The Libra Full Moon brings a beautiful opportunity to look in the mirror and see the real you, says Sandra Sitron

Libra Full Moon The Numinous Strong Eye Astrology 2017
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Full Moon :: April 11 2017 :: 2:09 am EST :: 21 degrees Libra

Every situation is a mirror. Every friend is a mirror. Every decision is a mirror. Every habit is a mirror. Every relationship is a mirror. Look into the mirror. What do you need to see about yourself?

At 2:09 Eastern time on April 11th, we have a Full Moon in Libra. The Full Moon phase occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun. At this Full Moon time, the Sun is in Aries and the Moon is in the opposite sign of Libra. This is also called an opposition. When there is an opposition, we are trying to hold two different ideas at the same time. Aries rules our relationship with ourself, and Libra rules our relationships with others.

The themes of identity (Aries) and relationships (Libra) are heavy-duty. Anything that comes up around relationships right now will really be teaching you something about yourself. Find your boundaries. Love yourself. Know who you are and what you want.

Communicate this truth in a peaceful way. Create boundaries so that you can lean more fully into relationship in a way that feels really good. This is the Aries-Libra magic at work.


Full Moon in Libra
A dusty mirror in the back of the attic.
When something comes up you can either look outward to find the cause of the problem, or you can look inward to find the cause of the problem.

The Full Moon in Libra reminds us to look through the looking glass. When something comes up in a relationship, instead of placing blame on the other person, turn the gaze around on yourself. See if you can figure out what pattern within yourself is ready to be healed. If someone doesn’t trust you, notice where you aren’t trusting yourself. Or if you are feeling unsupported by a partner, notice where you aren’t supporting yourself. Identify the issue, and then look into the mirror to find the root of it within yourself.

We’ve all heard that the Full Moon time can be emotional. Maybe the Full Moon gets emotional because the tendency is to keep looking outward, as the Moon reflects the Sun’s full light. It can be habitual to look for the root of the problem outside of yourself, without reflecting inward. If this happens, emotions can get high, but more importantly, emotional reactions can get high. If these reactions are unchecked, things can get dramatic.

To get ahead of the emotions, sit quietly. Don’t rush ahead. Go slow.

To truly align with the energy of this moment, meditate on Trust. Try to find it everywhere. This Moon wants you to believe that the world is balanced. And maybe it is. Believe it. Pick up the crumbs of trust wherever you can find them. They’ll lead you in the right direction.


The Aspects

The major aspect pattern is a T-square with Pluto in Capricorn as the focal planet, square Moon and Jupiter in Libra and square Sun and Uranus in Aries.

A healthy bunny dives into a hole.
This is a time of cathartic healing. Honor your grief so that you can let go. There will be activation of the themes of the last 5 years. We may be faced with that same old lesson, but this time around, we can figure out how to be more peaceful. Even when things seem difficult. Find harmony within yourself so that you have enough energy to heal the old stuff. Read below to understand more about this T-square…


Full Moon square Pluto
Tending to the alter.
This is the part of the T-square that represents cathartic healing. To achieve this healing, you must let yourself cycle through the accompanying emotions. You must trust your healing process. Focus on the concept of trust. Trust that the lessons you’re learning are actually a gift. Trusting is the most practical thing to do. You can also notice what you’re suspicious of. Why? What does this serve you? Does it really keep you safer? Most likely it takes up your energy. Let it go.

Full Moon conjunct Jupiter
Eating a pizza.
Here we can see how completely we are supported. Fill up. Have fun. Expand. You have gifts and resources that will help you grow. Let this be easy. This aspect is like your salve. It will help all of the other aspects make sense and become emotionally integrated. To work with it fully, reach for balance. Aim for the moderate path to activate Jupiter’s gifts here.

Full Moon opposite Uranus
Lightning tears the sky.
This Full Moon is opposite the Great Awakener (Uranus). Maybe all of this trust and healing and expansion will open you up to a fresh Awakening. The trick here is that if you want progress, you have to be willing to change. And you have to be willing to experience changes in your external world. How does this idea sit with you? Part of the fun of life is that the answers have yet to be revealed. Let yourself be surprised. You can’t plan this all out. It’s actually way better to not know the outcome. So try to be open to change.


To work more deeply with the energies of the Libra Full Moon, open your journal or get together with a friend to work on the below areas for self-inquiry. To get more specific, read for the house that holds 21 degrees Libra in your birth chart.

Aries or 7th House
Think about a situation you are working with right now. What could the hidden lesson be? Is that lesson actually a gift? How?

Taurus or 6th House
What are some ways you can practice creating peace in your life?

Gemini or 5th House
How can you make more space for joy and fun? What are the things that make you feel like a little kid?

Cancer or 4th House
It’s time for some spring cleaning. What would “cleaning house” internally mean to you?

Leo or 3rd House
What are some simple ways you can expand your community? Who have you been meaning to reach out to?

Virgo or 2nd House
Make a master list of all of your resources. Your skills, connections, assets, etc. How do these contribute to your sense of self-worth?

Libra or 1st House
How can you convince yourself that you’re free? Come up with three ways.

Scorpio or 12th House
What do you need to see that you aren’t seeing? How did your last vivid dream make you feel?

Sagittarius or 11th House
What’s your mission statement? If you could broadcast it to the world, what would your message be?

Capricorn or 10th House
How can you prove to yourself that you’re an expert? In what area has your experience made you rich?

Aquarius or 9th House
What makes you feel jolly? Can you do more of that this week?

Pisces or 8th House
How would you like to feel about finance and abundance? Can you feel into this sensation now?

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Sandy Sitron

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