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The Astrocast is back, with a look ahead at the astrology of of the month to come in our Taurus Season 2019 podcast. Numinous resident astrologers Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron go deep into the themes and flavors of the month to come, which are all about helping us focus on the resources we have on had as we find new sources of sustenance.

Taurus season is always about our relationship to our bodies – what feels good, how it feels to remember we are part of nature, and what we can “fill up” on. Key transits Bess and Sandy discuss in this episode are:

-Sun in Taurus + Venus in Aries: a time for rethinking the influence of Venus beyond relationship as a reflection of our own desires and tastes.

-Pluto and Saturn retrograde: themes of power and control, becoming your own authority, and any generational healing we need to do around this.

-New Moon in Taurus: clearing the way for new growth, and treating any “losses” like finds that help us uncover hidden layers.

-Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Taurus, and Mars in Cancer: helping us lean back into supports and find safety at a soul level.

-Full Moon in Scorpio: more clearing space and learning what truly fills us before we grasp for the first thing in front of us.

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Ruby Warrington

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