Imagine if you could read your own DNA, and use the information like an instruction manual for your soul. Welcome to the world of Human Design, which is a little like astrology – but supercharged. A Human Design chart is also cast using the positions of the planets at your time of birth, but then incorporates elements of the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra system and quantum physics to create what practitioner Cara Joy describes as a “whole language to help us understand ourselves and others, and become our happiest and most successful selves.”

Speaking at the crystal-lit loft of Numinous contributor Victoria Keen, as part of Keen’s Urban Wellness Lecture series, Joy went on to outline the fundamentals of this cutting edge cosmic science – including the five personality types, our signature behaviours and themes, how we make decisions and strategies for manifestation. Oh yes.

Know your type, so the thinking goes, and you’ll know how best to interact with the people around you, so that each of our knobbly individual pieces fits the big old puzzle of life.

Before you go any further, you might want to download your free Human Design chart here. Also be aware that an advanced reading of your chart can take hours, but that until you’re fully embodying the basics, says Joy, “it really doesn’t matter where your North Node is.” So go ahead and dip your toe. From there it’s just a question of, how far do you want to go?

Take it away, sister… Numi x


In any individual chart, the nine energy centres are either ‘defined’ or ‘undefined.’ This shows how the electric circuitry of our body manages the flow of energy.


If you’re a…Reflector: “You reflect the health of the community you live in, are highly sensitive, and are guided by the moon. None of your energy centres (like the chakras) are defined, so you take in energy in all areas of life. Your strategy for manifestation is to wait 29 days, a full cycle of the moon, before making a decision about what’s right for you and moving forward. Michael Jackson was a very famous Reflector – he fully embodied the neuroses of his community, Hollywood. Reflectors only make up 1% of the population. They have to be very kind to themselves, and be around the right people – and we must also take care of our Reflectors!”

If you’re a…Manifester: “You are the only type with initiative energy, the ignition key that gets everybody else going. Whatever you decide to do, you can – and while you have 20 projects going at once, you may find it difficult to finish anything. Your manifestation strategy is connected to the throat, motto ‘to inform’. You do not have sustained energy, you need to take naps, and work for less days of the week. Without plenty of rest, our Manifesters will burn themselves out, which can lead to major immune disorders in later life. Manifesters make up 8-9% of the population, and will able to manifest more effectively if they tell people in their impact field what they’re doing.”

If you’re a…Projector: “You are here to manage, guide and direct other people’s energy. But your strategy is to wait for an invitation to share your wisdom – you do know what everybody should be doing, but nobody wants to hear all the great ideas you have unless they ask. So your mantra is to shut up! We need to give specific invitaitons to our projectors – ‘please, manage this project,’ or, ‘please move into this house with me.’ More than any other type, they also need to play a lot – to discharge the energy they’ve picked up and recharge their own energy. Projectors make up 18 % of the population.”

If you’re a…Generator: “With your sacral centre (gut instinct) always defined, your manifestation strategy is to respond – that is, wait for something to show up in your external environment and then listen to what your gut is telling you to do about it. If a generator also has their emotional centre defined however, it will overrule their sacral centre – they will need to sleep on a decision and the decision will need to feel right when they’re feeling emotionally up and down. Like a tortoise, you plod happily along towards your destination. But you must have the right job, or life will feel empty and unsatisfying – you’ll get sick, and won’t have enough energy. Generators make up 35% of the population.”

If you’re a…Manifesting Generator: “Like the Generator, you are made to make split decisions based on your gut feeling (‘sleeping on it’ is only correct for somebody with their emotional centre defined). However, with some manifesting energy, rather than waiting for what you want to show up, they can initiate conversations about making something happen thanks to a motor in your throat centre – but they still have to wait for something to show up to respond to before taking action. You’re the hare to the Generator’s tortoise – taking all sorts of short cuts and darting around all over the place. But you’ll both get to the same place at the same time. Manifesting Generators make up the final 35% of the population.”

Cara Joy is based in Stowe, Vermont. A Basic Human Design Session, in person or on the phone, may be scheduled between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EDT, Monday through Friday, at a cost of $100. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card via paypal. Cara can be reached at +1 410-474-9250, at, or [email protected]

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