Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign in our Numinous weekly horoscopes by Sandra Sitron, a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
The pattern on a butterfly’s wing. Observe. You are able to go deeper than you’ve gone before. If you look more closely, you’ll see that you are unique, beautiful and vibrant. You don’t have to fear getting stuck in the old path — the path that didn’t work. You’ve been navigating toward a new and easier path. Observe and notice the intricate beauty that you are experiencing and that you are. Don’t underestimate yourself.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Velcro on shoes. A new invention is possible. It may be that you can breakthrough into an easier way to do things. Notice your fear. Be really honest with yourself about your fear. There is another way through the fog. Train your mind toward innovation by asking yourself more questions. One of the answers will hold the secret to your next breakthrough.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
The leathery skin on an elephant’s legs. Hold your breath. You are about to step out onto a new stage. Hold your breath because you need to experience anticipation. Anticipation will lead to excitement and nervousness and then you’ll be emotionally involved— which is good. But what is this symbol about elephant’s legs? It means that you are supposed to know your wisdom as you move out onto a new stage. You are supposed to feel grounded and secure in your personal strength. Move forward confidently.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A star in a distant universe. You can reach for the stars now. Let go of anything in your experience or your ancestors’ experience that was holding you back for standing in the spotlight. You are allowed to shine. You don’t need to have words for this inner knowing that you are safe to be successful. Just find a way to feel it. Embody your success.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
Long pieces of spaghetti. The hardest thing to let go of is hope. And hope can take strange forms. Once you have created it, it will linger in every sign and symbol around you. It can show up in a piece of spaghetti. So create it. Invest it. Be conscientious about what form you want your hope to take. When you are clear that you know what you want your hope to look like, actively embrace it.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Kicking a soccer ball on the field. You have some momentum going. Don’t stop. Navigate the turns and maneuvers that you need to make. As you journey, you will have to change course. You will have to continuously revise your plan. You will have to be strategic. Do all of these things from a place of fun and play. You already have what you need. This is all just a game.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
The churning wheels of a mill in a river. You are ready to move. Find a force greater than yourself to help propel you forward. Feel the high energy that you are capable of. Get excited, hopeful and invested. What would it feel like to be really inspired by a philosophy or a vision? Keep gathering information and look toward the moment when you will feel truly inspired.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Finishing a delicious meal. Take a second to regroup and restore. Take care of your vessel— your body. Do regular physical maintenance. Most of all, enjoy the experience of being alive in your body. What if you just focused on this one thing, all week? How would your life feel different?

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Leo :: Leo Rising 
Flower petals make beautiful colors of dye. Your vibrant nature can leave a mark. By focusing on being your biggest and brightest self, by default you’ll impact the people around you. It can feel good to spread your enthusiasm. There should be nothing forced about this. You are capable of a natural and easy outpouring of joy.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A rubik’s cube. Keep turning the cube and playing the game. Everything is a puzzle and nothing is a puzzle. Especially when it comes to family. If there is a puzzle in your life when it comes to your family, just allow yourself to be unsolved. There’s no reason to have all of the answers now. The question is continuously forming in new ways.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Working on your penmanship. Stay in the flow of new ideas, information, reading and writing. Scribble it all down.  Take notes. Be furiously curious. And then begin to piece everything you’ve learned together in a beautiful way. This is a time to form and re-form. Gather information.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Sounding the horn. A call to action. Awaken! Get moving on your new plan. This is your rally cry. This is your moment to find out how strong you are. You’ve been through a transformation. Get used to your new form and rise to the challenge ahead. Trust in yourself.

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Sagittarius season is an invitation to explore our innate wildness, and expand our personal Universe, say Cara George & Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising

sagittarius season mojave rising The Numinous

Sagittarius season hoists us up from the underworld and sends us racing out onto the open plains of our own exuberant BECOMING. The zodiac’s expansive equestrian spills her blossoming vines over walls and across the borders of previous limitations, as she urges us to extend our adventuring to off-road spaces we couldn’t have imagined even in our wildest moments.

So pack your carry-ons, saddle your ponies, and let the wind throw back your hair. Your wildness cannot be broken or tamed or lost or found, but is constantly being born through the very air that you breathe. Fall in love with the blood coursing through your own veins and then let this love run faster and faster out across rich golden fields under carpets of pink stars.

Because baby you were born to run. And where we’re going, there are no roads.

The keyword: Locomotion.

The song lyrics: “Oh girl, dancing down those dirty and dusty trails/Take it hip to hip, rocket through the wilderness/Around the world the trip begins with a kiss”—The B-52s, “Roam”

Check out our Sagittarius season playlist, complete with wide-open anthems, road-trip rockers, and exploratory psychedelia.

Sagittarius season Mojave Rising The Numinous

The color palette: Nomadic hues fit for a full-on bacchanalian feast. Saffron, mustard, glitter-dusted taupe, and gypsy jewel-toned amethysts and rubies.

The style: Traveling circus performer meets Rio carnival queen on Route 66. Feathers, sequined unitards, untameable patterns, rich tapestried fabrics, and body-con mobility complete with cowboy boots and Canadian tuxedos.

Sagittarius season Mojave Rising The Numinous

The scents and flavors: Spiced, smoked, and hedonistically heated—warm curries, smoked trail mix, campfire, beef jerky, ancho, cinnamon, and cedarwood.

Sagittarius season Mojave Rising The Numinous

The healing: Exuberantly excessive and exploratorily expansive. All-night dance parties, adventure traveling, lost weekends, multi-course meals, and urban scavenger hunts.

Sensuous Invitation of the Month: Dance party! (by sign, below).

Sagittarius season Mojave Rising The Numinous

With Chiron stationing direct, and Venus joining Mars in Aquarius, Sagittarius season 2016 is infused with a call to face our pain head on and shake it out onto the dancefloor to be transformed under strobe lights. This month marks a radical opportunity for moving energy through our bodies, re-envisioning “the way things are,” and rediscovering deep meaning in places of seeming hopelessness.

Each sign can sample its own brand of kinetic expression as we let our bodies collide and celebrate the sheer exhilaration of movement and ever-unfolding change. Let’s werk!


Sagittarius season invites you to relinquish some of your single-pointed focus as you journey towards the joyous buoyancy of infinite possibilities. Dance Party: Parkour. Solitary, assertive explorations that also rely on feedback from the built environment.

Sagittarius season invites you to infuse your deeply sensual pragmatism with some grand futuristic schemes and dreams, however eccentric. Dance Party: Belly-dancing. Getting low and getting down with a fully-embodied practice that’s both rooted and nomadic.

Sagittarius season invites you to go even further in your curious search for information, as you sample far-flung philosophies and belief systems, and begin to take a stand. Dance Party: Break-dancing. Responding to street culture and pledging yourself to the pavement.

Sagittarius season invites you to take your looniness out of its shell as you experiment with sharing your creative process with the wider world. Dance Party: Pole-dancing. Sensual self-pleasure that’s unabashedly unafraid.

Sagittarius season invites you to share your generous, pulsing heart with people outside of your usual circle and to let yourself be changed through these collisions. Dance Party: Roller-disco. Hot-blooded, glittery glamour on wheels complete with rainbow lights and necessary negotiations between sequined skaters.

Sagittarius season invites you to let it all come undone as you leap headfirst into the experience without painstaking preparation. Dance Party: Irish step dancing. Intricacy and rapidity that springs into action from the ground up.

Sagittarius season invites you to rock the boat as you push towards complete honesty, even when it’s far from diplomatic. Dance Party: Synchronized swimming. Idealized aesthetics meet rugged physicality and strong-willed teamwork.

Sagittarius season invites you to mix your darkness with light as you trust into both the gravity and levity of this luscious adventure. Dance Party: Flamenco. Raw intensity that harnesses the glorious sensation of passionate living.

Sagittarius season invites you to both revel in your wildness and seek committed conduits for your restlessness. Dance Party: Wedding dances. From the electric slide to the macarena, sampling the full-range of party moves while celebrating romantic loyalty.

Sagittarius season invites you to experiment with some healthy excess as you relax some of your ascetic measures and feast on the world around you. Dance Party: Ballroom dancing. Structure, tradition, and classical cool take to the floor with opulently majestic gowns and footwear.

Sagittarius season invites you to release from what’s “right” or what “should” be, and dive into the experience of unfolding meaning without creating calcified rules. Dance party: Modern dance. Interpretive, fluid maneuvers that push the edge of what’s possible in an embodied form.

Sagittarius season invites you to fully release into the sensation of boundarylessness as you break down the walls between yourself and the world. Dance Party: Crowd surfing. Giving your body over to the intangible faith that you will always be supported.

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