and partnership here in the Tarotscopes, and your report card comes in the form of a big juicy A for Ace of Cups, the Divine gift of universal love. Take a deep breath, exhale the past, and step forward into a new relationship with your individual and the collective emotional body. This month, I want you to try to check in every day with how you are feeling. See if you can get underneath the judgment and analysis that so often permeate our experience of our emotions, and simply revel in the glorious human experience of the heart. It may not always be pleasant, but it is always sacred.

The Aces all have an element of luck built in. It’s considered “good fortune” to get them in a reading. What will you do with this emotional luck? How will you use it? What risks will you take that you’d normally shy away from? This is an excellent opportunity not only to freely express your love and devotion to yourself and others, but to open your heart up to some darker places within that you’ve stayed away from out of fear. You’re safe, Pisces. Go ahead and dive in. This celestial flood of elemental Water will keep any murky pools from clouding your vision for long. Know you are buoyant and take plenty of breaks to come up for air.

Pisces stone for August: Amethyst. 


King of Wands

Oh, Aries, I am truly so thrilled for you. To come out of the chaos of the Five and into the mastery of the King? Pure bliss. And in your native element of Fire! No matter where you live, August is cooking up to be a hot one and you’d do well to get all your ingredients prepped and your techniques sharpened early on so you’re ready to impress. With your natural leadership, having a team in place and knowing exactly how they can best support your visions is not a bad idea either. This is big time manifesting energy. And my guess is that there is something you were DYING to accomplish last month that was blocked by misfires at every attempt to move forward.

If all this has you a bit stressed about where exactly to put all this energy, take a deep breath and remember that Fire is the element of intuition as well as action. Clear your mind, listen to your gut instincts, and let the knowledge come to you. Intuiting your next moves may be your greatest achievement this month. If that’s the case, be sure to take some concrete steps toward making your goals reality, no matter how small. If you’re executing on a detailed project, pad your timelines and budgets to allow for any retrograde shenanigans. The cosmos has delivered an incredibly useful energy that is exceptionally well-suited to your natural inclinations right to your doorstep. Accept this gift graciously and show your gratitude by embodying it to your fullest potential.

Aries stone for August: Malachite. Malachite brings luck and good fortune, creating a general vibe of positivity and an awareness of and gratitude for the abundance existing in our lives.

King of Wands Moonchild Tarot Tarotscopes August 2018 The Numinous Melinda Lee Holm


Ace of Crystals

It’s a new era, Taurus! Like I said last month, your entire year has been spent in the Major Arcana and your native element of Earth, and now we’ve come to the root of it all.  Whenever I see so much work done in one area followed by an Ace, I get this wonderful expansive feeling like I’m looking out over a wide open landscape and can see for a thousand miles. This is your new base level. This is where you build from now. All of the work you’ve done has gotten you to a new level of understanding of your material world. The Aces come to us as gifts from the Universe. It’s our job to accept them with grace and use them to build a new path forward.

Where will your path take you, Taurus? What clues have come to you throughout the year so far? How have your teachers, family, and friends guided you? What have you already started building towards that you can now fully dedicate yourself to nurturing? Think big and think long-term. The stones you lay this month can lead to beauty you never dreamed possible if you ensure that the path you are building has the power to continue to light you up well into the future. The more care you put into it along the way, the more it will return to you by keeping the ground steady beneath your feet. Your future is stretched out before you and it all connects to now.

Taurus stone for August: Quartz Crystal. Quartz Crystal is the master crystal, working to amplify spiritual connection and the energies of all other stones. It is at once grounding and uplifting.



Nine of Swords

This month has a treasure of hard-won wisdom waiting for you, Gemini, and it’s all in your cozy zone of elemental Air! I am a big fan of the number nine. As the product of 3 x 3, it has major Divne lineage. I see the nines of the Tarot pips as symbolizing the highest level of wisdom of the suit (tens get to carry the mastery), one that only comes through lived experience. In the realm of Air, we get an earned wisdom around how we think and communicate, how we frame the world and conjure or banish possibilities from our lives with our thoughts and words. It’s powerful stuff! And with the planet of communication taking a little backwards stroll for the first part of the month, you’ll have the opportunity to do a nice deep review of how you’ve been operating.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again and again) – ALL WORDS ARE MAGIC WORDS. What do you tell yourself that is limiting your experience of your life? How could you switch it up to use your words to expand your world? Who are you taking advice from and what are the intentions and motivations behind it and behind your willingness to accept it? When is enough enough? This is “zero f#cks” territory, Gemini. All August, you are taking your power back through shifts that will be nearly imperceptible from the outside, but make a profound difference in the quality of your life. Start early and keep it steady.

Gemini stone for August: Black Obsidian. Black Obsidian assists in clearing energetic sludge and heaviness, particularly emotional heaviness and opens pathways of communication with the spirit realm.



Page of Crystals

Time to rebuild, dear Cancer! What, you didn’t know there was anything missing? Not surprising. You have a tendency to hyper-focus on your immediate surroundings, preferring the security of shoring up your personal boundaries to that of building out a fortress, but the time has come. Fortunately, you’re going to get to do it a little differently than everyone else. Forget everything you’ve been told about how to build grounded stability, a home. Forget common wisdom and colloquialisms and folk sayings. There are no rules. This is purely about you exploring ALL of the options to find what is exactly right for you right here and right now. And you can’t explore every option if you’re cutting out everything that someone older or wiser or richer or more successful has told you won’t work.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to move the needle forward in a significant way, in fact it usually does. Major shifts hardly ever come from an established expert. This month, you are that outsider. You have the gift of clear, wide open vision to see how you can stabalize your material world in a way that will serve you now and into the future. This can be through creating new streams of revenue, refurbishing or even completely changing your living situation, revamping your budget, or simply determining what makes you feel at home and making sure you get enough of it to feel secure. Feet on the ground and eyes to the sky, Cancer! This can be a very fruitful month if you put in the work.

Cancer stone for August: Chlorite Phantom Quartz. Chlorite Phantom Quartz provides a profound connection with the heart of the Earth, awakening our innate animal insticts and connection to our home planet.


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The Queen of Cups returns to the Numiverse for the first time since the New Year, and invites us to dive deep into our emotional landscapes before birthing our beauty in the world, says Melinda Lee Holm …


Dive into this month’s medicine for your sign with our Numinous Tarotscopes July 2018, cast by Melinda Lee Holm using the Starchild Tarot …

melinda lee holm numinous tarotscopes july 2018 ruby warrington material girl mystical world the starchild tarot

The Star 

Happy Solar Return, dear Cancer! And what a divine birthday gift, especially after last month’s major soul purging. The Star is traditionally considered an omen of hope and that is a great place to start with this energy. Daring to open our hearts to hope is one of the very bravest things we humans can do. It is a radical act of leadership and of love. This month, you (we!) are being invited to be hopeful again, to place oursleves in a line of descended Divinity brought down from the beginning of time and lift our faces to the sky. If that sounds a bit grandiose, it’s because it is! The Star carries down the symbolism of Divinity from the very earliest humans who chose to use a symbol to represent the Mother Goddess. And now she is here for us!

All through July, find the little (and big) places left empty and dark for too long by heaviness and despair. Dig around in your psyche and find the rooms shut tight by time and disappointment and force them open to be flooded with the light of hope. Our planet is another carrier of Divine Feminine power, The Moon – call on her for a boost if you have trouble drawing down this energy. We have our New Moon on the 12th. If you’ve been wanting to up your witch game, this would be a GREAT time to light a white candle to usher in a new glorious era free of the doubts and binds of the past.

Your stone for July: Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal



Alright, Leo! You got your emotional workout regime fine tuned last month and now you are ready to expand and morph into the new you. While June was all about you leading the way in your personal realignment, July asks you to open and allow for the multi-dimensional shifts that Temperance brings. This should prove fairly painless, as this energy generally skews toward gentle/subtle/loving, but be on the lookout for any ego flare-ups. With any major shifts coming to us and not from us, there is always a risk they will bump up against parts of ourselves we are not ready to confront or let go of. If this happens, simply notice it and move on. Direct confrontation with ego is a losing game.

The universal balance sought by Temperance is quiet, but STRONG, and it seeks to make us stronger as well. All throughout July, the more you can allow the alchemy of the Universe to seep into every corner of your being, the more you will benefit from the breaking down and building up of minute fibers of your being. In practical terms, this will likely be barely perceptible except perhaps as a nagging feeling that the world isnt the same as it was yesterday even though it looks identical. Give yourself plenty of time to slow down and take in your surroudings so you can take in the new world forming inside you. Refrain from overindulging or extremes of any sort. Temperance works most effectively in a stable environment.

Your stone for July: Green Calcite



Virgo, the story of your journey from June to July has me absolutely swooning. The acceptance of and participation in loving collaboration with others into the fully integrated embrace of co-creation as the ultimate show of strength – it’s just beautiful. And your Elemental Earth nature will revel in the opportunity to engage fully with the world around you. Your best friends have always been the trees, the birds in the sky, the flowers and the bees, all the little specks of stardust working together to make this planet habitable, and now you can step forward to truly become one with them. What will you use this newly found strength to create, to nourish, to shield yourself and others from, to fight for and defend?

Take time this month to play with this power. Having difficulty getting through a project? Try working on it while sitting at the base of a tree. Can’t leave your office? Bring yourself some flowers – better yet, bring your dog to work! Team up with other humans, groups and individuals, and remind yourself constantly that you do not have to do this alone. Yes, you are extremely capable, Virgo, to the point that people make a joke of your exceptional skill in organizing. But now it’s time to find power in numbers. This is a chance for you see how far you can go when you open that sacred temple of yours to the skills and talents of others, professionally and personally, emotionally and spiritually.

Your stone for July: Vanadinite


The Empress 

After your manifestation station last month, it’s time to shift gears and settle into a little season of nurturing and luxuriating. While none of the Major Arcana cards have a particular affiliation with any one Element, The Empress’ strong association with Venus gives her a decidedly heart-centered approach to life and the world and makes her a very natural and comfortable fit for you. Your appreciation for beauty will be heightened this month as will your ability to draw it into your sphere. Be careful what you wish for this month – you may very find yourself on the receiving end of a beautiful disaster if you do not take care to ensure that what you set your sights on is in alignment with your full heart.

It can be difficult to switch gears from manifesting to receiving. The impulses are near perfect opposites, making the receiving feel like an excruciatingly slow or empty experience. There can be a rising panic that you cannot receive what you don’t yourself create. If these feelings come up for you, be patient with yourself, love yourself – Empress yourself! And remember that you still have plenty to do. You are going to need to spend a lot of energy on shooting out your love in the specific direction of what you want to grow and draw in. This means first fine tuning your heart’s compass and allowing it to guide you, then beaming out the most beautiful, unconditional love you can, giving to receive.

Your stone for July: Rose Opal


Six of Crystals 

Well, something worked with that Earth mastery energy last month, Scorpio, because here we are back in Earth, in the level of achievement. There is a sense of balancing or role reversal that comes through in the sixes in some decks, and I find that accurate for my take on the numerology. What better badge of achievement in the realm of Earth is there than the ability to give back, to balance out the scales, to lift up another as you have been lifted – or to accept a helping hand and be pulled up? Achievement in Earth is that first glimpse of wisdom that there is enough for everyone if we actively look to see where we can provide and accept balance, and after last month, my eye is on a little of both for you.

Now that you’ve done some work around refining goals, this month your task is to assess where you need help and, I am sorry to tell you, who would be best to ask for it. I know asking for help is not something that comes easily to you, but if you frame it as providing opportunity for others to participate in your vision, that should ease the burden considerably. Plus, it’s true! When we offer up creative and material partnership, we create community, foster relationships, and promote an environment of collaboration and participation. In our society, we tend to praise giving while shaming receiving as “taking.” Tap into your inherent rebellious nature and change the narrative from within.

Your stone for July: Tiger Eye


Seven of Swords 

You are tasked with a further mastering of the lessons of last month, Sagittarius, and I am absolutely THRILLED about it. It lights my heart on fire when I get to present a perfect follow up to a lesson. The Knight of Swords last month brought up a lot of challenges around urgency in communication. This month, you get to resolve any doubts around how you chose to manage those challenges, fine tune your tactics, and solidify your methods moving forward. Think of it like a master class – you already have the information, now it is time to refine it and personalize it, to reflect on how it applies directly to your own life and work. And in order to do this, you need to be willing to doubt yourself a little.

Our usual experience of doubt involves a heavy dose of anxiety, but that’s not what I am encouraging here. There is a version of doubt that is more akin to an intellectual curiosty, a willingness to question and examine, to take nothing for granted. Your fiery drive to move forward may be frustrated by this seeming break in the action, but your ruling planet of Jupiter will be cheering like crazy for the expanded view of yourself and your relationship with the world around you that you achieve. Give yourself room to reflect and to accept any feedback or constructive criticism on your communicaton style – and be ready to dole some out to yourself! You have the greatest seat to judge whether your methods are at peak effectiveness. Score them carefully.

Your stone for July: White Onyx


The Sun 

Happy half-birthday, Capricorn! Usually I don’t celebrate, but being blessed by The Sun hot on the heels of the Summer Solstice pratically begs for it. And if I know you, you’ll celebrate by using the burst of insight to get some sort of work done in these long summer days. I support it. While The Sun lends clarity to situations and issues previously shrouded in mystery, it also provides the energy and nourishment needed for serious growth. You’re cooking up something this month, Capricorn, something big. You’ve been preparing for it for a few months now, digging around in the dirt, forming your vision. Now is the time to bring your creation out into the open, parade it in the streets, shout it from the rooftops!

Because you now have a view into places you haven’t before, you’re likely going to see some flaws, some issues that give you pause. Make adjustments and move on. Do not get caught up in unnecessary details. This is big picture time. Besides, as anything grows, slight modifications need to be made, we always need to stay flexible. Just keep your eye on the prize even when you need to get back down in the dirt. You are the captain of this Earthly ship, you are the one with The Sun shining down on your head. Soak it in. This is a special time. Think back to anything significant that came up for you last month around the Solstice. The Universe often sends us clues we can’t interpret until a later date.

Your stone for July: Sunstone


Four of Wands 

Get ready to manifest some solid ground under your feet this month, Aquarius, as the stabalizing influence of Elemental Fire makes its way to your door. It’s always an interesting mental game, thinking about exactly how this incessantly dancing, beautiful and dangerous element can possibly bring the calm promised by the Fours, but you’re always up for a fun mental game anyway. I’ll start by positing that Fours tend to promise more stability than they actually offer anyway, that the desire to hold onto life everlasting pushes us humans to place undue important on permanance, that what comes between three and five is more like coming around a corner to find an incredible view of a possible future than it is a landing place for a homestead.

So, try to find comfort in discomfort this month. Seek out the calm within chaos. Look for the places within yourself that the world judges most as inherently unstable and spend some time in the eye of the storm. Trust your intuition and let it lead you to places and people and situations that feel like home. Accept that nothing is permanent and in that moment of acceptance feel the rush of love and appreciation for all you have right in this moment, in this place in space and time. That stillness, that love, that harmony and peace with yourself and the world, that is the true stability of Fire. And it is yours for the taking this month. Don’t pass it up.

Your stone for July: Rutilated Quartz


The Lovers 

Here we are again, Pisces! The Lovers visited you in March, highlighting ways to make relationships healthier. You then entered a three-month journey of acceptance, release, and reining in chaotic thinking. And now we are back. This month is your chance to re-do something around your relationship to relationships using all of the wonderful wisdom you have gathered through these lessons of the spring months. Think back to March. What came up for you at that time? Were there any conflicts or triumphs in your relationships? Any revelations of patterns within yourself or with others? Did any people in your life play an unusually significant role that month? Now is the time to go back and reset what was put into play.

The Lovers asks us to look deeply within to find where we are placing our identity in the hands of others, where we are valuing ourselves based on how others perceive our accomplishments, not our accomplishments themselves. It demands that we stand apart from our partners and become strong alone so we can best be of service in our partnerships. It can be a tough pill to swallow, but after all the work you’ve done, I really think this month is going to more of a celebration than a chore. You’re graduating, Pisces! This time when you look within, find how far you’ve come. Make slight adjustments if necessary and commit to staying the course moving forward, but the heavy lifting is done. Reflect and rejoice.

Your stone for July: Rainbow Moonstone


Five of Wands

You’re set to experience some chaos in your native element of Fire this month, Aries, but don’t despair! Now that you know it’s coming, you can avoid the considerable frustration of feeling the urgency to act only to run into wall after wall after wall.  A bit harder to avoid is the frustration of jumbled messages coming through intuitive pathways. The Fire of Wands rules both action and intuition after all, and the chaos the Fives bring neutralizes the ability to use either effectively. Sometimes I think this is simply an invitation to give that part of ourselves a rest, but following your deep inward journey last month, I am getting the vibe that this is more like a fine tuning of whatever you discovered about your nature in June.

So, what exactly did you get up to last month, anyway? Are you certain that what was on the surface was the true narrative? Could it be possible, even probable, that the messages you received were encoded and that this chaos is the key to cracking open the truth? I’m leaning yes. And since any attempts to intuit more information or take more steps to correct course will almost certainly end in disappointment and confusion, best to take this time as a little extension of that “you time” I promised you last month. But this time it’s going to be focused. Feel all the feelings, think all the thoughts, and build away in the material world. All other elements are your friends and here to help you untangle this confusion of Fire.

Your stone for July: Turquoise


The Hierophant

Oh, Taurus, this is lovely. The Hierophant is your card and you’ve done so much metaphysical housekeeping this year that you are well-prepped to settle into the role. You don’t get a reputation for being particularly mystical, but your dedication to comfort and beauty betray the soul of someone absolutely committed to making their surroudings their temple. And with ONLY Earth (Crystals) and Major Arcana cards ALL YEAR LONG, surely your temple is positively gleaming by now! If not, step it up at the top of the month and get it done. Tidying is tedious, but it’s not difficult. You have bigger work to do. The Hierophant is the great spiritual teacher of the Tarot and you are being asked to accept the call. Make sure you are well-prepared to do so.

Be ready to assume the roll of student, teacher, or both. The Hierophant is interested in pulling us into our highest spiritual calling. What is it that you have been preparing for your whole life, what do people come to you for advice on? What have you been building the foundation for (perhaps literally)? What answer do you need in order to clarify your soul’s purpose? Be open to the Big Stuff this month, Taurus, and to give and receive wisdom in the unlikeliest of places with the unlikeliest of people. We may have dressed up The Hierophant in fancy robes and renamed him The Pope, but long before the Vatican holy people existed to pass Divine wisdom down through the generations. It’s your turn to make sure it continues.

Your stone for July: Clear Apophyllite


Five of Crystals

Well, Gemini, it couldn’t be your birthday forever. But the Five of Crystals doesnt have to be as bad as we often see it! Look, you JUST had this great lesson in staying active while being grounded. Now you’ve got a little dip into the chaos of the material world. Your method for managing the energies remains the same – keep on dancing. Stay with me here. Chaos in Earth most often manifests as fear of lack in the material world. Plainly put, fear of being broke, losing a job, having unstable housing, that sort of thing. And what do we do when these pieces of Earth feel like they may crumble beneath our feet? We keep moving, we jump around, we avoid putting too much stress on any one point – we add a little Fire, jump from foot to foot, and dance it out.

But we dont feel like we’re dancing. That’s where my guidance comes in. I am inviting you to manage this energy in the exact way you would expect someone to responsibly manage a fear of lack, just change up the way you manage the other elemental energies in your life to balance out the impact. Keep your thoughts, feelings, and actions in check. Do what you need to do to feel loved and safe, give your mind plenty to do, and keep your action uplifting and your intuition grounded in reality. If you can master this this month, it will serve you the rest of your life. The Fives come around again and again. How we deal with them makes or breaks our experience.

Your stone for July: Aventurine


The 9 of Cups invites us to revel in our emotional expansion and trust that love is here for us, even when we can’t see it, says Melinda Lee Holm …


As the Solstice brings us to the brink of major cosmic balance, the Temperance card invites us to recalibrate, alchemize, and make ourselves available for subtle shifts, says Melinda Lee Holm


The 3 of Swords asks us to take a New Moon approach to our thought process, and to let communication feel collaborative and inclusive, says Melinda Lee Holm


Dive into this month’s medicine for your sign with our Numinous Tarotscopes June 2018, cast by Melinda Lee Holm using the Starchild Tarot …

The Numinous Tarotscopes June 2018 Melinda Lee Holm

Knight of Crystals

Happy Solar Return, Gemini! Your birthday present from my Tarot deck this month is the great gift of active grounding. Knights represent the Fire of their suit, and in the case of Crystals, we get the absolutely mythological-sounding Fire of Earth. Are you swooning? If not, get into it. The Knight of Crystals someties gets a bad rap in his incarnation in other decks as the Knight of Pentacles, but I don’t buy it. Any figure that urges us to find a way to be grounded while remaining active and dynamic is cool in my book. You know that feeling when you’re in a good groove on the dance floor and you feel the weight of your body holding you to the Earth even as you remain in constant, elegant motion? That’s Knight of Crystals stuff right there.

So how (besides dancing) can you take advantage of this energy in your daily life? Look for ways that you feel comfortable and “at home” without feeling tied down. As the mutable Air sign of the zodiac, this is no small task. Your inherent flexibilty and ability to see (be?) all sides of any situation bring you many perks, but feeling naturally grounded is not one of them. Start small. Go to your favorite restaurant alone so you can stay as long as you want, spend time in nature, eat root vegetables. Follow your instincts – the fiery nature of Knights makes them act from the gut – just make sure that your compass is tuned Earthward.

Your stone for June: Moss Agate


Oppression (The Devil)

We’re in this together, Cancer (my natal Sun also falls under the spell of the Crab). I know this is one of the “scary” cards of the Tarot, but I have a confession. When I pulled this card for us this month, I was stoked and I want you to be too. We feel things deeply, sometimes painfully deeply, and sometimes we don’t even know why. A heaviness can set in like a dark cloud and we simply sit and wait for the mysterious storm to clear. Not this month. This month we are being given the opportunity to uncover what is holding us back and to find that we alone have the power to lift those energetic chains. And this card does not deal in the small things. I am talking about huge life-shifting changes in perspective that allow us to step into our power like we never knew we could.

Will it be pleasant? Absolutely not. Whenever we discover we have been our own oppressors (or agents in our oppression) all along, there is going to be some sorrow, probably some guilt and shame. And for you and I, Cancer, this can be a terrible trap. Do whatever you can to lift yourself as you uncover these truths this month. It’s a balancing act – go see the Shaman, meditate, journal, light black candles – and then let a friend cook you dinner. Make sure you spend at least as much time making yourself feel loved as you do sawing through those chains. And remember – manifesting up is just as easy as manifesting down.

Your stone for June: Howlite


Eight of Cups

My dear leonine friends, your version of getting in shape for summer this year revolves around your emotional body. It’s time to get very clear about your long term emotional needs and make the changes needed to ensure these needs are met. This doesn’t mean confrontations or fireworks – really. I know your planet is the Sun and you like to be seen, but this month is a covert operation. Take this time to take stock of what is truly serving your emotional life in a lasting and sustainable way. Make lists and check them twice, spend time with people and see how you feel afterwards, and consider that any feelings of discomfort may have more to do with you than with your company. This is the low-hanging fruit. The true gift of long-term emotional stability can only come from within.

This will be more enjoyable and easier by carrying the metaphor of getting the emotional body in shape. How do we get and keep our physical bodies in shape? We make small, managable changes to our routine and we remain consistent. What is your current emotional health regimen? What do you do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to ensure the continued health of your energetic heart? What healthy habits can you put in place that you can commit to keeping up with regularly? That’s the key here. Just like a couple days of spin class will not make you a world class athlete, a couple days of journaling will not transform your emotional life. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Your stone for June: Green Tourmaline


Three of Cups

Time to put all those emotional connections you embraced last month to work, Virgo! June is bringing you a gorgeous pool of heart-centered collaboration to dive into. Gather your most prolific besties and see what magic you can make together.  Whatever you get into, it is sure to be fulfilling. Will it be lucrative? Popular? The start of something grand? Eh, maybe. That’s really not the point. The goal here is to train yourself to believe that it is ok to make practical decisions based purely on your feelings. I am not suggesting you quit your day job to run away and join the circus because you feel close to your friends in trapeze class. But, I’m not NOT saying that either.

Emotional collaboration should not only pull you out of your comfort zone a bit, it should also pull you out of your reality. The wonderful thing about working closely with others is that they provide us with a window on a whole different world – the one they see through their eyes and experience. These windows allow us to see out into other worlds and also to see our own reflection in the glass – we learn about ourselves by learning about those who are different from us.  Are you seeing how important it is to really follow your heart in this project? Your very identity can be transformed by your work with these collaborators. So if you do decide to run off, make sure it’s a really good circus.

Your stone for June: Rhodonite


The Magician

Halleluljah, Libra! Now that you’ve completed the task of staring sorrow in the face, you have earned the opportunity to advance your manifesting game and not just a little. The Magician is major (pun intended). You are on a quest this month to gather the power of the Four Earthly Elements of the tarot suits (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) and to align with the 5th Element of Spirit to create your world anew. We often think of manifesting in terms of specific things – getting a job or a home, increasing income, calling in a lover. These are small potatoes to The Magician. What you are called to manifest now is a whole paradigm of existence that allows these things to grow naturally.

What do you want to feel like? Free, satisfied, rich, happy, loved? What is the unique mix that is you? How do you want to think about yourself and your role in the world? What do you know in your gut is the most important thing to your overall feeling of accomplishment? How can all of this materialize in the three dimensional world? Got it all? Great. Now make sure that everything you have conjured up served not only you, but the whole Universe. As above, so below. Aligning with Spirit ensures that your personal mode of manifestation will be a beautiful reflection of the Divine. Be brutally honest with yourself on this. Staying on the up and up with Spirit and your Earthly neighbors ensures you will maintain support for your vision.

Your stone for June: Nuumite


King of Crystals

I have a confession, Scorpio. I have a huge crush on the King of Crystals. His Air of Earth vibes have his intellect so finely tuned to what is truly best for growing Earthly bounty that he never ever worries about being provided for. This dude has never known lack, but he has seen it and stepped up and filled the needs of others. Get into this energy by taking a step back and finding where you may be trying to force something to grow in a way that is not natural or is in conflict with its inherent strengths. This requires a very healthy dose of trust. It is so easy to fall into patterns of worry and anxiety when waiting for material abundance to grow, particulary for someone who feels as deeply as you do. Resist this urge and force yourself to be annoyingly optimistic.

What do you do when you identify where you are pushing in unfruitful places or in unproductive ways? Judging yourself for it will get you nowhere. The task is simply to identify, redirect, and repeat. A great method for this work would be to list out your Earth-bound goals (anything having to do with the material world and finances) and assess your daily patterns by whether and how effectively they are moving you closer to achieving these goals. Are you taking advantage of your body’s natural rhythms? Are your inherent strengths and gifts being cultivated and put to work to support the life you desire? To build the kingdom, first be the King.

Your stone for June: Peridot


Knight of Swords

Are you feeling good, Sagittarius? Feeling loved, feeling open? If not, dig in and get close because you have something to say this month and a need to get it out, and we want those words coming from a place of love and confidence, not fear and resentment. The Fire of Knights tends to give their energy an urgency that can be difficult to contain. This is why the Knights are so often described as havng a teenage quality to them – they remind us of the overwhelming urgency to act we felt as adolescents. This can be exhilerating or terrifying depending on where you are. Since your cards for the past few months have fallen heavily in the uplifting/opening realm, I am hoping this falls on the exhilerating side.

The need to speak your mind will be most noticable when you feel compelled to express your thoughts to others, so keep your ear tuned to messages you need to hear yourself. So often the flaws we perceive most clearly in others are smply there as mirrors to show us where we have internal work to do – either an adjustmant or acceptance of these same flaws. This is where your real work comes in this month. I want you to focus on directing all of these urgent communicatons you feel at yourself first. It’s going to seem silly and even crazy sometimes, but go with it. Take a breath, open your heart and mind, and hear what you have to say yourself before saying it out loud to others.

Your stone for June: Larmiar


Nine of Crystals

You’re on an Earthy roll, Capricorn! And after the big push of grounded planning last month, you should know just where to put the high-achieving practicality of this month’s energy. I have to admit, the Nines are my sweet spot. Reaching beyond the long-term stability of the Eights, not satisfied to be simply sustained, wanting to grow and develop further from a place of relative comfort, reaching a high level of wisdom, but still knowing there is so much left to learn. It’s a goregous energy in any suit in my book (though you wouldn’t know it from the illustrations in some decks!), but in your native element of Earth, it’s particularly lovely. You have an opportunity here to reach for the stars with your feet on the ground to create what could become a legacy.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet. The pip cards ask us to step into the daily work of the real world. So, rather than focusing on legacy, focus on what you have the power to grow right here and now. Where in your life have you reached a good level of achievement and stability? What tasks or skills are you pretty good at already? How can you make those things bigger and better? If you’re a skilled artist, try a new technique or medium, refine a process you’ve wanted to branch out into. Take a class in your field, learn something new about what you already know and do and love and succeed in. You’re ready to reach beyond what you previously thought possible.

Your stone for June: Optical Calcite


Eight of Swords

I am pleased to inform you, dear Aquarius, that this month brings you one of your very favorite passtimes: thinking about thinking. The Eight of Swords asks us to find a place of lasting stability in the realm of Air and there’s no better way to do it but to think, think about those thoughts, talk about them, and then think some more. And seeing that the one thing you can count on for the distant future is that you will be there with yourself, the best person to work this out with is you. Take as much time as you can to sit and ruminate this month, focusing on examining how patterns of thought and communication can or cannot sustain your long-term health and wellbeing.

I know it can be stressful to look this closely at your own interior dialog. Keep it light, refrain from judgment, and take breaks to go into full-on daydream mode when needed. The goal here is not to stress you out, but to get to a place where you have an internal system in place that automatically gets you back on track when you hit bumps in the mental road. This energy is about setting up your patterns in a way that serves you now and well into the future. I recently figured out I could set my online scheduling system to see my calendar and I suddenly had SO MUCH MORE SPACE in my head. That’s what I’m talking about. Bonus points if you close loops that keep you from taking risks to grow.

Your stone for June: Magnesite


Five of Swords

Ok, Pisces, I’m just going to get right into it. You’ve got a bit of work to do this month. Not in the active way that lets you see your accomplishments and feel good about being of service in the world. This is interior work. It is time to stop wondering what people think about you, or worse – assuming you know what they think and what their intentions are. Chaos in the realm of Air is familiar to all of us, but to you it can become a place of dark comfort. Break those chains that bind you, Pisces! It’s not even that you can’t know for sure what other people are thinking about you (no matter how much you wonder or even ask), it’s that it doesn’t matter.

I can feel you tensing up. Hear me out. How people treat you is the metric you want to go by. Think about it – if you have a friend who thinks you’re AMAZING, but cannot keep a date with you, you have to manage the relationship based on their behavior. You can’t keep making dinner reservations hoping that their opinion of you overrides their deficiencies in punctuality. Besides, you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to be a mind reader. All month, I want you to notice when you get caught in traps of swirling thoughts and just stop to make note of what actual evidence you have. Be Olivia Benson and Alex Cabot rolled into one – follow your gut, but make sure the evidence is there to back it up.

Your stone for June: Hematite


Serenity (The Hermit)

Dear Aries, you are kicking off the summer months in enviable fashion. You are being called to pump the breaks and take a well earned break from your drive for achievement. While this isn’t exactly your comfort zone, I think you’ll have little trouble talking yourself into it. This month, stand ready to do just that – stand ready. No need to move forward, get new clients, accomplish goals or complete tasks. With the year you’ve had, I’m guessing you have things at least adequately lined up to support your daily life, so sit back, take a deep breath, and turn inward. It’s time to do some solo exploation on your own energetic backyard.

If you’re able to actually take a little sabbatical or a vacation, that’s wonderful. But even if your work routine can’t change, you can priorotize solitary time. Be your own dream date. Take yourself to movies you want to see, explore parks you’ve never been to, go to a museum, listen to that record you used to play on repeat, reconnect with parts of yourself you haven’t hung out with in a while. The grind of modern life can run us ragged and conflicting priorities can force us to neglect aspects of ourselves and the world that were once important to us. This is a wonderful oppotunity to focus on gathering up those pieces and trying them on again to see what we want to bring forward and share with the other people in our lives. But not quite yet. This month is just for you.

Your stone for June: Peach Moonstone


Four of Crystals

I love this narrative, Taurus. Trust the timing of the Universe, trust yourself, find stability. And for you, dear Fixed Earth friend, stability in your native element is deeply comfortable and comforting. Spring may have kept you on your toes, but you’re starting summer in the energetic equivalent of lounging in a hammock in a gentle breeze. If you’ve felt uneasy or unsure about your standing in a situation, June should clear that up and have you putting stakes in the ground for the future. Trust your inner compass (well-honed by now) to tell you when and where it is safe to lay your claim. I only ask, nudge, urge you to be sure that you are thinking big and thinking scalable.

I always get the tiniest bit nervous when this card comes up. Stability in Earth is just a little too easy to lean a little too hard into. It can get sticky, stagnant even. That’s why we have the Fives to come along and shake things up. To avoid unintentionally drawing any chaos into your life, enjoy the comfort without getting too attached to the container. You are the true source of the cozy security you long for. The more secure you are in yourself, the more comfortable in your own body, the more support you will naturally draw. My greatest hope for you is that this month you turn this energy inward and get so grounded in your own physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies that you alone are the living embodiment of the Four of Crystals. Make me proud, Taurus!

Your stone for June: Rhodochrosite


The Justice card asks us to expand our views about fairness, take steps towards stillness, and strike a bigger balance that honors our place on Earth, says Melinda Lee Holm


The Page of Cups asks us to sink into our heart space, harness imaginative powers, and freshen the approach to our feelings, says Melinda Lee Holm


The High Priestess invites us to stake a claim to our personal temples by shoring up sacred boundaries, says Melinda Lee Holm


The King of Swords asks us to clarify our perceptions, embrace reality, and get ready for a communication upgrade, says Melinda Lee Holm


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numinous tarotscopes may 2018 melinda lee holm the numinous ruby warrington material girl mystical world the starchild tarot


Seven of Crystals
Happy Solar Return, dear Taurus! There is a deepening of the lessons of April in store for you this month. The Sevens bring us opportunities to overcome doubts, and in the realm of Earth that generally equates to confronting ways in which we doubt the ability of our work to bring our desired results. While last month was more around trusting timing, this month is about finding ways you can more deeply trust in yourself and your abilities. The element of Earth is your safe place, so digging deeply into finding your true power within it is essential to living a truly fulfilled life. This means trusting not only in your ability to form the world you live in, but also that you have a place in it and are a worthy and necessary part of it.

How are you holding yourself back by doubting your own Earthly abilities? Are there things you are hesitant to even try to achieve because you have failed to see the results you desired in the past? Are you pushing yourself to keep refining your skill and methodology during the time spent waiting for work completed to ripen and blossom? This month, work on being your own biggest fan. Dare to believe in yourself like you never have before. Keep moving forward with the knowledge that the work you have completed was perfect and that it is ok to move forward and keep building upon it. Every day brings a new chance to create and grow.

Your stone for May: Red Jasper


Seven of Wands
How you holding up, Gemini? I’m guessing if you were to use the vernacular of my home state of MN your answer would simply be “uff da.” Last month was A LOT. Needed, transformative, world-shifting, but probably a tad exhausting. This month is going to bring a gentler breeze to your airy shores as you dive into the task of overcoming ways in which you doubt your intuition. Elemental Fire has a strong duality in action and intuition, but based on the energy you’ve been presented with these past couple months, my hunch is that the intuitive aspect is going to be more strongly spotlighted in May. Here’s the thing – when you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you, even if it served to bring you to a better place, it can be very hard to trust what you feel in your gut is true.

This month, all month, every chance you get, allow yourself to trust your intuition in small ways. Reach out to that friend that keeps popping into your head, take the route that avoids an intersection you are inexplicably leery of, throw those leftovers out that may or may not have sat out a little too long. Build your relationship with your inner voice back up in small ways and work your way up to higher stakes stuff. Just as with relationships with others, there is no shortcut to earning trust. Sink in and do the work. You have enough trouble with decisions as it is, dear Twin Stars. You cannot afford to have your direct line to your Higher Self down for repairs for long.

Your stone for May: Lapis Lazuli


Nine of Wands
There is so much work to be done this month, Cancer! And you are well positioned and supported to complete it all. You were gifted this same energy in March and then went into a major shift and expansion in April. Now the Nine of Wands is back to show you how far you’ve come and present you with an opportunity to prove to yourself how much more you can accomplish. Think back to projects or ideas that surfaced in March. Now is the time to again push forward to see where you can take them. Whatever your work, whatever your goals, this month is your chance to double your productivity and clear out all the lingering chores taking up precious space in your brain and energetic field.

A major part of you getting all you can out of this energy is going to rest on your ability to not take things personally. As the cardinal water sign, you feel things more strongly than most and have a tendency to let your emotions lead the way when it comes to decision making. Not this month. When you feel that familiar rush of Water heightening your emotional reactions, let the Fire of the Nine of Wands turn it to steam and watch it float away – or even better, harness that Air energy to make practical assesments of the situation! Our reactions are not our reality, they are simply a way for us to cope and navigate through life. Take the reins and lead with your gut.

Your stone for May: Citrine


Two of Crystals
Dearest Leo, you are getting back to basics this month in the realm of Earth. The Twos bring us the wisdom of their suit, the promise of the possibilites held in their Element. You are being offered an invitation to reconsider what you see as possible in the material world around you, to perhaps see a new landscape unfold with the proverbial sound of two nickels rubbing together. It is time to dig down to the root and foundation of your financial plan, your physical Earth-bound framework for your life, and see whether there are places that are in need of an update or a change in direction.

I keep getting an image of a plant that is not doing as well as it seems it should be, hands digging in the dirt to uncover the roots and finding a manufactured object blocking the natural growth of the root and consequently stunting the growth of the whole plant. What unnatural barrier is interfering with the natural growth of your material abundance? Is it a physical thing, the choice of a type of bank account or corporate structure, a poorly planned work space, a simple accounting oversight? Or is it more emotional, ethereal, energetic? Is it an issue of perceived worthiness, leftover debts from past lives, or misplaced anxiety? Whatever it is, this month it is your duty to dig in to the dirt and find it. Take nothing for granted. Be ready to examine all aspects of your Earthly life to see how they support the expanive possibilites of the Two of Crystals.

Your stone for May: Quartz Crystal


Nine of Cups
Ooo la la, Virgo! It’s been a fairly work-focused year so far in pretty much every aspect of your life and now it is time for you sit back and drink in all of the lovely emotional support you’ve built up by being a wondeful friend, collaborator, co-worker, and individual (working on yourself always benefits everyone around you, after all). This month I want you to spend as much time as possible with those people that make you feel loved, secure, and seen. They are your mirrors. When you look at them and marvel at how wonderful they are, how smart and funny and talented, what incredible capacity for emotional understanding and supprt they offer, know that that is a direct releflection of you as well. Water finds its own level and this is especially true in the spiritual/energetic realm!

Your driven nature may make this actually feel like a frustrating task, to focus on emotional connection and reflection as opposed to “real” work in the areas of Earth or Air or even Fire. If that resistence comes up for you, remind yourself that this IS real work and that the element of Water is integral to the successful presentation of all of the other elements. Our emotional bodies need this attention and care to support us through the tough times and buoy our productivity. Doesn’t it always make it easier to push yourself in any type of work when you know people you respect and love care about the outcome and about your personal accomplishments?

Your stone for May: Pink Tourmaline


Five of Cups
I am going to ask you to be very kind to yourself this month, Libra. Allow plenty of time to rest, to be alone, be sure to feed yourself healthy, nousirhsing food, drink plenty of water, and get some exercise. May is bringing you a lesson in mourning. Mourning is often seen as a synonym for being sad following a loss, but that doesn’t really cover it. To mourn is to activley participate in the emotional processing of events that may cause sadness, it is an active verb, not a passive feeling. It’s time to face your feelings and to bravely step forward into the place where you can examine them, understand their origins and utility, and gather the lessons they hold to move forward.

Lean into the wisdom of the King of Cups that visited you last month. Integrating that ability to ride out rough seas of emotion will serve you well now. You don’t have to suffer. There are no extra points for unnecessary trauma or drama. This is simply a lesson in engaging with emotional rough spots in real time to fully experience life and grow and evolve with the passing of time instead of hiding from the hard parts in an effort to appear strong to yourself and others. I speak often of the profound strength inherent in vulnerability and I reiterate that for you now. Opening up to the unpleasant, the difficult, the challenging of the emotional spectrum is just as important as opening up to the positive. You’ve got this, Libra. Be kind.

Your stone for May: Chrysoprase


Six of Wands
May is bringing you a taste of victory, Scorpio! The sixes all indicate an achievement of some sort in their Element and this achievement in the realm of Fire should prove to feel very satisfying. Given your deeply intuitive emotional nature, it is likely that this will come in the form of a confirmation that your intuition about a person or situation was spot on. But why limit yourself to just one victory? Be on the lookout all month long for confirmations and celebrations great and small of your acute intuitive abilities and the fruits of your decisive actions. Let this victory inspire you to push even further and show you areas that are particularly rich for you to pursue greatness.

Seeing as this energy is coming to you hot on the heels of that Divine gift of the Ace last month, there is a great chance that some of your celebration will be around affirmation that you have used that gift wisely. Pay special attention to any messages around what you started forming last month. The places where you do not receive affirmation are just as important to note as those where you do. To NOTE. Take it as information, not judgment. Not every idea lands. Be careful not to get bogged down by despair or disappointment over a lack of energy around ideas or projects you considered your favorites. Keep the energy flowing to where it is most useful and keep your eyes on the prizes that manifest with the most grace and ease.

Your stone for May: Pyrite


Ten of Cups
Oh you are on quite an enviable roll, Sagittarius! You’ve had some major blessings in energetic/spiritual expansion the past couple months and now you are able to ground all of that personal growth and Divine connection into your daily emotional life. By now you should be pretty open to trusting in the Universe and now you can trust in your fellow humans. Look to those closest to you to show you how grand true love can be. I am not just talking about romantic love, though that is a good possibility. I am talking about a depth of mutual admiration and adoration that lifts everyone up together, people inspiring each other to be greater together than they could be alone. Love of family, community, in the full expansive definition of both of those words.

The Ten is the inhale to the Ace’s exhale. When we are graced with the broad support of the Ten, it becomes our duty to look ahead and begin to prepare to do our part to pay it forward by pushing that energy back out as a gift to others in collaboration with the Divine. So as you drink in this beautiful emotional fulfillment, be on the lookout for ways that you can inspire others to recognize and accept the pure gift of Water the Universe provides. Practice random acts of kindness. Be a leader in love and radical acceptance. This would be an excellent time to volunteer your time to help someone in need, whether caring for a family member, mentoring a child, or cooking at a shelter.

Your stone for May: Emerald


Queen of Crystals
Ok, Capricorn, the riches of big archetypal feminine energy that has been flowing your way all year honestly has me a bit envious. Between The Moon, The High Priestess, and now your second Queen in two months, I daresay you may be on your way to becoming a bonefide master of the vast power of receptivity. And now this month brings that energy to you in your home element of Earth. Queens represent the Water of their suit, they have a gravity and a determination to them, and in the realm of Earth they have a profound ability to inspire dedication to creative projects. What is the Water of Earth, after all, but the clay we were all formed from according to folklore from cultures and religions all over the world?

What will you form this month, Capricorn? What will you give shape to with your bare hands and build lovingly from the ground up? I bet you could find some clues in all that communicating you did last month. These energies follow one another for a reason. What we build almost always takes form first in our thoughts and then our words as we turn them over and hold them in our mouths to see how they feel. You now have beutiful support to bring those thoughts and words down into the physical world. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be building a physical object. Bulding a business or reforming how your home is organized would be in line with this energy as well. Find what is in alignment with you and set aside the time needed to do it right.

Your stone for May: Garnet


Queen of Wands
This month will show you just how much you learned from watching all that chaos unfold last month, Aquarius. And in case there was any confusion in the matter, it was A LOT as evidenced by your jump from the five to the Queen in the suit of Wands. Your intuition is sharp now as is your ability to act when action is called for and opportunities to use both will be in abundance all month long. You are naturally a dreamer, happy thinking through fantasy scenarios over and over until you fall into a decision, but now you will effortlessly intuit the answers and choices that will best serve your Highest Good and find yourself ready to execute on them immediately.

Since this is somewhat foreign territory for you, be sure to give yourself the best possible base to work from. Get enough sleep, make a schedule and stick to it, keep your home and workspace clear of clutter – everything you can do to remove distractions that could keep you from tapping into the inner voice yearning to guide you. Take time to reflect on chaotic events and situations April presented to you and how they looked and felt before, during and after they occurred. You can use that information to tune your intuition in to the signals you need to pick up.

Your stone for May: Sodalite


Transformation (Death)
Ooo, Pisces, you’re not done with April’s lesson of release quite yet! Last month was just a warmup for the main event. A much-needed warmup. Now that you’ve had some experience in purposeful, directed, mindful release of things that no longer work for you, it’s time to dig deeper. Way deeper. Ever thought about having a past life regression? This would be a great time for that. That’s how deep I’m talking – across time and space deep. This isn’t how I usually frame the energy of the Death card, but this isn’t a usual situation! When cards come in a certain order there is often a very clear shift or amplification in the energy. And then on top of it, you are the sign I can most count on to be VERY cozy way out in esoteric waters.

What are some other ways you can dig in to this expansive clearing? If you are unable (or unwilling, which is totally fair) to go in for past life regression or head out to a ten day silent vipassana retreat, you can still get the full benefit of this energy by staying alert to it and calling it in. Light a black clearing candle on the Full Moon, cook with sesame oil, spend more time than you normally would alone in reflection, and always always ALWAYS be taking note of what is enhancing your life and what is not. Be brutally honest with yourself. The likelihood that the things you need to release are originating from within is high.

Your stone for May: Charoite


King of Swords
Your Cardinal Fire directness will get a boost this month, Aries, with powerful Air energy lighting up your ability to think and communicate quickly and easily. Kings represent the Air of their suit, so we get a double dose of it here in the suit of Swords. If there’s a problem you’ve been trying to solve or an issue you’ve been struggling to communicate, you can clear it up this month. Your ability to sharpen your thoughts and articulate them outwardly will be enviable, just be careful that sharpness doesn’t extend to your tongue. Sometimes this energy can manifest in a directness that can be off-putting for some and get in the way of your true message. Consider the situation, modify language and delivery to the needs of the recipent, and reasses frequently. You’ll be able to do this at lightning speed, so don’t worry you’ll slow yourself down in the process.

I highly encourage you to do a LOT of journaling this month. When you have this level of Air energy on your side, you want to take full advantage. There may be things you need to communicate to yourself that you won’t have time to reflect on until later, so get everything out and down on paper that you possibly can. With your Solar Return still looming large in the rearview mirror and a fresh take on what’s most important on your hands, this is a wonderful opportunity to download information from your Highest Self that can help you set the agenda for the entire year to come.

Your stone for May: Fluorite



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