The Libra Full Moon brings a beautiful opportunity to look in the mirror and see the real you, says Sandra Sitron

Libra Full Moon The Numinous Strong Eye Astrology 2017
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Full Moon :: April 11 2017 :: 2:09 am EST :: 21 degrees Libra

Every situation is a mirror. Every friend is a mirror. Every decision is a mirror. Every habit is a mirror. Every relationship is a mirror. Look into the mirror. What do you need to see about yourself?

At 2:09 Eastern time on April 11th, we have a Full Moon in Libra. The Full Moon phase occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun. At this Full Moon time, the Sun is in Aries and the Moon is in the opposite sign of Libra. This is also called an opposition. When there is an opposition, we are trying to hold two different ideas at the same time. Aries rules our relationship with ourself, and Libra rules our relationships with others.

The themes of identity (Aries) and relationships (Libra) are heavy-duty. Anything that comes up around relationships right now will really be teaching you something about yourself. Find your boundaries. Love yourself. Know who you are and what you want.

Communicate this truth in a peaceful way. Create boundaries so that you can lean more fully into relationship in a way that feels really good. This is the Aries-Libra magic at work.


Full Moon in Libra
A dusty mirror in the back of the attic.
When something comes up you can either look outward to find the cause of the problem, or you can look inward to find the cause of the problem.

The Full Moon in Libra reminds us to look through the looking glass. When something comes up in a relationship, instead of placing blame on the other person, turn the gaze around on yourself. See if you can figure out what pattern within yourself is ready to be healed. If someone doesn’t trust you, notice where you aren’t trusting yourself. Or if you are feeling unsupported by a partner, notice where you aren’t supporting yourself. Identify the issue, and then look into the mirror to find the root of it within yourself.

We’ve all heard that the Full Moon time can be emotional. Maybe the Full Moon gets emotional because the tendency is to keep looking outward, as the Moon reflects the Sun’s full light. It can be habitual to look for the root of the problem outside of yourself, without reflecting inward. If this happens, emotions can get high, but more importantly, emotional reactions can get high. If these reactions are unchecked, things can get dramatic.

To get ahead of the emotions, sit quietly. Don’t rush ahead. Go slow.

To truly align with the energy of this moment, meditate on Trust. Try to find it everywhere. This Moon wants you to believe that the world is balanced. And maybe it is. Believe it. Pick up the crumbs of trust wherever you can find them. They’ll lead you in the right direction.


The Aspects

The major aspect pattern is a T-square with Pluto in Capricorn as the focal planet, square Moon and Jupiter in Libra and square Sun and Uranus in Aries.

A healthy bunny dives into a hole.
This is a time of cathartic healing. Honor your grief so that you can let go. There will be activation of the themes of the last 5 years. We may be faced with that same old lesson, but this time around, we can figure out how to be more peaceful. Even when things seem difficult. Find harmony within yourself so that you have enough energy to heal the old stuff. Read below to understand more about this T-square…


Full Moon square Pluto
Tending to the alter.
This is the part of the T-square that represents cathartic healing. To achieve this healing, you must let yourself cycle through the accompanying emotions. You must trust your healing process. Focus on the concept of trust. Trust that the lessons you’re learning are actually a gift. Trusting is the most practical thing to do. You can also notice what you’re suspicious of. Why? What does this serve you? Does it really keep you safer? Most likely it takes up your energy. Let it go.

Full Moon conjunct Jupiter
Eating a pizza.
Here we can see how completely we are supported. Fill up. Have fun. Expand. You have gifts and resources that will help you grow. Let this be easy. This aspect is like your salve. It will help all of the other aspects make sense and become emotionally integrated. To work with it fully, reach for balance. Aim for the moderate path to activate Jupiter’s gifts here.

Full Moon opposite Uranus
Lightning tears the sky.
This Full Moon is opposite the Great Awakener (Uranus). Maybe all of this trust and healing and expansion will open you up to a fresh Awakening. The trick here is that if you want progress, you have to be willing to change. And you have to be willing to experience changes in your external world. How does this idea sit with you? Part of the fun of life is that the answers have yet to be revealed. Let yourself be surprised. You can’t plan this all out. It’s actually way better to not know the outcome. So try to be open to change.


To work more deeply with the energies of the Libra Full Moon, open your journal or get together with a friend to work on the below areas for self-inquiry. To get more specific, read for the house that holds 21 degrees Libra in your birth chart.

Aries or 7th House
Think about a situation you are working with right now. What could the hidden lesson be? Is that lesson actually a gift? How?

Taurus or 6th House
What are some ways you can practice creating peace in your life?

Gemini or 5th House
How can you make more space for joy and fun? What are the things that make you feel like a little kid?

Cancer or 4th House
It’s time for some spring cleaning. What would “cleaning house” internally mean to you?

Leo or 3rd House
What are some simple ways you can expand your community? Who have you been meaning to reach out to?

Virgo or 2nd House
Make a master list of all of your resources. Your skills, connections, assets, etc. How do these contribute to your sense of self-worth?

Libra or 1st House
How can you convince yourself that you’re free? Come up with three ways.

Scorpio or 12th House
What do you need to see that you aren’t seeing? How did your last vivid dream make you feel?

Sagittarius or 11th House
What’s your mission statement? If you could broadcast it to the world, what would your message be?

Capricorn or 10th House
How can you prove to yourself that you’re an expert? In what area has your experience made you rich?

Aquarius or 9th House
What makes you feel jolly? Can you do more of that this week?

Pisces or 8th House
How would you like to feel about finance and abundance? Can you feel into this sensation now?

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Get this week’s Astro symbol for your sign, in the Numinous weekly horoscopes from Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Aries :: Aries Rising
Wrapped presents. It’s time for you to unwrap your gift. The gift has been sitting in the corner all this time. It’s yours. You get to have it now. To proceed, turn on all the lights. Look in every corner. Look in places you don’t normally go. Ask around. Where is the gift? It’s in the most obvious place. It’s in the situation that is on your mind. Look closely at the situation and ask, what is the gift? You might not like the wrapping paper. But when you can fully see the gift, you’ll know that it’s exactly perfect for you. It contains everything you need right now.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A pigeon in flight. The city pigeon is kind of a derelict bird. It’s flight is clumsy and seems somewhat obligatory. And yet, underneath it’s disguise, this bird is a genius. The pigeon is utterly resourceful. It symbolizes security, peace and communication. That’s a powerhouse of symbolism. Refine your ability to communicate. Refine your ability to create peace in your life. Refine your ability to feel secure. How can you practice these things? And what if you could improve in these areas? Can you imagine the result?

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Putting together a puzzle. What are the things that stimulate you? What are the things that bring you joy? What would be the ideal amount of time to devote to these things? Here’s the answer to that last question. You need to feel stimulated and interested most of the time. This is your birthright. Boredom is your bane. But guess what, this is something you’re completely in charge of. You create your own capacity to be interested. Truly. Prioritize your need to be fascinated by your life. Your life is supposed to be all about learning. This does not mean that all of the learning needs to be easy. But it does mean that you need to be engaged.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Pine branches burning. The scent of sap and pine is cleansing. Cleanse your mind. Cleanse your home. It’s time to clear out and let go. You need to do this so that you can put things in perspective. What this means is, you need to let go of some past issues, so that you aren’t getting overly triggered. Here’s one way to approach this, notice your reactions. If your reaction to something is more heated than the actual situation deserves, you are probably actually reacting to something old. Find out what the old thing is. Sometimes you can do this just by paying attention. Clear out the old stuff. Lighten your load.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
Lights on the marquee. It’s time to shine in your community. Get out there and circulate. Maybe you find yourself by spending time with a new crowd. Maybe you make new connections. Maybe you get noticed in a new way. The underlying thing to remember with all of this is that you are worthy of connection. You get to belong. Feeling connected and included in this way may help you understand how special you are. But none of this will just happen to you. You have to put in a little effort here. You have to believe that it’s possible. You deserve recognition.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising 
Building a new path. You have options. You can begin to understand how to traverse the mud. Look around and really understand what your resources are. Instead of continuing to drag through something that just isn’t working, how can you rise above it? There is a better way. It has to do with believing in yourself and your abilities. It might seem as if there aren’t any other options, but there truly are. You just have to be secure within yourself. Then you’ll be able to see everything that you’ve got going for you.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Galloping along a beach. Are you the horse or are you on the horse? Hard to say with this symbol. Be the horse for a moment. Be a wild horse. You can be the picture of freedom. You can be filled with speed, joy and life. Take some time to express these ideas through movement, music, art, or some other form of creativity. Bring freedom into your body experientially. Feel it. Be it. Take this feeling into your decisions. Don’t make a decision without knowing if the outcome will make you feel more free or less free. Let yourself expand into spaces you never thought you could inhabit. Own it.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Finding the hidden treasure. Gold and jewels. You are ready to adventure forth. Visit your dream world. Journey through your subconscious realms. There’s joy to be had by digging deeper. It may feel very challenging at first. But you are ready to reap the rewards. You’re ready to feel different. You’re ready for a change. So follow your intuition to the things you need to see, so that you can change. If you keep asking for intuitive clues, you’ll be led in the right direction.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Setting foot on the trail. You have the ability now to go on an adventure. Your impulse is to go further outside of your comfort zone. Choose exploration. Choose a different vantage point. Before you set out, it’s important that you have an idea of what you’re looking for. What’s your vision for the future? Are you crystal clear on this? Decide and then go. As you move along this new path, you will have the opportunity to create a community. Understand your philosophy, what you’re building and who you’re serving. You will go far.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A sundial. How can you further elaborate on your desires? It’s time to be a boss. If you’ve been playing small, quit it. If you’ve been waiting to become more of an expert, that’s enough. No one else can tell you when you’re ready. Only you get to do that. Only you get to use the time that you have. And time is not your enemy. If you notice yourself in a battle with time, just know that you’re only fighting yourself. You’re allowed to be great. And you already are. So just step forward.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Scattered light sparkles. Can you get a little more playful? This is not a time to be serious. It’s time to be jolly. Imagine the most carefree thing. Now act like that. Scatter this energy around. If you model this energy, other people might get uncomfortable by your jolliness. Let them. Stiff resistance to joy has no place in your world. Not everything has to be work. You’ll melt the resistance within yourself by having more fun. You’ll invite in ease. And that will help you see things with a new perspective.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Interwoven branches and leaves. The message here is that you are living in a lush world. There is beauty all around you. The interwoven leaves disguise and reveal. But what is behind the curtain of branches? Look around for clues. The branches reveal an abundance of life. This lush environment supports growth. It’s happening even if it’s momentarily disguised by a fear of scarcity. Now take that truth inward and know that you’re supported. You’re safe to feel your feelings. You’re safe to dissolve and let go. You’re safe to evolve. You’re safe to live. Memorize these ideas. Imprint them onto your psyche. Breathe into the spaces these ideas reveal.

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Ruby Warrington sits down with Divya Alter, chef and author of the brand new What To Eat For How You Feelto discuss why the timeless science behind Ayurveda is the perfect food philosophy for the Now Age…

william brinson susan brinson divya alter ruby warrington the numinous what to eat for how you feel the new ayurvedic kitchen rizzoli
William & Susan Brinson for Divya’s What to Eat for How You Feel from Rizzoli.

“Eating the right foods in the right way makes the light of our soul shine—you experience a tangible connection with the divine energies.”- Divya Alter 


RW: First up, what would you like everybody to know about Ayurveda?

Divya Alter: That Ayurveda can work for you today! Although written thousands of years ago by ancient Vedic sages, Ayurveda is a universal manual that helps us integrate and balance ourselves on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This timeless science helps us determine what to favor or avoid in terms of diet, routine, and environment by considering our individual needs, and what choices we can make to be healthy.

And if we face health challenges, an authentic Ayurvedic treatment goes much deeper than suppressing the symptoms; it addresses the root cause. An Ayurvedic healer’s goal is to assist in restoring the intelligence of one’s body to heal itself.


RW: So why is Ayurveda having a moment? What makes this the perfect wellness system for the “Now Age”?

Divya: Ayurveda has had many moments through history; it is a divine universal science and its principles are always true. But I think that by experiencing the benefits of practicing yoga, lately many people have begun to explore and embrace its sister science, Ayurveda. It’s also encouraging to see how modern science is doing more research on Ayurvedic herbs, proving the ancient wisdom that was there all along. We know so much about turmeric now!

It is the perfect wellness system because it is highly customized to one’s individual needs. It is the most comprehensive preventative medicine—something we need today especially, as so many of our modern health challenges can be eliminated or minimized through preventative care.


RW: What has your own journey with Ayurveda taught you about our relationship with plants?

Divya: Ayurveda helped me look at plants—fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, etc.—as my friends. I really want to get to know them! And the more I “hang out” with them, the more I appreciate them and understand when and how to use them in creating delicious, healing meals.

An aspect of every relationship is compatibility. Just like some people really don’t click together, sometimes eating two good foods together may result in them fighting in your stomach. Ayurveda taught me how to enjoy a healthy relationship with food by mixing and matching it properly. This goes beyond matching ingredients to layer friendly flavors and create stunning presentation; my goal is to make delicious food that can always be digested without any problem.

Another fascinating lesson I received from Ayurveda is that herbs and spices, like humans, are composed of the five elements (space, air, fire, water, earth). Dr. David Frawley explains in The Yoga of Herbs that each of the plant’s tissues affects a corresponding tissue in the human body: the watery liquid of the plant works on liquid plasma; the sap works on blood; the soft part of the wood on muscle; the gum of the tree on fat; the bark on bone; the leaves on nerve tissue and bone marrow; and the flowers and fruits on the reproductive fluids. Seeds, which contain all parts of the plant in an un-manifest form, work on the body as a whole.

divya alter ruby warrington william brinson susan brinson rizzoli what to eat for how you feel the numinous the new ayurvedic kitchen rizzoli
William & Susan Brinson for Divya’s What to Eat for How You Feel from Rizzoli.

RW: How can eating this way heal the mind and soul, as well as the body?

Divya: Ayurveda recommends that we eat invigorating, “intelligent” foods—the way God or nature designed it in the first place. Fresh, locally grown, seasonal, organic, wholesome (unprocessed), energizing—properly combining such quality ingredients will support your body in doing all the intelligent things it is designed to do.

Eating Ayurvedic clears the body and mind from blockages and helps us feel happiness and bliss. You experience a clear communication between your body, mind, and senses, and you can easily control them. On a soul level, eating the right foods in the right way makes the light of our soul shine—you experience a tangible connection with the divine energies.


RW: Are any foods “banned” in Ayurveda? Why?

Divya: According to Ayurveda, there is no good or bad food in and of itself. A food or herb can be good for someone or bad for someone—it depends on one’s individual needs at that time.

However nowadays, for the sake of convenience, manufacturers have created a lot of corrupted foods that make our cells act less intelligently (for example foods that are canned, homogenized, or genetically modified). These are bad for everyone. Why let such denatured foods clutter your pantry, and then your body and your mind?

Additionally, the Shaka Vansiya (SV) Ayurveda lineage that I am trained in recommends that we limit or avoid foods that are predominantly clogging, inflammatory, or overly heating to the liver: leftovers, soy, nightshades, onions and garlic, and flax seeds.


RW: When would be a good time in life to experience Panchakarma?

Divya: Panchakarma is the traditional Ayurvedic practice of purification and nourishment. It is a practice of being open to letting go of physical, mental, energetic sludge, and to receiving nourishment and rejuvenation. It is a time-tested and efficient way to address imbalances resulting from daily wear and tear, as well as seasonal changes and energetic accumulations.

To really experience the benefits of Panchakarma, you have to give yourself the full 30 days for the practice and to do it at an Ayurvedic clinic located in a natural setting. I’ve seen quite a few victims of modern day Panchakarma that is practiced without a personalized protocol. That’s why I have to caution you: don’t do it unless your body is ready and unless an experienced Ayurvedic doctor is on hand to constantly supervise you.

A good time in life would be when you are in relatively strong health, you’re able to afford taking a month (or more) off, when the channels of your body are open to release toxins, and you are at a good clinic under close supervision. The weather should be not too hot or cold (spring temperatures). Such a Panchakarma experience can be truly life changing!


RW: What is the overall philosophy of Divya’s Kitchen? What’s your message for the world?

Divya: At Divya’s Kitchen we believe that food can heal. That’s why we are devoted to serving you delicious food that your body and mind say YES to!

Our fresh, balanced meals are prepared with love, and deeply rooted in the authentic tradition of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda that meets us where we are today. Ayurveda teaches us how food can restore the natural healing intelligence of the body.

william brinson susan brinson divya alter ruby warrington the numinous what to eat for how you feel the new ayurvedic kitchen rizzoli

Divya’s brand new book, What To Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen- 100 Seasonal Recipes, is now available from Rizzoli! 

Divya Alter is a certified nutritional consultant and educator in the Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda tradition. She is the co-founder of Bhagavat Life, the only Ayurvedic culinary school in New York. She and her husband launched North America’s first Ayurvedic chef certification program and Divya’s Kitchen, an authentic Ayurvedic restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village.


As the planet of love, beauty, and relationship prepares to re-enter red-hot Aries, Maria Soledad has a tarot guide for Venus Retrograde…

maria soledad the numinous ruby warrington tarot journey through venus retrograde

Sunday, April 2nd :: Venus Retrograde Enters Pisces ::

Saturday, April 15th :: Venus Stations Direct in Pisces ::

Friday, April 28th :: Venus Direct Enters Aries ::

Venus retrograde is all about falling back in love with your truest desires …

A retrograde means Rediscovering, Retreating, Recharging, and letting ourselves look twice before deciding. This pause is not because we’re second guessing or doubting ourselves—it’s bonus time to relax and clarify our intentions.

Think of Venus Retrograde 2017 as a luxurious retreat in Bali where we have the extra time to recreate our love stories effortlessly and easily. It’s a time to give ourselves the luxury of remembering buried dreams, and to bring them back to life with a refined vision.

Planetary cycles are opportunities to work with archetypes, and the tarot deck gives us direct access to these symbols. So let’s dive into the unconscious and use the wisdom of the Major Arcana to navigate this dreamy season … 


:: Venus—The Star ::  
The Star arcanum reminds us that we are channels in service of the divine and that we must manifest this divinity on earth. This is pure Venus retro energy … RE-membering and RE-fining your worth, accepting that you deserve and want recognition for your precious gifts, and shining brightly!

The Star empowers us with Divine Feminine energy that lets us shine with certainty and receptivity. This card guards and takes care of our survival instinct so we can shift our focus from doing battle with the ego to planting seeds of our true creations and letting them burst into glorious blossom.

You can work with the Star through your second chakra, just below your navel. Visualize your unique flame like your own personal oven in your perfect kitchen. Feel your lower belly filling with the fruits of your wisdom and a craving to devour the world!

By working with the Star we ask our inner Goddess to let our lives be in total communion with existence. Oh my! Do you feel it? You can feed the world! 


 :: April 2nd- 15th. Venus Retro in Pisces—The Hermit & The High Priestess :: 

The sign of Pisces is a combo of The Hermit and The High Priestess, fusing the masculine and the feminine, embracing it all, and allowing this totality to wash away any connection to ego or trauma.

Both of these cards are about Retreating and finding ourselves through solitude, so we can arrive again in the world with our fire reignited (pure Aries power!)

*The High Priestess: We are in The High Priestess when we fall back in love with ourselves and the pure ecstatic joy of simply being alive. She reminds us to give ourselves the luxury of listening to each one of our heart beats, and that it’s a privilege to manifest the divine in a human body.

When you can relax into the full certainty of who you are, you can leap into the unknown carrying only your essence—a totally Piscean release!

*The Hermit: Activating this wisdom is all about letting ourselves feel a little scared when we think about the deep, dark place where we might have left a dream long ago. Only by going to that place and truly passing through it can we finally trust, let go, and let Goddess.

The Hermit is the positive crisis before the super sunshine that reminds us we are already perfect, and that we don’t need anything more than what we already have to travel into new worlds.



:: April 28-June 6. Venus Direct in Aries—The Chariot :: 
The Star’s journey through The High Priestess and The Hermit has assured us of our infinite store of internal goodness and our faith in our path. Now, we can emerge ready for some fiery action.

It’s time to bring all our awesomeness back out into the world!

Aries is masculine to Venus’s Divine Feminine, and when we think of masculine energy we can think of aggression. But empowered masculine energy is pure Inspired Action—action that’s dictated by the soul and performed from the heart.

The Chariot (Aries) knows exactly where he’s going and sets his GPS, but the Earth is what’s carrying him, with The Star (Venus) lighting the way. Channeling The Chariot means taking a deep breath before acting, and asking yourself each time what you are ready to give and receive in every situation.

Coming out of this Venus retrograde period, may you feel ready to embrace the world as your playground, and allow it to take you on an unpredictable, infinite, and joyful journey.

Sounds exciting, huh?!


Want to ground this energy in your daily life? Put it into practice with these rituals …

-SING!!! Go back in time and do a shuffle of those songs that you used to sing out loud—whether this ends up with you crying in the shower or laughing out loud while walking.

-“Be water my friend!” I quote my beloved Bruce Lee here. Run a bath and fill it up with the intention of pure self-love.

-Go back in time and remember your little self playing “grown up.” Dig in … what did you want to do or be? Ask yourself in front of the mirror if that’s still true and if it is, ask yourself if you have allowed it to happen.

-Dare yourself to play. Send a written letter by mail to someone from the past just saying thanks. Tell someone you don’t know you are happy for being alive. Smile at cats. Buy yourself toy rings and jewelry and make a treasure chest and hide it.


Maria Soledad is a human/actress extraordinaire, exhilarating evolutive tarot reader, astrologer fantastique, meditator goddess, and absolute artist mon amour. Follow her on Instagram, book a tarot reading, and make sure to check out her next signature manifestation meditations on April 11th and April 25th at Jill Lindsey in Brooklyn, NY.


Hitting the crystal ball so hard you can’t make a move without psychic intervention? Sounds like you’re future tripping, says Victoria Cox

the numinous ruby warrington victoria cox future tripping

I still recall my first psychic reading with incredible clarity. At first, I was skeptical. I held my cards close to my chest and answered any leading questions as briefly as possible.

But within minutes, goosebumps covered my entire body as she informed me that my beloved grandmother had come in from the ether to say hello and was looking after our cherished family dog. The psychic even nailed the name and breed!

I was hooked. And so over the years, I found myself going back for more. And more … 

My psychic gave me the courage to follow my soul mission as a writer and to make some pretty drastic changes in my life, all with the confidence that I had the support of the Universe behind me. This was all good stuff. The problem was, eventually, there was a gaping chasm between my dreams and my reality. To get from one to the other required action, yet I was paralyzed and fretting over a life I had yet to create. I was focusing on the future at the expense of the present. In short, I was future-tripping.

Have you found yourself getting swept up by the romanticism or sheer excitement of discovering what lies ahead? Use the 10 signs below to diagnose whether you’re seeing a psychic for the right reasons, or are simply future tripping on your own destiny …


1/REGULARITY: How often do you get a reading? Generally speaking, as long as you aren’t becoming dependent on intuitive advice, one or two readings a year should suffice. Any more than that and it’s time to start asking whether you are using psychic guidance as a crutch, and thus disempowering your own free will.

2/REPETITION: Are you asking endless questions about the same topic? We all have times of uncertainty in our lives and it is incredibly easy to fall into the trap of scheduling multiple readings until you get what you deem a satisfactory answer. Instead, remember that a good psychic reading takes time to unfold and let yourself sit with the answers from one reading for a while.

3/REASSURANCE: Seeking out psychic guidance in the hopes of reassurance is never a good idea. Especially when the search for reassurance comes in the form of asking when Lady Luck will start smiling on you again. Ultimately, this takes you out of your own personal power and leaves you sitting around waiting for life to get better instead of making things better for yourself.

4/REASONS: The reasons you’re getting psychic advice are often more important than how often you are getting it. What are you really seeking from a reading? Is this just a thinly disguised attempt to control everything by knowing everything?

5/RIGIDITY: If your sole intention in a psychic session is to receive that defining answer to a specific question, disappointment will surely follow. If a psychic is legit, the information communicated doesn’t come from them, it comes through them, and they have virtually no control over what they’re being spiritually guided to convey. You’ll receive what you need, not what you want. Two very different things.

victoria cox ruby warrington the numinous future tripping
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

6/REVEALING: Much like a first date, revealing too much too soon can be a recipe for disaster. Remember that you’re paying a professional for their time. Allow them space to do their job and lead the discussion where it needs to go so that it may serve your highest good. If in doubt, ask the psychic if you may elaborate to underscore a certain point.

7/EMPOWERMENT: Remember that the true purpose of a psychic is to help guide you through a life issue, and to empower you to make your own choices as a result of this guidance. It is most definitely NOT a comfort blanket to protect against future fears. Ask yourself whether you are seeking constructive advice on an important life question, or simply seeking a salve for your anxiety.

8/PSYCHIC-SHOPPING: Much like seeking out a therapist, when you find an intuitive that you connect with try to stick with them for a while. Developing a working relationship with one psychic helps you to build on what you’ve already discussed, digging a little deeper each time. If you find yourself hopping from one to the other in search of new material, you’ll likely end up running in circles and driving yourself insane!

9/MAKING IT FIT: Predictions can feel wondrous (if they come true), but they can also be a minefield of epic mind-fuckery. No one can really know what will happen, even those who tap into their intuition as their professional calling. The danger lies in trying to make your life work around a prediction. Trying to force a certain situation to play out any differently than it is meant to runs contrary to the natural laws of the universe and should be avoided at all costs.

10/EASY ANSWERS: The best intuitive should provide the caveat that they can’t see everything. If you find yourself being told what you should do, run for the hills. True professionals will help you find your own inner truth and offer deeper perspective on it. It’s not their job to hand you easy answers. The point is to learn to rely on your own intuition and inner wisdom.

As we try and quell our anxiety about what happens next, the most important thing to remember is that we are masters of our own destiny. Life is really about every single one of us evolving our souls through the experiences that we uncover along the way. Whether or not we choose to seek psychic guidance about these experiences is entirely up to us!


Victoria Cox currently resides in NYC. She has written for Amanda de Cadenet’s “The Conversation,” Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, LifeHack, The Lady Project, Dumb Little Man, Sivana Spirit, and The Numinous. You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or via her website.


Get this week’s astro symbol for your sign with our Numinous weekly horoscopes by Sandra Sitron, a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Numinous weekly horoscopes April 3 2017 Strong Eye Astrology flowers in the sun

Aries :: Aries Rising
Fields of flowers opening to the sun. Looking up. Acknowledging. Affirming that you are going somewhere. The bloom is happening. This is no time to make yourself smaller. Understand where you came from and how you got here, but simultaneously know that now it’s time to move on. It’s time to heal and grow. You have to let yourself do this in your own way. You have to allow the process. It’s natural. It requires bravery to change. Step forward towards the light.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
An animal continuously eating delicate blades of grass. Nourish your development. Nourish yourself. Do it for your personal freedom. Do it so that you have the strength to trust in your own opinion. Take regular breaks so that you have the energy and stability to fight for your truth. Just keep taking care of yourself. Give yourself lots of quiet time. Reflect. Be present. Soothe yourself. Then you will know what your truth is, what you really think, and how to express it.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Carrying your oxygen to the top of the mountain. Maybe it’s time to take yourself out of your comfort zone and increase your visibility. See more of the world. Garner more attention. Expand your sphere of influence. Interact with your community in a new way. Maybe even as a leader. To do this, you may have to lighten your load emotionally. You have to leave that stuff you’ve outgrown down at base camp. Let go. You can’t carry everything on this journey. It’s just not going to work. Get really honest with yourself about what you are responsible for and then start your ascent.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A clown twisting balloons into shapes. This symbol could be endearing for some people and terrifying for others. That seems appropriate since you are working with themes of career and relationship this week. Two topics that also evoke strong reactions in people. So how are you looking at these areas of your life?The time is ripe to let go of outdated relationship patterns. And simultaneously let go of outdated beliefs about how you get to operate in the career spotlight. Get really close to whatever is scaring you and realize that maybe it’s not so spooky after all. Work to evoke playfulness, lightness and glee.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
The fire clears the field for new growth. It’s possible that to reach your full potential, you may decide to start from scratch. Take a fresh look at the way you’ve scheduled your life and the way you are taking care of yourself. Some reevaluation is in order. It’s time to let go of some old habits. Add new nutrients to the soil. The symbol is rather dramatic, and maybe that’s how this restructuring needs to be for you. The goal is for you to find greater freedom. The goal is to expand. But in order to expand you need to make sure that your foundation is strong.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A child playing with colorful toys. Joy. Play. Fun. These feelings and actions can be your focus right now. But. And. To really live in the full expression of your joy, you may have to let go of some worries. How will you do that? It’s easier said than done. The key is in your creativity. Acknowledge that you are ready now for a new way of thinking to begin. You are ready to let an outdated part of yourself die away. Turn this process into a creative ceremony that celebrates your life force. Make something! Say something! Express yourself. Let the world see your light.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Working on a piece of embroidery. Get quiet and centered in your home life. Make things cozy. Feel the emotional security that comes with being rooted at your base. Use your hands to make something and let that slow, meditative, domestic action soothe your tender spirit. Making room for this type of quiet will allow you a chance to feel feelings that may be a little buried. Feeling your feelings will help you expand consciously in your relationships.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Leaves falling from the sky. In this symbol we are connecting Earth energy with Air energy. That means that you can build something in your life, but you need to align your thoughts to help you reach your full capacity. Get clear about how you want to think about things. This is crucial! There is no time to mess around with limiting thought patterns. Annihilate them. Examine your words and thoughts with a friend, therapist or trusted advisor. Get really honest about the thoughts that are holding you back. Do this work so that you can live a better life, take responsibility for your health and make adjustments to your environment.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Eating an ice cream cone. Having fun on the earth plane! You have a body. You get to enjoy things sensually. For optimal health, we need to balance out our “enjoyments.” As Jay-Z told my friend once, “We can’t all be eating cupcakes.” But. That being said, it’s possible that now is a good time for you to revel a little bit. Live it up. Enjoy yourself. Let your enjoyment remind you that you get to have your needs met. You deserve. You are worthy. You are enough.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A dog running joyfully after a ball. Dog medicine is loyal, playful and supportive. How can you support yourself a little bit more?How can you show more love to yourself? How would that self-acceptance let you step into yourself a little bit more? Have fun with this. Be your own best friend. Give yourself the emotional security that you need, just the way a dog offers unrelenting positive emotional support.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Building blocks. Putting the pieces together. You have got to feel connected, in alignment, in community. You’ve go to feel like you are building an interconnected web. You’re doing this so that you can make big things happen later on. And you’re doing this so that you can work with ideas and intuitions in a new way. Get really curious right now. Learn about every aspect of the subject you are interested in, so that you can put some new pieces in place.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A dance for warriors. Know your strength. If you believe in your strength that will help you change the world. If you demean yourself, you will not be able to model a new way of being. You have enough energy to do the things you want to do. You have the support you need to do the things you want to do. You can believe in yourself. Dance this truth. Rev yourself up so that you can follow your dreams and model expansion for others.

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The Cancer waxing quarter Moon forms part of a Cardinal Grand Cross. The message? Time to act with integrity and compassion, says Jennifer RacioppiCollage: Seana Gavin

Collage Seana Gavin Cancer waxing quarter moon 2017 Jennifer Racioppi The Numinous

Waxing Quarter Moon :: April 3 2017 :: 2/39pm EST :: 14 degrees Cancer

This Cancer waxing quarter Moon, in the sign that represents the feminine, family, and home, brings more than just a regular Sun/Moon square—it forms part of a Cardinal Grand Cross in the sky. Before I go down the rabbit hole of explaining this fancy terminology, let me express this: this moon offers all of us an initiation, should we choose to see it as such. An opportunity to rise to the next level of our creative power, claim the truth of who we are, and cut away that which does not align with our most vivid and desired outcomes for our soul. Are you up for the challenge? Cause the Universe is sending us a massive dare!

So what’s a Cardinal Grand Cross?!

An astrology chart with this configuration looks like a box with a cross in the center of it. It occurs when four planets “square,” or form a conflicting 90-degree angle, in the “cardinal” signs of the Zodiac, creating two sets of oppositions.

In this particular case, the Sun at 14 degrees of Aries, squares the Moon at 14 degrees of Cancer, while simultaneously squaring Pluto in Capricorn at 19 degrees. The Sun opposes Jupiter in Libra also at 19 degrees while the Moon also opposes Pluto and squares Jupiter.

And this cosmic showdown happens in the fierce, assertive, and get shit done cardinal signs.


:: The Sun ::
The Sun, now halfway through the 30 degrees of Aries, holds the match to the fire that’s smoldering. Over the last few weeks the cosmos endured an enormous emphasis on the element of fire, and on the opening quarter of this lunation, the Sun in get-it-started Aries pushes us to think about what seeds we want to sow, and what crops we wish to cultivate right now! Opposite Jupiter in Libra, the emphasis is on standing our ground in our collaborations with others. 

:: The Moon ::
The Moon travels through her own domain in the sign of Cancer, the sign she rules. Here, she asks us to reach down into the depths of emotion, and our feminine force from within. She asks us to feel our needs, connect with our capacity to nurture ourselves, and others, and grant ourselves the dignity of our Queendom. Her opposition to Pluto may bring forth an awareness of the places in which we’ve subconsciously given away our power to please others.

:: The Square ::
This Cancer waxing quarter Moon brings a focus on emotionally driven action. Given this quarter Moon’s status within the Cardinal Grand Cross, compassion and wisdom are a non-negotiable! At the same time, the Sun hovers around the same degree of Aries where Venus initiated her retrograde cycle on March 4: meaning this waxing quarter moon and Cardinal Grand Cross will likely highlights lessons of the current Venus retrograde period. Simultaneously, Mercury in his shadow prepares to go retrograde, too, on the 9th. While this cardinal, action oriented Moon asks us to lunge forward, it also presents us with a fierce point of reflection. Embrace the duality and lean in to both.

:: The Message ::
If we embrace the tension and mystery of this Cancer waxing quarter Moon, we may just find our voice and rise. Yet, it’s essential to witness and digest what emerges before acting. Staying in the place of the observer allows us to understand how we want to proceed. Allows us to genuinely hear and listen to the call from within, so we can set clear and compassionate boundaries with others. Will it feel smooth? Probably not. However, if we can pause and choose our words and actions with intent, this potent waxing quarter Moon offers an opportunity to awaken and integrate. Worthy of the work, see any tension as a pathway to a higher consciousness. Rise, baby rise.

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When Love is our teacher heartbreak can be the most powerful medicine, says Alexandra Roxo in her latest Holy F*ck column…

alexandra roxo holy fuck heart break open the numinous ruby warrington

So maybe just maybe some mega shit has been hitting the fan during this Venus Retrograde? Or perhaps it’s minor pieces of shit for you. Little annoying pieces of shit you thought were gone…but are still stinking up the place? Perhaps it’s around romantic love, rejection, partnership. Or perhaps self love, worth, value.

Chances are you’ve been stung. But guess what??! This means your heart is open—that it’s accessible, soft, tender, growing, reshaping, adapting, expanding. THIS IS A GOOD THING. Heartbreak can be the most powerful medicine.

Committing to living with an open heart it is not an easy road. It can mean letting your heart break and break and break, but each time it breaks it swells and becomes bigger and messier and wider and has the capacity to hold more.

This is the way of Love. (Cue Rumi.)



Love has always been my personal teacher of choice. When I was 20 and all my friends had gurus, I was secretly writing the words “AHEM PREMA” (I am divine love) on my hand and telling folks, “Love is my guru!” I’ve been obsessed with Love for as long as I can remember. I’ve been in Love MANY times and rejected MANY times more, and still I keep on going for it.

How do I define Love?
Love is that which we were made from and that which we will return to. The primordial ooze in us. The ever present God-Goddess sparkle living in each cell. Which we feel when we”fall” in Love. Really what I believe happens is that this “falling” is us OPENING to the Love that already exists within us. What if you could feel that without an other person? This is what I’m talking about!!

And because I also never quit being curious and doing things that scare me, I signed up for a two-day intensive last week called “The Yoga of Intimacy” with Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce (who also may be the hottest couple on the planet. Major #RelationshipGoals.)

Arriving at a beautiful inn in Topanga I prepared myself to be “crucified by Love.” (My ideal Saturday!) Standing across from a man whose name I didn’t know, who wasn’t “my type,” I let Love show me where I was guarded. And I let it make me feel safe enough to pull down the walls and completely open to said stranger.

I looked into his eyes and cried. I shared my depths. And it felt as powerful as an Ayauasca ceremony. If not more powerful! With eyes open and locked onto someone else’s, instead of eyes closed solo-style like in plant journeys, I couldn’t escape my demons or pain or shut down or dissociate. Justin said it perfectly … “If you think ayahuasca is crazy, try love.”

I could literally NOT form a sentence afterwards. As a writer and wordsmith I was kinda freaked out by the temporary mush in my brain. But I was assured that this meant I had surrendered to the pure-as-hell-delicious Shakti/Divine Feminine energy that resides outside the mind.



At the workshop, I also had to go on a practice dinner date with an older doctor from Beverly Hills who talked like I imagine Freud would have sounded. I did NOT wanna get vulnerable with him but I did, and I broke into tears across the dinner table as I revealed to him my deepest desires. He was beyond grateful that I showed him my Heart.

As I cried and told him of all the times I had broken my heart, he said “At the end of your life would you rather have loved and had your heart broken 99 times and on the 100th found someone special, than hidden your heart and not loved at all?” It was true. And all 99 times of heartbreak are heart opening and “special” in my book.

Two days at this intensive rocked me to my core. It was SO terrifying to let go and let Love do its thing. Yet I felt more delicious than I had in ages.

alexandra roxo holy fuck heart break open ruby warrington the numinous


When Love becomes a skill and a medicine, you can hang out with a close friend and feel deeply nourished and fed when you leave them, like you just got 10 hugs and a bowl of soup from your Grandma.

Or you and your Lover can be in a constant state of divine communion, and one glance feels like 1,000 gourmet raw chocolates for your soul.

A solo Love practice means at a stop light in the car you can feel the depths of Love swimming through your body and yoni, and you have the power to release a warm honey glow throughout your body that feels like you are cumming. Try walking into a meeting from that place!

Here’s how to start … 

– Love and be loved. Identify the 5 ways you feel most Love(d). I do this with all my clients. Perhaps it’s petting your cat. Or watching your fave film. Meditating. Chanting to Goddess. Get to know the direct path to your Heart, if you don’t already, and start feeling the Love vibes often by using those tools.

– Connect to humans/animals. The internet doesn’t count unless you are one-on-one on Skype with someone. IRL is the best way to go. Make this a priority. It is the remedy against overeating, loneliness, indulging in bad habits, overworking … I’m talking real connection! Even one solid hug and “Good Morning” from a roomie is something.

– Let your heart get naked. This is where you get vulnerable. If you can practice this daily, you’ll either deepen your already existing partnerships or tenderize the nest of your heart to get it ready to let love in. Call a new friend and share something intimate. Write a poem and share it online. Ask someone for help. Practice vulnerability and practice receiving some Love. (Like let the guy at Trader Joe’s help you to your car already!)

– Feel, feel, feel. Sounds obvious, right? But how often do you feel your feelings in the moment? Practice vocalizing your pain. Frustration. Sadness. As you’re experiencing it. Let yourself feel the depths of your yearning/your rage/your sadness/your joy DAILY.

– Daydream. Do a little bit of daydreaming each day. Imagine your lover caressing your neck. Imagine your lover giving you that “I wanna fuck you” look across the room at a crowded party. If this sounds cheesy to you then work on the vulnerability of your heart.

Whether you are in partnership or flying solo, you can play with Love every day. You can become more and more conscious of living in your full beauty and radiance and sexiness the more and more you release the fear of getting hurt. You can just open. The pain becomes part of your practice too and, trust me, you even start to love that! WHAAA?!!! Can it be?!!! Yeeeep.


Londin & Justin’s next intensive is September 16-17th, and I’ll def be there crying and loving and embodying all the Shakti I can, Goddess willing. You can discover more about them and their work