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In May 2019 (perfectly timed for Gemini season!) “burnout” was officially recognized as a syndrome by the World Health Organization—and in this episode Ruby talks to entrepreneur and activist Samantha Moyo about the high risk of burnout among social entrepreneurs.

When a passion project comes with an added layer of social responsibility, taking any time out can feel like it’s not an option. As well as the “buck-stops-with-me” mentality and personal attachment that comes with running your own business, time off can lead to feelings of guilt and a sense of “letting others down”—leading to burnout, or even breakdown.

In this VERY IMPORTANT EPISODE, Ruby and Samantha also discuss:

-Samantha’s own breakdown after exiting her last company—and how she recovered

-The inner and outer instability that comes with “being the change”

-Why slowing down and doing less is modeling a necessary societal shift

-Samatha’s work with leading climate change initiative, Extinction Rebellion

-Self-care tips for social entrepreneurs and activists

Discover more about Samantha HERE, follow her on Instagram, and learn about the work she does with social entrepreneurs at Tamuka.co

Ruby Warrington

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