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The last in the current series, published July 4 2019, this is an incredibly fitting episode to end on. It features an in-depth interview with Janet MacGillivray and Eryn Wise of Seeding Sovereignty, an organization that rose out of the encampments at Standing Rock with a mission to amplify the voices and the stories of indigenous American youth.

Janet, an environmental lawyer formerly with the EPA, begins by sharing the origin story of Seeding Sovereignty, and why this was a call to find truly impactful and sustainable ways to do her work in the world. We then move into a wide-ranging conversation about the true meaning of healing, looking at how modern wellness communities and practices are often doing more harm than good—and how to address this.

In this episode Eryn and Ruby also discuss:

– Why it is time to work in partnership with indigenous peoples to tackle environmental issues

– What it means to be a spiritual activist

– The power of storytelling and deep listening as tools for healing

– Why decolonizing wellness begins with the individual—and means acknowledging what we really need to heal from

– How to engage respectfully with indigenous healing traditions

– How social media feeds narcissistic thinking that some people are better than others

– Ways listeners can support the work of Seeding Sovereignty

Discover more about Seeding Sovereignty and their work HERE and follow them on Instagram @seedingsovereignty

Ruby Warrington

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