The 2019 Scorpio Full Moon sets the stage for some deeply revealing conversations, that will ultimately help you know your worth, says Sandy Sitron

2019 Scorpio Full Moon The Numinous Sandy Sitron
Photo: Darius Bashar

2019 Scorpio Full Moon // May 18 2019 // 5:11 pm EDT // 27 degrees Scorpio

A full moon is a high energy time. For some, this high energy time can result in low energy. Think of a toddler who is totally spent after a day at the zoo.

For others a high energy time can feel fulfilling. Like riding a stallion toward your wildest dreams while rainbows shoot out of your finger tips. YESS!! Put a pin in the idea that there is a lot of energy running right now, and if you are sensitive to it, you may feel equal parts drained and energized.

When I meditated on the energy of this Full Moon, the image that came through was of walking the plank of an old pirate ship. But when I got out to the end of the plank, the sea disappeared and was replaced by a beautiful garden. I was granted a safe and soft landing in a bed of flowers.

The symbol speaks of the transformational death process of Scorpio, and the steady abundance of Taurus.

During Taurus season we build the garden of our own self-worth. At the Scorpio Full Moon we test that self-worth by making ourselves super vulnerable. We must take the leap into the ocean of emotion and intimacy to discover what we’re truly made of. If we’re lucky, we find a soft landing in safe harbor. But we’ll never know what we have built if we don’t take the risk and let go of solid ground.

What does this mean for you in your life right now?

Discover the meaning of this Full Moon by noticing where you feel most vulnerable. Where do you feel like you are walking the plank? Is it money? Relationships? Your sacred vocation? Somehow, some way, the answer to the problem is going to have to do with self-worth.

In order to grow, you may have to risk confronting some deeper emotion, or have a challenging and intimate conversation.You may have to push past resistance. Clues you are experiencing resistance are worry, fogginess, sleepiness and annoyance. If you notice resistance right now, journal or talk about it. Air it out.

Taurus and Scorpio are slower moving signs. Even though this is a high energy Full Moon, can you slow down? Maybe if you walk the plank slowly (spend a good amount of time with a self-awareness process), you increase the odds that the fertile garden will appear to catch you when you leap.

It is clear that this “walking the plank” metaphor is about transformation. You are letting go of some old stuff. And you are moving toward something new. It might feel somewhat heart-wrenching. Let yourself feel that. And look for the moments of grace that are there to catch you.


Full Moon opposite Mercury
Golden haloes and fields of golden wheat.
Look for illumination in everything — in the mundane and the spiritual. The mental landscape is currently confusing — we are collectively dealing with overthinking and fogginess mixed in with a couple of bright ideas. The only answer to such a conundrum is to slow it down and practice mental non-attachment. Try to find the beauty in a blaring car horn. Notice the grace and divinity in a piece of gravel. This will help you feel grounded and give your mind a much needed anchor.

Full Moon sextile Pluto and Saturn
A red carpet.
Walking the red carpet is very different from walking the plank. It’s an honor. A chance to collect an award. To be recognized in some way. This Full Moon has you walking the imaginary plank toward deep transformation. The red carpet aspect helps you remember what you’ve achieved and revel in it for a minute. Transformation and letting go is good and necessary. Honoring what you have built is good and necessary too.