The mystical and magical Loulou Androlia casts her deck to see what’s in the cards for your sign this month…

Cancer – King of Swords
Happy birthday Cancer! Did you listen to anything I said last month? I hope so, new beginnings are now here waiting for you. I have a feeling that if you didn’t make those leaps in June then you may have noticed a little push (or a big shove more like) from the Universe? Sometimes our moments of change have to be presented to us if we’re quite not ready to go there ourselves. So if you have felt a bit ‘rock bottom’ these last few weeks, it’s just part of your life cycle. The end is never the end. So the King of Swords is a pretty powerful guy, and I feel he is present for you this month to teach you about personal power and remind you to step into your self a little more. The Swords are AIR cards meaning they address our mental thoughts. If you can be prone to self sabotage, diving into this air energy can help us realise that the key is always in our perception. How are you going to choose to look upon your struggles? There are two ways of seeing life, one is to believe that things are happening TO us, the other that we have a hand in shaping our destiny. To choose the former suggests to yourself that you have no option to change the circumstances in your life, that you have no personal power. It’s is a very passive, negative way of thinking about your life, and this card suggests it’s time to step up to the wheel. This July, get back into the driving seat and realise that changing patterns of thinking doesn’t have to be scary; the unknown is only something else that’s open to our perception of it. Personal evolution is awesome, so let’s go!

Leo – The Devil
This card is no stranger to you Leo – The Devil brings up issues to do with our ego mind. Now, I believe that our path isn’t to try and dismiss the ego altogether. Rather, we must learn to understand that our ego mind is always present, but that our job is to practice choosing to follow the guidance of our inner voice instead. Last month I wanted you to be fearless and push forward, and it may be that with that energy that June saw some of your old fears rear their ugly head. Maybe some old habits, or even people, strolled back into your life. Don’t be afraid of your dark side Leo, we all have fears and again it’s about how we perceive things. If you accept all parts of yourself, including those you don’t like or are afraid of, then you become more aware that overcoming them is simply a process of where you choose to place your energy. Just because an old habit or addiction shows it’s face to you this month, it doesn’t mean you have to dive in. I also want you to know that the past and the present do not have to be blueprints for the future. You always have the option to evolve; it may be harder work than stepping back into a habit that no longer serves you, but oh boy is it worth it. The Devil card is here this month to remind Leo to be mindful of where you are placing your thoughts and physical time. Know that all you need do is keep moving forwards, one step at a time. You don’t need to know what’s ahead, but do remember that by retracing steps that are self sabotaging or staying in the comfort of your own fear then you can only spin in circles. You have a powerful energy Leo, choose to let your fire power your positive light.

Virgo – Five of Pentacles
Interesting to see another pentacle card in place for you this month Virgo. I know how practical you are so I’m sure you are totally ahead of my game and already have July and the rest of the year planned out on a spreadsheet. So let’s just check in with that and make sure you are connected to your highest and most positive path. The Five of Pentacles can come up when we have swayed from shining our brightest light, it can mean we feel a bit left out in the cold. You have staying power and so if that does apply to you then the reason you have noticed some disappointments may be because you are placing your energy onto people and projects that don’t need or deserve it. You want to move ahead into the second half of the year and that means putting your intentions to the brightest and most magical of your goals. I want to switch the energy of this card to call on you to wake up, if you’ve been standing on the sidelines of your own life then it’s time to check back in. DING! Oh good, are we all present? Then let’s move on. Mercury is retrograde until July 20, so be sure to use this sometimes slow period to your advantage, it actually works well with this card in getting you to double check in all areas of your life. If you were gathering yourself up to jump on the big train of life, what would you pack and what would you leave behind? Also, if you are waiting for late pay cheques to roll in, it’s time to surrender. Things out of your control will start moving, don’t make yourself sick by worrying. You are also someone who is very aware of your life cycles so remind yourself of that if you feel a bit downtrodden, the stars are bright above. So go join them!

Libra – Eight of Pentacles
Last month we talked about the huge energy of The Tower, and hopefully the waves weren’t too overpowering. I feel happy for you to now step into the energy of the Eight of Pentacles which is all about learning and education. This is a really wonderful card to inspire you to dive into this new period of change, as what helps us evolve more than taking on some new life lessons. Education can come in so many forms, but it may be that you are considering returning to school or taking a part time course, and you might be signing up now to join in September. The energy is in your favour here and it is likely to be a positive experience. Don’t be afraid of returning to education, it is enlightening at any age. If we go a little deeper with this concept of learning however, then it will be a month where you are planning out you personal period of evolution, especially if life really was turned upside down (or at least felt like it) last month. Use this as a month of really thinking about where you are going next. You may seek out or connect with a new spiritual teacher, someone to be a guide in your personal development. This may come in book form or via a new class that you take. This month could also see YOU being the teacher, perhaps you are the one bringing in the change for others and giving guidance. There is a cycle with this energy so keep remembering to move even if it is just focusing on a step-by-step process, and also please take a moment to congratulate yourself on your achievements. Line those gold stars up and look at how awesome you are!

Scorpio – Six of Cups
I’m seeing this card as the final stage of your clearing and evolving process from the last few months Scorpio. Blindfolds are off and you are seeing things clearly now, you know the direction and path you want to be on and are ready to keep moving. The Six of Cups is a card of nostalgia and is going to work perfectly as a final sweeping up tool for you in combination with the energy from Mercury retrograde. I feel that anything that still needs to be cleared and cleansed is going to be spat out this month so just be ready with open arms to grab and process ALL the feelings this brings up. You may find yourself linking up with the past, which can be positive or negative depending on how you harness the energy. Reconnecting with old friends is going to be wonderful and work wise you might get to finally finish up a project that seems to have been dragging on forever! Don’t use all this energy as an excuse to fall back into a comforting negative habit or to invite unsuitable lovers back into your life, you are way more evolved than that old trick now! There is also a great deal comfort with this card, allowing you to reach back to the past and grab some advice from various times in your life. Sometimes it is simply the energy of our childhood self that we need to give us a boost. It might be reminding yourself of favourite pieces of advice from parents or grandparents, home comforts that give you confidence. Nostalgia is always great if we use it to keep moving forwards. But don’t linger – no party time in the past, ok?

Sagittarius – The Empress
Following on from last month there is still a really strong self care element present for you Sagittarius. You are a Fire sign so it’s important to always be aware of the potential for burn out. If last month rang true for you, and things have been a bit of a battle ground recently, then be assured that July is here with some much-needed healing for you. The Empress has a strong motherly quality and encourages you to allow some nurturing into your life. Perhaps you need to redress the balance of where you are giving and receiving energy. Take time to connect with those who make you feel supported and who you are able to be vulnerable with, and let your guard down for a few weeks to let in the healing energy of this card. Mercury is slowing things down this month so it is the ideal time for some time out, whether that is by physically going on a restful holiday or rescheduling your diary to fit in some more personal time. I am also giving you the go ahead to book in for a massage, new haircut or any wellness treat. Harnessing the energy of mother earth, The Empress is also about birth, which can mean the birthing of ideas as well as physical possibilities of extending your family. I feel that during July you can really check in with some of your plans for the year ahead and make sure that they are taking you in your desired direction. There is good fortune for you with this card so feel content with looking after yourself and preparing for more action in a few weeks time.

Capricorn – Justice
A big energy shift is present for you this month Capricorn. In June you were figuring out how to positively work with nostalgia, and now as the second half of the year arrives you have the Justice card in place to connect you back to your practical Earth energy. I see new work projects on the horizon which are going to require serious scheduling and possibly contract signing. Now if you speak to an astrologer, they would tell you not to sign anything during Mercury retrograde, so with that in mind it may be just the perfect few weeks for getting your head down and doing some practical planning. Or at least to read and re-read any important documents. This card can also indicate actual court house activity, so if you are sat staring at a summons to jury duty right now, then at least you can know you are in check with the Universe! At its root, this card is about balance and truth, so after a little clearing last month it is time to start living the truths that you uncovered, really stepping forwards and standing in your own two shoes. Be mindful about what you put your energy into and whether it is going to take you forwards to a good place. In the past you may have felt like you weren’t so intuitive when it came to decision-making, and I feel a turning point for the year ahead. Be practical, but now let joy be your guide.

Aquarius – Ace of Wands
The perfect card to follow on from last months Ten of Swords, an Ace. In Tarot we are always encouraging you to think in cycles, as I mentioned last month, no beginnings and no endings, just movement. The Aces always represent newness and the Wands bring in Fire energy and speak of new creative ideas and doors opening all around you, if you are ready to notice them that is. So dust yourself off after last month and try and see the start of the rest of your year with new and shiny eyes. Opportunities are really abundant with this card, ideas are being thrust at you from the Universe and it’s the perfect time to start birthing new creative endeavours. It is a green light for you to go forth and act on any ideas that you’ve had in the back of your mind, this energy is very much ‘the time is now’. When we have Aces in readings they always indicate an exciting new energy coming in. This is also a perfect month to start nurturing a positive new attitude. If you’ve even been subtly aware that some of your ways just haven’t been working for you, then is it time to be willing to think differently? This is a way of weaving around your sometimes tunnel vision way of thinking. You are a sign that is always capable of evolving, so the only thing you need to do is be ready to give something different a shot. I love this card, there is nothing negative to say about it. In fact, the only bad thing would be to not take advantage of this great energy. EYES WIDE…OPEN!

Pisces – Six of Swords
Things are on the up Pisces, and I know you need it after an emotional few months! July is a time for you to really go within, dust yourself off and begin opening up to change. This card brings in elements of travel, so if you are able to physically get away this month then it’s a good time to go for it. Think about it as a personal retreat, so you can rejuvenate and recharge. The Six of Swords indicates the need for movement, so travel won’t just be physical, it’s also about the need to allow flow into your life. It suggests again that if you move onwards then the skies will clear for you. You are probably aware that you are in a transitional period and try to think of it as that. I like to think of July as a marker for the half way point of the year, so visualise yourself marching forwards, head held high above your fears. There is no time for you to hide away from your talents. If you aren’t doing what you want, then it is never too late to follow a dream, just try weaving it in, bit by bit, you don’t have to drop everything, but make time for the things that bring you joy. A new wave of confidence is needed now. There are people around ready to help you, so ask for it and spend time with people who inspire you. Think again about the flow of your life, imagining yourself on a sailboat writing out the coordinates to where you’re headed. If you’re feeling down, then know this is no time for dancing around in your fears like a comfort blanket. The answers are within you, don’t try and hunt for them externally, know that it is never ever too late to welcome in change.

Aries – The Hermit
The Hermit is not about hiding away under your duvet – this is actually the card equivalent of stepping into a phone booth, ripping off your shirt and emerging as a Superhero. So plug yourself into to your changer and prepare to evolve. There is no hiding with this card, laying low and writing our your super schedule maybe, but the theme for your month is getting prepared to really shine your light bright! With Mercury in retrograde as the month begins, use this as a time to tie up loose ends or really rid yourself of anything you don’t want to take with you into the second half of your year. Remember the words from last month; if there is anything else that has come up in the last couple of weeks, this is the final clear out! You’ve been working hard Aries and now it’s time to really stand up and be counted. This is serious business, you have important work to do and the Universe wants you to shine, so you must think carefully about where to direct those superpowers. SO, beware of letting fear hold you back. It’s great to practice recognising your fears so you know when to just sit and feel your worries, but also know you always have the option of choice – and choose not to let fear take away from your precious power. You are in charge here and I feel that this card is really saying this is no time to hold back the words, joy, love, work and ideas you have to share. This month, go within, step up (or start) your meditation practice, reacquaint yourself with your inner voice and trust your own answers. It’s time to illuminate.

Taurus – Wheel of Fortune
Welcome back to the game of life Taurus! This is a big move on from last month, and as you move into the second half the year you have really begun to understand the meaning of ‘surrender’. I was willing you to reconnect to your own holistic balance last month, and now is the moment to really cement that feeling by giving a call to your old pal the Universe. The Wheel of Fortune is a deep card, a little mysterious, and I love it. The card is here to teach you about the cycles of life. Remember how I mentioned them last month? There are no beginnings and no endings, only movement through periods in your life. If you can find peace with this idea, then stress and struggle become a lot easier to handle because you can understand your life as FLOW, something that is fluid, and know that all you need to do is keep paddling. This July, you have the map and directions you need to get where you want, you just have to have some trust and be willing to take a step. The Universe likes us to keep moving forwards and I believe that whenever we take one step ahead we will be pushed two more. Taurus is actually present in the original artwork for this card, representing one of the fixed signs of the Zodiac. But the magical thing about you, is that as stubborn as you can be you actually have the ability to regenerate, a little like your pal across the wheel, Scorpio. So for the rest of the year your magical guide is the Phoenix. Think about this energy this month and use the word ‘Flow’ as a mantra. Your skin will shed before the month is out.

Gemini – Ten of Pentacles
Last month was about celebrations and as we enter July you remain on a high, but with a strong energy focussed on your work and home life. This card is asking you; how you are going to leave your mark on the world? It might be that the last six months you have been preparing to move in your life path, and that now you’re ready to step things up a level. This card is really encouraging, especially at this mid-year point, for I can see that If you place your energy seriously into your goals then successes will follow. The Tens always remind us of the cycles of life, and they pivot at the point where we are about to return to a cycle of newness and beginnings. And so this month will hold a lot of expansion for you. It will see you starting new things, but maybe on a bigger scale than before. For instance, if you are an artist this would be the right time to get that exhibition space booked. There is a call for you to project yourself on a wider scale, so it’s time to write that book or go for that promotion. Aim high. Expansion is also prevalent in your home life for the rest of the year and it could be that you are considering expanding your family or making the next step in committing to a new home or relationship. The card is here to say that opportunities are abundant and the Universe is going to favour your plans, the bigger the better. Just remember to check in with you path, and, as always, place your energy wisely. That way, the world is your oyster.

TAROTSCOPES Cast using the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.


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