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This week’s episode features artist, writer, healer, and transformational coach, Alexandra Roxo. One of my very favorite people, Alexandra began contributing to The Numinous in 2013 and we’ve been in close collaborationship ever since—meaning we are friends, colleagues, and co-creators, as well as each others’ biggest growth-accelerators!

In this conversation, we discuss how this unique relationship has helped us both to grow exponentially, in business and in life, offering insights into how to bring this level of intentionality to partnerships of all kinds. As co-founders of women’s empowerment collective Moon Club, we also walk listeners through how we navigated me exiting the business with integrity and grace—leaving our collaborationship (and our friendship!) fully in-tact.

In this episode we also discuss:

-How hiding behind a mask of “coolness” can prevent you from going deep—in relationships, with your creative life, and with your spiritual practice.

-Why women trigger each other and how to deal.

-How to make space in your life for inspiration and visionary ideas that are unique to you.

-The importance of being really (really, really) real with ourselves and with each other.

-Why mixing business with feelings is an essential part of MANIFESTING THE MATRIARCHY and making way for more feminine approaches to business and leadership.

You can discover more about our upcoming Mother’s Day retreat HERE, and learn more about Alexandra and her work HERE. You can also follow her on Instagram and checkout Moon Club to get access to monthly online rituals and group coaching with Alexandra.