As we close out the cosmic year, the 2 of Cups and the 9 of Swords ask us to come into deeper union with our disowned parts, and to love up on our whole selves without reservation, says Brandon Alter… Cast using The Wild Unknown and the Prisma Visions Tarot 


The 2019 Pisces New Moon invites us to find solid ground through sweet surrender, and to float towards our goals instead of forcing, says Sandy Sitron

2019 Pisces new Moon The Numinous Sandy Sitron
Photo: Bruce Christianson

New Moon :: March 6th 2019 :: 11:05am EST :: 15 degrees Pisces

To understand yourself at this New Moon, get ready to become a subconscious spelunker, diving through underwater caves. Take a ride on the metaphor train.

The first stop on this dreamy adventure is a visit to the Moon. We need to know what the Moon has to say. This is a chance to open up the windows and doors of our subconscious and connect to our spiritual truth.

Pisces energy is nonverbal and communicates in the language of symbol. It will help us to learn metaphorically.

So today, the Moon is a mermaid. This mermaid is practical. She is all-business. She is matter-of-fact. A grounded and responsible mermaid? How could this be? How could she be grounded if she lives in the sea? She knows what she values and her intentions are steady. She is willing to work. But she’s also fluid. She doesn’t try to control her erratic environment.

This New Moon is teaching you how to pivot gracefully. Can you swim through your day? Not trying to control up or down? Not bucking against the current? Yet still feeling grounded, secure, and serene?

This New Moon is properly positioned to help you stabilize. But you must be willing to accept a kind of abnormal stability. You will naturally need to do things differently. Let your intuition guide you. Ask for signs and symbols.

To get something done, you will need to float toward it. Bump into it like a sailboat grazing against a dock. Let things drift into place. Notice what floating can do for you. Letting go of control is the ultimate win.

Be a sailboat, not a sailor. Be a mermaid who gets things done without a plan. Find your footing in water. The point is that you can’t plan, but you can still feel steady. Your steadiness must come from your connection to self and spirit.

Pisces is the vibration of universal truth. It is about transcending the Earth plane and moving into the realms of emotion, intuition, and compassion. To get to this other dimension, you need to creatively swim through your own physical boundaries. You have to change your perspective.


Uranus moves into Taurus
Tsunami. Uranus’ ingress into Taurus is what adds the erratic quality to this moment. Visualize yourself as a dreamy fish-person. If you are deep down in the water, do you notice the tsunami? Meaning, if you are deeply connected to your inner wisdom, does the chaos in the world even phase you?


New Moon sextile Saturn and Mars
The practical mermaid. Earthy and supportive aspects to Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn give this Pisces New Moon a surprisingly practical edge. That’s what makes this mermaid rather grounded. But with Mercury retrograde, if you try to give the mermaid too much to do, she’ll dry up. Let her drift into work and notice how much she gets accomplished.


New Moon conjunct Neptune
Let the fish slip through your fingers. The Sun and Moon are joined by fishy Neptune in the sign of Pisces, making this New Moon a slippery friend. Don’t try to tighten your grip too much, you’ll lose your prize. Let go of control. Instead, loosen up and drift lightly into your own ocean of inner wisdom by trusting your process. You can’t plan it. But you can bump into it.


As Mercury stations retro for the first time this year, savor the slow down with Rebecca Farrar‘s total guide to ALL the 2019 retrograde cycles …

hugo alexandre rebecca farrar ruby warrington the numinous total guide to the 2019 retrogrades
Photo: Hugo Alexandre

Ever wish you could enter a time machine for a do-over?

Every planet in our solar system—except for the Sun and Moon—spends time “in retrograde.” These periods each bring powerful opportunities for collective and individual slow down and renewal, calling us to bring awareness to situations we may have glossed over or rushed past.

Mercury Retrograde has gotten a pretty bad name! But rather than harbingers of doom and gloom, all retrograde transits are opportunities to choose free will over fear.

When a planet is retrograde, it appears to move backwards in the sky, an illusion caused by the Earth passing by these slower moving planets. As these shifts occur, it’s up to us to decide how we’ll handle the themes they reveal.

With awareness of a planet’s areas of influence, we can notice how those energies move through us and can uncover new ways of relating to them. For example, if we tend to be non-committal, a Saturn retrograde transit may help us understand where more effort and hard work is needed. If we over-identify with our intellect, Mercury retrograde can reconnect us to our intuition.

Since January 6, 2019 all of the major planets have been in their forward motion. This ends on March 5, when Mercury stations in the last degree of Pisces before retrograding for most of March. As retrograde season 2019 begins, use the guide below to embrace these times of deep transformation, growth, and healing …


Mercury // March 5—March 28 (retrograde in Pisces); July 7—July 31 (retrograde in Leo); October 31—November 20 (retrograde in Scorpio)
When the planet of communication and linear thinking moves backwards, our minds may feel a bit fuzzy, especially since this year’s first Mercury retro occurs in the imaginative and intuitive Pisces. Take this time to:

  • Complete old writing projects, revise your resume, reignite a journaling practice.
  • Edit and review emails more closely to make sure you are articulating what you want to say as clearly as possible.
  • Reorganize closets, drawers, and cabinets, as Mercury likes to keep things in order.


Ceres // April 9—July 17 (retrograde in Sagittarius)
When the largest asteroid in our solar system is in retrograde, we may become more familiar with all of the places we need to up our self-care regime. Ceres’ 2019 retrograde cycle helps us contact our inner nurturer and recover our self-parenting tools. Utilize this retrograde for revisiting what you need to feel your best, both emotionally and physically. Use Ceres retrograde to:

  • Try out new recipes or new healthy eating habits and take care of your own needs before helping others.
  • Focus on the many ways to practice self-care, from salt baths to voicing your emotions.
  • Read books on attachment theory and emotional support such as Attached by Amir Levine, David Richo’s How to be An Adult, and the work of Rachel Heller.


Jupiter // April 10—August 11 (retrograde in Sagittarius)
The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter’s slow down often reveals new visions. This year, Jupiter will be stationing in its own sign of Sagittarius, and this backward motion may evoke a sense of contraction or constriction. Use this time to:

  • Plan a trip or mini-adventure somewhere you’ve never been or revisit a favorite place—Jupiter loves to travel.
  • Notice places of over-indulgence and how you can cut back on waste, perhaps bring your reusable cup to the coffee shop or carry around bamboo silverware.
  • Take an honest look at the vision for your life and values, and write it down this time to make it feel more real.


Pluto // April 24—October 3 (retrograde in Capricorn)
Pluto brings us closer to the domain of shadow and the underworld, asking us to take a closer look at the “un-pretty” aspects of ourselves and to confront discomfort. When in retrograde, it helps us uncover places where we haven’t gone deep enough before. This year’s retrograde occurs as Pluto moves through Capricorn, along with Saturn, and asks important questions about power structures. Use Pluto retrograde to:

  • Dive into shadow work with a therapist or guide, or take a long hard look at the things you are annoyed and angry about, as the shadow shows up the most in our projections.
  • Get caught up on taxes or get your will in order; Pluto wants to prepare for the inevitabilities of taxes or death, as well as topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about.
  • Read up on the occult and mystical traditions that intrigue you, or pull out the Tarot deck you haven’t used in a while.
 felix mittermeier rebecca farrar ruby warrington the numinous total guide to the 2019 retrogrades
Photo: Felix Mittermeier


Saturn // April 29—September 18 (retrograde in Capricorn)
Similar to Jupiter, Saturn spends a third of the year in retrograde and offers clues about where we may need to re-commit or become more disciplined. In 2019, Saturn retrogrades in Capricorn, alongside Pluto, and can help us reclaim our sense of authority and responsibility where we may have avoided it in the past. Saturn represents the longer cycles of time and existence and when in retrograde, it can take us back in time to clean up old pain. Use this transit to:

  • Look for places to slow down and practice more discipline, whether it be at work or in relationships.
  • Rethink your long-term goals from the standpoint of the legacy you want to leave, write a 10-year plan, or even 40-year plan.
  • Contemplate your priorities over the next several months and discern where and with whom to focus your energy.


Neptune // June 21—November 27 (retrograde in Pisces)
When dreamy Neptune moves into retrograde, it brings a time to examine our illusions and fantasies. This planet connects us to our spiritual side and the myriad ways to feel in tune with the divine essence of who we are. The 2019 Neptune retrograde cycle occurs with Neptune in its favorite sign of Pisces, so projections may be at an all-time high. Use this cycle to balance fantasy with reality.

  • Resume a creative project, especially if it is related to a flow state such as photography, film, or painting.
  • Start up a meditation practice, or restart an old one, as Neptune desires a connection to the divine.
  • Take a break from substances that contribute to altered states of consciousness or disassociation.


Chiron // July 8—December 12 (retrograde in Aries)
Chiron is a bridge between different parts of ourselves, and helps us identify what still needs healing. During its retrograde phase, we can rely on this planetary body to help us rewire or release old painful patterns, as well as help us regain our sense of wholeness. Chiron’s 2019 retrograde moves through Aries, allowing for old confrontations to be addressed and an inner understanding of our anger. Use this transit to:

  • Take a class or receive a session of reiki or massage therapy (Chiron comes from the word for “hand”) to understand the power of hands-on healing.
  • Boost your self-esteem by making a list of your strengths and keeping them nearby.
  • Reorient to yourself by making a list of situations where you put others first, or a list of your non-negotiable needs for relating.


Uranus // August 11—January 10, 2020 (retrograde in Taurus)
This year’s Uranus retrograde transitions us from 2019 into 2020 with opportunities to rethink our creativity and uncover new ways of doing things. As Uranus re-enters Taurus on March 7, the retrograde occurs in the same sign and may revisit themes from things that occurred in May 2018. Use Uranus retrograde to:

  • Join a new community (IRL preferably) or attend group events you may have thought were not for you, as Uranus encourages us to try new things and also meet new people.
  • Activate your inner activist by recommitting to causes that mean something to you.
  • Update your technology or reread your smart phone manual—Uranus loves the future and feels at home with technology.


Vesta // September 23—December 29 (retrograde in Taurus)
Baby planet Vesta bridges heaven and Earth through ritual and devotion to personal ceremonies, and brings magic to the mundane through feeding our sacred flame. During its retrograde cycle, we may find ourselves pulled more deeply into our sacred practices, and during this year’s Vesta retro in Taurus, we’re asked to cultivate the sacredness of pleasure. Use this cycle to:

  • Explore sacred sex rituals such as Tantra or Kama Sutra, or create your own sex magic ritual.
  • Take a human sexuality class or write a sexual autobiography to understand more of how this sexual flame moves through you.
  • Create a new ritual for the moon cycles or even in your own daily routine, as a reminder of the many ways to connect to the sacred in everyday life.


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron’s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

mano gkikas sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington the numinous weekly horoscopes material girl mystical world the now age the astrocast numinous astrology school learn astrology
Photo: Manos Gkikas

Pisces or Pisces Rising
Notebook paper. Are you ready to take action? Write down notes. This is not the time for hesitancy. Look deep within and decide what it is that you need so that you’re ready for action. Self-doubt can be dissolved. Fear can be confronted. The notebook paper suggests that this is your first draft. You don’t have to be perfect. Just hand in your first draft for review.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Aries or Aries Rising
A grizzly bear. You need everything this symbol has to offer. You need the fierceness. Where in your life do you need to be a little more fierce? You need the protectiveness of the mamma bear. Hold yourself in a bear hug and don’t let go until you know that you are loved. You also need the hibernation. Go be alone with yourself and reconnect with your center.

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Taurus or Taurus Rising
A whistle. Are you feeling called? It’s easy to ignore the feeling of being called. Answering it will require courage and self-trust. But here’s the thing— you have the ability to give back to your community. Your service is needed. To discover more about what that looks like, you may need to interview yourself or make a vision board. It’s time to make changes.

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Gemini or Gemini Rising
A high clearance vehicle. It’s time to drive off-road. You are building your own pathways. Trust your vehicle. Trust that you have what it takes to go where you want to go. This is a time to build new infrastructure in your life so that you can reach new heights. On this trip you will drive way up into high elevation and you will gain a new perspective. Get off the paved road and begin to explore.

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Cancer or Cancer Rising
A plow. You are turning over the soil so that it becomes aerated. This change is occurring in your mindset as you break through old beliefs and replace them with new ideas. Plow the fields of your mind so that you are prepared for the next season’s growth. This is hard work and it takes energy. Stay curious. Curiosity will help you explore new ways of thinking.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Leo or Leo Rising
Flower petals. Throw flower petals around as you walk on your path. Spread beauty. Spread love. Share. There are times when we are afraid to trust ourselves, or afraid to trust our futures. Eradicate the fear through love and service. The path you need to walk is already there. It’s steady and sturdy and covered with flowers. Keep yourself inspired.

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Virgo or Virgo Rising
Sap trickles from a tree. There is no time to waste. This is the season when you make your move. The sap only flows under certain conditions. That’s when it’s possible to make maple syrup. Take your chance to communicate fully and open your heart. Make yourself available in partnership so that you can share, flow, drip, and seep. Make yourself sweet. Share with a sweet friend.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Libra or Libra Rising
Plaid patterns. Follow a structured and organized pattern. Create routines that are fluid, adaptable, and gently reassuring. For example, aid your digestion by getting adequate amounts of water and eating at around the same time every day. Or maybe there is another kind of pattern that you need to put into place. Look around and see what needs to be organized.

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Scorpio or Scorpio Rising
A spider web. The spider is a master creator. She starts over every day. She doesn’t have a lot of friends in the insect world. But she doesn’t care. She works and weaves. Let your creativity flow without ego. You don’t need to be concerned with appearances, or what other people think. Just let your true nature be expressed. Photocopy your soul and show it to the world.

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Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising
Flying high. Get up on your trapeze and soar. You are ready to fly. Trying to stay in a controlled environment is a mistake. That means that you need to take a risk. But remember that whether or not you take a risk will be determined by how you are attending to your feelings and what you feel emotionally ready for. Give voice to your actual feelings so that you can fly high.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising
Open a book. Seek out opportunities to learn new things, to relate to the world in a fresh way, and to expand your community. You have everything you need within you. But you can accentuate your skills and talents by taking in new information. Experiment with different ways of thinking and communicating. Your knowledge is your chariot and it will take you far.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising
Waterfall. You are making it work. You may feel like you are doing this by sheer might and willpower. Look to nature for examples that can help you through. A waterfall is powerful and consistent. And it works with the forces of nature. It doesn’t have to make excessive effort. Look around for new ways to take action and receive at the same time. Get more done with less effort.

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Dive into this month’s medicine for your sign with our Numinous Tarotscopes for March 2019, cast by Bess Matassa. Artwork: Prince Láuder

Spring Tarotscopes The Numinous Prince Lauder

The magic of March comes from taking a powerful pause, and challenging our definitions of effort, movement, and speed. Hermit energy asks us to chooses its own pace without apology, and to design our own internal habitat according to highly personal spec. This month, commit to only stepping outside of your carefully-crafted cabin when motion is 100% aligned.  

Ruled by Virgo, this settled and sovereign energy is a potent reminder that it’s our birthright to discern and sort, and that no one and nothing should force our hand, not even ourselves. Scented with the sweet solitude that comes just before Spring explodes into being, the month ahead invites us to find mini-retreats even as we’re moving forward, and to pen a personal love letter to all that we’re poised to grow …

Read on for the card, mantra, and cosmic audio reading for your sign!


March Mantra: Perceived limitations feed my liberation.


March Mantra: 
New tales begin on consciously cleared ground.


March Mantra: I need no excuse to fully celebrate.


March Mantra: Majestic movement is always an option.


March Mantra: Shoring up my boundaries fortifies my inner channel.


LEO OR LEO RISING: 8 of Swords 
March Mantra: Shifting old storylines creates infinite space.


March Mantra: I have every right to follow my own passionate heat.


March Mantra: 
Letting myself be in process illuminates the destination.


March Mantra: 
Every feeling on the spectrum deserves to be felt.


March Mantra: Exploring my sensitivities is a precious strength.


March Mantra: I come fully alive when I let my distinctive flavor come forward.


March Mantra: Softening towards what’s sweet releases what’s ready to go.


Learn more about Bess and her work and check out all her personalized Astro + Tarot offerings HERE.


As we prep for Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, the King of Wands Rx and the Queen of Cups Rx ask us to dive deeper into the dream without surrendering our personal power, says Brandon Alter … Cast using The Wild Unknown and the Prisma Visions Tarot 


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron’s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington the numinous numinous material girl mystical world the now age numinous weekly horoscopes numinous astrology school elliot mann
Photo: Elliot Mann

Pisces or Pisces Rising
Fishing. Fishing is an interesting combination of action and non-action. Balance effort and receiving. Doing and being. How can you do more and do less at the same time? This may seem complicated, but it’s probably very simple. Which actions feel the most exciting? Is there room in your life for more meditation? Cast your line and then just be.

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Aries or Aries Rising
Spicy food. Internalize the heat. You really only know how spicy something is when you actually eat it. This is a time of restoration. Use it to build up your fire from within. Usually you’re the action person. Right now it’s time to take outside inspiration and nurture it within you. Let the heat build up so that you’re ready for the action phase that’s coming soon.

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Taurus or Taurus Rising
Solving a puzzle. This is a puzzle you are solving for fun. Keep that in mind. You are trying to actively build new levels of understanding. You’re testing your mind and building new mental connections. There might be moments when you forget and feel burdened by the pressure of the puzzle you’re working on. Remind yourself that this problem solving can be amusing.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Gemini or Gemini Rising
Reinforcing a seam. Run the sewing machine back and forth over the seam. This relates to work and it could mean a variety of things. Take your pick: you are trying to build two career ideas at the same time; you need to double check your work and go back over what you’ve already done; you are building something very strong that is bound to be successful. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Cancer or Cancer Rising
Slot machine cherries. You are gambling. It’s important to always balance risk and security. Make room for both. There could be some fruit or abundance that shows up, especially if you actively try to stretch out of your comfort zone. I’m not advising that you actually gamble, just that you make more room for healthy risk in your life. Push yourself to explore.

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Leo or Leo Rising
Blank check. When someone shows up offering unlimited help and support, how do you accept it? Do you welcome it? This is a moment to consider themes of trust, support, and sharing resources. When are you open to receive? When are you closed off? Neither is inherently good or bad, just notice so that you can build conscious awareness.

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Virgo or Virgo Rising
Bullseye. There are times when it’s appropriate to go back and forth. But when you shoot an arrow, you can’t run up to the target and move the arrow around, continuously adjusting. You can practice so that you do better the first time. In conversation and relationship, show up with confidence right now. You need to get to the point.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Libra or Libra Rising
Fields of chamomile. Breathe in and relax. Look everywhere for hints of natural beauty that can inspire you. There is a strong suggestion that finding the right combinations of herbs, essential oils, or flower essences is recommended for your health right now. Seek out the right care for your body and mind. You can benefit from the simple support that the Earth has to offer you.

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Scorpio or Scorpio Rising
Business card. Put yourself out there. Imagine feeling so brave and outgoing that you hand your business card to everyone you meet. This could be a real or imaginary business card. But the idea here is that you stand behind your name. You put yourself out there. Envision your name in lights. Or in purses and wallets. Your individuality is something to promote.

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Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising
A raft. Rafts are made for drifting. When you drift you have to go where the current takes you. If you try to fight the current of emotions, it will make everything harder. Float along, naming your feelings as they come. Sit with the feelings and do an emotional inventory. This process will help you strengthen your emotional base. Allow the flow.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising
Sticky gum. Stick yourself onto new ideas. Be an avid listener and learner. Stimulate your mind through curiosity and conversation. Ask lots of questions. Stick yourself onto other people, follow them around so that you can gain a brand new perspective. Learning might feel like a distraction from your projects, but it will actually revitalize you.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising
Cornucopia. It’s time for a special abundance and gratitude ritual. This will help you remain conscious of your many resources. It’s nice to do this annually, like at American Thanksgiving. But how great would it be to celebrate abundance spontaneously? Feast or do something else that shows your gratitude. Make it magnificent. This process will help raise your vibration.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandy here or follow her on Instagram.


As we dive into Pisces Season’s profound depths, the 4 and 8 of Pentacles ask us to soften any scarcity mentality and place our energy where we want to see growth, says Brandon Alter … Cast using The Wild Unknown and the Prisma Visions Tarot 


The 2019 Virgo Full Moon is an opportunity to adjust our approach and refine our routines, so we can create everyday magic that heals both body and soul, says Sandy Sitron

Virgo Full Moon 2019 The Numinous harp angel mirror Sandy Sitron
Photo: Aneta Pawlik

Full Moon :: February 19 2019 :: 10:53 am EST :: 0 degrees Virgo

Zoom way in and visualize the reverberation of a single harp string. Watch as it undulates, chaotic yet controlled. Science has discovered that the harp has healing qualities, bestowing upon the musician a healthier nervous system and curing countless mental and physical ailments. But no one knows why it works.

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are exactly opposite. This opposition forces new levels of awareness as we try to integrate two very different energies at once. It is explosive and expansive.

Themes of healing are highlighted at this Full Moon. Healing the physical realm by making adjustments to the functional systems (Virgo). And healing the spiritual body through an expansion of faith and compassion (Pisces).

There are theories that the harp’s tiny vibrations stimulate the lymph system. I like to imagine that these minute vibrations somehow tone and balance every cell in the body, like every cell getting a microscopic spa day.

A Virgo Full Moon is a time to tone physical systems through minor adjustments, while surrendering the big-picture “how” or “why” to the abyss of Piscean miracles. 

Virgo teaches us how to refine and improve the components of our physical reality, so that we can maximize health and efficiency. Pisces instructs us to loosen our grip on reality and dissolve into the magical dream. To recede back into the world of spirit where all is love and connection.

What is your equivalent of the healing harp these days? What restores you so that you can function most efficiently? Is there an instrument, practice, or habit that helps you transcend?

Sometimes a Virgo Full Moon can bring a potential for overthinking and perfectionism. But with a graceful trine between the Moon, Uranus, and Mars, be open to surprising new ways of doing things. You could be just as likely to bust out and spontaneously take on a new approach.

This Virgo Full Moon occurs at the very beginning of Pisces Season, which is all about flowing with the feelings, and showing yourself deep empathy so that you have the reserves to understand the emotional side of the human experience. It’s Compassion 101.

This Full Moon is an island in the sea of Pisces-style emotions. This sliver of earth is where you’ll set sail from. And right now you are packing up your ship. If you prepare your craft now, you’ll be able to sail safely through emotional waters in the weeks ahead.

Pay attention to all the details as you pack and prepare. Get things organized. Practice good habits. How can you be more efficient? There are small things that you can do, physical practices that will support your health. Like the healing harp, the small vibrations that you create in your life might have seemingly miraculous results.

New discoveries are coming in rapidly with this Full Moon, so expect change to be easy. Be open to it as you continue to practice, refine, work, and stay busy. And remain very aware of your instrument – your body. What can you do to create vibrational alignment that results in apparent miracles?

Virgo is interested in the minutia, the tiny vibrations of the harp strings. Virgo is the musician who practices diligently, refining and improving every movement over time. Pisces offers a result that’s greater than the sum of its parts – miraculous alchemy. At this Full Moon, it’s time to have both.


Moon trine Uranus
A puff mushroom explodes.
The puff mushroom is moon-like in shape and color. When it ripens just enough, it will spontaneously explode and release baby mushroom spores to the wind. It’s a surprise that’s expected. Just as natural as drinking a glass of water. But when it happens, there’s still a minor shock. Everything is different in a moment.

There are surprises coming that you may be expecting. They can help you move to the next phase in your development. Sometimes you just need an extra push to create change. This is it.


Moon trine Mars
A horse and carriage.
Your ride is waiting. It’s obvious that it’s time to get moving. And it’s not difficult. All you have to do is get in and go. Yes, this is a horse and carriage, not a car or a jet plane. So we are taking into account that some extra preparations have been made. The horses are brushed and harnessed. You’ve had to pack for a difficult journey, there are no corner stores or debit cards on this ride. Instead, there are long winding roads and you must be prepared. But you also need to make your move now because the carriage is waiting. It should be easy at this point to get in and drive.


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron’s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

sandy sitron sandra sitron ruby warrington the numinous weekly horoscopes material girl mystical world the now age numinous astrology school
Photo: Irina Kostenich

Pisces or Pisces Rising
A beautiful woven tapestry. A weaving. Small pieces are brought together to form a beautiful work of art. Put effort into your relationships. You generally need to recharge with alone time, and that’s wonderful. But at the moment the focus is on your time with others. Let your conversations flow. Be accountable and considerate. Harmony and beauty will be the result.

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Aries or Aries Rising
Pancake batter. Things are beginning to take shape. Pancakes start out as a liquid and with the addition of heat, become solid. You need to bring the fire / heat / motivation / spirit in a very organized way. With a magic combination of motivation and restraint, things will start to look more solid. Go step by step and follow the recipe, but don’t hesitate to fire it up at the right moment.

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Taurus or Taurus Rising
A group hiking tour. There is an exploration to embark upon. Or a chance to express yourself creatively. You are a special individual and it’s time for you to explore and play and honor your own uniqueness. But simultaneously, you are on this journey with a group. So it’s not all about you. You will need to compromise. Enjoy playing with others, because it gives you more chances to connect.

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Gemini or Gemini Rising
Pages of a book. Go back to the beginning. Now that you know the plot, try to remember what you learned during the first few pages. How your perspective has changed! The metaphor is reminding you to revisit your childhood and remember how you felt back then. Now that you have more perspective, what story would you like to share with your inner child?

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Cancer or Cancer Rising
Inside the body. How much do you know about what’s happening inside your body? Imagine what it would be like to travel on a magical school bus through all of your organs and veins. It might seem like a stretch, but imagining fun stories about your inner mechanisms will help you rethink important situations in your life right now. It’s a perspective shift.

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Leo or Leo Rising
Game show. Your chance to win a prize has increased, literally or figuratively. The literal prize could be exciting- enter contests and see what happens, as long as it’s just for fun. The figurative prize is more interesting. What would it be like to know on deep levels how much of a prize you are? To have that sense of self-worth resonate through all levels of mind and body? Jackpot.

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Virgo or Virgo Rising
Boomerang. Put yourself out there and notice what comes back to you. You don’t need to overthink anything. Often we try to discern whether our efforts are worth it. And that’s efficient, certainly. But for now it’s about just putting energy forward and noticing what the return is. Then doing it again. You can judge the process later. This is a moment to shine and receive.

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Libra or Libra Rising
Sitting on a porch. Retire to an imaginary (or real) retreat, and let yourself pass the time. Now is a moment to reset just a bit and let your mind wander without a destination. Think of this as important restoration. Tune out from your phone or email and give yourself some space and time to just be. Ask yourself if doing so is a luxury or a necessity.

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Scorpio or Scorpio Rising
Elephant parade. What is your wise message that you are ready to share with a larger group of people? Now is a time to collaborate and feel like you are a part of something. Connect with your group. It may be political. It may have to do with work, creativity, or spirituality. Sharing and brainstorming will help you feel stronger and more aligned.

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Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising
Spaghetti on the wall. Keep trying out different ideas. It doesn’t all have to be perfect right now. But you are trying to see what is functional. This symbol is about throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Know that while you are trying out different things, you are still working toward your goals in a very big way. You are experimenting your way to excellence.

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Capricorn or Capricorn Rising
Fresh air. Get out there where the grass is green and the air is clean. This may be literal – a reminder to connect with nature and breathe fresh air for revitalization. Or it may be symbolic – meaning that it’s time to breathe adventure, curiosity, and purpose into your endeavors. You just need a minor reboot so that you can operate with motivation and excitement.

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Aquarius or Aquarius Rising
Blinkers and blinders. The term for the eye coverings that go on a horse’s bridle to help it stay focused on the path ahead. You need to remove distractions and focus your attention on your emotions. It can be very hard to stay centered on the emotions. It’s much easier to look away. When you really drill down and stay focused, you’ll find emotional release and healing as a result.

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The 2018 Pisces New Moon asks us to drift way beyond the rational, surrender to the mystery, and savor the last bit of sleep before the Spring Equinox awakening, says Sandy Sitron

Pisces New Moon 2018 The Numinous underwater sandy sitron
Photo: Jeremy Bishop

New Moon :: March 17 2018 :: 9:14 am ET :: 26 degrees Pisces

It’s hard to put everything this New Moon has to say into words, because this moon has gone beyond verbal.

There are images that float by to describe what this New Moon is offering you…

Focus on your lungs. Focus on the beating of your heart. Imagine the blood moving through your veins. These movements of body are the basics. The basics of your life force are important to remember now.

Submerge your head underwater and watch the sea fronds wave gently. There’s another way of living than the way you are living now. Get yourself into a different headspace to feel it.

Constellations light up the night sky. You are connected and you are never alone. Sometimes it’s easiest to remember that through quiet mediation.

A baited hook tempts the hungry fish. Release old patterns of entrapment … what does it feel like to be ensnared in a pattern of passive aggressive behavior? How do you make yourself into a victim? What needs to be said out loud? Now is the time to let go of outdated patterns. The Pisces New Moon urges you to be more loving with yourself.

Pisces is the glittering fish that darts just out of sight. The fish is hard to grasp above the surface of the conscious mind. It’s easier to commune with Pisces energy just below consciousness— through emotions, intuition, creative expression and spiritual connection.

Set intentions that help you connect with your soul. This is the part of you that isn’t necessarily expressed through doing, striving or building. Rather, it’s the part of you that just is. Connect with who you are. Learn more about yourself by honoring the flow of your feelings and asking yourself deeper questions.

Over the past month we swam in a lot of Pisces energy. What is your take-away from the last month of emotional, intuitive, magical Pisces energy? What seed are you ready to plant?

This New Moon is the last dream before waking up. Soon, we are moving into more activated spring energy. Take some time this weekend to have a subtle experience. Listen. Grow quiet. Trust that you know more than you realize. Slow down. Open up space for yourself to just be. Be with yourself the way that you are now. Let yourself daydream and do nothing.

During this last moment of sleep, take note of what you learned from the dream.


New Moon conjunct Chiron
Curled up in a ball with a lover.
Let yourself be quite vulnerable. Naked and exposed. And through this vulnerability there may be greater connection. That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy. The Pisces New Moon is dancing close to the wounded-healer asteroid Chiron, so we may be learning how to heal on deeper levels than we are used to. We have to make ourselves vulnerable in order to truly heal. We have walk toward the pain instead of away from it. This aspect is heightened by a nudge from change-agent Uranus and gently supported by expansive Jupiter.


New Moon semi-sextile Uranus
The dog pulls on the leash.
We can’t try to control everything. There is surprising energy in the mix and it has the potential to help you connect with yourself in new ways. Look for the action that you can take to access deeper levels of emotional awareness. Look for a new place or experience that will shock you into becoming more comfortable with yourself. Don’t be afraid to follow the dog as it pulls on the leash. Let it show you something new.


New Moon trine Jupiter
A new color is discovered.
Help yourself expand in some way that you didn’t know was possible. Once you encounter this new way of thinking about your world, it will seem crazy to imagine life without it. Follow the guidance of the Pisces New Moon: be quiet and inward. Listen to your heartbeat. Connect with your emotions, dream and recover. Through these quiet actions, something may heal. A new door may open. Supportive Jupiter can help you integrate it all in a way that may be familiar and exotic at the same time.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2018 Pisces New Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 26 degrees Pisces in your chart and use the question for that house.

New to your birth chart? Calculate your chart for free HERE

Aries or New Moon in the 12th house 
What will you do to honor your emotions even more?

Taurus or New Moon in the 11th house 
How can you feel supported by your friends?

Gemini or New Moon in the 10th house 
What makes you feel successful?

Cancer or New Moon in the 9th house 
How will you surprise yourself this week?

Leo or New Moon in the 8th house 
What is your favorite method for letting go?

Virgo or New Moon in the 7th house 
When do you feel most supported by another person?

Libra or New Moon in the 6th house 
What will you do to take care of your body?

Scorpio or New Moon in the 5th house 
When do you feel most creative?

Sagittarius or New Moon in the 4th house 
What age is the inner child who wants your attention now?

Capricorn or New Moon in the 3rd house 
What mindset shift are you ready for?

Aquarius or New Moon in the 2nd house 
How do you trust that you are secure?

Pisces or New Moon in the 1st house 
What helps you feel like yourself?

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The King of Wands wants us to take our passion and make it happen, without losing sight of what’s intuitively aligned, says Melinda Lee Holm


This week’s Gemini Waxing Quarter Moon reminds us to identify our needs, honor our boundaries, and use our voice to draw the line, says Jennifer Racioppi …

jennifer racioppi ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world gemini waxing quarter moon club maria badasian
Photo: Maria Badasian

Waning Quarter Moon // February 23 2018 // 3:09am EST // 4 degrees Gemini

Pisces, a sign all about inclusivity, dreams, oneness, and transcendence, tends in the direction of empathy. At times, this can mean prioritizing the other at the expense of the self.

With the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Venus, and Chiron all in the sign of the fish right now, the urge to step into another’s shoes and feel all their feelings may sweep over you like a giant wave.

But as this mystical Sun squares the Gemini Moon, now’s not the time to exclusively feel and take care of other’s needs.

As you find yourself surfing the sensitive Pisces waves, it’s essential to identify your needs, honor your boundaries, and use your voice to articulate them …


// The Cycle //
Following the recent Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, the Moon’s opening square wants us to notice any unforeseen obstacles on the path to creating the intentions you set then.

Consider what’s coming up now that relates to intentions set a week ago. Where do you need to set a boundary to honor your desired intentions? Where are you being called to speak your truth in an even bigger way as it relates to creating what you say you want? Doing so now will support your desires coming to fruition.

Want to go even deeper? Think back to the New Moon in Gemini on May 25, 2017, that happened at the same degree as this Moon. What seeds did you plant then that are coming to fruition now? How can you further cultivate those opportunities as they arrive? Where do you need to set a boundary to honor your hard work?


// The Transits //
With five planets in sensitive Pisces making a supportive angle to Saturn, you can make serious headway on your goals now. As Venus, Mercury and the Sun also partner with Jupiter over the next few weeks, your efforts become extra blessed, especially as the Moon waxes toward full.

At the same time, the Moon’s challenging angle to Saturn encourages us to eliminate what’s not working as we speak our boundaries into existence. While this may feel awkward, it’s all in service of a much bigger picture.


// The Square //
With the Sun in Pisces, it’s imperative to notice where you jump in to rescue others at your own expense. Gemini energy reminds us to use our voice to draw a line, even if doing so feels weird or bitchy. Get in touch with, and seek to fully understand, anything that holds you back from trusting and integrating your own, intuitive voice.


// The Opportunity //
How to balance your sensitivity with the need to establish clear boundaries? Stay on the lookout for these 3 patterns ….

Overdoing for others, to make you more lovable. You know, the voice that tells you, “If I give my all to others, I’ll finally be worthy to receive myself.” Ouch! Remember: we don’t earn our worth. It’s an inherent part of who we are.

Aligning with others to feel safe. Being agreeable to the point of dysfunction to stay loyal, friendly, keep up, and belong. This behavior is the kryptonite of authenticity and bravery in interpersonal relationships. And authenticity and bravery are actually key to intimacy and bonding—critical values of Pisces season!

The need to be liked. This stems from sourcing our worth from external validation rather than internal sources, and simultaneously avoiding conflict. Even with so much emphasis on oneness in the sky, fearing conflict may keep you from reaping the rewards available during this Gemini Waxing Quarter Moon.

Despite all the highly sensitive, empathetic vibes in the sky right now, identify your needs, articulate them, and risk drawing strong boundaries. Laying down your law will help you to stay true to your desires.

By working with this cycle, and leaning into conflict as a growth opportunity (rather than avoiding it out of fear), you stand to make incredible long-term gains.

For more Moon wisdom or to book a coaching session with Jennifer visit And to learn more about how to work with each Moon phase, check out Moon Club, our community of lunar-loving cosmic change makers! 


As Pisces season brings on the deep emo vibes, George Lizos tells us how the Goddess Aphrodite can help us start calling in the flavor of love we need right now …

Photo: Joanna Nix

Meeting Aphrodite … 
Growing up in Cyprus, the island where Aphrodite was reputedly born, my childhood was saturated with the art, stories, and myths surrounding the Goddess of Love. Everywhere you looked she was there, posing in her seductive nakedness in statues and paintings.

As an adult, dissatisfied with my love life and drained of feminine energy, I travelled back to my homeland with a single desire in mind: I wanted to know love more deeply, more fully. 

I drove to Aphrodite’s Rock, the beach where, according to Hesiod’s myth, the Goddess was born of the sea foam and washed upon the shore. And as I walked into the calm, cool water of the Mediterranean Sea, I felt layers upon layers of sexual shame, limiting beliefs around love, past hurts and resentments, all washing off of my body.

Right then and there, I met Aphrodite. And love finally made sense, for the first time.


What can the Goddess Aphrodite teach you right now? 
Embodying Aphrodite invites us to accept and honor romantic love in all its meanings and layers. The four ancient epithets she’s been given mix the sea (sensual love), land (erotic love), and sky (spiritual love) energies. Read on to discover which of the four qualities of Goddess Aphrodite is currently missing from your life … 

sky clouds goddess aphrodite the numinous
Photo: Zara Walker

1// Ourania (Sky element; Spiritual love): This is the spiritual, romantic essence of love, that’s best experienced when a couple is “in love” with each other. The experience of falling in love transcends the ego’s perception of love, helping us realize that in spiritual truth, that all is love. Call upon Ourania Aphrodite if you’re having trouble committing to, or falling in love with, a partner.

*How to Call Her In: Mentally place a pink rose within your heart. Visualize the rose blooming slowly and radiating pink light, allowing the energy of Ourania Aphrodite to replace any blocks you have around being vulnerable and opening your heart.


2// Chrusee (Sea element; Sensual love): This is the love towards oneself that’s fundamental for healthy romantic relationships. It also includes the act of adorning your body with beautiful clothes, jewelry, oils, and perfume. Call upon Chrusee Aphrodite if you’re struggling with low self-esteem, lack of self-love, and body confidence.

*How to Call Her In: An unorthodox yet powerful way to embody Chrusee Aphrodite is by taking away all external body adornment props (i.e. jewelry, clothes, perfume), and facing yourself naked in the mirror. Closing your eyes, visualize your body emanating a bright golden light that reflects its inner, perfect beauty. Open your eyes and accept this new perspective as your truth.

sea foam goddess aphrodite the numinous
Photo: Hal Gatewood

3// Peitho (Land element; Persuasive Love): Playfulness, flirting, teasing, and being able to seduce a partner into meaningful romantic and sexual experiences. Call upon Peitho Aphrodite to attract vitality if your love life is feeling dull and stagnant.

*How to Call Her In: Buy or create a blend of rose, frankincense and myrrh essential oils. Add three drops in your palms, rub them together, and then use your hands to clear and energize your aura. These three oils were traditionally used for seduction by Aphrodite’s priestesses; instilling your aura with them will give you the inspiration you need to spice up your love life.


4// Philommeides (Land element; Erotic love): The love of bodily pleasures and intimate sexual connection between lovers. Call upon Philommeides Aphrodite if you have a low sexual drive, have trouble enjoying sex, or lack sexual chemistry with your partner/s.

*How to Call Her In: Just as the name suggests, to embody Philommeides Aphrodite you need to learn to love and accept your genitalia. Spend time observing, exploring, and pleasuring yourself. Educate yourself in your own sexual rhythms, needs, and desires. Make peace with them, accept them without judgment, and let them guide the way in your sexual encounters.

 goddess aphrodite the numinous
Photo: Michael Paz

Once you’ve channeled your personal Aphrodite, amp up the vibes with a beach ritual to honor romantic love in all its expressions. **And you can download the Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite HERE to infuse your ritual with even more magic!

-Sit or stand on the shoreline, at the point where the waves crash on the sand, and close your eyes. If you don’t have access to the sea, just visualize yourself there and you’ll still benefit from the meditation.

-Breathing in and out, ground yourself and allow your body to adjust to the fluid energy of this in-between place. Reflect on what it means to be at the meeting point of sea, land, and sky, which captures Aphrodite’s multi-layered essence.

-Either mentally or verbally say, “I am Aphrodite,” over and over again. The ‘I am’ statement invites the essence of Aphrodite into your present moment.

-When you establish a connection with the goddess, spend some time reflecting on your willingness to honor both earthly and heavenly love. Do you reject one or the other? Do you feel guilty about either? Are you willing to accept both in your life?

-With eyes closed, open your arms wide and receive the Aphrodite qualities you need in your life right now. As the hymn ends, hug the energy into your heart by gradually bringing your arms and hands to your chest.

-End the meditation by thanking Aphrodite for her continued presence in your life, and ask her to keep guiding you in embodying romantic love to its fullness.

George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, author of Be The Guru, and the creator of the Mermaid Bootcamp. He works with the angelic and elemental realms helping lightworkers find, follow, and fulfill their life purpose. To learn more about George visit, and follow him on Instagram.


In the first installment of her new column, Ysanne Spevack shares a creamy faux Cappuccino recipe for you to sample some dreamy velvet beans vibes…

VELVET beans The Conscious Cook Ysanne Spevack The Magic Ingredient The Numinous

Like Jack’s magic beans in the fairytale, velvet beans (Mucuna pruriens in Latin) truly deliver. They’re one of the strongest herbal ingredients I use, and a favorite for total vibe-change. Pods that grow on trees in India, and used as an Ayurvedic medicine, they’ve been tried and tested over millennia, and are now available as an extract in the US, sold as a brown powder that’s water-soluble.

The main active compounds in velvet bean extract fall into two groups: antioxidants, and amino acids, of which the main one is L-dopa, and another is called trypatmine, for obvious reasons. Together, these phytochemicals work synergistically for neural health, and specifically relieve stress and melt our sense of boundaries. Perfect for Pisces season—the archetypal symbol of ego loss and dreams. There’s some research that links velvet beans to sexual health too, but that’s likely to be a result of their relaxing effect.

L-dopa is a precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine and adrenaline, which means it has a profound psychoactive effect. You can feel it working, stimulating a sense of dreamy deliciousness and allowing you a peak behind the veil of consciousness. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the grandeur of the Universe while you melt into your pillow, velvet bean extract is the high vibe ingredient for you. I recommend using it sparingly—a little goes a long way. Also if you’re feeling unstable, or if you’re pregnant, it’s best if you pass on this for now, as with anything psychoactive.

Here’s my recipe for a delicious hot ‘faux cappuccino’ that won’t buzz you like caffeine, and will guide you to feel a subtle oneness with the cosmos. It’s not a bedtime drink— the velvet bean stimulates adrenaline production. But it’s a fantastic way to space out with some music on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and swim in cosmic waters of the Milky Way…

The drink is comfortingly sweet, while the bitterness of the velvet bean and umami of the reishi are similar to coffee, hence the name. Nettles soothe the nerves, and keeps the velvet bean from being jarring while it takes you up a notch.

Imbibe to enjoy about a one hour of day-dreams, in a suitably Piscean way…


Pisces Velvet Bean Cappuccino Recipe
by The Conscious Cook

Makes one serving


1 coffee mug filled with boiling water
1 nettle tea bag
*1/8 tsp velvet bean extract
*1 tsp powdered reishi mushroom
*1 tsp tocotrienols
1 tsp raw unfiltered honey
1 tbs raw coconut oil

* Denotes ingredients that are available online at


Infuse the nettle tea bag in the boiling hot water in a large mug by pouring the hot water onto the tea bag as soon as it’s boiled.

Cover the mug with a saucer or plate, and set aside to infuse for 5 minutes.

Measure the other ingredients into a high-speed blender.

Remove the cover and tea bag, and add the nettle tea to the blender.

Blend on low, bringing the speed up to high, and then switching the blender to the maximum setting.

Blend on high for about 30 seconds, to create froth.

Pour into a large mug, spooning the creamy froth out with a spatula.

Hold the cup with both hands as you take sips, and finish it with a teaspoon to enjoy all of the frothy, creamy goodness.

Finally, relax and allow your dreams to unfold as you swim into the universal cosmos.

Discover more about Ysanne Spevack HERE.