Cast and channeled by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot

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Queen of Wands

Happy turn around the sun, sweet Virgo! You are celebrating your birth month with one of the most exciting and beloved cards in the Tarot, the Queen of Wands. Ruled by the dual elements of fire and water, Queen of Wands is all things. She is the witch of the deck, the alchemist, the sexual goddess and the spirit of creative genius. She is a direct channel to Divine, she trusts her intuition, and allows her creativity to flow from her like rainwater. She is quiet about it, too. Indeed, Queen of Wands doesn’t need to talk about these aspects of herself — she just is, beaming her magic out into the world with every step she takes. You are being asked to embody Queen of Wands energy this month, sweet Virgo, allowing yourself to walk through the world radiating these qualities. Rather than wholly relying on your beautifully honed intellect and ability to analyze, you’re being invited to allow your inner knowing to guide the way even more deeply this month.

This shift in energy will organically lead you to some totally new experiences in September and beyond. It is making way for new collaborations, new ideas, inspirations, moments of brilliance and a greater felt experience of total empowerment and personal magic. This card’s reach is transformative. Your only job is to be willing, loves. Willing to allow this alchemical energy into your life, willing to let it sit at the table of your heart. It will be helping to literally redefine your sense of self, and your beliefs about what you are capable of. Leave room for mystery this month. Embrace wabi-sabi in all things. Push against your comfort zone, trust yourself in crucial moments, let the fire and water within you, the passion and the deep knowing, dance as one. The result be will amazing.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Ten of Cups

Rejoice, dear Libra! Do a little dance and get excited — you are moving through the amazing Ten of Cups this month, an energy that you have earned with your hard work, one that is enormously deserved.

Ten of Cups is romanticized for a reason — it’s pretty spectacular. It represents the joyful end of an emotional cycle, typically one that has been rife with inner turmoil. The journey in the Cups from the Ace to the Ten is an intense one, filled with many lessons. In the Cups, we learn to move through great loss, we learn to trust our intuition (even through the din of fear and huge emotions), and we open ourselves to love, to the perfection of the beauty all around us. Ten of Cups is the payoff to this struggle, and it can come into our lives in many ways.

Ten of Cups can be an experience of getting everything we want, our dreams coming true, and living happily ever after, but that’s not always the case. What Ten of Cups gifts to us, above all things, is the opportunity to genuinely love, accept, and appreciate the present moment, giving thanks for all that we do have. You have the opportunity to taste the fruits of trust and peace in your life, Libra — even if you aren’t where you’d like to be, even if you don’t have your beloved by your side yet, even if you are still learning, still figuring stuff out. Wherever you are is perfect, and you get to practice leaning into that, regardless of where you are in your life, which will only make you more available to greater joy and more blessings. This is the true gift of Ten of Cups, and — dare I say it — the key to a happy life. It’s an invaluable lesson. Be here for it.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Knight of Wands, Rx

Knight of Wands reversed has a very important message for you this month, Scorpio: have more fun. This archetype is letting you know that life has become too starchy, too devoid of play and spirited joy. September will be your opportunity to change that in a lasting way. Much is spoken of your intensity and sexual energy — you are also spectacularly hard workers. When that fixed sign work ethic drifts too far left of center, it can turn life into one big responsibility, with no moments left for relaxation, or restoration, not to mention fun. Be willing to look deeply at your beliefs about play. Is it just for kids? A waste of time? Does it make you anxious, believing that your time could be spend on more productive things? If so, it’s time to recenter from the foundation up. You not only need moments of unstructured creative time, but you also need to shake things up with some fun. Whether that means working on a side project, playing on a basketball team, taking a weekly class, or taking up ballet, it doesn’t matter. Empower yourself to shift your relationship to the value of fun, whatever that means to you.

Knight of Wands is a being that moves through the world with the desire to bring great joy to those that he comes into contact with — he wants to have an impact, wants to be seen and remembered. You are giving this gift to yourself this month, Scorpio. Show up for yourself on a new level, and be willing to get really uncomfortable with how much fun you allow yourself to have. The benefits of this shift are invaluable. It will infuse new life into your work, will open your intuition, and will reconnect you with your loved ones. This month, commit to the hardest work of all: play.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Two of Swords, Rx

September is all about self care for you, Sagittarius — both making it a priority in your life, no matter how busy you are, and upgrading it to a new level going forward. Two of Swords is a very powerful and important energy, one that offers us a crucial barometer around our brain chemistry, mental well being, and energetic boundaries. When we receive it in a reading, we need to clear, take space, process things mentally, and return to our center. This card employs a fierceness of spirit around self care that, unfortunately, can be misunderstood all too easily as someone who is too cold, too distant and stand-offish. Two of Swords, however, invites us to pay it no mind — she encourages us to take the space and time we need without explanation.

Put simply, loves, you need to take some space and it’s not happening. There is a need for greater gentleness around the nervous system that’s not being honored. So, what do you do with this information? Inquire around where and why that might be, and make changes accordingly. It’s not because you did anything wrong, or you aren’t paying attention — quite the contrary. It’s most likely because many of you are in deep process, evolving along with everyone else on the planet, and what used to work for you in terms of self care now needs to be expanded and reevaluated. It’s that simple. Whether it’s bodywork, more time in nature, upping your hydration, tweaking your diet, or just more restorative time in general, Two of Swords is calling, and it is crucial to heed her invitation. Make zero apologies. Do not explain yourself when you need space. Trust your intuition around social media, your phone, or the company of certain people in your life. Take the space, and see how much more supported you feel.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Page of Swords

I have three words for your September, Capricorn: Go for it! Whatever you are envisioning, planning, creating or dreaming of, go for it. Divine timing is on your side to make almost anything happen this month. Gather your courage, center yourself, and seize the chance to birth your next great project, task or idea into the world. Committing to these energies may stretch you to your limits in many ways — but what excites you more than that, Capricorn? What thrills you more than a juicy challenge, and a chance to work hard on something that stimulates you? Page of Swords coming together with Virgo season is going to unfold like a dream come true, offering the perfect support system for you to birth these ideas into the world. Take advantage of it.

Page of Swords is a powerful archetype, ruled by air and earth. He is someone who has done the work mentally and energetically to ready himself for something new. His hopes are high, his vision is clear, he feels good, and he is chomping at the bit to have his “shot.” He has knowledge he wants to share, thoughts he wants to communicate, people he deeply wants to serve. The air/earth combination aids him greatly in being able to accomplish this, grounding his visions with enough practicality to make them feasible. In other words, Capricorn, go for it. You are ready. You have moved through the big contractive energies of the last several months, learning your lessons, trusting in timing, learning the art of leaving room for mystery — now you get to move forward, armed with the wisdom gained from the last cycle. If you are feeling scared, ask for support around your next big steps. If you’re willing to be bold and brave, you will have everything you need to make it happen.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Two of Wands

September promises to be a very delicious month for you, Aquarius, ripe with potential opportunities and exciting choices. Two of Wands is an energetic fresh start, and represents a time when the possibilities of our life expand enormously. We begin to have options where we didn’t before, and our interests may be aroused in many different directions. Your sacred opportunity this month will be to make some very important choices around your next steps. This might feel tough in moments, because any path that Two of Wands offers brings something amazing. It’s really a win no matter what, which is is an awesome situation to be in.

Two of Wands is about letting our hearts be guided by the wisdom of our experience, a choice that is largely guided by an earned instinct. You are changing, Aquarius. You have been through a deep journey in the last year, and some of that is beginning to shift. The skies have been very changeable for you this year, bringing you into some powerful lessons and, in some cases, extraordinary change. The path ahead is clearer, brighter, more rich with possibility. Any rut that you’ve been in, energetically or otherwise, is most definitely coming to an end. Life is going to start getting a lot more exciting, the future opening up in some amazing ways. You may feel like you’re at a crossroads of sorts this month, Aquarius, but it won’t be a painful one. The toughest part of Two of Wands is figuring out where to point our compass because every option feels wonderful.

If you can gently temper the excitement you may feel with a little reflection, it will help enormously. You will make the choice that’s best for you, Aquarius. Trust your heart, and give yourself time to drop into what your soul is really longing for.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Five of Cups

You are moving through Five of Cups this month, Pisces, and I won’t lie to you: you’re going to be swimming in some deep waters. But when has that been a problem for you? You are the most experienced deep divers in the Zodiac, regularly swimming into parts of the heart and caves of the soul that many never visit in their lifetime. You are being invited to embrace this part of yourself — it is one of your most awe-inspiring superpowers.

Five of Cups is a kind of emotional contraction, a lesson we move through in order to more deeply trust in the temporal nature of our emotions. Being in Five of Cups can often feel like we cannot see the way forward, that we will be stuck in a situation forever. This card can arise around a totally innocuous inner experience, or it can be as blunt as grief over the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, or a flood of old emotions returning. In the traditional Smith-Rider-Waite card, we see a man grieving over three spilled cups, his back turned to the two full cups behind him. The medicine of this card is inviting you to turn to the “full cups” in your life — what awaits you, and lives on the other side of your emotional experience. There, a treasure awaits, one that will contain what you need in order to move forward.

These treasures are earned through the power of your soul work, Pisces, and enrich every part of you. They strengthen your gifts, expand your intuition, and bless you with greater wisdom and deeper knowing. September is one of those months, one that will invite you to dive deep, and certainly one that will yield its weight in expansion, inner richness and golden wisdom. Trust it, and take the leap.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Akashic Records

September is your month, Aries. The path ahead is bright, clear, and practically golden in its potential. Take advantage of it fully, leaning into every bit of the magic and alchemy that await you in the upcoming cycle. You are moving through the Akashic Records card in September, and put simply, it’s a really, really big deal. This card showing up in a reading is extraordinarily rare, and the medicine it brings is highly advanced and deeply effective.

The Akashic Records themselves are a kind of Universal file folder of divine information. When we tune into the Akashic Records, it is said that we can gain wisdom and answers around anything in the Universe that has ever been, or ever will be. You are in this kind of powerful energy this month, Aries, and it is guiding you toward your next big expansion, both as a collective sign, and as individuals. Know that you have the power to shift your karma this month, to change the direction of your patterns — the potential is endless, and promises to be incredibly magical.

The month ahead will be full of spectacular blessings and opportunities to expand exponentially, but you have to work. You have to show up, doing your part. Whatever you bring forward, Divine will double it. This is the month to say “fuck you” to fear, to doubt, to past pain, to old traumas that have been holding you back. Show up, shine your light, share what has been in your heart, and take the next step in your soul’s evolution. It’s going to take everything you’ve got, but you’re up for it. Rather than thinking of it as an intense or draining time, think about yourself as a kind of athlete, training for the Olympics. You are ready for this — you can do it.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Five of Crystals

You are moving through the advanced medicine of Five of Crystals, or Pentacles this month, sweet Taurus. It is here to let you know that what you want — what you’ve wished for and longed to manifest — is coming. It is on its way, being hand delivered to you, and you are being asked to be trusting and patient with its arrival time. It’s tough, but you can do it.

Five of Pentacles is an advanced energy because it typically asks us to move through a challenge of some kind. It will also ask us to stay very centered through the unfolding of it, rooted in our truth. It doesn’t matter where this card shows up in your life, it’s job is to test your trust, and to help you relax into this moment, unknown as it may be. Empower yourself to stay as cool as you can. Five of Pentacles never lasts long, and it’s usually totally up to us as to whether it’s a slightly uncomfortable experience, or a dreadful experience. Your choice, loves — choose wisely.

Fives in the Tarot are always contractive. They literally squeeze us in order to expand us, readying us for a birth of some kind. When we resist a contraction, we are just uncomfortable for a longer period of time. When we give into them, surrendering and honoring the lesson, we make room for new. Five of Pentacles is often unfairly thought of as a card of money trouble, which is such a limited view of it. If it does affect your abundance this month, Taurus, it is only an energetic sign that you are expanding, preparing to receive more. Get curious around what you might perceive as setbacks and delays. They really are bringing a gift. Once trust in the timing is infused, everything you’ve been waiting for will flood right in.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.



You are cycling through the Death card this month, Gemini. September promises to be a deep time of powerful renewal, incredible lessons, and — of course — releasing what no longer serves your life. Whether this sacred death is a external one (marriage/relationship, job, apartment, a big move), or an internal one, space is being made for something new to grow. Trust it with all your might, sweet ones. There is nothing to fear from this card, I promise you. As much as you might not want to say goodbye, the thing you are releasing can serve you better in another form. Death never comes unless it’s truly time for that aspect of your life to go.

Ruled by Scorpio, the Death card never bodes an actual, physical death. The Death card is about an energetic death, about spiralic change and the turn of the wheel of life. It is in a snake shedding its skin, in the changing of the seasons — the last golden leaf falling from a barren tree, preparing at last to rest for the winter. It is the transmutation of one thing into another, and the honoring of that process. We eat food, then we become food. The weeds in our garden can become sacred compost, fertilizing the new, encouraging it to grow. This card brings transformation to all who are touched by it, letting us know that an old part of us must die away in order for us to move forward, growing as we need to be. Because this card represents an ego death, it can be intense for us to move through it. Honor any discomfort that may come up for you around it, perhaps even grieve it in your way, but no matter what this is coming up around, it is making space for something amazing to come in. Trust and release.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Four of Cups, Rx

September is a kind of review for you, Cancer, one in which you will be called upon to be very present around your emotional boundaries. What you say yes and no to this month will be of the utmost importance to consider. Your reserves will be precious, so it will be crucial to make sure you are moving forward with something only when you truly feel good about it. Saying yes when it’s really a no can have some consequences this month: think getting sick, feeling drained, etc. You all have so much light to share, but your nervous systems need a lot of down time to regenerate after being out in the world. That’s okay — just honor it. Four of Cups is a sign that that honoring is not happening as it needs to. Now you have to check in around why that might be.

Four of Cups reversed is a powerful energy, and one that can be challenging to anyone with a heavy fear of missing out, whether it be on experiences, opportunities, or relationships. It comes at a moment when we are emotionally full, and in order to digest our feelings and experiences, we need to take a gentle break around mindless intaking. We have to integrate. Honor your need to take this time, Cancer. If you continue to drink while you’re still hungover, you’ll always be sick. Honor your instinct and your truth, allowing your words to be a reflection of that. Trust that you can miss nothing that is meant for you, giving yourself the gift of pausing long and hard before you commit to anything this month. September is a reset, and a chance to heighten your integrity and personal commitment to your self care. Embracing it will bring in more abundance than you could ever imagine.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Nine of Swords

You are moving through the medicine of Nine of Swords this month, Leo — diving deeply into a powerful invitation to face your fears and find a sense of personal equilibrium in a time of uncertainty. Indeed, nothing in the tangible realm will necessarily be in flux, or creating an external source of fear — in other words, the fear brought up in Nine of Swords may be coming solely from your own mind, but that doesn’t make it any less legitimate. The experience can be uncomfortable, no matter what. The work you will be welcomed into this month will be to pull up a chair to your fear, invite your doubts and “what ifs” to tea. To listen to yourself, and inquire around what might be happening in your mind that you don’t necessarily want to hang out with all the time. Honoring this invitation will be a deep liberation to your spirit, empowering you to not only face what scares you, but to befriend it. Once we face a fear, it becomes an ally, one that can provide enormous strength and self compassion. Trust what it’s bringing, and allow it to really transform you this month.

Often, Nine of Swords arises in a reading when we are about to do something exciting, awesome, or expansive. The brain can get frightened of losing control over us, and can pump out all kinds of fears, doubts, terrors, “what ifs,” and nightmares, all to keep us in familiar territory. It will be crucially important to ask yourself if you are in one of those times in your life, Leo. If so, Nine of Swords is, dare I say it, a very positive card bringing a very important message for you. Face your fears, and find excitement and empowerment on the other side of the journey.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


What’s in the cards for your sign this sultry Leo birthday month? Resident tarotscopes lady Louise Androlia dips into her deck..

Leo – Temperance
A well-placed birthday card for you I feel, Leo! Temperance means moderation and looking back at last month’s little (or maybe not so) ego diving exploration, you will likely be implimenting what you learned in July, but with a more loving angle. In comes the chance to pay more attention to the self, but this month it’s time to nurture and attend to your inner self. Your key word is BALANCE. Actually, this should always be your mantra, but it is now time to respect that and proactively seek it out.
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The mystical and magical Loulou Androlia casts her deck to see what’s in the cards for your sign this month…

Cancer – King of Swords
Happy birthday Cancer! Did you listen to anything I said last month? I hope so, new beginnings are now here waiting for you. I have a feeling that if you didn’t make those leaps in June then you may have noticed a little push (or a big shove more like) from the Universe? Sometimes our moments of change have to be presented to us if we’re quite not ready to go there ourselves. So if you have felt a bit ‘rock bottom’ these last few weeks, it’s just part of your life cycle. The end is never the end. So the King of Swords is a pretty powerful guy, and I feel he is present for you this month to teach you about personal power and remind you to step into your self a little more. The Swords are AIR cards meaning they address our mental thoughts. If you can be prone to self sabotage, diving into this air energy can help us realise that the key is always in our perception. How are you going to choose to look upon your struggles? There are two ways of seeing life, one is to believe that things are happening TO us, the other that we have a hand in shaping our destiny. To choose the former suggests to yourself that you have no option to change the circumstances in your life, that you have no personal power. It’s is a very passive, negative way of thinking about your life, and this card suggests it’s time to step up to the wheel. This July, get back into the driving seat and realise that changing patterns of thinking doesn’t have to be scary; the unknown is only something else that’s open to our perception of it. Personal evolution is awesome, so let’s go!
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What’s in the cards for your sign this month? Resident Tarot lady Louise Androlia dips into her deck…

Gemini – 3 of Cups
The energy of last month stays with you Gemini, and as the Sun moves into your sign you are still in the spotlight. But now you can relax a little, there are celebrations ahead. June brings in emotional expansion so this card could signify the further bloom of a new relationship or friendship, you may be walking up the aisle this month or starting kicking off a season of weddings as a guest. Celebrations come in all forms, and this is also about toasting to your successes in life, reminding yourself of what you have achieved this year. Be victorious, you ARE worthy! If you have been feeling stressed out or disconnected from your self recently then this is also a great card to remind you to be present in your life and enjoy it, it sounds simple but how often do you take your eyes off the five things you are currently doing and remind yourself what brings you joy? Rebalance and do something for yourself that isn’t draining those octopus tentacles of yours. Be open to reconnecting with old friends or family members and enjoy gathering with those who have supported you in recent times. On the flip side, if you feel like you have been overindulging recently then this card is here to remind you to look after yourself, and invest in some spiritual and holistic therapy instead of another glass of champagne. Either way Gemini, June is a chance to notice and reconnect with the joy in your self and your life.
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WHAT’S in the cards for your sign this month? Resident tarot lady Loulou Androlia dips into her deck…

Aries – Queen of Wands
When I have to get things done I always try to channel the Queen of Wands. This month you have her “can do, will do” attitude and you are brimming with creativity and passion, so dive in with a knowing confidence that your visions are attainable. This month is about pushing forwards on the work and life front, opportunities are going to come at you hard and fast so make sure you are present to receive them. Of course you will undertake this all in a warm and compassionate manner, there is no invite for your ego to this party. This fire energy may bring up some remnants of personal challenges past, but the Queen of Wands shows you that you have the ability to tame your inner fears and keep reaching to the stars.
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