Tarotscopes July 2015 cast by Louise Androlia using The Cosmic Tarot deck

Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Devil

Let the ego battle commence and may the command over your darkness forever win out. That old devil on your shoulder needs to be spoken to this month, and also respected. It’s not possible to cram any more fears or excuses into the cupboard, it’s bulging and the time really is now. Time for what? Deep, intense self-awareness, love and power healing. When everything comes to the surface it’s only because you are perfectly aligned to be able to work with it. “Working with it” – this is the most productive and empowering way to consider your internal dialogue right now. You aren’t broken, you aren’t ‘going mad’, you aren’t being attacked by your mind. It’s YOUR mind remember, and it needs to be connected with and cherished.

The first step is to address your dominant fears or addictive behaviors, as well as the ‘go to’ you have in place for them. For instance, maybe you have fears surrounding your finances but every time you notice this you panic buy things in order to try and feel more in control. Or perhaps your fears are about finding love, and come accompanied by self-deprecating thoughts. You may find that your natural reaction when approaching your anxiety isn’t to reach for some loving kindness.

To shift this, as you tap into the things you are anxious about, bring them into the present moment by inserting an ‘I feel’ in front – e.g. I feel anxious, I feel concerned about X, I feel overwhelmed. In this moment you are allowing yourself to be present with the fear, processing it with the mind and body and most importantly acknowledging it. Now, follow this statement with ‘and it’s okay’ – THIS is the loving action. You may find that you resist this phrase, not wanting to allow your negative thoughts and feelings to be ‘okay’…and that too is okay!

A final thought to work with alongside this; are you comparing yourself to others, and deeming them all ‘fine’ while you are not? Everyone is experiencing a challenge and everyone’s experience is valid and valuable. To focus on owning your challenges, ask for help, be open to guidance and absolutely keep loosening your grip on the comparison trap.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Star

Star power alert! I feel that this month is all about how you choose to channel your highest self. If you were a superhero (btw you are) would you be using your powers for the positive or negative? I feel as though recently you might have been really tuning into the shadows of others, and being a little judgmental with your thoughts or expressions. Now, it’s okay for that judgmental self to rear its head, it happens for everyone, but there’s no need to spend your precious time pointing out the flaws you observe around you.

Why? It sends you into a lower energy space and it dims your light – the part of you that is fueled by your self-love, passion for life, and appreciation of your own shadows. I want July to be all about you getting your glow back! The fast track way to this is to reconnect to yourself, especially if the above passage resonated with you – it might have been that you just hopped out of your journey and spent too much time staring through other people’s windows.

So reconnection to the self, it’s a simple trick that requires one major thing; a commitment to being kind to yourself, unconditionally. This means valuing your time, celebrating your talents and taking into consideration your mind, body and spirit. A connection to the self is merely an awareness of all parts of you. If you already have a neglected meditation practice then just pull yourself back there by reminding yourself that you deserve it. If it’s new for you to practice self-care then just commit to five minutes each day doing something that lifts your spirits and feels safe inside.

The reason I want to lure you back to the big Y O U is that the energy of this month is so bright and positive; you need to be present to receive and appreciate. This period of time is perfectly aligned for sharing your talents, launching new projects, asking for help, and deepening your life experience. To feel as though the world is appreciating you, you need to first pat yourself on the back and recognize yourself as worthy. Which isn’t about being better than anyone else, it’s simply about owning something that you always have access to. What if self-confidence was your absolute birthright, have you claimed yours yet?

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Six of Cups

July is a month where you can continue the work you’ve been doing on empowering the past. Nostalgia is a funny thing, and I want you to check in with the lens you’ve been using to look upon times gone by. Are you rose tinting experiences from before as an excuse to not participate in the present? Are you perhaps holding anger towards people and events from once-upon-a-time because you are feeling afraid to dive into your own self-healing?

Spend some time checking whether you feel as though there are any negative ties binding you down. It’s so easy to remain static when we are spending time dancing in days gone by. Too much regard for the past can also dim your view of the present and future, especially if you have fears of ‘cycles repeating’, conscious or not. Recognize that everything new is always different, even if it appears similar. Your job is to not bring old fears and place them on current events. Just because something happened once before, it doesn’t make it more likely to repeat. Know this to be true.

If you are seeking guidance from the cycles of life, then it’s important to go within and not obsess about the external. For instance, what have been your consistent fears or behaviors, and how can you change them?
It’s safe to move onwards, it’s safe to let go and it is definitely safe to be putting yourself first. You don’t need to know why something is the way it is, you just need to trust that the explanation will be revealed at the exact moment you need it. All you are required to do is show up for the present and take one step. Your empowerment comes from TRUSTING in the past and using the tools you’ve been developing as the days weave together.

On a fun note, when practicing the good time kind of nostalgia you can reach back into those shadows and pull forward all of the good stuff. Be inspired by visions of you with a smile on your face, allow memoris of magic moments to lift you up to greet your highest self and connect to your joy via as you tune in to your inner child. This month will no doubt end with a sense of clearing and lightness; enjoy shaking off what you no longer need.

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Emperor

I feel that July holds an element of stability you’ve been seeking for a while now. After ups and downs and feelings galore, there is a sense of order within the chaos. Also be aware that order and stability are not the same as rigidity and control. I want you to know that you can have order, whilst still existing in a full state of surrender. Really? Yes! You see, order doesn’t have to mean restriction. Your desk can be clear whilst your mind is expansive, and doesn’t that sound good?

So, over the coming weeks I’d like you to tune into where it is that life feels unstable. It may be your career or relationship or home, but it may also be your state of mind or connection to your body. Now, allow your thoughts around these challenges to be stretchy and opportunistic. Instead of just assuming no one can help you, consider what help it is you need, and shout it out! Instead of deeming yourself hopeless, be hopeful that you just haven’t discovered what the solution is yet. Instead of setting punishments at the end of uncompleted tasks, celebrate every small thing you do, including your ability to just keep going.

If you are having problems with an external source of power then it’s time to claim your self worth back. Any situations that just don’t feel good to you probably aren’t good for you. It’s okay to own your voice, to speak up, to share. You are not alone, especially in those times it feels most like you are. I really want you to have your own back this month! I see opportunities for reclaiming self-empowerment coming through for all signs, and you really need to re-appreciate yourself.

Can you practice this by celebrating something unique about yourself each day over the coming weeks? This may be harder for those of you who have been self-sabotaging of late, but that’s even more of a reason to do it. Self care is always the solution, especially when you think it can’t possibly be. The equation works that as you up your self-worth then balance will be more accessible to you, and there will even be potential in times of chaos. This is a positive kind of control, and you’ve got this.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Five of Pentacles

With Saturn dipping back into Scorpio for the next few months it’s no wonder us Scorpions are suddenly feeling dips and dives within and without. Is this the final test? Well, kind of, but think of it more as a clean up, than a challenge. Whatever is prominent in your stress zone right now is there for a reason, and it’s because you have an opportunity now to view the challenge in a different light.

I don’t want to just shout THINK POSITIVELY at you, because what does that even mean? It’s a throwaway inspirational quote and I’d rather you thought more deeply than that. It feels as though your trust barriers have been up and down recently, particularly between you and the world and the YOUniverse. Do you feel a little unsupported or ‘shut out’ in some areas of your life? Have you been feeling anger towards some aspect or yourself or the world around you? It’s okay to have these feelings, but it’s important to know they are workable too. This card often comes up when it feels like we have been left out in the cold, and only you will know where it is that this feeling belongs.

The answers all lie in fresh perspectives and new approaches. You may feel tired because a method you’d previously used to help yourself no longer seems to be working. How so? Time is always shifting and you are evolving, trust that you need different things at different times. Instead of feeling exasperated, as though there are no options, choose to feel inspired to seek alternative pathways. Your ideas may need stretching to help you get to that settled place; your meditation may need shifting to help you receive more clarity, your body may need a different method of self care to match your environment.

See how when you extend your thoughts to a wider space there suddenly seems to be MORE potential? I’m pushing you to up your self-care practice to maximum voltage, to not even consider feeling guilty for cancelling plans and being kind to yourself. You need to be connected to YOU right now in order to benefit from those Scorpio powers you know and love. There are wide and bright skies surrounding you, just be present for the clouds to pass.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Ten of Wands

Something has to give, starting now! All signs are seeing major opportunity for breakthrough this month and yours comes in the form of ending a period of feeling completely overwhelmed. Overwhelm comes in many forms, but there is always the need to surrender in order to receive a fresh perspective. In what areas of your life do you feel as though you just don’t seem to be able to make a breakthrough? And are you noticing your need to try and control things more and more, even when nothing seems to be working?

I’m going to ask you to drop all the stress to the floor. This is very hard to do in a state of overwhelm because it feels like you’re being pushed to just GET IT TOGETHER – but that just doesn’t work. Remember how I spoke about compassion last month? Now it’s time to shine that torch on yourself, release the battle and look after yourself. ‘But I’m doing everything I can!’ I hear you say, which is one more reason to surrender, give up a little, and consider that you may just need a new approach. This new way of looking at things also might require you to pull down a few walls and listen to some advice. I know you have ‘your ways’ of doing things, but this is a month to seek help from your friends, and guidance from those you are drawn too. Think expansively in your search for harmony and you will find it.

Meanwhile, this is Fire energy, which is your master and your superpower, so it’s also a strong message to be reconnecting to your spirit. This means really making some space to do the things you love, the everyday things that generate inspiration and excitement. Your frustration really needs diffusing, and that will come by pulling strongly from the other angle. What can you get excited about right now? Go there and bask in that energy a little.

It also helps to remember that after a period of overwhelm there has to be some release, and yours will come in the form of your mojo returning bit by bit, and your positivity creeping back in. Make sure to not close your mind, and to keep your opinions malleable. Acknowledge all your feelings, ask for help, receive help, be kind to yourself – and repeat FOREVER.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Ace of Cups

Still on the Water theme for you Capricorn, and I love this card! You are holding the brightest energy of all the signs this month, and also the most fluid – a far cry from the restrictive energy you’re more familiar with. Feelings this month connect back to November – can you see a link to that time? It may be that you are seeing the results of something you brought into play then, or a certain situation suddenly becoming prominent again, in person or maybe just in your mind.

This is an overflow of Water element and so it’s certainly not the month to stuff your feelings in any cupboards or try and swallow them whole. You have a wide-open space to just get it all out, especially the good stuff. You sometimes (okay often) feel guilty for taking time for yourself, but there can be no more of this. You know the cycle – too much giving and struggle = exhaustion and restriction. Only you can rewrite this story though, and so I ask you; when are you going to realize that YOU are the priority in your life? When you place your wellbeing at the center, you will notice life transform from inside out. Now is the time to really own this.

The month is full of freshness, so some new people may spring into view, people that are in place to complement the better frame of mind you are choosing for yourself. Know that as your story evolves you need different types of support networks. You will always have the deep layers, the ones you’ll keep by your side forever and a day, but on the surface there may be space to be uplifted by some new faces. You will be interested in those who are having similar experiences to you, as the conversation can be equal and supportive, with sharing and teaching from both sides.

Remember that this is what you need right now, to allow yourself to receive as much as you give out. I hope you’ll be surprised by some sweet spirits soon. Finally, in what new ways can you deepen your connection to your own inner pilot light? I feel that there is opportunity to pay deeper attention to the messages your body is giving you. Your senses are heightened and it’s truly time to listen.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Sun

July is all about seeking the light and playing within it. You are used to your shadows and you absolutely love playing in those, so how about balancing things out? Even though your to-do list may be a mile and a half long, you will notice how much more is achieved when you insist on taking positive spirit-enlightening breaks!

There is a strong theme of freedom coming through, so I’d love for you to really tune into that word and consider what it brings up for you. What does ‘personal freedom’ look like to you, and do you feel it’s accessible right now? If the answer is ‘no’, then in what small ways could you start to bring those feelings into your everyday life? It might be related to the way you plan your day, to what you do in your spare time (do you give yourself adequate time?), and to the people in your social circle. As you consider freedom you will probably become aware of its shadow, the restrictions and the limits. So, where do you feel restricted or limited? And how can you shift those restrictions or your perspective on them? This is just as important as actual physical change, in fact maybe even more so.

You are able to even choose not to take on stress if you like. Really? Yep, and it’s a practice I love – consider that you being stressed has to be a crisis only option. There are always going to be stressful scenarios – for instance moving house, or during massive change. But there are also points where we don’t have to take it on. Think about the pressure you put upon yourself, and the times you get involved in other people’s dramas, or common frustrations like traffic and waiting in line – all of which offer a choice about whether you want to raise your stress levels.

So have a feel around, both within and without, and note where you could release the pressure a little. Again, it’s as the small things start to weave together that you’ll notice a difference. This card also brings in the ‘adventure’ energy, and a free pass to take a holiday. This doesn’t have to mean a big flashy extravaganza, even camping out in your back yard can shift you into an explorative space. The Sun is your guide – so where is your source of light? Travels there unapologetically.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – Ace of Swords

July brings in a significant opportunity for you to shift your perspective and reclaim your personal power. Last month may have brought out your deepest shadows, and now you have a choice whether to be victimized by them or be willing to genuinely change your perspective for good. It doesn’t matter whether one thought pattern has reined high and mighty for you FOREVER, it can still be shifted with your willingness. This requires you getting out of your own way, taking off your masks, putting your ego to the side and truly surrendering to the fact that there might just be some good in the world.

A clear request for help within and without will help you gain some expansion on your challenges, and up your confidence to boot. The themes you will see coming through are of bright openings and sudden flashes of wisdom, intuition and clarity. Your ideas are sharp, but the clouds need to be cleared first – and the mist moves when you show up and take responsibility for your own experience, the ins and the outs. No, this doesn’t mean blaming yourself for anything; it means you get to decide not to blame anything or anyone externally.

The brightness you see is what you don’t want to miss, as your intelligence merges with your passion and creativity, which in turn blooms into fresh ideas and beneficial perspectives. Even those of you who really think there is no other way to see things, know deep down that there is. Your creativity and intuition is always your super power, so I also want you to check in with where those two aspects of the self are fuelled. If you believe your work can only be fuelled by your darkness, know that your light can match that. And if you are afraid to meet your fears, know that they have no roots.

Meanwhile, for those of you itching to spread the word then July is aligned well for you to own your voice and your talents – the path is being cleared for you to step into. Personal power comes from owning the moment, and allowing yourself to step into your ultimate authenticity. This energy links back to January and ideas that were forming then. Now is the time to own your talents, while not downplaying the work involved. So dive in fully – and absolutely do not put yourself or anyone else on a pedestal this month.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Four of Wands

And here we are again. With the same card coming out from last month, I feel like you are one of the lucky ones as you get to continue to marinate in the positive and active energy that you’ve been conjuring up for yourself. Nevertheless there is always room to expand and extend our experience and this month, for you, the theme is really about finding your perfect balancing point. You know that you have the ideas and the inspiration, and you also know how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed – so I want to ask you about what other things you need to make consistent, alongside your non stop spinning of the work wheel.

Last month, you may have tapped back into some of your passion and spirit energy, noting moments where smiles were abundant and times you felt most in your body. How can aspects of these moments be brought into your daily life? Recognize that the more you center your self, the more easy it will be to ground and focus on what’s buzzing in your career. Again, it’s that journey of self-care, of discovering and rediscovering what does and doesn’t work for you – from the people you spend time with, to the way you manage your own thoughts.

I feel a strong healing focus coming though, and would like to encourage you to try out a different or unusual type of meditation or wellness practice – it seems that there is something undiscovered that will suit you over the next few months. It doesn’t have to be anything totally wacky (although some if you will like that) – it could be a really simple shift in your diet or movement practice, or spending more time with someone you find interesting.

Keep your mindset expansive to have an expansive experience. Remember your internal always reflects onto what is going on around you, so don’t worry too much about micromanaging other people – just trust in the decisions you make. And on the subject of ‘what to do first’ – really know that if you always pursue the thing that makes you the MOST excited, then it’s definitely the ‘right’ thing to do. You’ll find it easier to stick with your projects when passion is riding high – and as for everything that seems to be floating without direction, just know that it’s not going anywhere. Believe in the bigger picture and divine timing.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Moon

After two months really considering your own restrictions, July sends you even deeper into the soul and what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m seeing this as definitely a good thing, as the back and forth of constantly fighting with yourself or your surroundings probably wasn’t getting you anywhere. It will pay over the next few weeks to go beneath the surface and sideline some of your Earth energy for the more fluid Water elements.

In more practical terms, I invite you to engage in a more soulful self-care practice. Instead of sitting and making a hundred lists, stop, sit quietly and listen to the workings of your inner dialogue. Then, reclaim your power over it. The Moon only comes up when we will benefit from a trip into our subconscious, but I don’t encourage you to go down there and wallow – instead, use your meditation practice to impact on the material world. The aim here is to heighten your own levels of self trust, which in turn will help you trust the world around you.

You may have been feeling flighty recently and less able to make decisions than usual, which may have led to suspicions about certain personalities around you, and cumulated in an all-round ‘meh’ feeling. While it’s easy to get locked in a stubborn pattern of restrictive thoughts (see May and June) – you know very well that you prefer how you feel when you are enlivened by your own ideas and creativity. Exploring one’s own subconscious also heightens your dreams and elevates your imagination – which can only help you with all those things you have to get off the ground.

You may also enjoy the company of your more watery friends this month, so reach to your pals allow themselves to be ruled by feelings, and see how they manage their time. As you sit and value your mind a little more, you can ask yourself questions in regards to your current challenges. The aim is to allow your mind to stretch, so that you are able to receive help from new angles. What isn’t working in your personal segment of the world right now? Are you at least willing to look at this from a different perspective? Know that your ego will encourage you to stay static, but that your soul knows help is at hand. Be open to getting out your comfort zone.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Nine of Pentacles

July brings some great strides in your career and material world, with more solid developments showing in the areas you’ve been placing your energy since the start of this year. You have really been assessing and reassessing your material world, so, how do you feel about your day-to-day life right now? How is your environment suiting you? Does you friendship circle feel stable? How are your anxieties about finances? Ultimately; are you feeling ‘at home’ or displaced? I want you to question all these things over the coming weeks, but with compassion. All roads on enquiry have to come from a source self-care.

With career in mind, the emphasis is on WHETHER YOU ARE HAVING FUN! So are you? Did you know you can love your work and feel fulfilled by it? Are you engaging with your days or wishing them away? If not, what subtle shifts could make a big difference to this? Don’t be afraid to want more, it’s okay to want nice things and to feel at home. You don’t need to feel guilty about wanting to feel comfortable.

Environment is actually everything. Everything. So how is your home life looking? And the people around you? How could there be more harmony? Spend time with those who lift you up and make sure you are lifting others too; communication should be elevating, so step aside from any pride, ego and dramatic thoughts, and return to loving kindness. Don’t feel guilty about giving less energy to situations that don’t feel good. Make your time the most valuable thing. Do you have a morning practice? If not, then the time to begin one is now.

Finally, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, so stick with it. I hope you are starting to see the fruits of some of your labor, and in turn can keep checking in with how things feel to you. Always be guided by the ‘feels good’. This is also a month to be proud of yourself for the adjustments you have been making, it’s important to pat yourself on the back! Especially those of you who don’t feel you have a cheerleader in life. Remember that safety comes from within; you are your own superhero.

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