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This week’s episode features a conversation with Brazilian healer, philanthropist and activist Vivien Vilela, who is also the co-founder of the annual Aniwa Gathering of indigenous elders (June 5—9 2019). Having confronted her own demons with a deep immersion into ancient shamanic practices, Vivien shares how this led to her dedicating her life to her spiritual studies, and to the preservation of indigenous culture and wisdom.

We have so much to learn from these cultures, whose people have been subjected to unforgivable exploitation in the name of Western capitalist gains—and while we have so much to learn from them, it is vital that we engage respectfully with their teachings and traditions. Vivien shares her views on this, as well as offering a profoundly hopeful vision for a world in which indigenous Earth magic is embraced as a balm for environmental dis-ease.

In this episode Vivien and Ruby also discuss:

-How we can merge ancient wisdom with modern technology to benefit everyone

-Vivien’s experiences + learnings from a 28-day shamanic vision quest

-Why our fear of nature is at the root of the harm being done to the natural world

-Why indigenous elders are the personification and the voice of nature

-Tools, rituals, and practices for helping to heal the Earth we can implement in our lives every day

The 2019 Aniwa Gathering takes place June 5—9 at Camp Timber Trails, MA. Reserve your spot to sit and learn from 22 indigenous elders from all over the world HERE—and use the code NOWAGE15 for 15% off your ticket.

Ruby Warrington

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