A Podcast from Numinous Founder Ruby Warrington, with Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron

Aquarius Season Podcast The Numinous Bess Matassa Sandy Sitron 2019 astrology

Aquarius Season Astrocast with Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron.

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We’re three weeks into 2019, which means it’s time for our Aquarius season Astrocast with Numinous resident astrologers Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron.

The themes of the coming astrological season are finding ease in self-expression; cultivating creative visualization and clear “seeing;” and refreshing our perspective to pave the way for new possibilities. Bess and Sandy also discuss how this is the time of year to close the gap between being and doing—and for us to hone in on the soul work we are doing in the world, and the impact our actions can have on the collective.

Specific transits we’ll be discussing include:

-The final Full Moon of the Leo/Aquarius Eclipse cycle on January 21

-The Feb 4 Aquarius New Moon

-Mercury’s journey through Aquarius and into Pisces

-Venus’ shift into Capricorn, and Mars’ shift into Taurus

-The beginning of Chiron’s transit through Aries

The Now Age Podcast Ruby Warrington Minerva Siegel Spooky Fat Babe Intersectional Wellness Body Positive

Intersectional Wellness with Spooky Fat Babe

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This week’s guest is Minerva Siegel, who is on IG as Spooky Fat Babe. Minerva is a plus size and fat positive model, poet, and soon to be author (since we recorded this episode she’s signed a book deal. Yay!) Not only is Minerva fat and proud, she is also autistic and lives with multiple, chronic health issues, which she shares more about in our interview.

All of this has led to be her being a vocal spokesperson for inclusivity – particularly in spiritual and #wellness communities, where she believes fat phobia, ableism, and trans-phobia are rife, and where she had often felt marginalized despite having found her own spiritual practice to be deeply healing on many different levels.

In this episode, we discuss:

-Minverva’s mission to create intersectionality among spiritual communities

-Her journey to claiming the word “witch” for herself, despite major pushback from her family

-The danger of correlating health or basic biology with divinity and “high vibes”

-Her practice for overcoming her own fat phobia and accepting herself and her body

-How to call out non-inclusive behavior in a helping and loving way

-The concept of shadow work as self-care – and how we can approach this

You can discover more about Minerva and her work HERE and follow her on Instagram @spookyfatbabe.

The Now Age Podcast Lee From America Sober Curious Ruby Warrington

Living Sober Curious with Lee From America

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Happy new year! Yes, this episode has been timed for the first week of January—and is for anybody who may be embarking on a month off drinking as a way to kick-start a longer reevaluation of their drinking habits. What I call, getting “Sober Curious.” Since I began using this term, Lee Tilghman (a.k.a. @leefromamerica) is one person who’s been very vocal about her own sober curiosity, and I wanted to hear the full story of living sober curious.

Turns out, Lee’s story (which she writes about HERE) is very, very similar to mine. Is, I suspect, very similar to MANY of our stories, when it comes to the complex and not always healthy relationship we have with our bodies, our feelings, and the behaviors and substances we use to manipulate both with. In this episode, we discuss …

– Lee’s experience of getting Sober Curious and what the term means for her

– Problem eating as a precursor to problem drinking

– Drugs and partying as a way to feel validated, and play a role that’s been sold to us by society and the media

– The root of feelings or even the Self we’re often hiding from with booze

– Feeling the FOMA (Fear of Missing Alcohol) and how to make new Sober Curious friends

– How to be present with what we don’t want to be feeling

– The importance of knowing your “why” for getting Sober Curious

You can learn more about Lee and her work HERE and follow her on Instagram @leefromamerica. You can also read more about her history with eating disorders HERE and her thoughts on “Body Checking” HERE.

The Now Age podcast Lama Rod Owens Ruby Warrington Radical Dharma The Numinous

Healing Systemic Racism with Lama Rod Owens

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In the final episode of 2018, Ruby talks to Lama Rod Owens, co-author of the book Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation, about the spiritual work of healing systemic racism. World events coupled with the advent of social media as a platform for the literal raising of consciousness, have helped this to emerge as the collective healing work of our times—as much a personal issue as it is a public and a political one.

As Ruby wrote in this piece for the site, Radical Dharma offers a powerful and compassionate perspective for anybody confused about their role in this—and is ESSENTIAL READING for anybody working in the healing, wellness or self-help space, or otherwise actively engaged in this work. Among other topics, in this episode we discuss:

– How to talk about the things we’re scared to talk about.

– The importance of saying the ‘wrong thing’ in order to progress conversations about race.

– Healing racism as part of our collective dharma.

– Understanding the ‘psychic mutilation’ of whiteness.

– How we are addicted to being triggered and the importance of boundaries as self-care.

– How all systems of oppression are harmful to everybody—including those perceived to be benefitting from these systems.

You can learn more about Lama Rod Owens and his work HERE and purchase your copy of Radical Dharma HERE.

The Now Age podcast Capricorn Season 2018 Bess Matassa Sandy Sitron

Capricorn Season 2018 Astrocast with Bess Matassa + Sandy Sitron

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This week’s episode features our monthly Astrocast with Numinous resident astrologers Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron, in which we’ll explore the key cosmic shifts of Capricorn Season 2018-19. The themes of the season are to find a balance between effort and allowing, to cultivate radical trust in what we can’t yet see, and to construct boundaries and safe containers to help birth the legacies we long to create. Transits we’ll be discussing include:

– Uranus stationing direct in Aries and Mars transiting through the sign of the ram

– The significance of the Dec 22 Cancer Full Moon and the Jan 5 Capricorn New Moon

– Venus moving out of Scorpio and entering Sagittarius

– The Tarot cards for the New Year, as we move from a Justice/High Priestess year in 2018 to a Hanged Man/Empress year in 2019.

The Now Age podcast Jesse Carlota Heid psychedelic healing

Psychedelic Healing with Jesse Carlota Heid

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Jesse Carlota Heid is the very first person Ruby invited to be a guest on THE NOW AGE, having connected when Jesse wrote a piece for The Numinous about her former life as a habitual psychedelics user, and what this experience taught her about how we heal. Now over ten years sober, Jesse is a writer, healer, advocate, and ritual artist, as well as being a proud infertile mother. She is also one of the most magical speakers ever, with a unique gift for articulating deeply complex and mystical concepts.

In episode #2 of The Now Age, we discuss:

– When and why “self-medicating” can be a good thing

– How and why our bodies store emotional pain

– Living with undiagnosed Endometriosis since childhood—and how she manages her own chronic pain

– The lasting fallout of abuse, poverty, and neglect and how to heal from trauma

– The power of “Story Medicine” and her work with the mythopoetic approach to healing

– The fallout from the colonization of and her own separation from her indigenous Mexican heritage

You can discover more about Jesse and her work @alignedspirit on Instagram.

The Now Age Podcast Diego Perez Yung Pueblo Ruby Warrington

Spirituality + Activism with Diego Perez (aka Yung Pueblo)

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Join Ruby in conversation with Diego Perez, the writer, thinker, and speaker also known as @yung_pueblo. You may know Diego’s poetry from Instagram. Deceptively simple, his words are deeply impactful, and have recently been compiled into a book, Inward.

But did you know Diego got heavily involved in activism and organizing in his teens? That he is a dedicated Vipassana meditator (attending multiple 10-day silent meditation retreats per year)? And that he credits his meditation practice with showing him the missing piece in creating lasting, meaningful, social change? Fittingly for a Sagittarius New Moon launch date, Diego is also a Sag (of course!)

We get into all this and SO MUCH MORE in our conversation, including:

  • Why Diego believes that getting Sober Curious can be a vital piece in staying connected to our passion and our purpose.
  • How to use social media for social change.
  • Diego’s writing process—and why you’ll never see the word “spirituality” in his work.
  • Collective healing as a hallmark of our transition into the Age of Aquarius.

You can discover more about Diego, his book Inward, and all his upcoming events @yung_pueblo.

Sagittarius Season Astrocast 2018

Numinous resident astrologers Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron discuss the key cosmic shifts of Sagittarius Season 2018, including Neptune and Chiron’s direct stations in Pisces, the Lunar cycle, Mercury’s retrograde and direct journey, and Venus’ final pass through Scorpio. Bess and Sandy explore the season’s call for us to calibrate the messaging we’re taking in and putting out, to develop tolerance in our emotional lives, and to immerse ourselves in our passions without prejudice or attachment to the endgame.

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