In keeping with the vibes of Virgo season, Meghan Wallace James’ guide to Lunar Feng Shui reveals how powerful intention setting starts at home …

meghan wallace james ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world lunar feng shui moon cycle feng shui moon club
Photo: Jacob Dowis

The New Moon offers us the chance to use darkness to initiate insightful alignment in both our inner and outer worlds (especially true during Virgo Season, the zodiac’s queen of divine detail!)

Let’s start by bringing back the concept of boudoir—a French term that includes the master bedroom, closet, and bathroom, and designed for deep withdrawal and privacy. For this lunar cycle, we’ll start with the master bathroom. In its most romanticized context, a bathroom is a place to leisurely commune with Higher Self: a space to practice self care while contemplating the mysteries of The Universe …

Follow the steps below for each moon phase and sync your space with the cosmos! And if you want more time to prepare, you can plan to begin your Lunar Feng Shui experiment with the October 8 Libra New Moon …


// NEW MOON// Embrace the mess & purge the past. 
1// During the New Moon phase, sit in quiet contemplation in the heart center of your boudoir. Feel into this space and internally inquire: How would an infusion of elegant minimalism and cleanliness bolster my energy? How would a streamlined bathroom positively influence my energetic imprint within my home and beyond?How does the lunar cycle provide an inherent rhythm to a beautifully powerful reset? Answers will come. Give gratitude. Then, in the name of Beauty, enter your bathroom…

2// Turn on the lights, and your ‘energy detective’ eyes. What do you see? Which metaphors are visible? Embrace the mess – yes, your mess. In divine right timing, dedicate the time to move out of your bathroom before moving back into your bathroom. Take an old sheet and lay it in the hallway to protect the floor. Empty everything out of the bathroom, placing all toiletries, cosmetics, towels, you name it, on the sheet. Allow the sheer bulk to resonate.  Your bathroom was holding all this energy for you. Energy that is likely somewhat damp, moldy, grungy, or expired.  “Thank you dear bathroom.”

3// Now it is time to deep clean. Even if you are blessed with a cleaning service, today this is your job. Play chants, or eclectic world music to lift the stagnation from every nook and cranny. Scrub: scrub the sink, scrub the shower, scrub the bath, scrub the toilet. Clean inside the medicine cabinet and any drawers. Get on your hands and knees and do not miss a spot. Here’s the kicker: you are not just cleaning your space, you are cleaning your subconscious as well. So, clean until it becomes a graceful moving meditation. When you are done, open the window(s) and apply smoke medicine: Smudge your bathroom. Smudge your body. Heck, smudge your whole home.

4// Next, head back to the sheet holding all of your items. Let go of what no longer serves you, no longer captivates you. If you would not use the product on or in your body, rinse and recycle the container.  If something carries a negative emotional trigger – no matter what you paid for it, or who gave it to you – donate it. Keep the toilet brush and plunger out of your bathroom; these are unsightly, unsanitary and should live with the other cleaning supplies in your home, for like items prefer to live together.

5// Wipe down your remaining products. Wash the towels in a hot water cycle, take the hair out of your hairbrush, wash the cup holding your toothbrush, rinse the trash can, rinse and fill the soap dispenser … you get the idea. Place what remains back into your bathroom, with thoughtful consideration of your self care routine. Perhaps a fresh placement makes more sense? Remember, like items do best together. Aim to cultivate some empty space, which is a place for fresh energy to land, particularly if you are calling in Love & Abundance.

6// Finish with a shower, and then ideally an Epsom salt soak. You will sleep well tonight and likely have vivid dreams. Keep a notepad and pen on your bedside table, to capture any downloaded jewels.


// WAXING MOON// Get ready for an upgrade 
Whew, with your bathroom purged, cleaned and realigned, what special touches could you now add? What ‘daily gems’ could be upgraded? ‘Daily gems’ are the household items we interact with on an everyday basis – the pretty hand towels and dry brushes of the world. They should inspire and uplift us, subliminally reinforcing: “I have a beautiful home; ease and grace surround me.” Easy, affordable upgrades in your bathroom can make a huge impact on your mood, such as a new shower curtain, a vibrant bathmat, or a bud vase with a single clipping from your yard.

Please do not overlook your cosmetics kit. Consider fewer products, all natural and high quality. Consider a signature scent for the upcoming crispness of Fall. Consider a new candle, to add a fire element to a very watery part of your home.

grace madeline meghan wallace james ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world lunar feng shui moon cycle feng shui moon club
Photo: Grace Madeline


// FULL MOON// Celebrate the spatial shift 
This is the easy part: revel in the Oasis you have created. Reflect on your morning and evening beauty routines … do they feel more luxurious? Has anything shifted in your life since revamping your bathroom? Do you feel lighter and brighter perhaps? Hopefully you find yourself lounging in your tub even longer, dropping in some essential oils, lighting your new candle and using this time for decadent insight.  Marvelous ideas are birthed when we are inspired by what we see and sense.


// WANING MOON// Revise & refine
You are sensing the correlation between visual metaphor and lived experience. With that in mind, is there another layer of purging that could happen? Do you truly need seventeen face creams? Do you really require that storage unit, adding bulk and taking up precious floor space? Make one final pass of your bathroom before moving onto a new spatial aspect of your Boudoir, or your home at large, with the next New Moon. Just wait and see… This work is addictive and effective. Your home will soon be completely activated and in tune with Luna!

**BONUS: Where does your boudoir fall on The Bagua? Use the chart below to discover! A Bagua is a Westernized Feng Shui energy map of a space, using the front door as a point of orientation, dividing the area into nine equal sized zones – or ‘guas’. Each gua has a name and energetic correlation, material element, color family, as well as a variety of other associations. … 

meghan wallace james ruby warrington the numinous lunar feng shui moon cycle feng shui moon club
Graphic: Meghan Wallace James & Sam Haskins

Meghan Wallace Jamesis a mother, manufacturing engineer, Parsons-trained fashion designer, stylist, and healer – bringing it all together with her bicoastal Modern Feng Shui Consultancy. Meghan is honored to offer The Numinous readers a 10% discount with code NUMINOUS, for this lunar cycle ending October 7, 2018. Ready to Begin Again? Connect with her at and follow her on Instagram.


As practical earth energy meets deep emotional waters, the 2018 Pisces Full Moon invites us to let intuitive waves wash us onto solid, new shores, says Sandy Sitron

2018 Pisces Full Moon The Numinous Sandy Sitron ocean merman
Photo: Levi Guzman

Full Moon // August 26, 2018 // 7:56am EDT // 3 degrees Pisces

When a tidal wave washes onto the shore, it changes the landscape. Seashells and debris from the ocean floor are deposited, while the old familiar spaces are rearranged. Boundaries between land and water blur.

On Sunday, August 26th, the watery 2018 Pisces Full Moon strikes a pose opposite to the Sun in earthy Virgo. Earth and water meet. The result offers a choice.

Do we float out into the emotional stratosphere and avoid reality? Conversely, do we get so caught up in our practical needs and mundane existence that we repress our feelings—viewing them as only a hindrance to productivity? Or do we build our earthly lives in alignment with our feelings and intuition?

A Full Moon is an opposition. Two opposite signs are illuminated—Virgo, representing compartmentalizing and organizing, and Pisces, showing us how to dissolve the boundaries.

During Virgo season we have an opportunity to solidify our earthly base. To get grounded. Organize, cleanup, structure, and rearrange. We can streamline and refine our workflows. We are called to take care of our bodies, to connect with nature, and to appreciate the moment. We make ourselves of service. We get to work. We focus on the task at hand.

And yet this weekend there is an offer on the table. An invite has landed on your doorstep to take a ride on a tidal wave.

If you accept, you’ll have to let go and surrender to emotion, while trusting somewhere in the back of your mind that your Virgoan preparation has created a solid enough container for you to completely let go.

Taking an emotional journey can at moments feel like you are being tumbled under water. But maybe you can catch the wave just right and crest high above the horizon line like a surfer. The emotional wave can bring freedom. A new intuitive perspective is available. When we are guided by our intuition, we can break into surprising new territory. The grind begins to feel like flow. 

However, it can be hard to go with the current if we feel inherently unsteady. While drifting in the Pisces sea of feeling, Virgo energy can help us stay rooted in the moment. The key is to stay attuned to the body. Pay attention to your physicality and your breath. Meditation is the ultimate tool for at this 2018 Pisces Full Moon. Through attention to the micro (breath and body) the part of you that is pure consciousness can flow into the macro Piscean realm of heightened awareness. 

There’s a lot of momentum to this Moon, as it forms a kite with the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn. The energy of a kite takes the solid base of the current earth grand trine (Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, all at 2 degrees on 8/26) and pushes it into flight. The push is toward emotion and intuition. What have you been building? What are you refining? And now, how do you want it to feel?

This momentum can help us build lives that are fully in alignment with our feelings and intuition. Our empathetic understanding of ourselves as part of something greater. It doesn’t have to happen fast. Nature moves slow. But we can use the energy of this Full Moon to tune into our feelings.

What path will your intuition light up for you? Open yourself to the waves to find out … 


Full Moon in a kite formation with the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn
Walking along a snowy mountain path, close to the edge.
You are going somewhere. The outlines of the journey aren’t crystal clear. There are moments when it’s hard to see the exact path, but you are still climbing. If you can look up, past trepidation, you might catch quite a view. Spiritual perspective is available, so nudge yourself toward it.

This perspective might filter in through fantasy and dreams. Ideas could drop in while you’re taking a shower or walking the dog. Let yourself be surprised. Because of Uranus’ influence, the path might take surprising turns. If you follow it without compulsively reaching for the map, you’ll open up space for creativity and change. 

Saturn’s appearance in the kite formation is represented by the mountain. You’ve been building something all along. Yes, there are surprises and changes because of Uranus. But you are working with a solid base. The mountain is there. All you have to do is climb and trust your path. 


Full Moons are a time to gather. Use the below conversation-starters to help you journey deeper into the 2018 Pisces Full Moon together. Look for the house containing 3 degrees Pisces in your chart for the most accurate insights. Don’t know your chart? You can enter your birth details HERE to calculate it for free.

Aries // Aries Rising // Full Moon in the 12th house
“My last vivid dream was telling me …”

Taurus // Taurus Rising // Full Moon in the 11th house 
“The thing that excites me most about my future is …”

Gemini // Gemini Rising // Full Moon in the 10th house 
“I feel so proud of myself for …”

Cancer // Cancer Rising // Full Moon in the 9th house
“The teacher who has had the greatest influence on me lately is …”

Leo // Leo Rising // Full Moon in the 8th house
“The boundary that will allow me to let go fully is …”

Virgo // Virgo Rising // Full Moon in the 7th house
“I feel compassion in relationships when I …”

Libra // Libra Rising // Full Moon in the 6th house
“I am streamlining my life by …”

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising // Full Moon in the 5th house
“Being seen feels good because …”

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising // Full Moon in the 4th house
“The self-care practice that makes me feel safe is …”

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising // Full Moon in the 3rd house
“I am having lots of ideas about …”

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising // Full Moon in the 2nd house
“The craving I am ready to satisfy is …”

Pisces // Pisces Rising // Full Moon in the 1st
“Putting myself first would mean …”


The 2018 Capricorn Full Moon wants us to examine the containers we’re creating, and question which boundaries liberate us and which merely lock us down, says Sandy Sitron …

sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 capricorn full moon
Photo: Ian Dooley

Full Moon :: June 28 2018 :: 12:54 am ET :: 6 degrees Capricorn

Turning a key in a well-oiled padlock. You push the metal bars of the gate open. You’ve got the key. You’re in control.

But what is this gate?

Are you keeping yourself locked away in your own cell? Or is this gate a boundary that makes life more manageable? 

On this Full Moon, be very aware of the structures and boundaries in your life. A boundary can be a friend that helps keep you safe and get you what you need. There is also the potential that you could lock yourself into a lonely cell of isolation. Don’t wall yourself off. Instead, choose gates and boundaries that support you. 

A well-placed boundary can help you conserve your energy. Makes it easy to be clear about each “yes” or “no.” A healthy boundary teaches other people how to treat you, so that you nurture your important relationships and help them become more functional.

An unconscious boundary can form a block that results in isolation or loneliness. 

The trick at this Full Moon is to build supportive structures that serve you, while being careful not to fall into despair. Honor yourself and your emotions. There is a strained energy to this Moon. Anything that comes up now is an opportunity to build a new plan. Create a better boundary or structure for the future.

The Moon is full and it lights up everything that needs to be seen. Choose to see yourself. Gaze objectively at the systems and patterns of your life. 

Capricorn energy lets you access a more objective viewpoint. At the same time, the Sun in Cancer opens your heart to nurturance and empathy. Don’t let your objectivity override empathy (or vice versa). Use the Capricorn gift of objectivity and the Cancer gift of empathy together. This will allow you to nurture yourself, your relationships, and your dreams.

In challenging moments, what practices and boundaries do you hope to remember? Maybe you’ve already found tools to work with your emotions. That could be as simple as taking a few deep breaths or stepping away for a moment.

Remind yourself that you have structure, a plan, and resources. Consider how you want to respond when your emotions run high. This is when you can be logical, but you needn’t be cold. Edge yourself toward objectivity.

Find the right balance between cool detachment and warm nurturance. Both are helpful in their own way.


Moon conjunct Saturn 
Holding up a trophy.
Goals. Achievements. Get in touch with them. Where do you want to go? There’s some challenging energy to this Moon. It’s easy to look at the glass as half full. Turn it upside down and use this energy to plan out your win. Begin by giving yourself the structure you need to succeed.

What is your relationship with structure? Did you have too much structure in your life when you were a kid? Not enough? Just the right amount? Are you able to give yourself the structure that you need now to meet your goals and achieve? Envision and plan the life that you want to live.


Moon trine Uranus
Dancing in the rainstorm. 
This aspect offers a glimmer of surprise. Maybe you’ll totally let loose and dance in the rain. Maybe you’ll discover a new way that you want to respond. Innovate. Shock yourself into a fresh pattern. There is so much creativity available to you now. Harness it. Innovation can set you free.


The below journal prompts are designed to help you dive deeper into the energy of the Capricorn Full Moon. For the most accurate insight, find the reading for the House that holds 6 degrees Capricorn in your birth chart. Don’t have that info? Do you chart for free HERE.

Aries // 10th house
List your priorities when it come to your work or vocation. Be honest. What REALLY matters to you?

Taurus // 9th house
Pick a book at random from your shelf and journal on the title.

Gemini // 8th house
Write out 5 ways you have been leaking your power and how you can claim it back.

Cancer // 7th house
Write a letter to your dream partner thanking them for the ways they support you.

Leo // 6th house
List out all the things you need in place to be able to do your best work in the world.

Virgo // 5th house
In the voice of your inner child, write a list of the things that make you feel seen.

Libra // 4th house
Write an imaginary brief for the decorator creating your dream home.

Scorpio // 3rd house
List three things you are curious about and how you can learn more about them.

Sagittarius // 2nd house
Write down 10 things you value about yourself and your body.

Capricorn // 1st house
Write an imaginary news story about your biggest achievement.

Aquarius // 12th house
Journal about the last thing that made you cry, and all the reasons why.

Pisces // 11th house
List the people you would have working on your dream team—dead or alive!


The 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon is a powerful invitation to stand in truth, while remaining open to challenge our patterns. Define your mission statement and celebrate a brand new point of view, says Sandy Sitron

ruby warrington sandy sitron sandra sitron the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 sagittarius full moon
Photo: Samantha Sophia

Full Moon :: May 29 2018 :: 10:20 am EDT :: 8 degrees Sagittarius

The archer locks in on the target. The alignment of her body determines the trajectory of the arrow. Note—there must be alignment and there must be a target.

A Full Moon pulls back the bowstring into a state of tension just before the release of the arrow. There is a heightened build-up of energy.

This 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon is opposite the Gemini Sun. With Gemini we weave together our thoughts and perceptions. And with Sagittarius, we form the beliefs that are the result of these repeated thoughts and perceptions. One cannot exist without the other.

Remember the archer bringing her body into alignment? This is the Gemini side of things. This is where you examine the mental patterns that make up the foundation of your beliefs.

The target is where Sagittarius comes in. The goal. The philosophical mark you are shooting for. Your higher thought process. Your mission statement. Your truth. And the freedom to aim for that truth.

The purpose of the 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon is to help you understand not only how to drive your energy forward, but where to direct it. What is your truth? What do you believe? What makes you feel passion and purpose?

If these questions feel overwhelming for you, now is your time to find a new approach. The key to your new approach is to examine your form and bow, aka your self-worth. How’s your posture? Is there a flaw in the bow? Do you believe that you are enough? Do you know that you are already whole?

The message is to find a way to become more grounded and less self-critical. To become active and not get stalled in self-flagellating

If you feel overwhelmed, define a small and simple task you can dedicate yourself to. If you feel angry, assert a boundary. If you are frustrated, talk about it. Talk with someone who can hear you and reflect back how you are feeling without trying to fix anything. If you feel stuck, find something to celebrate.

Change the pattern. 

At this 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon, there might be something that you need to fight for. With contacts between this Moon, Mars, and Saturn, asserting yourself and firming your foundation are key. Yet a serene grand trine between Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, is also a soothing balm if you find yourself needing to be right at all costs.

Imagine the Sag Full Moon as a dial. On one side of the dial are the words “I Need to Be Right.” On the other side is “My Truth, Our Truth.” Tune the dial. Notice when you are more on the belligerent side of things—“I need to be right.” Dial yourself over to the side of things where your truth exists alongside the truths of other people—unique, necessary, powerful, but not zealous.

As you lock into the higher vibration of the dial, this receptive and expansive frequency will help you transcend fear …


Full Moon semi-sextile Saturn
First you throw the stones, then you build a tiny castle.

You could use this energy to throw stones at yourself or others. You could look for all of the things that are “wrong.” Or you could get super honest with yourself and determine where you need to show up. We can all take more responsibility without compromising our integrity. This aspect reminds you to do the work.


Full Moon sextile Mars
A bugle plays in a marching band.

Action will remind you that there is hope. Take action first. It will help you sift through the thoughts. You can be your own bugle player, encouraging yourself to wake up and get in the game. Give yourself a call to action. We can’t deny that there is fight in this Full Moon.


The below conversation starters for each sign are designed to help you dive deeper into the energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon. Gather with a trusted friend or friends, and each take turns using the sentences below to begin to share an experience that is currently front and center for you. Allow each person to speak without interruption, questioning the speaker further after each share to get deeper into the heart of the matter.

For the most accurate insight, find the sentence for the House that holds 8 degrees Sagittarius in each of your birth charts. Don’t have that info? Do you chart for free HERE.

Aries // 9th house
“The teaching that’s had the most impact on my worldview lately is …”

Taurus // 8th house
“I close myself off to intimacy by …”

Gemini // 7th house
“The relationship that currently feels the most supportive to me is …”

Cancer // 6th house
“I feel healthiest in my mind and body when I …”

Leo // 5th house
“The creative project I am ready to begin birthing is …”

Virgo // 4th house
“I am learning to take better care of myself by …”

Libra // 3th house
“The most interesting thing I read about this week was …”

Scorpio // 2nd house 
“Beyond financial rewards, I feel most valued in the world when I …”

Sagittarius // 1st house 
“I feel most confident expressing myself when I …”

Capricorn // 12th house 
“The part of my life I am most ready to focus on healing is …”

Aquarius // 11th house 
“My vision for myself five years from now is …”

Pisces // 10th house 
“The career goal I am setting for myself is …”

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The 2018 Scorpio Full Moon is priming us to dig deep into our process, slough off the old, and imagine a re-birth, says Sandy Sitron

2018 Scorpio Full Moon The Numinouc Sandy Sitron

Full Moon :: April 29th 2018 :: 8:59 pm EDT :: 9 degrees Scorpio

A branch scrapes against a window. Long twigs and budding leaves comb the air. The tree reaches through space to get your attention.

Come out and play. Leave the world that is safe and predictable and go out into the dark night, the tree says. Out here there is a hint of magic in the air and an opportunity for connection.

Embrace a world that is more raw and more real. Dance naked around the tree in the gentle rain. Feel alive.

On Sunday at 8:59pm EDT we are lit up by a Full Moon in Scorpio, opposite the Taurus sun. This Moon in Scorpio is helping you understand your true power. Power that is built like a tree. Rooted. Grounded. Ancient. Naked. Regenerating year after year.

To encounter this raw, rooted power it is necessary to venture toward the unknown. Be brave enough to get vulnerable.

What is vulnerability and why is it so important? Dr. Brené Brown defines vulnerability as, “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure” and she says that “vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy courage, empathy and creativity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper or meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”

When I think of vulnerability, I think of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that yearns to merge with another person emotionally, sexually and spiritually. To truly connect with another person is often scary. So the less mature Scorpio tries to control the experience. However, the fully realized side of Scorpio urges you to build trust, and then challenge the knee-jerk reaction to try to stay in control. If you feel safe enough to do so, you can open up vulnerably so that you experience true connection.

The 2018 Scorpio Full Moon is the perfect time to stretch your tree branches to new levels of vulnerability. Go out into the dark of night and play. Scorpio urges you to merge and Taurus, the sign of self-worth and value, urges you to know your own strength. To be vulnerable you need to believe in your self-worth. As the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus face off, this is a chance to get clear about your self-worth and stability so that you can let yourself be vulnerable. Be naked. Be real. Put in the effort to build trust with another person that you can share. And from there you experience true connection, transformation and healing.

Part of your power at this 2018 Scorpio Full Moon comes from letting the old patterns fall away to make room for new growth. This is about letting go on every level. Letting go of control and letting go of old patterns. Scorpio rules the life cycle. Transforming from birth to procreation to death to rebirth. Be brave enough to evaluate that which is no longer serving you and shed. Release.

Does the tree grieve when it loses it’s leaves? Does the tree understand that they will come back? Maybe the tree can feel the promise of new growth even as the old is dying away.

Help your systems refresh at this time. This Moon is high energy as all Full Moons are. Make space and time for getting grounded. Connect with your senses so that you feel present in your body and in the moment.

A watery 2018 Scorpio Full Moon can bring on the feelings! If you are feeling heightened emotions be brave enough to lean toward the shadow. Look at the feelings that you might try to avoid. Feel them fully so that they can slough off like dead leaves when the time is right. New growth is blossoming already.


Full Moon sextile Saturn
Nailing down a board.

This Full Moon is propped up by a force of stability. Saturn is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun. These aspects say, if you’re willing to do the work, you can build anything you want. It should be as simple as an inhale. This moon can deliver the outline of your next steps. Use your energy in ways that are practical, yet deeply meaningful.


Full Moon conjunct Jupiter
A fireworks display

This is big expansive energy. Show up for yourself. Give yourself a lot of love. This Full Moon will help healing happen at a faster rate. If you invigorate this energy by thinking positively and celebrating your accomplishments, fireworks will explode all around you. Sometimes, this kind expansion can be uncomfortable, a little bit like growing pains. Lean into it and see where it takes you.


Full Moon trine Neptune
Bunnies with cotton puff tails.

Where do they go when they disappear from sight? There’s a hint of magic in the air. A possibility of getting swept off into another dimension. Like Alice you can get curiouser and curiouser. Follow the white rabbit all the way down and connect with yourself in a new way.

The energy that is building up with this Full Moon helps you feel stabilized enough to be vulnerable, so that you can expand into healing. With a soothing trine to dreamy Neptune, you can do all of this while connecting to your heightened intuition. This Moon offers you an opportunity to see the world in a more magical way and maybe even dream of impossible things.


The below study questions are designed to help you dive deeper into the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon. For the most accurate insight ready for the House that holds 9 degrees Scorpio in your birth chart. Don’t have that info? Do you chart for free HERE.

Aries // 8th House
What old pattern or belief are you ready to let go of?

Taurus // 7th House
How can you safely bare your soul in an important partnership?

Gemini // 6th House
What are you ready to refine in your daily habits?

Cancer // 5th House
When you feel happy, what can you do to feel the positive feelings fully?

Leo // 4th House
How is your home a reflection of your well-being?

Virgo // 3rd House
What are you yearning to learn?

Libra // 2nd House
When will you let yourself feel rooted?

Scorpio // 1st House
What would help you trust in the process of transformation?

Sagittarius // 12th House
When do you get dreamtime and alone time?

Capricorn // 11th House
What friendships need to be invigorated?

Aquarius // 10th House
What are your goals for your sacred vocation?

Pisces // 9th House
What inspires you and keeps you thinking positively?

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The 2018 Libra Full Moon asks us to reframe our storylines, look for creative solutions, and lovingly partner with others so we can really start fresh, says Sandy Sitron

caique silva sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 libra full moon moon club astrology
Photo: Caique Silva

Full Moon :: March 31 2018 :: 8:37 am ET :: 10 degrees Libra

A bowling ball crushes down the lane and makes contact. The pins teeter back and forth before falling.

Although Libra is the sign of balance, this Full Moon may be the bowling ball hitting the pins. Sometimes, you have to shake things up in order to find a better equilibrium.

We think of balance as quiet steadiness. But in fact, balance is in constant motion. It requires activated muscles to hold steady in a tree pose. You must constantly adjust the steering wheel to keep a car on the road.

This Full Moon forms a T-square to the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Aries, and Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. This is a force of tension that requires creative solutions. It’s highly motivating energy and, in the cardinal signs, this is the modality of new beginnings.

We are starting fresh, but we have to work with tension so that we can make it happen.

The Aries—Libra axis is about relationships. Who am I in relation to you? How do I take care of myself? How do I honor you in the process? The puzzle is to take others into account without becoming overly concerned about what other people think.

Get clear about what you need. But become curious about another person’s feelings and needs. Find a way to compromise. Air it out. Talk it through. Challenge yourself to be objective and fair.

The only cardinal sign that’s not activated in this T-square is Cancer. Nurturance is the antidote. Look at what you are criticizing about yourself and others. Can you infuse more gentleness?  Can you love up on yourself?

With Mercury in retrograde, review the past and come up with better solutions. Seek out reconciliation. Find ways to reframe what’s going on

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Full Moon opposite Mercury
The butterfly balances in the wind. 
While this moon may feel like a problem that needs to be solved, approach it like a butterfly. The butterfly doesn’t grip too tightly. The butterfly has already gone through the painful shock of transformation and has made it to the other side. She understands the full spectrum of possibility. She has walked with many legs on land, and now she can fly. You can cultivate this level of objectivity and awareness and it will help you understand yourself and others.


Full Moon square Saturn and Mars
Surveying a wall. 
The T-square to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn is the most challenging part of this picture. Mars conjunct Saturn is currently asking us to find a better way. Do it fast and do it now. There’s not a lot of wiggle room here as we try to build a better structure that really works, without coming up against a wall.

This Moon is clueing you into patterns that have been tense for some time and urging you to find creative resolution. Think about an area of your life where you have felt stuck. Can you get support in this area? Is there more space, more time, or attention that you can apply here? You have to initiate a new pattern.

Collectively, this moon asks us to find a way through that works for everyone. We can take leadership roles while also being gracious and diplomatic. These cardinal energies are asking us to start something new, but we are still working with the structures of the past. Create change within the system.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2018 Libra Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 10 degrees Libra in your chart and use the question for that house.

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Aries or Full Moon in the 7th house
What would help a relationship you’re in to feel balanced?

Taurus or Full Moon in the 6th house 
What is something simple that would feel like self-care?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 5th house 
How would playfulness help you?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 4th house
What feeling needs to be expressed?

Leo or Full Moon in the 3rd house 
What do you need to communicate?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 2nd house
How can you feel more secure?

Libra or Full Moon in the 1st house 
How will balance change the way you think about yourself?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 12th house 
What do you need to see that you’re not seeing?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 11th house
What can your friendships offer you now?

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 10th house 
What can you tell yourself to help you trust in your own success?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 9th house 
What’s the most optimistic way to describe what’s happening now?

Pisces or Full Moon in the 8th house
What is ready to be released?

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Amidst the current Pisces planetary dream sea, the 2018 Virgo Full Moon cuts through the water and asks us to wake up to the practical supports in our lives. Build it better and you’ll be able to truly float, says Sandra Sitron

tiki giorgadze ruby warrington sandra sitron sandy sitron the numinous 2018 virgo full moon material girl mystical world
Photo: Tiko Giorgadze

Full Moon :: March 1 2018 :: 7:52 pm ET :: 11 degrees Virgo

Sliding gleefully down a waterslide. Full immersion when you reach the bottom. Once there, time stops. You sink and you soak. When you emerge you are exhilarated and joyful. You’ve taken the plunge. You have arrived and you are reconnected.

The watery plunge is a Pisces story of moving deep into a well of spiritual truth and self-discovery. It’s important to remember that none of it would be possible without the Virgo part of the symbol—the slide itself. 

Virgo is in charge of the mundane, every-day aspects of life that allow us to be of service to ourselves and others. Pisces is what happens when we expand beyond the earth realm and dissolve into our psychic sensitivity, intuition, emotions and imagination.

To build a slide for yourself, you have to pay attention to the details. You have to stand with both feet on the ground and decide step-by-step what you are willing to accomplish. If you are going to step up to the Virgo challenge, you create healthy habits that will propel you along with a force as strong as gravity.

If you don’t do these things, the structure will fall apart and you won’t get to ascend. You won’t get to plunge and dissolve. You won’t transcend.

Energy runs high and big on a Full Moon and it’s easy to get ahead of yourself with overreactions, big emotions and powerful expression. But this Virgo Moon urges you to go small. Go in. Go for the detailed look. Survey your craftsmanship. Have you been attending to your vessel? Are your calculations working? Are you maintaining the daily structure?

With a mashup of planets Pisces planets currently murmuring a lullaby that soothes us into a technicolor dream scene, it’s hard to get your feet on the ground. Yet this Full Moon cuts in like a quick plunge into cold water. She shakes you awake and says, attend! Attend to the mechanics in your life that support you. Do it so that you can go even deeper into your reverie, because you will emerge assured that your spiritual journey serves on an earthly level.

If you are attending to these supports, then this Moon invites you to take a ride on the Pisces exhale. Use your physical earth-world alignment to propel you into a Piscean sea of soul-truth.


Full Moon and a stellium of Pisces planets in a T-square with Mars
Sanding down a table.
You get an opportunity to mobilize yourself for some kind of improvement project. Put your effort in, but don’t expect the path to the finish line to be straight and easy. You may meander. You may make some progress and then take a step back to reassess. Keep plugging away.

Notice the moments when you’re working and your mind wanders. Hands busy, mind free to travel. There may be a special insight that comes through in these moments. Open your mind up to receiving new answers, but don’t just sit around and wait for them to float in. Keep busy and move yourself toward expansion.


Full Moon trine Saturn
Standing on a block of wood, waiting for your award.
You have worked to get where you are. Let the accolades come in. Can you receive an award if you aren’t present for the experience? You have to accept that you have done something deserving. You have to convince that voice in your head that you are worthy. The good news is that this should feel easy to do right now. Soak it all in. On some level, you have been learning lessons and applying them. Even if everything isn’t Virgo-standard perfect, applaud yourself for lessons learned and accept the rewards that are being delivered.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2018 Virgo Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 11 degrees Virgo in your chart and use the question for that house.

New to your birth chart? Calculate your chart for free HERE

Aries or Full Moon in the 6th house 
What area of your life needs a detailed overhaul?

Taurus or Full Moon in the 5th house 
How can you revel in your senses today?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 4th house 
What lesson does your past have to teach you?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 3rd house 
What do you need to communicate more clearly?

Leo or Full Moon in the 2nd house 
Where does true security come from?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 1st house 
What can you attend to that will help you feel the most like yourself?

Libra or Full Moon in the 12th house
What would Love have you believe?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 11th house 
What helps you feel connected to your friends?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 10th house 
What’s your plan to reach your goals? Write it down.

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 9th house 
How do you need to be inspired right now?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 8th house 
What are you ready to shed?

Pisces or Full Moon in the 7th house 
Which relationships require you to maintain better boundaries?

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It’s time to upgrade your normative notions of Valentine’s Day date nights. Lucy North tells us why why February is the most feminist month … Art: Naro Pinosa 

lucy north ruby warrington feminist february the numinous material girl mystical world naro pinosa
Art: Naro Pinosa

It may still feel cold outside—but Spring is coming! And this precious period of in-between is actually a key time of year to tap into the Divine Feminine through the ancient practice of co-creating with Gaia, the seasons, and nature.

While many of us have sold ourselves to the Monday-Friday lifestyle, the origins of these days actually connect us to Divine Feminine energy. After all, Monday is actually “Moonday” and Friday is dedicated to the Goddess Freyja. The Divine Feminine is both the beginning and the end, and a reminder of our power to break free and make time be whatever we want.

In response to the seven-day week of patriarchal DOING, here are seven reasons to reclaim February as the most powerfully feminist month …


1// V.Day Actually Celebrates Your Erotic Sovereignty 
Before it was renamed by the Roman Catholic Church, Valentine’s Day was originally known as “Freyja’s Day.” Freyja was the Pagan Goddess not of romantic, but of erotic love, and on February 14th women would hand out cards to as many men as they desired.

Transcending the gender stereotypes of today, women were seen not only the gateway to new life, they were considered at one with the desire, love, and sexual energy that runs through nature. Reclaiming this celebration of women as desire itself (rather than objects), realigns us with our ability to create anything we want.


2// 28 Days Means Lunar Power
Before being scrapped by the Church, the year adhered to the Goddess calendar—meaning there were 13 months and not 12, which reflected the 28 day cycle of both the Moon and womb.

Being only 28 days long, February is the only month of the year that still respects the Goddess calendar, and honors how the seasons and year really flow. This month, treat your womb like a second heart (whether or not you have a literal or metaphorical space there). Listen … what does it want to birth?

lucy north ruby warrington feminist february the numinous material girl mystical world naro pinosa
Art: Naro Pinosa


3// Imbolc Challenges the Madonna-Whore Complex
The pagan calendar marks February 1st as Imbolc—an important step towards March’s Spring Equinox. This is the time to release some of our 9-to-5 programming in favor of a kind of “land feminism” that lets us co-create with the upcoming Equinox’s tantric energy.

The Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid, synonymous with this day, is the Queen of the Underworld, the Mother of all beings, and the Mistress of the Elements. Whether it’s the sacred prostitute, the Divine Mother or the snake in the garden of Eden, the Divine Feminine holds and honors it all. Think of February as a time to break free from the pain of having to be “one type of woman”—and to exchange archetypal constraints for a wildish knowing.


4// Pisces Season Wants You to Wombifest  
As the Sun enters the final zodiac sign of Pisces on February 19th, right before the birth of the new astrological year, it’s time to create a nourishing, protective womb that will enable you to tap into the oceanic source of all life.

This means retreating from the “busy-ness” of everyday life, and setting some boundaries to re-connect with your soul. Just like a mother that needs to retreat for the last month of pregnancy, create a safe space for you as Divine Mother to meditate, breathe, make love, self pleasure, journal, paint, sing, do yoga, and eat well. Rest in the womb and let your Divine Child emerge!


5// Saturn in Capricorn Spells Sacred Union Time 
2018’s sees the Goddess month of February with Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, spelling out the start of something huge for the Divine Feminine. Capricorn is technically a “yin,” or feminine sign, but it’s also cardinal, with a mountain-building, masculine energy that asks us to blend action and intuitive knowing.

The Divine Masculine can only come THROUGH the Divine Feminine. It will only come through an open heart and the womb of collective feeling—and, yes, as with any birth, through pain. Women and those who embrace the Divine Feminine have been socially okay’ed to feel more of this, so we must lead the way. This integration asks us to do what we love by taking action, and watch the fear fly away.

naro pinosa lucy north ruby warrington the numinous feminist february material girl mystical world
Art: Naro Pinosa


6// The Aquarius New Moon Catapults Us Into Fairy Territory
When people are told they’re “away with the fairies,” it’s almost a derogatory comment. We say it’s time to celebrate our visits with the fairy realm!

With a New Moon in Aquarius on February 15th, it’s time for the Divine Feminine to swoop high, dream big—and to astro travel our dreams into the 3rd dimension. This New Moon also ends the longest complete lunar month of 2018 (the last New Moon was on January 16th, giving us 29 days, 18 hours, and 48 minutes). Mama Moon is giving you extra time to push on through, with a clear focus on new beginnings.


7// Mama’s Wide Open During Eclipse Season
With January 31st’s Super-Blue-Blood Lunar Eclipse bonanza, and the upcoming Solar Eclipse on February 15th, the first two weeks of Feb see us in the middle of two incredibly catalytic aspects. It’s like the universe has its legs wide open in breach position providing a gateway though which we can birth projects, artistic endeavors, networks, and relationships that reflect our divine purpose.

Goddesses: F is for February, F is for Fertility, F is for the future. Reclaiming feminist February means pretty much get it on with the universe!

Lucy North is a writer, healer, and artist. She will be running a Goddess Healing Circle in honor of Freyja this Tuesday, February 13th, at The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York. Click HERE to reserve your spot. She will also be holding an “I’m Every Woman” Goddess Circle at RA MA New York on Sunday, 25th February. Find out more and reserve your space HERE


The 2018 Leo Lunar Eclipse wants us to get raw, harness our magic, know our power, and be ready to wield it, says Sandra Sitron

Photo: Ivan Diaz 

Full Moon :: January 31 2018 :: 8:27 am EST :: 11 degrees Leo

A ancient beetle creeps slowly across the pavement. Its hard shell deflects predators and it goes mostly unnoticed. It moves along until it has crept completely out of sight.

Beetle medicine is potent and magical. The beetle is small but steady. It helps you understand your real power. Raw. Unabashed. Intimidating. Talented. Let those parts of yourself rise to the surface. Hold your boundaries, as if you have a hard beetle shell. Stand firm. Carry on. Know your power and wield it.

The message of the 2018 Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is wrapped up in beetle medicine: Don’t be afraid of your truth. Instead, step into it. even if it doesn’t seem important or it might be uncomfortable. At the end of the day, all you have is your integrity. When you’re aligned in integrity, then you have nothing to fear.

Leo and the beetle have a lot in common. In ancient Egypt, the beetle was mythically responsible for the divine manifestation of the morning Sun. Leo is the sign that’s associated with the Sun. Both Leo and the Sun teach us how to divinely manifest our essence onto the world.

With aspects to Venus and Jupiter, this Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is supporting you. As eclipses go, it’s a relatively easy one, but it’s still an eclipse. If you have planets in fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, you may be especially impacted. See your way through to full completion of the cycle that started with the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse August 7th. What have you been learning since then?

Stay the course until this is finished. You may need to conserve your resources so that you don’t burn out. Luckily, at this eclipse, the Sun and Moon form a T-square with focal planet Jupiter who can help us feel supported and optimistic. Laugh your way through this one. Remember that your goal is growth.

The beetle pushes the Sun out into the world with steady strength. Leo pushes you out into the world, saying, “ Get out there!” Get recognition for your accomplishments. Vulnerably share your talents. Share your fire. When you do, it’s inspirational. Take your everyday experiences and use them as a tool to inspire others.

Even if you feel like a regular old beetle, you can have an impact of mythical proportions, as long as you remain steady and bright … 


Jupiter in T-square with Sun and Moon
A 5-pointed star gleams brightly.
Stay connected to the goal. If you can remember to be optimistic about the goal, you’ll feel connected to the path that you’re on now. This is such a helpful aspect. It’s a buffer, reminding you that you’re supported, all is well, and expansion is possible—no matter what else is going on.


Venus opposite Full Moon
Flower petals drift on the breeze.
Pull the softness close and rub scented petals underneath your nose. You get to enjoy yourself, is it possible to remember that? If you hold onto the affirmation, “I see beauty,” it will uplift your mindset. Make space for harmony and beauty because they can be good friends to have on your side at this Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. They’ll help you celebrate how far you’ve come.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2018 Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 11 degrees Leo in your chart and use the question for that house.

New to your birth chart? Calculate your chart for free HERE.

Aries or Lunar Eclipse in the 5th house
When does fun inspire you?

Taurus or Lunar Eclipse in the 4th house
What makes you feel emotionally secure?

Gemini or Lunar Eclipse in the 3rd house
Who do you think of as your brothers and sisters?

Cancer or Lunar Eclipse in the 2nd house
What will help you trust in abundance?

Leo or Lunar Eclipse in the 1st house
It’s time to show up. What does that mean to you right now?

Virgo or Lunar Eclipse in the 12th house
If you were to create a daily practice of love and compassion, what would it be?

Libra or Lunar Eclipse in the 11th house
How can you honor your progress?

Scorpio or Lunar Eclipse in the 10th house
What is the goal that you most desire? What does achieving that goal feel like?

Sagittarius or Lunar Eclipse in the 9th house
What truth will you teach about today?

Capricorn or Lunar Eclipse in the 8th house
What contract are you ready to get out of now?

Aquarius or Lunar Eclipse in the 7th house
What do you want from partnership? How can you give that to yourself?

Pisces or Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house
What habits and daily practices need to be refined?

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As the New Year arrives, the 2018 Cancer Full Moon wants you to soften into your support system, celebrate how far you’ve come, and treat yourself even better, says Sandra Sitron

2018 Cancer Full Moon
Photo: Mickael Gresset

Full Moon :: January 1, 2018 :: 9:24pm ET :: 11 degrees Cancer

A sigh and a hug. A gentle embrace and Mother Moon nudges you off the edge of the cliff … 

You land gently in sea of buttery white rose petals. Sink into softness. The petals morph into her craggy face of the Moon. A waterfall of emotion tumbles you gently into her mouth, and suddenly—you are inside her.

This Full Moon can help you feel contained. You are held in such a way that you can feel every feeling, while being reassured that you are completely supported. You are never alone. You are always seen, your needs always heard, and a gentle softness surrounds you.

In the sign of Cancer, the Moon is at home, and is opposite the Sun in structured Capricorn. This moment could help you blossom in your ability to be both Father and Mother to yourself. To nurture yourself gently, while also providing boundaries and practical support for yourself. You can learn how to both stand up for yourself and be more gentle with yourself.

Might it be emotional? Yes. But with support, there is never trauma. When you feel cared for, healing is easy. This Moon will take you into the depths of emotion. But it will feel oh-so-right.

This Full Moon wants you to treat yourself better, and the emphasis on cardinal signs can help you initiate a new pathway. Let the support of the Moon catapult you into a new wave of understanding.

Celebrate your personal development, and then step through the doorway towards your future self … 


Grand trine between the Moon, Neptune, Mars, and Jupiter.
A yellow fish swims in a school. 
This watery trine supports you in moving through the feelings in just the right way. You can nurture your own inner child. Take her on a walk. Show her what it’s really like to be an adult. Help her feel safe and seen.

The school of fish symbolizes swimming through your emotions and connecting with your intuition. This trine will stir up everything that needs to move, but the process is collective.

Meditate to activate your internal guidance system. Your emotional soul-searching will help you feel streamlined and connected, just like the school of fish.


Moon opposite Pluto, Venus, and Saturn
An acrobat maneuvers on the tightrope. 
Jumping and diving gracefully, the acrobat lingers momentarily in midair before grasping a support. You are pushing yourself to go higher, faster, better. You are moving through into a new way of being. It requires skill and strength. But you make it look easy. There is a type of gracefulness in your every move.

As you move into the New Year, get very clear about the transformation that you’ve gone through. What have you learned? What has made you stronger? And now, what will be the structure that supports you moving forward? What is your plan? And finally, notice the inherent beauty that exists in your life. Enjoy this graceful dance in the sky.


These two aspects (above) form a larger kite pattern
The kite shape of these two aspects wants to fly. It yearns for motivating action. You can take action by listening to your emotions and allowing yourself to be transformed. This takes courage and willingness to change. In this endeavor, your own emotional security will help you set better boundaries that teach people how to treat you.

And through the whole process, you can refresh yourself with the light of Venus. She reminds you to take pleasure in the moment and enjoy the beauty and diversity of this life on Earth. Something that could otherwise annoy you might seem quite beautiful if you look at it with fresh eyes and an appreciative heart.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2018 Cancer Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 11 degrees Cancer in your chart and use the question for that house.

New to your birth chart? Calculate your chart for free HERE.

Aries or Full Moon in the 4th house 
What helps you feel at home with yourself?

Taurus or Full Moon in the 3rd house 
What could you be thinking about in a new way?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 2nd house 
When will you let yourself feel safe?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 1st house 
What do you need to be honest with yourself about?

Leo or Full Moon in the 12th house 
How would some solid alone time benefit you?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 11th house 
What visions for the future are dancing through your mind? Gather these ideas.

Libra or Full Moon in the 10th house 
Hold yourself to a higher standard. What will this help you achieve?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 9th house 
Shimmer new light on your beliefs. What do you most value now?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 8th house 
Paint a picture that shows you finding true forgiveness in every area of your life. In the ideal world, what doors would open?

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 7th house 
Solidify your partnership desires. What do you need in a partnership?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 6th house 
What is the most simple way to structure your day?

Pisces or Full Moon in the 5th house 
Are you having enough fun to keep your inner child happy?

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The 2017 Gemini Full Moon wants you to move away from expectation, start asking questions, and embrace the wild unknown, says Sandra Sitron

ruby warrington sandra sitron 2017 full moon in gemini the numinous material girl mystical world joao victor xavier
Photo: João Victor Xavier

Full Moon :: December 3 2017 :: 10:48 am ET :: 11 degrees Gemini

It’s time to run a series of diagnostic tests. Get out the stethoscope and check your heartbeat. Press your tongue down and say “Ahhh.” Be scientific. Be logical. But most importantly, maintain a state of heightened curiosity.

The key is to loosen your mind. Move away from expectation and move toward curiosity. Melt a hardened state of mind and begin to explore new ways of thinking. Just start asking questions …

With the Sun in Sagittarius, we are working to define our truth. What are we shooting for? What is our philosophy? The Moon in Gemini asks us what basics we’ve missed? Is there a basic mindset shift that needs to happen so that we can grasp the higher philosophical concept?

Let go of what you think you know. The Gemini Full Moon challenges us to give up the PhD program (Sun in Sagittarius) and go back to elementary school (Gemini). Regain a fresh and innocent curiosity that allows us to delight in the world around us. Finger-paint and eat paste. Learn the words for colors and admire the shape of a feather. Get to know our neighbors.

Because this is a Full Moon, your “need to know” may get emotional. Notice if your mind is on overdrive. With Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, stationing retrograde, and gauzy Neptune adding a dose of confusing magic to the equation—the answers may not be clear right now.

But you can certainly ask the questions. Run your diagnostic tests and let go of the outcomes ….


Moon square Neptune
A moustache. A disguise.
The luminaries form a mutable T-square with Neptune as the focal point. Neptune is your dreamy third eye. Neptune is also fake news. Which will this aspect bring you—heightened intuition or foggy confusion? It’s up to you. Beware of things that aren’t as they seem. But also be on the lookout for magic in the mix.

Work with this aspect by taking pressure off of yourself to “know” the answers. Look inward to find your truth. Connect with your spiritual center and you will avoid brain fog. Meditate. Take time out for yourself. Rest and restore. Pay extra attention to messages in your dreams.


Moon inconjunct Jupiter
The last petal on a sunflower.
Is it time to eat the seeds? This is an an uncomfortable aspect that can convince you there is no bounty. The truth is that your rewards are hidden, so you’ll need to take an extra step to discover them. Be curious and do your research. Look a little bit closer. At first glance, the sunflower looks wilted. Don’t throw it away. It’s actually time for the harvest.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2017 Gemini Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 11 degrees Gemini in your chart and use the question for that house. Do yours for free HERE.

Aries or Full Moon in the 3rd house 
What do you need to do to invigorate your sense of community?

Taurus or Full Moon in the 2nd house 
What do you value most about yourself?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 1st house 
How will taking the lead in a situation make you feel?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 12th house 
What does your heart want you to know?

Leo or Full Moon in the 11th house 
What will help you start to believe in your future?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 10th house 
How can you shine just a little bit brighter in your career?

Libra or Full Moon in the 9th house 
What is your big mission statement?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 8th house 
Forgiveness is a process. What are you ready to begin to forgive?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 7th house 
What are you needing most in a partnership? How can you give that to yourself first?

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 6th house 
What process or system in your life could be more efficient?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 5th house 
What can you do to break free?

Pisces or Full Moon in the 4th house 
What game does your inner child want to play?

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The 2017 Taurus Full Moon asks us to dig into stable soil, know our worth, and build something we believe in, says Sandra SitronArt: Angelique Perrot

2017 Taurus Full Moon ring the Numinous

Full Moon :: November 4 2017 :: 1:24 am ET :: 12 degrees Taurus

Digging in your roots like a tree. Moving the earth, moving the soil with your expansion. This is slow and steady work. The effort helps you find nourishing water below.

Stretching to feel stable. Reaching, pushing, morphing, growing… all of this movement is helping you get grounded. Helping you realize your place in the world.

You are building … 

With the Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio, you’re asked to explore how you build material and emotional resources. Because an opposition is naturally an intense aspect, you may feel like you have to push a little bit to forge your self-worth. This is a time to clear any limiting beliefs about your personal worth and value, so that you can easily create the life you want to have.

Where will your continuous effort take you? If you want to build something, you have to believe in the thing that you’re building and you have to believe in yourself. Your understanding of your self-worth is the underlying bedrock.

Say it loud, “I am worthy.”
Say it loud, “ You can’t shake me.”


Moon sextile Neptune
A bouquet of wildflowers.
A careful arrangement of organic beauty. Flowers represent emotions. Can you give this bouquet of wildflowers to yourself? Can you give it to someone you are forgiving?

The emotional Moon and psychic Neptune meet and offer you an easily overlooked source of power — love.

It’s easy to skim over the word love. Maybe it’s overused. Take some time to think about how being in a state of pure love can help you build.


Moon opposite Jupiter
The branches at the top of the tree.
The leaves aren’t aware that they are so far from the ground. Do everything you can do to lift your vibration. You can’t stop now. There is too much momentum. So move forward with enthusiasm.

This aspect brings an energy of expansion. Potential. What will you reach for? What is the highest height you can imagine right now? Move toward it with confidence. Build up your enthusiasm. A higher vibration is available to you, you just have to meet it halfway.


Moon trine Pluto
Wringing out a towel.
Releasing and letting go. Cleanse emotionally, mentally, and physically. Emotional release is supported. Forgiveness is possible. What if you don’t need to have control over anything? What would that open you up to?

Physically cleanse by taking a bath or exercising. Mentally cleanse through meditation, talking it out, sharing your stories, or journaling. Find every way you can to let go and release anything unnecessary so that you can build a stronger foundation.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2017 Taurus Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 12 degrees Taurus in your chart and use the question for that house. Do yours for free HERE. 

Aries or Full Moon in the 2nd house
What will help you believe in your self-worth?

Taurus or Full Moon in the 1st house
What are you ready to celebrate?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 12th house
Do you need to give yourself more time for self-reflection?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 11th house 
What can you do to broaden your sense of community?

Leo or Full Moon in the 10th house 
How can you receive more attention and recognition in your career?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 9th house 
What is your mission statement for the next 6 months?

Libra or Full Moon in the 8th house 
Who do you need to forgive?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 7th house 
How will you feel safe to let go of control in your relationships?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 6th house
What mindset shift will help you create better healthy habits?

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 5th house 
What burden do you need to put down so that you can have more fun?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 4th house
Nurturance is love in action. What nurturing thing can you do for yourself?

Pisces or Full Moon in the 3rd house 
How can you become just a little bit more curious in your everyday life? What does curiosity do for you?

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here.


The 2017 Aries Full Moon asks us to gather our courage, make peace with our past, tap into our truest desires, and then leap into action, says Sandra Sitron

sharina mae agellon 2017 aries full moon the numinous sandra sitron ruby warrington material girl mystical world
Photo: Sharina Mae Agellon

Full Moon :: October 5th 2017 :: 2:41 pm EST :: 12 degrees Aries

Can you trust your own desire? Take a moment to deny the complicated context of the situation at hand. Forget about the pros and cons … What do you want? 

A Full Moon offers the potential for integrating two opposites; this current cycle is about integrating “balanced reason” (Libra) and from this state of mental harmony, taking “definitive and spontaneous action” (Aries).

So lift yourself out of whatever dilemma or decision is at hand. Step back. A pearl of clarity is available. A fresh and spontaneous perspective can be yours.

And then gather your courage, draw from your confidence, and from a stable and balanced center, make your move. This is a chance to drag yourself out of whatever mental game of ping-pong you’ve been playing and take action. To take action, you need to align with what you want. To decide. Lead. Choose. 

Full Moons bring a high-energetic release that may feel like a celebration, an outburst, or both. As this Moon, Sun, and Mercury also point towards Pluto, this formation triggers deep dives into the shadow of our psyche, cathartic healing, and transformation. 

Open space to feel some old emotions that may have been blocked; those feelings may still need to energetically move through your body before they can dissolve. Release the past and welcome the future so you can move through this Full Moon in a way that’s empowered and decisive instead of unconscious and reactive.

Above all, don’t worry about what anyone else needs. Cultivate a balanced Libran mind … so that you can make the decisions you need to step closer to yourself. This gives your Aries “I am” experience an opportunity to flourish.

Your point of power lies in your ability to courageously feel what needs to be felt and to define your vision.

By doing this you are already one step ahead. You are meeting up with your future self … 


Full Moon opposite Mercury
The lightning bolt makes contact.
Zeroing in. A lot may rise to consciousness right now. Sometimes that’s overwhelming … the influx of so much awareness all at once. ZAP.

Are you feeling awake now? Are you seeing what there is to see? Is it blinding you? We are experiencing a collective awakening and at the same time, just as many people are turning a blind eye. You can’t always control your own personal state of ignorance, but you sure as heck can try to see what you haven’t been seeing.

It’s time to raise your understanding. Allow this to happen even if it means you can’t ever be exactly the same as you were before you knew. Sometimes this is a really good thing.


Full Moon square Pluto
Dipping your head under the surface of the water.
It’s time to transform. Entirely. Move into a new element. This can be shocking. This can be enlivening. This can be necessary. This can be frightening.

We all have a certain need for predictability and when we go through a transformation, that need is compromised. So remind yourself that there is predictability to transformation. And that the end result will be growth. There are stages that you move through when you experience a change—denial, bargaining, anger, grief, and acceptance. Let yourself go through these stages.

Allow the emotional movement. Embrace the space and sweetness that comes from stretching your heart open to feel your feelings fully.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2017 Aries Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 12 degrees Aries in your chart and use the question for that house. 

Aries or Full Moon in the 1st house
If I am crystal clear about my desires, which people/projects/requests do I need to say yes to, and which ones do I need to say no to?

Taurus or Full Moon in the 12th House
What old pattern is ready to be healed?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 11th House
How much do I value the support of my friends?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 10th House
How can I take a clear, decisive step forward in my career goals?

Leo or Full Moon in the 9th House
Where will I go (physically or mentally) to explore and expand my horizons?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 8th House
What am I ready to release?

Libra or Full Moon in the 7th House
What would it mean to be truly diplomatic in my relationships?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 6th House
What healthy new habits am I ready to create?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 5th House
What is a way that I can bring more joy into my life?

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 4th House
What will I do to help myself feel emotionally secure?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 3rd House
Am I open to new ideas? How can I invigorate my mindset even more?

Pisces or Full Moon in the 2nd House
What do I need to do now to create a stronger base of financial security in my life?

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Laying out your crystals and setting intentions for the emo Pisces Full Moon? Supercharge your ceremonies and activate the magic of nature by adding essential oils for every Moon phase, says Amanda Maybroda. 

essential oils for every moon phase The Numinous
Image: Charlie Nolan

Using Essential Oils during the Moon cycle is like a triple shot of espresso (wake up call!!) to all your healthy cells. All without the jitters or any negative side effects …

Just like we place some of our crystals under the moonlight to clean and re-charge, the Moon’s energy gives oils a little extra mojo.

If we sync our oils with the cycle, we can use them to amplify and open our receptors to all the good ju ju that’s available to download and receive.  Combine the oils below or use alone … have fun with it!

**Note: Only ingest oils that are therapeutic grade and cleared for internal use. I recommend doTERRA.


:: NEW MOON ::
The New Moon is a Re-birth, new beginning, fresh start. It’s a great opportunity to manifest what we desire and allows us to cut the cords that no longer serve us. These oils help plant new seeds, literally and figuratively …

  • Hawaiian Sandalwood supports your sexual energy and, in turn, your creativity. As the Moon moves towards waxing, it’s time to get those juices flowing and open your mind to new opportunities and resources.
    Activate It: To help increase creative and sexual flow, apply to all lower chakras. You can also apply it to wrists, back of knees, cervical spine, feet, ankles and third eye- its grounding and manifesting ability may surprise you.
  • Patchouli is both an aphrodisiac, and a digester of toxic materials. Perfect for officially cutting the cord to any blocks or stagnation as you start fresh for the New Moon!
    Activate It: Take a drop in a veggie cap to release what no longer serves you. Or mix a drop of this oil into your Sandalwood as you apply to your lower chakras.
  • Holy Grail is a signature blend of mine that allows your soul to travel the cosmos and gather information and resources, and allows your body to create the grids needed to anchor into this dimension. Perfect for receiving all the new info available for download during the New Moon.
    Activate It: Try hand diffusing and then cupping your closed eyes for a few breaths. And make sure to have your journal handy for all the new ideas you’ll be receiving!

amanda maybroda ruby warrington i am elementals essential oils for every moon phase the numinous material girl mystical world


This is a phase of regeneration when our bodies are able to absorb most efficiently and easefully. It’s a time to fortify, strengthen, and replenish our bodies, souls, energetic fields, and resources.

  • Juniper Berry supports the nervous system, regeneration, and replenishment by bolstering feelings of love, peace, and wellbeing. As your body transforms into a balanced and harmonious vessel, your energy field literally begins to strengthen.
    Activate It: Do hand diffusions throughout the day, taking 6 good deep breaths. And throw this baby in the diffuser at night (that’s when we repair ourselves the most). Juniper Berry can also be applied to the front and back of the heart to help activate its replenishing properties.
  • Rosemary helps memory and our ability to trust the process. The Waxing Moon is a gestation period, during which we can’t always see the trajectory of our movement or the end result of our intentions. Rosemary supports the motivation and courage we need during this phase by boosting clarity, endorphins, and brain functioning. It’s an oil for breakthroughs!
    Activate It: Apply Rosemary to the base of neck, occipitals, and top of head to bring clarity. Apply it to the bottom of your feet to give the seeds you planted some extra love. And put some in your salad dressing or sprinkle on some red roasted potatoes- ingesting neutralizes stress and helps move stagnant energy.
  • Lavender supplies patience as we fortify during the Waxing Moon phase. Sometimes our outer worlds don’t catch up as quickly as we want, and this oil helps infuse the trust of Divine Timing into any type of preparation work.
    Activate It: Combine in with your favorite carrier oil (i.e. coconut or olive oil) and lather yourself generously, paying special attention to your ankles and hips. Diffuse Lavender by itself, or with Juniper Berry and Rosemary, to bring you into the present moment and back to the patience that is needed during this phase.


This part of the cycle is a yummy energetic time for experiencing amplified feelings and experiences. Our bodies go through a lot on this planet, and this phase asks us to open the heart chakras, get grounded, listen to our bodies, and amp up the self-love!

*Create a sacred space with these oils and have a release. Cry, kick, scream if you need too … and trust that they will literally help you transform it all.

  • Cedarwood’s luscious grounding and sedatitive abilities help us root deeper and feel beautiful. It’s also very cleansing and has a diuretic effect that helps with body release during the Full Moon.
    Activate It: Apply the Cedarwood to your feet, ankles, tailbone, and sternum. Step outside if you can and walk barefoot on our beautiful earth mama!
  • Yang Ylang softens that heart chakra, amplifies your sensuality, and deepens your connection to self.
    Activate It: Put a few drops in a salt bath and tell your body all the reasons you’re grateful for it and why you love it SO much!
  • Peppermint’s antiseptic and uplifting properties facilitate any physical or energetic cleaning out to create an environment for emotional and spiritual growth.
    Activate It: Try hand diffusing peppermint- inhale and apply to your energetic field. This is done by rubbing oils between palms and then dancing around and painting your field with it. (The dancing part isn’t mandatory but highly suggested for Full Moon party vibes!)

amanda maybroda ruby warrington i am elementals essential oils for every moon phase the numinous material girl mystical world


The waning gibbous moon brings about instinctual growth, subconscious enlightenment and an opportunity to clarify our values. This is a time of deep internal rest, meditation, self analysis, and reconnection to our cozy internal home as we prepare for the New Moon. This final stage of the process allows us to release, pivot, banish, and break unhealthy habits, relationships, behaviors, patterns, and thought forms as we prepare for rebirth.

  • Frankincense helps to re-pattern, re-generate and re-parent ourselves. I can confidently say this was one of the main oils I used in healing my own PTSD. Working intentionally with this oil can truly heal and release those negative habits, patterns, and thought forms.
    Activate It: To allow for your values to clearly present themselves, mix with a carrier oil of your choice and give your scalp some extra TLC with a massage. For instinctual growth and immunity stimulation, place a drop under your tongue.
  • Geranium allows the body to recuperate from all that deep work that has been done releasing and re-patterning during the entire Moon cycle. This oil is also an antidepressant and can help any heavy feelings associated with this deep phase of the Moon. Give yourself permission to really take some time to rest.
    Activate It: Take a salt bath with some Geranium and any flower petals you may have. Bathing is a perfect New Moon prep activity during the Waning Moon cycle because it allows every cell and system to relax so that we will be able to launch forward to receive during the next phase.
  • Holy Ghost (another of my signature blends) has the mother, father, purifier, and exciter of oils all in one, and balances your Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. As we prepare for the New Moon, this oil helps release any stress, worry, doubt or fear that may be associated with transition or rebirth.
    Activate It: Take a few drops under your tongue before meditation. Or use as a spray or through a diffusor to cleanse and shift the environmental energy towards openness, balance, and support.


Amanda Maybroda is an LA-based Intuitive Alchemist, Spiritual Wellness Coach, speaker, author, and founder of I AM Elementals. Known as the “go-to witch doctor” in her community, she uses high-vibe nature energies and elements to create custom blends, mantras, yoga practices, and meditations that support each client’s health, desired intentions, and frequencies.

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The 2017 Pisces Full Moon wants you to tap into the creative power of your dreams, and wake up to the magic that already surrounds you, says Sandra Sitron.

Photo: Ryan Loughlin

Full Moon :: September 6 2017 :: 3:04am ET :: 13 degrees Pisces 

You are picking flowers. Juicy petals flutter to the ground. More and more petals. They come in all colors like a fan of paint chips arranged by category, number, and increasingly contrived moniker. The flower petals are so delicious they could offer you nutrition for days. You chew and chew and still can’t get enough of their gummy colors.

It’s a dream and you wake up. The flowers are no longer edible and the colors fade away. What is a dream? A trip to another dimension or a subconscious construction?

With the dreamboat 2017 Pisces Full Moon opposite the meticulous Sun in Virgo, we’re asked to explore the intersection between effervescent vision and corporeal reality.

This Moon’s message is that if you remain aware of the power of the Now, you can transcend your mundane problems and make contact with an otherworldly dimension. Once you get there, it’s easy to remember your soul’s true state of love and connection.

You just have to let yourself live in the dream. Look for the magic in every moment … 

Wash the dishes and feel every drip of water that runs through your fingers. Ride the subway and become acutely aware of the sounds the train makes as it pulls into the station. Transcend to an ultra-reality of higher sensory perception. Once you do, another version of this earthly reality will present itself.

The normal will morph into the magical. What you thought was an everyday occurrence, like picking a flower in a field, will easily become an enchanted encounter. This energy has the power to make your river of reality evaporate into a misty spiritual awakening.

It’s hard to stay grounded with a Moon like this one. But that is what you must do. Because this Moon opens a portal between reality and fantasy. Pump up your awareness of your everyday experiences so they become technicolor moments. These meditative moments will allow you to channel endless streams of creativity. Get yourself so neatly positioned in the moment that you bust right out of it and into infinity.

You are magic and every mundane breath you take can lead you to a fantastical awakening … 


Full Moon Conjunct Neptune
Children in costumes.
Playing make-believe. Activate your imagination. This aspect brings a big opportunity for magic, synchronicity, and intuitive connection. Slow way down to benefit from this transit. Allow yourself to be sleeping and dreamy. This is a great moment to strengthen your connection with your higher self.

With this aspect, it may be challenging to come up with concrete and logical ideas. But creativity is enhanced. Take advantage of this opportunity for more right-brained thinking, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re feeling foggy or confused.

Full Moon Inconjunct Venus
The runt of the litter.
The runt needs just as much love and nurturance as any other puppy, but luck is working against it. This Full Moon brings some frustrated energy when it comes to love and relationships. Keep focused on the lesson and the learning that can come from any challenge. Remember that maintaining a loving relationship with yourself is of utmost importance.

Full Moon Sextile Pluto
A clearly defined ritual.
Transformation is certain. The path to growth is clearly supported. The secret is to look at your shadow. Honor your full experience and don’t try to sugarcoat anything. Let yourself feel all of your feelings, while at the same time taking full responsibility for them.

The 2017 Pisces Full Moon is in a harmonious aspect with transformational Pluto, and this can help you release and let go in just the right way. Create a ritual that allows you to mark your passage into a new phase.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2017 Pisces Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 13 degrees Pisces in you chart and use the question for that house. 

***New to your birth chart? Calculate yours for free HERE

Aries or Full Moon in the 12th house 
What does your higher self have to say about an important issue in your life? Start a conversation; ask: “What do you want me to know?”

Taurus or Full Moon in the 11th house 
Are your beliefs and values reflected in your community? Why or why not?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 10th house 
What are your career goals? In what area are you ready to step up and take more responsibility?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 9th house 
When will you explore something new this week? This could be a spiritual, mental, or physical exploration.

Leo or Full Moon in the 8th house 
What are you willing to let go of? What kind of ritual can you create to allow this to happen?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 7th house 
What needs to be communicated in an important relationship?

Libra or Full Moon in the 6th house 
What new habits for health and wellness are you ready to create? What will help your being to thrive?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 5th house 
How can you surprise yourself with your own creativity? How can you open this portal with laughter?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 4th house 
What message does your Inner Child need to hear to feel more safe and nurtured in the world?

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 3rd house 
What outdated belief are you ready to reframe? What internal stories are ready to be re-written?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 2nd house 
What are your resources? Make a list.

Pisces or Full Moon in the 1st house 
In what area of your life are you ready to take action and put your full self forward?

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