What’s in the cards for your sign this sultry Leo birthday month? Resident tarotscopes lady Louise Androlia dips into her deck..

Leo – Temperance
A well-placed birthday card for you I feel, Leo! Temperance means moderation and looking back at last month’s little (or maybe not so) ego diving exploration, you will likely be implimenting what you learned in July, but with a more loving angle. In comes the chance to pay more attention to the self, but this month it’s time to nurture and attend to your inner self. Your key word is BALANCE. Actually, this should always be your mantra, but it is now time to respect that and proactively seek it out.
Balance can be sought from all directions. From within, look at the balance between your ego and your inner voice. You can practice nurturing the connection with the latter by recognising that this is the voice that only speaks of love. Fears are the stock-in-trade of the ego, which should be acknowledged, but not to the point we are giving away our power. I always say that when you have a tarot reading, it should confirm what you already know, even if you didn’t know it yet. And the best way to find answers from within is to meditate. I recommend taking a class if you don’t already, being in a safe space with a group of people who are all there for healing can be an incredible invitation to the answers you want. In your external environment look at your friendships and relationships to see where the issue of balance needs addressing – are you giving and receiving love in equal measures? Remember that it’s okay to be vulnerable, and that letting others see your feelings isn’t a weakness. Scan your work situation and re-address your needs there also, reminding yourself the goals and dreams you KNOW are good for you. Time to get back on track. Finally, it is Leo season so I’m sure you won’t forget you’re the darling of the zodiac wheel this month. If however, as a Fire sign, you find yourself swinging hot and cold in all directions, look to the Water element calm you if you feel stressed. Book in a massage, yoga class, or even a therapy session. Wherever you know you will find stillness, go there!

Virgo – Eight of Wands
Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, my Virgo friend. August swoops in with a big eye on communication and a lovely swift step ahead of any lingering fears from last month. Any outstanding invoices that you have been pulling your hair out waiting for will no longer be bugging you, because everything is forward moving now. The Eight of Wands is like the opposite of a Mercury retrograde period, yahoo! So, networking, teaching, reading, writing, TALKING, it’s all happening for you this month. There are no big stress vibes though which is the great thing. With the gift of the gab and words on your side Virgo, all you need do is trust in that voice of yours and don’t be shy of speaking up. Wands are our Fire cards, filled with opportunities and creativity so your projects need to be spoken about right now. Your success will come via communication, so try to be as present as possible as I feel you are going to meet some game changing people and contacts over the next few months too. Eyes wide open, okay? With this card there is also a sense of speed, so continuing that surrender vibe is an important good goal; trust that things will move anyway, so you may as well dive in and participate, enjoying taking the wheel of your beautifully upholstered car. Now call me a romantic, but while this is a card of Wands, I always feel this card also indicates some positive movement for your love life. Love is about a communion after all, and so you’ll are find the dating scene hotting up. If you are single, this is no time to be shy as you’ll be luminous and magnetic this month. If you are coupled up then take this card as a sign to be more open with your sweetie, make extra time for talking and don’t be afraid to speak up about what YOU need. Oh and p.s. TRAVEL. In your mind, by plane, train or automobile. Never stop moving ahead, onwards. Kiss kiss, boom boom.

Libra – Knight of Pentacles
Hey Libra, how’s that work load? Feeling busy? Let me give you a well-deserved pat on the back before we move on. We continue the year for you with more emphasis on your work and material life and I feel you have some major superhero vibes this month, which can only be pretty cool. But, as the bearer of balance, Libra, I want to remind you to keep that at the forefront of your mind when weighing up your workload. Give and take in the right amounts. Be organised and be methodical. The Knights always bring movement to our lives, so think of this month as a time to move forward from the learnings of July. You are now free to move ahead with specific projects and be very pro active. The Pentacles are earthy, so this is about being grounded and meticulous, not charging ahead without a plan. Your successes will be found within shaping your magical star infused dreams into practical shaped realities. In other words, there’s a bit of a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race vibe with this card. The really great news is that I feel you’re on top of your game, your ideas are respected and people are on your side this month. You have support within your projects and if you don’t feel that already it’s time to reach out for some help, because you will find it. It is also time to step up and take responsibility for your ideas and projects, get out there on the frontline and don’t be afraid to show off your ideas with confidence. With your your slow burning projects, fight the good fight and don’t fret about getting the dull stuff done. While everything is moving, a comforting routine will be your saviour. As well as leaving you with a glowing halo, cleaning through a stack of boring papers can only create space for more magic to happen.

Scorpio – Six of Wands
Okay Scorpio, you’ve been through the waves of nostalgia, and despite what I said last month you’ve totally been partying in past (ahem, I know you have so don’t pretend otherwise!) But, you made it through, YAY. Look at what you’ve learned in the last few months. You should be feeling a little lighter? If not then let me just pause whilst you take out the trash. Also, I know you kind of feel like resting up for a few weeks but I’m sorry – August is totally Scorpio hour, and it’s time to put on your finery and celebrate your talents. Six of Wands is a card of recognition and achievements, so I feel you will be seeing some pretty awesome progress in what you have been working towards in the past seven months. It feels like a checkpoint of sorts where you’re finally getting noticed for the hours you’ve been putting in. This year hasn’t just been about letting go for you, you have been seriously nurturing some ambitious projects, and nothing light either. Time and energy has been put into endeavours that you really believe in. So what you may see in August is rewards for your labour, although this won’t necessarily mean a sudden cash influx (though it might do, ker-ching!) But it will mean praise for sure. You may be given a new opportunity at work, or perhaps you’ll hear from just one person telling you how you’ve inspired them in some way. But however it shows up, please accept it with the same love and appreciation and know that this is a wink from the universe to continue full speed ahead. Feel positive for the rest of the year Scorpio, remember your gratitude list and don’t forget to include yourself – sometimes we also have to pat ourselves on the back, especially those of us who are freelance and solo business entrepreneurs. Keep building your own personal brand this month and don’t hide away, you are too shiny! Stay bright.

Sagittarius – Three of Cups
I hope you feel a little more balanced and relaxed after last month Sagittarius? You can unplug the charger now because this month you will be feeling adventurous and the power cord just isn’t that long! The Three of Cups is such a beautiful and celebratory card that I feel there is positivity flying into all areas of your life this month. Now, traditionally this card is about emotional celebration, particularly with close family and friends. The Threes always bring expansion, so you if you aren’t getting married it might be that you start entertaining the idea or even just exploring further what companionship means to you and what you might be looking for in a partner. This expansive theme is about connections, so you will benefit from social activity as it’s likely you will meet new adventure pals and potential business partners through networking events and just generally using your fiery ‘eyes on the prize’ energy to spark with others. Keep your light lit this month by teaming up with your brightest and most positive pals and not entertaining those who you don’t have an equal balance with. You are loved so be grateful this month, throw some love towards those who make time for you. Always consider the meaning of both giving and receiving love, and check in with that balance within your life. It might be that you need to be a bit more vulnerable and allow yourself to let people in and vice versa, be there for those who give to you, lifting them up if they need it. In terms of your health, this card can be about excess so in short, when you’re tempted to party too hard instead think about how you can change up your eating and exercise routine. A new kind of sport might shift you out of a health rut, and likewise don’t feel you have to work with a fad diet. Create your own based on listening to what your body tells you, and rather than denial, think about this as adding something to your life. ‘Expansion’ is your mantra for August, and that means it’s a prime time for you to set sail on new ideas and to nurture your most enthusiastic projects and ideas. Only joy awaits.

Capricorn – Page of Pentacles
Last month you were having to crack on with some more boring material tasks, but as August arrives you get to celebrate a little more with the arrival of creative ideas and new work opportunities. The Pages always have a gifting aspect, and with the Pentacles this indicates the development of a new idea – as well as it being a really positive sign that you are headed in the right direction! It may be that after all the contract signing, you now get to start making magic on the exciting projects you manifested. This is a card of building and directing your innate ambition. It’s not time to stress out or be lazy as that would be wasting all the incredible talent you have, oh earthy Capricorn. The Pentacle suggests the best way to channel your ideas is to put in place some practical steps, no panicky waving around of concepts, just a simple plan. And don’t worry about what’s ahead. In fact, don’t even think about the concept of ‘time’, consider the present moment as the only thing that is real and work with it. Think about this as a nurturing of your talents; just as you need to feed and water a plant to keep it alive, you have to put some loving care and attention into the things that are important to you in the hear and now. This can span into your relationships and friendships too. If you’re dating, this energy is good for new beginnings, not reconnecting with or lingering on to the past. Fuel fun by giving people time, and being kind. Make social plans and stick to them, enjoy new connections and let them develop in their own time, feeding them love not fire. This month should be a positive eye opener, in all areas. And don’t forget to look after yourself in the holistic sense. Eat well, exercise, breathe.

Aquarius – Page of Wands
A perfect follow up to last months Ace. Once opportunities and ideas have blossomed, we need to put them into play and let them live a little. Via the Fire element, the Page of Wands brings you the gift of expression to help you set sail to whatever it is you have real passion for. In keeping with last month, this is not the time for having tunnel vision, so keep your eyes open Aquarius. Even if things have felt like a struggle recently, you must just keep walking ahead, knowing that a positive attitude will never hold you back. This month the Universe is In support of you reaching for what you want, in all areas, and to work with that it might be that you spend some time reconsidering what that is. Do you have ideas you always put to the back of your mind because you believe that they’re too big or too unachievable? Now is the time to grab onto those and know that often the only thing that holds you back is fear. What’s the worst that could happen? Failure doesn’t exist, it can only bring change. And as change is a matter of perception, you can choose to see it as terrifying or illuminating. I know the vision I would rather see. This is a Fire card, so action towards what you feel in your heart can only be a great idea. The Court cards can also represent people in your life and so this Page may be that friend who always inspires you to do more, be better, be healthier or be less fearful. Spend time this month with people who pull you out of your head space and remind you how to feel fun in the moment. Consider collaboration with these friends or colleagues; could one of your ideas be put into action if you had a partner by your side? Think out the box Aquarius, say YES to everything.

Pisces – The Sun
Finally Pisces, the light is lit! I feel like you’ve been one of the signs that has been on a major and also somewhat intense journey these past few months, and in July I felt things had crossed over to the brighter side. This card shows my hunch was right. This is all dependent on your perception though, Pisces. OPTIMISM is your word for the month. I want you to recognise that happiness is not a destination, it can be found within each moment. So maybe your whole week wasn’t awful, maybe you just had a moment one day where things sucked a little. Nothing is real outside right now, so try and not project fears into the future. Stop to notice the happiness as you experience it, and be grateful. Write a gratitude list, as it will propel you to even further joy. The Sun is the magical card infused with positivity. It is a YES card, so be wise and keep your eyes open and allow good things to be around you. Without question, there should be no ‘what if’s’. There is a great connection to the inner child with this card and so you can remind yourself of the fearlessness of very young children who only know love. There is a warm newness for August, you may feel like you experience breakthroughs, new ways of thinking or you might even find you are finally at least willing to make a leap forwards. The Sun shines on change, so your one step ahead will be backed by two more. Keep things simple, regain your balance with your health by holistic methods, natural foods, slow walks, meditation, nature. Get outside, be IN the sun, shine, and allow yourself to enjoy life. Complaining isn’t cool anymore. Don’t let your self appointed negative perceptions of yourself become your self-fulfilling prophecies. Put some love out there and send out ‘How are you?’ messages to friends who care enough to ask you the same. Don’t assume anything, be positive not paranoid, and notice how everything becomes different when you shift your perception. It’s a lovely month for you Pisces, don’t miss it!

Aries – Ten of Cups
Guess what Aries, you just won the Tarot lottery and get to spend the whole of August in love, showing love and being loved. Pretty cool right? I’m serious though, do you know how much people adore you right now? You total dream. So first up this is a reminder of that, of that gigantic umbrella of emotion called L O V E; this is where everything should be coming from, particularly when it comes to how you treat yourself, Aries. This is a card for celebrating the happy relationships in your life. You may be getting married or feeling particularly loved-up with your long-standing partner. It’s a time to recognise valuable connections with family and friends, and celebrate those rather than keep putting energy back into what doesn’t serve you. If you feel trapped within anything that is limiting you from feeling able to just be in love with yourself then it’s time to move on – don’t shut doors to the future by suffocating in the past. But also remind yourself of the values that have meant the most to you as you’ve grown up; what have you learned over the years that you might need to connect back to? The Cups also give a nod to your intuition and connection to the Universe. You are in a perfect place to honour that right now by trusting what your inner voice is trying to tell you, try and separate it from the ego by knowing the intuitive voice will only speak from a place of love. Meditate. Breathe. Let yourself be drawn to what feels meaningful for you, as you are the centre of your stage. This is a card of great support so even if you don’t feel it right away, it is a nod to the practice of moving forwards. Because when you go onwards with loving projections for yourself and your life, then you will get the all help you need. Just trust.

Taurus – King of Pentacles
This is a month for getting grounded Taurus, remembering that you are an Earth sign and your power comes from your ability to be practical and centred. This combined with a natural affinity for change (if you swipe away that sometimes stubborn nature) means that you can really, like the King himself, sit on the throne of your material world this month. Last month we talked about getting you to surrender to the flow, and hopefully you will notice forward movement as we enter August – the King teaches you how to work with what is ahead. You’re in a good spot to succeed with work ventures right now, and this card reminds you that a methodical approach will work wonders. If you stay grounded and confident then it looks like the stars will align for you. This would be a good month to really focus on that a new venture, or even to rethink your current work situation; how can you make things work better for you? The Kings are very confident, and that is something you should be channelling right now. Don’t hide behind your ideas, own them, let them soar. Don’t be afraid of doing your taxes or be fearful of money, organise yourself and notice how stepping into your shoes and taking up your personal power quickly shifts your perceptions and worries about money. You have the gift this August to be able to recruit people onto your side and work well with others, so consider this month to be the perfect time for constructing the framework of your desired life, projecting positive energy and then reaping the rewards. Recognition will come. Just work hard, be nice!

Gemini – Eight of Pentacles
It’s back to educating yourself this month Gemini. Last month I talked to you about expanding and so the next step is putting that into play. I love this card, as firstly it’s about recognising your talents and patting yourself on the back – just look at all the cool things you can do! And then onwards, this August is about learning. You have wide eyes and feel thirsty for something new, something else, just something. So now is the time to go and find that. Use your amazing social ability to network like crazy, don’t consider anyone to be above you or beneath you, as everyone has something to teach you this month Gemini, all you have to do is listen, be present, take notes even! Dream up your own ideal scenario at work, you don’t have to ‘fit’ into a mould. Rather, you want to make it and break it, and you will benefit from letting your wings spread wide. Don’t limit yourself by being self-deprecating, get out there and feel thankful for the opportunities around you. Beyond your work you can channel this vibe of education into other areas. Think about how to make the best of your health by learning more about what works for your body. So that one food that always makes you feel ‘off’? Now’s the time do ditch it! And what about learning when it comes to romance? Consider that everyone walks across your path for a reason, but that some people are only meant to be around for a day and others forever. Rather than trying to control that, appreciate the teachings they all have for you, and don’t try and capture them all in your net. Think of them as sexy professors in your school of life. Finally, don’t forget to pass the information on, be the teacher, and share your knowledge. See people as collaborators and not competitors, and be aware that your voice has value. Shine.

Cancer – Two of Wands
August is looking dreamy Cancer. This is one of my all time favourite cards. “The world is your oyster” it says, “I swear, you can do anything!” So I feel like after you’ve shaken off the fears of July and that overwhelming feeling that you thought would NEVER leave, then maybe you struck upon an epiphany or two over the last full moon? New ideas bloomed, and you felt like maybe you wouldn’t be so shy about stepping into those shoes of yours. Now, in August, your confidence is really on the up. Twos are always about expansion, so what do you want to bloom? The Two of Wands is about taking all your inspirations and letting them set sail with a wonderful confidence that they will return, perfectly formed and flourishing. It is a building card and it brings immense personal power. This moon of expansion can also bring in other people, so within this new solo mission you’re on, be aware that some awesome advice might roll in with the input of someone else. Don’t be afraid to take it, your baby is still yours but additional input is sometimes needed – maybe you’ll even find a new mentor or therapist to give you that little nudge you sometimes need to see the world in more abundance. This month though it IS about you, and what you want and need, so it’s a time to really honour yourself. You’re going to have a lot on your plate with all this Fire energy in the air, so be careful not to burn out. Eat well, making sure you get all the nutrients you need, exercise, just look after yourself! And finally, be flirtatious. Two WILL be company, but just be light about it. Try and not go crazy and obsessive this month, you are way too hot for that.

Cast using the Rider Waite deck

Ruby Warrington

MY MANTRA: Believing is Healing. MY MISSION: To help create a world where everybody gets to feel whole. // MY STYLE: Rock 'n' roll yogi fashionista. 99% recycled and vintage. // MY SIGN: Aries Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Cancer Moon. // MY HEALING: Time with friends, time alone, time offline, getting Sober Curious, and being f*cking real with myself!