The Hierophant is an invitation to recognize the teacher in you, and be open to receiving guidance from others, says Melinda Lee Holm


The Capricorn moon sign is tougher than most – a balance of tender and tough, says Ash Baker. PLUS 8 lifestyle tips to help you manage your Capricorn moon sign. Artwork: Prince Lauder via

Prince Lauder on The Numinous

Fellow sea goats, gather around and learn about your personal take on the Moon. You project an emotional character that is sparkling with strength. Even your aura is made of resilient stuff. Capricorn Moons get a bad rap though because the qualities of this sign are the exact opposite of what the Moon stands for.

This means it’s a tougher Moon than others, but not impossible. I too have this Moon so I’m really speaking from the heart with this article. And it just means we have to work a little more mindfully at achieving the Moon’s needs via our sign’s attributes.

Capricorn stands for power, control, success and ambitious achievement. The Moon, our heart, wants to nurture and support through being soft and gentle. So this Moon’s purpose is to understand how to be vulnerable while still feeling safe. To not be too controlling. To let go of the ice queen/king tendencies. This placement can feel a bit dark side of the Moon. We stay cool and detached so we don’t get hurt. Learning to bridge that gap is key.

Capricorn does have something in common with the Moon though, they both enjoy taking care of needs. What those needs are varies but possessing the ability to help fulfill them is strong. This can be a very realistic Moon in that Capricorns see the logic in emotions. They can come across insensitive due to being so grounded, conservative and stoic.

The Capricorn Moon sign needs independence and to prove that it can do things on it’s own. So working towards the goal of embracing independence while asking for help every once in awhile would be beneficial. Just watch out for being too controlling of others to get what you want. You really take it to heart if you think someone sees you as unable to fulfill certain functions. Therefore you can become too rigid and bossy just to hide the fact that maybe you are not so perfect at everything you set out to achieve.

It’s okay. You are human. Our flaws bond us. Allowing those who love you to take care of you is HUGE. You want to remain in a place where you feel dignified and composed, but also open enough to depend on someone else. This is where true intimacy is born and your Moon can fully blossom. We each have an area of life where we feel the need to get the job done. The Capricorn feels respected, nurtured and fulfilled in doing so.

Below are a few suggestions to work/benefit your Capricorn Moon sign’s higher vibes.

:: Strength ::
Pick an exercise that makes you feel strong. One that gives you a feeling of power over your body yet humbles you at the same time. This sign rules the bone structure so if yoga suits you try this yoga sequence…

High Lunge :: Alanasana
From a standing position step the right leg/foot towards the back of the mat. Come up on the ball of the right foot with an inhale. Exhale and bend the front left knee. Make sure the knee is bent directly over the ankle. Tilt the pelvis slightly under and lengthen up through the spine. Inhale and reach the arms loosely into the air. Reach your upper body towards the ceiling and press the lower body down towards the floor. Come back to standing and switch legs.

Warrior 2 :: Virabhadrasana 2
Come back to Tadasana. Step the right foot back 3-4 feet. Turn your right foot to a slight angle with the toes out and the heel in. The left foot should be pointed forward. Inhale and reach the arms up and out in line with your shoulders like wings. Exhale and begin to bend the front knee directly over the ankle. If you are a beginner, lessen the bend in the knee but never take it further than your ankle. You should see your 1st/2nd toes. Make sure your torso is directly above your pelvis. Reach your arms out wide and feel them lengthening. Press your feet down into the ground gathering energy back into the body. Hold for 30 seconds up to 1 minute. Come back to Tadasana and switch sides.

Reverse Warrior :: Viparita Virabhadrasana
From Warrior 2, drop your back hand down to the back of your back leg or on your hip as you lean backwards from your side and reach your front arm up and over your ear, creating length in your ribs and side waist. Keep the knee bent directly over the ankle. Look up towards your hand as long as you don’t have any neck pain.

:: Time alone ::
You need solitude to plot, plan and stay on top of all the goals you want to achieve. Being such an independent Moon you emotionally benefit more from private time than some other signs do. If this is something that feels difficult to add into your life, really start to make it a priority. Put up some boundaries if need be. This quiet time will really benefit your heart in the long run.

:: Lighten up ::
Now, following the tip on alone time you also need to balance. Be sure to add fun, and silly experiences to your life. This sounds easy to most people, but it’s something you actually have to work at. This Moon sign is serious from birth. We enter the world like little adults. So going out of your way to go out and play is actually quite therapeutic.

:: Life coach ::
Being such a goal-oriented sign is a good thing, but it can get a little too controlling. So why not ask for some help? Hire a life coach to help get things in order so you’re not constantly obsessing over your never ending lists. This actually is a double whammy for you because it allows you to work on asking for help while still achieving goals piece by piece.

:: Bodywork ::
Massage. Reiki. Shiatsu. Any modality that helps ease the rigidity of your body from stress is going to do wonders. We all hold tension in our bodies but due to this sign being so prone to stress, a healing release is necessary. You may be guilty of only feeling comfortable when worrying over a deadline. If this is you, go treat yourself.

Happy healthy climbing Cappy Moons!



Happy Birthday Capricorn! We kick off this new calendar year with a good old dose of healing. I feel that you might need it – in fact I’m encouraging you to prolong your holiday into January if at all possible, or at least stay with the theme of relaxation. The Strength card does bring you strength, yes, but it’s about the strength you have is within, which gives the ability to heal yourself and to calm your own ego. If you look at the imagery in the classic Rider Waite deck, you can see the angel slowly and gently closing the mouth of the Lion, who succumbs and allows this to happen. The scene is serene and the skies clear, giving a wonderful example of our ability to work on releasing our own fears. The infinity symbol above the angel’s head is mirrored in the Magician card, reminding us of our life force and that we have all the tools we need within. Now you aren’t always typically the ‘go within’ type, often choosing instead to thrash things out in your head or try and practically tackle your challenges like breaking a puzzle. This type of healing though really does require you to dive a little bit deeper. In order to tame your ego mind, first you must recognize it – so listen for the shouting voice that chatters in your headspace, the voice that will speak negatively and tell you that you can’t do things or aren’t good enough. It’s loud and probably very familiar. Your intuitive mind is more loving and nurturing, and is expressed as the voice that will tell you home truths without pulling you down. In simple terms, your intuition is Love and the ego is Fear. Your goal now is to let the voice of Love become louder, by choosing to channel your energy and thoughts from a positive mindset. It can be hard to do this when you feel drained, which I think some of you sure are, but know that it will lead you to a higher place. Start this year off with the intention to go beyond your fears. You don’t need to bring them with you, but you do need loving care. If you are able to have a little extra time to yourself this month then spend it giving to yourself and others, as you also have the ability to heal yourself via healing others. Recognize that every person is a mirror for you, and that perhaps the advice you like dishing out needs to come back home? Go and get a massage, try a new type of energy healer of even just spend a day on the sofa (with your laptop OFF, okay!) and think of January as a month to recalibrate so that you can return to your glorious powerful form in the months ahead.

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I always see this card being like the game of pick up sticks – The Five of Swords represents a piecing back together of the self, a self that has been scattered. I suggested you went on a bit of a journey at the end of the year to really reshuffle your morals and beliefs and perhaps get some external guidance. Did you? It makes sense that this card follows on from that theme, as now you need to recalibrate and start out afresh with a new and clearer mindset. The Swords are the Air element, which of course is no stranger to you, but saying that, Air energy can be your help and your hindrance. I want to remind you that you are the one in charge of your thoughts – even though a situation or challenge can create a certain feeling within you – and it is still totally up to you how you choose to perceive it. Try not to see everything as an attack on you, step outside the situation and be realistic. This card will always advise you to pick your battles carefully and I feel that is important advice for you. Do you sometimes find yourself kicking off a conversation by moaning about something from your day? Think about the energy around you and make a big choice to focus on a positive aspect rather than go straight for the negative. It might be that there are a host of stress factors around you – possibly due to challenges in the workplace or a set of friends with a LOT to gossip about. I want you to weigh up and pros and cons of bothering to get involved or let it affect you. Sometimes it can really help to just remind ourselves that stress is a day-to-day occurrence and that it will always dissipate. We don’t need to jump into the fray and go to town with it. I would rather your focus go on getting your energy back in one piece as you to bring some kindness and grounding back into your life. With this card present you may feel very floaty and ‘lost in space’. Check in with the Earth element by eating foods that grow in the earth, as well as less sugar and more water. Go for a long walk or run and stamp your feet, visualizing roots coming out of you and anchoring you to the center of the earth. When dealing with situations that are making your head ache, you must work with compassion rather than anger. Yes it can be so easy to just want to shout back and throw fire balls at what’s bothering you, but it won’t help you in the long run. In fact it will cause you more stress! Try and be compassionate where you feel conflict, which I know can be hard but boy does it work. It’s time to check back in with your life and be present!

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I feel so happy to draw one of my favorite cards in the deck for you my fishy friend, as I know you went on quite a journey last year. Now, the Three of Wands represents a different kind of expedition, one of adventure and positivity. I love this card because I see the figure looking out to the distance and the world is his oyster. The Threes speak of collaborating and expansion and paired with the Wands – our Fire element – this represents a massive boost for your creative talents. The Two of Wands before this shows you contemplating putting things out to the world and this is the moment when you start to see something coming back in. It might be that at the end of the year you started making plans, and that January is when you get to see some ships roll in. You still have to maintain focus though. You can be prone to shaking your fist at the Universe for giving you trouble whilst you sit back and refuse to participate in your own life. This card holds a very positive vision for the future, but it’s about how you choose to look at it. You want to be prepared for twists and turns in your plot and open to the fact that things will change, uncertainty is certain after all! The Three of Wands offers you the gift to receive more opportunities the more you can surrender to letting your life flow. There is a call for you to act fearlessly and see this month as a time of growth. If we go about our day-to-day lives with the knowledge that we are on a journey, then it all makes a lot more sense. You may be physically travelling this month – either back home after the holidays or setting off on a grand adventure. This is again your chance to look at your life as an educational experience, know that you are about to get schooled in a whole new set of possibilities. Think excitement and expansion of your horizons. Keeping yourself in a box is like putting on a blindfold. I want you to commit to change and a new attitude. Along the month you may have opportunities to collaborate creatively with others, and this is going to be really beneficial for you. Again keep your mind open because you may find help in extraordinary places. Swim freely Pisces.

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


Of course this card has come up for you Aries! You have probably been dying to get back to your office after the holidays because you have 101 ideas to bring action to. Okay fine, you can do it, because now you have an Ace of Pentacles in your hand – and the Universe is bestowing on you a whole host of new ideas and opportunities for your working month ahead. The Aces always represent the beginning of a new cycle, so you might be really figuring out how to step up a level and push your project a little bit more towards the golden glow of success. You totally have the ability to gain new insights this month and have a glimpse at future success whilst you’re at it. It is a positive month for you to throw something new into the pot. You might be blasting out some new articles on your blog or starting a new job. This is definitely a card for the independent characters among you as this it’s about solo success – so even if you are in a crowded office it’s your month to stick your foot in the door and be heard. I know you have no problem with that Aries. Everything is new and shiny in January and so it’s also a good time to just try out something new in all areas. It will certainly be a month that you might want to check in on your current health plan – this is a very energetic card so if you don’t feel particularly well right now then it’s your signal to tune in to your body and give it some serious respect and nurture. You should also be feeling pretty a-okay on the financial front, but remember that you don’t need to be rolling in cash to be grateful for what you’ve got. In fact practice some gratitude for everything you do have to give a nice wink to the Universe that you’re present and ready for more. Of course this is also an awesome card for manifesting. My method of ‘Intention – Action – Surrender’ is perfect for your January. First, get your intentions clear – what do you really want? How do you want to feel? Be unapologetic about the plans you have but be compassionate about your journey. Don’t set yourself tasks purely so you can punish yourself if you don’t fulfill them! Instead get excited about all the possibilities this year could bring, then, when you are ready – go get ‘em!

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


Did you notice the energy of that Tower card come in last month? Any dramatic changes or lightning bolt style moments of clarity? January arrives with The Six of Pentacles, which is usually a sign that things are on the up, so if you did have a hard time in December this is a spark of faith that you will pull through. This card holds generosity and I want you to explore what giving and receiving is present in your life. Firstly, it’s a good start to check in with your sense of balance, especially around other people and your day-to-day. If you’re feeling drained and unfulfilled, perhaps you’re giving too much of your energy out to those who aren’t reciprocating? A sure fire way to turn that around is to spend as much time as possible this month with the friends and colleagues who uplift you to bring a little positivity back in and remind yourself what it feels to be surrounded by like minded people, or even those who you just seem totally relaxed around. I have been making an effort to do this recently and I found that a few days spent with ‘my people’ really fast-tracked everything around me for the better – this might be apparent for you this month. This is a good card for work and finances and can often show you having an input of cash in an unexpected way – it might be that you’ve applied for a bank loan or are seeking a mentor, and this person may show up soon to be able to give you some sage advice. You’re also in a fine space to share your knowledge so if you had plans to start setting up a business or launch a new website then this card shows the Universe agrees you have a message to get out! Don’t feel shy about standing up and speaking about the types of experiences that have taught you along you way, others will love your practical and real advice, and your words could be the turning point of change for many others. Health wise, just remember to give some love back to your inner self, stopping to get a manicure or ever just allowing yourself some sofa time will get you back in check and enable you to be the super awesome being that you are!

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


I spoke with you in December about clearing your files, sorting through your stuff and taking it away to heal. Did you find that this reflected through your month? It might even be that you had a sudden onslaught in the last week of the year, as all your biggest fears reared their heads at once. I say this because now we have the man himself – The Devil – present at the start of the year. Now don’t run away screaming, for this card doesn’t signify the world falling apart! He is simply a manifestation of your ego as if this card is the devil on your shoulder showing you all the restrictions that are in place in your life. The message is that it’s your job to remove these setbacks – and this feeling you have of being totally out of control right now can be freed up by you accepting some flow back in and actively choosing to not listen to the ego voice of Fear. The Devil could also represent a person that you are struggling with in your life right now, someone who is pushing all your fearful buttons. This can be a serious challenge and your goal is to not let the fears have the power. If we feed our fears they will appear to grow bigger and bigger – instead, it is our job to acknowledge them, say hello, and keep on going about our business, paying more attention to love and compassion, particularly for ourselves. Know that while it’s entirely possible to feel restricted by someone else, you can’t change other people, so you have to just flip back again to you and not follow in their footsteps. Your fears can be very strong with this card and can be very much focused on the future outcome of a situation – what will happen? I can’t tell you that and you can’t know either, but don’t dismiss your inner capacity for joy because of any anxiety you’re experiencing. It’s very easy to feel let down by life sometimes, but try to only allow that to be a passing moment, purely because you know that energy is contagious and right now you need the strong support that a positive attitude brings. Fear is a battle for all of us, but working with the present moment more and more you will see the power that fear has over you diminish rapidly as you accept things as they are right now, instead of flinging your energy all over the place. January will be a big month for you and the year ahead is showing a real breakthrough in mental clarity, so hang in there!

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


Hello adventurer! I hope you had a creative and expansive end to the year, with perhaps some fun and games thrown in. We start the year off with quite a big strong and intense card and I feel the Universe is trying to catch your attention here. The imagery in the Judgement card shows an angel trumpeting from the heavens as a collection of figures climb out of the ground and come to the surface. The message is certainly one of rebirth, and a big push for you to stand up and be counted! This often comes if you feel like you’ve slid a little off your path or become a bit wishy-washy with your intentions – that blaring trumpet says ‘wake up!’ I have seen this card come up a lot for clients recently with the energy around us really signaling for us to be serious about our passions and accept our calling cards. Because of this element of rebirth you can expect to feel the winds of change during the month, some of them motivated by the actions you intend to take while others may be the Universe sweeping in and getting rid of what you don’t need, so trust that there is a method within any madness and that everything happens to get you to be where you should be. Now this isn’t a card of swift action, it represents the opening of your eyes and a period of evaluation before you make your moves. So don’t feel like you need to charge off your starting block – in fact it’s a good idea not to be hasty, but spend the beginning of the year really making some solid plans. There is also a sense of spiritual awakening here as the rebirth can be you stepping into a different energy space. You may have been researching and experimenting with some new ways of thinking recently, and found yourself having a bit more faith that you can bust through your blocks. So you may find yourself making a commitment to a period of healing, because you know that the future will benefit from you being at your finest. You might feel like joining some group therapy sessions to help understanding that others are experiencing similar fears and that you’re not as alone as you often think. This card is a positive sign that you can continue your journey and get to the bottom of those demons and shift them out, making way for all that is new, exciting and frankly much, much more interesting.

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Happy New Year to you! I hope that you managed to indulge a little over the holiday season and get the rest you needed from a recent work slog. The Five of Pentacles is urging you to not sway off your highest path this month. The Fives always come up to teach us about the human experience and this card is a real mix of the material and spiritual worlds. It can show up when you suddenly feel a bit abandoned by the environment around you and so in turn you abandon the world within – when of course you need to do the total opposite! This feeling isn’t entirely accurate, as you may feel alone but in fact you have a wealth of support around when you need it – but you do have to check in and call it in! So if you suddenly feel really out of whack this month, ask for help! It might be that you check in with your closest friends or take yourself for a massage with your favorite therapist – either way you must allow yourself to be nurtured so that you can see the light again. Be careful not to get into the mood where you think that everyone ‘has it better’ than you – that can be you turning your fire element back on yourself and others, which can easily missfire leaving you angry at the Universe or the people around you. It’s not the time to start throwing out mysterious tweets that talk about you being ‘all you’ve got’ because it cultivates a judgmental attitude which is very negative and also closes you off to brighter thoughts. Your take home is that all is not lost, there is brightness ahead of any stressful moments that you may experience along the way. Change your tune so that you sync back into a positive mental attitude and avoid settling into a lack mentality. If you believe that you don’t have what you need then that’s what you will always see. Practice some gratitude for all the little blessings in your life right now – I bet there are so many – as this can be the start of you returning to a spiritual practice. Give it a shot, even simply closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing for a minute while you’re on the bus, you are committing to an investment in your wellbeing. You are worth the life that you dream of, so don’t hang around recycling your sadness because there are a million more awesome things round the corner for you.

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


Stay in the holiday groove Virgo, as you still need some rest. The Four of Swords feels to me like the calm before the storm – not a destructive one, but it might be that February and onwards is going to be all Go Go Go, so you want to sail the calm seas for as long as possible. The imagery of this card shows a figure lying in bed with these swords around him, and I used to think that this card was signalling some kind of anxiety. But the more I’ve worked with it, I’ve learned that it’s merely a reflection of recent anxiety and stress giving you the go ahead to slow down and rest up. It often arrives as a little warning to us that if we over work and over dramatize things, then our physical body may end up feeling the stress. If you felt rather beaten down in December, make January a month of good health. You don’t have to dive into a restrictive detox but be mindful that you want to feed yourself well so that you have energy for what’s ahead. You have a pretty action packed year ahead with all sorts of success, so please accept this moment of retreat. If you can take extra time off work then you could benefit from some time out in nature or away from the buzz of your laptop, somewhere you can find actual silence. If you can’t get out of town, meditation will be key – you might enjoy some guided meditations where you can jet yourself off to some golden fields in your mind and receive some divine healing. This is also a time of contemplation for the year ahead, a little bit of intention before you put in the action, so enjoy some daydreaming and visualizing. Be light and airy in the best possible way, and avoid using your down time to have a little dance party with your fears – we know how easy that can be! Let yourself have as much alone time as possible – there is positivity in solitude so don’t feel guilty about turning down any party invites, as your wellbeing is the priority. With all this in mind, don’t be afraid of the spaces that appear in your schedule or of a quieter financial month; remember the ebbs and flows of life. You know that it’s important for you to take this breather so stop arguing about it in your head. You aren’t being unproductive if you have a day off work – okay!

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


We’re back on the work train for you my little Libra. The Seven of Pentacles has a lot in common with The Hanged Man – both share elements of patience and surrender. Your mood is that of a gardener that has just planted all of his favorite flowers and is dying to see them bloom. But this isn’t a time for instant gratification and you must allow things to mature. Our ability to be patient and let our ships come in in their own time is very important, and an exercise in our own personal confidence. It can be easy to see periods of waiting as some sort of failure – but this is far from the case, in fact the signs all point to positive returns on your investment. So in the career and material world you may be waiting on emails, article approvals, or confirmation of a pay raise. You may even be waiting for legal matters to be sorted out. You won’t be waiting forever though, do not fear, you will probably see things moving along within a matter of weeks, so you can be calm in this surrender and, in fact, enjoy it. In another sense this card shows things coming back to you that you have put out, so if you took a bit of a wild adventure in the spirit of rhe holiday season then you could be feeling in need of a serious detox. No problem, you are totally up for the job! Just get on it fast so that you boost your energy levels for later in the month when you find yourself needing to put in some major work on all those opportunities that have suddenly come back around. It’s also important to allow things to have their flow and not freak out if something doesn’t work out how you planned. If one flower amongst seven doesn’t blossom then this is no major loss to have a hissy fit about – instead, see it as creating a space for something else to grow. Please take this mindset as gold dust as it can really free you up from causing yourself a lot of inner anguish. This way of thinking actually opens more doors and takes off the blinkers. Remember, life is good, so settle in and enjoy what you have right now. Be thankful for a new year and know that a bunch of magical opportunities await you.

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


You’re back on form this month Scorpio – more power to you! December carried a rush of healing along with a few ego flares, and as January comes in you’re really on top of it and ready to be the brightest and shiniest you! Please prepare to go for gold as The Star gives you the ability to rise above your challenges and rebirth any time that you need to. You have been caring for your health and so your energy is on the up, and if you haven’t then please don’t waste time punishing your body. You absolutely have to draw that line and respect yourself so that your outer world can reflect your inner being. Be loving to your body and your life will call in sunbeams. The Star is a beacon of positive energy and a pioneer for clicking yourself into a truly magical mindset. It’s also a serious shout out for you to keep at your spiritual practice – remember that it should be fun! The last thing we want is to punish ourselves about whether we’ve meditated long enough today. You know what works for you – just keep at it. You must not hide in the shadows this January; it is the right time to keep throwing ideas and projects out into the cosmos. Your wisdom must be shared and you will do yourself and the world an injustice if you hide away and are afraid to share what you know. This card gives you the ability to be a shining light for others, so never underestimate your ability to uplift someone with the tiniest of actions – even a smile. You also might want to check in with some of your own ‘star people.’ Whether this means friends who always uplift you or a new therapist or coach, seek any advice that you need to be able to hone your skills this month. Be grateful – be grateful for your past, your present and very much for your future. I like to thank the world for the joy I have ahead and acknowledge the faith I have that I am on the right path. Do this for yourself, and also recognize your talents! I always see the stars showering across this card like medals for all that you’ve achieved so far, so pat yourself on the back. The stars also reflect all the new projects and passions you have around and in store. The year is no doubt going to be a big one for you and so your only job is to be unapologetic about stepping into your super powers and enjoy the ride.

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!


I am here to tell you that all that water energy from the last year…is here to stay! Welcome to a brand new you, as there’s no escaping your feelings or your intuition so you may as well embrace it, baby! I really love the transition from the King of Cups to the Queen this month, as you get to relax a little more as you familiarize yourself with a change in your energy. This is a much more feminine and divine source for you this January. I also feel this is a really positive card to kick off your year and, having just completed your year ahead forecast, it’s looking pretty celebratory. So let’s get started! The Queen of Cups gives you the ability to see the world through a lens of love, compassion, intuition and nurture. You will continue to practice thinking from your heart space and trusting that your gut has some gusto. This Queen is perfect to help you redefine any fiery moments that leap up this month, perhaps unexpectedly you know right away that you must treat fire with a big wet kiss of L.O.V.E. You also may find yourself the healer of the bunch this month as people seem to line up to ask you for help with their problems – and you delight in doing so. Make sure you watch your energy, and don’t forget your boundaries. Visualize a bright and shiny bubble around you so that you feel protected in your space. Make sure to balance this by spending time with your power posse – you need the support of your gang around you especially as you flow into this New Year. I’ve spoken to you a lot about self care over this past year, so keep it up. You have noticed it working and seen your body and mind respond well to a nice dose of good food and more sleep. You are sitting secure on your throne as you set off into this new year and you are right to be confident about your plans – just keep going at everything in your life from a heartfelt place. The moment that you start making decisions from fear, then you will notice a headfirst turn in the not so awesome direction. You now know from experience that that way of thinking just won’t cut it for you anymore – plus we all know that you are too intent on getting your own way to risk fear de-railing your success!

I’ve just completed your in depth look at 2014 – Read your year ahead Tarotscope here!

Cast using the Rider Waite Deck.