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How to reconcile life in the material world with our spiritual beliefs is at the heart of any Now Age conversation – and nowhere is the inherent push-pull between the material and the mystical more apparent than in our relationship to MONEY (as represented by the Taurus / Scorpio axis in astrology).

Whether we’re aware of it or not, most of us in the West have internalized capitalist values that place profit and progress above all—often including our own wellbeing, as well as the health of our communities and our planet. This is often at odds with wanting to truly be of service in the world, as marketing our services and profiting from people we are trying to “help” can also begin to feel exploitative and icky.

In this super enlightening conversation, Ruby and guest Abby Allen get into the true meaning of “conscious entrepreneurship”—with a deep dive into topics such as:

-Why raising our consciousness also means questioning any internalized capitalist values.

-The Buddhist perspective on good business practice.

-How to market ourselves and our work from a place of service.

-Why money is not the route of all evil – greed and exploitation are.

-How to rewrite money stories that keep us locked in a lack mentality.

-How we can enact equity in ways that go beyond the monetary.

You can discover more about Abby and her work at and follow her on Instagram @abbymallen and @livingneon

Ruby Warrington

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