Get the astro symbol for your sign with our Numinous Weekly Horoscopes, by Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Leo :: Leo Rising 
Playing on a playground. Let yourself be young at heart. There may be worries and there may be fears, but by keeping yourself in a mode of “play” throughout it all, you may be able to shift to a different vibration. When you were a kid, you possibly made plans about when to play and with whom— setting up playdates and going to playgrounds. Can you do that for yourself now, as an adult? It’s important for your motivation and vitality.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Dipping a spoonful of salt water out of the sea. Partake. Let yourself have a serving. It’s a powerful dose of magic that you’re after. A spoonful of closeness to your spirituality, your creativity, your dreams. Maybe you’ve been overwhelmed or busy with practical things. Now is the time to put your energy into prayer, meditation, art, music, ritual, or imagination. Heal yourself with a medicinal dose of the water element — spirituality, emotionality, or symbolism.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
An aerial photograph of a thousand people holding hands in a circle. You are ready to bring the people together. Big time. Build intention and build momentum. How will you manifest yourself in the global community? What is your conceptual intention for the macro? Whether we like it or not, we now have a global awareness. What will you do with that awareness? Every small action can be made with that larger “mission statement”  in mind.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Climbing the tree to pluck the perfect coconut. Gathering your harvest. It’s time to reap some rewards. There may be a big push when it comes to your career and that will satisfy your desire to make something concrete happen in this world. You came here to grow and change and evolve. So do it fast and furious right out there in the public eye. Don’t hold anything back. Climb the tree using every muscle in your body. Nobody said this would be easy. But the ripest fruit waits at the top.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A kaleidoscope reveals many worlds. Nothing is as it seems at first. Look through the kaleidoscope and view one paradigm. And then a small twist of the dial reveals another. Don’t stop looking for another way to frame what is happening. The angel message keeps coming in strong: Manifest what you want. Use your energy to create the world you want to live in. All of your seeking, all of your yearning, all of your thirsty desire will lead you directly to the realization of your vision— as long as you just believe that it’s possible.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
The snake eating its tail. A powerful ancient symbol to carry with you this week. The eternal cycle. Each stage of the cycle requires transformation. You must be brave enough to let yourself break down so that you can build yourself anew. Trusting that it’s all part of an eternal cycle. Creation out of destruction. Life out of death. To work with this symbol in a practical way— push yourself to trust. Trust that the cycle supports you and you cannot fail.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Trying to put a cloud in a basket. Notice any outdated desire to hold and control. You can’t contain the cloud, but you can yourself become more vaporous. Do so by making space for love, creativity, and imagination. All three of these cannot be contained, because if they are trapped they will vaporize. Where all of this abstraction becomes concrete is in your closest relationships. You just can’t control them. Defy any attachment to a specific outcome by replacing it with love.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Rubbing lavender on your hands and face. Look for relaxation in the act of self-care. Make your cleansing and health practices sensual. It’s time to refresh. It’s time to organize. It’s time to take care of yourself and others. Do this work with a feeling of devotion. Tend to yourself like a priestess tending to an altar.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
Cartoon exclamations:  “Boom!” “Bang!” “Kapow!” Is your life filled with exclamations? Are you interested and fascinated? Is your average day the right kind of page-turner? You need excitement. And more so, you need to appreciate the excitement that you have. Journal about your day. Then, in the margins, draw colorful comic “pow” speech bubbles to highlight the moments of adventure. Maybe the practice will help you remember that you truly are the superhero of your story.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Threading a needle. You are stitching yourself into the fabric of your lineage. Each move determines the path of your familial evolution. Where will you go with your energy? Will you change the pattern or continue it? Will you sew automatically or choose intentionally as you thread together a new iteration? Family or home situations may require a reset. Craft it carefully.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising 
A wagon pulled by horses moves down the dusty trail. Uncharted territory. It may be time for you move into a new way of thinking. New beliefs, new patterns, new terrain. That kind of exploration requires a bit of bravery, so consider; What will it cost you to remain in the grooved pattern? Is it comfortable where you are? Or do you need to upgrade? If so, then it’s time to research and plan. Find trusted guidance that can lead you into the unknown.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising 
Bushels of apples. So much sweetness. So much abundance. Take it all in. This is your natural state. The more that you can own the idea that abundance is your birthright, the more confident you’ll become. You need to build something long-lasting right now. Make sure that whatever you’re building matches your values. And let a powerful trust in the universe propel you along.

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This month we’re entering a period of independence, expansion, and major growth, says Melinda Lee Holm. Find out how these tarot cards explain July 2017 …

We’ve come to the long, hot days of Summer! After the fine-tuning inner work of June, which helped us gain clarity and perspective, July is set to help us move into the public realm.

We’re set for a month-long journey of independence, expansion, action, and collaboration. This can be a great period of growth, both personally and professionally, if we tune in to the energy and amplify the signal in our daily lives.


:: 7/4  Independence Day- Ace of Swords :: 

On July 4th, we celebrate the signing of the country’s Declaration of Independence, and it’s a great opportunity to declare our own personal independence. Let’s honor our chosen allegiances with all the bravado of a fireworks show – loud, beautiful, and unapologetically ostentatious.

The Ace of Swords has just the energy we need to pull off this grandiose project. As the symbol of the pure, primal power of the element of Air, the Ace of Swords promotes decisiveness, mental clarity and acuity, and effective communication – all incredibly powerful tools for gaining and lovingly asserting our independence.

Calling in the Ace of Swords:

  • Carry Aquamarine to promote clear communication of your needs and boundaries
  • Wear a Joan of Arc medal – the saint is not only a great representative of independent spirit, her coat of arms bears a single sword and crown
  • Eat garlic to strengthen the body’s physical and energetic immunity to sickness and negative energies
  • Listen to your favorite music while working or doing household tasks – create your own personal soundtrack!


:: 7/10  Nikola Tesla Day- Hanged Man ::  

Nikola Tesla was an incredibly gifted scientist who did not live to see his achievements recognized in profit or prestige. In many ways, he helped to expand our world, announcing proof of the possibility of wireless communication in 1893 and working for decades on a plan to supply power wirelessly – and free of charge – to the entire world.

His ideas were far ahead of his time. Some we have not caught up to even now. The world needed to wait and to slowly change its view of what is possible before it could understand Tesla’s gifts.

The Hanged Man carries the wisdom the world needs to catch up to those ahead of their time. Counterintuively, we don’t need to race to catch up, rather we need to slow down and shift our thinking so we can expand our realm of possibilities.

Like The World (that we looked to last month), this figure has its legs held in the shape of the symbol for Jupiter, planet of expansion. But the expansion here comes from a conscious shift in perspective and a major dose of patience.

Calling in The Hanged Man:

  • Rearrange the furniture in your home
  • Take a new – and longer – route to a familiar place
  • Sleep with selenite by your bedside to open up expanded consciousness in your dream state
  • Try a food you’ve never tasted


:: 7/20  Mars in Leo- Knight of Wands :: 

The entry of impulsive Mars into the fiery, confident sign of Leo can be extremely useful for pushing forward on big goals, especially those that have been delayed by overthinking or self-doubt.

Mars is the planetary keeper of elemental Fire energy – action based purely on intuition – and when coupled with Leo’s fearlessness, he can be an incredible ally in getting projects completed and promoted.

We have just over 6 weeks to harness this energy. To take full advantage of all it has to offer, we look to Fire of Fire, the Knight of Wands. Knights are the activators of the Tarot court. They seek to bring the energy of their element out into the world. The Kinght of Wands gallops boldly through life fueled by the pure conviction of his intuitive knowing and his unrelenting need for action.

Calling in the Knight of Wands:

  • Carry carnelian to promote the firey warrior spirit within
  • Eat spicy food
  • Go for a run or a brisk walk – get your blood pumping with forward motion
  • Wear warm colors to activate the lower chakras


:: 7/30  International Day of Friendship- 3 of Cups :: 

The International Day of Friendship was started in 2011 by the United Nations to promote peace and understanding between nations. This unifying intention can be honored in our personal lives as well by drawing our friends and collaborators near and expressing thanks for their presence in our lives.

The 3 of Cups is the perfect guide for this celebration of togetherness. We see 3 women dancing in a circle, holding their cups high, surrounded by the fruits of a bountiful harvest. It is a lesson in the abundance that comes from joyful collaboration.

Calling in the 3 of Cups:

  • Wear gardenia perfume – gardenias attract friendship
  • Give chrysanthemums – in Victorian flower language, mums say “You’re a wonderful friend”
  • Host a dinner party with your BFFs
  • Carry Rainbow Moonstone – it promotes harmony between people while protecting individuality

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