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When Adama Sesay of Lilith Astrology reached out about contributing to The Numinous, she also posed a question: why is mainstream astrology so white? Meaning, why do the biggest media outlets feature so few readers of color? Which is a really good and important question! Our ensuing conversation about this led to this post on the site—and formed the basis for this episode.

Adama shares her own story of building her practice as a black woman, as well as the positive implications and healing opportunity in bringing more diversity to the modern astrology space. In this episode we also discuss:

-Astrology as a tool of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and personal growth

-Gender fluidity in the astrological archetypes

-The importance of diversity in the spiritual wellness space in general

-The role of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born Nov 1983—Nov 1995) in transforming outdated paradigms

-The Lilith archetype, and why it is so relevant in the post #metoo era

Discover more about Adama and her work and book a reading HERE and follow her on Instagram @lilithastrology

Ruby Warrington

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