As we cross over into queenly Capricorn Season, Justice Rx invites us to speak truth to power and claim our place in the world, says Brandon Alter … Cast using the Prisma Visions Tarot 


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron’s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

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Photo: Ryan Vitter

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
A massive oak tree. Ancient steadiness exists in the world. Look for it in everything. Often we feel as if nothing we ever do is enough. Does an oak tree worry about that? Does a mountain? There’s a part of you that’s like an oak tree. Tap into it and you’ll remember that you are always enough. A tree is so steady, but it is also reaching out to connect with other branches. When you feel really steady, connection with others is easy. Do the things that help you feel grounded.

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Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Smoothing out the ice. If you smooth out the icy surface before you skate over it, you’ll go much faster. Prepare your ground. Smooth things out in your environment so that you can pick up speed. Remove the friction from your life in the smallest of ways. Your preparation will pay off with success.

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Pisces // Pisces Rising
The smell of a lily. When you smell a flower your senses are momentarily engulfed by something sweet. It can shake you out of your daily routine. It has an effect on your mind and body at the same time. Shake yourself out of your daily grind, somehow. Tune into a different channel, either through your senses or your breath. That process will help you revitalize and take action.

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Aries // Aries Rising
Dip a toe in the water. It’s actually kind of hard to dip one toe in the water and not put your whole foot in. You have to be quite tentative. But that’s your symbol for this week. Just a toe. It means that you are testing. Test to discover what feels most comfortable. Don’t put too much emotional weight on any one decision right now. You’re testing. Find out what you like. No pressure, just experimentation.

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Taurus // Taurus Rising
Peering into a crystal. So many facets. So much light is refracted. Part of the message is to study. Look at your options, look from all angles. Seek wise counsel. Pinpoint what you need to learn next. The other part of the message is to let yourself be entertained. Be amazed. There are so many options. Everywhere you look there is beauty and amusement. Open yourself up to it.

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Gemini // Gemini Rising
A paper fan. Open the fan and reveal the full image. This symbol is about the reveal. You could also fan out your cards to show your hand. Or a peacock can fan out its tail feathers. So you are instructed to get real with yourself. No more hiding. This can relate to money. Get real with yourself about your money AND your beliefs about your self worth. This is about how you value yourself. Accept yourself for who you are. Accept yourself fully.

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Cancer // Cancer Rising
A feather floats down from the sky. Drifting, gliding, floating. You are making a path through space and time, and it’s not a direct line. But yet, the feather is singular. It’s just going where it will go. There are two things to consider. First, you are traveling at the perfect rate and speed. Your path is correct. It may not seem direct but it suits you. Second, find out what happens when you prioritize yourself. This is your journey.

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Leo // Leo Rising
A path of footsteps in the grass. This journey is ephemeral. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly where you’re supposed to go and how you’re supposed to get there. When you look for the footsteps in the grass, they disappear. Which way to go? Right now the question is not so much where you’re going, it’s how you’ll get there. Will you trust your intuition? Will you allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the process? Lean into the mystery.

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Virgo // Virgo Rising
A chess board. It’s time for strategy. This isn’t always your strong suit, but right now you can get strategic. Know the moves you want to make. Know the timeline. Know the goal. Then follow through. Here’s how you motivate yourself— elevate your desire to be of service. Your strategy can help you give back to the world. Share your big heart. Connect to your vision and make it happen.

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Libra // Libra Rising
Drinking out of a faucet. Go direct to the source. Race to the source. Get what you need. You don’t need to take extra steps. You’ve made decisions that have put you where you are now. You don’t need to go back and make those same decisions again. Conserve your energy and move forward. Especially when it comes to work and career. Use your resources and use what you know. You are golden.

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Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A hawk flies high above. The hawk gives you clear vision and focus. You are gaining perspective. Remember how strong you are. Prove it to yourself. You have the strength to move mountains. Focus and see this through. You will be so proud when it’s finished. As you work, focus on what makes life meaningful. Circle in on your real philosophy and you will feel rewarded.

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Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
You are building a well. When you build, you must go one step at a time. You can’t slow down and skip steps in the process. You can’t take long breaks or you’ll never finish. Your current motto is consistency. Follow the steps. Dig in. Don’t be afraid to examine the deep, hidden emotions that may be blocking your from progress. Look closely at your actions and keep pushing yourself forward. Build.

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The 2018 Pisces Waxing Moon asks us to relax in the face of year-end pressures, embrace all that is unknown, and let our dreams vanquish fear, says Jennifer Racioppi

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Photo: Olha Zaika

Waxing Quarter Moon // December 15 2018 // 6:49am ET // 23 degrees Pisces

With year-end madness in full-effect, and the personal development world not only encouraging you to see into the future but to begin to sculpt your next year accordingly, the last two weeks of the year might feel like pressure. Bone-crushing pressure. 

Coming off of the bold and blunt Sagittarius New Moon’s cosmic invitation to claim your dream, the Universe now awaits your response. Where is your vision leading you, next?

In an ideal world, the answer might feel obvious. But considering the Piscean influence, direction can feel obscure and hazy. Pisces, after all, a sign ruled by trance-inducing, otherworldly Neptune, who inspires subterranean explorations of the subconscious, doesn’t always deliver tangibility.

What to do if you lack clarity on your future visions and goals? Embrace the unknown.

// The Cycle //
Waxing Quarter Moons often connect us to intentions set nine months prior. Consider what’s coming to your life now based on intentions set with the Pisces New Moon on March 17, 2018. What’s percolating in your life now that connects to energy set in motion then?

And in the current cycle, this half-way mark between the New Moon and Full Moon acts as a stepping stone, here to help you traverse the distance between where you are and where you want to be. As the assertive energies of the Sun clash with the yin-like qualities of the Moon, take this time to resolve any cognitive dissonance you may experience in your own life. Embracing this confrontation expedites the journey to clarity.

Use this Pisces Waxing Moon to center yourself and tap into your intuition as you prepare for both the Solstice and the upcoming Cancer Full Moon, which will invite you to come home to yourself even more. Like Dorothy walking the Yellow Brick Road in her ruby red shoes, this Pisces Moon is guiding you on a path home.


// The Transits //
With so much retrograde activity behind us, this halfway moment between the New and Full Moons boasts serious magic.

For starters, Mercury in Sagittarius prepares for its second alignment with Jupiter (the first of these conjunctions happened in late November, and the second will happen on the December 21st Solstice). The biggest planet in the solar system, who’s often referred to as Santa Claus, Jupiter has a tendency to deliver good news. With this meet-up between Jupiter and cosmic messenger Mercury in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, it’s the perfect moment to lean into the wave of positive momentum. Do you need to ask for something? Now’s the time. 

Further, with the Moon in Pisces, conjoined to Mars, Chiron, and Neptune, which makes a sweet angle to Venus, this Pisces “stellium” activates healing on a cellular level, inviting you to feel and heal what’s no longer needed. Lean into your desires, not your fears, as you seek to live your dream.

To top this off, after a year riddled with heavy retrograde activity, only one planet remains retrograde: distant Uranus. The cosmos signals green lights for action. Use this time to assess what you’ve learned, and mindfully integrate the lessons obtained.


// The Square //
On the challenging side of things, the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces (magnified by the dense planetary activity in Pisces) blurs the lines. Go-big-or-go-home-Sagittarius strongly dissuades boundaries. And spiritually inclined and sensitive Pisces can go so deep into the dream that it forgets reality altogether. With the luminaries traveling in these two mutable signs, feelings, impulses, and urges might override the truth.

Stay on the lookout for lies, addiction, and deceit. Much like the Waxing Moon which appears as a half in the sky, but is indeed only at the quarter phase, this square asks you to decipher fact from illusion. Be aware of where you check out prematurely or run away as a coping mechanism.


// The Opportunity //
The high road here asks you to tap into the potential and power of your dreams, and the expansiveness of the moment, without losing a brass-tacks approach to rallying your life force energy on behalf of your desires.

Let this Waxing Quarter Moon in Pisces illuminate the next steps you need to take to not just bring the Sagittarius New Moon’s intentions to fruition, but to consider how what’s unfolding in your life now relates to intentions set during the 2018 Pisces cycle. What did you set in motion with the March 17th New Moon that’s coming to fruition now? Claim it!

It also invites sleep, healing sleep. This potent lunar moment invites you to genuinely enjoy the experience and engage out of bounds thinking — even lucid dreaming and astral travel (which is so Pisces).

With one week before the Winter Solstice, the darkest moment of the year, take advantage of the seasonal cue to sleep. Treat it as a ritual, and open wide for prophetic dreams!

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As this week’s astro forecast heralds powerful initiations, the 4 of Cups Rx asks us to dissolve our resistance and free ourselves from an emotional rut, says Brandon Alter … Cast using the Prisma Visions Tarot 


The 2018 Sagittarius New Moon is an opportunity for inspired curiosity, as we set off in search of our “why” and recover our very reason to live, says Sandy Sitron

diego ph sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington, the numinous material girl mystical world moon club 2018 sagittarius new moon
Photo: Diego PH

New Moon :: December 7 2018 :: 2:21 am EST :: 15 degrees Sagittarius

An explosion of light as two worlds collide and a portal opens. 

A portal is opening and that’s important. But let’s begin by understanding this symbolic explosion of light. In TV shows and movies there’s usually a flash of light when a portal opens up. Insight! Illumination! You see more clearly. There’s more to reality than one singular dimension.

On Friday, December 7th, there’s a New Moon in fiery Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of truth-seeking. Bam! The centaur shoots a fire arrow to illuminate the target of truth. Yes, you are getting a flash of clarity. But it’s a little more complicated than that. This New Moon is a truth-seeking arrow that dissolves against the disappearing body of Mars and Neptune’s Cheshire cat.

Just like the mischievous and confusing Cheshire Cat, your clarity won’t take the form of answer. It takes the form of a question instead. You need to delineate a question and it has something to do with your values. Once you find your question, you can treat it like an egg in a nest. Just sit on it. Tend to it. Keep it warm and away from predators. Treat the question with the honor and respect that it deserves.

One thing that’s become clear during this year of many retrogrades: rushing forward because of emotional discomfort doesn’t get you anywhere. You can’t race through this process of sitting with the question.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be passionate, purposeful and exuberant while you hunt down your answers. You can. Raise your energetic vibration purposefully so that when you encounter the answer to your treasured embryonic question, you’ll be a vibrational match for the answer.

How do you change your vibration purposefully? Use your imagination. With Mars and Neptune square this Sagittarius New Moon, your imagination will take you to your target. Imagine a special control room in your mind that has a panel of dials. Visualize or notice a larger dial in the middle of the panel that says “Vibration.” Notice what level it is at now and ask your imagination if you need to turn up the dial. Then adjust it to the correct setting and remember you can always come back in the future and make more adjustments.

The Sagittarius New Moon is an opportunity to align yourself with the big question you need to be asking. When you have the right questions, then you can begin the wild hunt for the answers. When you are driven to understand “why” or “how,” you can raise your vibration up into a new dimension.

Sagittarius the explorer wants to find new worlds. Instead of being stuck in the pattern that already exists, you get above it to see the bigger picture. You can experience the “bam!” of illumination as you journey out of this world and into a mirror-image dimension.

The other dimension through the portal is exactly the same as this dimension, except for one thing; while our world is currently fueled by scarcity mentality, which causes greed and oppression, the driving force there is optimism and abundance.

If you can get through the portal, the mindset shift becomes: “There is enough, so what do I want teach, learn, explore? Not because I have to to survive, but because I am curious and alive.”


New Moon conjunct Jupiter
A car covered in flowers.
Imagine that you try to get into your car and it’s completely covered with loads of flowers! Not flower petals- entire flowers! It’s so much beauty and joy that the abundance almost becomes inconvenient. You would have to laugh and admire all the beauty while trying to clean off your car.

So much goodness. But is it in the right place? It all depends on how you look at the situation. Remember your gratitude practice and you’ll be able to accept the unexpected gifts that come your way.


New moon square Mars and Neptune
The Cheshire Cat.
This Cat has places to go and battles to disrupt. Along the way it creates quite the commotion. The world is confusing but we have try to go after what we want anyway. You have two choices with this aspect, Alice. Moon about in confusion and ask all the wrong people for advice. Or actively try to lift your vibration to experience your own unique sense of faith, purpose, and soul-level interconnectedness.


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron’s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington the numinous weekly horoscopes numinous horoscopes 2018 material girl mystical world paul gilmore
Photo: Paul Gilmore

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
An ant on a twig. You are supported. Being supported and feeling supported are two different things. The universe is offering assistance. Accept it the same way a tiny ant accepts the support of the twig on which it walks. The ant doesn’t overthink how the support got there, it just takes advantage of the pathway. Keep moving, with fire, optimism, and love. Let your instinct drive you.

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Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Weaving flowers. Keep busy and you’ll understand what you’re supposed to do. Beauty isn’t normally a big part of your sign’s symbolism. But for now, let beauty inspire. Connection to nature, Earth, and beauty can open you up to inner knowing. Stay active and focus on appreciation. This helps you act in alignment with your intuition, so that your path lights up ahead of you.

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Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
A horse coughs. A horse symbolically represents journey, freedom, power. A cough symbolizes bringing something to the surface. Seems pretty straightforward. Bring your enthusiasm and your gallop to the surface. Where are you going? What’s the vision for the future? What missing piece will set you free? You might need to coax the answers forward— cough it up, so to speak. Contemplate these questions and set some intentions.

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Pisces // Pisces Rising
Studying the charts. Examine. It’s time to look for clues. Review the past and set the future course. If you aren’t actually studying a situation this week, you’ll have to redo later. Spend some time examining your data. This isn’t literal advice, just consider which area of your life would benefit from extra research and a systematic approach. That’s where you need to place your attention now.

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Aries // Aries Rising
Stomping the Earth. An emphatic gesture. This stomping is meant to get your attention so you can set your intention. You have to decide. Put yourself on notice that this is the week to journey toward your purpose. Take what you know and it’s time to go. Your heart is calling. You now have enough information to answer your “why” questions. “Why” questions relate to your motivation. Make the decisions you need to make and then aim for the stars.

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Taurus // Taurus Rising
Stepping stones underwater. Just deep enough that your feet will get wet, but the waters are safe and gentle. So step in. Move across the river. Water represents feelings. It’s uncomfortable when your shoes get soggy, but it’s the only way to get where you want to go. Pay attention to the current feelings. Invite the old forgotten emotions to come forward too. Feeling all the feelings will help you reach your true destination.

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Gemini // Gemini Rising
A freight train moves fast. You can carry baggage, but you can still go fast. Start where you are. Common advice is to “get over it,” “think positively,” etc. But that won’t work right now. You have to look at your baggage around relationships. Know that moving forward on the track is inevitable, so you won’t get stuck. But take stock of the cargo you’re carrying so that you can communicate more clearly in the future.

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Cancer // Cancer Rising
Ocean waves. Maybe the waves are like the breath of the Earth and Sea. In and out. In and out. Focus on your breath. Any simple, embodied practice developed now will help you find expansion later. Meditation or Breathwork is recommended. This is a moment to keep things very simple, detailed, deliberate and focused. Simple, healthy practices developed now will have an exponential effect on your life.

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Leo // Leo Rising
Ouroboros. If you follow the snake longe enough, you’ll follow it all around the globe until it catches its own tail and infinity is realized. Translation 1: Everything is nothing and nothing is everything. Translation 2: Don’t take yourself so seriously. The snake symbolizes creative life force. You are renewed. You are reborn. So live! Don’t let ego get in the way.

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Virgo // Virgo Rising
Lioness. A mother lion will protect her cubs at all costs. She is the fighter and the provider. If you need fierce mother energy activated in your psyche, call on her energy. You are a baby cub supported by fierce mother lion. You can surrender. And you can be fierce and strong whenever you wish. Contemplate this symbol and set intentions around receiving nurturance and security.

Libra // Libra Rising
A satellite dish. You are taking in ideas and digesting information. Notice to what extent. At this time you’re extra sensitive and receptive. Your mental antennae are activated and receiving signals. Carefully moderate what comes through. It’s important not to go into information overload. With the right filters in place, this can be a heightened phase of teaching and learning.

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Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A kitten laps up milk. There are many resources available. Understand that you have what you need. It’s time to feel satisfied. The symbolic kitten is eating milk, so it doesn’t need milk. Your sense of satiation will help you make better decisions. Metaphorically speaking, don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Apply this metaphor to every area of your life.

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Dive into this month’s medicine for your sign with our Numinous Tarotscopes December 2018, cast by Melinda Lee HolmArtwork: Prince Láuder

Numinous Tarotscopes December 2018 Tarot art Prince Lauder Melinda Lee Holm

Six of Cups

Happy solar return, Sagittarius! You’re closing out the year and another journey around the Sun with a little congratulatory pat on the back – centered right over your heart center. Something tells me that ring of Fire you jumped through last month really boosted your intuitive powers, fueling the empathy needed to earn this achievement in the realm of Water. Sixes generally indicate a reversal of fortune after the chaos of the five, a hard-earned win after a long struggle. And because of that I always read in them a deep appreciation for the accomplishment they assume and a deep empathy for those who have not yet made it there. It’s like coming in out of the cold and looking back out onto the street, hoping those still walking are mere steps from their own warm solace.

Maybe what you’re looking out at is another part of yourself that hasn’t made it in, some piece of your heart that can’t quite catch its breath yet, still steeling against the wind. This month, find forgiveness and empathy for all those parts of yourself so you can lift them up and integrate this new emotional lift and use it to help others do the same. If you’re the type that doesn’t care much for birthday celebrations, make an exception this year. Have dinner with a few close friends. Allow them to celebrate the very fact of your existence on the anniversary of your entry into this world and as you do, really feel in turn how grateful you are that they’re here with you.

Sagittarius stone for December: Green Apophyllite. Green Apophyllite helps to cleanse and heal the heart through the power of the natural world, while its attunement to the energy of the Earth grounds our perspective.


Five of Wands

Lay down that magic wand you’ve been wielding, Capricorn! The time for action has hit a distinct pause. All that glorious conjuring that served you so well last month will not likely get you where you think it will this month. It is time to step back to reflect and observe. And look, I know the Fives have a bad reputation. We (me included!) tend to think of them as unwelcome bumps in the road, barriers to our progress. Let’s turn that around this month. I’ve got a Five this month too (Sun in Cancer), so I’m giving myself the same pep talk I’m giving you. Let’s spend the last month of the year changing our relationship to these challange points, welcoming them with open arms.

All December, I invite you to REVEL in disconnecting from taking action, from creating, from reading all the messages between the lines. You’ve accomplished enough for now. Sit back and enjoy the view. Even better – barely notice the view. Let the whole world roll past you and over and through you as you become very quiet and still. So still that you hear sounds within you never knew were there, the music of your body serenading you, blood pumping through veins and breath steadily moving in and out, cooling and warming as it goes. You can choose to be frustrated by this moment or you can take advantage of it as an opportunity to fine tune your inner frequency without any guilt around slowed productivity, with the knowledge that when you do make moves again, you’ll be wiser and better equipped.

Capricorn stone for December: Grape Agate. Grape Agate provides a safe haven to get settled, centered, and refocused. It calms the mind and body, allowing superficial stressors to take a backseat to more urgent needs.


Ten of Wands

It’s full steam ahead for you this month, Aquarius, so strap on your coziest work boots and get ready to feel utterly brimming with creative potential. These moments don’t come along often and when they do, there can be outside factors that make them a little sticky. With Mercury stationing direct on the 6th, and following up on all that great interior work you did last month, I feel you’re going to have a really nice period of productivity that will have you wondering how you got it all done. We usually need to slow down on our own projects when the holidays come around, but you are well positioned to elegantly navigate family and social obligations while bringing your own creative visions to life.

Exciting times! My guess is that something blew into your orbit in November that rekindled a previously forgotten desire of your heart, some long lost goal or creative dream. Now is the time for you to bring that dream into reality, into a form that you can see and taste and feel. If you’re unsure what this dream project is, call on the intutive aspect of Wands to guide you. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and ask for clues to be sent into your view that will point toward the most fertile areas of growth. Even if you spend all month doing this once a day without taking action, it would be a month very well spent. We can only make our world as big and lush as we can dream it. Dream big, Aquarius. You have the power to make it reality.

Aquarius stone for December: Shiva Lingam. Shiva Lingam stimulates the physical and energetic bodies, infusing both with the vibrancy and stamina needed to bring crazy dreams into reality through hard work.


Ace of Swords

Oh, Pisces, this is quite a Solstice gift for you! Your highly tuned empathic sense is the envy of the zodiac, but it can also lead to a murky sense of truth. After all, our perspective and experience determine what we see as real and if you’re able to tap into the perspective and experience of others with such ease, that reality can shift around quite a bit. But this month, you have the great gift of clarity both received and expressed. All of that careful assessment you got into last month is going to be rendered in super sharp focus, high definition realness. Be ready to accept what you see and trust yourself to speak to it. This Divine gift of reason and communication is precious, especially this time of year, coming off a string of retrogrades!

Your gorgeous sensitive heart may be made uncomfortable by what you can see now or by the directness of the words that come to carry your expressions. That’s ok. Instead of trying to avoid or suppress any discomfort, embrace it and turn this x-ray vision you’ve been gifted to the task of seeing where it’s coming from, what it’s rooted in, and what that tells you about yourself. Be kind and patient with yourself, offer yourself shelter, and hold always in your heart the joy of growing and evolving as a spiritual being and a human. And make sure you’re surrounded by your nearest and dearest on New Years. Something tells me you’ll improvise a speech that will leave no dry eye in the house.

Pisces stone for December: Opal. Opal inspires independent thought and action through a connection with one’s innate and deeply held personal truth. It offers the freedom to express oneself openly and honestly.


Page of Swords

You’re turning over a new leaf to close out the year, Aries! There must have been some beautiful and profound revelations that came out of the heart explosion you went through last month, and now you can get a better grasp on their meaning. You are stepping into a completely new style of communication with yourself and with others, forgetting all the rules you adhered to before. It’s a wonderful way to really feel the integration of all the lessons of not just last month, but the past year. The freshness of the Page energy can sometimes be seen as naive, but here it feels like an achievement, a sign of wisdom, an indication that you’ve gotten all you could out of the previous path and yearn to walk a new one, to learn more.

Allow December to be a clean slate. If there are stories that you’ve been telling yourself about who you are or can be or are capable of, let them go. In your relationships with others, step out of automatic repsonse styles and really consider what you want to communicate befoe your words come out. Open yourself to the wide open expanse of options in your thoughts, your intellectual frameworks, and your verbal and non-verbal expressions. Think of the whole world as your cosmic thesaurus, showing you variations on themes you never knew existed. And whatever you do, resist like hell any urge to fall into old patterns in your interactions with family over the holidays. That is your richest area for growth opportunity this month.

Aries stone for December: Optical Calcite. Optical Calcite offers the opportunity to see things, people, and situations through a different lens, challenging our own perspectives and opening understanding.


The Sun

Well, Taurus, here we are. You made it through all of 2018 digging around in Earth and Major Arcana and I have to say, I am deeply impressed. It’s a beautiful thing to see a year tied together like this and I truly hope you are feeling the culmination of lessons around creating the world around you in collaboration with the Divine Universe. And if you’re not yet, you will this month! December holds a beautiful illumination for you, a chance to see and believe as you haven’t been able to before. Your world is about to take on new form and color, new meaning, as you take in this landscape that has developed over the past year. Take time to drink it in and enjoy it.

December can often bring a tendency to overcommit, overschedule, and overindulge. Resolve early to not bite off more than you can chew – literally or metaphorically. You want to maintain a nice, calm center from which to survey your world – especially with the revelations of these retrogrades still waiting to be understood and integrated. It’s been quite a journey for you this year. What you see this month will bring it all into focus, revealing how far you’ve come and giving you hints about how to begin planning for the next year. Don’t forget – the other aspect of The Sun is that it provides the energy needed to grow fruit from the Earth. Takes notes on what seeds find their way onto your path this month.

Taurus stone for December: Garnet. Garnet grounds passion in reality, ensuring that we take an optimistic, yet realistic, view of our personal potential in a given set of circumstances.


Seven of Pentacles

December is bringing you a lesson in patience and your own power, Gemini. Be ready to encounter many opportunities to confront limiting beliefs about yourself and your productivity. While these may seem harsh or painful at first, know that they are here in the service of showing you how much you truly are capable of and to bolster your trust in your own ability to create. Sevens are about overcoming doubt, and you cannot overcome doubts you cannot name. Before they are named, we just think they are part of the fabric of our reality, a truth that tells us the boundary of our capabilities. So strap in and start digging early in the month. The more you can uncover, the greater the bounty of this work will be  – and just in time for a fresh new year!

You know how everyone gets all excited when Mercury stations direct because things can start moving again? Well … don’t get too excited. Not about that anyway. What I want you to try to focus your excitement on instead is the action and process of work itself, the experience of it, feeling how capable your hands and mind are to create and build. The output isnt important right now, your trust in your own ability and your faith in the eventual outcome of that ability is. If you have difficulty with this, give yourself small reminders – set realistic daily goals, put one foot in front of the other, and see them completed by the end of the day. Trusting yourself is a practice. Keep working at it and let it unfold.

Gemini stone for December: Vanadinite. Vanadinite clears blocks to creativity and productivity, particularly those coming from within ourselves. It can unlock hidden potential and artistic avenues of exploration.


Five of Cups

Ok, Cancer, don’t freak out. I feel your deep sighs reverberating through the cosmos. Trust me, they were mine too when I pulled this card for us. What a way to close out the year, right? But then I challenged myself to push past those feelings and consider more deeply the implications of this mournful, chaotic energy, and now I am honestly stoked about it! That Page energy last month really stirred the emotional pot. Feelings were coming fast and furious, creating surprising reactions and the potential for huge transformation. We’re not who we were before. No one can be after making themselves so radically vulnerable and open, and we wouldn’t want to be. And now we have the chance to mourn the loss of our old selves before we step into the new year.

So often we are told we’re being dramatic or negative if we express a sense of loss when our situation changes or we evolve as people. We’re not supposed to admit attachment to lifestyles or mindsets that we’ve outgrown. But if we don’t acknowledge the attachment, we can never be released from it. So, let’s do this, Cancer! Ruminate on who you no longer are, make a shrine to your old self, write yourself letters, and be ready to gather it up and let it all go. I’ll give you extra credit for ritual disposal of an item that is symbolic of who you used to be – and EXTRA extra credit if you do it on the Solstice.

Cancer stone for December: White Calcite. White Calcite helps to gently cleanse and revitalize the energetic body, removing debris from past woundings and traumas from this life, previous lives, and inherited trauma.


Five of Swords

All this big cosmic power has got you a little mixed up, Leo, but it’s no reason to panic. While this month may feel unrelentingly confusing, you can greatly soften the experience by eliminating one little phrase form your repertoire: “figure it out.” Our human brains are obsessive little things. They like order, categorization. They are made uneasy by ambiguity. In other words, they like to get things figured out. However, there are very few things in life that we actually NEED to figure out in order to get through our day to day. Where the keys are so you can leave the house? Yes. What exactly your sister meant by that comment on social media? Not so much. You following me?

Stick to the basics this month. Don’t figure anything out. Practice the art of purposeful naivety. That guy who cut you off on the freeway? Maybe he has a family emergency! You’ll never know for sure anyway, so why not believe it and spare yourself the churning anger of road rage. If you feel called to it, read up on the Buddhist concept on nonduality. Try on the idea that good and bad do not exist, that everything in the world is neither and also both. If you need to make decisions this month, rely on your gut instinct and your heart. Air is in chaos, but Fire and Water should serve you well. Play your cards right in this energy and you’ll be the most content person at every holiday gathering of the season.

Leo stone for December: Rainbow Hematite. Rainbow Hematite encourages mental clarity and focus while removing stagnant energy and helping to raise consciousness and psychic abilities.


The Chariot

You are riding off into the sunset of this year with style, my dear Virgo. You’re packing up only what you need and allowing the fruits of your labor to sweep you off your feet and into your future. And with the serious amount of internal balancing and excavation you’ve been up to over the past couple months, it should be a very easy task deciding what it is you want to carry forward into this next chapter. Allow the last few days of Mercury’s retrograde trip to shake off before you make final decisions, but don’t stall too long. You’ll want to be moving before the holidays hit. Make the Solstice on the 21st your deadline for any decisions on what you want the landscape of 2019 to look like.

The Chariot is about the vehicle, not the driver. The message here is to pay attention to what it is that you are allowing to carry you. My guess is, you’re in good shape, but do take time the first half of the month to check the metaphorical oil and the tire pressure on the container you’re driving through life. Sometimes we get on automatic pilot, we forget to check our navigation closely, to get that squeaky hinge oiled up. Look around your life and make sure that everything that you trust to keep you moving forward is in good working order – for YOU. And then sit back and enjoy the ride. It should be a beautiful journey into the new year.

Virgo stone for December: Pink Tourmaline. Pink Tourmaline is a particularly soothing heart stone, creating a safe environment for the heart to open and be nurtured and healed by oneself, loved ones, and the Divine.


Two of Swords

Ah, Libra, do you hear that? It’s the sound of your mind quieting down after all that cosmic balancing out last month. As we shift out of the retrogrades and into the last lap of 2018, you’re hitting that runner’s high clarity where everything sort of pops into focus and the pieces that have become irrelevant fall away like dead leaves from a hibernating tree. Allow the gentle breeze of your native element to sweep through every fiber of your being, coaxing out any dust that may have become lodged in the corners, leaving you renewed. This is a time for a fresh start, for getting back to basics. The seed of wisdom in the element of Air is settling itself into your consciousness. Your task is to make sure it has a healthy place to grow.

Take care to free your mind of clutter this month. I am big proponent of regular meditation for everyone all the time, but for you, this month, it is crucial. Twenty minutes twice a day is my preference, but if you can get even five in I’ll take it. Don’t get bogged down in which style of meditation is “correct” – that’s just your brain cleverly distracting you. Pick one and go. Change it up if you need to. Just be disciplined and do it daily. Trust me, you’ll thank me when the Soltice rolls in and you find you have a crystal clear vision of how you need to proceed with your work and life in the new year.

Libra stone for December: Bismuth. Bismuth transforms through providing a hard reset on connection with others, the environment, and our true selves, inspiring a push for positive change and growth.


King of Wands. 

You’ll be the belle of the ball this month, Scorpio, and not (just) because of your good looks and charm! You’re going to have an almost psychic ability to plan and execute on your obligations, freeing you to truly enjoy the social time you schedule and earn. Kings represent the Air of their suit, and when that mental clarity and vision is combined with the magick and intuition of Fire it creates quite an enviable atmosphere of laser-focus and deft execution. You’ll have a supernatural ability to know exactly where and with whom your energy is best spent. If you have a tendency to feel dragged down by draining holiday events, rejoice and look forward to a month spent surrounded by inspiration.

In order to get the full benefit of this energy, you have to have great boundaries in place. Boundaries – not retaliatory meaures. Keep the stinger under wraps and your focus on making sure you don’t feel the need to use it in the first place. If this sounds overwhelming, spend the last few days of Mercury’s retrograde run asking for guidance on how you can let go of anything standing in the way of your embracing the power of a loving “no.” Sometimes even just acknowledging you have an issue will be enough for you to clear it. You cannot deny what you choose to see. Light a candle, throw rocks in the sea, let it go. And then shine up your dancing shoes. You have a a lot of reveling to do.

Scorpio stone for December: Nuummite. Nuummite activates powerful internal magick and self-mastery. It reveals areas of weakness so they can be molded into strengths and shows us how to reach our full potential as creative beings.


The Devil is a juicy opportunity to dance with your shadow and free yourself from shame, says Sagittarius Season’s reader-in-residence, Brandon Alter … Cast using the Prisma Visions Tarot 


As we move ever closer to the Solstice and New Year, the 2018 Virgo Waning Moon tempers Sagittarius Season with a precious pause. It’s prime time to purify, refine, and clear the decks for personal freedom, says Jennifer Racioppi

jennifer racioppi ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 virgo waning moon club
Photo: Graham Hunt

Waning Quarter Moon // November 29 2018 // 7:18pm ET // 7 degrees Virgo 

As the Sun blazes through the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius and 2018 passes through its denouement, the Virgo Waning Moon invites you to embrace a life purification process. 

While this Virgo Moon’s sense of organization, discipline, and attention to detail might feel contradictory to the larger-than-life influence of the current Sag stellium (the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury are all traveling close to one another in this live-and-let-live sign of fun), leaning into Virgo’s austerity will accelerate your path towards the freedom you most crave.

With just a few weeks remaining before the Sun enters Capricorn, use this time to organize your life. You might consider purging your closet, refraining from making big year-end purchases, limiting your intake of alcohol and sugar, and letting go of toxic relationships.

Take a stand for your truth, and let the rest go. Staying disciplined now sets you up for success at the start of the new year.


// The Cycle //
In personal development circles, the idea of “becoming our best self” often equates with a journey of acquisition. Gaining the job/relationship/status/fill-in-the-blank becomes the objective. However, this journey towards achievement requires sacrifice too. Sacrifice means to release something of value to create or receive something of equal or more significant benefit.

While the Waning Moon often goes unnoticed, this is a critical time between the last Gemini Full Moon, and the upcoming Sagittarius New Moon. When used intelligently, this Moon is the missing ingredient in manifesting your New Moon wish. It asks you to make a sacrifice in order to achieve the freedom you ultimately desire.

In purity driven Virgo, this Moon commands discipline. As we inch closer and closer to the upcoming Solstice, consider any indulgences that are holding you back from the growth you crave most, and eliminate them. Yes. Choose to change. Now. (Not after the clock strikes midnight on January 1st).


// The Transits //
This Waning Quarter Moon happens at an exciting astrological moment. In the days leading up to this turning point in the lunar cycle, the Sun and Mercury (who’s retrograde) aligned in a perfect conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of growth, elevating the potential for expansion!

However, Mars the planet of action, squares this trifecta of awesome, and opposes the Virgo Moon, creating a t-square. This is a fancy way of saying that the freedom-seeking Sag Sun needs to slow his roll! Traveling through mutable Pisces, Mars ushers in a deeper understanding of the values driving the desires for gains.

While this might require a sacrifice in the short term, in the long term it will deliver on Jupiter’s promise of freedom during his yearlong transit through Sag. While sacrifice can sometimes feel punitive, here it offers liberation.

Mutable signs indicate change, and require you to engage with your transformation process (not just wish for it from the sidelines of your life). To support this, the Virgo Moon makes a perfect trine to Saturn in Capricorn and, simultaneously, Mars in Pisces sextiles Saturn. These harmonious angles with growth-through-sacrifice Saturn indicate that discipline trumps freedom now.


// The Square //
Virgo vs. Sagittarius is a classic battle between austerity (Virgo) and abundance (Sag). Both signs are mutable, meaning they prepare us for change, yet beyond that, they share few similarities.

The Virgo Moon aims to purify, reminding us that our emotional needs can be met through release. This is amplified by the fact that it’s the last Waning Quarter Moon before the Solstice, and this idea of surrender syncs perfectly with the metaphor of dwindling light.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, resists discipline in all forms. With a go-big-or-go-home motto, the Sag Sun drives merriment, not surrender. Yet, given Saturn’s essential participation during this Waning Moon, take this time to tune into the Virgo opportunity for purification. 2019 begins with the Sun and Saturn conjoined, meaning Saturn’s influence isn’t going anywhere. So we might as well honor him now and get a head start on the journey ahead.


// The Opportunity //
Like the Moon, which wanes back to new, surrendering the light of the Sun in the process, we have to learn how to yield to our rebirth, again and again, month after month. And often our resurrection depends upon our ability to let go of something we cling to, to make room for something we want.

With this Waning Quarter Moon in fastidious Virgo, forming a mutable T-Square with the Sun and Mars, our egos might feel a wee-bit under the gun—which makes total sense. However, honoring Virgo’s mission to call out old habits, patterns, people, and behaviors that once served you but now block you is critical to your growth trajectory—even if your ego despises this.

This Virgo Waning Moon presents the perfect cosmic moment to surrender into faith: to let go of something, or make a sacrifice, on behalf of what you most desire.

Your freedom hangs in the balance …

Discover more about astrologer and success coach Jennifer Racioppi and her work HERE and follow her on Instagram.


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron’s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world numinous weekly horoscopes eberhard grossgasteiger
Photo: Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
Giving a flower. The full description of this dream-like image is “a bubble that has a hand gives a flower.” This symbol represents generosity, potential, and expansion. Generosity is the seed. Your ability to be generous energetically opens up your potential for new developments. And that leads to your expansion. So if you don’t know what else to do this week, start with generosity.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
A snowboard slices through snow. You want to find your momentum, but as usual you have to make your own path. Trust that you can get to where you want to go. Put yourself in motion, then enjoy the ride. Let your subconscious guide you intuitively. The more you can coast instinctively, the better. If you overanalyze every move, you’ll topple.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Examine the distant sky. It’s easy to take the sky for granted. But staring at the distant horizon will improve your sense of vision, literally and figuratively. This is your moment for vision. How do you want to feel, in every important area of your life? What’s your vision for your contribution to humanity? Answer these questions with a vision board or brainstorming session. Know your direction.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
A beating heart. A heartbeat pulses through your entire body. It sets the rhythm in a subtle way. What pulses through you and sets the rhythm for your career goals? What is your purpose when it comes to the topic of your sacred vocation? Big question, simple answer. Stay focused on the core service you want to offer to the world. The central heartbeat. Everything else is just noise.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Aries // Aries Rising
A golden star. A star is always above. It’s something to look up to. Gold is symbolic of many qualities, among them: illumination, love, virtue, wisdom, magic, and prosperity. It’s time for you to lift up your mind and set your sights higher. There is no limit to your sense of love, wisdom, and prosperity. This week can teach you that. Open yourself up to a new way of thinking. Or if that’s too extreme, refine your current thought process. There’s room to grow.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Taurus // Taurus Rising
Rolling the dice. You have got to take a risk, especially in your personal relationships. Nothing is solid, ever. Nothing is guaranteed. Your strength is tangible and real when you trust yourself. When you know that no matter what happens, you’re good. Then you can take the risks that your heart yearns to take. Then you can create intimacy.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Gemini // Gemini Rising
Bird feet. The bird mostly travels by wing. The wings seem much more important than the feet. Although they’re far less obvious, the feet represent stability for the bird. What’s the hidden stability in your life? One factor to consider is your important relationships. Have you been taking them for granted? Do you need to make more room for stabilizing relationships? It’s time for adjustments to be made.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Cancer // Cancer Rising
Stones thrown into the pool. A ripple effect. Start with the basics and let your energy ripple out from there. Make sure you feel tidy and organized. The ripple effect will be stability and efficiency. Take preventative measures to help your body feel healthy. The ripple effect will be productivity and peacefulness. These are just examples, but the idea is to keep your focus on the core principle and then admire the results.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Leo // Leo Rising
A sewing project. There’s a step-by-step process to be employed. Choose the pattern and colors, thread the needle, attend to the details. There’s also the joy of creativity. Making something appear from nothing. Don’t hold back. There is something that you need to put out into the world. Identify your step-by-step method and make it happen.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Virgo // Virgo Rising 
A child’s birthday party. The hats are decorated according to theme. The children play and have fun. When was the last time you felt this way? Enjoy an innocent celebration. Tend to your inner child by doing something fun and childish. Your inner child has a very specific way that they yearn to feel special. Find out what it is and celebrate it.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Libra // Libra Rising 
Leaves fall in autumn. There’s a lot of motion. Everything is changing, but especially the way you think and communicate. It’s time to truly listen to yourself. You need to let go of something and you need to change the way you think. It’s a big deal! But it’s also very natural and just another phase. So ask yourself lots of questions and wait for the answers.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
Pine tree forest. The more that you can let yourself go at your own rate and speed, the better. Try not to feel rushed. Take deep breaths and lean back. The pace doesn’t set itself, and it shouldn’t be set by someone else. What does time feel like for a pine tree forest? Possibly ancient, slow, and unhurried. Soak up that feeling and set your watch by it.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.


The 2018 Gemini Full Moon is a powerful opportunity to tune in to our environment, and let trust in abundant connection lead to compassionate communication, says Sandy Sitron

sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 gemini full moon lucas sankey
Photo: Lucas Sankey

Full Moon ::  November 23 2018 :: 12:41 am EST :: 0 degrees Gemini

Listen to the blue jay sing. A splash of inspiring color against gray sky. But the bird is on attack. Caw caw caw. It scolds and picks with aggressive intensity. Then it takes flight and the whole interaction is forgotten.

On November 23rd, 2018, there’s a Full Moon in inquisitive, talkative Gemini. The Moon is opposite the Sun in truth-seeking Sagittarius.

There’s a potential to verbalize with this Full Moon. That drive to communicate can come through in different ways.

First of all, it’s fleeting (that’s something to be remembered in the midst of your next big conversation). What feels important is impermanent. Next, it’s vibrant. Fired up. A flash of interest, vitality, brightness. There is an urge to communicate with intensity.

That can result in sharing opinions that you’re not even sure you believe. Gemini likes to talk and Sagittarius likes to know. When it comes to conversation, who is listening? Notice an urge to nitpick or criticize, like the bossy blue jay. Maintain an airy sense of lightness. You can fly away from the conversation. You can let it go.

There are so many strands of information flying, so many truths to be determined with this expansive Full Moon. Be deliberate about the information you take in. Notice your environment. Who are you influenced by? Whose messages and opinions are seeping into your mental space?

If you aren’t deliberate, you’ll will find that you scatter your energy against the wind. This could happen through internet binges, continuously scrolling through social media, or asking for advice. How much do you want to take in? 

The best results of this Full Moon energy come when you are driven by compassion. When in doubt, move through your world with an awareness that everything is interconnected.

The Moon in Gemini increases your desire for input. The Sun in Sagittarius pushes your ego to KNOW and to have your truth defined. This is an opposition of energies that can be solved by the T-square to Mars in Pisces. Translation? Take all of this cerebral processing and balance it with your drive to feel emotionally connected.

When your actions are guided by a feeling of continuous and universal love, all is well … 


Moon opposite Jupiter
Bundles of flowers overwhelm the aisle. 
So much abundance, it’s hard to decide where it should all go. Of course that’s not a problem. Let yourself be lifted into a positive vibration by this radiant energy. You don’t have to maintain a limit on how much happiness you’ll allow. Notice if your joy is immediately followed by thoughts of worry and fear. If that happens, remind yourself that you really do get to be happy. Your joy won’t be counteracted. You won’t jinx yourself by talking about your good luck. And you aren’t taking up too much space. There’s always room for more flowers.


Moon square Mars
Ice skating.
Just keep going and going. There doesn’t need to be friction. There’s so much movement in general with this Full Moon making a challenging angle to action planet Mars, and a slew of planets in mutable signs. Take up the pace you need to take. Go for it. Make all of your adjustments. Just remember to keep your center of balance. You don’t want to spin out of control. Mars is in Pisces, so your actions need to be filtered through a vibration of love and compassion. That will help it all mean something.


The conversation starters below are to help you get deeper into what the 2018 Gemini Full Moon means for you. Find a friend and talk it out. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 0 degrees Gemini in your chart and use the prompt for that house. New to your birth chart? Calculate your chart for free HERE.

Aries / Aries Rising / Full Moon in the 3rd House
“The question I would most like answered is …”

Taurus / Taurus Rising / Full Moon in the 2rd House
“What feels delicious to me right now is …”

Gemini / Gemini Rising / Full Moon in the 1st House
“I feel most confident in myself when I …”

Cancer / Cancer Rising / Full Moon in the 12th House
“I am letting go of …”

Leo / Leo Rising / Full Moon in the 11th House
“This time next year I will be …”

Virgo / Virgo Rising / Full Moon in the 10th House
“My long-term career goals are …”

Libra / Libra Rising / Full Moon in the 9th House
“The trip I am longing to take is …”

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising / Full Moon in the 8th House
“I can’t stop obsessing about …”

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising / Full Moon in the 7th House
“The most important relationship in my life right now is …”

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising / Full Moon in the 6th House
“I am working hard each day to …”

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising / Full Moon in the 5th House
“I feel like a kid again whenever I …”

Pisces / Pisces Rising / Full Moon in the 4th House
“I can always care for myself by …”


With Mercury now retrograde, the 4 of Pentacles asks us to release from the rigid and make space for magic, says Sagittarius Season’s reader-in-residence, Brandon Alter … Cast using the Prisma Visions Tarot 


Sagittarius Season 2018 is awash with direct motion, urging us to burst forth into new ways of being in the world. Bring your freshest feelings along for the ride and keep your eyes and your mind wide open, says Bess Matassa

The Numinous Sagittarius astrology astro Sagittarius Season 2018 Bess Matassa suitcase in the desert
Image: Fredrick Kearney

Race straight into the great, wide open, and let the wind throw back your mane, Numiverse. Sagittarius Season 2018 is top-down and ready to ride, a reminder that life is pulsating with possibilities when we risk rolling the dice and losing the map.

Sag Season 2018 invites a pack of direct planets to the party, including Mercury going direct in Scorpio and Sag, Venus now moving forward in Scorpio, and Neptune and Chiron slipping and sliding in Pisces. There’s a surprising freshness and adolescent flair to all this locomotion, as we feel the range of big feels with the celebratory aliveness of a teenage dreamer. Meanwhile, the stage is set for unveiling some hard-earned truths.

With a perpetually-packed suitcase, Sag asks us to get out and collide with the world, letting ourselves be blended, shifted, and changed by all we encounter. This Sag Season, how can you fully immerse yourself in the experience of living … without having to fully understand it all?

Bow to a higher law, wild ponies, confident that when you commit to hitting the road without holding back, it will rise to meet your gold-dipped hooves at every turn …

Listen to the full Sagittarius Season 2018 report from Numi resident astrologers Bess + Sandy HERE and get the quick and dirty on the season’s 4 key astro events below …


Sun in Sagittarius (11.22—12.21)  Road Tripping

The Queen of experiential learning, Sag longs to stretch her muscled legs, powerfully poised to dance all the way past the end of the dirty and dusty roads. Though this is the energy of the seeker and philosopher, the most vivid treasures are found in the unscripted detours. Perpetually on the move towards the edge of the infinite, and ready to mythologize each tumbleweed that passes, Sag works best when unattached to the destination. Let this energy take you on an impromptu getaway, either real or imagined. Remind yourself of your innate ability to meet the moment, and the precious promise of a life lived far beyond the limiting beliefs of “right” and “wrong” turns.


John Cusak Say Anything

Mercury direct (stations direct in Scorpio 12.1; re-enters Sagittarius 12.12) // Say Anything

Mercury’s journey between Sag and Scorpio has reminded us that we can dance with our demons without having to signal the final death knell, relating to each season of our life with presence and curiosity. This final forward push of Mercury in Scorpio and into Sag finds us ready to share all of the hard-won gems that we’ve mined with the celebratory fervor of a lovestruck teen. A trip to the cosmic karaoke booth, this energy urges us to allow whatever’s on the tip of our tongue to come alive without fear. Let John Cusack’s unabashed boombox declaration to the neighborhood remind you that when we reach out from the inside, there is never any reason for regret.


Sagittarius Season 2018

Neptune direct (11.24 in Pisces)// The Art of David LaChapelle

The zodiac’s dream weaving planet takes us far beyond the mundane and steeps us in the pure mystery of the unseen world. With Neptune stationing direct, it can sometimes feel like a rude awakening, as we’re forced to pull the blinds up on anything that’s been keeping us from clarity. This Sag Season, recapture the creative force in checking out to check back in, and turning your night sleeps into waking dreams. Bring heaven all the way down to earth with David LaChapelle’s glamorous escapism, which channels the Neptunian sensation of mixing the material and the mystical.


Chiron direct in Pisces (12.9; trine the North Node in Cancer 12.2) // Bubble Wands

Chiron’s last direct pass through Pisces before it shifts into Aries in early February is an opportunity to take the full plunge into our iridescent, shape shifting feelings, exploring our most profound longings without judgement, and letting any shades of pain bring us closer to each person and creature in our lives. Pisces energy gifts us radical allowing, and paired with Chiron it invites us to widen our container and accommodate as many shades of sensation as there are drops of water in the ocean. Dip your bubble wands into the mix, and kiss the preciously ephemeral human experience with your breath.


This month’s cosmic shifts give us the opportunity to pause, prepare for expansion, and rediscover a sweet sense of hope, says Melinda Lee Holm. Set your sights on new horizons with this tarot journey through December 2017 …

melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world tarot cards for december 2017

The theme for December is HOPE. After the inner work and expansion of November, we open ourselves back up to the world around us. And with a major slow down courtesy of Mercury Retro to kick off the month, we’ll have plenty of psychic space to stop and appreciate beauty, realign with what truly matters, and set our sights on the new hope of longer days to come.

Prepare for expansion with this tarot journey through December 2017 … 


//12/3 Mercury Retrograde: 4 of Pentacles  
While it may sound crazy, the forced slow down of Mercury Retrograde (until 12/22) is exactly what many of us need this time of year. This cosmic downshift begs us to get crystal clear in our communications, methodical in our actions, and to give ourselves plenty of extra time to get things done.

Get grounded and prepared with the 4 of Pentacles. In the 4 we get our first taste of true, earthy stability and we’re not giving it up easily. Generally, I advise people to be mindful of hanging on too tight to finances when this card comes up, but with Mercury in Retrograde, I say clamp down! Keep your spending in check and stay slow and steady to avoid upsetting the delicate balance of the material world that is earned in the 4 of Pentacles.

Calling in the 4 of Pentacles: 

  • Wear or carry Garnet to help stay grounded in your body, the Earth, and reality
  • Eat mandarin oranges, symbols of abundance and good fortune
  • Be like Santa Claus – make a list of daily tasks and check it twice
  • Budget in cash – bring only as much money with you for the day as you can responsibly spend

melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world tarot cards for december 2017 4 of pentacles


//12/10 Human Rights Day: Knight of Swords 
Human Rights Day honors the anniversary of the United Nations’ adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. This document’s anniversary invites us all to get familiar with the rights our fellow humans are entitled to, and to be empowered to speak out and act when those rights are violated.

The Knight of Swords has the energy and the will to speak up and speak out. Wielding the power of intellectual and communicative Air, the Knight rides boldly into battle to defend his convictions. The red feather of passion streams from his helmet as he charges forward, no longer content to stand on the sidelines, ready to take action for what he believes in.

Calling in the Knight of Swords: 

  • Carry or wear Ruby to inspire passion to speak up for others
  • Donate to the Global Human Rights fund or any other charitible organization working to defend the rights of those in need of advocacy 
  • Drink peppermint tea to suport internalizing positive change
  • Go for a run to feel the wind through your hair and the power of your own speed

melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world tarot cards for december 2017 knight of swords


//12/13 Geminid Meteor Shower: Page of Cups 
Our annual show of racing lights, the Geminid Meteor Shower arrives on the 7th and peaks on the 13th. If you grew up wishing on “shooting stars,” this peak night is a beautiful time to reconnect to that childish sense of wonder and open your heart to the beauty, majesty, and magic of the Universe.

The Page of Cups provides just the right brand of unguarded emotional exuberance to help us fully enjoy and embrace the magic all around us. Not burdened by past woundings, regrets, or by any set of rules about how to handle the emotional element of Water, the Page is free to give and receive freely, unabashedly appreciating and loving the world around him.

Calling in the Page of Cups: 

  • Gaze up in wonder at the beauty and magic of the Geminids in the night sky!
  • Wear lace or fanciful patterns – clothing that expresses the romantic within
  • Express your love openly – let your friends know how you feel
  • Add a little brown sugar to your coffee or hot cereal to sweeten your outlook on the world

melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world tarot cards for december 2017 page of cups


//12/21 Winter Solstice: The Star 
As we reach the longest night of the year, it’s time to celebrate the coming light, to look forward with bright hope to the new year ahead, and to begin to set intentions for what we will grow come planting time.

A card traditionally associated with hope, the 8-pointed star seen on most versions of The Star was originally known as the star of The Goddess. As an ancient symbol of Divine Feminine Power, this calming and peaceful card is a reminder that The Goddess is always with us and within us, lighting the way.

Calling in The Star: 

  • Ingest or wear lavender for a calm, peaceful feeling, and to shield hope from negativity
  • Read Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel comics for inspiration – both superheros wear the 8-pointed star as their emblem
  • Treat yourself like the manifestation of the Divine Feminine you are with a trip to the spa or a home treatment
  • Make a list of all your hopes for the next 6 months so you can stay focused on actualizing them as the days grow longer

melinda lee holm ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world tarot cards for december 2017 the star

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Tap into your inner sorceress and work your spiritual superpowers with the Pisces Waxing Quarter Moon, says Jennifer Racioppi

pisces waxing quarter moon moon club the numinous material girl mystical world ruby warrington jennifer racioppi nsey benajah
Photo: Nsey Benajah

Waxing Quarter Moon :: November 26 2017 :: 12:02pm EST :: 4 degrees Pisces

Get ready for things to feel misty ..

With the Sun in the early degrees of freedom-driven fire sign Sagittarius squaring the Waxing Moon in Pisces, it’s a water-fire mixture that makes steam!

Ruled by Neptune (which is also currently in the sign of Pisces and just stationed direct on November 22nd), the Pisces Moon emphasizes emotional expansion and intuitive capacities. In a luscious trine to good luck Jupiter, this amplifies our spiritual superpowers even more.

With a minimal emphasis on earth and air (Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Libra are our only major representatives right now), things might feel heavy and wet, rather than light and free.

How to leverage this to your advantage? Read on …


:: The Sun ::
With the Sun in the early degrees of Sagittarius, we may feel called to embrace the spirit of freedom and play. However, given that Mercury, also in Sagittarius, is in his retrograde shadow, and Saturn will be leaving Sagittarius on December 19th, stay cautious and sincere.

The next few weeks will signal massive integration of profound soul truths. You want to be ready to receive (and integrate) them with a sense of ease.

:: The Moon ::
With the Moon waxing toward the Gemini Full Moon on December 3rd, it’s essential to use this next week to make progress on goals.

With the Moon so close to Neptune, and Neptune trining Jupiter, manifestation powers are amplified. Stay focused on your intention and connected to your desires. Let your intuition lead you forward; yet, stay prudent, too.

You want to make clear, conscious decisions that you’ll feel right about in the upcoming weeks while Mercury travels retrograde. Come December, the winds of change blow hard.

:: The Square::
With the Sun in Sag and the Moon in Pisces, limits and boundaries may feel blurred.

Boundaryless passion is fantastic for developing your spiritual and intuitive intelligence. Yet with Mercury Retro just around the corner, and a dearth of air and earth in the sky, make sure not to get lost in the mist. Lead from your intuitive prowess.

:: The Message ::
This Waxing Quarter Moon screams magic. Yet, it’s not unencumbered magic. It’s essential to not only stay devoted to your dreams, desires, and manifestations, but to do so with a clear sense of grounding.

With Neptune direct trining Jupiter, and the Moon in Pisces, the cosmos is expanding our spiritual capacity. Embrace the steam, but stay mindful of the potential to lose yourself in the fog.

Let your inner sorcerous lead you forward, and trust your intuition, while planting your two feet solidly on the ground.

For more Moon wisdom or to book a coaching session with Jennifer visit And to learn more about how to work with each Moon phase, check out Moon Club, our community of lunar-loving cosmic change makers!