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Leo // Leo Rising
Throwing a frisbee. Backyard games. What do you do that’s purely for enjoyment? This is a chance to be creative about how you have fun. So much from the past is getting dredged up, and there are many distractions. Fill your mind with games instead of details. Connect to body and breath. Playfulness can bring perspective.

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Virgo // Virgo Rising
A swan floats on the river. Tell yourself it’s easy. That’s how you’ll float gracefully. Pushing doesn’t work. Letting yourself be intuitively guided is the key. So much of this is about how you anticipate. Do you anticipate things to be easy or a lot of work? Chill out more and you’ll float through it all.

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Libra // Libra Rising
An airplane flies just above the clouds. You have gathered tools that help you rise above. Are you using them? Some level of foresight and mental organization is necessary so that you don’t get caught in the storm. Envision how you want to feel. Visualize your future. Dedicate yourself to this practice.

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Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
Flipping pancakes. The idea is that you have a bunch of chances. Each decision turns out a little differently, but that doesn’t mean they’re inedible. You have to try. So much is changing in how you see yourself in the world. Your growth is monumental. So try out different approaches. This is how you’ll find your stride.

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Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
Plucking daisy petals. Don’t get caught in the binary, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Whatever your question is, there are more shades of gray to the answer than you can imagine. Connect to your ethics, principles, and goals, and these will help you find your answers. What do you value? What do you care about? What’s the big picture?

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Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
A solitary tree in a meadow. It can feel so much easier to take care of yourself when you’re alone. You can keep things simple and you can focus on the work. It’s less messy. But the mess is where the learning happens. The mess can be magic. People should still love you, even when you’re a mess. So trust. Say what you need. Try to connect with others. You don’t need to feel alone.

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Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
A heartbeat. Bum-bump, bum-bump. Center yourself in your heart. Connect to your feelings and to your love. Love needs to be shared. You need to vouch for the importance of love in your life. There is a need for humans to love more fully, generously and unconditionally. Lead with your heart.

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Pisces // Pisces Rising
A slinky. Find your momentum. It’s more effective to clear obstacles and let things flow than it is to force things that aren’t working. Take a nice walk to clear your mind, then do the busy work afterwards. Meditate before you have the tough conversation. Evaluate your workflows and notice where you can make things more holistic.

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Aries // Aries Rising
A piece of a pie. You are owed your share of enjoyment. Hold out for it. Fight for it. Look for it. Life is too short for scarcity. There is abundance and pleasure available everywhere. A life of more enjoyment is available to you at every turn. You may have to adjust your mindset so that you can see what’s already working.

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Taurus // Taurus Rising
Playing maracas. Find your rhythm and find your footing. There’s always a feeling of belonging when you’re playing in time with the music. When we are synced up with the rhythm, it feels so good. You are being presented with more chances to march to the beat of your own drummer. If you start by being comfortable with who you are, you’ll feel comfortable everywhere you go.

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Gemini // Gemini Rising
The Enneagram. Get to know your own psychology and personality. This is a highly educational time for you. Your new perspectives will help you save energy and make things work. There are many different methods you can use to study yourself. If you know yourself, you can see your opportunities and challenges more clearly. Pay attention to your mindset.

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Cancer // Cancer Rising
Sturdy leather shoes. What is keeping you grounded? What helps you believe that you are secure? So much is unknown. Your mental comfort resides in your ability to trust your own resilience. There’s no need to know the future. Knowledge and understanding come exactly when you’re ready for them. So don’t play the “what if” game. Just settle in and find strength in what you already know.

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Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with Sandy Sitron’s Numinous Weekly Horoscopes …

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Leo // Leo Rising
The wings of a dragonfly sparkle in the sunlight. You’re ready for iridescence. What is standing in the way of your shimmer? What is blocking you from the light of the sun? You can fly forward at full speed. Get in the mood by working on your confidence. There are many different ways to enhance self-confidence. Affirmations, exercise, journaling about your achievements, hypnosis, and meditation are good places to start. Do a little research and pick a few techniques to enhance your sparkle.

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Virgo // Virgo Rising
The river constantly flows. Let the feelings flow. You can’t control every part of your day. Release the urge to decide if a thought, event, or relationship is good or bad, wrong or right. Just be. Let the feelings swirl around and don’t qualify them. We’re all just doing the best with what we’ve got.

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Libra // Libra Rising
Mesmerized by the spinning pinwheel. Uplifted by your own thoughts. A positive mental framework can take you far into the world of possibility. Where do you want to journey? What do you want to dream up? Hypnotize yourself to belief that anything is possible. And zero in on what you want to manifest the most.

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Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
Putting your foot down. One day soon you’ll feel incredibly grounded in your stance. You are understanding your boundaries and getting more clear about how you want things to go. Learning what you want to say “yes” to and what you want to say “no” to is an ongoing process. Right now you’re making great strides in understanding your desires. That clarity is helping you trust in the future that you’re building.

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Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
Unfurling a banner. You’re ready to announce your presence. Let the world know who you are. Present yourself. Don’t deny the world of your gifts. To do so, you might need a little motivation and you might need to augment your education. Choose a topic or area focus upon which to expand. This is an area that you will develop. You need to share your gifts with the world, so spring into action.

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Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
A giraffe. The giraffe has adapted well. You need to let go of one reality so that you can adapt to a new one. Something might need to change and for a while it could feel like you’re sticking your neck out. You’ve probably been getting this message from many sources: “Change is on the way.” Instead of trying to push it, just let it happen. See how it feels to let go.

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Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Walking in a ravine. You’ve got a journey underway. Keep your destination in sight. It’s not that the terrain is impassable, it’s just a little unusual. Stay focused on how you want to show up, especially with an important relationship. A disagreement or complicated situation shouldn’t stop you from being the kind of person you want to be.

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Pisces // Pisces Rising
A welcome basket. Start fresh. Look at your schedule or routine and decide where you need to turn over a new leaf. This is a great time to get organized. Gather your thoughts about what you want to change or implement in your daily routine. Put together the systems that will help you achieve it.

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Aries // Aries Rising
Holding court. You are activating your leadership skills. There are times to be quiet and introspective and there are times to be out in the world making things happen. This is a time for output. Create, lead, play, take risks, be spontaneous, shine. Take action. It might now always go perfectly, but at least you’ll be putting yourself out there.

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Taurus // Taurus Rising
A wisp of cotton candy. Sweetness. Be sweet to yourself and to others. Be gentle, tender, and kind. This is important now because there are a lot of feelings coming up and you need a better buffer. Additionally, you’re doing some deep healing right now. So be tender, gentle and nurturing to yourself. Soft and sweet.

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Gemini // Gemini Rising
Brain waves dance on the screen. You’re activating your mind. Things that you couldn’t focus on before are becoming more interesting. It’s time to make fresh mental connections. Welcome new knowledge. Get ready for important downloads. You might be awed by the information and clarity coming through.

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Cancer // Cancer Rising
A large round stone. There’s a sense of resilience available to you now that isn’t always there. Take advantage of it. Memorize a feeing of security. Evoke this powerful feeling of security, even if it’s not logical to do so. You are secure. In your imagination connect to your future self— your image of yourself 6 or 12 months from now—and ask them to remind you that everything is alright.

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1/11 ushers in a Harry Potter-ish portal for magical transformation, says Felicia Bender. Get ready for lift-off!

Welcome to the New Year!

I’m getting feedback across the board that 2017 was a real equalizer for most of us. A friend of mine said it simply and eloquently:

“Goodbye 2017. There’s not one damn thing I’ll miss about you.”

And while I’m more than relieved to wave “Adieu” to the year TOO, I also know that the purpose behind all the intensity in 2017 was to ready us for significant and substantial change.

And the Universe chose to pave the way by pitching many of us hardballs all year long. There’s nothing like being roughed up a bit to get our priorities straight, right?

So now what?

Prepare yourself – and get ready to engage your portal for lift-off in an almost Harry Potter-ish sort of way. It’s as though 1/11 is the “Port Key” that Harry and his buddies use to get from one location to the other—magically and instantaneously.

Numerologically speaking, the numerology of 1/11 is a gateway for us to focus our intentions and put thought into action. This day is a launching pad and a conduit to manifesting whatever we’ve been working on during the entire year of 2017. And no, it won’t manifest in the wave of a wand—and yet we can work with the powerful numerology of 1/11 to our distinct advantage now that we know it exists.

Understand that the energy related to the number 1 is all about new beginnings, independence, initiative, achievement, individuation, self-confidence, and innovative creativity.

So, with the numerology of 1/11 it’s beneficial to remind ourselves to focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want, because the energy of the number 1 expands what we repeatedly and routinely think about. It’s indicating that a window of opportunity is being flung open for us—with this energy in our court, we’ll begin to manifest our thoughts and desires into reality with remarkable speed.

So the trick is to be disciplined and mindful about how we focus our thoughts—this is good advice for every day and yet imperative for the numerology of 1/11. If there’s any time to make a highly concerted effort to positively and boldly envision your present and your future, this is the moment. Don’t waste this valuable and high-powered energy lingering in the past, hovering in indecision, or grinding about how your ex is such a jerk!

Use this “Port Key” to unlock your wildest wants, most delicious desires, and purposeful passions. Step through the muck and into 2018 with the clear intention to throw caution to the wind. This goes for our personal lives and reaches out into the stratosphere of our geo-political world stage.

1/11 is the day to examine long-held beliefs that we may not be true for us anymore.

1/11 is the day to forgive ourselves (and others) and get on with it!

1/11 is the day to expansively begin the practical and magical path to creating a deeply enriching new phase of our lives.

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”—Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

And let Ron’s advice keep you buoyant and focused during this transitional and transformational 2018: “Don’t let the Muggles get you down.”


Cast and channeled by Lindsay Mack for The Numinous, using The Starchild Tarot.

Six of Cups

Happy birthday, sweet Sagittarius! This cycle is all about expression for you, letting your thoughts, words, and heart be deeply known at any given moment. This energy could extend in many different directions for you, ranging from a new love to an expansion in teaching or activist work. No matter where this lands in your life, there will be an audience to receive the words you share, as this card is so much about the healing aspects of emotional exchange. Chance vulnerability, Sagittarius, and let your heart’s truth flow.

The world needs it, your heart needs it. It is a gift for everyone when you open up and let yourself be seen. December is the perfect time to do this on a whole new level. Six of Cups has a bit of an interesting reputation, and is often thought of as a card of nostalgia. We can sometimes swim far into the recesses of our old, happy memories in this card, propelled by the heartbreak of the Five of Cups, unable to be present in the here and now. It makes sense in certain cases, and definitely follows a known emotional pattern. But this is not your truth, Sagittarius. Six of Cups is showing up for you this month as a radical heart opener.

Its invitation to you will be to sustain that openness, that trust, that vulnerability, in spite of your past. In spite of the fact that you’ve been hurt, splintered, broken, and repaired many times. It is showing up for you this month as a beautiful nutritive to the heart, infusing you with the desire to express, to share, and to connect with the world around you, dropping your armor completely. There is something wonderful coming your way this month, loves. Stay open and soft; you won’t regret it.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Page of Cups

How can you play more this month, Capricorn? A somewhat silly inquiry for the hardest workers in the Zodiac, I know, and yet the invitation to consider the question is here in a very strong way. December is a potently important month for you. You are sewing many energetic seeds during this cycle, planting many intentions for the year ahead. How are you making room for play in 2018? Does it have a place of importance in your life? Sink into these questions deeply, looking at the patterning of your life, and the value placed on work versus play.

Page of Cups is your archetypal teacher for the month ahead, and it will be wise to bow over to this little one, listening deeply to what it has to whisper to you. This card invites us to value and emphasize imagination, magic, play, joy, and intuitive communion as much as we might value our earthly goals and worldly dreams. It is what the Lost Boys are to Peter in the movie, “Hook”: helping you to remember who you are. You are remembering the “Pan” in you this month, Capricorn, the magical essence at the core of your being. This part of you is precious and pure, and can get pushed aside very easily in daily life.

It is incredibly important to make room for play and receiving this month. It is softening you, helping to redefine your relationship to rigor and work. It is helping to work and nourish a different part of your brain. It is helping to shake some of the seriousness out of you. It is helping to get some light in the cracks. Don’t worry about what you will get from Page of Cups this month. Just make room for it, and you’ll have everything.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


The Moon

Let yourself be cradled by mystery this month, Aquarius. You are moving through The Moon card, a deep medicine in the Tarot, and the best thing to do is to flow with its rhythms. The Moon is a beautiful card, albeit a powerful one for what it asks of us: surrender in the face of what we can’t see. Indeed, this card can feel like deep ocean waves, or like velvety darkness, much like what we find in nature at night. To feel our way in the darkness, we must go slowly, heightening our other senses, letting our inner compass guide our way home. It requires us to keep a clear head and courageous heart as we walk in the darkness, afraid of what might lurk in the shadows.

To see by moonlight requires the perception of the third eye, a deeper vision and direction. This is getting flexed in you this month, loves, inviting you to trust these other senses within you, letting you walk through the world with them guiding your path. The Moon, which is ruled by Pisces, helps us to feel the fear of the unknown, and walk into it with intention and willingness. December will be a powerful month to look at your emotions in a whole new way. When we travel through this card, we must do so on feel and sense alone.

It offers us the opportunity to trust ourselves and our intuition like never before. This is a deep journey of the self for you this month, Aquarius. The psychic treasures of this kind of internal walkabout are amazing, so seek deeply, walk far, and dive into the fullness of the void. There is nothing but light on the other side of the journey, bringing wisdom, awareness, experience, hindsight, and a greater intimacy with yourself to you.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Eight of Swords

The moment you desire to be free, Pisces, any locked door in your being will swing open. This is the transformative power of Eight of Swords, as well as the magical potential it will be bringing to your whole sign this month. December is a very powerful transit for you, loves, one in which you can genuinely get “unstuck” from any place in your life that feels limited, including that of your own mind.

In this card, we can often feel that we are trapped and caught, usually in a prison of our own making, although it doesn’t always feel that way. That is the trick of this card: we may feel that an external source got us into this, and that we need a external source to get us out of it. Shattering that illusion is part of the liberation of the card. How we got behind those bars is of little consequence. Eight of Swords invites us to see beyond the mind’s projection, to begin to ask deeper questions of our perceptions. Are we trying to smash down a locked door without checking to see if the window is unlocked? Are we asking for help, clarity or awareness in moments when we don’t feel that we can see clearly? Are we pausing to listen to our inner wisdom?

When this card arises, it is a divine whisper in our ear, offering up the phrase: “ it can be easier if you allow it to be.” How easy can you allow your life to be, loves? How deeply are you willing to trust beyond what your mind is projecting to you? If you are ready to look deeper than what you can see, and what you may feel is imprisoning you, you will already be liberated.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


The Wheel of Fortune

Change is at your garden gate, sweet Aries. I highly encourage you to put on some tea, and welcome it in. Whenever we pull The Wheel of Fortune, we can be sure that a big life change is at hand. It may not show up today or tomorrow, but it is most definitely on its way. We don’t ever need to fear this card—Wheel of Fortune truly does not bring negative change. It is ruled by Jupiter, after all. Everything that this card wants to give to us, at the core of its essence, is beautiful.

Our job, as human beings, is to stay the hell out of the way so that Source can do its thing. The key to doing so with this card is to stay present in our lives. When we are firmly fixed in the mundanity of this moment, the wheel of life can turn freely because we are staying out of the future. It is truly that simple—at least when this card shows up. The Wheel of Fortune is a wildly spectacular card, one that holds within it so much mystery, medicine and wisdom, and yet when it shows up in a reading, it can often feel like nothing is happening.

It is made manifest by our willingness to take responsibility for the present moment, which is the crux of this card’s invitation to you this month, Aries. Look around you, loves. Look at all that you have control over, and all you don’t. Don’t worry about where you are going, or where these moments are taking you. If you are honoring this moment, working through everything that is arising — the pretty and the ugly — you will be ready when the Wheel of Fortune fully lands in your life. You are changing, Aries. Welcome it.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.



Temperance is such an incredible and mysterious card. In some ways, it’s almost tough to break it down for a monthly forecast — it rarely, if ever, unfolds within a month’s time. Ruled by Sagittarius, it represents the sacred rebirth after the Death card, and the end of the second line of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. Temperance is highly powerful, potent, magical and life changing, but again, it is really hard to zero in on in a thirty day period. What I will tell you, sweet Taurus, is that when the presence of Temperance touches a reading, it does so for many months, if not a full year. It is a blessing, a sweet omen, and a signal that you are in some for cellular level shifts.

Know that you might not feel this energy in your everyday life in December, but you can touch into it anytime you like—the more you do so, the better it will be for you. Temperance is a reordering of the body, mind and soul. It is a deep shift of our energetic makeup. Expect to get worked on this month, angelically speaking. Trust it, and let yourself explore whatever arises with curiosity. This card also, like Wheel of Fortune, heralds a massive, massive life change—always big and beautiful. The only way that this change can take place, however, is if we are willing to surrender it to Source.

Temperance shows us that the spectacular and impossible can unfold, if we are inviting in support and help. It is the shift from ego perception to soul possibilities. This doesn’t happen overnight—and it might not even happen in a month — but it does happen with time, persistence and the willingness to try a new way of working with the world around you. Surrender to the magic, and some amazing things will begin to take root in your life.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Five of Wands

I’m gonna say this bluntly (and with love), Gemini: watch your tongue this month. It’s not a warning, but a plea for those closest to you, a plea for those who rely on you. Five of Wands is a card that teaches us to have patience with big feelings. Whatever the holidays might bring out in you, be willing to take a breath and pause if tough moments arise. You may not be able to take back what you say in anger or frustration this month, so this is very important.

Mercury, your ruling planet, can be the most epically beautiful energy, gifting you the ability to be quick and ingenious with your words and ideas. It can also imbue you with the sharpest mouth in the Zodiac, which you largely have under control in your day to day. That may get tested this month in the fiery Five of Wands, so be willing to really lean into your practices, and give yourself (and your loved ones) the gift of fearless honesty and compassion in your communication. Rather than yelling, it would be better to take a breath and state that you’d like to yell, but are working on not doing so.

This differentiation is how we can elevate Five of Wands from a contractive energy to one of wisdom. It is also how you can work with the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in a way that brings about grace. Take responsibility for your inner realm, and be willing to communicate about it to the people around you. This is your medicine for the month ahead. Breathe through any big impulses, use your words kindly and thoughtfully, and you will move into the new year with a ton of gratitude and peace.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


The Empress

You are right at home with the energy of The Empress this month, sweet Cancer. The Empress represents the Sacred Mother. Ruled by Venus, this card imbues us with a flush of sensuality, and an invitation to reconnect with nature and our loving, sexual centers. It is definitely a beautiful energy to end a year in, and an equally beautiful one to guide you into a new cycle. The presence of The Empress is heralding a new flow for you, Cancer. It is a true shift to a more receptive way of moving through your life—a way that is second nature to you as a water sign, but perhaps not one that you regularly employ.

This is a rest and review time. It is a time to sleep a little later, to become a little quieter, to make things around you a little more beautiful. Orgasms, beautiful food, and long walks are all highly encouraged for the month ahead. If any feelings of discomfort arise around this level of lushness with your life, that is probably where The Empress is doing the most work for you. The greater the discomfort, the greater the potential for growth and evolution will be. We just need to say yes to the invitation.

Feel into the medicine of The Empress this month, Cancer—potential triggers and all. The Empress, for all her beauty, can bring up a lot of funky stuff. If being receptive makes you feel selfish, that’s where you will do some deep work this month. This work is important, not just for the month ahead, but for your year ahead. As you expand in 2018, there will be a need to become more comfortable with receptivity. Trust that and let it take you deeper.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Starseed, Rx

Sweet Leo, if one were to take a flying, courageous leap off of a cliff, would it be wise to attempt to spin around in midair and try to cling into the edge? The head might be saying yes, but your courageous heart most definitely says no. The intersection of the scared brain and fearless heart is where you will find yourself doing some deep work in December, all energized by the medicine of Starseed, or The Fool.

When we commit to a leap of faith, or a big decision, it is extremely important to watch any areas where we might be tempted to twist ourselves around out of fear or regret. It sends some very mixed messages, energetically speaking, which only creates more fluff and confusion for us as we expand in and on our path. Anytime that we take a leap of faith that is blessed by The Fool, it is larger than the decision itself. It is a commitment to ourselves, to our soul paths, to beginning a new cycle in our lives. It is totally fine to experience doubt and fear—it is when those feelings begin to bleed over into our words and actions that it becomes important to recenter, letting go of the edge of the cliff.

Trust yourself and your choices, sweet ones. Embrace the freefall. The Fool is here to support and gently remind you that you made the right choice, or will make the right choice, if that big leap is forthcoming for you. The reversal speaks to the fear that may be creating some stagnation at the top of the cliff. This is easily clarified by looking deeply at the root of whatever fear we are experiencing, rather than letting it stop us from moving forward. Trust yourself and your choices, you are exactly where you’re meant to be.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


The World

You are in The World this month, sweet Virgo, and it is glorious. This has been a year filled with change, new opportunities, and massive life shifts for you, much of which is going to give way to new blessings and expansions in 2018. It may not have felt like it, but in many ways you have gotten much of what you’ve wished for this year, which I encourage you to honor and celebrate. What you didn’t receive is well on it’s way to you, all in good time. Now, you get to ride 2017 out on the amazing wave of this card, ushered into 2018 on a whole new level. You couldn’t align the timing more perfectly.

The World card is the last card of the Major Arcana. It is ruled by Saturn, and represents the joyful and bittersweet end to an intense cycle, usually one of extreme lessons, and very hard work. When we reach The World, it means that we have done everything we said that we would do in that particular karmic phase. It also means that we are ready to move forward into something completely different, new and fresh, all borne from what we learned in the past year. When we receive The World card, whatever we are leaving behind is something we will never, ever revisit again. Ever. We are totally finished learning about whatever we moved through.

This can be both amazing and sad, as we grieve what we are leaving behind, even while we may walk forward with excitement. Take a moment and reflect, sweet Virgo: what old patterns have you had to repeat this past year? Whatever it was, you never have to touch on it again in quite the same way. There are new mountains to climb, and a whole new Fool’s Journey to move through. Bless what is leaving, and take the first step forward.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


King of Swords

Speak your truth, loves! You have so much to say, so share it openly, brazenly and freely. The world needs it, whether you are getting that direct feedback or not. King of Swords is a divine communicator, a leader who has a truth to speak that brings a deep transformation and change for everyone that their words touch. It is not always easy to speak the truth that King of Swords holds; it is a deep task, given to those who can deeply see injustice, imbalance or areas that need to be recentered.

Where you deliver these words this month remains to be seen, loves. Just keep an open heart. You might offer them to your clients, or the community that you work or live in; your sacred truth might be directed at your ex or current partner, it might be offered to your children, or it might need to be heard by your parent, or family or origin. No matter what, trust the words that are burning within your heart. December is the time to let them be channeled through the voice and throat, letting them touch everyone who is meant to hear them. Let this be a sign for you. If you’ve had a piece of writing within you, write it.

If you have a podcast, or want to start one, this would be a golden moment. You have the potential to really charge ahead into your new year, more confident and clear than ever before. This card is so powerful, in fact, it ripples out to our casual communication. Watch what you say this month. Let it be truthful and heart centered, even if it’s blunt. The world needs your word now and always, Libra. The timing is exactly right, so bring it forward.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


King of Pentacles

Plant your two feet on the ground beneath you, Scorpio. Trust that you are supported. You are exactly where you are meant to be, and your life is unfolding at exactly the right pace and timing. It’s perfect, and you are doing precisely what you should be doing. The other shoe isn’t going to drop—in fact, there’s never been another shoe. Everything in your life is serving some purpose in this moment, teaching you something powerful, even if it isn’t immediately clear to you. Don’t stress about whether you can sustain your current path, or whether you can trust your current path. Don’t stress about what will be.

Any moment that you place your profoundly powerful focus on the future, you’ve left the present. This moment is all there is; there is truly nothing we can place our trust in more than the here and now. King of Pentacles is very advanced medicine, and it is here to prove and support the above statements for you this month. I’ve always felt that King of Pentacles was, in a strange way, the last card in the deck. It brings a real master’s energy when it shows up in any reading.

For you, Scorpio, it’s bringing two big invitations: 1) to make room for greater abundance in your life going forward, and 2) to trust the path that you are walking at this moment in your life. King of Pentacles knows his dharma. He understands why he incarnated here, and he knows he is inherently worthy. Receiving this card in a reading means that he is working this magic in your life, helping you to understand why you are here, that you are worthy, too. This work is going to carry you into 2018 with so many expansions and gifts—let it in, starting with the present moment.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


On May 9th, the Moon’s nodal axis moved from Virgo/Pisces into Leo/Aquarius, where it will hang out for the next 1.5 years. What’s the cosmic message? The 2017 Nodal Axis Shift signals serious heart work and a major soul upgrade, say Numi astro babes Jennifer Racioppi, Danielle Paige, The AstroTwins, and Bess Matassa …  Main Image: Hotel Saint Cecilia 

May 9th, 2017 :: North Node Enters Leo/South Node Enters Aquarius 

Danielle Paige 
It’s time to rise up … you have big work to do in your heart! 

Every year and a half the North and South Nodes of the Moon change signs, ushering in new collective growth that’s connected to our deeper purpose and energy evolution. The Nodes in our personal birth charts are significant to our soul’s purpose. However, we are also influenced by the collective energy of the current nodal axis shift.

In the days surrounding this shift, it’s not uncommon to feel the changing of the tides so to speak. You may feel like you’re sifting through deep emotions that are rising to the surface again. This is a final cleanse for the old behaviors to make their way out. Ride the waves of the Virgo/Pisces energy and you will soon find yourself in brighter light with Leo/Aquarius territory.

With the North Node moving into Leo, you are being asked to move away from sitting on the sidelines. You are being asked to shift away from continuously searching in your mind because you have big work to do in your heart! It’s time to rise up in your creativity, rise up in your leadership, and rise up in doing what you love because in doing so you inspire others to live fully, boldly, and enthusiastically from their heart as well. It’s time to be fully present in your heart. It’s time for you to shine!

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Jennifer Racioppi 
Wake up your inner strength. 

With the nodes of fate moving off the Virgo-Pisces axis, and into the Leo-Aquarius axis, we are shifting our focus from service (Virgo) and spirituality (Pisces), into leadership (Leo) and innovation (Aquarius). The north node represents our highest destiny, and now that it moves into Leo, bold, self-assured courage leads us forward (hopefully) in progressive directions. With the upcoming Pan-America total solar eclipse happening in Leo on August 21st, we will also see how this plays out on a global scale. In our individual lives though, it’s essential to wake up our inner strength and align with the highest version of Leo/Aquarius– heart centered, joyous and community-driven ideals. Here’s to the Now Age!

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Bess Matassa
The delicious challenge of simplicity.

Oh, little glitter kittens and sparkly disco biscuits … Leo’s energy often conjures images of endless summer and all-night tropical dance parties fueled only by our own bronzed legs and infinite capacity to shake a tail feather and raise our cups to the stars …

And yet inside of Leo’s luxurious leisure suit lies the deceptively simple call to become more of what we already are, while letting the world respond on its own terms. How do we trust so deeply in our own glowbug status that we can give it away and turn it loose without losing one ounce of our own firepower? How can we let every single other being’s own temperature and rhythm shine on and on without it threatening our own heat source one bit?

This nodal shift asks us to stand so directly and fully inside our own light that we can let the ego slip and slide and shift and explore. It’s a ghostwriting kind of cosmic event, where we give ourselves so fully to the expression of our creative, singular message that we don’t even need to sign our name.

Nodal axis mantra: I warm myself by a bonfire that never goes out.
Theme song: Eternal Flame
Style: 80s high school dance- tender pink lip gloss, fluffy touchable locks, shoulder ruffles, ankle length skirts, and kitten heels.
Flavors: Classic snack sets and sun-kissed palette cleansers with nothing to prove: vanilla/chocolate swirl, peanut butter & jelly, chips and dips, mango lassis, and Caprese salad.

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The AstroTwins 
The United States has North Node in Leo in the country’s chart, so this will be a nodal return for the nation! And the last time the North Node was in Leo, Bill Clinton was on trial for impeachment (1998). We’re interested to see if this is a trend that repeats …

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Your Numinous weekly horoscopes, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
The symphony plays. You have a chance to put all the different parts together in the right order. You’ve had a lot going on. Now it’s time to be gentle with yourself and decide which thing to do first, which to do second, etc. You get to decide when to rest and when to act. You’re ready bring it all together, like a conductor cueing the players. Try to go with the flow in this process. Follow the next clue. Watch your path light up ahead of you. Trust that you know what to do.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
The fog lifts. You are ready to step forward into more clarity. The way through is by acknowledging your feelings and giving yourself lots of alone time. Don’t try to push too hard. You can let yourself drift in the fog and when the time is right for action, you will know. Watch for signs, symbols and synchronistic. These are messages from the other side of the fog.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
A sharp breath in. Remember that you’re alive! You came here to define yourself and claim your individuality. Connect with excitement and openness. Practice happy baby pose and try to really see yourself as that happy baby. This liveliness will lead you on the right path to connect with like-minded folk. Communing with others who hold your values can help you stay in an enlivening frame of mind. Your positive energy is vital right now. It will help you spark a revolution.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A bird calls from way up in the tree tops. You have to align with your goals. Set your sights high. Find your orientation by creating more vision. Step back a little bit from busy-ness and find your perspective. This will help you with your attitude and your energy levels. You need to be able to use your energy in a focused way right now, and so direction is key— set goals. Your actions must be authentic and aligned. You’re extra visible right now, so let people see your dedication and integrity.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
The palm tree bends in the wind. Let yourself drift. One way to be strong is to be flexible. Have a mission statement- something simple and concise. And then let everything else become an adaptation. Whatever project you’re working on, or whatever is on your mind, ignore the real-world details for a moment and just try to see the deeper purpose. Then allow the details to fall into place. The more flexibility and openness, the faster the solutions will flow. Explore. Feel expansive, generous and abundant and everything will line up just right.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Beans rattling inside maracas. Shake it up. Whatever is stuck and stagnant is ready to get shifted. It’s time for movement. Look at the things you are trying to control. Somewhere in there is a pattern or a deep emotion that may be ready to be unlocked. Be gentle but persistent. Examine the deeper feelings and motivations that are keeping you stuck in a pattern. Listen to yourself, give yourself empathy. Take time out to feel all of your feelings. Dance, play and sing your way into spiritual surrender. It’s time to break free.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
A parrot’s beak. It’s time to assert yourself a bit more. Say what you need. Don’t hold back the words. Language helps you understand yourself and share yourself with another person. These boundaries and intersections of relationship are of heightened importance now. You need to feel safe to express yourself, so that you can open your heart. Get fully into the dance of giving and receiving. Communicate the steps you want to take.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Letting sand run through fingertips. Let yourself get into the details of your projects, your schedule, your health. You need the peace of mind that comes from feeling very organized. So take some time out from big-picture planning and get all of the little pieces in place. This will feel like high-level self care. Pay extra attention to your health and nutrition. Focus on feeling grounded. Practicality is your priority.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
A rocket. Shoot yourself into outer space. Blast yourself open. The thing that matters right now is that you are living larger than life. In the full flower of your creativity. Be a light. Share your light. Don’t hold back. Make, create, laugh and have fun. Find new ways to let loose. Remind yourself that it doesn’t have to be so serious or logical all the time. Right now you need to feel carefree. And share your gifts with the world.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A red and white striped straw. Find ways to nurture yourself. It’s important that you feel rooted and grounded right now. Fed and well. You need extra alone time. Get cozy. Nestle into a cove at home. All of this will help you focus, which in turn will heighten your intuition. It’s no time to be scattered. Take good care of yourself and allow yourself to rest and restore. A well timed nap may offer many unexpected rewards. By allowing yourself to recuperate, you will be able to do some deep and needed healing. So start with self-care.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A player piano. You know all the songs by heart. It’s time to gather new information. Update your repertoire. Go digging into different belief systems. Ask others for advice on new ways of thinking about the matters at hand. Be careful not to let your search for information become habitual (like absently scrolling through social media). Be very present in your search for inspiration. Define what you would like to learn about and go after it. It’s time for new ideas.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Sitting on a blanket on a lawn. Connect with the ground. Remember that Earth energy is healing. You are able to expand the most when you start by being rooted. Check in by giving gratitude for all of your resources. Remind yourself of your abundance. Confirm that you are inherently worthy. You deserve to be here, you deserve to take up space, you deserve to be alive. Lean into the support of the Earth. Let yourself root down.

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The future looks bright, with Mojave Rising‘s sensory exploration of Aquarius season…

Aquarius season shoots us straight into the starlite stratosphere as we radically reimagine the tiny landscape far below. The zodiac’s eccentric astronaut invites us to helicopter above our assumptions and to birth entirely new worlds from a bird’s eye perspective. What would it mean to travel so lightly that you develop a deep faith in your own futurism, no matter the shifting weather patterns back down on earth?

Can you open the windows wide on this cosmic mission and let the fresh air buff your sparkling skin until you feel brand new? Can you show yourself in all your idiosyncrasy, and harness this beautiful bizarreness to find other like-minded loonies? Strap on your moon booties and and trust that your survival depends on your capacity to get a little bit crazy. Cuz baby, you were born this way.

The keyword: Electricity.

The song lyrics: “Somehow the wires uncrossed, the tables were turned/Never knew I had such a lesson to learn/I tidied up my point of view/I got a new attitude”—Patti LaBelle, “New Attitude”

Check out our Aquarius season playlist, complete with aural quirks, radical rallying cries, and interstellar explorations.

The color palette: 60s futurism and chic chemistry labs—neon citruses, white vinyl, clear plastic, and platinum.

The style: Ziggy Stardust meets Willy Wonka at Burning Man—stripped down space suits or over-the-top dandy leisure wear, rainbow brite booties, androgynous cuts, and bombastic bohemianism.

Gareth Pugh 2010

The scents and flavors: invigoratingly bright and ingeniously innovative—soapy cilantro, wasabi, starfruit, pop rocks, lickable wallpaper, and edible flowers.

The healing: it’s all about maverick maneuvers and cosmic communities—flashmobs, sober raves, ayahuasca ceremonies, ecstatic breath, and experimental art.

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Sensuous Invitation of the Month: Retro Futurism. With the out-there Aquarius sun colliding with Venus and Mars in smoking-hot Aries, it’s a month for empowered eccentricity and fantastical futurism. Aquarius season 2017 calls each sign to explore the unknown possibilities that exist at the periphery of our habitual perspectives. Slough off the old, shake up your stars, and prepare to go where you’ve never gone before.

Aquarius season invites you to harness your capacity for groundbreaking perspectives to serve more than just yourself. Futuristic Flick: Alien—red-hot leadership, feminine prowess, and courageous muscularity.

Aquarius season invites you to discover a new sense of comfort and stability through mental focus, even as your material world shifts. Futuristic Flick: Barbarella—excessive pleasure, earth girls, and Venusian exploits.

Aquarius season invites you to channel your curious information gathering into a larger life vision. Futuristic Flick: Vegas in Space—strange sights, outer space androgyny, and gender-bending slumber parties.

Aquarius season invites you to crank your clam shell open wide and to find belonging in the broader world. Futuristic Flick: Back to the Future—reimagined roots, familial explorations, and the power of love.

Aquarius season invites you to let your glamorous glow lead others towards their own forms of specialness. Futuristic Flick: The Apple—shameless sparkles, interstellar disco balls, and juicy fruits.

Aquarius season invites you to experiment with the vast range of potentials without having to refine or commit. Futuristic Flick: The Incredible Shrinking Woman—divine detail, fantastical feminism, and behind-the-scenes action.

Aquarius season invites you to express innovative opinions, even when they’re unpopular. Futuristic Flick: Weird Science—idealized aesthetics, radical romanticism, and out-of-this- world heroics.

Aquarius season invites you to cultivate a loving detachment in relationships that takes your intimate encounters even higher. Futuristic Flick: Ghostbusters—paranormal removal, spook central, and dealing with darkness.

Aquarius season invites you to race straight into the future as you celebrate all that is unknown. Futuristic Flick: Zardoz—passionate outlands, unbelievable beliefs, and expansive animalism.

Aquarius season invites you to challenge tradition and sample structures that can shelter your most radical self. Futuristic Flick: Labyrinth—dangers untold, hardships unnumbered, and the fight for the kingdom.

Aquarius season invites you to revel in the full flair of your eccentricity without having to tone down your wackiness one bit. Futuristic Flick: Fire Walk With Me—Lynchian lunacy, unsolvable mystery, and places both wonderful and strange.

Aquarius season invites you to open yourself to the entire world of energy without having to feel emotionally drained. Futuristic Flick: The NeverEnding Story—eternal enchantment, the impossible made possible, and the unshakeable belief in a dream.

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A new year horoscope for your sign, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Sitting quietly in peaceful meditation. Breathe in and breathe out. Your goal early this week is to tune into your breath. Connect with your center. This is the simple stuff that is so often overlooked. It may seem boring, or as if there isn’t any time for meditation. But right now it’s critical for you. Find your flow. Let rigidity in your mindset melt away. You are ready to perceive reality in a new way. And if you want to make any progress, you must first attune with your inner self. You can’t keep pushing in the same old way. If you try, you’ll find yourself bewildered and confused. Tune in. Sit quietly. Breathe. Take your foot off the gas. Feel your way to a new approach. It’s time to change the way you think.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A frozen pond. All the life and abundance of a pond waits silently, under a layer of ice. Waiting for winter to end. Waiting, but knowing that it’s perfectly on time. There is nothing happening, yet that is just as it should be in the natural order of things. You’re waiting too. Especially when it comes to your finances, your sense of security, or your relationship with abundance. You need to relax. You need to remember that there is a natural order to things. Sometimes it’s not easy to understand how to take action. Sometimes you can push and push and nothing gives. That means that it’s time to stop pushing and instead accept the perfection of the natural cycle. Enjoy the perfect place that you’re in.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Tadpoles. Major transition. It’s a slippery transition. Meaning—are the changes happening to you, or are you in control of the changes? Maybe it’s hard to tell. You’re growing fast. Legs and arms are appearing out of nowhere on your little tadpole body. How is this happening? Are you welcoming this massive change? Are you allowing for the growth, or are you calling it something else? See anything that’s uncomfortable in your life as an opportunity for growth. Allow it. Welcome it. Recognize that you’re building your identity. It may be completely unexpected. But really, it’s just you becoming more yourself. The tadpole becoming the frog.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
Roasting food on an outdoor fire in the darkness. It’s time to recharge. The bonfire represents energy. The food cooked on the fire is another energy source. You need to gather in this emotional and physical energy. Because this is happening at night, it means that you need a subconscious recharge. This can happen when you put to rest an issue that has been bothering you on a deeper level. Something unresolved. It’s taking up energy. Ask yourself who you need to make amends with. Ask yourself what the best way to do that is. Maybe you write a letter that you never send. Maybe you have a long overdue conversation. It’s time to clear the energetic channels so that you feel nourished and energized. There are busy times ahead.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Dust settles. It’s time to process what just happened. How do you feel now? How would you like to feel in the future? Can you lean into the feeling you would like to have? Check in. Form a new vision for the future. Let this new vision be innovative. Make sure it follows your greatest hopes and aspirations. Make sure that it stops at nothing. Now that the crisis is over, it’s time to dream. Even if the crisis isn’t really over, something feels different now. So use your intuition to discover your new priorities. And then stubbornly defend them. Don’t let fearful thinking stop you from living your dream.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Going down a rabbit hole. You are receiving a symbol of alternate reality, and there is planetary action in your career zone. What can this mean? You need to view something about your career quite differently. The issue is in your perception of the facts. Trust yourself. Trust what you’ve been working for. Peer through the looking glass. What if everything is different than it seems? It’s time for a new construct. Tell yourself that the things you are convinced are hard will be easy. Take a potion that can make you much bigger than you are. Embody success. Turn your world upside down. You will end up feeling much more aligned.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A bird swooping down for a landing. Follow your emotions. They may take you on a journey. You may land in a new location. This landing spot can be thought of as a mission statement or a manifesto. It’s a platform. This platform will be something that you can keep coming back to. It’ll help you make good decisions. Because you’ll know where you stand. It will provide you with a sense of elevation in challenging times. It’s a spiritual truth. You are going to need to know what you believe in. Find this new platform by following your intuition. Don’t try to force it. Ask for guidance and land when the moment is right.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
A forest covered in ice crystals. The trees are wearing cloaks of ice and snow. They glitter. They allow. A cycle is just another opportunity for them. You are getting more comfortable with this idea as well. Witnessing creation, pro-creation and death on the third dimension. Your instinct is to hold on. Your lesson is to let go. Sit quietly and feel the moment swell. This is all there is. Knowing that, what can you release? Control is an illusion. Winter and death are our teachers. Go as far away from ego as you can go. Even if it’s only for 10 seconds, let that part of you die away. Merge with your higher self. The practice of letting go will open a portal for you.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Big sky. On the other side of the sky you will find your other half. You’ve projected unwanted parts of yourself to the far horizon. Call them back. Own the stuff that you don’t want. Until you own it, it will keep showing up to you in the form of other people. Own your anger. Own your fear. Own your joy. Own your power. Name the things about yourself that you know to be true. Now name their opposites. Call those in. Are you very nice? Maybe it’s time to be a little more nasty. Are you very disorganized? Maybe it’s time to clean up your act. Don’t box yourself in to a previous self-conception. Free yourself.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Pushing aside reeds in a marsh. Systematic searching. In the bog. In the reeds. You’re neither here nor there. You’re not on solid ground or in water. You’re in-between. And yet, you search. Looking for order in chaos. Start with the small things. Manage the things that can be managed and the rest will solidify from there. Small steps toward self-care. Maybe you can only change one thing. Maybe that’s fine. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You can’t do it all when you aren’t even sure how to stay afloat. Make micro-changes.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Opening a book. A new book, a new chapter, a new page. It’s time to take creative action. This is your moment of discovery. The book is in your heart. When you open it, a light shines out, and that light is you. Show the world your light. The past is over. Your moment is now. Make something. Don’t think about it. Just do it instinctually. If you open the channel, the creativity will flow through easily. If you try to block the channel right now, you’ll feel confused and bewildered. Shine your light and feel the certainty and satisfaction of creation.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Canadian geese flying high. While you’re on your journey, you need to protect yourself. You need to shelter yourself from the wind. Be creative in your approach to this problem. One of the ways that you can conserve energy is to give yourself empathy. Allow yourself to feel all your feelings. Another way to take care of yourself is to send healing love to your inner child. Take lots of time in a quiet cove, out of the windstorm. You don’t need to rush around. You are on an emotional journey. You are headed home. When you arrive home, you’ll find that your journey has brought you back to yourself. Your destination is the sunny warmth of self-acceptance.

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A weekly horoscope for your sign, with a symbolic message direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A dragon whipping it’s tail. You’re ready to go! A new start, a new world is yours. This is your annual reset. In the East, the dragon symbolizes self-confidence and power (among other things). It’s time for you to accept and affirm who you are. You have to do this for yourself. Nobody else can affirm you. Nobody else can convince you that you’re great, if you don’t believe it first. Envision yourself as the dragon, powerfully whipping your tail. You deserve to be here. You deserve to light up the world. Your individual spirit is a gift. Step into your own legacy with strength and a sense of wonder.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Pinewood derby. In a pinewood derby racing event, each cub scout receives a block of wood and is responsible for carving and shaping it into an aerodynamic car. It’s about building something out of basic materials and understanding simple physics. You need to do some carving too, but of your mental patterns. It’s time to go back to the basics and restructure your subconscious thought patterns. You’re responsible for the shape of your thoughts and the momentum of your feelings. Slow down your thinking. When you have a thought pattern that isn’t lifting you up energetically you can say “cancel” or “delete.” Forgive yourself and the thought pattern. When you have a low-vibration thought about someone, retrace your steps and make amends. This is reprogramming! This practice will give you momentum in a direction that is enlivening. It’ll put you on track.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Quilt squares. A quilt tells a story. Each fabric patch has a history and meaning. It’s time for you to share your story with a broader audience. There is meaning and wisdom in what you have to share. Your story can teach each of us how we are special. You can be a model. Remember that you are connected in your community. Your may have to bring your community together in a new way. You may need to be with friends. Share ideas with your tribe. Use this time as an inspiring chance to connect through stories. Make sure to keep the conversation positive and nourishing.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
The flame of a rocket. The rocket symbolizes success in career endeavors. It’s time to be noticed in your career. But, it’s also time to change your beliefs about what success is. Review your plans and update your agreements this week. These can be literal agreements or unconscious agreements. Is something ready to shift in your career? Are you ready for a different approach? If you aren’t sure, spend some time journaling. Become very clear about your vision for your career. It’s time for fresh intentions in this area of your life.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A deep belly laugh. How are you engaging with life? It’s time to practice being amused. This is your time to be in love with the life that you have. Look for ways to get inspired if you need to. Respond to life with a deep belly laugh. Create meaning even in difficult situations. All of this may be hard to hear, depending on the life situation you are working with. Notice resistance, give yourself empathy. And then laugh at life anyway. Practice a different kind of response. We are all just bozos on the bus. Clowns in the clown car. We are trying. Remember that you’re on a journey and it’s important to have fun in the moment. Laugh.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A few of your favorite things. Count your blessings. Be in a state of gratitude, some of the time. This New Moon positions you to forgive and let go. Acceptance is so close for you. But to get to this state, you also need to reckon with your need for control. This week, you may naturally find yourself reviewing the past. As you do so you will get a chance to feel feelings you weren’t able to feel before. Allow the feelings to flow through. Notice where you try to maintain control in order to keep yourself safe. Focus on gratitude and let go of the old stuff you don’t need to carry anymore.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Bracelets. A bracelet is symbolic of luck, prosperity and happy love affairs. This week’s New Moon lights up your house of relationship, so this symbol is auspicious. Lean into the feeling of comfort that prosperity can bring. Lean into the feeling of fulfillment that a drama-free relationship can bring. Without judging or questioning whether these are feelings you have right now, just imagine these feelings and relax into them. You might want to close your eyes and deepen your breath while you do this. Imagining that you feel a desired feeling is a magic spell. That’s it— magic! Why is this exercise important? Because right now you get a fresh start on your relationship patterns. It’s time to go back over old stories, process, release, and start anew. As you work with this process, remain aware of your vision for how you want to feel.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
The spotlight. Take care of your body. Your spirit is shining through so bright. Like a beam. Like a spotlight. Yet, you need to make sure that healthy habits are supporting your spirit. Eat regular meals, drink lots of water, exercise, meditate. This all supports your creativity, which is a light for the world. Another thing to consider right now is the quality of the thoughts that you’re entertaining. To keep your vibration high you must monitor your thoughts and your words. This is another kind of practice. Stay vigilant about the types of conversations that you get into. Thoughts become things. Develop healthy practices that support your mental and physical health.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Swimming laps. Reaching out to your full length as you swim laps across the pool. Stretch out an arm, kick out a leg. It’s graceful and rhythmic. You need to create a routine that supports your maximum expansion out in the world. Set intentions this week about how you want to expand your creativity. It may seem counter-intuitive to have to plan out how to have fun or be creative. But it really is something that needs it’s own lane in the pool right now. It’s important to funnel yourself in the direction of creativity, joy and lightness.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
A goddess in a shell. You are bringing elegance into your home life. Nest. Take care of your needs to be safe, rested and nurtured. It will make you feel good to bring a subtle awareness of grace into your daily life. Into your domestic life. If you are dining alone, light candles and bring out the good napkins. If you are working from home, set up a beautiful work space for yourself. If you are enjoying holiday festivities make your rituals both glamorous and comforting. On a deeper level, these practices remind your inner child that you are “worth it.” Being mindful of comfort and grace is deeply soothing to your spirit.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A kaleidoscope. Look into the kaleidoscope and see the colors and shapes morphing into a new arrangement. This is important right now because you are currently adapting. Your mindset is twisting into a new pattern of colors and shapes. Be ready to flow. You may be surprised by some of the changes. Invite them in. Throw open the door to growth. New, new, new. You can make your beliefs new and different. What belief is ready to get an update? (Clue, what part of your life feels stuck?) Just choose to believe something new. It will be amazing to see the images that emerge.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Fish eating leaves. The abundance of the Earth! The vast majority of the Earth teems with life. Deep in the sea there are strange creatures that are hard to even imagine. Animals live on the fringes of ice caps. There may even be life forms that inhabit sub-glacial lakes on the Earth’s poles. The creativity of life is endless. How does this affect you? You have this same abundant spirit within you. You are a creator and you are filled with possibility. The only thing is that your abundance can be hard to see sometimes, because it’s not always a concrete thought form. Now is the time to remind yourself that you are abundant and you are worthy. It might be hard to “prove it” to your conscious mind with “facts.” You may decide to feel it instead. Focus on the moment and feel your abundance now. Keep practicing. Keep focusing on the now and you will feel the abundance that you are.

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Use your imagination and go with the flow of the Universe – it is a Pisces New Moon, after all, says Hannah Ariel.

“You must conceive of possibilities beyond your present state if you are to be able to find the capacity to reach toward them” – Idries Shah

The Pisces New Moon of March 8 is not simply opening a door for our intentions – it will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse; a powerful moment of accelerated evolution. This one lands us in the deep deep sea of 19 degrees Pisces, just a few degrees away from the South Node at 21 degrees, also in Pisces. In Astrology, Eclipses always take place near the nodes of the moon – the elliptical plane where past and future storylines collide.

During a South Node Solar Eclipse, the moon meets up with the south node and experiences its lunar energy in reception to solar energy. From planet Earth, we experience this exchange as a powerful portal that transcends linear time, and orbits us right into our future potential – the story we long to step into.

A Solar eclipse is a magnificent and mysterious phenomenon that opens our psyche to a whole new paradigm. A solar eclipse in Pisces? This is an act of redemption.

Pisces is represented by two fish ever moving between worlds in an infinite conception of possibility. Yes, they go with the flow; yes, they fluidly embrace wherever the tide may take them. But the energy of Pisces can bring forth huge waves of creative potential from the depths of our unconscious experience.

Pisces season is always a time to take notice of what wordlessly surfaces from within you. What waves of consciousness are crashing now? What reality have you been subconsciously merged with for so long that you are finally swimming out of it? How are you becoming more aware of your own intuitive understanding of your life story, as if for the first time in ages?

Pisces is a compassionate ocean of deep revelation, and it is only by diving deep into its mysteries that we can know our own instinctual capacity to fully get in touch with the parts of us we long to know better.

During this Pisces New Moon Eclipse, we are karmically being called forth to release and work with what has been building up inside our psyche for goodness knows how long. It’s a portal for stepping boldly into the immensity of our imaginations; to see through the stories of the past that no longer feel right; to reflect, and then recreate our vision for the next six months. There will be a peculiar mysticism to the way this unfolds though, as Pisces ruling planet is Neptune.

It is Neptune’s job to reveal the reality behind the reality; it is dissolution; it is our own subjective processing of our experiences that is veiled even to ourselves. It is the experience we don’t realize we are experiencing until the curtain drops. For the next six months, life will have funny ways of revealing the waves we’ve been subconsciously riding, and how they are actually bringing us to where we need to be.

Jupiter, still in Virgo, will be opposite this moon reminding us that everything is manageable. We expand by taking things one day, one step at a time. The shadow side of Jupiter though can be blowing things out of proportion, so take care to cultivate compassion as you are finding your way. This is not the time to fall victim to circumstance or judge yourself or others for what they believe.

This IS a time to trust that there is a positive and practical way for you to take your experiences, and roll with their teachings in a way that makes sense to you. It may also be a time where we are tempted to self-sabotage – as the South Node can sometimes find us falling into old patterns. In Pisces, this would be old patterns of escaping reality – opposed to working with the deep swells of energy that are being subjectively experienced

Also on the south side of things, is Chiron. Astrologically, Chiron points to where we may feel like we don’t know what we’re doing. It is how we misjudge ourselves, believing we are in some way wounded – that we don’t have what it takes, or we don’t have “enough” in some areas of our lives. We believe – and fall victim to this belief – that we are at a disadvantage somehow.

In Pisces, this may lead us to feel that we are disconnected from the path of our spirit, due to a mistaken belief we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. The greatest shadow of this energy is thinking that we have no true purpose, are forever lost in an abyss of puzzling storylines we just can’t make sense of. So if you feel like you are just slipping through a foggy unreality, hold on!

For Chiron also shows us how we can effectively work to heal ourselves and others – by directly engaging with the very thing that we’re afraid will fail us in some way. So the more we work with what’s coming up, the more we take that positive and practical Jupiter energy and apply it, we have an opportunity to heal our lives beyond recognition. The reality of this Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse is that we have so much divine experience, having swum through these waters for lifetimes, that we have all the information we need to imagine a way through.

And this Pisces New Moon Eclipse is just the beginning of learning how to use it. So, allow yourself to step into what is coming up at this time in your life, no matter how foreign it feels, no matter how confused you think you are – and use your imagination. Let go of your fear, and like a fish kept safe in water, feel your way into a future storyline with a deep rolling wave of universal trust. Step into this beginning with the sense that everything is unfolding with perfect timing.

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Fashion stylist Colleen McCann knew something had to give when people started shouting “witch!” at her in the street. Here’s how she went from fashionista to shamanista, and found a way to merge both her worlds…

Shit got real when I heard my first “voice” in the Bodega on South 4th Street and Bedford Avenue over a fight about bananas – and I haven’t looked back. Okay, let me rewind a bit first.

My name is Colleen McCann and up until six years ago I was a typical Brooklyn girl. I lived in Williamsburg, I rode the J-train to the city every day. I brunched at Five Leaves, I threw elbows at sample sales and I had a successful 15-year career in the fashion industry as a designer, stylist, brand consultant and serial entrepreneur.

So what happens when you add “hearing voices” to your repertoire? Well, you start hearing more voices and rubbing elbows with the spiritual renegades that roam the streets of the city.

During the next fashion week, a gypsy woman approached me and wanted to further examine my vibrant green aura at her psychic salon. I darted away and she kept calling “Wait, this is really important come back!”

Quickly followed by my encounter with Joe of the Marcy Street subway platform, who came up to me and said: “Don’t worry about him” and proceeded to read every single thought I had on my mind about my then recent breakup with my boyfriend. I said to Joe “Wait, what did you say you did for a living?” He was a mattress salesman. We enter a long pause together, and he then says: “But I’m really into Astrology.” He winked at me and got off at the next stop.

The real icing on the cake came when this crazy lady on 33rd Street started screaming violently: “witch, witch, witch!” I turned around to see who crazy pants was aiming her opinions at, and unfortunately it was me. Run! I thought…but was I running from the eccentric pupu platter of NYC street weirdos, or was I running from my newly found freakish self?

Colleen’s old life involved a lot of shoes

Okay Universe, I hear you loud and clear. Time to get a second opinion – and maybe not at the psych ward.

So where do you turn in a situation like this? I was scared, embarrassed, uneducated on all subjects of mystical matters. Also, just plain fucking freaked out. But as luck would have it a random girl, now one of my best friends, came up to me in the hallway at my client’s office in midtown and randomly (or not so randomly) asked if I believe in psychics.

“Ummmm, I guess so?” I said, thinking: “Oh god she knows! She sees something is happening to me!” She proceeded to direct me to a psychic who had his mystical lair in the back of a 2nd floor botanical emporium in the flower district.

Following my nose, I soon found myself walking up a set of rickety, shabby chic stairs and swatting cherry blossoms and orchids out of my face to get to the unmarked door of my future destiny. I felt like I was headed for the latest speakeasy – one that was not yet reviewed on Yelp.

Walking in, I was greeted by a man I don’t even think remembered my name. But his black eyes locked with mine and he ran over and grabbed my hands and said: “Oh, honey you’re not crazy, you’re psychic! Sit down and let’s discuss.”

I stood, frozen, and as if watching a movie montage I flashed back through all the “WTF” moments I actually experienced since childhood. Do you remember those grade school contests where you had to guess the number of jelly beans in the jar? Well, I would guess the exact amount every time.

There was the time my little sister was playing tea party with her two imaginary friends, Dan and Carl, and I sat in silence thinking: but I see them, what’s she talking about?

Well – I may have been a weirdo, but at least I now knew what kind of weirdo I was, and I embarked on a mission to figure it all out. Which meant I did what any brazen New York girl would have done…I traded my high-heels for hiking boots and decided to get educated on all things mystical.

Shamanista boot camp…

I attended Shaman school in the wilds of the Chilean outback and against the desert back drop of Joshua Tree. As part of my training, I traveling the unpaved paths of Mount Shasta, Hudson Valley, Big Sur, Kauai, and any other energetically charged hot spot I could get to between days on set.

I have studied Peruvian Shamanism with the Four Winds Society where I learned how to do hands on healing with the chakra system and how to connect with my spirit guides. I also learned the art of channeling in the Nordic and Celtic traditions and regularly attend sessions with a group of Curanderas where I learn about plant medicine and tinctures.

In my free time? You can generally find me in a crystal shop in the back woods of Chinatown, where I learn about gems, mediation, astrology, auras, Feng Shui and medicinal teas from a group of women I affectionately call “The Chinese Crystal Mafia”.

I really put myself through the mystical wringer in an effort to work with my inner freak, but in the process I found I had manifested a whole new calling out of this adventure to reclaim my sanity. So now what?

As I continued my trip down the crystal-laden rabbit hole I started feeling a lot of internal moral conflict, not to mention external physical exhaustion, with the double life I was living. Arriving on set, it would be impossible to ignore the toxic side of the fashion industry: greed, vanity, ego, drug addiction, workaholism, alongside a whopping dose of eating disorders. Did I really want to subject myself to this any longer?

Being a fashion stylist is back breaking work. The hours are long and the work very physical. There are always a plethora of personalities to juggle in the room, and not to mention the constant jet-lag. So what’s a girl to do? I had been maneuvering this double life for six years straight, and I needed to make a shift. So instead of turning my back on the industry that had embraced me for so long, I decided to take my lemonade…and make a lemonade stand!

It was simple: my fashion clients have become my healing clients. These days, I address the underlying issues in my well-dressed community, as who better than me to truly understand the unique brand of pressure and stress they experience day-to-day.

Truth be told I was a little nervous to start telling my crew what I had been up to in my free time. Would I be socially ostracized? Would I lose my clients? As I started confessing my weekend whereabouts, people would stare in silence for a minute and then say something: “Ohhhhh, that explains a few things. When can I get a session?!”

Eureka! There was room in my life for my passions to coexist. I did however have to make a few changes to accommodate my morals, schedule, energy level and a budding new business.

Since coming out of the Shamanic closet, I started a business called Style Rituals. I use my fashionista roots AND my spiritual know-how to realign the energetic body with the physical body. I may still clean out someone’s closet, but we are removing low vibrational clothing, along with a hands on healing, manifestation techniques, altar building and a discussion with their spirit guides.

And while the majority of my work now is healing-based, I also made a conscious decision to do fashion projects with people I enjoy being around, or who’s projects are doing good in our society.

Next up? I’ll be taking my place as resident Shaman with LA-based Daily Bliss Yoga Retreats when we head to Thailand in March. And I’m creating an online webinar to help women who are spiritually blasting wide open and have no idea what’s happening to them work out the, ummm, “kinks” shall we say.

Having been there and done that, I’m honored to be able to help others that are going through exactly what I did. To help them remember who they really are, and re-gain their sovereignty – while navigating modern life in the modern world.

Find out more about Colleen and her work at


Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck.

Happy New Year! This month’s special edition Tarotscopes include your card and reading for January, PLUS a sneak peek from your Year Ahead 2016 Forecasts.

As a treasured reader of these scopes I’d like to offer you 10% off your 2016 Tarotscope using the code NUMILOVE2016. Download yours here!

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising :: Three of Wands

You are more than ready to dive into the space ahead of you, right? I’m excited to say that your January looks as though it will be off to a passionate and creative start. The key theme for this month in a social sense is collaboration and celebration – don’t feel that January has to be about the hard slog. Recognize that you are allowed to have fun on your day job.

On a personal level I feel as though you will probably start to see the rewards of what you’ve been working on over the past few months. At times it felt like maybe you were the only one who couldn’t get the hang of this ‘manifesting’ thing everyone is up to, but nope, the world is your oyster too babe! You are allowed to pat yourself on the back now, and proud of your achievements. And if something doesn’t show up, believe that it wasn’t meant for you. Sometimes we actually gain when it appears we’ve lost, because whatever it was wasn’t going to be for our highest good. What is present, is correct.

Your Year Ahead…
There is such a strong theme for you over the coming year, one of personal power, movement and victory! Which of course means that on the flip side, your job is to remember to stop and take a breather and accept rest when you can. This may well be your challenge, as it often is, to master the art of sensing in advance when you need to slow down – rather than actually reaching the point of burn out. I will leave this up to you to discover, but know that self-care does have to be a choice.

It seems as though the end of 2015 involved tying up a lot of loose ends for you, across the board. You got yourself clear on what wasn’t working, you stepped up to admit where you needed to make changes, and you accepted that things aren’t always in your control (or at least you kind of admitted that maybe they weren’t).

There is a lot to be celebrated and in order to notice these miracles, you are required to pay a little more attention to your day-to-day movements, and believe that there is possibly more magic in the subtleties of life than you first thought. Everything does not have to be black and white, life isn’t about winning or proving a point, and actually your intelligence is wasted when you don’t look outside the box.

Download your 2016 forecast here, and use the code NUMILOVE 2016 at checkout for a special 10% discount! You can also find Louise on Instagram @louniverse.

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising :: The Magician

Where are you going to place your will? What are you going to put your best energy in to? What are you holding yourself back from? What ideas have you dismissed to the shadows? What is your life force? This is a call back to your soul’s essence, the unique toolbox you arrived on Earth with, and the plan you came here to live out. So begin all of your endeavors for 2016 with the belief that you have everything you need – in fact “I have everything that I need” is your mantra for the coming weeks.

This is all positive ego energy, and I want you to work with it by owning your words and taking possession of your desires – especially by using your voice. Stand tall and accept complements, and proudly share what you are doing with others. Shred any last scraps of people pleasing tendencies you’ve been clinging to, and know that you are perfectly aligned for your year ahead.

Your Year Ahead…
You are set up to dive into a time of major expansion and new beginnings. Are you ready? I invite you to step into this new year with a strong intention to believe in everything about you and everything that you do. I know that sounds like a cliché but really it has to be a non-negotiable now. You are the only person that can renew your confidence; you will not find it outside of yourself. Over the coming months I feel that you have a stunning opportunity to awaken a new level of self worth and be totally surprised at how natural it feels. Um, that’s because you always were worth it, the search party can be called off!

I feel that any challenges will be around the concept of letting go – yes that old trick again, but with a stronger focus on how you perceive loss and failure. It In fact, I want you to chuck the word “failure” out of the dictionary along with any desire to constantly check what everyone else is doing and go into “compare and despair” mode. There is a natural flow to your life, and it’s completely unique to you. If you try and fit into someone else’s box it will NEVER work. It is pointless to try and be anything other than you.

With this in mind there is a wonderful spotlight on your talents, and for those of you who may be trying to find your “purpose” you might be relieved to discover that it doesn’t have to be an endless search and slog. Instead I invite you to bring yourself back to the present moment and start recognizing what you are naturally skilled at, and the curiosity you have for life and it’s lessons.

Download your 2016 forecast here, and use the code NUMILOVE 2016 at checkout for a special 10% discount! You can also find Louise on Instagram @louniverse.

Pisces / Pisces Rising :: Two of Wands

January suits you because it’s the perfect time to work on what you want to manifest over the coming months, and dreaming up your potential is always time well spent for you. Remember that manifesting = Intention + Action + Surrender, and that you are not required to put any of your dreams into a headlock.
This is also a great few weeks for thinking expansively across the board. Remember that knowledge is power, so if you want to discover something, don’t sit around waiting for it to present itself to you. Get curious and find out more.

You can think of this month as stepping through a doorway into a new home. What would you pack in your suitcases for the move, and what would you send out with the trash? Anything that feels too heavy to bring in, it’s time to let go and forgive. Know that you are clearing space for a grand adventure.

Your Year Ahead…
Grounding isn’t always your most practiced activity and this year I feel that you have a beautiful opportunity to actually get ROOTED in your experience. To be able to accept the material world and your place within it is an act of magic in itself. You see, the more that you welcome in the ground that you are standing on, the more you will trust it. It can be easy for you to reach outside of your self to put blame on things and people for what you are experiencing, but with these new roots attached you can discover that you always have empowered input to add to the story.

The human world may indeed bring its challenges but that’s okay and also normal – after all it is your home. I feel that you will be much less inclined to run away from people and situations this year and in fact be quite excited about rising up to meet them. The act of showing up, accepting where you are and then working with it produces more positive results than you could have ever dreamed.

All your miracles and magic this year are going to arise out of the unknown, so of course a grand theme will be a constant willingness to move forwards and let go (yeah that again!) None of us are designed to stay walking around in our past. Life is made up of a series of moments and energies that all hold hands to make a cycle. The unknown deserves your love and attention – and also your admiration. Go forth into tomorrow knowing that it isn’t a trap – it’s your rightful place and exactly where you are supposed to be.

Download your 2016 forecast here, and use the code NUMILOVE 2016 at checkout for a special 10% discount! You can also find Louise on Instagram @louniverse.

Aries / Aries Rising :: Six of Cups

The year kicks off with you feeling like you really want to assess the past year or so. This is totally okay, as long as you do it with a loving eye. For instance, casting your eyes back and picking out your perceived failures will not bring any great energy into the space ahead. Nor will comparing yourself to your peers and other people you choose to decide have it more “sorted” than you. Instead, this is a time to outrageously love recent events and remember that the past is best used as a teacher. Absolutely no time has been wasted and instead so much wisdom has been gained. You now have a whole wealth of knowledge that you get to play out in the days ahead of you – isn’t that kind of cool?

Another way to use the past in a positive way is via sweet nostalgia, the really good kind where you look back and feel gooey inside. I feel that within some of these happy memories, there are some magical tidbits too. It might be that you recall a great piece of advice or discover that you have finally kicked an old habit. Now is also the perfect time to request connection from loved ones who have passed on, so pay attention for winks from the spirit world.

Your Year Ahead…
It felt like 2015 was a really significant year of stepping up a level, whether that was personally, professionally, or both. Now, the task is to ground everything and learn to live within that space you have created. On that subject you will be frequently called to connect back to the faith you have in your journey, to choose NOT to mistrust your choices, and to really believe that magic is something you are completely connected to.

It’s clear that you will be dealing with a lot of people’s opinions, whether personally or related to how you connect to the world as a whole, and your way of navigating through this successfully is based on the relationship that you have with your self. I feel as though if you constantly work on communicating at a higher level, you will be able to step back from internalizing any anger and frustration. Instead you can work on channeling it into having confidence in your abilities and towards creating a strong community around you.

You are someone who always has the option to be a leader, and so it’s important to be solid within your own skin so that you can be received in the way you desire. There is nothing more empowering than really feeling like you’re able to manage the twists and turns of life, and of course – YOU CAN! Never forget that you are perfectly designed to be you.

Download your 2016 forecast here, and use the code NUMILOVE 2016 at checkout for a special 10% discount! You can also find Louise on Instagram @louniverse.

Taurus / Taurus Rising :: Three of Pentacles

There is a strong teaching element coming in for you at the start of the year, and I have no doubt you may be quite in demand as soon as the month kick off. Know that teaching and learning is a constantly evolving cycle – there is always knowledge to be gained and there is always wisdom to share. It feels as though you are able to be of service based upon wisdom that you have received from your experiences. It is a powerful thing to be able to give someone a “me too” moment, so know that even just sharing your story is a powerful act of healing in itself.

I feel you will also thrive from sharing ideas with another person or a group; it’s easy to feel stagnant when everything is just in your head. Having a “2016 brainstorm” exercise with a few friends should help to shift a few cobwebs and no doubt bring a few clarity-charged “ah-ha” moments your way.

Your Year Ahead…
This is a year ruled by higher learning and passionate action. I feel as though you have a huge opportunity to take that leap of faith you’ve been building up to for a while. You are also being uprooted from your earth element for a while and encouraged to move forward based upon intuition, empowerment and desire. It feels so good for you to accept these parts of yourself willingly and freely, without needing proof of what the outcome might be.

You will discover that empowerment comes hand in hand with how often you are able to accept your present moment. Every time you allow yourself to LISTEN and be guided. And when you finally power on with those decisions that you’ve been wavering on. It may feel wild at first to get used to perhaps a more fast-paced energy than last year, but do not be fooled into thinking that speed equals potential downfall. If Commit to trusting your intuitive feelings about your actions, and you will always be moving along the correct path for this moment in time.

Many things are going to return to a sense of fun and playfulness, alongside a nice celebratory energy. Your experience is of value and deserves to be nurtured. You really don’t have time anymore to be fighting against yourself OR to be blaming others for what you have the power to change and create. In any area where you are holding on soooo tightly, just start to allow yourself to shake it all loose and surrender to a more beneficial flow. Nothing can grow or succeed when it’s being held in a chokehold, and that includes you.

Download your 2016 forecast here, and use the code NUMILOVE 2016 at checkout for a special 10% discount! You can also find Louise on Instagram @louniverse.

Gemini / Gemini Rising :: Two of Cups

Your year begins with an air of romance; how does that feel to you? Think about old Hollywood-style swoon energy, and how you might be able to invite it into your days. This doesn’t just have to be a feeling that comes into your relationships, how about a love affair with your life in general? Love creates a perfect balance, and if you can infuse huge amounts of compassion and kindness into all areas of your life, you may just receive a love note from the Universe right back.

On the people front, this is a call to kick off the year with as many meetings with those high on your nearest and dearest list as possible. There’s no point trying to force anything, trust that what is right for you will feel easy, and games and dramatic theatrics will not bring you much but frustration. I feel a lovely leap of faith energy entering the scene too, so maybe it’s time to act on that healthy crush. Even if things don’t turn out how you think they might, you still have an opportunity to be surprised.

Your Year Ahead…
This feels like a very empowered time for you and definitely features a mastery of all that has been brewing in recent years. I can see many cycles being completed and created as you suddenly become aware of wisdom gained and lessons learned. It’s a joy to be able to finally see the circles completing and regenerating, and surely a great relief too. I encourage you to really take responsibility for your own adventure and be wide-eyed and willing to receive the unknown.

Your challenges will most likely be within the realms of showing up for your empowered self and not getting overwhelmed in the face of new responsibilities. You may find that it’s difficult to step fully into your brightest self however, and feel tempted to remain just slightly in the shadows. This way of working probably won’t be beneficial for you anymore, especially any of you hiding in the spiritual closet. It’s time to be very sincere about being YOU and all that it entails.

There is also a wonderful synchronistic energy hovering over your life this year, especially in regards relationships and expressions of love. Experiment with being insanely open to the idea of magic and miracles, you know, just in case they might be real. Just kidding, OF COURSE they’re real! I feel you have an opportunity to be really wowed, so do as much as possible to get yourself out of tunnel vision mode and into the energy of I’M READY, BRING IT ON.

Download your 2016 forecast here, and use the code NUMILOVE 2016 at checkout for a special 10% discount! You can also find Louise on Instagram @louniverse.

Cancer / Cancer Rising :: Seven of Wands

It’s time to truly release any expectations you’ve layered upon yourself. Whether it’s wishing that you could be less “weird,” that you had all the answers, or simply trying to force yourself to be “better.” Switch that pressure cooker off. The next few weeks are in places for you to set up a new and improved, non-negotiable practice of self-kindness. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone else, including yourself.

You also don’t need to fight in order to be heard. The best way to feel as though you’re able to express yourself clearly and get heard is to simply and fully embody everything you know. The idea of “walking your talk” is powerful for you this month. You don’t need to justify why you’re living your life the way you are. If it feels good for you, then GOOD, and if not – you always have the power to make new choices. Nothing is ever set in stone and there is always room to stretch, so make use of it.

Your Year Ahead…
Okay, so last year brought rather an overload of the fire element. Many of you were fire starting, but equally you really felt that burn, and that burnout. If you are nervously standing at the beginning of 2016 thinking OMG WHAT’S NEXT, you are not alone. This year is about settling the whirlwind you’ve created and about absorbing your ideas and then expressing them in a true and embodied way. You are you and no one else can do this job, your days are itching to be worked with. It’s time to get fully in your body and realize you can make it all work.

It’s also up to you to clear out stagnant energy within you, as well as accepting your own vulnerability as something to be embraced and nurtured. In order to receive what you really need, you must be willing to surrender up what you “think” you “want” – and that includes letting go of habits and thought patterns you might be hanging on to. This is certainly not the year of the grudge.

It’s a year of solidarity rather than illusions and delusions. The EARTH element wants to meet you now, and the present moment totally wants to be your BFF! Flapping around in the past or the future just isn’t your game anymore. It really is time to say a sincere hello to right now. You weren’t designed to be anyone other than you, so don’t wish away your experience or believe that everyone else has got it “sorted.” There is no such thing as normal, and your light bulb can only be switched on by you.

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Leo / Leo Rising :: Three of Cups

I feel like many of you were working so intensely at the end of last year, that you’re really ready for a break. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a slow start to the year, there’s no need to catapult yourself into chaos – so how about stealing some of that holiday spirit and infusing it into the whole month ahead?

There’s also a great emphasis on socializing this month, especially in terms of supporting the talents of those you most cherish and adore. Sometimes it can be really easy to get jealous of your friends, can’t it? However, know that whatever anyone else is doing has no ability to dim your light. If you rise up above those green eyes and really shout loud and proud about your friends then you will notice that you instantly feel a little more hopeful about your own endeavors. So how about hosting a start of the year ritual with your favorite people, and appreciating each other wildly.

Your Year Ahead…
There is a huge amount of softening to come over the course of 2016, and I love how this can really help you thrive in your day-to-day life. Naturally as a fire-starter you are used to working with a ‘GO GO GO’ energy, and it feels as though last year really was an example of that. If you are feeling a little exhausted and checked out, then it’s only a reflection of how much you put in. Something to be excited about, but perhaps also a call for a higher level of self care.

Over the course of the year I invite you now to really inhabit the more embodied and confident space that you have created for yourself recently, and discover that there are many different types of “action.” This type of settling is a sort of marinating of everything that has happened over the past couple of years, and it comes with a lot of celebration. I love your cards for this year because they are so watery and gentle – oh and very magical too. There is a real contrast to what came up in 2015 and so I hope that you will embrace this with open arms.

In regards to how you prepare to dive in, it’s wise to be intelligent and intuitive about where you place your will, your drive, and your power. Your will is precious and so is your time. You have a very lit up year ahead and it won’t serve you to push for anything that just isn’t working for you! I know this is hard for you, but letting go and letting be really will create more magic in your life. Ignore the signposts for self-sabotage and walk that path that feels good, trusting it leads in the perfect direction.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising :: Two of Swords

The year starts with a few major decisions to be made. These might relate to really physical things in regards to work or your living situation, but also maybe subtler choices about your own wellness and spirit. In times of overwhelm it can be easy to think that you “can’t” make a decision, which is just because anxiety often blindfolds your intuition. Of course it will still help to weigh up the pros and cons of a situation, but returning to your gut feeling is always the way to get to the heart of what you really want and need.

I also want you to consider the possibility that you aren’t really supposed to know the outcome of the situation you find yourself in. The Universe doesn’t reveal all at once, and the unknown is supposed to be a surprise. Your job is to drag yourself back into your body, to the RIGHT NOW, and ask yourself: “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?” Then, go and do that thing!

Your Year Ahead…
Over the course of the year I want you to constantly check in as to whether you’re actually in the present moment. This is the only place that’s real; it’s the only place that is alive, active, and empowered. In fact, the present moment is really the VERY best friend of a Virgo, if you are willing to say hello. You love results and so can be quick to fly away into the future, planning, scheming and sometimes controlling. It can also be very easy to charge back into the past to find ways to explain what you are currently experiencing. The past and the future have their benefits, but nothing actually gets DONE there. Everything that is active has to happen in the now.

Ruling themes for 2016 center around a balance of giving and receiving. This includes a very big shouty sign pointing to SELF CARE, on repeat, and also includes releasing resentments you are holding towards yourself and others. There is also a chance to allow a softening of any walls you have built around yourself, knowing that you don’t have to close up in order to protect your energy and your boundaries.

Change is also on your side and a surrender practice will make a massive difference to any part of your life that you feel has you in a controlling headlock. Remember that letting go doesn’t mean you will be out of control! All that happens is that you hit a pressure release button, and instead of feeling like you’re fighting the tide, a gentle sense of flow starts to creep back in. Things are able to just be, rather than be forced.

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Libra / Libra Rising :: Ten of Pentacles

As the year opens up and invites you in, I want you to think about the footprint you’d like to leave upon the days ahead of you. This is a call to action and a call to being of service. Who would you like to help and how would you like to be guided? I feel that you can leap straight into the role of mentor, but also that you will find benefit in receiving some lessons yourself. If you’ve had it on your mind to contact a coach or a business advisor then what better possible time than right now? We all need help and if you’re always the one giving it, then you may find the scale gets a little unbalanced.

This is also the perfect time to jump right in with all your plans of action and get your goals set. Goals, by the way, are only helpful if you allow them room to stretch. Never, I repeat, never set a goal with a punishment attached to it. Always allow things the potential to change and flow, as this helps invite opportunities and also detaches you from any belief in the word failure.

Your Year Ahead…
2016 launches with a much higher energy than you may have felt over recent months. In fact some of you may be excited to leave 2015 and it’s deep-diving cycles behind. I hope though that you can also appreciated that your challenges were in place to lead you to higher ground.

There is a beautiful harmony between order, intuition and wild adventure to life now, and I feel you have the option to dip in and out of these energies throughout the year. Each area has potential for highs and lows and so your power will be grounded in your ability to really trust in the present moment. The fire element is present to remind you that magic is found through creativity and exploration, the earth element to help you step back from chaos and allow a sweet surrender of control. The water element is also constantly at play as you realize you can live and take action via your inner knowing.

Your confidence is on the up, and will get sturdier and sturdier every time you realize that life is not about approval. Seeking validation from others is a spinning circle going nowhere fast, and you just aren’t interested in that way of thinking anymore (right?) Now is the time to really show up and accept who you are and where you are, and in turn be excited for the days ahead. To have faith in your journey, even with it’s twists and turns, is an act of empowerment after all.

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Scorpio / Scorpio rising :: Queen of Swords

Do you own your story right now? In fact, have you even clarified what your story is? Your story is the life that you have lead so far, and its value is the wisdom is has gifted you of how to be of service to yourself and others. You have been given certain experiences very specifically to allow you to help others this month, and onwards throughout the year. In order to not feel weighted down by this web you’ve woven, I want you to mix the time spent bringing forth your truth with a lot of self gratitude and care.

Our personal lessons in self-awareness never end, there is always something new for us to discover and always-another can of worms to open. I want you to be also extremely aware of any comparison of your story to others. I see this in particular relation to a sense of time running away from you. Comparison is the thief of joy, they say. Don’t join the wrong party.

Your Year Ahead…
Last year I encouraged you to shake yourself into an expansive state of mind and remind yourself what FUN really meant to you. Did you notice yourself making any shifts in this department? As the deep sea diver of the zodiac it can be easy to think that the light hearted stuff is way too shallow for you, when you could instead be really getting to grips with everyone’s darkness. But balance is always key and it is important for you to create a harmony between your desire to be truly “seen” and a place where you can outwardly express yourself creatively and passionately.

As 2016 begins, I feel that you will be bringing a lot of chaotic energy down to earth – quite a relief, especially if you ended last year like many people with an abundance of overwhelm. You have over recent months been involved a lot of collaborating and manifesting, harnessing your creativity and experimenting with what worked and didn’t work for you. This year the focus is on bringing all of those discoveries back to the present moment and then working out the best way to manage everything to suit you in the most beneficial way.

I also want you to make this year about empowering your own individual sense of magic and the unknown. There is no longer space for you to be in a place of neediness about the future, or for you to demand that the Universe listens to you! Yes, things do happen as a result of external circumstances, but if you’re constantly blaming the external for your experience than you are choosing to give away your power. You deserve to feel the wonder of your own embodiment and now is as good a time as any!

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising :: Four of Pentacles

You don’t have to do everything at once. It may seem like it, since you have soooo much to do right? But the message is to just start somewhere, not everywhere. If you get your claws too deep in too many things then it may be easy to slip into controlling mode – and didn’t you just do a lot of work on letting go? So, yeah, just go slowly, but still surely in the direction you have set with your intentions, and allow things to play out, with your guidance, but still some breathing room.

You also may want to take this start of the year energy to do some financial check-ins, again without a sense of panic. Try and take on a compassionate viewpoint as far as money is concerned, and allow some give and take. As much as you can overspend perhaps you can also hold back? And if you are afraid to spend some of the money that you have so carefully earned, know that you are allowed to give back to yourself.

Your Year Ahead…
Looking back over the past few years there has been this gentle wave of barriers crashing down and a softer energy moving in. You’ve stepped much more into your feelings and your intuition in ways that perhaps even you wouldn’t have predicted. As a sign that’s very much aware of the journeying of life, it is fitting that you constantly remind yourself of how your own personal cycles take shape.

You definitely have strong feelings of change around you, but this feels more like renewal and reactivating. The changes don’t seem to carry any drama, in fact your energy feels extremely loving and joyous and it seems that if anything your biggest challenge will be learning to accept feelings of happiness and stability. It sounds strange but often they are the things that scare us the most, the idea that perhaps you are fully equipped for your journey and you do have everything you need. Who knew?

I also encourage you to really embrace your weird and the woo woo this year, even the more skeptical of you. This can come by realizing that you don’t have to do things like anyone else, and that your spiritual practice is something that you can totally create yourself. You are the guru in your journey and the fun comes from experimenting with what feels magical to you.

Finally, I would love for you to remember that softening isn’t about becoming powerless or weak. If you keep building up on the self-trust that you have been working on over the last year then you will be more confident in all your endeavors. You’ve got this.

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Tarotscopes July 2015 cast by Louise Androlia using The Cosmic Tarot deck

Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Devil

Let the ego battle commence and may the command over your darkness forever win out. That old devil on your shoulder needs to be spoken to this month, and also respected. It’s not possible to cram any more fears or excuses into the cupboard, it’s bulging and the time really is now. Time for what? Deep, intense self-awareness, love and power healing. When everything comes to the surface it’s only because you are perfectly aligned to be able to work with it. “Working with it” – this is the most productive and empowering way to consider your internal dialogue right now. You aren’t broken, you aren’t ‘going mad’, you aren’t being attacked by your mind. It’s YOUR mind remember, and it needs to be connected with and cherished.

The first step is to address your dominant fears or addictive behaviors, as well as the ‘go to’ you have in place for them. For instance, maybe you have fears surrounding your finances but every time you notice this you panic buy things in order to try and feel more in control. Or perhaps your fears are about finding love, and come accompanied by self-deprecating thoughts. You may find that your natural reaction when approaching your anxiety isn’t to reach for some loving kindness.

To shift this, as you tap into the things you are anxious about, bring them into the present moment by inserting an ‘I feel’ in front – e.g. I feel anxious, I feel concerned about X, I feel overwhelmed. In this moment you are allowing yourself to be present with the fear, processing it with the mind and body and most importantly acknowledging it. Now, follow this statement with ‘and it’s okay’ – THIS is the loving action. You may find that you resist this phrase, not wanting to allow your negative thoughts and feelings to be ‘okay’…and that too is okay!

A final thought to work with alongside this; are you comparing yourself to others, and deeming them all ‘fine’ while you are not? Everyone is experiencing a challenge and everyone’s experience is valid and valuable. To focus on owning your challenges, ask for help, be open to guidance and absolutely keep loosening your grip on the comparison trap.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Star

Star power alert! I feel that this month is all about how you choose to channel your highest self. If you were a superhero (btw you are) would you be using your powers for the positive or negative? I feel as though recently you might have been really tuning into the shadows of others, and being a little judgmental with your thoughts or expressions. Now, it’s okay for that judgmental self to rear its head, it happens for everyone, but there’s no need to spend your precious time pointing out the flaws you observe around you.

Why? It sends you into a lower energy space and it dims your light – the part of you that is fueled by your self-love, passion for life, and appreciation of your own shadows. I want July to be all about you getting your glow back! The fast track way to this is to reconnect to yourself, especially if the above passage resonated with you – it might have been that you just hopped out of your journey and spent too much time staring through other people’s windows.

So reconnection to the self, it’s a simple trick that requires one major thing; a commitment to being kind to yourself, unconditionally. This means valuing your time, celebrating your talents and taking into consideration your mind, body and spirit. A connection to the self is merely an awareness of all parts of you. If you already have a neglected meditation practice then just pull yourself back there by reminding yourself that you deserve it. If it’s new for you to practice self-care then just commit to five minutes each day doing something that lifts your spirits and feels safe inside.

The reason I want to lure you back to the big Y O U is that the energy of this month is so bright and positive; you need to be present to receive and appreciate. This period of time is perfectly aligned for sharing your talents, launching new projects, asking for help, and deepening your life experience. To feel as though the world is appreciating you, you need to first pat yourself on the back and recognize yourself as worthy. Which isn’t about being better than anyone else, it’s simply about owning something that you always have access to. What if self-confidence was your absolute birthright, have you claimed yours yet?

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Six of Cups

July is a month where you can continue the work you’ve been doing on empowering the past. Nostalgia is a funny thing, and I want you to check in with the lens you’ve been using to look upon times gone by. Are you rose tinting experiences from before as an excuse to not participate in the present? Are you perhaps holding anger towards people and events from once-upon-a-time because you are feeling afraid to dive into your own self-healing?

Spend some time checking whether you feel as though there are any negative ties binding you down. It’s so easy to remain static when we are spending time dancing in days gone by. Too much regard for the past can also dim your view of the present and future, especially if you have fears of ‘cycles repeating’, conscious or not. Recognize that everything new is always different, even if it appears similar. Your job is to not bring old fears and place them on current events. Just because something happened once before, it doesn’t make it more likely to repeat. Know this to be true.

If you are seeking guidance from the cycles of life, then it’s important to go within and not obsess about the external. For instance, what have been your consistent fears or behaviors, and how can you change them?
It’s safe to move onwards, it’s safe to let go and it is definitely safe to be putting yourself first. You don’t need to know why something is the way it is, you just need to trust that the explanation will be revealed at the exact moment you need it. All you are required to do is show up for the present and take one step. Your empowerment comes from TRUSTING in the past and using the tools you’ve been developing as the days weave together.

On a fun note, when practicing the good time kind of nostalgia you can reach back into those shadows and pull forward all of the good stuff. Be inspired by visions of you with a smile on your face, allow memoris of magic moments to lift you up to greet your highest self and connect to your joy via as you tune in to your inner child. This month will no doubt end with a sense of clearing and lightness; enjoy shaking off what you no longer need.

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Emperor

I feel that July holds an element of stability you’ve been seeking for a while now. After ups and downs and feelings galore, there is a sense of order within the chaos. Also be aware that order and stability are not the same as rigidity and control. I want you to know that you can have order, whilst still existing in a full state of surrender. Really? Yes! You see, order doesn’t have to mean restriction. Your desk can be clear whilst your mind is expansive, and doesn’t that sound good?

So, over the coming weeks I’d like you to tune into where it is that life feels unstable. It may be your career or relationship or home, but it may also be your state of mind or connection to your body. Now, allow your thoughts around these challenges to be stretchy and opportunistic. Instead of just assuming no one can help you, consider what help it is you need, and shout it out! Instead of deeming yourself hopeless, be hopeful that you just haven’t discovered what the solution is yet. Instead of setting punishments at the end of uncompleted tasks, celebrate every small thing you do, including your ability to just keep going.

If you are having problems with an external source of power then it’s time to claim your self worth back. Any situations that just don’t feel good to you probably aren’t good for you. It’s okay to own your voice, to speak up, to share. You are not alone, especially in those times it feels most like you are. I really want you to have your own back this month! I see opportunities for reclaiming self-empowerment coming through for all signs, and you really need to re-appreciate yourself.

Can you practice this by celebrating something unique about yourself each day over the coming weeks? This may be harder for those of you who have been self-sabotaging of late, but that’s even more of a reason to do it. Self care is always the solution, especially when you think it can’t possibly be. The equation works that as you up your self-worth then balance will be more accessible to you, and there will even be potential in times of chaos. This is a positive kind of control, and you’ve got this.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Five of Pentacles

With Saturn dipping back into Scorpio for the next few months it’s no wonder us Scorpions are suddenly feeling dips and dives within and without. Is this the final test? Well, kind of, but think of it more as a clean up, than a challenge. Whatever is prominent in your stress zone right now is there for a reason, and it’s because you have an opportunity now to view the challenge in a different light.

I don’t want to just shout THINK POSITIVELY at you, because what does that even mean? It’s a throwaway inspirational quote and I’d rather you thought more deeply than that. It feels as though your trust barriers have been up and down recently, particularly between you and the world and the YOUniverse. Do you feel a little unsupported or ‘shut out’ in some areas of your life? Have you been feeling anger towards some aspect or yourself or the world around you? It’s okay to have these feelings, but it’s important to know they are workable too. This card often comes up when it feels like we have been left out in the cold, and only you will know where it is that this feeling belongs.

The answers all lie in fresh perspectives and new approaches. You may feel tired because a method you’d previously used to help yourself no longer seems to be working. How so? Time is always shifting and you are evolving, trust that you need different things at different times. Instead of feeling exasperated, as though there are no options, choose to feel inspired to seek alternative pathways. Your ideas may need stretching to help you get to that settled place; your meditation may need shifting to help you receive more clarity, your body may need a different method of self care to match your environment.

See how when you extend your thoughts to a wider space there suddenly seems to be MORE potential? I’m pushing you to up your self-care practice to maximum voltage, to not even consider feeling guilty for cancelling plans and being kind to yourself. You need to be connected to YOU right now in order to benefit from those Scorpio powers you know and love. There are wide and bright skies surrounding you, just be present for the clouds to pass.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Ten of Wands

Something has to give, starting now! All signs are seeing major opportunity for breakthrough this month and yours comes in the form of ending a period of feeling completely overwhelmed. Overwhelm comes in many forms, but there is always the need to surrender in order to receive a fresh perspective. In what areas of your life do you feel as though you just don’t seem to be able to make a breakthrough? And are you noticing your need to try and control things more and more, even when nothing seems to be working?

I’m going to ask you to drop all the stress to the floor. This is very hard to do in a state of overwhelm because it feels like you’re being pushed to just GET IT TOGETHER – but that just doesn’t work. Remember how I spoke about compassion last month? Now it’s time to shine that torch on yourself, release the battle and look after yourself. ‘But I’m doing everything I can!’ I hear you say, which is one more reason to surrender, give up a little, and consider that you may just need a new approach. This new way of looking at things also might require you to pull down a few walls and listen to some advice. I know you have ‘your ways’ of doing things, but this is a month to seek help from your friends, and guidance from those you are drawn too. Think expansively in your search for harmony and you will find it.

Meanwhile, this is Fire energy, which is your master and your superpower, so it’s also a strong message to be reconnecting to your spirit. This means really making some space to do the things you love, the everyday things that generate inspiration and excitement. Your frustration really needs diffusing, and that will come by pulling strongly from the other angle. What can you get excited about right now? Go there and bask in that energy a little.

It also helps to remember that after a period of overwhelm there has to be some release, and yours will come in the form of your mojo returning bit by bit, and your positivity creeping back in. Make sure to not close your mind, and to keep your opinions malleable. Acknowledge all your feelings, ask for help, receive help, be kind to yourself – and repeat FOREVER.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Ace of Cups

Still on the Water theme for you Capricorn, and I love this card! You are holding the brightest energy of all the signs this month, and also the most fluid – a far cry from the restrictive energy you’re more familiar with. Feelings this month connect back to November – can you see a link to that time? It may be that you are seeing the results of something you brought into play then, or a certain situation suddenly becoming prominent again, in person or maybe just in your mind.

This is an overflow of Water element and so it’s certainly not the month to stuff your feelings in any cupboards or try and swallow them whole. You have a wide-open space to just get it all out, especially the good stuff. You sometimes (okay often) feel guilty for taking time for yourself, but there can be no more of this. You know the cycle – too much giving and struggle = exhaustion and restriction. Only you can rewrite this story though, and so I ask you; when are you going to realize that YOU are the priority in your life? When you place your wellbeing at the center, you will notice life transform from inside out. Now is the time to really own this.

The month is full of freshness, so some new people may spring into view, people that are in place to complement the better frame of mind you are choosing for yourself. Know that as your story evolves you need different types of support networks. You will always have the deep layers, the ones you’ll keep by your side forever and a day, but on the surface there may be space to be uplifted by some new faces. You will be interested in those who are having similar experiences to you, as the conversation can be equal and supportive, with sharing and teaching from both sides.

Remember that this is what you need right now, to allow yourself to receive as much as you give out. I hope you’ll be surprised by some sweet spirits soon. Finally, in what new ways can you deepen your connection to your own inner pilot light? I feel that there is opportunity to pay deeper attention to the messages your body is giving you. Your senses are heightened and it’s truly time to listen.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Sun

July is all about seeking the light and playing within it. You are used to your shadows and you absolutely love playing in those, so how about balancing things out? Even though your to-do list may be a mile and a half long, you will notice how much more is achieved when you insist on taking positive spirit-enlightening breaks!

There is a strong theme of freedom coming through, so I’d love for you to really tune into that word and consider what it brings up for you. What does ‘personal freedom’ look like to you, and do you feel it’s accessible right now? If the answer is ‘no’, then in what small ways could you start to bring those feelings into your everyday life? It might be related to the way you plan your day, to what you do in your spare time (do you give yourself adequate time?), and to the people in your social circle. As you consider freedom you will probably become aware of its shadow, the restrictions and the limits. So, where do you feel restricted or limited? And how can you shift those restrictions or your perspective on them? This is just as important as actual physical change, in fact maybe even more so.

You are able to even choose not to take on stress if you like. Really? Yep, and it’s a practice I love – consider that you being stressed has to be a crisis only option. There are always going to be stressful scenarios – for instance moving house, or during massive change. But there are also points where we don’t have to take it on. Think about the pressure you put upon yourself, and the times you get involved in other people’s dramas, or common frustrations like traffic and waiting in line – all of which offer a choice about whether you want to raise your stress levels.

So have a feel around, both within and without, and note where you could release the pressure a little. Again, it’s as the small things start to weave together that you’ll notice a difference. This card also brings in the ‘adventure’ energy, and a free pass to take a holiday. This doesn’t have to mean a big flashy extravaganza, even camping out in your back yard can shift you into an explorative space. The Sun is your guide – so where is your source of light? Travels there unapologetically.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – Ace of Swords

July brings in a significant opportunity for you to shift your perspective and reclaim your personal power. Last month may have brought out your deepest shadows, and now you have a choice whether to be victimized by them or be willing to genuinely change your perspective for good. It doesn’t matter whether one thought pattern has reined high and mighty for you FOREVER, it can still be shifted with your willingness. This requires you getting out of your own way, taking off your masks, putting your ego to the side and truly surrendering to the fact that there might just be some good in the world.

A clear request for help within and without will help you gain some expansion on your challenges, and up your confidence to boot. The themes you will see coming through are of bright openings and sudden flashes of wisdom, intuition and clarity. Your ideas are sharp, but the clouds need to be cleared first – and the mist moves when you show up and take responsibility for your own experience, the ins and the outs. No, this doesn’t mean blaming yourself for anything; it means you get to decide not to blame anything or anyone externally.

The brightness you see is what you don’t want to miss, as your intelligence merges with your passion and creativity, which in turn blooms into fresh ideas and beneficial perspectives. Even those of you who really think there is no other way to see things, know deep down that there is. Your creativity and intuition is always your super power, so I also want you to check in with where those two aspects of the self are fuelled. If you believe your work can only be fuelled by your darkness, know that your light can match that. And if you are afraid to meet your fears, know that they have no roots.

Meanwhile, for those of you itching to spread the word then July is aligned well for you to own your voice and your talents – the path is being cleared for you to step into. Personal power comes from owning the moment, and allowing yourself to step into your ultimate authenticity. This energy links back to January and ideas that were forming then. Now is the time to own your talents, while not downplaying the work involved. So dive in fully – and absolutely do not put yourself or anyone else on a pedestal this month.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Four of Wands

And here we are again. With the same card coming out from last month, I feel like you are one of the lucky ones as you get to continue to marinate in the positive and active energy that you’ve been conjuring up for yourself. Nevertheless there is always room to expand and extend our experience and this month, for you, the theme is really about finding your perfect balancing point. You know that you have the ideas and the inspiration, and you also know how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed – so I want to ask you about what other things you need to make consistent, alongside your non stop spinning of the work wheel.

Last month, you may have tapped back into some of your passion and spirit energy, noting moments where smiles were abundant and times you felt most in your body. How can aspects of these moments be brought into your daily life? Recognize that the more you center your self, the more easy it will be to ground and focus on what’s buzzing in your career. Again, it’s that journey of self-care, of discovering and rediscovering what does and doesn’t work for you – from the people you spend time with, to the way you manage your own thoughts.

I feel a strong healing focus coming though, and would like to encourage you to try out a different or unusual type of meditation or wellness practice – it seems that there is something undiscovered that will suit you over the next few months. It doesn’t have to be anything totally wacky (although some if you will like that) – it could be a really simple shift in your diet or movement practice, or spending more time with someone you find interesting.

Keep your mindset expansive to have an expansive experience. Remember your internal always reflects onto what is going on around you, so don’t worry too much about micromanaging other people – just trust in the decisions you make. And on the subject of ‘what to do first’ – really know that if you always pursue the thing that makes you the MOST excited, then it’s definitely the ‘right’ thing to do. You’ll find it easier to stick with your projects when passion is riding high – and as for everything that seems to be floating without direction, just know that it’s not going anywhere. Believe in the bigger picture and divine timing.

Have you bought your Astro Girl print yet? Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Moon

After two months really considering your own restrictions, July sends you even deeper into the soul and what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m seeing this as definitely a good thing, as the back and forth of constantly fighting with yourself or your surroundings probably wasn’t getting you anywhere. It will pay over the next few weeks to go beneath the surface and sideline some of your Earth energy for the more fluid Water elements.

In more practical terms, I invite you to engage in a more soulful self-care practice. Instead of sitting and making a hundred lists, stop, sit quietly and listen to the workings of your inner dialogue. Then, reclaim your power over it. The Moon only comes up when we will benefit from a trip into our subconscious, but I don’t encourage you to go down there and wallow – instead, use your meditation practice to impact on the material world. The aim here is to heighten your own levels of self trust, which in turn will help you trust the world around you.

You may have been feeling flighty recently and less able to make decisions than usual, which may have led to suspicions about certain personalities around you, and cumulated in an all-round ‘meh’ feeling. While it’s easy to get locked in a stubborn pattern of restrictive thoughts (see May and June) – you know very well that you prefer how you feel when you are enlivened by your own ideas and creativity. Exploring one’s own subconscious also heightens your dreams and elevates your imagination – which can only help you with all those things you have to get off the ground.

You may also enjoy the company of your more watery friends this month, so reach to your pals allow themselves to be ruled by feelings, and see how they manage their time. As you sit and value your mind a little more, you can ask yourself questions in regards to your current challenges. The aim is to allow your mind to stretch, so that you are able to receive help from new angles. What isn’t working in your personal segment of the world right now? Are you at least willing to look at this from a different perspective? Know that your ego will encourage you to stay static, but that your soul knows help is at hand. Be open to getting out your comfort zone.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Nine of Pentacles

July brings some great strides in your career and material world, with more solid developments showing in the areas you’ve been placing your energy since the start of this year. You have really been assessing and reassessing your material world, so, how do you feel about your day-to-day life right now? How is your environment suiting you? Does you friendship circle feel stable? How are your anxieties about finances? Ultimately; are you feeling ‘at home’ or displaced? I want you to question all these things over the coming weeks, but with compassion. All roads on enquiry have to come from a source self-care.

With career in mind, the emphasis is on WHETHER YOU ARE HAVING FUN! So are you? Did you know you can love your work and feel fulfilled by it? Are you engaging with your days or wishing them away? If not, what subtle shifts could make a big difference to this? Don’t be afraid to want more, it’s okay to want nice things and to feel at home. You don’t need to feel guilty about wanting to feel comfortable.

Environment is actually everything. Everything. So how is your home life looking? And the people around you? How could there be more harmony? Spend time with those who lift you up and make sure you are lifting others too; communication should be elevating, so step aside from any pride, ego and dramatic thoughts, and return to loving kindness. Don’t feel guilty about giving less energy to situations that don’t feel good. Make your time the most valuable thing. Do you have a morning practice? If not, then the time to begin one is now.

Finally, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, so stick with it. I hope you are starting to see the fruits of some of your labor, and in turn can keep checking in with how things feel to you. Always be guided by the ‘feels good’. This is also a month to be proud of yourself for the adjustments you have been making, it’s important to pat yourself on the back! Especially those of you who don’t feel you have a cheerleader in life. Remember that safety comes from within; you are your own superhero.

Have you bought your Astro Girl print yet? Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse