Cast by Louise Androlia using The Cosmic Tarot deck

Scorpio / Scorpio – Queen of Cups

Happy Birthday, my Scorpio soul mates! I feel that November is going to be really heavy with the water element, which should suit you just fine since your sign is the true deep-sea explorer of the Zodiac. It’s a build-on to last month’s toe-dipping into the more vulnerable parts of yourself, and now you are invited to stay in this space and keep diving.

You are the feeler, obviously, and this month the veils are thinning in more ways than one. In the traditional sense, your intuition and psychic powers are likely to be magnified which calls for a serious check in around energy protection and boundaries. It’s important to remember that “boundaries” are different from “walls,” something I’d really like you to explore this month as the energy will likely see you dismantling some of your own blocks too. Where are you placing bricks and mortar under the pretense of protecting yourself or controlling things, but actually using them as a bunker to hide in and be afraid? The Scorpio soul is made to rise from the ashes over and over again, and if you are in pain then you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

The option you have over the coming weeks is to empower your water element rather than act as though you’ve been victim to your own personal tsunami of vindication. Note where you are placing blame, whether it’s on a situation or a person. Whilst situations will cause us trauma, and bring up feelings and that we are not responsible for, it is our choice how we perceive and walk upon the road ahead. If you find yourself saying “they made me…’” or “I’m like this because…” then you will stay stuck in the same revolving doorway forever. It is a huge act of self-love and courage to allow your feelings to be of value, and to not shame or guilt yourself – a super power you really have at your fingertips right now.

In regards to interactions with others, romantic or in friendship or business, you can be checking in with the type of balance that complements your mood the best. The last thing you need is to be the constant mother figure or therapist, it’s not the best use of your personal power and will sometimes lead you to resent the company you find yourself in. Your empathy and insight is best used as a tool to empower your divine feminine nature, by learning how best to receive. You can be entirely independent while still creating a space for someone to surprise you. Experiment with the elasticity of love.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Ace of Cups

This month feels a little lighter on the emotional front. You’re not fully out of the water, but feeling less overwhelmed. You may have noticed how the last couple of weeks brought up a LOT of feelings, maybe too many for your liking? And now comes a clearing after the storm. Clarity of heart is your theme for the coming weeks, really exploring the truth and depth of what you feel, the result being that you realize your feelings are there to empower you, rather than creep up on you like an attack.

You see, when you choose to own your feelings they are no longer to likely to overflow, and that includes your way of dealing with all the good stuff too. This month brings in such beautiful new energy that it will serve you well to check in with how you receive positive energy. Are you quick to downplay your achievements? Do you brush off compliments? Are you afraid to lift yourself up for fear of being knocked down? The coming weeks are the perfect time to practice receiving good news, and not instantly fighting back with sarcasm or self-sabotage.

Take the happy results and sit with them, practice feeling how it is to be uplifted, even if it does seem uncomfortable at first. Your ability to embrace successes should not be attached to fear of loss. Recognize that the present moment, this one, right now, really is the only thing that’s real. So challenge yourself to wrap your arms around it when the feeling is good, even just for a second. The flip side of this is that I also want you to feel at wild liberty to send love to those whom you admire, because you have plenty of people to thank right now. This can only, of course, be in balance with the kindness you give to yourself. The pattern goes: receive, give, rest, and repeat.

On the more romantic front, this month is gifting you an enlightened ability to check in with what you really need, not what you think that you want. There’s no shame in not wanting to feel alone, but any notion that that weakness is the product of letting go are entirely self-created. Vulnerability is a superpower, because it allows you to be fully yourself – it’s not about being exposed, but standing in the light. And with this comes a prime time for birthing all that feels good. Take your focus away from the fear of judgment, and back onto the depths of your passions.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Hermit

Relaxation and retreat are not the same thing, and this is a beautiful month for discovering what the idea of the later really means to you. As always, many of your themes bring up lessons around being kinder and more gentle to yourself, but this exploration of the notion of a personal journey is an angle I feel you can really embrace. Over the coming weeks I want you to consider what you’d like to immerse yourself in, and I mean what YOU would like, not what you think you should be pursuing.

It feels as though you’re getting impatient to see the results of something, or find out what might happen in the future. I want you to consider that this idea of personal retreat is what will bring the results you want, opposed to you hunting high and low outside of yourself. A few weeks of personal excavation and unapologetically doing things that connect you to yourself are likely to rev up your creative mind and get you on the correct course for the kind of future successes you have you heart set on.

Retreat also comes with no guilt of course; it is simple a choice to step away in order to arrive back more fully. And this doesn’t have to mean a week on an ashram – it might look more like a daily dance party in your living room, or signing up for membership at your favorite gallery or art house movie theatre. This is about an immersion into your SELF, and for some of you it might digging the darker depths, while for others it will be a celebration of all that is light. There is no wrong way to self-retreat!

The grander theme here is of self-restoration, in order to gain better insight into how you might like to move forwards over the next six months – and I would also like to touch on any discomfort you might be feeling. I feel some of you may be experiencing anxiety in regards to putting yourself “out there” and also being prone to falling into the comparison trap. This is in place to force you to realize that YOU are the safest and best place to operate from; that the more embodied you are, the less you will question your abilities. It may be that you find yourself constantly refusing to allow yourself this immersion, but keep pursuing it. When you emerge from your cocoon after this time out, you will discover a new and improved level of personal superstardom.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – Two of Pentacles

This is a month for dipping your toes into the new whilst still juggling all that is present and active – a.k.a. finding your balance in unknown territory. Of course, this busy period is of your own manifesting and will be infinitely rewarding, as long as you are able to find space to take care of yourself. It may feel tempting not to slow down right now, with your fear of losing precious momentum shouting GO! GO! GO! Enter the hustling and the ladder climbing. The opportunity you have now is to rewrite the way you take things on board, so that you invite peace as a personal addition to the whole process.

While it somehow seems preposterous to factor in time for proper self-care in periods of forward motion, the fact is the more you can get grounded in your own body the more accomplished you will be at seeing everything through. And you are an achiever, you like to see results, you like to know you’ve done a good job – so why not take this opportunity to be more present with your successes and the joy they bring?
Remember that time is stretchy; it’s not that the ticking clock isn’t real, but it can be depressingly restrictive if you live with the panic that you never have enough time. A mantra I’ve always found useful when trying to get things done is: “I have all the time that I need” – if only for its ability to throw me back into the present moment where I’m more likely to actually do something! Try it when you find yourself on a deadline over the coming weeks.

New ventures are encouraged, and the energy of the month also supports you in not having to know everything. Seeking perfection can be a form of procrastination, and yes, I know you like to be prepared, but there are many magic moments waiting to be stumbled upon, so make room for some surrender – it’s that stretch again, you see. Stand firmly in the unknown and choose to be proud of every leap of faith, they can only serve to bring you more wisdom and confidence within your decisions. Finally, there is an underlying theme of travel this month, and as always this may be external or internal. Where do you want to visit? What do you want to experience? And whom do you want to spend time with? Journey on.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – King of Pentacles

This is the most grounded energy I’ve felt for you in a while, and I feel that you are going to really love it – or at least like you really need it! There is a real theme of settlement and home improvement this November, and you can work with this by considering the ways in which you grow your roots. On the actual home front, for some of you this may be as simple as finally moving into a more stable location after a few living situations that perhaps weren’t aligned with you feeling the safest.

If you are headed to a new space, then empower it from day one. You can energy clear and protect to your hearts content, but also think about your intentions for how you want to feel in your new spot; what is this new chapter bringing in for you? How can you navigate this change in the most self-loving way? On the point of stability, your career and finances are also front center, and even if you find yourself resisting the idea, taking some steps to feeling more confident in regards to your incomings and outgoings is going to feel so good. Doing taxes and accounts can always bring in the eye roll, but you feel superpowered afterwards right?

Try to remember this energy within all your endeavors. Don’t be afraid to look ahead a little and then return and see what you can do in the present to help you feel more stable in the future. Act and proceed with the earth element as your companion over the coming weeks. With water as your ruler and with a tendency to feel overwhelmed, anything that gets you more present will help you on a spiritual and emotional level. The company you are keeping also factors into this – great friendships and relationships happen when we each have something to give the other.

It may feel like you need to hang around with people exactly like you, but instead seek out those who balance you out, as well as those who you feel challenge you in a positive way. If someone is on your mind (and it’s not a mad/bad love obsession type of thing) then what does he or she ignite in you? Embrace the challenges of being a human by, well, being a human. Dive right in and really enjoy the mess of the unknown.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Seven of Pentacles

With last month bringing in a whole new cycle of action it seems only natural (by the standards of the Universe at least) that a little balance needs to be returned to the mix. Over the next few months, this comes in by way of the good old surrender practice – which is perhaps the last thing you want to hear right now, since you seem to have convinced yourself that what you really need is to grow an extra ten pairs of hands in order to keep yourself together and in control of it ALL.

While it’s hard for us to grasp the power of letting go, it’s actually the thing that causes us to feel the most in control because all the surrounding stress is released, resulting in more focus. What you need to loosen your grip on right now is the feeling of wanting to see results ahead of time, otherwise known as anxiety via future tripping. And yes, you of many ideas and dreams, of course we always need to “look ahead” when planning. But there is a difference between seeing future potential, and predicting future outcomes. The cliché of “what will be will be” may never cease to annoy you, but the gold in this saying is just to allow things to move as they need.

I feel like you’ll have two major things that need your attention over the coming weeks, and it may take all your focus not to wander off in a million other directions. But trust that what is in front of you is all you need to attend to. You may find that the things you expect to see results from get delayed and the stuff you’d kind of pushed to the side suddenly comes back into the forefront – people included.

On the subject of other people, you be practicing your delegation skills at the moment, which feels equally thrilling as it does horrifying. Remember that you can’t control other people as much as you can’t control your destiny. If meetings change and people come in and out, then the words “it’s not about me” are golden. Keep stepping back and simply allowing others to help you. It will bring great wisdom, in whatever form the lessons may come. Finally, in terms of energy, you will really benefit from a lot of clearing this month, whether it’s breathing exercises at home or checking in with your energy healer – it’s not being indulgent, it’s essential!

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Ten of Cups

After a month of inner healing you are now ready to rise to the occasion of meeting yourself where you are at. So, where ARE you at? Are you checked in or out of yourself? If you feel you still are holding onto some fear and chaos from the last few weeks, then aside from keeping up a constant vigil on the level of darkness you are allowing in, you also have to decide to open up and step out of your cave.

Reason being, is that the water element is dialed up to the max right now, suggesting to me that there is a whole wave of receiving that needs to happen. I know that it can feel SO uncomfortable to accept advice and to break down the walls when you are desperate to reinforce them. But often we need to remember that receiving the good stuff is part of helping others too, because they are waiting to give to us. An easy way to practice this is just to experimenting the art of stepping back, or even visualizing yourself stepping back and simply listening a little more. See what others have to say over the coming weeks, as it feels like you are wide open to get tuned into some great synchronicities and messages, from above and below.

You may find that great advice comes from falling down an Instagram black hole or contacting an old friend – the ways in which we can receive guidance are unlimited if we are even vaguely open to accepting it.
Meanwhile this is a beautiful month for empowering and feeling empowered by your relationships. On your side of the table, get as familiar as possible with any blocks you have to being in the company that serves you best – meaning company that brings you the right kinds of challenges, and not just overplayed negative scenarios.

You can tune into this by thinking about the one person who causes you to feel the most alive every time you hang out with them, and focus on this energy as what you want to manifest in the future. Oh and crushes – let’s not forget how fun they can be, because this is a month to play! Experiment with having a crush on everyone, practice what it feels like to rose tint your mind and see something great in every new person you meet. Can you live in the energy of attraction and use it to make you feel super powered? You may as well try, right? Let love lift you up.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Eight of Wands

After a month of keeping things within your perceived zone of control, you will definitely need to keep on with the surrender practice in order to receive the benefits of the incoming blast of fire energy. There is a certain speed to the coming few weeks, and you may notice this as an internal thing or within the world around you. When we step into a faster paced energy it’s very easy to start embodying it in some of the more negative ways, one being frustration. After all, if you’re getting things done then shouldn’t everyone else be as equally on it as you? Well, not so much, because you aren’t in a race, and trying to force others onto your path won’t get you very far.

Fire energy is the most important part of us to learn to manage and not misfire, and on the subject of frustration, I feel you can do a lot of work this month regarding the notion of reacting vs responding. Reacting often doesn’t require much thought or feeling, it’s a quick response to a situation that bypasses the body and mind and just, well, kind of vomits out.

Hence why we never feel super great after we have thrown out a reaction that we didn’t quite mean.
This is where the power of feeling feelings comes in, which means taking in the experience you are having and letting it sit in your body for as little as 90 seconds seconds. This will grant you the distance required to responding from a place that will serve you and everybody involved the best. After all, you do want to get what you want right? And equally you hate to feel like you have been misunderstood. So just practice – taking that one deep breath, that counting to ten, that tuning in to your body.

Whilst it may feel powerful to practice responding, it may also be humbling to practice not reacting, to veer away from typically tempting dramatic scenarios, to not participate in things that don’t feel good. This is the taming of the fire energy, because then you can put the rest to good use. So what is your “good use” this month? This speedy energy, how can you make the best of it? Get up early, stay up late, do all the things that make you feel alive. Love wildly, be liberal with your compassion, create, play, and make a mess. Clear out your inbox, write your book proposal. Dream with no limits.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – Eight of Pentacles

Did you get the memo about you stepping into a new cycle? So sorry if it didn’t come through, but yes it’s back to the school of life for you. You may have been aware that the last few months have had huge themes of clearing and letting go – as well as noticing some long awaited “ah-ha” moments finally filtering in? This has all been about clearing a space for you to say hello to your most naked, clear-thinking and emboldened self.

You’ve been “stripped back” for a reason, and that’s to realign yourself with what you came here for. You could look at this from a past life in relation to present purpose viewpoint, or simply from the understanding that you are returning to some of your original intentions from years past. However you choose to understand it, the theme is centered on how you can now make the best use of the here and now. You will still find yourself randomly tugged back to moments from the past, and but here comes your chance to really choose how you view them. Are there still places where you feel the disempowered victim? Are there people you are still blaming for your feelings? Are you still cursing your journey itself?

There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging where we have felt loss – this is a major part of being a human, but there comes a point where we have to shift from this becoming our perceived blueprint for the future. Whatever has happened in the past is not going to become a pattern, unless you choose for it to be. The idea of us having to keep repeating things until we learn – yes it makes sense, but we aren’t always reminded that the way we break those cycles is by consciously deciding to step to the side and take a different path going forward.

So what pattern do you want to step out of? What way of thinking or internalizing or blaming? What dialogue in your mind can be rewritten this month? These few weeks of “back to school” – they are in place for you to re-educate yourself. So flip the switch, draw the line, say NO MORE when you really need it the most. Then what? Stop, drop and immerse yourself in self-compassion; to have chosen to change the channel, it’s not easy. But empowering? Absolutely. To remind yourself that your destiny is created by you is kind of cool, don’t you think?

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Hanged Man

Finding comfort within the discomfort is your challenge in the month to come – but don’t worry, I’m not predicting chaos! Instead, I’m challenging you to sit with the one big thing (or maybe a few) that is making you feel frustrated, impatient, and out of control. You know what it is right? That feeling where you are dyyiiingggg to know the outcome of a certain scenario? Or that niggling itch of waiting for someone to just sort.It.Out! These are all fire energy challenges of course, and your home element always invites you over and over again to work more deeply with it, to master it, to empower it.

So hang in there, yes literally. The next few weeks are just for practicing being still, hence why there might be some discomfort, because it’s not easy to be still when there are a million things racing around our minds. What we discover from just sitting with ourselves however, is that when we stop our mind gets a chance to mirror our body, there is a filtering through and a slowness that arrives when we allow ourselves to just FEEL for a bit. I’d like you to practice feeling each racing thought, each out of control panic, each spot of frustration. Invite the emotions that comes up into your body, just say “hey,” and tell yourself it’s safe to be here, because it is.

Meanwhile, outside your body and your experiences I ask you to practice a little surrender with regards the other people in your life. Can you let them just be where they are at too? Remember there’s a difference between teaching and preaching. Trying to force change upon others will never work, but it will cause you to keep getting more and more annoyed. One of the most powerful things we can do is to just let others be, and to support them in their process.

Share your ideas and let them resonate with what they need, which likely won’t be the same as you and that is a good thing. Imagine how boring and creepy the world would be if we all were in the exact same place – it would feel out of balance. We need the subtleties of each individual journey in order to learn compassion, discover friendships. and experience love. Oh and p.s. If you need a spot of help to find this calm space, then ask for help, whether this means shaking it out at your favorite dance class or visiting your on-call shaman – someone has got your back.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Seven of Cups

Enter November, the month of mystery! Are you living it up in a whirlwind right now? I feel like you’ve been all over the place recently, physically and mentally, taking in SO much new information, inviting in so many new experiences, all up in your feelings AND your thoughts. So, how are you doing? In case some of you are tapping into some moments of overwhelm and confusion, just remember that you ARE the earth energy and that a sense of grounding is at your fingertips any time you should need it.

I feel that you might enjoy a good old dose of earth to kick you back into your body as the month begins. Noooo I’m not trying to ruin your fun! The more you are IN your body, the more you can enjoy the magical mystery tour you’re on, get it? So do whatever you do to feel full of your human self, and if you’re drawing a blank, think rooted foods, Epsom salts, cord cutting energy meditations, exercise, nature.

Anyway, back to the whirlwind; with all these exciting things in the mix it’s worth checking in with anywhere that you feel a bit lost, which often happens when we have embraced a billion new feelings. It’s easy to feel out of control. On one hand, I feel it’s pretty great for you to experience this, a never-ending lesson that we are never really in control that you know more than most, but which continues to be beneficial. So what can you release from your grip that you kind of don’t need anyway? Sometimes we are trying to control things that we aren’t even that bothered about. I feel there’s at least one thing you’re obsessing about just for the sake of it. Why? Check in with why you need to be still holding that string and remind yourself that it’s safe to let go.

I also feel like November is going to be quite prophetic in the dream department, so take this time to consider starting a dream journal. Remember to not take things too literally though; as in NO all your teeth aren’t going to fall out, but yes maybe that dream about your old partner does mean you still have some clearing to do. On this subconscious theme, why not create some rituals too, using them to cast some intentions with a vibe of self-empowerment at the core. Enjoy being alone, nothing is missing, you know what you need.

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Moon

In perfect contrast to last month’s light, you are invited to again cast yourself back into the darkness – but this time it’s less about the deep diving, and more the making magic. The Moon is your mistress over the coming weeks and I’d love for you to work with her themes, noticing how the subtle arc of her journey matches up to your own moods. The Moon represents our subconscious and governs all that is hidden, and so you might like to also look upon the coming weeks as a time of self-investigation.

I must remind you however, that this is not the same as self-sabotage, self-punishment or any sort of internal blame gaming. Instead, this is a chance to sift through, unearth and bring to the surface anything that seems to have been prodding at you from within recently. You will all be acutely aware of what this thing might be and I want you to acknowledge the fear or the scenario and LOVE the hell out of it. What? Yes that IS what I said; I want you to throw all the compassion you can muster upon these shadowy scenes, because this will help you discover the way through and out.

It’s so easy to cast anger and resentment on the niggling things we know we need to work on and it rarely gets us anywhere, but to show them mercy and grace? Beautiful – and also, so empowering. It might be that you bring forth a younger version of yourself and simple say “it’s okay.” Or perhaps you look upon a negative mindset and just go, “okay, I see you, how can we work together?” The entire nature of your subconscious is that it’s YOUR subconscious, so you may as well discover a plan to cast miracles together.

In regards to the external themes of the Moon, keep returning back to your body before casting out opinions or conclusions. It can be easy to get intuition and suspicion mixed up, reason being that we often carry the past into our present and speak from there rather than what’s actually happening. For anything that feels even slightly blurry or confused, keep giving yourself a moment to get IN the moment. All matters that feel important really deserve time and consideration. Take your time to act from embodiment rather than out of haste, and you will feel so on it with your communication. You and the Moon, totally BFFs now right?

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

Pisces / Pisces Rising – Three of Swords
Happy Birthday Pisces! You know where you are, and this month is all about letting go. As you know I usually recommend my Surrender practice, but right now the idea of letting things go seems more appropriate as I feel you are holding onto some deep seated emotions from the past, with perhaps a scattering of self deprecation as the icing on the cake. Which doesn’t sound like the best birthday cake to me, so how can you get yourself clear and uplifted?

As the last sign in the zodiac you are very energetically tuned in, and sometimes this works for you and sometimes against. Firstly it means your psychic powers are SUPER, if you aren’t already working with your intuition then WHAT ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME! Oh yes but the downsides. It means you can also easily act like a sponge and just suck it all up, meaning everyone else’s feelings get embedded in your own and you can feel frequently overwhelmed. This is never permanent though you know, and you don’t need to victimize yourself. It’s easy to use this kind of energy downer as an excuse, to blame others for their negative energy affecting you, when all you really need to do is protect your own.

I want you to think about all this for March because I want you to get committed to shaking off what you no longer need, along with releasing any paranoia you might be experiencing. Are you feeling a little like everyone is untrustworthy? I want you to learn to get your energy and intuition clear so you don’t need to be suspicious; you will just know (via a clarified connection to your feelings) what is good or not so good for you.

This is particularly important for relationships, crushes and all things in the love zone right now. All the old strings need to be cut, to clear space for something bigger and better, which may even be right in front of your nose in the form of an unanswered ‘hello.’ If you’re still tuned into your latest ex and obsessively wondering what they are doing, FREE YOURSELF. Seriously, you deserve it. Yes, the unknown romantic landscape is scary and who knows what is out there but you have to give it a chance. It’s okay to reunite with people from your past, no rolling over painful sticks and stones just to punish yourself. Magic awaits just outside your anxieties.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Nine of Pentacles
Dream home alert! I feel like you’re really reassessing your landscape right now Aries. You’ve put a hell of a lot of work into career in the past year – and good job, because things feel kind of hopeful right now, right? Which has got you really thinking about that ‘quality of life’ stuff people are always talking about. You just don’t really fancy being crammed into a box-sized apartment any more, when there might be big wide-open spaces, fresh air, and a place to really expand elsewhere.

This is a fantastic month for this kind of dreaming and it really ties in with the positive selfishness that I always go on about. It is okay to want nice material world things, don’t feel guilty for dreaming of new furnishings or a wardrobe switch out. What is prominent for you right now though, is a need to tune yourself in to what you need to feel good. For some of you this might involve a major spring clean – and the equinox (March 22) is the perfect time for this. Dust and cleanse your home and mind, in order to create the space to see what you really need and want.

Financially I feel like some good news is headed your way. It might not be the windfall you expect, but some sort of connection that’s been in the works for the last six months might reveal it’s gold…finally. Either way, something you’ve been manifesting is starting to show up in reality now, and it makes the human world seem that little bit more exciting.

So if you are wondering where you might like to lay your head next, try feeling into where your heartstrings are pulling you. Do you need a beach? The big city, or a forest wilderness? Take yourself on some mini vacations to reimagine your life in a new space. How does it feel? Also, enlist yourself a spirit messenger for this home hunt, asking for a symbol to show you the possibilities. It might be a favorite bird, color or number. I feel that synchronicity to do with location is quite big for you right now. Finally, it is a month of self-gratitude. You know exactly how to ‘keep on trucking’ so just stop (even those of you who think NO WAY I MUST KEEP PUSHING MYSELF!) and smile. Good job.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Prince of Swords
You want something to appear or be over more quickly than it is right now. This could feel like the big wait to meet the love of your life, a need for a period of deep sadness to just let up, or the fact you are waiting on news that never seems to come. In all cases, stop, breathe and know that it is okay. All these feelings and all that frustration, you are not alone and you don’t have to do this all on your own. You aren’t a huge fan of asking for help, much preferring to guess what you think others might need from you and then trying to act it out. But it’s time to be real and break down, fess up and move on in the exact way that you need. Okay?

You see, things are moving forward, but all in divine timing of course and not necessarily on your schedule. This month try not to force things into being by making rash decisions because you ‘think’ you have to or from pressure from someone else. You are allowed to stop and be intuitive, which you really are great at, when you part ways from your logical time managing mind for a moment. What do you need to do right now? Keep asking yourself that.

And if someone is on your case wanting everything right NOW, then simply don’t play the game. Yes, deadlines are deadlines, but getting into a panic doesn’t exactly expand time. Use ‘I have all the time that I need’ as your mantra for the month and watch how things stretch out.

Trust may be an issue at the moment, who to trust and how to trust yourself. Things are never going to be perfect if you deem perfection as an unattainable thing. Consider that perhap everything is always perfect in the moment, and that this moment is all that’s truly real. You are more ready than you think you are. You are allowed to trust yourself, and not assume that people are judging you. Remember that fear of being judged is just you judging yourself (and around and around again) – so work on the inner critic, know that you are valuable and you don’t need someone to tell you. It’s a month to tell your nastiest fears to take a hike, and then rise up – because we need your voice and your authenticity. All that is you.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Five of Cups
There is a fear of loss around you right now. Perhaps not even a fear, but with change happening all around you it can feel like everyone else is moving really fast and you are stuck. When are you going to catch up? Will they forget about you? What is your purpose right now? Well, it’s time to return home to YOU. When you’re preoccupied with what everyone else is doing, it’s so easy to feel like you don’t have enough. When actually all you’re doing is neglecting your path in favor or peering through someone else’s window. There are things for you to attend to right here.

If the classic ‘crying over spilt milk’ moment pops up for you, it’s okay. Feel those feelings, it’s normal and no one is exempt from remembering past disappointments and linking them to the present. However it is your choice to change the story. How about you don’t indulge in any ‘this always happens to me’ thought processes, and decide to look at everything in a new light RIGHT NOW. No, it isn’t always that easy…but actually yeah it kind of is. You are the master of your mind, remember? Try to not think of yourself as the loser, and consider the open space in front of you to be filled with all your gains.

Life is a series of twists and turns, it’s supposed to be like that, and everyone is going through it. Everyone you think seems to have it ‘easy’ just isn’t facing a bend in the road right now. Your path is perfect too, especially when it doesn’t feel like it is! It’s okay to miss people, situations, feelings, but it’s also okay to pull in new feelings and let your life develop in a new way. Different can be interpreted as potentially bad, but the odds also show that that potential can be good. What is there around you right now that feels inspiring and exciting?

If you’re still coming up with a big fat ‘nothing,’ then it’s time to honor your spirit and that means getting cracking on discovering what lights you up. Your purpose isn’t going to chase you down and stand in front of you with flashing lights. However, you can be that light by allowing yourself to discover and rediscover what makes you smile, and appreciate your human experience. Maybe you don’t know right now – and that you see, is half the fun.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Emperor
I feel as though you’re going to be called upon to get a little more serious and certain about your finances this month. If that sounds totally dull then it’s even more of an indicator that you need to do some money love work. Some of you may want to avoid the ‘money’ subject like the plague, not feeling ready to be that ‘grown up’ or worried because you just don’t understand what you need to do. Well, it’s time to educate yourself. Knowledge always brings empowerment as well as self-awareness, so it’s time to dive in.

I feel the reason behind this is a good one, as life might need a little more action and organization because things are pretty A-okay. You are way more sorted than you think you are, so how about accepting this energy and embracing it? I feel that in order to see more progression over the next six months, especially where career is concerned, it will help you to dive in and analyze what you really want. How many hours to you want to work? Are you feeling fulfilled? Is there room for expansion? (Note: recognize that boredom is a call from the soul to expand). What do you want to see in your day-to-day life that isn’t present right now?

It is time to call in some advice too; of course you aren’t supposed to have all the answers yourself. So ask friends, family or your social media tribe how they get themselves up to date and sorted. You might want to seek a business mentor, or even just call on the person who you deem to be the most ‘on it’ and ask them for some tips. You may also notice here that actually everyone feels a bit like they are winging it in life. The big secret is, we all do!

Meanwhile, on the subject of romance and suitors, because I know you are thinking about this too right now, you may surprise yourself by being attracted to people off par with your ‘type’. Remember that if your usual go-to somehow hasn’t worked out for you before, then this new and unusual attraction might be at the very least worth exploring. I feel that you are in the mood to be educated; I see you drooling all over someones brain waves. Let someone teach you something new, stop and listen, take it all in.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Leo / Leo Rising – Six of Wands
Was last month a little full-on and chaotic? It feels like 2015 has kind of got off to a shooting start. You already have things to be proud of and celebrate, so early on in the year. Who knew! Umm well, the Universe certainly did. Why do you find it so hard right now to stop and accept that you might be of worth? Have you been too busy comparing yourself to others of your age or in your field, that you literally forgot to stop and smell the roses? Bring it all back home and stand up and admire what YOU have been doing. It’s all good, you are building something and things are in perfect alignment.

You have a renewed or totally new sense of confidence at your disposal right now and I don’t want you to miss out on this energy. It’s actually a chance to harness the super positive aspects of the human ego and enjoy them. If you are on your spiritual quest you may have got used to thinking of the ego as the ‘big bad,’ but we do need it to. I want you to tune into your human self and admire your brain, your ideas and your ability to shift through different thought processes. Perhaps you want to also stop and appreciate some of your most recent fears and the gifts that they brought you. Am I right? Didn’t you have a few ‘ah-ha’ moments recently that were directly discovered from certain situations or difficult moments in your sphere?

And now, haven’t you gained some intellect and new practical tools? Yes, love and embrace those, and most importantly SHARE them. Your experiences are in place for you to learn from and then to fire out to the world. Nothing happens to you, it’s all for you, and all for your gain.

You may also feel sweetly surprised over the coming weeks as you experience a few personal breakthroughs. At first your lower self might think of you as having ‘won,’ but your highest self will recognize that it’s not about getting one up on others but more about embracing a higher level of empowerment and gaining some self-knowledge. You have however, been putting in the work and this is why you are seeing things start to flow more easily. Never forget that word – ‘flow.’ Embrace the tides and love where the stream guides you.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Death
I feel like February was a bit of a hard one for you my earthy pals. Was it? You’ve been putting a lot of pressure on yourself, like seriously way too much. Whether it was trying to complete a million projects in half the time, placing a bit too much stress on your physical body or just generally expecting yourself to be ‘better’ – it’s time to let up. You see, March is a month of change for you and I want you to feel empowered by your ability to be the director in your own life.

I’m back on the word empowerment because YOU HAVE GOT THIS. The Universe is not about to start throwing marbles in your path to mess with you, instead I see you standing tall, sword in hand, totally getting things done and dusted. You probably realized, you see, that last month brought up a ****load of old fears and weird habits you’d rather didn’t hang out with you anymore. Now it’s time to do a clean sweep and free yourself. Forgiveness is key here, as that is the ultimate quick route to feeling free and expansive. Forgive yourself and everyone else – and nope, it doesn’t mean they have ‘got away’ with it. This is all about you, and you want to feel expansive again right? Well that means kicking anger to the curb. Right. Now.

You are on the brink of really beautiful and big horizons that will require your full attention and grace. You are being called to rise up to a lot more responsibility – in the world, but also from your own soul, and it’s time to deepen your own truths a little. Where are you wearing a mask? In what situations, professional and personal, are you still trying to be a ‘certain’ person? Why do you think you need to do that?

It’s time to rip off that mask and bare your soul – warts and all. I feel that someone or a collective really need to hear your voice stripped down right now. Whilst you are still a Virgo and do like to be all ‘put together’ – sometimes you just need to show how it really is. Shed a tear, write a blog, share (even if you think it’s so stupid and even if you totally know where it’s come from.) This is important for your own self-development, so don’t be afraid of judgment. Set yourself free.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Libra / Libra Rising – Seven of Cups
Hi beautiful. Feeling a little swept up and confused right now? Lost in a daydream wonder vision? Feeling a little ungrounded or overwhelmed? Okay, good, totally normal and completely A-okay. You, like many of us, started the year on a big one, diving into a lot of newness, and February was a month where things started to settle and you were able to see how things fit. There may be a few places where you feel a little let down or disappointed, but the good news is that you are aware.

I feel that in regards to one particular situation you would prefer to bury your head in the sand, especially if this means hiding from a certain person or group of people. You feel a little lost in the crowd and distrusting of a group – this might relate to colleagues, or even a worry about a relationship or friendship. Anyway, please be kind to yourself FIRST, don’t decide that you ‘should’ have known better, or try and self blame for whatever you are worried about. Instead, get your head out of the sand. Why? Because then you can see the road ahead, and you can also shake everything off and start taking action.

Once you have visually located yourself above a situation, you can see more clearly how to deal with it. If this is difficult then seek help from your friends or therapists, to help you ‘see’ from another angle. You are probably going to be faced with a number of different options, ideas, and possibilities. This isn’t a bad thing! The only worry is the fear of making the ‘wrong’ choice. Remember: 1) if you don’t like where you’re at right now then, umm, of course anything else will be the right choice! And 2) there is no such thing as a wrong choice anyway, because everything is a pivot to take you somewhere.

Even this annoying situation right now holds a number of hidden guideposts. It’s your job to discover them. This might come in the form of a major epiphany, or perhaps just a cool little reminder of something you already knew, but you are being lead in a new and more wonderful direction. Just trust that it’s okay to leave behind the things that don’t work and to release any daydreams you are using as a way of procrastinating. Be kind to yourself and take action. It’s okay!

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Scorpio / Scorpio – The Magician
Oh, hello there you. You are on creative fire this month, and don’t you just know it. Whatever your day job or your regular commitments, you seem to be totally overcome by the callings of your soul. Hopefully the two are combined, and you’re getting to spend every day embracing that wild and active energy. If not, then of course don’t be mad about it, but please make sure to embrace that niggling itch inside. What is that? Well of course it’s your spirit shouting out to be FREED UP.

You need to create this month, in your own unique way. Don’t be afraid of trying everything new. Feel like painting and already have decided you ‘can’t paint’? Well, who cares – make a mess, throw some colors down, get dirty. However you can express yourself the most deeply this month, you must go there.
The next few weeks that are all about empowered life force, and I know you will feel it strongly, especially those of you who are super connected to their inner soul system. It may seem impossible to sit still because ideas are fast and furious. Be thankful, and don’t worry – they won’t disappear if you don’t do them RIGHT NOW.

This is certainly a time to practice presence and release self pressure to have it all done immediately. Trust in the process, one thing at a time, but also, yes – plan. Put the steps in place, leaving room for some fun.
I feel that your passionate energy will be on a high, whether your sex drive takes a soaring leap, or your third eye zaps you with a new and more powerful creative channel. You might feel called to get some guidance too, and by all means seek it out and LISTEN.

You are so independent that it’s easy to feel like no one can tell you anything new. Just know that it’s all a process of remembering – so sometimes you need to just hear what you know, but in a new language.
Oh and get yourself out there, with this sort of energy around you, you will be magnetic, whether it’s for dating or networking. Feel free to share and shout about your talents. It will be uplifting for others to learn about your passion projects and process. Be wild.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Two of Cups
March sees you pondering your ideal scenario, in all aspects of your life. What is the perfect relationship? How can you be the best mother, child, friend, and colleague? How can you finally be at one with your health and your body? How do you strike the perfect balance, and where does one purchase harmony?
Stick with these question, but release the pressure. Experiment with life, dance with your ideas and embrace a sense of wonder. All of this can be fun if you just let the light in.

You know how everything works the best when it’s unaffected by the should and the coulds and that what ifs, and you focus on the right now? THIS moment is always perfect as it exists, as well as the only reality that’s really real! So, what small steps can you take today to feel good? To be kind? To explore? Embrace? Learn? Forgive?

It takes two, baby…and this month is definitely about giving some compassion to your closest relationships, romantic and otherwise. It’s time to listen and know that it isn’t always about you. Check in with everyone and see how he or she is doing, and in turn let down that battle-weary force field in order to embrace some much-needed vulnerability. You may be feeling like you really need to be understood right now, and that does require you to break down a little. Express yourself in all the ways you know that suit you, just avoid playing the blame game. It doesn’t help you to put something that is yours onto someone else’s back. Instead, sit down with your big bads, say HEY, and put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

THEN allow your friends or your partner to see the real you, in that moment, and just be there, stripped bare. For all you maters and daters out there (umm, that sounds like the intro to a hot new romance radio show!) this IS a good month for getting your crush on, and a great time to surrender to just allowing things to move as they should. Don’t try and MAKE someone like you, it’s exhausting! You need to just be. You also need to allow for the unexpected, which means less planning, more flow. It will be fun, I promise.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Queen of Pentacles
This is a month for embracing the divine feminine and accepting the balance that you have been carving out for yourself. A massive sense of guilt used to descend upon you when you stopped, even for a moment. Were you being lazy? Did someone need you? Shouldn’t you be somewhere, doing something? Give it up. You gave it up! Wherever you’re at on this journey of releasing and managing pressure upon yourself, know that the dynamics have shifted, are shifting.

Why? Because you have shifted and what’s important differs slightly right now. Rising up, claiming your worth, honoring your body – these are what will work for you now. You are reminded that, well, you can have it all. You can have the career you want, and raise a family; you can still give time to your friends and partner, whilst still forging out passions for yourself. The way it’s done? Banish the guilt and embrace the intuitive needs that you know soooo very well (it’s just a matter of listening and believing).

You have new filtrations of wisdom coming upon you over the coming weeks, forcing you into a nurturing space; a lot of Surrender equals more feelings of peace. If in doubt, hand it over to your highest self and trust in your journey. You may feel humbled. Worried. But also proud. The merging of the spiritual and the material is quite an art, but you of anyone can do it. Seriously, it’s kind of your superpower. Remember that the earth is fed with water – which means that your experience is fueled by your intuition. It’s nature to be there with your feelings, so try to honor them, whatever they are bringing up.

Finances are also looking good – it feels like you’re seeing the rewards from the work you put in over the last six months. You’re almost surprised, but don’t you remember how great you are? Yep, it’s only natural that others are noticing too – take the compliments and the applause, even if you feel embarrassed. Make no apologies for doing your thing and being who you are. It might seem that any moment this great life you are manifesting is going to disappear. So just stop and allow it to be real.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Chariot
Last month meant lots of planning, wishing, manifesting…and hoping. And this month is all action, babe. PHEW I hear you utter! Yes, it’s good and things are moving, but you still have to be there, okay. You may feel like right about now it would be so nice if someone else just took over and sorted things out for you, so you could sit back down and feel good again. I wish I could cast that spell for you, but instead the wand is in your hand. And you know exactly the areas of your life that need the magic.

This is movement with serious intent, no bullshit, and a sense of powering on through. I imagine that something got you flailing recently, fired up, maybe even a little angry. You have a great desire to fix something up, show someone who you really are, prove your worth, and really be who you say you are. It’s all good, just stay on the more loving side of this coin. You are worthy, you aren’t broken, and it is okay to pursue what you need. No need to make it a battleground, but you are required to stand in your most integral self.

When you are seeking what your soul is truly calling out for, that is where you can muster the energy. You may recognize it as a scratching anxiety, a sense of boredom or a sudden rush of adrenaline. If you are unhappy you must not stick things out in the hope that they might change. While you can’t make everything different with the flick of a switch, you can take the steps to haul yourself onwards. But as things are moving, I’m pretty sure you already know all this. When you do take the leap, just keep holding on – not too tightly though. You are still practicing living in a state of surrender, right?

Decision making, this month will probably bring up your lightest and your darkest sides, and I don’t want you to be alarmed by either. Often our most pronounced moments of intuitive clarity can scare us as much as our deepest fears. Wait, WHAT? That’s it? Can it really be? Is that the answer? If the guidance is simple and peaceful, then it probably is. The voice that says ‘it’s okay’ or ‘you can do it’ – that’s the one to pay attention to. Now, listen again.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse